June 21, 2013: Entering the narrowest entrance to bring out the first cell of God now coming to me as “my new home”


Summary of the script

20th June: Entering the narrowest entrance to bring out the first cell of God now coming to me as “my new home

  • Dreaming of everyone receiving new computer programs (“new selves”), improving access to the Source bringing life to worlds, which otherwise could not survive, and there is still a risk of the world burning if I should “lose it”.
  • We did not have to bring the flood and was able to keep the world going because of my faith being able to do everything alone ignoring all warnings (of darkness) that I received and to go directly after the gold, which was about pulling up my father from the deepest depth. I did not need the key to the safe because I AM, this is the difference. I am still bringing out gold nuggets for the closet of God, which I have not yet build. We are still bringing out life becoming visible to us with more faith coming to me, today via Steen Kofoed and some of his followers, and we continue opening to bring pure access to the Source. We will continue my journey going through “the worst week” to come next week including the heart operation of John, were we will now open to the heart of our New World (?), which we did not earlier this month when his operation was cancelled when I decided NOT to visit Robert of Falck, who would have brought me deep darkness required.
  • I have gone through the narrowest entrance, and now felt a mild presence of “the old man” – my father, God – only centimetres from my face, and I felt how he looked at me and said “my new home”, and I felt him as very mild and little, and he will bring even more concentrated light/life from the Source already from the opening of our New World – instead of becoming “non-created” life, which would first be opened/created later.
  • This afternoon together with my mother and John listening to jazz at the main square of Helsingør, I was told that “you have just made history” – releasing God from his prison inside the Source – and a passenger airplane driver by propellers flied in over the square only approx. 200 metres above us, and it was “soundless” and much smaller than it should have been because of how extremely close it was to us – this is something NEVER happened before here or anywhere else, but still it receive no notice (!) – and this was the spaceship of everything disguised as an airplane for hundreds of people to see but everyone believed that it was an airplane even though everything about it was “wrong”.
  • God originates from “big blisters” as “imperfection”/a foreign body inside the perfect Source of nothing, and it is these “blisters” bringing “sexual torments” to terminate the world, which we are now removing to create perfection of our New World.
  • Steen Kofoed had received a 12 point denial to misunderstandings of people by the same spiritual voice as mine – the voice of God – which he shared with many people on Facebook, but he “could not” understand that he received “darkness disguised as light” fooling both him and his followers, and again when I told Steen & Co. the direct truth, I came under attack by “(self-) loving” people, who “could not” stand me telling them the truth directly, and this darkness helped me to release the first part of God from his prison.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show changing of energy at another plate, clouds formed as mixed heads, people won’t listen but talk too much, two clouds could be used for philosophical considerations, the general and not the wife is here, and Makarios III of Cyprus among angels.

21st June: We are building light and life production facilities at the first cell of God increasing force/concentration many times

  • Dreaming of Per Gessle/Roxette and being natural.
  • It is still your mother bringing us out, and we have taken the form of her to bring ourselves out. We are now also building a bathroom/kitchen (to produce original life) here at the first cell of everything, which is what will bring out the most of everything. We will now get the all big sport car instead of the small Renault 4 in comparison. And this is the most economical to do because if we did not, this first part of God would “always” be turned the other way around bringing us resistance, and then it is better to do everything now – to bring the finest cake of all. Everything will work as original planned. Now we are waiting on your mother here, yes she has promised to return, and we are now ready to take the New World in after I have adjusted myself to it.
  • Do you have the camera, and I felt it as “exceptional” and I felt/saw it in the hands of the part of me still not being turned around. No one will believe that what you have now gone through was to live – with all of the world – without an operating system, and the feeling is that I did this not knowing but just doing it because I could.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “face-drawing”, big gray again, a big hat for a little head, be-ware the animals, some really nice with glasses, moral and double-moral, gatherings of letters “g”, soldiers with helmets and in disguise, praying naively for survival, the triangle of the Trinity at Antarctica , Africa smelling honey/creation, and sitting at mom and dad – tired..
  • Short stories about an estate burning down which may be a poor sign to me (?),Steen continues his “teachings” given by my voice of darkness among others spreading the misunderstanding that there is not only one truth, I brought my reply that Steen & Co. should be able to realise that they receive “darkness disguised as light” by using logics for battery hens, and a circus tent collapsed to say that there is practically no more darkness.


20th June: Entering the narrowest entrance to bring out the first cell of God now coming to me as “my new home

Dreaming of everyone receiving new computer programs (“new selves”)

I went to bed after midnight, and slept first until 05.35 receiving the feeling that it was time to get up, but then I continued sleeping until 07.15 – not making me fresher – receiving these dreams.

