May 24, 2013: Much terminated life would physically kill MANY to bring energy for my awakening; this has now been saved


Summary of the script today

23rd May: Much terminated life would physically kill MANY to bring energy for my awakening; this has now been saved

  • Dreaming of receiving a completely new store/world releasing all energy.
  • I am welcoming back life, turning around everything making us welcome in our own neighbourhood/house, which is about “bringing out all force of this gas storage of Nazi darkness”. I am breaking out of the State Prison alone even though this is impossible to do. We are bringing back all of the forest back now, dressing this as new life. All life, which invisible to me was brought inside of darkness of my left leg, would die as physical beings at my awakening in order to bring energy to wake me up, and when this life is now transferred to my right leg, it means that when I will awake, it will not cause the physical death of what could have been be a large part of life before faith would return this life, and this is because I am building up the power required via my sufferings. I would have met “nothing” when awakening and not “everything”, and I should have used a couple of days to tighten the New World solid to the Source, which also could cost life, when Satan would do what he could to extrude us because the picture of the New World would not correspond to the description of me inside of it. This was about a piece of Hell, which we thought that we had to go through, (apparently) to destruct everything and to bring you your “old nightmare, which we will now avoid, and instead all forces have now been put in to save everything and not to destroy everything (to bring energy).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show change film again, SPORT on Greenland (match between light and darkness), an eagle chick coming out of the egg and being made, birds day to day, G R E A T humor of Our Lord, the widest belt of light, a cute eagle (the final landing of the Source), “road hog”, lots of light-souls, and waves of “nothing” makes me dizzy.
  • Short stories of my rule of Helsingør from Kronborg, and the beheading of a soldier in London was about my meeting with the worst darkness to stop it from executing a (large) part of world population to wake me up, and this event to take in Britain because “rule Britannia is out of bounds”.

24th May: We only just escaped slaughtering when entering the same hole of the Source from where we were born

  • Dreaming of Preben being influenced against me, my old class friend Pernille helping me to the metal plate of the Source, love is free inside the Source, and I continue working hard until the dissolution of our old world.
  • We have entered through the same hole of the Source, which originally brought us life, which could have let to termination of life if certain “unlucky coincidences” were present, and eventually it was the strength of my books – “the design of life” – which made us survive this critical phase.
  • We only missed “the worst darkness” with the width of a hair, which would have led to slaughtering of life to bring energy for my awakening. Instead we received permission to enter and save every little thing at the same time because of my will power and sufferings bringing the energy required. A large part of the Universe including life would “vanish” and I would think that God had died until I – after a couple of days – would have discovered everything inside of me as my new self asking to bring out everything, which would then be done. My father and inner self at the Source is still inside my lower left leg as minus/negative energy, but are now on their way out too.
  • Tomorrow is the official opening of all of the new Culture Area Helsingør build around the old Shipyard and Kronborg Castle, and I was told that if you first arrived at this stage, this symbolises “perfect creation” with everything now opening.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the little happy lion, someone trying to keep her mask, more faeces of darkness, an eye on each finger – you have to behave, a man with polished nails, life coming up everywhere with a little help from my friends, ugly scenes on Greenland, every little things gets polished, darkness cannot behave wanting to cut off one branch or two, the hand back of darkness of my mother but also a flower.
  • Short stories of all terminations now resurrected and Svend Auken would have become 70 today.


23rd May: Much terminated life would physically kill MANY to bring energy for my awakening; this has now been saved

Dreaming of receiving a completely new store/world releasing all energy

I went to bed at 01.00 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams, and no, it is NOT easy at all to read my notes written down during night, and NOT at all making it impossible to read/include everything.

  • I am at a new store about to write on a piece of black carbon paper, which is “impossible”, but then I see that the paper includes a white field on top, which I write on including “new concept”, “radio/tv”, “cool/frost”, which is for my new house, which only cost a fraction of what it used to cost. No one understands Lars G., he looks at a TV and something is “not good”, and “have you seen the D.J” – “no “I have not”.
    • This is about the store of my new house, i.e. New World, which now becomes completely new and much cheaper than ever – receiving all of the force of the Source – and TV is a symbol of “world” and D.J. is about music, i.e. love, which is not coming out yet.
    • I woke up to Peter Belli’s “bliv væk fra vort kvarter” (”stay away from our neighborhood”), and was told half awake before falling asleep again: “U.S. minder signs for all of the neighborhood”, so this is about darkness wanting us to stay away, but still we open up to this vast resource and I was told that I will receive a much better budget from the beginning of …., which will buy us rice for plenty of years to come. And I was told that this will release all energy, which Bo (from Dahlberg) stole from me (working my b… off because of him, who did “nothing”) and everyone else too. “Can I see your credit card” (?) – “no, it is blocked”, which is about not having any energy as my old self, but let me here say that even though I am tired at the moment, the last week or so has been nothing to what it was before I started feeling the other and stronger side of me, where I was COMPLETELY down, so tired yes, “most difficult work”, yes, but nothing compared to what it was. This is the opening of six department stores, which disappeared, that we are celebrating. This is what Manuella/Jan was connected to and what they gave me.

