June 13, 2013: I was told that there is no more darkness and asked to start our New World, but still I receive more darkness


Summary of the script

12th June: I was told that there is no more darkness and asked to start our New World, but still I receive more life from darkness

  • Dreaming of “a dream is coming through” and the entrance to the real source.
  • I am still defying tiredness and negative speech/feelings/torture of darkness and climbing up the stairs towards the real Source for all life to build camp as the start of our New World. John’s heart operation was postponed until June 26 because of an acute lung operation of another patient, which made me think that we would not bring in all darkness of non-creation of my mother, but I was told that we actually succeeded, and we are now continuing work to adjust time everywhere by bringing all creation right in the middle of my heart in the Source. We will not start the New World from a button inside creation, because this button – or tap – is really to end creation (!), so instead our New World will be started by the real source by removing a thin layer on top of the world. My mother has now received exactly the ship she was hoping for being able to choose any colour she likes bringing incredible variation/love to our New World. I kept on being told that there is no more darkness to bring me – we have brought in all wine of my mother – and was encouraged to consider stopping the game, but I continue receiving darkness, and decided that first when we have transformed everything of what originally poured our from the Source into light/creation, we are done, and to do the transition to our New World without any pain (“heart stop”) at all to me and the world.
  • Isn’t it chilly in Jacobshavn, Greenland, now (?) – or Ilulissat as it is called today – no, this is what the anorak is for, this is where we are creating everything.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my name spelled in BIG LETTERS inside the mirror of the Source, (the tropical storm of) YAGI with glasses, THE COLOUR OF SPRING of our New World of incredible variation/love, walk forward in two rows, and white and black or grey.
  • Short stories of George from Kenya and his challenge to replace the Bible with my scripts, Lars Barfoed is dancing barefoot-dance of Indians, Soulaima is both a hard and soft banana making me sick, the rotten culture of corrupt Italian politicians, “walking on water” as a sign of my coming made the thick-skinned Theis ridicule me again but I received support from Emil, and now I want to have beer!

13th June: Receiving the original time code and stamp – supposed to explode/destruct – to continue as time of our New World

  • Dreaming of Naser Khader bringing warm feelings while I continue receiving darkness, I continue teaching darkness and to create/save all life here at the end of the season.
  • It is now time to get out of Greenland – the place of creation. I have not been given the clock from my mother yet because I keep working. We have now changed “platform”/apartment from the Old World to the new “real” Source, but I am still receiving more darkness climbing up the stairs to the Source on top of the 100% of everything of what originally poured out to create the world, and the work is still about adjusting time of everything of creation by bringing it to the very middle, or top, of me. I was shown the spaceship of everything now flying visible to me (and everyone else) in daylight. Strong feelings of Vivian to me helped to transfer the original time system and stamp of my father creating this world for this to become part of our New World too. We are receiving information from this darkness, which we did not know existed and thought that we would lose (because of the “inevitable explosion/destruction of this”), and all of these invaluable documents are now stamped with Vivian because of her opening to me because of Peter’s email to her the other day and my email to her today. This is information becoming visible because of her feelings to me, and this is included in “the button” of destruction self, this is my original father breaking out from the Source. He still wants to explode, but has no explosives now, and he is the key to this information.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads inside heads still gliding from Greenland, head mix, a big dark head, heading for the light, a BIG invisible triangle of the REAL Source, many face’s over each other and the bomb of Nixon, it is time to wake up our New World, the invisible triangle heading for the flower of love, and more car wash.
  • Short stories of a Facebook message given to me by my spiritual friends documenting that Adiba receives WRONG spiritual messages from “Christ”, which made me write her a long answer to a spiritually channeled message, which she had received, a believer opening my website MANY times every day, darkness tries to stop Suede from playing in Tivoli, the government and Lars Barfoed found each other agreeing on the template of school of our New World, Helena showed that Lars Barfoed is also a “turn-coat”, and I wrote to my old special friend Vivian encouraging her to read and understand me.


12th June: I was told that there is no more darkness and asked to start our New World, but still I receive more darkness

Dreaming of “a dream is coming through” and the entrance to the real source

I went to bed at 23.20 being utterly broken down by tiredness, and slept until 07.35 receiving these dreams.

  • I had a dream where I simply continued dreaming that “a dream is coming through”.
  • Something about the birth of a video vehicle, which has been to the Caribbean, Japanese concubines at the Føtex supermarket. I am at a new work, which works fine with people working with openness and individual responsibility, and we now stand in line at the cash desk being one hour later, where the entrance to our work is, and my entrance is via an incredible narrow hole up to the next floor through the ceiling, which is “impossible” for me to come through, but still I know that I can when doing my best, and I have to use this entrance because the stairs are broken, and it makes me wonder because I know that the offices upstairs, where Søren H. is working, are both large and very nice looking.
    • Caribbean is an old symbol of the home of God, supermarket is about “life”, and this narrow hole is the hole to get into the real source?

I was told that there is no more darkness and asked to start our New World, but still I receive more life from darkness

I was told that there was a risk that my mother suddenly would disappear, which we also had to secure us against.

But you have not been video filmed more than in England, when you went there, which I did the last times in 2005 and 2006 when visiting Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, which was followed by a visit into London in 2006.

I was told about my old Fair colleague, Stinne, who now works at Dahlberg, and has she read my old business memos for Lloyds of London describing HUGE business opportunities, which is making her see the gold mine (?), but she is told that they are not to be trusted by Bo because I was “crazy” (?), and yes, you cannot READ and UNDERSTAND anything else than what your own WRONG voice tells you, Bo (?), and yes these memos only describe business opportunities when you do your BEST and not the WORST as lazy Bo & Co. do.

I was given a sound to my shelves of our New World, it is here that we are all to get in (?), which we will start doing now.

So this is about a football referee, who cannot come in (the dream above), and what do we do about those (?), and yes we know, we create a new entrance, so that will have to be the work starting today.

Isn’t it funny, they could have taken you in Geneva in 2009 too, they had sound and video recordings with you.

Try this “rødgrød med fløde”, which has moved in Denmark, which is about my language, which they did not understand (?), and my ongoing writings?

So he has defied any tiredness given to him, and now he wants to build stairs up here too (???), and yes let him do that, if he can, and this is where John’s operation comes in, to lift you all up here without bleeding.

