June 17, 2013: My old self built a golden nest for my new self and will install my new heart/world without world destruction


Summary of the script

16th June: My old self has built a golden nest for my new self and will replace my heart without world destruction

  • Dreaming of Karen not accepting me as her partner and still having to bring energy to get everything out of darkness.
  • We are still bringing the New World and my new self deeper in at the Source where my old self is still located – not being destructed – and keeping the Old World alive, and we are using his tools to improve creation, thus no longer doing new creation. My plane cannot reach any higher, the mailbox (of life) is full, and we are bringing in a new submarine to replace the old, which is to bring in my new self to replace “the old man” of my old self, who will “die”, i.e. become part of our new self, and my old self has now built a new golden nest at the centre of everything for my new self. I have reached my old heart, and my new heart – our New World – will beat its first beat right after the old heart of my old self has beat its last beat so it will feel as if there is no break and everything will feel “completely natural”, and I was shown how a “unit” (heart) was removed from the top of a pedestal while a new “unit” with the speed of light was brought in as its replacement without the alarm of the pedestal sounding, which is about not destructing but changing all life of the Old World to become our New World.
  • The old symbol of “newspaper” meant “destruction”, and the deeper meaning is that this is at the most inner of the Source from were we can read everything of the world, and this is also from here that previous creations were destructed when we could not remove darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show faces over Nordic, one person looking at heads, the son looking at the father, enjoy the big sky, a family reunion, clouds will show progress, our New World is taking off but SKY NEWS are dumb?
  • Short stories of Steen Kofoed losing his serenity because of me, the newspapers hang up to dry, telling the worst darkness of Berlingske/the Parliament to bring what the rulers of the world truly speculates about, telling the clairvoyant Jette Harthimmer that she is also “darkness disguised as light”, the spirit of H. C. Andersen at the King’s Garden in Helsingør.

17th June: The French Huguenots brought me the opening to an inner world of God now entering ours to lift all life up

  • Dreaming of my aunt Inge’s husband Ove opening his store to bring out the last of me.
  • A change of air is coming together with FREEDOM. I have paid “everything” as well as “nothing” to come back home. I met a man originating from France at the library, who ascends directly from the French Huguenots, and besides from being interested in my philosophy writings, I was told that he was the link to Queen Margrethe bringing me freedom via the opening of an inner “secret world” of God, which cannot see our world and our world cannot see it. This world is “only love” with a much higher conscience than ours, the role model of God of creation and it is located directly on the plate of the Source. It is from here that our world was “shoot out” and it became “the worst darkness” to us when its love mixed with our darkness made people selfish/love themselves without being able to see their own limitations. It would not explode when our world would have exploded, and it brought us love as the basic of everything, and it was our creation self, which brought darkness of the opposite world as a tool to be able to succeed transforming all force of darkness/nothing into light. Life of this secret world is now entering ours with the purpose to lift us up becoming our new selves, which will bring us FREEDOM from darkness. And it is from behind this world that we have access to the eternity of the Source, which is not darkness. It is from here that all energy comes from, which was turned into energy of our world, which we really do not like. This means that all of the Old World is falling apart – including the official world – but we continue keeping it up. We have now created exact time everywhere. Giant golden halls of the castle are now opening to me because I am not stopped by darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness surrounded by money (i.e. energy), there is no doubt – “it’s my life”, putting things into the pocket, soldiers from the war, looking at the future, a head wanted on a plate, still eating faeces, more dad ones stealing, cheating and raping, Tutankhamun smiling to me at Greenland 🙂 and light all over Egypt.
  • Short stories of Steen K. again showing “darkness disguised as light”, Peter A. continuing to play gold and feast, and it is/was an outside force moving my limbs without my will.


16th June: My old self has built a golden nest for my new self and will replace my heart without world destruction

Dreaming of Karen not accepting me as her partner and still having to bring energy to get everything out of darkness

I went to bed at 00.10 and slept until 06.30 with this dream.

  • I have spent the night at Karen’s apartment, she has now left, and I know that I will have to move out because Denis is still living there, and I see him sleeping inside another room/bed, and he does not know about me. This makes me sad, and I now have to go home to my apartment in Hørsholm, where I owe money not being sure if I can stay there, which also makes me sad.
    • No, Karen “could not” accept me as her partner when she “could not” understand me, and still I have to bring more energy/work to “pay the rent” to release all darkness.

My old self has built a new, golden nest for my new self and will replace my heart without world destruction

I started receiving notes from the morning, which I wrote down on my phone, but after not that many minutes, all of these notes simply vanished again, so there is no more telephone line working to bring in more life, we are only improving now.

I was TIRED and thought that I would not have that much work today and was almost going to take a long bath, but I decided to work until I would finish instead of using 2-3 hours in bath – where I would probably just receive even more work/notes.

I was surprised to see when the language-code of Microsoft Word automatically changed into Germany this morning, but if was of course a sign of our New World coming too.

I was told about Depeche Mode having done an “unbelievable concert” in Copenhagen the other day – just how much do you believe I would have liked to go (?), I have still only seen this favourite band of mine once, in 2006 I believe – and yes let us here bring some music for the masses asking them to never let me down again, and yes “made in Denmark” you know, and yes we had one of these bubble cars when I was a small boy, and a true favourite song this is :-). And I was shown a lion’s head, and told that this leads to Anton.

We are now bringing you down to the zero point of all.

Isn’t it removal day for that guitar (?), no it is not because he is still working.

Have we painted the main door (?), no we could not, there was not enough room because of him there, and yes Steen Kofoed is also helping to do this via the darkness disguised as love darkness that he sends you, see the short stories.

We are now bringing you down to the zero point of all. Have we enrolled him in the club?

Can’t we afford to continue the combustion engine (?), no, he will not allow us – words like this are spreading too.

I ended the script of yesterday and today already at 09.00 (!!!), and will go to the library to do the updates/improvements with pictures etc., and yes also Jette’s Google Earth pictures, but “less work” is the general feeling.

I continued receiving sounds to my balcony, and heard what do you do (?), I am just hanging something up here, and I felt my father as a workman.

Is this is about Karen trying to get round you, which is now coming back too?

No, we have not yet landed at the moon right in the middle of the power field.

We have not lost the radio in here, we are the radio.

So we have put all cartridges into the washing machine, yes sorry Stig, we had almost forgotten these, and yes if you have more to wash, go ahead.