  • Everyone receives new computer programs after the class, including Michella, has rebelled. Something about washed shirts, I have terrorized them, I show them how to eat a Danish pastry bar, and Michella is breaking down.
    • New computer programs are “new selves”, the truth has been “upsetting” to people apparently also Michella.
  • The owner of the programmer of the IT-company I worked together with at Aon in the middle of the 1990’s – I cannot remember your names – rent new offices at Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, I know everyone at the office. The programmer (Ole?) makes sure that ducks, which normally was wiped out at the water edge of the stream now survive after receiving an update via a new Excel spreadsheet. I run towards Tivoli, which has become the Central Station when I get there, and some take the S-train, where I take the coast-train (towards Helsingør) together with a friend and a beautiful lady, and I see my family having 500 grams steaks.
    • We are improving the access to the Source making ducks, i.e. worlds, live/survive where it was previously impossible. The lady is still about my “old nightmare”, and the big steak is about “much life”.
    • Half awake I was told that the “Noa” pension and insurance calculation system I did together with this “not-experienced” IT-company (making it “impossible” to do) was also about creation because I wanted to make the system able to do “backwards-calculations” by calculating what you have to pay in order to receive a pension annuity, and not what people normally do, which is the opposite, and that is because this system had to take NEEDS of people into consideration, and yes a system to create eternal life is what we did here as I am told.
  • I woke up with four hiccups to yet a new Suede song – many of them right now – which was another 100 point song (which they made many of in the beginning), “we are the pigs” and the lyrics “We all watch them burn”, which will have to be about what may still happen if I should lose it now before we have reached the very top of the Source inside this castle of his, and it was followed by “everything will flow” including the lyrics “life is just a lullaby” and “Oh, and everything will flow”

Entering the narrowest entrance to bring out the first cell of God now coming to me as “my new home

Half awake I was shown that my father has picked a new very little apartment, where the kitchen is so narrow – after having been expanded – that it just and very exactly can have two dishes standing next to each other.

Do you know someone important (?), and I was given the name of the previous boxer/businessman (of the worst “profit-darkness”) Hans Henrik Palm

I was told that we avoid receiving the ”empty for humans” stage, and I felt happiness of this, and it corresponds to be at the hairdresser without having a hairdresser.

So we did not have to bring the flood, and that is because of his, i.e. my, faith in being able to do everything alone, so this is what we did. And then we needed no goalkeepers, so I took them out. And this is part of ignoring all the warnings I received, which simply was to say that darkness does not exist, and when your mind is strong enough doing this, we were also able to keep the world going. This means that we have no prison of state less anymore. And we would like to bring congratulations from your mother because of this. We could have driven a very dangerous long way around to get here, but you decided via your actions “let us go directly after the gold”, so this is what we did, and I – the father – did not have to change much. And everything was about pulling you up here to do this. So we will get a flying start (?), and yes instead of starting from dead/zero once again, we have learned that we don’t like that. And this means that we don’t have to play wedding bells of your mother and father too …? I can hear them in the distance moving away or closer ….?

So he decided – before time – to remove the marks of the beast, and there was nothing we could do to stop him, said with a smile.

This means that there is no dog outside waiting on you, and we could get all the way in.

Kärnan would soon sense that you were dying. And from here we would quickly turn down for blood pressure and everything to prepare the final road back to new life of an eternity, but you did not, which made it exciting for us to see what he now has in store, which is what we are still following.

So it is from Helsingborg that we will receive the last.

The only reason of explosion was if you would not be strong enough to enter here then. And it was the force of nothing that you had to go through to come here.

This morning, darkness was strong again keeping me on my very edge – almost going into its negativity – and still this is about walking up the stairs, but inside the castle where I already am.

It was just the camera, which we had to get up of the water. This is not very easy to do without a camera (to bring life), but this is what we did because you refused to die.

You are not protected in Libya ….

I was told something about my father not having learned all language of my “old nightmare”, and was given speculations about whether or not this would be carried out if I lost it by now.

I was tired all day, which is STILL not nice, and today the heat also came with temperatures above 25 degrees, and I had trouble to work but decided to keep on working until I was done.

This was one of Stig’s famous Slazenger (tennis balls) strokes, which was my “game” today with Steen & Co., see the next chapter

So you are really still taking off your old clothes, my friend (of darkness/the Old World) before becoming my new self.

Well, it was not rain weather when you threw the line of the world in to me was it (?) – the big jump to the Source in 2010 – and yes otherwise you would not have been able to enter if we had seen your darkness.

I found a new place and another computer at the library, which now worked – which it did not before, see the next chapter with Steen – and when I succeeded to finish and publish the script of yesterday in the beginning of the afternoon, I was told that now your mother does not have to go for a trip around the world, which was with the understanding to bring sufferings as the alternative to publishing this script.

So I am not freezing with that huge ship now coming in, and this is how it feels like after the task of today trying to open the minds of Steen & Co.

Has he received the key to the safe (?), no he IS the safe, this is the difference, so go right in.

So is this the state prison we are still trying to be released from (?), and yes the worst darkness of Steen & Co, see the next chapter.

At 14.30 I was truly disgusted working but now trying to write the script so far also of today, and maybe even doing Jette’s pictures too, and yes it will probably not be better tomorrow with darkness of Steen & Co. coming.

Yes, I thought I had “no work” to do today, but still I had enough to continue until 15.30.

Would we burn off the last short road (?), which I understood that we would. So you can say that there is now only a short fuse (less to destruct the world with).

We did not need a camera to get in here, otherwise we would never have entered.

