June 1, 2013: Discovering an infinity of Sources of life, which are all being connected to me bringing “true magic”


Summary of the script today

31th May: Discovering an infinity of Sources of life, which are all being connected to me bringing “true magic”

  • Dreaming of difficulties to receive hidden life, I am out of energy and darkness steals my tool of creation, politicians sending me the worst darkness, receiving access to all money/energy, and I am now “signed, sealed and delivered”.
  • I received incredible dizziness, the worst dizziness of all ever, and also incredible tiredness, small heart attacks and sexual torments during the day, and I felt how the transfer from darkness is on-going via the narrow funnel of my throat. I received a symbol of 5 DKK coins, i.e. worlds, which have been hidden to me, and also that my mother, i.e. the world, would bring the last energy required to bring in “something big”, which I did not have the energy for, but I said “no, never!” also when I was shown that this would mean much physical (temporary) termination of life again including the death of John, and finally I was told that we have decided to do it through me in a close combat with my mother, and I was told that underneath the Source, we have found “another dark plate and they keep on forever” meaning that there is not only one Source but an infinity of Sources (!), which came as a surprise to us all. All of these Sources have now started entering through the same road as my mother coming from outside, and we are building an eternal tunnel/system automatically bringing in endless Sources, and we use all of the energy of the Source doing this for as long as I and my mother, who are both broken down, can go on. And this opening is coming via my two new Facebook friends, the very rude young men Theis and Mads. We are now connecting an eternity of Sources, which will create “magic”/a cornucopia, and who/what stands behind all of these endless sources (?), can they really be “natural” (?), and it is first when becoming Jesus that I will be told who I am – ““and here’s to you, …, Jesus loves you more than you will know”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show big and small souls waiting to gather, one BIG person is flying up to the telescope (on top of the world), a beautiful angel: “Follow me”, souls with and without glasses, a priest collecting a community, waiting to getting down to get washed, cheek-kissing, the beautiful face of the Arch-angel, and a big window and a bed.
  • Short stories about Ferdinand the bull (Stig), which people believe is negative, Mads and Theis are the WORST DARKNESS destructing the world, but opening to an eternity of Sources when I convert it into light, Beyonce had her but slapped as a symbol of my “old nightmare”, Ida spreads nazi-darkness from Costa del Sol, and nakedness will not be shared publically in our New World.

1st June: Teaching young men of “good behaviour” and showing them on LIVE TV their CHEEK-KISS of death!

  • Dreaming of an actor going to see his favourite film (of our New World), my new Facebook friend Theis is bringing me the opening to the eternal Sources, and I continue using my sister to bring me darkness to clean via sexual torments coming against me.
  • We are not going to burn all Sources, which we otherwise would have done had you not come here without giving up – and this would have killed us until you would found us on the other side. If I had given in to my “old nightmare”, “I would simply run through everything with my pole” destructing (the rest of the) fragile Old World.
  • We just have to clean up removing all eternal, old duvets before you reach me. There is room for an “eternity” of Sources of me each divided in four parts inside the creation of my mother of our New World, which can grow endlessly because there is no end to anything inside of here. All of these worlds/Sources ended up at Hell, which is why we have not seen them before now. We created new Sources like every Source has created new worlds in order to succeed with creation strong enough to save us all, which are now awakened to life. I am now part of a much bigger circle – including all Sources.
  • I was shown the last thin layer removed from what is pure gold inside a not very big figure inside of it, and a sailboat of the Source hidden behind a blue cover to protect it from darkness. This is the Source now having a yellow pencil, which can only create and no longer terminate. This is nothing more than a dot of your more than 8,000 pages that you are receiving, but still we are everything. And this is the Source, which is now coming out from its protection for the first time ever bringing the ancient vases of all information, which is so massive that it is not written down, and this is what it did, and it “clicked” on inside remaining darkness to hook up everything of creation.
  • Life started as an imperfect foreign body inside “perfect nothing” trying to protect against it, thus making life because it decided to live and with much will power we have now turned around everything of nothing. We chose the form of the Pyramid – as a triangle, the Trinity – from the beginning, which we have refined ever since.
  • I was shown Sanna also as the cleanest fish entering me, and this is because you asked us to make her survive too. We have changed creation self to make this possible – bringing life to my sister – giving her assignments, which are not yours.
  • Yesterday, Theis and Mads laughed their butt off on my behalf, and also yesterday, Theis decided to laugh even more because of “the kiss of death” as I commented one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures not realising that he is the one bringing it to me (!) because of “extreme darkness” I have to go through to open up for an eternity of Sources. I decided to give him and Mads a the following teaching on good behaviour telling them about how grossly immature they are when ridiculing me, they showing indecent, impudent and patronizing behaviour of naughty snotty brats who “cannot think”, and everything is because of a total moral decay of the community not teaching people from an early age of good behaviour instead letting poor behaviour thrive, and I brought a line to my Behaviour & Work website telling them to treat people as they would like to be treated themselves.
  • It did not take long before Mads sent me very negative emails demanding me to remove my writings on him, which I of course refused, and he believed that it required his approval for me to write on him and bring his Facebook posts, which it does not, because he shared information in public the same way as for example in an email and communication with me, which I alone decide who I want to share with. This meant that he decided to block me as Facebook friend!
  • Later, Mads’ friend Johan, who was part of their Facebook conversation the other day showing me symbols of the worst darkness coming to me from them (hash, casual sex etc.), sent me emails first telling me, as Mads, that it was illegal for me to publish their Facebook conversation, but I do believe that I made him understand that both morally and legally it is of course perfectly alright to speak about/bring what people have said in public rooms, and that is because there is nothing so sensitive in this that it is protected by the law, and when he opened up telling me that he did not like people to be able to search and find him, I told him that they cannot because his full name is NOT brought in text on my website (only in pictures), and with this we ended what started “bad” as “good” with smiles and a friendly tone. Thank you, Johan, for doing what Mads could not :-).
  • And then, a young man symbolising Theis brought a TV2 reporter live on TV a CHEEK-KISS, i.e. “kiss of death”, trying to stop my crossing over the bridge to an eternity of Source on the other side – WACHT IT YOURSELF.


31st May: Discovering an infinity of Sources, which are now all being connected bringing “true magic”

Dreaming of darkness stealing my tool of creation and receiving access to all money/energy

I went to bed at midnight and slept poorly until 07.20 with these dreams.

