April 22, 2013: Remaining parts of the Source returns to me awaiting to be born with love and faith of our New World


Summary of the script today

21St April: Continuing the game bringing out more worlds of my inner self with as much strength as everything else

  • I continue the game as long as I can despite of feeling extremely poorly and receiving offers to become my new self now. I froze much telling me about continuous huge terminations to bring out the last part of me. We brought out a miniature of Moonbase Alpha (world) because I continued working even though I cannot.
  • Dreaming about my mother reading my Facebook updates without wanting to admit to it.
  • The spirit of my mother is using a big auger drilling on a big red ball (the berry/ruby of the Source) turning it into the biggest imaginable diamond. Should I stop work now, what would have been “pressure 16” is now between “pressure 0 to 1”. We have found a Moonbase here with equally as much strength as everything else combined, which we have found until now, and it is the lion, which is the Source self.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a newborn Lion (with headache), the fool of darkness is lose, the washing machine down under, people of other civilizations appear too, a lady back to back with a silverback, transparent people looking into a hole, a dead spaceman (the inner of the Source), the Source removes the last darkness of Hitler via termination of life to bring me the best possible eyes as the Captain of our New World, and eyes eyes eyes of God/my inner self.
  • Short stories about Scribd showing MORE TERMINATIONS than ever before, encouraging the Danish Finance Minister to END the lock out of Danish teachers, The Danish radio P7’s “7 hours pop Marathon” is ground-breaking radio, “a bridge you had not seen coming at all”, the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group met with newspaper hats symbolising the plenty terminations taking part now, Helena continues playing the game bringing me the finest Cognac, and a shockwave of the Source landing.

22nd April: Remaining parts of the Source returns to me awaiting to be born with love and faith of our New World

  • Dreaming of getting out more houses of darkness, an eccentric man dying giving me his inheritance, receiving one but not two cars, and a HUGE amount of terminations brings out more life of darkness.
  • We have run out of telephone lines of people as the carrier to bring in the remaining parts of my father from the Source, and the remaining parts of him will have to await being born until after the opening of our New World. This part returned to me as darkness waiting to be awakened with love and faith of our New World, which is “a new and easier installation process”. Everyone will feel that our New World is perfect except from you/I, who will feel/know that important parts are missing. The opening show will happen without a “boom boom” and will guarantee faith of man. Dreaming of father and son receiving good but not the best guitars of creation, and Preben/people do not pass on my simple message of love. The remaining parts of the Source of darkness includes all temporary terminated life.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the taxi-driver of my new self having received eyes looking at our New World, it is all concentrated about EYES (my new BLUE eyes), the rest of SHE, and running out of TIME, and I and the world has temporary lost a tooth of life now returning to the Source until there is enough faith/love in me.
  • Short stories of the “freak show” of Danish politicians and media “selling” a “growth package” stealing from the poor as a victory when it is really about their mediocrity (!),HOME is where the heart is, my radio does not work anymore.


21st April: Continuing the game bringing out more worlds of my inner self with as much strength as everything else

I continued working until 01.45 when I had done the last update of my script of yesterday.

I felt an aeroplane and was told that we cannot dump off anything no more, which is how it is when I cannot work, but I will sell myself as expensive as possible as we also say here continuing work over the coming days too if I can.

I received the words “Fortæl, fortæl, fortæl” (“tell, tell, tell”) from the “Boom, boom” song by Mabel, which is how it is when you remove Karen’s layer of “exciting love games” – her heart going “boom boom” over me – and that is because she really just wants to find the real truth underneath, which is what I am.

I was told that the key of my success coming this far is because my sister is now not afraid of my scripts anymore knowing that I mean good. And this is also how it practically is with the evil old world, they have accepted me knowing that I mean good.

I was shown a yellow digger in the streets of Boston with a little bit of earth on its shovel and a body rolling off, and I was told that “I thought this is what you wanted”, and this is the voice of darkness being the last part of the sex act – and this comes after I was told the other day without writing it that it does not feel nice to be set up/framed by the secret government of USA setting up this Boston Marathon bomb event/tragedy in its “fight” against its make-believe enemy, the Muslims.

CNN 210413

Do you think that your mother can deliver her final exam (?) because she has never tried anything like this before, and we know, it might be about trying to make me nervous if the New World will work or not, but no, if it did not work, we would not be here because we are an act inside the New World and has been since October 31.

Will you read newspapers tomorrow (?), because there will be …, and oh (!), and no (!), very good stories about you, but no, not yet, because he is still not finished as his old self, and yes just reactions of media coming to me after publishing my new script.

It is still a fight on “you are welcome” – can I continue saying this when feeling as poorly as I do (?), and as long as I can, this is the key to bring in more of me, if there is more to bring, and yes, I see no reason to start doing what is wrong just because I feel poorly, and I have to let down darkness, I will NOT give you this, but welcome you indeed are – and I am here told “in the most surprising places”, which is also the inner of the Kremlin by now (?), and feeling Obama here.

