May 28, 2013: Returning all of the Source to its original location after it has been cleaned, which will start up our New World


Summary of the script today

27th May: Removing darkness from the room of Helena and padding the room of the Source helped by the mayor

  • Dreaming of calculating required energy to release all life and my old friend Kirsten being one part of four of me.
  • I received the last – second out of three – warning without knowing what the warning was about (!), and the third time, darkness will explode, if there is anything to explode by now, which I don’t believe and think that there is also meaning that man will not be killed as your old selves before awakening as your new selves at our great awakening. The old creation of the world is ceasing to exist including all life as if it has never been created, and it is replaced with our new creation bringing everything you are, and not only the “poor quality” of life as your old creation was made as, as a compromise to create sustainable life.
  • I was told about “starvation” to bring all food/life out of me, which my script on Johannes the mayor and emails today for Helena, Karen, Karin, Anton, Pia & Peter and Lisbeth from the Commune helped doing when they sent me an incredible amount of energy of darkness as the result. We have now brought out all life of darkness also replacing the need of an explosion doing this. With this, we are removing the pin of darkness inside the gasoline of the Source to bring eternal fuel to everyone, and this comes via reactions of Helena to my email – showing my name on Google Earth and telling her that she is “divine” – which is opening her room at the cross of Helena/Stig also because of her new feelings of love to me and not Søren Pind, who made it “impossible” for me to enter here. This is where this pin of darkness is located to be removed once and for all. This also made the Source strong enough to stay inside our New World and not to return to the “oven” of its old location outside, and to turn around becoming part of creation when we explore the content of the eternity of it. The two bars of Karen and I are now very close to become one and Helena is now bringing fuel for this merger.
  • I was shown myself inside a very small room at a tree, which is padded with basil leaves/pesto all over on the inside (also with the help of the mayor opening to me), and outside there is darkness, so this is the small room of the Source, which is everything, the smallest room in the world creating everything you see, and I was shown the harbor of Helsingør being this room of the Source. I am about to receive my last tooth being the sum of the four teeth of the four divided world/Jesus, which have now been relocated, and this is to start up my new self/New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show morning walk, rescuing, the Ice-queen of darkness, my bad handwriting, the Ice-queen wanting to bring my “old nightmare”, an ice-saw to clear the sea from ice, a couple saved by a coin/energy, turning around the square to bring you a new film, and professors of better-knowing ignorant sending me darkness, Mr. Dragholm and family I presume, and a lady and a gent with a wheel-barrow.
  • Short stories of Soulaima’s enthusiasm of power of the old world killing life, UFO crashes are sacrifices of people of other civilisations helping to turn around the Source, how will the mayor react to my script of yesterday (?), the Unicorn of Michael Wulf shows the end of creation, variation of life is a gift of God, I brought Google Earth pictures from last year showing my name and scripts on the sky to win over Johannes the mayor, my old and new Facebook friends and also Karen, Karin, Pia & Peter, Anton and Helena whom I sent them to too as a finish spurt, and I sent this to Lisbeth from the Commune too in an email to make her understand before our meeting in June that I only speak the truth, a beautiful painting of CELEBRATION, and Helena decided to speak behind my back on Facebook maybe not realising that I read her? 

28th May: Returning all of the Source to its original location after it has been cleaned, which will start up our New World

  • Dreaming of Communes chasing me – can I escape them (?), implementing an expensive new operating system/creation, pulling up a dead whale bringing new ways of creation, and the implementation of a new world avoiding sexual torments.
  • Karen ”could not” take my new email to her – about my name on Google Earth etc. – and decided to block me (!), which made me VERY sad. Apparently she cannot get the message about me inside her simple mind, and I was told that this is also about her poor conscience in relation to me because of her own wrong (sexual) behaviour, her wish to save her own “behind” and uncontrollable temper, and underneath this, she still loves me, which is the condition for being able to return all of the Source including all new life – after it has been outside for everything to been cleaned – to the original location of the Source, which is what is merging the finished Karen together with me making up one and bringing the great awakening to everyone. I feel how all life is now physically being placed inside of me. This is also bringing Karen the worst period of her life almost breaking down, which my mother is too because of John’s “sickness”, which both is brought to me where STRONG darkness desperately want me to break down as a result, which would still bring the risk of killing physical life before it has returned inside the original location and safety of the original location of the Source. Opening the gates to here requires the best skills in the world, which I am able to do because Kim S. believes that I am the only one having better skills than he. Instead of the biggest bang in history de-leting our old life, we will receive a silent transition where magic of God will transform us from our old to our new selves.
  • 100 liters of snaps now equals 100 liters or water meaning that we have now come to the top of the Source where 100% darkness = 100% light also meaning that we have now received 100% perfect and pure access to the Source.
  • Short stories of Lars Løkke being a TURNCOAT, I was a lucky potato not forgetting my toothbrush, as Zombie I brought everyone to the apple of our New World, and Helena was not able to go to Ziggy/me.


27th May: Removing darkness from the room of Helena and padding the room of the Source helped by the mayor

Dreaming of calculating required energy to release all life and my old friend Kirsten being one part of four of me

I went to bed at 22.30 and slept until 05.00 this morning with these dreams.

  • At work, I am about to commence work on calculating all pension cover and money of an accountant, which will take 2-3 days, and I also have a task for my old friend Kirsten, which will also take 2-3 weeks as I say but correct it to days, and I see how Kirsten is one out of a team of four doing gymnastics, and they have to do a test now performing their best, and even though Kirsten lives up to her best, one of her partners do somewhat poorer than the best, and Pernille S. is there as my employer telling me that I only need to do my work on the task of Kirsten to a grade of 3 on a scale of 5. I see people smoking pipe, and think that it will be nice to get this work over with.
    • We are calculating if we have enough money, i.e. energy, to bring all pension, i.e. life, free, and Kirsten is one of the four, which came as a big surprise to me, and yes Mette’s son, Christoffer, is another, my old class friend, Peter T., another and apparently Kirsten is the last if I calculate myself as the fourth, and I am thinking of the four divided world, where one because physical and the other three became non-physical as darkness working against us, and yes Kirsten is one of the most better-knowing, lazy, misunderstanding and gossiping people imaginable with WRONG behaviour, so she is sending me much darkness too, and here Pernille symbolises darkness telling me that I don’t need to do my best work, but this is not how I work because I will continue doing my best work under the circumstances as I have done throughout my journey. And it seems that work just continues ….
  • Something about working with Søren this being my last month of work, I work with Panasonic as client, and something about asking if social cover is fine, and then I cannot read the rest.
  • I woke up to Eurythmics’ “there must be an angel (playing with my heart)”, which is one of those incredible beautiful and very inspired songs you know, which may have to do about the finishing work to the heart of my new self.

