June 19, 2013: The “old man” of the Source has overtaken the Old World to finalise his/my original dreams of creation


Summary of the script

18th June: The “old man” of the Source has overtaken the Old World to finalise his/my original dreams of creation

  • Dreaming of receiving darkness of Sanna and Hans, life of the “secret world” apparently entering as darkness, and work camps to fight darkness of lazy people.
  • We are headed towards the bird of everything, and I was shown huddled-up bird at the nest, which also could be an eagle.
  • I felt pure new life of the secret world of the Source on the telephone line of my mother of this the Old World, and no, this was not difficult to get to learn as I was told including to give me negativity and sexual torments as the tool of creation. My mother of the Old World is now no more, and she knew that “love” had to come from somewhere, but she could not find it, but this is what I had energy to do surviving her death now being driven directly by this love of “the old man” of the Source temporarily having overtaken her role continuing my life as my old self even though I am my new self as this love, and this is because we just have some small changes/improvements to make first. “The old man” is now counting everything learns our New World in order to bring the power/force to bring out the creation of it also replacing anything, which is broken, and we finished doing this work for the first room of four today. It is via love of my father to me that we are pulling in the new duvet of creation over me, and to bring direct access to the Source, and this is going through Jack’s mother, Evy and Helena and John from the Union of Free Office Workers brings in the duvet. Practically everything but a very small area of darkness is now light.
  • Again, I was told about the game of darkness of my sister wanting to hospitalise me, and it required for me to be so strong that I broke darkness right over when the management of Helsingør Commune did not have the courage to hospitalise me because of fear of my public writings, otherwise this darkness would have hospitalised and forced me to take medicine, which would have stopped me working and making me sleep, which again would have brought the explosion of the Old World. The mayor of Helsingør, Johannes, not only made me live here, he also opened up to darkness, which he put under the floor, which I am now bringing out via the force of the Source, which I could not do as my old self. We are now lifting the New World up to the very top of my father, who is doing the final parts of creation to make his dreams as little come through.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show big heads around Taiwan, a small head over Taiwan – “freedom”, still a lot of cleaning to do, we use the camera of my mother to be lifted up to our new selves, kissing goodbye, a couple of big sharing one eye, more than one world (the secret world of God), plate from the magnetic North Pole, a glimpse of the New World shown on a Triangle, and the death of a beautiful woman in Spain (the mother of our Old World), because the secret world of God has now taken over, saving from drowning.

19th June: Obama was in Berlin to help releasing God from his/my “eternal prison” via Hitler’s transferral to me

  • Dreaming of receiving my new strong self without using much energy, and the love of God is taking a “strange” form as the strongest darkness ever destructing everything (because the game of darkness continues in order to bring the last creation of dreams).
  • Angela Merkel introduced Barack Obama at this speech in Berlin today, where I was told that she finds my scripts boring when she is busy, and she knows that she is darkness too. When Obama spoke I received the feeling of Hitler, and how he came to me, which was “the old man” of the Source self entering me, which could not have been done without Obama’s presence in Berlin today, and it is from here that light will spread to the world. This was the release of God from his/my “eternal prison”.
  • I was shown the end of the metal container without lid with very bright light of the Source shining in. I felt my sister and mother being put on place as layers of my skin. It is Sanna in you, who closes and switches off everything old, which we just had to bring. When we have transferred the last of your father, we can put on the new, which will be the beginning of my new self, and this is what we are now finally ready to do – to put on the fine new duvet.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show congratulations with the 70th birthday to the “fool” Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, do not be naked/half-naked in public, heavy burden hanging over the head, cute bear has some honey, an ear drop to help people listen, upside down, and must you sleep all day, Typhoon?


18th June: The “old man” of the Source has overtaken the Old World to finalise his/my original dreams of creation

Dreaming of receiving darkness of Sanna and Hans, life of the “secret world” apparently entering as darkness

I went to bed at 00.15 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about Playboy, Hans and Sanna sleeping at different hours giving me poor sleep. Tobias is at home, he had used something wrong, which could have gone bad. Something about a movie including the biggest, strongest and most scary Italian crooks, whom I have ever seen, they are many times stronger than I and can very easily crush me. My partner has opened a small bakery.
    • Darkness of my sister and her husband still given me darkness. Did Tobias take drugs, which could have killed him? And Italy is “joy and happiness”, and these by far the strongest and scariest of all people of darkness will have to be about the incredible force of life from the “secret world”, which is coming to me this “strange” way to start with.
  • I see work camps in Sweden and Norway including lazy old colleagues of mine, and these camps are led by the Swedish pop-star Tomas Ledin, and I see how they remove a polar beer.
    • Still working against darkness of lazy people using music, i.e. love, as the weapon.
  • I was told something about its gonna be an eternal love song, it has been bought and I will always love you.
  • I woke up to one of Suede’s big hits “she’s in fashion”, which is about being dressed as my new self.

The “old man” of the Source has overtaken the Old World to finalise his/my original dreams of creation

Not one single from media or politician decided to offer their help when I was about to crash, not one single (!), which is why I am still on my journey.

What Obama has done to Yemen almost reaches the importance of what Yeltsin did when stopping the military revolution of Russia, but this does not get reported in media.

No, we cannot get in at the top of the apartment, we don’t have the key, and yes don’t you worry, we will get there, I am everything.

I was told that you cannot prick a hole and get us out, which is why it was good that this is not what my mother did, and yes we gave her an idea about this.

I still receive pulsations/movement of my left ring finger, but no, I will not allow you to cease to exist.

I keep being shown different Falck stations/locations these days, so you are still thinking of me?

I was shown how my mother, i.e. the Old World, kept on eating my heart to bring the destruction of me, thus all of the Old World.

I was told that we are headed towards the bird of everything, and I was shown huddled-up bird at the nest, which also could be an eagle.