I was given sounds around me and asked if I want to be picked up now, and no, not when I can continue working and we can continue improving, and as long as this is the case and we are able to save temporary terminations, this is what I want, and yes I cannot do anything other because this is what is coded inside of me, I will never give up.

This is what we are opening with a tin opener, what you said could not be opened before our New World.

Don’t you know we have children out travelling, what time is it to wake me at (?) – this is what you would be told if you should ask us to start now.

People will believe that our new clothes were easily made, but it is as they say that what looks easy is often what is the most difficult to do.

This is to avoid soot from running down the chimney as example, but you cannot see it.

So this was not only YIN and YANG – opposite forces of light and darkness – competing, this was about the final showdown of our New World having to be stronger than the Source self creating it.

It is also not nice to wake up to a sour shirt, so we have removed this from ever occurring, so what are we doing now if you continue and yes only more of this and that to make everything even stronger?

I continued receiving the song “1,000 kisses” by the Danish band News, which I like much too, and the lyrics “We have nothing we have to reach, and I hope you know, I have 1,000 kisses, you can have, before I will leave”.

I received an incredible pressure from darkness wanting with much strength to bring me my “old nightmare” and also “now you may want to verheiratet me“, but no, it is totally out of the question, you do NOT marry your mother, this is what my “old nightmare” is about.

I went to bed at 04.20 after having had a strong tired crisis, and the first hour was terrible because of how much I froze despite of having clothes and two duvets on me – MUCH termination on-going – and I slept until 08.00 having these dreams.

  • I have made a clickable map over kiosks in Helsingør, and am doing the same in Helsingborg including clicks of the most important ones, and I see some lying down to the coast thinking how to get there and that I would like to visit these places. I go for a walk one evening, and am surprised to meet my mother cycling against me, and even more surprised that she does not stop to speak, which I shout after her making her stop, I notice that she does not have much air in the tires, and the reason for not stopping was that her bicycle shows that she is reading my latest Facebook update, and when I tell her that I am disappointed with her saying that she does not use Facebook when I know that she is reading my Facebook updates, and despite of being “caught” here when doing exactly this, she continues denying that she does this.
    • This is about our talk on Facebook yesterday when Allan said that he is on Facebook, and my mother says that she will never use Facebook, but eehhh only to read my updates of course, which she does not want to tell, and this is what is bringing her pain hence the lack of air in the tires.

If you ask me, we did “telefonitis” (“telephone-mad”) until 01.00, and I heard a well-known song in the background, which just continued building up and up and up at a tremendous pace (which was the verse starting with “I baren …”), and I was shown “kulørte lamper” (“coloured lamps”) everywhere (and these words were a reference to my old class friend Søren D-N, who around 1980 always sang “Vejle vinder GULD I år – og kulørte lamper” (“Vejle wins GOLD this year – and coloured lamps”) built on this song, which of course is about lamps of lights now being “everywhere”), and then I heard what it was; of course it was “telefon” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Det er mig og min telefon, jeg er så vild med min telefon, det er mig og min telefon, hver gang den ringer så sparer jeg en krone”, which is about “me and my telephone, I am so crazy with my telephone, every time it rings, I save one krone (DKK)”, and this is about our old telephone line still being in use to do this work.

The bonus question is now, who sits there in the living room (?), if it isn’t Peter F. – my old good friend living opposite me on Karenvej 5 – and this is after he has been on the bathroom (bringing me destructive darkness), and can it really be that he knows about me (?), and yes I have tried to find him on the internet some times, but I cannot see him.

I was told about an aeroplane and Vietnam, which is now about happiness, but before they “could not” understand me and compared with other countries who could throw the biggest tiles in my head, and I understand that this is because of the work of Thailand working for me in your region? Thank you :-).

I was shown a GIANT weight EXTREMELY heavy being sat down on the ground making it shake, this is still what we have.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an interview with the previous President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, and he gave a very positive impression especially as a man from the military fighting to bring democracy to Pakistan, and let me say that I know absolutely nothing about this man and also not what he may hide from the public, and I wonder if he was involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto – the former Prime Minister – in 2007 as example of his misdeeds (?), and this is given to me as an example of what will happen when “kind leaders” – within politics, church, business, armed forces – will stand forward showing their TRUE faces and misdeeds/crimes to the world, and you are going to be surprised what we survived.

I was shown a store at Axeltorv, Helsingør, the main square, and I entered it, it was dark and I was asked what I want to be here, and yes a bar and light, and this is about being at the very inner of everything where it apparently is still possible to set up more light at more rooms in here.

I was shown the spirit of my mother using a big auger drilling on a big red ball (the berry/ruby of the Source) turning it into the biggest imaginable diamond.

