April 24, 2013: Switching on the button of our New World after the return of my mother to the Source and opening of Karen


Summary of the script today

23rd April: Switching on the button of our New World after the return of my mother to the Source and opening of Karen

  • I received INCREDIBLE pressure of darkness – threats of my “old nightmare” and constant (negative) speech – hurting me much, and parts of my mother/the world including terminated life arrived at the Source.
  • Dreaming of moving into my new home of Kronborg Castle, and turning around Copenhagen from one big area of sin/prostitution supported by the British Royal family and Karen deciding to leave her past as a part time prostitute.
  • I am completely out of energy also including no more energy from terminated life to be given to me as I understand it – thus being very close to the end.
  • The return of parts of the spirit of my mother to the Source is what is opening to a complete locked situation, and this is what you were told to invent, “the key” making it possible to remove this giant safe out of here and to use it everywhere.
  • Karen thinks of me as a “special man for her”, and is soon “cheaply for sale” after she has brought me the sexual sufferings of the threat of my “old nightmare” for years because of her rejection of me and WRONG sexual behaviour with other me thinking that this leads to love, where it is love leading to good sexual relations. This is what she did to the man she is going to be married to, and our programme also did NOT say that this is what you would be in this life.
  • The return of my mother and the opening of Karen to me is what is making the impossible happen, for me to solve the riddle going all the way to the top of the Source to push the button to start our New World, which we have done now.
  • I was nothing at birth and now everything including the golden watch, which has been transferred to me from Sanna and Karen, thus the world, because of their faith in me as the man I was not yet, but going to become.
  • The opening of Karen to me brings me her computer, i.e. world, including the blessings of my father haven given up chasing me. This was the ton heavy door, which you – together with energy of terminated life of my mother/the world – opened, and we might add that now when the door is open, we cannot close it again. We are now ready to return this terminated life to the world. And I felt the New World right next to me and also that it takes “almost nothing” to open it now, and we will now open up to everything of the Source right away.
  • Dreaming of leaving the hotel together with Karen, and the news director of DR TV news confirming that he is reading me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show new eyes and new teeth (on the way), dentist looking at tooth, even Dali got teeth, big pain after loss of one tooth and the dentist is on the way.
  • Short stories of sending birthday greetings for my sister, writing and bleeding, watch the new Sirius documentary of Steven Greer, bringing out the finest life of the core of the Source, there are no “Magtens Korridorer” (“corridors of power”) and also no “real corridors of power” for Helena, and we have to believe that Lars Løkke was NOT involved trying to cut down Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

24th April: We did our best converting darkness to light practically receiving clean access to the Source

  • Dreaming of my old friend René working strongly against me, simplifying the design of our New World, India sent me much darkness also destroying creation, Musharraf full of “destructive darkness” and very unpopular, and it takes some learning to install all “features” of the Source as part of our New World.
  • It was NOT easy to move the eternal fire/light of the Source, but it is now being installed inside our New World. I/we did our best to convert all darkness to light to receive a clean access to the Source of our New World, which we have practically done, which saves us from always searching for and converting old darkness inside our New World. We have given orders for all terminated life to return to the New World and for all sicknesses to cease to exist.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that the centrifuge has started, and everyone receives the third eye of indigo.
  • Short stories of negative thoughts of me making me a zombie.


23rd April: Switching on the button of our New World after the return of my mother to the Source and opening of Karen

Receiving INCREDIBLE pressure of darkness while terminated life returned to the Source

Does this mean that it is free to be in prison (?), yes.

I was told about my favourite music and faith in me of these artists making the bridge from one mountain to the other very strong.

I received an INCREDIBLE pressure to carry out my “old nightmare”, which comes as a surprise to me, and it is more than difficult to reject this being completely down, and I can only hope that this is not the only way out because I will not accept it.

I received the smell of a wet dog returning to me and barking at me, i.e. bringing me torments, which is despite of the fact that the dog loves me, but this is how it is built until turned around too.

At 02.50 I heard “am I now dead” (?), and I felt the spirit of my mother – or the parts of her being removed from our New World – which is now with me awakening after coming through to nothing.

The negative speech continues for example from the Source of me to the New World “Did you get it, I don’t want anything to do with you”, which are the sort of things I still have to go against.

First you are shaken when you get off the plane, but when you are here seeing what is to come, you understand that this cannot be differently, we have to go forward one step at a time.

I started replacing the broken links I found at the library the other day, and had so little energy that I had first decided that I would not, but then I was encouraged to take one per day to get started, and I ended up by finding and replacing two (videos).

So this is the stamp, which was turned around, and I see how my mother is now placed in a very big half-circled sofa waiting for her turn to return to life, and behind this, is the next circle sofa group to enter etc.

