June 9, 2013: Bringing out REAL LIFE from the original Source to replace the copies that we have all been made from!


Summary of the script

8th June: Receiving the hollow dark child of my sister both meant to destruct the world and build our New World

  • Dreaming of receiving more life, my better-knowing but ignorant father, I controlled darkness inside of my sister, receiving life via darkness of my mother, my father knows the Source better than I, washing the remaining clothes/life, and no, I am NOT gay.
  • We have moved from ”all hope is out” to today where every little thing will get home after we have brought it in respirator, including my new born child as I am here told, but I get the feeling that this child is darkness of Sanna, and yes a child, which is hollow and cannot survive, a child which was meant to destruct the world and this is the child that we will finally put to rest today. When you have sucked all life out of me, it also includes me and this is the life inside of Sanna, which was never allowed to grow to become the cancer of the world impossible to kill, and this is what has brought you your sufferings and threats of your “old nightmare” all along your journey. This is what love of my mother to both my sister and I saved; the root of all evil inside of Sanna, the “dig machine” of my new inner self, the root of all darkness, i.e. life of our mother. And it is inside of here that the switch to turn on our New World is located. So Sanna’s task was to send all darkness to me for my old self to absorb, and turn around to create our New World, so her task was essentially GOOD/POSITIVE and not the opposite. We cannot jump any higher to smash down the last part of us into the Source, which is what work today was about.
  • I had a cosy evening together with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans receiving the white horse of everything of our New World, and where my mother had LIFTED UP the dinner to “royal levels” with new service and fine dinner. We spoke about the new Danish school reform, which a broad part of Danish political parties have negotiated for months, which includes a whole day of school work including homework at school, which I support to help giving children GOOD HABITS always to be prepared and to lift up the professional level of all, but the Conservative leader Lars Barfoed has BLOCKED this reform because he withdrew in the last moment deciding to raise the profile of the Conservative Party in crisis claiming that he cannot support a mandatory homework café making children do their homework, and I was told that this is important for our future school and to lift me to the top level of all to save man without sufferings, which is why I encourage Lars Barfoed to get back to work and finish what you started accepting this homework café as the only RIGHT thing to do, Lars! My sister and I also had a dialogue about her work as part of a committee bringing recommendations to the government on how to lift treatment of psychiatric patients in Denmark (!), where I told her that she should have used me to help on this work because I know the non-caring system from the inside and know that “psychiatric sufferings” are NOT a disease (!), but “negative strokes” from people and the ONLY right way to treat people is to give them a NORMAL LIFE including good food, sleep, LOVE, CARE and UNDERSTANDING, exercise etc., which my sister says that they have included work of, but also that it is necessary to help weak people needing medicine, and NO IT IS NOT, medicine is KILLING people, and I could bring a lecture and documentation of this making everyone decide to stop using medicine and to start living a NORMAL LIFE instead. This is SIMPLE LOGIC for battery hence, but still “wise people” and the government cannot find out (!), and this was the game given to the Danish Parliament/Government for my sister and I to influence you about me with my sister telling you that I am crazy and my scripts telling you the truth, and the your election for or against me was about “to be or not to be” – and yes we are still here. This brought an opening in Hans and John understanding me, and this is bringing out life of my mother trapped inside the original location of the Source to protect it from explosion because of John’s lack of faith in me. This is what we are bringing out now, and we will see if the transfer from Sanna to me this evening is enough to save John in his heart operation next week as preparation to start up my new heart/our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show on the top (of the world), washing USA, men electricity women magnetism, big heads, smiling Spain with a hat and flower, love of Australia symbolising our New World, funny little feller, two smiling horses in each end of a heart.
  • Short stories about a radio satire show saying that they will laugh of Jesus, which I encouraged them to do when sharing my website with them, receiving public support/faith of Klaus, “this time it is serious with Mandela” – I hope and pray that he will survive to see our new creation from here, I sent Jack an invitation to connect on Linkedin and to send me a positive message saying that the world supports me, and US plans of implanting microchips in people as part of a massive mind control programme?

9th June: Bringing out REAL LIFE from the original Source to replace the copies that we have all been made from!

  • Dreaming of having difficulties getting payments, i.e. life, in order (because of sleep), and to work as a fireman taking on sufferings to bring out life inside John/my father.
  • Now we are going to get the heart started only having little energy as the Trinity to do this. I had to work most of the night to bring out life of John/my father, otherwise it would escape me, and this is because Sanna, John and my father are connected meaning that when we open for one, we also open for the other. I received a newspaper (of destruction) still making my clothes a little wet. I have hit the very middle of everything, “bulls eye”. It is down there – inside John/my father – that we have the original dry clothes of everyone, and not the copies, which you have used to build the world with, and I have hidden the originals here until this day when they will be used and waken to life, and this was also a question of protection. And John’s heart operation is about whether or not we could save him including all of this life inside of him, and it is during his operation on June 12, where he is under full anaesthesia, that we will transfer all of this from him, where you will decide on his behalf that all of his content will become part of the New World. This is the lowest of everything that the Universe is lying on, this is the Original Creator underneath the Universe and the Source of my new self, this is the original Source including original life, where my new self brought “wet life” as copies of our real selves, which was also to protect real life until we had reached sustainable creation because we could not afford to lose anything. This means that all creation has been made as imagination/thoughts of “the old man” inside the Source before we will now bring our New World with REAL LIFE. And this is why we can remove negative experiences/memories from our new selves, which we otherwise could not. And you had to go through the kiss of death to find me out here, the original Source. We created a world with newspapers automatically destructing but there was only one not foreseen thing and that was for you to bring everything out of this world.
  • I have also received the stick of “the old man” as the wanderer coming, and I have come to a gateway where only one man walks, who is both my old and new self being everything which has ever been and ever will be. I have now received the “the old man” inside of me too, which is the REAL Source of my father, which will open again to create our New World, and it comes from within me, thus without an explosion of the Old World. The real Source has also gradually been transferred to me all over my life when I have absorbed sufferings and done what is “right”, and using darkness as a tool was the only way for the Source and “the old man” to enter. We are now packing everything in.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the way big heads are built, extraordinarily beautiful made, darkness still wanting to wed my mother and I – but no (!), new colours replacing the green of darkness on Google Earth, lots of life and the knight on the white horse (of everything of the New World).


8th June: Receiving the hollow dark child of my sister both meant to destruct the world and build our New World

Dreaming of controlling darkness inside of my sister, and my father knows the Source better than I

I went to bed at 01.00 and slept until 07.50 with these dreams.

