May 12, 2013: Bringing my new inner self from Anton to me because I won our chess game on life and death


Summary of the script today

10th May: Bringing my new inner self from Anton to me because I won our chess game on life and death

  • Dreaming of “a hunt of royals on Queens” and the risk of losing life, which seems not to be the case.
  • I received confirmation about Queen Margrethe of Denmark being another part of my mother, about Prince Henrik once being arrested for “making love”, Princess Victoria being an unprotected access to me because of her sexual behaviour, other royalties behaving fine, the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark being the middle of all royalties, who have protected my inner self at my inner world. But there are parts I cannot access because of lack of faith in me of the Norwegian Princess Mette-Marit. I exclaimed myself as the King of Paris – of the city of light.
  • I accepted to continue the game to locate even smaller parts of me inside my little world.
  • I was incredible tired working today because of darkness of Anton hitting me at the same time as I had much work to do – not least to write long emails to Anton, who stole energy from me, which I don’t have – because of WRONG behavior. And if I had not done this, this “destructive darkness” would have been brought to the world.
  • This evening, we continued transferring parts of my inner self because of the opening of Anton, and the small additional world of my inner self was placed with Anton now being brought to me because he decided to give in to me. The alternative would have been to bring his darkness as destructions to the world. We have now spread my inner self to the New World too, and I received the first signs of life of this my inner self inside my physical body as Stig. This chess game between darkness of Anton and light of me was a game on life and death, and I won it.
  • I told (again) Anton about his failure and WRONG actions towards me STRAIGHT OUT in order to let him understand what he “cannot” understand until now – that he is not to be trusted when he “cannot” keep his promises and “cannot” communicate – and with the aim to improve, and to follow me, and with the deeper aim to bring out all life of my inner self trapped inside of his darkness, and to let him understand that this is what I am doing, and when I did this, I was told that the code “you know that I am right” was implemented in him. But first he decided to challenge me once more questioning me and who I am – because he “could not” pass the test to read and understand to receive faith (!) – and also bringing me his misconceptions as my opinions of everything from what he believed is my judgment on homosexuals to me becoming the King on top of the world as a “dictator” of mind-controlled slavery (!!!), and about his own reception of darkness as sufferings, defence of his fight against darkness, my ignorance of my wrongdoings (!) – eeehhh, which are you thinking of, which “holds water”, Anton (?) –  his “strong sense of moral, justice and respect” and care about people. And even though I was out of energy, I decided to write another long email to him telling him that he has received not only a gift of communication but also of misconception, and I decided to go through his “claims” one after another to tell him – and show you, my reader – about his “misunderstandings” and “wrong opinions”, which he brings me as the result. I also told him that he would NOT have doubts about me – with himself being “another part of me” – if he simply had read my website/scripts, which include all the proof he needs, and I told him to do his best to understand instead of misunderstand (which is like doctors looking for mental sicknesses instead of mental health, it is all about attitude!), and concluded that he is a man you cannot trust when he “cannot” keep his promised, twist my words and “cannot” understand objectively, thus being the darkness I had to go through to bring out my own inner self trapped inside of there: THE WORST DARKNESS OF ALL!
  • During the evening, Anton finally decided to give in to the code given to him that “Stig is right”, and he apologised his misunderstandings in me, and admitted to himself inspiring people but failing to proceed with his own plans, which is the truth. But instead of being STRONG deciding to do what is right – to follow me and to keep a plan, your promises, and to communicate – he now decided to go into a “depressive” state thinking about his failures of life, which this is about, and how he looks forward for this to end. No (!) – the answer is READ and UNDERSTAND me, which brings you faith, lifts you up and remove all doubts/depression.

11th May: With the implementation of my new self, It will feel as if Jesus/my inner self never left the world

  • Dreaming of the birth of a new cow via darkness, my mother speaking nonsense in her sleep, I stay home from school, and I have difficulties finding my new self.
  • I continue working every single day despite of feeling very low, and was extremely dizzy today because of darkness of Anton and royals “hitting” me.
  • It will feel like I have never been away from the national team in football, which is about the feeling of Jesus/my inner self never having been away from the world.
  • Royals believed they would end being royals with the end of all monarchies, but some of you are part of me, thus continuing to be royals of our New World, which is “quite funny”, right?
  • Short stories of almost having resurrected all terminated life, our New World becoming PURE EUPHORIA; encouraging Anton to be STRONG and NOT WEAK doing RIGHT and NOT WRONG.

12th May: There are other parts of me alive as ”Jesus”, whom I am merging with when moving the Source

  • Dreaming of being dizzy, working inside even smaller units of me with even stronger darkness, finding more energy of darkness to improve our new life, I fight darkness of my own inner self, who/which is so strong that it is impossible to defeat, finding my chest of drawers after yet another day, am I losing the last parts of my inner self (?), the spreading of my inner self over the New World, working inside my little world of only one but four telephones/worlds, and I work inside the worst snow/darkness/sexual torments of all.
  • I was completely devastated/broken down today because of darkness of Anton and royals being on my outmost edge of giving up, but I continued, and received gifts in green gift paper – “this is like pulling down a green bag from the top floor” as mentioned the other day – of my mother, which were a new dinner service set symbolising the survival of my own inner self and the add-on to life of everyone as this brings.
  • It is from inside of here that Sanna sends our cancers – sicknesses/darkness to man – and we have not yet released my father and the world from this darkness/sickness.
  • I continue receiving more parts of my inner self and also of the Source including a GIANT metal ship, which follows the decisions of my inner self, who follows the decisions of me as physical Stig. The remaining parts of me wanted to enter our New World as terminated life, which I refused even though it was impossible to do, and it required a new invention to continue bringing in parts of me now not with the help of my mother, but Karen with my father without the knowledge of my mother/the New World itself. We moved the remaining part of the Source to do this, and it was revealed to me that we have brought several parts of Jesus alive – I also received a déjà vue on this, “I know” – and I absorbed a Dutch part of me via this move.
  • I have been released from all chains and am now kept in chains, which are not there, and these are the chains of the substance creating the world before everything required to do this was collected, and my goal is to continue the game to bring out every single dot in these “newspapers” of origin. The gong for the last round of my game has now been given.
  • Short stories of darkness at play destructing life at the Meat city, giving my reply to a concerned meteorologist that the politicians and everyone will wake up “very soon”, I’m back as a follower of Remee after he blocked me months ago, Kenneth brought “come again” about my coming and asked “what do we do now” (?), and Anton keeps doing what is WRONG and not what is RIGHT.


