May 30, 2013: The last darkness of the pole of my father is dissolving, thus my old self and all life of the Old World


Summary of the script today

29th May: The last darkness of the pole of my father is dissolving, thus my old self and all life of the Old World

  • Dreaming of bringing together Karen and I, I continue to clean more life of darkness with the threat of the bloody river hanging over me, ordering an increase of new life, and LOVE CHANGES ALL – “what we have made is real” ♥.
  • Musicians from Beethoven to Beatles – including Jeff Lynne – have been shown “disaster” coming, and now they know that we have passed the day of the Judgment, but have we really passed the Judgment (?) is what they think because they have not seen/heart it.
  • Karen and I are being installed as one with her and my eye inside a skull. We are still returning the cleaned Source to the original locating of the Source inside of me, and darkness of the pole of the spirit of my father is dissolving because I am not tempted by Helena, which is making her weapon of sexual temptation turn around dissolving instead of creating the pole, which is not necessary any longer when the Source and the New World are now becoming One God. Without Helena, we would not be able to return everything as light, but had to enter as darkness – killing all life physically – before turning around inside the Source of “eternity of everything” inside of me. I felt a big solid block now entering me, which is what you also can see on Google Earth these days with a square entering Greenland. Berlin used to be the second opening of the Source – Jerusalem is the other – which however was moved to Helsingør beneath Kronborg Castle, which is why I live here.
  • Darkness/sufferings was given to the world – war, sicknesses, death etc. – with the only purpose to bring energy to turn around the Source to bring eternal physical life of joy and happiness to everyone. Do you think you will be able to accept this knowing about the gift of life coming as the result where “not to be” would be the alternative?
  • Short stories about the Danish government continuing to act as dictators making doctors consider releasing themselves to receive freedom, Lars Barfoed dancing with Helle Thorning-Schmidt because of celebration, GMO is destroying life but still it is allowed to spread like a cancer, helping people to understand the sliding transition and magic which will be used at our great awakening, and a teenager in Philippines who trust in the Lord left me as Facebook friend! 

30th May: Lars Løkke’s decayed moral was the worst darkness trying to destruct Helle Thorning, me and the world

  • Dreaming of Jan Monrad being a “special friend”, who had no faith but is now returning home, and Morten Olsen running the Danish national team in football from Helsingør/the Source.
  • Everything – of all creation and all ”almost an eternity of worlds” before ours – is now packed inside a small glass pot (of the Source). I felt on my body and was told that now there are not many more branches to be attached to the Christmas tree (of me). We can almost promise you that we will wear the watch tomorrow, and this watch is everything of the Source/creation. We have started closing the door to the original location of the Source. This is the landing of my spaceship (piano or eagle of the Source). This is not only about paying rent, is it (?), yes it is, which is to bring enough energy to make everything become light.
  • I felt my sister and also how she was made by my father and was told that she will not carry out her work against me then. We cannot forget that Sanna has not been active at all, which would have woken her up spiritually for her to approve actions of darkness/destruction, and yes from Sanna and not from Karen because it was Karen that we fought about containing everything. So if you had decided to accept explosion of your right ankle – killing you – it had to be approved by Sanna too as extra security, and would she really give the final approval of explosion when she would be told that Stig was right (?), no we don’t believe that she would, and instead she would have continued my work to write/save everything.
  • The former Prime Minister Lars Løkke denied to “have been informed that there should be substantial problems with the handle of the Native legislation in the Integration Ministry” in 2009, which would have brought down the government if it did not lose the election in 2011, and this is a lie of Lars Løkke going against the testimony of his own Permanent Secretary and the only reason for Lars to lie was to “protect” his and his party’s behind not wanting to FACE THE MUSIC by telling the truth that he simply had help up the case not doing what he should. In another case, Lars Løkke and the Liberal party acted against both the law and all ethics and moral when trying to make the opposition leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt look like having no ethics and moral when her husband paid taxes outside Denmark in 2010, which could have made Helle lose the vital election in 2011, which she had to win to help me save the world (!). Lars Løkke is the anchor of the worst darkness without ethics and moral having a “standpoint” fitting any situation, who was about to destruct Helle, thus me and the world because of his own ambitions and wrongdoings, and he is now about to FACE THE MUSIC when the truth and his own true identity as another part of my father will be revealed to the world.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a lady with a hat, a cross on a grave, two very different gentlemen, looking down on the girl with the hat, a big smiling cat together with Assad of Syria, lots of souls, smoking of darkness, this hat is big (STRONG darkness), and wonder why these souls wont gather.
  • Short stories of the crown on the sky belonging to the King of the Universe, explaining the purpose of my direct language again, I was fooled by young men ridiculing me instead of believing in me, which led to the additional information that Lars Løkke does not have to read and understand in order to understand also making him a LAUGHING STOCK (in a good sense) to the world :-).


29th May: The last darkness of the pole of my father is dissolving, thus my old self and all life of the Old World

Dreaming of continuing to clean more life of darkness with the threat of the bloody river hanging over me

I went to bed at around 00.30 and was surprised when I was awakened already at 05.30 now not being allowed to continue sleeping, and I had these dreams, and I hope I can read the notes now because I have tried to tell myself to remember to read my notes just after I have written them down before going back to sleep to make sure that I can read it in the morning, and no, this is NOT easy to do when you truly only want to sleep, but let us see.

  • Two houses are built very close to each other and we are trying to bring in beautiful music. There is a beautiful view out over the rocks and the sea from the kitchen, my neighbour Camilla is in the kitchen with my mother washing its curtains.
    • I believe these two houses are Karen’s and mine becoming one so Camilla – another part of my mother – cannot be my neighbour then.
  • At the small Merete Shopping Centre in Helsingør, the caretaker helps me to bring in the last laundry, which has not yet returning, and the caretaker is busy tomorrow so he asks Bruce Springsteen if he will be able to make it, which he cannot because he is busy all day, but the caretaker has some time in the morning and asks if Bruce then can give him a lift to the Merete Shopping Centre, which he can. I ask Bruce how many albums he has done, and he says that the number is 38, which makes me tell him that with this many songs, there are many sounding almost the same, and I ask him if he has a favourite album, and he replies that right now he and most of the band listens to his album no. 6, which I understand is the favourite right now – even though I also feel that one is listening to album no. 1 – and I see Bruce rehearsing with his band at a camp just outside the Merete Shopping Centre, and he says that there is a special guitar intro to the song “American fire”, which I understand is his favourite song, and because of my question, he asks the guitarist of the band to start playing this song for the rest of the tour to learn and practise until our setup comes afterwards, and I hear Bruce’ wife telling me that this song is not included on the sixth album, but it was written at about the same time of this album and it will be included at the new remastered edition of the album.
    • It seems that I am the caretaker continuing to clean clothes here early in the morning, and the song “American fire” is really called “American skin (41 shots)”, which is not from Bruce’s sixth album but written in 1999/2000, and about a police shooting death, and the lyrics say that “we’ll take that ride ‘cross this bloody river, to the other side”, and I can only hope that this is a threat that I am strong enough NOT to bring out, which will kill physical life if I don’t get all of the cleaned clothes, i.e. life, into the original location of the Source.