  • Something about an exhibition in Magasin department store, and I go to a reception – in fine but casual clothes – for the second day in a row, and my old class friend Henrik H. arrives too, so does black people, and I am lightning all candles, which they did not think of doing themselves.
    • The department store is about clothes/life, and the reception is to celebrate life (?), and it seems that Henrik is also a special friend of mine, and I have started switching on light/life.
  • Something about Kirsten and my father also being sad, and he cannot listen, which is why he is better-knowing not being able to recognize his faults and not understand other people, and Sanna is coming too via an admission, and someone asks me if it isn’t her controlling the police, and I say that it is formally, but I saw how the police in practise decided to follow me, and something about having teddy bears, which are rolled in the snow, and my father going to the bathroom.
    • The truth about my father believing that I am as he with the difference that I understand and he does not, and because he doesn’t understand, he believes that I am unfair and very wrong to him – with the opposite being the truth, and the police is about darkness, which I – and not my sister – am controlling when deciding that it has to be good even though it is the opposite, and I wonder if this is how it comes, or because of an invention of life deciding that this is how it comes out to bring the most energy for creation?
  • Something about having carpaccio with my mother – “not alright” – and it tastes like red fillet, and I have to rush home to Rungsted by car to watch a western.
    • Receiving meat, i.e. life, via darkness of my mother.
  • Lars G. and I are old soldier friends, and he had shown me the road to Danske Bank at Frederikssundsvej 12, where I have just been, but now I cannot locate it again, also not via Google Street view, and he helps me finding it again. When we walk from there, we see that changes has happened to Frederiksborgvej. We arrive at a military supply, and are first registered. Lars has the most outstanding grade of 21, which I believe has only been passed once in history, which a museum shows were a soldier approx. 150 years ago received a grade of more than 22, and I received 17 myself, which is also a very fine grade among the best. We arrive at a laundry there and are offered both to wash our clothes and also to receive new equipment, for example running shoes, which I would like to get to become slim again, and I ask the manager there with a smile if we can wash our clothes here every Friday at 16.00, but I understand that this is a one time only experience.
    • Lars is symbolising my father, who helped me find the Source of money, i.e. energy, which I used to supply the world, and he is still showing around inside of this darkness, which I don’t know as well as he. The wash is about turning the last darkness to light, and the running is to say that I will become slim again as my new self.
  • I have received a new apartment at the apartment blocks at Hovvej in Espergærde, where I am happy to live, and I tell someone that there is a direct connection between effort and return. I speak with Lis Sørensen, the singer, who feels like my old friend Lotus, and another, and Lis asks if I come to a bar at gay street, which I tell her that I don’t because I never come to Copenhagen anymore.
    • People of today may be happy to live in big and monotonous apartment blocks like these in Espergærde because they have settled for this poor quality, which you will never see in our New World, and is this dream to say that my old friend, Lotus, believes that I am gay too (?), which I can repeat that I am not and have never been.
  • I woke up to Bridgit Mendler’s “ready or not, here I come”, and I really did not know the name of the singer, but here at 09.47, this very song is played on DR P7, which is only one of many small examples I am still given about words/names/events I am told about and then hours or days after, I experience this. And this is a message to the world: READY OR NOT, HERE I COME (!), and all of the world should have been READY if you had only been able to understand the signs of my arrival given to you for decades – see Signs I-IV on my website – and if you had read, understood and shared my scripts to the world, but no, you “could not”, so I have counted to 100, so here I come :-).

Receiving the hollow dark child of my sister both meant to destruct the world and build our New World

I was shown clothes, i.e. life, which has arrived and was told that it is still a little wet, and yes it has to be completely dry to be perfect, and “perfect” is still our goal.

It was us – the spirits of my mother and father – who would set the last life on fire in disappointment for not finding you.

We have flown over the Atlantic with this document.

Do you still bleed from this place (?), which is about sexual torments of my “old nightmare”, and do we really bleed?

So we have moved from ”all hope is out” to today where every little thing will get home after we have brought it in respirator, including my new born child as I am here told, but I get the feeling that this child is darkness of Sanna, and yes a child, which is hollow and cannot survive, a child which was meant to destruct the world and this is the child that we will finally put to rest today.

When you have sucked all life out of me, it also includes me and this is the life inside of Sanna, which was never allowed to grow to become the cancer of the world impossible to kill, and you could have decided to kill your sister – not allow her to survive – but no, and this is why we have carried “her soul” all along too, otherwise she would have died too. And this is what has brought you your sufferings and threats of your “old nightmare” all along your journey, and first here we can put it to rest, after coming home, and decided never darkness again. And this is simply what we will be getting from Sanna today, her old self sending out darkness.

My alarm clock don’t go off, Stig, and yes it is inside of Sanna too, but when she decided to be with you, she also did not want to explode herself, which is what the end of the world was every time.

This is what love of my mother to both my sister and I saved; the root of all evil inside of Sanna, the “dig machine” of my new inner self, the root of all darkness, i.e. life of our mother. And it is inside of here that the switch to turn on our New World is located.

Isn’t it funny that your mother has been sitting in board meetings to figure out how to save this cinema, i.e. world, while you (my new self) was suffering inside the Source, and yes when I could no more, the world would explode at the end of time, so we have really gone over time to save every little thing without the world exploding.

I was told that not all psychiatrists are dismissing “voices” coming from outside as spiritual experiences – thus not a “mental disease” – but “voices” as a sickness is what my sister spoke to the doctors about, because “everybody knows” that “voices” are a disease, right Sanna (?), and then you don’t have to know anything more than what your WRONG text books have taught you?

At 10.00 I decided to go to the local small department of Helsingør Library at Abildgaardsvej less than 10 minutes away from me on bicycle to see if they had a computer I could work on without receiving the same darkness stopping my progress at the library (!) – just as in real life inside of me, you know – and if they had not, my plan B was to go to Hornbæk Library further away where I knew that they would have computers, and yes the Vapnagaard department was closed today, and on my way to Abildgaardsvej, I was told that we will stick to plan A not needing plan B exactly as I told my sister in 2009 that I would do in relation to going to Kenya, and yes PLAN A was the RIGHT choice (see book 1).

There is no room for me in the class room, what do I do, Stig (?) – follow the light, please.

I also did not like the band “MAGTENS KORRIDORER” (“Corridors of Power”), which Helena simply adores and that is because this is about DARKNESS that I don’t like.

I have decided that I don’t want to escape now, which is what this last part of my sister now says – brought by my mother – and yes our mother succeeded to keep us together, my sister and I and if she had not, my sister would have left me long time ago, which she did much of 2010 and 2011 really.

I am not a demagogue.

We have not arrived at CLASSENSgade (“the CLASS street”), have we (?), are we already there (?); has he, my brother, brought us all home because I WILL NOT GIVE UP (?), which work today is also an example of – finding new ways for light to enter me and to get out of the grip of darkness.

So it was your mother’s task to carry this being of my sister, which would make her bleed if I let it happen that is.

Is there a park in Helsingør where people talk about you, what is it called (?), and I was first thinking of the park next to the King’s Road, which I cannot remember what is called, but the first result I receive when searching for “park” and “Helsingør” is “Hellebo Park”, so there you have the result, which is about my neighbours and the apartment block here speaking about me, and yes there are 9 stores with a total of 72 apartments, I believe, so I wonder how many of you are speaking about me behind my back without speaking to and asking me (?); and yes how difficult can it be to do what is RIGHT (?); and yes IMPOSSIBLE it is!

We never reached the newspapers, i.e. destruction/termination, this is what “wet clothes” is about, so yes please install a clothes dryer here as well.

I was given the word “Plymouth”, which is both a British town and an American car and yes the UK/US military/undercover co-operation wasn’t designed with the single purpose to bring you down, was it (?), and yes to build our New World on top of “nothing”, so there you have it.

So Sanna’s task was simply to send all darkness to me for my old self to absorb, and turn around for this New World, so her task was essentially GOOD/POSITIVE and not the opposite, and who should have known that (?), and yes Sanna if you had read me carefully, there would be a chance for you to understand that you were sending me building stones of our New World, but no, you were NOT “bright” enough because of your big ego and uncontrollable feelings/temper, see (?), and that is even though she is professionally the brightest of them all, but no, she “could not” listen to/read me, ask me questions and understand anything else than her own WRONG voice, because he is NEVER wrong and always right and dictating people at work and at home what to do, right (?), and eeehhh there was only one, whom you could not control, Sanna (?), and isn’t it exciting that more and more are starting to understand me, and is this also making you start to listen with new ears (?), and eeehhhh who is Klaus supporting/having faith in Stig (?), and yes see the short stories of today, and “funny” that this should come today where I need all faith that I can received to get to the very top with all life.

