April 26, 2013: Father and Son have become ONE SOURCE and the entire Source has turned into endless physical matter


Summary of the script today

25th April: Father and Son have become ONE SOURCE and the entire Source has turned into endless physical matter

  • Dreaming of the creation of the son being even better than the father, our New World based on the Source of father and son, and my mother brings out flowers of love learning the full selection of the Source bringing much bigger variation of life of our New World.
  • Sounds to my balcony are about one-two of father-son becoming one. I am no longer timberyard, I am him after having done the impossible opening to the Source. All life, which was terminated the last couple of weeks, was “old life” of the Trinity with practically all life now safe at our New World. My father of the Source was looking for an address to stay, and he choose me. Father and Son has become one as the Source. Before the Source was a weightless man, and now all of my “extremely heavy self” has been turned into physical matter making the Universe infinitely greater than it was.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the end of the witch of Greenland, smiling souls attached to land, PROGRESS including integration of our 4th dimension, the Source changing shape again, a peculiar couple, the happy beginning of our New World, the old ones shall follow, heads with smiles and eyes.
  • Short stories of the ABUSE OF POWER of the Danish Finance Minister and Government saying one thing in public having a completely different and hidden agenda, which is NOT how we play here (!), German football reigns symbolising victory of light, world leaders listening to Steven Greer via me.

26th April: Bringing in the last of the Source of my father planned by my inner self and powered by the New World

  • Dreaming of continuing to receive the finest meat/life almost costing nothing, working inside the Source receiving both the threat of my “old nightmare” and much life/love.
  • I had time but absolutely no energy today to start writing the chapter on creation to my website, and I was threatened with the loss of the last life of the Source if I could not, and I really could not, but was saved by the bell when I was told that the connection of the first parts of father and son is so strong that it can also bring in the last parts despite of this work missing, and this is a game designed by my own inner and new self and powered by my mother of our New World.
  • I am COMPLETELY out of energy, can almost do nothing, and still my family, who does not know that it is so serious, was kind to invite itself to visit me on my birthday in one week – they will bring dinner – but still this is more than I can overcome, but I accepted to bring in even more of the Source.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Hans Christian Andersen (almost me), ears and my brave face, it would be nice for people to listen to each other and flying with waving wings.
  • Short stories of the sale of Holger Danske because “there can be only one”, I do NOT like abuse of power anywhere, encouraging Naser Khader to be strong after his birthplace in Syria was destroyed.


25th April: Father and Son have become ONE SOURCE and the entire Source has turned into endless physical matter

Dreaming of the creation of the son being even better than the father and MUCH bigger variation of life

I went to bed at 21.20 – completelybroken down by tiredness/exhaustion – and slept poorly eventually until 04.20 with these dreams.

  • The first dream is impossible to read the notes of, but it includes Dan Raclin, a woman speaking and Dan being “Simple Minds” live, and something about a fourth symbol.
    • I received MANY hiccups when awake.
  • After a concert, I sit with the members of Simple Minds and Bryan Ferry together with a good friend. I ask Bryan about his ring, and something about this being connected to opera and more, and how it is also connected to the ring of Jim Kerr from Simple Minds, and I told Simple Minds that their music is like the biggest landscape coming to me and want to enter every cell of my body making Jim happy to hear. I ask them if it isn’t difficult to continue creating new music after all these years, and they tell me that it requires concentration. Dan Raclin only likes a little pop music, otherwise it is rock.
    • This is probably the ring of the Source of everything shared between father and son here symbolised by some of the music I love the most, and I was told that “jealous guy came to my mind”, and yes how is it possible to make a copy even more unique than the unique original (?), and yes this is what Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music did making his version even better than the original of the “master” of John Lennon, which however is also truly exceptional/beautiful, which I here understand is what I am becoming too as the son following the king of my father, and yes the king is white and in the crowd, did you find him, mankind (?), or had he hid far too well for you to find?

