June 3, 2013: I am overtaking the location of the Source with “the old man” inside of it moving out becoming part of me


Summary of the script today

2nd June: I am overtaking the location of the Source with “the old man” inside of it moving out becoming part of me

  • Dreaming of receiving the grocer’s room of the Source expanding our New World, a beautiful view from what used to be darkness, I have to continue working to repay lack of energy, Lisbeth from the Commune speaks to other about me as Jesus behind my back, I am still working my best/fastest, expansion of our New World with parts of the Source went through love of my mother to me, and I receive access to all natural force of the Source – with some problems.
  • There is so much information – potential life – inside of here that we would never be able to write it all down. I am moving in/overtaking the location of the Source with the old man inside the Source moving out of “prison” becoming part of everything of our New World/me, which is a process now starting when “other parts of me” inside different holes of solid darkness is released and now entering me with great enthusiasm. I am at the end of the now very narrow funnel at the strongest part of darkness, which is what the Source is burning off as the sun and energy given to the world for creation, and also to protect itself from darkness terminating it, and with the end of darkness, we will also end energy as we know it entering an “empty room” becoming “completely free” without resistance using “the force of thoughts” only. The question is if I will be strong enough going through this becoming less and less of me, thus also holding up all life, and this is symbolised by John, who will receive a heart operation to “save him” June 12 if he is still strong enough – receiving my energy to make up for my mother emptying him for energy.
  • We did not burn down anything going through my journey, even though we believed that the only way to bring my new self was to make the world scream. We are now transferring everything of wine, i.e. content of life, and it is now that last creating energy of the world, which we have started transferring.
  • It was Sanna self, who was going to become the ambulance we would use by turning her around using forces of a suffering world to have her helping her brother. It is my sister bringing me darkness/sufferings because she is the most important of all bringing all natural force, which we stole some of, which is what she is fighting to bring back. I am already “superman” of the Source, and am now receiving all of this solid darkness/content of wine of my sister – I opened to this darkness even though it tried to bring me the kiss of death – and it is inside of this that the gold of us is located in small holes. 

3rd June: Removing the lock on myself, and replacing explosive darkness with the white horse of my new self at the Source

  • Dreaming of the later Torben Bille helping me to save more life but I cannot save everything, and darkness wanting to bring me indecent sexual behaviour.
  • The end document is about being ready including the removal of darkness and “the end”. We will be helping you to pack your clothes/get your clothes (the last part of me) in order as we do now, and this is about darkness of my sister now turning around too to help me. We are removing the lock on myself. We only have one more piano, the white, where everything started, which you stand right next to. I cannot spit out anymore, and then I might as well get out, and everything is painted blue here, so this is my previous self, Jesus, here returning – together with my father as the old man. This is about breaking the physical/sexual contact between the spirits of my mother and father, which we made to create the world. Inside of here, there is a completely round table. So we started as a round shape, which we have preserved to be able to bring you down. My inner self of light had left the location of my inner self – taking part inside one of the Swedish Sedin Ice Hockey brothers/players – and darkness would have exploded the rest of me/the world to turn me around, this is what “the kiss of death” was about, but we found another way out, so now my inner self is returning as the white horse to replace this darkness, and then to lift up a little, place on the round plate on top, mix ideas of original people of Isla Margarita with everything else, and then we are there – the serving of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Snow white and the 7 or 9,999 small dwarfs, much pollution/darkness, dark spots as special heads, a resting couple, hello there, soul gathering in big lumps, guys who have not learned to behave, and the face of a painter?
  • Short stories of some outstanding temporary terminations, Johan does NOT want to be my friend when he does not understand the big picture, Steen Kofoed believes that he is “protected” by “darkness disguised as light”, Lars Løkke decided to lie to the world and me to avoid impeachment/disgrace.


2nd June: I am overtaking the location of the Source with “the old man” inside of it moving out becoming part of me

Dreaming of receiving the grocer’s room of the Source expanding our New World

I went to bed some time before midnight and did not sleep well, however a little better than yesterday, until 07.50 receiving these dreams.

  • I have bought a very big house including a large and old grocer room including beautiful furniture, music system and spirits, and I am very proud owning all of this, and I put my attaché case next to the grocer’s desk inside this room. There are two cassette tapes including nice music there, and my mother does not know about this yet. I bring vegetables for my dogs, Cas and Don, to eat, which makes them thrilled of happiness, and my mother is prepared to cook. I have jeans including some dry dust of earth on them, and I use these when working for the bank.
    • This will have to be the next part of the Source that I am receiving here including life of the grocer, furniture for creation and warm feelings/love of music, and still I have to work some more at the bank to repay the last debt.
  • I am looking at a small apartment at Vapnagaard at ground floor, and it also has a beautiful view over the sea, however not as beautiful as my own on 4th floor, and even though this apartment is cheap and I am encouraged to take it, it is both not that cheap again and I will not take it.
    • Vapnagaard used to be darkness, but it is becoming light as everything else.
  • I receive a loan from Søren H. for this, and I don’t have to bring security for the loan via via my property, but through my private overdraft facility, and I am asked to sign quickly. My mother brings me pornographic videos.
    • More darkness coming my way, which I save life of and have to repay via more energy/work given over time to come.
  • Three have been invited for dinner in Rungsted, one is delayed because of drinking, and I drove with the bus speaking to my caseworker, and I understand that she has let my work know about me as Jesus, and I saw her at a course speaking about Jesus too using me as example, which I did not like. Later I see myself driving a Ferrari Formula One racer, I want to visit Karen, but I lose the right front wheel of the racer, however I am able to repair it. When I come home to my apartment in Hørsholm, I am surprised to hear music by Kim Larsen inside, and I am even more surprised to see that Camilla has returned home after we have separated for years, she still has a key for the apartment, and she is cooking and we are happy to see each other, and she asks me how I am doing, and answers herself that I have to be doing fine because she can see an expansion to my apartment, which is the new grocer room (from the dream above), and I see a door to this swinging around my bed, which does not look right, which I have to fix.
    • The caseworker is about Lisbeth, who is speaking to me being Jesus to others, which is making people receive a wrong impression of me. The Ferrari is to say that I am still driving very fast because of my work, and even though I receive some resistance, I am able to fix the wheel to continue. And Camilla should be another part of my mother, which may be to say that the new department of the grocer from the Source goes via an expansion of my mother’s New World working from inside of darkness of Hørsholm, and Kim Larsen is about love, so it is warm feelings between mother and son making this possible, and the bed has to be about threats of my “old nightmare” still.
  • I woke up to “my one and only you” by the Platters, which is about “make this world seem right” and “make the darkness bright” you know.