I was asked why the building area “Galgebakken” (“Gallows hill”) in Albertslund (lying next to Rypehusene where we lived from 1972-76) is called as it is, and I was told that this is because of Grethe (and less Allan) both living in Alberslund, and yes I felt yesterday how Grethe has brought darkness to me, which also brought me some stammering.

What we are now allowed to see almost surpasses the great sale of January because of what is inside here – excitement – and I feel Elijah; also because of him.

I received some low talk about getting more addresses and pocket money, and also that one keeps hitting your forehead into the wall here because of just how small this place is, smaller than a small jewel box.

This is to pressure as much out of the udder – going to the breaking point – which we only do because you believe that you may can do a little bit more.

It feels like wearing woollen socks again without wearing them, we are now a place where we have never been before.

I continue receiving sneezes which is about temporary terminations.

I continue receiving loud sounds from my balcony and I was told either “old nightmare” or washing, you decide (!), and also from my kitchen saying that we look through a tube, which seems to be open. A new sound from the balcony included the following words “I am at the toilet, it cannot be any more cold than this” (to bring me out). I also received a sound of either splitting the trunk of a tree, or as here a new shoot of a trunk – so will I be able to resurrect this life now?

I was shown myself at Amalienborg Slotsplads – the square of the the Royal Danish castle in Copenhagen – surrounded by a lot of people, but I feel myself growing to HUGE size, and I walk over these people down Amaliegade, and continue and see myself pumping up a car tube, which is what I am now doing myself symbolising the resurrection of my most inner self. I also felt how a Viking was entering me, and this was Holger Danske, and I was told that the true meaning of him being on sale was that he was leaving me because my most inner self was dead.

I was told that if I should stop work now, what would have been “pressure 16” is now between “pressure 0 to 1”.

What I am receiving now is still part of the dust ball.

I cycled to town at 14.00 and spent time on the library to check my website on a much faster computer, and I discovered broken links not detected by three different automatic detectors (!), which I will correct when I have the energy, and I have also noticed that all headlines included in summaries on all main sites including links to the full chapter further down on each side DO NOT WORK anymore (!), and this is an old game of darkness coming here again and yes because this is what is the most time consuming to set up, and we will see if I will decide also to follow up on this.

I also read the newspapers there and did a little shopping and was truly so tired/exhausted that I was concerned if I should be able to return home again, but I did – and when I am on my edge, I feel how there is almost “hole through” to the New World right on the other side.

I continued receiving 3-4 out of this world pain to my right ankle today, one of them coming because of my sister, and this tells me that we are still bringing out more parts of me.

I was told, do we have a Moonbase Alpha in miniature (?), which is now on its way forward, and yes because you have decided here at 17.50 to surpass your tiredness and continue writing on the script and now new pictures of Jette and to publish this too.

We thought that we wanted to warn you, your mother has not left the navy yet. Don’t they have a prison on that boat anymore? And I received pain inside my right leg and was told that it is my mother being the main responsible of this pain.

You don’t know how right it was yesterday when Allan said what you were thinking, which was about the sun blinding us, and then he said for fun ”can’t you remove the sun”, and I understand that this is what you are doing now.

I was told about Romans and “they really want to sue you someday”, and I wonder who that might be, and yes Karen because she is the one I meet in here and influenced by Peter and surroundings, and yes again, and yes yes yes, life is not easy for Karen not knowing that she is making it hell to me because of her misunderstandings not least because of Peter.

I continued working until 19.05 when I had published the script of today surpassing a serious limit of mine – I do this work, but I cannot do it.

After publishing I was shown a Rolls-Royce and told that before this it was an old veteran-car.

When I hereafter sat in the sofa, I was DEEPLY tired and received another tired crisis making me go to bed at around 20.00, and on my way to bed, a very gentle and kind voice from light told me that we cannot be sure to keep the game going for yet another night without awakening you, and yes when you cannot no more, please feel free to do this.

And then I was told that the Moonbase we have found here has equally as much strength as everything else combined, which we have found until now, and it is the lion, which is the Source self.

Google Earth: A newborn Lion, the fool of darkness is lose, a dead spaceman and the eyes of God/my inner self

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a newborn Lion (with headache), the fool of darkness is lose, the washing machine down under, people of other civilizations appear too, a lady back to back with a silverback, transparent people looking into a hole, a dead spaceman (the inner of the Source), the Source removes the last darkness of Hitler via termination of life to bring me the best possible eyes as the Captain of our New World, and eyes eyes eyes of God/my inner self.

FB 210413 Jette 1

FB 210413 Jette 2

FB 210413 Jette 3

FB 210413 Jette 4

FB 210413 Jette 5

FB 210413 Jette 6

FB 210413 Jette 7

FB 210413 Jette 8

FB 210413 Jette 9

FB 210413 Jette 10

FB 210413 Jette 11

When I brought my first comment below, there was NO first comment of Jette, which first became visible later.

