May 17, 2013: Collecting my inner nugget from the Psychiatric Hospital and sharing the pressure of the Source with Karen


Summary of the script today

16th May: Collecting my inner nugget from the Psychiatric Hospital and sharing the pressure of the Source with Karen

  • Dreaming of the importance of visiting the hospital today, working inside the Source of plenty of sufferings not yet releasing the STRONG energy of life inside of there, and receiving more wine of everything working with no energy.
  • After work at the library today, I went to visit my neighbor Jan at the psychiatric hospital in Helsingør to collect the nugget of me, and after having listened to him for half an hour about his addiction of methadone etc., I kept my lecture on doing what is RIGHT and WRONG as a living rule ALWAYS to keep, to be STRONG, make and keep a plan etc. for him to get out of this addiction, which changed his mind from deciding to live as an addict to be inspired to get out of it, which I hope he will now do. He became very happy/inspired also making me happy, and this is what it took to get our the nugget of him; to get to the deepest part of his inner self.
  • I was surprised to receive a very short email from Karen asking me about how I am and the progress of my books etc., which I saw herself opening to me showing me the top of her true feelings for me, and this was for her and I to be lifted up together, and I received the same STRONG spiritual feeling as I did when meeting her for the first time in 2003 and every single time later, which made me know that she is “very special” to me. I wrote her a long email first encouraging her to send me long and warm emails, letters, birthday greetings too (!), and then to encourage her to read the summaries of my monthly books to get an overview, and I brought her the summary of April 2013 also telling her about her own mission with us both being the Source, I told her to look at Jette’s Google Earth pictures and brought her the recent picture of my new face being created on half of the globe for everyone to see (!), and I encouraged her to accept my new Facebook invitation to become friends as I sent her too – “everything else will be crazy to do” (!) – in order for her to follow me, and I told her again about us becoming one as the first couple of the world, which gave me a déjà vue feeling when writing it, and really of light/creation as the creator self, and I wonder how she will react to all of this, and if she dares to “open up”, which is really what I asked her to do. Later I felt how more of the strongest part of the Source was transferred from her to me, which could only be done by the strongest force existing, the feelings of nervousness of Karen of what is about to come, and I was shown the STRONGEST locomotive of all, which is to look directly into the light/engine room of the Source. Karen has now taken on pressure from the Source, which had to get out, and if I did not “play this game”, this  pressure would have killed John, and NO, I DO NOT WANT THAT – therefore.
  • Short stories about almost having resurrected all terminations, I was happy to be hearing from David again, FC Brøndby insists to be saved, the saving of a potential catastrophe to Bangladesh, and John in Kenya is still “struggling to make ends meet”.

17th May: Transferring “surplus material” from the beginning of everything, which has never been life, to our New World

  • Dreaming of driving into the tunnel of darkness, darkness trying to stop us but it cannot stop existing life, I am life being stronger than darkness of my family, and surveillance of Google and my local library.
  • I continue moving life, which was supposed to die, to our New World after the opening of Jan and Karen, which is accepted by the spirit of my mother when receiving the creation of this from outside of her. My mother was warm/sweating like me making her “give in” becoming incredible negative, which I cannot, and this is what is killing John, which I again had to stop this evening bringing him positive healing. This “red part” of the Source without teeth is surplus material from the beginning of everything, which has never been used before, which we are now transferring from Karen, who is the foundation of everything, to me with the creation of much new life.
  • I did a play against Karen and her “advisors” wanting to sue me to remove my writings on Karen, and the play was to convince and win Karen over on my side again deciding NOT to sue me. Otherwise my scripts would have been removed.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the open window to our New World, a close-up to a clean-up – what’s up doc (?), a whole head, Spiderman helping out, a big doll of darkness still wanting to bring my “old nightmare”, I continue flying even though I am out of energy, “do let them have a chance to live” even though we are out of energy, creature eating from the hand, and money for children is stolen
  • Short stories of telling Bertel Haarder and the Danish Parliament once again that they failed when they could not remove the moral decay and listlessness of the community, and Meat Loaf is on fire.