Much terminated life would physically kill MANY to bring energy for my awakening; this has now been saved

Have you not yet been for an interview (?), and I felt this coming from the part of me at the balcony and really as an invisible part of me, and there is now a chance to resurrect this.

The drawer does not say “forgotten” but “discharged”, and this is about welcoming this life back, and this has nothing to do with China and also Jens-Ove’s (my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension) wrong treatment of me (?), and yes it has.

We are now on “Hold an road”, and there are many more roads on the way to you, and we can only encourage you to endure, and yes it was also NOT easy to go to the library today still feeling tired/dizzy to continue writing one more day – the feeling of writing as much as I do every single day is “disgusting” to say the least and today feeling even worse than normal – so this is about even more force of my father coming to me if I continue working, and yes I will do my best.

Can you turn everything around making us welcome in our own neighbourhood/house (?), but of course you can (!), and this is not because of faith of John, but more his inner feeling about me “is Stig right”, and now I feel this part of me the same way as I felt the lump of life of everything connected to my right ankle for years together with a high-frequent feeling and fear of this exploding.

I received the first line of these lyrics of C. V. Jørgensen’s brilliant song of Costa del Sol, which is to say that we are bringing out all force of this gas storage of Nazi darkness, which this place is about.

”En sidste kommentar herfra sku’ lige være den, at der führer var en visionær af klasse, Der såfremt han var til stede den dag i dag, Ville la’ fattigrøve & skvadderhoveder gasse”.

(”One last comment from here should be that if der führer was a visionary of class, who – if he was present today – would gas poor people and idiots”).

Can you break out of the State Prison all alone? No, this is impossible but it is “good enough”, I can show all connections, which is about the road you walked out of opening the doors, and this is just another door opening, and it is based upon the love of my mother.

I have not yet made a hole to this prayer blanket, it requires a small hole from what corresponds to your mother.

This is not a branch, we have done down to the small things department – I feel Mærsk McKinney-Møller here, which is because of the ship of Kronborg, see the short stories, as he tells me – and I felt that this is “before the tree”.

We don’t know how to open to any more gifts, which is not true when we now have my father on the ship too.

I received “this charming man” by the Smiths and the lyrics “I would go out tonight, But I haven’t got a stitch to wear”, which is not true anymore – apparently much is coming out of darkness now – as I am told and here it is symbolically about our new life, but it is indeed true in my life in relation to Karen, because I am wearing the same trousers every day, which has now started receiving a hole on the behind, and I have one other pair I can fit, which are the new trousers of my mother, which however are not very nice to wear, so I am trying to come through both having clothes on my body – which my mother normally brings me – and also continue sending money to LTO, and yes June, I will send less because I receive 1-2 extra invoices, and now I also need to buy a cheap pair of trousers, so I would really go out tonight, Karen, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear, and yes a 100 point song, and I wonder if the title of the song is what Karen thinks of me (too), and yes, there should be NO negative thinking of me confusing you, Karen, and that is none at all.

It is the price of three Great Belt bridges at once, which we are bringing over with us, which is both about “incredible force” and simply the bridge leading us from minus to plus.

I felt an youngster, and no, we are not a dinosaur

I was given the feeling of the hotel I stayed at in Nairobi in 2009, and was told about the email I sent them last year that it was worthwhile doing; they are still awaiting you.

Did Kirsten also speak to Bjarne – the husband of one of her sister’s – about you (?), and yes making all of their family “disgust” you without having to read you in order to understand you (?), and yes, you bet, this is the force coming against you as it also required to release your own father mistreating you wrongly.