Removing the pin of darkness from the room of Helena and padding the room of the Source with the opening of the mayor

When I stood up, it was as “my old duvet”, and the first I was told was “let this serve as your last warning at the same time”, which indicates that I have received another warning before (?), and yes one and two out of three ain’t bad because this will not make darkness take me over, but should I receive no. 3, it will make darkness take me, and yes making the remaining world explode, which is what it is about, and I am just wondering what this warning is about (?), and also that I don’t believe that I received the first warning (!), so we will see about this, and yes is this the only way to end the old world, which is to explode it in order to start the new (?), and we will see, and no matter what, the idea is really to make the old world “nothing” and the New World “everything” before this happens, if it happens.

I was shown a U.S. space shuttle having problems with its left wing while landing, and I saw it landing roughly crashing into some trees, and I was also shown a homework booklet with one page including a large X, which is about a lesson I will not go through and both are about the coming explosion leaving out remaining parts of the old world, is this it (?), and then again, if there is nothing left, there is nothing for you to explode, and in this case you can explode everything you like, but for the moment, let us just continue the game seeing where it will take us.

I also felt nuts inside a lift with good room where there is normally busy, which is about continuous creation, so we will see how far we are able to bring it.

I was asked if that mink farm can still be used (?), which is about Karen’s old friend, Heidi, who used to work for the Danish fur industry, and here about darkness wanting to use her as a cover of my “old nightmare”, and TRUST ME, I have been given indications of just how strongly this would be carried out if I gave in, which you would never dream about doing, and yes I will still say no if you should decide to give me the third warning as darkness and let us then see if you can/will carry out what I have put in my life to avoid for years when I also tell you that I mean it SERIOUSLY, which is for you NOT to carry this out, and we know, we still have the top rule to do whatever it takes, if this is what is needed, but still ….

It corresponds to going into a video store saying that I am not going to have anything, can you do that (?), and yes you can.

I was given the word “Fedtegreve” (“stingy count”), which is both “fat” and a symbol of terminated life, and also what my old colleague and almost friend Prip from Danske Bank called me around 1990 – your name is not Dragsholm (as in the castle) but Dragholm, so you are not a count (“greve”) but a “stingy count”, so is this to say that he also knows about me (?), and I was told aren’t you entirely “fresh” anymore (?), and yes your mother loves that song, and yes COME ON AND SHOW ME THE BEST YOU GOT, I am the one taking the decisions and ALSO if you give me three “warnings”!!!

I received the lyrics of C. V. Jørgensen’s Costa del Sol “En sidste kommentar herfra sku’ lige være den ….”, so this is about remaining darkness, which I may not be able to clean?

I received a low noise from my balcony sounding as if it came from “miles away” at the outermost of the Source of me, and is this a part of me I cannot reach (?), and the only way to do it is to explode the last part of it?

It is not on Cyprus that you exchange mattresses, is it (?), which will have to mean that Cyprus also symbolises the Source, which “islands” do.

I was VERY tired this morning, and since the library first opens at 10.00, I decided to take a LONG bath from approx. 06.00 to 09.30 (!), where I was also sleeping, which I can do without risks because of my physical size compared to not a very big bath tub, and I felt somewhat better afterwards, but let us say it as it is, I am still tired, dizzy and feeling poorly, so everyday is still a struggle to go through.

No we are not going to bury your mother – i.e. kill the world – as my inner self from the balcony says.

And it is our job to inject “a white liquid” as I am shown and feel that this is “the magic” liquid, which will bring our great awakening.

I received some sneezing, which I am still given sometimes, but not everyday now.

I was told about my old colleagues from Acta, Norway, and “do you think they have understood you” (?), and my answer was no, and then I received a déjà vue about Norwegians, who will become surprised when they will understand the truth about me.

I received the feeling of my father and “but, is my son completely careless about my sickness” (?), and my mother is also ignoring that I am dying, which is “impossible” to understand.

How much money have you collected together for Stig (?), yes practically nothing, which is also part of the game here because of lack of understanding and support to me in a difficult time, and yes there was no limits to how family could help my mother, John and father as examples when they were visible sick, but you could not see and understand my torments?

Is this where the gold is (?), but there isn’t anything here?

I received Siouxsie & the Banshees’ Mittageisen, because this is what it is about time for, to have the dinner of our New World.

When I cycled to the library, I was given the thought of Karen and then my chain started “jumping”, so darkness and misunderstandings are still coming from there.

When I was working on updating my script of yesterday and preparing to publish it, I was given strong impatience again as if we have run out of time trying to make me speed up, but NO, this is NOT how I working.

I still receive a feeling of something going through a narrow funnel of my throat, and i was told that you are not finished as a pop singer are you (?), and yes this is about “the goodbye of a rock singer” by Shu-bi-dua symbolising the death of my old self.

I was told about my mother filling out the tools coupon – all combinations – and I was told that it was lack of faith of John making my mother too believe I was dangerous (!), which planted to the mayor and city of Helsingør, but now my mother knows that I am not dangerous also making the mayor understand the same (also via my new script) , and yes isn’t it incredible that you could believe at all that I was dangerous, and yes fear for the sake of fear working inside the heads of better-knowing ignorants.

I was told about starvation and was shown a hood, and told that this is what this was about, to bring all food/life out of me.

I was inspired to find more Google Earth pictures given last year showing my name on the sky for me to share again on Facebook for Johannes the mayor and everyone to see, and when I was preparing this, I was told that this means that we are not hungry anymore meaning that we have now brought out all life of darkness – and the mayor will better understand that I am simply the one.

I have been told yesterday and today about “sexual satisfaction”, which I understand that the work I do now – influencing people – is replacing, and to me “sexual satisfaction” as an alternative is “explosion” of the remaining old world.

I received strong heartburn again, so I am bringing in even more of darkness.

I was told about “Shanghai” and something about “catching the snake”, which is what you are doing with your spurt today, and yes are my scripts like “Chinese” to you, which is “impossible” to understand because you don’t want to understand?

When I had done my best today publishing/sending Google Earth pictures with my name and scripts, see the short stories, I received the smell/taste of gasoline, and was told that what we do now is really to remove the pin inside gasoline of the Source, which is causing all of this darkness that I am still receiving.

Do we need some change of air (?) and I felt Karen, which has to be about her reading and understanding of my email to her with Google Earth pictures, see the short stories, so this is about her “change of air” from her present to her new life together with me, and yes just thinking I am.

Have we already set over a new washing machine (?), and again I was given the feeling of Karen washing clothes, i.e. going through sufferings, because of my emails to her.

I also received the feeling of Helena, and later I was told that “then he will soon be well”, which is about people understanding me, thus removing darkness.

I thought it would be a short day at the library not imagining that I would be here until 17.30, but this is how it is when you get carried away, and just had to finished what was on the agenda of today.

