May 9, 2013: Preparing to pour out all content of the Source over the New World bringing the great awakening to everyone


Summary of the script today

7th May: Preparing to pour out all content of the Source over the New World bringing the great awakening to everyone

  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show bigger than big, my mother asking darkness to remove its helmet, One light – one dark, a new Sheik, many souls trying to help to avoid a car crash (of my old self breaking down), and whatever will be will be.
  • We are changing God these days with the new found extra piano, which is there even though it feels like it is not, and my mother is now going to pour all of the content of the Source out over herself of the New World, which will be done after we have now finished the game removing all darkness creating a sustainable physical world as the foundation. All of this content of the Source is automatically following my father inside of our New World. This process would normally require Karen or I to be dead, but we will try to do without because everything has been prepared perfectly. This is the great awakening coming, this is what will bring an eternity of energy to our New World.
  • Short stories of cleaning the sunglasses/people receiving faith in me, “I want to break free”, there is still terminated life not resurrected yet, the media shooting the cow/me, and telling a DR TV journalist and Jehova’s Witnesses that we have passed the Judgment now waiting for the New World to open.

8th May: Telling Anton of his failure making him “lose it” and bring me “the worst darkness” to liberate my deepest inner self

  • Dreaming of Lars G. sending me darkness, bringing more life/energy out of darkness even though there is practically no more.
  • It has not rained into the unopened part of the Source – far the most of all – and the entire goal is to open to this part, which follows automatically because it follows the part of my father of the Source inside our New World. It is all life inside of the unopened Source, which created our sufferings to create the New World, and all of this life is both controlling us and the same life as us, and this is the life uniting with us to become ONE when I decide to end my journey, which will make my father and the unopened Source change side bringing us the great awakening of our new selves and our New World.
  • I sent an email to Anton wondering how he is doing after he decided to shut in like an oyster to me and not keeping his promises to read me, write about himself etc., which made him tell me that instead he has now “devoted myself to research ancient history and philosophical questions” and “writing a book about the subject”, which is NOT the road of truth for him as I had presented him for. I told him that I am sad that he “could not” keep his promises and “could not” communicate about this, which is how DARKNESS and not light is working, which made him “furious” like everyone else I have told the truth deciding to call me “disrespectful and arrogant”, which is really not the problem. The problem is his wrongdoings, and there is nothing he can do about it. He lost control and decided NOT to read and support me but do as everyone else, which is to follow his own “interests”, which is really what I needed for him to send me the worst darkness of all for me to liberate life from the deepest of my inner self.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show something about astronomy and astrology, the build of the face of my new self, the Lion of the Source, a clean belt around the globe, and the appearance of King Christian IV.
  • Short stories of waking you up to a new truth and reality, Margit believes that I am a happy idiot (?), is Barosso a happy idiot (?), trying to make Desiree understand that she receives wrong messages about me, darkness cut a sea eagle in two halves, “life is not the worst you have, and shortly the coffee is ready”.

9th May: Entering the hidden world of my inner self as the Son from where I will open the Source to the New World

  • Dreaming of darkness exploding because of Anton and no energy, darkness of people still going against me, I have the clothes bringing life to everyone, fighting a strong Russian, who may be Anton, and fleas, Shu-bi-dua and Jarl Friis Mikkelsen.
  • Anton is a mere human being as I, and it is NOT given that he is always right when he has direct/spiritual access to the Source as I do to because it is his free will, decisions and actions as a human being, which decide whether he is right or wrong, and he is WRONG when he “cannot” see his failure to me, thus sending me STRONG darkness. He is playing the dark chess pieces on one side, and I the light on the other, which is the extremely narrow passage that I am going through to reach my own inner self in an extra “piano”/world – working as the spire of the Unicorn, or the front mast of the sail ship, which is an add-on to the world – hiding at the most inner of the Source, where I was brought 2,000 years ago, and this inner part of me would have resurrected everything making all survive at the end even if this had destructed – if I had lost the game against darkness – a long time ago, which would have made the world believe that the end had come, and surprised to be resurrected after termination. This is here that I as the Son received the gift of the family tree of life of my father 2,000 years ago, and this is from here that I control the world and planned the end and our new beginning, but it was not planned that I as physical Stig should be able to make it through to the inner self of me. And this is from here that my inner self would act accordingly to my decisions as physical Stig, to destruct or save life/the world on my way to get to the inner side of me. I also received the feelings of kindness and faith of Anton coming to me, which is how he basically is – a KIND man, and I received thanks for bringing us together again, which is what is opening the eyes of my new self.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show who are you (?), a tall and well-dressed woman, workshop for eyes and noses, work has begun on a woman’s eye, still working on Stig, male and female eye, the greatest wish of the blind painter is to receive eyes, the painter turns darkness of the cobra.
  • Short stories of Anton advising me to adopt to the world using “their language” to make it understand me and I tell Anton that I am NOT adopting to the world, the world is adopting to me (!), Preben sent darkness to me to be cleansed, Christian Borup is waiting for me to become my new self.


7th May: Preparing to pour out all content of the Source over the New World bringing the great awakening to everyone

Dreaming of living in the outermost poverty in Kenya, which is also having absolutely no energy

I went to bed at 23.30 sleeping until 07.15 with these dreams:

  • I am living in the outermost poverty together with a large family in Kenya, which keeps reorganising with different people of the family living together at different places. It is “mission survival”. Something about losing contact to people, waiting on a bus, a hippopotamus, and a motorcycle from Britain. But without meat, cheated, where is everyone? Did you die? And I felt an article about poverty in the newspaper, but now it is impossible to find it.
    • Is this the situation of Elijah’s family (?) – and families of the other LTO members, David, John and Meshack (?) – and if it is, you have told me NOTHING, and maybe the team will tell in an email to me (?), and yes I receive the taste of beef here, but when you have no livestock anymore, which (most of it?) died at the drought, how do you receive beef, and also no crops (?), and that is at least yet. I can only encourage you as always to speak out the truth directly, openly and honestly without holding anything back. And yes, this story was almost impossible to write for the Western media.
    • And “outermost poverty” also means “absolutely no energy”.

Preparing to pour out all content of the Source over the New World bringing the great awakening to everyone

I was told that the many recordings I did in 2006 – see my library – was also just to show that the Bible is not to be trusted.

A few days ago, I was told about Switzerland also being a “special country”, and I was reminded of my quick tour through Switzerland with Camilla there in 2000, I believe, on our way to France, and also on our way home, really, and this morning, I was reminded of Switzerland doing the “completely impossible” at the present World Cup in Ice hockey defeating both Sweden, Canada and the Czech Republic in their first three matches, and I am here told “simply because of the strength we decided to give them” and yes because I have been there, so this is an example of lifting everything up, and NO, you do NOT win three matches in a row over what normally are among the three best nations, which Switzerland normally is not.

