April 28, 2013: I took over ownership of all life from my father of the Source when it was transferred to me as the son


Summary of the script today

27th April: I took over ownership of all life from my father of the Source when it was transferred to me as the son

  • Dreaming of starting our New World still with darkness disturbing us.
  • All of my old work on my hard-disk symbolising “all life” was transferred by a “coincidental click” to a new folder, which made most of it disappear and “access denied”, which took that I opened the computer in safe mode taking over the ownership of the folder, which “magically” made all files reappear. This was about all life including the Source, which has now been taken over by me as the Son (after merging into ONE with my father).
  • I am arriving in a wheel chair into an athletic stadium with my left leg in plaster, and my right leg is not there anymore (the old part of me, which was my father), and I receive flowers of love of my mother, and this is about me arriving at the end being completely “broken down” as I am.
  • The final surrender of Jack and armed forces. One of us was supposed NOT to survive this game, but the game turned out so unlikely that we both did. He will now also experience the Source with the entrance at Allinge-Sandvig, Bornholm, not as me but as my father.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I hear my voice, the Source is everywhere, still much work to do to the face, all heads going to become one, four in a row, we are seeking oneness, face with ears, eyes and a smile, she slipped out of his hands, Greenland full of surprises, the Source is busy all the time, will work be finished for my birthday?
  • Short stories of Lisbeth Knudsen working for openness inside of her darkness of secrecies, my new self is soon ready, Holger Danske and I save ourselves without the help of the major/city, “the storm of disclosure is about to hit”, the final score became 6-0, my most loyal, patient and best understanding friend Meshack was kind to name me as his best friend making me happy, and I was also happy receiving short news from David.

28th April: The prohibition/“fatwa” of the U.S. Department of State to bring my name has been lifted

  • Dreaming of darkness of old colleagues from Danske Bank and the mayor, when I can no more, I will simply walk in to become my new self, father and son packing luggage of life, being at our New World with much sufferings still coming to me and HUGE amounts of life, and darkness is cheaply for sale.
  • All Heaven’s Angels will be sent down. The voice of my mother, which almost killed me, is now me. The prohibition/“fatwa” of the U.S. Department of State to bring my name has been lifted. It made people of the official world hurt when they “could not” speak about me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show BIG HEADS everywhere, not really to deny anymore, pollution is destroyed by the water canon of the Source, Greenland is eating a person, and water music, conversation between the New World and the Source, more darkness being cleaned, a special technique with photo and painting bringing in life, a sledge driver of sufferings, and a queen delivering a baby to the king.
  • Short stories of Nazi darkness setting fire on the Freedom Museum of Copenhagen and killing one of the most beloved leaders of Kenya, Mutula Kilonzo, difficult to get people to accept me on LinkedIn, sending my horoscope to an astrologer, Manyar supporter Thomas Blachman making me try to make Manyar understand me, and telling Henrik Dahl that I like him when he will become a “cat”.


27th April: I took over ownership of all life from my father of the Source when it was transferred to me as the son

Dreaming of starting our New World still with darkness disturbing us

It would look funny/weird that one of my shoes had fallen off ((my father, not myself), which is why we do our best to bring everything of your father too.

I was told of amazing love of not only my mother but also my sister and Tobias as examples to me, and they would do everything to help me, and eeehhh but they could not read and understand that they are the ones killing me, funny right?

Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette is making a wonderful pudding …., which is about her also helping out via her actions now?

The spirit of my father gave me heart pain and I was told that your mother has received approval to open the very heart of me.

I went to bed at 00.30 and slept until 06.00 with this dream.

  • Kim S. has started a new business at VERY fine offices and have arranged to keep a conference for employees, however lawyers of the offices disturb making it impossible to carry out the conference. There are many delicacies at the offices. I look in Kim’s calendar seeing that he is not happy that I have not showed up a couple of times. Through another tenant, there is access to our old office at Frederiksgade, and we walk through a meeting room where other people sit, to get there, and I tell the others that in this very corner is where I had my desk, and this door led into Kim’s office, which I have opened countless times. I walk to a toilet, which is a a fitting room in a clothes store, which feels like the pedestrian street Strøget, and first I notice that there are few people walking by outside, and then a crowd of people walk by.
    • Kim S. is still the symbol of God/my father in the sky, and we have started a new business, but it does not fit yet because of darkness of lawyers also still working. My father is not happy that I have not started work on creation, and the store is where we are still bringing in incredible amounts of life.