So he is not going to sleep here, no he is going to build a camp, to settle down here, if that is alright (?), and yes yes yes you are all welcome, but do I have room for you etc. and yes you know the answer, here is also eternal.

I was told that this life has not been photographed yet, i.e. brought alive, which is what energy of the hospital today will bring.

I was told that my old wrong video recordings stored at Frederiksberg Police have NOT been watched, and these were the key to destruct me.

Vivian is meant to bring the bus forward for this “operation”, and that is because of her old feelings for you and her own misunderstood negativity.

I was given a sneeze and told that this is what we mean by bringing out energy of people.

“Colour your mother’s hair”, yes this is what the new colours on Jette’s Google Earth pictures are about, and “hair” is the Source and I do believe that colours are all kinds of variation of life.

You are not so stupid that you decided to crawl through the window, are you (?), and yes this is not even meant for you to enter, but this is what you did, and had to do when Stig brought us there when deciding to continue working, and yes MAD MEN is what they are.

Isn’t it chilly in Jacobshavn, Greenland, now (?) – or Ilulissat as it is called today – no, this is what the anorak is for, this is where we are creating everything. With the homework that he did he was only meant to bring home one goal of here, and not both, because it would be “too difficult/impossible” to do, but we were proven wrong, which is why we design this road for you,

Do your mother have more cigarettes for you (?), it depends on the quality of your work, and yes reception of it by the world.

My mother called late in the morning to tell me that John has now come home (!!!), and yes his operation has been postponed to the 26th June because there was an acute lung transplant, which had to be done, and my first thought was that this was because I did not collect enough darkness to bring everything with me now (?) – because I did not visit Falck, who kill killing dogs (?), – and if this is the case, we simply have to finish this transfer later then.

Or can it be that we really did the transfer because it is not necessary to give John this operation at all (?), and did we bring all energy required from the hospital (?), and I am here told that we did, so maybe this is how it is, or else it is darkness speaking.

So your mother has lived right next to the motorway here (all of this darkness), which is so narrow on top of the world (as I am shown) that it is impossible to remove the lid of it, and yes at least from the inside, because from the other side – from the real source – it is easy to lift off, and this is what I was shown the other day, and practically what we have already done by now.

It was first when your mother would receive a cold that we should be able to move that closet there, but now I don’t know …., and this is giving us giant power making us strong enough also to bring in all of this, and yes “the power of (some) faith” you know.

I continued being in doubt about whether or not this was “right” – for the operation to be cancelled – and I was given a “positive blink” and told “haven’t we been all the way up there ringing yet” (?) to tell me that everything is in order. We will see about that.

I was told thank you for what you do – i.e. working – and was reminded that this darkness now cannot carry out my “old nightmare”, and I was given the feeling of Mourinho now in Chelsea, and no, he does NOT like your writings about him too, and yes THE WORST DARKNESS is what he is, which should be easy for everyone to see?

No, it is not reading week, he simply continues working right until the end, and yes just like David Ferrer in tennis playing one ball after the next with “endless energy” right until the end of the match, and I wonder when this will come (?), and will we now continue to June 26 for the new operation (?), or maybe even until autumn, because this is now the postponed opening of the Marine museum because of the water damage (?), and yes I do NOT care, we will continue until everything is “perfect” and I cannot do anything more from here, so with this, let us take the shoes on, Stig, because just maybe we will push the button soon (?), and yes if you wish (?), and we know when we can do it without anyone hurting doing the transition to our New World, you have my approval, but NOT before this.

You were also followed in Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam (in 2006), and isn’t it funny that you – and your mother – have been followed all of your lives by the same people knowing about your coming and yes as the people, who “cannot” believe in or speak about you?

“This is the ending of the official channel” – soon to be replaced by something completely different, and yes without going through your “old nightmare”.

I received the incredible song “set them free” by Sting – my true favourite of his solo work – and the lyrics “if you need somebody, call my name” and of course to “set them free”, and let us free all life of the entire world, and yes from darkness once and for all, which this is about, and yes don’t you just LOVE this song :-).

So this was about moving into a new apartment, and did I make it, Stig (?), and yes with your help – and all energy of the hospital – we moved everything and didn’t even need the operation of John (but still we have to move upstairs ….?).

Do you know which of my free days is my favourite (?), and yes all of them, and this is about my mother liking to go at home without doing anything, and this is a feeling coming to me that it will be nice to start relaxing (?), but no, I have no plans of this yet, because as long as stories keep coming in, I will write them, and that is also to make sure that I am not fooled by darkness, and yes I am now feeling Vivian, so has Peter already written her?

Can we find a Finn class (“finde en finne” in Danish), which is about finding more darkness for me to consume (?), and yes if we have emptied all of this storage, there is no more (?), and yes we will see about whether of not this has been emptied by now.

So he has decided not to take off his skiing glasses before he can see us fully, is this how it is, and yes I received a feeling of Paul Weller, which automatically means “the gift” to me, and yes I have NOT given him enough credit of his fine solo career even though I liked him the best when having the band the Jam, but it is clear that he makes some of the strongest quality music of the world today, so why not play one of his beautiful solo songs here, and I am here thinking of the very beautiful “wild wood”, which is about the wood of our New World :-).

And yes, there is still coming distortion to this video, so as long as you keep on sending me darkness, I keep on working and yes to get us up on the level including everything which poured out of the Source to create our Old World, and now when seeing this video, it ends by saying “game over”, so this is what it is, and that is “soon”?

And I still receive cracking sounds to my balcony meaning that there is still more to bring in.

I still had the car and agreed to collect my mother at 14.00 to go to town, so I could get off at the library, and we took off, but shortly thereafter she discovered that she had forgotten her bag, so we had to go back, and yes she came down with one from the kitchen, not the one in the hall, and yes another bag as in a New World you know, and yesterday I did not bring up the two new shirts she has bought me from the trunk, which made her say “if you don’t want them, I will return them”, and no, what a thing to say (!), and yes two nice new shirts as in “new life saved”.

When I left the car, I just had to cross the road to the library, but I was given STRONG feelings of first wanting to go one road, which was then changed to another road, which I then did before this was changed to a third road, which I then did – within a few seconds – and I was told that this is because of confusion of my mother not knowing if she has to believe me or Sanna, and yes not easy when you “cannot” read/listen and understand, mother.