16th May: Collecting my inner nugget from the Psychiatric Hospital and sharing the pressure of the Source with Karen

Dreaming of the importance of visiting the hospital today and working inside the Source of plenty of sufferings

I went to bed at around midnight and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about being welcomed in to a monitor of surveillance at a container, which is a test of a doctor. It rains, it is in Australia and I see a LOT of rats, mice and other rodents in a beginning flood, and there is a risk that they will not survive.
    • This is about the importance of visiting the hospital today, and if I do not, parts of darkness of me will not survive (for now). And the surveillance is about people speaking about me behind my backs, which also included these doctors?
  • From the road in Espergærde leading down to Tibberup, there is a distance of 8 kilometres into this area, which a small train only drives, and all of this area is water just underneath the railway, and at the same time we are also at the inner part of Skåne, the southern part of Sweden. I am working at a company there – there is a McDonalds as the neighbour – and the sales manager is Ola J. (linkedin contact of mine, and previous business relation), who has helped me as a seller when I was at my critical low. A secretary wants to have Peter A’s keys to take his 1.7 million DKK, and I walk with the secretary and Ola up the stairs to the mother company, where we only come rarely, and Ola decides to tell the employees there that we now do what we can to stop Peter, but Peter has heard us and come up the stairs too asking to receive the key to his safe from the secretary. When I leave, I walk the 8 kilometres from the Espergærde/Tibberup corner to the train station (more than in reality), there is an electronics store here at the corner having all kind of appliances, but they are connected with wires, and I think that cycling to the station instead of walking may be helping me.
    • It seems that Ola is one of the silent people having faith in me, and here we are at the area of the deepest darkness consisting of water only, i.e. the Source and sufferings too, and the idea is to release much energy of darkness stored in here, but so far darkness is stronger than us symbolised by Peter A. Cycling is about what I have started feeling stronger day by day this week to do, and yes I feel that I am becoming somewhat less dizzy – but still dizzy – and also more motivated to get out cycling, and yes I have both feelings that I can and I cannot, and one of these days, I will probably be out there again, we will see.
  • Lars G. has started selling a new Bougogne wine house with cheap but very good wine, which receives the best reviews, and he insists that this time we – his employees – will do all advertising work satisfactory, and something about doing this to avoid insects from my old class friend Christina and someone else from attacking me, and we are cleaning up a closet, and I have almost no money.
    • This is about having to work without energy where you receive more wine of everything/the Source instead of insects of my ”old nightmare” because of lack of faith in me, and yes I had no old class friends ”remembering” my birthday lately but still some of you talk about me.

Collecting my inner nugget from the Psychiatric Hospital and sharing the pressure of the Source with Karen

I received a well-known song that I cannot find now, but the lyrics was something like ”all is settled and done”, and I was told that you have made it.

I was shown the head of a monster turning into light with strawberry teeth (!) :-).

So they had written off the main character self from coming with comments, me!

I received Lars Hug’s beautiful song “Natsværmer” and the lyrics “hvem er du egentlig?” (”who are you really”?), and “da du kom til mig, lille Natsværmer, startede din vej væk” (”when you came, little moth, your road away started”), and this is about getting to know who I really am as the Source, which will ”soon” come to me, and when I decided to come to the Source, it started my road away from misery – going through the worst of it.

So Sanna kept on sending wolves your way, and I have cheated the tile from them.

I was told about Muslims violating my physical remains as Jesus as another scenario, if I did not complete my journey.

He cannot get his diploma if he does not go through this test.

We cannot continue the play of an eternal war.

I went to the library at 10.00 to work on my script of yesterday and when I started preparing the publish of my script of the last two days, I was told that you have no idea what this means to me, this makes me wake up, and by 12.30, I had published the script with difficulties once again thinking back of the last three days.

Is this how he has continued washing us all along (?), and yes doing “disgusting” work.

What is that you are pulling out (?), your duvet jacket (?), and yes because Stig has decided to do this work, and to go directly to the psychiatric hospital afterwards to “get it over with”, and yes there are MANY places I would like to go to first, and that is almost all other places you know.

And Stig is also the reason why your mother kept going without giving up.

You have not been “cheated out of the nose of me” as we say here, but you are me, and yes the origin of everything.

I was VERY surprised to receive the email/opening below from Karen asking me “how is everything and your books etc.” (?), and I was told that this is because we have kept the kitchen door open to you, and I also felt that this comes because we have pulled Sanna forward to the through, and I was given the feeling of Karen that I am not a “man of the world” but down to earth.

FB 160513 message from Karen

We cannot all drive first class – which she “could”, when I could not, so she is here symbolizing that you are coming home also receiving your wife and yes reuniting the she and he part of you, and this is because the strings are removed from you.

I was happy to be hearing from her, which is showing more than anything that she is thinking of me as her partner, and yes this is how Karen is – not an ”over happy” email – as I am told because of where we are – making me truly happy to receive, so also sadness that this lady “cannot” communicate.

And no, I cannot “dance away” from this lady – as she cannot from me, see how I reached the heart of her (?) – but together we can dance away the tears and heartache.