We now see why Stig had had to be so enormously busy to avoid you falling down upon us, and this is why we are built as we are, to withstand this pressure if needed.

Berlusconi does not have much to thank you for, has he (?), for example his life too (?), and yes, there you see! I felt “Satan” and felt and was told that he is now returning too, and yes you are trying to tell me that he is only alive because of me, but no, we agreed that terminations would be PARTS OF LIFE and not entire people. How can it then be that he is completely stuck in the toilet, didn’t you say he was Satan self (?), and yes, don’t take it literally, but one of the worst examples of all people.

So we are going up to press this button (?) – with the feeling to start it all, but no, not yet (?), and yes because Stig is still working, therefore.

Who is the board (?), we are (?), and exceptionally, we can not get down there (?), no we cannot, we can only wait for creation to finish.

Dreaming of turning around Copenhagen from one big area of sin/prostitution supported by the British Royal family

By 08.15 I had been destroyed for many hours, and finally I went to bed sleeping until 11.30 with these dreams.

  • The Facebook profile “the wild cat” has now moved into third floor of the Kronborg castle together with her husband and cleaning assistance, and the room is huge, but they can afford it – and as I remember it, there was still an attraction between this lady and I.
    • A cat is “light”, so a wild cat is light not yet being tamed – like the lion – and if I symbolically has a home more “precious” than anything else, it has to be the Kronborg Castle, which my mother and our New World is here moving in to helped by energy of terminations.
  • A big open area – almost like a market or the Wild West even though it is situated in Copenhagen (if you imagine the structure of streets, but without buildings) – contains one very big are of prostitutes, which goes all the way up to what today is Gothersgade and up to Kongens Nytorv and “the beach” turning all around to the beginning of Gothersgade, and there is extreme sin ongoing – not least at the French quarter – until I see that everything is now removed together with the music and feeling of Pomp & Circumstance (Land of hope and glory) together with the British Queen and Royal House and their support. After all of this, I have to use the bathroom, where three ladies sit in the bathtub, and I ask them to look away, and there is only one place I can pee, which is in the laundry basket containing all of my old clothes, and even though I have to pee much, I know that there is enough clothes to absorb this, and I see Egon Olsen from the Olsen gang, and a chair is set up for my mother and me.
    • This is about EXTREME amounts of darkness being converted into light because of the support of the British Royal family to which I can only bring you my warm feelings and thank you – “cheers” as you say over there, which is really also what we say inside our bar here with bar still being the symbol of the home of God :-). And there is more to it than this, because when I pee, it is the Source of me destructing, which however is absorbed by all clothes/life of creation sacrificing, so this is both about the support of the Royal family and about temporary terminations of a huge amount of life to bring in the last part of the heavy Source.
    • And what an incredible tradition and feeling of JOY and LIFE you have playing these “last night of the proms” concerts” :-).
    • Later I was told that this dream is about Karen having decided to leave her past road of prostitution, which may have been helped by “a thought of mine” also given to her as I am helped to say here.

Switching on the button of our New World after the return of my mother to the Source and opening of Karen

I woke up to hiccups and later sneezes – BIG ONES – which is about more terminations, and I was told that this is the only way to do it, and it could have been much worse than it is.And I was told that the last dream is related to Staten Island of New York.I received the feeling of a fuel station and also the feeling of Nena and “es gibts nichts mehr”, which is that I am completely out of energy, so the little energy I have, comes to me from terminated life, which we have also run out of now (?), and the feeling of songs was “Lass mich dein Pirat sein” and “Rette mich” from the ? (fragezeichen) album, which I fell in love with, and when hearing these songs here again, I still love them and “that special feeling over them” you know.

I still receive darkness and I am still extremely tired, but it is less today than it was the last couple of days, where it was INSANE!

What do you think of Stig (?), he sits there not being seeded.

So you are not a drawing pin on purpose (?), no I am not!

Is it this one we have waited upon since World War II (?), yes the Japanese outcome was not as expected and with a little bit of this and that too we decided to take a new round to finish everything.

There are no liquorices remaining now, there was back then, the difference is that we have now all been through the New World and returned here with the potion called magic without darkness, which we intend to use for all of us remaining inside of here.

It is not just a big well which used to be here, which has dried up a little but not too much because what you bring me here is really what I need to let us see how is it, first Karen, then Stig, is that the order or vice versa (?), we will see, and when they return, it is time to open up for all light to show the world and this is really what we will or will not show the world and yes to start with I mean (?), and maybe after 1-2-3 hours when there is faith enough (?), and yes yes yes we will see.

I heard the New World saying that he did not remove our happiness, did he (?), no this is just how it feels in the beginning.

I have not alone set up the national stadium for the purpose, I will now bring it down too with your help and hers and voila, then we will open the gift I have carried inside of me “always”.

