May 15, 2013: I was turned around to remaining darkness of my inner self until faith of man will transform me to light


Summary of the script today

13th May: I was turned around to remaining darkness of my inner self until faith of man will transform me to light

  • Dreaming of transforming more darkness/faeces to light/life, does Putin has something to hide?, hoping that my new bicycle works, I am washing the Source from within but I cannot do all now, Obama is still bringing me energy and he is still having trouble receiving the truth of his civil servants, and darkness still wants to kill me to stop the taxi of me bringing out my finest parts.
  • I continued feeling extremely pour most of the day until the evening when I felt the pressure of darkness of Anton and Royals leaving me after having been a nightmare to go through for days. My mother has left me as the school teacher, I have completed my “mission impossible”, and reached the top stage of my inner self, and I was surprised to see it as darkness, but was told that I am the only one being able to see darkness, and I felt this darkness being placed inside of me. I have been turned around to become remaining darkness of my inner self now being on the same side as man, who “could not find” out when being “the opposite world”. I am now darkness inside the New World of my mother, who does not know (!), and that is really inside of myself being everything (!), and I wait on faith of man in me to transfer this last part of me to light. This part of me may explode when I “cannot” continue the game. Creation continues as an add-on to the New World now with my father and not mother as the creator of this.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show it is not to see what is up and down, the painter is still here, and the Danish singer Peter Belli being made up of other life.
  • Short stories of Gasolin bringing me home, the sick Danish Justice Minister, encouraging David Cameron to promote the truth, my old friend Kirsten focusing on herself, a sign of “killer whales” as darkness turning into our New World, I am coming home as the space man, and cold beer at the goal line.

14th May: I am higher up the Source than ever and still at the end of everything to bring every little thing of me

  • Dreaming of being inside the small and beautiful area of my inner self, holding a grill party receiving even more life, meeting my inner self as the “ticket man”, and Søren H. is another part of the “ticket man”.
  • The work on creation continues with the speed of a racer car, and even more than the ovaries of your mother could handle. I continue receiving more parts of my inner self, which is part of “the dot of nothing”, which exploded to become everything of our New World. I am higher up the Source than ever before, and still I am at the very end – or beginning – of everything deciding to bring every little thing of me to the New World instead of the New World not understanding where I was until faith would bring me forward.
  • I met Manuella, the Austrian lady – one of my neighbours – and we had a good and long talk making her happy with me calling me her friend, which is the right attitude of people to me, and NOT the opposite.
  • DAY O – daylight come and he wan’ go home” :-).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show King Christian IV still with us, Queen Margrethe and other royalty shown as the painter, even rain/pollution has got eyes now, royalty together with the family tree of my inner self, darkness stop robbing energy/life, chess players today, no differences to my face on the sky over several days, Meat Loaf has both eyes and a nose on the sky, the swarm and souls of all sizes.
  • Short stories of Morten Løkkegaard “turning around” and giving me a heart attack, the Danish school of “indolence, flaccidity, disrespect and laziness”, and the mayor of Helsingør not liking people to turn a positive story negative (as the Commune turned my positive story negative).

15th May: Walking upstairs to the birth of everything, the eternal light, to receive the gold nugget of me

  • Dreaming of visiting the dentist late in the evening just before closing time bringing in as much of the eternal source that I can, and darkness of people makes it impossible to reach the most inner of me (just maybe!).
  • We are about to install what has never been installed before, which is the inner of the Source we are now downloading. It is first at the very end that you will be covered with God. It is now four birthdays, which are our goal now – of all parts of my inner self, with Christoffer – Mette’s son – being one, and Peter T. being another of these four “Jesus’es”.
  • I was told that it is a requirement to visit my neighbour Jan at the psychiatric hospital – which I don’t feel much like visiting – to continue the game for another week, otherwise we will have to blow ourselves in to the nugget of me, which will cost the life of John. This is to release this nugget of solid darkness and incredible strength, which is saved here and now inside Jan to be brought to me. And I was told that it was darkness of my sister, (father) and Commune, which brought it here where I was “supposed” to have been brought again. I am on my way up the last stairs to return to the birth of everything – to the eternal light.
  • When my mother and I went to the Christmas service of the church of Kronborg Castle – was it in 2010 (?) – it was the foundation of installing my command central of everything here.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a blind man in a wheel chair, light – please, Chaplin the EYE, the trinity at work and in disguise, looking behind the curtain, the she and the he, the picture of my new self finally changes, the long corridor to the centre of Earth, the painter gets eyes, “I miss the Sun, Maa”.
  • Short stories of finding the golden nugget of me, I am inured but continue working, and a sunfish died symbolising the death of my old self.


13th May: I was turned around to remaining darkness of my inner self until faith of man will transform me to light

Dreaming of washing the Source from within but I cannot do all now, and darkness still wants to kill me

I went to bed at 00.30, but could not sleep because I was given diarrhoea, and I understood that this is about destruction coming because of “too much information”/darkness entered me at the same time, so this is what I will have to repay over the coming time. I slept poorly until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • Four teams are playing against each other, and it is about a small apartment, where one hall is full of faeces on the floor, and the next hall has the finest fricassee on the floor, and the idea is to make the best recipe/disc, and I see how a female guest brings her suggestion for a recipe.
    • This is about my small world transforming more darkness/faeces to light/life/food, and there are four parts of me in here as there was in the four-divided Old World, but not in our New World.
    • I received “all for love” by Rod, Sting and Bryan, which is to “make it all for one and all for love”.

