June 5, 2013: I am the window of everything as the Source on top of the world about to switch on the finished New World


Summary of the script

4th June: We will reuse the Old World when “magic” – without darkness/limits – will create our New World

  • Dreaming of all darkness united in Michael Sadler from SAGA, which was released to me October 31, 2012, as the showdown between light and darkness, darkness still wants to bring me the kiss of death, and Henrik is an old and silent class friend also bringing me darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show two faces of darkness, the Lord making fun of Australia (?), big dark heads, washing the worst darkness, the answer is blowing in the wind, greys under whites, the beautiful Archangel, and the clearest gatherings of life with white showing the way for dark.
  • There is no longer darkness wanting to send me my “old nightmare”. The attitude of my sister in relation to me that “all hope is out”, i.e. “Stig is crazy”, is what would make my old heart stop beating and explode the world, but it would only explode if I accepted my “old nightmare”, which I did not, and this is what saved us all from physical destruction before the creation of our New World. It was planned that everything would destruct with my inner self watching from outside, and just before there would be nothing of the Old World remaining, we would save you and start the New World – after everything had been turned around – but we managed to do this impossible task without destructing anything. This last “explosive” darkness is now converted to light too, with my new self and the Trinity returning to me, and we will reuse as much as possible of our Old World when “magic” of our new selves – without any darkness and without any limits to our abilities – will create our perfect New World. My sister’s task was to make my right ankle, i.e. the world, explode, which was impossible for her to fail and me to avoid until now that is when we found another way, which I hope the world will be as happy with as I.
  • Short stories of a middle European flood of darkness, a new publicity act preventing public access to Danish ministries were passed by COWARDS of the worst darkness, George from Kenya also wrongly believes that he is protected, water damage to the coming Marine Museum, Danes (and the world) are lazy and show poor behaviour without wanting to admit to it, and Anton continues being NARROW MINDED and negative focusing on himself instead of the big picture.

5th June: I am the window of everything as the Source on top of the world about to switch on the finished New World

  • Dreaming of returning to and finding a jewel inside the worst and empty darkness, and closing down the Old World.
  • The idea was for all matter to return to the Source – to end the Old World – and from this to form everything of our New World, and this is what you are now asking us to do without destructing anything, and to make everyone survive, and yes within a split of a second to change everything, which we will do with the tool inside the worst darkness of my sister. This tool is the opposite of what brought all darkness to me and the world, which is bringing creation, which we are turning around too. Everything of our New World is finished, and this is the tool we need to switch everything on. You and your sister are the same, and this is my inner self, which will bring Sanna, Karen and I alive as individual beings. And this is the tool of my inner self on top of the world, where creation has reached until now, and this is where we now bring all life to enter instead of my new inner self walking down the ladder to explode everything to meet and resurrect all life there. It is here on top that we bring all life to you, Stig, you are the window to everything, and this is the plate that we call “the Source”. This is how your mother has created you.
  • We had brought all life – including my mother and father – back to the original location of the Source and packed it inside invisible to darkness package to protect it from the expected explosion of my inner self, but when we are now bringing all life to the top of the window, all life will enter through this to our New World. This is possible to do because of the love of my sister and mother, and it is as thank for your long school that we take this not very comfortable road in – opening doors, which were hermetic closed – to save the physical world from going under, which is also what the world wants (before the creation of our New World).
  • I was shown “the spaceship of everything” as a strong light on the sky in clear daylight, which is coming to me.


4th June: We will reuse the Old World when “magic” – without darkness/limits – will create our New World

Dreaming of all darkness united in Michael Sadler from SAGA, released to me as the showdown, October 31, 2012

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 07.30 with these dreams with the first one being several small dreams united as one, because it was a continuous story.

  • The band SAGA is playing live on CNN – as one of more, with Depeche Mode being another – with Michael Sadler being in red leather clothes, this song is an instrumental, and my mother and John are interested to see this too, and the band is asked what they have been doing this year, which is only two singles and various, and something about taking in one kilo. I see myself crumpled together laying on Michael Sadler’s desk, I am tied up but now almost free on my way to liberate myself, and I can tell that Michael knows about Xanadu (“an everlasting world” – “a place where nobody dared to go”). Michael has met his new wife, who is from Australia, and I see them making love. We are now approx. 10 fans having a “business meeting” with SAGA, and it includes Lars C. (my old DFM colleague, now at Willis), who is working to receive a document from left, and the Commune has taken half of all time via their paper work, and Lars, tells about how his house is made on a soft spot, which Michael Sadler says is “not nice”, and somehow Lars now turns into a 21 year old woman. I see Michael Sadler’s wife now visiting us. Michael Sadler and I met the first time in 1993, and at this meeting of ours, we speak about how to replace their old greatest hits release from the 1990’s, which has not stood the tooth of time, and also how to do a new album, and we have a group work with these approx. 10 fans and five members of the band, who are good friends, and I cannot contribute on the content, but I see how my general business knowledge helps to bring tools/structure to the meeting. One sends a leaflet to me, and it is decided to make Michael Sadler responsible for all things related to the studio/technology. All members have written songs for the album, and one member is not satisfied about his own songs, and even though they are not the hit songs of the album, I tell him when listening – I see them coming as text at my “text edit” application on my mobile phone – that they will open up, grow and show their strength, and also that I like them. Now my mother and John arrive taking part of the breakfast, and my mother complains about a dry flower on the bench.
    • I was told that this is the strongest darkness that we got out from, i.e. the darkness of Michael Sadler, when I saw them live in Concert in Copenhagen October 31, 2012, and also that Sadler somehow contained all darkness including my mother, and this is how the last showdown/fight between darkness and light started, and this is how darkness came up from the depths of nothing, now being part of the fresh tree of our New World. The house of the soft spot may be about the world, which was build on darkness potentially exploding, and to help the band with new music, is about helping them to bring warm feelings to me (?) – via my Facebook updates as Jim Gilmour and Michael Sadler can see as my Facebook friends.
  • I received the beautiful song “New York, New York” by Alicia during the dream, which is about the BIG APPLE of our New World, and I also received a well known song including lyrics something like “nothing matters when you feel like you do”, but I could not remember who it was, and now I cannot find it.