I was told that Lisbeth Knudsen from Berlingske cannot decide on her own to bring a front page about me on her newspaper, she sits in an “international committee”, where this request of mine has been turned down, and will you please tell me, Lisbeth, why it is so difficult to tell the truth to the world, which should be the single most important task of yours, don’t you agree (?), and NO; there are NO other considerations to take than the TRUTH, and everything else is “brainwash”!

I felt pure new life of the secret world on the telephone line of my mother of this the Old World, and no, this was not difficult to get to learn as I was told. And shortly thereafter I was given negativity and sexual torments, and this was this new life testing darkness and they said that it is pretty genius doing creation this way. And they also say that you play football – my game against darkness – better than Bebeto if we may say that.

This is why waste/dirty water pours out the mouth of your mother, because you have not been turned around, Stig, so this we will do too.

Are we going to bring “gold beer” down here too? So I have made my own private cinema with my mother here?

Can we choose room ourselves inside of here (?), that was “fancy” – with the feeling that this is “nothing”.

I received confirmation from life of the secret world that I was not supposed to be able to stand the pressure of the world against me, and to make it this far.

We don’t like Italian for beginners, do we (?), well this is only the beginning. And this is because we, i.e. our Old World, have never been to Italy before knowing what TRUE joy and happiness is about.

I had much to write at home this morning, and after lunch I went to the library, where my chain “jumped” because of darkness making it, and I was told that this is because of reactions of Queen Margrethe, and after publishing my script of yesterday at 14.30, I heard “it is a pity for him” of family and friends still thinking of me as crazy, and I was told that this is what is making my left finger keep on pulsating, and yes the world would have ended if it was up to these people.

No, you are not a “screw driver” (making trouble), which people are starting to understand, but instead I am baking the finest cake, and yes seeing Mette Blomsterberg, the pastrycook from DR1 TV here.

I was told that speed to write (my script of yesterday) was again important, and I was given a pain to my left ankle and was told that this was to avoid this, and I am clearly feeling that it is now life of the secret world running the show as my actors, the feeling of them giving me this pain is simply “different”.

It is a little too early to get dry clothes on, yes your new mother/New World.

We are not very happy to give you a warning, we now see what this is about.

Do we have a picture of the Sun King in over (?), but of course we have, and yes also this one, which is about “Tears for Fears” and is that of royalties?

So this is how we adjust tiredness – and suddenly I became very tired wanting to close my eyes – and also pulsation of your left finger, and yes everything is a game and that is until you have created a big version of our small Universe, and yes that was the goal, and you also knew about us, or felt us?

… And this is why he can still get the beach bag even though he did not run – as his mother encouraged him to do, and yes “love” being the name of the game, and this is how she knew about us, this “love” has to come from somewhere, and that was from us.

So she had decided herself to finish the journey, but she did not know that this is what your “energy/strength” was strong enough to do. And we can see that she troubled her mind much about where we were/this love was.

And this means that it was simply love/sun bringing you here.

You are not a truck driver now, are you – i.e. running the world, and yes look at him, he does not know that we are him and he is us, so you have reached your own inner self by now, my friend, which is where all life is located.

So it is now the force of everything keeping the New World going as if it was the Old World, amusing right (?), and this is because we just have some small changes/improvements to make, and yes we have good time, and you are still suffering, so let us keep working.

No, we cannot prescribe medicine to healthy people, and yes when did you discover (?), and sometime during following me (?), and yes this was the whole idea.

When I came home, I met my neighbours Jan, Knud and the new lady opposite me, who sat outside in the hall speaking, and I was inspired to tell them about the heat wave coming tomorrow, and they should go to the beach to take a dive, which was both because they do “nothing” and also because this means “sufferings” because of how they speak about me behind my back not fully understanding, but guessing (?), and yes despite of this, I can see how both Jan and also Knud are happy about me.

It is now tomorrow morning again, and I received “non-stop notes” for a period of time yesterday evening making me have even more to wrote today – it would be easier if I had a transportable laptop I could write directly into instead of notes to my phone giving double work – which may take approx. 3½-4 hours non-stop to write, if I can, and no, I do NOT like this anymore, not the least, but at least it is not that warm as expected this morning, so here we go.

I did not hear any birds cry, no because we have always been here, there is no beginning, no end and only change, i.e. creation of life.

I felt Annisette, and was told that this is when the city awakes.

It was not your mother’s idea to bring you your “old nightmare”, not it came from “outside” because darkness is what you wanted.

No, no one could ever pull themselves together to call an ambulance to collect you (for psychiactic hospital), which is your’s and your mother’s luck because there isn’t anything wrong with Stig is there, Sanna?

Well, did it really come down to the management of Helsingør that did not have the courage to hospitalise me despite recommendation of my sister – against my mother – and yes because of “reprisals”, i.e. my publication of the horrors of the system, and this made darkness break right over on the middle, yes the system led by my sister on one side and the system supposed to do the actions against me on the other saying “we don’t dare”, and yes everything controlled by my inner self in the middle, and is there anyone of these caring about whether or not Stig is right (?), no this is less important.

So this was the darkness wanting to stop you, but it could not defeat the sword of my scripts.

We just have to count everything and see what you want us to do, and I felt skin being made, which is about the physical creation of our New World, and also to make unbroken chains replacing what may be broken etc.

I was told that Lars Løkke now believes in me, which is also why you believe in me, Jane?

I continued receiving the same Suede song over and over again, and first it was the lyrics “you don’t think about it, you don’t do without it, because you’re beautiful, and if your baby’s going crazy, that’s how you made me” and later the chorus came over again “oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones”, and yes this is about my creation with darkness of people believing that I was crazy, and this is what we had to pass to transform all this darkness into light and life of our new selves, and these are “the beautiful ones” now coming, and yes an incredible beautiful song by Suede and one of their greatest hits of course :-).

Is this about “singularity” (great, remarkable, extraordinary) as principle overtaking everything?

I was shown money falling into a glass bowl, so this is all of the force we are required to bring to create the New World.

We also have bird feed inside here, which I was shown.

I felt Peter T. and was told that until now we are still in the first room of four.