I was thinking of my new inner self bearing unbearable pain – on the other side of the end of time – waiting for my arrival, and I was here told that this is what I experience as my physical self because my new self is inside of me, and you can read my scripts after December 21, 2012, which was supposed to be the end of time and that is to understand the on-going sufferings I decided to take on me to save my family and the world from sufferings/death.

I felt despair of my mother, and was told that we were ready to prolong this weekend if you did not end work today – to bring the being/tool – of my sister to me.

I kept on working on the missing parts of my scripts of the 6th and 7th June, and finally after 13.00 I was able to publish everything, and also to share the chapter on documenting secret visits of the official world to my website on Facebook for Theis & Co. to read and understand, and for him to start putting two and two together, which is that he was tricked to ridicule me to be a show off to his friends while he was really ridiculing himself to all of the official world, and for the mainstream world to follow – and I was told that this was also a condition in order to bring life to the top of the world, to start changing his view, which everyone can see was “completely impossible” to do – and shortly before closing time at 14.00, I had done everything on the schedule making me happy that I could, and yes there were NO problems of darkness stopping me here because this was my first visit here, and this is even though they are running on the same IT-system as the main part of the library in town.

On my way home, I was told again that Sanna – and also Karen – “know” that “voices” is a disease, and yes EVERYONE KNOWS (!), and there is only one problem, and that is that this is WRONG (!), which you could have easily understood if you just decided to do as I encouraged you to do over and over again, which was to READ and UNDERSTAND me, but the more I told you and sent you of material, the more crazy you decided that I was, and yes I was “pis… you off” almost “stalking” you, right (?), and yes incredible what your small minds led you to do instead of just doing and behaving RIGHT, but you HAD to show off as “morons” to the world.

So now we cannot jump any higher to smash down the last part of us into the Source (?), and yes this is what work today was about, and I wonder what you are thinking, Sanna, about my Facebook updates (?), and are they bringing disgrace to you and the family (?) as I am told, and yes also to Niklas and Tobias, whom are you “protecting” from me, and yes a “chicken mother” you truly are made by darkness.

I was told about receiving two Oscars not only for doing the best myself, but also for doing the best of what Karen could have done if she had decided to do her best standing by my side.

I used some time this afternoon to see if I could get my Nero CD-burner application to work without a mouse, but I could not, and this is because when my sister and the family was here at my birthday, I promised her to burn a Queen CD, and not only the soft songs, but also Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions and other up-tempo hits, but no, I could not make her happy doing this.

Your mother has some cough mixture for you to drink right after we are dong with this, and yes to remove my ongoing sufferings.

I was shown Yoda, the old Smurf and also one of the old men of Muppet show very quickly after each other, and they were stepping down from the chair on top of all, and that is my father bringing all of this life to me, and it came when I saw a few minutes only of the final of French Open in tennis – thus the high chair of the judge – and yes, congratulations Serena, you are truly graced with a talent of God making you come this far and not least come back stronger than ever after your sickness.

This afternoon, I was truly TIRED and felt STRONG darkness approaching me and that is because of the dinner this evening.

I was given a low sound to my shelves and was told that this is why we transferred most life before this evening, but still I am given incredible winds of deep dizziness going through me today.

I was told that the force wanting to make my mother commit suicide was the strongest of all powers, and she would have succeeded if she had not kept my sister and I – and the family together.

I received more strong heart burn and small heart attacks this afternoon, and yes MUCH darkness – and more feelings of the Danish national team in football, and maybe I will get time to come and see your training tomorrow, would you like that (?), or maybe you would rather want me to stay awake (?), and yes I cannot hear you …. (?), which is also about the interest I awoke in Crazy Alex when I told him about the beginning of my spiritual voice, but no, it was “too much” to ask of him to break his habits/norms so he kept on doing what he was used to do.

I felt a presence very close to the right side of my head saying that I will receive “blood sugar”, which is what darkness stole from me making me tired, and I was also told that this is the being – as my mother showed me, darkness of my sister – stealing all energy of the world holding our present world up and “is she (my sister) really ready to bring this to you” (?), and if there is a crack in her mind believing by now that I just may be speaking the truth, I do believe that this should be possible.

My sister and I had a dialogue on how to treat psychiatric patients to John to bring out more life trapped by John/my father

It is now 02.00 in the night and I have been awakened after two hours of poor sleep, feeling awful, and asked to write the notes of the evening because it is important to bring in John’s “lunch packet” now together with Sanna’s, so here we go also taking this one if I can.

I met at 18.30 at my mother and John as agreed, and at 18.45, my sister Sanna and her husband Hans had also arrived, and we started talking about their previous weekend in Vienna, Austria, and Hans was inspired to show a video, which one at a brainstorm conference between 11 countries, which he attended, had done showing their work set up as a trailer of 1 minute as if it was a big cinema film like Starwars etc. including the most dramatic classical music with choir etc., and I was thinking of this as a trailer for our New World really, and he also showed me a picture from the Spanish Riding School, which they had attended a two hour show of, and it included the most beautiful white horses and riders in uniform at a very beautiful riding hall at a castle, and when looking at these white horses, I smiled because I knew that this is the symbol of collecting everything of our New World here, and I felt a transferral to me from the beginning of the evening, so can it be that this is the dark being of Sanna that my mother has carried around, which is now being brought to me, this is what I understood – and first during the evening, I understood that John also has a vital role to play and is the reason why I am now writing this.

Spanish Riding School ViennaMy sister and her husband visited the Spanish Riding School in Vienna symbolising the arrival of my white horse including everything of our New World

I was told that this is one of the only roads we have remaining, and then we are completely done.

A couple of weeks ago my mother and John told me that they have my old (little) Weber garden grill, and I thought about getting it home because I like the taste of grilled meat, and also that just maybe I could use it directly at my balcony without asking the caretaker, and now this subject was brought up again, and Hans said that because my balcony is not fully open – I have three windows of half the size of the balcony, which I can open – there is a risk of carbon monoxide entering my apartment killing me, and I understood that this was a sign also saying that we could have died a couple of weeks ago.

And I was surprised to see that my mother was not stressed and also that she had not accepted to receive any help, and when seeing the dinner table, it was even more beautiful than ever before – it had been lifted up a level as I said – and the reason was that she has bought the finest plates with golden décor/edges, which made me say that this looks as royal as the royal Fredensborg Castle, and if I had known, I would have called Queen Margrethe to attend too – and I was given feelings of Margrethe following me – and furthermore, my mother had prepared the most delicious started with white fish, spinach, scrimps and a tasteful yellow sauce, and yes lifting everything up making us feel royal – the plates were labelled “Fine Royal Porcelain”.

Sanna told that Niklas has now sold his old Audi A6 and he used this and approx. DKK 100,000 if I heard correctly, to buy an used Porsche Cayenne, and as he says this is his boyish dream so if he shouldn’t do it now at age 25, when should he (?), and yes it drives 7 kilometres on one litre of gasoline and goes 0-100 km/h in a little above 4 seconds, so I truly understand him, and yes being a young man of the worst darkness thinking solely on himself as we have seen over and again and that is instead of helping me and my LTO friends, which was “impossible” for you, Niklas?

