May 26, 2013: The acceptance of the mayor of Helsingør of me to his city symbolises the acceptance of the Source of the New World


Summary of the script today

25th May: The acceptance of the mayor of Helsingør of me to his city symbolises the acceptance of the Source of the New World

  • Dreaming of waiting a minute before the postman of creation will leave and I will wake up as my new self, turning around darkness to light, there will still be differences in prices in our New World, and continuing the merger of the Trinity and the clean up of the Source.
  • I am continue shopping – to save life/create, and I am driving in to my parking place of the Source from “Hold at road” just outside. It was really only possible to enter the Source as darkness – killing life temporary – but we decided to use basic material deciding to be light and to use all steam when entering through incredible darkness led by your wish not to hurt any life, and it did not dare to go against me; this is how I entered the deep Source, which was meant to temporary kill us.
  • Everything happens in one eternal now – time is only a practical arrangement – meaning that the Source knows what will happen in the “future” also knowing about the final implementation of the GRAND PLAN, which we finish now.
  • Today was the opening of the new Culture area of Helsingør symbolising “perfect creation” and life, which comes to our New World, and when I thought of Johannes the mayor, whom I did not see holding the opening speech, I was given severe pain to my chest and heart pain, which is the worst kind of when the system of the Commune works against me and “fear me”. Johannes acceptance of me to “his city” is the symbol of the Source accepting me, he was part of the arms of darkness to keep me out. He feared for his life because I was a “mad man” who could do anything – according to the system of civil servants and doctors, and he had to learn through meeting me and being my Facebook friend that I am not dangerous. Today was also “the Mayor’s day”.
  • I am inside the Source where I can by golden watches – do new creations of life – which costs nothing to do (requires no energy), and this is what will become the biggest attraction to the Culture area of Helsingør in our New World! We have started receiving new giant layer cakes of new worlds, and my mother has started also doing new creations of life inside the Source.
  • It is now the last foundation of the Source, which is transferred to me, which will make my spaceship supersonic, i.e. bring incredible force to everything.
  • Short stories of CRAZY people humiliating cash help receivers, nice hip-hop music, and a fire in Helsingør – and in Sweden – symbolizing the worst darkness.

26th May: Reaching the end of darkness and programming of our New World about to turn on the engine of it

  • Dreaming of parking at the plate of the Source using my Apple telephone to bring me the location, and darkness still wants to leave.
  • These days are about the last decisive programming of our New World. We are about to turn on the engine of it – I was told that “there is nothing more here”, which means the end of darkness, which will also release my inner self as a slave at the most inner. Darkness continued coming on strongly to me wanting to kill/terminate while I was shown the piano of the Source/my inner self still coming in. Darkness is an incredible small pin in the gasoline of the Source, which we will remove as life when we get there.
  • Man will enter the Source simply by following me.  My mother of our New World is now part of the gravy and knows the content of the Source very well. The inside of the Source is full of golden watches (new creations) and an incredible amount of tree symbolising the world of God, and we have started doing new creations.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the show-room of Greenland, a whole lotta love of the hole, Greenland is changing film again still sending me the kiss of death, ZERO pollution of our New World, Greenland (the Source) being cleaned up, it’s raining again, and my name is again shown in BIG CLOUDS on the globe.
  • Short stories of Meat Loaf who will continue rockin’ our New World as a new born, Lisbeth Knudsen is wondering how to change the world (?), and people having “difficulties” to connect with me on Linkedin.


25th May: The acceptance of the mayor of Helsingør of me to his city symbolises the acceptance of the Source of the New World

Dreaming of waiting a minute before the postman of creation will leave and I will wake up as my new self

I went to bed after midnight sleeping until 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • “Wait a minute”, I work at DanskeBank-Pension and have received the first two out of four offers on a new pension scheme for our own employees, and when I compare the offer from Danske Pension with the one from PFA Pension, PFA offers considerable lower expenses. I drive with Michael P.N. to Copenhagen and Amager, where no Communes have had luck to receive compensation for something they practise. At the corner of Copenhagen we meet two oncoming racing drivers in cars of 10 million DKK (extremely expensive), and something about hitting or at least speaking with one of them. My old colleague Else from DFM is also in Copenhagen, and something about her calling for a limousine, and then comes the smallest two seat transportation mean imaginable, and we also enter the Magasin department store wearing suits, which I also do, but I don’t wear a shirt.
    • It seems that I have received life of two out of the four parts of me with two still going against me, which means that we will continue right until we have all four including all life with me. And PFA Pension has symbolised darkness to me for years, but when turned around, it also becomes life or a world as “pension scheme” means.
    • I woke up to the lyrics of “wait a minute Mr. postman” by the Marvelettes, so this is what we do to bring life to every little thing before I will decide to wake up.