  • A new magazine is about to being published, and even though I do believe that I have increased our order of number of copies to buy, an employee tells me that the magazine has said that they are unhappy not having received my order, but now it is given clearly, and I sit with a boy who is going to bed, and tell him that what he awaits will now come very soon, which is like reading a newspaper, and then it will come tomorrow, which will feel as “not long”.
    • A magazine may be about our new life, which will become “more”, and that is to replace the newspaper of our old selves as I understand this.
  • I received the beautiful song “love changes all” by Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra, and was told that Jeff is rehearsing at a camp. I was also told that Jeff used to play “Pink Floyd music”, which caused him many sufferings until he found his style, and I was asked what album “love changes all” is from (?), and yes as you can see here from this BRILLIANT SITE called “Jeff Lynne Song Database”, which is “state of the art” of its kind, the song was released on the Flashback compilation album in 2000, and it took 20 years to finish after Jeff had done some “major upheavals on it”, and originally it is from 1980 from the Xanadu album sessions, so there you have it, one hidden gem, which we are now bringing out too, and yes because “love changes all”, which is what love will do to our New World, and I am both here thinking of the love of my mother and Karen, and yes this song has become a classic to me as several others of Jeff’s “new bonus material” to remastered albums the last 13 years, and that is in lack of other new material. And Xanadu is “a place where nobody dared to go, the love that we came to know, they call it Xanadu, and now open your eyes, and see, what we have made is real, we are in Xanadu”, and this Xanadu is about our New World, and yes thank you Olivia for your beautiful singing to this WONDERFUL song of Jeff/Electric Light Orchestra and let me also here bring my condolences for your loss of your “beautiful, smart, talented, funny, brave sister Rona” as you wrote on Facebook today, which touched me much to read.

The last darkness of the pole of my father is dissolving, thus my old self and all life of the Old World

I was told about Jeff that he did not see a rose shooting but for many years he only saw disaster coming, and what does he see now (?) – in dreams as I understand – and is this how he knows you/me/himself (?), and this also makes him hurt because he has no one he can speak to about this because people do not understand, and yes, tell me about it, Jeff.

There is nothing wrong with Pink Floyd music, but “lænestol” (“armchair”), thus his album Armchair Theater from 1990 was first when he felt that he “got it”, which is why this album is also my favourite of his work.

Lee Ritenour also knows now, which is about our lift up seeing our New World, and not only I but also Karen coming. This threat – of disaster – had not only been be in the majority with musicians (from Beethoven to Beatles, which was given to them as “gift” from above), and what do they speak off when they are of camera (?), and yes when will you arrive, and they now know that the time has passed, but they don’t know when and how you will arrive, and also not what party we are going to have.

Later, I was told that Jeff Lynne tells himself that we cannot have had Judgment Day yet because you did not feel/see it, Jeff (?), but yes it is “good enough”.

I was shown a dark balloon on the exhaust of a car, and was told that this is what we are doing to avoid my mother, i.e. the world, to be poisoned.

I was shown a skull burning from within, and I was told that Karen and I come in both as my left and right eye, and we now see that there is room for it, which is because my mother did not make any hardboiled egg.

So I was awakened early to start me working early, which is about not sleeping too much otherwise I will not be able to bring in all life of the Source (?), and I wonder if I can stay up today not having much work to do most of the day because I started working early.

Will you imagine that Tinker Bell is not born yet and we are doing this without her?

I just want to say that I have also started your sister’s sale of hash, which is now open to weak souls, but no, you have no intention to “lost it”, but to bring all life with me now returning to the original location of the Source.

When I was working this morning, I was also given periods of pretty strong heart burn and I also had diarrhoa, which is about more temporary terminations.

I was shown Emmett Brown from the film ”Back to the future” and was told that when we can look into the future, we can change it if we feel that the principle of freedom and responsibility is not kept ”if you believe in this”, and it made me think that we don’t know what we will meet inside the Source, and when this is the case, we should not be able to see into the future and at least concerning what we have not yet uncovered from here.

So now Karen is thinking “and this is the man I could have had a child with”, and yes a “mad man” without understand that the person, who is mad, is yourself Karen, and yes if only you “could”, you would stand here right now next to me.

And let me tell you that the pencil together with the elephant was meant to strike out life, but you have NO intention to use this, so we will simply put this back in the luggage, which we are bringing with us to our original location, and yes NEVER to be used.

You cannot continue being a blood donor, Stig – to John as example – because you have nothing more to give, but when you have decided that you will not give up, we will try to help you come through, and yes this is done without magic and only through will power not to give in.

You don’t even know what you have done, but did you prick a hole into the deepest of Karen, was this what this was about (?), yes.

I received a summary of my spiritual voice telling that I – as Stig – was nothing taking on sufferings of everyone sending me darkness because of their wrong behaviour and lack of faith, and I worked quicker than darkness symbolised by these people, which took time to start up, and before it did, I had finished one item of work after the other deciding the design of life and building of my new self, thus our New World, so my very being is showing you the story of creation going from nothing to everything.

Now I will jump out in a full four-jump.

I was told about our old meditation circle with Lotus, Kirsten, Lis and I, and how they witnessed the very beginning of my spiritual voice speaking physically through me in 2006, which should be easy for them to see that this is what it was – I did not say a word myself – but one day to my great surprise I was told spiritually (through my mouth) that my reward would be to receive Michael Laudrup’s big villa on the beach road (on the most expensive address) in Vedbæk, and now I was told that this moment was decisive for Lis and Kirsten not to believe in me, and yes how could you believe that I was making this up (?), and the truth (?), and yes resistance and lack of faith of the same people making up this wrong voice, because of course I should never get his villa, this was darkness speaking influenced by themselves.

I wrote the last of my script of yesterday and the script of today until here at home, and I went to the library at 11.15 to continue work and to publish it, and today I was encouraged to park my cycle inside the yard of the library, which I normally do not, and when I saw the car inside of there, I made BIG EYES because what in the world was that fantastic and most advanced looking car – an electric sport car with the most amazing design – which I had never seen before (?), and yes it was a Tesla S – an American car – and it was tested by a magazine I believe on German plates, and I guess that the driver noticed my curious looks at it, and this is of course a symbol of the quality of our new selves.

Now he is going to help me set up the class room.

You were almost opening the door making it hit the firewood in here, which is the door for our old location. And I was told this when I was updating and preparing the final publish of my script of yesterday, which I published 75% of yesterday evening without pictures etc., and this is because this is the script that is opening this door.

Well, you are not my cox, are you (?), and I understood/felt this as Karen in relation to me, and yes, Karen, you will have to follow me because I am RIGHT and you are WRONG, and I am stronger than you.

There was no anger from the right/Karen to you, was there (?), and my left forefinger shook a little, so there indeed was.

It wasn’t so that we had begun a draw of whom of us had to stay inside (and the rest to die temporarily), was it?

Every time I publish a script now I feel that it is a major accomplishment of mine not knowing if I will also make the next one.

No, you are NOT allowed to close the door again, which is about a feeling of this darkness on its way in, and I am here myself given the feeling that now this door is open meaning that there will be no physical temporary termination of life because the door will not close again.

You should try to look at the airport and the Lufthansa plane coming in now.

After I had published the script at 12.30, I was told that this threat of killing life was maybe darkness wanting to scare me, which was necessary to do to bring out everything of me?