FB 210413 Jette 12

FB 210413 Jette 13

FB 210413 Jette 14

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd continues showing temporary terminations via the symbol of (apparently) no visitors and furthermore now, when there are more terminations than ever before, “spiritual darkness” has also removed my picture from my statistical page (as it also has on my main-page, which I have now replaced), and the latest “development” is that it has removed 16 of what used to be 21 followers, and all of these will be back after we have received everything of my inner self from the Source.

Scribd 210413 incl 2004

  • The Danish radio P7 do a new “7 hours pop Marathon” once a month, and today it was about Phil Collins (and ONLY him and his story/music!!!), and I decided to tell them that they do a ground-breaking work showing how to do QUALITY RADIO driven by passion for music, and I shared my favourite Phil/Genesis song, which is “home by the sea” with the sea being a symbol of our New World, and by the way, my comment was lifted up as the first before 10 others, who had commented at the time when I commented, and yes “Jesus he knows me” too as they played right after my comment, or let me say that “Jesus is me”. At around 10.23 t0 10.25 they spoke (live) about turning the picture (of Phil Collins) and later turning around 180 degrees, which is still about turning around the last part of the Source, and yes Jesus, he knows about you, Henrik & Nicolai.

FB 210413 P7

  • At 16.35 they spoke about Eric Clapton’s version of the song ”Behind the mask” written by a Japanese artist, and since a melody line by Michael Jackson, who also did a version of the song, and then Eric Clapton’s version, which they said was “a bridge you had not seen coming at all”, and this bridge is the bridge we will keep open to bring even more of the dust of my previous self with me, and still because I do not say “stop” but the opposite, and I received the feeling that one of the hosts played Michael Jackson because he was directly inspired by the same man via me.

  • The Helsingør in pictures Facebook group had an event today meeting at 14.00 for the first time having one of the famous Brostræde ice creams, and someone had received the “fantastic idea” to encourage people to make a newspaper-hat (!), which you know is the most clear symbol about TEMPORARY TERMINATIONS, and I decided to pass the square on bicycle on my way to the library, but I decided not to stop and talk to these people – some of them having an “opinion” about me probably sending me darkness – and that is because of how incredible poorly I feel NOT at all having a desire to be social, which is WRONG, but we now speak of EXTREME conditions. Still negative speech about everything such as “they are some bumpkins”, which is “farmer behinds” in Danish thus also both being a symbol of darkness they send me becoming light of the farmer of God and simply because there is almost hole through to all of my spiritual friends – all life – on the other side being in good mood. We have not existed for a generation, and you decided not to visit this group, to prioritize work at the library. It is like someone went to gymnastics being removed from me, and I was told that the roof has not been removed to bring me out still sitting inside of here, and yes I was in doubt of how much or little this meant, but here afterwards I can see that I had no energy at all, and should I chose between work and this event, work is the most important to me hoping that I can get the rest out in another way or at least on the other side.

FB 210413 Hgor gruppe

FB 210413 Hgor 2

  • The lock out of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of pupils/students have now lasted three weeks, and I wonder if Bjarne Corydon, the Finance Minister and his “know-all” civil servants, have received “cold feet” afraid to show “abuse of power” to the world via me (?), and let me tell you that what you are doing is the MOST IRREPONSIBLE ACTION negatively influencing the whole community costing MUCH production not to speak of students missing teachings and teachers having their pays stolen by you “small criminals” of the Danish governments, and I only have this to say to you: STOP THIS NOW ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and do what you believe is RIGHT to do. It is EMBARASSING to watch what you do not having the courage to finish what you started (?) or to go back on your beliefs?
  • Helena’s patio is now full of flowers, and Søren asked her if she wanted “chess and cognac this evening” (!), which she did, and yes is about Helena helping to bring me the cognac of my inner self via her darkness.

FB 210413 Helena

  • I noticed the text about a shockwave, which is what the arrival of the Source could bring to the world, and these days when the pressure is stronger than ever, it is likely that this is what it is, but I was not sure, and that is until a few hours later when I saw the same kind of clouds here understanding that this is indeed what it is about.

FB 210413 Crop


22nd April: Remaining parts of the Source returns to me awaiting to be born with love and faith of our New World

Dreaming of my father as an eccentric man dying giving me his inheritance thus receiving one (mine) but not two cars

I went to bed at around 20.00 and had a poor sleet until 03.00 with these dreams.