  • While awake, I was told that the minute something hits you – becoming my new self – you are news all over the world (because of media having prepared stories of me). I have received the word “Charlemagne” some times these days, which is both some of the finest white wines of Burgundy/the world and an old King too. “I have been a friend with that township too, which soldiers don’t know”. Don’t have more “something”, but continue fighting. Why does my mother leave leaving all problems to me?
  • A new insurance company has been created on two big floors at St. Kongensgade in Copenhagen and it is built on the remains of the old Fair Forsikring. The two stores look very fine, but also very different. Søren H., Jan S. (from Fair) and Søren (the IT-manager from Aon) work there together with many others. They have good coffee everywhere. I have made a statistics of the jogging exercise of a friend of mine and myself, which I present to Søren H., who however is not impressed by us – he can run much longer himself.
    • Our New World based on the Source of father and son – and much love symbolised by coffee.
  • My mother has overtaken a florist’s and until now she has only order three different flowers until she will learn more, and customers expect her to receive full selection of flowers before the end of the week. My mother brings white plates, which have received unsightly marks and scratches of use, and she says that she was not allowed to have anything else than white, and I ask her to buy new ones and think of colours/patterns. Later we are two cleaning up the kitchen of two apartments in the evening, where there is much to be washed up – so we can start a new day on a fresh – and these are connected to work, and my colleague asks me if we can stay there, and I tell him that we can without limits. We smoke, and I am sad to have so much work to do and that others have not cleaned up after themselves.
    • Flowers is love of my mother, which she is bringing out from the Source forming as she likes, and she is now learning how to bring out the full selection, which will lead to a much greater variation of life symbolised by the plates. And the two kitchens are of son and father, and we are cleaning plates, which will have to be about returning life to our New World, and we still do this work from darkness, hence the smoking.

Father and Son have become ONE SOURCE and the entire Source has turned into endless physical matter

The sounds to my balcony and also kitchen the last couple of days have also sounded as “double sounds” and sometimes coming together with the feeling of a car blinking, which is to “get in”.

This is him I am going to deliver free for an eternity. “Hear the screams during night”.

Don’t you want to enter the warmth you two there (?), yes we are almost there. A giant birthday party.

Peer (my father) and Kirsten are not born with double-moral are they (?), yes the whole world is having a set of moral applying for others, but not themselves, and no, they cannot see it.

Yes it is also the son we are bringing in because he does not want to die, he was the first getting eyes.

Could you feel how the shoe pressure increased (?), yes but we removed some via your sister. Because that address could not be used so we had to use that one instead.

This is for a world without a BP fuel station, you will not be disappointed. But first we have to remove him too, iron ore, and then it is goodbye with Dragholm too – they speak of me as Stig. So you have to give a bit before you can enjoy, is it you who is back (?), yes, and yes alright I will take back the words from before and this is how I still play when you sleep.

We will now take the blue train the rest of the way, this decision has been taken.

We are all going to sing Holger Fællessanger, so maybe he is not dead after all, which was really the symbol of selling Holger Danske, but as you saw in the Helsingør Daily News the other day, Johannes the mayor has received approval of the city council to negotiate/buy and keep Holger Danske in Helsingør, and isn’t it funny that this comes together with his growing faith/understanding in me?

I have received the words “Ford Cortina” the last couple of days meaning that when Allan stole the fuel tank of our old Ford Cortina it was a symbol of what was coming, when I and the world would run out of fuel, energy, as we have now.

“No more madness”, your own family sent skulls of death after you when they believed you were mad.

And I here receive two sounds from the kitchen coming very fast after each other to say that they are becoming one, and here I received the clear feeling of leather, which is “cow”, i.e. God.

I was told that without “American conditions” – i.e. the kindness and love of Jacob Holdt as another part of me understood by the world that this is coming – we would have spilled blood on the floor all over.

Are we about to remove his straitjacket?

No, the last train to London has not left yet, how amazing it may sound, we are still bringing out parts of the original source from you and yes still helped by LWF, and I am still given much pain to my behind. Later I was also given strong heartburn, so this LWF place is truly a place of darkness (“professional people” resisting me much despite of admiring me (!), and living on the back of poor people, which is NOT my cup of tea).

And I received ONE sound to my balcony and was told that “we are ONE, this is all we wanted to say”.

Thank you for digging so deep in your pockets (for money/energy) to get me out.