I took over ownership of all life from my father of the Source when it was transferred to me as the son

I was told that Kaliningrad in Russia is where why sister got the most out of it, i.e. a stronghold of darkness/evil.

Is it today that you will receive a visit by the hair dresser one last time?

There was no discussion about who should have the parent authority over you when your mother and father divorced (when I was four, I believe), but how did it make your father feel, and yes when the truth has to get out, did he not want to get you also because he was afraid of what a man I would turn out being with my very temper and controlling mother? So this just shows that darkness has feelings too.

So you just have to stay up not working that much to make it work?

Your father also sits at Horserød prison.

So I don’t have a racecourse anymore (?), I don’t have any rights (?), I feel Uhuru Kenyatta from Kenya, and this is darkness speaking shortly after I woke up.

Does Kim S. dream as much of me than I of him (?), but of course he does, but he needs an electrician to get free.

Inside there you can eat all the French bread with jam as you like, but here you cannot, which is why we keep you on a minimum.

During the morning I worked on files at my separate hard-disk, and because my mouse does not always work as I like, it received its own life and moved the entire content of “documents” to a new “tree”, which the hard-disk had created itself (!), and yes this is all of the content of the old hard-disk, which I transferred some months ago to this new hard-disk, and this “trick” is about transferring all of this data from father to son, which is my new address, and yes so far so good, but now I cannot get access to this data because the computer says “access denied”, and I have found what may be a solution by switching on the computer in secure mode and from there trying to overtake ownership of this folder including all of its files, and I will do this a little bit later, if I can, and if I cannot, I still have the old hard-disk and can borrow John’s special tool to read this again, and yes yes yes this hard-disk includes all of my old work including all videos to the main sites of my website, which I have copied a little of to my “new” C-hard-disk at Bettina’s computer.

I could see my files but I could not get access to them, but then I discovered that apparently all of my work files had disappeared (again, on the F-drive, not the latest on the C-drive), and when I did a thorough search of the entire F-drive, none of these work files showed up, and something like this is truly what can make anyone negative and potentially swear, but no, I cannot, I have to continue as if nothing had happened because it is and has never been good to me to be negative.

And then I looked at it and in several steps, I managed to retrieve all files, they were there, but invisible to me, but they returned when I overtook ownership of them, and yes there were other files, where I had to follow another “recipe” to make them work again, but the final result was that nothing was lost, and to me this was about transferring all life stored inside the Source to me so everything including the Source is now part of me as the Son, this is our new “address”, and I was told can you feel it, we are walking in new boots now – also and still helped by your mother.

I received Van Morrison’s “tore down a la rimbaud”, which is one of his very beautiful songs, and yes just as good as Leonard Cohen, Sanna, which is about love of our family being stronger than anything else, therefore.

There were also people who were willing to seek protection in deep bunkers and “then you can just start bombing the world”, and some of them even had the key for nuclear weapons.

Surely he is not gravy already, is he (?), which is the remaining part of my father asking about the son.

May I be so brash (I have NEVER liked this formulation) to ask what time it is (?), you are under arrest (!), and yes this lies so deeply in my genes – my father’s that is – so I really don’t understand that I am already overtaken by you, and this is what this work to my hard-disk symbolised.

I had received rain trousers on as Stig if you had not been able to overtake me.

I continued for some hours today to receive strong pain to my behind, and while working on my hard-disk, which took a couple of hours to completely “resurrect”, I had to keep saying “keep on, keep on” to drown the pain of negative voices and feelings.

I was told that my father had been worried if there would be space enough in the building, but you have prepared bringing plenty of room for me.

I had lunch, and was given thoughts of my mother, and the next thing happening was that my hand “deliberately” – by my spiritual friends leading it, which is how they work with everyone – overturned my glass of syrup water, and this was a symbol of the strong resistance of my mother to my work.

Later my mother dropped by delivering wine for my birthday, which she had bought on a good offer in Irma Supermarket.