I was shown a room to the very back of everything, which includes boxes of nails etc., and this is used to improve creation, thus no longer creating.

At bath, I felt how one of the heavy film characters of Predator was placed right next to me with a big thud, and this is about all of this invisible life now turning up because of darkness of people still coming at me, and just like one Predator after another started to become visible from an invisible state as they did in the ending scene of the Predator II movie, if I remember correctly.

I was told that my father inside of darkness simply is “the old man” inside one cell/Source, and what comes in via the over is the rest of the Source, i.e. lots of other cells.

Isn’t the spaceship of everything the last of darkness, which automatically will become everything of the new light coming, yes.

So we catch fish all of the time here.

I went to the library to finish the design of my scripts of the two previous days, and was told on my way that it is people reading me with reluctance, who helped the world to survive, and these are the people also feeling embarrassed because of me, and why do I feel you here, Obama?

Can we put over a new shirt of your mother without exploding (?), well this is what we try doing.

This is like losing my coat as the varan, i.e. worst darkness, and I am here thinking of the biggest in the world and the TV program showing how a group of varan’s were following a cow for days until they had hunted it down and eaten all of it, and this is the coat that would do the same to the world, which we are now taking off.

There would also be no house without Thomas H. and his older brother Steffen H.

Nobody has tried to break down the goal line yet is what we see now.

I continued receiving movements to my left ring-finger both because of Steen K. and also Rolf as I was told.

No we have not cut the goal line, it is located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it is still raining there, do you want me to turn the telescope there (?), and yes please do because “this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore. Hey! Hey! Hey!” – simply amazing music :-).

And this is because my sister cannot get the strong serve of my mother. And this is what will end the competition (?), and yes between your sister and you, decided by my mother and carried out by me – with Suede at Tivoli June 27 being the goal line?

And I was told that this is because of my mother knowing that I only speak the truth (!), and am positive, not negative.

One should be able to show a newspaper to your mother, but you cannot, and what is the meaning of “newspaper”, and yes it is the old symbol of “destruction”, but it is from here you can read everything of the world, you believe, and yes spot on!

So this is not about what way to turn the TV, and yes you are dizzy not knowing how many times we have turned around, but do know that you are turned the wrong way around inside darkness, so please come out you too to become part of our New World.

At the library, the Turkish man writing a book, whom asked for my advice to find the correct English word, came to me again today asking me what a “recept” (from the doctor on medicine) in Danish is in English, if it is “recipe” or “receipt”, and I was almost sure but looked it up for him to see and told him that it could be a prescription or recipe, but not receipt, which I explained what was, and yes it seem that this is what some people still want to give me, i.e. give me medicine because I am “sick”,  and is this what is taking the Commune so long or is it because they now understand me, and yes im-possible to say, and again I felt my mother in this connection too, so what have you been talking about behind my back, and do you find it “good” to speak about your misunderstandings of me without involving me (?), and yes just asking I am.

We are not going to “fart it off” here, because it both requires the biggest rent of all at the same time as it is free, and that is because we are really not here, but still there is a HUGE force here “deciding” everything, which is what we will now try to bring over too “one of these days”.

This is not like ringing the bells on the Town Hall Square, is it (?), and yes I just saw a Facebook update with the mayor of Copenhagen, that is why.

And yes I receive a mix of negativity continuing to bring me sufferings and feeling light/happiness behind it.

I received the very beautiful song AS (ALWAYS) by Stevie Wonder as a symbol of eternity of our New World, and yes let us bring this here in George Michael’s amazing version, and yes there seems to be ENDLESS versions of you, which is what you will see in endless worlds of our New World too.

It is not the Bacchus waiting on you, is it (?) and yes which wine would you like to chose as your first wine of all without thinking of the costs (?), and yes the wine of the Mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy, which includes both elegance and strength to me, and that is even though there are many even finer wines than his, and we know the story is important to me too, and yes I met him at a wine exhibition of Erik Sørensen wine merchant maybe 10 years ago, where I liked both him and his wine, and no I cannot remember his name and don’t know if he is still the mayor, but you can probably find him?

Will a light “as strong as …” then come down (?), and yes also because of faith of people that it will.

By now, you have earned enough for your fifth warning not to get here – “don’t come any closer” – and yes this is also Karen not wanting to see you, but then again, we know that she does so this is what is still the reason why all of this is open to access.

And all of this would also not work if your mother did not believe that you are unemployed (!), and yes it is truly grotesque that she – and people – can believe that this is what I am when seeing that I work full time.

Now this plane cannot reach any higher, Stig – which Jette H. also helps doing, see the short stories – and now we will see how to change our inner self too, do you think it can be done (?), and yes he knows that we can do anything, and it is darkness making him somewhat nervous.

No, he is not completely done – both meaning finished and smashed – is he (?), and no, please do your absolutely best taking your time. So I cannot download any bad excuses about “no, I don’t know how to do this” (?), no, just do it, “my friend”.

The mailbox is about being full now.

I kept on working until 15.00 today, and I was more than tired today, but happy and almost surprised that I succeeded finalizing and publishing yet another script.

I still tell myself “keep on, keep on, keep on”, however not as strongly as I needed to do in 2010/11, and I was told that what we did not finalize of creation together with Rolf, is what we are doing now.

I was told that I am the “high scorer” when it comes to suffering with my mother as a clear no. 2 and father no. 3.

Well, you are bringing in a new submarine instead of the old.

During the afternoon, I watched some TV and was INCREDIBLE tired, but the phone decided suddenly again to give me all kind of error messages, and it had deleted what I had keyed in, but later, when writing down on paper, I was given much of it again if not all, which follows here, and if this is about “loss of data” because we don’t have a telephone line to bring everything home, I can only ask for the resurrection tool to be used if needed, and to keep on using the phone.

I was given the name of the oil business Esso and the word “turmoil”, which I did not understand the meaning of, and when looking it up, I see that it means “a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty”, so it is “not easy” to be you, my dark friends/polluters/destroyers of Earth (?), and it is also “not easy” to stop your production while you start “free energy” and speak of me publically (?), and yes “impossible” (?), and why is that (?), and eeehhhh yes “turmOIL” is of course also to say that your darkness has been given to me and my decision not to give up, has TURNED it around, see?

I was given the feeling of Sean Connery, and was shown a crocodile, and I had to bring someone out of the crocodile with the crocodile being myself.

This is now the smallest bird we are setting free.