This means that we are never going to be drunk again (?), yes this is what we are setting up for him at this very moment.

We took out resources/life of our New World, which are not there, and isn’t this illegal (?), yes, but it worked.

Has the news of you also reached Kabul (?), and yes it has, is God here (?), and then not much more.

Boxed, keep fighting, and I felt someone from a people of other civilizations, and no he (I) did not die during the game.

I ended the update of recovering broken links to my website, which required that I uploaded two videos yesterday and today to my YouTube channel (about 9/11 and the miracle of Fatima), since these were no longer online anywhere else, and they took several hours to upload, which is much longer than normal speed here thus symbolising the very narrow entrance of the Source to our New World via my throat.

I also experience how music videos on YouTube keep being cut short stopping the music, and how Grooveshark keeps asking me “are you still there”, which is like “all of the time” clicking yes and then immediately asking again, which are other examples of spiritual darkness coming to me because of people, who do NOT like me at all, and eehhhh will you please tell me what it is that you do not like (?), and oh, everything had to do with yourselves and not me (?), and yes there you see!

I was shown myself with the eyes of a man of a people of other civilizations inside his spaceship about to land on Earth, which you will remember will happen together with the great awakening (?), and yes WHAT DO YOU OFFER SURPRISING VISITORS (?), and COFFEE – symbolising love/warm feelings – of course ♥.

And the gallop game in Tivoli, where Lars and I used to be the quickest, symbolises that I had to be the quickest of all writing/publishing my scripts in order to defeat darkness.

So there is no door leading in to the Source from this side (the Old World), but this is what we still did because you did not want to give up.

So what you are seeing is a Stig, who cannot live, but by breaking rules, which should be impossible to break, we have made you live as your old self even though you are your new self by now, and when you accept to continue taking on pain, in a magic way we are still able to transfer what used to be to our New World.

Isn’t it soon time to turn around the clock (?), this is all we are saying.

I was told that for John it will come as a surprise that I have suffered much more than him, because of course I have not been suffering or not suffering much, John? And that is because I have not been in the risk of dying as you?

The idea was that he, i.e. Stig, should walk the plank and be forced to jump into the sea, but when he refused, we had to do what we do, and yes “it cannot be done”, but we did it.

And then you just switch off the old here (?), which is all we have to do now (after the new was switched on yesterday).

I received the feeling of light, the ferry to Poland and then Karol Józef Wojtyła, which is how he wants to be knows in his previous life, thus NOT as Pope John Paul II, and this is to say that he has been with me all of the time, and this ferry is our New World.

I was told that father and son really became one when the two tunnels became one some weeks ago.

I was shown and told that the Chinese wall was hermetic closed, but then it changed appearance as a beautiful fence with carved holes of patterns, which is about turning around these conservative, deaf and self-sufficient people over there.

I continued receiving strong pain to my behind and was shown a dark road including a big chocolate ice cream – symbolising selfishness – and I was told that there is no stronger darkness than LWF.

So we were going to cut off the tree we are sitting on ourselves.

I would have continued staying in Egypt until you would come and get me, which will have to be my new self but now when you are here, we might as well start as my TRUE self and not “a copy”.

Despite of my sleep during the night, I was still far too tired/exhausted to go anywhere, but at noon I decided to go to the library to use their faster computers as condition in order to re-insert hyperlinks from summaries to each chapter of the full text because this is work I can do, which I cannot when it comes to the chapter of creation.

The test coming now will also not feel very nice, but of course only if you continue working.

When I worked on the internal hyperlinks to my website at the library – which I have done 2-3 times before working perfectly (!) – I was told that this is because all of the things messed around in here and this work is making structure easier and save us for another trip to Mallorca.

You could talk to your mother about freezing, which she apparently has too.

I was surprised of the fine progress of the work, which took two hours and not three as expected to go through and implement all these internal hyperlinks to the same page of all my main pages.

While doing this, an older man came in sitting close to me and he called the librarian asking her to help him what to do when he had both forgotten the password to his Yahoo account, and also the answer to the security question, which he had formulated himself (!), which was “Sofus” (!), and he did not seem to know much about computers and asked “helpless” questions, but I thought that it was fine to do – despite of this disturbing my own work – and also that if I was not busy doing this and he did not have other help, I would have tried to help him, and then one way or another, they got “hole through” doing the impossible to open up his account, which otherwise was safely protected.