  • Something about my mother accusing houses of being of poor quality with those living in them resisting her. Maybe two of us will fight over a car and either receive a new stereo or 10,000 DKK, we win.
    • Getting out more houses of darkness.
  • An eccentric man living at Gerdavej in Espergærde is about to die. He does not want to give his wife any inheritance, but me. He visits my house, and later we are at a room of people rehearsing an opera, and I hope they will use me to sing one of the roles, which cannot be that of Don …, which is taken. We are the best conductors and I am surprised to see that our opponents bring a competitor to me, which is a lady dressed as a man trying to sing as a man.
    • Is this the last part of my inner self dying, and the singing is about whether or not we will receive this love inside of darkness, or darkness will keep it (until after the opening of our New World).
  • Again I received the lyrics “Would someone please explain the reason for this strange behaviour” from “skin trade” by Duran Duran.
  • Something about one car without another car on top of it, where the lower car is taken from me, but I keep the upper car, which is a Mazda and has received new tires.
    • This is about receiving a new Mazda, which really cannot “pas da” (“be true”) (?), and again because this work is done without true faith and support of my physical mother. And I don’t get the lower car, which seems to be that it is the eccentric man of the spirit of my father or what remains of him, who is now dying.
  • I received coughing and was told that the war in Syria is/was about you and your sister and who will decide (?), which is what makes my mother receive darkness, which as example was directed at John the other day at dinner, when my mother had enough of John “teasing” her, which she simply cannot have, and she received an attack – I see how it comes – making her shout at him using the same words at they do in the sketch of Zirkus Nemo with a married couple shouting at each other, there is no difference, therefore (except from John, who does not use these words). I was also told that all of this, which we work on is the New World, which somehow sought home to darkness again.
  • The very beautiful Tina Kjær is my new girlfriend, and everything goes well, and I am concerned when she will learn that I have no friends. I smoke one cigarette, which she does not like believing that I smell, but instead she also smokes one. I am on my way to visit my father’s mother, and meet my cousin Jan living close by, and I ask him how he is, and he says that he is building a bridge from Bruxelles to Copenhagen, and when I enter his apartment, I see that he works with an expert accountant, who speaks with a bank over the telephone, because the bank has made errors in the annual statement, which is of importance to them because they have received an offer to sell thousands of pension plans, which they possess. From there I find fine running shoes of my in a public garbage can, and I am on my way to my father’s mother to borrow money.
    • Tina Kjær was a very famous/beautiful model here in the 1990’s – by far the most famous at least in Denmark – and I have several times been told about her connected to me as “temptation” of darkness. Jan’s attitude, lack of faith in relation to me and influence on his mother, Inge, is blocking much life inside darkness, which he is willing to sell for a lot of money, i.e. energy of life, which will be terminated to bring this out symbolised by the shoes. And in the big world, this is about Bruxelles, i.e. the European Union and other evilness there.

Remaining parts of the Source returns to me awaiting to be born with love and faith of our New World

I was told that I believe that a funeral place here costs, hold on tight, four million DKK.

You have received the big tour of the vacuum cleaner without knowing it, yes you are still the one paying the most.

I received Sebastian’s beautiful “Når lyset bryder frem” (“when the light breaks out”) and the lyrics “Du vil se mer, Når lyset bryder frem, Når lyset bryder frem, Ja, så må du hjem, Så må du hjem” (”you will see more, when the light breaks out, yes, so you will come home”), and I kept hearing ”coming home”.

I was told that it is not all a hash club.

Why not use that telephone line (?), yes of Pia (?) – my old clairvoyant friend from Hørsholm – by telling her the story, and we know I have done that.

I was shown Putin all over my inner view and also ice and was told did you go right through him too?

My mother says that we don’t have a link between your social security number and the last parts inside here, do you mind (?), and yes EVERY LITTLE THING is EVERY LITTLE THING to be saved!

What is the food you miss more than anything else (?), and we know “pizza no. 25 – Pizza Amager” at Pasta House on Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen, which I have had only once the last 22 years. The best pizza ever – even though Tony also makes “the best”, they are just “different”.

For a few days I have received the word “capital pension”, which is about a lump sump payment of the world now being paid out to receive all content of the Source.

Can we almost kiss the balloon swings now, Stig?

We have just been inside a shop asking for a sport car, but they don’t have any, is that it, Stig (?), and yes you don’t know and don’t care, but concentrate on your work, and as long as you feel darkness, we still receive more, which is the easy and logical answer, so this is what I do, and yes live a simple life because this is darkness still coming to you from Karen.

I was told something about “telephone lines” of people not being there to bring in more, and I heard a very low and far away voice inside darkness saying “I can never forget what you did to me”, and I can only still hope and have faith in that EVERYTHING will become perfect in the end without any loss of life.

So it is still completely full here at the toilet, and what do you want to do about this (?), and yes save it no matter what!

Yes, we are really flat, but if this is what he wants, we will once again try to bring together enough energy to make one more day.

What do we do when there is also no more police here and eeehhh Stig, there is no darkness keeping me in then, is this it (?), and this has to be the conditions we are coming close.

We will never get the bridge up before starting, this is what it is about.

I am now given so much pain to the outer joint of my left little finger as never before symbolising the end of my writings. This is impossible to write with – again feeling darkness of Karen – and let us see if this is the end or if it will go over.