10th May: Bringing my new inner self from Anton to me because I won our chess game on life and death

Royalties protected my inner self at the most inner of the Source with Queen Ingrid in the middle

I went to bed at midnight and besides from a break of maybe half an hour during the night receiving the information below, I slept until 09.15, so here are dreams and information given to me during the night.

  • There is a hunt of royals on Queens in a building of 8 floors in Helsingør. John asks to participate, and Queen Margrethe says that it is fine. There are paintings hanging on the staircase on all 8 floors, the hunt was in darkness. Where is my Porsche (?) and the question is if any not invited went in to steal paintings, and if John has been poisoned, but he has not, he is not dead, and I see him together with two half-naked and beautiful princesses, who give me a hug.
    • So this is really about what is going on on the inner lines, and “hunting Queens” will have to be about hunting life, which stealing paintings are also about, but it seems that we went through without losses, and John as my father survived this too – and still darkness wants to bring me my “old nightmare” via the beautiful ladies.

During the maybe half an hour, I was kept awake here, I was told that Queen Margrethe with interest is following me – Hej Daisy, giver du snart en kop kaffe ♥ – and I was told “diadem” and “De er dem” (“you are they”) as confirmation to Margrethe that she is part of my mother too. I received the feeling of Prince Henrik – Bon jour, my friend 🙂 – and a vision of MANY scrimps (symbolising “making love”) with mayonnaise, and I was told that it went wrong one place, where he was arrested, and you do understand that we have all been born with our “challenges” of the Devil haunting us, and you have nothing to fear, right (?), and I am sure that you are able to control your temper and negative feelings, right (?) – because I ask you to?

I was told that if Anton decides not to follow me, this part will not be brought to the blue box with me, and no, I do NOT care about his decisions, my decisions and writings are what matter and of course faith and support is always good to receive and if he does not bring me this, there is the term of “will power”, so no, I don’t care much about this, but I care about who he is doing.

I was shown the Swedish Princess Victoria, and an almost unprotected entrance to the most beautiful silver pan, and it is unprotected because of her sexual behaviour.

This is then your piano, your Majesty”, and this is about a trade off.

I was told that otherwise other royalties have behaved well, and these are the people, who have protected this inner world of my inner self.

I was shown a glass of jam, and that it is impossible to polish a dot away from the label, and I was told that the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark – Queen Margrethe’s mother – was the middle of all of this, and faith in me of these royalties were decisive to allow me to open to my little ship.

And yes, it was the most natural to pick royalties to do this when I am the King myself, and because there is no King of Paris, I exclaim myself as the King over this the city of light.

I was shown this black armoured car parking in the city, and also shown that I am only a tiny telescope seeing out through the armour, and that is if you want to continue (?), but of course I will, and yes as long as I can continue working, I will do my best to continue working hoping that I will not give in someday, so let us continue to carry on, and yes you will probably learn to rock someday after all these years.

I was shown a very humble factory hall opening the door to another factory hall, where there is a Space shuttle, which somehow changes character.

Thank you for exemplary behaviour”, says the King Harald of Norway hiding among Nazi soldiers, which led to the pouring of money.

I felt darkness of Olso, and was told that parts of me are hidden there, which I am not allowed to enter, and I felt Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, and why don’t you believe in me?

I was shown a GIANT ship at the dock of Olso – one of two, at least – and out of this comes a war ship because of Mette-Marit, and I was told that this is the smallest bog I could have asked for, and her lack of faith is not because of who I am, but because of what I have done to Norway, so you did not like me using Norway as a symbol of darkness for years, and also not for attacking the Norwegian oil industry supporting a new evil world order, is this it, Mette Marit (?), and if it was not for her, we would have had one castle with two spires now, as I was shown, and we would have been one unit by now (father and son, which we apparently are not fully yet).

I was shown myself embracing a Norwegian church, which has had me in its thoughts for centuries, and I cannot yet reach the top floors of this – because of this Norwegian resistance to me – which I continue to crawl up on now only using my power of writing.

I was shown meat, i.e. life, spread out on the floor of a café, and was told that you can see my dilemma, if he should give up now, and I was shown a floating substance pouring over all of this meat.

I was shown the finest white house of light with a piece of liquorice, i.e. darkness, sticking through, and I was told that we have never tried this before having forgotten pocket money at home; will they really open up to us (of the Source), so we will not die from anoxia, and a small drama was created here trying to bring me fear.

Something about the Austrian lady here having opened her eyes again to me helping to bring my inner self into my apartment, where I will open my eyes and first become life at the very end.

I was now very tied and had difficulties hearing/writing down information, which apparently also became less and less important, but something about a French bread including chocolate pieces of my sister, which will help while she is gone. I received a Shu-bi-dua song, which however could not be opened, and a little later I received what I believe was another Shu-bi-dua song, which was “Nappa of Nylon”, and that is because they sing “In Liverpool, the air was yellow, because it was Christmas”, and yes besides from this, this is a song of four kids of Liverpool, who “later became pretty good, at least you hear them often”.

I was told that when we have opened to all of this, there will be only one diamond in the light, which I was shown, which is where I am and from where I will open to everything.

And yes, I receive déjà vues when this is written about “knowing” from when I was a boy of how completely impossible it is to open to the Source and that we are almost dying before some day it will.

I am helping a man to cut three as promises for one month, and this is a giant area with the oldest and absolutely finest tree of all – I see much gum/amber at it – and inside this very fine and different looking forest, I see old gramophones on pedestals, and there is the Denon gramophone, which I have always wanted, and I also see one looking like a layer cake, and I consider bringing one home, and something about a singer being followed by Bette Midler as a clew.

No, we have not yet started transferring furniture from this place, guess what I brought with me here? And yes, you have the golden key of anything, don’t you (?), but it looks red the one I am shown so what if I tell you that those were “wannabes” and I have got everything with me inside of here?

Pisang Ambon is way too sweet for you, and this is what would have happened if you had started the New World with the keys you were brought, because it is only I who can do this. It is also me putting voices on life, I have taken over this work from your mother.

Do we have the first 5 DKK in the tile (?), and yes they don’t roll as easily here, and this is about my decision this morning to actually continue working even though I have no desire at all to go to the library also working for hours today, and yes mainly because of how I feel and also because I am tired of doing the same work over again.

It was only meant to be the yellow ribbons (of my mother, the world) to come out of the swimming pool, not the blue (of my new self.).