  • The instruments of a symphony orchestra is being washed on the pedestrian street of Copenhagen.
  • Peter N. (my old colleague from Aon, now in PFA) is taking over the service of my clients and we co-operate on this task while I am in pain until I will soon stop working.
    • Peter is still darkness, which I am teaching to become light, and this may be about turning around this darkness to light.
  • I have started working for Danske Bank Helsingør and I notice that they are not able to offer the same good prices as they do at Danske Bank Copenhagen, and the reason is that they are not as “alert” on the market conditions and don’t work with the same efficiency as in Copenhagen.
    • There will still be differences in prices in the future, but not because of different profit margins, but because of the efficiency and ability to produce quality of people.
  • My new company is a merger between a general and two life insurance companies, and one of the life companies is Danske Bank, Espergærde (!), which had a poor culture not keeping its archive orderly as the two other did, which again is because the manager Kim S. does not care, and I consider suggesting him that we will put two men on the task to clean up maybe taking the first 14 days of the merger with the other two. I enter the IT department – feeling people of Fair Insurance in there – and I am surprised that the floor bend up and down as hills, and there are three of them with incredible steep falls, and even though I should be able to slide down all three at once, I am stuck at the bottom of the first.
    • Three will have to be about the Trinity still merging father of the Source, mother of the New World to become Son as the result of creation, and we are cleaning up inside parts of my inner self, which is connected to the IT department, which is about programming/creating our New World, so we are still finishing creation.

The acceptance of the mayor of Helsingør of me to his city symbolises the acceptance of the Source of the New World

I woke up with three loud hiccups.

We broke out in full uniforms, even Spencer Tracy would have been excited.

Have you been to my private real school (7th to 9th grade)?

Do you know which gift I have for my first born (?) – myself! You cannot understand the magnitude of this gift yet.

I have never shopped here before, I thought it would be double as expensive, which it was not because you decided to believe that this darkness was “fata morgana”.

I have found a fine parking place for you here, and I was shown a single parking place at a very small place.

This morning I was given the song “final countdown” again and again, so this is what it is.

Now we can soon hold board meetings again with everything arriving.

Have they started “Tryggevælde” (here meaning “safety”, and it is also a very old Danish farm symbolizing my home) (?), which is something like the last submarines of Nazi-Germany now coming up to the surface, and yes the world is now starting to feel secure, finally?

No, there are not any children inside there with Stig with the chain saw.

One day more with the domestic peace is what we ask for, isn’t it (?), because we have not come home yet just because it is the official opening of the Helsingør Culture Area today, have we?

I was told that you are also not welcome at the University of Copenhagen – higher education institutions – because of my plans to change the education system educating people for the need of the community and not for unemployment or something people will never use, and it came together with the feeling that they know about my coming too, and yes what about you Mads Fuglede, do you have poor conscience after tyou decided to block me too on Facebook some months ago?

Still, there is not a long road to Italy (of joy and happiness), and yes, we know, Stig will carry on no matter what, so let us get this car parked “too” as I hear, because we have started.

I went to the library this morning again to continue my work, which I did, and yesterday I had told a librarian about one computer being broken down, “the last computer closest to the window at the first computer room towards the yard” as I told him, and how difficult is it to understand this very precise message (?), and yes apparently difficult enough to misunderstand it meaning that when I arrived this morning, there was now a sign on the computer I have used for some days, which is the computer NEXT TO the broken one towards the window (!!!), and yes OPEN YOUR EARS to understand my friends.

When I was thinking of the mayor about to hold a speech (following the Culture Minister Marianne Jelved starting her speech at 12.30) just outside the library to open the new culture area, while I continued working inside, I was given a severe pain to my chest and heart pain, and yes the worst kind of when the system of the Commune works against me and “fear me”, is that how it is, Johannes (?), and first of being a “potential Breivik” and now for “think if he really is the one”?

It would feel like the blood pouring out of you – until you would stop it.

A little after lunch I published my script of yesterday – after updating/improving it – and I was told that it is now only little critical after this publish.

This is something as unusual as golden watches – creations – which you can buy here and they cost nothing.

We cannot afford being discontented here.

I decided to stop working at approx. 13.00 to go down and outside to watch the life and activities of the new Culture Area of Helsingør, which was truly exciting to see, and I met Bettina’s Søren, who was alone, and he asked me if it was worth seeing, which it was and “once in a lifetime opportunity” as I told him because of all of the life and activities, which you will not see here on a normal “boring” every day, and I was thinking of “free culture” of our New World and I told him that this has to be the goal, to have as much life everyday as today, and Søren smiled and said “I will tell the proper person”, and yes we got it :-).

Here are some of the impression of the day taken with my old Panasonic Lumix camera, which is of better quality than the camera of my mobile phone, and yes I remembered to bring this camera today.






“To be or not to be”? – “TO BE”!.


The statue of “Han” (“He”) symbolizing my new self looking out on Kronborg (and Sweden behind it).




Yesterday, I told my mother and John that we could visit the opening together, but my mother said that she would not go, and John said that he would – to visit the north mole of the harbour now reopened – and I said that he was welcome to call my mobile phone if he wanted to because I would be at the library anyway so we could take a walk together or “you can of course also walk alone if you prefer that”, and yes when I was there, I called my mother and John because I had not heard from them, and it was to recommend them to come, but there was no answer, and when I heard nothing at all during the afternoon, I became somewhat nervous if John had been hospitalised, but then this evening, my mother called and said that she did not go, but John did (!), and yes John, you do like to be alone, and then you decided not to call at all (?), and yes yes yes, we know, Stig, this is also WRONG to do!

I forgot my lunch at home, and received a leaflet to “Mum’s Deli” on the pedestrian street of Stengade having good offers today, and I went there after the visit to the cultural area and I was happy to see completely ordinary people having their own store selling homemade food, and I had a bun with salami with coffee, and I thought of “mom” and “homemade food” as a symbol of her creation of our perfect New World, which you know the opening of the culture area today symbolized.