When I heard my family speaking, I was told that it is the wrong actions of my family, which is the reason why it was “impossible” to find a solution to the still 500,000 “prisoners” of Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

We spoke about the new Danish school reform, which a broad part of Danish political parties have negotiated for months, and in short, the reform brings more hours per week for all children, more sport etc. and instead of leaving school early and to do homework at home, the idea is to let children do homework at school at homework café’s giving them help when required, and my sister spoke positively for this reform, and my mother and John against because they don’t believe that doing homework – preparing (!) – at school should be mandatory but voluntary for all, and I decided to support my sister, and say that what is the most important is to make sure to change poor habits of many children, who may have the liberty to do homework at home, but “cannot” find out because they are lazy, not disciplined (tempted by games, mobile phones etc.) and don’t have parents/friends being able to “lift them up”, so the only right thing to do is to introduce a new system, which may be mandatory to start with until everyone will get new habits and decide to do this voluntary because this is professionally the right thing to do, the only thing I don’t know if the number of hours (30 to 35 hours per week depending on age) is right and I am thinking of what comes naturally to children at different ages according to the Rudolph Steiner principle, and I do believe that this was easy for everyone to understand, and we know, this reform was “this close” to be agreed a few days ago, but at the very end, the Conservative leader, Lars Barfoed, apparently felt the need to break out of everything that they had done and agreed about because he did not like the idea of homework café’s during school hours, which should be voluntary to do at home for children (!), and yes this is the same as giving grown-up employees 2-3 hours earlier off every day asking them to do the rest of the work at home, and if 50% as example come the next day – every single day – saying that they did not do their homework, you have a rotten culture, which you need to approve, and I do believe that everyone including Lars Barfoed and the Conservative should be able to see this (?), and I was told that Lars may not believe that this school reform will ever be brought alive – it can now first start in 2016 because of his exit, otherwise it would start in 2014 – and I received the feeling that this is important to do as part of the “lift me up” to the start of our New World to start this up and also that when I agree to the principles of what you have decided, this will also be a basic idea of our New World, so instead of running a solo show, Lars, trying to “sell tickets” to receive airplay to sell more votes to the Conservative Party (in DEEP crisis), I encourage you to be RESPONSIBLE and do what is professionally the ONLY right thing to do, which is to accept these homework café’s, which will help change/improve the culture of spoiled children to make it a fine principle to always be prepared for your (school) work, and over time to let this become part of good habits of people choosing to do this themselves voluntary.

I also had a longer dialogue with my sister when I spoke to her about her work, and yes she is taking part of the committee work of civil servants/institutions, which will be given to the Government/Health Minister including their recommendations to new initiatives of psychiatric treatment of people (!), and yes she works together with Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the previous Prime Minister, who is known for his commitment to psychiatric work because he has had “psychiatric sickness” as part of his family, and people at the Parliament, and it was clear to me that this is work that she very much like to work with, and I told her that it is amazing, because when the new government came to power in 2011, it was also declared that they wanted to give the psychiatric area a lift, but the Health Minister has been waiting for this work of the committee and their recommendations to finish and has been “paralysed” not being able to take initiatives within the are, which she has been attacked over again by the opposition including my old “friend” Jane from the Liberal Party, and yes isn’t this wonderful, this is showing you the ROTTEN system in a nutshell, because the politicians have no idea what they speak of, and cannot take “the right decisions” without the machinery of civil servants etc. having helped them by bringing their recommendations, and here it comes, I asked my sister “why did you not decide to use me to help you do this work, I know this system from within and also that “voices” come spiritually from outside, and is NOT a disease”, and yes she said that she would like to present their work to me at a separate meeting, and also something about some people from within the system have been used as sources for this work, but no, my sister decided that she would not use me – or even to tell me before now that she does this work – and that is because you know better, Sanna (?), without knowing anything because you have NOT been a patient/prisoner of this system knowing how it treats you, and also not had “experiences”, which the system treats with “medicine without mental care” helping, and yes everything based on her WRONG text books and the big “bible” within the are with thousands of diagnosis of “psychiatric sicknesses”, and this is when the whole system create a “wrong cake” based on WRONG information/OPINIONS instead of doing the ONLY right thing, and that is as I told her to let people live a NORMAL LIFE including good food, exercise, TRUE CARE, LOVE and SUPPORT of family, friends etc. instead of these running away because this is tabooed and busy doctors having no time for care and lazy staff rather speaking to each other than patients as it is today believing that medicine is the only solution (!), good understanding and communication, and to use tools, which everyone knows helps, which includes to MAKE AND FOLLOW A PLAN, to have discipline (and people helping with discipline/follow up when needed) and then to JUST DO IT, and that is because anti-depressive and anti-psychotic medicine KILL/DISABLE people also removing their feelings and joy of life, and yes, my sister has attended work including things like this, but here it comes,

you have to acknowledge that not all people are as strong as you, and they need medicine”, and no, I will NOT, Sanna (!), and yes how difficult can it be, you have a medicine industry having doctors on their side milking the state and population for billions of DKK, which is what is their motive power and NOT to truly understand this and do what is RIGHT to do, and I can promise you that if I held a lecture to all patients at a psychiatric hospital telling them the truth about the good effects of a NORMAL LIFE (!) and how medicine is directly killing them and making them into vegetables rotting from the inside just sitting and staring out into the blue without feelings and energy of life making people in the risk of committing suicide of even violence to other people and showing a video documenting this, I can promise you one thing, and that is that not one single patient will continue taking medicine, and yes also told her the story about my visit to Jan at the psychiatric hospital a few weeks ago, and how he wanted to continue on drugs/medicine the first half hour when I only listened to him and asked him questions, and when I gave him my motivational speech that he wanted to get out of this, and yes it is SIMPLE LOGIC for battery hens that it is WRONG to give people drugs, which kills them and changes them into zombies (!), and right to give people a NORMAL LIFE including everything you know is good, which in itself makes people happy from the inside, which is all the “medicine” that you need, and yes didn’t you see the TV-news the other day about a man with diabetes in Hørsholm, who had decided to go for long walks daily, which made it possible for him to remove medicine, if I remember correctly, and to feel much better, and it is the same here (!), and yes yes yes, how difficult can it be for politicians and civil servants to do what is RIGHT (?), and yes “completely impossible” as you can see because they have been brainwashed by the medicine industry and their salesmen having created thousands of “diseases” over the last 20-30 years, which are NOT diseases but effects of people being victims of negative strokes of family, friends etc. NOT showing them CARE, LOVE and SUPPORT, not understanding and communicating with them, and yes I know better than anyone, Sanna, because I have been through the worst of all people, and I was thinking that just maybe she will understand her own part of this bringing me all of this because of her better-knowing ignorance, and yes she mentioned Karen as “the reason” and yes “the reason of what, Sanna” (?), and yes she has accepted the GUESS of the psychiatric hospital in 2008, who “decided” that the reason of my “psychiatric disease” was the negative impact on Karen to me (!), and yes isn’t this incredible how LIES and WRONG GUESSES are being spoken about BEHIND my back (!), and I could only say that THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG, SANNA (!), and yes Karen was a “hard test” to me, but there is NOTHING, which can knock me out as I am the living proof of – she can see how strong and outgoing that I am – and I felt incredible sad because of what the better-knowing system and family decided was the “problem”, and yes I was/am NOT mentally ill, I have spiritual experiences coming to me from outside (!) and I really told her that the reason why I have this is because of her WRONG treatment of me making the family treat me as a leprous in this regard letting doctors “help” me even though doctors have absolutely no knowledge about this, thus NOT being able to help! LOVE, CARE and SUPPORT including good understanding/communication and a NORMAL LIFE of people is the ONLY “prescription” you need, and it should be EASY for all of your “wise heads” to understand if you just put two and two together including all of the documentation of medicine being a killer, which is out there, but no you “could not”, and yes we know WRONG text books and ambitious people like my sister wanting to do what they BELIEVE is right without knowing, and isn’t it funny that my sister was part of this system influencing politicians WRONGLY about this (?), and I wonder how many you have told about your brother being “mentally ill” and yes some kind of “advanced disease”, is it, Sanna (?), and did you tell both your colleagues, Poul Nyrup and “people at the Parliament” about me being crazy believing that I am Jesus, and yes you have it also part of your family making it “easy” for you to understand (?), but no, Sanna, you did EVERYTHING wrong not reading, listening to, communicating with and asking questions and NOT to let me participate in this work HELPING you and the entire system to understand the EASY truth to bring a NORMAL LIFE to all people, and this is how the game was designed, when there was an “election” of the Danish Parliament for or against me, and yes I was advocating my own case via my scripts, which were “too long for people to bother reading” and then my sister working as part of this ROTTEN system telling people that “Stig is crazy”, and who do you believe that they decided to trust (?), and yes since we are still here, at least there were enough to have faith in me.