  • Something about receiving a new clue and ultra short respites, courses and management, and order at a bar.
  • I received a song, which can only be about “love” of my “old nightmare”, and no, I don’t want to bring it here.
  • I have become branch manager of a bank after Søren H., and I have to get in control of many unknown work processes at an incredible short time, which is giving me much stress fearing that I will not make it. Something about having slept with a female colleague once, which is making people talk. And also about a giant apple with a layer of ice, and coffee. I have a special key for the main box, and I have left the branch and forgotten the code which I need to have together with the key. I have a meeting with Søren at his office, and suddenly we are flying with all of the office now being a spaceship of people of other civilizations, and something about darkness not being able to break through.
    • This is about receiving access to all money, i.e. natural force, of the Source, and it comes after having had much work to do yesterday, where I for example first completed the PDF-document of my May book and upload to Scribd two minutes before closing time at the library, and I uploaded a Facebook link to this when I came home, and I had to use this as an argument to Johan yesterday evening to tell him that the story of him has already been spread/downloaded via several sources, and yes it was “on a hanging hair” as we say here, but I do believe that I will have more time today despite of these several dreams, and that is unless more work should turn up during the day.
  • I woke up to Culture’s Club’s “Church of the poisoned mind”, which is both one of their many fine classics, and let us say that this is what is characterising the church, and yes poisoned mind not being the kind of church I like (see my front page and elsewhere in my scripts).

I am overtaking the location of the Source with “the old man” inside of it moving out becoming part of me

So you are much greater than an atomic bomb.

If we started practising touch-typing, we would never finish writing down all information we have in here – I am excited to share it with you after you have now built a bridge to me too.

So even if I am not a book, I am real enough, I am.

Again, I was told by the Source that it feels like being trapped in here, and I was shown myself coming from the outside overtaking the location of the Source with the Source moving out becoming one with everything of our New World.

I received the lyrics “I really oughta get up now” from George Michael’s fast love, which is about the Source now getting out.

Don’t you believe that we have prepared him for what he is meeting here (?), which is nothing you know.

So this is the man on the top, whom you are also going to become, yes we are becoming ONE.

This is the last railway crossing you have to cross to get this old man out as I see as very old with long white beard and a walking stick, and yes we will have to see if we can make you young and vibrant out here.

And I was told that I am not completely without a defence, and I felt darkness inside of me, which will try to oppose this, so I better be strong once again. And I understood that this will happen with the work I will do today and no I will not accept my “old nightmare”, which this old man asked me to, and here I am told that Mechaks’s “old man” – his 100 year old father – symbolises this “old man” of the Source self, the original creator of all life.

I was told that the European Union is excited to see what will happen when they will be ”buried”.

While working, I received the feeling of sadness, and I was told that this is the feeling of these young me after going through my “machinery” to “clean” them, and it was followed by heart burn and a little coughing.

I received strong heartburn again, and felt darkness leaving me and becoming a gardener, and was told that surely you don’t want me to be this (?), and yes this is the general idea, and somehow this is to swap darkness inside of me with the Source self.

I wrote most of the last of the script of yesterday and the beginning of the script of today, and after lunch I went to the library to include the last of yesterday, and do the final publish of this.

I was told something about Sanna; that the inside of her knew that she would cease to exist as darkness thus bringing darkness to the world to make everything cease to exist.

We expected that your mother – i.e. the world – would scream to give birth to you, but no, you decided that it can be done with “no pain at all”, so this is what we still do.

And Lykke symbolised this by saying that she was looking forward to seeing the final of this year’s Champions League in handball between Barcelona and Hamborg and that it was good that 20,000 others can SCREAM because her voice is affected by cold, and yes SCREAMING is what it is about, or should have been about, and this is once again about Germany winning another Champions League because of Germany being the Kingdom of our New World – but the Source is now north of this, you know.

FB 020613 Lykke

Yes, you and you and you – but not you – can now go in, and this is because you have started the last work at the library to your script of yesterday.

This script is to set the last trump on in relation to the story with the young people to make sure that they will not do what they would later regret trying to attack me.

I tried to upload my May book to my library at Mediafire, but first received an error message, and when I monitored the upload of the file, I was shown how the progress bar was made to stop at 7%, then go down to 0% and start again, then go up to 20%, down to 0% and over again, and I was told that this is because these young people – Mads and Theis – don’t know which way to go, and yes this is also darkness making it impossible to upload this document, and maybe my script and the kiss of death of TV2 will start to help them understand.