On my way there, I met Hans Andersen, the MP of the Liberal Party, member of Helsingør City Council and also my Facebook friend, and he was together with his family towards the culture area, and maybe you did not get a good chance to see me, Hans (?), and I was told that he was also having difficulties to swallow my sword.

Can Karen and you pull codfish ashore (?), and yes you can, and this is about creating new creations, and I was told that this is what will become the main attraction at Helsingør Cultural Area in the future of our New World, and I was thinking that there used to be a shipyard here, and you do know that “ship” is a symbol of a world, so there you have it too.

Can we put all of the district psychiatry (in North Zealand) checkmate making it fear for its own survival (?), and yes you can.

I was told that “Hold-an vej” (“hold at road”) as mentioned the other day is just before you get in, and here is the cross itself, which is centre of the Source where all roads are connected, so this is way I love “Herr X” (or “Mr. X”) by Ultravox.

After my walk around the culture area I cycled to the Aldi Supermarket, and I was told about the outstanding Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler who will fight the equally outstanding English boxer Carl Froch today in London – after winning over him in their first match in Denmark three years ago – and I thought that this match today – and also the final of the Champions League in football – will have to be signs about the end of perfect creation, and I was told that Mikkel will knock down Carl, and I said that I don’t want to know and as result I was told that in our New World, I – i.e. God and Satan – will no longer decide the outcome of sport games including “everything”, it will become up to “coincidences” – or simply who is the best.

I was told that the reason why I had four teeth removed as a boy was because this included hidden life planned for the use to bring me energy when awakening, and I was also told that this terminated life was stored with the women I have made love to in my life, which are really only Camilla, Karen and Henriette besides from a couple of “half tries”.

I was told that when I with all of my strength encouraged media and politicians etc. to speak the truth about me to the mainstream world, which I meant with all of my heart, my inner self went against me “asking” the same to remain silent, and yes they all decided to be darkness remaining silent, otherwise we could not have done perfect creation if the news on me had spread too soon bringing me far too much darkness at the same time, which would have exploded the remaining darkness of the Old World.

I was told that the plate of the Source includes infinite slices, and also that I will feel if anything in my body – i.e. all of the Universe of all worlds – feels wrong as in a “disease”, which is highly unlikely, but should there be anything becoming a threat to develop to darkness/a cancer tumour, I will react to it immediately, otherwise I have no intention to interfere in the lives of people and yes I will guard the “FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY” principle, and if needed, I will discipline the world to ensure our survival.

No, no one has to get killed (!) – but it would have gone quickly, yes I don’t care, and yes a little darkness still speaking.

Can we then sleep with the new duvet tonight (?), no, not before everything here is taking care of.

So you are truly bored (?), no I continue producing handbags, and yes we know Stig, new creations and this is what was brought my mother to create the world with, and that is “the handbag of the Devil” including all building stones for our New World, and in this respect the hand bag and the shelves of God are really the same with “minus” and “plus” as signs.

You are not right there on the centre of the field of the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Dortmund, are you (?), yes you are.

I was told that we are receiving one giant layer cake after the other of new worlds.

We have never been more busy, Stig, because you were dissolving – and we had to clean/save our instruments – but no, don’t let that disturb you because we have to do our job as good as we can, we know, and with this attitude we brought the second bridge ashore, and what is now awaiting us (?), and more rain of the same kind over the coming weeks (?), and yes you have told us to bring it on, so this is what we will do and I hear “what if we are empty”, and yes I will somehow know when this will become the case because then I am my new self, this is what you have asked for to automatically wake up as your new self but first when we are completely empty of darkness.

Can you get a wine from 1935 here (?), yes you can get exactly what you want inside of here; he has been awaiting me preparing for this feature.

I was told with a big smile that this is the cheap means that we use to wash the stairs, which I understand comes from within, and this is what is releasing us from having to be “incredible millionaires” to pass that point of no return you know.

It is only when people do not receive “manure” that they will become approx. 100 years old at the oldest, but when they are, they will live forever, and this is what you will distribute, my friend, as I am told, and yes coming directly from the Source.

Have we been made in the tiniest possible scale (?), yes you can create exactly the scale as you want to now, there are no limitations.

This is information given to me during the evening written down here on basis of my notes to my telephone “tomorrow morning”.

Most of the road we believed that we had to walk up the stairs as darkness, but no, we were able doing it as light, and this is because you can only enter the Source as darkness, can’t you (?), but no. So you had to enter as darkness and turn around inside of here, but it was solved using some clever assistance from my friends in here.

I was given a sound to my oven and was told that this is where I would be if I had become darkness to go through this, but now we are (outside and) everywhere.

If you had smoked hash – giving in to negativity/darkness – we would not have been able to do this because we would have burned up the original material making it possible to chose what side you want to be at, which is what we chose inside here.

I was given the thought experiment that when there is no time – as there is not – and everything happens here and now in one golden moment of time, we know what will happen in the future!

I was given two sounds to my oven and was told that this only means that we have entered.

I was shown how an old and dull version of Kronborg Castle was packed down and replaced by a new, strong and much more shining appearance from roof/towers/spires, which is about our New World being much more than the old.