  • I am visiting Putin in Russia, and when I ask about his email-address, he does not want to give it to me, I can ring him only. I am travelling around the world at “culture exchanges” where I am “no. 1”, and here in Russia, I am happy to see Russian culture/singing.
    • Do you have anything to hide, Putin (?), no, right?
  • An actress wearing sun glasses is looking down at Helsingør Station thinking of me, and I am trying a bicycle for the first time thinking that hopefully nothing will happen to it.
    • The new set up to bring in more of my inner self?
  • (My old girlfriend) Camilla had been called over to the other side – “131518” – which is connected with a computer, and it is to say that the newspaper Ekstra Bladet will reveal my sexual history if I do something negative to others, which is also connected to the nuclear threat of the world, and I cannot remove this now, but I still Camilla that one day I will be back removing all of this negativity. I see a game of actors against Camilla’s father, which makes her father lose every time having a bag drawn over his head. He wants my food, but first he will have to eat his own.
    • This is saying that I cannot remove all darkness now (?), but I will certainly do my best – and I was told that I am washing the Source from within.
  • I am travelling the world being no. 1 everywhere holding lectures on energy, but in USA, it is Obama holding this lecture as no. 1, and I see that Obama is sleeping inside a very special device producing energy at nights, and his department has given him calculations and conclusions where not all data is included. Later I am running in USA together with Christian G. (from my old class) and we agree that good moral is important, but it does not sound right in relation to him. And something about a key and holidays.
    • This is to say that Obama is still helping to bring me energy not knowing how much we need, and this is also to say that the information he receives from the civil servants is not always to be trusted because of lack of moral.
  • I am exposed to surveillance of young people monitoring my use of Internet, and they speak of “funny websites” showing “unlucky behaviour” of young people partying, which I do not approve of, and I rather like to read the newspaper Berlingske.
  • I am at a house in Hillerød, I am removing the entrance, and hear one speaking of a murder attempt there just happened, and I find a young man in the garden. The victim is a police officer, who was supposed to watch out on a piece of very fine mechanics of the neighbour, which I see being brought with the finest Mercedes taxi imaginable.
    • Hillerød is a “crazy” city of darkness, which is still trying to kill me to prevent me from bringing out more of the finest of my inner self.

I was turned around to remaining darkness of my inner self until faith of man will transform me to light

This morning, I was still as tired without energy as ever – these days are TOUGH – and it is becoming more and more impossible to get started because of this and also the knowledge that I had many notes to write today, and it made me feel disgusting feeling like this knowing that I have to work – and the question is really for how long I can continue doing this.

I went to the library at 10.00 with difficulties, and started working with difficulties too for example having difficulties with the Firefox browser not very “willing” to showing my videos and this morning it also rejected to insert pictures to my script (!), so I had to switch to Microsoft Internet Explorer this time.

I was told that the dream about fighting for darkness and vision about scoring for Manchester United was about what was about to be the outcome of the last part of me, which is really “life on the other side not turned around yet”, but we have decided to continue playing the game because you do NOT want this outcome.

I continued working even though I continued feeling very poor not working my most efficient today, but somehow I also managed to publish my script of yesterday, and to write the beginning of the script of today.

I was told that we are still trying to avoid the remaining of me being packed down into the freezer.

I worked until approx. 15.00 before leaving the library.

I am surprised of just how much negative speech I have received for days being so strong that it simply expects me to follow it, but this is not how we work here.

I was told that I have no more school teacher after the exit of my mother from the game.

I received pain to my teeth, and was told that it is still me entering.

I was INCREDIBLE tired at around 17.00. These days, my pain/sufferings has reached new heights because of weakness and negative feelings of Anton and Royals.

I was told that it is invaluable when Jette understands my scripts.

I was shown the wall of a school room opening, and inside of there are placed many torpedoes, which is about the engine of my inner self.

I also felt much love of my actors surrounding me.

I watched Denmark play against Belarus in Ice hockey, and after Denmark was completely superior the first 30 minutes and in front by 3 to 0, a Belarus gave a Dane the most disgusting tacking, and soon Belarus had reduced to 3 to 2, which was about the attack of darkness on me, but Denmark won by 3 to 2 securing its survival in Group A, and “Funny Jes” said after the game that this was “mission completed”, and to me, this was about “mission impossible” completed.

I have received unbearable pain for days every single second, and then suddenly this evening, it become better, and I was told that it was worries of Queen Margrethe and other royals, which brought me this much darkness, so “thank you”.

I received the sound of a cookie box from my oven, and was told that we are still here.

I was told that entering my inner self corresponds to going from a 64k Internet modem to a 20 MB line.

I felt Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and “no, we have also not been there before”, and I felt their nervousness.

I was told that I can come out from anything, from basil leaves etc., and I was told of a déjà vue, but no, I don’t “feel” or remember this as a déjà vue.

I was told about the Mafia of Italy being involved in Berlusconi’s businesses, and can it really be that he is as black as he appears (?), and according to this, he is!

We have made sure that the refrigerator (of life) is still open.

I was shown the most good-look black stage and a couple of motorcycles (only) driving in on stage, and this is really a display of darkness, and my message is: TURN AROUND to light!

So you have moved all the way up on the stage, and this is what remains, which is about the two motorcycles, and the feeling was that there was more.

Do you remember that you would be the only one able to see darkness (?), and I felt how life of darkness was placed inside of me, and I said that it is alright if everything else is impossible, but only if this is the case.

I have often been thinking what would happen if I was about to be run down by a car or fall off a balcony etc., and that is if a miracle would save me, and I here received the déjà vue that I was born as a normal human being with the risk of dying as everyone else.

I received fewer notes this evening, but still not “little”, and I still felt physically incredible poorly not being able to be anywhere because of tiredness, dizziness etc.

I was shown a small bubble containing a gum, and told that this is the last part I work on.