There is one single reason why you did not become a circus clown with your mother, which was because of “love”, so there you see, it is me pulling you home.

Your (physical) mother held for a lifetime, and if I have to bleed, burn off the last, it can only be sent to her/the world.

We are going very deep again, which is also via my mother’s help, and I was given a small heart attack, and no you are not “conceited” (in her mind), are you?

And all of this including Steen – and others being involved lately – is the reason why you are still deep in here as a living dead bringing out gold nuggets for the closet, which I have not yet build.

We have continued the game as it is with your mother’s life being at stake, which is the only way we can bring in the ambulance, which we otherwise had not been able to do, and this is also done by keeping world rulers in check (no one dares doing anything).

I was shown and told that you are also bringing down this airplane safely.

It is a fantastic watch, which we believed that we could bring up, but not this way, and I kept on feeling the actor behind this game because I was kept on the edge today with MUCH tiredness, disgusting dizziness and pressure of darkness on me constantly making me on the edge/about to scream if I did not control myself, which is truly difficult going through every second when it simply continues and continues, and I felt how the actor gave me a choice between continuing or giving up, and in case of giving up, I would be given light without sufferings, but no, I don’t like giving up.

You will receive 1st place inside here, and I felt a force from outside coming in, and this is the effect of Steen & Co. today.

And this means that I am actually deep inside Karen to get out the last, which is a “fun” thought.

I was hungry in the afternoon, and even though I have decided not to use more than I normally use this month, I decided to buy a cheap shawarma of 25 DKK at the Royal Shawarma place, and I told the Lebanon man there how Lars and I always said “plenty with meat” when ordering our shawarma’s in Copenhagen (normally next to Nytorv), which we received because we were valued as regular customers, and yes this man today said “but of course”, and “was helped” doing the same with me today, and I smiled because I know that this is a symbol coming to us for years saying “bring out all life you can”.

My mother had invited me to meet her and John at 17.00 today at the main square to listen to free jazz music, which is between 15.00 and 18.00 every Thursday making life and happiness here (but where were all the young people, who also should have been here), and we had a drink and when the band played the lovely “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”, a middle sized passenger airplane with propellers flied in over the square, and it was really no more than 200 metres above us, and even though it did make a sound, it was so low that John said that it was “sound less” (!), and I told him “look at the size of the plane, it should be MUCH bigger with this low altitude than what it is” (!), and John simply said that “but it is an airplane” (!), and yes it flied over the square, where hundreds of people were sitting many probably seeing this and not reacting because it was “only an airplane”, and I saw how the plane right after the square turned around, and yes in a bow it came back now flying the other way (!), and yes how often do you see an airplane of “this size” flying 200 metres above a city almost with no noise and “much smaller” than what it should be (?), and yes even turning around and returning for yet another view (?), and yes you have NEVER seen the likes here or at any other city at any other time, and I was told that “you have just made history”, and yes I recognise the airplane as the same airplane flying in front of my house days ago as the spaceship of everything, and yes made in the form of an airplane making everyone but me see it as an airplane even though everything about it was “wrong”, and this was to say that we are now very close to having brought in everything releasing my father from his prison, and I was told that the clock beneath water is also the camera, which we have brought up.

After the historic drink/music, my mother had invited us for the yearly tour to Tony’s Italian Restaurant at the square, and this is because tomorrow they will be going with John’s sister and brother and their spouses to Restaurant Fyrtøjet (“Tinderbox”) at Nyhavn in Copenhagen, which you know is about a man going through much pain risking his life but becoming King at the end (also receiving the princess).

We had “the best pizza in the world” as my mother said, and it is truly “better than the rest”, and John will now be hospitalised again on Tuesday and operated on Wednesday if everything goes as planned this time, and later I was told that the reason why his operation was postponed the last time was because I did NOT visit Robert at Falck, which we obviously needed to bring the heart of everything to me – for him to receive a shock releasing “the old man” – and yes if I had had time to think, and had understood the necessity of this, I would have pulled myself together to visit him/Falck, but as you know, I did not, I took Rolf and Judith at the park instead, and yes I can really be annoyed with myself when not doing what I should, and yes I also keep on being told about the good things I do, and yes when thinking I am really also told what I have missed doing on my road, which is “not much”, but here was one.

I was reminded of an old class friend from Helsingør Commercial School, Jørgen, whom I had completely forgotten about, and I was told that this is what is happening here, which is that invisible life becomes visible to us and that is because of faith of some via Steen & Co. today.

I was told that even the best amplifiers – of life – cannot see if we don’t open to the Source.

I felt absolutely TERRIBLE at the restaurant, and I was finally home at 20.00 becoming completely broken down and sweating all over.

Finally, I received the order to meet with Lisbeth at the Commune at June 27, so I wonder if she has “new plans” for me, or is “afraid” of me and yes what if Stig is really the one?

I was told something about that it is not as you believe it is, I will tell you no more.

I felt a mild presence of “the old man” only centimetres from my face, and I felt how he looked at me and said “my new home” and yes you came to bring me, and we have bet on whether or not you would be ready to come this time.