I was given two so quickly sounds to my oven that they sounded as one, and was told that this is because that inside here, Karen and I are one. There is no forbidden fruit inside here.

I was given the classic song “California dreaming” by the Mamas & Papas and the lyrics “all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey”.


This is like getting Titanic in through the small space between my speakers (approx. 2 metres), which is just how narrow the entrance is, which is what we are still bringing in.

I was given the feeling that the worst crash will come now, yes because John did not want to see you …, which has to be darkness believing the worst/most untrue, and also because you cannot bid my anymore resistance …., because how do you get room for this (?), and I was given the feeling that we are both the smallest and everything, which is not too much to say.

I was shown a huge monster dog of darkness in front of me, but it vanished into nothing, so we are not this dog, and that is because if you could handle the previous, you can also handle this.

And this danger will continue right until we will through the carpet on here, which I am now shown being thrown on.

I was shown the local motorcycle gang of the 777 together with the vision of mayor Johannes and I was told that Johannes’ accept of me in “his city” is the symbol of the Source accepting me. School ball, sharply pointed items here, no, Stig is probably not dangerous..

Later I was told about the MC777 as if they asked Johannes about me “has he bothered you” (?), symbolizing the darkness he would have sent me and all life if he had said yes.

There is nothing worse when you are a public person as the mayor holding public speeches/appearances when you believe there is a mad man going around out there. Is this what he is told by the civil servants (?) with the director Bjarne in the lead not knowing about me – and not wanting to read me/become Facebook friends with me to learn – to expose their poor work to the world, and he had to see you in person (last year on the tour of the town hall) and to be Facebook friends with you to conclude that you are not dangerous to allow me to enter the Source, so since you also achieved this, we will give you our seal as we will given him (Johannes) his too because of good work.

Kulturhavn Johannes og MarianneHelsingør’s Mayor Johannes Hecht-Nielsen shaking hands with Cultural Minister Marianne Jelved – are you not afraid of me anymore, Johannes (?), which you have NEVER needed to be!

No, your mother has never had teeth made inside this room, i.e. to do creation in here, with the unlimited options here, which she is now teaching us. Fresh supplies are now brought in from all four of us, and she tells what she wants more and less of (compared to what she had creating the world), and to mix this differently, which is how you do a new creation, which is now also being shipped from here, and we could go on.

So Johannes was part of my arms to keep you out, and he was influenced negatively by Bjarne, the ignorant but better-knowing director.

And what else do we have in here, and yes complications of your mother’s friends speaking wrongly about you, which is an important part of it, and you can multiply this with complications of the world, and you will have it, but when you decided to go straight to the top of the Source, we decided to try this new wonder means going right through all of these complications/darkness/pressure, and yes it worked because you believed in it.

And with your wish that your mother/no one has to suffer, we doubled the power of the steam machine putting everything on one board, and can you believe it, no one stopped you, they did not dare, so this is how you entered without having to be turned around to darkness.

This is not the only thing, we are not finished. This is then the next that we transfer to you, which is part of the foundation of my inner self and not just an aeroplane or hammock, but the peg for all clothes, i.e. life, to hang on the foundation of me, and how do you create me when I don’t know what I will create from me (?), and this is when I thought that I will probably need you one day to return/turn around everything I have collected up here over an infinity, which you really can stretch as far as “endless”, and yes it required a little ingenuity and then decide to just do it, so this is what I did – so I have seen this day coming, which is now, would you like to see (?), and no, I have NO opinion on this, please do what is RIGHT to do.

So we are not just John Wayne with “hände hoch” (“hands up”) – with the feeling of enthusiasm – but also small scout boys, i.e. individual life, because we are everything and ready to be led by the Führer bringing everyone complete freedom and responsibility, which was the basic idea, and since you have kept this promise, this is why you have come here today at the elegant living room, which we normally don’t use, to take the oath, and I (as the Son) am not you (as the Father) but me, so I will also do my best, and this is how I share everything of my home with you, which is what we have decided to share with all life, and then we are sure that it will become funny.

I continued receiving maybe 5-6 small heart attacks this evening, which was not as strong as the two recent days.

I was shown the Berlin Cathedral, which I visited with Camilla at one of out visits to the town in the 1990’s, and I was told that surely this cannot be my command central (?), but yes, all places I have been are connected to my command room of Kronborg Castle, which it will continue doing.

Well, he (Johannes) wasn’t afraid of his life, was he (?), also because of what him the doctor said I would be capable doing – did you speak to doctors about me behind my back?

I received the feeling of giving up, and was told and felt how I would receive Hell’s Angels in this case, but now the door is still held open to me, which is why we continue transferring darkness from us to you, and I felt it coming from the balcony, and with this darkness I am still given feelings wanting to make me irritated, better-knowing and degrading, so it is not only speech, but also very much negative feelings that I have to reject/go against.

So we are not yet a dog, but coming as the last magician. So is it him there, i.e. Stig, not yet given up, which is why we had to remove another threat today, which we can call “Mayor day”, and no, Stig did not show up for the speech (of the Mayor), but he wrote positive things about the day on Facebook where I uploaded my pictures to, which everyone can see, right (?), so this is why this force is still in my left testicle as I here feel and not in my stomach giving me diarrhea bring (temporary) terminations to the world, and this is the kiss of death coming against you (to be seen on Google Earth) and I am here given a cough too and also physical touch to my private parts, but still this is transformed to light too because I have decided to be the strongest.