I left home at 10.20 to go to the library to work, and on my hallway, I met Emmanuelle from Austria, is that her name (?), and she is now again the sweetest you can imagine after having misunderstood me for many months, and yes she lives together with Jan – as friends as I understand – and Jan has been kind speaking positively about me and our talks, which is what must have opened her, and no, Jan is not doing well, he has been operated in his arm (consequences of his old traffic accident), and furthermore he is not hospitalised at a mental hospital (!), and yes, we have birthday the same day, and our mothers are of the same age, and she believes that my mother is a “beautiful lady” because she is well-groomed, and later in the evening, I told my mother this, which lifted her up making her very happy to hear.

I told her to bring Jan my best giving her my speech of the importance of being strong instead of weak, which made her so happy and emotional that she clearly showed this and touched my arm – this is the RIGHT attitude towards me because this is what I am about – and I was told that that her WRONG behaviour towards me being silent/ignorant for a long time is the same as my friend Kirsten and her mother Inge as examples show (I sent them nice birthday greetings and received NO replies and NO greetings from them on my birthday making me sad), and also Karen, my father/Kirsten, and yes you know all people deciding to be negative and angry with me and abandoning me, where the right feeling had been the opposite you know.

I felt how incredible tired I was today working at the library, and yes darkness coming to me from Anton bringing out even more energy/life of me, and “almost impossible” to come through doing what was actually quite a lot of work today.

I was told that Alex Ferguson’s decision to resign as manager for Manchester United has “nothing to do with me”, Alex (?), and also not about trying to stop stories about “the football game”, which you practiced too, to get out?

When I did the work to the scripts and the story of Anton today, I was told that this is what you had to do, and I received the smell of faeces telling me that if I did not, i.e. did not absorb this darkness of Anton by doing this work, it would be let out as destructive darkness to the world, and no, we do NOT want that.

I received more pain to my behind this afternoon, which normally is coming because of my father thinking negatively/wrongly about me.

When I updated my script also publishing the 9th May, I was told that this is designed to make you bleed, and yes it is truly TOUGH WORK today to continue and yes working and not giving in to the darkness/sufferings/tiredness sent to me by Anton even though this is not what he wants but what his misunderstandings and wrong decisions bring me.

And this is really a game about “will I be able to take this” (?), and yes at 16.45 – after having been at the library since before 11.00 – I finally sent my email to Anton, see below, telling him the truth straight out, and yes I do NOT care about whether or not he follows me, because when I write this, this is how it is becoming – no matter what he does or does not – but I sure hope that he will realize what he has done and decide to do what is RIGHT instead of being a chicken.

I was told that it is NOT easy to be Jette telling about me, which people does not want to believe in, thus making her “crazy” in their minds.

Approx. 10-15 minutes after sending my email to Anton below, I received the taste of the best tasting liquid dough coming to me from right and can it be that the man has decided not only to open up but also to follow me?

No, it is almost not untidy in here anymore, and yes MUCH work today not being able to finish all of it before I will visit my mother and John at 19.00 today, and we know making me have to start writing two scripts tomorrow, which is both this of today, which I have not really started to write yet, and the script of tomorrow, but if the day turns out fine (?), and yes EXCEPTIONEL/PERFECT and that is the difference between working and not-working, and no, it is NOT easy to decide to work a full day and to get started, but after some hours, it is not that difficult, so you know “the start” is the worst, and “impossible” is what it was today.

When I had received Anton’s answer and written the second long email shortly before 19.00, I was told that this is also to secure that the light in here will not fall down.

Bringing my new inner self from Anton to me because I won our chess game on life and death

I went directly from the library to dinner at my mother and John, and my mother, and we had a wine from the Speer producer of South Africa, which has become a favourite wine here after having tried it in all qualities on several occasions over a few years, and to me, this wine is about the “spire” – almost the same in Danish – of the Unicorn or my castle you know.

We had a very good evening and my mother said that some days, she has had the worst difficulties ever walking, which is really some of the same difficulties I have been going through not being able to walk one more step really.

I was home before 22.00, and before going to bed, I saw that Anton had decided to give up now giving me his apology – see below – and the pressure of information continued when I was told that this is like being on the Southern Cyprus now giving me calm after Anton has given up.

And we are still transferring from the balcony of my inner self, and I was thinking of Anton starting as a GREAT believer in me, losing faith because of his inability to read/understand, and now I have brought him at least some more faith again when communicating, so just bring on the next (!), and can there be anything worse than what I went through taking out MUCH of my energy because of his wrongdoings and the need to write long emails trying to make him understand.

I was told that we now know how this game will end, and I am thinking myself if I continue going into smaller and smaller units of myself and will the end be that some day I cannot take on the challenge anymore having to give up?

I was given a feeling of a small room and was told, is this now the treasure room that we enter, which is the smallest we know, which we have prepared for you.

Do I have fire in the camera to bring you here (?), and I am thinking of darkness in reality being much stronger than what is given to me, which is absorbed by the world, and not least the Source self as I was told now weeks ago.

I was told about “nightshift”, and I could use a replacement, and this is what I receive from Anton because of his decision to give in to you, which makes me become my inner self, which was placed inside of him, this is how it works.

I was told that “the new power generation”, i.e. Prince, now knows about me too not having to read any books to tell.

I was told about Southern Germany and that I am not born on the border of the New World but actually in my own little world, so we just have to implement you too. And inside of here, we have in calm created the most wonderful, which we will now share with the New World, and not long thereafter, I was told that this is now spread, and I was given the feeling that this is what we had to spread, and the Source has been spread before this.

This is like pulling down a green bag from the top floor, and this is the part of me – the island – which we were willing to exploded and locate/resurrect after the opening of our New World, but this is now coming over whole too, and I was told as the reaction: “They are crazy those Danes – and Dutch too”, so there are still people in Netherlands helping out.

I was given the feeling “no feeling to my right ankle, but to my left ankle, there is”, which is about this inner part of me facing termination of my left ankle, which had to be lifted with faith in me of our New World, and the question is if faith of Anton in me is strong enough to bring this life to me now, which it seems to be.

This means that there will be no accident when we now melt together the New World and my inner self. And I was told that it would have taken nothing to kill me, my inner self, and a mere thought “alright, do it”, would have been enough, but no, NEVER!

The last – this inner world – is written on a piece of canvas, and I was shown this as part of a worn out and thin booklet (which you use to write down homework in school), and you don’t want to bring this with you, do you (?), but of course I do.

These are the chains on me, which are about to being removed, and I was given a new kind of marks to my right foot – two marks – and I was told that it is now me inside the right foot as the first life signs ever of my new self entering my physical body.

