April 20, 2013: Opening the most inner and beautiful of the Source to the New World without restrictions


Summary of the script today

19th April: Opening the most inner and beautiful of the Source to the New World without restrictions

  • This is about the landing of the last part of the Source on the ice cap of Greenland, which will be noticeable to the whole world. We are still transferring life from darkness to light of our New World at an incredible speed, which is almost free to do because there is almost no darkness, and also because the world does not know about me, but still it is the most difficult to do because there is so incredible much of it. It costs much temporary terminations doing this work, but it is much less than if we had done it at the end of World War II, which we could have, and we now get it “much cheaper”, i.e. with much less sufferings, because the mainstream world does not know about me. We open to the most inner of the Source without restrictions bringing LOVE SUPREME to the world.
  • Dreaming of opening Hotel Marienlyst symbolising the inner of the Source to the world without restrictions, leaving work early, the doors closing (to bring out more life), I am running out of time changing the content of the world, and still I receive a new car to bring in resurrected life via the narrow passage from the Source.
  • We are using all life of the world as a camera to resurrect parts of the Source, which decided to terminate to save the creation of the world.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the hole under Antarctic, not much air remaining, sport-racing, are we caught (?), fleeing in a hurry, the Source is busy and covering for love-makers, a heaven ship of two, a girls head and monkeys, big heads and Rafael’s angels, and onions symbolising the coming great awakening of our New World and new life.
  • Short stories of gold of creation in Helsingør at the end of my father’s and my inner self’s rainbow, today there is “spam” everywhere, which you will not see in our New World, I am so happy for coming fast around with my journey, Michael Wulff bringing reel to reel tapes of God, antidepressants making people potentially aggressive only to satisfy the need of the medical business to make money, Meshack supports me until we reach the promised land, and Helena believes that people seeing formations in clouds are “strange”.

20th April: Pulling out the last parts of my new self; the taxi is now “full” and I may become my new self at any time

  • Everything has now connected to my family tree. I can get the taxi of my new self when I want to, it is now full. We have gone to the outermost of the Source to find what was lost of me, but still saved. Sanna and Hans held a very nice family dinner, and the presence of Allan and Grethe made it “much easier” for us to do the final part pulling the last darkness out of my new self, which was deleted by God as the first.
  • Dreaming of collecting my lost tooth via my father, Kirsten and Inge.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show temporary terminations to free the darkest part of my inner self, sufferings of life wanting to be “close to me”, woman with nice big hair, help God to convince people to be good, in between washing days to be close to me, many transparent heads, the boat is back, more darkness giving a notch in the nose, I showed the road for everyone else and am now dying as my old self.
  • Short stories of confirming my friendships with John from Kenya, and Manyar returning as a Facebook friend, and Helena’s revelation of selfishness.


19th April: Opening the most inner and beautiful of the Source to the New World without restrictions

I know that this may be “vandet” (“watery” – as we say here for “thin jokes”), but we have never been in better shape here.

No one will believe that you already have this in your wardrobe, but what is it, which you have not received yet?

When we don’t have any more money to reach the other side even though it is right over there, this is how we have to do it, i.e. talk about “threats”.

I kept hearing “he will lose his voice for a moment”. What happens when he looses his voice (?), which I feel is when you/(I will go through the membrane.

There is no other place to land so we will bring you down on the ice cap of Greenland from where everything will rise.

So where have you planned for our rendezvous, in Greenland or Egypt or somewhere else (?), yes who will know where I will break though (?), and yes Stig, this is what will become visible to the world when I will break through on the sky awakening our New World.

Jens M., my old class friend from Commercial School, was also one of them smashing me through this membrane as everyone not having faith in me were.

One should believe it would become more and more expensive to come here, but no, it is not, we are actually cheaply for sale, and yes before I was told that we are still transferring life/information with incredible speed.

This is also how close we came – we thought – when we sat inside the bunker of the Führer in Berlin.

Do you have a mad mother in law (?), which is about Karen gossiping about me to her mother.

So this corresponds to a big pay raise without being it, why (?), and yes there is really almost no darkness inside of this.

I was told that without (the remaining part of) me, there would be no clock, and I was shown a fishing cutter sailing around the clock as a pointer.

I have been shown my old class friend Peter T. VERY strongly some times lately, and now I was told that he isn’t the axis stabilising the world while we removed its spinal column, isn’t he (?), and yes we can only hope that the New World is strong enough to hold up everything when this happens.

I decided to go to bed at 03.00, but now I had difficulties sleeping and woke up at 05.00 where I now received much new information to write down – I am still working to absorb darkness with this potentially annoying me much – and first I had these dreams.