So now it is only two our of four, who are to be transferred, and I hear them saying, so that is the open door there for the shop, which is almost impossible to find, and this darkness comes together with incredible dislike given to my whole body from the outside making everything feeling disgusting, and I was told that it wasn’t me removing Holger Danske from Hotel Marientlyst, was it (?), and yes one of two Holger Danske statues in Helsingør, but that will not stop us.

And the idea is that when the first two are inside of me, we can also transfer these tow. So he has said “finish the build” and I get the feeling of giving my spaceship supersonic speed when the last parts will be implemented, and we do all of this to make your mother happy.

You are not a big Professor in Mathematics, but “he” is, and this is one of the “patients” of the closed mental department of Hillerød Psychiatric Hospital, whom I cannot remember the name of, and everyone else “could not” or did not want to speak to him about the constant mathematic tasks he was given (spiritually), but I decided to listen/communicate with him, and I am here told that this is what made the calculation of the New World fit inside of here.

So now you are only a half-blood (?), and this is both yes and no because it is first now that the mail really will come to you and everyone else because it is first now that we will finish the last part of the GRAND PLAN.

It is really quite easy because these two are now driving in a crashed car, and don’t know where they are going other than they have to follow me.

As part of these two, there is also a dash of Sanna and Wilson Kipketer, which is about her running very fast away from me – because of my writings on her/the family – which was saved by other holding the family together, and yes you have no idea of the drama’s, which played behind your bag, which we had to sort out to save creation – because this had direct impact on creation too – and with these, the eagle is coming flying.

And I was also told about negative speech/”dramas’s” of Arthur Findlay College as example bringing me sticky substance still wanting to make me stop my work bringing me negative speech wanting to take me over, and this was transferred from the college to Kent, which is now used about Georgie, which was a lie almost impossible to stop, so how was it possible to open the eyes of Georgie (?), who did not respond to my calls/emails after 2006 and who is not on Facebook, and yes is this via Reneé (?) – Georgie’s good Danish friend who was with us at the College in 2005 – who has been my Facebook friend now for maybe 1½-2 years.

So Johannes the mayor was the centre of a circus – being influence by the system on one side and me on the other.

It was our task to keep you away from the plate of the Source, and it is like driving into a dark carport with a solid wall of flags at the end, which however now opens in a zig zag showing stairs leading up to the house.

So you did not throw the highest mathematical exam with him – at the Psychiatric Hospital – meaning that I did, otherwise we could not have calculated the connection between everything. You cannot receive enough thanks from us because without him you could not find the way up here, and yes has he followed/missed you since (?), yes.

“You are not crazy” is what Johannes has said about you converting some members of the Liberal Party in Helsingør.

What now if you transfer all power to me just once (?), and no, NEVER to darkness.

I saw the 2007 film of Harry Potter – it might have been the 2005 and not 2009 film I saw the other day – and when Dumbledore and Harry Potter was chasing Voldemart inside a cave meeting the worst darkness, I was told that much bigger things happen here, and I was given a “divine” feeling of “everything” – the best way I can describe it – because of what is now being implemented to me, and I was told that this is why Bayern Munich had to win the Champions League final, which they did scoring to 2 to 1 two minutes before time, and no, I did not watch the match.

This is the part bringing all sausages – i.e. sexual sufferings/indecent behaviour – to the world, which is now closing itself down because you have captured this too to set it free. So you bring me in easily.

Short before going to bed, I was again given the uncomfortable thinking that maybe I need to write down all this information given to me during the night instead of sleeping, and I was told that this is what I had to do, and I decided to go to sleep to test if this would be necessary preparing myself mentally that if needed – if I would not be allowed to sleep – this is what I would try to do.

I was told that my mother’s extreme negativity 8 days ago was the preparation for all of the (temporary) terminations.

I was told that “goodbye Stig, yet another has left us” was a message I would be given because of lack of faith in me of Denis etc., which would make it impossible to find this path, but I was not given it even once (when I did not give up).

And what is now entering, is what would make the world bleed big.

After midnight, Mikkel Kessler lost his fight against Carl Froch, and I did not reveive any message of this being a symbol.

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • In Roskilde Commune all members of a committee of the city council except one have now decided that cash help receivers can receive a “benefit job” called “cleaning up dog enclosures”, which is the same as removing the droppings of dogs, and yes this is what they seriously have decided – to humiliate people grossly instead of TRULY helping them to get a job (!) – and the only one going against these hypocrites is Lars L. – Lars G.’s old friend, who used to work for Waterfront – and yes, how low can you think my dear crazy people of Roskilde (?), and yes you can add Denmark/the world to these.

FB 250513 B Lars L

  • Joey came to me as a new Facebook friend a few weeks ago recommended by Christoffer – Anton’s friend in Canada – and as Christoffer, who sent me some of his techno-music for me to listen to, Joey sent me some of his hip-hop music to listen to, which I did leading to this dialogue.

FB 250513 Joey

  • This fire of a farm in Helsingør late this evening symbolizes the incredible strong darkness I am going through here at the very inner of the Source, and have you noticed that there have also been people setting many fires in cities in Sweden the last 5-6 days (?), and yes darkness inside the Source is what it is about.