I was thinking of the visions I received months ago of the pressure of the New World to the old ship almost breaking down walls/rooms of the ship, and I was told and shown that this is the smallest room of all, the machinery of the ship, which is controlling people of the Old World – but not the New World, where everyone will be given free (together with responsibility).

I was told that we will now do the most difficult, which is to bring in my new self here, and yes of course we have also created a new version of myself as we have with everyone else, and I was given pretty strong heart pain and some small heart attacks. And this new part of me is everything of our new creation – my new self – including my father and mother.

And this is because you don’t have a drivers license anymore, and this is to my old self (the father part of me) still at my balcony, and yes this is also why John was at the doctor recently to do a test applying for a prolongation of his drivers licence, and no, he has not received a reply yet, but maybe it will not be granted to follow this story?

I was told about my old self dying, and I received a déjà vue about all of our old selves dying, and I could only tell myself that all of our good old memories are preserved inside our new self, and yes we have also resurrected all previous worlds/parts of our selves, so in this respect, I do NOT believe in “death” as such.

I was surprised to learn that FC Helsingør lost their second last match this season, and Hvidovre won, so instead of being one point ahead before the last game, Helsingør is now on second place two points behind Hvidovre, and it is only the first place, which will promote, so it looks “impossible” for Helsingør, thus me, before the last round next week, but we will see.

And yes, an old temptation given to me, which was also wrong to follow, which would be to decide as example Helsingør MUST win this match asking my spiritual friends to take care of this, and no, this is NOT how I want to play the game, so I have never done this.

So it is me as my old self at the balcony, and there is no baby/Grand Danois here yet, and I was told that the part of your mother is also in me – your “old nightmare” – which we are pressing out too, and I was shown my father coming out from my left foot and saw him looking at me.

I was told that Ole is on this side what Karen is on your.

Fruit is a natural part of the world because this is what it is in the Source.

Have we hidden anything (?), no we were not allowed because we had to bring everything for creation.

I was shown cherries because this is what my mother also served at the dinner recently when my sister and Hans were also present, and I said that we just needed to have risalamande then (always served with cherry sauce), and I was told that this was also a completely decisive moment to open up to here.

I felt myself as darkness on Bornholm looking out of the eyes of Danish politicians.

Earlier this afternoon, I was truly going through the worst tired crisis, where it was impossible to keep my eyes open, but when I closed them, I felt how darkness worked inside of me being incredible strong, so I decided to do my best to keep awake, which I then did, and I was told that you did not know what your father was doing in here when you did not sleep, which was to build a new, golden nest, which now stands ready for my new self.

This is now my only drawing pin, which we have reached, and I understood that it was the first of everything, which was created as a result of the foreign body inside the Source, and yes where did the foreign body came from, and what was it (?), which is one of them “good questions”, you know.

Can you write in such a way about Jægerspris – my old summer camp and the city – that people (of the official world knowing about me) decide to go for a walk there and to bring to me what I did not get back then (in the 1970’s into the beginning of the 1980’s, I believe) (?), and yes because of a love letter I wrote to one of the good looking girls there, and I understand that the answer is yes, and this is where we had put the wallet with our only one.

For some days when going through the hall of my apartment, I have met, said hello to and gone right through the spirits of my new self, which is a “strange” experience, but quite nice.

I was thinking about the host of my website, WordPress, who has to know about me also because I am probably the one writing the most of all on your site (?), and who wants to host a “crazy man” like me on their site (?), and yes this was also a risk for them to remove me.

I was thinking of a big private party I attended once around 1991/92 at Bent (he was a pension advisor from Danica) in Rungsted, and how three women this evening was interested in me – Liselotte (who ended up with Bent), Helle from South Africa and then the third one, who received my attention of the evening, and I cannot remember her name – and I was told that this was to show me/the world about how women were attracted to me, and it was “the old man” sending darkness to me with women being interested in me at the same time as he had to keep me as clean as possible to contain everything.

During the evening once again I received pain to my chest and spinal column because of feelings of the Commune about me, and as usual it comes when I drink coffee, which is about negative feelings of the Commune towards me, and it also gave me a small heart attack, and I was told that Lisbeth is my heart attack.

I am created via faith of man, and I am also everything of the Universe including all of people of other civilizations, so does this include faith of the Universe?

I felt my old self now all around my heart in a diameter of half a metre, and I felt how my heart was pulled in, which was not nice making me somewhat nervous, and I was told that this is then my old heart, which you have reached, and how do you get a new heart inside here (?), and yes what about letting the new heart beat its first beat right after the old one has beat its last beat so it will feel as if there was no break and “completely natural”?

Do we get in with “domestic peace” (“husfred”), and I was shown how a “unit” (heart) was removed from the top of a pedestal while a new “unit” with the speed of light was brought in as its replacement without the alarm of the pedestal sounding, and I was given the vision of the pedestal in Lund Cathedral, where I tried to hold up a pot/vase standing on a pedestal, which made the alarm sound much to my surprise, and this is what we will do not to destruct but to change all life of the Old World.

So the idea is for you to get all the way in so I can enter you from the balcony. And I was told that we are also coming in because of Lisbeth from the Commune, who continued bringing me pain to my chest and spinal column, and yes I wonder why I have not yet heard from you, Lisbeth?

You could have taken your saloon riffle and shot your sister, which also would not have made us come here.

So now I am right above your head, which is my old self from the balcony now being so close to me.

I watched some of the last round of US Open in golf this evening, and when Roy Mcllroy hit a shot into the stream and decided to bend his iron in disappointment, I was told at the same time that he is the reason why Caroline Wozniacki, his girlfriend, could not keep on top of women’s tennis, but is now ranked around no. 10 in the world (and playing poorly for a long time).

It is a very long back, which we hand over to your real father and your new self.

I was shown the hat of a big mushroom in a forest opening and a man entering with the hat being closed afterwards, and yes the question of really what is this foreign body of the forest creating the “the old man” and all life?

Now we just have to create an entrance to there (the golden nest), and then I am out of here.