“I said “it’s love” you said “all right”, It’s funny how I could never cry, Until tonight and you pass by, Hand in hand with another guy, You’re dressed to kill and guess who’s dying?, Dance away the heartache, Dance away the tears, Dance away, Dance away”.

And I was told that this is also to show that Karen has understood too that I am positive and not negative, and yes it took some time for her and many others.

This is what the flea was about (some time ago), and then I was given a vision of the island of Bornholm, and told if it isn’t better to be there, and sure it is.

Later I was giving feelings of Karen knowing that she is darkness and having let me down, but still, he will not disappoint me, will he?

I also simply received the MISS of Karen and a girlfriend to talk and smile to, who talks and smiles to me, and to give and receive tenderness, care and yes a foundation of life sharing with someone you love.

And now the feeling “isn’t good enough for me” turned around.

And I receive the same feeling as I received the first time seeing Karen in 2003 and as I received every single time since, which is this very direct spiritual feeling coming to me, and yes with the colour of purple also coming to me, and I feel it, and I am sure she felt – and feels – it too, this feeling being so much deeper than any physical attraction, but when you are “sick”, what do you do (?), and yes continue you hunt for physical sex as she did.

I was also told that she was inspired to think of and contact me because she is still the only one I think intimately of.

I was told about Karen feeling that she has a hole in her stomach as if she did not get her dinner.

When I listened to music at the library, I was almost having tears running down my cheeks because of strong feelings/sadness given to me from outside, and also because of my own general exhaustion.

I continued working until 14.20 on the library and cycled from there to the gardener on the other side of the hospital to buy a small and cheap flower for Jan – to make him happy – and afterwards I went to the mental hospital also located here, and yes Jan was hospitalized at the closed 27-13 department just on the other side of the open 27-11 department, which I was hospitalized at in 2008, but there was no difference to feel between the two at all, and yes, Jan was surprised but happy to see me, and told me that he would go home tomorrow, which is really why I had to come today (!), and eventually he offered me a cup of coffee and we sat down started speaking, and yes isn’t it interesting that Michael Rasmussen, the Danish professional cyclist almost winning Tour de France some years ago before he was thrown out, was also hospitalized at one of the departments here as Jan said, and yes sure it was, and no, I did not recognize any of the staff here, but maybe some of you recognized me (?), but there was one “patient” I recognized, a black man who was clearly completely “doped” with “medicine” making him look awful, and yes he was also hospitalized there back in 2008, and no, I am not sure that he recognized me, not that it mattered.

And no, it was not “difficult” being back here at all, and we have a very good talk, Jan and I, for maybe an hour, where I started letting him talk and I asked questions, and he was very open about his use of methadone for 28 years, and that “it went wrong” 14 days ago when someone offered him some pills as he said – not the story of the needle as Manuella told – which gave him a “black view” leading to his hospitalization, and yes he spoke about how he has tried before to step down the use of methadone, but because of “defeats” in the addict-system from other “patients”, he never succeeded stopping, but still uses 120 mg, and I asked him “if you can choose freely without limitations; would you like your body to be free from foreign substances or would you like to continue taking what you do” (?) – and yes he also receives Cipramil against depression, which he did not want to have, but the doctors recommended him to take it (!) – and yes, to my surprise his answer was that he has now taken methadone for 28 years and don’t believe that he can get out of it, so he would like to continue (!), and yes, this is really what he said.