Yes, you believed that we only polished and set up lamps, and then a completely new creation comes here, i.e. the piano of yesterday, and I was told that this is a similar thing, take me to that place where I can find my brave face, which we then did, no buildings, “nothing”, it is more like a feeling, but it is there, it is “good enough”.

I received Simple Minds’ very STRONG song “Sanctify yourself” and the lyrics “Control yourself, love is all you need, Control yourself, in your eyes, Sanctify yourself, sanctify, Be apart of me, sanctify, Sanctify yourself, sanctify, Sanctify yourself, set yourself free”, and here it is in a very beautiful performance.

I was told that Benjamin Crème is not at all following this, he believes that I am already free, and also that he is a very good friend of mine also having a “brave face”.

I started writing the last of the script of yesterday at home – without a mouse to my computer only using the keyboard – at 07.30 thinking that I could do this before the library opening at 10.00, also thinking that the work day will probably be short today.

I went to the library where I published the script of the last three days, and before publishing it on Facebook, I had had “problems” for this computer on the library – the second day in a row that I use the same – to show embedded videos of my script, and then it suddenly completely shut everything down closing entirely, and yes darkness is following me here and we know my family does NOT like my scripts.

Afterwards – feeling “proud” of myself being able to do these three last days of scripts – I was told that there is an incredible good offer there, which will have to bring out more parts of the Source almost costing nothing.

I was told that we have also received help from a temple praying for me and knowing about me.

I was told about the change of a throne and concerns about “who will follow me”, which is both about what parts of me, i.e. my father, feels, and I am also feeling the Danish Queen Margrethe, so you are not very comfortable to deliver the throne to your son, Frederik, who is not as bright as yourself?

Have we taken the end tour to the bank (?), and yes Stig, you promised to continue working, and this is what you still do.

I received the Cheers theme together with the lyrics “change the Lord”, which is what we are doing these days with the extra piano.

Your mother is not a non-voter, is she (?), she is now going to do what she has waited all of her life to do, which is to pour all of the content, all gold, of the Source out over herself of the New World. And it does not matter that I – my mother – can only stand 30 metres, because it is from here that I receive all of my energy. And I felt strongly that all of this energy is inside of my testicles, which has to be my father’s still being my old self (the hybrid of my mother and father).

We could have held a fire-speech, but we decided to follow you right until the end, Stig.

No, you don’t need a lawyer to defend yourself, and we know, you have decided NOT to give up, but to work yourself all the way into the Source itself, and yes Stig, to turn all of it around.

I worked until 15.00 at the library, and did a little shopping afterwards, and when I had cycled uphill and stood inside the Netto supermarket the closest to me, I was feeling so warm, dizzy and poorly that I thought that fainting was a risk and that I would have trouble getting home, but eventually I was home again.

I was told that when I lived with Camilla in Malmö, Sweden, until April 1996, the long and hard winter 1995/96 blocking the Øresund strait with ice for weeks making it VERY difficult to get on work on a daily basis in Copenhagen, was part of my tests to go through to do my job without my management – the crazy one on top of Aon you know – noticing, and as far as I remember, this is what we did even though we have to sail over Limhamn-Dragør most of the time and Helsingborg-Helsingør some of the time, and yes it was before the new bridge.

I was told that not alone did I do the greatest performance of any man in the 21st century, but also in the 20th, which no one knows, and yes little energy and much work also back then being the name of the game.

Yes, we are not just coming up to the world, which is already spread all around the New World, are we?

Your mother would not have become a spruce cone with Gramkov, which is my old class friend you know. She would still be cold inside as a cold comboy-toast on the inside if I should decide to stop work now.

At 17.00 to 18.00 I went through another tired crisis. I feel so tired, dizzy, warm and humid all over with my eyes still running in water that it makes me incredible restless with the feeling that I cannot be anywhere and that I have explosive red powder inside my veins, this is how it feels like, and then it is not nice at all to use more and more time just watching TV as I do, and yes I have received my new TV channels, and I watch more football than for many years, and saw this evening how Swansea – with my help watching – for the first time in a long time won a match, and this time over Wigan, and did you notice how the Swansea goalkeeper was injured having to leave the field (?), and yes a sign of me being in bed because of my “injuries” being out of energy.

I was given the strong feeling of a pig landing on me.

I was shown the last small dark room with shutters closing to the outside, and this room entering the engine, and I was told that we did not know what was inside, but apparently it was another piano, which is a God above God (?), and we will see someday because there is also open access to this.

I was shown myself taking a turn into railway tracks and with giant force going directly against an old Danish MY-train coming against me, and then it is as if this train is not there, but still it is.

We have played a small Ice hockey game to determine the outcome before an incredible amount much larger part now comes, which is the rest of the Source, and I was told that there are no alarms inside of there – and I really thought that all of the Source had been transformed into physical matter by now as I was told the other day (?), but you never really know.

It is not me – my spiritual voice – lying, Stig, it is your mother and the world because of its lack of faith, misunderstandings, lies and wrong behaviour, which my spiritual voice simply reflects.

So it is now with your mother with you that you enter (?), and no, and I understand that it was only with the outermost that we scored this goal. And I received something big in my mouth, and was then shown a football, which is the one we played the game with.

I received a force coming to me from outside, and was told that no, he has not eaten the roof himself, and despite of this, we are here, and not because we have been asked to be here, but because we are him, and then we follow him, and now we are you in his new home (of our New World), which is also ours then.

Your father did not know that when killing you – because of his misunderstandings, strong negativity and wrong behaviour and speech behind my back – he was killing himself.

I was shown my self at the Albertslund shopping centre and I saw a strong force floating in from around the corner, and this is a flow of roses, and it is all inside of the Source.

The spirit of my father said that now he cannot leave me, and everything follows him via his secret recipe, which is “to be”, which everything wants to be tempting curious parts of the Source to him/us, because “what can he that we cannot”?

So there was only darkness until you reached us, which was to create a sustainable physical world first.

We also could only reach home if you understood the story correctly, which required hard work to do to receive the secret messages giving me the answers.

Did he also win the Lyngby-cup (?), yes it was a condition to return home to Helsingør, which was not very easy, and is he now winning the Helsingør-cup too (?), and yes my new Facebook friend Kenneth (from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group) is helping.

And you only enter here as a cup winner with enough points, which would not be certain that your mother self would have had if you had given up and she had to play the game actively too.

You have no idea what awaits you inside here, and I was told that it is him from the balcony – parts of the Source inside the New World – which will open to the over of my kitchen, which is everything inside the Source, and I kept on receiving the feeling that this will happen at once (to become physical, which it should already be?), and I also thought that there is an eternity in all directions of the Source, so how can all of this open at once?