I was happy to see golf on Danish TV again and hearing the old Danish golf commentators, whom I heard for so many hours especially around the time I worked at Fair Insurance, and now I heard them again for the first time in a very long time – feeling like old friends coming home – and they spoke about how hiding one stroke (fully concentrated) at the time is the best advice ever, and a poker player not to count his money before he is done with the game, and I heard them laughing – almost as if it was my old friend Preben laughing through them – and Leif said that H. C. Andersen’s “the woman with eggs” also put it very well, and when he said this, I was given a small heart attack, and I was told that this story is also very decisive to me, and this is really about the woman with eggs dreaming of becoming VERY rich – selling eggs giving here more and more and more – and that was right until she lost all eggs, thus her “happiness” and all dreams, and this is really the story about how greed of man was bringing the world to its end, and it is difficult to find more greed than around the professional golf circus with the first prize being $1.44 million, and how much money are you worth Tiger Woods (?) just to take an example, and yes this is what this is about, and this is what I was thinking, which is what brought this story – and yes they also spoke inspired about a “wake-up call” to Phil Mickelson a couple of times, which is still about waking up the world.

I was shown my father’s apartment, which not yet includes a new TV, but it has been prepared for it, which is about the new TV of my new self and our New World.

Google Earth: The son looking at the father and a family reun-ion

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show faces over Nordic, one person looking at heads, the son looking at the father, enjoy the big sky, a family reunion, clouds will show progress, our New World is taking off but SKY NEWS are dumb?

FB 160613 Jette 1

FB 160613 Jette 2

FB 160613 Jette 3

FB 160613 Jette 4

FB 160613 Jette 5

FB 160613 Jette 6

FB 160613 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This morning I was surprised to see that Steen – after my comment to him yesterday – had decided to show his better-knowing ignorance too (!) when saying that “I chose to write to you because I get worried. Are you alright? So you make sure to receive calm, and do you receive help?”, and yes as so many else – starting with my own family – there is absolutely no room inside of his mind that I can be right and he can be wrong (this is what I said in my comment yesterday, and yes “completely impossible” it is), and I told him that this is a “wrong feeling of love” coming to him as darkness disguised as light based on better-knowing ignorance because he doesn’t read and understand my message, and I told him that he will be surprised when he discovers the truth that what he tells me is what he needs himself, which is HELP to understand the truth. After this, my left finger quivered and I was told that according to Steen, you are “negative” and yes he is part of the “too sensitive” people of spiritual groups, who cannot take being told the truth directly, which they wrongly believe is negativity. Later I received the feeling of “sadness” because Steen believes that I am sick. I continued receiving the feeling of Steen thinking of me for a long time. Three hours later (!), I was given the word “serenity” and I looked it up seeing that it means “sindsro” in Danish, which is the name of Steen Kofoed’s’ business, which “is a unique treatment specially designed to powerful psychic lack of balance”, and yes he uses HEALING to create balance, and this is a man offering “alternative treatment”, who is totally convinced that I am crazy and ready to be patient of his (!), but no, this is what my comment to him brought of reaction, i.e. “lack of serenity”, and yes, can it really be that Stig is the one, Steen, is this going through your mind too? Even later I was given the thought of Steen and the TV2 song “Vi er verden”, is this what he thinks, is God/Stig really coming to me this way (?), and also that “real men don’t want any more trouble”?

FB 160613 Steen K


  • Troels said that the political folk meeting is so fantastic because people speak up to each other; up to the people, which we are not good at doing in the media (where you often use the lowest denominator to make “lazy/dumb” people understand), and here it comes: “The folk meeting truly hangs us to dry”, and yes the wet newspapers you know to make sure that nothing will explode to get my father out from the inner.

FB 160613 Troels

  • And here is another newspaper, Berlingske, bring a drunk chameleon after the political folk festival, and I decided that it looks like a varan, and shared the story below with Berlingske, Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor-in-chief and everyone else saying that this is the drunk varan symbolising you, your newspaper and Parliament and your secrets, and don’t you believe that it is about time to change colour and bring a front page telling the TRUTH about what the rulers of the world TRULY speculates on (the end of the (old) world), and yes, you can tell them that “Stig has said that there is nothing to be afraid of”, but this is not because of you but because of me and my message, got it?

FB 160613 Berlingske

  • This is an update to sent Linkedin invitations after May accepted me yesterday.

LI 160613

  • I saw this message the other day from Jette, who is a clairvoyant and spiritual advisor, and it says “don’t change yourself. Don’t adjust, where you make yourself less worth than you are, or compromise with who you are and what you stand for. You are worth loving because of exactly whom you are. You are good enough”, and this is what practically all clairvoyants believe and preach because this is what some receive as a spiritual message and because this is what is “very popular” to hear, and that is “endless love”, and who in the world could dream about, Jette (!), that (Stig is the one?) this is darkness given to you all to keep you passive and selfish, which is what you are instead of helping me to understand and save the world, so I decided to bring her the same message as I brought Steen Kofoed yesterday to explain “darkness disguised as light” to her, and tell her that God – as my inner self – do NOT accept lazy and poorly behaving people as they are because this is WRONG and led us directly to the end of the world, and also that it is only your best friend who helps you to improve, and darkness, who claps you in the back praising/supporting you in everything you do even when much is CLEARLY very wrong and yes God does NOT approve of WRONG behaviour, poor work moral and communication of selfish people, who “cannot” understand anyone else than themselves and yes who – as here – loves to SLURP light in them because it is truly so fantastic.

FB 160613 Jette H

  • This is from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group of the King’s Garden behind my mother’s and John’s house, and Flemming was inspired to say that he had “the feeling of the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen flowing around the King’s Garden”, and yes I have been there too, you know – i.e. God.

FB 160613 Flemming Helsingør


17th June: The French Huguenots brought me the opening to an inner world of God now entering ours to lift all life up

Dreaming of my aunt Inge’s husband Ove opening his store to bring out the last of me

I went to bed completely destroyed by tiredness and slept better today until 07.10 with these dreams.

  • I am out of work, and am together with a friend at a shopping centre in Gladsaxe. My aunt Inge’s husband Ove has started a clothes store and also a hardware dealer, and I feel that he has much confidence in me and he also speaks about just how much profit these stores bring him, and now he also want to start a new hardware store in a very big new shopping centre in Poland, where they have much money. My friend asks is he can use my workforce, and Ove says that it is not impossible. On my way there, my friend reminds me to bring my bicycle.
    • So the stores should be closed by now (?), but we are still bringing out more of my old self now using Ove as channel, and he both have faith in this and is taking much energy (profit) out of me when being selfish with his money, and this is where my cycle tour has brought me because I keep on working and am keep on being sent more darkness. And I was told that it is also because of Jan that we are driving this way, which is again because we have found one treasure here leading to the next.

