May 20, 2013: I have “sucked up” everything now receiving the plate of the Source from which all life originates


Summary of the script today

18th May: Finding “mountains of cemeteries” of creation inside the Source, which we thought was not possible

  • Dreaming of bringing out worlds of the Source impossible to bring out and Agneta from ABBA performing fantastically.
  • I am “very sick” dying as my old self. New creation including a new kitchen to produce life is done as my mother would have done it for her to accept it. The Source is geographically located in the Kingdom of Denmark (including Greeland), Sweden, Norway and Iceland.
  • One part of me is still completely without energy, but I feel how another part of me is becoming stronger without lack of energy, which is why I started exercising on my cycle again today.
  • Karen’s fear is to be revealed as a former prostitute to the world and mainly her mother, and she has hidden her love for me for years. She is the only one who can stop my sufferings by accepting and not rejecting me, which is what was terminating me and the world. By accepting me, she is now turning around everything to start up the New World.
  • I have received all of my inner self thus also all of the Source, which is now empty.
  • Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest final with a little help from my spiritual friends because I won the game over Karen, who decided not to prosecute me, which is celebrated in Champagne.
  • We have seen creation inside the Source, which we thought was not possible, which could not create life, thus deciding to close itself down until we would return as we do now. There are mountains of cemeteries inside the Source waiting to be brought to life, which is why we have decided to prolong my journey.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show you are allowed to go away, a green Iceland, Greenland is all grey, the worst “Magica de Spell” darkness of Karen, the monster is biting, we are close to the beat 12, darkness/destruction of Australia, light shall come when she get rids of the monster, LOVE of Karen to me shown as a heart of the dark side of Earth, more heart attacks of darkness, but I’m still standing, and the grey gather becoming light too.

19th May: I have “sucked up” everything now receiving the plate of the Source from which all life originates

  • We have opened to endless lines of libraries – world made of pure diamond – also inside of the Source, which we did not expect, which we are bringing teeth/life to and plugging it in to our New World. Not only a world, but creation as such can be copied into an endless number of creations.
  • Dreaming of my sister’s husband Hans still helping me with creation via faith, four people come home, darkness helps us to develop, and faith of Lis helps me producing food/life.
  • We continue climbing up the Source via my sufferings without looking into our New World while we are turning around the world to become our New World. It is sexuality which is bringing the Source as a “a room of force” or an engine into life. Our creation was also very close to give up as almost an endless number of creations before ours, and it is sexuality, which is now spread to the Source to bring all of its incredible size alive. We are still doing this with only one store open, i.e. the opening of Karen to me.
  • When I decided to work this night and day despite of feeling the absolutely worst, Sweden won the World Championships in ice hockey over the invincible darkness of Switzerland symbolising the win of the Source.
  • I was given a sound to the balcony, which was now followed up by the vision of shelves moving from the balcony via the wall of my apartment to me at the living room, and this was to bring me the plate of the Source, and I was told that this is everything; where everything started. And we have now almost completed the turn around of it. What is the Source (?) – a “room of force” or engine as mentioned earlier – and I see a man coming out of it, and this is the man, whom we have associated with it, which is you, and life is because of we want to be the opposite of nothing.
  • Time does not exist and everything happens “now”, but I decided to continue using time as part of creation as a practical arrangement for everyone.

20th May: Karen and I were made on both sides of the Source working as a collusion now becoming one

  • Dreaming of David Lee Roth playing to save FC Brøndby, sharing Champagne of the Source with everyone approved by both the New World and the Source, and I’m still alive.
  • I continued being told about Karen’s lack of trust in me and her negative speech of me to her family, friends etc., which is keeping her away from me. And when she decided to reject me earlier, it was the same as killing me and the world – until she will accept me with the end of darkness because I was the strongest. I felt the Source inside of me via my connection to Karen, and when I welcomed everything, it was the New World I welcome inside the Source, which I am now becoming myself when merging with Karen. We were made on both sides of the Source working as a collusion now becoming one. The Source is still open because of Karen’s opening to me, and I was shown King’s in line of our New World still entering.
  • I am working inside the “tape recorder” of the Source almost jumping into the eternal light, but first there is darkness inside the Source, which was polluted by the world deciding to have darkness as a tool of creation, and we have to clean this part too, and it includes Berlingske writing a newspaper on me to keep the “official world” updated on me, other media because it has decisive impact on the world opinion and President Obama as the US President when he (has to take)/takes wrong decisions.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Australia as lonely, the face of Albert Einstein symbolizing the fulfillment of SAGA’s prophecy of saving the world, a well-known face, elderly beautiful women, another portrait, special energies, characteristic forehead looking angry, dumping darkness and souls coming up, Karen as an old hunter in fox-dress not to be trusted when staying away from me, and still more life of darkness wanting to join us.
  • Short stories of FC Brøndby surviving against all odds symbolising the survival of every little thing, and Anton leaving me as Facebook friend (!) sending me MUCH darkness.


18th May: Finding “mountains of cemeteries” of creation inside the Source, which we thought was not possible

I went to bed at 23.40 and was surprised to sleep all night long without being awakened before as late as 09.30 this morning with this short dream.

  • Something about being impossible to get out but somehow we still come out via a video recording including two half naked women, which John doesn’t know how to stop, but I do.
    • Material from the inner part of me.
  • I also remember a dream from earlier in the night, where Agneta from ABBA performing a song from her new album, which is of fantastic quality.
    • And yes, she has just released a new solo album, so still singing instead of becoming a Greta Garbo, she is, and yes Agneta was also used as a symbol of my “old nightmare” a few years ago.

Finding “mountains of cemeteries” of creation inside the Source, which we thought was not possible

I received the feeling/low voice of “coffee (i.e “love”) – he cannot hurt a cat”, which are feelings transferred to Karen about me.

There is a HUGE pizza in here where nobody cared to look, a whole new world if you like. So we are setting up a fantastic dinner, which you did without Christoffer, Mette and “everyone else”.

I heard something about this inner part of the Source knowing about life via Karen, and later “cinema, we have just never could get in before”. And this is what the first board meeting was about.

It is really about doing commercials to your mother, to let her bring us in, and it goes fine because she just has to know that we are here, which she did not know, and yes then via love to you, she finds a place for us to sleep too. And the gift is life, which she found via the material pouring out of the Source.

When the official world completely can silent my story not bringing it to the world, what do you believe it has silenced of other stories not reaching the world?

No, it is not as if your mother receives a long nose, not at all, because we have practised this before “we will meet again”, so she knows inside of her that something is missing, and when we come, she feels the missing pieces and accepts us.

I received Shu-bi-dua’s ”Emma” and the lyrics ”Emma – jeg er syg, jeg har det ad helvede til.”, Karl er meget syg, klarer han mon den?” (”Emma – I am sick, I feel like hell. Karl is very sick, will he make it”) and ”Emma – hva’ var det? det må være professoren” (“Emma – what was that? It must be the professor”), which really is about darkness killing me, and yes “will I make it” (?), and the answer is NO (!), and that is as my old self.

This is easy to get in, because we imagine being your mother at the fish boat and when we bring her these parts, they are as she would have created them/us herself. And this is why we still give you threats of your ““old nightmare” as if it was my mother playing the game.

The other day I was asked if my cousin Jan is the third Jesus of the four worlds?

I was told that Palestinians aren’t stateless, are they (?), well they are a symbol too of the world expelling me.

I kept receiving the Danish Eurovision Song Contest song “only teardrops” this morning, and yes it is the final this evening, and will it really win everything just confirming that everything has come home to Denmark despite and because of “only teardrops” of my mother, father, sister, Karen and others too on my way (?), and yes, that has to be it, but still there is some more darkness to fight, which tries to take me over, but no it cannot, and yes this is why I am still active and my scripts on WordPress too.