You are not just a construction worker are you (?) and now you are again returning here with what you had created there (?) and this united is what brings us up – but first with faith of man. – And I received “the air that I breathe” by the Hollies.

So now you have acted inside the holy halls, do you think we can bring this to the New World (?), and yes of course you can, and this is also what we thought that long ago.

And it took some expeditions (one New World after another) on the way to finish this, but when you see what we have in store for you, you will understand/be thrilled.

So this human expression, which everything turned out as, is what you did and here my farther speaks to my returned mother.

So this is what is opening to a complete locked situation, and this is what you were told to invent, “the key” making it possible to remove this giant safe out of here and to use it everywhere.

Is there anything else that I have forgotten inside of here (?), and yes I might as well have a look now that I am here, and no I think I got it with me.

It is all the way around that we have been cheating the natural ones (entering through the impossible backdoor).

Does anyone hear the big drum that I am coming?

We could tell you much about Kandahar (Afghanistan) – which with a good will in Danish also can mean “a jug of hair” – but the feeling is no, this is not the time to do this.

We have prepared for this forever, and still it feels like there is no time here – time was one of our inventions to end creation before darkness would become too strong.

We have no ballet inside here, not been hoist up yet, and I received ”the Freeze” by Spandau Ballet from their ”Journeys to Glory” album symbolising that we are still temporary sacrificing much life on our journey to glory, and yes there was something special to our fans about Spandau Ballet when they started off doing “narrow” music before becoming mainstream.

I was told about Elijah being heavy and clumsy – ”impossible to move” – which is because he reflects the inner Source being heavy and impossible to move, but we are now close to having it.

My aunt now never reads my new scripts, but I do hope that she reads my Facebook postings where I for a long time have brought 2-3 paragraphs of the most important summary for every published script – and I wonder if this is because she is sick/weak or because Jan succeeded turning her against me?

And I am told that the reason why I still receive darkness/suffer is because of the even more narrow passage as I now feel in my throat to bring more of the Source to the New World, and yes we use every opportunity you give us, and I have been almost in despair on my extreme limit these days fearing what would happen should I give in, and instead of “the worst”, I do believe – as I have felt several times – that you would loosen up making me carry this through at a lower level.

In the middle of the afternoon I decided to take the little train to Hornbæk – it takes 18 minutes I believe – and to bring my bicycle to cycle to the Rema 1000 supermarket to use some of their special offers.

On my way there, I was told that Karen was a professional (prostitute – as a “sideline business”) and her friend Heidi N., whom I had a date with in Tivoli around 2006, was not, but a “gold-digger” of the kind having rich men to pay for her “needs”, which Karen CERTAINLY also did, and I was asked “what is the difference” (?), and yes if people/ladies use sex with this purpose without being in love, there is no real difference, and I was told that Heidi has helped to find the gold inside of here.

I was told that Karen thinks that “there is no one special man for me”, which is with opposite sign because this is the thought she has of me as I am told (unless this is darkness speaking of course). I was then shown a lady spirit as a thin, old battleaxe, and was told that this is how Karen has been invented.

We cannot get the VAT higher up now – we have been all the way up there now pushing the button, which is the highest point of the Source – or the very middle of everything – from where you will start up a New World.

I was now told about “buying flowers” and thank you for choosing the beautiful road, which will have to be to absorb as many sufferings myself to spare the world.

I received the lyrics “all night” from Yazoo’s “Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)”, which is both about working “all night” as I have done so often, and about what Karen did to me via her WRONG (sexual) behaviour, and yes, to me Yazoo was “magic” and Erasure was “very good”.

I was given the Swedish word “erbjudan” for “offer”, and was told that Karen soon is cheaply for sale meaning that she is “coming my way”.

Can it be true that Karen is the “kill kill” voice given to me for years (?), which is from 2006 until now, and yes, as my opposite self, this is what she did when she “could not” understand me and our potential together simply because of a “simple misunderstanding” where she prioritized “wrong sex” over “true love” not wanting to understand that it is true love, which is leading to good sexual relations and not vice versa, which is the “battle” she has fought all of her life choosing the WRONG road leading to my sufferings, but without this, there would have been no saviour and no New World, and it was essential that I kept contact with her over the years – as Mike Hunter had told me in his sitting with me – as I did via my two to three yearly letters/emails to her and not least by doing the impossible, which was to think intimately of her especially from 2009 and forward as my only “love life”.

And it was Karen’s WRONG sexual behaviour – and rejection of me – which brought me constant threats of my “old nightmare” including sexual torments/speech very directly because of her wrong attitude with other men.

So it is just before she is ready to bring me a flower blanket, and I was told that she is also thinking of the beautiful view from my apartment over the Øresund strait, which she has noticed.