I received incredible uncomfortable feelings when working on the chapter of Mads, Theis and Johan of yesterday including the same cold sweat as I remember so good from 2010 when my sister as example wanted to remove my writings, and the more I did of this chapter, the more smiles I received, and I don’t know if these young men have decided to attack me or have given up, and in their case, I would have given up, because this is “nothing” and there is “nothing” for them to get, but I never really know, you know – but hopefully Mads has spoken to Johan, whom I calmed down yesterday, and this may have spread to Theis too?

And this is more about your mother not knowing yet that she has room in her apartment to include all of us.

When I was about to write the story of the kiss of death on TV2, I received strong marks/pain to the inside of my left testicle, which is about the importance of this clip to make people understand that the kiss of death indeed is exactly what this is about, but when I refuse it, I transform this the worst darkness to light too – without risking my public writings – which is basically the story of this.

No, there is not even one store on Istedgade, which has burned down during his journey, and he has decided to keep it that way, and yes we can look into the future knowing what will happen when you publish your script, and eeehhh, is Stig really the one (?), and yes this is the power of my strength together with this “evidence” at least giving some cracks in/openings of people.

And this would have started with “sexual torment” (as I was given) including physical destruction (of parts of the world).

It is like getting out of an exchange office where you bring in darkness and get out light without darkness destroying us.

We could only bring you one sitting in the school-board (Theis).

I was given a smell of clothes smelling bad – as in wet clothes lying in a pile for some time without drying – and I was given the feeling of my father, so instead of my mother, i.e. the world, it was my father of the Source to bring out “perfect creation” without the old world physically destructing.

I ended my work at the library publishing my script on Facebook for the young people/everyone to see also including an update of this picture including video links to make the kiss of death very visible, and yes I was encouraged directly to do this, and I finished only a few minutes before closing time today Sunday at 16.00, so this is why I was busy to make everything on time.

FB 020613 Stig

Notes from the evening:

This is enamel, “which wants something” – as we say here for something “big”/”not holding back” – which is about the content of the Source, which we have defended with our lives never to lose to darkness.

I was thinking of my mother the other day saying that she has now returned to our regular hair dresser from Iraq after having tried some others, but now she is coming “back home” too with hair being material of the Source.

It was Sanna self, who was going to become the ambulance we would use by turning her around using forces of a suffering world to have her helping her brother.

At the end of the afternoon I had a couple of hours, like the last days, where I was more than incredible tired – one of those deep tired crisis you know – where it was impossible to stay awake, but still I passed it, and during these periods, I am often given deep information, which I don’t really understand or am too tired to write down, and here I was told something about that we had to break “it” into two, which became Karen and I.

It is now “all the red” that we transfer now, and I was thinking of what I was told yesterday, I believe, that we are mixing the Source with red and black, so this is the red part coming in and yes “strong darkness”, and black is even stronger.

This isn’t where wine, i.e. everything of creation, is coming from (?), yes! Haven’t we been sitting inside here discovering “everything” (?), and yes this is now what is passing its big test.

I received a new kind of a sudden heart pain coming very directly and actively from a spirit being right over me beaming it down to my heart, and I was told that the hook up of creation has now been passed to me.

The final part of me – the black – is what brings the sun to everyone, which we will start transferring tomorrow, and is then the most dark that we use for this (?); yes.

Is this me being the prison self (?); yes. And it was me that you had to convince, and yes this is about darkness strongly questioning my “dictatorial” attitude to order darkness to become light to see if I would change this, but no, this is the only right way to treat darkness, and I will not become a dictator of our New World, where you will receive “only light” and FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY, and finally, now after hours of this game, this part of me behind darkness accepted this.

I was given feelings to my private parts – which continues daily as part of the game – and still “no, I will NOT allow you to do this!”.

And is this the game against the black that we will continue until John will be operated the 12th June (?), yes, and if he survives, we will be through everything, and the question is if I will be strong enough to make John strong enough to be allowed to receive the operation – which is a condition, and last year he was NOT strong enough, and I had to bring him energy to make him strong enough later – and it is negativity/impatience/temper of my mother making him weaker, so we will see if he will go all the way, if I can keep him up, or if my mother will get the better out of him killing him (against her wish of course).

I was told about my decision to live on a tight budget, yes, but to include wine and cakes in this made it “impossible” to come through, but this is how it was, and yes I still have a glass of wine daily, which is approx. 0.25 litres, and I may have some kind of cake between 0-4 times per week maybe with an average of twice.

I was so incredible tired and received such a strong pressure from darkness – both physically and negativity and now also pain to my chest and spinal column because of Lisbeth from the Commune thinking of me “without warm feelings” and yes it comes when drinking coffee symbolising this – that it made every second unbearable, and when I was wondering if I could also go through this, I received shortly marks/pain to my right testicle – instead of the left – which would bring destructions to the world instead of creation, and yes I have both sides in me, you know, but I really like to create even though you have forced destruction on me for years and really always.

I was told about the HAARP-station in Norway being not long from Lofoten.

I felt myself physically coming through the end of a funnel of darkness at its most narrow part, and also that when I will come out the small hole at the end, everything “on the other side” is completely empty, free and free of resistance from darkness.

So the invention of sex of the spirit of my mother to create the world to bring out force of the Source, would also eventually kill us when receiving too much darkness, and it required the finest balance to go through everything and survive.

This is what we needed the table – which I bought with my mother last year – for, and that was to passive your mother, otherwise we would never had come to here, but had had to give up at that point, because the sexual force would become far too big for me to handle, and I was here given a feeling of my old “dream lady” from Stockholm, and what has a table with this to do (?), and yes it means something completely different here, which is to reduce sexual desire, thus torments given to me.