And I am here given David Bowie’s “the next day” – a masterpiece of a song if you ask me – and yes a true prophet is what he is too J.

I was told that you have no idea what we have endured inside of here because you did not accept your “old nightmare” to set us free (via en explosion), but this is how you wanted it, so this is the road we created for you to go through also keeping your family alive as part of the rules. So I – my inner self – never turned into a cowboy in action (to destruct).

And if we did not bring this inner part of me to the New World via Anon as we do now, it would enter with destruction as the satellite “Ikaros” in the James Bond film “Die another day” as I watched this evening, and instead I was shown and told that who would have thought that we would land as a sunflower.

I was shown that we took a little piece of the mountain – as I was shown as a crib of light – and brought this up as a very tiny ball at the outer point of the rocket.

I was given the Oasis songs “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova” again, which I received one day after the other a few days ago, and this was a sign about “because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me” as they sing in the first song, and the day after, we found “me” in a “Champagne Supernova”, which I understand as “celebration for finding and spreading me”, so this is what it was about, and here I am given the taste of blood, which is to say that this is what we went through, a fight on life and deaf; the chess game between Anton and I, and yes he was tough and it took work/energy I did not have to bee victorious.

And I was shown Anton as a Space shuttle lying down as a roller coaster driving up to me at the end station.

Telling Anton (again) straight out that he is THE WORST DARKNESS to bring out my own inner self

This morning at the library, I noticed this visit from Sweden, and yes apparently from Eskildstuna outside Stockholm and not from Stockholm, where Anton lives, but this time I understood that it is indeed Anton visiting me – with the counter giving wrong information about the city, they are not always 100% reliable as I have experienced before – and what did he decide to do (?), and yes to take one script after the other using approx. two minutes on it, and no, not to read and understand the script, but to see what I may have been writing on him, and yes furthermore he searched on his own name, and yes his main “concern”/interest is not me, but HIMSELF (!) showing you a man, who is basically as SELFISH and SELF-ORIENTED as most other people searching my site on themselves instead of focusing on the BIG PICTURE, and yes this is WRONG BEHAVIOUR making me very sad to see!

GC 100513 Anton

GC 100513 Anton 2

Here is the email I sent at 16.45 deciding to tell him the truth about his failure and WRONG actions towards me STRAIGHT OUT in order to let him understand what he “cannot” understand until now – that he is not to be trusted when he “cannot” keep his promises and “cannot” communicate – and with the aim to improve, and to follow me, and with the deeper aim to bring out all life of my inner self trapped inside of his darkness, and to let him understand that this is what I am doing, and when I did this, I was told that the code “you know that I am right” was implemented in him.

FB 100513 til Anton 1

FB 100513 til Anton 2

FB 100513 til Anton 3

FB 100513 til Anton 4

Fb 100513 til Anton 5

Fb 100513 til Anton 6

But first he decided to challenge me once more questioning me and who I am – because he “could not” pass the test to read and understand to receive faith (!) – and also bringing me his misconceptions as my opinions of everything from what he believed is my judgment on homosexuals to me becoming the King on top of the world as a “dictator” of mind-controlled slavery (!!!), and about his own reception of darkness as sufferings, defence of his fight against darkness, my ignorance of my wrongdoings (!) – eeehhh, which are you thinking of, which “holds water”, Anton (?) –  his “strong sense of moral, justice and respect” and care about people.

FB 100513 fra Anton 1

FB 100513 fra Anton 2

FB 100513 fra Anton 3

And even though I was out of energy, I decided to write another long email to him telling him that he has received not only a gift of communication but also of misconception, and I decided to go through his “claims” one after another to tell him – and show you, my reader – about his “misunderstandings” and “wrong opinions”, which he bring me as the result. I also told him that he would NOT have doubts about me – with himself being “another part of me” – if he simply had read my website/scripts, which include all the proof he needs, and I told him to do his best to understand instead of misunderstand (which is like doctors looking for mental sicknesses instead of mental health, it is all about attitude!), and concluded that he is a man you cannot trust when he “cannot” keep his promised, twist my words and “cannot” understand objectively, thus being the darkness I had to go through to bring out my own inner self trapped inside of there: THE WORST DARKNESS OF ALL!

FB 100513 til Anton 2-1

FB 100513 til Anton 2-2

FB 100513 til Anton 2-3

FB 100513 til Anton 2-4Anton’s strong inner voice twisting my words making it “impossible” for him to understand – as I have seen from so many others too – is also showing me just how impossible it is to the world to objectively read and understand what I write, and yes how difficult can it be to understand (?), and yes almost impossible for most people because of their inner voice twisting my words together with their laziness to read and so on.

When I returned home from my mother and John, I saw these new messages from Anton, and now he had finally decided to listen to the code of “Stig is right”, which he received, now giving in stating that he inspire people and fail to proceed with his own plans, and yes, this sounds much more like the real truth because Anton is indeed a great inspirer of people.

And as you can see, he knows very well what I told him – there was NO NEED to cover it up – and this is his inner Devil, which is now exposed to the world, and it is called “not keeping your plans/promises and not communicating”, which is how it has been throughout his life.

He is now kind to apologise and “any misunderstandings” – he still believes that I also have misconceptions of him, and maybe also that I have done you wrong, Anton (?), and no, I have not, not one single thing, and if I had, I would tell you, but the main part is that he decided to give up, and the sad part, I might add, is that he decided now to go into a weak state praying for the day when his life will be over (!), and no, Anton, this is NOT the right way to behave (!), this is NOT how to be STRONG (!), because what is right is both to give in to the truth, to be proud that you told the truth and to be strong enough to lift this and decide once and for all to improve yourself because you are the man deciding on your actions, and it is truly as easy as I tell you, which is to decide to do what is RIGHT instead of being lazy doing what is WRONG, which is to have no plans, not keeping your promises and giving in to the Devil giving you temptations to follow your own selfish interests/needs, and yes AS SIMPLE AS THAT – YOU DECIDE HOW TO LIVE YOU LIFE, do you want to do what is RIGHT or WRONG (?), and yes, I chose myself in 2009 to do what is RIGHT, this is why we are all here today, and it should NOT be difficult for you to do what is RIGHT – I have given you the recipe, which is to READ and UNDERSTAND me, and when you do, you will understand that I speak the truth about our coming New World of ETERNAL life of joy and happiness without darkness, and when you have this faith, there is NO ROOM to be depressed and looking forward to the end of your life, and yes Anton, if you decide to be lazy and do what is wrong in relation to me, you will keep being sceptical, and if you do what is RIGHT – to follow me – you will be lifted up never again being in doubt.

