June 11, 2013: I am “Corpus Christi”, and we face the biggest creation ever of the Source bringing the New World


Summary of the script

10th June: I am “Corpus Christi” of “everything”, and we face the biggest creation ever of the Source bringing the New World

  • Dreaming of “turning it around”, Mogens and Morten B. having faith in me, and “Maria, Maria”, who fell in love with the sounds of the guitar played by Carlos Santana.
  • I was given the words ”Corpus Christi” and told that this is what you are, the body of Christ, and the meaning of this is that I contain everything, which is.
  • Finding the real Source of “the old man” corresponds to finding a privy in all of Britain. We have now come to/passed a time, when it is time to switch on our new heart symbolised by the heart operation of John. Do we have an airplane to catch to get home (?), and yes the last airplane as I am the only one who can reach here at the last road of all because I am the last person in the world, there is only one remaining now, which is me carrying the Old World on my shoulders. The Old World has decided to keep on floating, so we will just take them with us as a small part of our New World, and the Old World is “nothing” compared to our New World – filling only a drop of blood of my entire body – so you may understand that we are facing the biggest creation ever, and it is all coming in a cinema near you.
  • I am now bringing one bottle of wine, i.e. life, which otherwise should have been used to get us out of the Old World, which now will be saved. I am not a single being anymore, but a double – meaning that I am both my old self and my REAL new self. We are doing some more creation on the way to unite the real source with the rest of darkness of our Old World – completely emptying this but hopefully I will not faint (to keep the world alive) before we will become part of the new spaceship – inside of me including new “toilets”, which will become “kitchens”, and also a new clock showing the same time all over our New World. We are now packing down our guitar of creation, and calling in the absolutely last reserves of darkness of my mother, which the world required to stay alive.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “the trouble I have seen”, heads down under, life inside life of glasses, credit for my sufferings, stop war/crime and bring flowers, an invisible triangle of the Trinity, noisy behaviour of people, the bad boys, extremely bad behaviour, and dead pilots/Gods (being brought alive).
  • Short stories of the Conservative Party blocking my birthday, I live for only a small amount and work full time on cash help, which no papers will write the story of, a little bit of magic and I am still my good old self being reliability self. 

11th June: Bringing in material originally pouring out from the Source designed to terminate our Old World to bring us home

  • I am going through “the worst fear of my mother coming from the balcony”, which includes her fear of dying, John dying and for me to be crazy. This is the home of her darkness, which originally is what poured out from the Source, which has NOT been made into creation of life. This is darkness, which could not be dismantled but HAD to explode – it was designed for me NOT to being able to defeat all of it, but to terminate while working (!) – to bring us all home to the Source with the plan being that inside of it, it could bring our New World protected from exploding, but since I have not given up taken all sufferings on me, we are now beating this darkness too waking up all potential life inside of it, thus lifting all life up to the level of the Source from where we were originally born bringing us the best foundation of our New World. This darkness is helped to come out now via negative feelings to me including Rolf and Judith from Brede Park, whom I visited today, family, friends etc. and now also the climax of the Commune in relation to me, who still has NOT invited me for a new meeting, which is overdue. This is the Flood times 300 in strength, which we also now bring in to make use of it. This is our original self, the beginning of everything.
  • My mother felt provoked by me – my clear “opinions”/teachings – which was the main reason why this last darkness of her (original darkness poured out of the Source, which did not become life ) would have exploded many times if I had not refused it. It is possible for us to transfer this darkness because my mother has no resistance to me anymore having both given up and also “forgiven me” even though there is nothing to be forgiven other than her own misunderstandings (because of my sister giving her wrong information). All of this immense force inside of this original Source will be transferred tomorrow during John’s operation together with the help of all energy resources of people at Rigshospitalet/the National Hospital of Denmark. Sanna and Karen originates from this darkness too as everyone does as part of being “one” of the Source.
  • I was told about the Danish national team in football in the 1970’s, which played VERY POORLY, and later in the evening, I understood why, when Denmark lost 0 to 4 on home ground to unnoticed Armenia, which was because of “fear” of the national team towards me and negative feelings for my writings on Morten Olsen liking boys, and their SILENCE when NOT speaking about me publically. They act as the worst darkness making them play as poorly as the team of the 1970’s at the same time as this is a symbol of how little resistance I meet from this the worst darkness of non-creation. The Danish team suffered a historic and humiliating defeat because they are all CHICKENS going against me when they “cannot” understand that the truth is ALWAYS right and when they don’t have the courage to speak about me, see?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the rainman sending out a snake of darkness, a colour-full New World of love and happiness, a face of “the old man”, and the little dark one is still with us.
  • Short stories of Peter D. writing to Vivian to bring me the missing link, Jette is also a pirate, Prince Henrik’s negative feelings of me also exploded, releasing “slaves” in Helsingør symbolising the release of the worst darkness, Obama helped me as “engineer” to absorb darkness, and Falck sent me darkness strong enough to kill life.


10th June: I am “Corpus Christi”, and we face the biggest creation ever of the Source bringing the New World

Dreaming of “turning it around”, and Mogens and Morten B. having faith in me

I went to bed at 22.00 being COMPLETELY smashed, and was surprised to sleep until 07.15 receiving these dreams only.

  • I was awakened some times receiving throat pain/potential cough, and I continued dreaming about “turning it around” and to publish this on Facebook.
  • I stay at a hotel where Mogens, my old music teacher from Albertslund stays too, and I meet him on the hallway and I tell him that I have a picture of him and Morten B. (my old friend from Karenvej 1976-78), and I know that they like the same type of music (traditional “Danish top” music), and also that they come to the same club to enjoy this music, and I am invited to the club and fill out an entry form with my details, and it says one place that this is a club for “canoe-employees” and another place that it is for “dock-workers”.
    • This may be two of my Facebook friends having faith in me sending me nice music/warm feelings, and “canoe” and “dock” is about original life and being at home.
  • I woke up to the words “played by Carlos Santana”, which of course is about “Maria, Maria”, who fell in love with the sounds of the guitar played by Carlos Santana, and yes a symbol the love of my mother to my father bringing the guitar as a tool of creation, an old symbol, to my mother.

I am “Corpus Christi” of “everything”, and we face the biggest creation ever of the Source bringing the New World

I was told that the operating system is not left-controlled anymore, we succeeded to change direction.

I still receive darkness for example wanting me to ”forget” my mother, i.e. the world, so you don’t want us to give her torture, and I also still receive distortions to TV/video pictures, loud sounds to balcony and shelves feeling darkness inside of it.

I received the feeling of a Thunderflie on my skin, and was told that this is what is coming, i.e. thunder-weather meaning “more sufferings”.

Is it really so that my mother and sister have “accepted” my writings – now without reading them – because everyone knows that I am crazy, and that my writings on them cannot be trusted (?), and is this how far they have come out trying to convince their surroundings about this? And my thoughts about Sanna, who has “got to” understand me when people show support on Facebook and yes also via my Facebook postings and “evidence”, but no, there is “nobody home”, she cannot get it inside her mind that I am indeed the one, she has blocked out this option. A little later I was told that it is the same with my sister as it for example is with Lisa – who left me as Facebook friend last year, I believe – who is suddenly thinking of me while cycling to work (as priest in Lyngby), and yes can it really be that Stig is the one (?), and yes crackings to let the light in you know.