I was told about Madame Butterfly (the opera character of the Japanese Lady “Cio-Cio San” missing Lord Pinkerton much) and this is really what Karen is in relation to me with opposite sign, but still sad and hoping for my return, and yes, apparently she is thinking of me as “the man of culture” in her life and when we saw this beautiful opera by Puccini together in 2004, I believe, and yes, there is only one song to play from this, which of course is the amazingly beautiful “O mio babbino caro” here with the one and only Maria Callas, and yes, this is ALSO the absolutely most beautiful music in the world, and what gives me the deepest feelings of all, and yes Puccini and Maria Callas is an unshakeable cocktail, and we know “stirred not shaken” if you understand such a small one.

There is nothing about becoming chef pupils because you are coming right to the top too, and yes this last part of my original self now entering.

So again, this was about convincing Karen about me for her to “stand by me”, and not her advisors, and yes this is what we are helping her to decide on, and again, I could decide to be negative here because of the WRONG behavior of misunderstanding people, which would make exactly this happen, so I have to stay positive, and yes it is now 12.00 today, and I am still sweating as my mother did yesterday, but cannot be negative, you know.

And this means that this “not yet created life” of the Source had the power to destroy life if it wanted to and yes symbolized by the removal of my scripts, but still nothing would happen (?), and then suddenly this life and my scripts would become visible again somehow.

I decided to publish two days of scripts today – on Facebook – and not three as I have done the last few times, and I received incredible happiness for doing this, because when you publish it on Facebook, this also has importance in itself.

It is completely wonderful inside of here, Stig.

No, we cannot keep delivering to him, can we (?), and yes when he does not give up still working, and when there is enough faith in Karen, this is what is happening, and yes I still feel something passing through the narrow passage of my throat, which Jette is also helping to do simply by reading my scripts!

I was told that it was not meant to come out that “the chicken” – the nick name of Michael Rasmussen – was hospitalized at Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital but this is how it works and yes when people speak, you cannot keep this a secret the same way as people “could not” shut up in relation to me even though they knew that they were “not allowed”.

What happens when you get your stockings/trousers on turned the wrong way (?), and yes you become darkness, so this is what happened to Karen, and would have happened to you unless I had not made you the only one in the world turning the right way. And this also means that she received the opposite feelings of you, which is “not like” and had to turn around to feel love to you, and yes part of the game you know, and it was done via you continuous writings to her over the years.

And if you did not behave, we would have been forced to deliver material back to the library, this is what I have taught her, and yes Karen would be the one destructing you in practise, and yes when your sister “could not” remove your writings, her resistance was given strongly to Karen, who was “this close” to bring it our, and yes suing you – and maybe also writing to my webservice providers behind my back (?), and yes normally they don’t need to hear a story from two sides you know, so who knows?

Weren’t we restoring all of the bathroom (?), yes, but the wonderful part is that we have just received an entirely new one, and yes when turned around, this is the new kitchen of our New World to prepare new life.

Will you not miss him (?); and yes, Karen is missing me more than anyone as I am told.

I have made back-ups of the main pages of my website all along, but not to my hundreds of scripts/posts, and because of this “disturbance” about Karen and her “advisors” thinking of removing my writings on her, I decided to check up on WordPress and what it offers on back-ups, and I saw that it was possible to create a file including all posts and pages, which I then downloaded, and yes making it possible to import to a new WordPress site one day if needed, and we know, it did not copy all pictures, I believe, but at least I now have even more security, so COME ON AND GET IT, Karen (!), there is NOTHING you can do because I have back-ups of my material and it is already spread on the Internet, and yes also the “news” on you.

It is now 02.00 “tomorrow” and another new night where I cannot sleep, and now I have been “motivated” to stand up to write down far too much information, and let us see how far I will get.

I ended work at the library at 15.20, and I was thinking about exercising on my bicycle this afternoon, but I needed oil for the chain, and was lucky to find some at Kvickly costing 1/3 of at the bicycle store, and I drove home receiving Roxy Music’s “Do the strand” on the way including the lyrics “there’s a new sensation, a fabulous creation”, and yes I had been listening to Roxy Music at the library thinking that this is also as beautiful as music gets.

I felt Queen Margrethe and her thoughts about Greenland being part of the Kingdom/realm of Denmark also in relation to the Source, and I was given thoughts about Sweden also being the Source, and was asked if you can also imagine Norway being part of this community, but of course you can, and yes Norway was also the country symbolizing the worst darkness/oil, but it makes sense because Denmark/Sweden/Norway have common background/culture and form Scandinavia and here as the Source – and I do understand that Iceland is also part of this.

I was tired, but less tired for the first time in a long time not having water in my eyes because of tiredness, and when I came home and sat down watching a little ice hockey, I became incredible tired once again, which I knew that I would get over, and still I feel incredible tired as one part of me, and now also more energy as another part of me, and I had decided to exercise, but first I needed to calm down removing my warmth/sweat, and I was happy seeing Sweden defeat Finland in the semifinals now playing the final tomorrow, and later in the day, the opposition was found when Switzerland as a sensation also defeated USA in the semifinals now having won ALL of their matches including against “all the big nations”, which is nothing less than incredible, and it was as the Swedish speaker said “Switzerland and Sweden in the final, well Lord God”, and yes, this was really why.

I was told that it was important for me to reject Karen sexually directly in relation to her – saying that this means nothing compared to spirituality – and if I had stopped the game the other day, I would still have become my new self now.

After my tired crisis, I decided to do the cycle exercise – not easy to do when feeling like this, but I decided to focus on the other feeling of now more energy coming instead – and I cycled 20 kilometres with some difficulties, and there is hardly any more trouble with my chain, but sometimes I am told about a person and then the chain jumps, for example Elijah, which made the chain jump when I was cycling up the steepest hill today telling me that his resistance and “lack of understanding” what is easy to understand is what was the hardest for me to overcome, and then I was given the name of Bianca – who is supporting me in Jette’s Facebook group – and then the chain jumped again, and no, Bianca did not “like” my comment to her today in Jette’s group – see Jette’s pictures – so some of what I say is “too much” for you to believe in?

I was told that doing this final work is the most difficult we have done since the closure of World War II.

I received a new potential extreme pain to the backside of my right lower leg, which is about even more darkness coming in.

During the day and especially the evening, I had to continue going against negative voices, which also wanted to me to accept sexual torments/services, hundreds of times, but still it was much easier to go through because there is the other side of me giving me the feeling of almost freedom and feeling normal without darkness tormenting me, and because of this side of me becoming strong, and darkness of the other side losing power, I have not felt this good for years, and yes since Ole, Niels and Thomas was the feeling, which goes all the way back to when we lived with my mother’s man Ole and his two sons visiting us every other weekend until 1978, this was the feeling, and I was told that they were/are also made of the material called “do not exist” (do not have an individual soul – like I did not).

I continued receiving words like “I have never said this” and “we will keep this our secret, right” (?), which is really about what Karen fears the most, which is for her secret of having been a prostitute to be revealed, and who is she the most afraid to get to know this (?), and yes her mother.

I felt Karen coming to me from my balcony, which is you know the deepest parts of her being transferred to me, and I was told that it is me – the force inside of here – who created your father, i.e. the Source of the world, but only part of the total Source.

I was given the sound to my oven and vision of a plastic package being opened, which is empty inside of it meaning that everything of the Source has been transferred – or is about to being transferred.