HD 260513

  • I have made many errors when writing these scripts and many of them I don’t know about, but I discovered that the reason why I still receive Facebook updates from Remee was that I was apparently connected to him via a fan-page and also as a friend via his private page, and I believe it was the latter, which he blocked me from – but maybe it was spiritual darkness making me receive no updates from his fan-page some months after having been blocked to his private page? So my story some days ago about my spiritual friends re-connecting me with Remee opening a blocked page is not correct.


26th May: Reaching the end of darkness and programming of our New World about to turn on the engine of it

Dreaming of parking at the plate of the Source using my Apple telephone to bring me the location

I went to bed at 00.10 and I was allowed to sleep, however I was awakened at 05.40 receiving new information also meaning that now I had to stand up writing down all of the information given to me yesterday evening, and here are first dreams of the night.

  • We are two account managers working for Søren H. as the manager, and the work is boring and I don’t travel much. I see inscriptions made by my telephone to a metal plate showing that this is my parking place. I tell people, who call, who I am, and I am using a tree plate with some kind of tape on it, to transport/fly me forward, and I am told that I am now overtaking the speed hog Søren H. Friends tell that when you save your present location to a map on an Android telephone, others can get it, but you cannot send text messages with already saved locations, and then I see that the Ipod telephone can also do this, and I see Lars G. driving in Jutland and can tell where he is right now.
    • The two of us will have to be Karen and I with Søren symbolising my father as the speed hog of darkness. The plates are of the Source, and it is here that I am parking everything of my new self/New World, which is brought here using the telephone line of my old self, and instead of having two telephone operating systems of Android/Apple, everyone can logically agree that it is better just having one, which is to take the best system, which here is Apple – also symbolising our New World – and as mentioned before to build add ons to this one platform covering all individual needs.
    • I woke up to “one way ticket”, which continued being given to me, which is about the New World entering the Source and not vice versa, and I also received “crocodile rock” by Elton John with crocodile meaning darkness.

  • A client is complaining about a price increase, which they have received from us, and also that we have not given them any service since our former account manager Lisbeth (my old colleague from GE/Fair) launched a campaign with them one year ago, and this makes them discontented, and they want to leave us as clients.
    • This is about darkness increasing the price, which makes life want to leave – but I will not allow you.

Reaching the end of darkness and programming of our New World about to turn on the engine of it

I received “underneath your clothes” by the very gifted Shakira and the lyrics “underneath your clothes” (there is an endless story) and “for being such a good girl”, which is about endless creation of my mother.

Will it become nice getting our of prison (?), yes I have waited all of my life.

I was told about Johannes the mayor thinking about a “potential catastrophe” because “we have run rapa-hunt on him, what will the press not say about this”?

We could not programme this the other way around, yes this is about the last decisive programming, and your challenge is to write down all information from yesterday evening – and this – early in the morning, which is uncomfortable to do, but not as difficult as the two recent days.

Lee Ritenour was not only decisive in relation to Italy – to reach joy and happiness – but also for your mother to reach the florist’s (to bring her love to the world).

I received two sounds to my computer and was told that it is not me moving here (from the oven) to repair your computer is it (?), and yes I wonder if this will make my mouse work again.

All UN mandates to kill people go against me, do EVERYTHING to obtain peace via negotiations, and often these options have NOT been fully used before starting to kill.

I was shown a blade being brought to the propeller of an aeroplane about to turn on the engine, which is to tell you how close we are to switch on everything of your new self.

I was given a sound to the outermost on my balcony with the feeling ”all the way over at the westcoast/beach of Jutland”.

I finished writing the last chapter of yesterday at 08.30, and I received Kim Wilde’s hit song “you came” because we are bringing in the next two doing this, which was tough but not as tough as bringing in the first two.

I was shown sea animals, and the BIG CLAW of a crab – symbolising “making love” – which is transferred to the claw of a pirate, which is how we turned sexuality into a weapon of darkness to terminate the world, and yes really to create inside of this darkness.

I continue receiving out of this world pain to my right ankle, so we are still turning around life of the Source, and I also here receive strong heartburn again.

I was shown a HUGE pile of firewood and a tree horse being thousands of times bigger than me, and I felt golden watches inside of here.

I received “buzzing sounds” of some seconds or half minutes now and again to my computer speakers – removing the sound of the radio – and this was people of other civilizations “communicating” with me, and it sounded as a keyboard playing different frequencies of sounds, but it was only to my speakers because when the radio returned, I could tell that the radio had not been disrupted.

I continued receiving heartburn and was surprised of how strongly/acid this was.

If you can do this work quickly – to publish it today – you may avoid these, and then I was given a small heart attack.

No, we don’t need to bring forward the oxygen flask, which is how far we thought you would go and I am here shown the actor Tony Danza from the TV-series “Taxi” as a simple minded man, which is to bring everything I could in order to be able to bring forward the taxi bringing my new self of everything.

I was told that my mother – and many – have love for me, and they will become shocked when they will understand that their negative thoughts of me and belief that I was dangerous was completely unjust and taken from out of the blue without any connection to reality of my wish to bring only good to all people – which you can also read hundreds of times in my scripts, but “difficult to understand” it was (?), and yes feeling Sidsel here again, and tell me why it was you left me, Sidsel (?), and was that because of my “poor behaviour insulting you” or was it not only the truth that I told about you too (?), and yes there you have it.