So this is a “game-ball changer” (?), and yes just by switching on this button, you will get all people to behave properly?

Karen has not thought about sending you a text message apologising for blocking you on Facebook, has she?

I was given the words ”Corpus Christi” and told that this is what you are, the body of Christ, and the meaning of this is that I contain everything, which is.

We have now come to/passed a time, when no one wants to trade with you anymore, there are no more stores open, we have brought everything to you, which means that it is time to switch on our new heart symbolised by the heart operation of John, and if I understand it correctly, John will receive the same kind of operation as the CEO of Maesk, Nils Smedegaard Andersen, has received, which is to install a heart valve prosthesis, and yes it went well for him as it does to more than 2,000 Danes every year, which has made it easier also for my mother to face this operation keeping her nerves more calm.

Even though I slept better, I was still very tired and received a pressure from outside making my face and now throat feel “completely wrong” and yes if someone was physically pressing a bump into my face/throat, and yes it is follow by “feeling poor” and dizzy, this is how it is, and will you be able to understand what “dizziness” as in “almost fainting” is in our New World?

Do we have an airplane to catch to get home (?), and yes the last airplane as I am the only one who can reach here at the last road of all.

They – the Old World – have decided to keep on floating (as a ship), so we will just take them with us as a small part of our New World, and yes the Old World is “nothing” compared to our New World, and I am thinking of all old creation only filling a drop of blood of my entire body, so you may understand that we are facing the biggest creation ever, and it is all coming in a cinema near you ♥.

So there will NEVER be a new Iraq war (?), and I feel sadness with people of the U.S. Army realizing that this is the case; your time has run out, my friends.

When turning the volume up of my amplifier today, I was surprised that I clearly felt and heard that it did not scratch as much as it has done for years now – since 2006 and even before when I had the old potentiometer changed, which led of the same “disease”, which is simply called “spiritual darkness” (of people sending it to me), and that is both the scratching, and also that it was “impossible” to find a small hole where the right speaker (together with the left) could play at normal volume without turning it up to 10 times normal volume, and yes a symbol of the only very little light to find, and yes the amplifier was always at its worst when and after Sanna visiting me.

Isn’t it incredible, you cannot see on Stig that he is crazy, but he is!”, and yes it is TRULY a “very advanced” sickness that I got, right Sanna (?), and yes with you also mother and the family?

I wrote the last of the script of yesterday and the beginning of the script of today at home – the mouse is still not working – and I left for the little library at Abildgaardsvej, but they first open at 14.00, so I cycled down to the main library in town instead also making me able to test if I am still met by darkness there or if I have passed it just like I passed MANY police vehicles – both big and normal – on Rasmus Knudsensvej (I wonder what happened there?) , and now I am here writing and the Internet is working, at least for now, so it seems that I passed this darkness blocking me, and yes by taking another road in via Abildgaardsvej, which no one had seen was still open.

I was given information about how Karen’s old “loverboy” Kim also abused her by making her making love to “many others”, Kim (?), just to “control her” and “keep her down”, and yes this is information potentially making me feel the absolutely worst, and it came from darkness still inside of me, which felt like the alien of the film of the same name, and why is this (?), and yes because of my mother’s nervousness about John’s hospitalisation tomorrow (for 4 to 8 days) and operation the day after, so “completely calm” is too much to say, really.

No, there is not going to be destroyed any cities – don’t you know that this is what worries him/people the most – and yes we will preserve all cities, monuments etc. for man to decide what to keep for the future and what to tear down/improve.

And yes, everyone will be saved – no one will die – also including those of you out there who have not “voted” on me, which is a feeling coming to me – you do NOT have to be nervous.

“I would gladly take on your pain”, as the spirit of my mother here tells me, this is how great the love of my mother is to me, and yes just to underline that Sanna did NOT succeed removing the greatest love in the world, i.e. the love of my mother to me.

And your mother kept buying your gifts, but you succeeded making her understand that this was wrong, this is NOT how to express your love.

He cannot have moved that far, a cow with a big/wide bell on, you say? The last person in the world, yes there is only one remaining now, and that is you, Stig – you are carrying the Old World on your shoulders. Do you think we should colour him blind with numbers (?), and yes I have started receiving more songs from Culture Club, so you are about to wake up too, Boy George?

Basically your mother is “interested in” that you don’t go around making “accidents” (with my writings etc.).

I felt Ole and was asked if we cannot do just a little fart to get the party started, and no, not even a small one.

I was told that it was Sanna self, who “put it there” – “I don’t care if it weighs a ton!” – and that will have to be the tool inside of her to switch on the New World, and yes this little gem of Paul McCartney is one of his best in my mind.

No, there are NO Shetland ponies to be shot (!) – as darkness wants me to command.

I had no problems working on my script of the last two days at the library (improving with pictures etc.), which lasted until I had to copy Google Earth pictures from yesterday from Jette’s Facebook group, and now again, the Internet was demonstratively working slow only showing one picture at a time slowly before I had to scroll down to show another picture, and yes darkness of Jette also blocking me, which is because you never fully understood the need of my directly language, Jette (?), which you could do without (?), and yes darkness comes in many forms you know.

And I believed that I would just be able to come through – but with slow speed of the Internet – but when I enlarged one of her pictures, it “refused” to show me her text as you can see below, and I was asked “you better go somewhere else, then” (?), and yes I do, so Jette is part of the choir going against me, and this is exactly how it works, Jette and yes to understand and speak the truth of me instead of “not liking” my direct language (which was NEEDED to make people understand and to bring me all darkness of misunderstanding people “losing it” to make me transform this to light), and here you can see a picture, which “refused to listen” and show me her text, so now I will have to get back to the Abildgaardsvej department to finish work from there, and yes “thank you very much” ….

FB 0906 100613 Jette without text

I was told that it required optimum balance to bring me in, which she helped doing via this. Later I felt Jette spiritually and was told “hi, it is me”, and this is to avoid a fire in the forest, so I have to find another way again.

I had forgotten lunch today – or it was because I thought that it would only be a shorter visit to the library – so when I left, I was hungry and I decided to go for one of the rare shawarma’s out in town, and I thought that there has to be better shawarma’s in Helsingør than “the whole lot” guy, and I decided to visit the one in Brostræde, which I had seen, and I met the owner standing outside, and he invited me in, but when I asked of the price and he said 35 DKK, I said that I was hoping for 25, and he then offered me 30, which I accepted, and yes I asked him if he makes the best Shawarma in town – I could tell that he was confident about what he does – and he told me to tell him after I had one and to tell him the truth directly, but of course (!), it is only STUPID people who don’t tell the truth directly, right (?), and we spoke and I told him that I know mostly shawarma’s from Copenhagen, where some of the bars make very good quality, and he told me that he came from Shawarma House – on Strøget very close to the Town Square Hall – and had started by himself in Helsingør, and then I knew that it had to be good quality because this place in Copenhagen is among the two best I have tried – the other one, the best – is near Nytorv on right side when you have the Town Hall Square in your back, and I told him that these also broke away from Shawarma House and come from Libanon, and yes my new friend here also comes from Libanon, so it was really like getting home, and we know, he said that his restaurant has five stars – it is called Royal Shawarma with 5 stars over the name – and then I knew that this was also “planted” for me, because of the ROYAL part too, and yes I had one taste of it, and it was something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to what the “the whole lot” man offers, and it made me wonder why people makes such rubbish when you can make things as good as this (?), and after the meal, I did as promised, and I told him a story from my sister’s and my visit to my mother and John the other day, which I did not write down – but now I understand that this is connected – and that was because Sanna told my mother that her dinner was a five-star experience, and I told her that I could surpass this giving her 6 stars because this is what Berlingske gives as the maximum in their restaurant reviews – Politiken only gives 5, and my sister reads Politiken – so with this, I gave him 6 stars making him HAPPY to hear, and yes I meant every single word, and this is really about “surpassing” 100% because we returned with a full world, and now receive my inner self, “the old man” and all of the REAL Source.

