June 23, 2013: Ending creation of our New World, I am now outside starting creation of an eternity of new Sources


Summary of the script

22nd June: Michael Sadler and Medina brought me the last gold nugget of my father now closing down “perfect creation”

  • Dreaming of walking up stairs and developing life with my camera after having brought it up from the sea.
  • The potatoes of the Source are ready after having been into the oven of darkness. My sister will help to do the final work by giving me the final darkness.
  • I was told that the combination of watching SAGA and their singer Michael Sadler live in concert from Germany on the Internet this evening, and later to watch Medina live in concert at my neighbour, Konventum, was a special combination needed in order to bring an end to all creation, and when I watched SAGA live, I was told that this concert marks that Britain and everyone else has given up, i.e. the whole world – all countries and armed forces – has now given in to me, which was a condition too to do “perfect creation”. This is now what is equalised, we borrowed much energy at the SAGA concert in Copenhagen October 31, 2012, which you have now paid back, so here we are on equal terms on top of the world. Michael Sadler has brought me immensely darkness “hating” me for my stories about them and their mascot Harold, but knowing that I love their music. This is the end of darkness with Sadler’s pipe leading it to me now being dismantled. We have now uploaded all of my mother of our New World to the Source. I went straight to the concert outside with Medina after the SAGA concert, and I was told that the combination of Michael Sadler and Medina is what it took to bring the last gold nugget of my father on place from Sadler and inside of me via Medina. The spaceship of everything told me that we have saved all life.
  • My father and mother have made love tearing down the ovaries of my mother to bring everything alive, and this is what on my side was given to me as my “old nightmare”, which I had to withstand, which I did, and this making love is now ending with the rescue of every little thing of life. I was asked how do you feel now knowing that you own the whole world, and my answer was that I really don’t care, I am just Stig.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Africans, Taiwan today, a big lump of life, receiving a new nose, the mouth of the upper is the eye of the guy below, the jackals attacking the victim.
  • Short stories of Steen walking the line of darkness bringing all 12 WRONG denials of darkness, the love and natural behaviour of Sanne Salomonsen, Martin Krasnik and “cock-a-doodle-doo”, and a Danish racing driver killed in an accident at Le Mans because of darkness brought by friends of mine.

23rd June: Ending creation of our New World, I am now outside starting creation of an eternity of new Sources

  • We have now ended the transferral of the biggest part of me, i.e. of the first cell of God, the ball of everything, which we have turned around, and we did it without having a heart and still the world did not collapse even though it should have exploded here at the end of time sending us to the eternal rice fields, and this was avoided because I am now strong enough to go against this. We have really all been inside the newspaper (of destruction), but it was dry and then I was able to bring everything with me. It is this first voice of everything wanting to destruct us, which is also setting us free. I was shown a glade in the forest and a road inside of this, which is completely full of cars (life), which we just have to bring out of the Source, i.e. the New World.
  • Dreaming of Søren Pind confirming that they were not allowed to speak of me and the Conservative almost stopping me, and the journalist Henrik Qvortrup not believing in and attacking me.
  • I went through a difficult time today of sufferings to be able to get out of the most dense/concentrated darkness to come out on the other side of the New World, crossing a small railway to connect with all of the eternal Source and secure future creation on top of the New World, which we will do without sufferings now that we have the recipe of life and technical skills and don’t have to save old and terminated life first, which was really the hard part. I was looking into a new, unique world including all sleeping life, which is just there and we don’t know from where it comes, and this is also how it was with us.
  • This evening we gathered everything again when Karen and I, who have been separated, again united, which brought the end of creation of our New World without curses being brought to my mother, and this happened weeks after Karen could have killed me (!) when she blocked me on Facebook, but now she has turned around hoping to hear from me again. I am now outside the New World using this as a diamond to connect to new Sources starting an eternity of new creations with each triangle of creation fitting into a huge triangle uniting everything of all triangles/creations/sources.
  • Short stories of Tom Kristensen winning a historic 9th victory at Le Mans symbolising my victory, and Meshack, my dearest friend, brought me the news of a curse, i.e. darkness, killing people of his village.