Once again it is now tomorrow morning writing down the notes of the evening, and it seems to never stop and I cannot express just how tired I am every day to have to climb a mountain doing exactly the same work writing, writing and writing and yes when you continue doing the same all the time, you will become tired of it, so VARIATION wanted my friend.

I finished work at the library at 14.20 today, and read a newspaper there where I was the most tired imaginable not being able to keep my eyes open, and when I closed them, I felt how this made darkness work inside of me, so I had to get over it, which I did over half an hour and despite all odds, I kept awake the rest of the day.

So you say that we risked to get all the way out of the premier league, and this was life on the way in telling me.

We don’t only have one but many golden watches in here, which is about new creations not opened yet.

It hurts me much that I will have less money in June both because the tax authorities will deduct 6% of me gross income to pay for my outstanding license fees for TV/radio and also because of an annual heating specification including additional pay meaning that I will only be able to send half or less of what I normally do to LTO, and yes there is still no one of family, friends etc., who likes to help but they still have plenty of money for themselves and their selfishness intact.

I received SAGA’s “sound of a stranger” over and over again, which is about Karen.

I was asked, what is araknofobi, and have looked up that it is fear of spiders, and spiders will have to be the worst symbol of sexual torments of darkness.

I was told about the attitude of my mother, and my need to write stories of the truth to go against the Commune and my own family speaking of/attacking me behind my back, and I was shown pizzas in piles everywhere around me, which is about life now returned inside the original location of the Source, and it was just like the incredible amounts of tree I was shown recently, and I was told that all of the store is full.

I felt a whole black block moving into me, which is the square moving in over Greenland.

I met my mother’s friend Käte in front of the Kvickly supermarket in town, and we had a nice talk of her using her savings to pain her house and more, and I was happy that she has decided to treat me completely normal not fearing me as my mother’s old friend, Lis, did, and I decided of course to speak completely normal without speaking of my writings, which she sees as my Facebook friend and also my “normal” comments in the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, and behind our normal talk, I could see on her eyes that she was thinking of me, and is Stig crazy or is he really the one (?), and yes I wonder what you think and say, Käte, when you meet with my mother and John and also others, and if you “opinion” on me (which is what people have when they “don’t need” to read to know, which is how it generally is, and sadly that is) is different than my mother’s (?), and after a “cosy” talk as the said, I was afterwards told that she is helping us to return, and I was told that not only is she a library of town, but also speaking with everyone about everything, so what do you tell about me to others, Käte (?), and yes in a province town of the size of Helsingør, people speak behind the backs of people “have you heard about, Stig” (?), and yes there is a difference about Käte either saying “I believe he is crazy” or “I believe that he might be right” – does she believe in my mother or me (?) – and of course she will “know” better because she is “close” on me, right?

You simply succeeded to walk around all defence systems.

Inside of here, left and right ankles don’t matter.

It will be a surprise, and yes Stig all of creation and at least known parts of the Source has been turned around – I would be surprised if not known parts of the Source has been turned around, but I never know – and as Stig, I am still my old self not yet turned around as the last darkness, and we are now bringing everything back, which is the only logical answer.

So it is I being the layer cake everywhere, and I felt the spirit of my mother of the New World, and she said “reporting for duty”.

Isn’t it a funny thought that I am and have been our New World for many months by now with the New World simulating that I am my old self still receiving darkness, and this is what I have been told since the SAGA concert October 31, 2012, and this can only mean that I/we are repaying the deficit of energy to bring everything with us.

I was told that we will not need to eat and speak (but using thoughts) in our New World, but I received the thought that this brings happiness to people, and I have NOT made any decisions about this as Stig other than saying “please make everything perfect”, so we will see if we wake up to a world, where we will continue eating, speaking and breathing, of if we will change completely, I don’t know myself.

I still receive darkness and small heart attacks and I was shown the kiss of death and Gene Simmons from Kiss bringing it, and this is what you symbolize, Gene, the end of the world with your kiss of darkness.

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons from Kiss is the symbol of “the kiss of death”, which wanted to kiss and destruct me and the world

I was shown a drag racer with a fish wheel being installed as the cockpit of it, and this is about the merger of the New World and the fisherman of the Source.

I was told that the Planetarium in Copenhagen has data on me (from the sky) from the last 200 years, and I heard another voice saying “thousands of years” (?), but still you are silent, and tell me why that is?

An example on inspired speech: On Danish TV2 at 17.42 they spoke about Muslims not being allowed to wear scarves when working at the Supermarkets of Dansk Supermarked, and one said “hele banden” (“all of the gang”), which is what I normally say about darkness, which is for “all of the gang” to show me the best you got, and one said about Muslims having “Jesus in the forehead” and obviously she was not thinking, but this was to say that all Muslims are part of me too, and yes I was thinking that Netto is CRAZY not allowing people to wear scarves if this is what they want to, and also that Muslims are WRONG wanting to wear scarves to disguise women, but this is the same as giving homosexuals the same rights as everyone else – of course (!) – even though it is darkness bringing homosexuality and yes simple logic you know, and “tomorrow morning” when this is written, I heard that Dansk Supermarked has now decided to “change their standpoint” – just like Lars Løkke (!) – now allowing scarves, and yes what were you thinking (?), and yes the top management of this “professional” chain, who “could not” decide to do the only right thing.

I was shown that the private parts – “the pole” – of darkness is being dissolved by Helena – and yes I was shown it simply dissolving. And this comes as the result of saying no to Helena (I don’t want her), which turns around her weapon to tempt me, which is neutralizing the pole of my father, i.e. my old self.

Without Helena, we could not do this circus act, and I was shown a very narrow pipe being brought in – over crocodiles of darkness – and this leads to the gardener standing in his greenhouse with so dense vegetation that it was the same as with the pizzas and wood from before. Everything is so plenty here that it is eternal. And it is Helena removing darkness – via my attitude not being tempted by her – which is removing darkness of the pole, which makes us able to enter as light, and as Stig writing this, I am this pole dissolving while we are returning, and I just hope that I will be able to “jump in” with the last of me as darkness converting this to light too meaning that everything will go up just like in a game of patience not leaving anything.

And it was important to get this understanding on place as foundation to return everything to the original location of the Source.

At 17.49 I saw a few minutes of Lars Barfoed, the Conservative chairman, being “roasted” by all parties on the platform of the Parliament, and I thought that just maybe Lars remembered my Facebook comment for him from this morning – see the short stories – about unimportant talk/bureaucracy, and yes this was like people talking in East and West having no desire wanting to understand and agree because the name of the game is to have a “strategy” to win, and that includes to attack the opponent instead of trying your best to understand before you let yourself being understood, and yes then Lars suddenly said “I believe that Benny Albrechtsen is hearing voices, which are not me” and shortly thereafter “Benny Albrectsen continues hearing voices, which I have not said”, and these voices, Lars, are the voices speaking actively through me, which here were speaking through you too without your knowledge, and isn’t this wonderful?

I was shown us running around inside a ship with everything now being covered with silver plates, which are the plate of the Source.

I was told about Karin from Holland, who comes at Arthur Stanley College meeting Janet, Paul and the others, and that is that she is more influenced by these “oracles” and their opinion on me than when I tell her the truth, and yes incredible that you can be so stupid/stubborn not just reading and understanding.