Are you by any chance from Scotland (?), and I was told that those pictures – with my name and scripts – clearly entered there, which will have to be about Alex, another part of me and yes a silent Facebook friend too.

It is now “tomorrow morning” and yet again I have notes from the evening to write down, and this time even more because of the strong impact of darkness going against me, and yes it was not possible for everyone – Johannes, Karen, Helena, Anton, Karin and Pia & Peter – to “fully” understand me (?), and instead we dug up everything we could inside this “wonder land” as it is when being turned around, so once again, here we go, and once again I have the feeling “I cannot do it”, but where there is a will, there is also a break through.

I received “scratching the surface” by SAGA and the lyrics “you better come up for air”, which was in relation to Karen.

Do you know where to go down to the medicine closet to buy beer? Yes, you will come with us, which is the last piece in everything bringing eternal fuel, and it is here that we fish up people like you.

Is it possible to have such a vehicle approved (?), yes you have to ask Stig about this, which is his/my future job, and that is to set the boundaries of life.

I received ”secret messages” by Electric Light Orchestra – my “signature” song receiving “secret messages” from the spirits of my father and mother when working hard – and the lyrics ”A moving stream of information, That is floating on the wind”, and I was told that we thought it was a long time ago we brought this, and it came with the feeling of how my stories are going between people from mouth to mouth.

Isn’t this the way she is cleaning up after her holiday (?), and I felt Karen, but I was told that she is not Virgin Mary, yes who is she (?), and then I understood that this is about the reaction of Helena, whom I wrote that she is “divine” obviously making her think, and she has just been to Egypt on a diving holiday.

The mirage has not yet been turned all the way around.

I was told about lungs and breathing and how incredible difficult this was to develop, and I was given the feeling/understanding that breathing air is to take in “fertilizer” from the Source to survive, which eating has to be too, and does this mean that in a perfect New World, we don’t have to breath of eat making us go directly from preservation to everything (?), and this is how it came to me.

Aren’t there any more invoices (?), yes most were pre-paid, and everything I have received since are instalments, and Helena etc. help me repaying by giving me darkness, and by now, I had seen her Facebook posting “behind my back” about me.

This means that your spaceship is not finished, but mine is, and I felt Karen.

Be careful that you don’t overthrown the guitar amplifier in here.

You are not so stupid” came to me over and over again, which has to be reactions of people coming to me, and what is bringing it home, which is to convince people slowly.

Thank you for dinner today – for having the courage to send Helena that email, and I was shown a small sailboat with a woman bringing a man down – I am receiving a sneeze right here – together with a bunch of bananas (also meaning to make love) and I see how the bananas are transformed into a bouquet of flowers with one being pulled out for this lady, who is Helena, and this is about her selfish life prioritizing to make love – with both gender, and this is the strength of her coming to me.

I was given the thought of first Helena, and then my comment to her about Søren, and immediately my oven wrote “E-3”, which is the error message it gives when it switches off, and I can only get it started by un-plugging and plugging it – as it does often because of darkness here – and it was followed by a sound to my balcony, and this was to say that the WRONG behaviour and power of Helena and Søren wanted to keep the Source in prison of darkness, but the Source is out because of my decision to be the strongest.

This is by coincidence the biggest eagle you could bring down.

No, you have not completely used all of the train card, and I was shown a tiny bit remaining on a 10 tour clip card.

You don’t have any cash, do you (?), no I got my behind full of it, which is about being out of energy as my old self and as my new self I have all force imaginable.

I was shown myself inside a very small room at a tree, which is padded with basil leaves/pesto all over on the inside, and outside there is darkness, so this is the small room of the Source, which is everything, the smallest room in the world creating everything you see.

Eeehh, I am heartfelt welcome and I felt Helena and a sceptical attitude now knowing if she wants to enter the tree, and also the feeling that she is breaking down (because of my email), and apparently it does not take much for her to do.

I received some big – small – heart attacks.

Wasn’t Jan – my cousin – the fourth Jesus (one of each of the four divided world – Christoffer, Peter T., Kirsten and now Jan) and who am I then if not one of the four (?), and is that the superstructure being all of them (?), which is how I understand it.

It is a giant law firm – old symbol of darkness – with all of its money, i.e. energy/life, that you receive because of your work today.

I was shown myself having all of the Eiffel Tower over my head, and told that the Berlin Cathedral might as well be under the Eiffel Tower, where I have also been, and I was told that the places I have been is where we have the cleanest energy of all.

Isn’t this what we have done, created a microscopic small hole in the corner of a dark room (?), and I am shown this small hole and a woman standing inside of there with tiles of paper, which I understand is what we need, and yes it is expensive entering here, and I thought about Helena being the ice queen of Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

I was shown and told that here comes a slice of darkness from Helena, and is this to make access to me from the balcony easier (?), and yes I am shown a new opening now.

I could have decided to send my email – see the short stories – also to Jan my cousin, René my old friend and many others, but no, this would not be right the same way as to those I decided to send to, and that is for now at least.

Is this enough to prolong my journey (?), no because the oven was already empty, we had come out.

Yes, this corresponds to throwing away a handbag as if it has never existed, and this is the handbag of our Old World, and here is Marianne Jelved symbolising just this from when she visited the new culture area of Helsingør the other day, and when it comes to your old handbag, Marianne, the right answer is “not to be”, which is about our Old World. Soon you do not exist as your old self, but as your new, and there is nothing to be sad about, and yes this is a picture from Helsingør Daily News as the picture of the mayor and Marianne the other day also was, and we know it is ALWAYS a good idea for you to write the source of your information, which I have NOT always been good at in my scripts.

Jelved and her famous handbag of the old worldThe Culture Minister Marianne Jelved is throwing away the handbag of our old world, which is “not to be” now replaced by everything of our New World, which is “to be”

So it will not give the Bornholm watch an extra beat/more time.

We still have problems with those Japanese, and this work today helps to bring an opening here.

This is not only an important part of the Source, but a crucial part of the future command central – what is inside this new dark room – and to start with, we had to use a poorer part, do you believe in this yourself (?), which is Helena’s skeptical attitude coming to me, and no, I have no idea, I have just decided to write what I am told and not to decide what I believe or don’t believe in, and that is in most cases anyway.

I was shown and told that we have brought the Source through not as one piece of meat but as minced meat, and I was thinking that this will improve in quality together with faith of man.

Emil of Lönneberga was about “soup”, i.e. the on-going process of becoming my new self.

So Helena’s skeptical attitude could make me believe that darkness was still inside the oven as I was given a sound to, but I am given the feeling that there is nothing more in there, so this game is not to bring out more, but to improve quality of what already is making the beginning of our New World even better.