I was still tired today having a hard time to keep on working also with physical pressure of darkness still making me feel disgusted and “desperate” and also giving me strong feelings of being very impatient with my work, and yes still because of the reactions to me from family, friends etc., so when do you think you will start doing what is RIGHT to make me feel good instead of the opposite?

So all of this creation is done without loss of energy.

Yes we cheated him running out of one door when he believed that i would get in through the other, and yes making you believe that this would happen during John’s operation.

No there is no one who has ever peed in your mother’s trousers, and trust me it is NOT a nice feeling to start feeling the world destructing, which you have created and being told that you are the one having created it, and we also can do without this, which is a great suffering of my mother’s also passing.

I was told that my mother has now received exactly the ship she was hoping for being able to choose any colour she likes, and yes with the remaining part of what poured out of the Source now part of our New World.

Are we doing a full stop (?) and yes this is about a smile given to me – with inspiration of Victor Borge, whom I feel as a very warm, nice and gentle presence all over me, when I now at 15.30 have finished my script of the last two days and now am finally ready to share it on Facebook with the world.

A few minutes before 16.00, a lady in front of me at the library became close to desperate when her computer suddenly said that it would close down in five minutes, and she called the librarian who said that its time code was wrong because it is supposed to do this five minutes before closing time, which is 21.00 at weekdays, and yes this lady was writing a text in Microsoft Word, which was NOT saved, and she had no USB-disk to save it to and if she saved it to the hard-disk, the library system would automatically delete it, so the question was how to save this without losing any information (?), and yes the lady was desperate – just like my mother in relation to her fear about John and I – but the librarian succeeded to help the lady suggesting to use her Yahoo email account to send the text via an email, and yes this is how this information was saved in the last moment, which is proof that we actually did transfer the last darkness of my mother, and now have to work on the time code of our New World.

At 16.20, it was VERY difficult to keep focused/concentrated and simply to be able to think about what I had to do now and then to do it – my mind was working very slowly/with difficulties – and yes feelings given to me from outside making this part of the journey difficult too.

I started writing to Adiba – yes the “spiritual” lady from the job course in Helsingør at the end of 2011, who left me when she could not control her negative feelings against me misleading her to chose darkness instead – and you can see this in my script of tomorrow, and when I started doing this work, the Internet of the library decided to stand off once again simply because of the force of her darkness coming against me knowing what I am doing.

So we have now started to correct time everywhere.

I was told that the Commune is considering that I am not unemployed, but working, so what other options do they have other than giving me cash help (?) – where you have to be unemployed (!) – and I was wondering if the mayor has intervened when seeing on Facebook that I am NOT unemployed (?), and I was given the answer when I walked from the library at 17.30 because I passed a lady, and was given the feeling of the mayor when she said to someone that “I have no stocks in that”.

Do you have to pay bridge money to enter here (?), yes (!), which is why it was good for me to continue.

I was given a hobble to my right foot making me think that remaining life is about to terminate (?), and I was thinking that just maybe this is about a new chance given when John will be operated the 26th and that I have to “repay” by absorbing more darkness/giving more energy until then.

So we have brought in all wine of your mother – it is ”good enough” – including the tap (the same as the “button”), but right now we just have to adjust everything first, and this can only be done once when the beginning meet the end, and this is only about getting everything in to be exactly on the middle here “right where the heart is beating”, and this was with the feeling of Anders Frandsen, who sacrificed his life a couple of years ago when taking on darkness giving him a lethal heart attack.

For a couple of hours, darkness also gave me a STRONG desire to use my right middle finger in a way, which you do NOT approve of, and to swear at everything, but no, this is also wrong!

I continued receiving “it’s no fun being an illegal alien” by Genesis – one of their marvellous songs – and this is about my spaceship of all of the real Source being here “illegally” and since I am everything of the Universe, it includes all “aliens”/people of other civilizations.

I received MANY comments coming in a steady flow, which I had to decide every single of them if they were important enough to bring in my script, which I decided that they were not, and yes potentially very stressful and still as disgusting as ever when you cannot turn it off, and when it comes to this kind of sufferings, I felt the worst with incredible information/stress of this kind given to me when I was in Kenya in 2009, and yes because of my loving family, friends etc., who “could not” behave correctly.

I was told about Morten Olsen, the coach of the national team in football, and the incredible pressure that he is going through now both because of my writings on him liking boys, and now the media wanting to dismiss him after the humiliating defeat to Armenia, and yes my boys, are you completely crazy (?), Morten has been “the best coach in the world” for 13 years leading the national team, he has an on-going agreement with the national football association until 2014 and does his finest job, and now you hysterical people of the press and the population too have suddenly lost patience with him because of this match, and yes “the team and also population feel tired, we need fresh blood” as the know-all Peter Brüchmann from BT said, and no, everyone should be able to see that the only right thing is for Morten Olsen to “keep swinging” (I simply love this one, Morten) doing his best, and for all of you to change your attitude and to support him, can’t you see that?

Yes, we better come down to you, and I felt the spaceship of everything being on my top, right, so the answer is really the opposite, no, I will come up to you, which is truly the top of the world.

I was shown the finest dish of a restaurant where the decoration on top is being put on, and I was shown a button only of darkness with everything around it being light, and I was told that we have succeeded to isolate this button to be the only thing of darkness, and yes I have thought of this as the start of our New World, but it is really not, it is the button to destruct our Old World, and this is because I have been told that the only way out here is for the real Source to remove the very thin layer at the very top of our world, so there will be NO push to this button, but to change the button itself to light.

I was given a look into a small dark room and was told that now I have continue creating kitchens from out of nothing, so now I don’t want to do anything, and yes it is now evening where I have stopped working, but just follow me, “my friend”, and keep working when I keep working.

It has now become time because I cannot bring any more (darkness) to you, and I was given cough to symbolise this, so what do we do now (?), and yes if it is the truth, you will wake me up, and if it is not, we will continue playing.

I was given a sound to my oven and was told that if you cont continue, there will also not come out more (of the real Source) from here, so it is everything here and on the other side, which is synchronizing time.

Isn’t this what we brought Vivian in to do, i.e. to finish this work.