  • An American is throwing small metal clips and not horse steaks, which are hidden, but he is not allowed to call it horse steaks.
    • Are metal clips part of the metal plate (?), and steaks are about life, so difficulties getting in the last life?
  • The owner of a store goes bankrupt, and he is cheated by a man removing furniture only leaving one guitar for the owner, which does not work, and one very cheap for me of only 200 DKK, and two sail boards were stolen and the original owner cheated, but now return.
    • There is no more energy to bring me as my old self meaning that darkness removes my guitar of creation, and the big question is really if I will be able to bring all life out of darkness or if darkness will cheat me, and itself because this life wants to live too, so we will see.
  • I had a dream about being at a big sport event seeing two politicians make love.
    • This is darkness of politicians of let us guess the Liberal Party of Denmark – because of my story on Lars Løkke from yesterday – coming against me.
  • A woman walks around in trance at ruins not believing that that man will come, and together they play the classic “dear little mother”.
    • These are the “sad” remaining of the creation of the old world with my mother believing that I will not come to save this – wont I?

  • I am at a course where a drunk lay says “hello” to me. At the pool, people wait to make love. My old friend Kirsten is there. Jørgen (from DFM, 1991-95) says something about “pushing in” by cleaning down, and I offer to clean up and I ask if anything is confidential, which he says that there is not, I have full access to everything, and he just have to call Holland as he says.
    • The drunk lady and the pool where people make love is about strong darkness. The feeling of Kirsten here was that she is one of the four-divided worlds/parts of Jesus. Jørgen symbolizes “all money, i.e. energy, of the world”, which I now have access to.
  • I woke up to the incredible song “signed, sealed, delivered” by the incredible artist Stevie Wonder, and the lyrics “here I am, baby”, which is about the finished build of my new self – “here I am”.

Discovering an infinity of Sources underneath our Source, which are all being connected to me bringing “true magic”

Dragholm has said it, this is our shelves, not mine, which is about everyone getting access to the shelves of the Source and our New World.

I felt smashed this morning because of poor sleep – I was feeling much more tired and disgusted than yesterday with much dizziness and throw up feelings – and I was told that it is because of the cancellation of the machinery of Sanna/darkness, and also that this is nothing compared to what my mother would have become had I given up.

Did he also survive the trip back in (?), and I was told that this is what these deep pain to bones of my skeleton – much in my left arm – which I have received much of yesterday, was about.

No, we have not had fire in the camera house, which we hid from him too.

I was told that if I had accepted “not perfect” the other day, we would have started killing people.

We have also turned around the sun clock.

I was given a double click sound to my balcony together with the feeling that mattresses and lamps were removed from out of there, our temporary location.

I was given four big sneezes and incredible dizziness following it, the worst dizziness of all darkness meaning that I received a big part of darkness of the Source.

I continued receiving the worst sexual torments this morning, so I wonder if terminations are on-going, and pray that this life also will come with us as light.

I wrote the notes of yesterday evening to my script of yesterday at home this morning, and then drove to the library to do the last publish of the script, and not long thereafter, I was told that there is no vintage on this fine wine (?), no this is the superstructure of all wine/vintages being on top of the world looking down on creation of everything.

Well we have just found out that you don’t have to deliver any exam paper at all, and here I feel that this is what it would have been if I had stopped working bringing my book as my exam paper, but when I am strong enough to simply continue working and building bridges for everything to survive, this is what we will do and yes to bring a sliding transition to all life as you have promised.

So when will we get our watch on (?), and yes can you bear the waiting, Stig (?), and yes it goes fine here – I am given the feeling of the wolf, Peter Belli – so if we can bring out more life from darkness keeping the door open, this is my wish, and that is if we can.

These are notes written down “tomorrow morning”.

I checked my bank account on the Internet at the library and was surprised to see that I only had received net DKK 9.490 instead of net DKK 10.850 as usual, and the difference was that the tax authorities have started withdrawing from my cash help to pay for outstanding license fees, and furthermore there was the expected extra heating bill of DKK 1.360, but besides this, there was also a bill of DKK 1.548 to the electricity company all in all removing almost everything, so I had to decide to stop the payment of the electricity bill hoping that they will not cut my electricity for paying one month too late, and I felt very poorly for receiving so many expenses and less income that I thought that this could be a symbol of darkness cutting off life inside darkness as the dreams said?

According to my calculation, I would have a net disposal amount of DKK 1.740, and from this I decided to transfer gross DKK 835 to Kenya, and a little after the transfer, I forgot that I would also receive home security help of approx. DKK 800, which is part of my normal net income of DKK 10.850, so I could have transferred a larger amount Kenya making me feel dumb – “how could I” (?) – but instead of transferring a new amount paying a new “bloodthirsty” fee of DKK 135, I decided that I will keep this money for the 1st June making it possible also to transfer some money then, so this is how it is John, David, Meshack and Elijah, I wish it would be different for people here to help, but they are still “too busy” with their own travelling, golf, cocktails, new cars as I see on Facebook rather than helping you and me.

When I was at the kiosk of the main square in Helsingør transferring money, a man entered the kiosk wanting to exchange a 100 DKK note into some 5 DKK coins and more, but the store assistant only offered him to exchange to 20 DKK coins, which he then did and to go elsewhere to exchange to 5 DKK, and this was about the assistant who had decided that he did not want to help a man not buying anything, and to me a 5 DKK coin symbolizes a world, so this was to say that darkness is trying to block my access to save more, but there might still be options?

I have been wondering about how I reconnected with the Source in 2010, and still being a hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father and I was told that the world did not have access to the Source, but the Source had access to us, and yes this might be the answer.

We hope on a dream start and to get in the rest later, unless it will run out as waste water, but I do hope that it will always be saved for us still to have access to also after the opening of our New World, and no I can never be sure what is real and what is a game.

There is nothing like getting behind some life ….

Isn’t it sex that Peter – Karen’s ex-husband – believes is the reason why you “stalk” Karen (?), yes not understanding the true reason for my attempts to communicate with her.

I still felt ongoing transfer through the narrow funnel of my throat, so we are still working, and yes I still receive darkness also confirming that I am still washing more gold.

During the afternoon, I was not only tired, I was INCREDIBLE tired because of extremely poor sleep, which is because of darkness of Lars Løkke & co. and these young people attacking me too.

I was shown a Danish submarine docking at harbour and from there a full football stadium of people, who have received access to our New World, and these are people of all nationalities because I was shown flags, and also a Russian general supporting me, and then I was shown an aeroplane symbolising all of this life and saw how it was crushed, and I was told that this is how easy it is for everything to destruct ….

I had agreed with my mother to meet her at 14.30 to do a little shopping together, and it was warm and we both sweat easily, so I had really not looked forward doing this because of how incredible tired I was, but I kept the agreement, and when I took the elevator down I was told that we cannot get out – and then the elevator door did not open when arriving at ground floor to symbolise this, but I could push a button, and then the door opened – and this is what is making your mother fear, but behind this I heard another voice saying “it is alright”.