You have absolutely no idea what you have just brought through here, do you (?), and I felt how “the old man” felt my face and eyes, and “this is me then”, and yes you are very welcome – the first time he saw my face, you know.

I was told about an apricot, and I was thinking of a “very concentrated taste of orange”, and they don’t get any more concentrated than here with “the old man”.

We believed that we would have to continue living with the wounds here, but do you want to tell him that Vivian, Peter, Steen, Rolf, the mayor and whom else (?), who crossed my road lately, helped to sort this out (?), and yes is this enough to bring us up including everything from inside of here?

So it is big blisters at the inside here, which we thought that we were always going to remove to get to the Source, but you said “perfect”, which is “pure access”, and we will continue until this is achieved.

Tomorrow, we will just pull the duvet in to you, and I felt Michael Sadler from SAGA, and did we get his faith (?), which is also why darkness is lifting (?) – isn’t he the one who was supposed to bring me my Barbie doll (?) – and you don’t know what is on its ay in, and yes we were prepared to pack all of this together, but did Peter D. lift up Vivian (helping her to receive some faith) and the Frederiksberg guy too (“Bunton”), and you still stand here knocking on my door saying that we will not leave without you, and I could cry when I heard this, and yes “every little thing” has to come with me, he said, but I have not done my hair (!), and yes please come when you are ready.

And if he, Stig, just had played football from the front so we could see you, but no, you took the long way around now coming in from my back, so now we can turn you around – “the old man” – and no, “no more” is what we had expected you to say (because of all work/pressure given to me), but no “never give up” means to “never give up”, which makes you come here saying up on the horse, daddy, we are bringing you too.

I received a new sound to the balcony and was told that I have not completely left the place here, which first will be next week, and yes John will be operated June 26, and surely it is not all of the wallet, which you plan to pull in, is it (?), which we expected that it would take a long time – after the opening of the New World – to bring, but you don’t want to give up before everything is “perfect”.

Well, it is from these blisters (on the wall) that we come from, and no, we don’t really know what they are. And it is these blisters giving you your “old nightmare”, so what do we do about them (?), and yes “make perfect” (!), and he (the blisters) is awful making us pack clothes wrongly, this is how he is, and yes the one/foreign body creating us.

Is it now Steen at the toilet again (?), yes Steen, what is it now – I feel that he is asking our spiritual friends for help – and no, Stig is not God, is he or is he (?), and did we bring Steen a voice telling him the truth about me (because of me) (?), and is Steen asking if Stig is crazy, no, he is your “father” is what we said with two underlines, which my father here said as darkness self in the not finished cupboard, which the perfect is in disorder because of these blisters, and yes without these and him there would be no life with the normal condition being “no existence”.

So you are calling for a dock worker, who is not there, and you want us to terminate what created us (?) – the blisters – and these are the STRONG feelings given to me, but no, I have NO knowledge of this, so I ask you to do “perfect” and let you decide what to do, and what if there is more “valuable” coming from these blisters, so please do what is RIGHT to do, my old friend.

And it is via the narrowest entrance of all that you are coming here, and I was reminded of the dream where two dishes at the kitchen of my just had room to be.

I continued receiving the feeling of “the old man” or God – and yes I have decided to call my father for “God” instead of continuing this “the old man” – as a small existence around my head.

I was shown my old class friend Peter T. being brought in by STRONG and TALL guards into a cold and ancient, dark building, and wasn’t this where we were afraid to being terminated (by the Source wanting to remove the “imperfect blisters”).

Isn’t it like Frankenstein, who is going to have his wife? Wasn’t this what we said that we had secured us against (?), being terminated, but it was hard until the very last right until you came home with everything.

And then I would be inside your left foot as “not created” yet (to come in our New World).

I was shown a one-wheeled carriage, and was told that we are now back at the first cell of everything. This is your bag, which John reminded you to bring from the square, and yes I was about to forget my rucksack (including my vacuum jug and mugs for coffee at the library) and only remembered it because John reminded me of it, which was a symbol about his “faith” (?) in me bringing God, and this is what we used your mother’s love this evening to transfer.

I was told that (reactions of) new Facebook and LinkedIn contacts as I keep getting all of the time – mostly via my own invitations sent to people – also help bringing everything.

Yes, isn’t your father also on the edge of the grave (?), and that is together with John, who was given a cough to show me that he is still receiving darkness from my mother killing him, and this is now the impossible test we are facing next week also with your father, and no matter what we have to come through!

So it is the worst week now coming, which will finished with meeting Lisbeth from the Commune, and what will she decide to do with or without the mayor (?), and yes will we come through everything without being declared permanently disabled to work as a symbol of darkness stopping me.

I received the taste of a delicious and concentrated Asian sauce symbolising that everything will become even better to start with (at our New World) – and Asia/Taiwan being with us – because of God being brought in, and we now see the exist of this week coming, but only if you keep doing what you normally do, which is to continue working without giving up, and I can only hope that we can do this without Robert from Falck – replaced by Steen K. and others (?) – and yes, John has asked not to be driven this time, so I will not come to Lyngby again to meet Robert/Falck.