So you feel the sun burning here, right – I was given the feeling of the sun burning – and yes, this is on the very border to where I sit inside the empty nothing, which I have created, and use energy to keep out darkness, and to deliver fuel to the world. So this is the most outermost of everything, which brings energy to the Old World, and because this is the outermost we live on, John is dying.

I received an incredible mild and white feeling of the spirit of my mother – as incredible beauty – and her happiness, and I was told that we would very much like to open a flower from the New World to you now, but no thank you, I will not give in to this to feel good – which I would do without sharing destructions of the world despite of what was said before (?) – and that is as long as someone else would suffer and as long as I can continue the game to bring out every little thing, so this is what I will continue doing, and yes to bite my teeth, and go through what is coming.

And around this message, I was given approx. half an hour where the unbearable pain was removed, and suddenly I could live again, but the pain and pressure returned because of my acceptance of it, and so it is.

Hr. Schwann was a draper, so this was a symbol of new clothes, i.e. life.

I received a sudden pain, and was told that Meshack received a shock seeing how little money I transferred this time, and I am given strong feelings that I also should have sent the last addition 800 DKK, which I receive in home security benefit, but no, I have decided to save this for next month knowing that they will go through difficulties this month and also knowing that this is what it takes for me to be able to send money next month too, if I am still continuing my journey, and who knows, I might be.

I was given the feeling of my physical father being desperate – probably also on the edge of dying as he has been for years, and that is if he has not dead already – and no, there is no mercy (!), we have to endure the last part of the road out of the increasingly more and more narrow funnel, and I can only hope that you have calculated that this will bring enough energy for my father, John, I and all of the world to survive.

So we have found a method to bring our force out without darkness getting in – via energy, and somehow also via sexuality.

I was thinking that if I should give up now, I will become my new self inside nothing, and the world will receive destructions taking on the last darkness, but it will not be killed physically now (?), before everyone will become your new selves, and I kept on telling myself that we have to get all the way out of here through the small hole at the end.

Is it Sanna still giving you pain to your chest and spinal column (?), eeehhh yes. And it was me who have to burn off the last, and yes has the ability to this being removed from me (?), which I believe that it is, but still I receive threats of my “old nightmare”, and I was told that this is because you are already Superman – i.e. being installed as the Source – and the last part you are receiving is your father disguised as Sanna, which we are removing – and eeehhh, my sister has another physical father than my father, but of course he could be “another part of my father” too, and I was thinking that I received my previous self of Jesus from Sanna last year (?), so she was another part of my father where the son was hidden as I was told. So we are already the triangle in you, the Trinity, which was shown right in front of me coming together with great happiness.

I was shown an airplane throwing down supplies, which is why Sanna is the most important of all bringing all natural force, which we stole some of, which is what she is fighting to bring back, and it is from here that we have killed/molested children and also other confined feelings.

You have to be Ingemar Stenmark to come through the last part of your journey, i.e. to find my route of the mountain of snow bringing me sufferings.

Is this the dissolution of what makes the world physically hang together (?), and yes it will become exciting to see what happens when I go through this, and if parts of the world will physically break the closer to the hole that I come, or if I can hang together as Stig making the world hang together too.

By the way, Arabian Agents also wanted to kill you – because of their “oil interests”.

I watched a documentary of the US/coalition forces invasion of Iraq in 2003, and what followed, and I was told that this was also a feint to cover for “war in space”.

So Lisbeth from the Commune would like to send me on permanent disability pension, but the major says no, so what will you do, Lisbeth (?), which may be what she thinks of right now, and no, she has not yet ordered me to come for a new meeting, but it should be before the end of next week according to the 3-months schedule.

This is still about the expansion of our New World, and I received a massive part to enter.

I was shown ancient Egyptian symbols – again making me feel sad about Janet Parker, who “cannot” understand me and also not her own “soul journey” of me including these signs, but bringing me darkness – and I was told that this is the solid darkness, which we originally penetrated, which we are inside of, and I received a new small heart attack.

And is this the reason why Syria received “new force” making the civil war even worse the last weeks (?), until it suddenly will stop, and I was told that USA is also supporting the regime of Syria, and yes what do you know, my friends ….?

What about this (?), are we going to behead this, Stig (?), no because the decision has been transferred to me.

And funny enough, it is from this solid darkness that the gold of us is also transferred to you, and I was told that this is I – “the next” from the balcony from the other day – who is now also on his way in, which came together with much enthusiasm.

This part now entering me also gave me a CHEEK KISS, and this means that I crossed the resistance of Theis now receiving these parts too, and no, he and the others are not condemned for trying to block me, and that is after I have been “tried, here on the stand, with the book in my hand, and truth on my side” after receiving “accusations, lies, hand me my sentence, I’ll show no repentance, I’ll suffer with pride” and “if for honesty, you want apologies, I don’t sympathize” and more, and yes this is the fantastic beautifully song I received here, and this is exactly what this was about, and we know, you may understand that Martin Gore from this brilliant band is another part of me too?

Is this also to transfer part of me from the empty room (?); yes and not no.

So we are still playing football this late instead of letting darkness destruct.

How does Paul – my old colleague from Fair and friend – feel like NOT supporting you, but being a wimp protecting himself (?) – he sees my Facebook updates – and yes how does other old friends and colleagues feel doing the same (?), and I am here given a sneeze.

Do we come from small holes inside this darkness, yes, and is it from all of these holes that “other parts of me” come (?), yes, and I felt Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Sanna was also a hybrid being of your father, but she has another father than I ….