So we are getting all of the forest back now, and to dress on all of this also requires your mother, and yes, Stig, you would wish that your mother simply decided to NOT being negative and to read and understand you, but you have come to terms with the fact that it is completely impossible for you to make your mother understand anything else than what she wrongly believes is the truth about me, and yes wasting my time writing these scripts of mine, and yes this is going in a cycle from your mother via Karen to your father and yes something like this because this is not spoken to me clearly, but this is how it is when I am the filter in between these people also including my sister having to make everything work, and to do it with or without the faith they may have in me. So this is about expanding the window of your mother to receive all of this part of me, i.e. my father, and do you believe she will accept you again tomorrow evening, and yes she will, and this is even though you told her on the phone yesterday that as much happiness she spreads when being positive, as much the opposite she spreads when she is negative and she should stop being negative even when she feels badly, and yes she cannot control her feelings just letting it out, and when she said that this is impossible when she feels like this, yes we smiled and said through you “I will then wear my earmuffs”, and yes I can tell my mother these things, which NO ONE can tell her including John and Sanna, and if this has an impact on my mother (?), and yes when my son tells me this, this is right, and isn’t it funny that she knows – and yes I know too, so she will try to improve making our dinner tomorrow better than the last.

And it is these incredible deep and negative feelings of my mother, which she receives from my father, which could make me negative, but no not on my own mother, which is regardless of her behavior and that is because it is WRONG to be negative and in my case wishing the worst instead of the best for her, so this is what I still bring her, and yes “all of my best” you know.

I received a strong taste/smell of beer, which is simply the natural force being let out, which we turn into wine of everything.

Now your mother better understand that your shirt did not cover all.

Look out, Stig, we are bringing the train back over the railway crossing.

There are many believing that they will go to Copenhagen to meet me not realizing that Helsingør is 45 kilometres north of Copenhagen, and yes this is where I live and will receive you.

Is this about (my father’s wife) Kirsten receiving a spanking for poor behavior, and yes this is what we are releasing now. She does not know yet that you are the leader of the scout squad.

I received the taste of basil pesto, which I love – symbolizing love/joy to me – and I received the feeling of life to the outermost of me, and I was told that there is/was not greater honor than to switch on our New World, but no, my friends, if we can do without an explosion/termination of life, this is what we will do, and that is because I do NOT want any of you to die even though it is only for a while.

Surely, he does not receive carte blanche to me (?), and I heard a female voice saying.

“Poor conscience” of Karen is not her right feeling is it – meaning that it is. And how many do you believe feel the same that we are NOT proud of what we have done, and here I am given a symbol in relation to Georgie.

Are you going to get the waffle out of me too (?), and yes the one carrying the ice cream.

It is now “tomorrow” morning again at the library and I have 8 hand written pages of today and 3 of tomorrow to write down, and I was given these notes this evening where I was really too tired to write down – as I am every evening – but still I did it again, so here I am again again starting yet a new day the same as yesterday, feeling tired, warm and NOT very fit knowing that it will take maybe two hours before I am over the hurdle having to decide yet again NOT to give up now, and also knowing that at the end of the afternoon, I will be “dead meat” again not being able to sleep but I have to hold out all evening when visiting my mother and John, and so it is again and I wonder when the clock will say 6-0 so we can continue to a new day and New World.

He (I) is, as far as it is known leader of the great white brotherhood. This is the message, which has now been given to Georgie, Fanny and others on this channel, but when these people are still silent, this is what brings me sufferings too.

And this is what now helps to create the all big picture of you.

So we don’t even need to run down (a level) to the motorway of all life to receive faith to bring all of us, no we will get it directly from ourselves via this opening.

You haven’t played sublime (?) – with the opposite as usual being the meaning – and here it is about my comments to my mother not to be negative giving room for this opening.

We are about to turn around everything waiting for you in here because I would meet “nothing” when awakening and not “everything” and how can that be true because I was almost home, wasn’t I?

Well, it would come after a couple of nights sleep but the first days as my new self would not be anything special without this tax office, which we have now found, which they spread out all over Earth with the speed of light, and this is what the Google Earth picture of Fanny is about.

Reality is that none of us were ready to our final journey, and I was given the feeling of Anton, who is also growing up (meaning: “understanding”), Anton (?), who was the man leading us in here.

I received the beautiful song “Senza Una Donna” by Zucchero and Paul Young and the lyrics “I changed the world”, which came to me over again.

We believed we had planned everything, but not this expansion already now.