  • I was surprised not receiving a song by SAGA, so I will have to bring one myself, and I am now given the strong feeling of their song “wildest dreams”, and yes because this was one of them, you see, and also because this is one of their most beautiful songs :-). And this video is blocked by “UMG” and cannot been seen in Denmark (!), which is COMPLETELY CRAZY.

  • Half a day later I was told “what about the flyer”, and alright here this is instead, and that is because “I’m the flyer, with only one desire, I’m the flyer, nobody’s gonna shoot me down”, and as the flyer, it is the airplane of the world that I am flying, and this is exactly what I have decided; i.e. “nobody’s going to shoot me down”, which is why you will not see physical destruction of the world before the start of our New World.

  • Even later I was told that this is simply to say that the game we started October 31, 2012, going to the end of the line, which I had to “repay” afterwards via work/energy has now ended, and yes who could tell that it was only a game that we went through where you did all you could to save your family and world from dying, and yes it went pretty good if I may say so, and of course you may, and yes this is with the release of the last life.
  • Something about England does not want to see me, I am ready to fly, I miss a girl friend, work to glue together the back of a book or a ring binder, I believe, and shelves are being cleaned carefully.
  • I meet my old class friend Henrik H., who is my neighbour, and he is also a SAGA fan as I, and I tell him to meet tomorrow Wednesday or Thursday also listening to music by SAGA, and he invites himself for lunch in Copenhagen, where I take him together with my girlfriend, which will be the very last money that I spend, and I cannot even afford to buy Prince cigarettes.
    • So Henrik is one of my silent/invisible old class mater knowing about me (?) and taking the last energy out of me.

We will reuse much of the Old World when “magic” – without darkness/limits – will create our New World

Every day at the moment is truly a nightmare to wake up to knowing that I have yet another day to go through, and that is a full day still fighting tiredness and darkness making my life a misery, and of course to continue working, and yes I feel the best when sleeping, where I relax, but that is of course darkness to me.

I am so incredible tired of having to continue writing every single day, and one page takes approx. 40 minutes at the moment, but every single page is hell to come through after having written as much as I have, and no, it was nothing that I wrote for you in 2008, Dictator Bo at Dahlberg, where I was already tired of writing having no idea that from 2009 this would go “completely crazy” with more than 8,000 pages waiting in front of me.

You don’t look like an Eckersberg, who was a famous Danish painter.

And then we only need to bring the ladder down to him too.

I was told about Karen still thinking of me potentially acting in bed as she likes today, but no, Karen, I will NOT play (tough) games as I have told you (!), and this is what is still bringing me darkness.

We cannot continue going to town to do shopping for you.

This is so unusual that there is no longer a sausage man, i.e. man of darkness wanting to send me my “old nightmare”.

I received the feeling of my sister to the right, and “all hope is out”, is that what she really means about you (?), and this is the attitude, which would explode everything. And this is because she cannot control her feelings only wanting to “help” a poor man, and yes he has to get help, and it is too bad that he doesn’t get any. Isn’t this what deep love means (?), i.e. to make people blind and only wanting what is best, and she knows that I don’t feel well (?) – “I am dying” as I write on my Facebook updates – so there hospitalisation is a good idea in her mind?

And I was told that she is not thinking objectively because I am not alcoholic, depressed etc. and I am taking care of my self and my apartment etc., so completely normal I am, right Sanna?

I felt how a force to my right made my left finger shake.

I was also feeling tired and indisposed today, and at the end of the afternoon/beginning of the evening, it is the worst with my eyes running in water, where you could almost hit me with a sledgehammer, and I would not be able to feel it, this is how unconscious I am.

You don’t contact “a happily married lady”, i.e. my contacts to Karen over the years, and how many have thought this (?) including my sister, whom I feel here again, and yes we know, she is NOT “happily married” because I am her love, and as I have written before, it is always right to express your feelings, and if you are together with a wrong man/woman, you have the option to change. And I was told that this is also what brought the worst darkness from Denis to me – as part of the play.

You are not allowed to trespass here”, and I feel Sanna, and I don’t care, I have to.

Isn’t there an insurance beneath that bomb (?), and yes we see that now, it would only explode when giving you your “old nightmare”, so the last period of time has also been to make me – and the world – nervous to bring out the most of me/us.

And I continued receiving movements to my left ringfinger, and decided that I don’t care about this now, there will be no explosions.

I finished work at the library at 16.30, and I was told that when I had the dream about Jørgen H. (from DFM) some days ago, it wasn’t fully right yet that I had received access to all energy of darkness, and I still receive more from my right as I feel here.

Thus, I am not photographed yet – my inner self from the left side of the balcony – and that is because of some ugly men with polo necks (a reference to Kim S.), who removed me (because of lack of faith/being too lazy to read and understand), and yes you better come back then and say “cheese” to the photographer.

The world is thinking of how long you and LTO can keep it going without breaking down, and yes “right until the end”, this is my decision, which I decided that I would do if I could, and I do believe that I can.