And after having used the first half of my visit to listen to and understand him, I decided to use the last half trying to “inspire” him as I told him, and that was to hold my lecture on deciding as a life rule to do what is RIGHT and not what is WRONG because everyone knows what is right or wrong – or should know (!) – and to always say no to what is WRONG, which may be millions to times, and to always do what is RIGHT, and everyone knows that taking drugs, drinking and also taking medicine is WRONG and shortens your life, and yes it is about being STRONG always (!), and to NEVER GIVE UP (!); and yes, Jan knew that this is right, and I told him to get out of this place and STOP using this medicine, which is making him rot up from the inside, and it is NOT medicine, which is going to cure him, but his own decision what he wants to do – to do what is right or wrong in his life – and he is the ONLY one who can decide; the hospital cannot, Manuella cannot and I cannot, but he can, and yes does he like looking down upon himself for example when he last year spent 6 months in bed because of a depression (?), and no, you KNOW that it was WRONG to lay in bed, Jan, and still you “could not” get out of bed – but he could when he had to get to town to get his methadone (!) – and I told him about how I myself had a depression on its way to literally roll in over me as a dark carpet one morning in 2010 when I worked as a gardener (!), but I decided that I do NOT want to be depressed, so I pushed it from me, which was a much stronger depression than what he has received, and yes also that I have decided from 2009 myself to do what is RIGHT and NOT WRONG and to ALWAYS (do your best) to keep it – do NOT become tempted (!) – and also how I stopped smoking 30 cigarettes per day, which to me was like stopping as a heroin addict, and yes I also told him that I have been given anti-psychotics, not because of myself but forced upon me and yes “it is not about me today, but you, but if you would like to hear my story, I will tell it to you the next time” as I told him, and yes I decided to take a “cold turkey” from all of this because it was RIGHT to do, and the first 2-3 weeks are HELL to go through tempting you every single second to give up, but hereafter it becomes better, and yes, Jan knows it (!); and I told him about the importance of doing something meaningful in life, to stand out of bed EVERY MORNING, to meet people, to work, to smile and received smiles and “good vibrations”, which is all the “medicine” you need making you happy and feel good inside of you, and yes STOP your addiction, and if you cannot take a “cold turkey”, decide on a plan, be responsible to keep the plan (!), and if you would like me to help me, come and knock on my door and we can talk and also write the plan together, but do it now (!), and yes “what if I should give up” (?), and no, Jan, you will decide to NEVER TO GIVE UP (!), and should you become very tempted, you will come and knock on my door, and I will give you a speech making you stop being tempted (!), and yes “when I feel excess of energy, I will”, and no, Jan, with all due respect, this is …., and he said “bulls…” himself, because he knows that this is a POOR EXCUSE as I told him, you will never feel “excess of energy” and just continue your addiction, so this is about a LIFE DECISION of yours, do you want to be light/positive or darkness/negative (?), and when you have taken the decision, you only have to do it and that is always, and yes just like me (!), and yes, do it also because today you are making Manuella unhappy, this is not only about you, and yes, he became more and more inspired during my speech, and “lived up” clearly becoming happy to hearing this, and he spoke about how he immediately could reduce the 120 mg to 90 mg of methadone, and maybe decrease to 60, 30 and 0 over maybe two months (?), and yes it is his decision, and then JUST DO IT (!), and yes I offered to help him, and that could also include daily/weekly talks to help him come through, but first of all, it is HIS DECISION to live or die really, and yes, he knows it because he said “I know deep inside of me what is right”, and “you inspired me”, and yes I saw him being lifted up, and it makes me wonder that I have to come from the outside to do what the “established system” cannot, and can you only give “medicine” further destructing people instead of simply do what I do (?), and yes how difficult can it be (?), and yes to established programs/lectures/schools of “do what is right and not what is wrong” and to let it spread as a good tradition for everyone to do and to make everyone follow up on everyone when needed, and yes instead of the opposite.

On the way out, I saw that in the small room, where they had a TV on the similar department on the other side at 27-11, they here had exercise machines, which I missed much on the department in 2008, and it made me say “oh, they have received exercise machines here”, and it made Jan say something like “where do you know this”, and yes “has Stig been here before” (?), and on my way out, Jan asked an employee to open the closed door for me and also saying with a smile “be careful that they don’t keep you here” and yes “completely unthinkable” that I should be a patient here, right (?), but no, Jan, this is what the system and my family were about to do again and no, not because I am sick, but because they are sick!

And Jan said thank you for the visit and how happy he became, and I told him that I also became happy speaking to him, and yes “I can see that” as he said, and this is really how to “cure” mental diseases, but no, the system “could not”!!!

During our talk, I received the feeling that I had to get all the way in to the deepest of Jan to receive his acceptance to follow me in order to release the nugget from him, and no, I was not told directly that “here it is”, but I did what I had to do and I did my best, so there is no doubt in my mind that I received what I came to receive, and it gave an even stronger bond and feeling of friendship with Jan.

Afterwards, I was told that in addition to this, it also gave him the impression that just maybe I am the one I say that I am, and yes did the news on me spread from Else to Knud to Manuella to Jan (?), and maybe I lifted you enough up, Jan, for you to think that “yes, Stig may be the one”?

When I cycled home, it was beautiful weather, and I was thinking about going for a 20-30 kilometer tour, but I decided to get home because normally I am becoming “too tired” at this hour, and by now it was 16.00, and I knew that I also had to write something to Karen not really knowing what I would write.

Back home, I was told that now we only have to give Karen an equivalent positive experience to lift US up.

At home, I continued receiving the feeling of Jan, so he was thinking of me and what I said, and yes I hope that he will do what is RIGHT and not WRONG.

I was given a sound to my balcony and was told, don’t you believe that it went straight in with Johannes?