So no to Karen sexually was no to destruction, and I was told that for all these years I, i.e. Karen, have hidden my love for you, and yes there came so much else, first I had to become rich (her “new” doctor’s practise in Lyngby coming to her in recent years), and then I did not understand you because of others, and if it was not for this, I would have come to you a long time ago.

So it will be like starting from scratch, which is what Karen thinks of you, and this is like starting all of the world from scratch.

I was told that there we almost destroyed everything as one of several instances, and how often has Karen almost been pulling the plug (of my scripts) without doing it, but giving me the greatest sufferings instead, which I had to bear in order to get over this threat and continue the game, and only by taking on the worst sufferings, I would be able to come here.

And she is the only one, who can stop my sufferings by decided for me instead of others and against me, so her decision can turn around the whole world (to the other side of our New World).

I was reminded that at the last visit of my mother here, I could not find my slippers in reality as I had dreamed just before this, and I was here told that this was because we did not believe you would come through this.

So it is now only a matter of which side Karen will let the coin fall.

It is Karen, who has sent you all creeps.

I was told that Mecca knows about me and has decided – as the world has – to wait on the New World coming.

Karen rejected me in 2004, which was the Source rejecting me to bring the end to the world, and coming here, is this what is now starting to bring me energy again?

This is not just any month to me astrological also not for Christian Borup, and yes is he reading and following my horoscope (?) – without telling me as I encouraged him to do.

I was shown Søren Pind outside my apartment through the letter box, and I was told that he now never looks in, i.e. reads me, which is why he was tempted by Helena.

So Karen has selected the finest leather herself, i.e. me, at the very end.

Had there been a clash between Nønne and Jill (I met Nønne at Jill’s clairvoyance school in 2005) about me (?), and yes quite as expected, and no, I never heard from Nønne again after she abandoned me without keeping her promise.

So it is like Harry Potter; we have started turning around everything to our New World.

If you had to choose one ballad only for you and Karen, what should it be (?), and yes I was instantly given “miss you” at the same time as I was told “tattoo you”, which is about “start me up”, so the feeling of love and “miss you” is what is starting up our New World.

I was given a new sound to my oven, which sounded black and empty, and that is because we moved the Source the other day, which I now understand is complete.

So you mother turned Karen negative sending darkness and not light to me, and that is because this is how to create a world, otherwise we would have done it the opposite way.

I was told that the decision of Greece not to give up (to the financial crisis) was absolutely vital to us.

I was thinking that my apartment is not 100% perfect with some wires not hanging perfectly, windows still not polished, lack of a an office chair etc. – and I never wrote the chapter on creation to my website – but still my decision is that everything of our creation has to be perfect.

I was told that if Karen had not rejected me – with the feeling of love underneath – it would have meant that the Source would not have been released, and I was given the sound and vision to my oven of collapse and a floating meat sausage pasta pouring out, which would have meant that we could have started from scratch again meaning the end of the world, unless of course my inner self would make us survive after all. And the same would happen if I had given up during my journey.

Apparently, everything went fine for Karen after me, she received a good job/income and was married to Denis, but happy (?), no, something was missing and that was my pure love.

Surely you are not going to get anything less than the best (?), and I was told that we have now started forming the new Karen, and yes fine if you know what I want, and if you do not, you cannot.

Why can’t Karen accept my Facebook invitation (?), and yes because it does not look good to her family, friends etc., whom she has told much negative about me – and yesterday I was told that she was considering writing me.

So if Karen and I were lovers, it would have led to destructions of the world, which is how it is when we were not turned around being on the same side.

We are now hanging up the last Christmas lamps.

I still felt darkness coming in and when I entered it, I heard how it including the STRONG voice all over that “no way that Stig is Jesus”, which is the voice given to Karen, which I had to fight via my emails to her.

I am VERY OFTEN saying no to “sexual services” and “you are welcome” at the same time, and yes welcome to enter, but NO to sexual services; this is how the recipe of creation works seen from here.

So what we started doing some time ago, to remove the Source, is now (about to be) over.

No, we have not cheated by looking in under the Christmas Tree, but we are all here (at our New World).

Karen believes that being with me will become the end of sexual pleasure to her, but no, it could not be more wrong.

I still have to correct darkness wanting me to stop the game by saying that “you are welcome” and if I should decide to say the opposite, the voice is ready to say “alright, we will stop here”, which still would be wrong to do.

It was Karen, who wanted you to make much money, which made you receive the job at Acta in 2007, which is where I made the most money, but still I was underpaid compared to others of the company!

I was told about Peter, Karen’s ex-husband, whom she has a special relation to, and that he is darkness too, and I was shown a horse carriage with dark horses, but the carriage itself was made of Danish gingerbread cookies (“brunkager”), which is a Christmas cookie, and I was shown a hear snail being put to his ear, so Karen still speaks to Peter as her “advisor” about me, and yes he hears about me now, and what is the verdict (?), and “eeehhh, Peter, don’t you believe we have to wait a little”, which came together with the feeling of waiting to see what will happen (with Stig), and also that I also had good conversations with Peter years ago, so he knows that I am not completely crazy to speak with. So they have decided to leave me alone, but I feel that there is a “script” written against me already?

Again, I was thinking that today I feel 1,000 times better for example compared to the day when I decided not to meet the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, and almost every other day for a very long time.

I was told about the staff of the psychiatric hospital in Helsingør speaking about “Stig was here”.

Still I was told that Karen cannot understand about sex in relation to me, which is what decides everything for her.

Wait a minute, was she scared about me too (?), which she is now no more because of my email?

I felt how my father arrived and entered my heart, and I was told that here was the invention of your father – as part of the Source and not all of it – so we are so much more than he, which we however could not bring.

I was given a sound to my balcony and I was told that we have decided to prolong the game, which is also because of the feelings of Peter, and that is because we can.

I was shown a coffin decorated the most beautiful way with silver spangles – it does not get more beautiful than this – and I felt that I am in the first of this, and I was shown a long line of other silver coffins coming after, which will have to be other parts of me for one world after another.

I watched the beautiful final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmø, Sweden, including 26 contestants from European countries and the very exciting vote afterwards receiving points from one country after another, and approx. 2/3 through, where Denmark had been on 1st place most of the time, it was still exciting if they would win, and I was told “would we create such a song without being certain that it would win” (?), and when it became more and more obvious that we would win, the Danish speaker became excited for example saying that unfortunately he was not allowed to bring Champagne into his speaker box, which was followed a couple of seconds thereafter by the Slovenian vote saying that it had been a “sparkling show”, and this was of course about Champagne as Karen remembers me for as it came to me yesterday, and Champagne because of celebration of our New World, and the Danish commentator said “no, no no” exactly the same way as the football commentator Flemming Toft, which was about winning in football, i.e. my victory over Karen deciding not to go against me, and he also spoke about this being a “one time experience”, and I was shown a camera being used only once, which is about bringing people the picture of, i.e. transforming into, their new selves only once. And yes, the end result became VICTORY FOR DENMARK, but only because I continued my journey not losing this one, otherwise we would not have won as I was told, and yes, I was HAPPY like all other Danes for this victory, and we really saw that coming a long time ago, didn’t we?

BT 180513 EmmelieDenmark won the European Song Contest: “Would we create such a song without being certain that it would win”, which it did after I received the Source from Karen

I was told that Azerbaijan was not meant to come as high in the scoring as they did as second, which they did because I liked the song, and yes I also much liked the songs of Russia, Ukraine and Norway.