  • Something about giving advice on bicycles, not everyone has heard that Lars is now back, John is trying to hid and fight, but has to stop.
    • About my return and darkness of John coming against me.
  • One of my bats – a new invention of life – is on its way in to Helsingør High School, a lady is following it wanting to kill it, but I stop her, and I see how the bat catches and eats a mouse, which it needed to survive, it is the first time ever that it eats. And somehow this leads to the opening of Hotel Marienlyst as a conference centre to the world competing with leaders entering the conference rooms of the Old World next to ours where they get liquor and hookers too. I have decided to open to ALL floors of the hotel to all people, and I open the double doors to a bar looking out over the beach, and I tell people that this is the most beautiful place of all that I know with this view over the sea. Someone asks me to tell about my inspiration from Falster, and I tell them about my mother’s previous man, Ole, who worked for the savings bank Bikuben, which had the most beautiful cottage houses at Lolland-Falster as you can imagine. I feel a little anxiety of opening to everything, and if people will destroy it, but I know that they will behave fine from now on.
    • Holger Danske in front of the hotel is awakening as you know and this is about opening the hotel/waiting hall of the most inner rooms of the Source to the New World and to do it without limitations. This is the process we have now started, and it also requires people of the official world not yet having faith in me to change to our new instead of the Old World.
    • A few weeks ago, Helena kept writing about her cat bringing mice to her home, which she could not take, which is what the beginning of this dream is about. The cat and here bat needs to feed to survive, and the mouse is darkness as it feeds upon, and I was here shown a mouse at the edge of a glass bowl including brittle cake, which is what it turns into itself. And this is also why Benedikte yesterday discovered a poor/rotten smell in her hall, which was a mouse, which her cat had hidden behind the cupboard, and here it is also to say that what she and the Danish government has now agreed upon to STEAL from the poorest of the Danish community (cash helpers and students) to do a so called “growth package” to the business life (an opposite Robin Hood) and to turn the dictator knot even more, is the worst darkness working, and yes it is people like Benedikte being the true dictators of this community, and these are otherwise people calling themselves for “freedom lovers”.

FB 190413 Benedikte

I was shown and told that there are millions of lunch packages (with cheese, i.e. worlds) inside here, which we learned to do at Cambridge, where I spent time with Georgie in 2005 when we were together at Arthur Findlay College, and I was told that Georgie now knows who I am.

It is a great period we will never bring back because we will never be able to make Stig open for the most sacred to everything for “the mob”, and this might be how you thought, but this is what I have decided to do from an early stage of our development so this is what we do – complete openness for everyone to everything.

I was shown myself running at the Fitness World centre at Århusgade – as I did in 2010/11 – and I was told “thank you” for doing this, which is also why we are here.

I was told “Leland”, which is both a character of the TV-series L.A. Law, which I liked to see at the end of the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s because of its “human touch” and I now like to see it again when it is repeated on DR TV, and “Leland” also means “smile country” when you translate it directly from Danish, and this is really what it is about, the Source smiling with the view of the country of our New World.

I was told that my mother will write the deed of this area too tomorrow, which will come with writing and publishing this.

This journey into these inner rooms of the Source corresponds to leaving Espergærde at Agnetevej – after the end of houses – driving on your way towards Helsingør, and also to open to ALL goods of a big supermarket not being afraid of people misusing this.

This is not how little it costs to go out (?), it is easy to tell that you know what quality costs, but here it is almost free – and I received the feeling of Albertslund, where I lived (1972-76), and DanskeBank-Pension, where I worked (1988-91) inside of here as examples of all of the places influencing me.

I have been told some times about the priority of Helsingør Commune to receive “good health services” after the hospital was closed recently, and here I was told that this is not the only thing that Johannes the mayor thinks about, because he thinks much about me almost blocking you, Johannes?

I was told about the band “Shakespears sister” approx. 20 year ago, and their inspiration in relation to my sister, and no, I did not like this music much, but here is their hits single “stay”, which is what my sister allows us after having transferred everything to me, and we are using darkness of my sister to open to this place, which however is not much because I went all the way back here.

I was shown a freezing French bread (!) – the Source temporary terminating life – and received the lyrics “you must survive” from Robbie Williams fine song “love supreme”, and this is about “no love in town” and “trying to find a love supreme”, which is what will happen in here with the survival of every little thing.

Now we can eat cherries with the all great.

I was shown and felt a crazy man, who has always wanted to and worked for closing the European Union, which was before he received the power to do it as I do now, which is what will close it down.

I was told that the best football match ever of a Danish national team in Football, Denmark defeating Soviet Union by 4 to 2 in 1985 is a symbol of my fight against darkness of the Soviet Union, and they played fantastically, and Denmark had to play the best football in the world by the best football team ever? And as usual, the commentator Svend Gehrs is “half the experience”, and yes football became poorer when he stopped as a commentator (!) – “a completely crazy ankle to shoot from”, Preben!