At the end of the afternoon at the library, around 18.00, I tried to read the newspaper but I was so tired that I could not keep my eyes open wondering how in the world I should be able to come home, but as usual, this tired crisis did not take that long because the worst was over and I could go home, but no, this is NOT “funny” at all.

This is such an unusual event that we did not know how to return, and now you have decided to prick a hole into us, which required the force of all to do this.

Would we not make you believe that we were going to cut down all forests?

So now all forces have been put in to save everything and not to destroy everything!

A feeling today and many times before, which I don’t believe I have written down. If I was to ask for knowledge – what about this and that (?) – this would take out precious energy.

I was told about this force of life that it was spit out before, and I was given a mark to the backside of my left right leg and was told that we are now not at the left leg (meaning termination) but right, and yes isn’t it funny that right used to mean termination and left the opposite, which will have to be before turning around.

I received marks/a little pain to my left testicle and was told that everything still goes through this.

Darkness still tries to make me give up for example wanting me to say “I don’t care about you” etc., and I can only shake my head and give a charitable smile because I will NOT give in to this.

So we had put all of this over to your left leg – i.e. terminated life (which was only because of a good sake to help us through) – which is now back at your right leg, and you would have awakened to a shock; “is it only I who have changed”?

This was only to make you able to do homework from the other side, to tie us up solid.

This is what the savior of FC Brøndby is about; to save everything, which really could not be done ….

I felt life returning to me saying – no he will not stop the fight, he has decided also to go through this, he is completely mad.

I don’t wear beard or blue glasses, I have been allowed to show myself again – i.e. to return from minus to plus.

I was so tired this evening and the messages to write down just continued coming, and I did not have the strength to continue doing this making me close to give up again, but still I also managed to do this.

So this was about a piece of Hell, which we thought that we had to go through, (apparently) to destruct everything and to bring you your “old nightmare”, which it now looks that we can avoid doing, and I saw and heard one of my actors tell another “what do you think” (?) together with the feeling that this is piece of cake to do.

I received the feeling of my mother and was told, talk to me, are you still alive (?), which is what I would ask when awakening and believing that I would be alone without a New World.

From time to time I am told about Libya, and here it came that the new rulers have discovered me too, but they are as corrupt as the old deciding to keep silent about me.

So this is not the film, which we are now rolling back, is it (?), which we have practiced on for centuries to do as simple/painless as possible for you and all people of the world, who would feel everything shaking, which is how you would awake, this is the power it required, and I now understand that I am building up the same power via my sufferings.

I heard a double sound of darkness to my oven and was told that I am not really quite done here, which was about the release of all remaining energy of the Source – which would execute many people – once and for all to start up my new self.

Does this mean that the stored energy of mine will have to get out the same way (?), and I was told “yes, I am afraid that it has to”, but it was said by a child not giving me a trustworthy impression.

Your mother cannot continue to play false. She has not been set off, which was part of the setup to start me up, but now we have new plans because no one could imagine that you could continue working and we could continue keeping you alive via inventions of life, which we saved on our way up, and also faith of people in you.

I was told that a computer phantom drawing should correspond your description before you would take us in to the real Source inside of you, which we had some nervousness about because had we committed errors (?), and would it be necessary to cut some of us off?

We have not at all seen what Satan would be able to do when extruding us, which you can “thank” all of your family, friends etc. for, who did not believe in you, because they are the Source too, and this is the story about how to bring a normal man to Earth to turn around the Source, which was “impossible” to do (having people believing in whom I was going to become).

I was given a new sound to my mother, it was not a double click/sound this time and I was told that with my mother back, there is now only one sound here again.

This evening – as so often before, but maybe not written that clearly before – I received the feeling and words put in my mouth that “you should have told me this, it is not acceptable that you have not” etc., and again, this is one of the statements of darkness that I have to reject over again.

I was told about the rose of my mother at Google Earth; it was not blended with sugar (an old symbol of “not good”), was it (?), and I was told that this was to make the world believe that everything is alright, but you don’t just land the biggest part of the eagle without …., and I felt and was told that this would also cut over my testicle.

So we would just have been into the post office, i.e. receiving access to our New World, before you would ask us to cut over the last, which we could not bring (because it was not light?), is this how the true story is, Stig (?), which is what we expected, yes here you have the case in a nutshell.