After the end of the official transmission, Swedish TV had a follow up, where the man in charge of the production said that only three hours before the show started, the bridge, which they used at the show, did not work and had an engine replaced, and he was asked what this bridge was about, and said that it is because we are in Malmø as a link to Europe (having a bridge to Copenhagen) and the symbol of “WE ARE ONE”, which was their motto as I liked much ♥, and also that the bridge symbolises the bridge between people and cultures, and I was told that this “challenge” with the bridge was because it was only today that Karen decided to give up prosecuting me, so there you have it my friends, a new opening to the Source celebrated by this win of Denmark.

Thank you to Swedish TV for creating a beautiful show, and yes I loved seeing Loreen too and many of your other items, but I really did not like seeing the stunt you gave to Carola making her disappear almost instantly.

I was given three sounds to my oven, and was shown that it is now light tree there, which is what we are becoming.

I was shown that I have brought a truck, i.e. the world, up to here, and behind this I was shown more stairs going up, which we did not know about, which is why we continue.

Finally, at 01.00 I went to bed, and could now not sleep (!), and yes not only had I received much information during the evening – because of Karen – but now I could also not sleep, and I received Meat Loaf’s “I’d do anything for love, but I wont do that”, which is also in relation to Karen, and yes to follow the agenda of Karen as example, and no, I am NOT following her, but turning her around to follow me, which is basically what I had in mind with your two as I am here told.

After some time not being able to sleep, where I received one positive symbol after the other without writing it down, I decided that I might as well receive some information, and then I was told and shown that all dairymen have arrived at Karen’s dairy except from Goofy/you who are still coming out of a milk vessel.

Did you see that Peter went into the waiting room (?), and I was shown a racecourse and a tile including an incredible amount of money, which we will now bring too.

I was shown the wheel of a car arriving in darkness and rain, and the wheel includes a three-divided star, and inside of there is a bird’s nest and I was told that we have seen creation, which we thought not possible, and since we have only been here shortly, we have not understood it yet – or does this come from Peter not understanding me as I felt?

Isn’t this as great and unthinkable as the break through of Susan Boyle (?), yes, but there is one decisive difference, which is that we have no idea what we will meet, and again I felt that this is possible to do because of Karen’s opening to me.

I was shown a giant ship, which could not create life, thus deciding to close down itself, which we now see coming back as we see all other tries to get out of here (by creating life).

I had the feeling that I had received far too much to write, and now I was also encourage to stand up writing it this night, which was truly “far out”, and first I said clearly no, this is out of the question, because a part of me was truly incredible tired by now, and I was told that if I did not, this canoe of life would disappear into a dark garage.

I was told that we saw this as “surplus material”, but there are mountains of cemeteries in here all waiting to be brought to life, and I received the sound of a bicycle to my balcony symbolising that this is a new journey I am starting, and I was shown a huge aquarium with MUCH (potential) life inside of it and the preliminary stage of only one fish was brought out, and I was told that it is first now that we start to understand the giant pressure of darkness, which has laid upon us, and I felt that this was also about understanding of the Source of life and that is because we see more the higher we come.

I was given the thought about the bridge of the song contest not working, and then I was shown a castle with four towers flying down in the head on us, which is coming from this part of the Source being opened to us.

I was told about this journey, which should have ended in 2012, and just how big an effort it took to make it last into 2013, and I was told that this part of the Source believed that an explosion of the world would be necessary to come back also to bring this out, but no, I took the sufferings required doing this, and the sufferings were sent to me by “my loved one”, i.e. Karen.

At 01.40 I stood up going against much tiredness and really to show a good will, and after having checked Facebook, I started writing at 02.00, and I had absolutely no idea that I would be able to write everything, which I have now completed here at 05.00, which is the last work I do for now before I will go to sleep, and no, I will NOT try to publish this script now, which may have to wait until the library will open again after the next two closing days to come; we will see.

Google Earth: LOVE of Karen to me shown as a heart of the dark side of Earth

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show you are allowed to go away, a green Iceland, Greenland is all grey, the worst “Magica de Spell” darkness of Karen, the monster is biting, we are close to the beat 12, darkness/destruction of Australia, light shall come when she get rids of the monster, LOVE of Karen to me shown as a heart of the dark side of Earth, more heart attacks of darkness, but I’m still standing, and the grey gather becoming light too.

FB 180513 Jette 1

FB 180513 Jette 2

Fb 180513 Jette 3

FB 180513 Jette 4

FB 180513 Jette 5

FB 180513 Jette 6

FB 180513 Jette 7

FB 180513 Jette 8

FB 180513 Jette 9

FB 180513 Jette 10

FB 180513 Jette 11

FB 180513 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Dennis believed that this was quite an address to have on your business card, which is “Heaven road”, and I told him that I am glad that he is on the right road.

FB 180513 Dennis

  • Denmark was celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest victory everywhere also on Facebook, and Bent was saying “and it was Denmark, and it was Denmark” as they sing on the football stadium when the national team in football plays, and here is more “funny” Danish/English as Bent – and I (my notes) are famous for – and the “back-up” is inspired about the back-up of my website to protect me from Karen, and yes this is how it works.

FB 180513 BvH


19th May: I have “sucked up” everything now receiving the plate of the Source from which all life originates

Transferring an endless and unexpected line of worlds made of pure diamond to our New World

I received the song “Barbie Doll” by Aqua and received diarhoar at the same time, and was told that this is the same procedure as last time, which is that I am now receiving far too much information at the same time meaning that parts will first be destructed before it is and resurrected.

It would correspond to having David Bowie crashing with a helicopter and survive.

So in other words, Emmelie/Denmark would only win if I won the battle against Karen, this is how it was designed.

I was shown Queen Silvia of Sweden stacking four chairs for me and a GIANT insect in MEGA size stood around, and I was told that this is what she brought me too, and yes you don’t understand everything, but something about you, Sweden and “importance to me”, so not easy to read and understand?

I was shown a gate opening to a big house and how almost a camera lines opens a new view, which includes endless lines of libraries also inside of here, Stig and again with the feeling “we did not expect this”. And I was shown rolls of cables, which “just” have to be plugged into the New World with a yellow plug, this is the smart part of it, and the feeling is that the structure of the world goes way back to what we see now.

This is what is coming when we enter smaller and smaller units.

I was shown a jockey and told that going to Peter was essential to make this play work.

What you are doing now – at 03.50 still working – is invaluable and something about sorting which order to get all of this out.

I was shown a piano floating on a ring, and was told that this can be copied to one ring after the other, which we did not know before now, which seems to be about creation not only of a New World but creation itself is possible to create what may be an endless line of too, and yes, if this is what is right to do to reach perfect, this is what we will do.

I was shown myself with a guitar and shown a farm away from me, and I saw how it was linked to my guitar, which is what the work this night is about; to connect everything inside of here with creation.

We have started going on balloon fishing, a whole new event.

So this is the material, which children are made of, we did not even know ourselves.

She cannot remember how it was to kiss you, and good that she did not because this was the kiss of death

I received short periods of pain to the outer joint of my left little finger and was told that this is also because of Karen, so everything is not alright yet (?), and yes this is a strong symbol of her not liking my writings.

Finally, I ended work on the script of yesterday, and went to bed at 05.20 and slept poorly until 11.20 with these dreams.