I was told that you are no longer timberyard, you are him.

You were sentenced for hanging without rights by lazy, better-knowing but ignorant family, friends etc., thus the world, but you decided not to die, thus deciding until the end for everything to be perfect.

It corresponds to receiving a window envelope, i.e. an invoice of collecting money (energy), without being anyone, so all of the terminated life was “nothing”, which was terminated – with all life now practically inside the New World. So the only one being here were you and us two oafish fishermen (of my father and mother).

I was told that if the news of me had been spread to the world – for example around December 21, 2012, I would have died as my old self before becoming my new self.

We have to find one address – for father and son to become one – and we chose you at the end then, making father including our precious Source become part of son.

Otherwise I would have become a stray dog – exploded in pieces to be found afterwards inside our New World – and you would have had to trust the four-back chain, which I am now part of.

So all the money we stole was from you. We also took a tour to the Custom House, but they did not want anything of me, and no, we were not allowed because of him there saying that everything has to be perfect, and this is what was determining for our work.

Oh, is that cabinetmaker’s workshop really for me (?), and yes I can now see the future from here, and that is with your eyes as if these are my own eyes, which they really are.

Before I was a weightless man, and it doesn’t mean that all of my “extremely heavy self” has now been turned into physical matter, does it (?), and yes my friends, this is what I can see now, as long as my eye reaches, and we know Stig, I wonder how many times bigger the physical Universe has become, and let us think out loud, we started with ONE UNIVERSE of our Old World, and then started locating and saving one old world after another – the 5 DKK coins you know – until they became “almost an eternity of worlds”, and all creation was in a picture only one blood drop compared to the total size of the Source, which has now also become physical, so let us say that the Universe has not yet calculated such high a number, which you have to use to time it with what we started with.

I was told that we did not have the boots on when the young man disappeared a couple of weeks ago after having partied at the meat area of Copenhagen, but we would still have won big anyway, but now I understand that we have the boots on – also because of “help” of Lars Løkke, who is “not proud” of your own role, Lars?

To my dear reader: You have noticed that I am often given the same story as opposite stories, right (?), and yes according to light and darkness.

Well, we haven’t turned around everything by now have we (?), and yes the answer is normally yes when you formulate like this.

Google Earth: PROGRESS including integration of our 4th dimension and the happy beginning of our New World

FB 250413 Jette 1

FB 250413 Jette 2

Fb 250413 Jette 3

FB 250413 Jette 4

FB 250413 Jette 5

FB 250413 Jette 6

FB 250413 Jette 7

Fb 250413 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After my direct encouragement the other day, today was the day when the government decided to intervene with a new law ordering teachers back on work on Monday the 29th April herewith “overruling” the collective talks, which was “impossible” to turn into an agreement, and I wonder why (?), and yes “arranged play” from the beginning, and you are doing what you can to hide it (?), but are thrilled about your wish to cancel the old work hour “rights” of teachers, and the only way you thought this was possible was by abusing your power (?), and yes TO PLAY THE GAME OF THE DEVIL instead of being honest, open, direct and go for the best solution, but no, not this time, and yes let us see what I wrote earlier in the day about this, which is that it is IRRESPONSIBLE to have an ongoing conflict including so many people when NO NEGOTIATIONS are ongoing – when the parties simply cannot agree on starting talks because of resistance of the employers – and even though I do NOT like the abuse of power of the government, you need to have the community rolling, which this is about, and to me it is also to say that this is NOT very important because shortly you will receive a NEW SYSTEM OF FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY for all, but what did we learn from this conflict (?), and yes the government first acted when I encouraged it to do so. Here are some of the first reports this morning about the intervention on its way, which made Torben name the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon to Mafia boss Don Corydone for liquidating the chairman of the teachers, and Morten said “cough cough”, which is about THE WORST DARKNESS coming out from the inside of this government too, and yes this government is bleeding and dissolving with all three parties in government losing votes, and for the Social Democratic party, which historically is the biggest party in Denmark, they have now been reduced to approx. 14% of the votes, which is CATASTROPHICALLY and for the Socialist People’s Party, they are below 4%, which is equally as catastrophically to them and yes they are literally being “wiped out” symbolising the death of my old self, which is really the pain these parties take on them.