I received a feeling from my balcony, and was told that it isn’t because we want to get out, but we ask you to consider – and yes, I have, which is that we will continue the journey until 100% of what came in from the Source originally has been transformed into light/creation.

So we used the tool of Sanna, the turned-around pencil now creating, not destructing.

I have been told about Ford Motor a couple of times, and here that the founder, Henry Ford, had a “light” and was “placed by me” to develop this company and yes to become what it has become today, when it is part of the business world undermining life self because of its determination to develop the combustion engine rather than offering FREE ENERGY to the world, and yes an example of the worst darkness of greedy business life thinking of themselves instead of mankind.

I felt my father – the real Source – and was told that it was not me, who was the brave, but your mother everytime jumping out to create life.

I was shown Kronborg Castle some hundred metres from where it is actually located, and was told that we now also use time for geographical identification.

I was given a feeling/vision/”beam” between my oven and right ankle, and was told that we have never said this before, because we are also in control from outside here (at the real Source), which I understood is also to bring us back.

I continued receiving several small heart attacks, and darkness wanted me to use the rest of it as destructive darkness, which includes to stop my heart (!), but that would be crazy to approve, right (?), but this is what IMMENSE pressure of darkness – my own family, friends etc. being MUCH stronger than I – brought on me for years.

I was asked when is the right balance to stop (?), and yes I continued receiving questions wanting me to go in detail, but the goal is still to do everything perfect/100% and when you can no more, wake me up, and yes I told myself to keep it simple.

I was also given an example of what a voice of life inside of this darkness would tell me if I decided to stop before this life was saved, and it was something like “do you really want to give me up” (?), and no, of course I do not, we will bring everything, and that is even though this is a game, so 100% is what we go for, and that is even though my destiny was that it was impossible to deny darkness to take me over and for me to be the destructor of the remaining old world.

I received sexual torments again, and I was told and shown by darkness that you can remove my price label by turning me around.

Google Earth: My name spelled in BIG LETTERS inside the mirror of the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my name spelled in BIG LETTERS inside the mirror of the Source, (the tropical storm of) YAGI with glasses, THE COLOUR OF SPRING of our New World of incredible variation/love, walk forward in two rows, and white and black or grey.

FB 120613 Jette 1

FB 120613 Stig

FB 120613 Jette 2

FB 120613 Jette 3

FB 120613 Jette 4

FB 120613 Jette 5

FB 120613 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • David’s friend George is a man of God – as so many Kenyan’s – and he decided to chat with me only giving me short answers to my questions, where I would have liked to know more to get to know him, and I wonder if he will be “able” to start reading me instead of the Bible (?), and no probably “impossible” to do because of “old habits”?

FB 120613 George 1

FB 120613 George 2

  • Helena was invited to both the coming four days of the “people meeting” – the political “festival” – on Bornholm and also a party in Copenhagen, and her friends encouraged her to go to a party (thinking of what they would do themselves instead of trying to understand her – as most people do today!), and she said that she was “boring Karen” as we say here, and here also to show the connection between Helena, Karen and I, and Henrik was inspired when saying that Lars (Barfoed) – the selfish/wrong acting Conservative leader – is ready for a “barefoot-dance”, and “barefoot” is both the meaning of his sir name as well as a reference to Indians, i.e. “original people”, and “dancing” is about celebration of original life coming, so this is saying that you are with me, Lars (?), and Henrik continue being inspired when calling Lars Løkke for “Løkke Lars” (“Happy Lars”) saying that “you will chose yourself your strategy, attitude, standpoint etc., and you can change all of the time”, and yes a selfish turncoat changing his attitude not because of what he necessarily believes in but depending on what brings him/the Party the most, which is what makes me sick!

FB 120613 Helena

  • Soulaima said that she is a “hard banana” – telling things straight out – because she has had to be this, and yes we know, but you have to KNOW what you speak of NOT GUESSING, Soulaima (!), and as hard as you are on the skin, as soft you are on the inside, just like a banana, when people – like me – address you the same way as you address people (!), and yes banana is also a symbol of my “old nightmare”, and yes she makes me sick too.

FB 120613 Soulaima

  • Michael Wulff was inspired once again when bringing this invented/”funny” dialogue of the Christian Democrats, which in Denmark is such a small party that it is not represented in Parliament, and the “fun” part is that these Christian Democrats cursing the absolutely worst with the reason that they have been halved from 0.8 to 0.4 percent of voters, and in the Facebook introduction, Michael Wulff asked if God cannot help (?), and no, I cannot bring back this party, and this is of course also a reference to when I wrote about the Christian Democrats of Italy the other day, and I am not told all, so it is first now that I see that this Italian party ceased to exist in 1994 following systematic political corruption, so what this is about is really to say that the leaders of Italy are ROTTEN/CORRUPT, and NO, I do NOT like that, this is only what the weakest and most careless and selfish people do, and apparently this is part of your miserable culture of Italy, and yes when will you ever learn?

FB 120613 MW 1

  • Michael Wulff’s story brought comments from better-knowing ignorants including Daniel who said that “if someone will tell that there once were some walking on water, could get blind to see again (the Bible), I will demand proof” and “this is simply rubbish, but of course some people believe in it”, and this made me decide to bring the proof that he wanted via the video of Criss Angel walking on water and I said that this is a symbol (sign) of “the one who will return, as you know, but even though the whole world can see God’s magic directly before your eyes as in the example below, everyone speaks about camera-tricks, (hidden) cranes etc., and REFUSE to believe in what everyone can see (because they know better even though they know nothing just like Daniel here)”, which is the same attitude of everyone refusing to believe that “the one” would return, but it is “good enough”, he has returned, and now it will not take long to see him, exciting right (?) – and no, I did not receive any comments on this, but just maybe it is futher “helping” Michael Wulff and Danish comedians to increase their faith in me?