This is what she did to the man she is going to be married to, and our programme also did NOT say that this is what you would be in this life (but on the other side of our New World).

I was told that you were nothing at birth and now you are everything including the golden watch, which has been transferred to you from Sanna and Karen, thus the world, because of their faith in you as the man you were not yet, but going to become.

I am here given a “noble” feeling of Karen, which is really a masculine feeling confirming that she is born as a man inside a woman’s body. “I missed a top job because of you”.

I received song lyrics “like a rolling/might river, so deep and so wide”, but I was not sure of the words and cannot find the song now, is it Simple Minds (?), but the meaning is that the river of the Source has never looked better.

I was told that my mother received a head start and was then shown a dark horse carriage entering me to come home, and was asked if this is also not to come home, which is for terminated life to return to the Source, and yes it might be, but the idea is for this to be living and not terminated life.

We have covered all of this within your short range not using your father or anyone else’s range.

I was told that Palestine does not hurt as much anymore, a solution has been found (the Israel-Palestine conflict), but it will not be brought out in real life because you are waiting on my arrival.

Can’t we use Marmorkirken (“the Marble Church”) here (?), and this is where I did all of those meditations approx. in 2006.

I was shown pasta and all the way around Hornbæk lake – as I passed today – and I was told that this cannot “pas da” (“be true”), which is more about what I have been told for days about completing my journey.

I was told that I could have had stomach pain because of nervousness about what will happen, but I do not – this is Karen we speak of – because you also control this.

Darkness continues giving me strong and active thoughts for example as “I will never forgive you for having giving me immense sufferings via Karen” etc., but I know that it is WRONG, so I keep rejecting this darkness coming to me.

I was told that “Stig is not completely crazy to listen to” and “is he now completely well” (?), which are thoughts of Karen too.

For some time my sister has been VERY KIND to me, which simply may be a good sign, and also that she may believe in me – at least some of her – which is making it easier to her to treat me nicely.

It is inside here that we hid the button; in Karen’s love to you, which was “impossible” to reach – now coming after 10 years of sealing. It this was what the entire purpose of terminating life; to return to here to switch on the button of our New World?

I felt Johannes the mayor and was told that he is following my Facebook updates too – it does not sound that crazy, Johannes (?) – and I was told that part of his sufferings is that he wanted me hospitalised too.

The weekend will soon be ever, when will I then get time to write him?

I was told that Grethe believes that Stig has cured himself.

It is possible that Karen does not want to get married straight away – she has just been married to Denis – but the arrow points in that direction, and yes because you keep on working now also having published your script of today here at 20.00 being “far too tired/exhausted to write” but deciding to do it anyway.

I continued receiving a few out of this world pain to my right ankle, and here came a sound to my kitchen and I was told that we avoid this, and then I felt/was shown how pieces of darkness broke off to get to the inside.

The opening of the ton heavy door of Karen brings me all of her/my father’s world, which we will open to straight away

The game is/was if we could bring you the blanket including all gold coins from (Karen in) Rungsted to you before you break down.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen and was told that it is not from inside of here that the taxi comes, it has already been sent out.

I was shown a big waste sack, and was told and shown that it is not a play-station but the whole computer, i.e. computer, of Karen – with the blessings of your father having given up “chasing” you after a dialogue with “crazy Bjarne” from the Commune – which she is bringing out for me, which means that she will not play a (sexual) game with me, but be serious.

This was the tooth we took out to do this stunt to bring everything of your father already with the opening of our New World, which you did not know about. This was the ton heavy door, which you – together with energy of terminated life of my mother/the world – opened, and we might add that now when the door is open, we cannot close it again. We are now ready to return this terminated life to the world.

And it was Karen’s pain in relation to you, which brought you extreme pain.

I was given a feeling to Martin W. from Malaga – the owner of the Call Centre I visited in 2006 and 2007 – and I was told that this means that he is giving up, and he is symbolising darkness of the Costa del Sol.

I was told that we have not told you that when you walked around the Malaga food market – I love places like that, which you do NOT have here – you walked around my heart preparing all of this, and I was then given a feeling from outside to my heart, and was told that this is the heart, which you have now reached from the outside (coming from the world), and shouldn’t we say that this is approved (?), and I was told that the Source was covered behind so much security that it was “impossible” to open to him/me.

I have been given the name “Mowgli” a couple of times the last couple of days, and this is the character from “the Jungle book”, and today I was told to focus on the ending of this – I have not read/seen it – and when I now read the plot of the Disney film of “the Jungle book”, it ends with this symbolising my meeting with a Karen in new life and form:

Bagheera and Baloo take Mowgli to the edge of the Man-Village, but Mowgli is still hesitant to go there. His mind soon changes when he is smitten by a beautiful young girl from the village who is coming down by the riverside to fetch water.