And is this the game, that I don’t know what will happen and it requires for me to understand what will happen (?), and in this case, I have only one answer, and that is to cut through and say “BE PERFECT” no matter what (!), and I know from experience that this also works, and better than anything else especially when I intervene not knowing what I talk about, which is WRONG to do.

I was told that this requires so much calm that it would normally require you or Karen to be dead, which made me somewhat nervous to hear, but now we will try without because you two are not in contact with each other.

One should be a wretch if not trying now when everything has been prepared perfectly, and is this what you call the great awakening  (?), which I understood that it is.

I have received the name of Liam Gallaher of Oasis a few times lately, and now I was told that he could not do this more perfectly, and yes, this is also the story of this man believing that he and the music of Oasis is the best in history (?), and you cannot find yourself on my Top 100 (?), which is making you suffer (?), and yes “Wonderwall” and the other amazing songs from this fine album, but no, I never got it after this where the music never found the “nerve” or “magic” as it did on this album, and that is to me at least.

My father said that this will not become the last you will ever hear from me, which I have now decided to make it ”perfect”.

So all of this is about walking up the stairs, which I was shown that we still do.

I was shown Ghita Nørby carrying me out from a football stadium – I was standing on a shield as the Chief of the village of Asterix – and she smashed me directly into a TV-camera, which is to say that I was not meant to survive this, and Ghita symbolises my mother, and I often think that Ghita’s big temper, as I sense that she has, is of the same calibre as my mother’s, and yes one of the greatest Danish actresses of all time if you ask me.

I was shown a very special and futuristic “sculpture” on the circle of walking path leading up to the big castle, and then I see it changing into a spaceship and helicopter, and I was told that it is people of other civilizations, who helps lifting Earth up to a higher level, and this is also why people of other civilizations have been visible on some of Jette’s Google Earth pictures recently.

A story I forgot to write: My mother decided to visit the Zoo together with John and his daughter Mette and her family a couple of weeks ago, and yes she did not bring me to the polar bears as a symbol of darkness, and did you notice that a polar bear “mysteriously” fell down into a security grave and died the other day at Aalborg Zoo (?), and yes the end of darkness you know.

I was given this potential unbearable pain to the back side of my left lower leg again, and was told that it was a necessary threat to give to terminate life in order to do what we do.

I was told that in the farmer city of Lyngby, we all decided to go with you and not with Sanna.

All of this is inside the apple, and I was shown a very small floating “thing” together with a special 3D feeling around it, and I was told that it is this small unit, which will update/exchange everything, which also includes to bring us the fourth dimension as the sum of the other three of all time.

I was given the feeling of the New World being inside the family tree, the axis of everything, and as if it was an eternal feeling.

I was told that you were not invented before the 1930’s when we knew that Hitler would not be enough, and your mother too, and no, this has to be WRONG, because my name is spelled as part of the structure of Earth self as you saw in one of those Google Earth pictures months ago, and the story of me has been told all the way back to ancient time as I understand, so this has to be WRONG.

Google Earth: My mother asking darkness to remove its helmet, and many souls trying to help to avoid a car crash

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show bigger than big, my mother asking darkness to remove its helmet, One light – one dark, a new Sheik, many souls trying to help to avoid a car crash (of my old self breaking down), and whatever will be will be.

FB 070513 Jette 1

FB 070513 Jette 2

FB 070513 Jette 3

FB 070513 Jette 4

FB 070513 Jette 5

FB 040513 Jette 6

FB 070513 Jette 7

FB 070513 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anna Karin cannot hear her telephone ringing, and isn’t it enough that she sees a little poorly even though it helped to clean her sunglasses, and I am thinking that this is a sign of how difficult it is for me to bring the rest through my old telephone line, and also that the glasses as a symbol of Jette’s Google Earth pictures is becoming a good symbol because of people starting to see, i.e. to have faith in me, rather than being blind, and I here feel Karen’s daughter Caroline.

FB 070513 Anna Karin

  • Three women including DeJesus have returned receiving their freedom after approx. 10 years, which is another sign of “I want to break free”, i.e. to become my new self.

FB 070513 CNN

  • Scribd is still improving, but there is still terminated life, i.e. days of no visitors, which have not been resurrected yet.

Scribd 0705 incl 060513

  • Henrik brought a letter about someone reporting a cow being hit by a golf ball, which a Commune could not do anything about, and to me this is about the evil game of media – including Henrik – working for the Old World shooting at the cow symbolising me, thus not working for me.

FB 070513 Henrik Q

  • The other day I watched the TV-documentary “From within” about Jehovah’s Witnesses in Denmark of DR TV journalist Anders Agger, and it is made in 2013, and they speak about the difficult Judgment coming followed by our New World, and I decided to tell Anders via his Facebook wall that the Judgment has passed and that we will now open our New World, and I told him that the management and TV-news of DR knows, and really that this brought his documentary in perspective, and yes you can read/understand or not read/not understand me, and I decided to bring him the summary and my script of the visit I received from Jehovah’s Witnesses one year ago, who were very good to preach the old script of the Bible, but they also suffer from the “we cannot/will not listen to you, read you and understand you” sickness, and I sent this as an email directly to the Jehovah’s Witnesses asking them if they will be able to understand the truth and significance of this email (?), and no, it requires for you to read me, and you can only read the Bible, right (?), and yes I continuously receive the feeling of Caroline, Karen’s daughter, now as a young woman, and has she decided to read my Facebook timeline too?

FB 070513 til Anders Agger

Email til Jehovas Vidner 070513


8th May: Telling Anton of his failure making him “lose it” and bring me “the worst darkness” to liberate my deepest inner self!

Dreaming of bringing more life/energy out of darkness even though there is practically no more

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 09.00 with these dreams:

  • I am with Lars G. in Valby, Copenhagen. There is a bus stop,  and actors on TV turn out to be a documentary of porn, which makes me decide to stand up and leave, but he continuous watching it.
    • Can it be that Lars knows about me, says nothing, and is bringing me darkness too.
  • I am working with Søren H. as my manager, and it is Monday morning where we have a meeting with an accountant, and it is first shortly before the meeting that I understand that the big ring binder of pension and insurance policies at my office belongs to this accountant, so I go back to get it, and arrive late at the meeting making them annoyed with me. When I look at the accountant, I tell him that we know each other from when I was working at DFM, which he first doesn’t believe, but when I tell him of my work, he understands. Søren H. has NOT prepared himself by making a table in forehand showing the details and sums of all covers of the accountant, and now Søren discusses with another employee what do to, and he recommends the accountant to do extra payments of 2 million DKK to a new pension scheme, which the accountant says that he will and should be able to do even though he is broke on paper and will go to court, but his shareholders give him their support, and to my big fear/disappointment, Søren promises that we will have a table of all of his policies/covers ready tomorrow, which I will have to do, and shortly before leaving, I bring a power of attorney for the accountant to sign authorising me to get bonus forecasts from his insurance companies to put into the table, and I say that I would not dream about doing this without these forecasts, and I see that it is to the displeasure of Søren, but the accountant signs. And I am very disappointed with Søren doing this counselling without doing a needs analysis, and without even having the template of the table to use for the accountant, and how in the world will I be able to do all of this before tomorrow?
    • Søren H. as the manager means that I am still working inside darkness, and it is still about bringing out more money, i.e. energy/life, of this place, even though darkness is now going bankrupt too, there is practically nothing remaining, but when digging deep, there is more to get, and this is what I will get by continuing to work, and the dream suggests that I will become very busy, and can that really be, because it looks to me that I will be able to do my work in maybe 4-6 hours per day at the moment, we will see.
  • I received a new dream about making this table template, which also shows how annuities can be converted into sums.
  • I also had a dream about people admiring Kim S. for his “philosophic thoughts/ideas”, and I remember thinking/saying that it is a shame that he only brings out so very few of his ideas.