We visited a total of four supermarkets (!), and when we stood in line as the Aldi supermarket, I was told “no doctor prescribed medicine”, and then a man in front of us lost all of his coins on the floor, and this was to say that if the system had forced me to take medicine – maybe even hospitalising me – I would have lost all of this money, i.e. energy of life of darkness, on the floor.

I was thinking about what my mother said the other day, which was that Kvickly had 15% discount on all products for members (I do NOT like that!) and since I am not a member, she offered that I could buy on her card, and I thought that this is a symbol of my mother “paying” for me, i.e. bringing energy to save life inside darkness, which I don’t have energy myself to save, and I was told that this is also why I did not pay my electricity bill this month, and I could only say NEVER, I will NOT allow it (!) and that is unless you use my top rule because there are no other options.

My mother drove the car the first part of the road, and when she wanted to close the door using the remote control of the key, it did not work, and when we returned, and she wanted to open the door using the remote control, it also did not work making her wonder because “it always works”, but no, not here, and from here I overtook the driving, and at the next supermarket, the key remote control worked again, and I understood what it was about so I told her that this is what I have told you about, about electronics suddenly not working exactly like my computer mice, do you see (?), and then she said that she better not be with me because this makes the things stop to work, but then she thought again and said that when I come, things start working again, and yes this was to remind her about what she already knows of my electronics acting “strangely” as she has seen for years for example when my telephone called her up from my back at the dressing room of Fitness World maybe in 2008, which a telephone just don’t do.

My mother told me that my sister and her husband are in Vienna, and she and John will go on a weekend stay tomorrow at Sørup Herregård, and yes they “need” it, and I am thinking that money makes a difference to people here.

At the Prøvesten shopping centre, I was sitting outside waiting on my mother, and then suddenly I was given the thought of Bettina’s Søren, and even though it was summer weather and the weather forecast had said no rain, one second after thinking of Søren, I started receiving the first rain drops – symbolising sufferings – and I understood that this is what Søren still brings me too because it is “impossible” for him too to read and understand.

Do you know what we have found underneath (?) – another dark plate and they keep on forever, and this means that there is also not only one Source but an infinity of Sources!

It is just before we will tip it, i.e. to turn it on the head.

At 16.00 I was home again and keeping awake was completely unbearable, and I also received strong heart attacks making this day truly the worst.

Isn’t it what we say that we, i.e. darkness, are green on Jette’s Google Earth pictures, now we will be going to an environment festival.

We just have to get out of a ban zone where not even a Jesus can be.

During the afternoon, the small rain drops had developed and we received what looked like a cloudburst, and I have not checked the weather forecasts, but as I remember it, they did NOT promise any rain today, only summer weather, and yes the weather was VERY moist making both my mother and I sweat and feel uncomfortable, so there you have it.

I was told and shown that we are all on our way into one big fish, but we have something he cannot receive, but still maybe he can (?), and this is because we cannot reject that you keep saying “you are welcome” – even though I am beaten up with darkness wanting me to say no, and yes we only say that this is too big for one man to handle.

At 19.00 I almost could not stand up, but I had an agreement to visit my mother and John for dinner, so I had to, and my mother and John told me that the roof on their house is not finished, and this is after it has been a little leaky during the work, but now it is finished, which to me is about the finish of the house of my mother, i.e. the New World.

I was shown “the all big pencil” in front of my mother’s face – symbolising termination of life of the world – and I told myself that this cannot be true, we should be finish by now (?); so what is it now coming in?

And at dinner, I was given strong signs that John will die because of what we will now go through, and again, what is this about (?), and no, NEVER, you are NOT going to hurt my mother and John.

We had a nice evening together and when I came home, I was told that it is alright, we will also bring in the next even smaller ship.

I was told that the referral note of hospitalization of me was already written, and the system “did not need” new examinations of me because they are already there from before, and it required a mayor to bring you out.

I continued receiving many small heart attacks almost killing me, and I felt how darkness from my balcony very directly beamed this against me, and yes tough it is but it is really about my washing machine inside of me to absorb and convert this to light.

I was shown a palace in Paris having a map of the world depicted on the floor, and beneath the floor is where we are now, which is inside the Source, and inside of here I am shown giant ships entering me, talk about a surprise also to us, and this is why we have decided to continue the journey because you can even though today is awful, and this is because you will accept no “accidents” given to my mother and John and also my other family.

When I confirmed this and said “come on all of you gangs”, I received a feeling of enthusiasm from these lower worlds, which we have never heard about before, and these are yet more basil leaves, which we now gather together.

And I was told that these worlds follow the same road as my mother – everything else of our New World – did, which is to come from outside in because we know that this is leading to you.

I was shown an open Scanlines ferry in Helsingør harbour and was shown these new worlds going through the ferry and around in an endless symbol (horizontal eight) – the ferry is the washing machine of me – and I was also shown a channel leading up to me as the swan, and I was told that I have now been installed as the Source.

I was told that we were surprised of the complexity of these worlds, and that it is not only “worlds” but these endless sources, which are using the same road as the New World to be cleaned and turned around, and this is why we have continued the system of the “old nightmare” as a threat, and your old rules to protect yourself and your family, friends etc. as the best, and yes it has worked so far, so they will also have to work for this.

I noticed that the same notes I had written down on my telephone this evening now started being automatically deleted again, and even though I was far too tired to start writing down on paper again, this is still what I did included my memory of these not that many lost notes.

And this included information that Lars Løkke is the only one having received information about me from the dark White House as I was shown, and you may like to tell me and everyone what kind of information you have received Lars?

I was given some very low sounds to my oven/kitchen this evening and once I was shown that I am at one of the top levels of a tower made of wood with each level becoming narrower than the previous.

I was told that “this is not like a handball match”, and this is about the story of North Zealand (Helsingør) handball club, which had relegated from the premier league some weeks ago, but because Viborg handball club has decided to pull the plug, North Zealand has now been offered to remain in the best league, and this is the story about how I had lost the fight not being able to save the last, but on the very edge, I am continuing to work herewith making this team return to the best league, and that is if they can found the necessary capital before June 7, so we will see if they will confirm.

HD 300513 Håndbold

So it will take a goal photo to decide who came first – I was thinking of the dream of the two VW Golf’s the other day – your mother or you.

You have held up these worlds by cooling forever to make us pass? You have to make hay while the sun shines, they say.

We will have everything to work from these worlds, which is “complicated”.

It was also us a little that made your bones pain.