I felt my mother of the New World right next to me together with the feeling that it now takes almost nothing to start up, and I was told that we could only do this (using this road) because you decided to refuse your “old nightmare” making you clean enough – and I am here given a feeling of a big Queen mother of Britain coming to me without knowing or being told who she is, and who do you know (?), and the first name I am then given is Queen Victoria, and when now looking her up and seeing her picture, this was also the feeling I received of her.

I was told that we – i.e. my mother – has kept sewing (my new) clothes in circles all the way into the middle of everything.

I received the name of Svt24, which is a Swedish news TV-channel, so are you working on me too in silence, my Swedish friends, and yes there is no horse meat in Ikea’s meat balls, is there (?), and eeehhh, is this the most important kind of news you want to bring you viewers?

At 21.40, I was truly very tired, and took a nap on the sleep, which this time was only until 23.50 – I am MUCH more tired than this – and I was given these dreams.

  • I am at a hotel and the question is who is going to continue from here. I am surprised to seeing Karen there especially because she is together with her new man, who is called Steen here. She is nervous, and we have to spend a month together here.
    • We are about to leave the hotel as the waiting hall, and is this new man of Karen really me?
  • I woke up to “Satelit” by Ted Gärdestad, which is an old Swedish song of the Eurovision Song Contest, and this will have to be about what I was told yesterday without writing it, which is that the Swedish arrangers of the final of this contest – taking place in May in Malmö, Sweden – are nervous because of my attention, which you truly do not have to be, because I am just like you, a mere human being.
  • I have noticed corrections of items of the Danish DR TV-news, and the news director has sent me a young lady, and I try to explain to her how a previous news item of waste has been corrected, and this young lady brings a hand written note of the news director, which confirms their knowledge of me, and I think “fine, I can use this to publish to show the world”, and the note says that this young lady is cheaply for sale for dinner with me.
    • “Cheaply for sale” is the same as I was told about Karen earlier, and it means that it now requires almost no energy for Karen to open her door up to me, and this dream tells me that the news director of DR TV, Ulrik Haagerup, has already read this story?

I am told that everyone thinks that you are not allowed to have children with her, which is nonsense, because we will become young again, and I should have a son ready to come alive as I have been told about before.

I was given the name Copernicus, whom I don’t know other than by name, and when looking him up, I see that his full name is Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), who “was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe which placed the Sun, rather than the Earth, at the center”, and there is probably a message in this.

What do you talk about (?), it is no case when he sorts packages, which is a reference to Shubidua’s biggest hit of the 1990’s “sexchikane” (“sexual harassment”) and the lyrics “hun gav mig en hånd når vi sorterede pakker” (“she gave a hand when we sorted packages”), which is about Karen helping me to do creation because of her “sexual harassment” of me by her wrong sexual behaviour with other men than me. And I was told that in French, this (“sorting”) is called “sortie”, which is about opening to all of these packages of life of the Source via Karen’s opening, which is bringing us our output, i.e. right to leave.

So now it is not only by hitting a 6 on a dice that your mother will reach all the way home, no we have now secured that no matter what happens, we will open up to everything already with the beginning of our New World.

It was quick that we came down on that pig again.

Google Earth: Big pain after loss of one tooth and the dentist is on the way

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show new eyes and new teeth (on the way), dentist looking at tooth, even Dali got teeth, big pain after loss of one tooth and the dentist is on the way.

FB 230413 Jette 1

FB 230413 Jette 2

FB 230413 Jette 3

FB 230413 Jette 4

FB 230413 Jette 5

FB 230413 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent my positive birthday greetings for my sister today also telling her as I have done before that Van Morison is as good as Leonard Cohen, whom she loves, and also a message to her that if she “Reach out for him, I’ll be there” really, and yes she “liked” this, but did not have the courage to comment knowing that it would be brought here.

FB 230413 til Sanna

  • Do you think you know what it means to TRULY write and bleed, Soulaima?

FB 230413 Soulaima

  • I received Jamie’s site as a suggestion to like, and I liked what he wrote about Steven Greer’s new Sirius documentary, which I then decided to share, and as usual I receive no reactions, but still it brought some of you out there to “think”?

FB 230413 Stig om Steven

  • A lady found an envelope of DKK 10,000 lying on the desk of Lagkagehuset at Christianshavn in Copenhagen, which may be my favourite Danish bakery, and this is to say that we are bringing energy, symbolised by money, to bring out the finest bread of all, which is from the core of the Source.