  • And what was the result of this intervention (?), did they decide to carry out their own “dreams” of new rules of how to plan the work of teachers (?), or did they not dare because they had been revealed (?), and no, it had to follow the employers, which is really the Finance Ministry itself via its henchmen, thus completely removing the old work planning rules of teachers by running over the teachers, their organisation and chairman, and keeping the society as hostages stealing education from hundreds of thousands and pay from thousands of teachers because you claimed to have “respect” for the two parties negotiating, and now after three weeks, you believed that it was indeed necessary to intervene (?), and my dear WIMP Bjarne Corydon, as I am told very directly here and “more you than anyone else”, I do NOT like FAKE GAMES of people “spinning”/playing a political game, which is NOT how we do things here, good grief! Will you please tell the truth straight out, openly and honestly also about this case as soon as you can (?) – how could you “suddenly” come up with 200 pages of law if you have not prepared this for a long time (?), and in the meantime you gave a LIE TO THE PUBLIC (!) – and yes sadly it will probably take for you to become your new self first, and SHAME ON YOU (!!!) for abusing your power like this, this is NOT well seen!

Politiken 250413 lærerne

FB 250413 Johannes

FB 250413 BT Bondo

  • I was told that these politicians representing all of the political world were darkness stuck around the Source, which were “impossible” to move, and this intervention is to show that I am moving this darkness with the government now saying that it was necessary to do to bring back children to school even though they have said that they did not want to intervene. Later I was told that this is a symbol of the worst darkness keeping my teachers out of the game, but we are now back; we came through. This is what it took to get “green men completely vegetated with green plants all over their bodies” out of the most inner cave of darkness as I am shown. And it is done by removing darkness around me, and I felt the New World completely close on me.
  • Later I was told that this abuse of power was brought to the core of the government because of pressure from outside, so my dear friends, you decided to abuse power because you were not strong enough to do what was RIGHT (?), and yes it really does not make it any better if you ask me.
  • I was told that the historic losses this week of the two Spanish teams FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League to two German teams FC Bayern München and Dortmund by 0-4 and 1-4 was to show you the strength of our new kingdom with its home soil in Germany, and what about Barcelona (?), they are my light inside darkness of Spain (?), and then I was given a surprising out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that this is because of their pain being “humiliated” by FC Bayern München.
  • I was told that this prophecy of world leaders listening to Steven Greer come through via my share of his film. And yes it only took a few hours before it was blocked, and I did not get time to see it, so better luck next time.

FB 250413 Stig


26th April: Bringing in the last of the Source of my father planned by my inner self and powered by the New World

Dreaming of working inside the Source receiving both the threat of my “old nightmare” and much life/love

I went to bed at 21.30 being COMPLETELY DESTROYED after having had a severe tired crisis, where I woke up after a few minutes being “no where” where I felt like dying. I slept poorly until 04.30 with these dreams.

  • I am at the line to the cash desk of the supermarket, my mother speaks something about the statue drinking, and I am drawn to a place where they have smoked fillet of different qualities including the absolutely finest which is, which only cost 52 DKK per kilo.
    • A reference to Holger Danske being sold, which I first saw when standing up, and I am still offered more of the finest quality of life almost costing nothing, which is energy taken out of my mother and I.
  • I am stopping over on Iceland for some days on my way home. I don’t bring much money, which however should be enough. I meet my mother, but she looks like my old colleague Lone S. from Acta. We are inside a very modern shopping centre, and I am surprised that almost everyone speaks Danish – Iceland is an old Danish colony – and find us very interesting. I see a boy having a toy car, which he drives on, which is made by a bench, and he drives directly into the sausage wagon at the square of the shopping centre, but nothing happens. A little later my mother says that this bench is important to her, and I try to follow the boy, who disappeared through a toy store, and I am led outside the centre seeing florists and trees too to my surprise, which I did not believe they had on Iceland, and I am soon outside the city centre surprised of how small it is. I return to a supermarket with a very modern escalator leading up to what is 400-500 square metres of extra room, which we have found.
    • It seems that this city centre – will have to be Reykjavik – is also symbolising the Source, and the sausage wagon is about my “old nightmare”, which I still cannot remove the threat of, and we continue finding more life, i.e. the supermarket, inside of here.
    • I received “Give me the night” by George Benson including “there’s music in the air”.