After some time, I was told that we now understand the difference between light and darkness = creation, which a New World or Source really said on its way in, and it was said with a smile.

We also wish to stop these heart attacks given to you.

I was told that Libya asked Anders Fogh – the general secretary of Nato – not to tell that they know about me.

The low sound to the oven means that there is no more room, really? How will we then get in (?) – your will power defeating your mother.

So we have decided to keep the system going without your mother knowing that more is coming the same road as her, and it will continue as long as you and your mother can – but I was also told that we are trying to set up an automatic system to transfer to each new Source on its way in.

And I was told that you don’t know about your mother’s enormous problems to get started because of John’s coming operation.

We do this with all energy of the Source, and this is because we wanted to look down, and what did we found there (?), yes endless Sources, and we decided to bring these too, and this gave me some fear what would happen if I gave up now, but then I thought that it would be my mother with the world and John, who would “pay” for this.

Do you want to believe that it is these two young men, Theis and Mads, who open up to this?

So we will just have to create an eternal tunnel for these Sources too, to make them part of us – this is “not the worst day” too, which was hidden enthusiasm kept down at a minimum, and I was told that this is also because I decided to continue writing down notes now on paper instead of stopping work when the phone again did not work.

I was given the taste of fish and was told that the first Source is not in simply for writing down these notes, and it will continue tomorrow, and I was told by this Source if this is how he is, a tough guy, and yes this is how he is, i.e. me.

We almost feel that we can reach out and say “welcome home” also here and here and here, and I was told that Sources everywhere have worked to get alive, and it became you, i.e. me, we all chose by using the road, which works.

This is what the ancient Egyptian signs the other day showed, which was the road to a New World, one after the other as it showed out.

It is easy, is this how you created the world (?), which new life entering asked with a smile and the feeling of “simplicity”.

I was given a new sound to my oven, and was told that it will now close during the night until tomorrow morning when my work will reopen it.

We, i.e. these Sources, would not know what to do if you had stopped, we have prepared a game to give you.

This is also what “faith” of my mother and John is about, and yes John was “surprised” to hear about the remote control of the car key not working for my mother, but for me, and I told them once again this evening that this is how it has been to electronics for years as I have told you, and yes how many times do I have to tell you before you will understand such a small one?

You don’t know what the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, has done to keep you out (?), and is that a “world memo” banning me everywhere?

I was told by these sources that we did not know about you and also not that your mother – the world – had been created, it is first now that we connect, which has been thought of by whom (?), and yes who stands behind all of these endless sources now connecting (?), can it really be “natural”?

And this answer is what we are coming closer with this.

Isn’t if funny that he has to take care via his day time work as a train driver what we do during nights (?), which is the same people working as the Devil setting up the world for destruction, so this is about defeating yourself – going through what we set up for you during nights.

What kind of magic will happen when all Sources connect (?), and I receive the feeling of a cornucopia, and I am shown all of these sources as press photographer’s from the 1930’s in a full theatre taking pictures of me.

It is first when I became Jesus – which I still will first become when I will wake up as my new self – that I would be told whom I am, and I received Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson and the lyrics “and here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know”.

Google Earth: Flying to the top of the world and a beautiful angel: “Follow me”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show big and small souls waiting to gather, one BIG person is flying up to the telescope (on top of the world), a beautiful angel: “Follow me”, souls with and without glasses, a priest collecting a community, waiting to getting down to get washed, cheek-kissing, the beautiful face of the Arch-angel, and a big window and a bed.

FB 310513 Jette 1

FB 310513 Jette 2

FB 310513 Jette 3

FB 310513 Jette 4

FB 310513 Jette 5


FB 310513 Jette 6

FB 310513 Jette 7

FB 310513 Jette 8

FB 310513 Jette 9

FB 310513 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • BT brought this post about the police warning against a lose bull around the town of Væggerløse a few kilometers from where Jette lives, and they say that “Ferdinand is lose” and “do you believe that it can be distracted by flowers too” (?), and this comes as a reaction to Jette’s comment to my direct language yesterday believing that I am “aggressive” (and negative) like a bull, but you may have found out, Jette, that I am NOT (!), it is only in your mind not understanding the objective content of my writing that makes me “negative/aggressive”, and this is what all of the game has been about, because EVERYONE knows that I am a “nice fellow” – never negative but only positive – and when you then read my direct language, it makes not only you Jette, but MANY people – take Elijah and my family as the best example – believe that I am negative, but I am not, I am only telling you directly to look into the mirror and change your (negative/wrong) ways, which should be EASY to understand if you only decided to understand objectively my words instead of giving in to your own negative feelings and misunderstandings wrongly making you believe I was wrong – where it indeed was you, who was wrong, and yes we have been through this MANY times before, but it seems as if the world has “some” difficulties understanding, so here it was once again for Prince Knud as we say here.

FB 310513 BT

  • David was kind as usual to send his thank you – thank you for that, David :-).

FB 310513 David

  • One of my new ”dear friends”, Mads – the one laughing much of me together with Theis and how many else (?) – received this open message from a friend who want to go “a little hunting”, which is about going down to the park to find “confirmand drunk teenage girls having dressed suitable skanky” in the warm summer weather today, and yes one night stands, which you know is indecent sexual behaviour destroying the world, and Mads asked Johan if he has “oregano”, which he had not, so he decided that they had to buy some, and he heard that the price of this “spice” is 100 DKK per gram, and then we all know that these two young friends are whoring and smoking hash, and both are symbols of the absolutely worst darkness there is, and yes as Mads said “if you understand such a small one”, which was inspired because this is what I have often written, which is an old quote of Lars Hjortshøj and a reference to sex, and here to darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, so this is what Mads, Theis and his friends laughing at me are bringing, and furthermore, Mads was also inspired to bring the video below about the “airplane toilet trick”, and as old readers know, an airplane is a symbol of darkness destructing the world, and an airplane is a symbol of the world itself, so what more “proof” do you want that this is what these young men are bringing me (?), and yes the absolutely worst darkness for me to  penetrate and convert to light, and this is what is opening to the infinity of Sources, so thank you Mads and Theis for being such morons not being able to understand what is easy to understand if you just read with an open and objective mind.

FB 310513 Mads

  • I have often thought that Beyonce have some of the same looks/characteristics of Michella – my old colleague from Fair being used as a temptation to bring my “old nightmare” – and I was told that when Beyonce was in Copenhagen in concert some days ago, the reason why a fan could not resist the temptation to slap her butt, was simply a sign of my “old nightmare”, i.e. for darkness to force mother and son together in a way that you do NOT want this to happen, and yes it would happen SPIRITUALLY to me as real as reality and start destruction, which is what “crazy in love” is about to me.