The French Huguenots brought me the opening to an inner world of God now entering ours to lift all life up

I was told that Israel was ready to pull away the blanket from me, and we have almost received a new blanket for the same reason. They did not want to let me enter (the Dome of the Rock story) because of their centuries long evil battle being more important than to let me enter, and this is also the reason why we moved the centre from Jerusalem to Helsingør.

This is what I am now told because I keep on working instead of taking a taxi, also because of Hans etc., and again I am thanked for this.

So we were not allowed to fish in that water and had to find another place to pull up the biggest fish of all, i.e. myself.

My left ring-finger keeps on pulsating/moving. We could not have been lifted up without faith of Queen Margrethe. This is how we continue going to the petrol tank of your mother, we succeeded finding it again.

So we went from one prison (in Israel) to another (in Denmark), but we believed that it would be easier to get out here, which is really why we are here.

It is as good as opening for the DR1 TV news.

I received George Michael’s brilliant song FREEDOM and the lyrics “all we have to do now, is take these lies (I was given the lyrics “is to take your medicine” as the biggest lie of them all) and make them true somehow, all we have to see, is that I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me yea yea, FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM, you’ve gotta give for what you take”, so this is about breaking out of my old self turning in to my new self, who is now overtaking my old room.

I was told that if Helena had decided to go to the political folk festival at Bornholm, just maybe someone would have told her about me, but instead she keeps on telling my story as one of her good stories also at the party in Copenhagen, Helena (?), thus sending me even more darkness, and yes just one of those small decisions with a big impact.

I was told that this shirt wears my name, and was reminded to look at who became the winner of US Open in Gold – which was decided after I had gone to bed yesterday evening – and this was connected to the Englishman Justin Rose winning.

I was told how my family wanted to “help me” by “killing” my voice, and if my mother by now has understood that this voice is positive and not negative as they thought for years.

I was given two big sneezes.

At 08.45 I was shown my old self at the balcony and how he brought pain to my spinal column again – when drinking coffee – which is about the Commune continuing to think about me.

Can’t we play football with your mother anymore (?), not it is almost impossible, and I feel Prince Harry here still being with me, mr. Potter?

I was given a new sound to my balcony and was told that this means that we cannot hurt your mother, i.e. the world, by now.

So Stig, you did not have to show “Signs” etc. from your website to your mother, and that is because she “feels you”, and yes like a mother feeling her son, and the feeling here is that she knows deep inside of her that I am the one. And this means that we can also get the next airplane all of the time, and yes to keep on until there are no more airplanes – of this Source – to get, is this how far we have reached now (?), and at least I am given the feeling of being at home now, with not that much work today and right now not that many sufferings given to me, and even a better sleep today, but still, let us see what will happen over the coming days.

I was told that it is not a poor story about how my sister tried to get my mother against me – and yes by declaring me crazy and advocating for your work, Sanna (?), even though everyone should know that I know from experience what I speak of on contrary to you only believing that you know about what you do know of and have no experience of.

I continue receiving the feeling to my throat that more is transferred through this narrow passage, and yes a physical feeling and uncomfortable it still is.

It isn’t as if the money is hanging on the trees everywhere here, is it (?), yes can you feel it (?), and this was also my original feeling, and it is with this force, which is not there, that we built everything.

The strong and very uncomfortable physical pressure/pain to my chest kept on all morning, so I must be a pain in your behind, Lisbeth (?), and yes amazing how much negativity/darkness you send me because of your inability to understand and to do what is right.

So, no, we are not that surprised to see you coming here – almost handing over the keys for you to overtake the vehicle – and yes this is how I created you, to NOT give up. And a little change of air will do me good. I keep on receiving sounds to my balcony and here came another, and no, I have not hurt myself because I am the one still sitting in there working, and yes as Stig – the surface of me – I am still living as my old self, i.e. the hybrid being of my father and mother being everything of our Old World. So I was not created into rubber this time even though we believed that we would be (?), and yes yes yes, Stig, did we expect you to come all this way (?), no we did not, but you are here and we welcome you home.

So why don’t you take on your good clothes and walk (?), and yes because him there – my physical self – will not approve any destructions, which is how I made him, and this was good enough to come all the way here.

Again, I worked at home this morning writing the last of the script of yesterday – feeling Robert de Niro here both in Taxi Driver (my new self coming) and Deer Hunter, which made an incredible strong impression on me, is to say that it was not easy to come through.

So everything I did of the “old nightmare” was only to bring all hay back home. So you have paid “everything” as well as “nothing” to come back home, this is also my feeling here. And this is to bring a full bag not having it rubbed from me, and we had to aim below the waste line to be sure to receive enough energy to make this happen, but only if you did not give in of course with the alternative being to cut the throat as I am here shown.

Will my mother be going to Mexico too (?), and yes she will – and I am thinking “pyramids” and original people. And this thing about “voices” – also brought to me by Preben, his negative force is strong right now – we will have to practice on.

And should you have decided to give in to your “old nightmare”, it would correspond to biting the Source, which it cannot stand and we would have had to explode everything (remaining).

I was told about blood and how it comes from the Source too, and also that this is what darkness attacked reducing my blood percentage so much that it was killing me, this is what my dizziness is about, and this is because it tried to prevent you (my new self) from entering here where I am (as my old self).

How many cola’s/super buildings can come in over me (?), I don’t know, first of all we have him there, i.e. me.

Was it so that your mother screamed to receive a task, but we could not be that evil (?), and yes only by being evil, we could bring out all of this sand/building stones of darkness/nothing to release myself.

Surely it is not all of me there in Germany is it (?) – as skeptical darkness said, and yes after being transformed to your new self it is, and yes via Spain as the machine doing it.

“Phil Mahre” (an old ski runner symbolsing sufferings)  – we were not bound to lose at the first fight – my ”old nightmare” – but it would not take long.

So in other words, Ole is “the old man” in the middle.

Google Earth: It’s my life and  putting things into the pocket

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness surrounded by money (i.e. energy), there is no doubt – “it’s my life”, putting things into the pocket, soldiers from the war, looking at the future, a head wanted on a plate, still eating faeces, and more dad ones stealing, cheating and raping.

So in other words, Ole is “the old man” in the middle.

No, it is not difficult to blacken everything/everyone, the idea is however to use this force for something good, and this is then what I decided to turn into our physical world, so there you have it, a force of “nothing” becoming the “force” of everything.

Now we sit there so fine, and I have set up such fine mouse traps to keep you from finding me, but there is nothing to do when you say “everything”.