  • My sister’s husband Hans helps me first with a laptop then at a PC and then a new TV.
    • It seems that Hans still has faith in me.
  • Four come home wanting to thrown themselves over the ox-sauce, they point at a horse also like those I will not give them, and there is a class fight with Johannes who wants to rib it out.
    • I cannot remember this, but there is much about the four divided part of me also here, and Johannes is probably the mayor working against me.
  • Something about thinking of bringing pictures of all of my girlfriends over time emphazising the most important about each of them.
    • Eeeehh?
  • I am at a concert where a new leader of a rock band has an axe – besides from his instrument – and he has stolen the freedom I had before, and when I ask him to be released at 16.45 because I have an agreement to meet my mother and John at another concert next to this, the leader first says no, and then that I can leave at 17.15 and finally that it is alright, and while he is there, he forces the people to read song lyrics, which brings people both discipline and knowledge instead of being careless, which they are happy about, and they say that they have become spiritual.
    • Darkness trying to take over, but instead helping us to develop.
  • I have made food, and Lis (my old friend from Stansted) has prepared two sandwiches with raisins, which she has poured out on the table, and I bring the bread to place them on.
    • Does Lis know about me for example via Lotus (?), and yes I did not find Lis, and Lotus did not send me contact information on her this time (she did in 2010 I believe but I lost it with my old phone).

I was extremely tired when I stood up and everything was pulled our of me via the work I did during night way above what I normally could give, so I decided to take a LONG bath, and I started receiving a new stream of information to write down when I lay there, and I was so tired that I almost decided not to do this, but I wrote down most of it, and I was told that I could easily have been given the double information if I had been able to receive it, so all of this is pouring out of Karen.

I was shown myself crawling up the stairs on the outside of a pineapple, which feels like ancient Egypt, and I am told that we are tempted to look in (at Paradise/our New World).

I was shown a bull with golden horns having brought me to the beach with beach being an old symbol of sufferings.

I was shown potatoes and ducks all sitting around a round table, which is what we feel that we are, but it is just not all, who are here yet.

I was shown myself inside a spaceship, and was shown it turning around and rising up above the surface of the sea.

I was told and shown that what we found through Jan was the inner cycle of everything, which was you, and not Karen.

I was shown Herman von Rompoy – the president of the European Council – and I was shown green soldiers leaving an invisible plane, which is because you are still continuing your work for the old world order, Rompoy (?), and yes how stupid can they get?

I was shown the bull about to having its horns cut over, and I decided not to do this because it says itself that this is wrong to do.

I was shown that I am willing to cut the big lawn in front of Hellebo Park if I receive just 1 DKK to do it and that is because I need to make money in order to bring my motorcycle to the edge of a small stream where I see ducks swimming.

It is through Susan Boyle’s heart symbolically – meaning the reaction of people to hearing her the first time, which is about the positive and true reaction of some people to me when meeting me – that we get access to the golden coffin as it is now.

I was shown myself standing on the top springboard at a swimming hall – very high up symbolising sufferings – which is what is making a HUGE eagle of the Source landing including unknown content of it.

I was told that we have seen Karen, you, me, and I was shown Stevns Cliff becoming teeth, and this is about parts of the Source becoming life for the first time starting all over from beginning.

I was shown insect legs from all of these parts of the Source all pointing at the same white plate in the middle; the plate of the Source.

I was shown Karen as a rabbit on a dance floor dressing Fred Astaire and Chaplin, i.e. being the Source bringing life to everything, and you don’t mind that we keep this inside Karen, do you (?), and no, I do not because when I am everything, it does not matter where everything is located.

I was given the first look down the hole of the Source with a big insect coming up, which is how they look like as darkness before being light seen from the other side.

So it is when Karen/the Source is given sexuality that it makes life, so this is what we bring deeper and deeper to the Source, which is the recipe of life.

I was told that life in its widest meaning has been tried to be created inside of here in an incredible variation.

We have also been close to giving up in this creation going through the worst snow storm of sufferings before finding new stairs bringing us higher up, and it is from up there, that rope ladders are rolling down to help us.

So eeehhh, Karen is the Source, but you are everything, which means that we are merging you like we are merging Boy George and David Bowie, which is also a surprise/a secret, and yes about Boy George also being “an actor”, and no, I don’t want to hurt you, my friend, and yes I loved your music in Culture Club too, and remember how “fresh” and exciting this music was when it came out in the beginning of the 1980’s, and about how my sister refused to believe that you were a man in the beginning :-).

I was shown how a man inside a dark house started to light, which is about the force of the Source shining in through the house, which is about how we found a form of life making the Source survive.

I was shown myself wearing a red mail jacket, and when I am in here, it means that we bring in pyramids (worlds) of life made of pure diamond, and I was told that when we now bring in sexuality, the feedback is that it feels right for the Source.

When Karen decided to keep her secret about having been a prostitute a secret, it is a cover of keeping the Source a secret.

I was shown a British gentleman wearing a fine suit, which is because of my writings on good behaviour, and I was shown that this is opening to a wine greenhouse including a cornucopia, and then I see that this is the wine greenhouse of Brede Park, and also how a forest is opened/created around it.

I was shown a very narrow channel between two rows of old buildings, which is about two old worlds, and in between I was shown HUGE chains of incredible strength binding these together, and this is what the Source is, a “room of force” or an engine.

I was shown the Harold character of the SAGA band at the same time as my TV was given some distortion, and I was told that Michael Sadler is still darkness to me.

I felt that the deeper we go inside the Source, the greater the variation/details of everything become, but still it becomes easier to understand.

I was told that people of other civilizations are the best prepared for our New World – having a higher energy vibration – which is about the Universe working the same way as the Source, which is that there is the highest frequencies on the outside.

I was shown how the world was an oil platform created as darkness on the very little top of an endless tooth of the Source underneath it, which is now being created.

I was shown myself sitting at the finest leather chair at a hair saloon with Karen standing next to me as a rabbit, and I was told that we have just learned that the Source has been with us all of the time, and eehhhh I reconnected with the Source in 2010 while it was inside of Karen all the time (?), and yes I wonder how this is really like.

I was shown the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark and shown soldiers in white snow fighting uniforms, and told that without her, we would not have come through, and also that the inner part of her has been transferred to her daughter, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, who is now the centre of all royalty guarding the inner of me.

I was shown only one store open at a shopping centre with an incredible amount of people entering it, and told that the most amazing is that we only have this one store open, which is the opening of Karen to me.

I felt completely and utterly destroyed in the bath receiving all of this information, which simply went on and on and on, and I was completely down, but this is how it was – and yes, I have been shown different previous players from the Danish national team in football apparently knowing about me including Jan Mølby and Martin Lauersen.

I was shown and told that this part of the Source would make the entrance through the sky easier for the world if we had lost the piano down on the world.

I was shown myself inside the yard of the headquarter of DSB in Copenhagen where a lot of people comes out from darkness, which is right until I decide to stop my journey, is this it?

Is the reason why you are now given extreme stress/pressure again that Karen has now decided that she does not want to live with you?

After my bath, I had absolutely no energy/desire/will power to start writing the script of today, but when I still decided to start doing it, I was told that this is not about tigthening the nose of the rhino is it (?), and the feeling is that this is also to include these new parts from the Source to become me.

I have been told over time that this and this and this part of my email is on Karen’s mind, and now I was told about my offer to help her decifer her dreams, which she cannot remember, and that it was good that I did this all of it helping her to believe.

I have “sucked up” everything now receiving the plate of the Source from which all life originates

At 17.55 on Danish TV, Emmelie de Forest was celebrated in Tivoli for her winning of the Eurovision Song Contest, and her flute-player said something like “I always do a Donald Duck pulling out the flute from the sleeve”, and you may understand that the Donald Duck part was given to him with inspiration.

I was told that we had no idea that it would be possible to continue the rag rug in here, which is why we continue the game, and I was asked “will you please publish?” (the last two days of scripts), and no, I cannot, I also have not written summaries, and yes I was feeling the absolutely worst today.

This work is still done with a weak heart, and I received much pressure and feelings of impatience, and I had to say that we have good time – as usual, and I was told that it is because we are coming closer to the star that we become nervous if we have time to make it all.