We are moving a hippo.

So we had decided to cut up your mother’s handbag, and transform it, but now you are allowed to keep it.

This is why it is called “SNAPStinget”, which is the canteen of the Danish Parliament, and yes SNAPS as in the Devil/darkness.

I was told that we would start – the physical destruction of the world – by putting out Irene (my old “special friend” from Aon) in front of the airplane (of the world), and would this stop the process or just continue?

The saving of my mother’s handbag – i.e. creation of the world – includes for your mother to visit and repair the moon for the damages that it received in 2009, which no one has liked to inform mankind about.

The passing of the Publicity Act of the Parliament today, see the short stories, is a song of darkness closing making it impossible for you to continue your journey but you have shouted loud enough to make people/MP’s understand that you do not agree and everything will become 100% open in our New World, and also on this basis, we continue the journey, and yes there will be MP’s of the Danish Parliament, who will receive RED EARS for passing this act. Later I was told that this is sadly not the worst “act” they have passed inside of there, and no, you don’t believe that it will come out that you were prepared to sell your own country not to freedom but to a new totalitarian global regime (?), but it will.

And this would be cutting up your heart, i.e. existence, so in other words, we will continue the handbag of my mother NOT destructing the Old World with all life before you will become your new self, and eehhhh I hear no happiness from anyone (?), and eeehhhh is that because you “cannot” read and understand that the only reason why you are still alive is because of me?

I was told about how strong like a Tarzan I have to be to do this, and also that it is only a part of my mother, who has returned.

I was shown two one litre drinks inside darkness of a disc washer about to being taken out after wash.

So we had really hidden in your left leg, i.e. termination, without approval.

I received several loud sounds to my balcony but without visions/feelings of what was inside.

How will we transform the whole world physically without destructing the old (?); you are not the only one thinking of this, and yes there is only one way and that is via “magic” because there will be no limits to what we can do.

I received a sudden and strong out of this world pain to my right ankle and felt a big being from the balcony coming, and I was told that it is still about “do we have to enter such a small place”?

I received a dark voice saying that I have not said much this evening – not many notes to write down compared to “normal” for a long time – and is this because it is impossible to come through this darkness, or simply because there isn’t anymore?

You have not even mentioned Jose Mourinho from Real Madrid, and yes he was let go from one club of darkness – without wins this season symbolising no wins of darkness – returning to what may be an even worse club of darkness, FC Chelsea.

I felt my pure mother coming in from left of the balcony making me somewhat surprised that she was there, I only thought it was father and son being there and my mother being in the New World, but a part of her is obviously also there, or maybe it is her new self (?), and I was told that this means that we have met the end (of darkness), and also that it cannot be done at all to get darkness out of there, and yes is there or isn’t there anymore? It is like a triangle between my mother/father/inner self from left of the balcony, my physical self and darkness, and it is about getting darkness out of me and my old self in, in this triangle.

We have returned the whole machinery to bring rebirth to ourselves. So this is how it is going to become. We haven’t installed everything yet, it will take 3-4 more days to do, which your sister will help doing (when I will see her and Hans for dinner at my mother and John in four days) by removing darkness without knowing it.

So everything was put in to explode your right ankle and save us at the same time before starting everything, but now it will be opposite when we have said that all of this darkness will be light too, which we did with the pencil, which used to be dark to terminate, which is now a pencil of gold to create after having turned around everything.

I was shown the overturned cruise ship Costa Concordia, and was told that to the world, it doesn’t look as if we are saving the world yet.

I felt darkness to the right of me now again, which we are now bringing in again, but converted to light, and I received the feelings of negativity of Sanna, and was told that it is not only after affects from Sanna – if I should lose it – which would feel like hard thuds.

I have met Bent, my old class friend from a few months on Tibberup School in the 4th grade and from the job course in 2011, at the library the last week, and do you know what his role was (?), and that is that no one will remove me because Stig is “good enough”, i.e. “normal”, and this helps to make everything perfect.

So we will gather all Hell’s Angel’s again, which were sent out everywhere, and I was shown one returning inside my living room, and this is what was my sister’s task, which was to destruct the world – to make my right ankle explode – which was impossible for her to fail and for me to win, until now that is and that is because “everything has to be perfect” and I will NOT accept my “old nightmare”, which is how we turned around this darkness.

Your old heart and the world would close down, and what would then happen (?), which is what these empty sounds are about, which we could see happening from outside, and just before there would be nothing of the Old World remaining, we would save you and start the New World, so I guess that it would not be “fun” for anyone to go through including myself, and yes we had to die to turn around to become our new selves, but as you saw, there was another way here at the end, and I hope this makes you as happy as I am for not having to go through this.

And I am here given the feeling of Anders Breinholt from Natholdet on Danish TV2, and also that people encouraged you to bring a “funny item” on me, but tell me why you decided not to do this (?), and yes would it be “too controversial” to do this?

I was told that Jack, whom I still feel from time to time, has not been thinking about anything else than how you are doing, and yes what about my other old and silent family, friends and colleagues?

I received a hiccup, and yes we were ready to destruct everything, and there has to come a reaction from Stig (to accept my “old nightmare”), but no, and since I decide, we will now reuse everything we can from the old creation.

On my way to bed, I went right through the spirit of a dark bear, and yes I am shown and feel it.

Google Earth: The clearest gatherings of life with white showing the way for dark

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show two faces of darkness, the Lord making fun of Autralia (?), big dark heads, washing the worst darkness (where Theis as the WORST DARKNESS again showed up showing IMPUDENT behavior), the answer is blowing in the wind, greys under whites, the beautiful Archangel, and the clearest gatherings of life with white showing the way for dark.