This is the last closed area of a lake, where the access point was too narrow, or it required more faith in me.

I was told about Copenhagen City and the mayor Frank Jensen, who suggest to free hash, which is “the worst darkness” too as hash has been a symbol of for a long time.

I was shown a new museum with MANY sealed Indian boats, where we have now opened to the first one, and when I look down into it, I see that it includes a full New World itself.

I was told ”eins zwei” and that when Hitler was inside his bunker in Berlin at the very end of World War II and his life, we had gone as far with the world and our selves that we had arrived to where we are now, but we decided not to open these inner rooms because it can be done much more gentle when no one knows about this, which is the dream scenario – the mainstream world does not know about me yet – almost making this free to do.

I was shown a very little harbour of Helsingør with a tree bar blocking the exit to the big sea (of our New World), and then I see the bar opening, which is what we do now.

When everyone has been inside Hotel Marienlyst, they will give up thinking that we better turn ourselves in, and this is what FC Barcelona is about this year still leading the Spanish league in brilliant style, and yes they still have the chance to reach the impossible 100 points this season with now 7 matches remaining.

Hotel MarienlystHotel Marienlyst in Helsingør as the symbol of the inner rooms of
the Source now opening to man without restrictions

I was shown and told that Stockholm is the rotor of our helicopter inside the mushroom, which could not turn around because of this hell – of the Old World – which was also bringing the end of the world until a certain guitar man came along. We have come the longest way to close down Belgium, i.e. the European Union.

I have received the name “Steven” and even, and now I understand that this is about Steven Greer, and yes his new movie to wake up the world to the truth of UFO’s, free energy of deception of the official world etc. is premiering the 22nd April, and we’re in the middle of a “chain reaction”.

For a long time, I have been buying spring rolls as some of the most cheap food to buy here, but the last weeks, I have had a disgusting feeling almost throwing up just thinking about spring rolls, and I was here told that this is a symbol of the “survival help” that refugees of Dadaab – and other places – have received day in, day out for years, which is making them disgusted/throw up, and no one is doing anything to change this because they don’t really care and/or believe that they cannot help.

So this is about my fight against the world on the ferry, and I here see the world crawling into an incredible small “ferry” – of toy size – onboard the big ferry, which is about getting deeper inside the Source, and I am winning because the official world is giving up. WIMPS! And I was given the feeling of Carl Bildt, who brought back the helicopter to the deck of this ship as expected, which was without the media bringing my story, which we were a little concerned about because of the “sensation” of me “claiming” to be Jesus and my dark sexual past, but no I was protected from this because of my own strength not giving up and because my rules protected myself the most of all.

Here is a deep frozen leg of beef, and I was shown it completely packed in plastic foil, and this is about life of this inner room being opened, which is without a deed until now.

I was shown all of a 50 metres swimming pool being opened as you open a tin of fish, and the opening of the very end to the edge of the basin is what potentially hurts the most.

I was told about Abraham Lincoln – also receiving the word “Blockbuster”, which is about films, which has to be “content of life” – and to use his famous words for the first time, and I have no idea of what his famous words are, so this was another “find it” task, and when searching, it seems impossible to find because of the sheer number of Lincoln quotes and as if there is not a consent on what is the most famous (?), but here are a couple I found, and let me tell the world that there should be NO concern for you to be on my side, and I encourage you to always do what is RIGHT and to stop doing what is WRONG.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

Ad all of this we found when taking a new way round also feeling Isabelle. I was shown an helicopter flying outside and light shining in the windows of the Danish Parliament, and still the MP’s inside there try to hide in the dark shadows.

I received coldness under my skin of my left leg together with a new kind of pricks given to my heart, which was NOT comfortable.

I continued working on the script so far until 08.45 when I decided to publish it so far to start making it work.

I still have the feeling of something passing through my narrow throat, so I am still helping.

I was told that I can be happy not having experienced loss of blood.

It is not very difficult what follows now, and yes we know, Stig, time for a long bath, and if I am not too tired, I might go to the library to do some additional checks of my website at the faster computers there being able to show the most heavy of my websites (with many videos) to do the final check, and yes I am thinking of maybe I should get started on writing about “creation” to the front page of my website, but that will be no sooner than tomorrow, and that is if I can and will, we will see.

I took the long bath and was told that there are also no shaken pictures (of life) inside here.

All of this coming to us now is because of our new vacuum cleaning and better view.

It is my only telephone bill coming through, which can make this, and then I was given more pain/marks to my throat with something coming through the narrow funnel.

I was shown a beautiful woman, and the feeling of the membrane, and was told that we may know how to come through without pain for the world, isn’t this what you want us to do (?), and yes, that’s right.