My mother called and she has now found the last four dinner plates making it complete – I now have not 8, but 9 big plates (she bought one extra and two packages of four) with 9 still being my lucky number, and yes there are 9 stalks in the flower of a fuschia plant as I was just encouraged to count – and yes Meshack’s father will become 100 on June 1, and the same day, FC Barcelona will play its last match this season against Malaga achieving 100 points too if they win, and let us “guess” that they will win to bring the message to the world that we saved every little thing and no one will physically die as their old selves before becoming their new selves, and yes this is what I have fought for myself all of my life, which requires that we do the same to everyone because I am everything, so it was difficult but not impossible to grant this wish.

Later I was told that Meshack’s father only lives to be 100 and FC Barcelona will only make 100 points because I continue(d) working not giving in to the last darkness and not to accept less than perfect, so Meshack, the message to your old man is that he is still alive because of me showing “perfect creation” to the world simply by still living, and as everyone else, he will soon wake up as a “young man” receiving eternal life of joy and happiness – and “normal life” you know.

My mother also said that John had told her that I could try to open my computer in “safe” mode trying to do some changes to make my mouse work again, and no, how many times do I have to tell you that it is exactly as I say (!), and yes my mother and John “cannot” understand, and yes I keep on telling them that there is NOTHING wrong with the plugs when I plug everything else than a mouse, but when I plug a mouse – no matter which – it doesn’t work (!), and yes “completely impossible” to believe in, and yes I have considered telling them that this is the same darkness entering and destroying me, but no, “completely impossible” it is to understand so I did not tell them, and yes you can read about my sufferings, but impossible to understand if you don’t want to.

This evening, my sufferings reduced again, but it was not for long, because later I again received “desperate” darkness.

Once, I felt darkness in the air in front of me, and I was told that we are really here to help, and I felt how this darkness very directly “beamed” a cramp to my right foot, which it what it does together with all other negative feelings and thoughts, and this darkness was invented for the occasion with the only purpose to turn around everything of us from nothing to everything, which required sufferings of man; do you believe you can accept this when receiving eternal life of joy and happiness as my gift for you?

I was shown a share knife cutting deep into the top of my head, which is about the potential damage of the scratching I have received to my head since 2009 symbolising LTO’s sufferings, and the more money I could send them, the less they would suffer, and then less pain I would be given from this scratching – please understand that this scratching is of the worst darkness with the potential to develop into burning “scratching”, which would kill me – and I was told that this was also given to me because of lack of communication of LTO about their sufferings to me, and yes when especially John and Elijah “could not” write me because of laziness, they were bringing me physical torments very directly, and yes you did not know (?) – despite of my writings to you about this – otherwise you would never have dreamed about doing what you did (?), and yes this is how it is.

I was reminded that my mother’s ovaries were not big enough to clean the Source, but she was used as advisor when we used the same principle of clean the Source, and was it really possible to clean everything of the eternal Source including what we have not met yet?

I saw a TV documentary on the Danish national coach in football, Morten Olsen, and when I saw the former national player and now TV3 commentator, Per Frimann, I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is because Per has heard about me too, but is also silent.

I am still given some distortion now and again to people on my TV, but I am sure that it will soon stop.

Yes, isn’t it funny that I have been sitting inside of here, which is at the original location of the Source, and I felt the spirit of my mother, and this is about this place of me automatically attracting all life, thus making everything of the Source and creation return.

Well, isn’t it incredible that Helena brought the last of us forward because of her feelings to you – and then a Greek temple as I was shown, because you decided not to give up in Greece.

I was given the feeling of Karen – and here an out of this world pain to my right ankle – which came together with the beautiful song “girl, you’ll be a woman soon”, which is about her thoughts of being a man disguised as a woman today as I wrote to her and that she will become the most beautiful woman of our New World.

So the spaceship – my new self of everything – is not going to be remotely controlled from the outside by Karen, and we are still waiting for her to return – and she is thinking herself now that she cannot come, but she still wants to if everything was alright, which it really is, Karen, if only you would try to understand and leave your own negative feelings, WRONG and strong inner voice and your unnecessary misunderstandings.

I was told that without Karen’s old loverboy, Kim, we could not turn around Karen, which was about her wanting to become the opposite of what she was, i.e. to become normal with me instead of the most extreme sex monster together with Kim, who tormented and almost killed her, and she had to be this worst monster in order to get everything of the Source in darkness with us, and I was told that Karen continues thinking about this, and yes can Stig be converted (?), no, I cannot – but you can.

And this is why darkness of Sanna was never ordered in this phase, which is about Kim the loverboy speaking wrongly about me to Karen, which is what woke darkness of my sister also influencing my mother negatively against me, thus bringing the world to an end, and this is how we are connected as “impossible to remove paste”.

Nobody knew if your mother would survive her pain about you (going “mad” as she was told by my sister, John and the system!), and I was told that this would have made her commit suicide if it was not for John asking her to “help” her son!

And these extreme feelings of my mother were transferred to me, and still I had to look “normal” with all eyes of my family and the system being directed at me looking only for how I was doing and (the smallest) signs of a “mental disease”, and the only one who could go through this was I as God alive as a normal human being (the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father as my old self).

This is in principle about getting Batman up the last steps of the stairs, which is to make Karen return home, yes have we now converted her again (?) – and I was thinking “can this really be right, or is this a big lie of darkness” (?), but then again, it makes sense that she longs home to me to bring the last darkness with me.

Yes, everything is basil green here as life said on its way in, and this is because I love basil and pesto made from basil.

We have now created a channel in because you did not sleep today, and we can now promise that we will kill no one physically.

I was given a sound to my kitchen including the vision of a packing, which was empty but now oranges are returning, which also means that there are no errors in the Christmas salad, which I would otherwise be told that there were.

I was shown a giant but empty (?) suitcase on the way in, and was given a new small heart attack, and I was shown Pernille S. playing tennis, which is darkness playing against me, which was her destiny of life.

It is only by removing the old pole that we can enter here, and this is the pole that we ran through recently without anyone stopping me, and yes I told you that this could be done if you did not give up, and the small heart attacks I receive this evening is because of the remaining of this pole, which as mentioned is also my old self – which is making me and the world live as our old selves – still being converted to light.

I was shown a GIANT snake twisting around doors and windows of a house, and I was told that this is the snake that we tamed.

And yes, the force of the New World was big enough to fight this monster, and this monster of darkness is what is inside people like the “beloved Georgie” as example – also misunderstanding and treating me wrongly – and instead we are now defeating it with shrewdness and speed.

You did not come too late, you will come right at your birthday – when I will become my new self, and this was inspired by an old sketch by Dirch Passer.

I was show Jack’s mother, Evy, driving a very old veteran car in Tibberup, Espergærde, and simultaneously I was shown a woman driving the same car in Germany, and I was told that we have moved the centre from Berlin to here (Helsingør), which is why we are now here, and not in Germany, and why Hitler was in Germany. And I am shown Kronborg Castle as a star being pulled up as a plug, and underneath is water of the Source, meaning that this is the centre of the Source now, and Berlin is thus only of symbolic meaning, which is from where we collected the Source.

It is like entering a wardrobe from a backside room and to open it to the bedroom on the other side, and I am shown this wardrobe covered with mirrors with the mirrors also being the plate of the Source.

We are not “newly rich” (as some Russians) in this sense, but we now possess the key of everything ever.