So we – your mother too – succeeded to have out blood taken and measured, and for us to pass this stop test and the feeling is that the official world knows, but “doctors” were not able to see how we had hidden the fact that we are dying.

So your “old nightmare” would have put my tongue on the heater.

So when do you believe we can withdraw pure wasser from Germany (?), and yes the idea is to do this when we have turned around everything of creation, which is “now”.

How far could we have continued, do you think (?); to his 60 years birthday (?), and yes in theory if he continued playing the game/taking on sufferings as he does, but there comes a time for everything, and this time has come now.

We also could not have done this without (darkness given to) the meat city of Copenhagen.

I felt my father, and was told can you feel it/Stig with the feel-ing given to me that my father feels me the same way as my mother does, and yes he knows deep inside that I am the one, given to him by birth including knowledge about himself and everything, and yes just below the surface of him the same way as my mother.

No, I cannot reach out for it …, and this is the feeling, which my father – and my mother too – was given too, which is about laziness.

I sat at a small room at the library working this afternoon, and I received company by what appeared to be a nice man maybe some years older than me, and we had a conversation where he asked me what I do, and when I told him that I write about “philosophy” – how to get a better life, work and community – he was very interested, and we spoke of communication, and he said that according to an investigation, which the makers first thought gave a wrong result, but they did it again giving the same result, a reason why people cannot understand each other is also because of lack of language skills where people simply don’t know how to articulate themselves and only know a narrow part of the language, and I thought about the text message, Twitter and Facebook culture together with lazy and impatient people developing short messages – people “cannot” write/speak deeply – and lack of language skills, and I thought about Theis as example, and we spoke of this and also wrong attitude of people as the reason of this.

He said that he is a professional photographer of architecture, art etc. himself, lives at Frederiksberg, and loves the philosopher Kirkegaard, and I told him that I have not read philosophy, religion or history myself to avoid being coloured by others, and I said that he could tell me about Kirkegaard and his interpretation of Kirkegaard, and even though I know absolutely nothing about him, I could still use my “filter” and decide if this sounds “right” in my head and conclude whether or not I would believe in him, and I gave him my name and encouraged him to look me up to find my more than 8,000 pages on the Internet, and remember my example here about whether or not I would believe in him not knowing anything of what he spoke of, and to see if he would believe in me, and yes he was interested and said he would do this, and yes also asked if he could comment, and yes you can both comment and also send me an email if you like, and yes he was much interested to keep contact.

He told me that he is Danish, but has French family – French parents as I understood – and also that he simply cannot take mediocrity of Danes, which made him move to his apartment in Paris for eight months before returning, and he also told me that he ascends directly from the French Huguenots, and he told me about the impact these people and his ancestors also have had on life here, and I did not get his name, but he told me that he was a “Buton”, which was made into “Bunton” when some left for England, as I understood it.

So we sat together working in this room together until I left at 16.15, and he said that he hopes that we will be seeing each other again, this was a mutual impression and I told him that it would be nice – and it will be up to him to contact me after seeing my website, which may change his impression of me?

Afterwards, I was told that this is a song of freedom, which this man means to me, because he is also “one”, and it was this nice song of Eddie Skoller that I was given.


I was told that the Khmer rouge also came from here, which was said with “great difficulties” from the deepest inside here.

I was given the vision of the actor Dennis Quaid, and for a long time I have generally not written down the visions of famous people knowing about me, and I was told that this just brought me other sufferings instead to open the road.

I was told about Alexandra, the Countess of Frederiksborg, that she brought the story of me to Hong Kong to spread it there, and I felt that this was why she became part of the royal Danish family.

What do you do at an empty and old car site when you have to hand over the keys, and it is as if there is no one her.

I was told that there was originally four Jesus’ because there are four rooms inside of here.

I was told that all approval procedures of your mother, sister, Karen etc. were only traps of darkness, which you had to pass, and yes I decided to say that I am everything and can do this alone, and this was the right answer.

When first Britain gave up (on you), it went quickly all over the world.

I created your mother (of the world) as my clothes, and I see myself being brought a set of clothes, which I am directly put in.

I received Bryan Adam’s and Melanic C’s fine song “When you’re gone” and the lyrics “this is torture, this is pain”, and I was told that because of who I am – God as a human being – it was fair that I took on the greatest pain of all.


The Swede national game has moved closer, which is from where my new self is coming from.

The Fatwa issued against me corresponds to walking downtown with my mother in my hand without anyone shooting us down.

Now Berlingske wants to get home after all of your proposals, and I felt Karen too.

If I most obedient ask for ceasefire, will you …., and I felt Muslims wanting to apologise their WRONG behaviour/Fatwa to me, and first of all, please do not be submissive but equal to me, and yes I will offer absolution for all – as a muse could have song as they do so beautifully here, and yes this is some of the absolutely finest “new” music, which I know of :-).

I felt Bunton, the photographer, if this is his name, thinking of me several hours after our meeting, and I was told if it is he, who will help me one morning to find Jesus in me (?), and yes another marvellous song by Brett :-).

Now I will have a piece of pork/bacon.

I continued receiving darkness still making me feel poorly and wanting me to speak negatively about everything for example about people who “cannot” speak/behave that they are stupid, so therefore I don’t want them to speak (!), but no, this is NOT how it works here.

I was surely given much more notes this evening, which I am now struggling to write down “tomorrow morning” (started with the photographer above), and this came as a surprise to me, and no, I do NOT like to write as much as I still do.

I watched the MP Joachim Olsen on TV2 News, and received two strong, small heart attacks because of the strong darkness he sends me, and yes I have known that he is indeed a special friend of mine for years, but it is NOT prohibited to THINK CAREFULLY and to be HUMAN, Joachim!

I was shown the first quarter of a 360 degree circle bongo drums coming from outside and through the window into my apartment.

I was shown a schooner being brought from the beach of Højstrup – north of Helsingør – and up through land passing the MP Benedikte Kjær, whom I was told also fell over me and I was given hiccup because of this, and up to me where I live, and I was given a sound to my oven and was told that this is to get access to the Source behind me, i.e. all of the eternal Source behind my inner self, and I was told that it is not the easiest task to come to me.