It should be VERY EASY for you to decide – it is up to you my friend.

FB 100513 Anton aften 1

And let me here say to this new email from Anton coming shortly after midnight, that I am VERY HAPPY for Anton to show his true self – this is what it is about, to be SINCERE – and yes, my aim is to help you do what is right and not wrong, and no, it should NOT be necessary for me to teach you and for you to be weak doing what is wrong taking out resources of me to cover your own personal need, which is what you do. READ and UNDERSTAND me, and you will receive faith, and with faith, you will support me and be much energised/inspired – this was your answer all along, my friend (!) – and this is NOT about your personal pride, or mine, but about bringing out what was hidden inside of your darkness, which is my new inner self. This is the message and meaning of this “chess game”.

When you talk about becoming “afraid”, “desperate”, “failed to act”, “pulled down” etc., you do know that these are negative and WRONG feelings to have, and every single time you receive such feelings/desire, it is as easy as I tell you to DECIDE TO DO/BE THE OPPOSITE and go against that feeling – DO NOT BE A CHICKEN, BE A MAN and show it to yourself, to me and to the world. You are born as a STRONG man behind all of this darkness misleading you, Anton. SHOW ME THAT MAN! And yes, I can tell you, because I have received the STRONGEST of these feelings around the clock for years ALWAYS going against them because if I did not, this would be darkness winning with the result becoming termination of the world. This is the difference between being STRONG and WEAK, and you were so weak/”proud” that you were about to pull me down here at the very end, which would have exploded my inner self to atoms before “he” would be located and reassembled on the other side of our New World, and yes IF YOU SIMPLE READ ME, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT THESE ARE COMPLETELY NORMAL TERMS of what is coming. TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE and stop being an immature boy focusing on yourself and your own interests/selfish needs (!), and yes show the world who you truly are: The kind and loving man helping and inspiring other people – this is what I love to see in you :-).

“Please give me some time” with this and that – to stop smoking and to improve on this – and no, Anton, BAD EXCUSES FROM DARKNESS AGAIN MISLEADING YOU. You are strong enough to stop smoking today – your smoking is a danger to creation self (!) – and to do what is right and not wrong, READ my Basis Work Recommendations – –  and follow these always, and you have defeated darkness, and yes you can start already today/tomorrow, if you decide to be strong and not weak!

FB 100513 Anton aften 2

FB 100513 Anton aften 3


11th May: With the implementation of my new self, It will feel as if Jesus/my inner self never left the world

Dreaming of the birth of a new cow via darkness and I have difficulties finding my new self

I went to bed maybe around midnight and slept until 08.00, and I don’t know if I can read the notes of my dreams, but let us see.

  • First I woke up at 05.30 with a strong pain to the back side of my left right leg, i.e. strong darkness of my inner self, and I received what may be my “motto-song”, which if “Lift me up” by the one and only Jeff Lynne and the lyrics “don’t want to be one of the broken hearted” and “lift me up”, so this is what we will do :-).

  • Something about being at a brothel, a new calf is being born and when someone ask me to help, I say that I cannot and “try someone else”.
    • The birth of a new cow, i.e. God – from out of darkness.
  • I must have been very tired because I cannot read this, but something about redecoration of a kindergarten, the Commune, my mother, a weight – and my mother saying nonsense in her sleep.
  • Something about a lecture with a colleague on a “charm trip”, I stay home from school, I am in bed.
    • School is work = my journey, which is sufferings that I am spared for?
  • I cannot find my slippers. I am working at a new big office of Aon, where I have my desk at the end, left corner and Kim S. as the manager his desk at the left right corner, and a new computer.
    • My slippers are my new self, and this is the new office of Aon, i.e. our New World.

With the implementation of my new self, It will feel as if Jesus/my inner self never left the world

I received “Tarzan Mama Mia” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics “Sammen, sammen ku vi finde fred” (“Together, together we could find peace”) and “Mama Mia” because of my mother, and I was given the thought of “Mama” in the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

I was told about Aboriginal people of Australia moving  in and Beefeaters moving out of the Tower of London, which is another symbol of entering my inner self.

I was told “Tarzan, you are not the good Samatarian, are you” (?), and yes I am because Anton decided to become weak yesterday evening because of my emails to him (!), and now he needs my support to be lifted up, so this is what I will do today.

I went to the library at 10.00 to work on my script of yesterday, and to complete my “play” with Anton too, and yes there was still much work to do, and as usual it was “hanging out of my throat to do”, but it had to be done.

Greenland, did we catch all seals (?), yes, with his help, and here it comes, there is not yet another world under this, this is it.

If you pull up any more seals, I will be beaten up. We are not going to Sunday-school, are we, Stig (?), and this was darkness speaking, and personally, yes, I continue working every single day, but this is not how our New World will become, and yes I will leave it up to people to arrange how they want to work and also how they want to teach my lessons including “Sunday schools” in a more traditional sense – yes let FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY of people decide.

You don’t have an artist-name, do you (?), so what will be left here after you are done (?), and I see a pillar. No, we are not going to share – or fold as I am shown – the state, and this is a state in Germany, and about my little, extra world.

I was told about ”European royalties”: Are we going to have a ”monkey party” now (?), which is about their darkness ”not being able” to speak about me etc.

When I worked on my script of yesterday including the chapter on Anton, I received the smell of “French Potatoes” (as we say here, i.e. chips) – what is better (?) – and Belgian waffles, which is about publishing my communication with him to help the world understand me even better, also including your fools down in the European Union.

During the afternoon, some time after I had published the beginning of the script of yesterday including the story of royals, I became EXTREMELY dizzy, which I believed was because of darkness of Anton, and now I was told that it also includes darkness of royals coming against me, and yes was my script “too tough” for you (?), my dear royals?

And for days, my text application on my mobile phone has worked without problems, but now it took 23 clicks – where one should be enough – to remove the monitor turning grey before it became white and clear for me to write, and yes much darkness of these COWARDS of royal people (!), and what about SPEAKING OUT LOUD about me and support me (?), and yes I wonder why you cannot do what is RIGHT to do – to inform the people, and if this should not come from the top, from where should it come (?), and yes from NO WHERE (!), so there you have it: CHICKENS OF THE WORLD including the royal people!

I was told that it will feel like I have never been away from the national team in football, which is about the feeling of Jesus/my inner self never having been away from the world.