And this dialogue was loud enough to make the others hear us, and I was told that I made things clear to Sanna, which the system has not been able to do – and later that she did understand some of the things that I said, and she was reminded of having read some of this of me, and then I was told that it was not really Sanna but Hans that I was influencing the most here because he understood what I said (?), and I was also told that the same was the case with John, and yes here they heard Sanna and Stig speak about this subject for the first time ever together, and they could easily speak to my sister about me behind my back, because “she knows” as an “expert” (!), and they COULD NOT speak directly to me, and here I told them how it is, and no, Sanna, you do NOT need medicine for any, but a NORMAL LIFE together with normal HUMAN BEHAVIOUR of responsible people, and in the end, Sanna said that we could take a separate meeting about this because she could see on our mother that she had had enough of this, and yes “difficult” it is for our mother to see us speak about this subject, but who is the expert (?), me knowing about this and the system from within or Sanna from wrong text books (?); and yes, it should NOT be difficult for you to do what is RIGHT, right?

And then I was told to my big surprised that we are using the road of Jan to bring these parts in, and eeehhh he did not have faith in me (?), but apparently Inge has been strong enough to bring at least some crackings in him.

I asked Hans about his Egypt-project, which is not running on tracks because of the unreliable Egyptians, and this also makes it difficult for Hans to continue the project receiving approval from his management, and I am thinking that this was also “an impossible to come through hole”, which he made for me/all of us, but still this is on-going.

I mentioned Peter Frødin – comedian, actor, singer – who was in “here is your life” on DR1 TV yesterday, and before I could say what I wanted to, my sister had interrupted me coming with the biggest negative eruption because of just how much she hates him, and that is because she simply cannot take his “uneasy” movements and STRONG feelings, which I called “homophobia”, and I told her over again to focus on his positive sides bring JOY and HAPPINESS to people as you could see on the faces of Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, other guests and the audience, and yes it is the whole attitude, which is different, which is if you decide to focus on what is POSITVE or NEGATIVE, and then I told the story mentioned on TV about how Peter sang “the impossible” high voice of “vent på mig” (“wait on me”), which was that he was told that this was not as difficult to do as other things he had done, and then he just did it, and yes doing the impossible not even knowing about it, and I was given the feelings of my spiritual friends when saying this that this is what I did myself still playing the game here at this stage.

We spoke about Niklas and his business talent, and Tobias and his human qualities, and it is apparent that Niklas needs Tobias’ human qualities and Tobias needs Niklas’ discipline and work talent, and I told Sanna and Hans that their boys have UNIQUE talents as only very few have when looking at their strong sides, and they should have been each other’s best teacher to learn what they lack, and yes, Tobias cannot handle his “big emotions” making work and life difficult because of the loss of his girlfriend Mia, and he visits a psychologist, who likes to speak about herself (!), and I told Sanna that I know both feelings of Tobias and Niklas inside of me because I have Tobias’ feelings and Niklas business talent, and that she herself reminds mostly about Niklas being very skilled and not being able to understand the incredible deep feelings of Tobias, which she agreed to, and then I offered her to send Tobias up to me to FREE talks with me instead of paying a psychologist, which I can do better than, and yes it should be obvious to anyone, right?

I was given the direct feeling of how my family is directed as actors of my spiritual friends – I heard it through what they said, and the direct feelings given to me constantly – and my mother started serving coffee, and Hans told her that the lid of the vacuum jug was not screwed on bringing a risk that it would fall off when pouring, but no, my mother claimed to be in control, so she poured up coffee for Hans, Sanna and then me, and exactly when reaching my cup, the lid fell off making my mother spill coffee all over, and yes this was about “lack of warm feelings of my mother to me because of negative influence of my sister speaking wrongly about me behind my back” and Hans’ warning was to say that he is working to help me because he has (some) faith in me, and yes when I speak about this or that, I do it with strength, and this is also sometimes too much for my mother because “you always know what is right, we do not” as she said twice this evening making me sad, and I could only say that I speak simply logic, and I gave an example about how she always says that John doesn’t move a finger helping at home at the same time as she never wants to receive any help and “you cannot find out, John”, and I do believe that you can see the contradiction (?), and yes EASY for everyone to see – but when all comes to all, my mother of course loves me as she also loves Sanna, and all of this was only a difficult test we went through.

I was given the feeling of the comedian Søren Østergaard inside of my mother, when she lost it after spilling coffee, and everyone laughed but my mother, who showed the full of her strong temper attacking John for laughing, and I told her that she is with family and to laugh instead of losing it, and this was about Søren Østergaard’s character “Smadremanden” (“the destroyer man”), which is really to look at my mother when looking at him (including the negative language) even though he cannot show the strength of her negative temper, and “the destroyer” is what she is when she cannot control herself.

My sister spoke about the buildings of the Strandriddergården Children’s Home, which she sits in the board of, which is now for sale of as much as 56 million DKK recommended by a real estate agent, and as she said that is so much money than in the money tank of Scrooge McDuck, and to me, this was about all of the stolen energy of her dark self, which is about to being released, and apparently I have not received everything yet, but I do hope that I received what I also came for this evening, and at least I did my best to be strong and outgoing with the test being for the family to listen to and understand me when it comes to how you treat “psychiatric diseases”, and no, I did not know of this test in forehand, but I understood it when I was speaking to my sister.

Finally, we spoke about my mother, sister and I going to Tivoli June 27 for a pizza and to watch one of my favourite bands in concert, Suede, and I don’t know if my mother will be able to do this because of the music and late hour (Friday evening), but we will see, and yes my sister would like to join, and if we had a cosy evening together (?), but of course we did, and at 23.00 I had to “help” Hans by saying that it was time to break up, otherwise my sister would still be sitting there.

When I came home, I was given a sound to my kitchen and was shown an empty Coca Cola plastic bottle, which has to be hidden life of John/my father inside of here to protect it from an explosion, and I was told that John has not believed in me since I went to LWF in Geneva in 2009, but now he saw me doing better than my sister in our discussion, and this is like getting “Feddet” from the Matador TV-series (a vacation area) in.