FB 230413 BT

  • Helena is selling concert tickets for Bruce Springsteen and Magtens Korridorer, which included a “grunt, grunt” from Lars – in continuation of me being a “pig-Stig” of life as mentioned in one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures was it yesterday (?) – and the reason is that Helena is going to a conference in New York, which is the perfect symbol of the New World returning to the apple of the Source, and Thomas forgot the “k” in “konference” in Danish, which made Helena play along forgetting some letters in her words too, which is about sacrifice of life bringing us there (to the apple), and Jane concluded that there are no “Magtens Korridorer” (“corridors of power”) and also no “real corridors of power” because she and Søren Pind have broken up, and yes Søren Pind was meant to go together with Helena for this concert, but no, now you have split as the right thing to do, and Helena – as another part of my mother, i.e. the world – is going to the apple of New York, and yes pretty easy to decode these inspired messages, isn’t it?

FB 230413 Helena

FB 230413 Helena 2

  • The other day, the previous Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party, Lars Løkke, testified that he was not involved in Helle Thorning-Schmidt tax-case, where the “interest” of the Liberal Party was to commit abuse of power to change a tax-verdict against Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s husband, which would break Helle too – thus the world because of the importance of Helle to come to power (!!!) – so Lars claims not to know about this, only “social talk”, Lars (?), and no “orders” from you to your “crown prince’s” of what to do or not do to help you the best way possible (?), and yes it is of course “impossible” to believe that you lied to this commission, thus to the world and me (?), and by the way, the picture of Lars here is taken from the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, where Lars was as tired as I have been constantly since 2006.

Piopio 230413 Lars Løkke

  • When reading this about “God loves you”, “please come here to the other side” and then “we cannot promise you virgins” – twice (!) – (on the other side), I was given the feeling of Thomas Blachman and told that this is a reflection on his TV-programmes.

FB 230413 Manyar

  • The other day I located Ole S. – the old insurance manager of GE Capital Bank after Per T. had stopped because of sickness, thus becoming close to me too at GE Insurance – and as you can see, he and others have had “problems” accepting my LinkedIn invitations, and I was told that he brought me darkness too today.

Linkedin invitations 230413


24th April: We did our best converting darkness to light practically receiving clean access to the Source

Dreaming of India sent me much darkness also destroying creation and Musharraf full of “destructive darkness”

He has not given a voice test (?), no and this is also very unusual as you will understand, Stig.

I continued working with the script of yesterday until 02.50, the last half hour with “code problems” when preparing it for my website, which I normally don’t run into – feeling Lars Løkke here as example of darkness doing this – but I found a way out.

I was given a sound to my oven – the Source – and was told that it is not closed here, so somehow the terminated life arriving here did not block but opened up.

I received new sounds to my oven and was told that I will never forget that you did not use your “old nightmare” to come through here.

You have not completely been recognised as the king by the top elite of the European Union, who still sends me darkness.

Again I received STRONG “kill kill” commands, and was told “if you knew how bad it is” as the thought of Karen because of my writings on her, and yes, Karen, tell me about it (!) with you also not understanding that what you go through is nothing compared to me taking your pain together with the sum of everyone else.