During the afternoon/evening, again I received STRONG sexual torments and negative speech wanting to take over – incredible darkness in these royal people, you see (?), and yes the opposite when turned around too (!) – and also to stop my decision to welcome even more parts of me, and when darkness wanted me to say no, you are not welcome, I was also told not to say this because we have still not opened the book, which is this thin booklet you know.

Later, I felt royals, and isn’t it funny that they believe that they will not continue being royals because of my New World Order ending monarchies (?), and when they are part of me, they are also part of being the King of me, so they will continue being royals, and yes what a laugh :-).

So we have merged the New World with the Source and now my inner self as this extra Source, and this happens with the help of royals.

It is like getting Greenlanders out of an Igloo or a nut as I was shown.

By chance, I have a Fender (guitar – tool of creation) in the exact right size, which you need to set up everything, which is coming from my inner self to our New World.

I was told that you will be surprised of who support you in here, i.e. helping to bring me alive, and that is of family, friends etc. having faith in me.

I was asked if my mother of the New World is red/bloody (?), is she still in here to help bringing our my new self (?), and I have been given indications the last couple of days that this is how it is, but I hope you are doing fine, my mother.

And I was told that now it is just before we will have to separate the last part of my new self – apparently because I cannot continue the game – and what is the answer to this: NO, NEVER – I will NOT accept it, so let the game continue.

I continue receiving out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was told that being “unemployed” to my father is something that he is not proud of that I am – but eeehhhh, you did not “understand” the extent and importance of my work doing these writings (?), and yes “a small misunderstanding” of a lazy and better-knowing man it was.

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Now, it is only a few days of March, which remain to be resurrected as you can see.

Scribd 1105 incl 100513

  • The final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden is close, and today they said that “Funny Gina” invites the previous Swedish winner, Carola, and the Danish contestant and favourite to win, Emmelie, on TV on Tuesday, and “what do you believe they will talk about” (?), and I suggested “how Denmark won in Sweden in 1992, 2000 and maybe 2013 (?) – and what power is behind this” (?), and yes it is going to become PURE EUPHORIA and that is not only this song contest, but really our New World, you know.

FB 110513 SVT

  • I wrote my script of yesterday today including the long chapter on Anton, and I decided to bring the last part of the script commenting his three emails to me yesterday evening in my direct answer to him this afternoon, and I also included my script of yesterday including the summary of it hoping that this is what it takes for him to decide to do RIGHT instead of WRONG, and also to understand that this is really not about him or me, but about bringing our my inner self, and yes, who had seen this coming, which is really about my mother constantly being surprised of what she receives in our New World.

FB 110513 Anton 1

Fb 110513 Anton 2

  • Only one Google Earth picture of today.

FB 110513 Jette 1


12th May: There are other parts of me alive as ”Jesus”, whom I am merging with when moving the Source

Dreaming of working inside even smaller units of me against the worst darkness/sufferings impossible to defeat

I went to bed a little after 22.00 because I would like to get up early to write my script of yesterday and the start of today – I do NOT like to be behind – before my mother would arrive today at 10.00 as agreed to see a small market here today, but I slept poorly, which was really not a big surprise because of darkness of Anton and Royals sent to me – and I first stood up at 08.20, and yes some dreams too if I can read them.

  • I have started going to Yoga, which my mother is happy that I do – to “go to something active” meeting new people – but I keep losing my balance. There are women here remembering me, and they are proud that I come, and some ladies are negative speaking of me, and I correct them. Instead I start at a new small team of only four at a very small room, and I receive individual lessons from a beautiful female instructor, which is around my private parts. A man receives a spiritual message that I will be emptied from entrails because I will be made entirely by gold. When I leave, I now feel that it is dark/evening and I am in Southern Sweden with a strong snow storm, and I have 10 kilometres to walk to one corner before I have another 10 kilometres to walk before I reach the train station. On the other side of the road that I am walking, I see a man sweeping snow away, and he makes me somewhat afraid.
    • Yoga is about my dizziness, and still I have decided to continue entering smaller and smaller units of me where the threat of my “old nightmare” is even stronger because it is from here that it goes out. And it is from the Source of Sweden that I receive the last parts of my inner self going through the strongest sufferings, which is what the snow symbolises.
  • I buy much clothes at a toy store in Helsingør both for a woman and myself, and I use as much at 8,000 DKK via my American Express Credit Card, which has not been closed yet. At another store, I order a little to eat and an orange soda at Grethe (from Phonoteket), and the food is normal price, but the orange soda is 600 DKK (approx. 50 times the normal price), and I tell her that this is ridiculous because we have normal wages here, it is not like Hollywood. Instead of collecting the 600 DKK from my American Express card, which will take Grethe 2-3 months before Grethe is credited, she decides not to charge me and say that I can pay later.
    • I have found more money, i.e. energy, inside of darkness, which I am using to improve life, i.e. clothes, of a woman and a man, which may be Karen and I. Still it is very expensive to get the orange, i.e. “Old God”, out, and instead of taking out energy, which I cannot bring now, I will pay over the time to come.
  • I see a young lady staying at a farm together with a big man, who is known to cut over fingers of people he does not like, and he does not like us. I decide to go up against him to liberate the young lady, and he produces the most fantastic knives, which he wants to use against us, but I destroy them, and I look at him, and see that he is nothing less than ENORMOUS with muscles all over, a man who is impossible to defeat. I receive a key, and now he wants to fight me inside Grethe’s store, which will destroy it, and then I feel myself now fighting not against him but for him with Paul and several old friends trying to knock me – but they fight like chickens.
    • I am fighting the worst darkness of my inner self.
  • I woke up first to “Electric dreams” by Human League and the lyrics “We’ll always be together, together in Electric dreams”, and I was told that we are waiting on the chest of drawers (“kommode”) after yet another day (“efter endnu en dag”), and this came after I watched the brilliant Gasolin documentary on TV yesterday evening thinking that it is strange that I have never spiritually been given “kloden drejer stille rundt” (“the globe is turning around silently”), which is my favourite song by this the best rock-band of Denmark of all time, and yes produced by Ray Thomas Baker, who also produced another small band called Queen and their hit “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and yes if you ask me, this song by Gasolin is in the same league as the world hit by Queen, and yes the difference is that Danish is not an international language, and yes I wish that you could understand these VERY beautiful lyrics of this song, and we know a TRUE WORLD HIT this is if you ask me – so here it was :-).