We can afford doing wrong once of what we are going to do which has never been done before. And this is to operate in the tooth which was lost, also not easy because where does it come from (?), and eehhhh another place of nothing?

I received a noise from the outer of my balcony and was told that it is hallelujah all the way out here, but first when we have returned.

I was shown a car exhibition and a row of car makes not there, which are now returning.

Maybe you cannot get air enough (?), which has made us start destroying the world as result, is this it?

It feels like having a balloon swing on top of you, which you don’t know where to put when it cannot come through via you, which I understand is what is making this destruction.

Are we not going to save the nation (?), which this is about, and yes removing Holger Danske for darkness to break through?

After bath, I worked until 15.00 with the script, and I had hoped I could get a nap of a couple of hours, and visit the library before visiting my mother and John, but when I first got to sleep, I was so tired that I could hardly get up again, and it was only on my outermost that I got up at 18.30 to make it at 19.00 at my mother. I had these dreams.

  • I leave work at 16.45 15 minutes before time without saying good weekend to the others, which followed an experience where I had written a business letter for Preben to a client of his, and I saw that he changed it afterwards but saying that it is my responsibility what it says, and I see how a frog is jumping around my clothes and I ask if “well, do you feel good”? I am on my way to the library and wonder if it is open now..
    • It was as if I left work too early not completing it to the end, and the frog is an old symbol of darkness still being part of me.
  • I see how doors at football clubs in Copenhagen are closing. I have been at exam all week, and it has gone well. I joke with Medina about who it has been the toughest for, and something about using her mathematics and the others believing that no one could get in because I lack a radio, but I have a fine radio reception.
    • The doors to the last life inside darkness are closing. Did Medina read or was told about my attraction to her (?) – let me moderate here by saying that she is pretty, but NOT my “dream girl” (other than here of course :-)) – and apparently she is helping me here at the end too.

I woke up to ”Jeg i live” (”I’m alive”) and the lyrics “because it could be that you are lonely, because it could be that you feel just like me because I’m alive and stand here waiting”, and this song is originally by Sanne Salomonsen, but let us take it here in its “new” version by Burhan G., which was a big hit here too.

I was told about the former Foreign Minister of Soviet Union, Eduard Shevardnadze, that he was not originally darkness, but he became too because of wrong culture.

On my way to my mother and John I was told that this is about removing a very old urine road, i.e. road of destruction, inside the Source.

I was so tired and felt so disgusted that I did not feel like going at all, and when arriving, I did not feel like at all to be social and outgoing, but on contrary almost to scream because of how badly I truly feel and to say that I cannot cope anymore, but still I pulled myself together overcoming resistance of darkness still making me feel this rotten, and we spoke about Tobias and his now former girlfriend Mia, and I said that it is very uncomfortable not knowing who is right of those two with Mia having reported him to the police of being violent because can it be that Tobias, who is a loving character (much more than Niklas today, which is directly contrary to when they were small!), is also violent as his destiny having had his fights with other young people over the years when partying in town etc., thus lying when he says that he only shouted at Mia and taking her in her arm (?), and can it be that Mia, who has lived on children’s homes because of having alcoholic parents, is not speaking the truth as some kind of vendetta (?), and can it be that she is also on medicine (she suffers from “depressions”), and yes very uncomfortable not knowing who speaks the truth and to this, there is ONLY one thing to do in our New World, and that is to ALWAYS speak the truth, and I cannot understand why people tend to lye, and we know WEAK PEOPLE is what this is, because there is NEVER a better answer than the truth and yes 100% of course.

And this gave me a question if I should speak about the DR TV documentary “the dark shadow of the pill” – see the short stories of today – about the NEGATIVE effects of antidepressants/antipsychotics with the “risk” being that they would misunderstand me because I have been medicated myself against my will in 2008, but I know from experience that attacking darkness right in the throat is always the best answer, so this is what I did, and when we spoke of the examples of how dangerous this “medicine” is – making people cold/numb committing murder or suicide as “side effects” (!) – and the alternative of living a GOOD life as the only cure (good human relations, sleep, exercise, food etc.), this brought both John and my mother to believe the same, and yes my mother saw how I looked when I was pumped with medicine, which is “empty” and “just staring straight out” because this is what it does to you, COMPLETELY DESTROY/KILL YOU, and yes they got the point.

My mother gave me 200 DKK making the rest of the month “luxury” to go through compared to the approx. 160 DKK I have left.

Later, on my way home, I was happy to see a couple of spaceships, and one told me that we, i.e. all life, are the camera resurrecting the most inner part of God.