It is I being the painter, and the task is to bring everything, and I was shown that even if turning off all light here, everything is still blue of me.

I was told that it was not good that I did not call my cousin Jan after he had influenced his mother, Inge, negatively about me when she was visiting him on Madeira months ago.

I was repeatedly shown “curious looks” from the lower left corner of my balcony through the window with an “arrow” towards me – this is how it works/is shown to me – and I was told “when will it become my turn”, i.e. the next turn of my inner self to become light.

I was shown dark shelves with one room of it including a ring, and behind this was also a golden horn and I was told that you have found my inner ring, this is the way we walk, and that is deeper inside this room.

I was shown a big crowd of people on their way towards the Danish Parliament Christiansborg, and then suddenly they were turned around, and I saw the same people leaving, and I was told that we turned around the pole without anyone noticing it.

So you have become me – the dark side of me at my balcony – without knowing it, which was the requirement to continue the game.

You are now on the same side as Jack and everyone else, who “could not find out” (being “the opposite world”).

I was shown four towers at each corner of an oil rig, and I was shown a crane on land with the feeling of being in Norway, and also the feeling that I am now back at the starting point of everything with oil being darkness/building stones of the world.

So now we are darkness wanting to become light – as everyone else inside the New World still on the other side of us/me, and it is only you and I here, this is how we have arranged it meaning that we are stuck here until faith of man will be strong enough to transfer us to the other side too.

You cannot get rid of me now – the last part of my inner self – so now I am not there, I was given marks to my right ankle, but, as incredible as it may sound, I am terminated life inside the New World, which my mother/the New World does not know about, and is it possible for me physically as Stig to live as such (?), and no, it is not, I am still a living dead only surviving because of my will power.

But I still feel my right ankle, and yes because I am still everything – including the New World. So I am both, and the task is now to transfer what is inside my left to my right leg.

I continued receiving negative speech and darkness of my inner self still wanting to hurt, but no, this is NOT how you are going to get it with me!

So I am now inside the most inner of me. This is like putting on the outermost of the trunk of the elephant knowing for sure now that we will get home.

I was also told that because I decided to eat cakes etc. not being focused on my weight, it took quicker to get down here, and it would be better to create from the other side, remember (?), and this made me feel somewhat guilty for some time, but I decided to believe that I have done “my best” seen from an overall view, and yes not giving up at any point as the most important, which is what brought the white horse of the New World all the way up to the top of our stage here.

I smelled explosives, and was told that you will decide yourself when to blow up yourself, and yes, this is really not a nice message to receive when you “cannot” no longer being out of energy.

But you have decided that everything has to be perfect, so we will continue creating as if it is your mother doing it, and yes as an add-on to the New World, which will have the same effect as if it was my mother doing it receiving my building stones, but now with my father as the creator. This is how we will also turn into fish, which I was given the taste of, and I was told that I cannot now turn around being what I was from the Old World, I am now darkness of the small inner world of my new self waiting on faith of the world to turn into light too.

Google Earth: The Danish singer Peter Belli being made up of other life

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show it is not to see what is up and down, the painter is still here, and the Danish singer Peter Belli being made up of other life.

FB 130513 Jette 1

Fb 130513 Jette 2

FB 130513 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When I published my script of yesterday on Facebook, I also published four music videos, which I have done for some weeks now, and when I brought this documentary by Gasolin – included in my script the other day – I shared this story of “coming home”.

FB 130513 Stig

  • Dennis Kristensen, the Union manager, brought a link about the Justice Minister refusing to bring information to the public according to a new “publicity law”, which is the work of darkness covering up information, and I decided to tell Dennis that the Justice Minister – and others with him – sadly is a sick man, but he will wake up too to see his guilt.

FB 130513 Dennis

  • I encouraged David to promote the truth (of me, our New world, UFO’s etc.) instead of everything else, and this is an example of some of my comments still being lifted to the top of all.

FB 130513 David

  • I received this visit of “someone I know by the name of Kirsten” apparently thinking so much of herself that she searched on “Kirsten” wanting to see what I might have written about her (?) instead of reading and understanding the big picture – like everyone else – and I do believe that this is about my old friend, Kirsten, and yes the one who “could not” thank for my birthday greetings and “could not” send me birthday greetings, and when I copied this picture, I received an incredible pain to the outer joint of my left finger making writing impossible again and at least when using this finger – but it soon stopped again.

GC 130513

  • I was told that this story was also a “sign” because “this never happens”, and it was Danish fishermen being surrounded by a number of killer whales, and yes “whale” is a symbol of “the world”, and here “killer whales”, which are dangerous animals, could be with the meaning of darkness as building stones turning into our New World.

BT 130513 Fiskere

  • I was told that this too is a sign of the space man of me coming home.

CNN 130513 astronaut

  • Kristoffer said about what he thought of as a cool project “fire, mud and cold beer at the goal line”, and “cold beer” as darkness as the goal line is indeed what I have met.

FB 130513 Kristoffer


14th May: I am higher up the Source than ever and still at the end of everything to bring every little thing of m

Dreaming of being inside the small and beautiful area of my inner self and meeting my inner self as the “ticket man”

I went to bed at 23.30 and did not sleep good, but better, until 08.30 with these dreams.