I was told that it requires a key of your mother to enter here, and yes I am still her as half part of my old self, so no problemos.

I was shown a familiar dark character throwing himself on the sofa, but no, my friend, get up, we have work to do.

I was told that my name stands on all new life – this is my name with “big letters” as mentioned the other day.

And all of what I do is to get access to what otherwise would have become the panic-button to start our New World.

I was told that Moonbase Alpha as I was told about several times some months ago was about a manmade base on the moon, which now soon will be blown up, so you don’t want man to see what you did (?), WIMPS!

You cannot even get through the road of your journey, because everyone could see that you were NOT unemployed as a writer, but still everyone decided that you were unemployed and had to get cash help when you applied for it, but no, you could not stop me, I have received cash help now for almost four year working full time all the time, which however “could not” quality as “activation” work from the public system because of one thing only, which was that you “could not” believe in me, and if you could have, you would easily could have approved this and given me “survival help” without problems, and if my family, friends etc. had believed in me, they would easily be able to send donations to me keeping me out of the public benefit system, which however would have destructed my journey and the world, but you know that by now, right (?), and yes can you see just how selfish, lazy, and better-knowing ignorant you ALL were?

I was told that finding the real Source of “the old man” corresponds to finding a privy in all of Britain, and I was told that “Clampdown” by the Clash is what this was all about – to find this small privy as the entrance to the real Source, and yes this is my old favourite song by the Clash, and we are here again at 100 point, an incredible song, so “what are we gonna do now”?

I was told that my sister now thinks “positive strokes” is that all it takes to cure “psychiatric diseases” (?), and a fear of having done WRONG work now spreading, and yes because of my short lecture of her.

I was told what I was already told a couple of months ago when I met Anton and I wrote to him that the RIGHT behaviour is NOT to watch porn, and I was told that he did watch porn even though he told me differently, and this is now given to me again because these are his thoughts when seeing porn, he remembers what I told him, but no “impossible” to do what is RIGHT despite of whom you are, Anton (?), and do I have to tell you how DISAPPOINTED you have made me?

And I was told that other of my Facebook friends etc. have the same thought when “committing” wrong sexual behaviour, and yes what will Stig think about this (?), and as you all know, DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO, how difficult can it be?

Have we sent out invitations (?), and yes do I have to do everything (?), and this is my new, real self coming in, and I am not sure what it is about, but the feeling is that it is related to the wedding as you saw yesterday on the Google Earth pictures, and is this still darkness speaking (?), of is this because my real self expects my mother to return home to complete the wedding not between mother and son, but mother and father (?), and I really don’t know.

I arrived and worked at the small library at Abildgaardsvej, and there were NO problems at all with the Internet and computer, but suddenly I received this message that I had lost my Internet connection (!), and I had completed most of my work, and was almost about to update/finalise my script and afterwards to publish it on Facebook and send to Kenya as I still do with all scripts, and was this darkness of Jette reaching me here too (?), but no, I asked the assistant of the library standing at the computer next to me, and he said that he was responsible for this because he had moved the installation to the “right net”, thus requiring new IP-addresses for the computers, and yes I smiled because this was of course a symbol of receiving our new “net” of REAL LIFE, and I asked him if it was worth while to wait, which he said that it was not, so now I had to find a third road today – I thought there was only one remaining – to do the last, and even though I had NO desire to do it, I drove the other direction than my home to go to the small department of Vapnagaard library, which had opened again today, and yes here I worked the rest of the afternoon on the script, the publish and short stories, so I also did this.

Wordpres 100613

When I reached Vapnagård library, I was asked if the beer is now white, which I understood that it is, and I was told that this is why “Hvidtøl” (“white beer”, a special Danish Christmas beer) is a Christmas beer, and I felt how my real inner self and “the old man” stood right next to me.

I was told that the famous “Dogme-films” of Denmark from the 1990’s were started because of LAZINESS!

I was told about the on-going demonstrations against the Turkish regime in Istanbul and Ankara, and isn’t this too obvious (?), it is because of the strong resistance of the Turks against me for a long time, and my strength is now coming back on this regime of Hell too asking it to step down, and yes I do NOT like dictators, you know, and especially NOT when they cannot “understand” and do what is WRONG to do.

I was told about Gundelach, and new “lak” (lacquer) required for our New World, and that he was responsible for bringing Denmark into the European Union created by the Devil.

Good luck from the four of us – the four Jesus’ – and that is from a level below me, because I am up there as the force of the Source.

Do you believe that your mother finally has understood that you are NOT negative, but Sanna is (?), and yes your teaching of Sanna to focus on the positive of Peter Frødin, and NOT the negative as she did so STRONGLY, which I repeated later in the evening when we spoke about difference in siblings – Tobias and Niklas – which we agreed that my sister and I are too, and yes “do you want to bring Peter Frødin forward again” (?), and yes everyone should think that Sanna is negative, and Stig is positive, but it was “impossible” for all of the Devil’s of my own family including friends and the official system to see that I spoke the truth about people to HELP everyone to understand/improve and was NOT negative as I was accused of again and again by people having WRONG throw up feelings about me because of their own misunderstandings, and yes my sister and mother were the worst, but also my father, Karen and MANY other simply could not stand me, and do you understand by now?

Are we going to be photographed now then?

It was designed only to be collected when baked between your mother and you, but you have decided to refuse, so I might as well give up this criteria and to let you in?

It would be to throw away one wine bottle to get you up of there, and we have decided to save this, so if you can come in yourself without this criteria, you are also welcome here.

You are not a single being anymore, you are now a double – meaning that I am both my old self and my REAL new self – and I was given a sound to my oven and was told that we are also coming out from here, and yes no explosion, but “98, 99, 100, now I come” and this brings you out too J.

And this is what is so difficult to find a road to bring us out, and that is because it requires much faith to do.

I received again a STRONG heartburn, which is truly awful, and I was told that this is to make sure that I will reach the airplane.

I was told that my mother forgot to buy a layer cake the other day for desert, as she said, and there was one good reason, which is that we have not finalised creation yet, Stig (?), and eeehhh but the New World is finished and what do we have to do now (?), can there really be anymore, and yes you have said that you will continue to Christmas if needed, so if you have more to do my new REAL friends, JUST DO IT.

And it has to do with adjusting time to be exactly the same everywhere – all worlds which will give us immense advantages.

Doesn’t your mother eat breakfast on bed (?), and no, there is no “old nightmare”, so she does not, and this is what gives us the chance – on our way in – to do some small adjustments, and yes please take your time doing the most PERFECT you can J.

I received a sudden heart pain, and was told that this was one of four – of the Jesus parts – carried out to make the new clock work.

I continued receiving more sounds to my oven, so it is really from here that my new and real self is coming out.