I received a sound and feeling of black darkness from one of my chairs on the balcony, and I was told that it is me bringing ABC – the lexicon of love, so here you have the man in gold bringing you the look of love ♥.

I was shown myself at the Hotel Comfort and the smoking area of the park on the other side of it, where I came sometimes – as the only white man – and I was told that the Kenyan military was watching me and my inner self here speaking, and that is because they knew who I am as my “inner self”.

And when I went to bed, I was told that I am four-doubled in size for every minute now, which is the result of “a strategy”, which is really only “I will NOT give up”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have told you before about my difficulties of hand writing, and here is as example a page of notes that I wrote May 31, and this is “nice writing” when I decide to write not too fast, and if I write faster, it comes even more difficult/impossible to read, even for me. And this may be “scoff” as we say here for graphologies to see what you can get out of this (?), and yes I am as excited to see this as anyone else.

Handwritten notes 310513

  • And here are the notes from the following night between May 31 and June 1 making it much more difficult to read.

Handwritten notes of dreams 010613


3rd June: Removing the lock on myself, and replacing explosive darkness with the white horse of my new self at the Source

Dreaming of the late Torben Bille helping me to save more life but I cannot save everything

I went to bed at 00.10 – receiving the feeling of Olav, my mother’s friend Inge’s husband, who “lost” the battle against cancer last year, and he said that he was also one of us, i.e. another part of me, so maybe it was a heart attack you died of (?) – and I slept better until 07.40 making me less tired than the last days, where I was attacked by strong darkness making me incredible tired. I received these dreams.

  • I am at a very big place, which is a radio station – it is MUCH bigger than what radio stations normally are, feeling like a sport hall – I am poor, and no one speaks to me many believing that I am “not normal” making me a “stranger”. Monica Krogh Meyer (host on Danish P4 radio) and a man by the name Klaus, who is really the late Torben Bille, will soon resign because of age. I bring a huge tube with me, which I want to give Klaus, but I don’t have the courage, and instead of going to his desk in the large hall, which he used when being on the radio, I enter the small room next to it where his office desk is, and I find two 5-DKK coins on the floor, which I pick up because I am poor. Later, he sees me outside in the large hall, and I encourage him to continue speaking on the radio, and yes he says and tells me that he will be part of a portrait broadcast tomorrow including secret information, and then I see him walking in the middle having one arm around B.B. King and another arm around a female artist equally as famous as B.B. King, and we know this is a very rare moment, which we would like to take a picture of, and I and another have mobile phone cameras but the quality of these are not the best, and we try to find another camera before the King and the other have left for lunch, but we don’t make it.
    • Radio is about “spiritual communication”, and it says that there are still many people believing that I am “not normal”, and Torben Bille, who died last year, is now on the other side helping me on my journey, and the two 5-DKK are about finding more life with his help, and the huge tube was as narrow as a bicycle tube, but it was maybe four times the diameter of it, and I don’t know what it symbolizes, and B.B. King is a symbol of me, and the female will have to be a symbol of Karen, and when we don’t take pictures, this is about life, which we cannot bring in before going to lunch of our New World.

  • Half awake I was told something about the world is taking me in – “warmest and strongest”, and the Mojo music magazine, which is one of the British music magazines I like much (but normally don’t have time and energy to read), is impressed of how full he, i.e. I, is of music.
  • Something about being three men in an apartment, who are working together, and I am a temp. I use much time to watch porn videos on the Internet having given up my decision not to do this, and I think that this is probably not good, but this will be the last day that I am doing this because tomorrow, it is Christmas.
    • No, I did NOT fall into this trap, and when I gave up this old part of me in 2008 or 2009, I did not return to it, but this is what darkness of the young people and more are bringing to me.
  • I woke up to a TRUE classic to me, which was “Come on Eileen” – I have loved this song for 30 years – and the lyrics “you mean everything”.

Removing the lock on myself, and replacing explosive darkness with the white horse of my new self at the Source

If you had not been so careless with your racing bicycle, we might still have lived – and this is darkness speaking (via my sister).

When we told you weeks ago that you would get an extra week to continue your journey, it was ….

Yes, we try if we can sneak out another one.

Can he jump to the third level too? I was shown a train arriving at the station at a new very high level to take up passengers, and when looking in the tunnel ahead, it is solid rock of darkness, so we will see how to get through this.

I was told that my mother as example would never have had the nerve to arrive with the bus to the gas station in Gachie outside Nairobi, where Elijah lives, and also that when I arrived there daily, often alone, and when I walked around the city alone, it brought respect helping on the rumour that “Stig is the one” because have you seen other white people walking around this criminal/poor area without fear (?), and no one could see that this is what I had all of the time inside of me, which I had to decide being stronger than.

It seemed that I truly would get an easier day to come through than for some time after having gone through very hard days with quite a lot of work and strong pressure of darkness, and it both looks like I have less work and less pressure/pain this morning, so maybe I will cycle a tour this afternoon (?), we will see.

No, the toilet is in the other direction, which is where the Source tried to go, which is the outermost part of my balcony, but no, you are all heading towards me now.

I was told that when I for a short period in Lyngby was fooled to say “no thank you” to receive more darkness – was it a couple of days or only hours (?) – that this is where this darkness I am now receiving, slipped out, and yes I do NOT want anything to escape.

I wrote the last of the script of yesterday and the script so far today at home and published the first draft, had lunch and cycled to the library to continue the work including pictures etc. to the script.

