May 3, 2013: We can see the end of the tunnel of the Source and how it started as a “poor piano player”


Summary of the script today

1st May: Dismantling the game of darkness because I cannot continue working/digging deeper inside the Source

  • Dreaming of my “old nightmare” being carried out until when I destroy this house of darkness completely, and forces still wanting to hospitalise me.
  • We are tearing down the bathroom of darkness used for creation, which will never be used again. We have brought the cleanest/clearest ice/water of the Source as possible, and the Source could continue this game forever, but I cannot continuing digging the hole of the tunnel of the Source as a physical being, which is why we are dismantling it. The process will continue inside our New World with all water coming to us as love – the opposite of today.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a gentleman with thin hair and beard, the sun is sharper now, all saved, I am being brought to the magnetic North Pole, great activity around Greenland, much mud around the centre, entering the centre, and activities around the North Pole.
  • Short stories of the existence of UFO’s and FREE ENERGY, the murder on Helle Thorning-Schmidt symbolising the murder of man on me, Henrik D. now claims that he started the financial crisis, Danes showed indecent and disgraceful behaviour booing at the Danish Prime Minister, and it is WRONG to show poor behaviour trying to justify it with “it is because of others”.

2nd May: We can see the end of the tunnel of the Source and how it started as a “poor piano player”

  • Dreaming of Danish comedians working against me but I am the strongest.
  • I was TIRED, out of energy and still received much darkness/pressure against me preparing for my birthday dinner tomorrow, which is almost impossible to do. As the New World we can see light at the end of the tunnel of the Source and how we started out as a poor piano player.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my spiritual friends laughing, afraid animals looking at life, big souls all over, nice white hair, Greenland is ever changing, looking for someone sitting at the top, Faces on a book = Facebook invented by “me” to bring out my messages in order to save the world.
  • Short stories of terminated life being resurrected, my old friend Angela now accepts me again, not every day that two German teams meet in the Champions League final (?), Michael Wulff cannot get enough of the Source, Thomas Blachman should know that his programmes of naked ladies is WRONG.

3rd May: Darkness still tried to destroy, but we are the champions not losing any life to the Devil of Beelzebub

  • Dreaming of bringing in more life from the Source via my old nightmare, and people who cannot speak together because of negative feelings overpowering them.
  • Today, at my birthday, I continued receiving more life from the Source. I received greetings showing increased faith in me. My mother had been VERY nice buying my birthday dinner and also preparing it at my apartment with usual stress/negativity making it “impossible” to do. Darkness of my sister tried to destroy the meat via the meat thermometer measuring the temperature wrong, and to make “loud music” against me, but eventually everything worked out fine so “we are the champions” all of us without losing any life to the Devil of Beelzebub.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a light haired guy looking at the Source, we are going back in time, almost a heart, the Source has given light, beauty from the North Pole, and a message of love of Earth.
  • A short story where I went directly after the throat of the mayor/Commune.


1st May: Dismantling the game of darkness because I cannot continue working/digging deeper inside the Source

Dreaming of my “old nightmare” being carried out until when I destroy this house of darkness completely

I went to bed at approx. 22.30 and slept until 07.00 with these dreams.

  • I am at a castle with the most beautiful women and an orgy of people making love with each other. I decide to leave, and it is almost impossible for me to use the lift together with Frederik from Sweden (from GE Insurance), and I have half of my body inside the lift and half on the other side of the roof of it. I reach home to what is a brothel, and finally I give in and end up being abused by many until the day when I am strong enough to completely destroy the house making everything clean.
    • The worst darkness bringing out my “old nightmare” while asleep, but I will never give up thus also cleaning this.
    • I received a song – maybe two – with lyrics something like “you can hide from yourself, but can’t fight this feeling”.
  • I am in the waiting hall of a doctor, and he is now 20 minutes late, which makes me tell him to keep time and that it is poor culture/habits making him not keep time, and I get into his office, and see him with a sign of a king, and there are two African’s there too, and I am told that they are relatives of me because I have African relatives, and they want to hospitalise me, and the question is if they can.
    • I am told that there were forces, which wanted to pump me full of antipsychotics fuelled by lack of faith of my mother and John, so come on and get me if you dare! I had the feeling too of my old friend Faber here, and no he “could not” accept me on LinkedIn the other day. Later I was told that this is because my mother and John are on a two day Oslo cruise starting yesterday with John’s brother and sister-in-law, and what do you speak to them about, mother (?), and yes without knowing the truth about me, still making John’s family believe that I am crazy.

Dismantling the game of darkness because I cannot continue working/digging deeper inside the Source

I was told that Lise E. was the way to enter, and yes she may still remember my application to become director of Willis and “all of the talk of me at Willis”?