FB 120613 MW 2

  • I shared the story and video above on my own Facebook timeline, which made “brave” but SICK Theis (!) bring a link to “craziness” on Wikipedia, and I decided to write that this is like the text above about “they know better even though they know nothing”, which is here about Theis once again showing his better-knowing ignorance, and I was happy that one of the “old” high school people of last year, Emil, decided to support me by telling Theis that “you will soon become wiser, Theis!”. I was told to look at the lyrics of the songs that Theis brought, and to no hook, the first one, the title to me means “no hook” of the pirate, which is no more darkness, and he sings “on the stove, cooking chicken”, which is really what we do, i.e. finishing creation, so you are truly inspired too without knowing it, Theis, and yes I was told that you are “sick”, which you have to be for not understanding what I bring you, and your sickness is called “thick-skinned”, which translates into “inaccessible to emotional influence, arguments, criticism etc.”, and yes the absolutely worst darkness of its kind, he is, and yes potentially making me feel VERY NEGATIVE, which is the general idea of what he is bringing me, but no, I have decided to wish him the best too and also to keep him as a Facebook friend even though he is the one being the closest of all to be thrown out by me, and yes Jiro on the second place.

FB 120613 Theis

FB 120613 Theis 2

  • Michael Wulff continued being inspired here showing the king of bees – because of my concern of bees being destructed by Monsanto/GMO-plants, which is also terminating the world – and the King says that they have enough honey, i.e. creation, and now he wants to have BEER and spareribs, and yes beer from the Source to bring out our New World because GOD IS BEER you know.

FB 120613 MW4


13th June: Receiving the original time code and stamp – supposed to explode/destruct – to continue as time of our New World

Dreaming of Naser Khader bringing warm feelings while I continue receiving darkness and saving all life

I went to bed at 23.25 trying to stay up as long as possible in order not to wake up too early and that last couple of hours, I was “tired beyond description”, which goes so deeply in my body/bones that I feel that all of me/my body could scream in desperation, this is also how extreme tiredness feels like, and I slept until 06.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Naser Khader and another are in an experience exchange group writing wall sheets, and something about me wanting to do more, but it depends on which General Electric mother company that we belong to, and what they want from us, and I see a small spurt of flame from one of the two computers there, and something about the two working on “case cappuccino” with 22.5 percent.
    • I like people to share BEST PRACTISE – if the sharing itself is TRULY done using BEST PRACTISE instead of what General Electric had writing down on paper of this, which no one in practise did their best to bring out in lin – and this is about faith of Naser Khader in me (?), while I continue receiving the worst darkness of ownership of General Electric is about, and Naser is helping to bring “cappuccino” of “warm feelings” to me and the world.
  • I received “Den bedste tid” (“the best time”) by One Two, which is about “the best time is with you” and “deep inside my heart, you planted a tree, so right and intense, this is where it grows everyday” (with “heart” being all life, “tree” being the home of God), and yes one two three, here I come :-).

  • I am holding a course together with Morten J. (from GEFI) for GE Capital Bank, and we have one hour remaining without a program, and I ask Morten for ideas of what to do, if we should send them to Ayoe at the bank for her to take this hour, but she declines, and instead I receive inspiration from Helle (from DFM/Willis) to teach attendants (which include Anne Metter from Aon, and David from Fair Insurance, who obviously have heard about me) about how to do needs analysis in connection with Income Protection Insurance. It is the birthday of one of the attendants, and I don’t believe that he will give anything, and am surprised to see that he brings delicious lunch (“smørrebrød” – I cannot understand why Danish rye bread has not spread to the entire world for you to have as a lunch option), and I was thinking of buying cake for everyone later. I hold a small competition saying that the one, who wins, will receive my thanks.
    • So I am still teaching darkness of the world, Ayoe was an old good business connection of mine at the bank and LinkedIn connection today, who apparently does not believe in me, and the teaching is to bring Income Protection Insurance to everyone, which is really to bring life to everyone with the lunch symbolising everything of our New World, and cake is “creation” – and no, you do NOT need to bring gifts to people in season and out of season, and yes yes yes we know, the season has ended according to C. V. Jørgensen symbolising the end of creation, and isn’t this also an incredible beautiful song by this VERY GIFTED artist (?), and yes his lyrics are on the level of Bob Dylan!

  • I woke up to Genesis’ “Jesus he knows me” and the lyrics “if you promise to be good, try to be nice, God will take care of you, just do as I say”, and this is the part of the lyrics that I like corresponding to my teachings, and no, I do NOT like wannabes only preaching for and thinking of themselves pretending to be someone they are not.

Receiving the original time code and stamp – supposed to explode/destruct – to continue as time of our New World

The last part of this darkness is much more concentrated.

When I woke up, I felt disgusted because of yet a new day in Hell coming where I have to do painful work and continue being overpowered by more darkness/stress given to me constantly, and yes this is part of the thunderstorm, but it is not worse that what I have gone through before, so just let it keep.

So the journey in space (with my spaceship of everything) has not been postponed.

I am not alone in this apartment now, the four Jesus have also moved in. So it is not too late to put in some letters here (?), which is what my mother wants to know – and yes please keep on saving/creating ALL LIFE without exception.

Darkness tried to make me say “please don’t give me any more work, I cannot take it”, but this is only what weak people say when they are disgusted with work, so the right thing is to say: Give me all the best that you got – despite of the fact that I am disgusted with work, and yes this is the same as saying “kill or save” (?), and you do know what is the right answer to that, right (?), so there is no easy way out.

And this is all to improve our new duvet, you say?

I continued being given the feeling of thunderflies on my skin, which is some to the most uncomfortable there is, and yes the strongest darkness still pressing on me.

I felt John and was told that it is now time to get out of Greenland – the place of creation – at the same time as my mother called telling that the workmen are now removing the scaffold of their house, and yes creation has finished, and I only hope that we had time to adjust time before the end of this, which I do believe that we had.

I was shown Keith Richards on guitar, and was told that he has contributed to creation because of his sheer (wrong) behaviour – “also to you” as I was told – and I was shown a violin making me think of Jeff Lynne, and then a picture of David Bowie, and I was shown these in a circle including many artists, and they are all in a “circle of one” of me.

I felt Jørgen Clevin, and was told that you did not bring all of the story of me, and yes when I wrote about Jørgen the last time, I was also shown him with difficulties climbing in through the window of a house, which is to enter the Source, and it made me think that he is also another part of me?

This is not like removing a plaster, not this is about removing “nothing”, which has also never been done before, and yes opening our New World from the outside.

I kept on working all morning until lunch at home to finish the script of yesterday and so far of today, and to do the first draft publish, and thinking that maybe I will not be given so much work today giving me time to do something else, or to do some work, I have not prioritized/done, which I could easily find for example uploading a video I took some time ago showing you how the Source is “massaging” the back side of my left lower leg as it has happened for years, and yes other things too, but no, I have settled with the fact that I will not be able to re-write the chapter on creation, you have to read my website AND scripts to understand this.