Bringing in the last of the Source of my father planned by my inner self and powered by the New World

You are still the epitome of leprosy because of how other people fear you.

I received “Giv mig dine drømme” (“give me your dreams”) by Ray dee ohh and the lyrics “give me your thoughts – give me a little of life”, which is about giving me my new life.

Haven’t we drowned his Ford Cortina (?), yes but he is still thinking about work – still the missing chapter on creation, which I would like to do if I can.

Do you know how many infanticides in Africa I have on my conscience (?), which came from the Source.

I was told that the referral note to the hospital practically was written, this is how close it was, and this was also because my mother has tinnitus (cannot “hear” the truth of me), and when this is turned around, this is how it became.

But we could not release a doctor that late to follow the police to bring you, and is this really how it is, abuse of power making me this close to become hospitalised a few months ago?

Djorkaeff, who is that, a resister, isn’t it (?), and when looking him up, I am reminded that he is a previous football player of the French national team. And we could go on ….

I continue receiving what today are the strongest sexual torments, and I continue being told about just how much darkness LWF represents as I also experienced when meeting them in 2009 over two days, which was the hardest of all of my journey to come through because of no sleep and the most extreme of all pain given to me at the same time as I had full schedule having to give the best impression of myself to people, which I was far too tired/tormented to do, but still did my best to do.

I was shown Karen Blixen’s coffee farm in Kenya and old aeroplanes from where grenades are removed.

I took a long bath, and I could see that I probably would get time today to either start the work to write the big chapter on creation to the front page of my website, which may take a week to write (!), or to relax, and my foundation is that I am utterly and completely destroyed without energy, so how in the world should it be possible to start doing this work when just being awake is difficult (?), and I was shown a HUGE Holger Danske statue stamp on the floor, which is full of rats meaning that if I do nothing, I will kill the last life of darkness.

I was shown a HUGE pencil with the point of it reaching the surface covered with water, and there is similarly a huge pencil on the other side also reaching the surface. And I was shown a door opening to both sides.

Ashkenazy, who is that (?), and yes I remembered his name, and when looking it up, I was given the “of course it is him” feeling, because Vladimir Ashkenazy is “a Russian-Icelandic conductor and pianist”, so this is about playing the piano of the Source again – here with an Icelandic touch – and here in piano concerto no. 2.

I was shown a “station” inside a pin-ball game, which is also a reel from a reel to reel tape recorder, and this wheel is empty, no more tape, so it is the absolutely last of the Source I am bringing in now, and I was told that a horse carriage symbolises the same, which is the Source.

A boy is mowing the lawn and walk up the slope and also over the edge of this because this ground, which is the same as a football stadium, is part of a giant storage hall full of shelves.

The rocket head of the Source is now inside the pyramid, which is NOT in Israel, which some people out there don’t understand.

I was also shown a full aeroplane of darkness facing an aeroplane of light, and how do we get this life of darkness over to light if and when I cannot write this chapter on creation (?), and yes I received STRONG attempts of my “old nightmare” being on the edge of keeping this away.

And no, he does not want his mother to be a bombed privy – like in the destruction of Jerusalem, so we might start over and yes what about this life and can we carry it another way you say and yes if he does not want to accept his “old nightmare” thus explosion, there is nothing we can do.

A dark spirit came to me from behind giving me a little cough showing me a book and giving a sound to my waste bin and said “you don’t want me to throw this out do you” (?), and no, I do not, but I am also completely without energy making it impossible for me to write the creation chapter.

At 12.25 when I was dizzy/groggy as usual wondering if I should try to get started on the creation work, I was told that you already got the needle in the haystack, this is only about going even deeper.