I was told about a gold find in Greenland, lots of it. This is the same as museum findings, which no one has done before.

This is the same as tearing down the bathroom, which we will never use again meaning that this is the end of darkness forever and ever.

So this is not about the gas leaving the balloon, but replacing it with joy, and from here simply continuing walking up the ladder to one new level at the time only continuing to increase joy and happiness – and concentration of life – for an eternity to come, without ever meeting headwind again, and how is that possible (?), because we have now reached a critical balance.

I was shown the cleanest/clearest ice of a ice skating hall, and also how it is an eternity below. This is what we have brought up.

I felt the spirit of my father and was told that I, i.e. he, could go on forever, but this was matched with how much I could do, and also to lift the ban of the world about mentioning me.

And we have Steven Greer bringing out the story of the autopsy of a small man from a people of other civilizations and my mother and John speak about what they have watched on the TV lately, which was also a condition for playing the game.

I was told again that the condition for doing all of this was that I kept saying that “you are welcome”, and I was given a flower by my mother because of this.

I was shown myself digging a tunnel, but now I cannot dig any more and cannot bring out any more life as my old self, and this is how everything of our New World has been designed, as a drill of diamond continuing the digging out and creation of new life forever.

I was told and shown that it was Mette – John’s daughter – who brought up the big dark anchor of the ship because she spoke of me bringing “feelings” to her son Christoffer, which brought much darkness to me.

This is what we mean when we have said that it was “impossible” to set up light here because you have had no more energy to do it.

I felt parts of the Source ”screwing” back to me, and does this mean that we will return to our prison and look forward to the day when it is our turn to be released (?), and yes it looks like it.

I continued receiving sounds to the balcony and was told about and shown flowers and very little funeral, because we knew that this would be coming.

I was told about Queen Beatrix abdicating yesterday and yes my dream of her as a South American princess of darkness, and why is that (?), and you may understand that I do NOT like people on top of the society living a life in luxury as a fairytale while the world keeps on suffering (?), and also that I do NOT like you to be SECRET about me, why don’t you SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH, and yes can you hear it “Netherlands was the first country having the courage to speak out the truth about Stig” (?), and why don’t you tell, Beatrix or maybe your son and new King (?), which herewith also will end his kingdom (!), and is that “too difficult” for you to do Willem-Alexander (?), and yes there can be only one King of Orange you know with “orange” being the symbol of the Source.

I have waited for my Internet and TV provider, Telia, to bring a new offer on “the favourite package” including Internet and 26 TV channels, where I “only” have 12 today, and today I saw that they have an offer with the first three months for free, and I called to order this, but was told that for existing customers, the price for the same (!) is 199 DKK the first three months, and yes I told her that there should be NO differences between new and existing customers, and I really believe that you should always pay what the true price is instead of tempting customers like this, but I decided to order this, and yes you can hear on my telephone voice, which was recorded here, that darkness sometimes prevents me from speaking out words clearly, this is how it is sometimes here, and furthermore this also symbolises a New World, which has increased much, and yes we know, after three months, this will become 160 DKK more expensive per month, but I really CANNOT foresee that I have not become my new self before – also thinking of LTO I am, and otherwise I can cancel it again.

After lunch, I went to town with the aim to visit the library to convert my April scripts to PDF, but the library was closed from 12.00 because it is the worker’s day (!!!) – No, I do NOT like that – and I visited “my new café” and had my hair cut, and yes it takes my hair dresser 10 minutes and no, I have nothing to complain about, I don’t know how he does it, “magic” as I tell him, and yes I bought a few flowers to the apartment to look good, and if I was tired almost not being able to walk (?), and yes you bet (!), still thinking about whether I can hold out until Friday and hold out receiving guests on Friday.

I was shown half a Danish pastry bar being half baked receiving a lid on, this is the next part of the Source to be awakened from the other side of the New World, and yes will this take longer to do (?), or is this about making all eternity to come as good as possible with the foundation we do today, which is why I continue doing my best work under the circumstances?

I keep being told “not nice hearing voices”, which is still what other people would like to “help” me get rid off, and eeehhhh who told you that I would like to get rid of my “voices” (?), and we know not easy to imagine that it is the voice of God speaking to me from my own inner (?), and yes this is what is making some people hoping for me to be hospitalised and receive medicine because this is the only way to cure my sickness according to your SIMPLE MINDED thoughts?

I was told that the most precious task of the Muslims was to make sure that it would not become Christmas, but no, they did not stand a chance in practice.