“The unopened Source” created physical life and we will become ONE at the great awakening

I received the beautiful song “Those were the days of our lives” by Queen including “when I look and I find I still love you”, and yes these songs made a big impression the other day on my birthday, and think about Freddie singing the most beautiful songs with this title and other titles like “too much love will kill you” (as it did to him bringing him AIDS), “made in Heaven”, “let me live”, “the show must go on”,  and more shortly before he died knowing that he would die, and yes, to me this is the most incredible performance in music history!

I also received the song “under the boardwalk”, which is from where we bring out everything.

I also received “once in a lifetime” by Talking Heads – a truly marvel of a song – and the lyrics “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”, and “Into the blue again after the money’s gone”, which is what we are doing, you know.

When writing my script of yesterday, I received “is this a kind of magic” by Queen because this is what will happen soon when all of the magic of the Source will be released.

I felt my father, and heard do, Stig, he is at the library, and no, he is not sleeping.

I was told that even though I cannot be blamed to work slowly on my scripts after my birthday, it still gave darkness a chance to dig deeper, which is really what helped us dig deeper too to bring out more life/energy of it.

I worked at home until lunch to finish my script of yesterday, and after lunch, I went to the library “just” to publish this script, write my script of today and a few other things on my agenda, but it took much longer than expected, and when I at 15.20 prepared to publish my script, which I had brought with me as HTML via Microsoft Live Writer at home (because this program cannot be installed on the computer of the library, and yes “too difficult” to publish a new script from home without the access to a working computer mouse), it was a nightmare to me to see that now suddenly WordPress decided that it would not recognize the format coding (which it could the other day when publishing the May 6 script), so this means that now again, I have to copy and paste each paragraph taking “a war” to do!!!

So I kept on working – and changed computer at the library to see if this helped, which it did, but only a little still not transferring the format code – until 16.20 when I published the script, and yes thinking that I better to it now instead of doing what I can at home including format coding, but making it difficult to upload pictures and videos without a working mouse, which I however could do the day after from the library, but we know, the library is closed tomorrow because I am rising again you know, so this is why I took the long way home today.

I was told that we started the day by owing, and we are now working it in.

I was told that without Jack thinking of me stalking Karen when I in 2007 or 2008 told him that I write her normally twice per year, yes this was his completely WRONG thought, Karen would not think this herself.

I was told that Anton, see the next chapter, was now not so heartfelt as before, and is this because he lost faith and interest in me because of what others told him, what sceptical people told me, the little interest in general of people in me and because he “could not” read and understand himself and also because he knows that our communication will be brought here?

Later I received thank you for bringing Anton and you together again.

I spoke to my mother on the phone, and she had complained about my bathtub not being cleaned and offered to come and clean it, and I asked her what cleaner she uses, and she said that Cillit-Bang will take it, so I have bought this and decided that I will scrub the bathtub myself instead of letting her do it, which I told her, and now she also offered to come and help clean my windows from the inside, which I told her that I will consider, and yes the dirt is really on the outside, and there is no need for my mother to do what I can do myself, and when I told her, I heard how sad she became, which is really to say that she is leading as dull a life as I am being very lonely despite of being together with John, and it makes me sad to think about our lives, but this is how it is, and yes I will see her and John again on Friday, and this will be it, and yes the difference is really that I work and my mother does not making her lonely having nothing to do during the days – and we know, I also thought about just how potential dangerous these cleaners are, and I would NOT be surprised if Cillit-Bang and other cleaners pollute much, and I have been thinking many times before that in our New World you will not need “tough” cleaners polluting.

Apparently, the volume of my phone is so low that it makes my mother often say that she cannot hear me, and when I have difficulties speaking because of darkness attacking me, there is almost nothing more annoying than to repeat what is essentially not important information, which I only tell because there is nothing more exciting to tell.

I felt my father, and he showed me that we can now crawl over the roof of a small house inside darkness because of Anton, and I was given the sound of a very delicate frame, and I was told that the smaller the picture I can get through, the better it is.

And I was told that I wrote “too much” for Anton to “being able” to read me, and what happens to people not reading me (?), and yes, they lose interest and normally also faith.

I felt how a lion head entered my face, so yes, Anton is now thinking much of me again sending me darkness to enter!

I was given LOUD hiccups, which is about the world still sacrificing to bring me energy, which Anton here is stealing because of his wrong behaviour and view.

I received a new tired crisis at around 19.00, and a potential completely unbearable pain to the back side of my right lower leg, and it came together with someone on TV speaking of “mental disease” and I was given a feeling of my mother and what she still believes of me!

I was told that Obama was about to give up fighting the financial crisis in 2009, which also made me even more sick, but thank God that he did not.

I have been thinking if what we do is really “perfect” or if we could have done it even better, and I do believe that “perfect” is “perfect”, but I was given the thought that when my mother helped me buying used furniture last year as a symbol of breaking through to the Source, I did not get the two chairs I wanted, and instead I received a poorer chair, which is now broken, and the chair symbolises me now broken, and I should have had two, one for my father and I (?); but still this is what we have brought out (?), and yes this is what I believe in.

Yes, we have come to what we can collect in the slipstream of you. It is like going at the museum looking at empty glass cases.

I was given the sound of a can in the kitchen and was told that it has not rained in here, which we also had to watch out for.

Where do you believe we could get energy from – with a reference to the dream of “more money” – and yes from Anton by telling him the truth about his deceit, and I understand that he is opening to darkness and really stealing my energy. So it is him hiding these secrets, so it was therefore perfect to communicate with him now.

At the outmost, we are inside a small fishing shack on the beach, as I am shown, to get the dog out of there, which is also inside here.

I was told that we started transferring all of this – parts of my father – when I met Elijah in Kenya in 2009.