We will need at least seven days to get free, so even though God is free, it is not all of him being freed yet. “Cutting the head off” was about cutting off God (to be part of my left and not right leg), and there is nothing that I wanted more than to be with you, and it is still me bringing you your heart no matter where I sit, this is how well I know the access to this giant lamp.

India was also decisive of this, would we received their support or not (?), and I understood that we did.

I was shown and told that the words “Jesus Christ” hang lose in the air for your mother or sister to being able to see.

I received the lyrics “I can do anything” from Kaiser Chief’s “Angry Mob”, which is what I can as my new self, and yes another of m favourite bands in a song giving me the same deep feelings as I originally received from the Jam, and yes the same energy, vibe and “atmosphere” – I love it :-).

So we have kept everything going including your father to go through this also because you have continued rejecting your “old nightmare” – and alternatively wouldn’t your mother become sad if you had to leave her for a little while?

Steen Kofoed received a “12 point denial” from my spiritual voice without understanding that he was fooled by darkness

Today, Steen brought the first of 12 points of a script he has received spiritually – by the same spiritual voice as mine called “denial”, and this included among others the words that “we are spokesmen of a very big collection of spiritual beings, who want to remove misunderstandings and deceptions around us and our movement” and with this comes 12 core points of this denial to receive “a better and more clear relation for common happiness and use”, and the first denial is the “misunderstanding” that “there are evil spirits” (!), and the denial says that some people describing “us” have only seen the surface of our behaviour, which some experience as “anger and evil”, but behind this, there are spiritual beings, who are afraid and sad. “There are no evil spirits, and the being you call Satan does also not exist, but is a picture of man’s unfinished sides”, and yes this is what it really says, and Steen “cannot” understand that this is a lie given to him – just look at wars, sicknesses, crime, negative feelings etc. as a proof of darkness – so there you have it once again, which is “darkness disguised as light” trying to convince Steen and with Steen many people that darkness does not exist even though everyone can see it (!!!), and I therefore said that I had said it before but here it comes again, and yes I said that this is “darkness disguised as light”, which is fooling Steen, which is what is sad, and only by reading and understanding me, you and others will understand that this love really is the opposite, and I look forward to the other 11 rubbish points, and yes this was the task of today, which opened up for MANY feelings of people. And this is part of being able to walk out yourself from the state prison, and yes “incredible feelings” of Steen comes against you, and it is “not nice” to be spoken against, Steen, because you are a “GURU” to other people, which makes you feel so nice, so nice (?), and yes working as the Devil prefers to work, which is to use you as his speaker to fool (yourself and) people, and yes this also gave a me couple of new “followers” and one new friend, so it was not “completely madness” what I said also in your ears (?), and yes yours too, Steen (?), and what does this make you (?), and is that in doubt about whom I really am and the validity of information given to you? Approx. one hour after this “dialogue” started, I went to the bathroom at the library, and took my USB-key with me, and when I returned and inserted the USB-key to the open computer, it “broke down”, and yes is this what I am doing to you, Steen, making you think that I am “evil” chasing you without realising that it is opposite roles that we are playing (?), and yes I had to open another computer instead. I was told about Adiba, “who knows” about me, and this is the feeling now also spreading inside Steen, but still you “cannot” decide to do what is RIGHT, Steen, which is to support me, and that is because this would make you “lose face”, and there is “nothing” worse than this? Later, at 13.00, when I was about to update my script of yesterday to publish it, again the Internet at the library “decided” not to work, so thank you Steen & Co. for sending me darkness, which you don’t believe exists or is “only good” as the opposite of love! But it was on/off really, and later I found a computer, which “decided” to work. So again, these “loving” people are DARKNESS TRYING ITS BEST TO STOP ME!!!

And let me say that as usual when I work with darkness, I do not know what is the truth and what is deceptions of what I am told spiritually, but when you have written more than 8,000 pages including writing  down all of your dreams etc., and when you have the kind of experiences as I have being spiritually overshadowed around the clock – STRONGER than anyone have ever received – and when you have thousands of proofs as everyone can find when reading my scripts, you know what you speak of, and yes on contrary to Steen who is still kept in darkness. 

FB 200613 Steen

FB 200613 Steen 2

FB 200613 Steen 3

FB 200613 Steen 4

FB 200613 Steen 5

Fb 200613 Steen 6

FB 200613 Steen 7

FB 200613 Steen 8

Google Earth: Changing of energy at another plate and Makarios III of Cyprus among angels

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show changing of energy at another plate, clouds formed as mixed heads, people won’t listen but talk too much, two clouds could be used for philosophical considerations, the general and not the wife is here, and Makarios III of Cyprus among angels.

FB 200613 Jette 1

FB 200613 Jette 2

FB 200613 Jette 2b

FB 200613 Jette 3

FB 200613 Jette 4

FB 200613 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • George from Kenya had also “read” my website and since he “knows better” too he let me know that there is only one truth, which is Jesus – who is certainly not me (!) – and yes he quoted from the Bible, which he obviously needed “strength” from to protect him from me (!), and I was told that in his mind, what I do (“claiming” to be Jesus) is considered a sin, and yes I simply wished for you to READ and UNDERSTAND and to become my friend, George, but you could not, and was that because of laziness and your “I know better without knowing” attitude?