  • I live next to Lyngby Lake, and I am happy living there with all of the beautiful houses of this area, but it takes nothing to get lost, and when I am out walking with John, I am flying very high, and we walk up stairs with flowers, and suddenly I see that we are lost now with row houses looking like Farum Midtpunkt (which I do not like), and we hurry to get back while we can. I meet my old friend Kirsten, and I am showing her the road to her new house next to the lake too, and I have been there already with my mother and sister with my sister giving me the key for it, and it has a beautiful view, but it is very small. Something about me having to SHOUT the same message into the head of my mother, who is “completely deaf” and now it is the face of Angie, and when they cannot understand, they work against me, and I am told that my family had the worst temper of any family in the world.
    • This is a beautiful, small area inside of darkness, which is my inner self, where I keep on working.
  • I was given one of Gasolin’s songs with English lyrics, “Twilight birds” and the lyrics “But the twilight birds are calling me tonight”, and this is also to say that they are good in English, but MUCH BETTER in Danish (!) – the whole “vibe” you know. And it was replaced by “Knuden” by Shu-bi-dua – can you imagine having had some of the best music in the world when growing up in Denmark (?), and yes when listening to Shu-bi-dua, they were (are) the best in the world, which is also the case when listening to Gasolin, and yes at the same time (!) – and it was replaced by Sirenesangen by Gasolin and the lyrics “Lad os glemme glemme os selv, I de barmhjertige timer, Fra 2 – 5” (“let us forget ourselves in the merciful hours from 2 to five”), which is one of the “special songs” of this band, which I received several times years ago – something about missing a golden hope which you received at your baptism becoming “nothing” (!) – and this Gasolin medley given to me ended with my favourite song “Kloden drejer stille rundt”, and yes “I am dozing after yet another day”, which I how I feel daily.

  • Kim S. holds a grill party not knowing who is coming, and Jens (from DFM/Aon/Willis) is asked to keep ready, and Kim says “look how our children are becoming big”, I see a dog peeing on a newspaper, and I ask Jens to get tools, and something about a Mercedes plus coming through cardboard.
    • It was as if Jens – who started working at DFM as an assistant to Helle at the administration and was undervalued for years – was “another part of Kim” (me) too, and the grill party is about “more life”, and the Mercedes about quality and just maybe my taxi too.
  • I am calling Kim S. from my mother’s place, and I ask him about three ladies, and he says no, if not ladies, who then (?), and I ask “three temps” (?), but no, it is the ticket man self, and I reply “but he never comes to the cottage house a Sunday afternoon”, but Kim says that he does tomorrow including new delicacies and songs.
    • The “ticket man” is the man, who has always followed me to pay for my train journey with the risk to set me off, and this ticket man is my own inner self, and the cottage house is our New World to which we add new life and love.
  • I am in Stockholm together with Jette at a full Restaurant, and I try to call Søren H. to tell him where we are, we have an agreement to meet at 12.30, and we have now passed 12.00, and I try to key in his long unique code starting with BMW and then a long code of numbers, but I cannot get it right, and I understand that Søren is the ticket man! Later I am watching porn on my computer having decided not to keep my old rules, which Jette reveals, and I tell her that I will write about it in my scripts.
    • I wonder how many parts there can be of me (?), and yes looking forward to get that mystery solved, and here it says that I cannot get deeper in because I don’t have the code, but it will come to me the longer I keep on working, and at least the day when the world will know about me having faith in me. The idea has been to be 100% truthful about what I do including when I do not keep my own rules, but the dream is wrong, I am NOT watching porn going against what darkness has wanted me to do for years, and yes not even now would I dream about doing it, but wait a minute, this is just what I did as my “better-knowing ignorant” inner self.
  • I woke up to “Every little thing” by Jeff Lynne, which was to confirm that this is what we will achieve, i.e. the survival of every little thing becoming part of our New World.

I am higher up the Source than ever and still at the end of everything to bring every little thing of me to the New World

This morning I still did not feel good, but SO MUCH BETTER than the last days, which have been some of the worst to go through, and yes amazing how much darkness Anton and a few royal people could send me.

And I also had somewhat less work to do today, so it was easier to do, but still not too easy you know.

I went to the library at 10.00 continuing to work concentrated and today until 14.30 before I had finished what was on my agenda.

I was told that the one I have defeated was the impossible to defeat man with BIG muscles in the dream the other night.

I finished working at 15.00 today.

I was told that there is no more fire of my mother, which it took in order for us to come.

The work on creation continues with the speed of a racer car, and even more than the ovaries of your mother could handle.

My mother decided to drive by bringing me more equipment to the new dinner set, and also two big pillows for my sofa.

I was told that we are happy that we did not have to make one of the four of us jump from the 5 metre springboard, and I was told that this would be necessary to do if I did not work, which is for one of these parts of me to change form to save me.

I met Manuella, the Austrian lady here – this is her name when you ask her, and yes close to “Manuel” from Barcelona – and she received an idea to show me her three, old chairs, which she wants to sell/give away because she has bought new, and yes in practise she lives together with Jan as a friend here on the 4th floor, but she has her own apartment on 6th – just in case it is needed – and it is for her own apartment that she has bought some black chairs and then one armchair of very fine quality, and yes 22,000 DKK it is (!), and I was thinking that this corresponds to approx. 8 months of the help I send to LTO helping many people to survive, and she decided to buy one chair because it is “nice” (!), and yes she told me that her three, white chairs were sought-after by people in this property having money, but she was really more searching for someone not having much to help, which at least was a thought I liked, and yes I told her about my situation keeping approx. 1/3 and sending 2/3 of my net income to Kenya, and no, we did not agree on the price on these chairs because I don’t really know if I want them even though I could use one for my writing table and two for my sofa group, but then again, I don’t really need them, so I will just let them go, and yes this was also not the most important here, because when we now were at her apartment, we spoke for maybe one hour about her life and not least about how Jan is doing, and yes he is doing AWFUL being hospitalised on the mental hospital in Helsingør, which I know so well from the inside in 2008, which I however did not tell her – it was not about me today – and she told about how Jan has not been able to come over the loss of his father three years ago, that he uses Methadone (a “controlled” drug), and how he lately has also been tempted by others to drink, and use Cocaine and also some to inject with a needle, and yes he broke the needle, which disappeared inside his body, and he tried to remove flesh himself to bring it out, and this was almost killing him, so first the hospital and then the mental hospital, and this was so tough also on Manuella that she was almost crying when we spoke, and yes it led to the old talk about doing what is RIGHT instead of WRONG, having will power NOT to be tempted, the slide going down when you “relieve the pain” by taking WRONG substances, to NEVER GIVE UP, to choose life instead of death, and this brought her so much feelings/encouragement that she told me afterwards that she wants to call me for her “friend”, so this is now what we are, and again this is the RIGHT attitude to show me instead of the opposite.