When I came home at 22.00, I was told that we had no idea what we would find underneath the stockings, i.e. creation, and I was told that you, i.e. the Source, had decided to terminate part of yourself to save us knowing that we would save/resurrect you one day when coming here. I felt my father and was told that he did not terminate parts of himself only because of this lifetime of mine, but “almost an eternity”. I was told that we could easily open the nut now, but it would be without this part of the Source (to start with as I understand), which is why we do this work too.

The whole evening, I had throat annoyance/potential cough because of darkness inside of me.

I was so tired/destroyed that I decided not to continue work but to watch TV, and at 22.40, I decided to take a new nap, and I slept poorly until 01.20 receiving this dream.

  • I meet Tobias’ dog at the bathroom, and I am surprised when I see it thinking and then saying that it remembers the content of a film. I am writing a text on text-TV, but eventually the remote control switching between TV and text-TV stops working, and this also changes the direction of buttons on the remote control, and now I cannot write anymore.
    • Bathroom is/was darkness, and Tobias’ dog may be Tobias self remembering content of life as it should be. I am running out of time changing the content of the TV when I cannot write to it anymore.
  • Half awake I was shown an eagle flying low with several cows following it, and the eagle cannot escape, cows bite it and forces it down, and I was told that this symbolises the very last darkness of the Source now landing.
  • My family is visiting me, and they make me happy giving me a used and very rare two-seater BMW coupe, which is “just right” with the interior, colour and details, but I am a little surprised to see that it has a slide on the back to pull up other cars. I will receive the key for this car tomorrow, and later, when I walk inside a very big shopping centre, I open a package inside a toy store including three items for the car with one of them being an automatic tuner for the car radio, which makes me happy. I am inside the first of two shopping centres, I will visit, and I go through what is a VERY narrow passage, where a bar has been installed, and I have two ask two men blocking the passage to move before I get through to another big part of the shopping centre including many different restaurants. This is in Lyngby, and here are many Swedes too, and MANY people in general. One restaurant has pasta as today’s dish as the only one in Denmark, which make me think that “this cannot be right” (“det kan da ikke pas da”) thinking that local food is better as today’s disc. I have dinner but cannot afford to have anything to drink (water), and people ask me “are you really for real” (?) thinking that I – or we, because I feel “we” – come from the band “Rainbow(s)”, and I say that we are, and it is connected with opening huge chilli’s as part of the disc, which include many small crocodiles, which people do NOT like.
    • This is a new car I get to help pulling up all cars (life), which used to be inside of the Source, which is MUCH because of the size of the shopping centres, and when there are two, it is still about father and son, and the narrow passage is what we use as good and as long as we can to bring this life with us. The rainbows are about the two rainbows as you can see from the short stories combined with gold of creation, and we use faith of people to convert crocodiles of darkness to life of light.

After standing up, I decided to read Facebook updates and continue work on my script, which I finalised at 04.20.

Google Earth: Being caught and fleeing – and the coming great awakening of our New World and new life

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the hole under Antarctic, not much air remaining, sport-racing, are we caught (?), fleeing in a hurry, the Source is busy and covering for love-makers, a heaven ship of two, a girls head and monkeys, big heads and Rafael’s angels, and onions symbolising the coming great awakening of our New World and new life.

FB 190413 Jette

FB 190413 Jette 2

FB 190413 Jette 3

FB 190413 Jette 4

FB 190413 Jette 5

FB 190413 Jette 6

FB 190413 Jette 7

FB 190413 Jette 8

FB 190413 Jette 9

FB 190413 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is a picture of the Vapnagård area of Helsingør, and Jan said that there is at least one place in Helsingør, where the roofs are covered with gold (because of the light).

FB 190413 GULD TAG

  • And here he showed “a rare meteorological phenomenon over Helsingør, a double rainbow, July 2012, which two me is to say that at the end of each rainbow of my father and my inner self, is where you will find gold of creation.

FB 190413 regnbuer

  • Facebook have introduced new “features” showing group postings in your personal news stream and also recommended pages, which have SPAMMED my news stream, and I tried searching for how to avoid the first feature 1-2 days ago, which I am NOT happy with at all, and here came an unwanted advertising to the Helsingør in pictures group, and then Palle said that he reported this story as “spam” on his personal news stream, which gave him a chance to remove all postings from this group, and this gave me the answer on how to do it – however I do “not like” how it is done by calling all postings for “spam”, they just have nothing to do on my personal news stream, but fine when I, and NOT Facebook, want to check the group – and I wrote to Palle that I find it amazing that Facebook does not offer people a choice instead of acting as dictators, and no, it is NOT nice when you find spam/advertising everywhere on the Internet and in the community, which you cannot get rid of, and that goes in the Old World because in the New World, everyone will receive a choice and the public room will NOT be destroyed with “spam” everywhere.