I continued receiving not important information for example that it is the after effects of Oliver from A2B, who did not have faith in me in 2010, which brought me two small heart attacks this evening, and that it was my father’s mother, who had “fear” over me both making a mess at her home when I was a child and “what will become of Stig” – also with that mother – which “helped” my father being negative/doubtful about me, but it was because of my mother ALWAYS saying “you cannot do this and that, Stig” when I was growing up that I showed that I could when I worked for different employers, and yes I never thought directly of this, but it sounds as a good explanation of this being the reason that I did my best.

I was somewhat concerned that something could have happened to Meshack on his way home from Uganda two days ago I believe, because I have not heard from him today confirming the reception of the money and also not from David, who normally thanks for the reception, so I checked the money transfer status and can see that they have been paid out, so Meshack has received them, and yes my friends, if you “forget” to let me know or postpone it unnecessary, you make people concerned, and there is not need for that.

It is not because we did not catch the aeroplane that we are now returning to you – from the balcony – but because I could not bring the plane to you, yes I know.

I was shown a man reading the newspaper on a sofa having his dog next to him, which he brings food, but then the dog is wiped out, and I was told that this is NOT what will happen to us because we are light simply waiting for out turn, which was not in this round, but the next and next and next ….

Google Earth: I am being brought to the magnetic North Pole

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a gentleman with thin hair and beard, the sun is sharper now, all saved, I am being brought to the magnetic North Pole, great activity around Greenland, much mud around the centre, entering the centre, and activities around the North Pole.

FB 010513 Jette 1

FB 010513 Jette 2

FB 010513 Jette 3

FB 010513 Jette 4

FB 010513 Jette 5

FB 010513 Jette 7

FB 010513 Jette 8

FB 010513 Jette 9

FB 010513 Jette 10

FB 010513 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I shared these stories of UFO’s and FREE ENERGY, which should not be very difficult to believe in (?), and yes it helps with documentaries of others because then it is not only me saying it.

FB 010513 Stig

  • According to the Short Newspaper, “the killing on Helle Thorning has begun” with traces similar to the big chairman showdown in the 1990’s when the former chairman Svend Auken was thrown out, and to me this is the story of Helle Thorning-Schmidt being killed not because of herself but because of her surroundings not being able to communicate and instead fighting their own course against others, and yes a symbol of how the world is also killing me, so “welcome to the club, Helle”, and yes please continue doing your best to reject these attacks as I also do.

FB 010513 DKA

  • After I was told and wrote yesterday that Søren H. started the financial crisis for turning my newsletter to banks down, today Henrik was inspired to say that “I realise that I should not have started the financial crisis, I am sorry!”, and yes isn’t it funny, so there seems to be a connection maybe via Søren H. to Henrik, and Merete said “you are fogiven, regards Jesus”, and yes, no sweat, Henrik, we made it, but it was NOT because of you and your attitude.

FB 010513 Henrik D

  • Today, at the traditional workers day, the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt held a speech in Århus but was met by constant and loud boo-shouts of the crowd making it impossible to hear what she said, and afterwards someone sprayed water in her head, and the leader of the Socialist People’s Party, Annette Vilhelmsen, and the mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, received the same “welcome” in Copenhagen by dissatisfied voters, who were so primitive, so this was the way they decided to meet the politicians, and it made me embarrassed on their behalf to witness – it was primitive and indecent behaviour.

FB 010513 Berlingske

  • Inger, MP from the Liberal Party, was one of many commenting this by saying that it is discouraging to see what the Prime Minister met today and “the God’s have to know that also I believe that she and the rest of the government have committed the biggest voter deception, but it is indecent to expose her and others to what happened today. In Denmark we use arguments and our votes – not violence and assaults”, and it made me decide to say that now the God’s know (!), and I spoke of the poor behaviour and moral of Danes as indecent and disgraceful, and also that it is incredible that responsible politicians have done nothing to improve behaviour and moral of this spoiled country by telling the truth to the people straight out for being selfish, negative, better-knowing and often ignorant and instead they have spoken the opposite praising the Danes to buy votes making most Danes believe that they do right – we are the most happy and admired people in the world, right (?), wrong (!) – and her own chairman, Lars Løkke the WIMP is the best example doing this for years, and yes a dog needs training in good behaviour and man does the same, but still there are no lessons in school or work places on this, and it is impossible to parents to raise people properly because of the negative influence of society and yes also because they have grown a wrong behaviour themselves because of “wrong culture”, and yes NOTHING have you done!!!