So it is John pulling my mother – the world – from the balcony to the kitchen leading the way to an explosion, which is an impossible grip to get out of, but I have not planned to let this stop us, and the task now is also to climb the stairs to John/my father on top, and we are now warming up to John’s operation June 12 the day after my mother and I will drive him to the National Hospital in Copenhagen, and the question is if we have transferred enough from Sanna to you via faith that he will survive with my help, and I was told that I can also add my father to this, and also that this is what Mandela is about, which is for him to die to bring me help if needed.

At 23.50 I was tired, and I was told on my way to bed – sleeping a couple of hours only – that Sanna really knows, and yes I told her the story about my computer mice not working with the plugs working for anything else than a mouse, and she “knows” about these “strange events” from the past going back to 2006.

Google Earth: Smiling Spain with a hat and flower and love of Australia symbolising our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show on the top (of the world), washing USA, men electricity women magnetism, big heads, smiling Spain with a hat and flower, love of Australia symbolising our New World, funny little feller, two smiling horses in each end of a heart.

FB 080613 Jette 1

FB 080613 Jette 2

FB 080613 Jette 3

FB 080613 Jette 4

FB 080613 Jette 5

FB 080613 Jette 6

FB 080613 Jette 7

FB 080613 Jette 8

FB 080613 Jette 9

FB 080613 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • DR P3 radio – a superficial radio for young people often made by “brainless” young people NOT showing good behaviour/language/thinking capacity, which is the reason why I almost never listen to it – has a satire show called “Absurdistan”, which among other things in a broadcast said that ““Jesus will never return. And even if he did, he would be so far back that we would laugh of him”, and apparently, this brought “an outcry” of the church and media (!), which made the show decide to apologize as it did in this posting, and I decided to comment their post on their timeline saying that I am sad to see that they don’t know better because of poor quality of your research (?), and that is even though I am not difficult to find because anyone can read and understand my website if only one bothers, and I encouraged them to say that they can ask the management of DR – the national TV/radio of Denmark – the TV-news and many journalists about me, but they will probably “turn eyes” – as were the words given to me because this helps to turn around my inner self – even though they think and know something else, and yes it is impossible for them to speak the truth about me as it is for all of the official world to protect themselves from all of their sins, wrongdoings, and crimes against humanity, and I asked them when they will start laughing at me (?), and I wonder what the management of DR will do after this, will you give an order to these “brainless” young people making this show NOT to mention me because “this is the best for us” (?), is that how it is?

FB 080613 Absurdistan

FB 080613 Absurdistan 2

  • This was the post that made me aware of the “laugh of Jesus” quote above – just like Theis & Co. are laughing of me – and I decided to share my message to Absurdistan with Jyllands-Posten, and furthermore to tell them that my comment to them was made the first of all comments even though 97 had commented before me, and yes WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS (?), and can some of you (not already knowing about me as the management of Jyllands-Posten does) put two and two together and understand that this is God inside of me doing this?

FB 080613 JP

  • I shared my message for Jyllands-Posten on my own timeline, and it inspired Klaus from my old meditation group in Helsingør to stand forward – showing that he is not a wimp (!) – bringing me a message of “trust” and love, and when I wished the best for him and his nearest, he said “in conscience and love of it”, so this is one man having the courage to stand forward with his faith – after following me on Facebook alone (!) – and I wonder how this makes my sister “feel” (?), and eeehhh are there truly people having faith in my brother, who may not be sick but really speaking the truth (?), and yes how difficult can it be for such a bright person as you, Sanna, to figure out (?), and yes “impossible” as you have seen.

FB 080613 Stig

  • “This time it is serious with Mandela”, and yes I can only hope and pray that he will also come through this one, and yes wishing Mandela more than anyone to survive and to see the coming of our New World, and I do hope that this is possible and I am also thinking that this is a symbol of the worst darkness, which we are going through, and yes if Mandela dies, it will make many millions of people all over the world very sad, which will help absorbing darkness, and we know, I can only hope the best, and we will see. Take care, my friend ♥. And when writing this, I received the beautiful song “what’s going on” by 4 Non Blondes and the lyrics “And I try, oh my God, do I try, I try all the time in this institution, And I pray, oh my God, do I pray, I pray every single day FOR A REVOLUTION!” and this is my prayer for you, Mandela, a prayer to keep you alive to see the creation of our New World from here when it comes to us all very soon creating a true REVOLUTION :-).

FB 080613 BBC Mandela

  • I was happy to receive an invitation to connect on Linkedin by Sanja, whom I met at the B2B-couse in Gladsaxe in 2010, but she “could not” stand me after I published my scripts telling her too whom I am, but apparently I have made a deep enough impression to make her remember me, and when I accepted her invitation and looked at her profile, I saw that Jack has a profile here (!), so of course I sent him an invitation to connect, and yes let us see if it is “impossible” for you to accept this, Jack, to send me a POSITVE message (?), and yes do you want to send me a positive message on behalf of “the world supporting you” (?), but you “cannot”, and why is that (?), and let me tell you that if there is ONE, who can break all the rules – and yes I know these words come to me because of what I did – it is YOU, and JUST DO IT (!) to show me that there was one out there who had the courage, do you think you can, for the sake of old friendship (?), or do you want to portray yourself as a chicken too (?), and yes less than the others because I do remember your Facebook posting approx. 1 year ago, or more, but the system told you to stop (?), and what is keeping you this time, and yes a CRAZY system (?) – JUST DO IT, my friend!!! And I felt Obama here too, and no, Obama our game is that you would speak the truth if a journalist had the courage to ask about you and me, but obviously none did.

Linkedin Sanja og Jack 080613

  • Brian brought a link to this article about the risk of all Americans (to start with?) to get a microchip implant as part of Obamacare, and I am just wondering if this is your “excuse” to implant such a device to get electronic control over the brains/feelings/actions of all people as part of the greatest mind control programme in the world (?) and yes I am thinking on some articles I have read about how the secret government have implanted chips in people (as part of so called “alien abductions” under your control), which may be test of this as part of your old evil world order (?), and yes I am only thinking, and also HOW COULD YOU???

FB 080613 Brian


9th June: Bringing out REAL LIFE from the original Source to replace the copies that we have all been made from!

Dreaming of having to work as a fireman taking on sufferings to bring out life inside John/my father

As mentioned in the script of yesterday, I went to bed at 23.50, and I was awakened at 02.00 feeling dry/annoyed in my throat and physically weak, and yes important to write down and publish my script of yesterday including the experiences during the evening, which I then did, but first I had these dreams.

  • I have a meeting with three cash help receivers of the worst kind – “primitive working class” – who all show me that their direct debit payments have gone wrong, which they want me to fix. One has not had an amount returned as expected, and another has received a four pages overview of what should include payment information, but now only includes nonsense, and I don’t know if I can solve this and furthermore I am somewhat nervous about these people potentially hurting me. I have received two new female managers, who would like to get started with theirs plans including all employees, but because I am busy, they have decided to wait, and the next day they start up, while I am still busy, with meetings for all.
    • There is something wrong with money transfer, which is transfer of life, which may be because I sleep, where I need to work to transfer life of John before it is too late, and the two managers can only be about my mother and sister, and yes it was NOT a dream scenario to have “two strict mothers” when I was a boy..
    • I was told half awake with the voice of John that I have to go to psychiatric control every ninth month.
  • I am at a fire drill at a fire station, which has arranged itself with different kind of fire engines with different kind of setups matching with different kind of Communes/users, and the leader tells me that I will go with “other fire engines”, and first he asks me to drink some of the water of it, which tastes nothing less than disgusting. Later I do a test lying vertically in some kind of stand between a chair and a table, I believe, and Kim S. comes by telling me that he is proud of my stand, and I think about telling him that he should have seen me then when I was out to fight fire.
    • This is the test to save the inner of John having to work this night, i.e. drink disgusting water having to accept sufferings – it was NOT easy to decide to stand up feeling tired/dizzy/poorly as I did.