And this will match with the expiration of the lump of my right ankle, and yes it would not be nice losing my foot.

I was shown the sea with the sun in the background creating clear light in the water, and I was shown a lifeboat coming to me on a big passenger ship, and I see it enter bringing its wishes (of the New World), which we are now reading.

And all of this is because we dared entering the house of darkness, and it is inside of this darkness that we created the child of Jesus, and I was shown the cradle and a rattle very clearly.

I was shown a sweat head ribbon with the Spanish flag on it and inside of this stood billiard pins, so this was the try; i.e. to bring everything through darkness, and no we did not lose anything.

I was shown a garden swimming pool with the feeling of my mother and her airplane on one side of it and me on the other, and the plane wants to enter the pool, but it is completely dry, there is no water remaining, and instead it comes over to me, so there is no more water, no wet newspapers, we are dry, which is out of energy, we are not being anymore as our old selves.

I was told that Meat Loaf was one of the pointers of the watch. If you attended a football match, Meat was the pipe bringing in darkness on the field, so this was really an object close by, but still your music is nothing less than outstanding, Meat :-).

I was shown the attic of a house and all the way up the sharp corner, I see something hidden there, which we will just get out, and yes using the force of the Source directly now.

How do you believe Claus Toksvig died (?), and yes just maybe from a heart attack as so many others of “me” absorbing darkness. Sai Baba is also here.

I was shown an oval box, which is now being formed according to the criteria of the New World.

I was shown David Bowie playing guitar on the hill half way between my mother and me, and he said that it does not become better than this.

I was shown a small restaurant in Epernay, Champagne/France, which I visited with Camilla around 2000, and don’t you think that Karen much rather wanted to be with me there instead of with Denis, and also instead of fine restaurants (?), and yes this is about company and atmosphere.

I felt strong darkness coming against me, and was told that John’s brother, Kyril, hs been used to transfer an incredible amount of faeces, i.e. darkness, to me, which in reality are tree trunks pushed by a big dozer, and yes because of WRONG information about me given by my mother and John behind my back.

I was shown two beautiful ladies working at a glass store on the first left corner on the main square in Prague – if you have the church/famous clock in your back – which I remember from my trip there with Camilla in the 1990’s, and they were so beautiful that I dreamt about one day to be with a beautiful lady, and this is what developed Prague/the Czech Republic with the most beautiful ladies in the world into a country offering porn and prostitution to “accommodate my dreams”, this is how darkness worked, and I was asked if I don’t want to apologise to Prague (?), and no, how could I (?), I did not know about this connection, I had NO intention to bring this, but I am sad/sorry about the consequences of what followed.

So in other words, you have met my treasure chamber.

I was told about Pia from Hørsholm not being darkness entirely because she has followed me by “tuning in” on me as a clairvoyant receiving information about me, which I have accepted to give her previously, so fine with me.

How do you stop the war in Syria (?), and yes you tell the world about me, which will make it stop very soon and make it “easier” for everyone of your dictatorship/armed forces to understand that God is God and NOT Allah (?), and yes it is “communication problems” of this being the reason of this continuous war.

I was told that there is also a direct link between my sister and Lars Løkke, and as far as it went “fine” for my sister against me, it went fine for Lars Løkke, but now his house is falling apart, do you feel it, Lars.

For years, I have been given the feeling that I am now close to being finished with everything, which has gone back to 2006 really, and this was part of the game of darkness to give me these feelings also to make me give up, but no, I am not a quitter.

So God was to be found behind darkness, which did not lead to the end of the world, and yes I am here thinking of the myth of Columbus sailing to discover the New World on the other side of the edge of the world, which this is about.

It is the rest of the lump of my right ankle, which is keeping my father alive, so it is now through my father and his love to and miss of me that we bring the whole new duvet through, and yes “too bad that he could not understand me”, thus not see me, and yes incredible so deaf, better-knowing and stupid you can be, but still I love my father, but of course.

I was shown a four-fold of yellow/red hands in front of the top of a bottle of Champagne with the hands being creation and the Champagne being the force of the Source, and it was my task to get creation on place as the instrument required to make the Champagne float freely.

I was told about glasses shown on Jette’s Google Earth pictures and that they mean that we could not adjust clearly without you.

You are not an engineer anymore, your father is, and this is not to create complicated and twisted slides to bring the water out of the Source right here – where I sit in my apartment in Helsingør – from the back pocket of your trousers, so this is what we are setting up now, and as usual I am also shown in visions what I write.

It is like being inside an orange (of the Source) looking out of a window to a dark Copenhagen.

I was shown an one-armed bandit on a ship having three or five kings just waiting on you, and these bandits stand all over here just waiting for a “concept”, i.e. clothes of a world to wear.

I was shown a drag racer and told that Preben was also darkness, which we used as access.

I was shown the founder of Copenhagen, Absalon, standing on what looks like a board on a ship ready to jump out, but the board is placed at the wall of Copenhagen Town Hall and facing the Town Square Hall, and I felt the mayor Frank Jensen also ready to walk out this board and that is because of my few writings on you, Frank (?), and yes how does it feel to be the leader of the worst bureaucracy in the world?

I was shown and told that it is practically all of the goal area of a cycling race, which is light, and only an incredible small part, which is not, so without love of your father, we could not transfer everything required.

I was told that Karen was looking forward to seeing you, but first you had to stop working, i.e. to write.

Which meaning does Vorupbør (Jack’s mother’s birth place, where we went on holiday in 1982 cycling all the way via Helsingborg, which we – or I – did NOT have the form to do at all!) have (?), which is what we have saved until the end. It is here that we enter shore as a new bird, and this is where we crated the line/connection between you and Jack so hardly anything could go wrong, and yes it was not given that we had to go on this holiday together, and where did the idea come from (?), and yes from Jack’s mother, Evy, who is the one we worked through to unite you and Jack, and whew, this is now done (!) is what we thought back in 1982, the year of this summer holiday.

And this is now the road we start walking in through, and what does this mean to Jack and I?