So how do you get in under the sharp knives all the way in here and around me (?), and yes I was told this when seeing the G8-meeting on TV-news this evening and I was told that this is what these countries mean to me, and yes what a parody with Putin and Obama, who “cannot” find out how to solve the Syria crisis, and Putin spoke like an upset, small child, and yes I do NOT like neither government or opposition forces acting as executioners/man eaters, but first and foremost, I do NOT like dictators oppressing his people and destroying his own country, and now the world has been looking at approx. 100,000 Syrians being killed without doing anything to prevent it – why did you not stop this straight away also when I encouraged you to do it – and yes apparently, it is still a go – but no-go from me – of the world to commit genocides, and that is as long as there is “political”, “money” and “military interests” to protect from the Old World, and yes STOP THIS WAR (!), is that really so impossible, and yes do what is RIGHT and not what is WRONG, and since when has an escalation of war been the answer (?), and yes my friends USE YOUR COMMON SENCE and show humanity and meet in peace (!!!) and this also goes to Syria, but apparently you have “lost it”?

Obama Putin G8Does this look like two happy Presidents (?), no this is what “different interests” and misunderstandings bring people – including thousands of deaths in Syria:

I was shown the shell of an empty rocket, and was told that this is what I was, and I received a new sound to the oven – of the eternal Source – and was told, what about me, Stig, can I get out too (?), and yes this put much pressure on me for a couple of hours because of course everyone can come out, but I don’t have force to do this now, and no, I do NOT like to say no to life – this was the game – but I could only think that we are now turning around 100% of the first cell/Source, and when we have started our New World, we will continue bringing in an eternity from the Source behind me, and no, it cannot be differently.

I was asked if the lump of life connected to my right ankle is only connected to this cell/Source and not others (?), and I was told that it is.

I was shown a number of eggs being put on white bread and was told that this also goes for the furthest behind, and yes we have received approval from the whole line, and I was asked if I only “don’t care” about receiving approval from the Universe to follow me (?), and yes, in principle this does not matter, but I am happy to receive support, and yes should there be any, who don’t want to follow, I can only say that EVERYONE WILL FOLLOW no matter what you think because there “not being” is NO alternative to our New World, as easy as that, and if you resist, you will join me anyway because I say so (!), and only in this phase when it is required to bring freedom and responsibility to everyone, and I was thinking if this is also about darkness eating darkness self as you can also see on Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

And has people of other civilizations been hidden from me in outer space, who don’t believe in you (?), and yes, they will have to come too. And minutes thereafter, I was told that they will all join in peace now having decided to follow you to receive new life.

I was shown a metal lathe, and was told that this is what I am like and now I can decide myself what will come out from the input of the Source.

This is not life, which has to be pressed through via your “old nightmare”, this is why we ask as we do.

I was told that you can now count my mother very precisely to the second, which is because we have brought everything.

The military facility of Nothern Norway had to be brought to receive a new submarine because they had to know that we know about their secrets.

There is the last life of people of other civilizations, which we are going to transfer, and this is the worst Cola/darkness and greatest danger to mankind, and yes people knowing from where they originate, and yes they were not even here, they could not find us as we could not find them.

So it is us, who have kept the world up, and this is part of the last narrow passage/spiral towards nothing of me, and they are not part of my right ankle, this is how secret we are.

It this what is making it completely impossible for my mother and Karen to understand?

I felt my new self in the hall again, and I was told that it is also my aunt Inge bringing my new self forward.

Is this my secret, physical chamber/Universe, who cannot see our Universe and opposite (?), but yes it is.

I was told that this would not have exploded if the world had exploded, and also that it contains the creation of our New World?

I received new out of this world pain to my right ankle.

It will take some days and then we will be there, and is this a newly created Universe, which will now come here to start everything?

I was given new sounds to my balcony and was told that we don’t have one curtain (of darkness) out here, but a full jungle.

I was told that Queen Margrethe knows Bunton the photographer, and maybe in real life (?), but later I was told that this is on the inner lines.

This is then what we mean by the New World moving in, and yes I was given new information, which I did not quite understand, is this secret Universe old or new, and I was given a STRONG desire to decide myself on basis of what sounded right to me, but no, this is NOT right, so I resisted the temptation.

And then I was told, yes how is the connection (?), is this our new physical selves (?), and no, I don’t know – and I was reminded of what I was told before that this is people not believing and the worst darkness, and I was given a sound to my water heater (“coffee machine” here, i.e. love) and was told that it is also what is regulating me.

And it is our task to help turning this place into the most perfect ever, which we have been sitting box for, and yes this secret Universe is not very big, and it was not fun for them to be told that they are not alone in their own fairytale world of endless love, which is what is send to this world and yes for example to clairvoyants here, who pick up these messages with the difference being that endless love is fine and right for these people of love to share, but it is NOT right for people here, who are – more or less – selfish, lazy and cannot behave, communicate and control their negative feelings.

So these are role models from my inner Universe, who are surrounded by our dark world, and we did not know that we would become the worst darkness when love was mixed with darkness making people love themselves here at this world.

This was the only way we could shoot ourselves up – our world being shoot up from this secret world – and remember that everything includes love as its basic (?), which comes from here, so this is the basis of everything, and the rest is your (the creation of my mother) wish to have darkness as the tool of creation in order to succeed, and this is how we worked together to remove this darkness and create one now big world with the inner world as template.

Now you just have to show me where to start, and then we will start on Monday (June 24) this TRUE work to lift up all life to our level, and I understand that this inner life is on “high level/conscience”, but somehow it did not have access to God not knowing about me and its origin?

So it is the true love of God that these clairvoyants receive, but they don’t realise their own limits because of darkness.

I received a doubt sound to my oven, and was told that there is then no darkness here – to the eternal Source – because the access to this goes via this inner world of me, and there is also no terminated life, which was only an act because creation asked me to create everything opposite, and the approaches of your “old nightmare” is part of the force of the Old World to make you perform your best, and we just have to get this force removed including all other darkness, which these teachers of the inner world will help doing.

So we don’t exist as darkness also not here at the balcony, and there is also no anorexia here, and yes does Lisbeth J. (my old friend from Østerbro in the 1990’s, no we never became sweethearts) still think of you (?) and have been told about me (?), and yes I don’t know where she is today.

I received the incredible beautiful “another suitcase in another hall” from the Evita musical by Andrew-Lloyd Webber and the lyrics “so what happens now, another suitcase in another hall, so what happens now, take your picture off another wall, where am I going to …”, and this is about the suitcase of another hall of the secret inner world of God which is now coming too bringing us the picture of our new selves, and here this beautiful song is with Madonna (and Antonio Banderas), and yes a wonderful musical, music and performance this is.

So it was Bunton, whom we sent for you to open access to here, which otherwise could not have been done.