I received a new sudden “almost unbearable pain” to the back side of my right lower leg, which was a mixture of life still trapped together with enthusiasm of my mother of what we have done.

It is incredible how you can miss being gravy even though you have never been it.

We did not shave that horse otherwise it would also have gone through.

Something about not possible to pull down more cigarettes, and see you on the other side, it will be Christmas there too.

We still cannot wait for our birthday, and what is the difference between being born before or after the opening of our New World, and yes you don’t know for sure and this is part of the game to make you bring as much of us as you could before – so none of the kings would scream because this is what we believe we will having to go through that gate right now presented for us, which is named “you will not exist and then I will find you again”, do you think you are prepared for this?

This is the table where birthday gifts are being delivered but not yet because first he has to say “I don’t give up” and we know continue right until the end meaning that we will do as you have told us, which is to automatically switch on our new system when it is impossible to keep the old going any longer.

I was given a combination of a very low voice and a feeling about how my “old nightmare” was carried out without me to destruct this life.

I received the feeling of darkness of the spirit of my father and was told that he is still here with me when he cannot be and I am the only one who can see him.

I felt how this life returned to me from the balcony instead of into the TV (at my shelves) of our New World, which gave a loud noise from it and this is because it can only be awakened with love, which I don’t have (yet), and I received the feeling of Elijah here too.

And then the picture of my TV started flickering as it has never done before giving me the direct/active feeling of this being Christmas gift-wrapping paper. This only means that we are now inside you, and eeehhh still saving the world from pain (?), yes because this is what he was told.

So we are now back from where we came from now awaiting a new and easier installation process.

I was given an almost impossible to detect small smell of powder/fire because of this. I received the loudest hiccups during this.

The spirit of my father asked me if he will continue being pain to my teeth – not because I have had that, but here I was given some pain – and still bring me sexual suffering until the world brings me in via its love/understanding (?), and he might.

In the beginning (of our New World), it will feel fantastic, but you will soon experience that something important is missing, and it will in principle still become a game to the New World about faith to bring the last with us, but there is now no doubt about this happening because with our opening show everyone will understand that I am for real, and there will be no anti-Christ.

We have arranged it such that everyone will feel that our New World is perfect except from you/I.

The process of the last part of the Source entering me in his old shape has now started at the same time as the game continues via the work I continue to do. And this is what would have killed me if I had stopped earlier. And it is still me inside the Source, who will start the New World. You have received a special approval making your mother survive because by now you have strength enough to survive as the New World.

I had taken a nap on the sofa from 11.30 to 12.30 and continued watching some TV before I was given one minute of the worst pain to my behind, and when I started working not long thereafter, I felt how the words “fell out of my mouth” or fingers really, which was darkness coming out this way instead.

We were closer to 5 to 1 because of your father, but since it is you, you came through, because it is no fisherman’s association, right.

This is not the same as closing, because if we had done this, it would have been “boom boom” you know, and the difference is mainly because you did not treat me negatively even though this was the only thing I gave you via your family, friends etc. Otherwise you would have received this skull, and there would be no elephant then (if I had to decide, which I was not ….).

Isn’t it hard to enter this room (?), yes but not when we don’t let the freezer go off, and this is what secures no sufferings to the world as you wished for.

It wasn’t your family tree that the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group threatened to destroy, was it (?), yes it was, but as luck was, nobody “dared” to speak about you and yes Käte was there too, and we know, it does not sound right, but who knows.

We are still using your “you are welcome” but in another form.

Can’t I then be in a lifted mood here (?), well don’t forget that I am still everything, so I feel it.

I saw Søren Frank – the wine and restaurant reviewer of Berlingske – reviewing breakfast of McDonalds (!), and he is a “nice man” not telling the truth of just how poorly this is, and I was told that there is a direct line to how the Town Hall of Helsingør and the Mayor thinks of me, and somehow I would have been able to influence this if I had had ice cream with the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group and attended the group picture of these coming in the local newspaper, and to make people talk about me as “normal”, and yes I receive much pressure about this, and I don’t know if this is true or not, but it did not become like this because of the choice I took, which I have settled with, and yes I am not a “hardcore” member of this group, and so it is.

I was told that it is not as if we have thrown the coxswain overboard, and I felt Jeff Lynne all over my inner and I was told that we cannot use him as a telephone line (having faith in me), because “he is” too (another part of me).

I was told about “voices” – a word often coming to me – and the feeling was about my mother NOT liking the voices I received, and there is a link all over to (darkness of) China because of this.

Don’t you have pain in your mouth/teeth anymore (?), no they came and operated all of it.

The new bathroom is not finished yet, but this is where we will pelt our diamonds all over, and yes a bathroom until the New World turns us around.

And I feel how this is installed on my body, a feeling given to most of my left arm and a hanger to my bag as if I am hanging on it.