I was told that we are going on a walk through the forest only to see if there are things we have forgotten.

You have no idea how lucky you are and I was given the sound of a potato jumping like a JUMP BALL to my oven, and I understood that we are now pricking the hole to the next level.

I was shown myself being an Indian canoe – symbolising everything – and I was told that you have already won.

There would be many happy people to receive you inside here, your mother and the world for example, but believe it or not, they are still parked outside while you are getting in making sure that everyone is put right into their right place, which is how we have arranged it now.

I was shown a large crowd of people walking up stairs from the inner basin of Helsingør Harbour the closest to the library, and I was asked about how man will enter the Source (?), and received the answer that the most clever part is that they simply follow me.

I was given a vision of my dentist and was told that she is already world famous for not looking carefully at the x-rays of my teeth. So the TV-show “Don’t forget your toothbrush” is really a symbol meaning “please bring all life to the Source”.

It is almost impossible to turn around inside of here without receiving a hand bag in your head, and I got the feeling that this is how dense it is here.

I was told that “they were not the only ones having a top job for you, the American government had to – just to scare you off”, and yes this is how it was given to me, and I feel Obama here, but more as a victim of the terror of the political system, which is “impossible” to change even for him (as his old self).

So now I will soon have to near you, and I receive the feeling of my inner self all inside of me, and it is me being everything.

So in reality I am nothing more than one big lager-bread.

I heard my father say so I cannot make a tax deduction on you to my mother.

And I was told that if you are truly a (potential) “dangerous person”, there is “no problem” of the police to share information from my criminal record going more than three years back even though this information should normally not be visible to a narrow circle of people/units (?), this giving the Commune information about my old “wrong sexual behaviour” and my verdict from 2005 (?), and still you “don’t have to tell me”?

I was told that my mother/the world thought that she should comfort me taking on sufferings/destructions while I fought against darkness, which would have brought me my “old nightmare” as “porn competitions” (!), which is what I was told some years ago would come, but no, I fought with my life to avoid it.

The black panther previously shown in Jette’s Google Earth pictures symbolise that my birth comes with darkness.

It is inside of here that you change from darkness to light, and when you are outside, your are darkness, and yes let us be more correct and say that I enter the Source as remaining darkness but WITHOUT giving in to darkness making it kill us before everyone would be resurrected.

The drums of Emmelie’s winning Eurovision Song Contest song of course symbolise “original life” coming.

I was told about Johannes the mayor that he knows of no limits when it comes to culture in relation to Helsingør doing what he can to attract known museums/treasures to town, but when it really mattered, he could not save the Holger Danske statue; this is how sure we were that I could not enter the Source without temporary termination of the world, but then again, I will NOT accept loss of life, so therefore, and yes, Johannes, are you still with me ….?

I was told that Karen and I will become as happy when we will meet as each other’s partners as Cathy and Heathcliff of the Dave Allen show, which were returning characters of his show, which I remember myself laughing much of as a boy, and I am here told that this was inspired because of Karen and I having difficulties finding each other.

We have now come so far that your mother can choose directly what she wants to put down her pushcart.

The following are notes from the evening written “tomorrow” morning.

Mother is now part of the gravy here.

I received strong darkness again wanting me to spit itself out from me – strong physical movements to my throat/face.

We continued the journey without the required piece of Søren D. N. months ago – because of his lack of faith – where we really could not go on.

I was more than incredible tired this afternoon, but I decided to stay up.

Darkness came to me strongly this evening wanting me to be careless about others than myself and to stop now, and this still comes with a strength of desperation because of my family, friends etc. having feelings of the same in relation to me and because they are treating me wrongly.

And this darkness also kept on putting a big pressure on me – hundreds of times – not only to “lose it” accepting to be negative but to kill people, and it put the words on my mouth and tried to make me accept it “just like that” because that would be the easiest to do, but no, no and no!

At the end of the Giro de Italia racing cycling race today, I heard Rolf Sørensen and the host on Danish TV inspired speaking about “keys”, and Rolf said that small keys open small closets about the Giro, and this is exactly the same as my journey, Rolf, where I had to get small keys for small closets from everywhere, and yes, I wonder if you are still “clean” as you said with strength for years that you were, and eehhh that was a lie and is there anything else you have chosen to lie about or let us say “don’t speak loudly about” – for example this message?

I was told that my sister’s husband Hans, who has always been incredible interested in travelling – it is like an “obsession” to him – bringing him and my sister around the world, and his interest in other cultures helped securing a varied culture of our New World – and here is an incredible piece of music, which has to be heard on the best possible equipment/speakers.

You will discover how incredible simple the principle, which everything is build on, is.

I was told about COWARDS knowing about my sufferings and who I am but being quiet not supporting me and helping me to go through a difficult time, which you normally would do if something is killing a family member/friend of yours (?), and yes we can easily do this if someone receives a cancer etc., but no we cannot with Stig, because he is alright isn’t he (?), and eehhh is he really suffering that much, and yes he is – and try with Karen as one example here as I am told.