22nd June: Michael Sadler and Medina brought me the last gold nugget of my father now closing down “perfect creation”

Dreaming of walking up stairs and developing life with my camera after having brought it up from the sea

I went to bed at 00.30 and slept not very good until 07.30 – making me more tired than yesterday but less than the day before – and I received these dreams only.

  • I walk up fine looking stairs, and I have to move halfway a little to reach the last part of the upper stairs, and at the top, I see two teams of 3-4 ladies each, who are competing against each other, and one team includes my old friend Kirsten, and neither her or no one else says hello to me making me sad.
    • No, people are SILENT keeping their self NOT supporting/communicating with me, and still going to the top of the world I am.
  • I have 10-12 people staying with me at my apartment in Hørsholm over the weekend, where there is an insurance course. I have started a project myself, and I ask someone how he is doing, and he says that it is almost impossible for him to start his project because of resistance of my old friend René. I have been out on town in Nyhavn, and I tell my old friend Lisbeth that after I received camera in my glasses, it made the experience much better. I am now walking all through the pedestrian street of Copenhagen with Lisbeth wearing these glasses.
    • This is the camera that we had to bring up from the sea, and this is to develop life, which we are now doing at the Pedestrian street, which will have to be new life of our new selves.
  • I woke up to Pet Shop Boys and their very fine song “we were never being boring” receiving the lyrics of the chorus.

Michael Sadler and Medina brought me the last gold nugget of my father now closing down “perfect creation”

I started the day with new pressure of darkness on me for example saying that everything will be so perfect that we cannot pressure a letter through, which was to fool me to accept no transferral of life, and yes if I am not careful, this is what darkness still wants to make me do all of the time ….

Do you think that those conversations there – hospitalisation behind my back – leads directly to Klaptræet Cinema (?), and yes the restaurant there as John spoke about the other day again bringing a reference to him “thinking of me”.

Which grade did you receive in Arithmetic (?) with the feeling that we have now come all home including everything, which required the absolutely best calculation.

The explosion of the Soja-bean cake factory in Copenhagen in 1980 was also me ….

I received two STRONG sneezes.

We really cannot walk at all at the Central Station.

Was it my mother being ready to remove the air of the tires of my bicycle – via what she told the Commune?

So was all of this put on the shoulders of my mother?

I was told that our visit to Sanna and Hans tomorrow at midsummer evening is about smashing to win 6 to 0.

Isn’t it “funny” that my old friend Fuggi has been SILENT on Facebook for a VERY LONG time (?), and also that Dan Raclin suddenly decided to be silent too on Facebook starting some weeks ago, and yes he does not write on his “beloved” media anymore, and is this related to my writings on you, Dan?

Something about my mother to prevent an accident, and later “moving” and no there is not a big chance of this.

Is there a youth school rebellion ongoing (?), and yes about going up against Jais, who brought the school wrong information about me?

Let us give credit for Theosophical Fellowship, and yes when people decide to send out light to help the world as they do, which is good instead of people using the light for selfish reasons, this is really the difference. I don’t have a roof above my head yet, this is what the helicopter will help me with. Is this heaven growing down to you?

So the potatoes are ready after having been into the oven, and I was shown Hørsholm symbolizing darkness, which is the oven that the Source has been through. Then we just need a duvet.

I was told that it was “not nice” for Helena being told that she is part of my scripts, so she has been told according to this, and was it Søren Pind doing it?

Not as cold as January, but still your mother has kept on “freezing” because of you.

I finished and published my script of yesterday after lunch at the library, and I kept on working until 14.00 today, which is how much work I was given.

And then you can show yourself again, Sanna, with the feeling that she is helping to do the final work by giving me the final darkness.

Isn’t it only trash fish which is supposed to come out now?