I went to bed at 04.15, froze again, and slept poorly until 07.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am on my way to the train together with my old friend René. My watch lies on the floor, it does not go, there is no battery in it. At the four-seated group at the train, René spreads his books all over making it impossible for me to sit down unless I move around his books, which is difficult to do without the tiles falling. There is a good design showing the content of ring binders, which I decide to simplify. We look over at two beautiful ladies.
    • René is working strongly against me on his journey to the other side, and it seems that we are still improving the design of our New World with the design of contents.
  • I am walking at the bank of a river in India, and I am searching for the foot of Mount Everest, while I see a giant creature in the river. It has eaten a cock and now all that remains is its comb, and I ask a couple of people on the bank if they saw this creature, but they did not.
    • This says that India too led me to the highest mountain of pain in the world, which would have destroyed creation self, and is “carelessness” a word describing you over there (?), and yes I love “rice and curry” you know and chicken too, so do NOT kill my chicken of creation, but READ and UNDERSTAND like everyone else!
  • I am a poor employee working at an area of one-floor houses and believe that I know all of the area until I am encouraged to search it for hidden buildings, and when I do, I see the top manager together with Musharraf of Pakistan talking about security and if they have remembered to close this door and that window (leading in to their secret area), and later I see Musharraf inside this secret area, where this is also a guard dog, and he has been so “unlucky” that the safeguards to keep everyone else out, has now hit himself. He has a big fish in his hands and faeces all over his head, which makes the owner laugh at him, and he goes to a toilet to wash himself off, and when the first one is taken, he uses the toilet of the employees, where there is a VERY small fish on the washbasin together with abusive language, clothes on the floor, and the basin runs over with water, which forces him to stop cleaning himself before he has finished.
    • When I woke, I was given the name of Lanzarote, which is one of the Spanish Canary Islands, thus a sign of darkness, which is in relation to Musharraf, which I wrote a little of the other day not knowing anything more about him that he wanted as military leader/President to introduce democracy to Pakistan, and here I am told of his secrets not known to the public whatever they may be, and it is his own security forces of Pakistan, which has revealed his secrecies (?), and when he has a big fish, it is “a big part of me” and when the employees only have a small part, they only have “a small part of me”, which does not sound right, so it may be to say that Musharraf is/was very rich (?) on contrary to the population, and the faeces of his head is about “destructive darkness”, and using the toilet of the employees is to say that he is NOT liked at all in Pakistan? So now we only wait to receive your secrets too, Musharraf, do you want to be the first one admit to your sins in public (?), because of course you are not a chicken too, are you (?), and yes a big WIMP he is!
  • I work at a company together with a good colleague, and I see that the IT-department now for the second time tries to install fonts, which the system however forget at every new start-up, which I tell my colleague, and he tells me that the IT-department is first learning now what he has known himself for years. I see how beer is spilled. I answer the customer telephone, and even though it is many years ago that I worked for DanskeBank-Pension and now work at another place, by mistake I come to say “DanskeBank-Pension” when answering the telephone, and I do it twice in a row with the same customer calling in, who has decided to leave us for a South American company instead because we have had problems getting his direct debit payment to work, but he is very nice to speak with, and I understand that my colleague has now made this direct debit work. We work at very large monitors, and my mother says that there is porn on them, and when I look I understand that it is brief commercials running and I tell her that this is virus (and not meant to be).
    • My good colleague is my father inside the Source knowing how this works, which everyone else does not, and they have to learn to install all “features” from her to our New World, and as you can tell, there are some “children diseases” as we say here, but no, not for much longer because we have ordered all sickness to cease to exist, and the big monitors is about the huge size of our New World. Furthermore, it is also a dream of careless employees making very simple errors simply because they don’t do their best and don’t care.

We did our best converting darkness to light practically receiving clean access to the Source

I was given a sound to my balcony, and was told that we have given orders to the light horse carriage to get out again (for terminated life to return to life of our New World), and also that there will be no more lymph cancer ever again, which is what John has/had, and this is really “no more sicknesses” at all.

Isn’t it funny, it was not necessary at all (to bring energy of terminated life to the Source), if only we have known (about the setup of the Source).

This development is also because he is declared fit for work, and guess from whom (?), and can it be from Johannes the mayor?

I was shown and told that the telephone line was from me to the Source, isn’t this just what we have done?

It was repeated to me that I – the Source – was hidden inside Karen, a highly unlikely place because of her behaviour, and yes she can indeed be very nice too, has this “spirit” around her as I felt so strongly, but she is also cold, calculating, a gold-digger and show a very wrong sexual behaviour, this was the body of God, and isn’t it funny that she doesn’t know yet?

I was told that when I brought the name Nicolaus Copernicus, it was not the right name, because the right name was the Danish actor Nicolaj Kopernikus, which is probably one more having heard about me (?), which I decided not to write more about weeks ago, otherwise I would have continue receiving more names.

And no, I am NOT happy to receive naps of only 2-3 hours at a time, it does NOT make me feel rested at any time.

The other day I was encouraged to link with the management of the Lutheran World Federation (“DWS”) as I met in 2009, when I was hired by them (as if I was hired as a manager, but was a volunteer!), so this is what I did today getting in contact with the people you see on this list, and yes I was connected with with my main contact of LWF, Tore S., but he decided to leave me probably thinking that I was crazy, and now I can send him a new invitation to connect without receiving an error message, but I see that the system does not forward it to him, so apparently he has blocked me, and yes I am thinking that I have “special friends” of this organization/”business”, and I could not find my Norwegian friend of DMD with the very fine office, but I thought of you too. All of these people are from LWF except from Heidi, Peter and Casper.

LI 240413

For a couple of days, I have received many loud noises to my balcony but without a following vision and without a distinct sound – as I am normally given – making me unable to listen and understand what it is, and I do believe that these sounds soon will be revealed to me.

It is not “just like that” to remove an airport as you understand, and we are not done yet? And I was shown a DIY-shop in Helsingborg Sweden and was told “because we could be connected more tight”.

A little later I received pain to my behind and coughing, which may be what LWF brings me, and I thought you were positive at me, but maybe not (?), and we know they probably sent me MANY negative thoughts when I left them and told them the truth about their WRONG operations as you can read from my library!

I was TIRED and took a long bath, and I did not receive that much speech/pressure today, and was given some time to relax, which is one of those very rare moments since all of this “madness” broke lose in 2006.