You have not yet broken in here – I was given a sound to my oven symbolising the Source not opened yet – which is your entire goal, and I was given a feeling to the left side of my body and was told that everything here is taking you in making you also become us.

I was reminded of a dinner we had with our neighbours at Kofoed Anchersvej in Espergærde in 1976, where there was something I TRULY did not like at all, it made me feel disgusted all over, but I had to eat it – the worst experience I have had of this kind in my life – and I was told that there was a risk that some of my father at the balcony would not like us from the oven thus deciding to spit us out, but no SAVE EVERY LITTLE THING was the message so this is what we did.

I was reminded of when Camilla and I were on holiday at Isla de Margarita in 1997, I believe, when we had rented a car and come back to the main city in the evening, where we lived, and where I was lost driving in the same circle maybe 10 times or more through what looked to me like “rough neighbourhoods” where I was afraid of what they would do to Camilla and me if seeing us inside the car, and we kept on driving around the same circle, and I simply could not find the right way and was “lost”, and yes it may sound as nothing, but this was also a test and one of the worst experiences of my life, and just to tell you that my difficulties did not first start in 2004/06.

I was told about my father of the balcony that he did not want to come with us in the New World, this is how he is, but now that he is as ordered by us (inside “the big Source”), we are all coming.

We could have created a world including eternal life, but fear of death of man has been an essential driver of creation.

I was given the sound to my oven now as a tree trunk, and I was told that it is all of us inside of here, who are also you outside there, which makes it easy for us to reach our home in the New World. So it is all of us inside of here controlling you out there, and yes we accepted sufferings to create the New World, which we will now enter ourselves.

We have decided that my father of the balcony – the part of the opened Source of my father – and the unopened Source of my oven will meet inside you, and it is you deciding when this will happen, and yes Stig, when you have decided that you are done with your work, and we know, when you can continue working and more darkness is coming, we will keep on, and now there is almost no more darkness, so you will keep on working until you will bring the great awakening during a night making me wake up to our New World, and yes this is really the only wish I have had all along, so I am sure you will do what you can to make this come through. I was told and felt how my father of the balcony is excited to return to the Source from where he came from.

So you have now reached the darkest part of me, and I literally felt darkness of my father, and this is coming from Anton – so in reality it was “good” that he – the same way as my mother and others – “could not” open up to me, which brought me much darkness to liberate.

I was told from inside the unopened Source that creating the “old nightmare” of your mother and you – our spirits – we created the worst pain in the Universe as the only way to create something out of nothing.

I continued receiving Madness’ “Ghost train” and the lyrics “it’s black or white, don’t try to hide”, which is what Anton did when he “could not” follow me, and “black and white” is about this showdown between darkness of Anton and light of me, and no, he “cannot” see it, which is really how darkness works at its worst, and yes making people blind, deaf and selfish.

I received the feeling of Jack and was told that it is now not as much up to me anymore (?), and I was shown four big cars driving all the way up to me and pressing me very hard, and I was shown myself as a child in a pram in the small hole between the fronts of these four cars.

I felt Japan in connection with Jack and “secret forces”, which are you not believing in me?

So the question is if we by now have opened to the door of the Source of the oven after having brought it to our New World.

I was told how Karen and loverboys were laughing at me shortly before or after she saw me – we are back in 2004/05 – and yes making love to other men being a laughing stock is truly NOT a good feeling when you know that this lady is yours and something “very special”, and yes the kind of experiences, which can kill a man, but I have really all along thought that the one laughing last, laughs the best. And this is coming to me now because this is what the worst darkness brought Karen and her loverboys, and I guess this is mainly Kim.

I received the voice of my father at the balcony – I wonder how much is remaining of him, because we have transferred most of him to the shelves of our New World, haven’t we (?) – and now the voice was completely serious/mature showing me that there is really not (much) darkness remaining.

I was told that it is now the last chance I will receive – as my old self – just to tell you how AWFUL a life it is to have received the strongest hormones in the world seeing beautiful ladies everywhere, which I would like to just look at if I could – all of the time, and it never leaves me – and yes a true curse/hell it is, and has ALWAYS been, and right from when I became sexually mature, and yes there was nothing I could do, and never being able to find relief for my sufferings.

When I have been extremely close to give up the last couple of weeks, I have been told from my father of the balcony that he could change side, but when I did not, he stayed on the other side, and this is what I understand will happen, and that is when I have had enough, he will just change side making everything of the Source follow him, which will open up everything.

And I am thinking that I continue finding a road inside of darkness bringing out even more, and would this life come with us if I had given up?

Telling Anton of his failure, which made him “lose it” and bring me “the worst darkness” to liberate my deepest inner self

Yes, we are trying to bring Anton back in the game after he decided to leave me too, and let us see if he is both able and willing with the feeling to get out of the straining bands we have put around him. And I was told that because of his withdrawal, I have only been allowed to bring “big soleprints” inside of his area and no more, and yes it might be the truth, and is might also be darkness speaking, and again, EVERY LITTLE THING HAS TO BE PERFECT, and every little thing is (becoming) me, so this is what I have faith will be the end result, and yes your belief is that he decided to do what is wrong, not to keep his promises to bring me as much darkness as possible and that is from inside of himself, and yes for me to clean. So with this in mind, I tried to open up Anton once again after he decided to turn inwards and silence not communicating or even reacting to my open hand as I have put out to him some times.

FB 080513 til Anton

And yes, Anton decided to “open up” sending me this reply, and eeehhhh he has “devoted myself to research ancient history and philosophical questions” and “writing a book about the subject”, and what happened to his promises and communication (?), and yes they just went down the drain not caring about me, whom he had made the promises to (?), and yes, now this is more important than my scripts/website, which he had promised to read and which is THE ANSWER to his search, and not his “new ideas”, and yes Anton, a man you cannot reach when he decides to break promises and being a poor friend not communicating or reacting to the open hands, I sent him.

FB 080513 Anton 2

This made me tell him how sad it makes me because he “could not” keep his promises and not even communicate about it.

FB 080513 Anton 3

And what does a man do when he does not want to look truthfully into the mirror to understand himself and his own wrongdoings (?), and yes he does like everyone else, whom I have told the truth, and that is to attack me for being “disrespectful and arrogant” and also wrong for calling him “immature”, and to threaten me to leave me as a friend (!), and yes exactly as better-knowing ignorant and simple minded as almost everyone else as I have told the truth, and the truth is simply, Anton, that you are IMMATURE because you “could not” keep your promises and “could not” communicate, and still you are fighting for your right, just like Bob Marley, but there is one difference, and that is that you can NEVER win, when you are WRONG, and you do know, Anton, as well as I that you have broken my trust for NOT keeping your promises, and this is really the message of this lesson.