I was encouraged to play the incredible beautiful “the first time ever I saw your face” by Roberta Flack, which I spoke to my mother about some weeks ago, when she spoke of the beauty of it and I said that this has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever, and this is what we experience now when entering the shore of “a new bird” of the Source, who is seeing our face for the first time.

And no, we also could not use Helena for this.

This was it, the first room has now been completely replaced.

We had no idea that it would be so hard for you do come here, which we see now.

So there was a free choice between Evy and Helena, and we took Evy because she had come the furthest in relation to you.

You have not yet delivered your final exam in relation to me.

You are still welcome means that it is you that we are now pouring all of this into you, and I was given no sounds to my over/kitchen or balcony because we are now happy with what we have accomplished.

It is also our coming work place you are sitting and reading about, and yes about what the old yard halls of Helsingør, which Siemens have now left, can be used for.

I was told that “Surburbia” by Pet Shop Boys is also liked much by him, and this was a reference to the man singing on my stereo when writing this, which was Brett from Suede, and this is also about life collectively viewed as one group, and yes l like it much too :-).

Now we only have to put on the power, and I was shown the singer of AC/DC, and yes many devil’s in the audience of this song, but the music is great.

I received a vision of the Danish comedian Casper Christensen coming together with MUCH darkness, and the feeling “no, I have not laid down to die”, which I could have if I decided to sleep instead of work, and this is also a STRONG force of darkness coming to me to bring this death/termination, and this was also with the feeling that Casper is a very “special friend” of mine, but no, Casper, I do NOT like decayed moral and wrong sexual speech/behaviour of comedians, which is a culture you have spread in Denmark, and NOT AT ALL!

I was shown the drummer of Muppet Show – an old symbol of darkness – and saw how tall dark walls were surrounding him, and when opening the wall behind him, there were Falck fire engines all the way back.

I was shown my old class friend Søren D. N. with an Indian mane and then as one inside layer of a barrel, which we succeeded to come around.

I was shown the Skanderborg music Festival as one complete Indian village, and I was shown myself there with a shovel, and this is about my visit there in 2008, and Helena being a loyal visitor there, and about Helena seeing me as a “shovel” – which here is a fool – and I was told that this was for me to avoid becoming in love with her, and her missing a man, as she is, and I was told that she is thinking of me, but “impossible” because I am a “shovel” in her eyes, and yes her friends believes that she is “smart”, but no, you are not, Helena, you have dirt in your head.

And I was told that we have thought about using her for something else where we have not arrived yet, which is where we will unite her with John, the CEO of the Free Office Worker’s union (my old business contact from Fair and also Dahlberg), and yes am I the only one truly having challenged you intellectually, John (?), and eeehhhh are you missing me too?

And I am shown Helena and John sitting on the smallest hotdog in the world on the way towards me, and it pulls a string with it, which has to be all of the New World, which these two pulls in over me and that is because of faith and warm feelings! This is what is removing the sharp knives around me.

I was shown the entire block of houses to the left of Brostræde in Helsingør being lifted up, and I see a dog trapped at one of the lower corners and a few coins here and there, and I received an out of this world pain to my right ankle to turn this life around too, and we are now going through everything using the force of the Source, and I felt Johannes the mayor, and yes Stig only wanted to receive warmth of people, which is what you are about to discover now, Johannes (?), and I am shown and told that he lifted up one board of a floor of one of the old apartments in town of Helsingør, which brought us “a good part of the way down there”, and when I was down there at the most dark of everything – having difficulties surviving – my mother pulled me up, so you took almost everything with you, Stig, and it is limited what we can now find, which you did not bring via your own sufferings.

Why is the number 7 important, and I am here shown the finest fine in a box in straw, and think of the seven dwarfs of Snow White, and yes chose yourself because he knows that we speak a ear of to make him suffer via much work again to write this down tomorrow morning, where it will become very hot and maybe cloud burst, which is almost the worst weather to me, because I sweat from “nothing” making heat/moist the worst combination for me to work in.

We sailed in with the submarine, which is now turning into a white passenger ship – being filled with life – and this is at the premises of the ship yard, and yes they did some special ships here in Helsingør including a luxury yacht for Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and I was told that people of the regime visited Helsingør, which is how I was connected too to Saddam bringing sufferings to the world to make the world survive (!), and yes another part of me, whom you decided to hang, and I was shown a few wooden stairs leading up to Saddam sitting on top of the world. (They also did ships for Cuba!).

This is the same wood as the whole block of Pilestræde in Copenhagen including the Berlingske newspaper is made from, and I was given the feeling of Ebbe Dal, who worked at Berlingske in the end of the 1980’s while I was also there working spare time at evenings, and today he is the director of the association of Danish newspapers, so a true “special friend” of mine too, and yes I wonder what your role has been, Ebbe (?), and maybe you would like to say?

I was shown a big hand holding under the gate to my mother’s mother house at Istedgade 98 in Copenhagen where she lived until her death in 1975, and trying to lift it up, but it cannot be lifted, and I was told that this was the role of my mother’s mother, to bring darkness to the world including the liberalization of porn, which started right here at this street becoming the first red light district of the world, and this was part of the bold plan of darkness to destruct us, but really to save us by turning everything around when it looked the most hopeless.

I was shown the medical symbol of the snake making me think that there is still a force of people, who would like to give me medicine?

I was shown two people with one having an umbrella in his hand, which he uses to “feel” what is an expanding GIANT Michelin Man, which is also a ship at the Langelinie quay in Copenhagen, and yes my new self as Buddha.

Don’t you believe that Rolf will become proud of me choosing him to use him to bring the last of me, I was given a sound to my balcony, yes, but not yet because you almost made him open to everything again (of his fear) and yes including the game with Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, and what did he speak to them about (?), and was it that I am sick and need medicine, which he knows absolutely nothing about, and where is this written down if it is not registered in the journal (?), and yes has a system for “special sensitive patients” been developed not meant for publication (?), which lives its own life with the purpose to blow up the world (?), but now Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, has put a stopper to this (?), and yes, unpleasant thoughts, right Bjarne (?) and yes you were leading the pen for me as darkness without knowing that Stig decided to be stronger than all of your undermining business against me.