I was shown myself now coming close to and walking around a GIANT locomotive, and the feeling is that there are more behind this, and yes incredible power is what there is here directly at the Source.

When writing my email to Karen, I was told that now you almost don’t need a contact ad anymore, because this should be enough to make Karen decide to come to you.

And yes, it was not that difficult to write this email, but how do you send it via Facebook, when you only have a keyboard and not a mouse to click the “send” button (?), and yes NOT very easy to navigate around, which almost made it impossible to send, but eventually I managed, and this is what I wrote to Karen first encouraging her to send me long and warm emails, letters, birthday greetings too (!), and then to encourage her to read the summaries of my monthly books to get an overview, and I brought her the summary of April 2013 also telling her about her own mission with us both being the Source, I told her to look at Jette’s Google Earth pictures and brought her the recent picture of my new face being created on half of the globe for everyone to see (!), and I encouraged her to accept my new Facebook invitation to become friends as I sent her too – “everything else will be crazy to do” (!) – in order for her to follow me, and I told her again about us becoming one as the first couple of the world, which gave me a déjà vue feeling when writing it, and really of light/creation as the creator self, and I wonder how she will react to all of this, and if she dares to “open up”, which is really what I asked her to do.

FB 160513 Karen 1

FB 160513 Karen 2

FB 160513 Karen 3

FB 160513 Karen 4

FB 160513 Karen 5

And this means that now I can get my duvet in piece?

Later I was told that there is now not so much pressure on as there was because it has now been divided and shared with Karen, and yes “not easy” for you to “know” who you are, Karen (?); and yes I know the feeling, and I here see her as a tired lady receiving me with an apron and the feeling is that she has been baking, and yes, you become tired of choosing wrongly in life as she has – and you may understand that “the pressure cooker” of the bombs of Boston recently was about “pressure” of the Source, which had to be released this way. And it was this pressure, which would kill John, which has now been lifted.

I was told that we will now continue the game, because we have “an extra week” now.

I received the feeling of stopping to smoke, and of Anton, and no, I have not yet heard from Anton, so I wonder when and if he dares to contact me again doing what is RIGHT to do, Anton?

I was told that I went to the centre of darkness today at the hospital, which was also a little because of Karen, because of course it was “impossible” for people to imagine that she could develop love to me this way and that I “insulted” her grossly with my writings (including the truth!!!), and yes, this is what her email shows, and the question is if she dares to OPEN UP or if she will continue hiding inside her own game/prison.

During the evening, I received a period with heart pain, which can only be because of Karen’s nervousness about what is coming.

I was told that this will not cost “Kunta Kinte”, which is both about the main character of “Roots”, which was the strongest TV I remember as a boy/teenager making a great impression on me, and also about original life, which Karen now transfers to me, which we needed to do.

So it is Karen entering, which we use to create the newly acquired nugget.

I started receiving feelings of more coming through my narrow throat, which is really not a pleasant feeling, but it works, and I was told that there is only one force strong enough to transfer this to me, which is about Karen wanting me, and I was shown and told that this is the most red, the strongest, now entering.

So it was Karen forcing me to bring life up through my left leg, and yes we needed warmer feelings of her.

I was encouraged to play “they don’t care about us” with Michael Jackson, which was really because of the beautiful DRUMMING of this video symbolizing “original people”, and yes I love both the song, video and the performance of Michael and all of these people, and of course the beautiful location of Rio.

I watched the incredible exciting quarter final between Sweden and Canada in the ice hockey World Championships, and Canada seemed to be the stronger team, but did you notice when a Swede gave a strong tackle making one of the best Canadian players leave with an injury (?), and yes to me, this was about the tackle I gave darkness of Karen today making her “fear” what is coming, and yes, Canada was ahead by 1 to 0 after two periods, and after Sweden has “not been able” to score in power play (being one more on the ice) during the tournament until now, suddenly they released the hand brake scoring twice in power play (!) – this is how it is (!) – but this was not meant to be easy, so Canada equalized to 2 to 2, and there was no more goals also not in extra time, and it was all settled with penalty strikes, where Sweden finally gave an incredible strong “pang-stroke” making the puck fly into the net; what a beautiful way to win the game, by a STRONG strike exactly as I did with my email to Karen; this is what this match was about.

Yes, it is him still playing, whom we would have hurt too, even though this was not what we wanted, and yes this is about what darkness of Karen would have done, hurt me too even though she of course does not want to hurt me intentionally.

This corresponds to grabbing the biggest fish of them all and say that “you are part of me”, and this is then what we do because no one speaks against me.