  • My old “almost girlfriend” from 2005, Ida, brought the line “at the moment, we are feeling wonderful here at Costa del Sol” from C. V. Jørgensen’s “Costa del Sol”, which is really an inspiration to show you Nazi-darkness coming from Ida too, and yes I hope that you are having a good time on your luxury holiday, Ida …

FB 310513 Ida

  • A few days ago, this story was brought about the MEP Morten Løkkegaard trying to have Apple to accept nakedness in their online-store, which Apple did not accept, and this is simply a symbol about not bringing nakedness publically in our New World because nakedness is reserved for your partner as part of your sexuality/creation of life, and NOT meant to be shared with others – see more here. And “Apple” is here of course the symbol of our New World not showing nakedness.

DR 280513 Løkkegaard


1st June: Teaching young men of “good behaviour” and showing them on LIVE TV their CHEEK-KISS of death!

Dreaming of using my sister to bring me darkness to clean via sexual torments coming against me

I went to bed at 00.30 and slept as poorly as the previous night until 06.30 – making this day a day in hell too – receiving these dreams.

  • I meet an actor – he is 25 years old and is together with a boy – on his way to the cinema to watch his favourite film. I am COMPLETELY wet, and I started all of my journey with a theft of jewels, which I show to people, and I am smoking, but receive such an incredible pressure from these people to stop that there is nothing else I can do.
    • The favourite film is about our perfect New World. I am completely wet because of water of the Source pouring onto me also meaning that I suffer much, and I have to stop smoke, i.e. stop being part of darkness. The jewels is about stealing energy from the Source as a condition to create our New World.
    • I was shown one GIANT tanker after the other entering me, and was told that this is my new Facebook friend, Theis, bringing this, and I was told that we did not know, but we sensed something about him.
  • Something about my sister and bus no. 5 towards the amusement park of Bakken, and I have a drunk colleague, who tells me that we will bring all kind of spirits, and I tell him that we will buy what we need individually because I don’t drink. At a café/restaurant on Bakken, I sit outside in the corner of a completely packed crowd, and I sit together with and speak with Sanne Salomonsen, while a band is playing her songs, and when they play her/Sneakers’ old song “Signal”, it is time to get on the bus. I only have 100 DKK left, and I have to bring Sanne’s vocoder (a synthesis system producing human speech), but I both have problems encoding it and to bring it, and I am also inside a public toilet standing in line with many others not wearing any pants/underpants before I leave to take on pants, and I drive with the bus towards school, but I am set off at one point seeing it drive away – it is a “fast bus” not stopping at all bus stops – and I run everything I can to catch up on it, but just before reaching it at the next stop at the centre of Frederiksberg (which looks far better in the dream than in reality), it drives away, and instead I see Søren H. lecturing about account management, which he knows nothing about, and I see Lisbeth speaking about some true things, which however needs to be done much more carefully than she does, and my old friend Henning W. is there too saying that they do some of the same at Danske Bank at the Town Hall Square. And I take on my socks.
    • Bakken seems to be an important place of cleaning darkness, and I here meet Sanne Salomonsen, who is also a “wolf” of darkness to me as Peter Belli was, and that is because of her misunderstand speech of me, this is what the vocoder says, and no pants are about sexual torments of darkness wanting to overtake me, and the bus – about “making love” and my “old nightmare” – is driving away because of my sleep, so let us hope that I will catch up on it during today with this work.
    • This dream came because Sanne Salomonsen yesterday played a concert in Tivoli symbolizing Paradise of our New World.

Removing the last thin layer from pure gold of the Source now coming out of its prison for the first time ever

When I woke up, again I received Kim Wilde’s “you came”, which is what I did to bring an eternity of Sources.

I was told what about playing “King on my castle”, which is what I am, so here you have this hit song, which I liked much when it came out more than a decade ago.

The last couple of days I have received many sounds to my kitchen, balcony and shelves without visions and information about what these sounds are about.

Do you now understand why you received incredible dizziness the last couple of days (?), and yes new Sources entering me.

I continue receiving sounds to my balcony including a table tennis ball jumping to me, which will have to be another Source.

I felt a rabbit/bunny, which is about Karen, and I was told that we are still running through here, and also my father and mother for that sake, the old system.

I was told by people of other civilizations that I will not lose contact to them when I will receive contact to the entire New World, which is a thought I have had about my LTO friends, i.e. whether I can keep my (close) contact with them as my new self, and yes I can.

I was told that I am still alive because no doctors were allowed to “touch me” – forcing me to take medicine – which would have killed me together with concerns of my mother.

Again this morning, I received a period of time with the strongest heart burn imaginable, which is truly so strong that it could make me stop, but then again this is great parts of the Source entering me. I also received pain to my behind again.

Is there sunshine on the island that we are going to (?), but of course there is. Where is the program of the pizza?

You almost have no more of this – and then I was given a sneeze – and am I dreaming or what?

I was given a new sound to my balcony – one of the few I was also given the content of, and I am here shown the actor Mads Mikkelsen (of darkness) – and I was shown bicycles, and told that it is us you cannot unlock, and we will see about that.

It isn’t a high jumper is it (?), and I am shown myself jumping up to the top level of everything.

I reminded myself to include David’s email in the script of yesterday, and was given the taste of snaps, which you know is “firewater” of darkness, and I was told that this is why the first time – of not many – I got drunk was as a teenager after I had stolen (!) a bottle of snaps, which I shared with was it my old class friend Dennis (?), and yes this was VERY wrong to do, and since I have NOT liked snaps, and yes a strong symbol of darkness, and this is what I still meet via you, David, as this says, and this has nothing do with not liking you because I do as I do with all of my family of friends most of them acting as this firewater.

Everything has not been written down on documents, but I have given you enough to find the way home to me.

It is also me giving you these pains to your bones, here in my left hand.

No, we are not going to burn all Sources, which we otherwise would have done had you not come here without giving up – and this would have killed us until you would found us on the other side.

It is a top balance act of everything put together – your sister and everyone – here on top of everything, and all is based on love, and this can only be done when everything is perfect, which is “unthinkable”, but still ….

You will be surprised ….

Yes, is this then the way we took by train, which is completely different – another old Source speaking – which is now being connected.

This is only part of the motorway for him “the big” of all of us to get to his destination, and we don’t know him, but we feel that we do, so this is about turning around this big guy of all too.

Is his name Herr Schwann (?), which is both a reference to me, a swan (after having been the ugly duckling) and of course the character from the Matador TV-series.

I was told that if I did not do this, “I would simply run through everything with my pole” with the creation of the world being “very fragile”, but no, this is not what I want (you) to do and I take the decisions as Stig.