Hørsholm is like the Helsingør-Helsingborg passage, and I am shown the last darkness being strongly condensed to fit into the shelves (of our New World), and this is how room was made for everything.

I was shown my aunt Inge crying standing on stairs, and that is to lose me, whom she had received over later years (via my visits to her), and that is because of my father.

I was shown a line of zombie people and airplanes at the harbour, and was told that they have not been finished collecting, and yes it is fine that we do that too now.

I was shown one of the big yard halls of Helsingør opening, and out came a big torpedo, and this is because we are entering even deeper, and we had to be sure that it would explode, i.e. the Old World.

I was shown a “discovery of the oceans” submarine, and the finest candlestick with a centre platform and four arms of light, and this is still under water, and I received pain to my bones, and do you think we can find this (?), and yes we just decided to go deeper to bring this, and yes fine by me, or “fino” as we also say here.

So we have one canvas sack of darkness remaining at the yard here, which we are still opening for while we are surrounded by long dinner tables with white tablecloths and MANY wine glasses, and I was given a sound to my kitchen and told that it is me delivering this (the eternal Source of everything), and then a sound to my balcony saying “not as much as me” (the Source of my father not yet part of our New World).

I was shown the corner of the Cathedral and Harbour Street in Helsingør, and the small road leading up here made as steps in the vision I was given, and this is leading to the top of the Town Hall a little further up, where I am now sitting at the top of, and this is because Johannes has brought me all the way up there, where I can look out over all creation, and this is what I now hurrying to finalise.

No, you are not unemployed, so what are you then (?), and is this what they work on not only at the social administration of the Commune (where Lisbeth is working), but also here at the top/management, which is what is creating the road for me, and is this because Johannes has seen my Facebook updates for months slowly starting to realise that I might be telling the truth?

And this is the very last work using the pen, which is also based on input of my sister. I am shown “café-matchsticks”, and see how one has been lid, which tried to lid the entire row of all the other matches, which is what they tried to do, but they could not because I was too strong, and then I – the “the old man” – had to change my plan to let you survive without being hospitalised and receiving medicine, and yes I just have to finish this last part of creation now making me think that this is “impossible” to write tomorrow (but it is really not as bad as feared because I am not tired and it is not too warm).

So Johannes had thrown down much dirt under the floor, which requires me to bring it up via this work, and yes instead of making it burn.

Have you heard about the one with the sun and the lioness? Yes, not to burn, funny, because your sister is used to get her will, and I only win this one because I decided to use undreamt-of energy, which I did not have, otherwise this would not be possible, and I am still paying off on my outstandings.

And had I been hospitalised receiving medicine, this would have made me so tired that I would sleep much of my day away instead of working, which is what would have exploded the world.

Twice, I received the feeling of Peter Asschenfeldt, whom is a new Facebook friend of mine, and he is also “affected” by my Facebook update of my new script (?), and yes does he remember me as Britt’s old friend and a dinner we had on Restaurant Victor (?), and yes he was married to Britt’s twin sister Ann in the 1990’s.

Much of the game this evening was about where do this final creation comes from (?), from the kitchen of “non-created parts of the Source of everything” or from the balcony of remaining and non-created parts of the Source of my father (only his cell, and not the eternity of other cells/”one-armed bandits”), and yes my decision to create a perfect New World of 100% of my father stands, and yes I was given much speculation about this – because this is also what family, friends etc. do, i.e. speculate about me – and I decided to say that I don’t care, please let everything become “perfect” based on this.

And this has to do with your mother and Queen Margrethe, i.e. the New World, and that is to bring them up here, and yes on top of the world of my father.

So Dragholm, it was not only Johannes, who led me stay here, but also to open to the insides of me to let me check everything, and do this extra work before we will start everything, and this is because we can.

This is why we continue the journey – now led directly by my father – and I continue receiving very uncomfortable small heart attacks, and we will do this as long as we can (?), yes fino with me.

I received the feeling of the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, and now I received MANY sounds both from my balcony and kitchen/oven. We did not bring all of the clock with us, which is what we have now secured, if you will write this.

Johannes is also my best friend, but he does not know yet, so he also worked against me because of your sister.

This is really about extreme happiness because your sister and mother also did not give up, which made the machine continue all the way here for us to set up everything, which I dreamt about doing when I was little, and this is what we are doing before we will continue.

I was shown the train driving through the nut, which I was shown the other day.

Ole told me that we decided to go through this darkness on our way towards you, which was originally laid out for your mother, but since you are still here, and my mother of the Old World is not, this is how we do, and if you cannot do (write and publish) this, we will have to settle with starting at a lower level.

I felt a BIG presence coming to me from the balcony, and it brought MUCH strain on my heart again making me feel very uncomfortable, and still I was told that the alternative is for this life to enter my left leg as “not created yet”, which is what my left side is about.

It is also because of Jack that we can continue this game, where you are still at play.

I was told something about being unemployed, lack of money, and “watch out, Stig”, which is about an uncertain transport of creation to bring it up to the very top of me.

I received more small heart attacks and was told that you are really dead, but survived and we accepted to overtake the play.

It is impossible to have a proof without having read you, isn’t this what Johannes thinks (?), and yes where should I know (?), I am still only writing what I am told, and I still do NOT know what is true and not of this story, but this is the story 100% as it was given to me.

And yes, it took 3½ hours non-stop to read my notes and write down all of it, and now it is lunch, and afterwards a summary of the text and the first draft upload for you to read it.

(“The wild ones” with Suede is no. 2 on my singles hit list, and on Spotify you have my favourite artists, just so you know).