And I was thinking that I have absolutely no idea what is right or wrong here; this might be right – that we need much energy to start me up bringing much execution of physical life as the result, and that I as my new self inside the Source would not approve all of the New World when tying it up solid to the Source – and I thought that this might also be a message of the last darkness that I am going through to bring me nervousness and fear speaking of what it would like to do but could not because of the sheer strength of our New World, and yes, I have no idea, and I was also thinking of the old information that we are going through an act since October 31, 2012 and since the completion of the 360 degrees tour around everything, and everything will become perfect and that is at least at the end when we are inside from where we can resurrect everything, and yes I believe in this old information, but then again this might also be false given to bring me false security, so this is how it is being Stig right now, and it made me nervous again about what will happen should I give up now.

I was given ONE new sound and vision to my oven and told that we are now one nut remaining.

I received impatience, and again I could only say that we are NOT busy when it comes to getting dressed with all new clothes coming in here, and the message is still to do it perfectly.

I was told that “they kiss each other in the train”, which came to me after my “dialogue” with the negative and misunderstanding Fanny – see below – and yes she is sending me much darkness when she “cannot” understand. And is the idea that she is helping me to open this door/prick this hole via the darkness she sends me?

And this is what it is about, a Google Earth portrait from the other day, which I could not see and then Jette decided to draw the outline of it and said that “it is not funny but i could be Fanny”, and this made me share the picture on my Facebook timeline, where I said “I agree, this looks like Fanny (a Facebook friend of mine), who is “another part of my mother” and she knows that she is because she has been opened spiritually receiving spiritual speech/information the same way as I”, and surely there is nothing negative in this?

FB 230513 Fanny 0

But Fanny is still a “hurt chicken” from our dialogue weeks ago, so she decided to tell me “well, have you started to understand who I am, will you now stop your negativity, I cannot use it for anything, it is about you, not me”, and yes this is really how negative she was (!), and I told her – as she should know, but “impossible” for Fanny to understand/remember it is, and yes a truly simple minded lady she is (just a fact) – that I have known from the beginning who she is, and if she started to read me and to follow Jette’s Facebook group, which is God’s (my inner self’s) message for her (!), she would understand that I suffer the biggest sufferings in history to save everyone while she has pulled into herself to receive “calm”, which is selfish not having focus on community, and also that I only speak the truth to her (how many times to I have to tell her, and yes it is like telling my own mother, which is “impossible” for her to understand), and because she does not like to hear/understand the truth, it becomes me as the messenger, who is negative, instead of her listening, understanding and improving, which is basically a positive message, and people should by now understand my true heart and love for everyone, which goes via the TRUTH, so please try to understand instead of misunderstand (!), but no, Fanny cannot, so she replied that she only receives positivity so negativity sent to her is returned to sender (!), and yes she is truly completely mad driven by her spiritual voices keeping her in darkness disguised as light – telling her lies – but this is how she prefers it, a selfish life without sacrifices to follow and help/support me, so I could only say that what she believes is negative, is positive, which she cannot understand because of her uncontrollable feelings blocking for an objective understanding, so “read and understand” means to “read and understand” (!), and not “don’t read in order to misunderstand”, and yes she gave the right conclusion, which is that “No, I am too stupid to understand you, and that is alright with me” (!), and what do you do with such a fruit-case (?), and is this what her verdict on me helped by her spiritual friends controlling her and keeping her in darkness (?), and yes Fanny, you are more stupid than the God’s allow, because I have proven to you who I am (!), but you are too deaf, lazy and stupid to understand, and yes both treating me unreasonable – thinking that this is what I do to you (!) – and sadness because of your inability to understand/laziness/stupidity, and this is how she continues working as the Devil all the way in.

Fb 230513 Fanny

Eeehh, was this the same force, which could destruct everything until everything is on place?

I was told about the rose of Google Earth once again and asked if this truly was a “Mayflower” (we are in May, you know), and when looking this up, I see that it is “the ship that in 1620 transported 102 English Pilgrims, including a core group of Separatists, to New England. Their story is one of travail and survival in a harsh New World environment”, so this is about the last journey into the Source, which is potentially dangerous.

I was told by my mother that we have not yet exchanged name signs.

I was told about the big springs of the dream recently, and is this about an elastic jump, which we will do (?), and is this because we have to make all of our New World jump to get up on the top stage of the Source?

And then I was told that you don’t go through this just to get clean access to the Source, do you (?), yes!

At the end of the evening, I was now given double sounds to my oven again, and I was shown Hugo in a tunnel, which has now changed where the walls now give money and a crown in stead of taking, and I was told “good luck”.