You have not been given the clock from your mother. And yes we have encouraged him to stop – I feel that I have to stop before I receive the clock – but he has decided to continue, and yes I know no other way when I continue receiving darkness, and this is what I have promised myself all along, which is to continue as long as you send me darkness and that is up to the 100% as defined (not including an eternity of the Source following).

I was told by my mother that not one day in prison passes without her missing me incredible.

I received the smell of soap to underline that “everything” has now been cleaned.

I was shown the Michelin man – symbolising Buddha – up all close to me, and afterwards a line of vertical sharp knives also up close to me still keeping me in prison wanting to cut me, but no I will NOT allow you.

I was told about Iraq and shown a kitchen, a told that they know that I am “the man in the kitchen”, but they have decided not to speak out loud waiting to see what Jack will answer me “on behalf of the official world” officially acknowledging me, and no I have NOT heard from Jack yet, and do you believe, you monsters, if you will “be able” to do this BEFORE the transition to our New World, or do you want to remain eternal in history for being the BIGGEST CHICKENS/COWARDS ever in history???

I was told about having to reach the airplane home as if I need the final energy of the Old World to reach home, but no, I believe that we will be opened from outside, and if I should decide to accept leaving with the airplane now, it will release whatever darkness is left as explosion, and I don’t want that.

And yes, Stig, it is now 13.10, and you cannot dream about how dizzy I am – feel like having no oxygen to  my brain – which is how it is everyday, and yes it will be SWEET to have love like oxygen, and we know I love this band too :-).

Yes, we were kind to give him the warnings, but he asked us to pack down, so this is what we did, and yes it came in as an order from above.

I was told about team-sports where you need to have a coach deciding on behalf of the team “here and now”, and as long as the team agrees on who is coach – picking “the best” – this goes fine with me and my basic working recommendations.

It was raining all day here, and I hoped to find a period of time when it was raining less, but when I got out to cycle to the library, it simply started pouring down, and yes I had taken a raincoat on, but now rain-trousers making my trousers and shows completely wet, and I was told that this is rain/darkness/sufferings coming from Morten Olsen and the Danish Parliament, which today starts their “folk festival”, therefore!

No there isn’t any board now – but first now, and yes you have changed from your old to your new self, and this is darkness speaking, so can it be that darkness is now a play of the real source having left the old “platform”/apartment for good (?), and if it is, I look forward for you to stop the acting, because I have no intention to stop working/fighting for as long as you bring me darkness.

So this is how we have brought all of the carport in, without your knowledge.

Do you know what the ship is full of (?), and yes it is not faeces anymore, but the opposite coming from my left/kitchen.

This last darkness has been the worst by far, they just don’t know it and I felt feelings of my mother and John in relation to his operation.

Earlier in the day, I received by far the strongest ever voice telling me with overwhelming confidence that my work does not matter any more because you are home, and yes so strong that you simply receive the feeling/attitude that “alright, I will stop”, but then again, I still feel darkness – and receive strong distortion to video/TV – and when this is the case, I will continue working, and yes putting on the auto-pilot continuing work from the first thing every morning, which is really the best habit you can get and unbreakable by darkness.

I received the name of the best high jumper of all times, Javier Sotomayor, and was told that this is still about climbing up – now including darkness of Adiba and Vivian even more as part of the game today, see the short stories. And the goal is to get out from here without newspapers (of destruction) you say.

I worked until 17.00 at the library, which was much longer than expected, and again today – as everyday – I had the feeling that I can be satisfied with my work doing more/better than anticipated, and yes this is always the RIGHT feeling.

This is solely to adjust time, nothing else – and I still receive sexual torments/temptations from right/nothing.

Are we counting down to 0 and will give you a clear sign when “finished”, you say?

I was told about December 21, 2012, which would have exploded the Old World if I was not able to continue, and what is the difference to a later explosion (?), and yes to go through the impossible to avoid this, and we are still repaying what we owe.

I was told that darkness keeps on to the very end, so just keep coming!

I felt/was shown strong darkness in front of me, and was told and shown that there was a sharp corner there and “then we are forced to come in”, which is then did when entering me, and I was shown a big, red truck driving all up to me and emptying its load into me.

I was shown myself at the toilet of an airplane behind a blue (i.e. my colour) curtain with fruit being pushed in beneath the curtain from the other side, which is all light and the fruit symbolises our New World, and this is also how we feel, all of us, and this is about getting all of the New World into where I sit here also making it light and the right time all over.

I kept almost biting myself in the tongue, and felt how it is my spiritual friends controlling my tongue – there is nothing I can do about it – and I was told about Meshack being in a critical state (?), and no, I do NOT want him to die (!), and is this light or darkness speaking, Meshack (?), are you starving/dying or still managing even though I only sent you little money this month?

I received three big hiccups.

I was shown my old class friend Søren D. N. first hanging in dough, which was running down from the side of (my) children chair, but now Søren has pulled himself all the way up again, and is this because he has started believing in me now being influenced by others of our old class mates maybe?

I saw the previous Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen on DR1 TV this evening in “Aftenshowet”, and I was told that Poul is as important to me as Morten Olsen, and shortly thereafter Poul was asked about how he felt when his daughter committed suicide as 24 year old in 1993 – she had “psychiatric problems” and probably received medicine, Poul, which made her do this (?), and yes to lead you the road towards me (!) – and he said that “your world breaks down, you are almost crushed”, and this was also about Morten Olsen’s feelings these days – and yes Poul “thesis” is that you only have this life, which you have to live to your fullest then (!), and yes Poul, you don’t believe in me, and eeehhh has this to do with my sister because if she supported me telling the truth, there would be a very good chance that you would understand (?) and yes I like Poul’s charm very much.

It was cloudy all day, and maybe at 19.00 I looked out seeing an passenger airplane beneath the clouds, which was “strange” because the clouds were only a few hundred metres up, and still this airplane was very small and did not make a sound, and yes it had to be much higher up if it was on its way to land at Kastrup airport 50-60 kilometres away, and normally I am given a sound via a light and/or vision/speech to confirm that this is a spaceship of people of other civilizations, but I was not here, but simple logics tells me that this airplane had to be much bigger in size when flying so low if it was a “normal” airplane, so to me this was the spaceship of “everything” flying in disguise here, and yes first I decided not to write it down, but later I was reminded about it, so here you have this too.