Don’t worry, we would have asked directly if you don’t want to bring in the wet clothes about to dry – and that is if I decided to accept speech of darkness wanting to kill/terminate.

And then I received the feeling and an almost impossible to hear voice saying that “there is nothing more here”, and that is at least how I understood it – that we have brought out all life from darkness – and some time later it was said to me directly, and yes let us wait a while, Janet, and see if this is really the case.

I also received an extreme pressure to receive sexual torments/temptations, and also to say that my mother does not mean anything to me, and yes it comes with a strong pressure of family and friends going against me as usual, but still this does not make it more right to accept, so therefore the answer is still NO, NO and NO, you are WRONG again, which I said hundreds of times today.

You don’t know how you have come all the way home, how you could bear it all, but I have written everything down here.

I was told by my inner self that it is about being time to go to bed, which is to say goodnight as my old self and to become my new self, and I am still nervous about what it will mean to become my new self and still have the feeling that I really just wanted to be Stig as I was without sufferings, and now I will become everything known to everyone, how will that feel like, and yes fear of the unknown, which is another feeling of darkness.

I was told that my mother’s and John’s consumption of medicine – and my family in general also including my father – is transferred directly to me, and yes I do remember how I was very directly dying in 2010, I believe, when my mother received chemotherapy and I took on much of her pain to make her survive, and yes my family has trust in the authority of doctors so they will eat practically everything they are given without asking, and this is what is transferred to me unwillingly and that is because I do NOT like to receive “medicine” and have NEVER done so.

I will not be a slave myself anymore, which was said by my inner self still on the way in.

Has Sanna as part of me on the way in inspected your apartment to see how much it is worth (?), yes she has.

Where does that poison (of darkness) sit (?), and I am shown an incredible small pin in the gasoline, which we will remove as life when we get there.

I was given a sound to the oven and was told that this is where darkness would be located if I was (am) not strong enough to convert everything to light.

I was told that I started my journey to late when I for example on Costa del Sol and Mallorca in 2006 and 2007 had difficulties to remove my wrong sexual habits (not illegal), and I understand now that this cost life, which we are first now resurrecting, and I was shown the piano self coming in, and told (by darkness) that here you have your damned camera (symbolizing taking pictures of people, i.e. saving life).

I was told thank you for once again not giving up, and yes a difficult evening it was even though it was not the worst.

So Karen drove away the lorry and I am here given a look out of a rear window divided in two seeing the lorry driving away, but you forced it to stay, and I now see that the lorry is completely close to me, and lorry is “the world”.

I was shown a thermostat and told that now you can control the heating too.

This is like putting out fire of a department store, which does not yet exist.

Isn’t it surprising that Shevardnadze bit you welcome (?), which has to be in continuation of my short writings on him several months ago.

I was shown a small and dark garage opening with a keyboard coming out – another form of a piano – and inside of this is one smaller keyboard after the other, which is about new creations of new God’s, which has started.

I was shown first a coffin coming in, which is I, and it is followed by an endless row of horse carriages.

So we found compensation for Søren D. N. from something inside another person, which we could use, and I don’t know whom.

I received the voice of the late famous Swedish writer of children’s books, Astrid Lindgren, and she said that Emil of Lönneberga (very famous here, also with me – I never forgot how he got his head stuck in the soup pot) – is now 50 years old, and also that she saw how Captain Haddock is whipping me, which is about the darkness of Karen sent to me, and I am here given the feeling of Karen and her love of luxury, which is a part of it.

Google Earth: Greenland is changing film again still sending me the kiss of death

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the show-room of Greenland, a whole lotta love of the hole, Greenland is changing film again still sending me the kiss of death, ZERO pollution of our New World, Greenland (the Source) being cleaned up, it’s raining again, and my name is again shown in BIG CLOUDS on the globe.

FB 260513 Jette 1

FB 260513 Jette 2

Fb 260513 Jette 3

FB 260513 Jette 4

FB 260513 Jette 5

FB 260513 Jette 6

FB 260513 Jette 7

I also shared this photo on my Facebook timeline to make people understand, and I wonder if this is what it takes for Johannes the mayor to receive confirmation about me helping us the last way in.

FB 260513 Jette 8

FB 260513 UFO-kryhy v obili

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Meat believes that he is saying farewell, but I am telling him that he is going to wake up as a new born still rockin’ in the New World and so much else. Sometimes, I am still brought to the top of all comments as this example shows.

FB 260513 Meat

  • Do you need help on this, Lisbeth (?), and yes it shouldn’t be that difficult, right (?), and what about doing the RIGHT thing, which is to publish ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION/STORIES ON ME TO THE WORLD (?), and what if I ask you, will you do it then (?), of maybe this is not good enough for you?

FB 260513 Lisbeth K

  • Here is an update to people having “difficulties” accepting to connect with me on Linkein including the director Marie Hansen from the National Labour Market Authority, Kåre previously from my client Frie Funktionærer, Maj previously from Teleperfomance, who “liked” me, Maj, when we worked together almost 10 years ago, but now you “cannot” accept me, and maybe you spoke to Lena about me, the previous director (?), and yes I am only guessing, and no, I never heard from my old friend, Henrik F. from Karenvej, and yes I feel as sad over this as when you decided to try stealing some of my belongings around 1980, Henrik, which led to the end of our friendship.

Linkedin 270513



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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