And it was first when you understood this story of what we are returning that we could start the transfer, until then sexual darkness of Karen could still destroy (physical life).

I was shown Karen and I lifting up two dark lorries, and was told that this is what brought me my “old nightmare” while Karen was living her “worst nightmare”, i.e. sins of wrong sexual behaviour.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I am no doctor, but it goes without saying that you cannot govern as the Danish government do now towards doctors – as they did with teachers – threatening to pass a new law dictating work and pay conditions of the “co-operation” between the public sector and all private doctors, which has made all doctors threat to cancel their agreement with the public thus becoming 100% private without receiving public compensation for visits of private citizens to doctors, and yes let me say that this whole “compensation system” stinks, and this story is a symbol of releasing my self from darkness, and generally speaking you can never get a system to work where one side dictates conditions to the other side – no one likes dictators! There is only one way to go and that is to start by identifying what is objectively the best solution, and to agree on this as a team – through voting if necessary – based on 100% valid foundation and not on basis of “selfish interests” and what you “believe” is right without knowing, and the people knowing what is right, are the people working detailed within the sector, and not politicians and civil servants, who have other “interests” than objective to decide as dictators – focusing on money as their “prime concern” – so come on friends, show me what is RIGHT to do and not what is WRONG, can you?

Politiken 1505 290513

  • Lars Barfoed, the chairman of the almost terminated Conservative Party, spoke about the speech of the Prime Minister in Parliament today and how she “danced hullahop on the platform” (that has had to be a sight for Gods, right?) and also how she “danced in ring forwards and back”, so I guess that Helle has to be a pretty good dancer (?), and when he asked what the government really wants with power (?), I decided to encourage him to ask Helle on the dance floor because I am not sure that you want to dance with me, do you (?) – and eeehh is that what you are doing as darkness wanting to cut me down (?) – and all of this about DANCING is of course inspired and symbolic for CELEBRATION because we will make everything of our new creation 100% perfect, and I will accept NO losses of life neither of our New World and also not physical deaths of our old world before switching on the new, and I told him that if might be that Helle will come with a much more important story instead of your poor acting, indifferent talk/bureaucracy and miserable solutions, which are embarrassing to watch on a daily basis. And I gave him a personal greeting too speaking about “real friends”, who also helped “a busy chairman” to get a new apartment and told him to keep work and private interests sharply separated, which should be simple logic for everyone including you, Lars?

FB 290513 Lars B

  • These days here there is much talk about GMO produced agriculture and here about this leading to the elimination of bees, birds, sea animals “and at the end it may become all life on the planet”, and let me just say that I have written before that GMO is also killing life of the old world, which should be apparent to everyone, but apparently no one is able to control this mega cancer tumour, which is allowed to spread even though you know that it is destroying all life (?), and yes quite amazing, right (?), and you do know that in our New World, this will NOT happen again. All creators will know how to create sustainable life instead of here trying to act as God without knowing what you do.

FB 290513 Selvet

  • This is a Google Earth picture of yesterday, which I decided to add the following comment to today to “help” people reading this to understand, , and here is the video of Chris Angel.

FB 290513 Stig 1

FB 290513 Stig 2

  • Isn’t it “funny” that this boy/teenager from Philippines, who found me and became Facebook friends with me a few months ago and not only this but also went through my list of friends becoming friend with 10 of my friends, has now decided to leave me as Facebook friend, and yes he could not take my frequent updates anymore, and yes it is he having the picture “Trust in the Lord”, but difficult when you “cannot” understand, right?

FB Paulo

  • This cloud of a crown was brought some weeks ago by Selvet and others, but when I decided to bring it, I could not find it again, but here it is, and yes can anyone be in doubt about what this mean (?); and yes the arrival of the new King of the Universe.

FB 290513 Jette krone

  • Here a member of the SAGA Facebook group has engraved Harold the Locust figure – Albert Einstein as an alien with the goal to save the world (!) – on a Pyramid, and to me, a pyramid is “everything of the World”, so this might be to say that SAGA as band is receiving increased faith in me with Jim and Michael being Facebook friends of mine.

FB 290513 SAGA


30th May: Lars Løkke’s decayed moral was the worst darkness trying to destruct Helle Thorning, me and the world

Dreaming of Jan Monrad being a “special friend”, who had no faith but is now returning home

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 07.10 receiving these dreams.

  • I see the house of Jan Monrad and Søren Rislund, which is located out to a road, and everyone can see into their garden and swimming pool where they perform their comic shows. There has been a traffic accident outside where the door of a telephone box has been broken and the phone too, and Jan is surprised to learn that his name was written inside this phone, and he has now received an offer to repair the door and the telephone, which is not expensive. I speak to him about magicians creating “magic of God”, other magic and loan offers. And then we see that Søren Rislund is now returning home in a little sailboat, and when he hits the swimming pool where Jan and I sit, he says that it is incredible that he could hit it, and they offer me a rum toddy, and don’t want me to leave, and I see Søren removing the telephone door until it will be repaired by the telephone company.
    • I here received the feeling of my father, and I have known for a long time that Jan Monrad – from this very famous here couple of comedians – is a “special friend” of mine, i.e. servant of God, which is confirmed by the telephone, which however was broken because Jan has no faith in God (?), but my stories on Facebook are also reaching you including my story yesterday of “magic of God” carried out by so called “magicians” (?), and I understand Søren Rislund as darkness having a negative influence on Jan removing the telephone door, so no faith in God/me too, Søren?

  • When I wake up, I was given the name of the Belgian musician/legend Toots Thielemans, and I was told about myself that you look like something the cat has dragged in, and this was in relation to my mother.
  • The national coach in football, Morten Olsen, is running a national football match from a store in Helsingør, and I see that he receives help from a boy, and I sit with the boy in the sofa and I show him a wireless shower head where water comes out another place than the Source, smart right (?), but I see that the boy receives water in the head. Later I feel my sister and see myself parking a VW Golf just a tiny bit in front of another also parking a VW Golf next to me, and I feel my sister there and a new fight. And I see Peter S. (old colleague at Fair and a new LinkedIn contact) making an accident with his Volvo.
    • It seems that Morten is a “special friend” of mine too, running the national team from Helsingør/the Source (which is why there training camp is also here) and when the boy that he works together with is sitting in the sofa receiving water in the head, it means “making love” and “sufferings” brought by the Source, and this is what this dream says about Morten Olsen (not me!). The two VW Golf’s will have to be mine and Karen’s brought together, and I am a tiny bit ahead of darkness being in control of the game, which is that I will accept NO physical deaths just because we are returning to the Source.

Here is Michael Wulf’s suggestion, which is for Morten Olsen to give up playing to reach the world cup next year and instead work on getting Italy dissolved with force, and that is because it is impossible to defeat Italy – in our qualification group – which is also a symbol about how silence of Morten Olsen in relation to me is bringing me darkness threatening to dissolve joy and happiness, but this is exactly what we needed.

FB 300513 MW

I was shown a big ship turning around, and was told that this is solely because of Jesper from Falck and his sufferings because of my memo on him and Falck.

I received a well known song by Kim Larsen for maybe 15 minutes with “low volume” – very annoying when you keep hearing it but cannot remember what it is, thus also being darkness tormenting me – and then it came “long, long ago”, and this is about Dana’s garden being a long time ago, and I understand this garden as the garden of Paradise, which is now coming to everyone.