FB 010513 Inger S

  • I shared my comment above on my own Facebook timeline, and who decided to resist me because “it is not completely without reason that many are angry, when there are no jobs and they are told that they don’t receive benefits” (?), and yes Jette of all (!), and this is why people react as they do because “the Government has to remember that everything which it sends out, it receives again” and yes, Jette, what was that (?), was this your “revolutionary side” coming up believing that “poor behaviour” – and maybe even a revolution as the Red Green Party wants – is alright because if the Government cannot behave, it is fine that the people also cannot (?), and yes this is truly what she wrote (!!!), I could almost not believe my eyes, so I had to repeat that NO MATTER WHAT, there is NOTHING justifying poor behaviour and I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (!), and this is what I have met myself for years, the WORST behaviour of negative/angry/misunderstanding people tormenting me, but it does NOT give me the right to do to them as they did to me, I have ALWAYS myself been positive teaching you what NOT to do – no, I have NOT been negative at any point, and have ALWAYS protected you from darkness by saving you every single second (!) – so here was a lady of darkness, this is what you are, Jette, when you take on this “clothes”/attitude, trying to teach me that this outrageous behaviour is “acceptable”, and yes, this was the end of the evening, and Jette knows that I am out of energy, but still you decided to go up against me again and again and again because you could not control your inner voice believing that I was wrong (?), so I repeated the same message over again – it is NEVER acceptable to show this behaviour, which EVERYONE easily can see immediately when seeing it, but still the culture is so polluted also in this respect that it makes some people believe that this is alright, and yes making people both deaf and blind trying to justify negative/wrong actions like this because “it is because of others” (!), and no, there are NO excuses/explanations justifying wrong behaviour like this, I do believe that it should be apparent to everyone, and yes even children in kindergarden. This is NOT how to treat people even when others have done wrong, and yes the government did wrong politics stealing from the poor giving to the rich, but this is really not the explanation to the problems, the explanation is the financial crisis of the world because of the financial sector and business world going totally mad in their hunt for profits after having lost all business moral. This is where the world REALLY should have intervened, and yes by making a New World Order, which was the ONLY way to deal the crisis, but “no one could”!

FB 010513 Jette til Stig

  • And what do you think this does to Jette (?), and yes it draws energy out of her because I “don’t understand her” (!), and where does she cover this loss of energy (?), and yes from me, so here was Jette again acting as darkness and because she did not understand what is easy to understand. WHAT YOU SEE HERE IS POOR AND UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR – isn’t that obvious to anyone?

FB 010513 Jette til Stig 2

  • Helena is in New York, the BIG APPLE, of all places, and she LOVES it, and she wished people the best 1st May, and Allan summarised the day well by saying that several people were arrested, shooting with water pistol against Helle Thorning-Schmidt, she was “mooned”, blue roses thrown after her, booing, signs with sour smiley’s, posters with the text “Judas” and “she received the rough file of the mob all over the country”, and is this alright to do (?), and no, I do NOT believe it is, do you?

FB 010513 Helena


2nd May: We can see the end of the tunnel of the Source and how it started as a “poor piano player”

Dreaming of Danish comedians working against me but I am the strongest

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 07.40 without being awakened during the night, which is VERY rare (!), thus only having this dream shortly before being awakened.

  • Lars Hjortshøj and other comedians participate in a 24 hours race, and even though they have done their best, they are only half way after 14 hours not being able to make it on time, and they are competing against a cycle factory from Malmö, Sweden, which has put in three of its test cyclists, and even though they are not professional racing cyclists, they say that they will be surprised if anyone can defeat them. And somehow all of this is part of a big sport tournament, where there is also played a new kind of game, football on a new ice field, and some say that everyone knows how funny this game is.
    • Again, I have Danish comedians working against me, and still the Trinity says that even though we are not professional, we should be stronger than this darkness coming against us.

We can see the end of the tunnel of the Source and how it started as a “poor piano player”

Even though I had almost 8 hours of sleep, I was TIRED when standing up believing that it would be impossible to go through the day, and yes to prepare the visit tomorrow by setting up the dinner table, chairs from my storage room in the cellar, and yes service for eight including the wash up of this, which I started finding/doing yesterday, and also to go to the library today, and shopping with my mother besides from writing and uploading my script, and yes I need to continue working concentrated every day otherwise I will “lose it” not being able to come back.

I was told about the Louvre museum of Paris and the most famous painting in the world, Mona Lisa: “Not come out yet, isn’t this just what we say. That picture is my master piece”.

I still receive so strong pressure on me that it should really make me give up, and again as many times before, there is only one way out of this and it is to decide being stronger than all of this darkness – the sum of my family, friends etc. thus the world against me – and sometimes it takes much to overcome this strength/negative power of voice/feelings given to me.

I was told that it was just for the world to put my name on all signs and information given to the world about my arrival, but for many it was still not easy to do?

I received strong stomach pain and here comes the pain to my spinal column too, which in itself makes me unfit to work, and this is of the kind, which the Commune sends me when thinking negatively of me, and yes you are preparing for our new meeting here in May, Lisbeth?