It was not only poor things you spread on Mallorca, and it is from here that we now received this bowl of salad, and yes in 2007, when I visited Mallorca we were still on our way to destruct the world – without destructing it – to become “nothing” in order to enter the Source, so when I did poorly then, it was needed to come to this point, and this bowl says “congratulations with victory, Stig”, and yes you would come here one day sooner or later, isn’t this what you believe, and yes it is.

And this is to make it possible for Jack from a higher level to be able to look down to you, so this is where I am receiving even more from my endless father at the balcony – there is no end to the Source inside our New World, but not yet part of the creation of our New World (my shelves), which it will first become when we enter it – and no, you will also not regret doing what you did today.

So you have convinced us to stay also with the help of Helena here at the end. And can we change into light from here (?), yes we believe that we are now strong enough to do this even without those steaks we remember (but don’t have yet).

I was shown myself in a canoe with bottles of beer in strings in the water on the side of the canoe, and this is what Helena was meant for, which is about these bottles of the Source never to leave me, and isn’t this why Helena has come in here, which is to remove this pin of darkness, and it sits here as I am told and then I was given a big pain to my left heel. And I was given a sound to my oven and was told that this will become a museum so everyone can see from where we came from.

I felt the comedian Søren Østergaard, and yes a clown, and I felt Churchill and saw him standing out from a car in London, and I was told that this is what he now feels like, i.e. a clown, which will have to be in retrospect looking back at his life, and yes I have watched a documentary in three parts – the last part this evening – about this exciting man being crucial for history because of his actions as Prime and Defence Minister of Britain during World War II.

Again, I had this feeling of receiving FAR TOO MUCH information this evening compared to what I had energy to write down as notes, it was killing me, and yes thank you Helena, Karen, Johannes and all of you today bringing me this pain.

I received the feeling of Royalty and Norway, and I was told that we have only been made – as the people we are today – as a poor copy of those we really are accepting many compromises in order to create life, and now that we know how to do this, we use the same principle to amplify everything to become who we truly are – until now not including future development when exploring the Source – and this is “pretty good” if we have to say it ourselves.

So the ice queen has returned home to stop the tap running the wrong way but turning it around as easy as everything else on your road making us show our true face, and it is inside of this room of Helena that the tap – the pin in the gasoline – is located.

No, there was nothing as bad as my two days in Geneva in 2009, which were the only ones I could not write about.

So the Source is not empty but endless, and now strong enough to stay inside the New World and turn around becoming part of creation.

I received STRONG negative power of many people resisting me, and the uncomfortable question again if I will have to write down all of this information this night, and I told myself that I cannot and also believe that it is not necessary, and this power against me is really like having the worst storm blowing into your face.

So you have never received the kiss of death, which also would prick inside here.

I was told about brick wall basils, and was told that the mayor has also not forgotten that, which was my reply to his Facebook posting of “cheap apartments” where I spoke for buildings of bricks and not concrete, so this is what this small room of the Source is padded with – with the help of the mayor, who is as silent as everyone else “ignoring” me.

I was shown a golden wreath at the Danish Parliament being brought into my coffin, and I was told by Churchill that this is because “they are on fire” because of me.

The spaceship of the Source as I have been shown becoming me is not to forget that I am everything including all life of the Universe.

I received the feeling of “500 years old atmosphere” and the monastery of Helsingør and I was told that already back then, we prepared the work to move in the Source, and this is also given to me because of thoughts of Johannes the mayor, and I am here given the feeling of crème used for baking.

I was shown an old key – could be 500 years old (!) – opening a chest, and in reality you are created by feelings of people about you.

So this is a decisive moment of this journey now coming to reach the point to change everything of our future selves.

Well, where is this place (?), and yes Søren Pind is out, you are in, so this place is in the cross of Helena and Stig, and yes part of the cold play you know.

Isn’t it just a dark cabin up here, which I see a little above me on the mountain, and this was impossible to enter because of Søren Pind (and his WRONG attraction to Helena), and we have had to awake the emotion of Helena to you to make this happen – and again I received darkness trying to bring me sexual torments to take me over, but no, NEVER!

There is one tooth, you have not received yet, which is my new as the sum of the four, who have now been identified, and yes the four teeth I lost are now back because of their faith in me, and eehhh, Stig, can it really be true that some of the worst sceptics in me – Christoffer, Jan, Kirsten (and Peter T.) – suddenly have changed from non-believers to believers just like that (?), but this is what I am told, and this is in order to start up my new self and our New World.

I was told that the big open bar on street level in the middle of Nairobi was gold worth, and part of me were transferred to prostitutes (!) I met – speaking with and nothing else – to protect me from darkness because no one would look here, and if they remember you (?), yes they will never forget you for treating them as human beings and not as sexual objects.

I was shown a war ship, a royal ship and a dense atmosphere of “everything” inside the harbour of Helsingør and it came together with the feeling of enthusiasm, and again this is the feeling of the mayor – whom I here feel – and this harbour is simply the small basil covered room of the Source, and I am thinking that the mayor may not believe in me with his awakened mind, but there are enough crackings in his darkness to make the light shine through for me to enter this room, and yes because he allowed me to stay in Helsingør.

I was shown one bar on each side of a room – very close to each other – with a pizza with tomatoes being sent over from the other bar to my bar on this side – the other bar is Karen’s bar – and Helena is now part of this bringing fuel bringing these bars together, which gives the fastest car in the world as I am shown here with rocket engines, which is the magic of minus becoming plus as one.

And now, Helena is not in love with Søren Pind but you again, funny right (?), so it is via her bedroom and thoughts that you enter the golden coach.

Google Earth: Greenland is changing film again still sending me the kiss of death

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show morning walk, rescuing, the Ice-queen of darkness, my bad handwriting, the Ice-queen wanting to bring my “old nightmare”, an ice-saw to clear the sea from ice, a couple saved by a coin/energy, turning around the square to bring you a new film, and professors of better-knowing ignorant sending me darkness, Mr. Dragholm and family I presume, and a lady and a gent with a wheel-barrow.

FB 270513 Jette 1

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Soulaima attended the World Economic Forum at tghe Dead Sea, and as usual she is “thrilled/excited” about being together with people in power of the old world – also being in the same room as the new U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry, and still I am thinking that she “could not” receive me as enthusiastic as she receives the rotten old world, and here on her way home, she took the wrong suitcase with her, and yes suitcase is about “clothes”/luggage symbolising life just to say that she has attended the worst darkness killing life, see?

FB 270513 Soulaima

  • This morning I was given the thought of “giant UFO crashes”, which is “sold” to the public as meteor crashes, and when I saw this update on Facebook, I understood that this was to bring my attention to this, and I was here given an out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that these sacrifices of people of other civilisations – still man is fighting you (?) – are helping to do just this; to help turning around the Source.

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  • When I published my script of yesterday on Facebook, I brought a link to the mayor, which means that he will receive a notification about my script, thus more attention, and it also made my script visible on his Facebook timeline, and I wonder how he will react to this.