While I spoke to her, I was told over again how she received feelings of attraction to me, but no, I am not even tempted because she is not my type, and this talk made me think that creation is made on sufferings of people who decide not to give up, and also that my attitude of not giving up is helping people.

She invited me to visit him, which I may decide to do, and this is one of those “right” and “wrong” dilemmas giving to myself, and yes all throughout my journey I have had to do what I have had absolutely no desire to do, which however has been “right” to do, and I do believe that I have done this to my best going directly after the throat of darkness, but when I did not meet the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group a few weeks ago, I did what was wrong, because the idea was for these people to see me as “completely normal” while the word on “do you believe Stig is Jesus” (?) is spreading, and here I have absolutely no desire to visit this mental hospital and meet the doctors again, and the only one who would be nice to meet again is the Suede working there among the staff, and yes we will see if I get the time, energy and will power to visit him, and this may also be for me to return to this place to “confirm” to the doctors that I am completely normal – even though there may be doctors there knowing about “plans to hospitalise” me again (?) – and also to “release” the patients here, who will all be cured with the coming of our New World.

It seems that the game continues with more of me entering me from the balcony, and even though there is darkness here too, right now it is not very strong and is this because I am coming to the purest part of my inner self at the end?

I felt how this part of the balcony in reality is still the one controlling me – and the world (!) – which was given to me as a feeling coming directly from this part of me making me bite my lower left lip the same place over again making it hurt, and yes there is absolutely nothing I can do when this part of me has decided to make me bite my lip, and this is how it works with all unconscious moves of limbs, feelings and thoughts of all people, and yes most people don’t even know about it, funny right?

Sometimes I receive confirmation that Holger Juul-Hansen, Torben Bille and now Jack’s later father, John, as examples are still with me.

I was told that it was also my inner self attracting the most beautiful Swedish young lady to me in Stockholm in 2008 and the one saving me from her confusing the place where to meet the day after – as example, and yes I had to be “pure” even though many ladies where attracted to me, and many were also the opposite. And it was also my inner self wanting to give me a heart attack, which could not be different – which is about the natural force of nothing not wanting creation to take place.

I was shown a three-stared salami on the other side of light, but since you have decided to be here, I was shown how a door was shut, and most of this salami remained inside of light, and the smallest part of me stayed inside of this darkness of me, which I am at.

I was told that it was all of this inside of me – incredible energy inside “a dot of nothing” – which exploded to become everything of our New World.

And yes, it was necessary for me to be negative/darkness in order to create, and should I as physical Stig decide to go against this darkness by becoming negative myself, it would require energy from one of these four parts/worlds of me.

I watched Denmark’s last match at the Ice Hockey World Cup against Sweden (played in Stockholm), and after two of three periods, Denmark was ahead by 2 to 1 (!) and even the Swedes feared to lose, which never happens to Denmark – Sweden has always been so much better in Ice hockey – and when Emmelie de Forest at the same time was singing for Denmark in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmø, Sweden, making the crowd go wild, which she really did, Denmark scored to 2 to 1 (!), and it made the Swedish expert commentator on Swedish TV4 completely “lose it” because Sweden could not play this poorly and especially not against Denmark (!), and he wanted the Swedes do what the Czech Republic did today winning was it 7 to 0 over Norway, which was to “release the handbrake”, and in the beginning of the third period, the two Swedish commentators spoke about how Sweden has met Denmark at World Cup matches ten times before winning all ten (!), which really shows a “tendency” as they laughed about – I felt how the Source laughed inside of them because of happiness – and within two minutes after this, Sweden was helped to release the handbrake showing how superior they really are when they play up to their best, and then “from out of nothing” they received two goals – also because “everyone knows that things will happen in sport games short after a commentator has mentioned it, right” (?) – and later yet another making them win by 4 to 2 – I was given the feeling of dizziness because of Sweden “opening” – and I was told that this is about releasing the content of the Source, and yes it is all coming out now, and does this mean that Sweden will now win the World championship (?), and yes if they continue playing with this brake released, they certainly have a chance, and yes I love the “DAY O” song by Harry Belafonte – “daylight come and he wan’ go home” – which they use at this world cup, and yes this is the song I kept on singing in 2006 of pure joy when the voice of God/my inner self started to come to me and that is before it turned evil after a few weeks – and yes “can I be the tally man” (?), isn’t the Muppets simply the best?

Are we now higher up at the Source than ever before (?) – I was told weeks ago that we have gone beyond any point we had ever been at before – and this Source simply continues forever, and then again I was told recently that we have come to the very beginning of me now before we had gathered all materials to create the world (?), and can both be the truth?

I was told that my decision to continue work is the guarantee that no life will terminate, and I was given a loud sound to my shelves and heard “no, we have not lost a school bag here”, and yes, were is Stig (?), which no one was supposed to know when I was not part of the New World but eventually would come from out of nothing via faith of man in me, but now you have said that you want to bring every little thing even before starting the New World.

I continued receiving physical feelings to my private parts, and when I received the feeling of giving up, I was told that one of my entrances to you was via Prince.