FB 040613 Jette 1

FB 040613 Jette 2

FB 040613 Jette 3

FB 040613 Jette 4

Later, Theis decided to “take the bate” about WRONG behaviour deciding to give me another ship side as we say here (i.e. more darkness), when he again decided to laugh at me/us saying that this gives very little meaning – and I here receive STRONG heartburn, so thank you, Theis (!) – and I told him that this is how it is as long as he doesn’t bother reading and understanding what is easy to understand, and furthermore he is now showing directly provoking behavior to prove that he is “not afraid” (?), and this is even though he is “good enough” on his inside but just “cannot” show right behavior to what he believes/guesses/is convinced about is “deeply ridiculous/crazy”, and I asked him if it isn’t fun to think that one day not long from now he will understand who was truly “ridiculous/crazy”, and yes he is so sure about how crazy all of this is – as my sister, thus my mother are too on the surface of them – that he said that he will continue not bothering to understand “as long as you don’t bother taking your medicine believing you are Jesus Christ”, and yes he “doesn’t have to read” to simply KNOW that this is how it is and yes because it goes without saying that this is how it is, right (?), and eeehhhh, no, WRONG, WRONG and WRONG again and that goes to everyone, who is still crazy enough to believe that I am crazy not taking the medicine I have prescribed for them to be cured, which is to READ/LISTEN and UNDERSTAND, and eeehhhh “we could not”, and no, we did not know that it was darkness leading us to this impudent and here directly infuriating behaviour, and yes don’t you have a conscience/feelings towards people at all, Theis (?), and yes I am just wondering how crazy you really are (?), and again, I tried to help him to read and understand with an open mind when I brought him the link to my “Memo for psychiatrist Alex Kørner, Psychiatric Centre North Zealand, June 2012”.

I was also told that as “impossible” it is to Theis to read and understand with an open and objective mind, instead of listening to his own “compulsory thoughts/voice”, as “impossible” it is to leaders of Kyrgyzstan!

FB 040613 Theis 1

Fb 040613 Theis 2

And it continued here where Jette came to support me, and Theis continued by saying in his naivety that “so a professional has diagnosed you with mental disease. Cool. This leaves out anything more to talk about” (!), and yes this is REALLY what he said (!!!), and again I could only think what I wrote, which is that there are no limits to his better-knowing ignorance including unlimited faith to authorities not knowing what they speak about because they are victims of a medicinal industry hunting billions of dollars instead of TRULY understanding what “spiritual communication” is about, and then I concluded that of all people I have met, Theis is the most stupid and impudent I have ever met, and not only is he unintelligent, he is also without emotional intelligence not understanding the impact of his wrong/negative behavior, and the truth is that it makes me VERY sad to see this RUDE behavior and to speak in this language to him because I would much rather have him to understand and behave well for me to be happy about and for both of us to have good and meaningful communication making us happy instead of this fight, but this is how it is when meeting “the kiss of death”, but he is sadly to dumb to understand that this is what he is bringing me in order to help me turn this – and himself – around to light, and his reaction to my long comment (?), yes “there is too much text, I don’t have energy to read all of it”, and what can you expect from such a monster?

FB 040613 Theis 3

FB 040613 Theis 4

FB 040613 Jette 5

FB 040613 Jette 6

FB 040613 Jette 7

FB 040613 Jette 8

FB 040613 Jette 9

FB 040613 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told – why do you believe so much water comes to Czech Republic (Germany, Austria, Poland and more too), and that is of course because of strong darkness pouring out.

BBC 040613 floods

  • For months, media and the population have been warning against the new Danish Publicity Act, which was passed today at a majority of the Danish Parliament making information between public authorities “secret” to the public herewith also releasing Ministers from a “leak” to the public to reveal errors/mistakes/abuse of power, and Kristian from Danish People’s Party voted no and said that they will work to remove this act, which is preventing access of the public to ministries, and I replied that there are probably some of the same – having received my comments – who would like to be without Facebook too to hide (like Søren Pind hides from me), and I encouraged him to shout WIMPS as loud as he can to his responsible colleagues passing this act to make them understand.

FB 040613 Kristian T

  • Jeppe is from the media and one of the people using the strongest language in this and other comments saying that he cannot get ____ for his contempt, and hope that the same politicians passing this will not speak tomorrow at the Danish Constitution Day (about “freedom”) because it would be blasphemy and tragicomic.

FB 040613 Jeppe

  • Olav from the newspaper BT said about the act that “the arrogance of power has spoken”, and I told him that to me he may write WIMPS (!) on the front page of his paper “with kind regards from Stig”, and I said that EVERYTHING WILL BECOME 100% OPEN (in our New World) of course, and this is only “the worst darkness” of WIMPS that you see before all of this (Parliament and all laws!) will cease to exist, and I added that he can really include all of the “strong words”, which Egon from the Olsen-Gang uses when he scolds off people because this comes directly from the same Source (!) to express POOR WORK/MORAL/BEHAVIOUR of people, which this is really an example of, and yes I also shared this on my Facebook timeline, and I wonder if these words were LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HEAR AND UNDERSTAND that it is only WIMPS of the worst darkness trying to hide from responsibility that do these kind of actions (?), and my left finger is moving here also meaning destruction, and yes you are led directly by the Devil doing this – SHAME ON YOU!!!

FB 040613 Olav

FB 040613 Olav 2

  • Politiken here shows some of the political scandals in Denmark over recent years of people not thinking or trying to abuse power, and says that the first three cases would not have become known to the public with the new act, the next three might have and the last two would have, and yes in our New World you will have NOTHING to hide.