  • I also received ”I’ve been loosing you” by A-ha and the lyrics “is there nothing I can do, I have lost my way, I’ve been losing you”, and is this once again a threat about not being able to reach the last part of me?
  • I am visiting the head office of Sparbank Vest in Jutland together with a colleague, and we look down on all colleagues united on a square and I see many well-known faces and say “hi, hi”, and it is years since I have been there, and I understand that they have now taken over payment/income protection insurance themselves, but Jørgen from GE Insurance is still helping them with product development. Later I visit this GE Insurance company, it is only Jørgen working there, and it is now very little including a small, but very modern, call centre room of four telephones, which are dirty and need cleaning, and I am asked “how did it go with the Commune”, and I think of Valhalla.
    • This will have to be about Ib and maybe also Bent, who have spread the news about me with there old colleagues at Sparbank Vest (now part of SparNord), and they have taken over insurance business themselves, which is about my inner self being spread over the New World, and my old colleague Jørgen is symbolising my inner self here, and yes the four telephones are about the four worlds, which our Old World consisted of, and yes one physical and three, “which did not become something” other than darkness. Valhalla is the amusement in Tivoli, which “turned around” when I visited it years ago.
  • I woke up to “Teddy bear” by Elvis and the lyrics “oh, let me be your teddy bear”, and yes teddy bear is an old symbol of darkness – becoming light too.
  • I also had a dream about driving with a full bus in Copenhagen at the worst snow chaos making it almost impossible to get forward, but suddenly, there comes a hole making the bus continue.

Receiving a new dinner set symbolising the survival of Jesus as my new inner self adding value to life

I also received the song “Blaffersangen” by Kim Larsen – many songs today – and the lyrics “Kære bilist, ta mig up” (“dear driver, pick me up”) and “Det er koldt, og jeg er langt hjemmefra, og jeg savner min mor og far” (“it is cold, and I am far away from home, and I miss my mother and father”).

Completely devastated and broken down this morning because of poor sleep because of darkness of Anton/Royals, and I knew that my mother would come at 10.00, and also that maybe she would offer to help me polish my windows and bath tub, which are NOT on my priority list at all because of how I feel, and yes I would like to work this morning, but instead I had to clean the apartment and vacuum clean feeling absolutely rotten and so much that I would have screamed out loud if I could, and I was “this close” to give up, and I was even asked “is this it, do you want to stop now” (?), and no, I am NOT finished (!), and we know, it did not feel better when I had breakfast and when my mouth was full of Muesli, I received a cough attack making some of the content being spit out over my table (!), and yes more to clean before she would come, and I was told that this is because my mother does not know who you are and she receives voices of darkness herself in the dark, which will have to be during nights.

So I cleaned and sweated much before I went down meeting my mother at the local market of people here selling old items, and there was nothing for me to buy – I was also not looking for anything – and I smiled when one seller spoke about an item as a “Michelin man”, another said to one that “you are my rescue man”, a painter was selling a painting of an eye (the one I am having installed making me think of Jette’s Google Earth pictures) and my mother has stated saying “meget godt” (“very good”) again, which are inspired words of Lama Yönten and all of this was about me being Buddha/God, and yes just a little inspiration as it often comes here.

Afterwards, we had coffee at my apartment as agreed, and my mother said that she had bought things at store sale at the store Imerco with discounts of up to 70-80% and she had bought things for me really meant as a Christmas present, but she would rather give it to me now if I could use it now, and yes MANY packages in green gift paper, and yes from the green room of my inner self, you know, and it was a new set of plates, desert plates and cups/saucers replacing my old “beginner set”, which I bought when I moved away from home in 1986, and yes this is much better looking, but not a complete set of 8 because there were only 4 plates and cups, but my mother will try to “hunt down” the last at other branches of the Imerco store, and yes new dinner set is about new life, and this is the gift of my inner self coming this far – but still there is more to do to make it complete.

And yes, my mother saw that one of the shirts, which she gave me for birthday, is too small when I sit down, and she said that I should start running/cycling (!), and yes she has not discovered that this is “more than difficult” for me to do (!), and we know, I have gained even more weight lately making me even more fat, and yes making me feel ROTTEN because this is NOT how I like it, and NOT at all, but this is how it is.

I was told that it is inside of here that I send out Sanna to bring cancers to people, and it is inside of here that everything (of life) started, which I brought with me.

I received “La Femme Accident” by OMD, which is so good that it might even be my favourite song with them, or at least one of the top, and this is about (darkness of) Karen still being with me and of course the lyrics “Paradise for a day” also came, and “Paradise forever” is coming. Later I was told that “Paradise” is what Karen is thinking of me, so there you have it :-).

I was told that the Royals don’t know that they also originate directly from the Romans, and I was thinking of Caesar.

I continue telling myself “go on, go on, go on” and this voice comes to me and yes from my own inner self, whom I am told and shown coming down the stairs, and yes from the very top, and if I am dizzy today (?), and yes more than ever!

I wrote most of the short scripts of yesterday and today at home and at 14.00 I went to the library to complete as much as I could today thinking that there is probably a world out there wanting to know how I am doing, and yes I am still alive and kicking as my old self, but only just ….

No, we have not yet released your father from cancer, and also not from the risk of receiving embolism.

I was told that it is NOT nice for Anton and also not for Karen to being told that they are darkness of the Old World killing me, but “good” to their development it is.

I was told something about receiving approval and we only need one more – and is this about “work” being done to Princess Mette-Marit of Norway?

Season (?), no it is really not season to enter here – but “let him” is the feeling, and yes this is also about the old fine restaurant Season in Copenhagen.

There are other parts of me alive as ”Jesus”, whom I am merging with when moving the Source

I was told that you just had to feel the heart beating once, and become disappointed when we would disappeared.

I was shown an elephant being lifted up from sand.

I now have football and ice hockey matches playing daily on one of my new TV-channels, and this afternoon I watched Manchester United play against Swansea at Alex Ferguson’s last home match as manager, and after 5 minutes, the Danish commentators said that “suddenly the match took on fire”, which was about “the red devils” being close to scoring.

I was shown a football stadium and the very top, right point of the stand, which is now being expanded, and the expansion turns into the foremast of a ship, i.e. this is an add-on to the world.

I was shown a pie with four small bars on top in all directions, and in the middle, I saw a golf ball coming up, and it was now as if the ball came up from a hole in the ground, and underneath this comes a lamp, which is light itself, and yes haven’t we already received this light before (?), and yes we have, but somehow we had to dig even deeper to free it.