I was shown a big passenger ship been lifted up from a flake, and I was told that we have just seen that we are created on flake after flake from the white plate of the Source.

I watched the final in Ice hockey between Switzerland and Sweden, and I was told “is Switzerland darkness, is this what we are saying now” (?), and yes it made sense that I was “cheated” a couple of weeks ago with Switzerland showing frightening strength at this world cup winning all of their games symbolising the strength of darkness that I have gone through, and the question was really if Sweden as the Source would be able to show where the closet has to stand, and yes after a poor start coming behind 0 to 1, Sweden scored twice and came in front by 2 to 1, and Carsten Werge on Danish TV3 said about the Sedin-brothers of Sweden that “it might be that they are twins these two, but they play as if they are quadruplets”, and you may understand that this is about the four-divided part of me, and yes don’t you think that Sweden has become effective when playing in Power Play now?

After dinner at 19.35 I tried to see if I was strong enough – please understand that I have been completely broken down – to do summaries of the last two days of scripts and also to publish them – without the use of a mouse because you know the library is closed today and tomorrow because of holidays.

And by 20.30 I had succeeded doing this, however my upload is not complete because I cannot really work without a mouse on my WordPress blog, so until the day after tomorrow when I will return to the library, it is only a draft I have uploaded, but I decided that this will have to be good enough to spread the news of all of these worlds inside of here to consolidate the saviour of these too.

When I had done this, I was told that this is also to ease the pressure on my mother of our New World to receive this life.

I have NEVER had as much water running out my eyes as I had today, and physically I was also completely “rotten” inside and yes almost as a vegetable you know.

I do this work also to avoid these worlds first exploding before they later would reappear from out of nothing at our New World.

For days I have been given feelings about Mogens Glistrup, which is about “no taxes” as he was famous for meaning “no terminations”.

I continued following the ice hockey match, and in the third period, Sweden really released the hand brake scoring first to 3 to 1, and I was given the feeling that it was because I had published my script, and this is a symbol of opening of the Source (of Sweden).

I was given a sound to the balcony, which was now followed up by the vision of shelves moving from the balcony via the wall of my apartment to me at the living room, and this was to bring me the plate of the Source, and I was told that this is everything; where everything started.

One of the Sedin brothers received the hardest and most scary tackle, which made me fear of his life (!), and I understood that this is because of how I feel today receiving a tackle by Karen. But despite of this man being out of the action, Sweden still played their best – symbolising that this is what I was and did when continuing to work despite of feeling my absolutely worst – and in the end, they won in superior style by 5 to 1, and yes bringing darkness of Switzerland their first defeat at all. This is how to win the Source, and turn it around as we have almost completed.

FB 190513 AftonbladetSweden won the World Championships in ice hockey defeating “invincible darkness” of Switzerland as I was defeating “invincible darkness” of Karen to bring the Source to me

I was told something about people believing that we will have to go to Jerusalem again, but no, this place turned into darkness.

These “millions of times” where I have turned down sexual offers of darkness and earlier also temptations to smoke, after I stopped in 2009, it has ALWAYS been with the feeling that nothing would feel better, but despite of this, it has been about saying NO every single time knowing what is right to do instead of giving in to the strongest temptations/desires.

I received a new sound to the balcony and was told that it now looks empty, and again I was told about the Source creating everything, and it was our goal to return to the Source, and I was told and felt that you have sucked up everything including the Source, and I am here thinking of an old favourite TV commercial of mine, where a man witnesses a theft, and cannot say anything because of throat pain, but then he takes a blue Vicks making him “suck up” everything and he can now clearly shout out “stop the thief”, which is what he then was, and yes this commercial is not on the Internet, but a 10-15 year old Danish commercial.

I was told that the Source inside of me would help us to survive after the summer of 2010, and yes I remember how this was tested, which again is to say that we had lost contact to the Source before 2010, but it returned, and it returned to Karen, who led a sinful life (?), and yes I don’t fully understand but simply write as the stories come to me.

I was given feelings of being at a place 7 years ago feeling that I have just been there and another last year, and I was told that we can do everything at the same time with the Source or arrange ourselves according to time, and this is what you decided to chose, and yes to continue time even though there is no time, and only because of practical reasons of course.

I was shown a road in Roskilde and received “ros fra kilden” (“praise from the Source”), and what is the Source (?), and I see a man coming out of it, and this is the man, whom we have associated with it, which is you.

I was told about Karen being curious on where I lived in Lyngby – when she was working close by – and I was shown her looking at my old apartment from down at the vet in front of it, and I was told that this is where I was hidden, inside of Karen, who kept me a secret as she kept her past as a prostitute a secret, and it was my task to reveal this to the world.

We now have a very cheap telephone for sale, which is the remains of you, whom we used for this mission.

So it is us from the outside asking the Source to play a game of darkness and us now returning, so how can se decide ourselves what to come out of the Source when we are coming out of it ourselves (?), and I did not receive any other answer than the feeling of us being the opposite of nothing because we want to be.

I was told about Nønne being a “point of connection”, but when she disappeared from me (in 2011, I believe), we had to be creative bringing this task to someone else, and this is what I understand that my spiritual friends have done in other situations too because reality turned out different to what was hoped/expected, which Søren D-N not least is an example of.

Ending the day with this short story:

  • 3,000 young people were on a “beer baton” – this is about a “dépêche” you know – from (darkness of) Snekkersten walking 3-4 kilometres to Kronborg, Helsingør, when suddenly a young man got the idea to get on top of the roof of an electrical train, and when being up there, the power “jumped” giving him serious electrical shocks, and when another young man tried to save the first man by getting up on the roof, the power jumped again also almost killing him, and yes this is the story of how to bring out the plate of the Source from darkness of Karen was “the worst” task almost killing me, which is what you saw these days including “impossible work” to carry out, but we did it.

HD 190513


20th May: Karen and I were made on both sides of the Source working as a collusion now becoming one

Dreaming of David Lee Roth playing to save FC Brøndby, sharing Champagne of the Source with everyone

I went to bed at midnight sleeping better until 09.00 this morning with these dreams.

  • David Lee Roth is playing right wing on a football team.
    • This is about FC Brøndby’s destiny match today about relegating or surviving, and that is because he sings “Jump” as the singer of Van Halen, which is the song, FC Brøndby has used for years when the FC Brøndby players run onto the field, so let us hope that they will survive, and yes I do believe there should be a very good chance of them doing so symbolising the rescue of all life inside of darkness.

  • My mother has a vintage bottle of Champagne from 1961, and I tell her that this type of bottle is what they do tastings of.
    • This will have to be the most precious content of the Source, which is the Source self, which is what we will share with everyone as tastings, and yes this is why I love Champagne, and I receive the feeling of Churchill here, who was a man loving Champagne.
  • I am at work at an insurance company, and I have saved two pieces of paper in a file for me to remember following up on this later, and Jens-Ove (my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension) comes by seeing this paper, which is just what he needed, and he is about to take it, but instead of fearing him, I ask him to take a copy of it so I don’t need to print it out again, which he then does. He signs a Champagne tasting, which I have arranged for all employees of the company to go to at Evy’s wine merchant (my old HR-manager from Aon now working with fine wine at the Otto Suenson wine merchant in Copenhagen), and here she works both for our insurance company as well as at this merchant, and when I tell her of this plan, she also signs the paper on behalf of the wine merchant, and I see all of us walking towards the merchant, which in the dream is close to Østerport Station in Copenhagen, and I believe it is a beautiful location, one our of four, but Evy says that she has received the project to sell this on behalf of the merchant.
    • The insurance company is our New World, do not fear “managers” and do not let people take advantage of you, which this is about, and the Champagne tasting approved both by the New World and the Source is to spread the Source to all life; and yes my dear reader, you will also receive the force of the Source to create life, which is the basic idea of spreading life everywhere you know.
  • I woke up to “Jeg i live” (“I’m alive”) by Sanne Salomonsen, and here by Burhan G., and yes this is what I still am as my old self all the way to the plate of the Source.