Politiken 040613 Offentlighedsloven

  • George is one of David’s friends, who became my Facebook friend months ago, and as so many Kenyan’s/believers, he has blind faith in God and the Bible believing that he is protected the same way as Steen Kofoed did the other day, and this is about people of faith losing their objectivity not being able to realize the simple logic of the world.

FB 0306 040613 George

  • This is the Marine Museum at the Culture area of Helsingør, which is supposed to open as the last part of this area in a few weeks from now, but strong rain May 31 has given it water damage outside and inside too as you can see here, so I wonder if this will finish in June (?), and this is probably also related to the end of my journey.

FB 040613 Marine Museum

  • The terminations from Scribd as shown yesterday, have now been cleared.
  • Morten Albæk has written a book about “the lazy Danes”, who are not only lazy and show a poor behaviour, but the Danes also do NOT want to admit that this is what we have become – and I was told where do you believe he was inspired from to write his book (?) – and I decided to share the article on this and to say that this is in reality the same as I write in my Behavior & Work site, which only few has the courage to say because when you tell people the direct truth about themselves, they attack you and call you for rude and arrogant because it is IMPOSSIBLE for people to see the unpleasant truth about themselves, and if only we had been “able” to tell the truth to each other, we would have done something about this a long time ago, but people do NOT dare because they are afraid to be attacked by rude ignorants/egoists, and because we have WIMPS as leaders, who flatter people to buy votes instead of telling the truth, and I told about people who don’t bother to read me because “I know much better myself” because there is NOTHING wrong with me, but I can easily tell about all of your many mistakes, and the question is if you really understand yourself in all of your laziness and tasteless I know better attitude, and this is also about the reaction of most people to me in the beginning – right, Theis (?) – and yes I wonder how many there are out there now understanding/believing in me who don’t dare to support me in order to protect yourselves (?), and yes you know best all of you, WIMPS (!), but despite of this, I still care much for all of you, which you also know by now, right …?

FB 040613 Berlingske og Stig


FB 040613 til Morten Albæk

  • Olav brought a quote of Morten Albæk’s father about him being “the string of the bow of your life, where you are the arrow, and the further back I pull the string, the longer you can fly, when I let go”, and Søren was inspired to say that “I wonder if this comment is for the father, son or just the ordinary holy spirit, ha ha”, and you may understand Olav & Co., that my comment to you on the Publicity Act came from both father, son and mother as we say here with mother being the “holy spirit”.

FB 040613 Olav 3

  • No, Anton has NOT decided to apologize his “rude” behaviour NOT keeping his promises, twisting my words and abandoning me and also not sent me a new invitation to become Facebook friends, and what is he thinking of then (?), and yes of course about what he believes is my “unpleasant” or even “rude” writings on him, is that how it is, Anton (?), and yes TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE it is for him to understand the truth, right (?), and eeehhh no, because I do understand you – as I am here told by the same voice given to Anton – so what is this then about, Anton (?), and yes, I am “not used” to people telling me the truth as directly as you and I am normally lazy not keeping my promises, and isn’t this alright (?), and no it is NOT (!), and this is how we could continue and here comes the best, yes Anton is having so strong feelings, which he “cannot” absorb, so instead of READING and UNDERSTANDING me, which he promised to do – to understand the big picture and receive faith – he continues his narrow-minded focus on himself searching for and reading my text on him from the different sites as you can see below (!), and continue to be sad and negative about me, Anton (?), thus continuing to send me the WORST DARKNESS; and yes this is what is coming together with the worst darkness of Theis these days. And my thought is: HOW CAN YOU BE SO INCREDIBLE NARROW MINDED AND STUPID (?), and yes, this is how he is, and no, it does not mean that I do not care about him, not at all, I am only telling you the truth, and why can’t you change, Anton (?), and eeehhhh because you are lazy and cannot hear?

GC 040613 Anton 1


5th June: I am the window of everything as the Source on top of the world about to switch on the finished New World

Dreaming of returning to and finding a jewel inside the worst and empty darkness, and closing down the Old World

I went to bed at midnight and was surprised that I was allowed to sleep until 09.35 today giving me the best sleep I have had for a long time, but I will still probably become tired during the day, and I had these dreams.

  • I have returned to DanskeBank-Pension working together with Bjarne, and he says that he has a temp, who makes better sound files than mine – something about football assistants, and I have helped to keep down work piles, and I am practising a sales meeting with an employee, and they see that I have much better CD’s for sale than the ones on their shelves. Michael P.N. also tell about the temp working for Bjarne – he is one of several, who wants my job – that he receives a grade of 5 on a scale of 5, and Bjarne tells me that if I don’t do my best, I will be replaced, and I ask him who will evaluate this, him or our managers, because I don’t see him as my manager, and he doesn’t answer. Then I see that all furniture of the office has been removed, and some try their way forward. A female pension advisor loves speaking to me, and is setting up a meeting in Hillerød with Michael P. N. and others. I complain to Kresten, and we will see the development the coming days.
    • This is darkness of my sister that I have returned to bring out everything, and it seems empty here with no furniture, and it also seems that I have several old colleagues NOT having faith in me, which is what makes them want to bring me out again, this is how darkness works, so I am only here because of will power, and Hillerød is to say that they believe that I am crazy, and yes “not easy” for you to know when you cannot read and understand, but still very easy for you to speak wrongly about me behind my back? I was told that we have found a jewel inside of here, which we can use, and this is what this temp is about.
  • Fair Insurance, located at the harbour is closing, and it makes me sad that I will never see the old colleagues again when we will be spread for all winds, and they claim that they have not received lunch, but I am shown secret video clips with a shaken camera showing – on the edges of the picture – that this is not true, and I see Faruk and others having lunch. Afterwards, I sit with my old colleague Charlotte, who says that she is applying for jobs.
    • It seems that there is some faith in me of old colleagues from Fair, which is bringing forward the lunch of our New World. Here again, this is the Old World closing down.
  • I woke up to “drømmer jeg” (“do I dream”) by Johnny Deluxe and the lyrics “when I am awake, I dream about you” and “you and me”, and this will have to be a dream of darkness.