My phone “decided” to stop working when connecting it to my computer to transfer the notes from it – so I had to read from the phone itself – and it also stopped working to key in new notes, and I was told that this is because of the nervousness of my mother because of John’s operation.

I was given a double sound to my balcony – as if it was a car blinking in to wait – and I was told that we are not here yet, i.e. real life on its way out from the oven of the Source towards our New World, and this is why we can do some creation on the way.

Have toilets been installed there (?), no this is what we are doing too, and yes I have no idea what you are setting up and where, but I am sure that you will turn them around to kitchens too, because this is really what we like the most.

I received a “limp” double sound to my balcony, and was told that this is remaining rain/darkness coming at me, and yes I was told during the evening that I will truly go through big rain now again, and asked if I don’t want to reduce the “perfect” goal, but no, never (!), if I have been able to make it here, I do hope and believe that I will also come through this, so give it FULL screw ahead.

Can you just remove that (?), like a plaster (?), which came together with the feeling that this is darkness on the surface of the real Source.

So we are now packing down our guitar of creation, yes first now, and calling in the absolutely last reserves, which you required to stay alive.

It was not meant at all for us to leave the kitchen cupboards like this – I am given a sound from the cupboards and the feeling of someone coming out – and this is what gives us the chance to some more creation.

So we are now meeting on the half way – between my kitchen and balcony – which is really inside of me, and I still receive the “kill, kill” command, but no, forget about it, you don’t stand a chance!

And this is what we need an engineer for, and yes the connection between our old “dream world” and our New World, and how do we do that (?), which we will find out during the operation the day after tomorrow.

You are really no longer a convict – as your new self – but we have kept you in this stage as your own self because you have agreed to do what it takes to finish this the best way possible.

And what is coming from my right includes the most nervous parts of my mother of “what I am becoming”, i.e. the worst fear.

So what we meet inside of here is the STRONGEST darkness wanting to bring you your “old nightmare”, and this is what we are using from the other side – the kitchen – to bring this last part of creation, funny right?

So we are now COMPLETELY emptying the remaining of our Old World.

And this is because I have said “save everything” and we have not switched off the TV of the Old World, and I am here given a sound to the switch off button of my TV.

This means that there will be no burial of you – with the feeling that I will not rise from a grave in Egypt as my new self as consequence, which is what we suggested months ago, you remember?

I have been given the name of the country Burkino Faso now three times over a few days, so what are you experiencing about me, something good?

You don’t pick bananas anymore (?), which is the reaction of my old self meeting my new self (?), and eehh isn’t this what we are supposed to do, and no, as it comes from the kitchen, listen to the man in the middle, which is about making my mother listen to me, and what does he say (?), and yes is he making sense?

So it is a little like who is going to sleep on top.

We could have continued until you would faint, but we hope that what we do here will make it possible for you to come through while we also save this last bottle of wine.

And this is what we asked if you wanted to take the risk to bring in, and yes you don’t know the answer NO, because this would be wrong, so bring it in!

This is why this is the last leaf from the balcony that we now bring in.

This remaining part of my mother, the Old World, also includes my mother’s resistance to sending money to LTO.

There is no lock on, and I feel my father meaning that I am now almost rolling out from the refrigerator. So we have everything here in an empty half litre Coca Cola plastic bottle, which you were shown.

This last part of my mother is your “blood donor” meaning that less and less of her/the world remained, but when you decided not to give up, we went all the way out here, and now it is required for us to help to bring the last. In other words, this is the absolutely worst part of your mother remaining, which you and the world was living from. And this is what would have burned up to bring you here.

This is why the channel via your throat is still working. And this is what was meant to bleed.

How many shoots do I have (?) – serious question coming from right – you have one (to make it).

So we have now started this process, which will go on with John’s operation the next days.

And at the end, we will rise up – and I am shown a man rising up at and hearing a sound to my shelves, which is inside our New World.

Isn’t this what we say that we have allowed them to set up a tent camp here in the middle instead of dying. So you have been given a little FORSPRING, but everything can be lost over the next couple of days.

We have not changed spaceship yet – I feel we are still on the right, but this is about bringing all physical life from the old to the new ship, and yes let us see if we can.

And how many have ridiculed you speaking behind your back to others now starting to realise that they were wrong and I was right, and how does that feel (?), yes guilty, and I am given the feeling of Jais here in relation to the youth school.

Your mother can smell when it is sun burned here – with the risk that this last part will burn off and making my mother know/feel it. But we try to bring it with sea salt doing it as gentle as possible to make sure that nothing will happen, and yes using your patience.

We have already been there, we know it, we just needed energy/strength to bring it over.

I was told Per (Emil) Breum, who is he (?), and I cannot tell you after searching the Internet.

Google Earth: Stop war/crime and bring flowers, and an invisible triangle of the Trinity

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “the trouble I have seen”, heads down under, life inside life of glasses, credit for my sufferings, stop war/crime and bring flowers, an invisible triangle of the Trinity, noisy behaviour of people, the bad boys, extremely bad behaviour, and dead pilots/Gods (being brought alive).

FB 100613 Jette 1

FB 110613 Jette 3 FB 100613 Jette 2

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff brought this invented dialogue between Kristian from the Liberaly Party and Brian from the Conservative Party with Kristian saying that the Conservative are stupid when they don’t want to join the school reform and because of this, he doesn’t want the Conservative to join the next non-social government, and Brian said that this threat is childish, which made Kristian speak children-language saying that Brian will NOT be invited for his birthday, where we have balloons, BALLOONS, and yes this is CHILDISH BEHAVIOUR of the Conservative not wanting to join the school reform – but maybe my script encouraging you to join have given you new thoughts/considerations (?) – and also to say that they are blocking my birthday with this (!) where there will be balloons of celebration.

FB 100613 MW

  • BT wrote about Bo, who lives for 60 DKK per day saying that he is TRULY poor, but the MP Joachim Olsen says that he is not (!), and I decided to say that I can cover this because I normally live for 30-40 DKK per day, and Joachim is welcome to pour out water from his ear of his brainless and human hostile head (he is the WORST wanting to steal from the poorest here and to give to the rich), and I encourage BT to write this story, and also about the fact that everyone can see that I work full time, but still I am on cash help (!), which is ALSO a good story, but no, they “cannot” those chickens.

FB 100613 BT

  • I shared the story above on my Facebook timeline also telling them that there were 405 comments before mine but still mine was placed as the first, which everyone can see, and by now should understand that this is “impossible” and is only done because of a little help from my spiritual friends doing “magic”, and no, this is NOT a lie – you can see for yourself – and yes I am STILL the good old Stig, whom old friends and colleagues know NEVER lie, but am reliability self.

FB 100613 Stig


11th June: Bringing in material originally pouring out from the Source designed to terminate our Old World to bring us home

Bringing in material originally pouring out from the Source designed to terminate our Old World to bring us home

I went to bed after midnight, and I was afraid that I would not be allowed to sleep having to go directly to Copenhagen with my mother and John this morning – to drive home the car while my mother would stay at the hospital with John during the day – and I started receiving such strong information and experiences that I was made believe that this is what would happen, but no, I would not have been able to go through this, and I was told that it is now the worst fear of my mother coming from the balcony, which is about her fear of me being sick, which is inside here – I was told that this is where Queen Ingrid is – and I received strong visions including the most explicit sexual scenes imaginable, which you really don’t want and had to continue saying no to, but eventually I fell asleep until 06.05, where the alarm on my phone woke me up because John and my mother would collect me at 06.55, and yes I am sure I had a dream, but when I was woken as suddenly as I was and stood up straight away, this also removes my memory of dreams.