We were hoping that the strength of darkness inside each man would be strong enough to make them do everything wrong, which meant that I had to shout and repeat my message over and over again – using Facebook as a “perfect” medium to bring short messages – and when some people finally understood (world leaders have the same “difficulties” to understand as everyone else), the idea was for everyone to do what was WRONG not to speak openly about me, which was the only way I could keep on “milking” darkness until the very end, and yes it was so stupid that this is exactly what it did, even though people knew that what they were doing, were wrong, and yes do you get it (?), and if not, I did!

We just keep on repeating creation, and then the Source continues doing the same.

So now we will also be helping you to pack your clothes/get your clothes in order, and this is about darkness of my sister now turning around too making the last part of my journey a ”joyride” maybe (?), we will see about that, and yes who is the old man inside of there (?), and he has to be my father you know and also other parts of him – John and many other each having a “hole” of the Source – and yes, they will continue being whom they are, and now as part of me as everything, which is easy to understand, right?

I also succeeded to upload my May book to my library at Mediafire today without spiritual darkness – brought by these young people – stopped the progress bar while I was watching it happening, and yes they have now slept on it, and it is time to go on.

At 13.45 I started receiving the same chest/stomach pain as yesterday evening because of Lisbeth of the Commune not having warm feelings of me, and yes this is really making me unfit to work, and a very uncomfortable pain.

What about bringing “Jeg er en dansk mand og drikker danskvand” (”I am a Danish man driking Danish water”, i.e. soda water) , which is from shubidua’s fine song ”Rebild” and really about God drinking from the Source of all force.

I finished work at the library at 15.15 taking somewhat longer than expected, but I carried out what was on my to-do list.

I was told that your heart has arrived, yes the New World is my heart.

Is the end document about being ready (?) including the removal of darkness and “the end”.

Just getting to start receiving darkness – awakening me spiritually in 2004/06 – required “impossible suffering” to go through without breaking me down.

We had to create a bathroom/shower of the opposite world, a world of darkness, for me to turn everything around in the end as our only chance to get out of darkness, which otherwise always won – by having me to be work much harder and quicker than darkness, i.e. my family, friends etc.

I felt tired after work and only decided to cycle approx. 10 kilometres today.

You have been made by an ambassador, i.e. from someone who believes.

The first pyramids were part of the plan saving the world, and I felt New Your and was told that the only reason why the totalitarian old world order did not take over was because of me.

Now we believe that we have found all drawing pins – and as Stig I might add that if we have not, we will look over again, again and again.

Is this the lock on yourself that we are removing so you will only feel better from here?

You may believe that I come from outer space, but no, from inside of you.

You don’t know about whether or not your mother and John may get a coronary etc., which has to do with my own behaviour from here, if I do right or wrong.

If you continue, you will make my Italian dream come through, and I knew from the beginning that this was “impossible” to reach, but one had to do it, and it became me.

So all darkness of the Source is part of life/the world of my mother, who received it and sent to me (and John and others).

I was told that Tobias’ friend Emil is not part of the new elite superstructure of Rungsted Ice hockey Club, but when I checked, he was, which can only mean that he is still darkness to me.

Now we only have one more piano, the white, where everything started, which you stand right next to, and yes I was given the name of the pianist/singer Diana Krall when I was out cycling this afternoon, and this evening I then heard a song by her, so of course I have to play her here, and there is only song I can think of, and that is also “the look of love”, which is nothing less than brilliant to me and that is both in its original version and this one, and I am sure that Obama agrees.

I received talk about Lars Løkke – in continuation of my story on him, which I published at the library – and then received diarrhoea, and I was told that he also received a tip about me being reported to the national police in 2011, and then my switched on oven “decided” to turn off into E-3 mode meaning “destruction of life”, and yes if it had been up to Lars Løkke.

Did you see Sisse from Aftenshowet on DR TV at 19.06 this evening impulsively take a few dance steps (?), and yes directed by my inner self, she was, symbolising celebration.

I received talk about now it is about being there, and “it is good enough”.

I received strong scratching to my head, which is still about sufferings of my LTO friends and their families in Kenya.

I was asked if you can get fired by returning your rental car as I did in 2006, I believe, when I first completely lost my car key on the ferry from Helsingborg when I had to drive it when reaching Helsingør – on my way home from a day of golf in Sweden together with Peter A. and several others from Fair Insurance – and I had to get towage to return the car (a Peugeot 406) to Europcar in Copenhagen, and I had two not that big coniferous trees in the trunk, which I had received from my mother long time before but never taken out, and there were simply needles from the tree all over the trunk making it “impossible” to clean, and yes I wonder if Europcar complained to Fair over this without me hearing anything (?), and we know the lost key – it simply vanished in the air never returning – also meant that I could not continue living, and is this because of Peter A., who did not believe that I could be a BDM of Fair when they had gotten used to see me working with administrative tasks, which were NOT my cup of tea?

I continue receiving “clean” sounds to my kitchen, which I believe means “clean”, i.e. that everything is alright as the tree of the Source.

I was told that my sexual behaviour is approved – I did not become too tempted watching what I should not – and I was shown a small library on its way to me.

I was told about the “card club” of my mother/John and one of John’s brother’s, Kyril and his wife, which they have started on the last year, I believe, and the previous weekend, they were together on Sørup Herregaard, and yes my mother speaks nothing about my spiritual self when we are together, but I was told that she is still gossiping about me behind my back (?), and am I still sick, mother (?), in your mind, or …. (?), and yes this is what is bringing my “old nightmare” to me, but “of course” she “could not” know.

Inside of here, there is a completely round table.

It means that I cannot spit out anymore, and then I might as well get out, and everything is painted blue here, so this is my previous self, Jesus, here returning – together with my father as the old man. Here the two of us have been sitting controlling everything.

This is coming to me from the balcony, but I still feel that there is some darkness between us.