I am the window of everything as the Source on top of the world about to switch on the finished New World

I was told that I cannot pull out the rack anymore.

This morning, when I started to work at home – the library is ALSO closed today – first Firefox did not work, then Word stopped working, and Firefox again, before it started to work, but still without a computer mouse, and again this is spiritual darkness coming against me.

As last year, I would have liked to go to one of the traditional meetings here at Constitutional Day, which could be with the Liberal Party at Helsingør Youth Hostel – but the mayor and Jacob there would probably be “surprised” to see me (?), and I am here given the thought about just how many have seen my Facebook comment posted on your timeline, Johannes (?) – or the Conservative Party at Hammermøllen, but Benedikte and Per Tærsbøl would also probably be “surprised” to see me (?), and instead I prioritized what I always do, and that is to start work on my script.

Have we soon written your name ”all over” to make sure that no one will be surprised when we start creating our (physical) New World?

Don’t you need to do a test before creating our New World (?), no we are confident that it will work.

I was told who will overtake the guard (?), and yes it comes together with an old déjà vue, which is how we have worked inside of my inner self, to be on constant guard against darkness to save us all.

I was told about people, whom I did not get in contact with during my journey – as examples, I lost my address list of people at the Danish/Dutch week at Stansted 2006, and the old economic director from GE Employers Re, whom I now have forgotten the name of, and yes the one helping me on the Assurdiscount project in 2002 – but then I went through Marion Dampier-Jeans and many others believing that I was a total nutcase – without reading/thinking (!) – which was enough to bring us to the very end/beginning of everything by sending me all darkness, so there you have it.

There is no one in class having a bigger than mine? So the idea was for all matter to return to the Source, I am here shown it being sucked in, and from this to form everything of our New World (?), and this is what you are now asking us to do without destructing anything, and to make everyone survive, and yes within a split of a second to change everything, and do you believe we can do this without this tool (?); no we cannot, and yes I understand that this is the tool inside the worst darkness of my sister.

Your mother was happy to be out on a walk in the forest to get this, which she has asked me to say with kind regards.

After lunch, I decided to upload my script of yesterday and today until here without pictures and video links, which I will add tomorrow morning at the library.

So now Dragholm will soon be holding out the window for himself.

This tool you see is the opposite of what is bringing you your “old nightmare”, it is what is bringing creation. And this is what we had to bring out of you yesterday evening and yes turn around and back in. And it is also what includes poor sleep and
everything. And still it wants to bring me the worst/strongest sexual pleasure
because it is not all in, but NO! And this is what Karen was supposed to release.

So this is “the ultimate win”. And we had to go all the way out where we could not afford to get any further, this is where this was located.

I still receive hundreds of negative messages I have to say “WRONG” to.

I was told that it is thoughts like “yes, he is sure crazy”, from Mette – John’s daughter – and others, which brought life hide in my left leg.

And everyone could not be inside without this tool, which is why it was a little difficult to get out and in.

Burn the farm off (!), there are still parts of us remaining only brought with the purpose to explode everything, and we know Stig once again I told you that it is impossible to release this, and here the voice for a moment was overtaken by my father to the left, and feeling my physical father I am.

I was thinking that I might not have felt this “good”, which is less tired, since before 2006, and we will see if this is still the case after I have been out cycling as I have decided to do this afternoon, and yes I often feel the tiredness when I stand out and
go out as dizziness overwhelming me.

Does this mean that the ship is finished at the yard (?), and yes the new one is, and we just needed this tool to bring it.

I felt the remaining parts of the weapon of darkness as the monster from the Alien-films dribbling inside my head, and was shown how this is becoming apples too. This is what is on top of everything.

I was told about the official world knowing about the risk of the end of the world, and “what can we do about it” (?), and you only had one chance, and that was me.

I was told about spice snaps, and knew that this was about my old friend Lotus – because this is what she likes to do – and I was given the song “so in love” by OMD – we talk FAVOURITE music here you know – and I was told that this was her feelings of me because she could “feel me”, and also that it is incredible how the carpet of
our New World has been created.

I received speech about how I really should have fainted and given up, and how dirt and ice should have buried me here and there, but we kept on because you did.

Do you want my castle too (?), and I saw this coming too.

I was reminded about the one time when I – to my very big surprise/fear – felt how an incredible force beamed out from my right ankle (when I was working at Brede Park in 2010, I believe), and I was told that this is how the world would physically be destructed via the power of my inner self being released, and it might also mean that I would not be killed as my old self but go directly from destruction of the Old World
to the creation of our New World.

Is it possible at all for life to live here (?), and yes inside Sanna it is, this is how high we have come previously, which also just have to turn around – and the difference is
that we are now bringing all life up here this time.

I was told that if Berlusconi had become the Prime Minister of Italy again, it would be the Devil coming out bringing the financial markets/economy further down towards collapse.