I was given Steve Winwood’s “Higher love” including the lyrics “think about it, there must be higher lover”, and I was told that my mother is NOT thinking and afraid that there is no higher love, i.e. being afraid of dying, and that is despite of having me (!), and she would have received a bag over her head if it was not for me.

I was told that you have been sleeping on something hard, a coffin, a nail.

I was told that the nuclear plant accident of Japan would have been much more serious if it was not because of Karen’s love to me.

This is what we are transferring now – the last of my mother/the Old World – even though the rent has not been paid, i.e. I (and the world) have not absorbed this darkness via suffering.

I was told that USA is about to bury me – because of Monsanto/GMO etc. – but still we are getting out (from the balcony) to prepare for the festival play.

I was given the lyrics “we are light years away” over the song “up where we belong”.

My mother and John arrived at 06.55, and John drove us to the National Hospital in Copenhagen, which took one hour with the traffic this morning, and we had a nice conversation on the way – including the information that the new roof on top of their house is now completely finished – where I was also shown how darkness wanted to cut the throat of my mother, but the answer is still NO (!), and it also came to me wanting to kiss me (“kiss of death”) and it offered me sexual services, but no thank you (!), and yes this is the worst of the remaining deepest darkness of my mother/the Old World.

I was told that John is our radio-leader, and also that it is first now that we will start changing bathrooms to kitchens.

My mother called yesterday to say that she had bought two new shirts for me, and since I was at the library, we agreed for me to receive the shirts today, and at the hospital, she whispered to me – without John hearing it – that the two shirts were in the trunk for me, and yes this is still VERY WRONG to do, and yes to have secrets like this, which is more darkness of my mother given to me.

After my mother and John went into the hospital, and I had wished John “good luck”, it was still early, and I would have liked to see some of Copenhagen, but no, the parking fees are too high, so I decided to drive to Lyngby, which was on the way home, and I would have liked to visit Falck, but I am not sure that I am that welcome there as I am also not at Dahlberg, with Kim S. and other previous employers – not because of me, but because of them – and it made me sad to think about, and also that if they had not misunderstood me, they would be VERY happy to see me, this is the contradiction, but I decided that I could go to Brede Park to have a look and also that Rolf and Judith could probably stand seeing me without sending me away, so this is what I did, and on my way there, I decided to have a look at how the front of the old farm of the National Museum looked like, and yes the one where I was killing myself in 2010, I believe, doing the worst work ever – because of how EXTREMELY POORLY I felt every single second – to make this area look nice where I had been very meticulous to make sure that everything was as perfect as possible, and yes I have been there once since, where it looked “the worst” again, and now you can see from this picture, that it is still used as a waste disposal site (we had removed ALL old waste back then), and looks like an impenetrable jungle, and yes because of LAZY employees/management of the National Museum of Brede not caring to keep this place tidy as I (with helps from “assistants”) had made it for them, and can you imagine just how sad it makes me to see; this indifferent and careless attitude of people and to realise that the incredible hard work I did back then was only to keep me “activated” not having a lasting impact (?), and yes YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

The OLD farm of the National Museum 110613The old farm of the National Museum, which I meticulously put in order in 2010/11 now again looks like a waste disposal site and impenetrable jungle making me VERY SAD to see

Afterwards I drove to Brede Park both to see the park and also hoping that maybe some of the old, Tom, Gert, Bjørn, Helle etc., would still be there for me to say hello too, and I arrived at 08.30 seeing all of the “unemployed and not motivated people forced to do work against their will instead of finding a job”, but there was no one I knew, and I went for a walk in the park noticing that the new ones are NOT as careful as Kenneth was to cut the grass also on the slopes, and the big trees, which I removed new shoots from around its roots, were also not taken care of, and yes the bed, which I had put in order also very meticulously did not look as fine today, but still I was happy to see it, and here is a picture from the garden – symbolising the PARADISE of our New World – from an angle, I don’t believe I have showed you before.

Brede Park 110613It was nice to see Brede Park again today in beautiful weather, but sadly I could not say hello to the old “employees” Tom, Gert etc., who are not here anymore

Afterwards, I was hesitative to walk up to the first floor of the main building to say hello to Rolf and Judith – because of their misunderstandings of me – but still I decided to do it believing that they would remember me for good things, and Rolf received a BIG SURPRISE when seeing me, when he was on his way out talking on a mobile phone, so I did not speak to him, but I said hello to Judith, who was kind as usual, and I asked her if they take good care of “my garden”, and also told her that it does not look as good as it did when I was there with the old crew – the grass, the old farm etc. – and she told a little about their work, and now also out of the garden when there is other work in the Commune which otherwise would not be done and yes, she is still baking buns daily. I said goodbye, and forgot to ask her to send my best regards to the old employees at the Commune.

When I spoke to Judith, I had difficulties speaking because of darkness hitting me, and afterwards I was told that Rolf could have hit me in my liver when seeing me, and yes a “shock” it must have been. And for hours afterwards, I felt them both together with the last darkness coming to me, and this is because we are still in the phase of sucking out the last of this, which was a reserve of ours to keep life of the Old World alive, and we have brought it to a minimum with my mother and I still living/”fighting” to keep up the world.

I was told that when we lived in Klyveren 130, Snekkersten, which we did from 1978-80 (before moving to Fokken 105 the same place), already back then I was “wanted” (by the world).

It is first now that the bow is tightened – even without chemistry/physics.

I also took a walk at Rungsted Harbour next to all of the restaurants/café’s – noticing two new nice looking places – and it was empty at this time of the morning, but still the weather and view was beautiful.

I was told that it was required for me to come here that everyone – my mother, Sanna, John, Karen, my father etc. – was pushed out and passed their extreme limit where they “could no more” and decided to give up instead of keeping on chasing me (remove my scripts, and to hospitalise me), and yes what “broke” them all down, was all sent to me without breaking me down even though I am only human as you, and on top of this comes friends, old colleagues, the system etc.

This darkness of my mother is what you start a pub fight with.

Part of the State Prison – of the Old World – is that you cannot break out from it, but you decided to make a try, so this is what we do now, and yes I have no doubts that we will not succeed doing this despite of how impossible you tell me that it is.

The meaning was that Karen should have found you in the freezer (of terminated life) if everything had gone as expected, so it was an “impossible” task to do this alone.

Practically all fish inside of this darkness – from the balcony – have now disappeared, i.e. been taken out.

There was enough Champagne – of the real Source – also to cover your mother – of the remaining darkness of the Old World – but since you have decided not to waste anything, this is what we now do.

When I came home, I met Jan below working on his and Manuella’s bicycles, and he told me that the ambulance helicopter of the other day was NOT to collect someone from the old age home, but one of the people living on the third floor of our house, who had shot himself (!), and I was told afterwards that this is how we sorted out a traffic accident, which had occurred.

I asked him about how he is doing, and he said that he was hospitalised again (!), and yes “impossible” it is also for Jan to do the only RIGHT thing, which he and everyone easily can see, and yes because of old poor habits and lack of discipline, which is a disease of the culture, and I offered him to knock my door if he wants my help, and yes he will decide, and he knows, so I did not go deeper into this.