We can hardly do a racing bicycle without bringing it outside.

Let me look at the date, and yes it is alright even though it is still attached to the wrong side of me.

Was it “Stig is dangerous” that your father & co. brought to the Commune about you, which we had to remove again? And of course he only meant to “help you”, right?

If you had not been able to control yourself watching beautiful and naked women on the Internet, we would have given you a smell of burning hair, which I was then given, and we would then have offered your mother, i.e. to help, which would have burned the world.

And this is the same “material” of your father, which we now use to keep it from raining in.

It is like having a clock radio, but it is up in the clouds now, and yes we concentrated much doing our best as you said, and I still feel the “simple minded darkness” of my inner self doing this work.

We are not going to get only one new room (?), because there is an endless line of new rooms made after me, which is now coming in here all of them – as I understand.

Your mother would not be able to sew a bag without him, i.e. the first cell of God, and this is what is going into an eternal cycle of all new creations, and she did not know this.

So the Commune has the bile from your father, and yes the love/statement of your mother too, and what did they decide to do (?), and yes build a bridge for me to get over to this the first cell of everything (?), and yes it looks like it.

And with this they have the key for creation – both mother and father – and yes collected here at the Commune, and what did they decide to do, and yes for you to “survive” instead of the opposite, so this is why we are here today.

I am now writing the notes of the evening starting here at 00.30 after I was told at bed that this is NECESSARY to do to avoid more sacrifices of life, so this I do because I can despite of feeling so bad that I really should not be able to do it.

I was told that it is the same film that we are starting over again giving different results/worlds depending on different layers.

So your mother saved you at the end giving positive feedback on you.

I was thinking of the concert this evening, which my neighbour of the LO-school/Konventum had arranged with some of the big Danish names – Outlandish, Alphabeat and Medina – and I was thinking that there is something special about Medina, so was she coming to me too like Loreen did when I saw her in Helsingborg (?), and I was told that it corresponds to what you will bring with you when the Kvickly Supermarket is closing down for good, which you otherwise has to go out in space to find, and yes sort of a security device to close up, and she is now bringing me this weapon turned-around not to destruct but to preserve everything.

It is like a barbecue party here, which was a reference to a TV program I saw the other day with Michael Palin visiting an airplane factory in Brazil with a painter there loving barbecue.

It is like a guitar amplifier coming in, which was also made possible by Jette, who – not very easy – decided to continue her work, thank you, Jette J.

On my way back from the library I was given a thought about Michael Sadler from SAGA, and two seconds later, a bee flew into me and trapped inside my shirt, which is not that nice when you can feel it “desperate” against your skin trying to get out, and yes I thought that it would give me a sting, but it did not, but an uncomfortable surprise it gave me.

This is what could have been the 5th room if I had continued before starting the four-room creation, and I understood that this 5th room is now close on us to be created.

Late in the afternoon, I heard Outlandish playing from the concert stage maybe 200 to 300 metres from me, and I was given the feeling that they were nervous because they know that I live right next to here (?), and I was given a connection from the stage to me – like a pipeline – and do you know what they transfer to you (?), yes faith.

I was told that creation has been made as a gift, which cannot be exchanged.

I was told that the restaurant “Quattro Fontane” at Nørrebro, Copenhagen, which I liked much when I was young, received its name because of the four rooms of me.

So you would not receive a new drivers licence, i.e. new creation, if Lisbeth from the Commune had given up on you giving you permanent disability pension.

Late in the afternoon, I was INCREDIBLE tired again, and so tired as the worst tired crisis, and again I went through this.

I was shown much finer/more gentle distortion to my TV and as usual I see how it is given directly from my spiritual friends, and this is about getting the last details on place.

So now I am finishing all work and will no longer need a “life annuity” – i.e. cash help in this context – and what will the Commune now “offer” me (?), is this what they will do accepting my work as “activation work” as I have suggested them from the beginning.