Google Earth: The death of our Old World, which has been taken over by God’s inner world

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show big heads around Taiwan, a small head over Taiwan – “freedom”, still a lot of cleaning to do, we use the camera of my mother to be lifted up to our new selves, kissing goodbye, a couple of big sharing one eye, more than one world (the secret world of God), plate from the magnetic North Pole, a glimpse of the New World shown on a Triangle, and the death of a beautiful woman in Spain (the mother of our Old World), because the secret world of God has now taken over, saving from drowning.

FB 180613 Jette 1

FB 180613 Jette 2

FB 180613 Jette 3

FB 180613 Jette 4

FB 180613 Jette 5

FB 180613 Jette 6

FB 180613 Jette 7

FB 180613 Jette 8

FB 180613 Jette 9

FB 180613 Jette 10

FB 180613 Jette 11


19th June: Obama was in Berlin to help releasing God from his/my “eternal prison” via Hitler’s transferral to me

Dreaming of the love of God is taking a “strange” form as the strongest darkness ever destructing everything

I went to bed after midnight, and slept until approx. 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Tobias is at the train and his dog has fallen asleep, which I somehow receive critic for and to go another station. Morten J. and I have received two new Audi TT’s, which are VERY quick, and instead of having to pay 30,000 DKK up front, which we would have to take a loan to get, we have received an offer to pay 5,300 DKK as a leasing installment, which is cheap. I am now driving out Morten J’s Audi – not my own – and even though it is parked in a very narrow corner, I get it out without problems, and I will be using this until he will shortly resign.
    • Tobias’ journey to the other side is not going as we could have hoped making me take on more sufferings? The Audi’s are my new self/selves not costing much, and the two of us, which will have to be Karen and I (?), are becoming one.
  • Together with three others, I am driving at the motorway in Germany – we all drive Opel Vectra’s – coming to one of the big towns, and we enter a motorway cafeteria. And to my surprise I see GIANT electronic robots – many times taller than us – about to destruct everything, and I am together with a lady here, but Morten J. and another of the four of us are not with us, and when I use the walkie talkie trying to connect with them, to my surprise it is John from Kenya answering, and he has good time speaking without understanding the seriousness of what is going on. I am also at the toilet peeing, and am told that this is now my last chance, and afterwards I see the giants still coming closer with one stamping its foot, which could have killed us, right next to us, while I am now putting on my shoes having decided to drive away to run from this if I can.
    • This is the same as the dream of the Italian monsters, which is about the love of God taking this “strange” form because we have decided to continue my mother’s invention of darkness to finish the last parts of creation, and with out strength, this is how we get to look like, but there is nothing to be afraid of, we are only love.

Obama was in Berlin to help releasing God from his/my “eternal prison” via Hitler’s transferral to me

I heard something about a drilling machine and suitcase.

I have un-buttoned my Western-clothes

We are not as rich as it may seem, it is only what we think we are – and then we are.

When writing this morning, I was less tired and received less sufferings than normal, and yes I am shown Sandman from the Spiderman film meaning that I am not receiving his strong punch today (so far).

At 10.15, darkness started becoming a little stronger when my left ring finger again started pulsating, which is truly annoying, and at 10.55 I was surprised when also my right long-finger started receiving the same feeling for the first time.

We have not created a coat especially for your father, but for you, Stig, there is a difference.

Yes, there is another plane there, which we just have to get in to too, and the feeling is that it is becoming visible because of the work I do.

And yes, Stig, you are wondering what happened to the promised heat wave with almost 30 degrees today and possibly a cloudburst (?), and yes here at 12.00, it is only 16 degrees, so is hit “strange weather” again (?), and later it became 21 degrees but far from the almost 30 degrees.

I received the smell of strong cleaners.

I felt my new self in and around me at my apartment, and was told if it isn’t just me, whom I am now becoming, and yes I am being dressed as my new self.

I received a VERY strong ”electrical curl” coming from the balcony, which beamed right through to the back side of my left lower leg giving me this unbearable pain, which would have made my leg explode if it was not stopped again, and yes this is really how it is, very uncomfortable, but just showing that the connection works fine.

I was told that Kanye West is “inspired” too, and yes, I don’t listen to Hip Hop music because of its general offence language and poor/wrong behaviour of people not being able to see it themselves, which is a shame because I can easily hear much exciting music/rhythms, but it seems that you have found “Yeezus” and “I am a God” too?.

I have a little surprise in store for him, which we have also dreamt about since being little, and yes this is also not installed yet, so do you think you can continue receiving more notes this evening (?), and yes just let it come!

I was told something like “tuhu, I am sitting right here, I found the key before you”, which is supposed to be my mother speaking, and yes at least not my mother of the Old World anymore.

So is this (work) part of the final exam (?), yes, sure it is. So this is how it sounds like over the speakers in what should have been the holiday – feeling Michael Jackson’s father here too, and yes Michael is (with) me. Come on, if you don’t come now, you will not see the last circus performance, and I felt that this is what the story of my mother is about, i.e. circus of darkness, and this is also a reference to the official world, who does NOT have the courage to stand forward here at the very end, and yes it is INCREDIBLE such WIMPS you are, and that goes for the whole gang of you!

Who placed her first vote in you, which was required before anyone else could vote (?), and yes my mother’s unconcious mind, and since she has sold poorly smelling perfume?

I published the first draft of the script of yesterday and today at 14.40, which I was please with doing thinking that now I will have the speech of Obama in Berlin to listen to – my only second live speech of his for years – and then Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and we know more notes to come in the evening, and yes I will not go to the library today, but do all of the updates with pictures, links etc. tomorrow morning before doing the final publish of this script too.

I was told that there is probably “something about it” when it comes to my direct writings to Bjarne, the director of the Commune, including Johannes and all of the management of the city telling them about their abuse of power etc., and yes helping them to go my way being cowards not daring to hospitalise me when it came to the point.

I continue receiving negative speech and feelings wanting to take me over, which is VERY tiring, and yes feeling Brede Park here, so how are you doing, Rolf?

It was Evy opening for this, which is what we will now bring in, and this is eeehhh the New World or the Source of nothing (?), and yes let us take the last first, which is just me filling nothing but being everything, and that is “the old man” inside the Source you know.