I was told that my mother can be with him/my father at any moment, because she is transferred too.

You cannot get a bigger gift than this coming from the last darkness, which also includes our “address”.

It was HOT in my apartment as it is in mornings when the sun is directly on before it moves away, and I was INCREDIBLE tired thinking that I would rather skip work today, but there is nothing to do, I also need to come up with a script today.

I was given two clicking sounds to my kitchen, which was from a car blinking out, so this is about my new and REAL self coming out.

I was given a new sound to the balcony, and was told that there would be no new gift without me.

I was shown a gate with the monogram of Queen Margrethe, and was shown my coffin being driven out from there on a horse carriage, which will have to be about my old self being saved without exploding also because of the help, i.e. faith of Queen Margrethe.

And yes darkness is so strong that it gives me the strongest desire to just be negative shouting everything out, but no, this is WRONG to do, so I have to control myself.

So we have to bring this last life of darkness into our new roller coaster, which I was shown as VERY long, complicated and with many loops.

I continued working on my scripts of both yesterday and today crossing much tiredness again, which brought me the strongest desire to just stop and relax, but again I followed my plan also doing this work, and no it is still NOT easy to do.

No, you are not allowed to move apartment without special allowance, which I give you here, and yes my new real self giving it to the remaining of my mother.

No, I have also never been to Jacobshavn before, which I understood as the last of my mother now arriving here with the Source.

And the pilots of Jette’s Google Earth pictures of yesterday are old pilots inside of this darkness.

I felt my old class friend Peter T., as I do quite often, and was told that he/I don’t wear sunglasses anymore.

Shouldn’t we settle for peace, Stig (?), and yes, good idea, and this has to be the last darkness asking, and I am shown a 1970’s track suit as from the old Danish national team BEFORE Sepp Piontek, and yes there is a HUGE difference, because he taught the Danish players DISCIPLINE and FIGHTING SPIRIT wanting to become the best, and this changed Danish football – together with professionalism also coming to the Danish league in the 1970’s – from “summer football” to the best in the world, and this is really to say that the darkness coming to me has already given up a long time ago, and yes yes yes Preben Elkjær, as I feel here, you came too together with the most talented players of many generations including Michael Laudrup, Frank Arnesen, Morten Olsen, Søren Lerby and many more, and yes you were all BRILLIANT, but the team before Sepp was nothing to write about.

This also means that I really cannot get myself to bring out your “old nightmare” because you have influenced me by saying NO (!) so strongly and so many times.

I was told something about a short trip also bringing this part of my mother something to wear on her head, i.e. to become part of our New World too.

And this is about getting room for the last part of my mother in my new heart too.

Something about people of other civilizations looking like black pigs when coming down from space to bring me up, and yes we know, please remove your dark clothes, and come as you are :-).

And this will be the end of paying rent and …. And then we will all be equally old as the spaceship says.

We have never seen these fish before, Stig, they were brought there to bring us all back at the very end.

We have not seen you since World War II where we also saw a little of you, and I feel that this is about my inner self being part of the last of my mother.

I was told that this is a part of me, which doesn’t pay rent, which we had not expected to ever see again.

And this is why it is impossible to bring out my “old nightmare”, but still this is the force/sufferings that we bring to receive this first part of us – and us too (of the Source), which we brought out first with a “return to sender” sign and here also the feeling that we would have lost the information of this if I had not continued working until this day.

This is the Flood times 300 in strength, which we also now bring in to make use of it.

This is the lowest part of our career, here where our original thoughts are placed.

And I tried to get this to match with all of this is a dream world of God and not real, so only a game, and how is it possible to lose information in only a game?

At 15.00 I was completely destructed by tiredness, and after the first draft publish at home, I still decided to cycle to the main library to keep on working because there were a couple of small things I needed to take care of, which I could not do at home without a mouse – finding Vivian’s email to Peter, see the short stories, and to send a Facebook birthday greeting.

So this is from base camp that we after all will start our New World.

I have NOT yet received an order to meet with Lisbeth from the Commune, and this makes me wonder because the meeting should take place before the end of this week according to schedule, and is there something she may be in doubt of stopping her, or is there another good explanation?

I wonder if they cannot operate John now also when his cancer has decreased as I was told that it has a couple of weeks ago, and yes will he be declared finally approved to get his operation tomorrow, yes we almost believe.

And how decisive do you believe I was for smoking (?), and yes darkness of the last part of my mother speaking with the feeling “100% decisive”.

And yes, the reason why you are so incredible tired today is because of the worst nervousness of your mother – her fear of John dying and this darkness coming to me – and this is why she also had a poor sleep herself awakening at 04.00 as she said.

Have I left my anorak here (?), yes I see it now, and from the other side I hear that you are welcome to come back and get it.

If you can continue a couple of days working, the idea is that we will build the bridge between the two apartments – our Old World and the New World inside the real Source.

I was told that my mother felt provoked by me – my clear “opinions”/teachings – and I received the incredible song “can’t stand me now” by the Liberty, which I LOVE too, which is about the wrong feelings this brought my mother, which was the main reason why this last darkness of her would have exploded many times if I had not refused it, and yes this explosion comes from outside here – the original darkness poured out of the Source, which did not become life – and that is to return home.

I was told that Jane, my old “friend” and MP, sits in the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament deciding on the Danish psychiatry “treatment”, and she is Facebook friend with me, and is this enough to make her understand and to help me convince the Minister, committee and Parliament that I am “normal” and just telling the truth (?), or is the established system/habits “too strong” for me to break through (?), and yes that was the question you know.

And the force you see now strongly distorting/dissolving video/TV pictures is this force wanting to destruct life when returning home.

This means that the bathroom is finished – built by this force, yes bringing creation when it was meant to bring destruction.

And this was created by Peer (my father) approximately at the beginning of time/everything. This is what has also prevented the forest to be created, and at the same time it was a condition to create the forest.

This means that we will not step down a few stairs to start the world there, but we will bring the world all the way up here where I am at the real Source.

There are no louder speakers in the train than these of your mother, this is also where she is, and this is the part of her returning home as the Source.

So this is the very first part of me wanting to destruct everything as pure darkness, which is from which the spirit of my mother succeeded to create life. And somehow it is also me having protected you, which I see now, and yes what did I put into this part of me when sending it out (?), this is what is now returning. So this was one big lump, which decided to spread, do you see (?), and yes just one of the eternal Sources here.

And we are surprised to see that its original phone number to prepare its travel, still works making us able to direct it back via mere thought. And this is what we were not certain about, thus giving you signs of uncertainty (the two opposite apartments).

And this is why your mother worked at Berkel with scales, because it was only a matter of how much we would NOT retrieve. And this is here where the bag of the world was stores, and what do you think is still inside of here (?), and yes nothing and ….?

So with Jack, Rolf/Judith, Vivian (see the short stories), and maybe more, we will try to bring this darkness back. And this is what the wedding between you and your mother is about, it was inevitable, but no, you will NOT accept it. And it is written on this address “no return to sender” as is, but yes to explode everything and start all over again. And we have done this without rhythmic gymnastics. “Yes, you can look inside of me, because I have cried, and cried and cried” as my mother here says completely removing her resistance. This means that she is pot-ready, to be brought back, and yes completely down as my physical mother is because of John. Eeehhh how much money did you spend to get me out of here (?), and yes she does not even know because she is the dark energy, which was burned off to create our first creation of life, and now all of this force is returning as it also to be given new life (and this will not come back to you negatively).