I was given a big sneeze, and was told what is it then that we – my mother and I – sneeze out?

I just received a sign saying “passed”, and this was because I spoke to my mother who confirmed that we will see each other – including Sanna and Hans – on Saturday, three days from now, and yes this is probably where this turned around tool will be delivered to me.

I have continued using my telephone for notes, but have been reminded about some notes, which “disappeared”, which I have then written, and here again I was reminded about the other day when I was told something about my father’s old wall citar, and now I cannot remember it but it was something about this symbolising the very inner of him.

And I was told that this was darkness still trying to escape me, but there is nothing you can do, I will get all of you at the end because there is nowhere you can hide when I simply continue the game right to the end.

And this is what she was supposed to fish, everything inside of us with the feeling.

This (item sending out sexual torments) is not very difficult to remove the lid from, it is getting here, which is difficult.

I cycled 25 kilometres late in the afternoon and was delighted when I cycled in the forest, and yes when I spoke to my mother, I still received negativity wanting me NOT to speak, to cut the conversation and I still cannot speak without trouble, which very directly is darkness still blocking me, but here at 19.00, I am surprised that I have
not become tired as the other days, and I don’t feel normal energy yet, but at
least much more than as late as yesterday.

Has Anton stopped smoking (?), no, as I was told and also that the same way that he is thinking about my words for him, Theis is too, and yes “there is nothing you can do”, my words penetrate you.

Your mother and sister have also been trained to act as they do in life (before they were born), the same way as I was, and yes you can include my father, Kirsten and many others.

He was convinced that he had to destruct the world, this is what we know now – and yes looking inside the tool at the top of creation.

I simply cannot tell you the difference from being a zombie constantly bombarded with pressure and negative speech/feelings/torments of darkness, and now to feel that I have energy, and really like to clean up a little here and there, and to feel
“light” instead of pressure down to nothing, and yes there is a world in

And it is from the top that we bring out life from here, and I was told that it is good to come out of there no longer to send out darkness.

Did Johannes not stamp you out before you were brought back in (?), yes he did, and this is when I was down at my absolutely worst not being able to walk around in supermarkets etc.

I was reminded about how I used to joke with bringing a pipe from Coca Cola to Generel Electric’s building close by in Glostrup, when I worked there until 2002, and this came to me as a symbol of all darkness being poured over me.

I was reminded how Susan from Danske Bank, Espergærde misunderstood me somehow and complained about me, which apparently was written down in a file about me, which could have led to my dismissal, and also that when I was dismissed in GE Insurance in 2002 because of darkness of Morten & Co. was working against me, this was not the idea, so we had to re-saddle.

I was also told about Charlotte D., whom I met at my spare time work for Berlingske in evenings at the end of the 1980’s, and how she as example was important to my journey, and when I decided not to connect with her on Facebook a couple of years ago, we had to transfer her tasks and train up others, so this is about how my journey
became “my way”, and still we were able to get to the top of everything.

And it is up here that the contract with your sister and you have been created, and I was told “good luck, do you think we will be able to make it” (?), which we told “each other” before being brought to life.

I was shown a horse in front of me and a lighter, and was told that this is like igniting a lighter, which is to start our New World.

There is still someone sitting to the right, which is my sister waiting just like Holger Danske as I am shown, and what do we do (?), do we just sit waiting on each other (?), and yes while I continue working that is.

I was told about Charlotte CLARISSA – from the old meditation group in Helsingør, who abandoned me in 2011 – and is she still here (?), and yes she will never forget about me.

So it is I sending out orders what life to hide etc. but it is you – as physical Stig – who in the end decide everything and that is when reaching the top to save everything for not giving up on work.

I was given a sound to my oven including “sexual torments”, and was told that we brought everything back to the oven to destruct all physical life and to resurrect as our new selves, but no, you are welcome to come out again.

I saw a documentary weeks ago – maybe two months (?) – on TV here about an Australian extremist, who received the idea to paddle to New Zealand in his kayak, which was “completely impossible” to do, and he fought against all dangers and the worst weather on the long way, and just when he and his family thought that now he was arriving, he died when sailing through the inner sea of New Zealand, and I was much encouraged to bring this story at the time, but I did not because I had NO
plans to die myself just before reaching the target, but now I understand that
this is how we would have ended in the most likely scenario at the time, for
the world to physically destruct just before we had made it – and just before
we would resurrect as our new selves.

I was given more sounds to the oven and was told that this was also to protect us so you could take up the fight against this monster, who wanted to terminate us, which it would do but only if it could see us, and it is love of my sister to me, which is making this possible here at the very end, and this is also because February 2010,
when I published my scripts and my sister tried to “close me down”, is now
mentally a long time ago to her.

And it is with the help of our mother that we will bring this in, and what will we do then (?), and yes this will be the end of life inside darkness to be saved.

So we are now back on my balcony to the left – after having left my oven – now following the right side of my sister on its way home to me.

We have also done this without “Jan-features”, my cousin, but it will probably work anyway.

How could we avoid not being seen by Hell’s Angels (?), and I was told by my mother that this was my invention.

And then at approx. 21.20, I believe, in the evening, when it was still completely light, I was shown a powerful small light on the sky, and there was absolutely no doubt that this was to call on my attention, and I looked out on it over the coast line of Sweden, and saw that after having received my attention, it almost removed all light
now making it only a outline of a spaceship just to been if you knew that it
was there, and this is my spaceship of “everything” now coming to me.

I received an enthusiastic feeling by my mother, who said “we will soon be born”.

Today was 10 times easier to come through than the last days, and even though I still receive some torment, the pressure and negativity of darkness was very little today almost making me feel how I remember life was before 2006 when most of this started.