I was shown a little new man coming out of the exhaust of a dark car – the last life I can get out – connected to a camping wagon, which brings me the meaning of the camping wagon as symbol, which is the New World run by the engine of the Source.

No, we cannot call the ship yard, isn’t this the difference that the New World was created with direct access to the ship yard of the Source, and from the New World it will happen via the New World?

The most important was that we could see light at the end of the tunnel of the Source, which is what we also can now, and that is from our New World. And now we can see how we started out as a poor piano player.

I was told that people have been living on the moon for years to prepare the evil overtake of Earth.

I was told that my mother and John really feel too poorly to come to my birthday tomorrow, and they don’t know just how extremely poor I feel and that it is my will also being brought to them, which makes them come.

My mother came at 13.00 today and we went out shopping – Rema 1000 and Netto in Hornbæk and Aldi in Helsingør – and she had told me that all I needed to do was to prepare the potatoes, but eventually she also bought them, and yes new and small delicious potatoes from Spain, and yes we spoke of Mallorca too, and I was told that the cleanest water of the Source is now also pouring from there, so you are not “the evil spirit” anymore, my dear people of Spain.

It was extremely tough for me to go through these three hours of shopping when having no energy, and again I was thinking if I can go through this including my birthday tomorrow, or if I will decide to break out of the role shouting out my pain, which will make the play stop.

My mother’s and John’s Toyota has now had not only its exhaust but also the carburettor repaired, so there was much of the old car, which needed repair, which is also a symbol of cleaning done here at the end.

My mother receives pills for her metabolism and also previous cancer, and she has decided to keep a break a few days on these, which has made her pain to her back and other places to completely disappear, and I told her that in her place, I would NOT take the pills she does, and the only reason she does it is because she has more faith in authorities of doctors than of faith as I do, which makes me never take pills, and I told her that I have also not had virus programmes to my computer since 2008 without anything happening, which is “completely madness” if you ask people, and yes this was to bring her even more faith that pills are the creation of hell.

I was told that we keep on sewing (my new clothes) on basis of the remaining part of my mother’s stockings, and she is about to put this away.

I was told that celebrating my birthday tomorrow including the whole family is the symbol of the final defeat of my sister of darkness.

I was told that my name is the hottest right now (of the official world), which no one has burned him or herself on for not speaking out the truth of me.

I was told that the customs still want to take part of wine on its way in, and I continue receiving a few out of this world pain to my right ankle pain, but most importantly, I am so extremely tired of the game and feel how it is very close to simply stop.

I was told about Jack, shown an aeroplane and told that they would not like to welcome me, yes the armed forces.

After dinner, I cycled to the library even though I was far too tired to do so, and I converted my April scripts to PDF and published them too.

I received a VERY STRONG feeling of a bomb-man, and was told that it is impossible for the evil system of the world and here the secret government of USA as I understand it to stop itself.

I was told something about stopping the telephone line, which will feel like removing a plaster, which is only little pain.

Even thought we have been ready with the camera for a long time, it almost feels as if there is no room for you.

I received the feeling and half speech about billions of dollars going up in smoke, and does that include facilities on the moon, my friends (?), and why is it that you could not help the poor instead with this money, and yes world domination was too big a temptation for you?

I continued working with my script until 21.45 surpassing pain levels again to finish this work, and yes a short script, but still difficult to do.

I was happy seeing a UFO/spaceship on the sky flying with “majestic calm”, which was the feeling it sent me and of course because I am the King. I was told that Lady Diana stands ready on the other side – inside our New world.

Google Earth: Faces on a book = Facebook invented by “me” to bring out my messages in order to save the world

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my spiritual friends laughing, afraid animals looking at life, big souls all over, nice white hair, Greenland is ever changing, looking for someone sitting at the top, Faces on a book = Facebook invented by “me” to bring out my messages in order to save the world.

FB 020513 Jette 1

FB 020513 Jette 2

FB 020513 Jette 3

FB 020513 Jette 4

FB 020513 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd has finally started to be “resurrected” and even though there still are many days without visitors/”life”, several days have been “resurrected”.

Scribd 0205 incl 0105

  • I was happy seeing that my old friend from Fair, Angela, who cut me off quickly in 2010 as a Facebook friend, that today she accepted an OLD LinkedIn invitation of mine, and is this to say that some people also from Fair are beginning to believe in me?
  • Simon was part of the act of Michael Wulff in relation to the new “public law”, which the Danish Government tries to make into law limiting openness of when politicians create new laws, which has met MUCH criticism not least from Simon Emil of the Parliament, and here he was “up against” the Justice Minister as a joke not being able to give Simon a full answer to why it is a good idea to have this law, and I told Simon that soon everything will become free and open and it is truly a waste of time what they do (also) discussing this law and yes using so much energy and passion on it when all of the old system will cease to exist including your seats, Simon, and that is when our New World Government will take over, and aren’t you looking forward to this (?), and oh no, he does not believe, or do you?