Approx. one week ago, I was encouraged to look at expansions to my TV – from the small Telia package of 12 channels to the middle of 26 channels and maybe also HBO – but I decided not to use money on this thinking of LTO and not knowing how long I will keep working, and these days I now understand that this could be my option, to relax watching TV because I would have so little energy that I could not continue working most of the day.

I was shown myself being driven in a wheel chair into an athletic stadium with my left leg in plaster, and my right leg is not there anymore (the old part of me, which was my father), and I receive flowers of love of my mother, and yes arriving “broken down”.

Mette’s son Christoffer was responsible to shake me up from the bag because of his strong feelings to me too.

So you have no idea of just how incredible wealthy you have become having me on board too.

No, we are not going to turn out the lights, Stig, but we have started, and this is what you feel as lower energy.

I was told that the pain to my behind, which has now almost stopped, was because of my father feeling remorse about what he almost did to me having me hospitalised.

I was shown very narrow stairs leading down to the last of the Source, which is full of a lighter, and what do you want, to help me out of here or burn me, and yes no burn.

I was told that there was agreement that meeting Irina was worth the risk, and yes back in 2005 as a potential girlfriend, and the game is that I am told that she was working for the Russian government, and yes it seems to be a clear message of darkness, but who knows, it might be the truth?

I took a nap of less than on hour and was told that it is still about sleeping as little as possible, and as result I dreamt about dog relieving themselves, which is gross, and about temporary destructions, and when awakening, I was told that this is only because we are bringing in the inner porcelain.

We have never lived more handsome than at this place, and we will just leave our stamp on it.

If it was not for that hole your mother did a few months ago, we could not fall down, so this was the most important action.

It is also with me that we bring the large lump of Jack inside, and he is not me, but my father as I am told, and yes “one part of him”. And I was told that the game was that “no matter what”, we would not both be able to survive, which we however changed because of how the game turned out, which we also would like to bring our congratulations to before it is too late, and I felt the darkness of this “lump”.

We now bring you all of the confidence we gave Jack, thus the armed forces, against you. It is also Batman on his way in, and that is the “bad man” turning around because he saw your struggles.

This is not the biggest achievement of all, yes it is (!), because he was your best friend, whom we placed as responsible of killing you (!), and what do you do then when you will not (?), and yes play a double game because of warm feelings taking over including faith, which was to show that this could be done even at the “coldest” places.

This is the final surrender. He was not part of the final capital pension, which we had to pay out to cover, which is due to his effort, otherwise we should pay our much more (energy, i.e. life as temporary terminations), so what we do now is only little in comparison. This is only what we thank Jack for, and I feel Obama “and the others too” because they did the effort of their lives.

So we will “now” open to our joint property of the Source also including Jack. And the entrance will be at Allinge-Sandvig on Bornholm – which may be at the Opal lake there – where I was on summer holiday with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans in 1988, I believe – and where the Danish Parliament has kept its summer conference several times.

I still receive the feeling of my throat being a narrow funnel where life is transferred through, so I am still receiving more of the Source.

I was given negative speech and a strong pain to my right wrist, and if I had said anything negative in return, it would only have nourished darkness sending me even more pain in a bad circle.

I was told that I – i.e. my father – was Sauron (of The Lord of The Rings) and you and Sanna was fighting each other with Karen as the prize, and had you not won, we would have brought Karen up here at the Source again, and yes dies, this is also how to say it, so maybe if she knew, she would start treating me decently.

I received an empty box together with the feeling of Georgie, who did not bring anything because she was too far down.

Those addresses were not given to all yet.

I felt my mother and was told something like, isn’t it funny she lured yourself into the lion cave and the head is opposite again.

Google Earth: The Source is busy and everywhere

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I hear my voice, the Source is everywhere, still much work to do to the face, all heads going to become one, four in a row, we are seeking oneness, face with ears, eyes and a smile, she slipped out of his hands, Greenland full of surprises, the Source is busy all the time, will work be finished for my birthday?