FB 190413 SPAM

  • Bent’s good friend Vivienne was in a magazine telling about the cars of her life, which made her sing an old Danish popular song “I am so happy for my cycle”, and she did this, because this song came to me 1-2 days ago without writing it, and cycling to me is still my suffering journey, but I still come fast around.

FB 190413 Bent van H

  • Michael Wulff wrote about development of music of private parties and concluded in his comment that he is tired of dragging his reel to reel tapes with him for private parties, but it is biting necessary, and yes it is, Michael, and you do know that you are inspired to speak about the reel to reel tapes of God as he has been using as a symbol for a long time?

FB 190413 MW

  • I watched the DR TV documentary “the dark shadow of the pill” about antidepressant medicine including stories of people committing suicides and committing murder because of pills removing feelings of people making them think and do what they normally would not done, and I was appalled when seeing that the survival of the Eli Lilly company was depending on the Prozac medicine – the first antidepressant – and how they knew about the dark shadows of the “medicine”, but kept quiet about it when obtaining approvals to sell it, and hereafter it was a “gold dream” for them, the sellers and doctors to prescribe this in larger and larger quantities eventually also to children, and when I saw how they stirred their sales force up to do their absolutely best sales ONLY thinking about themselves with the chance to each seller to become a millionaire (because “everyone” including sellers knew that this was “wonder-pills”, right?), it made me turn inside, and yes this is what it is about, this could have terminated life itself too (!), and this is what in approx. 20 years – together with similar drugs of other medical factories – have made the whole industry and populations starting inhaling this without questioning it because “what the doctor says, is always right”, but no, it is not, because the doctor does not have time to understand what he prescribes, and when he can make “easy money” too and receive personal “incentives” from medical businesses, this is how it works, and who are taken as hostages (?), and yes the whole world including me in 2008, when I was forced to take this “medicine” making me too rot up inside potentially destroying/removing my feelings, and yes a known side effect of this drug is that it can turn you aggressive, so this “fit well” with doctors, the Commune and also my sister, thus my mother, when you spoke about me behind my bag becoming potentially aggressive and yes a potential Breivik (?), so this is what made you fear me too (?), where you had nothing to fear other than your own fear itself, which is what was brought to me as the worst darkness TRULY wanting me to become “aggressive” but not in the sense of physically attacking people, but to accept darkness to terminate the world. And it appals me that journalists and psychiatrists, when speaking of this “wonder-medicine” on TV as their foundation believes that it helps people with side-effects of some people, and yes their WHOLE ATTITUDE is WRONG, and this is in relation to an interview on DR1 TV news about antidepressants, which made me “depressive” watching, and yes TREAT THIS AS POISON to start with, and discover the TRUE way of curing people with “mental sufferings” as you can read from my memo here, and yes this business has BRAINWASHED “everyone” to do what is WRONG instead of what is RIGHT.
  • I had told LTO that I would be happy to hear from them because I am practically alone without support doing my work, and I don’t know how many times I have encouraged them to write me, which is a constant sadness/suffering to me that they – especially Elijah and John – “cannot”, and I was happy that Meshack decided to break the silence by sending me this nice little email, which was kind of him and to still support me right until the end, and I am still thinking HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY REALLY DOING – suffering much or little, what do you do and think and so on?

Meshack 190413

  • The other day, Helena wrote that she doesn’t believe in UFO’s etc., but then she was shown a video clip, which almost made her change her mind (!), and here she says that people believing that they can see things in cloud formations are “strange” because “clouds are clouds”, Allan thought it was funny to see Helena or Jesus in a cinnamon roll, and Lene said that none the less she has just seen a cloud looking like a crocodile (!) – yes, darkness they are – and yes, I could decide to send her one of the clouds of Google Earth, which may change her view and open her up a little, but no, we are “not friends” and I have done my part trying to make her believe, which she does NOT “want” to.

FB 200413 Helena


20th April: Pulling out the last parts of my new self; the taxi is now “full” and I may become my new self at any time

I cannot tell you how important it is for you to “be right” when it comes to antidepressants/antipsychotics as discussed with my mother and John.

I was told with a low voice that it goes better than expected – also because of faith of your mother in this – meaning that you may be out of this by tomorrow.

When will you decide to get the taxi for the hotel (?), and yes you still decide yourself, and we know, I will keep on working as long as I can, and as long as there is hole through to the last part of the Source.

I was given a sound to my kitchen and saw a foot being inserted into a pair of men’s shoes and was told that I saw it myself, getting shoes on.

You slept as little that we almost did not catch the train, which may sound strange.

I was told about the previous director of the police in Copenhagen, Hanne Bech Hansen, that her biggest regret is not to having claimed that a policeman said “perle” (“pearl”) instead of “perker” (degrading on immirgrants), but that she did not reveal her knowing about me , and yes, she resigned in 2009, and can it really be that she was one knowing about me already then?