FB 080513 Anton 4

He also sent this reply this evening to justify himself and his “right actions” giving an example of what he did to a wife, which was a good gesture, and more about his “good character”, but this is NOT what it is about, Anton, I told you the truth about your failure in relation to me, which you have probably not been able to see/understand (?), and your selfishness, wrong pride and unwillingness to listen to the truth made you lose control – like “everyone else” I have told the truth – now threatening me and also concluding wrongly that you can read my scripts “when I have time and energy”, and NO, ANTON, YOU CANNOT, BECAUSE WE STAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GREAT AWAKENING/OPENING OF OUR NEW WORLD, which is truly what I needed your support for, and instead you chose WRONGLY when NOT keeping your promise to read me, which is EASY to do (!), when you just make a plan and keep that plan – I told you how to do it – but your “mental barrier” and laziness made you do like “everyone else”, which was to conclude that “this is way too much information for me to read” (!), which it is not (!), you have both top level, summaries and detailed information to choose from on every single of my website, and it would have been VERY EASY for you to read my 30 main web-pages in detail and to follow every new script, and if you “could not” read the details, even though it would not take very long, you could read the summaries, which would not take many minutes every day to do, so you went straight into the trap showing the WRONG behavior of man in general, which is really what I needed you to do in order to send me the deepest and worst darkness of all for me to liberate life and yes my inner self from there, and do you think you will be able to understand this the BIG PICTURE (?), or will you still decide to be SELFISH running around in your own duck pool thinking about yourself and your own “interests”?

FB 080514 Anton 5

I did not send my reply to his last two replies above because of computer problems not showing me all of his replies, and I first sent my reply and wrote this chapter on May 10 when the library was open again.

Google Earth: The build of the face of my new self helped by King Christian IV!

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show something about astronomy and astrology, the build of the face of my new self, the Lion of the Source, a clean belt around the globe, and the appearance of King Christian IV.

FB 080513 Jette 1

FB 080513 Jette 2

FB 080513 Jette 3

FB 080513 Jette 4

FB 080513 Jette 5

FB 080513 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kristian from Danish People’s Party said that he would ask the Prime Minister questions about unemployment benefit, and I asked him to ask how much she – and he – receives, and what justifies that everyone is not having the same (?), and yes BRAINWASHED is the answer to your thoughts, and I do believe that it is about time to wake you up to a new truth and reality.

FB 080513 Kristian

  • Margit said that she always gets so “happy in the lid” over her beautiful colleagues in Irma after having had a good day with them, and this is really about the old song “a happy idiot” starting with “when I stand up in mornings, I am happy in the lid” and yes later it becomes “a happy idiot” and even “a clean idiot”, so this is what I still am in your better-knowing but ignorant mind, Margit?

FB 080513 Margit

  • In the morning, I was told that Barrosso – the chairman of the European Commission – is so power sick that he does not look back (to discover the truth of my arrival and our coming New World Order) – and this is about this statement of his, and yes DO YOU REALLY THINK SO, Barosso (?), or are you both a deaf and happy idiot?

FB 080513 Morten M

  • I received a new “wrong message” about Desiree, which I decided to forward to Desiree trying to make her understand that I am the one I have told her.

FB 080513 Desrey

Fb 080513 FB Desrey

Email til Desiree 080513

  • At my birthday, my sister mentioned that it is possible to watch the nest of a sea eagle via this webcam, and some days later, another sea eagle has now been cut in two halves when flying into a windmill, which tells you about darkness still coming at me, and yes this is still about the eagle landing you know.

FB 080513 KD

  • Dorthe was kind tagging me and 25 others in this picture, which I returned with one of the most popular classics of Danish songs, which is “life is not the worst you have, and shortly the coffee is ready” with coffee being (God’s) love/warm feelings.

FB 080513 Dorthe


9th May: Entering the hidden world of my inner self as the Son from where I will open the Source to the New World

Dreaming of darkness exploding and fighting a strong Russian, who may be Anton

I went to bed at 23.30 and slept until 09.25 with these dreams:

  • Something about not being able to remove garbage from a room because there is too much, and cars exploding and car pieces falling down close to me, but it is not really dangerous. A loan with a balance of 0 DKK. Someone dead due to a heart problem. I should have been in the lake in front of me, but am not. People from “Borrow and save Bank” including Kirsten Walther. And an act with good songs, we have won.
    • Is this darkness of Anton coming against me, and when the balance of the loan is 0 DKK, there is no more energy (?) – but how can I still sleep, wake up and have at least some more energy than when I went to bed?
  • By accident, I am driving my sport car against the traffic on the motorway, and somehow this is also my bicycle including a clothes stand, which is unique and is used for all cars. I feel myself as Jens (my old DFM/Aon colleague now at Willis) doing a collection.
    • Still receiving darkness of people driving/going against me, and I bring them clothes for their new lives/cars.
  • I have to get off the aeroplane as no. 3, my fellow passengers are afraid and something about having to bring trousers over empty old papers first. I fight not loyal and not strong criminals, however there is one Russian, who is strong and I have to concentrate on him, which will make me defeat him quite easily, but if I do not, he will defeat me. I empty the aeroplane from water.
    • Trousers are about sexuality, and the strong Russian will have to be Anton, and yes I will not be able to reply to his messages of yesterday before tomorrow because I cannot read the messages in full on neither my home computer without a mouse and also not on my mobile phone, and yes the library is closed, so I will send him a reply from the library tomorrow.
  • I am doing a game with fleas on a table, and somehow they will overtake a song by Shu-bi-dua, but they will not stand still, and finally there is a man trying to take a long jump into the pool, which is Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, but he cannot take the full jump.
    • I don’t know what it is about other than Jars is suffering for being part of my scripts?

Entering the hidden world of my inner self as the Son from where I will open the Source to the New World

Anton sent me more messages yesterday because it seems that I stirred up his mind, and I cannot read them in full because of limitations to my system when I don’t have a working mouse, so I cannot answer him, but I like to tell him the truth straight out – not to offend him, but to help him (!) – that he is both lazy, selfish, deaf and a better-knowing ignorant and it is NOT given that he does what is right simply because he has got access to the same Source as I, it is still his decisions as Anton, which comes through because of his free will – he decides – the same way as Thomas Blachman decides what he believes is right, and he “cannot” see that he is wrong because he is spoiled and does not want to listen, so there you have the essence of this story.

I was told that it is not one of the most expensive places I have sat on meaning that Anton could “lose it” even more than he did.

I was told that it is not everything Uffe Ellemann agrees with me in, but nice to have someone telling the truth straight out (?), and what he focuses on is FREEDOM coming to everyone/the whole community.

I felt an aeroplane being swept towards me by my inner self – because of Anton – who is still this simple minded man of darkness working because I am working as Stig.

Why don’t you get my needle in the eye (?), and this was the voice of the Source, which is given to Anton, who briefly spoke to me to show our close connection here, and yes because I am right and you are wrong, that is why.