FB 270413 Jette 1

FB 270413 Jette 2

FB 270413 Jette 3

FB 270413 Jette 4

FB 270413 Jette 5

FB 270413 Jette 6

FB 270413 Jette 7

FB 270413 Jette 8

FB 270413 Jette 9

FB 270413 Jette 10

FB 270413 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lisbeth, the editor-in-chief of Berlingske, criticizes a new public law on its way darkening parts of the political process, which is directly the opposite of me, i.e. pure darkness, and Jette brought a link to me, and I told the story of Lisbeth being part of the power elite spreading my story to the secret network of the world working for their “interests”, and in this context it sound hollow that Lisbeth and other newspapers have encouraged the Parliament to give up this law, and maybe you would like to step out of the shadows telling about your “secret activities”, no?

FB 270413 Lisbeth

  • Soulaima’s daughter holds girl lunch and the most delicious “fish pond” is ready to be served, which is about my new self soon being ready.

FB 270413 Soulaima

  • Michael Wulff claimed that Holger Danske does not want to move to Skjern and to avoid this, he decided to become flesh and blood bidding on his own freedom, and I decided to share it with the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group saying that he takes care of himself when the city/major “could not” save him after he had saved the city, and yes you may understand that this is also about the major doing nothing to save me from the abuse of power of the city against me. And it did not take long before I received the absolutely worst pain to the outer left joint of my left little finger, which otherwise had stopped, and I was told that it was because of the mayor, who by now had seen my comment. I also shared it with the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group.

Helt Normalt 270413 Holger

FB 270413 Stig om Holger

  • David Wilcock has written a LONG script here about “the storm of disclosure is about to hit”, which is coming together with the opening of our New World revealing all crimes against mankind and people of other civilizations, and it was not a meteor falling down over Russia and other places, but people of other civilizations being shot down by man (?), and yes I had no time and energy to read all of it, and there was no summary, David?

FB 270413 David W

  • Troels brought the end result of my journey. It became 6-0 and NOT 5-1.

FB 270413 Troels

  • Finally, Italy was “able” to agree on a new government, which is including Berlusconi’s party but WITHOUT Berlusconi as Prime Minister or any other minister, and yes I did NOT want darkness to win, therefore!
  • Thank you very much Meshack for your kind email. I am happy that you are active seeking opportunities, which brought you to Uganda now for the second time receiving new skills – I should be happy hearing about what you studied/learned – and also for the new program you work on, which I look much forward to to be hearing more about. That’s the way to go. I am thinking about how your wife and children are doing too (?), and this really goes to all team members. It means very much to me being told by my most loyal, patient and best understanding friend ever that he considers me to be his best friend, this is what understanding, and open, direct and honest communication do to people, and you were the only one I met on my road, Meshack, who was able to live up to the basic rules in this respect. Thank you very much for showing me your confidence and true friendship. I have also never met anyone like you, and I am sure that our good friendship will become only stronger when we will be lifted up to our new lives and start seeing each other again, and I feel Obama here too and the feeling is actually “a little bit jealous” not having you and I as friends yet as I am told by Obama’s voice, and yes from his part of the Source if you want to share it like this, Stig (?), and no, I have no preferences, I kindly ask my spiritual friends to do what is both PERFECT and RIGHT and for everyone to receive access to everything, and no, I don’t know about the structure of the Source and our New World in detail, all I know is that it is “perfect” and here also showing you some of Obama’s human sides. We are also looking much forward to welcome you and your family and friends in our circle, Obama. Thank you for asking an open question, and no, we don’t have a home in a rural setup as you do in Africa (when you live both in town, and back at visits at your rural village with family and friends). We have town and country here, and you can get a picture of how a typical Danish country site looks like from the pictures below, and even though houses may be up to several hundreds years old, they are all comfortable with running water, heating, kitchen and bathroom with all thinkable facilities, so in this respect, it is a material luxury life we have here, but what we do NOT have is the nearness and heartfelt warm feelings and love as you have, which you also show me here. We practically do not have small families farming for their own provision. We have big industrial farms producing meat, milk and crops – sadly in the worst thinkable way when it comes to pollution of both nature and its products as well as cruelty to animals and all in the name of money and “efficiency” making man “blind”, which will change in our New World, where I foresee MANY small agricultures producing a large variety of products of the best quality. Many people here have a cottage on the country to spend holidays in, or even abroad, where France, Spain and Turkey are examples of countries very popular to Danes both to buy cottages/houses in and to visit on holidays. I will love to show you and the team and your families around here one day not far from here – and yes Obama, you and your family are also very welcome, and this is an answer to my “teasing voice of good mood” asking me :-).