Here we have the tooth of a shark, and we just have to forget about all of that because it is still Stig deciding how to use this force, and he does NOT want us to harm the world.

No, we have not considered throwing any toilets away when returning to you because you want EVERY LITTLE THING to be saved, that’s why.

We are not in a situation yet of “yours are much better than mine”, which is about uniting the two houses of father and son, but we will, and yes we will choose the best.

I was told that this journey returning to me is not quite without danger for Karen to do. And Old World this is done too without her smiling at all, that’s why.

It is not because we don’t want to get out now that you have found out, which was really the most difficult part, no, now we will just wait for the world to bring us out.

I was hoping to be able to go to the Rema 1000 supermarket in Hornbæk today – bringing my cycle with the little train maybe cycling home – but when I had completed most work today at 16.45, I simply felt far too dizzy doing this.

We have now given her stockings on again, not only I who is down here.

I was shown a train on the ferry, a golf ball and that there are still giant bottles/stock of Coca Cola on the ferry, i.e. darkness.

I was shown Jolly Jumper – the white horse – and was told that we bring the control over light with us in here.

I was tired at 15.30 and took a nap on the sofa lasting until 21.30 (!) with these dreams.

  • Two young colleagues have asked me to participate in a business meeting, and it is now 15.30 and I am tired but think that I can just take this meeting too, but when I hear that the meeting is in Århus, which they have not told me about, and it requires for us to drive for maybe 3½ hours to get there first, I decline to attend, and when I later see them at the forest, red stains light on them telling that they lie (about the business travel), which they can see themselves. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the top managers wanting the meeting to take place, and early next morning they arrange guitars of the kind that my two colleagues can play on – good, but not the best – are brought to them. I feel Cher there too, who will sing. And the feeling of the dream was to “make money”.
    • When there are two together, it is father and son, which probably are both the two young and Mick & Keith, and going to Århus is to go to our New World of joy and happiness, and I cannot continue working because of tiredness, which leaves us with the guitars of creation as they are now of “good but not the best quality”.
  • I am in Hørsholm and sing my own song “on my way home”, and I see how people in a pattern are to repeat the song, which is not difficult to do, but Preben make “wrong crossings” and when he asks to put on the hi-hat, I am now someone else but still myself, and I have no musical skills whatsoever not being able to do this. “The most beautiful of the North wants to buy the publishing house”.
    • Preben does not pass on my simple message of love as it is.

I was sad to wake up to new pain coming to me and new work, which is still hell to go through. At the moment I am given strong pain to the inside of my hands, and also the feeling of life, which can explode, to my right ankle, and together with the feeling of having no energy almost not being able to make dinner and the view to several hours of more work is really what is making this end journey “not nice” at all.

Before starting to work I was told that you have not just stopped, this is also how you are not (stop working in general).

Søren D.N. was the true sinner not reading/understanding you, and he was your mother, and “this is how there is so much” as we say here.

We are not going on camping holiday, right (?), which is about Karin from Netherlands and the hologram I received with her in 2005, and the message was that we could not do what we do without her.

I was given Dan Turell’s ”I should have been taxi driver” :-).

We have found an easy source to produce power with.

I was given a physical sound to the kitchen, which was both of wood but even more dark leather of a cow, as if this is blocking for what is inside the Source behind it, as I am here given a sound of.

Is it so that your mother can now bring you your plastic bag, which is your gift, however still without me “snuffle, snuffle” – but the feeling was “smiling” behind the play.

What about your sister and mother, have they been allowed to change your story (?), very little, and not directly by changing what I have written, which never happened.

That gift there will seem to come endlessly but it does not.

Michelle Pfeifer has not been placed on the big world map yet.

Your mother has not been caught in the hash control, we have closed down the fire place.

I felt how this dark – or “not light yet” – side of the Source is now inside of me as a monkey, and I was told that it was “impossible” to avoid cancer spreading in my father and mother because of its sheer force coming out via my sister, but this is what I/we did. Because I never gave in to darkness, which otherwise would have made the cancer spread and kill them, but when I did not, this also led to the opening of China as I am told as example.

And had you not been able to keep the game going, you would have received an (incredible) strong pressure to accept the sacrifices of your mother/father to bring energy, which then again would mean that they would die with keys to the New World.

A sound to the kitchen: No, I am not a paper hat, only temporary and yes it is I carrying on all terminations of life, which is what I still understand as parts of us instead of all of some.

And then I received an incredible strong pressure to accept giving my mother pneumonia and words were laid in my mouth to approve this, but no, it is NOT alright – and can you imagine the stress now for years receiving messages around the clock having to write this down without being able to relax, it is a total nightmare.

I was told about “the blood doctor” in relation to my mother, who also should not be alive (?), and also that our ultimate goal is to disappear, but no, you are NOT allowed!

To everyone else we have now disappeared but we are right here with you.