I was shown what now is a grey metal plate, which is the Source being wiped clean, and I was told that despite of me becoming fat, this is what we are now catching up on via Karen.

And I was told that darkness of Karen would have hit me succeeding to close down my website maybe (?), and this is if it was not for Karen giving me a final chance via her email, and is this the chance, that we use once again to turn her around going against her “advisors” on me (?), and yes, here we brought you this truth too.

I was shown a red jaw (no teeth) being dug up from the underground, and yes I LOVE GOING UNDERGROUND you know, and I was shown a mountain, which has now turned into coal briquets on their way to become diamond too, and finally I was shown many HAPPY Donald Duck’s swinging around one giant mother goose of Karen, yes this is how it is when the Source was hidden inside of Karen, and I needed her to open to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

      • We have now almost resurrected everything.

Scribd 1605 incl 1505

      • I was happy to be hearing from David again, and this time he saw that I was online on Google Email.

David 160513

      • FC Brøndby could have relegated today if they lost and Horsens won, but instead, Brøndby won and Horsens lost bringing Brøndby over the line, and not only did Brøndby win, they defeated the silver winners of FC Nordsjælland by 4 to 0, and yes when they truly want – and receive some help from my spiritual friends – they can, and yes playing like champions today, which was about my day being a good day as you understand, and yes now Brøndby will face Horsens in the last match next week to decide which team will relegate, and if Brøndby does not lose, they will survive, and this was really the goal we set last year, which was to help EVERY LITTLE THING to survive symbolized by Brøndby, and yes both financially and on the field, which both seemed like an impossible task, but by now they have been saved financially, and next week probably also on the field not relegating, and yes if I continue doing my best, there should be a chance, don’t you believe?

BT 160513 Brøndby

      • Was it a couple of weeks ago that I was told about a potential catastrophe of Bangladesh coming (?), and yes here it is, not as damaging as it could have been if I had not continued playing the game to remove sufferings of the world.

The Australian on Bangladesh cyclone

      • I was happy for John deciding to send me this email, thank you my friend, and as you can see, they are still “struggling to make ends meet”, and even though this is “an impossible life” to live day after day, which is what poor people still have to do most of which hope all of their lives for the better, which never comes (!) – what a tragedy, don’t you think, your FAT WESTERN WORLD (?) – I don’t see LTO or their families dying from starvation (?), and John and his family are still hoping for better lives, and yes even having faith that a New World is coming with a new life of joy and happiness only, and yes, it is for sure coming, John. We have now come one more day closer meaning that far the longest time has gone, and there is now “not long” before we will all be LIFTED UP, and yes we just have to finish what we started, you know :-).

John email 16+513


17th May: Transferring “surplus material” from the beginning of everything, which has never been life, to our New World

Dreaming of driving into the tunnel of darkness and darkness trying to stop us but it cannot stop existing life

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 08.50 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about driving several people in an American big car with criminals driving us in to a tunnel, where people and the driver are killed.
    • Driving with darkness into the worst darkness, which will kill us (?), and at least our old selves.
  • I am with two ladies, one of them beautiful, and a couple of men and at one point, we look at a red dust sky next to a building, and something about phoning my mother, there is something strange with a truck, where a young woman escaped a police stick and a police man requiring people to sing to pass, and when he is asked what to sing, he says “something new”, but then one sings Jimi Hendrix, which is “existing life”, which the policeman does not know about and this makes him disappear.
    • The red dust sky is darkness, and we are coming through here with the truck of the world, and the police of darkness tries to stop us, and it does not know about life as existence, which is what makes it disappear, and yes, Jimi is not my type of music, but he was sure the most gifted “guitar God” :-).