I was told that sexual desire, which is a feeling given to everyone by “the old man”, will also be overtaken by people self of our New World – including all other feelings and I wonder how “thoughts” will work in our New World, and if this will become “nothing” because we know ….?

So we started as a round shape, which we have preserved to be able to bring you down.

I was shown a bottle of water inside a small metal container, and I was told that this is still the first bottle of water, which we succeeded to bring out of the Source, and then we have learned it so well that we have now converted all of it to follow me.

I was told about the McPhone call centre in Silkeborg, which I worked together with for a number of years (from GE Insurance to Fair Insurance), and how many have been trained according to my setup (?), and I really felt that this is “trained” as my “special friends” because of my spirit being on the place after many visits over there.

I was asked if all of this good that I receive now is “darkness disguised as light” because of what Steen Kofoed is receiving (?), and because it is “completely impossible” for him to understand me, thus returning the same to me?

It is inside of here that I brought Christoffer the first pedigree etc., which was to protect life if one of us was lost, and this has not happened yet because we were capable to keep out darkness.

During the evening, I received a not that strong force still wanting to enter my left leg of termination, but no, EVERYTHING has to be light, and yes I am not kidding, EVERYTHING (!), and I was told that we are waiting for me to have repaid everything to open up to everything.

John has not come all the way out yet, so we have to get him in first, you say.

What happened at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm when the Swedish people received and celebrated the Swedish world champions in Ice Hockey some weeks ago (?), did someone tell the national team about me (?), and is this the knowledge now entering me?

Stig does not have a 10-gear racer cycle, but you won because he succeeded getting up, and yes an impossible task, which could not be done without the world.

So it is one of the Swedish players, who received your enthusiasm, whom you, i.e. my inner self, have been transported to because of faith, and this will have to be one of the Sedin brothers, and what about him, who was almost crushed into the substitute box by an opponent giving him a far too hard tackle?

And now we say thank you for this, which was to avoid darkness finding us, so it is now out with darkness from the most inner and to return you, and then lift up a little, and then we are there. And this darkness was to blow away the last of you and the world until you found me again, but no, you will accept no explosions, so we are now returning.

Celebration of Swedish Ice Hockey gold Kungsträdgården 200513Sweden celebrating  Ice Hockey World Cup gold May 20, 2013, in Stockholm – also receiving the gold nugget of my inner self, which is now being returned

And I is I making your TV still distort (sometimes), which I was then shown briefly, so first the balcony here would collapse, I was given a double sound to it, and then the over in order for us to turn you around and get you out, so now we will replace the dark part with the true, and I felt that this is the most difficult of everything.

Or this may also bring less sufferings with the removal of darkness. So this is about the wish to have no explosion destructing the physical world – before becoming our new selves – which was granted because we found another road.

It was also me wanting to give you the kiss of death, and yes this was only the other day, so would we still have physically died all of us if I had not come through Theis & Co.?

So when we will open the GIANT doors as I am shown here, the room inside will be full of happy/celebrating people, and not the opposite to destruct us, which we otherwise had to go through.

So this is “the ship called Christianshavn Kanal”, which is anchoring, and the ship that Kim Larsen sings about.

And this is about breaking the physical/sexual contact between the spirits of my mother and father, which we made to create the world – and I was told that we needed my old friend Christian E. to believe that I was a ladies’ man when I was able to make love to Henriette, which he was not, and also another story of one of my three “half tries” to make love to a woman – besides from Camilla, Karen and Henriette – at a party he held at his big farm on Funen, and this is really what it took for him to get this belief.

And this was the decisive contact, which had to be exploded away before a new contact could be created, and this is what Theis bringing me darkness helped me to sort out, and this is what now makes it possible for me to return home.

I received the thought of Lisbeth from the Commune, and was told “no, you are not crazy”, and I received the vision of Michael Caine and a HUGE Christmas Tree, so this is about my favourite song by Madness.

I was shown a white horse coming to me from the left side of my balcony, which is from the Swedish Ice Hockey team, and it is when this white horse returns to the round board at the top that we will begin.

When will Isla Margarita come in (?), which I visited together with Camilla in 1996 despite developing afraid of flying, and I am here told that this is about the original people there – the Guaiqueries – and about me having to absorb their idea, which I had to build on.

And this is then what we will mix together with everything else, which should make everything start up. And this was the last that we needed, and hereafter we can do this one of the coming days.

Is it up here that we will bring the New World and from there we will continue building (?), and yes it is because everything has to be perfect.

So my real self came from the left side of my balcony to change place with the dark side of me to the right side of the balcony, and voila, a New World is served.

We almost gave you a warning about everything breaking down, and this is what the short deadlines during the weekend  with the library closing at 16.00 – was about.

And it is I coming out from the right side – my dark self – who is going to do this mix.

I felt better this evening receiving less negativity/pressure than yesterday, but I was somewhat nervous if I can really do this continue my journey to the very end, and then this New World will finally become reality – and even though there is not strong negativity, I am still constantly receiving darkness making life difficult all of the time.

My mother has followed us out here to the left, who is coming in to do all preparation of this mix and this is to bring the taste of wood all the way inside of you.

I received the feeling of Benny from Olsen-Banden – “skide godt, Egon” – and then Kurt Olsson (who is so “completely crazy” that I love him too), who I am shown being pulled by a cow over the railway tracks, so this is what this is about, to bring my true self back to the most inner of me to replace darkness exploding the rest of us.

I was told that we could not do this without Karen being furious at me.

I felt that it was the left part of my balcony, which hooked into me, this is what happened when it hooked up.