Karen and I were made on both sides of the Source working as a collusion now becoming one

This morning I felt approx. 1,000 times better than yesterday again, and now it seems as if there is not the same EXTREME work load as yesterday.

It is not a bombed bog in here after all.

It was not quite the finish we wanted, the grand finale, and yes Karen decided to run away again like a scared …, and yes we know, she will be back.

It can be dangerous sailing out there, but not when you get into harbour, and is that what we are all doing now?

So was it Karen letting all her anger out coming to you (?), and yes who wants to know (?); the world does, Karen!

And this was to avoid an Earth quake, yes the last 1½ days in hell.

So it has nothing to do with you having the keys for the house.

No, it is not because she wants to cheat you, but she has access to him there too you know so what is easier to do when you are in doubt? So you have it on paper that she likes him but she still “cannot”?

So it is a question of lack of trust? I was shown a car using the clutch far too much, which is about giving too much gas, which is then what Karen did against me.

Is this about Karen’s surroundings/”advisors” saying that I am giving mad, which once again is pulling her away from me, but of course it is.

So this is about dismissing as an alcoholic sitting in the dark corner as I am shown while she continues looking the other way.

I was shown myself in front of the Commune of Hørsholm Commune – on cash help – and was told that this has nothing to do with Karen’s decision on me.

I continued receiving more strong pain to the outer joint of my left little finger, which is about continuous pain of Karen having to “accept” being revealed by me on the Internet.

No, we are not rotten tomatoes, and I was given the vision of Andy Warhol and his painting of tomato soup, which is symbolising exactly this; “THE MAGIC POTION” when we become our new selves.

Warhol tomato soupAndy Warhol’s tomato soup’s symbolising “the magic potion” of the great awakening to our New World

I received the feeling of John, who is going to be operated in June, and we could not do this without John being afraid of this being the end coming, and no he does not tell mother that he is concerned, but my mother knows through me that he is, thus also making her concerned, and yes as part of the game you know.

So when people have stood ready photographing you too, it has been to use the force of the Source the way we decided, which is compatible with the existence of life, i.e. the survival of the Source.

For a couple of days I have had some pain to the area in my jaw below my no. 3 and 4 corner teeth in my lower left side, which is about life of the Source being created.

I was given the feeling of the Prime Minister of Sweden now knowing about my script of yesterday including the story of Sweden winning 5 to 1 over Switzerland, and yes I did see you Frederik in the picture, and yes Frederik it is ALWAYS a good idea to empty the disc cleaner not having your mother doing it for you (!), and I am just thinking of this result, 5 to 1 and not 6 to 0, which would have been “right” (!), and is there darkness, which has not been revealed to me because of this result (?), which will first be brought out on the other side of our New World (?), and yes we will see.

I was told that we could not have done this – bringing the plate of Source to me – if Karen had not decided for you to receive it.

And we don’t have to attach the Source to you because the best part of it is that it is “nothing”.

We have approached the Source from the backside of it.

So it was only with the creation of “minus” and “plus” that we were able to transform “nothing” into “everything”. Do you want to believe that “nothing” is the Source fighting me not wanting to become everything (?), and yes, Stig, there you have it, which is why you had to go through “impossible pain” to change everything to “plus”. And this is what is making people “simple minded” not being able to think properly and remember, and to want to relax, do nothing, behave wrongly and commit sins, and first with the transformation of all of this to “plus”, you will get a perfect world without all of the minuses, which is what we are looking straight into at our future New World.

So when Karen did not want you, it was nothing, which did not want to become everything, and yes you do understand how Karen’s feelings now “betray” her when nothing has now become everything, and I am here told “City 2” which is a shopping centre and about two of us being “life” as it symbolises.

During the afternoon, I felt how tired that I still am (as part of me), and I continue receiving darkness wanting to make me become negative, so we have not reached the very end yet, but “close”.

Now, I kept on being told that it was not true that God would save the world no matter what happened – no, I will NOT start stories like this going against what I have been told before, this will have to come after the opening of our New World – and yes what if we only were able to make a little of everything ever created survive and now everything survived ….?

I was having coffee at the balcony – very rare that I have the time for this – and I received spiritually a dépêche in my hand and was told “good luck, it is now your turn taking over”, and yes I have come HOME :-).

It is now 00.30 and I was surprised to receive much darkness during the evening and “fear” that his may mean that I would not be able to sleep, so instead I have decided to write down the notes of the evening even though I have absolutely NO desire to do so.

I was thinking of the life in life principle and was told about what I have been told before, which is to bring speech to the Source, and yes I am everything of the merged Source and New World meaning that I am the voice of the Source being everything.

I was given the feeling of Louis Armstrong from my balcony together with his “what a wonderful world”, and yes I know no song better to describe our New World.

I was told about my mother having cataract reducing her sight, which is also part of her sufferings and the game.

Did we mention that turning around the Source was the hardest part of all.

I felt Martin Gore from Depeche Mode and was told with his voice that you have not been saved by the ANGEL many times have you (?), which is about having been saved by the Source, and yes I have almost not listened to the new album by this favourite band of mine, but it will come.

I was shown the inside of a recording head of a reel to reel tape recorder (symbolising the Source), and I was told that there was not at all cleaned in there, but still there is perfectly clean (and as you can see from the following, apparently this was not all true).

I received the feeling of Peter T. from my old class and was told that he helped turning around the Source after having been transformed himself.

I was shown myself standing on the edge of a big hole about to jump on my head down into the light of this, which is the Source, and I was told that we have been inside to check if everything is alright to receive us, and it is.

I felt my mother, and was told that my own inner self was inside of the Source of Karen – via the shared heart with my sister – and I was told by my inner self that I have done my best work on creation via my mother as the creator.

I was given the thought that my inner self at the inner world was so close to the Source that if everything ended, everything would still survive/resurrect (?), we will see.

I felt Michael Sadler from SAGA as part of this darkness too.

I was told about Lotus’ son Daniel – now a teenager – that it was also important for me to influence him (2006-09).

I was shown a long line of Kings arriving, and yes you are welcome, and this is entrance to the Source.

So how can it be that the Source was inside of Karen when I have felt myself so often as the Source – with the view point of the Source saying “you are welcome” overcoming my own sufferings – and yes you felt yourself as Karen.

I was shown myself standing at the corner of an apartment being tempted to look into the apartment self, which is to look in at the Source, which is what me mean, but first we have to get everything in, and we will continue as long as Karen is opened to you.

So the worst work was to bring in the plate of the Source, which was almost killing me, and I was told that this is what the train accident at Helsingør Station symbolised.

I was given a sound from the balcony and the feeling that it is now empty, and I asked my spiritual friends to look one more time, which can never hurt, but of course for you to decide because you know what is right to do when.

Later I was shown Karen self coming out via a small crack.

I have been thinking that I will continue working for as long as it is required even though it should take the rest of the year, but no, it really does look as if I have reached the end because surely there cannot be much remaining now?

The strength of darkness increased again this evening, and I was now given much pressure being on my edge of giving up again, and it included many small heart attacks making me somewhat nervous if I could take it.