I was given a sound to my kitchen and told that this means “approval”, and I only have to open the door – i.e. accept to stop the game – before our New World will start, and yes this came as logics, but as long as there is more darkness, I continue.

You cannot feel the blood running faster, but can the world (?), and yes can it read the end of the world through reading of time (?), how and why did you decide not to tell the world (?), and did you also believe that no one can keep time going (?), but there was.

Even though this was only a game, I received invaluable information, which it would have taken a long time to receive.

It is not without importance what you – i.e. I – have done today via Vivian and Peter, and yes there is still some hope for Stig according to Vivian, and what do we use this hope for?

So these two now stand at the door of this construction, which we can call for no end without time so in reality, it is the original time system and stamp, which we have succeeded to transfer and to bring on, and yes from my old self not dead to my new self, whom we have decided to wait waking up until the very end to bring everything with us.

So it gave the desired result with Vivian, but not with Peter, because he did not know that it was you that Vivian loved.

This is like receiving documents in your hand – I was given a warm feeling to my right hand – from darkness, which we did not know existed and thought we would lose.

With Helena, you would have been crushed – lack of faith/an opening to me via my last contact to her – which is why we needed another opening, therefore Peter and Vivian, and this is how all of these invaluable documents are now stamped with Vivian because of her opening to me.

We could also not have done all of this without Düsseldorf, which is about Lars and my visits to the giant annual wine fair including thousands of wine producers from all over the world and even more professional buyers, and this was about getting your presence out in the world via the producers you met here.

I was told that Bo never read my business memos for Lloyds of London – on new insurance schemes – which is how we secured that they were not brought out in life, and this was also a bomb of destruction that Bo sat on, and his laziness became our rescue.

Wasn’t it therefore that John went to Hamburg – as he did quite some times on business – and you did too (once in the 1980’s with Danske Bank colleagues and once in the 1990’s with Lars G.), which was about a new central station if it was not too late to save some, and yes if Bo had taking his revenge on you (he could not stand my “attacks” on him telling the truth, which is why I wrote an email to him and Niels at Dahlberg in 2010 to ride off the worst storm threatening to bring me down) or to do what my memos described as realistic business opportunities when doing your best, and this would also have sent the worst Devil inside of me against you – making me suffer much worse making me go under – and it is I, darkness, who is the beanstalk to Heaven, bringing all gold of creation including the hen that lays golden eggs of New World’s.

The last darkness coming to me feels like light and it puts words into my mouth wanting me to say/decide for it not to live/exist, but the answer is no – and this could easily be darkness disguised as light coming to me via the force of Adiba having “difficulties” to read and understand anything else than herself.

And then again I receive the feeling of having an engraved ring around my right ankle, where this life has to get in too, and incredible disgust/pressure on me from darkness from the outside.

I was shown a red lion and was told that this is what Anton still is, i.e. thinking wrongly of me and sending me darkness.

I stopped receiving information for maybe around 15 minutes, and I was told that I really don’t know if I will come to you because of Vivian – what is her real attitude of me?

I was told that Jack also “sends” to me, and all of this is now bringing me behind the flower of the sun flower as I was shown, which is behind the creation inside of this the first part of what poured out from the Source.

I was shown and told that there are still sailing boats inside the dark Rungsted Harbour, which otherwise are invisible, but then I see a STRONG Superman flying down from the sky, and when landing, I see that he used to be Captain Hook, but there is no hook anymore you know.

I was shown more steps going up to H. C. Andersen sitting on top, and he is also me.

Have pulp magazines found dirt on me (?), yes (!), and can they write about this (?), yes (!), but only if you write the truth without making up things, so please remove your old, filthy habits, and WRITE OBJECTIVELY without focusing on “sensations” with the purpose only to sell magazines to “common people”.

This evening at “Bag Borgen” (“Behind the Parliament”) on DR1 from the political folk meeting at Bornholm, the Economy Minister, Margrethe Vestager, was asked if she uses Twitter to avoid journalists, which made her impulsively say with a smil “No, don’t say it, it is secret”, and what the heart is full of, is also what is coming out here because what she was truly speaking of was the secret of me, and yes she also spoke about the school reform as “the school of the future”, and yes of our New World, Margrethe, so there you have it once again.

I was shown and told that the Tivoli Guard (i.e. of Paradise) has been placed here on the plate of the Source self, and I am shown that there is a parking house inside of it containing all cars, i.e. life, of our New World.

I was shown a ferry terminal coming out from a house because of Vivian, and this brings out even more life.

There are also parts of Chinese inside of here, and only parts because they have also not found the part of me, which they want to find, which is God self, and yes where am I without energy (?), and if you had discovered this, this is what also would have terminated life.

And this is what create kitchens.

I was given more sounds to the balcony because I am still out here, and I felt Vivian through darkness of Peter because she has not come to me yet (not written to me).

We will probably never see you again is what we said at separation – when my mother poured out from the Source – but here you are, and yes an explosion would bring her home, so this has to be darkness speaking as much of it is.

I felt my cousin Jan and was told that there are still parts of him inside here, which are also coming out, so there is indeed still more darkness, so who knows what will be coming?

I felt my father and was told that this is what this darkness originally was – before becoming my mother – and do you know what, we are about to close the Old World, which the mainstream world did not know because of “the secret of Margrethe Vestager”.

I have continued receiving the taste of delicious food today, and I was shown a place outside Lyngby Storcenter where I remember seeing their mayor, Søren Rasmussen, in 2011, and I was told that this is not least because of him, and yes he is a LinkedIn connection of mine today maybe seeing the headline of my new scripts there?

So it is I as the original father – inside this poured out material – who is the key of everything, which we now dig out, and this is included in reaching the 100 percent of everything that poured out.

You cannot overestimate the criminal area, which you and Camilla walked through in 1996 – with the heart in my throat – on Isla Margarita, which is from where we received the ideas of the original people there.

Do you remember your vision/dream about an incredible powerful plant on another planet/the moon (?), this is where he are headed, and yes towards Taiwan as the pictures of Google Earth show these days, and no, I am NOT speaking about gasoline or conventional energy.