I felt terrible today not only because of tiredness, but because of darkness physically being everywhere inside of my body with the STRONG and constant feeling of bringing me resistance/physical disgust.

I was told that Mujahedin – Muslim guerrillas – in Afghanistan has been told about me and asked to put their weapons down, but nothing helps, they “cannot”.

I felt my father in me and was given hiccups and I understood that I had to go through my “old nightmare” without giving in, which on the other side was about the spirits of my mother and father making love to bring creation of everything, which was done to fill all of me up with life, and what will now happen with me (?), will I get outside the New World (?), this is what I feel, and yes as the Source still having a task to continue creation of the Source for an eternity to come while I am still everything of the world and Stig inside of it.

And I was told that Medina brings her input, and my mother is the bottom stopper of this.

So all of this is my heart, which is about our New World and I now felt it from outside.

Earlier today I saw a post saying that SAGA would play a live concert on German TV this evening, which would be brought on their website, and I was encouraged to share this message on my Facebook timeline and also bring “Humble Stance”, one of their absolute top hits, and later I was told that Michael Sadler – as my Facebook friend – had seen it knowing that I will watch too and that I will be with him when he will sing “Humble Stance”, which is where it will happen, and no he is not just the lead singer of a band, he is the world Lord self in another edition.

FB 220613 Saga via Stig

I was told that I had to do my journey alone without Karen and others, and being alone doing this task was the only way to bring everything.

Again I was told that eating cakes/cookies etc. – whole packages of cookies in one or maybe two days – should have made it impossible for me to come through because of negative feelings of my mother.

The SAGA concert started at 21.00, and I understood that I would be able to see most of this before I would go to my neighbour at 22.30 where Medina would start her concert as the last of the acts today.

I was told that this SAGA concert marks that Britain and everyone else has given up, i.e. everyone has now given in to me.

And it is the magic combination of you via Michael Sadler, and yes your sister via Medina (whom I believed Medina was another part of, thus also connected to Karen) – knowing that she is close to me this evening as I understand – that makes all of this go up.

This is the best way we can say “congratulations with your birthday” from your sister.

Your mother’s blood sugar is so low that she would die if it was not for you helping her, yes making you feeling like boned meat yourself.

Is George from Kenya also thinking that just maybe Stig is the one?

When the SAGA concert started I was told that underneath everything – including me at the oven playing games with me – we are not cold, and that is as my new self/our new selves.

In other words we have put out carpet everywhere in the finest quality, not least because of this guy, Michael Sadler and his reactions to you sending you incredible darkness because “who does Stig believe that he is” when sharing the story of they mascot Harold and yes his “reputation” and the band’s was much more important than understanding me, which they were “too busy” to do, and yes this darkness of Michael also killed one of his band member’s sons.

And this is now what is equalised, we borrowed much energy at the SAGA concert in Copenhagen October 31, 2012, which you have now paid back, so here we are on equal terms on top of the world.

When watching their first song “anywhere you wanna go” as, I felt that Michael still transfers darkness to me.

If you have felt the police calling on-going, it is because of all darkness we brought to Michael, which he let out on you.

And then we mix Sweden and crown Princess Victoria into this too, and why is that (?), and yes because it “feels good”, which is her feeling about me (?), so thank you for following me, and “hur är läget, Vicky”?

I heard a cracking sound to my oven of something breaking and it is first now that we are breaking out of the oven too, Stig, and yes what a game where I have many times received the impression that it is fine to have the Source beyond my father here, but you have said that MAKE EVERYTHING PERFECT has first priority so this is what we do also bringing this with us to our new place.

I was shown Titanic and told that Joey Tempest from Europe (the band) was not right, and yes the whole music industry knew that it we had reached “the final countdown” to the end of the world, which would have required that I accepted the lump of life attached to my right foot – as I feel now – to explode, but no the world could not make me even though it was written way before my time that this is how it should end, and yes for a New World to replace it afterwards also developed by me but not as Stig inside the Old World.