And does this simply mean that I am allowed to land now and your mother, i.e. the world, will receive me (?), and yes you are free to do what is right based on the amount of work I am able to provide.

Will we then need a sea map (?), no the message is still it has to be perfect.

This one said “mother’s dead” but no, not anymore, because even though he is not in this game, he still has given us the rules to play under, which is that his mother is the best protected.

I continue receiving feelings of places in Kenya and am told here that Kenyan’s are also proud of me seeing Kenya almost as a second home country and also that Obama has a Kenyan parent and history.

What about that light chain there, which was supposed to hang over Stig, is it burned (?), no not really, so what do we do with it here, and if he want it, he might get it, so here you are my boy, we have started opening the little gift box in here, which also includes a card saying “this is from your mother”.

I felt oceans of love coming in, but as dark LP’s, so who will receive this if you do not? Yes, “nothing” will, believe it or not.

Nothing will happen, so it means that we may be home now? Well, I was ready for genocide killing everyone in the aeroplane, but when there is only you, we will wait until you are ready.

I was given a small area of concentrated darkness in front of me together with the smell of tobacco smoke, and I was told that we could also stand here saying that we are disappointed of you (not writing the chapter on creation).

We live in a completely rotten house with rats, can it be that it is the spirit of my mother of the New World cleaning up what I cannot (?), well I hope so.

So instead of the stove, we – the last parts of the Source of my father – enter this small room waiting for what you will do to us, and yes send you to the New World too, so this is what we do against all odds, Phil.

I was shown the stairs from the ferry in Harwich to the platform of the train station (which was the road we took when visiting London with Commercial school in 1982 after STORMY WEATHER on sea!), so there is still a train to London, Jeff.

You could also have chosen to treat us as no value, which would have blown us away – yes I am waiting to find the newly remastered and published version of this favourite album “Armchair theatre” of mine by Jeff Lynne, which is also to say that we are still in the theatre also today – but no, this is NOT how I work, and because of the game, I could not really know if my inability to find energy to write the chapter on creation would mean that energy would be taken from my physical mother risking her health, which I would do anything to avoid if I could. And yes, I found it, this remastered album, which to me is one of the greatest “new” music you can imagine, and yes the lift of quality and ONE new song too :-).

So Stig, I will not die because of this decision of yours, which we have kept for you to make.

“What does the neighbour not think” (a mother having a “crazy son”) including what I have written of my mother in the past of the “most negative” (as she see it) is what your mother accepted, and decided to let the love for her son win.

And then I received laughter and was told that all of this was a game to come to here, where you – can it be your inner self (?) – can carry me home saying “father, your home is mine, welcome”.

Stig, you are still only a voice from the grave because you are not born yet, so it cannot be you standing behind everything of this game, can it (?) – and still the answer is always the opposite, so this is what it is.

This is here where our two bags – of father and son – were tied together, and this force is strong enough to pull in the last of me (of my father).

Did they not speak about me (?), Christopher and his parents, well that force is not strong enough now. Where are you going, to get the newspaper and the dog, this is what they wanted me to do, I felt it strongly, but no, Stig, you are my master, they wanted me to bring you to the waste bin, which is here given a sound in my kitchen, but when I could not make you listen to me (to be overtaken by strong darkness), I could only do as you said. And this is some of the strong sexual force coming to you now trying to overtake you and carry out your “old nightmare”.

Every single moment is still a NIGHTMARE to go through with darkness still attacking me and feeling poorer/more exhausted/dizzy than ever before, but I am working on long term inside my mind telling me “end of June” as goal, and this is what is making it much easier for me to go through, and yes done that all throughout my journey I have.

And even if you had burned me, I would come out of this alive.

This is as unusual as no deductions of what we came from.

This is why I had to create artificial stockings to get you in.

I went to my mother and John again this evening, and I may repeat myself, but I am so exhausted that when taking my shoes off and on is a major challenge on strength for me, and my mother asked me if I have been cycling, and no “not as much as I would like to” was the right answer, and no, she cannot see that I am almost fainting right in front of their eyes, which is the truth. I cannot no more, and my eyes are running in water constantly as a sign of this.