Meshack 270413

Skarø - gadekær



  • I was also happy for David to sent me this short email showing me difficulties to come through as often before, and I would be happy if David or John or Elijah really opened sending me a long email one day telling me everything of what you experience and think of, but “better than nothing” to receive this news, and as usual it is John and Elijah being the LAZY ones not having what it take to send me just one monthly email, and why is that my “gentlemen” (?), and yes in order to be a gentleman, John (and Elijah), it takes for you to show continuance and credibility in both actions and communication, which you do not meaning that the basic rules were “too difficult” for you to follow when you were tempted to do “nothing” instead. I wish you and your family all the best, David. Please know that your difficulties are helping to bring us all through.

David 270413

  • Is it a blockade against me from LWF? Not one single of their leaders in Geneva wanted to accept my LinkedIn invitation!


28th April: The prohibition/“fatwa” of the U.S. Department of State to bring my name has been lifted

Dreaming of bringing out huge amounts of life – and when I can no more, I will simply walk in to become my new self

At 23.25 I was again “critically tired” and went to bed sleeping with difficulties until 06.15 with these dreams.

  • I am working at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and I speak to the manager, who feels like both Bent and Kofoed, who is on his way out, we are back in the 1980’s. Berit is acting mayor of Helsingør today due to the absence of the true mayor. I have prepared salami.
    • Darkness coming from old colleagues of mine from Danske Bank, and I wonder if Berit knows Johannes the mayor, which the dream says, and this is bringing salami as another symbol of my “old nightmare”.
  • Half awake I was told that at the end we cannot no more, we have no (need for) keys, and then you just walk in, which is what I will do when I simply cannot no more, which is about leaving my suffering old self to become my new self.
  • Lars G. and I pack down two suitcases each. We are going on holiday to the Southern Europe. I am planning this, and we have an incredible amount of items to choose from to bring with us including the finest pots and also Champagne. We have reasonable good time to pack, and we have MANY spectators watching us pack.
    • Father and son packing our luggage, which is still life, and pots are for creation of life while Champagne of course is for celebration, and the many spectators will have to be the official world following me.
  • I am in the cottage house with Camilla planned for the week, but we will go home Tuesday, because they have promised storm on Wednesday. I enter a store where I see an incredible smart stand to wear around you with many rooms, which will make it possible for you to transport much more food home from the supermarket, and I am a little concerned of the quality of it, which I tell open, which makes the seller give me information on this. I tell my mother that this may be something for us, but it is 595 DKK and I don’t know if my mother wants to spend this. I see that the Irma supermarket is hit by a scandal renting out cottages.
    • Cottage home is also a symbol of my new home, and storm is about my sufferings. The stand is to bring out huge amounts of life from the Source, and the scandal of Irma will have to be about Margit, my old HR manager in Fair, who is now HR manager of Irma, and are you spreading lies and misunderstandings about me, Margit (?) also based on lies and misunderstandings of other ex-colleagues of Fair, whom you have been speaking to behind my back without speaking to me or inviting me to Fair events?
    • The last nights when awakening during the night, I have had an incredible dry mouth, which is annoying to say the least.
  • I remember a short dream about a man with a motorcycle wanting to sell this for cash, which is done according to the rules to pay out a capital pension before time, which costs 60% in tax and 5% in fees only leaving 35% to the owner, which he however accepts, which others also do.
    • It does not cost much to release life of the Source with practically no darkness resisting me.
  • I woke up to “Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you” by the Hollies, which seems to be a favourite song with “air” being vital for the Source.

The prohibition/“fatwa” of the U.S. Department of State to bring my name has been lifted

I was shown a stage of silver all over with a very little dog entering together with a little nut, which has an incredible explosive force, and the host is very aggressive to the little dog, which is then turning around and leaving, but since I am awake, I overtake the role of the host inviting the dog in, which makes it turn around and enter, and this is how I make the last darkness enter our silver New World.

In the beginning, I will not have put on the outer screen on the racer car, this is how it will feel like, but ….

I was given the name of Rørholmsgade, where I lived until 1972, and I have a vague idea that we forgot the Indian clothes there (which we did, my fancy dress), which we will now put on, and yes “original life” it is.