I was told that everything – of all creation and all ”almost an eternity of worlds” before ours – is now packed inside a small glass pot (of the Source).

Your sister is preparing a defence speech of her brother – but as her new self, and yes “impossible” for you to do as your old self, Sanna?

I still receive darkness penetrating me with feelings of destruction, disgust, tiredness etc., which is part of the pressure/wall of darkness coming at me, which is always with me – more or less – and always making me feel very uncomfortable, thus also this morning when working and again deciding to be strong to come over the first 1-2 hours, which are always the most difficult to do.

I felt somewhat better this morning, more fresh, less tired, but still not normal. And I was again surprised to receive strong heartburn, which is still coming from others acting wrongly towards me, and at a moment it was so strong that this alone could make me give up.

I was shown a red car on the shelves of a supermarket, which made everything on all shelves disappear, and I was shown myself parking and a very worn out parking place, and was told that this is what you would have been shown when waking up as darkness, but then we would not be able to hole back chocolate full of nuts, and yes I simply LOVE chocolate (but cannot afford to buy it most often), so it has to become a positive symbol too (it used to mean selfishness), and here the nuts at least symbolise creation, and then life would come forward, and when I knew, I would decide to turn around everything inside of here, and yes it would only be the cover, which was darkness with everything inside of it being light.

This is not only about paying rent, is it (?), yes it is, which is to bring enough energy to make everything become light.

Has Stig driven away again from darkness, is this how it is (?), and yes because of quick work moving away from darkness, which was determined to kill you/all (?), and yes this is how it is and you are going to see your mother again tomorrow, and yes no problems there.

I was given a thought /speech about Albertslund and Rypehusene 98, where we lived from 1972-76, and my first thought was the big horse carriage wheel, which we had hanging on the outside wall next to the main door, and I wonder if this is still hanging there (?), and FREEDOM is what this means to me, and this is my previous stepfather Ole speaking to me without showing himself and yes as a part of the Source, who will receive freedom also because of my story of Lars Løkke below, which will help bringing this freedom.

I felt my sister and also how she was made by my father and was told that she will not carry out her work against me then.

Can you get a “Danish water” (i.e. “soda water”) in here?

There are many who wanted you to get out from loneliness but now knowing what to do (?), and yes we know why couldn’t you simply contact me and speak to me as the old Stig, whom I was and still am, and yes you will not be able to tell the difference simply because I will now be my new self.

This is not the only sunshine story of Stig coming out of there alive, his mother will too, Karen too, and yes your father too, right (?), and no I don’t know if he is alive or dead, but hope that he is still alive like “everyone else” of my close family and friends, and yes they were needed to bring 100% perfect creation, so this is what I believe that they are.

So there will be no arbitration to get out the last (?), no (!), and it includes my “old nightmare”, which is about destructions of the world, which would have been necessary to do if I decided not to continue working/suffering.

You are wondering about “no smoking” as a symbol of darkness becoming good as a “smoking” or tuxedo as you say in English, and yes hats used to be about darkness, but now “everyone” wears hats on Google Earth, and yes it might simply the strong darkness of “the pole” that we now face.

Here are notes from the evening.

Don’t you believe that we were about to crash when Jette brought out all of her negativity (months ago) without anything holding her back (?), yes this was part of what I had to absorb – as example.

If I had accepted “not perfect” the other day, I was told that something could grow wrongly together, which would take “forever” to straight out – unless there are no limits to our New World as I might add as Stig!

And then we have almost no homework tomorrow, and yes there is normally a surprise so we will see.

I continued working at the library until 18.20, which was far more work than expected.

I felt on my body and was told that now there are not many more branches to be attached to the Christmas tree (of me).

“The department of sanitary and preservation”, is this what we have just passed (?), and I felt Lars Løkke, which is the “sweet man” possessing the worst characteristics of the Devil, which is because he IS the worst darkness I am passing on my way back to the original location of the Source.

I read the newspaper at the library and saw a huge cruise liner and was told if this isn’t a “super tanker” with the meaning that we now have all the energy/force of the Source.

We have never had as many visitors in the cinema as this evening – because of the story of Lars Løkke.

It is as if I almost receive no resistance to the windmill turning around, which is about darkness not opposing me when returning, and – the same as the electrical Tesla car – about PURE ENERGY of the Source.

So it is the credit card (of access to this pure energy) now changing hands – from darkness to light.

As it was with Helena, this is also a push for us forward (when returning) because of Lars Løkke, and I was given the taste of delicious food.

I was thinking of Lars Løkke as the figurehead on top of an organisation just talking without working and showing himself as “expert”, and how this is true for many managers above a certain level – for example as Bo from dahlberg, who talks, talks and talks without ever working and would like to appear as an expert, when he is almost “blank” on what he talks about (!) – and I thought about what I have written before, which is for all people to receive freedom and responsibility and to decide on their own work (to receive support from a mentor – not a dictator – if they have not been fully trained) and for teams to decide as teams, and yes to remove decisions from single persons having an impact on “everyone else”, and instead of the out of date “system” of political systems to use business and decision tools, which WORK – for example acknowledge project and quality management tools, and to decide to try to understand/agree on the best solution instead of doing the opposite based on what I believe (but do not know), and yes there is a world in difference!

I was told that the behaviour of the two young people of today ridiculing me without understanding, see the short stories, is also the story about how top politicians ridiculed/rejected me without reading me.

I was shown an iron outside a house pushing in more life to me via the bathroom and from there to the library and to me, who automatic attracts all life.

We can almost promise you that we will wear the watch tomorrow, and this watch is everything of the Source/creation now returning to me at the Source.

I am not sure that I wrote it, but the left corner of my tooth no. 5 from my left in my lower jaw includes a hole, which the dentist did not see, and I have had it since approx. 2006 too, and it is clear to me because I receive cold feelings to this corner, and I was told that this is what we used to bring out and now return everything of the Source.

Do I have to say more (?), which is about politicians, who “cannot” read and understand me even though they have access to everything of me via their secret network (?), and if they cannot, it is “the system” including “secret governments” reading and knowing about me (?), and yes I am excited to see who is really reading me and who is not.

I was shown a fisherman pulling in a large fishing net, which is more life from the darkness of Lars, i.e. the dissolving pole of my father, and I was asked “where do you want it” (?), and I said that I don’t know, so please ask the light and that is unless you know it yourself, then just do it, and yes this is still the simple minded inner part of me working on basis of my work.

I received “one night in Heaven” by M People, which is still were we are headed.

Now the equation starts to work, which is also about returning everything.

I received the feeling of Torben Bille again, and was told that he also spoke poorly of me.

Now will you please stop annoying my mother (?), which was said to darkness of my father.

I was told that I would have burned this document, which is what darkness would have done if I did not continue working – unless of course energy of the world would have saved this too, or later after the opening of our New World.

Again, I was told that when people don’t believe in me and start speaking of me, there is a “mechanism” making people think “what if he really is the one”, which has also “developed”.

I was shown cars in a garage, which we are now saving, and I was told that we thought that we would rot.

At 22.00 I was told, Dragholm, have we started closing the door already now (?), which is after receiving everything back, and I am here given the taste/smell of butter.