Bringing out REAL LIFE from the original Source to replace the copies that we have all been made from!

Now we are going to get the heart started, and I was shown three people around 50 and in Swedish I was told “Jøsses” (translated into “O Lord”!) because is this all we have, and I felt incredible little energy compared to the task of starting all of this up – but just maybe this is enough.

I was reminded about the Facebook post below by Søren from Danish People’s Party speaking about “Conservative life blood”, which Lars Barfoed has characterised their negative attitude to homework café’s in schools, and Søren says “No, Conservative life blood is Good, King and fatherland” and “homework café, good Lord”, and this is really to get this into perspective for Lars Barfoed & Co., and I was told that in 2016 – when the new school reform can start if the Conservative don’t return to the table and agree for it to start in 2014 – “it is already too late”, and is this your attitude, Lars, thinking that you are playing a game for the gallery thus negotiating as a show (?), and again, Lars, I ask you to be RESPONSIBLE and do what is professionally the only RIGHT thing to do, do you think you can do this, or is this too difficult to you?

I felt my mother and John arriving with disorientation, and they asked where to bring the lunch package (of our New World), and I received the taste of gravy.

I was told that it is like the racing cyclist Chris Froom, which is that if the lunch package doesn’t get quickly forward, there is a risk that all of it will not work, and it was with this that I decided to stand up – going against sufferings – and to write down the rest of the script of yesterday, which I thought would take maybe until 05.00, but it took almost until 06.00.

I was shown a HUGE ship very close to me, and I was told that this is what John has pulled forward to you, and it corresponds to Shell’s refinery to bring out the finest oil of this.

And I was told that Sanna, John and my father are connected meaning that when we open for one, we also open for the other.

And this is what darkness of Lars Barfoed is going up against trying to block for the rest of us, so please wake up to reality and do what is RIGHT instead of your ego-show, Lars.

The alternative to doing this work this night, which was truly difficult to do, was to let it burn (?), and eeehhh is the world still burning (?), and that is to start the heart of my new self.

I received diarrhoea too.

It has to be perfect (!), and if you did not do this work – writing the night – we would have had to let this be (not bringing life of John), and again I am here given the feeling of Lars Barfoed being the key person to influence, and yes I encourage you to go back and finish what you started not being the reason why this cannot start before 2016 (because of a previous agreement).

At 04.00 I was still writing, and I was told that John is moving closer and closer to being saved – instead of being killed – isn’t this just what we say (?); and this will include everything which was saved in his over inside the Cola package.

At 05.00 when I was still writing and now coming close to the end, I was told to watch out, Stig, here comes a newspaper, and this is the newspaper (of destruction) still making my clothes a little wet, and yes it has to be perfect.

This is still about redecorating your inner self (exchanging the swimming pool).

At 05.50 I had published the first draft of my script of yesterday – being VERY tired – and I was told that it is about time to wake up at the derelict farm.

And I could continue also to write the script of today, and to publish this, but now I have decided that this has to be enough to make it through, and I will continue working after I have slept.

I was shown a roulette and told that I have hit the very middle of it – “bulls eye”.

I was encouraged to stay up, but no, I truly don’t feel that I am able to do this anymore, so I will probably fall asleep not long from now.

It is first now that you look into the world of Sanna, and I was shown my self at a window looking into a snow covered Tivoli.

I dare say now that we will get this out of John without making a bump into it.

What does Sanna and Hans bring with them from Austria (?), and what is the connection to Manuella here?

I was encouraged to stay up the whole day, but I could not and at 07.10 I was truly smashed and decided to sleep on the sofa, which I did until 10.00 still feeling smashed, and it took a couple of hours waking up before I decided to try to make the whole day without sleeping more.

I received the very beautiful “this is your land” from Simple Minds’ incredible beautiful album “Street fighting years”, and the lyrics “This is your land, laid out in your hand, this is your land, wherever I go, way down here I know, this is your land”, and this is my new land of our New World.

It was just before he was infected again if he has not written the script of yesterday.

I was given the words “mediaval concentration”, and told that this has something to do with my mother ringing.

So we are going to have all of the reserve storage with us before we will switch everything on.

Have people found (via my book 1) my wrong sexual behaviour and used this as an argument for not believing in me (?) – “the Son of God would never do this” (not understand that darkness I have been sent)…. (?), and this is despite of Lisbeth Knudsen’s/Berlingske’s news stories about me?

It is down there – inside John/my father – that we have the original dry clothes of everyone, and not the copies, which you have used to build the world with, and I have hidden the originals here until this day when they will be used and waken to life, and this was also a question of protection.

I still receive darkness wanting me to say “you are not welcome” etc.

And John’s heart operation is about whether or not we could save him including all of this life inside of him, and it is during his operation on June 12, where he is under full anaesthesia, that we will transfer all of this from him, where you will decide on his behalf that all of his content will become part of the New World.

Will he be strong enough to receive this operation – which takes 4 to 6 hours – which will be finally decided June 11.

I was told that when YouTube almost closed me down – after giving me two of three warnings – it was a symbol of how close John was to dying, and this is in reality the gift, which is included in Sanna, and all of this life of John, which in reality also makes her my father, and this is what we are now making room for in the back side of my right lower leg.

I was told 72, 73 and with the number 73 I was thinking that this was my class number at EFG in 1981, which I had forgotten all about, and I was told that we have to use something from one person at EFG to enter.

I was shown a “number-wheel” symbolising time, which is also an invention from here.

I was shown my head inside a pot of water, which turns into a body inside a big brown bag.

Were your writings this night quick enough to cover this?

I was shown fabric turning around and placed in a window display of a store.

Here is also the desire to become the world Führer (as Hitler).

I was given the feeling of my father also being transferred because my father and John are the same, right?

I was shown Sanja entering my big room, and I see her single white wardrobe to the left, which is almost completely empty except from a single piece of clothes on the bottom of it.

And this is then the lowest of everything that the Universe is lying on. I was shown delicacies on the lowest shelve underneath the TV, i.e. the world, which we will now bring up.

So this was also meant to explode, and be located inside our New World, which we will now start at, and yes it does make a difference.

This is also here that we need Elsebeth Kock-Petersen, who was a Danish minister, who decided to quit politics and run away in secret to England also because of knowledge about you, which we also will use to switch everything on.

It requires everything else having become light to be able to come to this true treasure chamber including REAL LIFE as it was originally intended, which we first can create now, and do I have to tell you that this is yet another of my favourite Simple Minds songs, and yes there are many of these.

It is like finding cave paintings, which you have never seen before coming here, and I was given a feeling to my jaw feeling this rising to the top of my head as in top of the world.

Can we hear the true Source running (?), yes it is from here that the original Source originates, and it is to here that we move all life, and this Source that we are now turning around.

I was shown the outskirts of Paris, which is where we are now – inside the true Source of my father – and we are on our way to the centre.

I was told about a telephone line of the Matrix films, which characters need to exit the (made up) world of Matrix to return to their physical bodies in their hovercraft, which is also what we do here.