It is inside this darkness that we direct darkness as fuel to become sun/energy, and in reality it is you, whom we have reached inside of there, and that is this person inside darkness, who is coming to me via my sister.

I was given the vision of Woodstock 1969 and Joe Cocker, and was told that this came as a result of my birth in 1966, and I was given “up where we belong” by Joe Cocker, and this is where we are going, and yes I like Joe’s music much too.

I was shown three fish-fingers lying down, which are raised up and now wearing chef-hats, which is about life coming from the oven, which we also just have to do.

So I am not bigger than a gooseberry, which is life inside Sanna to the right, and this is what all life will now be going through to come to me as the new selves of everyone.

So we cost DKK 1,050,000, which is DKK 50,000 more than the total price of everything, and this is to make this game show with all energy work (with this life inside darkness), and this required me to use energy I did not have to reach.

Darkness doesn’t really know that it is on its way to become energy/fire and from there to become us, so as life we are “turned around nothing”, and this is what we will continue doing, which is to meet an eternal Source, and we know the formula by now to turn around everything we will meet.

And this just shows that you and Sanna are the same, and hidden inside darkness, and this is my inner self, which will bring Sanna, Karen and I alive as individual beings.

I was given some strong distortion sounds to my TV and felt how they came (was beamed) from the right side of my balcony, so it is from my spiritual self inside of darkness that all of this darkness is sent to me and the world.

So the top of life is including everything we have created until now, which is saved, and from here there is an eternity to meet.

You have no idea of how many cars parked by Jan, my cousin, which we had to pass.

I received diarrhoea during the day/evening, and was told that this is because we are being released from the “plastic packing” of nothing (at the oven), which darkness cannot see.

I received the incredible beautiful song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, which may be my sister’s favourite of all songs for all I know, and I was told that we have carried this
song around all the time – I felt it together with all life now returning to me
– waiting for you to come and liberate us, and yes from inside darkness, and I
also felt that Leonard has carried on the knowledge about me in his life too,
so let us bring this amazing song to everyone with love ♥.

What we will bring through my inner self at the top of life is like it doesn’t exist, which we do not, but we will.

And it is us inside of darkness, which transferred all darkness/negativity as condition to bring life.

I was told that it is also not possible to move us this way down via Sanna, and I received the vision of an American actor talking MUCH – I cannot remember his name, but he played together with Mel Gibson was it in Lethal Weapon (?) – and this was about my sister speaking much about me with my mother behind my back, and yes they will NEVER learn!

So all life has been made double inside of you spiritually and inside your mother physically, which is what we will unite here.

We had all found a place inside of you, but as invisible.

It is as thank for your long school that we take this not very comfortable road in to save the physical world from going under, which also the world wants, and just you wait and see, we have something completely spectacular on the way to you.

And this is about opening doors, which otherwise were hermetic closed, which we do because of the love of your mother.

So we are busy, and I feel my sister, to repack everything perfectly inside of you, and how have you thought about doing this (?), and yes writing my scripts, and today – when feeling better and just maybe receiving less work over the next days – I was
thinking that just maybe I can start writing the chapter on creation to my front
page, but this is NOT a requirement to do.

I felt a string from the balcony to me, and was told that we have now tied a string between this life and you, and we will use the coming days to bring all this life on place – with the feeling that if we cannot, if I fail, John will die.

I felt today how my right ankle also felt “almost free” after I have had the incredible uncomfortable feeling – more or less – all of the time of a lump of life constantly wanting to explode.

And it is wrong behaviour of family, friends etc. becoming angry with, having ignored and spoken wrongly about me, which is controlling all of this darkness, and everyone had the option to do what is RIGHT, but the only way out of here – because of the opposite world – was that people decided to do what is WRONG, which is then what they did.

I received strong pressure from darkness wanting me to verify that this is (coming) physical life coming in via my mother, and I was not completely sure, which gave me some unpleasant time here because it was given to me as a condition/riddle to answer before it could be done, but I decided to say that everything has to be perfect/light, which is normally good enough and eventually I was told that this is indeed what it still is.

I was told that my old friend/colleague Paul was part of the time bomb designed to explode, and yes were a little isolated, so now we will come in via the road of Sanna, which is still open, and together with a lump of life, I heard “surely you are not Jesus Christ”, which it the attitude that made it “necessary” to hide this life from being exploded.

I felt that my father is together with this life, and I was told that it is when we unite our physical/spiritual selves that it makes the heart stop, so we will see if we can do this – so it is my father helping my mother with all life to get on place, and I was told with strength that this can become critical, and I could only say “keep on” thinking that this is darkness wanting me to become weak and give up, but there is only one way forward and that is to believe and just to do it, and again I was told that this is what is giving me diarrhoea today.

I was shown Jesus standing on top of the world, and was told that this is why the inspiration was given to raise the Jesus statue “on top of the world” in Rio.

It is here that we bring all life to Stig, you are the window to everything, and this is the plate that we call “the Source”. This is how your mother has created you.

So you were willing to blow up your sister and yourself (including Karen) to come down and get us, but now we will all get up to you on top instead, which was the impossible journey requiring everything of you.

I was shown the wheels of an airplane practically landing, and I was shown Santa – the Christmas man – opening the door into the small house of his son and I see all life and light from where he is coming bringing the perfect diamond of everything.

I was told about my ability of being able to formulate myself, which makes some believe that I “suffer” from some new kind of craziness (!), and yes it is incredible so crazy people are to even think like this when everyone can see that I am still my old self.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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