So we have no energy crisis inside of here, and we are cleaning up all the old.

Isn’t is so that Kristoffer – Mette’s teenage and almost grown up son – is Jesus of one of the four worlds, who was not turned around before now?

Google Earth: Queen Margrethe and other royalty shown as the painter around the family tree of life of my inner self

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show King Christian IV still with us, Queen Margrethe and other royalty shown as the painter, even rain/pollution has got eyes now, royalty together with the family tree of my inner self, darkness stop robbing energy/life, chess players today, no differences to my face on the sky over several days, Meat Loaf has both eyes and a nose on the sky, the swarm and souls of all sizes.

FB 140513 Jette 1

FB 140513 Jette 2

FB 140513 Jette 3

FB 140513 Jette 4

FB 140513 Jette 5

FB 140513 Jette 6

FB 140513 Jette 7

FB 140513 Jette 8

FB 140513 Jette 9

FB 140513 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday evening I was told about Morten Løkkegaard – Member of the European Parliament – turning around his Facebook structure as a symbol of my turning around to become the remaining of my dark side, and I received quite a strong (small) heart attack, and this morning, Morten repeated this message (on his “fan-page”) as he has given some times before, which is that he has reached the limit of 5,000 friends on his personal Facebook profile, which has made him merge this and the like page (how?), and opened a new profile.

FB 140513 Morten L

  • For weeks, Danish TV has shown a Danish 9th grade class compared to a Chinese class with the Danes losing practically all tests on knowledge, creativity etc. and showing what Henrik below calls “indolence, flaccidity, disrespect and laziness” – making a lot of noise not being concentrated following class – and he says that “it explains everything about the poor results”, and OF COURSE HE IS RIGHT (!), and yes POOR BEHAVIOUR of school children and here young people, which is allowed by the community to take place, and what happens after school (?), and yes, you will then have a population of lazy, careless, selfish and immature/irresponsible people not living up to their full potential and also not keeping their agreements, and when you tell them straight out to help them, they have “God help me” the nerve to tell me that I am negative, disrespectful and arrogant (!), and yes this pretty much summarises a large part of my scripts. This is what the community “accepted”, which was for people to develop into better-knowing, impatient and selfish ignorants, and of course Danes don’t want to change the school system because who would imagine us to have Chinese conditions (?), and no, this is not Danish “culture/tradition” (!), and yes what about creating FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY and to teach children this from they can start to understand and to have this as an natural element of school/work, and to let everyone voluntarily decide to do what is RIGHT without having to have dictatorships/fear as in China to rule over you (?), and yes how difficult can it be (?), and we know “impossible” it was for Denmark, the Western World and yes the world, and eeehhhh can it really be so difficult to do what everyone knows is right to do (?), and yes when you “cannot” tell the people the truth about your pour behaviour, you are on a rollercoaster to Hell instead of Heaven.

FB 140513 Henrik D

  • For a long time I have looked at some of the social housing estates in Helsingør made quickly in the 1960’s or 70’s by concrete to house thousands of people, which is as UGLY as you can imagine and yes when compared to housing of good quality, and I have told my mother this several times when going through the housings of Vapnagaard, Borupgaard, Nøjsomhed etc. in Helsingør, and this inspiration reached the mayor, who had told a journalist of Helsingør Daily News about his view of Helsingør having too many cheap housings, which he would like to improve, but instead of bringing his positive story, the newspaper decided to turn it into a negative story, which was simply “too much” for the mayor, who corrected the newspaper here, and it was like a “director” served to me, which is what we say here when you receive a ball just in front of the goal, which you cannot avoid kicking in, so this is what I decided to do, and yes “director” is also about what Johannes & Co. decided that I “could not” become in Helsingør Commune, because who would believe in me as a “fruit case” like me or is it “nut case” (?) as my spiritual friend here asks, and this is why it is also “good” to bring “serious comments” like I did here to make these CRAZY and LAZY people “sweat” – part of the development you know – and I told him that he is right that people often decide on a negative angle on a positive story when they misunderstand instead of doing their best to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND, and I decided to tell him about his Facebook communication with the Conservative MP and “wannabe mayor” of Helsingør, Benedikte Kiær, who suffers from the same “sickness”, which is about only wanting to understand herself and her own angle, and yes she is one of the “serious matters” – requiring MUCH “medicine”, Benedikte (!) – where you can CLEARLY see just how spoiled and selfish she is, and yes it shines through her behaviour as a weak girl, who normally gets her will, and when she does not, she acts like father’s little girl insisting to be right. And I told him about myself being the example showing this (of all people misunderstanding me), which is also what the Commune and the mayor self (!) did when they misunderstood and decided that I was negative (and crazy/dangerous!) instead of positive, and yes it is difficult to understand what you don’t want to understand (?), but just maybe my many Facebook posts about “everything between sky and earth” is making you “sweat”, Johannes (?), and yes “what if Stig is really the one” (?), and yes at the end I told him that I agree with Helsingør having far too many cheap, or in my eyes poor/ugly housings, and it is just like wine; if you have created a poor wine, it will never improve from storage and yes like what they try to do once again at the moment to the Vapnagaard housings by improving it – no, you have to remove it and build something completely new and beautiful there to the joy of people –  and yes “eye dirts” are what they are, and dirt is what the mayor and Helsingør sent to me making it impossible to see and that is before transforming all of this dirt to light – and after this, I received a couple of comments of people living in Vapnagaard being happy for the apartments and unhappy with my comment to remove it (!), and yes I can only encourage you to look at Vapnagaard next to buildings of fine quality, for example Hellebo Park, or even better new and FINE buildings including VARIATION, good design and what about COLOURS (?) instead of the same grey, standard houses of concrete as you see EVERYWHERE not only here but all over the world, and yes this is about making living places for people to enjoy. And yes, I asked Johannes “what becomes of the coffee” (?), as I also wrote in my application to become one of three directors of Helsingør Commune, and no, Johannes is a WIMP, who does not DARE to comment me, and that is at least “yet”, and I wonder if you were part of the city council wanting to make me sick and lock me up not knowing what you spoke of deciding for the negative and not the positive story?