FB 200613 George


21st June: We are building light and life production facilities at the first cell of God increasing force/concentration many times

Dreaming of Per Gessle/Roxette and being natural

I was surprised to be able to sleep from 00.20 to 08.10 without being awakened during the night with dreams and not to be very tired this morning as I was yesterday, and yes I thought that this is what Steen K. & Co. would make me, and there was only this short dream from before I woke up.

  • I speak to Per Gessle and tell him that I have watched a documentary with him and Roxette, and I ask him if Roxette are popular in London. We like speaking together, we are “natural”, and I tell him about Swedes loving to come to Copenhagen to receive herrings, snaps etc.
    • This is what I did, I saw a documentary on Gyllene Tider, Per’s Swedish band, a few weeks ago, and some days ago I saw a documentary on Roxette on Swedish TV, and yes “amazing that Marie has come through her brain cancer” as my mother said recently, and yes she did, so this is why they are now “flying”, i.e. working, again.

We are building light and life production facilities at the first cell of God increasing force/concentration many times

I was told about China being a not yet built airport, and I am here given the vision of Kim Jong-un of North Korea and told “also because of your support of North Korea”, and we had to go through this too.

No, you are not a low current engineer anymore.

I was told about Storkespringvandet (“the Stork Fountain”) of Copenhagen – with stork symbolising birth – and told that despite of the love of my mother, she could not bring what my father brings, which is why it is important that he is also still alive – including Thomas H. and everyone else.

We wonder if Lisbeth’s ”going to the doctor” view on you has not been changed.

So how have you/we kept the small game at play – this is the most important.

I keep being told that Elijah keeps money for himself from his “sponsors” intended to help poor people (?), and yes is the case, Elijah, this is why I do NOT like NGO’s, which is because of what they do to “help themselves”. When you help people, I like people to help directly from one man to another, which is about TRUE charity and responsibility.

We have not brought the driver yet, who is yourself – which has to be the driver of the taxi delivering my new self.

Southern Germany is not without importance to me, and where did I stay as Hitler (?), and yes at “Berhof” near Berchtesgaden, and what is special about this place (?), no you have not been there as Stig, and not even close (?), and yes you went closely through here when driving to Austria via Munich with Camilla together with Rene and Dorte in 2000, and what did we pick up there (?) ….

We know that it sounds crazy but it is still your mother bringing us out, and yes we have taken the form of her to bring ourselves out (!), and it is still “no deductions” (of life), which is the voice coming to us making it “easy” for us to continue playing.

Again I worked at home this morning finishing the script of yesterday and so far today, I had lunch, and then drove to the library after lunch to work there – including a mouse you know.

I was shown a cardboard box turned around the wrong way, and I was told that we will now stop receiving turned-around light of the Source.

I was told about Iran, and no I have not written much about them, and then I received cold to one of my teeth and “we don’t have to say no more” (i.e. Iran also destroying me).

I was told that my mother and John are going to Nyhavn to empty the channel from water and to set up lamps there too.

I was given a feeling in the middle of everything and a distance and weak voice telling me that we are now also building a bathroom here at the first cell of everything, which will become a kitchen, and what will bring out the most of everything, and it came with the feeling of enthusiasm, and I was told that this will make the tenderloins extra tender.

This is also because you have not flooded us.

I was told and shown that Hungary is almost doing a painting, which I understood as helping to bring me alive.

When did we go from Feudal to city community (?), all of this is also decided inside of here, and that is of the most inner God you know.

So we did not have to get quickly down to your grave, you decided to go all the way to bring out everything.

And in here, we can choose exactly what layer cake to ….

It is inside of here that all colours and everything are decided, and not just being “copies” of.

I was told that every quarter I would come late every morning was also of importance, which is why we timed it for you to start working as the first, and yes practically every morning to get a good habit, which darkness could not break through.

And this is the most economical to do because if we did not, this first part of God would “always” be turned the other way around bringing us resistance, and then it is better to do everything now – to bring the finest cake of all. And all of this was located beneath where you are buried, so now it is only about waking up all of my new self, and yes that junk there, which is still how you look like without me/the Source.

You must have a bid policy (?), what do you want to bid for it (?), nothing (!), and yes this is the price of the Source, so what was all of this darkness/nothing we had to go through bringing all of our energy, yes haven’t you found out yet (?), and we know to turn around everything of nothing inside of here from “minus” to “plus” and to bring all creation with us.

The hour of the class is now almost over.

Well, there are no children’s rooms, there is only me here, and yes this is what you are trying to bring out, even more parts of me by doing your best once again to bring your final answer to Steen & Co. as you can read from the short stories of today, and yes really because I was so extremely tired/exhausted/dizzy yesterday that I did not write the all of the comments I should have, that is why.

And yes it is NOT EASY to work against the whole spiritual movement believing that I am crazy together with the official system of the Commune and psychiatric “industry” also treating me as a mad man and yes my family and friends doing the same – at least in the beginning – but someone has to do it and that became me.

“Sold out” (!) – no more darkness. Will the helicopter then come at the very end also to lift me up?