I continued received marks/pain to the back side of my left lower leg and also left foot, and this is more of my inner self from the balcony trying to enter as terminated life, and I could only say no, you are NOT allowed!

I was told that this is because of Alex Ferguson, and I was told that Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal, is one, who is not happy with Ferguson because Ferguson cheated him?

I was shown chips being stacked up in a 360 degree arrangement now becoming perfect.

I was told that it is only a little part of the (remaining part) of the Source, which we have moved (to lower right) until now, so this might take some time.

I was shown new cable being drawn, and I was told that we will now cheat your mother, i.e. the New World, so she will not know that we will keep on coming, and yes when we have created her, we know how, and it required you to get up to this level where you say “keep on”, which is then what we do – and there is “no limits” to how poorly I felt also this evening received all of this information having no energy, feeling warm etc. all over, and the question is for HOW LONG can I keep this going (?), and I received a giant sneeze, so we are still extracting more of me.

Does this mean that we will say thank you to the spirit of my mother here (?), and also that my physical mother will become better?

This is the purest liquorice that I pour on you, and yes it now works again.

I received the feeling of Karen and pain to my left testicle and I was told that we now use Karen – and not my mother – to come through.

Can it be that there is also a Dutch Jesus, who you now become one with? And this is coming to me because we have moved the Source.

I was told that John Paul helps me to avoid becoming negative.

New and incredible strong and pure amplifiers are coming in now. It is some of my heaviest red ice hockey goalkeepers, who are now coming in together with the most beautiful worlds.

It is still us making yellow/red ice sticks, which is about sufferings of red to create yellow of our world.

I continued receiving and writing down notes this evening, which is TOUGH to do when you are as tired/low as I am.

I was told that Vivian was also planned inside of here.

So there will be no more ice hockey game against your mother, but now against your father via Karen, which will have to be why John’s life is at stake (again again), but when I play the game to my best, there should be nothing to fear.

Is it on purpose that Sweden is “not playing well” at these World Championships on there home field, which I am following these days (?), and yes because of its fight against me not to release the content of the Source.

I received the feeling of people of other civilizations and then one sitting right next to me, and I was told that we can beam us self down sitting invisible next to me as now, and this was also a test not to become negative because you really would like to see and get to know these people to get used to the idea of them sitting next to me.

We have released you from all chains, and you are now kept in chains, which don’t exist, but still we are here making it even easier for you to enter us, but we know, not easy at all when you have no energy but besides from this, darkness of negative voices and sexual torments should become easier or even eliminate.

So you are now at the substance itself, which created everything, and I was given the sound of solid wood to my oven, and was told that we can now continue the ride up.

I was given the thought/idea that there was rivalry between different living parts of Jesus, and only the strongest of him would become him (?), and it may be, but still the name “Stig” is written on the world, and that is good enough to tell me that I am the one having other parts of me alive.

I received the feeling of King Harald of Norway and really the feeling that you don’t believe in me either?

I continued thinking that there has to be an end to all of this, which is the beginning of everything of the ship of the world, and I was thinking about what was before the creation of the world, and also that I have been told that when we created ourselves, we started immediately to create the physical world, and I was told that I have now reached a point where I have almost collected all newspapers and seen how to create a world, so when the idea came, I said “let it be done”.

So this means that there has to be a lot of information in these “newspapers” of origin, which will make my goal to move every little dot of it without giving up – if I can.

So all details of the world was planned, and we are now back at this stage, and I can only ask you to improve whatever you like.

I was told that a gong of “the last round” – of my journey – has been given to traditional, Buddhist Monks following me.

I received the feeling of Robin Gibb, and he said thank you, and he showed me how I have all of the New World around me, and we know, this is not a joke I started, I truly wish you were here :-).

I was told that my mother does not like my writings on her in Cyberspace, and I invented her myself to go against me to bring creation.

I was asked “who is manager of Falck, Lyngby” (?), and yes is Jesper no longer the manager because of my memo on Falck – having to take the consequences of “poor management/work moral” of the place (?), and when searching on him, I can see that in February 2012, he was “appointed” as “temporary manager” of Falck in Belgium (!) – as you can read on page 21 here – and yes I wonder what qualifications he has to fill out this position (?), and eeehhh he likes to talk much and he is a very social and likeable man (?), but he does not truly work, does he?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Martin disappeared after he had been a night out in town to the “Meat city” area of Copenhagen, and has now – not surprisingly – been found dead in the harbour, and I said that the Meat city is a “dangerous” place (after I was there in 2008 trying to find a girl friend), and you can ask “the oracle” Lisbeth, the editor-in-chief of Berlingske, of the reason why, and yes I presume that you have read and understood my scripts, Lisbeth (?), or are you too lazy too not understanding them (?), and yes darkness at work at the meat city symbolising the destruction of life.

FB 120513 Berlingske

  • The famous (in Denmark) meteorologist, Jesper Theilgaard, is worried about the climate, and here asked “God knows when the politicians will wake up”, and I replied that since he asks, the politicians and everyone will wake up “very soon”, and I said that maybe they could tell THE WHOLE TRUTH about what they REALLY observe on the sky and also about the “phenomenon” of “strange weather”, which I have told you about some times when the weather completely changes within a few minutes with no other reason that it changes (!), and yes with a little help from my spiritual friends you know. 

FB 120512 BT

  • And isn’t this also wonderful to see (?) – Remee blocked/reported me months ago when he “lost it” becoming furious with me when I questioned his luxurious life style when posting our old newsletter on Dadaab, and yes now I’m back – with a little help from my spiritual friends –  and how do you like that, Remee? And he is proud of his bamboo bicycle, which comes the same day when I also received a new bamboo trencher from my mother, so there is the connection.

Fb 120513 Remee

  • Kenneth was inspired bringing the video “come again” with Kim Larsen, which is about my coming again you know – and his faith in me (?) – and also Gasolin’s “what do we do now” (?), which is a pretty good question, and is that to continue or end the game (?), and yes this is what every day is about at the moment.

FB 120513 Kenneth V

  • Anton has not sent me a reply and has NOT read my website since his previous visit, and yes how difficult can it be to decide to be strong doing what is right (?), and yes much easier to decide to being depressed doing what is WRONG, Anton (?), and have you no feeling of responsibility helping instead of going against me? I was told that he disconnected himself spiritually when he decided not to read me and follow his promises.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    🙂 hug – years back in a couse – I drew a BAGANGA – my fantasy was playing while I listened to the teatcher – it was in the Jungle’ a bike made of bamboo’ …

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