FB 020513 Simon

  • I did not understand why I did not hear from Kenya, and I have still not heard from Meshack, which is “not normal”.

Email David 020513

  • I was told that we did not finish the story of Barcelona and Bayern Munich with the latter winning the second match by 3 to 0 and 7 to 0 in aggregate, and yes there is nothing strange in us changing site for a moment and yes simply to celebrate Germany as the home of our new Kingdom, and not every day that Germany have two teams in the Champions League finaly, right?
  • Michael Wulff brought “7 signs that you live too healthy” starting by saying that he is not concerned unless it is too healthy too eat bacon for all 14 daily meals (!), and no, there is NO problem, Michael, take all the dose of the Source as this means symbolically, and then he shares his signs including water of the Source, healthy bowels (not destructing anymore), butter and cheese (creation), and talks about Tivoli and balloons, which are signs of celebration when entering Tivoli as the Paradise of our New World.

FB 020513 Helt normalt

Helt Normalt 020513

  • Thomas is still defending his programmes of naked women, which is now news also in Britain as you can read here, but he received the words “something rotten in Denmark”, which is coming from the King of Kronborg Castle telling you, Thomas, that what you are doing is WRONG (!), and I told him that this is sadly the case, and “your motive was beautiful, but it was wrong to do” (sexuality is a private and divine right between you and your partner, NOT public entertainment).

FB 020513 Thomas B


3rd May: Darkness still tried to destroy, but we are the champions not losing any life to the Devil of Beelzebub

Dreaming of bringing in more life from the Source via my old nightmare

I went to bed at 22.45 and slept until 06.30 with these dreams.

  • Half awake I was told that we are now ready to spray out books from here, which is about my books.
  • Something about a Friday afternoon at 14.30 at a café at Nørrbrogade, smoking when the aeroplane comes in, which is what the bus says.
    • Nørrbrogade is one of the main discharges of the Source, and this is about bringing out more life still with sufferings of the bus, i.e. making love, i.e. my “old nightmare”.
  • Britt has a model agency, hiccups, a colleague of hers prepares food slowly, they cannot communicate together or with others to solve their problem. Villy S. from the Socialist People’s Party is there wanting to speak to Britt outside.
  • Still about people who “cannot” speak together because of negative feelings overpowering them, and Britt “cannot” take me and my scripts too?
  • I woke up to the beautiful “save me” (now) by Jeff Lynne.

I was told something about bringing two true Aurora papers.

I read a story about the new Kenyan MP’s not having received their pay yet after there has been a fight about how much or little they should receive, and to me, it is an outrage seeing rich MP’s with the finest suits, golden rings etc. when the people are so poor, and yes of course the MP’s don’t want to cut their wages (?), and I wonder how much TRUE work you do compared to TALK TALK TALK (?) and also being displayed as animals to the media/population sitting on chairs watching all kind of “displays” (?), and yes I was told that this is about darkness having received no pay.

I was told that there is an LP-record, which the gramophone has not played yet.

I was shown a dark hole surrounded by spring rolls and shavers coming out from inside of it.

I was told about an old friend, Charlotte D., from when I worked for Berlingske in the evenings at the end of the 1980’s as a free time call centre agent selling newspapers, and about Charlotte being a good road for me, and also that I worked for Berlingske to influence this newspaper house to work for me later, so now you know, Lisbeth Knudsen & Co., and no, I NEVER received feedback from the sales manager, Mette, on my written proposal to improve sales procedures.

I was shown a totem pole working as a bird tree and also with intagliated faces opening and closing their mouths as a pipe, and this is the eternal family tree, and I was told that we are ready.

I was shown the King’s Garden in Copenhagen, and a grave including a sword, and I continued receiving darkness of sexual torments.

I was told that when I lived – from 1986-88 – in the basement of Nrd. Strandvej 4 in Helsingør in the separate apartment belonging to the house of the big brother Steffen of my old friend Thomas H. (from Danske Bank then) that the stove in the kitchen giving me electric shocks when touching it – EXTREMELY unpleasant – was a sign about what would later come when this family would “kill” me with their silent resistance to me.

This is the expiration of the warning. This is not as unusual anymore.

So I don’t have to make myself beautiful anymore to him (?), which is about my mother and my “old nightmare”.

So my job is now to release you (from the pain I am constantly in).

No, we cannot squeeze another sausage through, it is too narrow.