I was shown an extremely narrow and dark tunnel, and was told “thank you”, and this is the tunnel opened via Anton and the sufferings he sends me because of his wrong view and decisions.

When thinking if I can carry on the game, I was told that we could tell you that the right speaker cable was cut, but it is not, we still hear you and I was given the sound of a stapler to the balcony, and yes it still works.

I was told something about a clear tennis victory to him, i.e. me, “because we do know”, and yes Anton does know about me.

I was told that my mother is crying over me because inside of her she has always known that the day would come where I would change into my new self.

Anton was born as a piano cleaner, through you, i.e. to bring me darkness for me to clean the Source.

I was reminded of my mother at my birthday saying what she has said many times, which is “you will be sad when I am not here anymore”, and she kept on saying this, and I kept on telling her that “you will NOT die”!

I cycled approx. 8 kilometres this afternoon – thinking that I would like to do more, but realistically I cannot – and I bought 200 grams of chocolate on offer and not some apples, and I knew that this is not good for me because it only adds to my weight, and I thought that in our New World, there will be nothing, which is “not good” for you and everything, which will be good.

I received “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis, which is another outstanding song from “what’s the story (morning glory)”, and yes I am sure that Camilla remembers that I loved this album, but it was also the only one I loved. And the message here is “Champagne” because of celebration.

I also received the feelings of kindness and faith of Anton coming to me, and no, I did not read his message of today because of computer problems. And I was told that darkness of Anton comes to me via my sister, which is how we continue bringing the machinery. I felt Ole, my mother’s late ex-man, and was told that his job is to bring everything to me in smaller and smaller units.

And I felt joy of parts of Anton coming to me, so this is the absolutely last of me, which is uniting in connection with the finish as we now go through.

Is this then Anton bringing me my eyes by opening his own eyes to me (?), yes, this is basically the idea. And I was shown myself sailing a canoe through the last BIG chess men, the King’s/Queen’s , of black and white on either side of an extremely narrow entrance, and Anton possesses the last of my head (as you can see being build on Jette’s Google Earth pictures these days).

I was given the Facebook message “Des Ray added you as a friend”, which I read on my phone, and when I looked at my computer, this message was no longer to be found – to show you – but this is about her thoughts of me, but now she does not DARE to come back as my friend (?), and not even to answer my emails to her (?), and yes “difficult” it must be to consider whom she has left as a Facebook friend because of her own misunderstandings and wrong spiritual messages.

I was told that it is amazing what kind of information the “official world” has received of you by using the “national security” card in order to get access.

Isn’t this to get the perfect ending that we do as we do with Anton (?), and yes it is, and if we did not – if I did not receive sufferings because of his wrongdoings – we would still bring out the same, but it would be the world taking on sufferings instead.

I received a layer of “negative Karen” entering me as “the last”, and Sanna too as a part of closing this process, and will you tell Anton about this too (?), and yes of course I will, I am sure that Anton will read this script when I tell him that he is the main person of it, and I know from experience that this is what attracts people, and yes to see what I write about them, which is MUCH MORE INTERESTING to them instead of reading and understanding the BIG PICTURE (!), and yes, Anton has NOT read me for a very long time and has not read Jette’s Google Earth pictures for a very long time, and no, he “could not”, he needed “calm and rest”, and yes from the truth, Anton – you were forced by dark forces inside of yourself to do what was WRONG contracting as only darkness do instead of being STRONG and OUTGOING to read, understand and support me with a smile. This is the difference between LIGHT and DARKNESS, and no, Anton, do NOT tell me what is light and darkness, you do NOT know yourself, I do (!), and that is the difference between you and I. All of this is still coming in via your ankles.

You only come this way via Anton and only by telling him the truth and with him having faith in you. If you did not do this, it would be us, which you had to tell “get lost”, which would be the same as “there is no room for you in our New World”.

Yes, the radio is not switched on, is it (?), yes, Anton is receiving.

And this is what should bring out “Forza Italia”, which to me is NOT about the political party of darkness/Berlusconi, but about bringing forward joy and happiness to the world.

I was told that my mother, i.e. the world, could have bled in here, but now she cannot, because she is the New World.

I was told from my father of the balcony that it was a tied task for him to create the world with sufferings.

The strength of the resistance of Jack was not enough to bring this.

I was shown myself as a BIG Swedish ice hockey player at the audience stand of a stadium with new players/opponents arriving, which is via the energy of Anton.

Anton helps the ultimate lift up of energy/vibrations.

So there is no blood job helping us (of the world), and I don’t exercise anymore, and at the same time I feel that darkness is almost gone and I also only receive little scratching to the bottom of my head for the first time in years but I am still completely out of energy, and yes this is the answer; I live without energy, which is also why I only receive little resistance in here.

I was told that there is no prank/plank with me meaning that this inner part of me will also survive not being forced to spring out from the plank of the ship.

I was reminded of my trip to Gran Canaria with Lars G. in the winter of 1991, which was also “completely impossible” to do because I had just been thrown out of my apartment, had not been sleeping for three days/two nights and had almost no money, so who would decide to go under these circumstances (?), yes I did – the 20th century was also NOT easy for me to come through – and I was told that we started to eliminate darkness and build you up in here, which is the part you now liberate too.

So we have built an inner castle here, which never could tilt/break, and isn’t it funny that this is coming now at the same time as we will be breaking glass of my oven (to the Source), and yes it is my own inner self hidden inside this inner and extra piano of everything, which was also the sculpture I was shown the other day. And had I decided not to do this work, I would still come along with the great awakening of men, which I start, and yes it was meant as the big surprise, where is Stig/Jesus, and yes at the very inner of everything.

Have you any idea of how many big men, who would like to go through your door (to my home here in Helsingør to visit me), but who did not dare.

Is there a whole world beneath there (?) – the extra piano/world of my own inner self – and yes, there is, and if I had decided to give up maybe a long time ago, destructive darkness would explode making the world believe that it would be the end, only until so much had exploded that it would open to this inner world of me and from here everything would be resurrected/survive, and yes because it was only a “game” I went through as a learning experience, and even if I had failed, we would have all survived this time around. This is basically what this is about.

So it is I inside of here being the worst monster/beast – as I was shown – of all, and it was inside of here that I vanished 2,000 years ago (terminated from life, but part of the Source at the deepest inside), so it was I planning everything including to bring Karen against you – and this information made me think about what is right because I was told yesterday (?) that it was what is inside the unopened Source, which planned everything, and is there any living life at all inside of here (?), and I do not believe this is the case before we make it into life, so if this is how it is, it was my inner self as the Son, who planned all of this journey of mine and everything, which led to it.

I was told by my inner self – and yes this has to be both my father and I united as ONE, which we are at the source – that I have no diapers left so I would have to kill your mother if you did not play this game after your birthday.