I decided to believe that the old story of my sister being my opposite self bringing me my inner self (some months ago) has to be right, which means that I don’t know what I received from Anton because surely this cannot have been my own inner self then, and what did I really received from Jan (?), and yes I don’t understand this myself and it may have been darkness giving a wrong story, so this is what I believe myself today, and yes for Karen to have had the Source inside of her too.

This was something, which darkness used as a game for some time this evening trying to make me believe that my lack of understanding would take away what I was brought from Anton thus making the pressure of darkness much worse, but no, I don’t believe in this because I simply write down what I am told not knowing what is the truth and deception, and even though I understand the overall picture, there are still details I would like to understand better, and yes also contradictions of my scripts, but this is how it is to both receive truths and deceptions.

Later in the evening, I understood that the reason why I received feelings of Anton in connection with darkness was because he has now decided WRONGLY to leave me as a Facebook friend (!!!), see the short stories.

I felt myself as the Michelin man, i.e. Buddha of the Source, and was told that I am not the last to be received, and yes what is inside of me (?), and I was told that it is closely related to my mother.

I still receive some burning marks to my skin and also pain to some of my inside bone, but not very much, and yes disgusting feelings they are.

I was shown a “Mercedes 1897”, as I was told, which in my mind was “the first car ever” meaning the first life ever of the Source, and it is still an endless New World entering the Source, and yes you are all welcome.

This doesn’t mean that you were in collusion with Karen, does it (?), and I was shown a tiny tin and told that this is all we have to get out from her, and this is what I have continued filling the world into (unless it is now with me, or some of it and some has not been transferred yet).

Isn’t this what we say that you and Karen have been made on both sides of the Source, and my task was to bring in the world into the Source inside of her, and it made sense being the opposite of Karen also thinking that what I “could not” when it comes to sexual behaviour, Karen “could” and yes the more I dreamt of being with a lady, the more she dreamt of being with a man, and I never realised my dreams, but she did and lived a life in sin.

So she was minus and I was plus, and this is how Karen could kill me and all of us when leaving me in 2004. And the Source could only be reopened via her (secret) love to me.

I continue receiving strong darkness, and now also the taste of blood, which surprised me, and what is now so strong darkness coming to me?

I was told about what Benjamin Crème writes about me, which is that I have been MANY times on TV, which is WRONG and impossible for him to go back on, and this is what it is to Karen in relation to what she has told her family, friends etc. about me, so this is what is making her a chicken to me; her own wrong behaviour misunderstanding (for example that I was evil when speaking the truth of her, and she was not evil for speaking her misunderstandings of me?) and speaking wrongly/negatively about me behind my back.

Is there a newspaper also inside of here, which we did not see first (?), and yes this is pollution of the Source self because of our outside decision to be darkness too, which was the risk, and we will now remove this too, and yes cleaning the blood of our heart.

Isn’t it funny that Berlingske is part of the daily selection of newspapers for Obama and other world leaders (?), and the feeling was that this is a small newspaper for the “secret network” of “the official world”, which Berlingske produces about me, status etc., and this is about Berlingske being inside the Source of Karen at the wrong side, which decided to do what is right to help spreading the knowledge about me to the world, thus also helping to bring out the media from the worst darkness directly inside the Source (!), and yes, this is where darkness of the media is located because of its immense importance influencing the whole world with its stories, and yes it can create or break people and the world you know.

I was told that Berlingske is not the only, but the best known newspaper about me, and it includes stories of my family etc. so people know about the people I speak of, and why it was important to wait on my postponed arrival in order to save the world from sufferings.

I continued receiving many small heart attacks, so strong darkness of the media is coming to me, and I was told that porn is also inside darkness of the Source, and also wrong decisions of Obama (!), and yes not easy to be the President of USA and to decide to do right and not wrong, and wrong is often the way of the system there for example deciding on wrong military and climate agendas, which in itself was a risk to end the world, and I am here told that it was not my plan to make you hurt, which is about decisions of Obama also bringing darkness/sufferings to me.

I received pain to the outer joint of my little left finger again, and all of this darkness from inside the Source is also putting pressure on my heart – and John’s too.

So all of this went into Karen creating her resistance to me and my love, and can it become even worse to clean this than the sufferings I went through the last couple of days (?), and yes it can because this will lead to the fall of the Old World, and I was shown hills made of dark sand inside the Source, which contains this darkness, however they did not look very high, and yes, this is part of the eagle unwilling to land, and this was also expected to explode in order to reach it, but we decided to wait on you and that is because this is what the world did.

I continued working until 02.00 this night including a summary and “draft publish” making the world able to understand when reading me, and yes tomorrow at the library, I can get back working on pictures and do an edit of my script of the last three days making it look nice, which it does not in its draft, and yes this is how I decided to play my game, and let us see if this is enough to make me sleep.

Google Earth: The face of Albert Einstein symbolizing the fulfillment of SAGA’s prophecy of saving the world

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Australia as lonely, the face of Albert Einstein symbolizing the fulfillment of SAGA’s prophecy of saving the world, a well-known face, elderly beautiful women, another portrait, special energies, characteristic forehead looking angry, dumping darkness and souls coming up, Karen as an old hunter in fox-dress not to be trusted when staying away from me, and still more life of darkness wanting to join us.

FB 200513 Jette 2

I shared the picture below on my Facebook timeline and also the SAGA Facebook group for the band and their network to see, and yes to influence people to the maximum hoping that some of them may decide to understand – maybe in silence – rather than misunderstand me, and no, I did NOT like at all to bring it in the SAGA group with the risk of receiving negative comments of people and maybe even to be thrown out, and yes we will see if I will “survive” this one too.

Fb 200513 Jette 3

FB 200513 Jette 4

FB 200513 Jette 5

FB 200513 Jette 6

FB 200513 Jette 7

FB 200513 Jette 8

FB 200513 Jette 9

FB 200513 Jette 10

FB 200513 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • As the dream suggested this morning, we have been following and helping FC Brøndby to survive, and late this afternoon, Brøndby also SURVIVED when they won away against Horsens by 1 to 0 scoring in additional time, but it was a shocker to go through when Brøndby had a player sent off suffering a “brain haemorrhage” (!), but still they pulled it out, and this is the symbol of getting every little thing with you to our New World. Brøndby survived against all odds.

EB 200513 Brøndby

  • Late this evening, I better understood why I was given the feeling of Anton this evening followed by strong darkness, and yes it is Anton sending me this darkness, and why is this (?), and yes this man has now decided to UNFRIEND me (!!!), NOT to tell me about it, and NOT to return to me as promised (once again!), and no, he could not take the apple juice too making him “confused” and yes when you are told the truth so directly that it hurts making you think that “disrespectful and arrogant” is what I am, Anton (?), and now you have decided not to believe in me thus leaving me and all of my “crap” (?), and we know SUCH A SHAME it is because you speak much to your mother also about me (?), and yes just an input from right, which is from the same voice leading you the wrong way. And SILENCE/NO COMMUNICATION is the work of the Devil, and as I told you, Anton, you are THE WORST DARKNESS of all (!), and you “could not” take the hand I reached out for you, and instead you became a victim to your own laziness and sceptical mind, i.e. working as the Devil self, and what does a Devil do (?), and yes he runs scared away, but I have shared your story with the world, so I really don’t have anything to fear from you (?), and yes that is unless your mother wants to attack me to remove my “dirty” writings on you, is this how you think too? And do I have to tell you about how much sadness/disappointment this brings me too (?), and yes laziness and better-knowing ignorance is the name of the game of darkness, and Anton is the worst!

FB Anton

  • This is more about the accident yesterday almost killing two young men on the roof top of a train on Helsingør Station, but both men will survive according to this.

HD 200513



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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