I was told that it was indeed unusual to have political negotiations of the school reform at the political folk meeting at Bornholm, but this was not the only thing happening, because was there more dialogue about “fore or against Stig” (?), and yes led by Jane (?), and did she decide to stand behind me at the end despite of the resistance to me from her own Liberal Party led by my old colleague, Jacob?

It this secret world life made on the plate of the Source self (?), yes, and it is from here that we made creation to remove all darkness of everything.

I was shown big black rush boats entering the beach and dark Indians with bows coming, and I was told that this is our world making this darkness.

We are bringing you the points of the head of the statue of the liberty, and I was shown the first point now being at place, so this is my freedom arriving because “the invasion” has succeeded.

The possible explosion of this would not have destroyed the secret world.

I was shown Mourinho in an elevator on a dark horse, this is how strong he is, and can it really be true that he did not receive success at the Champions League because of me (?), and yes it is “good enough”.

I was shown a new cat coming to me over my living room floor, and I understood that this life of the spiritual world is now transformed to spiritual beings.

And then I received what is no. 2 on my list of favourite songs – only surpassed by David Bowie’s “heroes” – which was Suede’s “the wild ones” and the lyrics “and oh if you stay I’ll chase the rainblown fields away”, which is what will now happen, and yes just listen to the amazing feeling, vibe, atmosphere of this song, the “openness” of it, and the incredible voice of Brett, and you will understand that this is what I believe is the strongest quality music around giving me the deepest feelings, and yes, I do hope that I will get to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on June 27 to see them live in concert :-).

I was told that my mother and Sanna almost drowned, and I received a new small heart attack, and I had darkness this evening wanting me to decide on details I know nothing about, which is what managers keep deciding on all over the world, and here I had to be strong to decide not deciding on details I know nothing of and to continue deciding “do everything perfect”, and I was told that it is through this darkness that this life of the spiritual world is coming too to me.

Here are the beers that you owe me, and yes beer is God you know, and fine it is when there is no darkness.

This means that all of the Old World is falling apart – including the official world – but we continue keeping it up, and I was told that it was problems for this spiritual world to enter, which cost FC Helsingør the victory the other day, but we wonder if they will not make it at the next and last round, and yes I might add that it will require a BIG miracle, but even if they win, Hvidovre has to lose on home field, which is “almost impossible” to believe in, so we will have to see.

So we have voluntarily been hidden by darkness, which we now see, and we could not enter without a minimum of life of your right ankle remaining to bring us here.

We will probably look at little strange in the beginning when you see us.

I was told that my old girlfriend Henriette was also unfaithful to me with one from her cooking course, whom I met at the old pub in Hellerup, when we played dices, and can this really be (?), because Henriette did not sleep around with others “just like that”.

Is this from here – the spiritual world – that all energy comes from, which was turned into energy of the world, which we do not like?

We have decided to use your mother of the old invention and her photograph to walk right in (to the Source). So this is not the new duvet that we are pulling in this way, is it (?), and yes it is because we do everything to accommodate your wishes – thank you my friends, and yes with this I cannot get any closer to Queen Margrethe on the inner lines.

No, Jack has not thrown out my “application”, it is part of the system, and how far have you come to being able to approve me publically (?), which shouldn’t be impossible right?

Did I forget anything at Jalta (?), yes a pillow (?), and this is about President Roosevelt, and we have now collected this pillow via the new force of the secret world coming to us.

In reality, the footballs (of “the game”) are now MUCH bigger. We would not dare entering here if it was not completely dry.

I was told that it was Elijah’s dreams of receiving a better material life via me, which gave me information from my spiritual friends to go to Karen Blixen’s farm house in the outskirts of Nairobi in 2009 for us to live there (!!!), and yes this was darkness coming to me because of Elijah’s dreams, which was more important to him than to sacrifice to support me, and this should have written me off, but the team was so “hooked” on me, which kept him, thus all of us, up, otherwise everything would have stopped there.

I was shown GIANT golden halls of a castle opening to me because there is no darkness stopping us, and I was shown only a tiny dark curtain, which has not been pulled out, and yes the Old World did not stop me, so this is what you get when you have played cards to get “full house”.

And shortly before going to bed I was told that we have now brought in the first duvet before you would go to sleep.

Google Earth: It’s my life and Tutankhamun smiling to me at Greenland 🙂

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness surrounded by money (i.e. energy), there is no doubt – “it’s my life”, putting things into the pocket, soldiers from the war, looking at the future, a head wanted on a plate, still eating faeces, more dad ones stealing, cheating and raping, Tutankhamun smiling to me at Greenland 🙂 and light all over Egypt.

FB 170613 Jette 1

FB 170613 Jette 2

I decided to share the picture above, which made sick Theis decide to be “funny” once again, and this was “liked” by his follower, Kasper, also not being able to read/think/understand.

FB 170613 syge Theis

FB 170613 Jette 3

FB 170613 Jette 4

FB 170613 Jette 5

FB 170613 Jette 6

FB 170613 Jette 7

FB 170613 Jette 8

FB 170613 Jette 9

FB 170613 Jette 10

FB 170613 Jette 11

Tutankhamun mask

FB 170613 Jette 12

FB 170613 Jette 13

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Steen showed more “darkness disguised as light” when he really brought the same but very short message as Jette H. yesterday, which is “be you”, and yes “you don’t have to change, because I love you just the way you are”, but no, that is a no go, Steen!

FB 170613 Steen K

  • This message keeps showing up for Peter, my old CEO of Fair Insurance, and yes he simply LOVES to play golf and loves fine wine and living, but you had “no time” to read and understand me, Peter (?), and also to help me and my LTO friends, while you continued feasting (?), and yes you also had no guilty conscience, had you?

FB 170613 Peter A

  • I saw this article below about a man from Japan having “an alien hand”, which on its own initiative lifts and moves in strange patterns, and this science site believes quoted a man of Institute of Psychology of Copenhagen University, who claims that this is because of a lifted blood vessel in the brain, and no, this is only what people who don’t believe/understand will try to explain this with – and many other “sicknesses” for that matter – and I told that this is a spiritual suffering given to you from the opposite power of God, i.e. darkness/Hell, which gives ALL SICKNESSES to the world, and yes coming to you from outside, and I really received and brought this in order to help people seeing my video and reading my text about my own limbs moving physically without me doing it to understand the truth about this phenomenon instead of “guessing” themselves.

FB 170613 Stig videnskab



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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