And I was given “saving your kisses for me” by Brotherhood of man, so this is about “kisses” in the train, with train being my ride to the other side, i.e. into the Source together with the New World, and “kisses” is about love, and hopefully not the kiss of death (later I was told, shown and felt that this is exactly what it was!).

Finally, just before going to bed, I was given the very beautiful song PIANO MAN by Kim Larsen, but of course (!), as a symbol of myself playing the piano of the Source, and Kim asks if there is “Sol over Gudhjem” (?), and my answer is that there is, Kim, and that is not in the land of the dead, but in the land of the living of our New World.

And when writing this script, my understanding is that all life being brought invisible to me inside of darkness of my left leg would die as physical beings at my awakening, and when this life is now transferred to my right leg, it means that when I will awake, it will not cause the physical death of what may be a large part of life before faith would bring this life back.

When writing this, I remember my old déjà vue of how impossible it would be to create and wake up our New world, and yes, it is not very easy to do, but we will continue right until we are there, so there you are.

Google Earth: It is not the butcher, it is a girl (Karen) and the piano man of my new self is sleeping

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show change film again, SPORT on Greenland (match between light and darkness), an eagle chick coming out of the egg and being made, birds day to day, G R E A T humor of Our Lord, the widest belt of light, a cute eagle (the final landing of the Source), “road hog”, lots of light-souls, and waves of “nothing” makes me dizzy.

FB 230513 Jette 1

FB 230513 Jette 2

FB 230513 Jette 3

FB 230513 Jette 4

FB 230513 Jette 5

FB 230513 Jette 7

FB 230513 Jette 8

FB 230513 Jette 9

FB 230513 Jette 10

FB 230513 Jette 11

FB 230513 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Kenneth brought this picture of Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane, who is still the King of Kronborg Castle (this version/statue of me was not removed), which is here shown as the ship of the world, and yes you may guess who Holger Danske symbolizes.

FB 230513 Kenneth

  • I heard about this news of two British citizens with their origins in Nigeria slaughtering/beheading a young British soldier on the streets of London, and I wondered why I was not told spiritually about this incident because it had to mean something (?), and then at the 19.00 news of Danish TV2 I was given the connection when they spoke of a female scout leader – with a reference to what I was told and wrote several hours before hearing this in my script above about my father’s wife Kirsten: “She does not know yet that you are the leader of the scout squad” – bravely speaking to the killers on the street to make them talk instead of further killing, and I was told that this is a symbol of myself going up against the worst killers of darkness. Furthermore, I was told that these killers come from Nigeria because of the visit I had with LTO to the very rich Nigerian embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2009 – while hundreds of thousand of people were starving/living in severe poverty outside its gates – which brought me this darkness here spread out in London for the world to see. I was also told that this event was a symbol to show that we had to execute how big part of the population to create enough energy for this historic moment to wake me up as my new self, which I have now stopped by going up against darkness as this brave woman also did.

The Sun 220513

The Sun 2305 Scout cub leader

  • I received David Bowie’s “Is there life on Mars” and the lyrics “Rule Britannia is out of bounds”, and I understood that this is why this execution was located in Britain, which is because this is what your old (secret) rule is; “out of bounds” and that is of what is sustainable life, and yes, you will understand when all of your secret men and operations have been revealed to the world.


24th May: We only just escaped slaughtering when entering the same hole of the Source from where we were born

Dreaming of continue working hard until the dissolution of our old world

I went to bed at 00.40 and slept until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • Something about being alone home at Preben’s house, and when he returns home, he has received a long text message about our relation from a lady friend of his.
    • Is this about Preben’s wife Lone, who is still influencing Preben negatively/wrongly against me?
  • I am together with my old class friend Pernille, and we pass first one then another chef on our way, and we will eat with the last chef, who is a friend of hers. She has an incredible, modern decoration, which includes a metal plate constantly changing design. I ask her about why she is not working with clients, and she says that she does not like visiting people.
    • Pernille is one of my old classmates, who decided to leave me as a Facebook friend after I started published my scripts on Facebook in 2010 – which approx. half of them on Facebook did – and here she is back, so it seems that my old class mates speak of me, and is faith started to spread, which is helping the access to these two chefs, which will have to be about Karen and I, or maybe even my father and I, and the metal plate is of course the Source, which here is completely clean giving us full access.
  • I woke up to Jennifer Lopez’ “Love don’t cost a thing” and the lyrics “My love don’t cost a thing”, and I was told “even when I am broke”, which will have to be about the love of the Source when we are all in.