This is the side that Sanna was working inside, and she is still connected to me, which is what would create the bang if I gave up.

I was told about subtropical and meterologists now knowing where the weather comes from and how it will continue, and I felt that you are amazed too that we are still here?

Isn’t this what we count down for – “98, 99, 100, now I come” – which is to bring everything, which has been coded inside of here by him or what (?), which is about us all – mother, son, everything – coming from the same Source/material. And the most incredible is that the stamp (to create life) etc. is all naturally inside of here, I only have to bring it to life.

And this is why we did not know what would happen when returning home without everything, and we are now told that nothing would happen. This is how it is when you are part of eternity, and this is how your sister and you were meant to change a little from side to side to bring lose this part of your mother too.

Isn’t it here that we say that darkness/sufferings is not at all natural (but created as a tool of creation), and now we will let go of the grip, and the alternative would have been for all of this darkness to explode and return home, which would be created as life at a later stage after the New World had started, but we are using this for creation now starting at an even higher level, which is also gold worth.

I was told that when Jeltsin stopped the plans of the totalitarian Soviet to take over in Russia in 1993, this meant so much that we later only would go through a “luxury fire” if and when I would “lose it”.

My mother called in the evening to say that all preparation/examination of John today went fine, so he will indeed get his operation tomorrow, and yes let us do an evening prayer for him, as she said, and no, she has NEVER encouraged to prayer before.

So you were about to lose your teeth because of our pressure (?), which I was told with a smile and yes from original darkness of my mother returning, and I was told that far the most of what was originally let out from the Source did not turn into life.

I was told that darkness of Fanny, the Theosophical Fellowship and others – for example the climax of the Commune towards me these days – are still coming against me also having an influence on the darkness we bring out now. So you have now decided to empty the back side of my left lower leg (?), and yes this is where this hidden darkness is still located.

This also means that your mother has opened to the BIG purse, and yes all of this darkness is also controlled by my physical mother, so this is what we are now bringing big parts in of, and with this, I received one of the TRUE top songs of Morrissey, a clear 100 point song about how he has forgiven Jesus, which here is about how my mother has “forgiven” me to open for this storage, and that is even though there was nothing to forgive me for, which she will soon discover.

I was also given the lyrics “there is so full fun inside a forest” from the “do you want to go to the forest” (?), song, and this is how it is inside the forest of the Source/our New World.

I continued receiving the feelings of Rolf and Judith throughout the evening, and the spirits of them thanked me for taking part of this creation.

We almost cancelled this airplane and killed John, but when there was no resistance of your mother, it was alright to continue.

But Stig, have I created myself this way to be like this life?

Is it like this that the Source was created as it is to make us create life as we liked, no right?

So we have now received approval for the operation of John, which is approval to transfer everything from the balcony (which has to include the back side of my left lower leg), which means that nothing can go wrong anymore, so what you are transferring is really Sanna (as part of the material that created mother – we are ONE you know).

I received more out of this world pain to my right ankle – turning around nothing – and I still have pain to my bones, and it is still your mother giving you approval to live, and this door is opening because of your discussion with Sanna about medicine/psychiatric sufferings.

And what is it about “Riget”, which is Rigshospitalet/the National Hospital of Denmark (?), is this build with enough energy resources to bring all of this (?), and yes tomorrow we will switch on all reserve energy of all people there.

This is what we will use the night to prepare, and yes to transfer all of what poured out of the Source, which did not turn into creation.

I was told that Karen is also inside of this, and no, she was not born evil but became it because of this overwhelming power, which only wanted to destruct us, which is what you had to defeat.

I was told that USA have satellites with the purpose to monitor people and their communication, and the revelation of NSA’s monitoring programme the other day was to hit them in their “Central Inteligens Anlæg” (“CIA” or “Central Intelligence Facility”), and this is because of what I am doing now, going through the absolutely worst darkness of “not created”, which we are all part of, and this is what brought this MONSTER alive monitoring man.

We can still give you heart attack with some trouble, which I was then given (a small one), and darkness wanted to take over control of this operation for now because I was extremely tired/pressured – on my extreme limit to give in, and yes you have to imagine a physical pressure making you feel incredible disgusted – and it gave me the understanding that nothing would happen now, but no, NEVER, I will NOT give up (!), and that is because this does NOT sound right.

Now we understand what life is about, is it simply to turn around?

And I felt all of this non-created darkness being transferred to me while it wanted to overtake control saying that “everything has to be faeces” instead of light, but no.

We have now soon made all calls from inside of there.

This was to show you that there is almost no resistance of this hidden darkness of my mother.

It is too soon to celebrate, we have often hit the post and see the ball go in, will this go the same way (?), and I feel silent enthusiasm because of the impact of what we are doing.

I was shown the town of Odense, and told that H.C. Andersen, we are about to be home, which also goes for you.

“It has to be perfect”, you will NOT regret that this is what you did, Stig, and yes to decide to continue working/suffering bringing my best because this is a once in a lifetime effort.

I heard darkness saying “I am really not done yet, what do I have to do, Stig” (?), and yes KEEP ON DOING YOUR BEST (!), which is to follow me.

The worst darkness of Denmark lost by 0 to 4 to Armenia showing how little resistance I meet from this darkness

Earlier today, I wrote that “I am shown a 1970’s track suit as from the old Danish national team BEFORE Sepp Piontek, and yes there is a HUGE difference” and “the team before Sepp was nothing to write about”, and yes they were as poor as you can imagine losing with four and six goals when meeting East European teams as I remember, and when hearing the football match (from my computer place) this evening between Denmark (normally among Top 10 or Top 20 of the world) and Armenia, which is ranked at number 89 and lately lost to Malta (!!!), I understood that this is what this symbolised, and yes the Danish national team playing as miserable as the team of the 1970’s, and yes the lost on home ground by 0 to 4, which was totally humiliating, and why was that (?), and yes this is because of my writings about you and Morten Olsen, and also my visit to Hotel Marienlyst – your training camp in Helsingør – the other day (June 7), when Lars Høgh and a group of national players noticed me (see below), so it is because of me that they cannot play football (?), and yes it is difficult to control your feelings about me, my friends it is all inside of your heads when you decide not to believe in yourselves (?), and yes I continue receiving feelings of old national players, here Jon Dahl Tomasson, knowing about me.

I don’t know all Danish players of today by name, so when I was given the name “Bjelland”, I thought that it was about an old Acta colleague of mine in Norway, but I understood when I later heard that he was sent out because of an injury, which was coming to you

And yes, this is because of your wrong SILENCE of me that you “cannot” win meaning that you don’t have my support, so when you decide to STOP BEING SILENT and to speak OPENLY about me (also via media etc.), there should be a pretty good chance for things to start doing better, and yes when Armenia scored to 0-1, the Danish commentator said with “inspiration” that “it is out in the forest”, and indeed it is with “forest” being God, so it was God (inside of me) helping Armenia because of you, the Danish team going against me. Later the commentator also said that “it is plan B, which has started now”, and this is an old symbol of mine going back to 2009, where I had the opportunity to chose the RIGHT plan A or WRONG plan B as the reserve, and this was also to say that the national team did what was wrong when being SILENT about me, and here I am told that you did “not like” my comment about the coach, Morten Olsen (?), which was a dream saying that he likes to sleep with boys, and no, it is NEVER wrong to speak the truth no matter what it is, which is a teaching I am giving everyone also via this example.