  • I am together with my family, and stand in front of the small Merete Shopping Centre in Helsingør, and I feel and tell them that this is my centre, which makes the family of darkness drive away, and my sister to go home because she feels poorly. Something about Fuggi’s big brother Keld riding a motorcycle at Borupgaard to show faith, but he rides it with much caution. Something about someone named Flemming that I feel and that I can win Copenhagen to Århus, which is what cost me the flap of a tooth. Sanna reads and I am inside a closet being forced to read three porn magazines, which is difficult to do when I have decided that I do NOT want to watch explicit sex between people.
    • This is about being stronger than darkness of my family too to bring out more life of this small centre, and it is still my sister bringing me the worst darkness.
  • I am together with Lars g. at the cottage house together with two women, and two young ladies also want to come, and I tell them that this will not lead to anything (sexual)
  • I am a kiosk (!) at the Central Station of Copenhagen, and when I look up to the left corner, I see a Google Internet browser, which is both about surveillance and where all porn is, and there are three porn magazine in my view for sale.
    • No matter which computer I have used on the library, none of them have been able to run the Google Crome browser, which should be installed on all of them, and for days I have been told that the library keeps logs of what their computers are used for, and this also makes it possible for the world to look at my work pattern? And Google is about porn and surveillance here, which is “the worst darkness”, and are you spying for “the secret official world” too, my “dear friends”?
  • I am in Spain having no money, and I have to sleep at the most primitive house imaginable, and I look at my phone seeing that it has received an option to choose from 11 different telephone plans/tariffs, which however all are too expensive. My credit card does not work, and I consider calling home trying to make another one work. It is raining and I am shown a yellow rain coat to wear.
    • Spain is darkness, no money is no energy and the phone is about the telephone line to use to transfer more life, and I don’t have enough energy to transfer anymore, which is really what it says and that is unless I find a credit card I can use – or deliver more energy myself by cycling maybe.
  • I also dreamed about being with my mother waiting for an extra special bus to arrive to bring us home, and being at a concert with the band TV2 playing for only employees of Jyske Bank.
    • More “old nightmare” (bus) and darkness (Jyske Bank).

Transferring “surplus material” from the beginning of everything, which has never been life, to our New World

I woke up receiving four loud hiccups, and also the words “GOD IS ON TOP OF IT” by David Bowie.

I was told that we are on the hunt for Peter A’s money, which was the dream the other day, and yes energy of life as it is.

We almost set off your mother on Cyprus, and I wonder what Cyprus symbolizes.

It was first on your way out of the hospital yesterday that we brought together “the nameless”, which was based on all impressions.

We keep on doing our best to stretch to make the barcode of the supermarket Brugsen to work, and no, today is not the day of escape.

I received the feeling of Jan and was told that “you are not done receiving this yet”.

This morning, I went to the library again to work and first to finish and publish my script of yesterday, which took longer than expected, and later to write the script of today so far too, and I cannot tell you just how incredible tired I am of writing and how disgusting it feels to having to continue doing this job over and over and over again when all you want is to stop the pain, and yes will it never stop?

I worked longer than expected today at the library seeing here after 15.00 that I am becoming too tired to cycle also today, and my mother called asking if I will go to the main square of Helsingør this afternoon, and yes it is both nice weather and Jazz Festival starting today, so I will.

I was told about how Falck in Lyngby was seeing me as a new employee of their Ambulance services (?), and yes did I make “good enough” impression on you to employ me when I kept my mouth shut about your negligence (?), and when I told you the truth, you decide to ignore me and work against me behind my back?

And the game is that if I don’t cycle, I will not make my mother believe that everything is as it should be – also receiving another out of this world pain to my right ankle – and no, I will not fall for that because my mother is not part of the game anymore.

Yesterday I received the desire to “like” Facebook pages of major Champagne houses, which I then did today, and I was told “where do you think you received inspiration from” (?), and yes of course via Karen remembering me and the many fine Champagnes we had together.

I was shown myself looking down the street from an apartment where I see the police working with coffins, and I was told that these would have disappeared, but instead I am now shown them lowered down one level to me underneath, which is about saving this level of life.

I saw a little of the jazz festival late in the afternoon, but decided to cycle home, where I was incredible tired both on the way and at home waiting for the time to become 19.00 where I would go to the Friday dinner with my mother and John, and so tired that you have absolutely no desire to go out again later, but this is what I was “forced” to do, and yes this is also how my mother must have felt because during dinner, she was incredible negative about EVERYTHING, and I could see how it made John almost in despair (!), and this is what is killing him (!) – I saw how he received hiccups and cough because of darkness of my mother – and I told her to be positive and see possibilities in what she spoke of instead of the opposite, which completely turned her off, but still it made sense and now she simply said that she was so warm that it was impossible to handle, and yes mother, this is how I feel in this heat as it is now here with up to 25 degrees for example the first hour after I arrive at the library where I simply sweat, but still I decide to work and be positive, but my mother shows how this darkness is also coming at me, and the difference is that she has decided to be weak doing what is wrong (!), and then I have to be strong also to save John once again and herself.

But first, my inner voice – now this last part of the Source coming from Karen – to my surprise when I saw my mother asked me “who is she” (?), and yes this part has never lived before, and when John also came out, the same happened again when this voice said “who is he” (?), and a few minutes afterwards, I felt Karen inside of my mother, and I was told that this is about transferring our new creation to the New World.