The last couple of days I have heard “celebration”, and the answer came this evening when my mother said that she and Sanna have agreed to celebrate my birthday in one week from now coming with most of the food, and all I have to do is to make the potatoes (!) – and yes to set everything up for 8 people (including the boys to come), and when you know just how exhausting half an hour of cleaning to my apartment is by now, you will understand that this did not make me happy – I wish I had strength to do everything myself – and I could not mobilise strength to show happiness, so my mother asked me twice “but you don’t have to if you don’t want it” only making my suffering stronger.

And yes, I had been shown the spirit of my inner self in the next room, and was told that this was my sister’s idea to celebrate my birthday and yes the birth of my new self.

We watched Jarl Friis Mikkelsen on TV in “here is your life”, I have always liked that man (and his clothes style, which however is also very expensive as you can tell making me think of the poor, Jarl!), and even more when seeing him and his feelings to other people this evening, and 2/3 into the programme, suddenly my mother’s TV stopped working and only on this channel, and I don’t believe it was because of DR1 TV but because of my spiritual friends doing this to show that I have absolutely no energy left, and I have been thinking of telling my mother and sister the truth that I really cannot have them as my guests because I don’t have energy for it, but I was told that we need you as Stig to get the last with us, and yes there is still the alternative to go into darkness to “burn” the last off, which I would not like to do, but no, I will NOT get into a state where I cannot control myself regardless of how I feel.

Just cycling home is very difficult, and walking up the hill called “the end of the world” feels like the end of me, I cannot do it, but still I do it, and it was mostly clouded this evening, but still a big “aeroplane” looking like a UFO if you cared to look after (!) but given the sound of an aeroplane, flew only a couple of hundred metres above me, and I was told that the US Space Shuttle programme has not been phased out yet because of me, and can it really be (?), and yes this is what I was told.

I was told that it is as important as ever to continue working, and what we are receiving now equals the rest of what we have achieved so far for every hour.

I continued working after coming home – even though I really could not – until I published my script also on Facebook at 23.45.

Google Earth: Hans Christian Andersen (almost me), ears and my brave face

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Hans Christian Andersen (almost me), ears and my brave face, it would be nice for people to listen to each other and flying with waving wings.

FB 260413 Jette 1

FB 260413 Jette 2

FB 260413 Jette 3

FB 260413 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Everyone in Helsingør had expected that the Commune with the mayor in front would win the bid of the Holger Danske statue (right in front of my mother’s and John’s apartment), but now it was a business man from Skjern in Jutland, who bit 3.2 million DKK where the Commune had a max. limit of 3 million and this is how we remove this train keeping the one ORIGNAL statue of Holger Danske in the casemates of Kronborg, which this is to me, but still I will miss this statue at Hotel Marienlyst or another visible place in Helsingør, but we decided that his origin is in the basement of Kronborg, and so it is. “When we did not have a bloody uniform, it could not turn out differently”. And there can only be one, which this is also about, i.e. the merger of the father and son to ONE SOURCE only.

HD 260413 Holger

  • Hans said here that he was on his way to the Parliament to do the final piece of work of the new law forcing teachers to go back to work on Monday, and I asked him to bring my regards saying that I do NOT like ABUSE OF POWER and covert acting. Not at all. And I felt David Cameron, and was told that this is happening all over the world, where rulers decide to “act” to get their will through one way or another, and no, my friends, this is NOT how life is meant to be, and there is really only one, who can decide to use force to make his will come through, and that is me when acting against darkness, and that is to bring TRUE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY to the entire world, and you do understand that, right?

FB 260413 til Hans

  • The part of Syria where Naser is born, was today destroyed to the ground with family members fleeing and “this is just to cry over – when will this madness stop”, and I told him that there is an explanation to everything including this, which in reality has to do with his own inner development because he is much more than what he believes today, so be strong – never give up – keep fighting.

FB 260413 Naser



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to April 26, 2013: Father and Son have become ONE SOURCE and the entire Source has turned into endless physical matter

  1. jette says:

    have been ‘working’ with my grandchild – outdor – coming back to night.. ❤

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