During the match, I was asked if they need turn-out help (?), and yes from Falck maybe, and when they and everything have turned around doing what is RIGHT instead of going against me, they will win again.

After the match, Morten Olsen, said that it is “incomprehensible that we cannot perform better” and also that it was the worst football experience of his life and “it is my responsibility” (which I liked to hear!), so the question is if he will “survive” this loss (?), and yes this is about the final countdown of light defeating the worst darkness, and this is what you “qualify” as too, Morten, therefore!

The player Lars Jacobsen was also interviewed after the match, and he said that “it would be too chicken-like to throw in the towel in the ring”, and CHICKENS is indeed what this is about because this is what you all decided to be instead of facing and supporting me, and yes CHICKENS because of your lack of courage and chickens as the symbol of creation, therefore.

There were no limits to the predicate, which this match received after it had finished being “the worst in newer time” – and “break down” and “meltdown” below on Facebook so Copacabana (the World Cup) will be without Denmark – and yes not since the 1970’s you have seen such poor performance (?), and now you know why. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have God playing with you, and not for you to go against me!

Finally, the result of this match is ALSO to say that there is practically no resistance to me inside this the worst darkness of original material pouring out of the Source, which did NOT turn into creation but was designed to terminate us all to return to the Source, and yes you can see how easily I – symbolised by Armenia – won over this “the worst darkness”.

FB 110613 Fodbold

Content from my script of June 7 visiting Hotel Marienlyst:

… when I entered the hotel, I saw a group of maybe 5-6 national players together with the goalkeeper trainer (and previous national player) Lars Høgh, and I saw Lars Høgh looking at me too”,

and yes Lars Høgh was still looking at me when I left, and I at him, so did you see “the man in person”, Lars (?), and did you decide to share this information with the others (?), and yes just asking, but none of you would like to ask me any questions when I showed up (?), including how I made you lose 3 to 0 in one game and win the next by 3 to 0 because you have turned around “the diamond

say hi to everyone also to Morten, and yes I wish you the best of luck on Tuesday against Armenia, and no, I have no idea how the match will end, it is first when watching that I am told the stories and the reasons why they end as they end

And yes these are silent players …. and you could not dream about supporting me, and tell me again why this is?

And I was told that this is also how it was to the Socialist People’s Party when I wrote about them, which is to “completely break down”, and yes just like the national team in football this evening.

Google Earth: The rainman sends out darkness and a colour-full New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the rainman sending out a snake of darkness, a colour-full New World of love and happiness, a face of “the old man”, and the little dark one is still with us.

FB 110613 Jette 1

FB 110613 Jette 2

FB 110613 Jette 3

FB 110613 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy to see that my old class friend from Commercial School in Helsingør (1982-84), Peter, found my old Facebook email to him, which he says that he did not see for some reason (probably brought to his “other” tray in Facebook’s email system, which is COMPLETELY CRAZY, Facebook !!!) – I was told that “the strongest darkness of Peter” back then was that he did not react – and he says that besides from having been married twice, he had a little contact with Vivian after the moved to Spain (in 1987), but it is many years ago and he did not know that she had moved to Australia, as I wrote in my old email to him, and I was encouraged to write a little more about Vivian – where she lives, what she does – and yes, Peter is her old boyfriend from school, which she took when she “could not” get me (!), and this inspired him to ask me for her email address, which I later sent him including her website, and I asked him to tell her – as I had told him – that I am still exactly the same man/old friend, which she remembers, and if she focuses on this, she might want to send me an email, and yes he promised to do this, and I felt happiness, and yes this was the way to Peter’s heart, to speak about Vivian making him want to write to her again, and yes to mention me to bring you what (?), and yes the worst darkness once more from this old “very good friend” of mine, and this is the old story of Vivian’s first true boyfriend, whom she could have and the one she did not get, whom she really wanted the most, and yes “wrong love of my mother” is what it is about with Vivian being another part of her. And do I hear a festival song from Bayreuther (?), and yes what do I play (?), anything (!), and that is with Richard Wagner, and this is about Peter doing this creating the missing link to Vivian, and yes just maybe some more darkness to be pushed to me via new misunderstandings/feelings of this lady having “warm feelings” for me.

FB 110613 Peter D

FB 110613 Peter D 2

FB 110613 Peter D 3

  • Jette had her eye surgery today receiving a symbolic patch over her eye – until tomorrow – which made me bring her Nena’s song about “let me be your pirate”, and “pirate” of darkness is what the part of Jette resisting my strong language is about, and I am sure that she will understand that I only speak the truth, thus making Jette being one of the Sources both bringing me darkness and strength via her faith.

FB 110613 Jette øjne

  • Today was “the Devil’s birthday” as it is called (one of two mortgage payments of house owners per year), and this collides with the birthday of Prince Henrik, and in this occasion, the canons of Kronborg did a salute, but “unfortunately” the powder of one of the canons blew off prematurely, which is symbolising what Prince Henrik did in relation to me, and no, it is NOT “easy” to read about you liking boys in my scripts, and to have half of Denmark going against you because you want to be King (?), so this was a symbol of this, and yes it wounded a young man, who furthermore fell several metres down, but hopefully he will make it, and yes Margrethe, you may like to visit him to bring him one of your famous clocks (?), and yes this is about a COLD PLAY also coming from the Royal House of Denmark to me making “lights go out and I can’t be saved”, but the music is fantastic, right?

FB 110613 BT

  • All of the police yesterday was about this story of a ”the treadmill on Rasmus Knudsensvej”, which is about two men accused of human trade, usury and not least for having held up to 50 Romanian men and female – two to three at the time – under slave like conditions in their garage while they worked for them with cleaning, and yes these people were afraid to be turned in to the public authorities and returned to Romania, where they have nothing to return to, which made them accept this life as slaves, and this is of course to say that we are releasing all potential life inside of this the worst darkness of my mother – and there are no limits to how much we have murdered coming from inside of here, yes the force of Karen, Sanna, Jack and yes myself when I acted as darkness, which is what it willingly brought us, and the art was really to be stronger than this darkness with will power deciding to turn it into light, so this is what we did.

HD 110613 slaver fri

  • The other day I was told that it required for me to be an engineer to come through the work lying ahead of me, and since I am not, Obama was made an engineer through this unusual move, and here I am given a feeling of “nothing” of darkness blowing through my head, and this is what “engineering” is about, which is to absorb darkness, which Obama has continued to help doing, and I am sure that much good energy is coming from people of India too.

FB 110613 Obama as engineer

  • Bo has the MOST FANTASTIC golden retriever from a brood of puppies, which he keeps posting the most wonderful pictures of, which is bringing me much joy/warmth – when seeing it curious about life wanting to experience everything, and having a look, which no one can stand for, and yes this dog makes me think about our new life because a dog symbolises life/man to me – and here he brought a link about Falck having transported dogs, which choked, and I am just thinking of what Falck sent to me of negative energy, and also that I decided not to visit them today because of this, and just maybe I should have done this exactly because of this to receive even more darkness like I received from Rolf and Judith at the park.

FB 110613 Bo om Falck



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