My mother asked about how my computer mice are doing, and yes they are all broken down at the same time, and yes, John tried to find a logical explanation, but there is none (!), and I said that it is as I have told you for years that my electronic equipment including lamps are “under attack”, and we know “impossible” to believe in even though they have received MANY examples and know deep inside that this is how it is, and the same should then be the case for the same darkness attacking and killing me for years, but still, “impossible” to believe in, right?

John told that he will receive his heart surgery the 11-12th June, we will see if we are still our old selves then, and we truly did not have the best evening because of my mother’s negativity, and I decided to leave at 21.30 to give her “piece”.

I was told that Jan would have taken his own life if I did not lift him up, and this is how he would have disappeared with the nugget of me in a dark agenda.

And then I was told that this “red part” of the Source without teeth is surplus material from the beginning of everything, which has never been used before.

I was told – also for the front page of my website – that all of the story was a misunderstanding of my family, friends, etc. misunderstanding/believing that I was the Son of God – before becoming it – which is what transferred the Source and the Son to me, and this was also the case with Karen. And yes, I started out as “nothing” as the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father and became “everything” because of faith of people (or at least openings to let the light come through), who claimed not to have faith in me, quite funny, right?

So it is Karen, who is the foundation of everything and not you (?), but it is you that we are transferring everything to (?), yes (!), and your mother and her New World is part of you (?), yes (!), and you are also the Source (?), yes (!), and this is how it is when you go from being nothing to everything.

I was told that the lawsuit planned against you – not by her but her  “advisors” (Peter and ….?) – soon would have been given up because no lawyer would take on the assignment, because it would be “impossible” to get an overview of my scripts, and I was not “sexually harassing” her, so what should be my motive?

Again, I was told that my mother became the most sad/disappointed in the world because of my work, which is the biggest effort of the world (because of being a living dead while doing it), and this is why Karen turned against me; because of the misunderstanding of my mother in me.

I was told that it was also a condition for everyone of my close family and friends to be alive now in order to do this.

It would be like Bethlehem disappearing and first returning later if I did not do this work.

I was shown a candlestick arriving – more life from this inner part – and was told that this life decided to wait becoming life until we would return.

And when you are stronger, we have to follow your rule not to remove my writings as the first priority, and I was told that this is why I was encouraged to show Karen that my writings are not only on WordPress but also on Scribd on the Internet making it seem “impossible” for her – eeehhh her “advisors” – to remove.

I was told that the drums of the Michael Jackson video in Rio symbolizes all life, which is now being created, and we have now received yellow from your mother, which I was shown given to the outer part of me at the balcony, and yes she accepted us.

I was shown myself standing next to a big tree, and was shown a bridge over to a mountain, and was told that this is what Karen helped to build; this bridge over to “nothing” of the inner part of her, now me.

I received the feeling of my old school friend Peter T. and was told that it was also me helping.

Google Earth: The open window to our New World, no energy to save life and a big doll wanting to bring my “old nightmare”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the open window to our New World, a close-up to a clean-up – what’s up doc (?), a whole head, Spiderman helping out, a big doll of darkness still wanting to bring my “old nightmare”, I continue flying even though I am out of energy, “do let them have a chance to live” even though we are out of energy, creature eating from the hand, and money for children is stolen.

FB 170513 Jette 1

FB 170513 Jette 2

FB 170513 Jette 3

FB 170513 Jette 4

FB 170513 Jette 5

FB 170513 Jette 6

FB 170513 Jette 7

FB 170513 Jette 8

FB 170513 Jette 9

FB 170513 Jette 10

FB 170513 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Bertel Haarder is an MP for the Liberal Party, former minister for many years and also my “hero” as a young liberalist myself in the 1980’s, and he has written this article called “it is the commitment and work moral, which way too often is lacking” and among other things, Bertail says that many employers do not want to hire young people coming too late, reporting sick and not behaving well, and I decided to tell him that this is FAR FROM enough and that the need is to change the whole community and people from within (!), and once again I gave my story about poor behavior of people telling Bertel that this is what the politicians A LONG TIME AGO should have changed by changing the life/culture of all Danes (i.e. people of the world) instead of letting moral decay, disobedience, listlessness and anarchy spread among all, and yes, what kind of feedback do you receive on this (?), and yes NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and are you all IMBECILES in there at the Parliament (?), and yes it should be so easy for you, but then you “cannot”?

FB 170513 Bertel

FB 170513 Bertel 2

  • It seems that Meat Loaf is on fire on his farewell tour in Europe, and I do believe that we may see him again, and yes this is really how to get a Bat out of Hell you know :-).

FB 170513 Meat



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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