It is now your family tree, we have now all connected to it, isn’t this just what we say.

Can I get a taxi when I want (?), this means that we have exchanged the one being in there without spilling blood of your mother, which we otherwise would have had to do – because you kept on working. Later I was told that the part of spilling blood would still have required my approval of my “old nightmare”, which I would and will never give.

When the truth has to get out, we did not need a telephone number to transfer far the greatest part – but I understand that it required that I was connected via the old telephone line to make this work.

I was told that we went out to the outermost of the Source to find what was lost – but still there – of my broken corner tooth. Do you want to know what we did, do you really (?), no we did not pack us inside a beer, we exploded ourselves to be found by the New World the day when you would get here, so this is what we have now done as the New World but before starting the New World still playing the act as my old self, and yes we made it work, and I was reminded of yesterday when we heard a beautiful song by Neil Diamond, and I was only “allowed” to remember his first name making my mother say “DIAMOND”, which to me is about her belief in me and that is at least with her heat making this work.

I was given the reminder that only by having all of the family tree united/resurrected, we can bring about the New World, and yes I wonder how we would open without the last parts of the Source, and yes probably as a more “normal” New World in two tempi before reaching the final one.

We were almost giving you a heart attack – killing me – when you awake us, and I was then given a small heart attack.

I was told that when I did comparative reports of offers on company pension plans at DFM from 1991-95 as example of work all of my life, I was also working with the goal to connect all of the family tree.

We have now broken in to this last exploded part of the Source without the world receiving a “sound”.

It was almost becoming white beer anyway, but now we have opened up for it and for everything really.

I was told that despite of lack of faith of Christoffer, Mette’s son, in me, we managed to open the ton heavy door based on faith of others.

Something about this is the same as fire, but when there is no one at home at my mother, this does not harm.

This is the last exam you went to yesterday evening with your mother without knowing it, which was for her love to help opening this without a sound to the world.

And this is all the salt storage room, which your sister contained, which you had to use cunning and hard work to get.

This is what we needed one of the secrets of Fatima for, which I was told about yesterday, and I wonder which it might be?

I received a song including the lyrics “you’re the first”, and afterwards “there goes Norman” by the Undertones, which still is “my kind of music”, and yes favourite music you know.

I decided to take “a few hours” of sleep at 10.15, but slept until 16.30 with this dream.

  • I collect my father and Kirsten, drive over red and bumps etc., but I reach the destination, receive new socks still with the price label on. Say hello to a new friend, not a joke. My aunt Inge and Birthe Kjær come and something about Christmas being in two days, turn down money of the young ones even though I have no income, yes thank you to Birthe giving a tooth.
    • I reach my destination with difficulties receiving the tooth, which I broke in real life in 2006.

I was told that my taxi has been driven forward and that it is full, and I said that I want Scribd to return to “normal” first because it continues showing “temporary terminations”, and that is if I can, because I really cannot continue working no more ….

I was told that what we are receiving and have received feel like pulling part of four worlds home after we have distributed it.

I receive physical sounds from everywhere – kitchen, shelves and balcony – more often and louder than ever with one of them including “no more wild western anymore”.

We have to try to get out in the sun one day, Stig, which was a message from my new self, which was also to say that it is sufferings sleeping at day not being able to get out in what was beautiful spring weather today.

Copenhagen had a visit by the teenage idol Justin Bieber today, and a little after 17.00 I was told that he – and music/culture etc. in general – is also part of “balance of power” of the world, and a couple of minutes thereafter, they spoke of him in the radio news of DR P4, and “spiritual darkness” made it impossible for you to play your recorded item at 17.10.

My mother and John collected me at 17.30 to go to Tobias’ birthday held by Sanna and Hans, and John is receiving offers on repairing the silencer which is everything else than a silencer these days sounding like a racer car – symbolising terminations – and I felt how the last darkness of me is being dragged out by this force.

When driving, I felt Karen, and my mother said “awful” about the silencer of the car and then laughed, which is the feeling of Karen in relation to me – her surface (telling others) and inner feelings of me – and we listened to one of my old “soft” CD’s, and my mother asked me if I still listen to these myself, and I said that I do not because I gave them to Karen in 2009 before leaving for Kenya, and I knew that this was about exactly the song we were listening to, which was the most beautiful song imaginable – one of those “the world’s most beautiful song” – namely “wonderful tonight” and this is both about love of Karen and I as well as creation symbolised by the “guitar God”.

I was told that Karen’s rejection of me is bringing hell to my mother, John’s “inability” to listen/read and understand me brings me my “old nightmare”, and I was told that Thomas Blachman now understands me, which is removing the “old nightmare”.