So now I am pure gold, so let us hope that the recipe to turn everyone on works, and I felt that this is only said because of some nervousness of mine.

I did not see the bath-land finished, which we had prepared for you, which will have to be about making me accept temptations of my “old nightmare” while the world was suffering/destructing, but no I do NOT want it!

Again, I have received “speculation” about my mother and sister knowing about me “deep inside”, and what can they otherwise do with practically everything being gold, and that is unless they are only in contact with their old selves, and I received the feeling of the closed department of the psychiatric hospital in Hillerød, so did you approve me to be hospitalised against my wish?

When my left forefinger was shaking, as it also was a little the other day, we were ready to close down, but it still required your acceptance of your “old nightmare”.

We have now packed together the final clothes of yours for the last travel home, and this is bringing everything of my father to my mother too.

I received one of the amazing small gems from Gasolin’ “efter endnu en dag” (“after yet another day”) album, which to me by far is their greatest album, one of the best in history (!), and that was “De Gule Enker” (“the yellow widows”) and the lyrics “jeg går temmelig ofte ud på danserestaurant” (“I go pretty often out on dance restaurant”), and dancing and restaurant is about celebration of life.

I was told that it was not necessary to bore a hole a couple of weeks ago because I was already in.

This offence of darkness inside my most inner self goes all the way back to lack of faith of Søren D. N. in me.

I was told that a Fatwa was also issued on me (!), and received the beautiful song “slip det fri” (“let it free”) by Tøsedrengene (“the WIMPS”) – another of the top 10 Danish bands ever – and yes “let it free” and “think about everything you can give, which you have the main part in”, and this is about setting my new self free, and yes I do NOT want WIMPS of our New World – as you see all of the time in the Old World – but I would be very happy to see these WIMPS play again including the pearl row of hits/big songs that you made in the 1980’s.

Google Earth: Snow white and the 7 or 9,999 small dwarfs and guys who have not learned to behave

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Snow white and the 7 or 9,999 small dwarfs, much pollution/darkness, dark spots as special heads, a resting couple, hello there, soul gathering in big lumps, guys who have not learned to behave, and the face of a painter?

FB 030613 Jette 1

FB 030613 Jette 2

FB 030613 Jette 3

FB 030613 Jette 4

FB 030613 Jette 5

FB 030613 Jette 6

FB 030613 Jette 7

FB 030613 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • We have one day of temporary terminations of May 24 to catch up on.

Scribd 0306 020613

  • I decided to send Johan a link to my new script published yesterday – for him to read and understand it maybe helping the other young people to do the same – and he returned with this email asking me about which “two young men” I refer to, is it Theis and Mads or is he one of them, and no, he does NOT want to become my friend because he believes that “I have been very factual despite of you having stepped over my toes” (!), and I confirmed that the two young men ridiculing me are Theis and Mads, and also said that the right attitude, which he will receive when he starts understanding the big picture, is to be proud of being part of my scripts teaching good behaviour to the world, and NOT to feel his arm twisted around, and when this time comes, he will NOT be able to understand that there was anything making him decide not to become my friend, and this is really the same coming to everyone leaving me as Facebook friends, not accepting my invitations and also for “not being able” to understand me for that matter.

FB 030613 Johan

  • Two days ago, the clairvoyant Steen commented about rumours saying that he is mentally ill (!), gay, is going to be divorced etc., that he is fine, hetero sexual and happily married and then “and I am fortunately protected”, and yes “love, love, love” is what he keeps on receiving by his spiritual voice, and when I tell him what it is really about – as I do below – he “cannot” understand it because this “darkness disguised as the purest light” is making it “impossible” for him to understand because of course he is protected and only does what is good to everyone, right (?), and I told him that this is making him – and many other people receiving spiritual communication – passive with the purpose for them not to work with the real challenges of the world (potential termination and survival), and this is what you saw when ALL CLAIRVOYANTS in Denmark and Britain abandoned me or at least did not help me on my journey and yes because they were far too busy working with the immensely beautiful light/love coming to them not understanding that it was truly darkness, and yes “completely impossible” for you too to understand Steen, so will you please be negative and send some more darkness/sufferings my way (?), thank you.

FB 030613 Steen

  • The political commentator, Peter, spoke about a possible impeachment against the former Minister Birthe Rønn, and he spoke about Lars Løkke’s Permanent Secretary informing him of the trouble in Birthe’s ministry “but Løkke says that he did not hear about Rønn’s problems” and continues saying that he has to say this to avoid being guilty making him unfit as (a coming) Prime Minister, and yes even to go through an impeachment yourself, Lars (?), and no, that would be “impossible” for you to do, and then it is better for you to lie to the world and me sending STRONG darkness at me (?) – and for you WRONGLY to receive “cold sweat” as we could see shining out of you in the interview the day before to TV2 about your changing attitude/standpoint – because this would mean the end of you bringing disgrace to your image (?), so instead of simply speaking the truth you decided to LIE, LIE, LIE (!), and yes “is Lars a good role model” (?), and no, he is the worst of the kind, he is the Devil self not helping people to improve through his example as a leader flattering the population to buy votes for him to be in power because of selfish reasons, and a man with a decayed moral, and yes these are the leaders you see all over the world, amazing right? Later I was told that it was part of the hustings of the Parliament “voting” for or against me (2-3 years ago as I remember it – I wrote about it in my scripts), where Lars decided to believe that I was a crazy man, and will you tell me again, why this was, Lars (?), and eeehhh because you were “not able” to read and understand, but still you were a better-knowing ignorant apparently knowing what you love to TALK TALK about (?), and yes SUCH A SHAME on you it is!

FB 030613 Peter M



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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