FB 140513 Johannes


15th May: Walking upstairs to the birth of everything, the eternal light, to receive the gold nugget of me

Dreaming of visiting the dentist late in the evening just before closing time bringing in as much of the eternal source that I can

I went to bed a little before midnight, and slept until 08.45 with these dreams.

  • I have a time at 21.40 at the dentist, who closes at 22.00, and a very good looking lady checks my teeth, and I am shown a 15 metre long ice cream stick and told that we have now started to take bites of this, and I can see just how impossible it is to eat all of it, and I ask how much 100 litres cost, and I am told to ask another, but it requires to work on it, you cannot just buy it.
    • Is this to show the endless Source, which I cannot bring in now no matter what I do – but I can do my best to bring in as much as possible.
  • I have colleagues – Lennart F. (from Aon) and others – who are leaving for business travels to USA, who don’t want to tell, and they will bring anti-psychotic medicine, which is not considered dangerous here, but it is in the USA. Kim S. holds a party of colleagues and the original line up of Electric Light Orchestra is playing, and I ask what will happen to pineapples belonging to the band, which I eat, and I use my booklet asking Bev and the others for their autographs, and Bev asks if the leaflet is not his, which it is not, and I receive all autographs of the band united, but not Jeff’s, who is alone somewhere near by.
    • USA is darkness to me, and even though I receive love and warm feelings of the Source, I cannot get Jeff’s autograph, which is to say that darkness is making it impossible (now) to get access to the most inner of me.

Walking upstairs to the birth of everything, the eternal light, to receive the gold nugget of me

I was told that we are about to install what has never been installed before, which is the inner of the Source we are now downloading. Your mother will feel that she has been inside a watch/jeweller store.

I was told that instead of taking me to the mental hospital, darkness took Jan and pumped him full of medicine, and yes this is how close it came to lock me up.

I was given the feeling of the next part of me arriving as the red inside of a face without teeth, which it gets via me.

I was surprised that I again received the worst scratches to the bottom of my head, and yes when I scratch it and remove my hand – or brush – it starts to BURN, which is so hard that it scratches, and this is about my LTO friends and their families suffering much, but you “cannot” tell me directly, openly and honestly about this, my friends (?), which is also very wrong.

The library was closed today, and I therefore worked at home, which is difficult to do without a mouse, it is handicapping me not making me able to work with pictures for example (when I need to crop them), but on the other hand, it makes me learn new shortcuts to use with the keyboard.

I was also dizzy today but somewhat less, and I even feel a part of me more fresh, so can it really be that I go to the very end where there is no energy, and then I find energy to make it able for me to live here?

I felt my mother’s mother and was shown a living room inside the ship, and told that we are still inside of this.

I was told that my mother receives signs in “sun, moon and stars” that Stig never gives up.

Is it me who will be so lucky to close everything of you?

And is the answer that this is still about bringing you/I as high up as we can before giving up?

How much does a damaged lock to a bicycle cost? And yes, even though today is not the worst, I am still about to give in and stop working, but let us see if we can continue for a while, Janet, and this is also for Janet Parker from Arthur Findlay College, whom I sent a Facebook invitation the day before yesterday, and no, it is “impossible” for you to accept me as a friend, is it (?); and tell me why that is will you?

I cannot get this golden watch up if you don’t see that doctor again, and yes it is now 14.45, and I have finished writing today, and I may be less dizzy – when sitting down at least – but I am very tired making work difficult.

Yesterday, I was told about the risk of not having published my script before it would be too late, and today I was told – no, we will give him a little extra line, so am I about to come as long as I can?

It is first at the very end that you will be covered with God, and I received the feeling that my mother remembers how this feels.

It is not all water, which has run into the stream, shall we stop now (?), and I see the running tap,  and this is about giving as much water as building material as possible to our New World before ending the work from this side.

So it is now four birthdays, which are our goal now – of all parts of my inner self, and I was told that I am still your mother too.

I was told that breaking down Jette so she lost it completely (months ago), to “turn her around” and return to me was also foreseen.

At around 17.00 I was INCREDIBLE tired, and this is really for how long I can keep every day, and when I first go to bed sometime before/around midnight it is only because of will power keeping me up – and alright, let me say that I receive the feeling of Jill D., my Facebook friend and old spiritual “teacher” from Joy Foundation in 2005, and yes I have received the feeling of her many times the last few months, so you are “following” me, Jill?

It is not because I don’t have any more money, but if you don’t visit the psychiatric hospital at the latest tomorrow, I cannot collect what I have placed there giving us one week extra game, what do you say (?), and yes if I have time and energy to do it, I will pull myself together and go there.

I was given “kill me” and told that you will be able to see right through me, and also that it is not the easiest to transform into your mother and to become you.

I was told about Karen and the hospital (in 2008) as examples of people, who “could not” read and understand me, otherwise they would never have approved my change of all life.

Your task is to make Jan understand that medicine is dangerous, and yes this might be it, or might be darkness giving me a task, which is “impossible” to carry out, and yes I would like Jan to become responsible and strong deciding on what is RIGHT and to reject temptations of what is WRONG to do including both cocaine and medicine, but I have no illusions that I will be able to make him do this after just one visit.