I received an incredible pressure of speech of not important information, which was so annoying when your are tired that I could have become very negative shouting at it to keep quiet, but no, this is NOT how I work, so please talk is still the motto here, and then I will decide what to write down, and yes together with every little thing is still to be saved no matter what.

I was given loud sounds to the oven of my kitchen, and was told once that here is not closed yet.

And I was told that we could also be inside of here, and then I was given this very sudden about to become completely unbearable pain to the back side of my left lower leg, which stopped right before turning into this stage, and no, I do NOT want any of you to terminate.

I was told that we cannot forget that Sanna has not been active at all, which would have woken her up spiritually for her to approve actions of darkness/destruction, and yes from Sanna and not from Karen because it was Karen that we fought about containing everything.

I received many small and very uncomfortable heart attacks again, and can we come through despite of this (?), sure we can.

I was given a demonstration of my TV picture shaking so much briefly and it was what I experience this evening in general about very strong darkness putting a great strain on my heart and I was shown my spaceship landing.

This is the last access to Sanna, which we now close.

This is the same as “cut bus”/Cottbus, which is first symbolically about stopping my “old nightmare” and the second because of my play of the football match with Cottbus both being a city and a German football team.

I was shown my father as light on a chair having three giant people of darkness sitting around him, which is how every single being had it, which you are now finishing the removal of.

I was shown that we are now putting together clothes from the most red of all life inside darkness, which was not meant to survive.

It is me torturing you, which is not with my good will, which is the strongest darkness, and at the same time I was given the feeling of Lars Løkke.

I was told that when I hung up sawdust wallpaper perfectly at my room in Snekkersten as a teenager – I had never done this kind of work before and to my mother “you cannot find out” about anything of this kind (!) – it was a condition in order to come here, and yes “he really can” as my mother discovered.

It is inside of this worst darkness that we see all ancient Egypt writings as I was shown, i.e. having access to the most well kept information of life.

We have not closed down all of the machinery of darkness yet, but “so far, so good”. So if you had decided to accept explosion of your right ankle, it had to be approved by Sanna too as extra security, and would she really give the final approval of explosion when she would be told that Stig was right (?), no we don’t believe that she would.

So we used Sanna via Karen and your father to make you dig everything out, and it would be up to Sanna, not Karen, to continue your work, which has to mean that I would be killed in this scenario.

It is the hardest material of all now entering.

I was shown my new heart in a sling being thrown around with the string of it becoming shorter and shorter, and this is about the installation of my new heart.

I received the lyrics “it’s a sad sad situation” from Elton John’s fine and classic song “sorry seems to be the hardest word”, and I see something closing, but I also receive much happiness, so didn’t we bring everything with us?

Lars Løkke’s decayed moral was the worst darkness trying to destruct Helle Thorning, me and the world

Yesterday afternoon I was told that “surely you don’t throw a stateless in prison, do you” (?), and I understood that the “stateless” was a symbol about me, and it was first hours later when I saw Lars Løkke on TV being interviewed after having testified at the “Stateless commission” (many days delayed because of a journey, which did not take place exactly as told/expected – to bring you time to think, Lars?) after his previous permanent secretary had testified that he informed Lars Løkke in the autumn of 2009, when he was Prime Minister, about “problems to keep rights of stateless people” with the Integration Minister Birthe Rønn Hornbech, and this case could have thrown down the government as I wrote back then, but it did not when it was “held up” by Lars Løkke self as I was told the other day, and the story is first now being revealed after this government lost the election of 2011 to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and yes what could be more easy for Lars Løkke than to confirm the statement of his previous permanent secretary simply saying “yes, I knew, but I did not act”, but instead he has winded himself into a net of spins/lies, Lars (?), which makes it impossible for you to “face the music” simply by speaking the truth (?), and that is to keep your face as a “true statesman” to the public and yes simply because of vanity because surely you don’t dream about coming back to power as Prime Minister to you – you do remember our New World Government coming, right (?) – and your lack of moral, lies and wrongdoings are basically what would have brought the “fire on high” leading to the end of the world, Lars (!), and eeehhh how is that (?), and yes let us take one thing after the other, right (?), and let us here bring in what you did at the same time in 2010 when you launched an attack on Helle Thorning-Schmidt using the tax case against her husband to spread the idea that Helle is a woman without ethics and moral to make you and your party win the next election (?), and yes your “party princes” Troels Lund Poulsen, the former Tax Minister, and Christian Jensen, the group chairman, worked on the case making sure that it was also leaked to the newspapers, where the newspaper of the Devil, BT, “bite” on it, and brought it, however there was only one “problem” and that was that your ambitions/endeavours were revealed making people understand that you in fact had been working directly on this case – against both the law and all ethics and moral – even though you and your party soldiers “could not” admit to the truth.

EB 290513 Lars LøkkeThe front page of Ekstra Bladet today about the
standpoint of Lars Løkke: “Deny, Deny, Deny”

Berlingske 290513 Lars LøkkeLars Løkke testimony: “I can completely reject that I … have been informed that there should be substantial problems with the handle of the Native legislation in the Integration Ministry” – a lie in the same category as Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman

And this is about you putting me as “stateless” in prison, thus being the King of darkness working directly against me – the same way as my mother and father as examples – trying to keep darkness around me as the name of the game, which would have had the effect that everything would explode if I had not been stronger than everyone including you, and yes congratulations for being the King of darkness, Lars, and I am thinking of this video clip, which I brought with you yesterday about your conception of “attitude” and “standpoint”, where everyone can see that your thoughts are another place than with the interviewer, and I wonder if it was this questioning at the Stateless Commission that you were thinking of (?), and yes planning your “strategy” telling what would suit you and the party the best according to your mind (?), and then THE TRUTH doesn’t really matter (?), and yes as long as you get your will playing this “political game” of the worst darkness, and I am thinking of you taking this morally as light as when changing standpoint, which is like changing underpants to you, and yes it is just a “standpoint” where you can decide whatever fits you and your “interests” the best while you try to continue playing your filthy game (?), and let me tell you Lars & Co. that the game is ending, and the truth – all of it – will be revealed to the world, and I really had hoped that you would be MAN enough and not a WIMP of the absolutely worst drawer to stand forward telling the truth and accepting to face the music, but you were not, and this morally decayed man and his party tried to shoot down Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who had to “survive” and win the 2011 to help me save the world, accusing her of being morally decayed (!), and yes this is the opposite world, right, so the accuser accused what he is self guilty of, and the worst part is that the Liberal Party as Lars is chairman for, is by the most popular party in Denmark with 1/3 of the voters, who are all being cheated by the nose because if you and your soldiers had told the truth, you would have been shot down yourself a long time ago losing your voters and all power, and yes can you see the game of darkness, which tried to “close down” Helle Thorning-Schmidt, thus me and the world, by playing a dirty game, and now everyone knows that you are about to FACE THE MUSIC yourself Lars, and when you do, you will bring ONE SUMMER DREAM to our New World where “deep waters flow out to the sea, Warm summer breeze blows endlessly” :-).