I was told about “a Russian cleaning up in New York”, which is the Danish title of the film “Red heat”, and I was told about an undercover agreement between Putin and Obama, and this is how we have also received Russia “in over”.

So this is me for the first time ever coming out of my hiding place inside nothing to be able to see the world with my own eyes, which you have created for me, and yes who (?), Stig (?), yes via his eyes.

And this is what cannot be done without the true and deep love of your father, and it is me, whom you are not to prick a hole to, which you really cannot and that is because I am without being. And you can only enter here by winning a tennis match with the digits 6 to 0.

We just had to clean the carpet, and raise up the stamp, which I seen lying down, and it is the four part division of me, which is the foundation of the four part divided world.

A little after 15.00 I followed the speech of Obama in Berlin from Danish TV2 News, and first Angela Merkel held a speech, and I was told that it is “deadly boring” to read my long scripts when you are busy, Angela (?), and I was given the voice of Angela with the feeling of a very special friend too, and yes how many times have I not almost fallen asleep reading you because I am a responsible nature. And I am part of the darkness given to you – I was here given physical feelings to my private parts – yes I know but what was I to do (?), tell the truth about you and Obama to the world (?), and yes Angela, this is really how easy it would have been to do what is RIGHT, but you have did not have the courage.

I was given the feeling of Obama being nervous, which I sensed throughout his speech, and his thinking that this is here where Hitler was, and yes this was where we prepared my arrival, and when he started speaking, I felt how Hitler was coming to me and inside of me, and this power is “the old man” of the Source self, and I was told that we could not do this without Obama being in Berlin today receiving me and sending “the old man” to me via our link.

So this is where I come from, from inside of Hitler in Berlin – remember that life comes from out of darkness/sufferings – and it is from here that we spread light all over the world, which is also brought via faith of Angela Merkel, and if you had decided to speak the truth, Angela, we would not have been able to come out this way – and this is what I had to be careful about (“watch out”)

And no, this was not a FREE speech of Obama about freedom of Berlin/Germany etc., but a written speech not bringing “inspired speech” for me to decode, but at the end of his speech, I was shown my old favourite place in Copenhagen, where I used to buy music, which is the now closed TP Musik inside Cityarkaden, and I was told that this is because Obama was sending “warm feelings”, which I returned to him, and yes it cannot be easy to be President of the USA of a country and world, which does not want to be ruled and cannot be given freedom too because of its lack of responsibility, and yes this is how it goes hand in hand, simple logic, right?

There was a Danish interpreter first live interpreting two speeches in German to Danish, which was fine by me, but when there also was an interpreter live interpreting Obama’s speech from English to Danish, I was annoyed – but not negative – because I would much rather listen to his speech in English also to hear if he said things not included in his script, and after maybe 10 minutes, this wish was “granted” when this interpreter somehow was made silent, and yes just a wish coming through, see?

So this was how “the old man” was released from his/my hiding place.

I was shown and told about “Havre Fras” (being “breakfast” from Quaker Oats as a symbol of the Source), which is the pillow at the bottom of everything, and that is of “the old man”, and I am shown this pillow at the very bottom of a deep hole.

I wrote a note the other day about high unemployment and great difficulties/distress of Spain, which I don’t believe I wrote here, but here it is, and I understood that this was related to darkness of Spain bringing it.

I received the feeling that the official world is thinking as an opportunity to send me an official acknowledgement via Jack (?) and hoping/expecting that when I write about this, it will not be brought by any papers in practise still making the official world hide, and if you believe I like this (?), yes it is better than nothing, but of course far from the right thing, which is simply to speak openly and freely about me including the New World coming, but you “cannot”, and yes this is disappointing me incredible, and that is to see your continuous act to the public while you know that I know that you are acting, and have POOR CONSCIENCE, my friends?

I continue receiving distortion to TV/video.

This is what saves the marriage (?), and yes Stig when you did not want to marry your mother, you also did not want me, do you understand (?), and no, not really. But this is how the bomb was designed, so I had to bring out the small pieces of myself attached to this bomb, and yes to pretend that I have been married and to enter the road, which you opened for me to enter, and yes you turned everything around because you did not want the world and yourself to die, which is what was keyed into you, and what you managed to go through.

We bring the biggest refrigerator from here, Stig, and all potential meat etc. without any aggressive cats, yes they have been “terminated” meaning that I will never again use darkness/sufferings as my tool of creation, this is now over with.

I was told that we cannot bring forward the old duvet now even if we wanted to, this is the definite end of darkness.

We have never received any paint at all, and then the first you offer us when coming out is black paint of darkness – but I felt the underlying smile.

I was given the uncomfortable feeling to my throat again this time going all the way up to my nose, and I was told that this is really about bringing everything up.

How do you think it goes (?), no I don’t think we should go outside, and yes it is raining much today, but not so much here as it did in Odense, where there was true thunder, and yes it gave a “black-out” just when the transmission of TV2 News started – it is located in Odense – and I was thinking of my Facebook friend Brian from Odense being silent about me, and yes here he was “smart” saying that “it is photo-weather, you can save the flash, it is completely wild”, so MUCH thunder and lightning over TV2 in Odense, and yes this was also a hidden sign of today because of these “fine people” still hiding the truth about me, and yes it sounds HOLLOW when they continue talking about politics, economics etc. as if the Old World was going to continue, but WIMPS is what they have still decided to be.

FB 190613 Brian

Shall we call your mother. We have gotten used to you winning.

How is it to see the world from within (?) – I see a microphone, and hear “can we start an interview” (?), and no, it is better for me to come out to you then because I really don’t want anyone to experience the Hell I experienced being trapped “forever” until this very day.

We are not going to have one with Velvet Underground, are we (?), and yes I really don’t know their music other than it is celebrated, so “inspired” the band with Lou Reed was too, and alright, here is one of their songs, and yes we are waiting for the man, you know.