Think if you send down all of Heaven’s Angels down at once including all, who have never existed before, this is what will come to all.

They are still messing in Libya instead of focusing on creating a new country, amazing right.

I still receive sneezes, and as example a new happy and small spirit came to me actually directing a sneeze almost as in Snow white where I am or am not about to sneeze holding it for seconds and then he lets it go making me sneeze – making me weaker and weaker all along.

The voice of your mother, which was about sending you out, is not tied up to you but being you making you able to control it if you want to, but no, everyone has a free will.

It is not Christmas now, but this is almost how it feels here, because you (the son) have your bed there, and where am I going to sleep (?), and yes “all over” and that is exactly as in my dreams, and “I” is the Source of my father.

We have almost reached goal too, Stig, now there is only your parents, who need to reconcile, and yes “impossible” it is, but if it was not for Kirsten and John, and yes you do believe that your father and mother would be able to do just that throwing away the axe of war, and I am here given the taste of blackcurrant syrup as I spilled yesterday and was told that it is because of feelings of my father brought to my mother, which made me spill this glass, and yes syrup water is another old symbol of my “old nightmare”.

I am shown my blue room and a long line of elephants and horse carries – it seems endless – still entering, and yes U2 of course in a song I like VERY much :-).

I was told that LWF is what my old class friend, Peter T., had to open to, and that went via his father, who became the general secretary of Danish Refugee Council, which is part of this, and without a reference to his father, I would not have been let in to “the holy grail” of their operation in Geneva in 2009 telling the truth to the world of what I saw there, and yes did you get it, hysteric people more interested in their own professional career and “politics” than to TRULY do their best to help poor people of the world!

I was told about “the war is impossible to win” as the reason why the prohibition to bring my name has been lifted, and I was told about the U.S. Department of State because it is from there that it comes.

I was told about the leader of the Conservative Party, Lars Barfoed, and how it has made you suffer not being able to speak about me, and this is also what Danish TV2 as example has had to fight with.

It is almost as in China, and it is about right to call the prohibition a fatwa making the media do as told because you would not like to see the consequences (?), and yes amazing that no one had the nerves to go up against this.

I was shown Sweden as the storage of water from where it floats into one cylinder in a motor after another to make the motor work.

I continued receiving periods of the worst sexual torments.

I feel poorly for not writing the chapter on creation, which brings me poor conscience, but I have decided that I cannot do it feeling as I do.

When visiting my mother and John not last time, but the week before, I forgot to write that John suggested me to start working professionally with wine, and I could only tell him that to the man in the street, I may seem to know much about wine, but next to a professional, I really know nothing, and yes this was really just to tell that his opinion is still that I should get out working, which these scripts are not in his mind.

I continue receiving the taste of onions, but fried and raw and yes “awakening” is what it means.

Isn’t Karen the hero, we bring in at the end just like in Spain?

This was the stamp used to create you with, which I have now used to create your mother with too.

So now we bring all of the magnificence here.

So we don’t have to divide into different class rooms (?), and no were are ONE big Source.

I cycled to the Fakta supermarket today and back – maybe 3-4 kilometres – and bought some cake too, and I have settled with the view to become weaker and weaker not being able to exercise, which I cannot now and not caring that much about what I eat, which however it NOT “extreme” in no way compared to what other people eat.

At 17.00 I had a new tired crisis, which was approx. half an hour this time where I am so tired that I really cannot continue being awake, but I overcame it thinking of my nap of yesterday, which was no good, and let us see for how long I can stay awake today.

I continue receiving sounds both from the balcony, which seems to be more parts of the Source, which came too far, which is returning to me, and also sounds from my kitchen/oven, which included several thank you’s for continuing to work.

I was shown a narrow glass with documents inside of it, and I was told that we are still receiving more information about our origin the longer we get in.

I used a couple of hours to write the last of the script and publish it at 20.00 using energy I did not have, which is really what is making this work uncomfortable to do to say the least because then I only have my will power to work on, and this is basically what I have done for years only becoming worse and worse.