I was shown yellow containers underneath snow being dug out, and what do you want to do with them (?), and yes continue digging and place everything inside our New World inside the real Source, and I am still given the feeling of the alternative if I should stop now, which is that this voice would turn around and start asking me if I want to end its life, and no, I don’t even want to go there, so as long as we can locate and bring out more life, we will.

I was originally one big newspaper, which did not want to live, and yes the Big Bang was after we turned around the energy, which made all of this material pour out of the Source – so this has to be about creating life as the will of my father and not what he is telling me here, and yes the task was for this material to create life, and it is this power, which still wants to explode, which we still have remaining, and I was given heart pain.

This is the part we now pull in – “the button” self – but don’t worry because we have removed its explosive power, and this is what Vivian is helping to transfer, this is how deep her love and feelings to me are too.

I was told that the more established Jack would become of the armed forces, the more of my “old nightmare” he would send to me.I received new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I still felt physically disgusted all over because of pressure of darkness, and now I also received a weak/nervous heart, which is not a nice feeling.

I was told that Margrethe Vestager and others of the official world don’t have nerves to see if we will survive, and their nervousness is also absorbing darkness.

Google Earth: A BIG invisible triangle of the REAL Source and it is time to wake up our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads inside heads still gliding from Greenland, head mix, a big dark head, heading for the light, a BIG invisible triangle of the REAL Source, many face’s over each other and the bomb of Nixon, it is time to wake up our New World, the invisible triangle heading for the flower of love, and more car wash.

FB 130613 Jette 1

FB 130613 Jette 2

FB 130613 Jette 3

FB 130613 Jette 4

FB 130613 Jette 5

FB 130613 Jette 6

FB 130613 Jette 7

FB 130613 Jette 8

FB 130613 Jette 9

FB 130613 Jette 10

FB 130613 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • On June 8, I received this information from Facebook encouraging me to “like” the TIME TO WAKE UP page on Facebook, and the text was clearly WRONG – sent by my spiritual friends (!) – because I do NOT subscribe to any email updates off of Facebook, and when I opened the page here, I saw a lady looking like Adiba from the Job search course in Helsingør at the end of 2011, which I received confirmation of when I searched on her image via Google to find a similar image of her on Linkedin saying that it is actually Adiba, and she was “very interested” in me in 2011 to start with until I told her that she is brought to sleep by her own laziness and also spiritual voice confirming her laziness to writhe “the book”, which she was supposed to write for many years, which made her completely lose it deciding to stop the course and leave me as Facebook friend (!), and yes now I received this, which of course was a message for us to reconnect, and for me to tell her that she receives WRONG spiritual communication, which she “cannot” get inside her head, and I was here I was shown the lower jaw of my mouth with all teeth, and a dark horse, which entered turned the other way around, and this dark horse is Adiba.


FB 110613 Adiba

  • She brought this channeled message June 8 – the same day I received the Facebook message above , which she received today, and she was told that this was Christ speaking to her – as she has received messages of for many years – and the “only” problem is that it is NOT Christ, but darkness of the Old World, which brought her this, and yes the main message about it is time to wake up is correct, but the content of the message as such – “no incarnation”, “sexual desire keeps you from the Source” etc. – is WRONG just like the content of the Facebook message to me, and yes I sent her the picture of the message in my answer below including the truth about her being WRONG because she is not living a pure life only listening to herself, and yes yes yes the question is if she will now start believing in me telling her the truth DIRECTLY as the Christ, which she believes speaks to her spiritually with so much love that it tempted her to be lazy and to be taken by darkness as so many other clairvoyants? I decided to “like” her page, but when I later checked the page, I could see that she has removed my “like”, and also removed her own channelled message below (!!!), and yes, Adiba, how could you (?), and was it your negative feelings and big temper, which you again “could not” control despite of receiving proof about receiving UNTRUE messages? And we know, darkness wants to hide, and it is not “easy” or “nice” to be corrected by Christ self on your new page (?), so therefore it is “better” to remove all of it not to lose face – SHAME ON YOU, Adiba!!!

FB 130613 TTO 1

FB 130613 TTO 2

FB 130613 TTO 3

FB 130613 til Adiba 1

FB 130613 til Adiba 2

FB 130613 til Adiba 3

  • Since Theis discovered me a few weeks ago, I have had this visitor from Århus opening my website MANY times every day, so this is either Theis self (?) or one of his high school friends apparently having faith in me?

GC 130613

  • I spoke to my mother and sister recently about seeing Suede in concert June 27 in Tivoli – to “stay together” you know (100 points coming in on the register here as I am shown), and as you can see here, darkness also tries to stop this band, but they are still “coming up”, you know.

FB 130613 Suede

  • The other day I was encouraged to encouraged Lars Barfoed, the Conservative chairman, to get back to the negotiations with the government to agree on the new school reform including “home work café’s” because this is professionally the only right thing to do to help children to receive good habits doing their homework, and I was told after this that there was “hectic activity”, which has now resulted in the agreement of this new school reform with the technical detail that the home work café’s are not mandatory now (but will be in 2016 without the Conservative), and yes the main part is that you succeeded to come through this obstacle too – this is also speech for me – and to agree on this being effective from 2014, and yes as a template for schools of our New World, and yes to help me come through the worst darkness too – so thank you all for doing this, you can now dance with your barefoot :-).

JP 130613 Skolereform

  • Yesterday, Helena decided to go to the political folk meeting at Bornholm, but today she changed her mind (!) now wanting to go to the party in Copenhagen instead, and she even said that she was a “turn-coat”, so yesterday it was about “Barfoed dancing” and today because of being a “turn-coat”, which is that Lars Barfoed and the Conservative party now changed opinion to support the school reform – and yes with a few, minor changes making it “slip down” for you to “look good” to the public.

FB 130613 Helena

  • I was encouraged to send Vivian my memo for “crazy Alex” to encourage her to read and understand this to start understanding about me, and to reconnect, so this I did – also if this can still be beneficial somehow move even more darkness to me and that is if there is anything to move.

Til Vivian 130613

  • I had a visitor to my website coming in via the Google search: “stig dragholm june 2013 camilla”, so let us guess that this is Camilla or maybe her brother Christian also still thinking negatively about me and SELFISH about her.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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