There is no reason to protect her anymore, and something about a can of paint.

Can we transform from a toad into that beautiful life there as you point at?

So it is your mother who has stood behind you with the camera not sending up rockets.

I spoke to my mother on the phone before she arrived, and then suddenly the telephone decided to cut off the power – as it does sometimes – and yes you know one of these things of my spiritual friends because of darkness, and also to say that this is the end of my old telephone line.

Today was my birthday, and I was HAPPY to receive maybe 25 to 30 nice birthday greetings at Facebook with some telling me of faith of people in me normally not saying anything, and I was told that even more thought about sending me greetings but “could not”, and yes many old friends and school friends, whom I would have been happy hearing from.

My mother had been very nice buying my birthday dinner and also arriving at 15.30 to help preparing it, and yes ALL STRAWBERRIES for the birthday cake were good, which is normally not the case according to my mother, which to me was about our perfect New world, which was a repeated message during the evening when I spoke of my stereo to a question of Niklas telling him how I paid “almost nothing” – 500 DKK – for my magical Audio Alchemy black box (Digital/analogue) converter, which plays MUCH better than my old Denon CD, which was 13,000 DKK, and yes EVERYTHING OPENED COMPLETELY UP, and I heard myself inside of me with the message that this is what our New World does.

My mother had been kind to buy the best, small and new Mallorca potatoes today – not “only” Spanish as we bought yesterday – and yes a sign of the cleanness of Mallorca by now and contact to the Source too.

But there is no preparation of dinner with my mother without extreme stress/negativity and sometimes complete unreasonable temper and behaviour, which simply steams out of my mother as the steam engine of the world passing through her, and yes it was a “nightmare” to her when I did not have a dish for my oven big enough to include two roasts and also not a layer cake disc, and yes this simply makes the world break down to her – this is how she has been designed inside of her – and I could only tell her that it was then good that she lives very close to me so we could go there getting what we needed, and yes, “the disc is with guarantee to big to your oven” and “I knew all along that your oven would not work” and yes taking the sorrows in advance and speaking them out with temper and negativity over and over and over again making it a nightmare being around her, and yes John arrived too, and when he smiled and came with “funny remarks”, it only made everything worse for my mother making everything worse for John – killing him with her attitude “you can NEVER found out anything” as she says to him all of the time, which is what she told me all of the time when growing up, which is what truly can make you lose confidence being around her, and at one point, I had have enough, and with the help of my inner voice, I told her firmly to stop being stressed, I do NOT want to listen to it, and it more or less removed her stress and later even made her apologise over again for her behaviour, and yes this is the only weapon I have working to make her calm down, which is for myself to be firm when needed and of course to be calm myself spreading this attitude to her, and yes the disc actually fitted the oven just (!), and we even succeeded to work together in the kitchen, which is “completely impossible” to do with my mother (!), so everything worked out fine, and the only problem we had was that when Sanna arrived together with Hans, Niklas/Isabelle and Tobias, at one point the over stopped working – as it often does, but normally after I have finished using it – and here very directly because of the darkness, she brought, and we know, it was simply to unplug and plug it to make it work again, and we used a thermometer to measure the inside temperature of the roast, and I knew that we have to take it out at 58 degrees, and to let it rest under tinfoil and a cloth for 15 minutes while the temperature would continue increasing to 63 degrees, where it would be perfect to cut, but it took longer than expected to reach the desired temperature, which was more then 5 quarters instead of three, and when I took it out at 58 degrees, it looked “well done”, i.e. having had too much, and when I put it to rest under the cloth, the temperature did NOT continue increasing as it should, but decreasing (!), and yes yes yes, the roast had been made well done instead of medium rare, and we know, it was spiritual darkness of my sister, which had arrived trying to sabotage dinner symbolising life of the Source, and yes this is EXACTLY how it was, and when I was at my absolutely worst stress – because of work and sweating much – when we had just sat at the table after having cut the meat (which however was good, but too well done), the music playing in the background had not decided to turn up the volume of the right speaker, which it otherwise has not done for days playing on it, and yes making it impossible to play music for half an hour, and yes yes yes the arrival of the Source of darkness of my sister, and no, the behaviour of my sister is not “darkness” as you would think of it, because she is a loving nature, however darkness shows through her because of her “dictator” attitude wanting to decide everything, which for example was shown when we had birthday cake with strawberries on, and there was ¼ or the cake remaining, which still had strawberries on, and both Hans and Isabelle would like to pick the strawberries to eat, but they could not eat more cake, and yes yes yes, my sister told them “you can have only one” (!!!), which made me tell them that I am the host, and they can have all of the strawberries, and yes, this is really how it is.