FB 270513 Johannes

  • Michael Wulf showed an Unicorn, which a man had invited home for lunch, but his wife rejected because she had not cleaned, which made the husband say that “it’s now or never”, and I told him about his inspiration about the Unicorn symbolising everything (as I have been given visions about before), lunch meaning “life” and “lunch package” our New World, so this is simply a symbol given to tell man that we have completed the creation of our New World, and yes easy to see right?

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  • I could have commented this one too, which I did not, but it is about a hair dresser offering many different haircuts, which he connected with political attitude, but “hair” is the same symbol of water, thus “material of the Source” and here about variation of life given to man from God as a gift.

MW haircut

  • I decided to bring these Google Earth pictures from last year showing my name on the sky including my scripts for everyone – including Johannes the mayor – to understand.

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  • And I decided for a spurt here at the end hoping to bring even more faith or darkness for that matter from “key people”, who are not my Facebook friends, so I sent the links above in Facebook emails to Karen, Karin from Holland, Pia & Peter, and here Anton and also Helena, whom I told that she is “much more than you believe (“the divine” itself), and I wonder how she and these people will react to these emails.

FB 270513 til Anton

Fb 270513 til Helena

  • Finally, I also sent this email to Lisbeth from the commune – here shown the beginning and end of it with the middle including the Google Earth pictures above – and this was to help her understand that I only speak the truth about who I am before our next meeting in June, and also that when she and the city believed that I was negative and unreasonable – and potentially dangerous – it was really their own fear with the truth being that they were negative and unreasonable to me sending me MUCH darkness, and yes, I also sent her the link to my script about the mayor for her to be able to follow me.

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  • I was somewhat surprised to see that Helena decided to share the story of my email to her with her Facebook friends and NOT to send me a reply (!), and she says that she has just been made divine in the best meaning of the word in some very long emails (!), and the person (me!) writes about and links to cloud formations and asks me to reconsider our old Facebook friendship – don’t you believe I read this comment of yours, Helena, and are you stupid enough to think that I don’t see this when I am not your Facebook friend and cannot understand that I do as your “follower” (?) – and she also says that “I don’t say it directly that the man is not right, but h…, there is surely no clouds”, so what is your message (?), is it that your strong inner voice NOT to believe in sky formations is making you believe that I am “cloud free” as in “there is nobody home on his top floor” (?), and Jane asked if this is about schizophrenia, which Helena did not comment directly, and Thomas was one of these simple minded people saying that he also stands off “very long emails” and “little but good is probably more the road ahead”, and yes yes yes, Thomas has anyone told you about being a wise-guy not at all knowing what you speak of here (?), and Fam said that generally he stand of in relation to people always knowing better (!), and isn’t it funny that this is exactly what he does not at all knowing what this is about? And yes, an example of people speaking behind the back of me, and simple minded and better-knowing ignorant knowing everything without knowing nothing, and yes SUCH A SHAME is what it is – how stupid can you get? And yes, do I have to tell you just how humiliating it was for me to send these emails to COMPLETELY DEAF AND LAZY PEOPLE treating me like garbage (?), and yes, you know ….

FB 270513 Helena

  • A beautiful painting of CELEBRATION :-).

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28th May: Returning all of the Source to its original location after it has been cleaned, which will start up our New World

Dreaming of Communes chasing me – can I escape them (?), implementing an expensive new operating system/creation

I went to bed at 00.10 and was surprised to see that I – after being awakened several times during the night/morning as I am most often – I slept until 09.50 today with these dreams.

  • I was told something about Århus being a symbol of our New World because of Helena.
  • Something about being three with Communes trying to destroy us, and I am flying out over the edge of a mountain to escape, and the question is if I am strong enough to keep flying without falling down.
    • This is about the reactions of the Communes against me and just maybe my email to Lisbeth of yesterday, and is she still planning to bring me permanent disability pension to “defuse” me (?), and flying is about working, so am I strong enough to keep on working, which was a big question during the dream.
  • I speak to Martin from Malaga, I used to work for him, and I remind him about how we changed operating system on the computers, which was not free, and he now tells me that he has done it again and he has read the accounts seeing that by now he has brought in 2 million of the 10 million DKK that this cost.
    • An operating system of a computer is about creation, so we have changed the creation of darkness with a new, which cost a lot of money, and still I have more to repay, if I can and if there is more time (?), and yes I simply continue working for as long as it takes until you will wake me up one night as my new self, which in short terms is my plan, and the only one that I have, and that is as Stig writing this.
  • At 02.00 in the night, my switched-on amplifier switched off with a high sound, and I was told about Helena roasting two sausages – sexual torments of darkness – and I felt Johannes, and was shown and told that this is about pulling up a dead whale in the harbour of Helsingør, which however includes a line of new and very modern kitchens.
    • So Helena and Johannes is the cocktail making it possible to bring in even more life from the Source and new kitchens/ways of creation.
  • I have implemented a new pension scheme working together with professional brokers/advisors, who are very happy for me, and something about another big insurance broker and their towel hanging at my home, and I see stairs down and an auditorium. And something about a young woman by the name of Karina being on home soil and I ask her if she can handle Kresten Poulsgaard and his sausages, and she says that she can and they had to get out after wash.
    • The implementation of a new pension scheme/New World. Kresten is a former MP, who used to run a sausage wagon and who could not control his negative feelings at an annual meeting of the previous Fremskridtspartiet (“Progress party”) sometime in the 1990’s making him look like a fool – the same way as people could not handle their negative feelings in relation to me, there is no difference (!) – which brought Pia Kjærsgaard to create Danish People’s Party and break out from this now dead party.
  • I am at an important conference together with a partner at the top of a fine building in Copenhagen, and I am surprised to see that there is a break already after 15 minutes out of two hours, these were only the forewords of what was to come, and in the break I see that there is a big buffet including lots of sea food including very nice salmon, which I have, and then I fall to sleep and nobody decides to wake me up, which I first do after the end of the conference, and when I wake up, I thank the people, who held the conference feeling VERY embarrassed, and when I leave, I walk away from my partner trying to find the exit, which I however have problems finding.
    • Here I am at the top of the world, the “forewords” is a reference to my “forewords” in my email to Helena, which is opening to this buffet of sea food, which is both about her dreams of making love to me (!), and about a fish symbolising me, which she is opening to, and when we are two, the other part has to be Karen, and she does not wake me up, and I decide to leave her after the meeting – and yes, the explanation came when I saw this morning on Facebook that Karen had decided to BLOCK me, and yes she could no more, so apparently she is as deaf as my mother as example making it “completely impossible” for her to understand when she cannot open her mind, but still under her great temper, there is an opening to me, otherwise I could not have used her as the store to bring in more of the Source.
  • I woke up to the song “rhythm of the night”.