I was shown a wolf on the hallway of a school deciding to sit down in calm on a bench, and I was given the feeling of Niklas, which came minutes after he replied an email I sent to him, Tobias and Sanna inviting them for my birthday, and yes he can write to me again (!), and potentially very dangerous to me he is/was, but he decided to calm down, and all because of love of the family.

We have now blown the submarine almost on shore which I was shown here together with receiving a little heartburn, which is to say that Niklas was part of the reason why I received this.

Google Earth: Pollution is destroyed by the water canon of the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show BIG HEADS everywhere, not really to deny anymore, pollution is destroyed by the water canon of the Source, Greenland is eating a person, and water music, conversation between the New World and the Source, more darkness being cleaned, a special technique with photo and painting bringing in life, a sledge driver of sufferings, and a queen delivering a baby to the king.

FB 280413 Jette 1

FB 280413 Jette 2

FB 280413 Jette 3

FB 280413 Jette 4

FB 280413 Jette 5

FB 280413 Jette 6

I SIMPLY LOVE these old favourite bands of mine resurrecting almost, and I watched this 2010 RETURN TO EDEN concert by Ultravox also giving me the deepest possible feelings and almost tear of the beauty of it – I LOVE IT, Midge & Co. :-).

FB 280413 Jette 7

FB 280413 Jette 8

FB 280413 Jette 9

FB 280413 Jette 10

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Freedom Museum of Copenhagen caught fire this night and much of it burned down (but the content was saved), and this is a museum including artifacts from World War II including Nazi items, so a perfect example of Nazi darkness still fighting against me to prevent freedom, and yes for example from the world elite, which does not want to be revealed (!), and yes this is how it works!

EB 280413 Frihedsmuseet

  • One of the most beloved leaders of Kenya, Mutula Kilonzo, has suddenly died – and is mourned over in Kenya – and I was told that this is also a sacrifice of life to absorb darkness, and let us guess on “heart attack” being the cause of death as so many others before him.

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  • Here is an update of LinkedIn invitations I have sent, and besides from LWF deciding to blockade me, Karen’s friend Heidi also “cannot” accept me, which is not surprising, which Casper and Peter from Fair Insurance, who also cannot accept me also is not (influenced negatively by people, however Peter accepted me later), but I am really sad to see that my old very good friend, Henrik, from when we lived on Karenvej in Espergærde until 1978 (I on no. 4 and he on no. 5), whom I found, and his little brother Christian, also “cannot” accept me, and yes, they must have heard about me as the lunatic from common ex-colleagues (?), and then it is better to be “safe” to not accept me instead of communicating with me?

LI 280413

  • Some time ago I was happy that Christian Borup – the most famous astrologer in Denmark – accepted my invitation to become Facebook friends, and after having thought about it for some time, I decided to send him my horoscope telling him that I cannot pay him to do his interpretation, but maybe it will have his professional interest to seek deep in it because this very horoscope is the foundation of everything, which came after it, and I give him my permission to share it together with his interpretation publically if this is what he may decide to do, and yes I am interested myself to hear what it really says because I don’t know myself! I was told that it also covers Karen now, which is how it is after we have been unified.

FB 280413 til Christian

Horoskop Stig Dragholm 03051966

  • Manyar wrote directly to Thomas Blachman telling him that he is a “romantic”, who want to love the woman, respect her body but maintaining the role as man, which is set up a little provoking, and he does not understand why it is provoking or degrading and particularly not in this world of porn, and it makes Manyar better understand Thomas “nakedness” speaking what he means, and yes he decided to support Thomas Blachman thus bringing me even more darkness (!), and I had first decided not to comment this, but when writing this comment, I decided to bring him my comment to Thomas from the 13th/14th April telling him that it is WRONG that Thomas do these broadcasts at the moment because of the divine and private principle of the sexual nature of man, and when I did this, I was told that “then we will take out this road anyway” hoping that Manyar will read and understand.

FB 280413 Manyar

  • The Source of God really decided to transform into dogs of man, and I told Henrik that dog is God’s symbol of man’s sins/darkness, and cat of goodness/light, but God loves everyone even you Henrik, when you will become cat one day, and yes I do NOT like Henrik’s better-knowing and “funny” nature on the costs of others, and NOT at all (!), and yes I do NOT like darkness, but I love light and everyone will become light, so there you see.

FB 280413 Manyar



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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