  • I am working at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and have to come up with a concept and also prepare a written presentation for prospective clients, which is for the sales people of the branch, which actually feels as the consultants of DanskeBank-Pension, and I have to do this before tomorrow, which is very hard work, and I am not happy for doing this work on behalf of the consultants, who should do it themselves, but eventually I come up with a solution, and instead they are “busy” throwing up tennis balls on the wall because this gives them commission. Something about the manager, Bent, complaining to me, and lunch in two minutes at the reception. Lars G. is also there, and he does not have time to speak, and a date has to be keyed in here, and no matter what, the world will dissolve, and I see people from the Middle Ages cutting each other down with swords and axes.
    • I continue working hard with short deadlines with selfish people focusing on commission/money instead of doing their own job, lunch is about our New World coming, and the date of dissolution is about the end of our Old World, which we still artificial is keeping alive, and this is what should cost lives of many people – being cut down as the soldier in London symbolically was to show this – to bring energy for my awakening.

I was told that this is about entering through the same hole to the Source, which gave us birth, which would give us the same problem, which I understood as “termination of life”, and this has to do with your own birthday and your “old nightmare” together with certain unlucky coincidences because of lack of faith of people in my text book, poison of Stefan (one of Kirsten’s sons) via my father, wrong sexual behaviour, an attitude of giving up, but I felt happiness understanding that we will not terminate, and we had to go through this, and this is also because you cannot experience the same again, it this such a date that we have just passed?

I received Marc Cohn’s beautiful song “walking in Memphis”.

I was told that this was a moment in time that I just had to get over. Is this to be able to pick the oranges (of the Source)?

I was told that we missed Spain by the width of a hair, which I understood would have led to this slaughtering of life coming together with my/our awakening, and nose bleed would be nothing compared to this.

My book was the weapon itself to survive – through the hole/funnel to the Source, because this is the recipe of life, “this is how it is”, and I was told that this is what it did, it was strong enough to survive “the time of tooth”, and we went through this without pain.

In reality, this is about turning around the forest. Can we then afford a new duvet inside of here – “duvet” has to be symbolic for “creation” – and yes, we don’t have anything else here.

But now we have you Stig leading us through because that is the right thing to do.

I received the nice song “mighty Quinn”, which is about “when Quinn the Eskimo gets here, Everybody’s gonna jump for joy”.

I left for the library in the morning with more than 10 handwritten new pages again NOT feeling any desire to continue doing the same over and over again – to repeat my fight coming through daily – and when I arrived at the library I was told ”oh, it is that racer again”.

How expensive is the pork fillet in here (?), and yes Stig, they don’t cost a thing. This is home of plenty.

We are quickly getting to know the new kennel, which I understand now is a new symbol of the Source.

I received the feeling of my mother trying to break the window – symbolizing the prick a hole through to the last – but I see that the window is not broken, and what if this is happening?

Isn’t this Hallandsen (the gangster from the Olsen Banden films) that we are knocking down now, Stig (?), and yes your thinking is also that darkness is created by life as a tool of creation, and there should not be anything in the Source leaving us out (?), so is this a fata morgana play?

I received the feeling of being inside the apartment of the Source – at the very inner – and I was told that this is what the outermost of my inner self at the balcony is, so this is what I had to get to to get through to the most inner of the Source.

No, you were not released from punishment there, Stig, but what is our message for him, Ole (my old step father) is speaking here, and yes you ask for permission to enter ”no matter what” and yes to save every little thing at the same time, alright ”permission granted”, and this is how we work when you continue working yourself.

I was given the wonderful feeling of being my new self and I was told that the first couple of days, I also had to consider how to bring out life, which is, but not (as “plus”) inside our New World/the Source yet.

I was told that we will finishing on Tuesday (it is Friday today) to get out of here, which is “the place of danger” as I understood it, and I was shown and told that here you hang up ring bells, and I felt that this is from cycles having cycles through rain of suffering.

And I was told that in order to kill these many people to bring me energy for my awakening, it would require for me to kill them, which I would never do if I could avoid it, and yes if this was the only way out to come in, I would have had to accept it as part of my top rule, but it does seem like we are granted access without having to do this.