I felt and was shown Mørdrup Church in Espergærde, where I had my confirmation, and I was shown and told that this has also absorbed “everything” of its surroundings – related to and because of me.

I received pain to the outer joint of my left finger when SAGA played “you’re not alone”, which is because I thought that this audience don’t sing along on the chorus as they do normally in SAGA concerts, and I was told that Michael received the thought that he is not alone with me also watching him.

So this means the end of peeing of darkness, and yes via Michael Sadler too, and I feel some sadness of the dark voice controlling him because he sure had a “great time” living “fat” on money, ladies and yes hookers too when he was going abroad, and that is even though he has wife and family at home, which is really not good, right Michael?

I was shown a thick dark pipe in front of my face, and was told that this is the pipe, which connected Michael and I, so all of his “luxurious” life in sin was sent directly to me as sufferings too – and I received the feeling that normally we don’t show these pipes, but here it was shown to me.

So there is no more money, i.e. energy/darkness, remaining when we are done with this.

I was shown how I am fed with flowers of love – I am literally shown being fed with flowers.

So it only worked when also my father and “all of them” – not least Lisa T., the priest from Lyngby, but really many others – sent me as much darkness as possible for me to absorb so I could fill up everything, and yes I still received darkness wanting me to give everything the finger, and “let us just try to give in just once”, but no.

Your mother almost has Christmas Trees pointing out her mouth, which is impossible to hide from her, but still she has “not felt” anything, ask her (!), which she then has, but could not in her WILDEST DREAMS believe that it was connected to me and yourself, mother.

I was encouraged to bring this long and this shorter link to my SAGA playlists on Grooveshark, and yes was this too much to handle for Michael – to give away your music for free?

You are not Superman times two now, are you (?), yes you are, we just needed some time to upload all of your new mother, which we did while you kept the world going.

So there was one cool refrigerator after the other, did you count how many (?); no but there sure was “an endless line of them”.

I was given the name of the actor Birthe NEUMANN, and yes “NEW MAN” is what is coming out of this concert, also for you Michael.

And if you had said “get lost” to us – who is bringing you the worst pain asking you to do exactly this all of the time – we would have had no other option than to come alive in a new life.

Half an hour before the Medina concert, while I was still watching SAGA live on the Internet, Medina brought this post saying that “I have arrived” (!) – yes, this is what I have 🙂 – and I told her that we will be seeing each other out there and I will stand on the other side of the fence unless there is free access (despite of many guards and fence all over) and then I encouraged her to GIVE everything she has, and when I wrote this, I was told that newspapers will see this – and again my comment (and the new after the concert) “decided” to show as the first two.

FB 220613 Medina

SAGA now played “Humble Stance” live, and this is when Jack comes into the picture because he has not really given up yet on me, have you, Jack (?), and yes first I was given the direct feeling that you and the armed forces have not given up, but it changed to “given up on me” meaning that you are with me, and yes a “key” this is too even though we really don’t need keys, but I am happy to announce and yes the whole world is with you, and is this what you would have liked to write me, Jack (?), but no you “could not” so instead I received your voice, and this is simply to say Stig that this is what was required to bring “perfect creation”, and yes not the easiest task I have been given in the world, and yes doesn’t HUMBLE STANCE sounds NOTHING LESS THAN FANTASTIC (?), and yes it plays live when I write this, and now I know why I am given this, which is because Michael sings “there is no one going to help you”, so there you have it about this song, which is to say that I had to do everything myself because there was no one who wanted to help me and that is at least not directly and we know of the official system/world and approx. 99.9% of all family, friends etc., and doesn’t the finishing guitar sounds like a howling dog (?), I think so, and yes I brought all of you with me.

So we don’t need raincoats after this song really (?), not this was the end of creation – instalment of the New World.

And what is now that, is Medina sending me darkness too now, and yes I feel diarrhoea coming together with the feeling of her, so did you see my comment, Medina?