If it had to be right, this should have cost you a tooth, and my teeth was then – against my will – scratched together giving a scratching sound.

This is also because I was not able to write the final chapter on creation to my website.

Had I accepted my “old nightmare” to be carried out, this life of the Source would have been destroyed and spread around the New World – not inside of me as the Source – and here we would have to cut you (I was shown a foot or hand cut off).

I was given a sound to my oven, and told that a little involuntarily we now enter this again, and I received incredible tears because of feelings of my mother.

And while this is happening, I still receive the feeling of something going through a narrow passage of my throat which still is more of us being transferred to our New World, so some is going there and some is going back to the oven/kitchen of the Source, which also includes my sexual dreams as my old self.

Google Earth: The taxi-driver of my new self has received eyes looking at our New World – but we have lost a tooth of life

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the taxi-driver of my new self having received eyes looking at our New World, it is all concentrated about EYES (my new BLUE eyes), the rest of SHE, and running out of TIME, and I and the world has temporary lost a tooth of life now returning to the Source until there is enough faith/love in me.

FB 220413 Jette 1

FB 220413 Jette 2

FB 220413 Jette 3

FB 220413 Jette 4

FB 220413 Jette 5

FB 220413 Jette 6

FB 220413 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Danish government including all of the Parliament (excluding the Red Green Alliance) first agreed to steal from the poorest here, and now they give what they stole to lower taxes on beer/soda to “stop” people from buying beer/soda and much more in Germany and also for people to deduct workmen expenses on their private homes in their taxes as main elements of a “growth plan” (!), and yes one government increase taxes on beer/soda, and the next decrease the same taxes, and this corresponds to 5 DKK on a box of 30 beer where the price difference is “much more”, and NO, I AM NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL – you steal from the poor and give to people already having enough thinking that this should mean a difference; “this is enough as a tailor in Hell” as we say here!

FB 220413 Politiken

  • And still, all politicians – except the Red Green Alliance – presented this as “victory”, here are just two of them, and yes this is an example from Denmark, and I am sure that you can find the same “far from enough” reforms to get out of Hell, and yes there is ONLY one way, and that is to START ALL OVER with a New World Order, but “none of you could” because you did not have the vision, courage and will to do it!

FB 220413 Hans og Lars

  • Brian from the Conservative party is a prominent MP and ex-minister, who believe that this reform is “very joyful”, and then he speaks of Conservative fingerprints and his own personal ideas being the generator of this, and I could only comment “well, you are in control then, Brian, and don’t need me to interfere? Is this really the best you can do”?

FB 220413 Brian

  • And Johannes still on TV2 on his way to DR TV said that they would bring three hours live TV on the “growth plan” this evening (!), and “it is fun being in the middle of everything when true news happens”, and yes this is really what he said (!!!), and I decided to say “true news happens – do you make fun again, Johannes? This is an exhibition of the mediocrity of politicians and media”, and I do believe that this is VERY EASY for all of you to do but still you praise yourself after having robbed the poor for something, which is “enough as a tailor in Hell”, which you know is NEVER ENOUGH, and there is only one CURE to replace your FREAK SHOW (!) and that is to start all over, but none of you had the courage to do anything about this?

FB 220413 Johannes

  • Susan writes about HOME is where the heart is, and this is really where we are going – and she writes many of these postings, which I normally don’t have time and energy to read through, but some of them may be linked to me.

FB 220413 Golddust

  • I heard the remaining parts of the 7-hour Marathon radio broadcast on Phil Collins on DR P7, which I did not hear yesterday as you can hear here, and there was truly “something going on” as I wrote in my comment yesterday because when the radio hosts were interviewing the producer High Padgham, the recording of this simply stopped right after his story of how they made the recording of Frida’s “I know there’s something going on” (after 5:37:25), which made the hosts say “our playing platform is a little bit unsure today” and “it has seen that it has become spring and wants to get outside”, and this is the same as the other day, when you also could not playback the recorded item about Justin Bieber, so what is truly going on here is a symbol saying that my radio, which is really the same as my telephone line, is not working anymore – we cannot get more through because of lack of faith/love in me.
  • I was happy to write to Sanna and Hans thanking them for a lovely dinner telling them that they are perfect hosts and Sanna that she is a fantastic cook, which she truly is, and I love doing this much more than telling people the opposite when they are lazy and “cannot”. This is an example of the opposite doing your best, which my sister also includes (within “doing”, not necessarily listening/understanding).

FB 220413 til Sanna

  • The other day I received a letter from the tax authorities, which have decided to deduct 400 DKK per month in my cash help to pay for unpaid TV-license fees as you pay here, and I am told that this is a symbol of the deduction/termination of life making me lose a tooth, and yes it will have to be the world that I had inside of my teeth now losing one returning to the Source.
  • I continue losing friends and also followers – now one of each, whom I really did not know – still making me sad.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    I am still here 😉

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