And yes let us keep this paragraph too, which I had written as draft before the above:

It is not very nice with the pressure of the commission over you, Lars (?), and what do you believe of my pressure on you (?), and yes you are simply a selfish, immature, irresponsible and unreliable man who used to be the Prime Minister of Denmark, and how do you feel about this (?), and yes “not easy” to be you (?), and what is the ONLY RIGHT THING to do (?), and that is to speak the truth and to be relieved, but still you “cannot” because of your own false pride, and because of this, you were willing to bring down me and the entire world, and yes back in 2009 you were also “banging this hammer” at the climate conference, and I am wondering if this is the only thing you like to “bang” when you are on tour away from your wife (?), and yes it is not only “suspicious hotel bills”, which catches the eyes, is it, Lars?

I was even told if you, Lars, have told people that I ought to seek help for my “mental disease” to save your own behind?

This is what is giving my pain to my bones, and yes sometimes I receive strong pain to my bones, which is because of darkness wanting to destruct the structure of me and the world, and I just received such a pain because of you, Lars, how could you sink so low as a man, who should have been a role model for everyone (?), and yes it goes way beyond me.


And I am also here given “heartfelt regards” and this is necessary to do, Lars, to bring you down, to save everyone, you see (?), and yes he has to be another part of my father as I have been told earlier thus having the Source working inside of him directly against me, but it was NOT enough, Lars. 

Finally, let me say that normally my spiritual voice helps me when writing giving me both words and ideas of what to write, but writing this chapter was with the strong feeling given to me “I don’t have any desire at all” – because of Lars Løkke having “no desire at all” to go through the questioning and this – and I felt how darkness fought against me writing this, but I had to do it because it is RIGHT to do, which I am sure you understand, right Lars (?), and I wonder if you want to become world famous for being a chicken like everyone else or if you will have the courage to stand forward – a written declaration or press conference – where you simply speak the truth about yourself and the party, and yes it would not hurt by now for you also to speak the truth about me, so will you or should I say cock-a-doodle-doo (strange how these chickens sound in English, it is “kykkeliky” in Danish, which for sure is more accurate?).

Note: Please know that I only mean good when writing “laughing stock”, which is about “the one laughing last, laughs best”, and I mean this without anyone ridiculing Lars Løkke, but to objectively talk about him as example of what you are NOT supposed to do – and then it fitted with the album title of the band TALK TALK, and “talk talk” is what the world does, therefore!

Google Earth: A cross on a grave and STRONG darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a lady with a hat, a cross on a grave, two very different gentlemen, looking down on the girl with the hat, a big smiling cat together with Assad of Syria, lots of souls, smoking of darkness, this hat is big (STRONG darkness), and wonder why these souls wont gather.

FB 300513 Jette 1

FB 300513 Jette 2

FB 300513 Jette 3

FB 300513 Jette 4

FB 300513 Jette 5

FB 300513 Jette 6

FB 300513 Jette 7

FB 300513 Jette 8

FB 300513 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I found a better picture of the crown on the sky and decided to share it on Facebook as follows.

FB 300513 Stig

  • Jette decided to react on my direct language, which really made me sad that she has not understood the meaning of yet as it is explained on my website, but if she does not, there is probably also others not understanding, so she really helped me to make others understand, but I could really do without this here at 16.00 still having more work to do. And I am here given a taste of “blood red” meat of a calve, where Jette is bringing me the red of blood, which I use via work to convert to light, and life as the meat symbolizes.

FB 300513 Stig 2

FB 300513 Stig 3

  • I received an invitation to become friends with Theis, a high school student, and he asked me if I am the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, which I confirmed that I am as my new self, and he wanted to know how I reached that conclusion, and I recommended him to read my website because I don’t have time to answer questions like this individually, and then I brought him this link bringing him the answer,  and this is when he decided to show his true face of darkness by saying that he will indeed “read and try to understand, it is also a long time ago that I have had a good laugh”, so here you see another exercise, which can be called “this is how you fool people by being positive when you indeed is the opposite”, and not long after this, I was told that there is a very cheap and very popular refrigerator, i.e. storage room of life, for sale, and yes this is about people becoming “popular” with friends, when they find “popular” information on the Internet, which they all can laugh about, so maybe you will spread the news, laugh of me and maybe also ridicule me straight up in the face (?), and that is if you dare? And yes disbelief is the normal first reaction to me, and let us see if Theis will decide to hang around and read some of me maybe starting the impossible process of changing from “no, it is impossible” to “yes, now I believe”.

FB 300513 Theis

FB 300513 Theis 2

  • Theis continued being “shocked” and showing his disbelief when he saw some of the Google Earth pictures including my name on my Facebook timeline, and he decided to speak without knowing – as most people do – “Now it has to stop. You cannot just find pictures on google earth and start drawing names on them in paint and say that it is messages of God. This is alarming crazy”, and no, it is not, it is what you and your compulsive thoughts makes you, so please do what I encourage you to do, which is to read and understand, and if you cannot, you cannot understand me, but if you hang around (as my Facebook friend), there is a chance that it will come gradually to you anyhow, and yes this is how we are spinning in spiders, and there is a CURE for everyone – the song “Lullaby” below is about fighting these spiders, and it is a 100 point song, among the best of this favorite band of mine – , which is about opening a crack to let the light shine in solid darkness, and this now goes for you too, Theis, “welcome to the pleasure dome” as I am told, and this is a wonderful song, which already came to me yesterday, and of course about the pleasure dome of our New World inside the Source of life and yes “the world is my oyster” :-).  And as you can see Theis continued speaking about how “crazy” this is because he “knows” that “you cannot see anything from these pictures”, and yes now I understand why I wrote as I did in my first picture (of the cloud as a crown) today – “”No, I don’t believe that you can see anything in clouds”!” – which I did two hours before this, and this was a forecast of these young people coming to harass me, and I was just told that this is STRONG darkness of Lars Løkke coming against me, and yes you have decided not to lay down flat, Lars (?), but there is nothing you can do the same way as there is nothing that these young people can do other than making themselves look like fools to the world when they “cannot” read and understand, and I am here told that this is what is symbolising you, Lars, because you are a “living man” as we say here, who “don’t need” to read and understand in order to know (?), and yes a man who is chairman of the biggest party in Denmark and former Prime Minister, and not only is he a liar with a decayed moral, he is also lazy, and “loves to talk”, which he does all day long without truly working, and yes Lars, this is how you are becoming a LAUGHING STOCK to the world, which I can promise you that they will TALK TALK about, and yes I can hear them speaking already, they have started (!), so WELCOME TO THE PLEASURE DOME, it is your darkness I am going right through, and when I am done, we will open our New World :-).

FB 300513 Theis 3

FB 300513 Theis 4

  • Later I saw this “communication” between Mads and Theis including some of my “rubbish” making them fall down the chair laughing, and there is really only one bigger surprise than this, which is when they will discover that I speak the truth and they were simply as stupid as I told them when they concluded without truly reading/understanding, and yes there is the ATTITUDE in difference when they could not resist the temptation to misunderstand/laugh instead of trying to understand this information, which is different to what they normally hear also making it “impossible” to understand, and yes it takes a certain number of influences before they start to accustom and change their view, so what you see here again is immature and irresponsible people ridiculing me without having a care about how this feels like to be the victim of, which is really the worst you can do to people, and I wonder how many of my old friends and ex-colleagues, who also laughed at me in the beginning before they started to understand or hear the rumors about me being the truth. Later I was told that it is incredible that these two have arrived and something about they being connected with and opening something. And yes, by the end of the day they were still my Facebook friends.

FB 300513 Mads



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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