And yes, during dinner, my mother brought the gravy boat, which she however could not hold almost losing it, and I had to take it too but received such a poor grip on it that I would have lost it if my mother removed her grip, which she almost did because she had “lost it”, so I told her “don’t remove your grip” (!), and yes which made it possible to put it on the table, and we know creating a dangerous situation to spill gravy of the Source, which was completely unnecessary if she had only taken the right grip on it, and it made me pour gravy to everyone during dinner, which of course was a sign of spreading the gravy of the Source to all life.

I felt how I continued receiving more life from the Source via the narrow opening of my throat.

Eventually everything worked out fine and we had a nice evening, and I told my family that it is amazing that we can sit here together, which was really not only because of my small apartment having a dinner table – my writing table – big enough for 8 and also a sofa arrangement big enough for everyone, but really about everything we have gone through, and still the family is intact because love turned out to being the strongest, and yes inside of my sister, which was the main challenge.

I had made a “soft Queen CD”, and when playing it, it received MUCH attention telling me about just how popular Freddie Mercury & Co. still are, and Hans even wanted to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody” when I said that it is the biggest rock song in the world together with “stairways to heaven” with Led Zeppelin, and my mother heard “mama” in the lyrics making her happy, and I told them that I did not know what it was about, but I really do, the main part is about “the Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me”, who “will not let you go”, so this is simply the biggest rock song ever about the Judgment, and this is the part that all people sing out with all air of their lungs especially when hearing it in their cars, and yes the end result became WE WILL LET YOU GO – EVERYONE SURVIVED THE JUDGMENT.

“I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango, Thunderbolt and lightning – very very frightening me, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo Figaro – magnific.

But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me, He’s just a poor boy from a poor family, Spare him his life from this monstrosity, Easy come easy go – will you let me go, Bismillah! No – we will not let you go – let him go, Bismillah! We will not let you go – let him go, Bismillah! We will not let you go – let me go, Will not let you go – let me go (never), Never let you go – let me go, Never let me go – ooo, No, no, no, no, no, no, no -, Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go, Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me.”

And it made my sister wanting to hear “we are the champions”, which in her mind is the biggest hit of Queen because they always play this when winning at sport tournaments, and yes that’s right, and here it is to say that we won EVERYTHING saving all life of the Old World.

I had told them not to bring gifts, but everyone did, and yes nice shirts, t-shirts, socks and wine, and I received a Lacoste T-shirt and deo spray from Sanna and Hans, which you know is wearing a crocodile as their logo, and you do remember that the crocodile of darkness ate my sister?

And yes yes yes, Sanna and Hans will be going to Peru on summer holiday among others to visit the Inca city “Machu Picchu”, and yes it must be nice to be rich, and the same goes with Isabelle and Niklas having TWO CARS with Niklas now selling his Audi A6 because it would be nice to have something else and Isabelle having her Fiat 500, and yes a “tragedy” it is that she has been dismissed from the law company, which had a poor working environment, and yes Tobias also could not meet at the practice period of his education because of big problems when Mia had left him, and yes he is VERY fragile, my youngest nephew, and yes yes yes everything is making me wonder, and even more when they are my closest family still showing their wrong behavior to the world, where the right would have been to help my LTO friends/families and me to receive a normal life, and yes symbolizing what the world could not do to poor people of the world because of selfishness.

They left at around 22.00, and I now needed to clean up everything, but I was far too tired to do anything deciding that I will have to do that tomorrow morning, and also to catch-up on my scripts the day after tomorrow.

I was given the sound of a black whip to my balcony and a brown sound to my shelves. And a sound to my oven was Big Ben and I was told that we are still here.

I was told that “as far as we know, this is the fall of the great Soviet Empire”, which is what “Soviet” is about to understand, and yes you did not understand before it was too late.

Google Earth: We are going back in time, almost a heart, the Source has given light

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a light haired guy looking at the Source, we are going back in time, almost a heart, the Source has given light, beauty from the North Pole, and a message of love of Earth.

FB 030513 Jette 1

FB 030513 Jette 2

FB 030513 Jette 3

FB 030513 Jette 4

FB 030513 Jette 5

FB 030513 Jette 6

Ending the day with this short story:

  • The mayor was at the doctor yesterday due to a throat problem, which made Ejvin say “yes, they always go directly after the throat”, which is what I did with the mayor and the Commune.

Fb 030513 Johannes

  • I was happy also receiving this email from Meshack now knowing that he made the trip home from Uganda safely. Thank you very much for sending me this kind email of yours, Meshack, and for answering my question on your education. And if I received an email from Elijah (?), no he is “too busy” and is that from doing nothing or what do you really do, Elijah (?), and is “laziness” and “day dreaming” still a large part of it?

Fb 030513 Meshack



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