Half awake, I was told that after the waiting hall, you cannot turn around the tap of darkness, and I saw that it was incredible strong, which I have not enough force to turn around, and yes one way or another, this is going to succeed, and my decision is NO “old nightmare”/explosion, and we will have to wait and see what will happen to do this, and yesterday it was “easy” doing this, so let us hope that this was right and this new message is wrong.

How can you otherwise bring out the camera (?), well not everything is as it seems because you have not really come home yet, which you will never come – because we will always receive new parts of the Source.

No, we don’t need a four-room apartment, do we. Because it is the season for overgrow.

So you don’t need a kick in the behind to get up here, and I felt Simple Minds, so this is about “kick it in”, and this is because the old threat of your “old nightmare” is what keeps you going.

I was told that it is not only gasoline coming out of the tap.

This morning I was SAD for receiving NO reaction to my emails of yesterday – I wonder Karin, Pia & Peter etc. – if you will be able to understand just how strongly you humiliate me via your WRONG behaviour not being able to understand me and/or not to communicate.

And when I discovered that Karen has now blocked me, it made me INCREDIBLE SAD also removing all motivation to continue working, and I knew that I had MANY notes to write today, so this was designed to make it VERY easy for me to give up here, and yes can you imagine just how sad this makes me for her to block me not being able to understand everything of her/me/us as I write about daily (?), but still it is business as usual, I have more work to do and that is no matter what.

They have had a sale in USA – on their values, which is about the need of teaching human beings RIGHT BEHAVIOUR, otherwise you will experience a moral decline making people selfish and greedy (and simple minded) and no place like USA in this respect.

Your task in Kenya was to show that black people are also racists – but they are not, are they (?) – and yes I was expelled because their “practise” is that it is not allowed for white people to live with black people!!!

But there is no lamp hung up in here …, well it doesn’t matter …, and that is if Stig cannot go through all work today.

Or maybe Karen simply became VERY tired of you. And yes, the power of her inner voice simply makes it impossible to understand me and eeehhh is that on one side (?), and the other still loves you, which is the “normal side” of you as she sees? And we know, Stig, “totally impossible” to break through it is, and I received the old classic song “Det var en lørdag aften, jeg sad og vented dig” (“It was a Saturday evening, I sat waiting on you”), and this is about Karen not coming to me, and yes I have been waiting for her since 2005/06 knowing that “the girl is mine”, but instead she was driven by darkness living a life in sexual sin tearing my heart out.

We found a pencil – as an elephant.

I was told that 100 liters of snaps now equals 100 liters or water and snaps is “firewater” meaning that we have now come to the top of the Source where 100% darkness = 100% light also meaning that we have now received perfect and 100% pure access to the Source, and I was told that reaching the top required to receive unbearable torments, and it is only here that we receive clean access.

Have we cancelled the emergency vehicles for your mother (?), i.e. there will be no “break down” of old life as we thought before starting new life, and if we don’t do it through an explosion/“bleeding to death”, how will we do it (?), and yes will we simply use “magic” (?), and yes my friends, this is what we will do, and just about the same way that this girl is transformed into a young woman, and who would have thought that this is possible (?), and yes “impossible” to believe in when you look at it, isn’t it (?), and still people do know inside of them that “something is going on”, which is also how people are reacting to you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And your mother had to become “completely crazy” losing it 1½ week ago to open up to this room on top and it came via the reactions of John to this.

Is this the world’s smallest coffee cup, which you have succeeded to enter, and yes with the help of the mayor of Helsingør, who “has no idea of what is happening, Johannes” (?), and yes have you received help from the Danish Parliament to figure out about me (?), and yes I am just wondering. And I am given the sound of a spring to the computer mouse (at the library) meaning that this is what we are doing now, to jump up to the creation of our new self with the mayor really showing the way, because this truth is inside of him, and this is what he has allowed me to read, dot, and yes this is what he thought that he had, put an end to the conquest of me, but no, he had not foreseen this chess move of mine, so there you have it.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, there is now no more ice.

So this is about what we truly don’t like to see, which is the removal of Spain, yes of Karen, to become part of you, and yes she dislikes you, but you do remember Karen and her uncontrollable temper, and still she loves you underneath this when she has calmed down, is this what it is about?

It is not only age, which I Karen’s problem, it is also her inability to understand, and yes if she had understood, we would have been together today and have had a child.

Has the gas run out of your mother’s balloon (?), no not yet and this is tied up with John’s coming operation, so it is possible to receive more darkness, and if it is, we are not done.

During the afternoon, suddenly again I received strong heartburn coming together with the feeling of the management of the European Union.

And is it possible to imagine just how sad Karen is that you have turned mad (?), and yes amazing is what it is.

I was given the vision of the department store of Galaries Lafayette in Paris, which is about the most beautiful new light/life imaginable.

I worked at the library again today also completing work today, this time at 16.30.

It is none of the original blood, which is coming out from this juice presser.

At the end of the day at the library, a man sitting close to me at another computer came over asking me if “en vin” in Danish is the same as “a wine” in English, which I told him that it is, and he did not understand because “Ginger” – on the Internet – told him that it was “vin” and not “wine”, but when I showed him the Danish-English online translation of it, he understood, and he explained that he is writing a book called “A wine in three decanters”, and then he drew these three decanters for me, and I could not help smiling because he was “planted” here to show that all wine of the world is divided in three via the Trinity of the father, mother and child, and yes he spoke of “Persian” too, so maybe he was from Iran, and still when I had to be patient trying to understand his half Danish/English, which was not that easy, I was given darkness wanting me to be impatient and careless, so I am still receiving more life of darkness.

In reality the instrument is much smaller …, and I was given the word “Konstantinopel”, which is the former name of Istanbul, so maybe this man from the library was from Turkey and not Iran.

Again the following is notes from the evening written down here “tomorrow morning”.

The clouds don’t grow into the sky, so this is as far as I could get.

I was told that for Karen this is also about saving her own “be-hind”, and I was shown one of my biggest sins ever to show the attitude of Karen, which was when I worked for DFM and has so much work that I had shelved a letter from an insurance company to one of customers that he could not receive life/disability insurance on normal conditions because of his health, which he had to sign, but I never sent it to him before he had complained over me, and instead of complaining to me, the company, which he worked for, which was our client, had complained to Kim S. and the management with his wife Pernille and her father Jørgen, and somehow I received knowledge of this at the final day, and I decided to write a letter for the customer explaining what the “offer” from the insurance company meant, I dated the letter back in time, took a copy of it, which I filed and threw out the original as if it had been sent via mail so it would look like I had done my job and the letter just had not made it through, and I knew that if I did not, I would be fired – this is how “warlike” Pernille and her father was to me (!) – and it saved my “behind” but this was of course VERY wrong and totally against my principles also at that time (around 1993-94) where I was finding into what otherwise would become “right behaviour/values”, and yes I am sorry for doing what was WRONG, I should not have done this, but then again, the management should also not decide to dismiss me if they found out, and the true problem was that I had far too much work to do making it difficult to make everything.