I continued working at the library until 16.00 today, and yes making today 10 times easier than yesterday, but still it was not very easy to come through.

Do you have the camera, and I felt it as “exceptional” and I felt/saw it in the hands of the part of me still not being turned around, and also the feeling “no, you will not get it”, but yes we know he will not give up before he receives everything.

It was not only me but also your mother watching out this mine area.

It corresponds to not having received your credentials yet.

After sending my answer to Steen, see the short stories, I received “you are not a howl-Steen, are you” (?), and yes not easy to understand that you are a servant of darkness, Steen (?), and you would like to send me directly to Hell if you could?

So you have decided to put me into my dream-ship, have you?

Has Phil Mahre received trousers on?

Is this like returning from incineration (?), which is “there is no doubt that I will not make it”.

I was told about my mother and ”Reeperbahn” – the red light district of Hamburg symbolising darkness – and also that she has been interviewed, and now it is the last part awaiting me, and yes of the final verdict of the Commune next week, and will they decide to let me go?

Do we have any blood pressure adjusting means that we can use (?), and yes to make the world believe that I was doing alright without fainting/dying, and yes you saw all of the strength of the world to bring this when I had my blood tested at Helsingør Hospital in the beginning of 2011, and yes this was to fool Lisbeth/the Commune/system.

You have not stolen from the cookie box have you (?), and yes Stig is concerned that we have not yet shown him everything, so therefore the message is to continue until I have received everything.

No one will believe that what you have now gone through was to live – with all of the world – without an operating system, and the feeling is that I did this not knowing but just doing it because I could.

So did we go through a new period where your mother would have liked you, i.e. to bring down the old world if I gave in. Is this about given your mother a ring on, or is it to remove it?

How is it possible for the Commune with “examinations” of me and my family telling you that I am crazy and that is for you to still have me on cash help (?), and is that solely because of me and my influence on you? So all of their goal was to put me in with “the blue wagon” as we say here for bringing in crazy people at the mental hospital, but no, not me, why?

So we have just exchanged her with Øllebrød (bread and beer soup).

It is like your “Direktørkontakten” (a book, which I wrote much of pension and insurance to in the 1990’s, but my manager Kim S. took the credit!) is stuck, and yes Kim sitting on his behind deciding on you to do his work.

We will now get the all big sport car instead of the small Renault 4 in comparison.

This is what we have pushed Kim S. out in, either murder (on me) or suicide (because I removed “Dansk Erhverv”/”Danish Trade” from his list of clients). And without Kim we would also not come home.

I felt Steen and was told and shown that it is not him bringing me in from the balcony now, is it (?), which I saw that it is, and yes it only requires a moment of faith for me to pass, this is how we have designed it.

I was shown a gold store in the bazaar of Marmaris, Turkey, which I visited with Camilla in the 1990’s, and I was told that we forgot to say, Turkey is now finally with me.

I have been shown the heel of Italy several times lately with “shoe” being life and Italy being joy and happiness.

Is it just the brown belt that I am removing, and I was shown a man all in white, which is about the Michelin Man getting ready.

No, Steen has never received anyone in his door calling himself for God and being “convincing” in his appearance as I am, Steen?

I was given the brilliant single from Jarvis Cocker’s first solo album, and could not remember the title of the song, and was told that it is something, which we are, and later when looking it up, I found it: “Don’t let him waste your time”, which is then what we will not do in our New World.

What does Polyester comer from (?), which no one likes here, and I do believe that it is from oil.

What do we have at the Arrenakke Camp School (?) – where I went once with my class in Espergære – and yes traces of me overtaken by the many people having been here since.

We have only reached this far, and then I was shown the second last house on KARENvej in Espergærde, where I lived from 1976-78, which is to say that we are deep inside Karen bringing out this first cell of God.

I was shown the streets of Torremolinos at Costa del Sol, and I was told that Steen is one of these streets (of darkness).

I was told that the newfound faith of Turkey is not something you advertise about, but it is tremendously important. You have no idea how much darkness from Mallorca, which you had to move yourself, which is now helped by Turkey.

I received the feeling of and was shown how I am entering via Vorupbør.

Isn’t it also my mother, who is divided – with Evy etc. – whom will also be collected as one.

I received a tear attack and was told that it is because of Karen, and later also my mother – and just maybe Steen too?

Is this just the week coming (starting on Monday – today is Friday) where we will pull up everything of me (?), and yes I was given the feeling that this is what we are doing, and we have started this process.

I was shown myself underneath a bed, the King’s bed.

I was shown the BIG mouth of Kim Larsen, and how a train comes through there.

Everything will be working as original planned, do you know what this means (?), which is “a lot”.

I received less notes this evening, and then a sound to the balcony and I was told that this does not mean that I am not here.

Now we are waiting on your mother here, yes she has promised to return, and we are now ready to take the New World in after I have adjusted myself to it.

I still feel how darkness is transferred to me.

I am the monster, but now I am nothing again after you have removed everything (of the Old World) from me, which I had given life (and wanted to explode).

Did your mother tell the Commune that her son is not crazy, is that it?