I was told about Rome, and Berlusconi, who would have come to power making it necessary to (temporary) terminate much life including physical deaths at my awakening, and not easy to stop this scenario from happening, and I am here given the vision of Robert de Niro playing Mafia-gangsters, so is this what you are, Berlusconi, a simple gangster/crook living the most indecent life imaginable (?), and yes MAMA MIA is suitable here, don’t you think, and yes would you like to run home to the meat pots of your mother to seek protection from me if you could (?), but no, there is no mama mia here but the truth, so SPIT IT OUT, Silvio!

You are not awakened yet, we have decided to postponed this process until “you have done everything of the last work”.

This is like a free kick, which has never been missed.

No, you have not been asked to show any certificates to enter here.

No we have never seen Stig as an altar, which also has something to do with the behavior of my sister.

I continued working until 16.00 at the library, which was tough to go through, which is what each day still is, which still feels like going through one marathon after the other day after day without any breaks.

I was told that my sister would receive a very expensive letter through the mail box because she would also have been leading this attack killing people.

I was told that there is not much of a “Kafka’s trial” over this.

Now you almost don’t have to push the speeder to start his school.

The last couple of days, I have continued receiving some of the same songs as I have brought lately – now as example “sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds – and I have decided not to repeat them if I have brought them recently.

I felt Michella and was told that this is as far the rejection of your “old nightmare” can bring us, and I was given the feeling that this is darkness coming from outside wanting me to carry this out, but I am in charge deciding what the Source will do, and when I say no, it becomes no – no matter what.

We had no idea that rejecting your “old nightmare” would be strong enough to bring us here. The force was so negative and strong that it was bound to make you negative and bring you your “old nightmare”, which would kill many people.

I was shown a big dark stamp on a dark stand and was told that we brought this with us to darkness, and stamp is about approval of life as I understand it.

This is not only about polishing the gold but to make it “perfect”, and yes I will not settle for less, and I wonder if this will have an impact forever and ever, or if it would have become perfect anyway one day if I had given up before Christmas 2012 or Easter 2013 to take a couple of examples.

I received pain to my left eye as if needles were pushed into it, which was a severe pain, and I was told that this is because of my mother and John who still cannot find out together making them both suffer much, so they need some healing, which I will give them again this evening.

Before going, I published my script of today and yesterday from home, where I can include formatted text when publishing, which I cannot at the library, which is saving me for much time, and then tomorrow morning I will include pictures to the script at the library and to “make it look good”, which it does not when working at my home computer without mouse, and this is how it is.

I was told that if I had given up – and if the play worked as we expected it to work – I would have been given my “old nightmare” with Michella on board the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo meaning that this would be the end of the remaining Old World, which would be destructed, and I can only hope that terminated life truly would be able to brought alive on the other side, which I believe in but much torments and destruct would have been given, but we get the point, Stig, I will NOT accept this to be given to the world, the goal is to wake up everything without anyone dying.

Google Earth: Life coming up everywhere with a little help from my friends, and still resistance of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the little happy lion, someone trying to keep her mask, more faeces of darkness, an eye on each finger – you have to behave, a man with polished nails, life coming up everywhere with a little help from my friends, ugly scenes on Greenland, every little things gets polished, darkness cannot behave wanting to cut off one branch or two, the hand back of darkness of my mother but also a flower.

Fb 240513 Jette 1

FB 240513 Jette 2

FB 240513 Jette 3

FB 240513 Jette 4

FB 240513 Jette 5

FB 240513 Jette 6

FB 240513 Jette 7

Fb 240513 Jette 8

Fb 240513 Jette 9

Fb 240513 Jette 10

FB 240513 Jette 11

FB 240513 Jette 12

FB 240513 Jette 13

Jette was kind bringing me these very kind words making me happy – thank you :-). And isn’t it funny that Jette was as negative to me as Fanny is now for speaking the truth to her some months ago, and now Jette understands and show me the right attitude.

FB 240513 Jette 0

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Scribd shows that there are now no more terminations – but still there was a huge part, which was kept invisible to me, which has now been saved too.

Scribd 2405 incl 230513

  • Ida wrote about Svend Auken – previous minister, chairman of the Social Democratic party etc. – who died a few years ago that today, he would have become 70, which “would have been good to use and the world”, and I said that I also miss him and “I like people with passion and dynamic power much. Svend has more of this than most”.

FB 240513 Ida



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    read and understood – thanks – take care ❤ 😉

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