And this word about “shelving” a case has now come to me over some days in relation to Lars Løkke, and I understand that this is what happened when he did nothing in relation to Birthe Rønn’s neglect as Minister in his government, which would have cost the life of the government, which could have made things look differently, and yes Lars if you had just decided to do what is RIGHT instead of playing a WRONG game!

I was also shown about Karen “washing floors” of her, which is pressing her and I infinitely strong together.

So we have been all the way up under the top of the ceiling, where we found yet another picture of you. The 5 to 1 result is now a long time ago.

I received the song and lyrics “oh … the sound of stranger” by SAGA again and again, which is about what Karen has made me – I also received the lyrics “too late, too late”, and yes fickle is what she is – but then again we have been “strangers when we meet” before, and yes this song is one of those small gems of David Bowie, an underrated almost 100 point song to me.

And it is a combination of my email to Karen and my mother’s feelings, which are making Karen and I strangers. And you are also the only one who can avoid Karen from completely losing it/freaking out – and I received such strong darkness this evening that it wanted me to give in being desperate and almost screaming out my despair, which is a combination of how my mother feels nervous in relation to John’s coming operation and Karen’s attitude to me.

And I was told that Karen’s decision to abandon me on Face-book is also because of her poor conscience to me in relation to her wrong sexual behaviour with other men.

I met Knud, one of my neighbours, and we spoke a little, and when he said that he “wasn’t doing bad”, I told him that this sounds as if he comes from Jutland, which is what they say over there, but no, he comes from Hvidovre near Copenhagen, and then I better understood the fight between Hvidovre and Helsingør in the Danish 2nd division in football on the first and second place playing on who will promote to the first division, which only one team does, and yes Hvidovre has been on first place comfortably for a long time, but a few weeks ago, Helsingør caught up, and they now have the exact same number of points with only a few matches remaining, so let us guess that Helsingør will win and that is because I have no intentions to lose to darkness of Knud, and yes I had no problems speaking to him today – so stuttering – meaning that his darkness in relation to me has decreased.

I was told about my mother giving me gifts, which is her way to express her love, and I was told that there will be no limits to the gifts you will receive from my mother with the coming of our New World.

And we know, our old selves will cease to exist and will be re-placed by our new selves including good memories from our past, and it may be difficult for the new selves of people to remorse the errors of your old selves, we will see about that.

Is Karen’s exit and a heart attack as I am here given because of this the last little bit of my old duvet, which I here receive as a very light touch to my right ankle?

I was shown a long line of gold packages of cold cuts and told that they have been overturned like domino pieces symbolising that we have received all life of the old world.

I received a combination of attacks of darkness on one side and feeling of freedom and happiness on the other this evening, and the first feeling, which is still killing my old self only became stronger – to the level of “desperation”, which is the strong feeling given to me, which I have to reject over again – so I am still both killing and saving my old self.

I was told that you had to make Kim S. think that “Stig is the only one working better than me”, which was impossible be-cause he was my mentor and without a doubt “the best in the insurance business”, but still this is what you ended up thinking of me, Kim?

Stig cannot simply grind in another kitchen cupboard, and I smiled because this was with the feeling of my old step-father Ole, who always said at dinner “Lona, I cannot squeeze down anything more”, which made my mother irritated to hear, but it simply meant that I am now not hungry anymore.

Is it too much to say that Karen goes through the worst time in life thinking about love for Karen, then for me and that is because of her own misunderstandings.

What has John told about me to his part time employers, which he used to work for at least until not that long ago (?), and is this different to what he told family about me when he was together with my mother (?), and I received the word “Supermarco”, which is the Italian supermarket in Copenhagen meaning life and joy and happiness to me.

For weeks, Danish TV2 has shown “Cecilie & Madklubben” (“Cecilie & the food club”), where eight of the most skilled Danish chefs have competed in a friendly way on making the best dishes to each other, which is the best TV you can show me because of the incredible quality, creativity, individuality and variation of these people where one is better than the other, and even though I love them all for exactly whom they are, my favourites are Bo and Søren, but when I think of each of the others, they are all my favourites. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU – I only would like to see more, and yes you could have decided to produce a long, medium and short version of your programme giving everyone the chance to pick what they prefer, and I would have picked the long version, and yes to get to learn some of their techniques in the kitchen, which here is about producing life but that is in another kitchen where I will be the chef.

I was shown the BR Toys store next to Magasin in Copenhagen and was told “do you know what the best is” (?), which is when we will remove the mask of Batman making the world see who I truly am, which eehhh the world was “not able” to understand even though I have been online since February 2010 for everyone to read and understand.

I was told that it is with the recognition of Kim S. that we open the gates into here, I was given a sound to my oven, which is where we all used to be, but now as our new selves after transformation it requires the most skilled in the world, and this is what I am according to Kim.

So you have decided to do the impossible, which is to make everything perfect without any losses, so we better open to you.

Don’t you want to give in to darkness (?), this is your last chance (!), which came to me while I was still receiving darkness and small heart attacks, but no, NEVER (!), and this would lead to me saying no to life on its way in, which I am giving strong temptations to say to remove sufferings from me, but no, this is WRONG, which is what I keep reminding myself, and yes do what is RIGHT and not what is WRONG to do.

Eeehhh, should we first out of the oven, and now we will return (?), and yes I could easy decide something else based on what I have been told and shown for weeks, but I settle to write down what I am told and to decide that everything has to be perfect/light and not to go into detail, which darkness strongly also wanted me to do this evening, but no (!), I will NOT decide in detail on what I know nothing of.

So we all had to get out to be cleaned, isn’t this just the most dangerous event in history (?), and then to return afterwards, yes this is how it was, and I felt that life from the balcony now returned to my ankles.

And this is where sexual satisfaction – of my “old nightmare” – was necessary, i.e. destruction of our old selves, and the reason why everyone is still alive is sitting there because Stig does not want to die thus keeping everyone alive.

What will happen when we enter the oven (?) – the old location of the Source – yes, this should mean that we will awake as our new selves without feeling the transition via the death of our old selves. So it is now that all life is brought back, and I continued receiving small heart attacks this evening because of the strain that this puts on me.

Had I accepted to give in to darkness – as I was encouraged to before – we would all still die (?) because we are not in yet, and this is why I have been shown the Source outside of me at the balcony and not with the viewpoint of having the Source inside of me, and we are now returning home after you have reached a 100 percent pure contact to the Source.

And this is where Karen comes in again, and I hear the words “raving mad” just next to my face, which is coming from her, and this is in reality how you are born, and I feel how life is now placed physically inside of my body.