I continue receiving some distortion noises to my TV too, which most of all is because the Source is twisting around, and yes a spiral becoming straight to bring clear access to everything, which I have prepared for you here to be explored.

And it is because you bring the whole world up here that I come forward in my clothes. So it is about uniting everything of the world with the Source – on my balcony.

Was there a dog we had thrown out (?), yes terminated life, but hidden inside here, so back to life ….

I was given a sound to my oven and was asked what about me (?), and this is part of an impatient play to come out.

We took the ship and gathered Netherlands up on the way home, they have done invaluable help too.

I received a few small heart attacks but only little speech this evening.

I was shown the end of the metal container without lid with very bright light of the Source shining in.

I was not perfect, did not receive all life with me, so where did I fail? No, you did not use too much money, and did not fail with Lama Yönten as examples.

No, I have STILL not heard from Lisbeth from the Commune, and they are now more than one week late, which normally is “unheard” of here, and no, I will not contact her to bring forward a reaction, which otherwise would not come, so I will let her/the Commune continue their “considerations” and contact me when they “dare”, and I do hope that nothing has happened to her.

I felt my sister and mother being put on place as layers of my skin.

I was a child at the furthest behind dark room on the ceiling, which is where I have grown as my new self, and I understood that this is where I jumped to in 2010, and I was shown a passenger airplane (of the world) with so much dirt on its windows that it could not follow me, which is why I had to go back to bring all of the world to here, which is what I am now finishing.

This is where I placed you when I, a little surprised, received you thinking that this is how your mother decided to do it, and that is you really.

We could not do this without your Facebook influence on your sister, and her passing over of information on this to your mother.

A part of the game this evening was extreme disgust given to me to write, which came to me over and over again this evening, and as usual it is wrong to go into a negative feeling, so I had to actively fight this, which was not easy.

And this is you, whom we will wake again when all of the world comes to you, and this is how all of Spain entered you again, so now you are all here again, which I could not do myself.

It is Sanna in you, who closes and switches off everything old, which we just had to bring to be able to say well done, and aye, aye captain.

I received Suede’s “new generation” from their BRILLIANT album “Dog man star” – another of the best in history – and the lyrics “screaming my name through the astral plane” and “it’s like a new generation calling, can you hear it call, it’s like I’m losing myself, losing myself to you”, which of course is about bringing forward the “new generation” of life as the new selves of everyone.

I watched the very last of the football match between Brazil and Mexico and thought that 1 to 0 to Brazil was not much, and then the new star Neymar decided to take action passing to Jo, who scored to 2 to 0 after Neymar first had created and gone through a marvelous TUNNEL of two players, which made the Danish commentators say that “this saves the entire football match”, “the tunnel that he does here will get on YouTube tomorrow” – and I was told that this is the road of the tunnel we used to get in or was it out (?) – and “he can spread joy like no other in the world”, so once again you may understand that he was helped by my spiritual friends to bring this story of how we brought life through the tunnel to spread joy to the world, and yes this is the same TUNNEL as you saw on some of Jette’s Google Earth pictures the other day.

I received maybe 5-6 incredible “drill pain” above the ankle on my left foot, and was this to bring a purer access to the world?

We also did not come out by bringing the last warning, well we did not care but decided to continue working, and this is how it was all the way through – you decided.

I was shown an oil rig and was told that examinations show that Earth cannot handle the removal of oil, which the oil industry knows and also that their work is leading directly to the end of the world, but still they don’t care but continue their work, and you might want to tell me how this is done (?), and yes lies, money, power and sex are “indispensable” to you (?), and it is impossible for individuals to go up against a whole system of darkness to shut it down?

You have now brought us up here, and I felt myself as one of the giant robots of the dream, so it is then the heart and everything, which we now bring you.

I did not receive much work this evening to do tomorrow, but we will ask you to write the chapter on creation, and yes this was part of the game, but no, I don’t believe that I will make this, but still we will make perfect creation.

When we have transferred the last of your father, we can put on the new, which will be the beginning of my new self, and this is what we are now finally ready to do – to put on the fine new duvet.

Surely we are not going to get all the way back to Fokken (in Snekkersten, where I lived with my mother until 1986), to find something, which did not hold, and yes it is about Vivian (on visit) and when your mother saw that it did not work out, yes you and here …., and this was the worst deletion of life impossible to recover until now, and yes your mother’s attitude about you and Vivian was not as expected.

It was not only because of this that we have deleted life, but this was mainly why, and yes your mother saw us as a couple, and when it did not become ….

And was it hot with Vivian always (?), but we kept her to see if we could bring something via a new contact to her (my contact in 2009), but we could not, she was “stone dead”, and yes because of ….. (and I received difficult to hear messages this evening, which was a pain it itself because it was on the edge of listening carefully, trying to understand and not to start guessing).

Don’t you think that this will stop us from running/hiding (?) – I felt that this is what “the old man” has always done to survive.

We have not reached the breakfast – of “the old man” at the Source – but soon. And first everything had to be placed completely precise/centered to ….

Google Earth: Congratulations with the 70th birthday to the “fool” Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show congratulations with the 70th birthday to the “fool” Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, do not be naked/half-naked in public, heavy burden hanging over the head, cute bear has some honey, an ear drop to help people listen, upside down, and must you sleep all day, Typhoon?

FB 190613 Jette 1

FB 190613 Jette 1B

FB 190613 Jette 1C

FB 190613 Jette 2

FB 190613 Jette 3

FB 190613 Jette 4

FB 190613 Jette 5

FB 190613 Jette 6

FB 190613 Jette 7

FB 190613 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For years, Ipswich – for some reason – has been used as a symbol of darkness, and here the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group brought a poster of an old match between Helsingør and Ipswich, and what does this tell me (?), and yes that my name is circulating among some members here and in this provincial city of approx. 50,000 people, who loves to speak “gossip” about others behind their back, and yes a “typical provincial phenomenon” (?), and yes I remember it from when I lived here as young.

FB 190613 Hgor Ipswich



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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