Well, there is nothing more you can destroy now, so what is this very real feeling then about (?), and is this for me to get out of here (?), and is this the feeling of Medina being nervous having me as a visitor (?), you really needn’t.

Victory came because people started realising that you are positive and not negative as they believed.

Communication was completely broken down here at the end of the world, and your task was to bring the world believe in you as the coming Jesus being a normal man by Stig, not the easiest thing to do.

At 22.20, SAGA had finished their show – before extra numbers – and I decided to go over to Konventum to see if I could get in, and if not, to listen to the concert or some of it from the other side of the fence, where I would not be able to see.

And yes there were guards at the main entrance and all around the fence, so I could not get in – I know it is WRONG, but when you are as poor as I am, I decided that if there were no guards just a moment, I would enter – and then I decided to stand on the left side (when having the buildings in the back) of the fence, where the sound was fine, and it AMAZED me just how well it sounded and just how fantastic Medina’s music is live, and yes she started with “dig og mig for altid” (“you and me forever”) as the first of a long line of hit songs (no. 3 song in the video clip below), and I thought that this is what we are – “you and me forever” (alive of our New World) – and also that the techno/dance rhythms were fantastic to listen to live, and I was told that it was the combination of Michael Sadler and Medina that we came from, and this is what it took to bring the last gold nugget of my father on place from Sadler and inside of me via Medina, this is how to do it, and yes I was standing here TIRED and it was raining a little, and she continued with “Jeg lyser i mørket” (“I light in the darkness”), which I thought is exactly what I do, and this comes here as no. 2 song in this clip from one of her concerts in Tivoli in Copenhagen.

I was given very direct thoughts about reactions of people in relation to my story about the spaceship of everything taking the form of a passenger airplane with propellers (!) the other day flying only 200 metres above our heads with too little sound and being too little physically compared to how big it should have been, and yes it flew over the square and turned around (!!!) for us to see it return the other way, and how many “understood” this without your voice telling you that “this cannot be true” (?), and here I was told that I was given this thought because it is us saying that you brought all life in the creation, and I can only hope that this is right. I was also told that I can now decide myself when I want to bring out this spaceship.

I kept on listening to this concert from Medina, and yes I could see the stage less than 100 metres from me, the sound was fine but I could accurately not see Medina and the band on stage, but the lightshow and the top half of the stage, and when I listened to this music live, I was thinking that some of these songs are also true 100 points songs to me – in another genre than I normally listen to – and also that this is WORLD MUSIC and yes potential hits all over the world.

The same feeling also came to Michael Sadler during “Humble Stance”, where he was thinking of you again because you brought this video in your Facebook post, and he knows that you love them too, and he hates you, and this is the interplay that was necessary.

I received “very direct words” about how love making is now being aborted, and I was told that the biggest shock is not that Medina is not another part of your sister, but of your mother, which is why I was also attracted to her, which is “forbidden” to me.

Already when arriving at the concert, I was told to hold out for at least “five songs”, and approx. at this time, after five songs, I was given a VERY direct feeling of trying to go back to the other side of the fence where there might be a better view, which I then did, and when I came to the main entrance now seeing that there were no people at the ticket sale desk, I thought that just maybe I can walk right in, which I then did (!), and yes passing two guards on my way, but they did not stop me, and this is how I was now inside and yes watching Medina and band on stage – did you see me, Medina (?) – doing a WONDERFUL show, and yes I love LOUD music too, and this was very loud compared to Tivoli, and just a little bit too loud where it was almost on the limit to make my ears hurt, but it went fine, and yes I stood in the middle of the stage maybe 20-30 metres from the edge of it, and simply enjoyed it, and I thought that these “modern rhythms” are not very different to how Yazoo as example sounded 30 years ago.

Medina live 220613 Helsingør

At one moment, I was given a STRONG feeling of people behind me wanting to stab me in the back, and I had to look around, and then I received the feeling of my father, which was to say that this is what he did, stabbed me in the behind NOT knowing right behaviour too, and shortly thereafter I felt my mother coming with tears to me from her right, and the feeling was that we have now united being together here.