I continued receiving the Cure’s “let’s get to bed”, which is one of their fantastic songs, and this is the same as forever with Karen, which is “it’s just the same, a stupid game” and about what we are becoming “the two of us, together again” because we are “perfect as cats”, and yes I LOVE THIS SONG, Robert & Co. :-).

Surely you are not a “fine commercial”, are you (?), and I was told that I am spoken about at the finest cocktail parties of the world.

And when you said no to your “old nightmare” and kept on working, this could not be different, and this is the square from Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which is “coming to a cinema near you”, and that is all of us entering the original location of the Source after having been turned around.

So you have approved the connection of Karen and you, which will not create the biggest bang in history but not a sound in a gliding transition. And do you want everything to open at the same time (?), yes please, if possible.

Yes, among other things it was because of Karen’s infidelity that we would have been tied here impossible to change, and when we enter again Stig, what will happen (?), and yes we will automatically become “perfect”, which is the whole idea, and then the Bornholm watch is activated as one eternal golden now – with a watch for practical reasons.

So now we have to show who we are (when we enter), no not yet (!), and I believe that everyone will have to enter before we will wake up everyone.

Shall we see if we can make it to the supermarket on Monday (?), and I felt that one part of me will return to the original location of the Source, and another part of me will continue receiving darkness to turn this around too.

It is now that we use the key to open the money chest for us all.

For a period of time, I could almost not hear what kept on being said, which was in itself making me suffer, but some of it included also to take Stockholm in through fire, which is what would have happened if fire had broken lose on the world killing all old life.

We have now prepared all angels on the tour back to the Source, which is what the song of Eurythmics was about.

I was briefly shown the monster dog of darkness – it is HUGE and NOT nice at all but the worst monster you can imagine – and I was told that it did not bite me, which I can also thank Helena for because she let me in, didn’t she?

Karen has now given up again so we can bring her in after we have brought out everything from her, which is now returning to me – so she was finished as I was told, but I was not, and this is the work we now do.

An alternative scenario would be to receive impossible to an-swer questions from darkness making me desperate, and when I could not answer, it would bring destruction, but no, I am in charge, darkness is NOT!

And we could not return home if this was not what Karen wants beneath her misunderstanding surface, and to receive these feelings of her after having driven her to her very edge is the recipe to bring out all of darkness without some ending up as terminated life of my left leg.

I was shown a priest and told that without this change in Karen, this would kill us all, and was this the third warning (?), which apparently is about killing us all because I now cannot keep life going because of Karen’s decision to abandon me (?), and yes I can only do the right thing to me, which is NOT to care and to tell you that I am setting the rules, so don’t come to me with your three warnings telling me about the killing of all old life because I cannot approve this, and you have to follow me and that is if you can, and when I still can, you can too, this is how it is designed, so therefore the goal is to continue work to bring in all life, to take the time it takes and to do this perfectly, and yes I received temptations to reduce quality to “less than perfect” to make it easier to come in without physical life starting to be killed – I was told that the more I can do in the shorter time, the better it is also asking me to sleep less with a reference to the warning of the dream where I slept thus not receiving most of the important lecture, i.e. life (!) – but no, this is NOT how I work and that is no matter what, I will NOT compromise quality (!), and yes did we not bring the message the other day that physical life would not be killed (?), and I cannot take your threats seriously, this has to work and I have to believe in it.

I was then given what felt like a haemorrhage to the right side of my brain, and I said that I don’t care, we cannot allow any life to collapse now, there has to be a road back without being killed.

I was told that Martin from the call centre at Costa del Sol was the lifeline to bring life out of darkness.

And I was told that my mother and Karen breaking down is what is sent to me strongly – trust me, darkness was strong and potentially “desperate” if I had allowed it – potentially making everything destruct, but the rule is that you need my acceptance to destruct and you will NOT get it even after having given me three warnings if that is truly what you have done.

We now bring you reserves, which don’t exist (!), to help you not to break down.

During the evening, I was given a long play about whether or not the Source has turned around at the balcony or will turn around when returning to the original location of the Source, and I do believe that it has turned around and that is at least everything we have received until now, and no I will not guess on what I am not sure at, so I can only ask you to do “perfect” instead of playing your game starting to believe that this is decisive in order to do this work, which I do NOT believe it is.

Google Earth: Sawing in West-Africa and Helena as La Femme Fatale

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show sawing in West-Africa, stuff for the cinema of our New World, Helena as La Femme Fatale.

FB 280513 Jette 1

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day, Lars Løkke did one of his poorest performances ever when he clearly mentally was somewhere else very far away from what the interviewer here was asking him about – what do you think of these days, Lars, maybe about admitting to your wrong conduct/govern to the world (?) – which was about the Liberal Party meaning something then and now the completely opposite, which made Lars say that they have changed “standpoint”, which was alright to do, and this is different than changing “attitude”, which he clearly sees a difference between, but the only problem is that language experts and the population do not, and what this is TRULY about is what Michael Wulf helped exposing when he brought this using the same word as I used the other day with is “turncoat” (when the present government changed standpoint giving public benefit to unemployed people losing their unemployment benefit with the ONLY reason being to save their own life, thus changing attitude and now presenting their new attitude as something good, which was bad yesterday!), and yes I do NOT like FAKE PEOPLE changing attitude only to bring you what you “desire” the most – this is NOT how the world is working – and yes, Lars, maybe you will have to take an “uhg-day”, which is another subject here these days with some people calling in sick because they feel that they have an “ugh-day”, and this is even organised at some work places showing you moral in decay, which I do NOT like, and yes Lars, what is your attitude of me (?), is that different to your standpoint, which you believe is alright to turn, and yes turning my coat is really what you are helping to do and that is to turn the Source around because of your sufferings, and would you like to tell me about it (?), or maybe even to invite me for coffee at your office?

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  • This page encouraged people to “like” if you remember “don’t forget your toothbrush” and also that “we pull a lucky potato” in a completion, and this is about remembering all of my teeth including everything of life and the Source, and this is why I am a lucky potato, and yes potato is also a symbol of God/the Source.

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  • Once again, Michael Wulf was VERY directly inspired showing “Zombies of reality” wanting to get in to the Apple store, and yes you may remember that I am the Zombie – being more dead than alive – bring everyone to the apple of our New World.

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  • Helena wanted to go to “Ziggy”, which is probably a café in Århus, but no one wanted to join her so she stayed at home and she rationalised that it was pretty good because “heaven and sea stand in one and it roars and bangs”, and to me “Ziggy” is about Ziggy Stardust, i.e. David Bowie, symbolising God/my inner self, and no, she was not able to come, and it was again because you “could not” read and understand and also not communicate, Helena (?), and eeehhh you were supposed to be one of the smart ones, right?

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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