I was told that my sword, i.e. my father’s, was exchanged into money for the spirit of my mother to give what it costs to bring out, and the best is that – and now I cannot read my notes – but it was not the sword self costing money, i.e. energy of life, but darkness around it, which we had to paid to release it.

What is this eternal fire of the Source inside of here?

I was shown a row boat and heard and was shown this inscription being made to the boat: “To Stig, with love from father and mother” ♥.

I was shown this fire of the Source – or eternal light if you wish – as a rock formed exactly as the island of Bornholm, and the statue of Holger Danske is inside the rock.

The noises to my balcony and also shelves continue, and the only thing it sounds like is “a whip whipping”, which is still suffering brought to life to release the Source, and other times, it just sounds “solid” as the strong trunk of a tree.

I was shown an old film roll, and later a huge camera and was told that this is installed on Kronborg Castle, and this is this fire/light developing life.

You really did not catch the last aeroplane and should have died, as I understood it, but your mother would not accept this, so thank you mother for helping me out, and this is because of the “old nightmare”, which apparently was carried out the other day without my awakened conscience/experience of it, and this happened because my mother again is/was wearing stockings.

I was too tired to cycle to town, but I need a couple of things, so I went anyway, and I took out the last 140 DKK at the tile of Jyske Bank – instead of using the ATM where I could only take out 100 DKK – and I am not happy to stand in front of a bank employee taking out the last of my money making them think “he is a loser” or something like that, and yes then you are “nothing” in the eyes of people because everything in the end is a question about money when it comes to whether or not you are of “value”.

I was told that it was right when I was told (months ago) that there would be an eternal waste if we did not make it right in to the Source, and now there is practically no waste at all. This is also why we would not accept you to finish your work – as I have been given indications of when I have been close to giving up – only if you insisted.

This is like automatically receiving a sea map without always having to look for the entrance to improve the access. The Source would continue as darkness until we would find and turn around parts of it/him to decrease the waste, and wouldn’t we be able to find everything eventually (?), which I believe we would, but better to do our work now “perfectly” to start off the best way possible, and yes it has much bigger impact to do this work before instead of after the opening of our New World.

I was told that Canada is not prepared but other countries have initiated precautions to protect themselves with my arrival via secret agreements, which means that the official world has continued playing tennis against me, and yes are you really very POOR SISSIES (!), and if there is one thing you can be sure about, it is that ALL COVERT OPERATIONS will fail, so you might as well give up, you will only exhibit your own wrong-doings and cowardly actions to the world even stronger.

I don’t know who has saddened me the most because of their “inability” to read/listen and understand me, which basically should be EASY to do for everyone, and yes if this is my mother, sister, father, Karen, my old colleagues, Arthur Findlay College, the Commune, the Church, and yes let us just say THEM ALL and that is almost at least, and then you can add those changing from non-believers to believers in the process but being WIMPS not having the courage to stand forward declaring their faith and support in me.

I receive a combination of darkness, some not important information and the feeling that we are done and cannot continue the journey from here.

I continued receiving feelings of the director of the DMS part of Lutheran World Federation, Eberhard Hitzler, and is it “difficult” for you to decide if I am crazy or just may be “the one” (?), and yes how much did Tore tell you about me after having praised me first and then thrown dirt at me?

You would become the only one of our New World being able to feel darkness/sufferings unless you would let us explode, but no never.

I felt via my throat that there is still transferral from the Source.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that she has never been so naked standing in front of you.

We just have to get today’s enzymes.

I received approx. 20 small heart attacks after each other, which was VERY uncomfortable, and will have to be about MUCH darkness coming against me from LWF – the same strong darkness as they gave me in 2009 – and no, not one of them “could” accept my invitation today.

Isn’t that a well with the clearest water (?), and I was shown such a well where an “original squaw” arrived to get water, this is how it works.

We don’t know what to do without what comes in now.

I would keep board meetings all alone without telling anything to the New World.

Google Earth: The centrifuge has started, and everyone receives the third eye of indigo

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that the centrifuge has started, and everyone receives the third eye of indigo.

FB 240413 Jette 1

FB 240413 Jette 2

FB 240413 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena had negative thought seeing “a suspect type walking around out on the street with an old broken baby carriage. Grey in grey. Lost” and she thought it was a potential burglar, thought of taking a photo of him and “thought a lot of bad of him”, but the inside of her turned around making her regret her own thoughts and “if fathers eyes could kill, I would be a very dead and very prejudiced lady”, and later she said that he was “just completely worn down” and “he still walks around out there like a zombie”, and this is really to say that all of her negative thoughts – including all from my family, friends etc. – is what made me into a zombie, which you easily could have controlled and changed if only you had decided to understand the nature of my sufferings, but “impossible” it was for lazy and better-knowing people.

FB 240413 Helena



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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