So here is the storage room for old duvets, yes it has all been taken care of knowing that one day you would come here.

It is not an artifice to keep your father here at Bakken, which is exactly what I understood that it is, and going directly after the throat of Theis and Mads is the tool I use to make this happen, see the next chapter.

Have we started preparing a world when you will not receive any homework (?), i.e. constant sufferings, and yes with my Facebook reply to Theis and Mads, and my sharing of this in this script, see below, and on my Facebook timeline, we have.

It isn’t your carpenter apprentice – from the BIG man about me – is it?

We don’t have birthday every day, but this is how I feel it too, and yes because of your teaching of Mads and Theis today, see the next chapter.

We are walking up to the north of Norway, which is where the dept is the biggest, and I wonder what kind of “monster” you have installed there capable to destruct the world, and is it a new HAARP-weapon, my friends (?), and what in the world were you thinking when realising this (?), and was any of you thinking that now we are burying ourselves for good, but still you “could not” stop it because what if the other side did the same (?), and yes CRAZY is what you are!

It takes long to get here that lifeline, which I also would have thrown to you, and this is about what Theis and Mads – and Johan – may decide to do against me, see the next chapter, and I received the feeling that the lifeline – to help me out – would also be thrown to me if they had started attacking me, and yes there is nothing darkness can do to remove my public writings – and this is because I did not accept my “old nightmare”.

We just have to clean up removing all eternal, old duvets before you reach me, and yes fino with me.

There is a row of pearls (of creation), which we can use to feed new pigs (of Sources) with.

He has a very short monogram, and spelled backwards – Stig as “Gits” – it almost becomes God in the presence of the Source, and yes smart, right?

So there is no ballad in town at all – after telling the young people about good behaviour, see the next chapter – and alright, I will write the feeling you have now given me many times, which is that this town where they live is Århus, and Helena is from Århus too, so is Helena the source of this incredible darkness – the kiss of death – coming against me by telling one of these young people about me?

And all of this is done one minute before I will pack everything together and start up again.

How many double four-rooms do you say that I can create up here (?), and yes this is my mother starting to understand that there is room for an “eternity” of Sources of me each divided in four parts, so “an eternity” is what you are looking for dear little mother.

So this is about one package of yeast having the characteristic that it can grow endlessly because there is no end to anything inside of here.

And I am told that some of these young people writing to me and I them with my arguments and the same people reading my scripts start to catch up on “this and that” gradually making crackings for the light to get in.

So we are not going to sit in prison anymore, this is the man setting us all free (?), yes father.

I was told that the DIRECT language I used to tell the truth about Theis and Mads is the same as I have done telling the truth directly to governments, armed forces etc. of the world and the difference is that they did not react to me but had STRONG feelings of me too and could have decided to bring me down, and why should I start changing my ways now, which is what is opening the door to everything (?), and yes DO YOU UNDERSTAND BY NOW, USA (?) and many other places of the world.

All of these worlds/Sources have ended up at Hell, which is why you have not seen them before.

And this will be completely without an ambulance (to save life) to follow the taxi of my new self arriving.

When I continued to say no thank you to sexual temptations/torments coming to me it meant “no destruction” and this is because my “pole” is the pole of the Source, and had I accepted, the strength of the Source would have been used to destroy the fragile creation of the (rest of the old) world.

Again, I was told that it is ONLY strong language – as I also wrote to these young people below – which is giving me strong reactions of darkness, which is needed for me to go through to save all life inside of it.

I was told that Bo from Dahlberg has nightmares about my books, which is “not nice” to you, Bo (?), but misunderstood of course because of your own misunderstandings.

Who has heard my name being spoken in sleep from themselves (?), and I was not told but let us guess that my mother and Karen may be, and maybe even my sister, father and John?

Isn’t this what we said the other day that it would easy to bring down this prey (?), which is the high school that these young people attend at Risskov, Århus.

I was given the vision of Topper sitting inside the Indian tent in the movie “Hot shots”, which is a sign of “original life”.

I was told that the Church of Rome have seen my comment to these young people below, and thought “is this the way to change the world” (?), and yes this is the ONLY way to make people understand, you cannot say “please” to selfish and “rude” people.

It is like a windmill, which keeps on spinning, and I felt a solid block of darkness entering my right ankle, which is because of the reactions of these young people to me.

Where is the alarm located here (?), and yes it is now a bell for me to enter, and I see it right here.

I was told that the malfunction of the remote control of the car key was necessary to make my mother open to receive all of this.

But you cannot walk that way in, it is completely wrong, but this is what we do, and I receive smiles with this.

I received a BLUE being coming to me, and is this only me having adapted to you (?), yes, and have we created new Sources like every Source has created new worlds in order to succeed with creation strong enough to save us all, which are now awakened to life, and that is because nothing is ever lost.

There is just a lump of life here as I felt right next to me, and yes you are welcome to enter too, and I received a small heart attack, and yes even when you do this, but do NOT kill me – and this was one of few heart attacks this evening, where I was incredible tired again, but did not receive as much negativity and pressure of darkness and also not as much pain to my bones as the last days.

I was given double sounds to the garden chairs of my balcony, and then one more to the right of here, and sadly you have not received me yet, and I felt more darkness at the balcony, so we are not quite home yet.

I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle – i.e. turning around content of the Source – because of these young people.

I was told that this is why I received the song including the lyrics of “grey” the other day, because this is what we had to go through.

I was given a new sound to the balcony and now a vision of what is inside of it too where I was shown that the last thin layer is removed from what is pure gold inside a not very big figure inside of it.

No, Stig is not complete pig, i.e. everything, yet, but there he is knowing that we have to come to him, and this is also a feeling given to these young people.

This is nothing more than a dot of your more than 8,000 pages that you are receiving, but still we are everything.

You are now part of a much bigger circle – including all Sources – and I do believe that I am made as everything, so this will have to include everything of these Sources too.

It is I sending the tennis balls against you with the greatest love.

I was told that when I decided not to exclude anyone from Facebook, which was a feeling I received to do with Theis and Mads, but did not, it is also part of the game to welcome all life, otherwise I would leave out some.

You will receive a shock when you will see how life started, do you remember the foreign body inside of an oyster creating a pearl given to you as symbol of creation of life (?), and this is how it is. Life started as an imperfect foreign body inside “perfect nothing” trying to protect against it, thus making life because it decided to live and with much will power we have now turned around everything of nothing, so there you have the story of me.

So we chose the form of the Pyramid – as a triangle, the Trinity – from the beginning, which we have refined ever since, and yes knowing that this day would come.