Isn’t if funny that we have not mentioned the threat against John, and if you don’t visit the hospital, we are not sure that we can keep him alive, which will be the alternative access here – and it is only for a short moment that he will die, and NO; I will NOT allow you no matter what, but of course my old rules are still valid including the top rule for you to do anything that it takes to make everything PERFECT, and yes I will NOT settle for less, which could have been an alternative too.

This is connected to something Sanna has left there. It corresponds to you saying that we are not welcome if you don’t get this, and if you do, this is to get the most inner of you out.

I was shown strong and solid darkness coming against me, and I was told that we have now put all forces forward to help you through this.

So it is a question if you will have to shut down the last store where we can shop.

I received a sound to the oven and was told that we will become VERY sad if not the top does not come with us now.

I was shown Batman trying to screen, but I see right through him, and then up the stairs to the eternal light, this is where we are going.

Yes, this is to avoid losing the big fish – as I was shown – which the story of Johannes (his Facebook post and my reply) also has build up to.

Isn’t this the greatest monster, which you make scoring here (instead of the opposite).

Did the Commune speak both to the hospital, my father and also my sister/mother about me (?) – and yes not that many weeks ago when they were about to hospitalise me again.

You cannot unbind this spin from the inside by publishing it so everyone can see it (?), “yes, you can” (!) – nice song, right Obama (?) – and I was shown frozen, blue feet of people involved, which is what is loosening the strings on me.

I was told “computer” and “extinguisher” about the part of me at the very top, and then I was given a sound to the balcony and told “and the outermost of me”, and this is what this part of me did to turn off the light and my journey coming here and that is of course only in case I should give up, but no, not now this close to the end.

I have started receiving speech reflecting on my journey, and today about coming through Jack and the armed forces, which was also impossible to do, and I received this song, and yes can it be otherwise (?), and of course only the dark side of you, Jack :-).

I was told that when my mother and I went to the Christmas service of the church of Kronborg Castle in Helsingør – was it in 2010 (?) – it was the foundation of installing my command central of everything here.

I received the strong feeling of Peter T. – my old class friend – and was told that he is Jesus as the second of four of me.

You cannot …, it is impossible to collect everything and to control it from here, which you are receiving the keys for.

Killing John now would also require you to accept your “old nightmare”, which is a game still continuing, and that is even though my mother is not here.

And then I received by far the ABSOLUTE strongest threat of my “old nightmare” ever “almost being carried” out – this inner part is the strongest of everything remaining – and I can only have confidence in myself rejecting this as I have always done before knowing that it will have to follow my decision, and my decision is NO, I don’t want it (!), and also that I don’t want you to kill John or anyone else of my family and friends etc.

Again I was told that you cannot imagine the Commune speaking with your sister behind my back about my hospitalization (?), no, this would be scary, but just maybe the truth.

So this is about the last we can get through the right ankle. And I was given a BIG physical pain from darkness meant to scare me, and do you believe you can receive anything as big as this with your old rules (?), and yes I have no better, and the idea was really for them to stand all the way.

So the man has said that he will accept no killing and destruction”, and yes, that’s right.

So this is where I have hidden the smallest nugget of me, and this is to enter here without blowing us the way through. And this is what we have put inside Jan as a very special servant for you to collect.

Are we then returning to the birth of everything (?); but of course it is. And this is I who want to enter your left ankle, which I again was given feelings to. This does not get any bigger than this.

So the major and city council know that you will reveal them and their WRONG actions.

I was told about Barosso and Shell, and “you will be surprised over their connection”.

Google Earth: My inner self gets eyes, the corridor to the centre of Earth and lack of light

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a blind man in a wheel chair, light – please, Chaplin the EYE, the trinity at work and in disguise, looking behind the curtain, the she and the he, the picture of my new self finally changes, the long corridor to the centre of Earth, the painter gets eyes, “I miss the Sun, Maa”.

FB 150513 Jette 1

FB 150513 Jette 2

FB 150513 Jette 3

FB 150513 Jette 4

FB 150513 Jette 5

FB 150513 Jette 6

FB 150513 Jette 7

FB 150513 Jette 8

FB 150513 Jette 9

FB 150513 Jette 10

FB 150513 Jette 11

Fb 150513 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A 90 years old former German soldier in Denmark reveals that a golden treasure was buried in the city of Asaa in Jutland beneath four metres of sand, mould and clay, which many people decide to say as here that “similar stories frequently show”, but what if this is really the truth (?), and yes it could be, you know, and a sign of finding the gold nugget of me :-).

FB 1505 Tysk skat

  • Messi was injured April 2, and the injury has become worse making him miss the next two to three weeks of matches, which to me is about myself being unfit to work, but still I continue. And yes, Barcelona still has the chance to end the season achieving 100 points straight if they do not fall for the temptation not playing up to their best the last few matches after they are now sure to be champions again, and yes I would be happy for you to achieve exactly 100 points symbolising that we did our work 100 percent perfect.

EB 140513 Messi

  • There is an old story of this/these sunfish when there was a fire at the aquarium in Jutland some years ago almost killing them, when a new was found in the Øresund strait here in Helsingør, which was brought to the same  aquarium, and now one of these (few) fish has died after being part of a film (!), and is this to say that I am dying too (?), and yes I have no more energy, so there you have it.

FB 150513 BT



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to May 15, 2013: I was turned around to remaining darkness of my inner self until faith of man will transform me to light

  1. jette says:

    “I was told that breaking down Jette so she lost it completely (months ago), to “turn her around” and return to me was also foreseen.” … and Jette had nothing else to do, but let her push 🙂
    “I was told that it is invaluable when Jette understands my scripts.” – and so it is ❤ 🙂

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