So you will first become me at the very end after having become everything else on the way in here, which will have to be as the hybrid of my old self as mother/father – and killing your mother only means here to remove the last darkness (with most being inside the New World) to wake us all up.

It is my inside of here bringing energy, and it is first when arriving here that I could resurrect everything lost on the way.

I felt the family tree of life inside of me, and was told, yes, isn’t this just what I say, and I was told that this was transferred by my father 2,000 years ago “as a small gift”, and yes, I am still thinking of father and son as one now.

So this means Stig, that no one could kill you, everyone would survive no matter what, and yes a game that we went through as a “learning experience” as mentioned before.

I was told about China and “no one is going to overtake us”, and eeehhh are you sure about this (?), or can it be that you have prepared your own escape plans including suicide plans as I am told here because of your poor conscience of suppressing and tormenting your people and “miserable government” of not only your country, but the whole world as you were “conquering” financially, and yes “everything is allowed for the sake of money/profits”, right (?), no WRONG!!!

So let me promise you that the truth of ALL of your misdeeds will also be brought forward, and stop doing foolish things like killing yourselves, you will become happy too in our New World.

How do you get such a deed transferred (?), and yes, you create a whole New World/creation. This is the spire of the Unicorn, or the front mast of the sail ship, which is an add-on to the world, which I control from here without anyone knowing it until now. And no, it was not planned for you to be able to make it right until here.

No, it is not very easy to get in, first we have to …., and yes what is there really more to do when you have come through to me?

No one will release a white horse, i.e. the New World, to a man of darkness as you infected by the sins of the world, but this is what we do because I am CLEAN despite of being DARK – acting the opposite of what the world is “forcing” me to do every single second with the sufferings it brings me – and this is only the roof of my little house, which Anton helps me to get over, and this is the story of my “old nightmare” and world destruction, which is cancelled because I decided to do my best as Stig controlled by my inner self all along!

I was shown a window with darkness outside and the left side of it having a flower of my mother in it – the left side of my body – and the right side of the window is open and there is no flower, and what if I tell you that I was your right side (?) – thus not my father as my hubrid self – and yes, nothing would surprise me, but no, this is WRONG because I answered the riddle to reunite with the Source in 2010 that I am/was the hybrid of my father and mother.

My inner self told me that you decided what I should do, to destruct or save the world, and I was shown how the last car deck is pulled up from ice full waters by a helicopter, and this car deck is my inner self, and “you just do not do this”, but you did, and “you are heartfelt welcome” should really be your motto as I told – because this is what brought all of everything to me, and yes, still when I am almost losing it – also this evening because I received all of this information I had to take down as notes – darkness tries to make me stop the game by saying that you are not welcome, but no, this is WRONG and then I can only decide to say that it is wrong despite of the torture I am given and just how easy it would be to say the opposite, which also would relieve me from pain.

Google Earth: The greatest wish of the blind painter is to receive eyes

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show who are you (?), a tall and well-dressed woman, workshop for eyes and noses, work has begun on a woman’s eye, still working on Stig, male and female eye, the greatest wish of the blind painter is to receive eyes, the painter turns darkness of the cobra.

FB 090513 Jette 1

FB 090513 Jette 2

FB 090513 Jette 3

FB 090513 Jette 4

FB 090513 Jette 5

FB 090513 Jette 6

FB 090513 Jette 7

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This morning, Anton decided to send me this email, which is basically positive, but unfortunately based on his lack of knowledge, thus giving the wrong advice/conclusions, and yes I am happy when people treat each other kindly, for telling the truth directly to be understood and I am UNHAPPY when people give advice following what they “think” rather than what they know is right (or wrong), and here is such an example, and first of all “God has a plan for ach and everyone of us”, which is really what I write about with the Judgment and New World coming “now” to everyone, which you sadly has not quite understood yet, my friend, and then the “good advice” comes from a man, who “could not” read me even though this is easy to do and that is to “explain things in clarity to people, so that they do not misinterpret what you are saying” and “in order for them to understand you must use their language to explain”, and NO, ANTON (!), if you had truly read/followed me, you would UNDERSTAND the purpose of what I am doing, which is to show the world that it CANNOT read/listen and understand what is EASY to do because it is far too busy with itself and its own “interests” and we know jumping to conclusions just like you do here – and you receive help based on your decisions as a man, Anton, also when you decide to do what is WRONG, which is showing you as a normal human being too despite of receiving the same spiritual voice as I – so the message is that it is NOT I, who is going to adopt to the world, but the world including you, who is going to adopt to me, which is to IMPROVE your communication skills and READ/LISTEN and UNDERSTAND before you make yourself understood, and yes this is “almost impossible” for everyone to do because of their laziness and better-knowing ignorance, and here you show the same, but you use positive words, but reach a WRONG conclusion because you decided to take the “easy road”, which is NOT how it is done, so will you please TRY TO UNDERSTAND instead of trying to misunderstand as you really do when it comes to my writings and the structure of them. Had you just started to read carefully, you would understand how easy my writings are to go through by reading one page after the other, and not to “browse” only reading what you feel like reading here and there. So I am not becoming one with the world, the world is becoming one with me, that is the difference, my friend :-). Do not teach others what to do when you have not understood yourself what is right, and do not teach others what they know better than you!

FB 090513 Anton

FB 090513 Anton 2

  • I sent Anton this message because I could not read his message of today, which was “hidden” to me, and it did not take many minutes after this before I received an incredible amount of darkness from the balcony stronger than ever before when it very directly attacked the backside of my right lower leg bringing “unbearable pains”, which would have broken/made me scream if it was not removed straight away, so Anton did NOT like my message – looking in the mirror, which he “cannot” – and he decided to reply “likewise”, so “impossible” it is for you too, Anton, to see the true picture and not the positive picture only of yourself.

FB 090513 til Anton

  • Preben has received a new job now at Jyske Bank still advising people to get the most out of their savings/richness, and yes, Jyske Bank is an old symbol of darkness self, and he said about his former employment at Aon that “life sucks sometimes” and then you bring the inner Devil forward to get cleansed”, and this is really what you did, Preben, but you don’t understand yet that you were the Devil sending darkness to me to be cleansed.

FB 090513 Preben

  • Christian found this “lost diamond” on the road while he was waiting on a taxi, and this is a symbol of my new self as the diamond of our New World, which I will open when the taxi will bring my new self, so is Christian by now – after having been my Facebook friend some weeks and after I sent my horoscope to him, which he has NOT replied on/commented – having faith in me become my new self?

FB 090513 Borup

  • The Church Minister said and showed that his friend Lion has received a new grill, and isn’t it funny that he has a friend by this name – yes “it is good enough” – and he shows this today when I am in contact with the Lion of Anton, and this meat simply symbolises the deepest inner life, which I am extracting from the darkness of Anton.

FB 090513 Manu



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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