It is I making your heart beat – as I clearly felt – and “nothing” trying to make me stop it as it is also “nothing” forcing indecent sexual behaviour on us, and all of this “foreign body” of creation is build around what we call the Source of nothing, which has the odd characteristic that it reproduces everything we create, which is what creates infinity when we decide to keep on creating, so to work is to live and to do nothing is to die.

So this is the natural force of the Source, and we have no idea from where it comes from, and it is this dress of nothing, which is the last we will put over you/everything.

There is such a massive amount of information here that we cannot write it down, we just know, and I was shown a levitating arm watch and was told that I invented time to end what would not survive now resurrecting everything via the invention of sexuality as the key of life.

I was given a new sound to the balcony, and was shown and told that we don’t need a power socket, but still we made it, i.e. energy, which will not be part of our New World because “will of thoughts” will be our “energy”, and this was to tell me about why we created this energy, which I however was not told about, but I understood that this was part of the tools to create life.

We have not yet completely delivered darkness of Sanna because you ask us to do “perfect”, and I was shown Sanna also as the cleanest fish entering me, and this is because you asked us to make her survive too (a long time ago).

I still receive a force saying “not welcome”, which I have to be stronger than all of the time.

So we sit inside of here whistling like birds – as I heard – waiting to get out for the first time in creation.

I was told that my father is “not through with you” yet, which is also part of the game to make it work.

We have changed creation self to make this possible – bringing life to my sister – giving her assignments, which are not yours.

It means that you are not yet part of the trees that we sorted out to bring Sanna, which we just have to implement too, and yes fine by me.

I was shown a blue cover over something, and saw how it was removed, and inside of there stands a small sailboat, which we have always saved for you. This is the part, which not is, which will unite everything again.

Again I was given a sound to the balcony, and was told that this – the sailboat, or the inner figure of gold – is what we was hiding here, and this can only be done when everything is perfect.

And I am also yellow (the colour of my mother/the world), and this is what we stretch out – as I was shown – to fill/cover everything, and it goes through your heart as I felt, and this is a kind of start up thing. So our pencil is now yellow, and can only create, thus not terminate.

You don’t have to owe inside of here, and yes it was me taking on all darkness on the way, which you have repaid to come here since October 31, 2012.

Do we have a red and dark presence with us too (?), yes we do, and this is based on your mother not believing in you, and this is what we don’t have to hide for anymore, and yes the force wanting to terminate us.

I was shown how we have hidden all colour full ancient vases inside an ancient vase made of and looking like clay only not to be revealed, and yes your mother never found us, and this is from where we now come out for the first time, and isn’t this what we do, which is to mix with red and dark (of darkness) – you don’t have to be afraid (I did not like this) – and yes, this is how it is, and it did not say anything else than “click” inside darkness, and what did we do (?), and yes we have always prepared doing this blindly, which is to hook up everything in here, and we use this darkness to measure that all darkness has been eliminated.

Again I received a new sound to the balcony, and was told and shown that there is an even smaller unit hidden out there, which is a smaller part of the sailboat/gold figure, and yes yes yes, we know, you are welcome to come out too.

Teaching young men of “good behaviour” and showing them on LIVE TV the CHEEK-KISS of death they bring me!

Yesterday, Theis and Mads laughed their butt off on my behalf, and also yesterday, Theis decided to laugh even more because of “the kiss of death” as I commented one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures not realising that he is the one bringing it to me (!) because of “extreme darkness” I have to go through to open up for an eternity of Sources. I decided to give him and Mads a the following teaching on good behaviour telling them about how grossly immature they are when ridiculing me, they showing indecent, impudent and patronizing behaviour of naughty snotty brats who “cannot think”, and everything is because of a total moral decay of the community not teaching people from an early age of good behaviour instead letting poor behaviour thrive, and I brought a line to my Behaviour & Work website telling them to treat people as they would like to be treated themselves.

FB 310513 Theis

FB 010613 til Theis 1

FB 010613 til Theis 2

FB 010613 til Theis 3

Some time later – after Mads’ email below – Theis decided to bring the following video as a reply to my comments above, and if this is simply because this is music that you love, I am happy about this, Theis, because MUSIC is a symbol of warm feelings between people, and this is why I share much music myself.

FB 010613 Theis

The video above includes the lyrics “she got a donk”, which I looked up and it means that “she has a big butt its call a “donk” cause it big and round like a donkey’s butt”, and yes I told you that you were laughing your butts off.

It did not take long before Mads wrote me this email telling me to understand irony/sarcasm (!) – I do believe that you should understand “good behaviour”, “my friend” (!) – and he told me that legally I am not allowed to upload things from his Facebook wall without his permission, so of course he wanted me to stop immediately (!), and I could only tell him that he operates in full openness via his Facebook site the same way as in an email to me or ordinary communication, which includes full openness where I decide what to share with other the same way as he shares from my website, and no, he did not want to listen, so he tried to continue his argument that what he writes on Facebook is only for his friends to read (!), and he also believed that when I spoke about them as spoiled and poorly raised, I bring them in poor light, which is to offend them, which also is illegal (!), and it made me say that I have simply written the truth about their wrong behaviour, which he doesn’t like to see in the mirror, and he has written a lie about me, which he has shared with others too, and he should learn from this and apologize, and from here we can continue as good friends REALLY getting to know each other, and I told him that this is NOT negative but positive because it helps him, Theis and everyone a lesson to improve, and yes this made him decide to delete me as Facebook friend – I am here given movements to my left ring finger symbolising termination (!) – and even though I encouraged him to think after and wait until tomorrow (for him to calm down), he could not control his negative emotions and decided not only to delete me, but to block me (!), and yes he really did not get it, he “could not” see that he was the one behaving wrongly, and these are the most dangerous people because if you act on basis of negative emotions, people are able to do almost anything, which also could mean that you would like to remove my writings – all 8,000 pages – because of my little information on you simply speaking the truth (!), but as you can see from my email below to your friend, Johan, there is really nothing you can do, your information is already spread on the Internet, and you are a “victim” of the openness of this, you cannot “kill it”, but I have not written your full name in text – it is only part of a picture – meaning that no one can search on your full name and find you on my site.

FB 010613 Mads 1

FB 010613 Mads 2

So Mads decided to run like a scared hamster now BLOCKING me (!) – as you can see from below when I could suddenly no longer write to him, and also from his missing picture – which is what darkness normally always do, but now I have shown you their character, and this is open for everyone to read, so this is really what brings us forward to the very end.

And he lost it not being able to control his negative temper exactly the same way as Karen, and without thinking twice, he blocked me the same way as Karen, but “new thoughts” make both of you regret your wrong actions?