I was shown the House of Insurance on Amaliegade in Copenhagen and told that all royalty entered here, and yes a symbol of our New World, and their faith is not unimportant.

We would never have come out without the Matador TV series, and also not if you had not attended the Martinus classes around 2005 via my Facebook friend Birgit, and yes how are you and Jan, who “could not” accept me as Facebook friend.

Do you know who was scout for you receiving an idea about who you are, yes who is Stig (?), and isn’t it funny that this has not come out yet (?), and we know my mother’s ex-husband Ole, who became “mad” (!) with hypochondria and also seeing “things about me”?

Yes, we will try to get all the way up to the top without Falck.

I received an email from Lisbeth from the Commune now moving our meeting to July 4, almost one month late, Lisbeth?

Google Earth: Moral and double-moral and Africa smelling honey/creation

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “face-drawing”, big gray again, a big hat for a little head, be-ware the animals, some really nice with glasses, moral and double-moral, gatherings of letters “g”, soldiers with helmets and in disguise, praying naively for survival, the triangle of the Trinity at Antarctica , Africa smelling honey/creation, and sitting at mom and dad – tired.

FB 210613 Jette 3

FB 210613 Jette 4

FB 210613 Jette 5

FB 210613 Jette 6

FB 210613 Jette 7

FB 210613 Jette 8

FB 210613 Jette 9

FB 210613 Jette 10

FB 210613 Jette 11

FB 210613 Jette 12

FB 210613 Jette 13

FB 210613 Jette 14

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren wrote about this “historic diamond”, the “Sparre-sholm” estate, which burned down yesterday after lightning, and it made me think if this is a sign of burning down parts of the first part of God (?), which I am not told about, which we will have to see.

FB 210613 Søren E

  • Steen included his row of denials to “misunderstandings” with no. 2 being about “trapped ghosts” and 3 about the spiritual world not being bored or just waiting to help people, which I had no comments to other than I thought that this is how Steen & Co. have been “occupied” and yes via their “interests” we have kept them “busy” not discovering/understanding that this was the same darkness speaking, which was about to burn down the entire world – we have now passed the Judgment and everyone is still and only alive because I did not give up (!) – with all of these people working FOR darkness AGAINST me (!), and yes really to bring me the fuel/building stones of darkness for me to turn around to light, but old readers will of course understand this, but when you are new and “cannot” and will not read and understand, this becomes “impossible” to believe in. 

FB 2006 210613 Steen

  • And here is no. 4, 5 and 6 with no. 4 being about the “misunderstanding” that only a few can reach contact with us, which they say is wrong, no. 5 that “we are neither better or poorer than other people” and no. 6 “there is only one truth”, which they say is not truth because “we are all designed in such a way that what we believe – through a long row of lives – we believe so much in that it can be difficult to be open to others path and belief. And this is about the saying of these people that “your world is not more true than mine” making it “alright” for all people to have their own “beliefs” as the truth even though these beliefs are really given by darkness as deceptions, and yes let me tell you that there is only ONE TRUTH about me and that is that we are ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE with ONE PHILOSOPHY, and this is what I have brought you via my scripts to teach you the right way instead of all of you following your own selfish and very often wrong/misunderstood path (based on your selfishness, lack of purity, lazyness, better-knowing ignorance etc.), and no there are NOT other “opinions” about me, this is it!

FB 210613 Steen

FB 210613 Steen 2

  • Today, I wrote this to Steen & Co. as my final remarks to the thread of yesterday to underline that when he quotes his spiritual voice that “there are no evil spirits, and the being you call Satan does also not exist” it goes again all darkness/sufferings given to man as any kindergarten child knows about – war, sicknesses, crime, negative feelings etc. – and that it is amazing that people can be so naive, and yes a “fool” really to accept anything, which he is told without questioning it – and again I told about how they believed that there was “something wrong” with me, and that I am the voice, which Steen receives as darkness – there is a HUGE difference – and I brought a link to this script for Steen & Co. to read if they bother, which most will probably not because I am “not positive” compared to the loving voice/light (of darkness!), which they cannot get enough from, thus being selfish and misunderstanding sending  direct darkness/sufferings. Not long after bringing this, I was told have you not received a “treatment verdict”, no it is not done – is this how you “feel”, Steen?.

FB 210613 til Steen & Co

  • I shared my message above on my Facebook timeline and it made my spiritually interested Facebook friends Dorthe and Bianca support me when bringing these replies to Steen’s thread with Dorthe saying that she sees Steen as “one of the many people of New Age, who completely uncritical has jumped on the wagon with “we are all one, everything is good, everything is love, channellings only comes from good souls etc.””, and Bianca said that “only God judges” (having read my reply) and “we are all on a journey with our individual tasks” (including “free choice” etc.).

FB  210613 til Steen 2

  • This circus tent collapsed today in Kalundborg, Denmark, when it included 500 eating guests, and it was “powerful blasts” pulling up the plugs on one side of the tent, and yes what do you know about this (?), and only that this was my spiritual friends doing this to bring you this message: There is (practically) no more darkness, which is what circus is an old symbol of.

210613 JP om Arena



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