I was told that this evening with the whole family collected including Grethe (Hans’ god mother) and Allan, who also came, was about setting up Louis Poulsen lamps here, which is the best possible light at the most inner of the Source, which was terminated.

Niklas was laughing and telling about how he had invited his employees out yesterday at a place where you could drive electric toilets (!) with up to 30 km/h, which cannot be any clearer a symbol of the destructive darkness, which he and Isabelle send me, and yes they do look forward to getting four days in the sun when they will take a prolonged weekend in Spain, and yes the air tickets were “only” DKK 2,000 per piece, and I thinking of how much food this could bring my LTO friends if they could “save” these four days of luxury, and yes you can add “pocket money”, which they spend on the tour too.

Grethe and Allan were very kind – they are 87/88 now and starting to be “old” – and I was told that it is nothing less than a sensation to have everyone united under the same roof as me following my writings, and I was shown a throne and was told that this is about bringing my new self on place.

Tobias had his best friend Emil as guest, and yes the man leaving me as Facebook friend in 2010, I believe, after having seen a “big light” in me for years, but now he was back and yes “nothing is the matter with Stig” when we are together, so this is what he saw too.

And no, nothing is in the matter, but despite of my sleep, I was feeling absolutely awful because of general disgust, and I was very unhappy with myself being too fat and also biting my finger nails as darkness makes me do, which has NOTHING to do with how I normally am, and no, I did not say very much this evening, but it was enough to confirm to Allan and Grethe that I am “myself”, and I was told that we could do this without them, but with them makes it much easier.

Tobias and Emil were speaking of porn starts doing the “gangnam style”, which offended me much, and a few minutes later at the dinner table, Tobias knocked over a bottle of water spilling it on the table, and yes this is what his “carefree” style of living still smoking and “scoring ladies” is doing.

Emil continued believing that we heard Christmas music when it was my soft-CD’s also playing here, which is about my birth really.

We spoke of James Bond movies, and I spoke of my favourite scene of the Citroen 2CV driving down the mountain and how I watched that in a full Imperial cinema (the biggest in Denmark/Nordic) in Copenhagen with everyone laughing, which was really coming from my inner self, because this is what we are lining up to, a New World without anything missing, we are shortly ready.

I continued receiving the feeling to my left wrist that I do NOT wear a watch, which is to say that we are now practically out of time.

Sanna and Hans did a perfect job as hosts and as usual they, i.e. Sanna, had made very delicious dinner.

When leaving, my sister said that they like to come and visit me for example for coffee one afternoon, and yes I told her that “I would very much like that, if I can”, which should make her understand that I am really not “fit”, which is not good for the game, but the truth because I cannot no more really.

On the way home, I was told that we received the finest roses because of Allan and Grethe. I received a deep feeling of Karen and was told that she is really also lonely.

Your mother brings a whole sport bag (including clothes) here, but not just any sport bag, these are parts of you as the son, which were deleted.

I was shown myself walking a hallway leading to the door where our New World is on the other side, but before opening this door, a door to the left is opened where I receive a garden swimming pool, and I see that this room is to deep that it goes into the New World and it is really our New World bringing me the last as my old self before becoming my new self.

I was told that when we are turning around darkness to light – as we have now almost done for all of it – it means that Spain becomes the same as Italy, which is a symbol of joy and happiness.

I returned home at 22.00, and already at 21.00 I was having a tired crisis having difficulties keeping my eyes open, and I told myself that you really cannot work when you come home, but still I decided to do just that writing and publishing the script at 23.40 before I have started working on Jette’s pictures, which I hope I can also do, and yes to have good conscience for helping to clean this the worst darkness of all, which is pulling out so much energy of other life temporary terminating as consequence.

FB 200413 Jette 1

FB 200413 Jette 2

FB 200413 Jette 3

FB 200413 Jette 4

FB 200413 Jette 5

FB 200413 Jette 6

FB 200413 Jette 7

FB 200413 Jette 8

FB 200413 Jette 9

FB 200413 Jette 10

FB 200413 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent John my birthday greetings below including the very beautiful song by Paul Simon even though I know that John cannot afford listening to it, which will cost him money to do, but “it is the thought, which matters” as we also say here, and he was very kind thanking me for the greeting and to confirm our friendship.

FB 200413 to John

FB 200413 John

  • Manyar had “decided” to return as my Facebook friend, so it may not have been him, but darkness removing him the other day.

FB 200413 Manyar

  • Helena said that she wanted to write a little bit “naughty” about religions, but then she bit off the behind of a chocolate tortoise and “everything mystically suddenly became enormous magically – what a revelation”, and yes the revelation is about “destructive darkness” biting off the behind of this chocolate piece, and yes symbolising her big ego.

FB 200413 Helena 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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