FB 010613 Mads 3

I was told about their parents, who may get involved, and is this what you want to do (?), to try to make me remove my “uncomfortable” writings on you from my website/Facebook site not fully realising that I only speak the truth about you, which you “cannot” accept, and you speak lies about me, which is “perfectly alright” for you to share (?), come on, you are far out in the country here, and yes once again this is about “the opposite world”, and we will see for how long these young men will decide to bring it, and I can promise you that I will publish every single one of your steps, and also encourage you to be friendly showing good behaviour instead of the opposite. Start to grow up taking responsibility of your own actions instead of trying to hide, and yes this is what the “big man” on top of the world tries to do, and this is what I do to make him visible.

And please read the email below with Johan, and try to understand what it is you would like to remove, which is more than 8,000 pages as the foundation of life self and our New World. Do you really think this is what you would like to remove (?), and do you really think that you would succeed going up against me (?); you better think twice!

And here are the Facebook emails this evening, where Mads’ friend Johan – who was one part of the OPEN Facebook communication with Mads, which I brought the other day showing their strong symbols of darkness (casual sex, hash, and “toilet on an airplane” symbolising darkness still wanting “destruction of the world” – wrote me where he started to tell me the same as Mads earlier, which is that it is illegal for me to share their Facebook conversation, and after a longer conversation about this, where I decided to do my best to make him understand – even though this was certainly not work that I was motivated to do – I do believe that I succeeded to make him understand that they shared their information with all of their friends, and of course their friends can decide who they want to tell about this information because there is nothing illegal in this – it does not include sexual pictures/clips as example, which are protected by the law – the same way as people can decide to share emails and telephone conversations with others, which does NOT required the approval of the other part, and I also told him that my information on them is not only included on my website but also in my book of May on my Scribd profile – good that I uploaded this in the last minute before the library closed at 16.00 yesterday (Saturday – they are open to 21.00 during week days), this is really why I am “busy” to make this – and this is already copied/downloaded making him a victim of the openness of the Internet meaning that when this information first is published, it is impossible to retrieve, and I told him that even if he should succeed to close down my different websites, which he will not, I will continue uploading all material constantly and others will do the same (governments and others, and yes sooner or later, if required, for example done by you, Obama?), and this really took out his breath, and now he decided to write in a more friendly and good behaviour/constructive type of way, which I appreciated, and he said that it was not nice to have this information on him on the internet for people to find him, and I then understood that the key to TRULY calm him down was to tell that his full name is ONLY included in pictures, which you CANNOT search text on, thus making it impossible to search on his full name and find him on my website, so no future employers etc. will be able to  find you this way, Johan, and yes we ended up going from “bad” to “good” receiving a good understand and friendly tone and maybe he even understood that what may seem as negative when you do NOT read and understand the content of my DIRECT language – but only react to it with misunderstood, negative emotions – is indeed positive because only your best friend will help you to understand where and how to improve instead of “pleasing” you without telling the truth of your poor behaviour, and this is for everyone to behave proper and to be glad, and yes we ended with best wishes and smiles, so thank you, Johan, for doing what was “impossible” for Mads to do, I really like and appreciate that :-).

And no, I never considered doing what he wanted me to do, to remove my writings on them, which would be to give in to darkness – when has God ever decided to give in to one of his children behaving wrongly (?) – and yes “come on with all you got – the entire gang” (!), as I said some days ago, and this is then what we do, and Johan was part of this game – and you will also understand that your eagerness to remove my writings to protect you from the truth about yourself would have been to remove “the design of life”, which is what our New World is based on, and without this, you would destruct our New World (!), and this is basically what it means, but of course my book is so well protected that I would upload it myself again, and many others around the world – with the whole official world knowing about and following me – would do the same, and yes at least after the opening of our New World, you know.

Fb 010613 Johan 1


FB 010613 Johan 2

FB 010613 Johan 3

FB 010613 Johan 4

FB 010613 Johan 5

FB 010613 Johan 6

FB 010613 Johan 7

FB 010613 Johan 8

FB 010613 Johan 9

As you can see from the Google Earth picture at the beginning of this chapter, Jette saw and describe that this was a ““Cheek-kissing”, which is then what I said was the “kiss of death” because of the strongest darkness coming against me wanting to destruct, and this is what Theis and Mads thought was hilarious without understanding that this is really not hilarious at all, but deadly serious, and they are the ones self bringing me this incredible strong darkness when they decided NOT to read and understand me with an open and objective mind, but to be childish wanting to misunderstand and laugh at/ridicule me, and yes this is the difference, and also because whom you really are – as you don’t know yet, and I don’t know too because I have not been told, all I know is that you are both the worst darkness, which I have to go through to open up to all Sources of life, and this means that you are also the opposite, i.e. the top of the divine order (!) when I have removed this darkness, and I was told that this is especially about Theis –  and this is brought to you as “evidence” to show you the power of God and that I really mean business this time including for EVERYONE to show good behaviour, and this is about the following live clip from the Danish news on TV2 from 18:04 today, when the reporter Lisbeth Davidsen in the middle of her live reporting received a CHEEK-KISS (!!!) from a complete stranger as you can also watch a video of here, and yes the young man you can see from the picture below (!), and the young man is to symbolise Theis bringing me this KISS OF DEATH (!), because he decided NOT to believe in me, but spreading his lies on me, thus bringing me darkness of many, and this is brought on a bridge, which is the bridge I have (had) to go through to reach the other side of “an eternity of Sources”, so this is what it is about, and yes Theis and Mads & Co., will you now TRY TO UNDERSTAND or to continue playing my foolish friends?

TV2 010613 Kiss of death

This is a picture I took myself from my TV watching it live (after rewinding and playing the same part again).

TV2 010613 1804 kiss of deathA young man symbolising Theis brought the TV2 reporter a CHEEK-KISS, i.e. “kiss of death” trying to stop my crossing over the bridge to an eternity of Source on the other side.

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Yes, FC Barcelona really gave me the best birth gift I could wish for as the original creator says inside of me and that is “perfect creation” as these 100 points symbolise. YOU REALLY DID IT, Barcelona – thank you. Also thank you very much from the Queen of my mother :-).

FB 010613 FCB

  • Just thanking Anders Agger for his good abilities to make people open and speak about themselves in his TV-documentaries, and telling him that classic – not narrow – ties are not old fashioned, however some can be boring. And “tie” is also a symbol of life, so here it is also about exciting and not boring life of our New World.

FB 010613 Anders Agger

  • I was happy also to receive a text message from Meshack – because his laptop had crashed – telling me that he is ok, and confirmed the reception of my transfer.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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    😉 Jette was here

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