We approved life made as “wet dogs” – by mother connecting to son – and this was also to protect us until sustainable creation had been achieved.

At 13.00 I was told that we are now stating to breath with relief and I received some happy feelings and pressure of darkness lifting.

Your mother doesn’t use synthetic material does she (?), and ehhh we did not use true material of the Source to protect ourselves, so all life has been giving my ointment to protect it from myself. This is how “the real world” will first start now, everything until now has only been my “imagination/thinking” – i.e. of my father as the original Source/Creator. This is why everything was a game to learn from to create real life, and this is because we felt that we could not afford to take any chances (with life of reality).

And this is why we can remove negative experiences/memories from our new selves, which we otherwise could not. And you had to go through the kiss of death to find me out here, the original Source. Thus, darkness was a tool invented to bring out the most of everything of God to create our New World including our TRUE life.

I was told about my family and the system, feeling the mayor, not having faith in me, and given the expression that underneath the surface, they may have some faith (?), and also that “the advances sickness” that I have according to my sister is that I am NOT negative, but positive (?), and not often you see that ….?

I was told about gold and mining that I have something much better for you, which is about something completely new replacing raw materials as I understand it.

We could have chosen to buy a watch for this, but we have chosen not to – because of something like falling in love with the wrong, I believe.

I was told that the reason why Acta could not make a business in Denmark was indeed because of me because of my light fighting against darkness of this company chasing profits and high salaries as the main drivers.

You have really moved “udenfor sæsonen” (“outside the season”) having saved everything of creation now reaching the Creator self.

So we created a world with newspapers automatically destructing but there was only one not foreseen thing and that was for you to bring everything out of this world.

I heard some of the final of the French Open in Tennis between Nadal and Ferrer, and the Danish commentator said that “this is what he can, Nadal, it is as if he has a get out of the prison card”, and “he is just a player being on a mission”, which was also a little inspired speech about me.

So he was not ready to jump out from there even though we would have caught him.

The REAL Source of “the old man” has gradually been transferred to me via sufferings of my entire life

It was also Helena’s rejection/lack of understanding, which kept John inside of here, and I received a sound to my kitchen.

I was incredible tired today, feeling like constantly fainting and on my extreme edge – worse than for a long time – where I was close to give in to negativity of darkness still given to me.

There is no volvulus here.

But there you are again as I heard “the old man” say inside the Source.

You are not alone the richest in the world, you cannot feel it and accurately as wished you feel like a normal man.

We have now been everywhere, your mother has, and yes also received my approval every time absorbing and collecting everything for our New World, and you want no explosion, so this is what we will follow, right?

Well, you have also received my stick as the wanderer coming here. You have come to a gateway where only one man walks, who is both his old and new self being everything which has ever been and ever will be, and with this you also get my approval, go ahead, create the New World as you wish.

You have opened the inner core – I was shown a metal ball opened as if a grenade had exploded it – which otherwise should have been exploded.

So you have asked for a sliding transition from a dream world to the new, “real (cool) world”, and I am shown an oblique staircase with two doors from two apartments right in front of each other as if to say that this is not easy, but it sure would be COOL if we can do this, just like this song you know.

I was shown a line of “explosive tanks”, which was meant to bring you over but now you are already here, and I was told that you have now received me – “the old man” – inside of your right leg as part of me.

It was your mother being decisive for my access via your dialogue with Sanna because it was simple logic what I said – live a NORMAL LIFE, don’t eat pills killing you – which made her say “I follow that”, and without this, it would not have worked.

It is also thanks to Ole, my mother’s previous man (in the 1970’s) that I can come here, and Ole was inserted to monitor everything.

Christoffer – Mette’s son – is not well known by the Christian Democracy in Italy, but he is also allowed to come all the way up here – as everyone, as I say as Stig here.

Will we now go to beer festival again, yes, and that is a new opening of the Source for the creation of a whole New World, which is what you have been waiting for.

I was told about Dragsholm Castle – which I have always felt is “almost mine” because of the name being close to my sir name – and I have been there several times latest with DFM, I believe, at a summer party we had in the beginning of the 1990’s (it was before I met Camilla in 1994), and what happened when you slept there in the room (?), where is it the white or grey lady (spirits) who “likes” bachelors coming there (?) – I am given three loud sneezes here – and did this lady commit an offence against you when you were sleeping there (?), which also brought us here.

And this opening of the Source comes from inside of you meaning that there will be no explosion, and again I was told that we could not do it without Ole working from the other side, and I was told that my mother killed him too, and yes her uncontrollable temper letting out much darkness is killing for anyone, you know. I was shown Cambridge, where I sailed with Georgie in 2005, and I was told that it was also Ole bringing me there, and also the threats of my “old nightmare”, which I had to absorb, and this because he was extremely fond of my mother never forgetting her.

How much have we brought inside of you in Jægerspris (at the summer camp), and how much were you able to bring out (how much sufferings I could go through via my life time journey), and we have already given you us as part of the buy every time you have done RIGHT, so it is now the last of decisive part of me, which is being transferred to you. So we have gradually memorised everything into you so you now include everything of me too, which is our “real selves”, thus being our biggest invention ever.

I received one of the happiest songs I know of, which is “I can see clearly now”, which I like the most with Jimmy Cliff, and it came with the lyrics “it’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day”, which is what is coming to us all :-).

So you have renewed your driver’s license, and I felt this coming from the balcony, and yes I can continue driving.

I just bring in a fat rent here, i.e. more force of life.

If we had not transferred the real Source to you all of your life, we would never had come here, so when you kept on saying “this is not good enough” – as I also did, it was sweet music in my ears (making us able to continue the transfer), and using darkness as a tool was the only way to bring me in, so darkness was God self in disguise to build not only our New World, but our REAL COOL WORLD, you know.

And it was my father’s most important task in life to transfer all of this to me (via his WRONG treatment of me bringing me darkness), and I was here given the feeling of the power of this force, which is so great that it would kill me instantly if it was transferred in a short period of time, and this is what all of the heart pain I have been given is about, to receive all of this force – making my dream world absorb my real self.

This is why we have prayed that you would be able to bear pain in your life – see “my sufferings” at my website – to become as strong as possible.

Michael Sadler is now also in place.

We have now come to the pork rind, which is about packing in everything including my original self.

No, it is not Karen – on Google Earth being married to me – it is you and me, which is still son and mother, which is what gives you pain to your heart and body – as I continue receiving (besides from being INCREDIBLE tired/dizzy, which goes far beyond the imagination of people and of course negative speech, feelings and pressure of darkness, which is also a killer) – to bring in the last, so the last big darkness we bring in this way, and yes we know the answer here is still NO to this wish of darkness, but of course!

And if you could not transfer the rest, it would be done via an explosion.

I was told about an “air drink” (“flyversjus”) – consisting of Snaps and lemon soda – and a ticket meaning that we were willing to take the ticket at the end, if you could not get us in, and that would be to die as John – and probably also my father, but no, I will not let it happen if I can help it.

Google Earth: Darkness still wanting to wed my mother and I, and the knight on the white horse

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the way big heads are built, extraordinarily beautiful made, darkness still wanting to wed my mother and I – but no (!), new colours replacing the green of darkness on Google Earth, lots of life and the knight on the white horse (of everything of the New World)..

FB 090613 Jette 1

FB 090613 Jette 2

FB 090613 Jette 3

FB 090613 Jette 4

FB 090613 Jette 5

FB 090613 Jette 6

FB 090613 Jette 7

FB 090613 Jette 8

FB 090613 Jette 9



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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