While standing there I was asked how do you feel now knowing that you own the whole world, and my answer was that I really don’t care, I am just Stig.

Medina continued playing, she looked fantastic in her silver dress, and she said “er I klar til at give ALT hvad I har” (?) (“are you ready to give EVERYTHING you have?”), which were my exact words to her in my Facebook comment before the concert, and yes she had heard me.

At the end of the concert, I was told that Michael Sadler has now released his grab in you.

Your mother’s ovaries were completely worn out, and it was as her old self that we created the New World, and apparently we continued this creation even when she stopped being here is it 1-2 weeks ago now (?), or just maybe she did continue being here?

What do we call the child inside of you (?), and yes because you are so much more as the Source.

I was told that we did not believe that we would be able to stand the pressure of women wanting you and you wanting women, but all in all, I do believe that we did pretty well also on this.

Google Earth: The jackals attacking the victim

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Africans, Taiwan today, a big lump of life, receiving a new nose, the mouth of the upper is the eye of the guy below, the jackals attacking the victim.

FB 220613 Jette 1

FB 220613 Jette update

FB 220613 Jette 3

FB 220613 Jette 4

FB 220613 Jette 5

FB 220613 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today Steen decided to bring ALL of “the 12 denials” that he has received, and I here bring the denials, and you can read his post here also to read additional comments, and my first thought was that Steen appears to be both blind and deaf and maybe speechless in relation to my comments (?), and still he is bringing this information, which probably also includes some truths in some of the denials, which I know nothing of, and no I will not go in detail with this, and the first six denials have already been brought, and denial 7 is about groups of (spiritual) beings meeting to share thoughts about how to help (physical beings), no. 8 is a denial of “punishing and exposing man to tests”, which I know is what darkness (of these spiritual beings) do ALL OF THE TIME via feelings and big and small experiences (!), no. 9 is a denial about giving and removing psychic abilities of people, no. 10 a denial that the spiritual world do not support war, violence and terror (“we only want peace and harmony”) – and yes Steen, do you think that man simply kills and commit crimes because they like to do it without receiving darkness and you do know about NEGATIVE THOUGHTS/FEELINGS, don’t you, Steen (?); and you do not know that all of this is given to you spiritually, and yes amazing (!!!) , no 11 is a denial about treating people differently depending on how they have behaved on Earth and no. 12 is a claim that Hell does not exist, which I have read convincing spiritual experiences about people being shown, so I don’t know myself (!), but these experiences were VERY convincing, and yes all of these WRONG denials – at least some of them if not all – were received VERY positively by his followers, who thought it was “nice”, “beautiful”, “apparent” and “wise” (!), and yes this is how darkness works, using “stupidity” of people, who cannot get enough of the “beautiful light”.

FB 220613 Steen

FB 220613 Steen 2

FB 220613 Steen 3

  • DR1 TV showed Sanne Salomsen in “here is your life” again yesterday including the very beautiful song “home”, and I told Sanne that it is VERY beautiful the same way as she is herself, which we could see on TV with the great love and natural behaviour she showed people, and yes I LOVED to see her together with Sneakers (if I had more room in my top 10, Sneakers would be there!), Chris Minh Doky and more, and yes “please give my regards to the environment”, which you may do, Sanne, telling people that I am still alive (?), which is why the world is still alive.

FB 220613 Sanne S

  • Martin Krasnik is a VERY popular TV journalist here when he is “grilling” his victims on TV, and here Michael Wulf asked with inspiration again if he is watching, and this is because every single time I watch Lykketoft & Ellemann on TV2 News, I think about Martin Krasnik, who used to be the host, who CONSTANTLY interrupted making Uffe Ellemann almost “lose it” many times because of the anger it built up inside of him, and no, I do NOT like Martin Krasnik’s way at all, and NOT the least bit (!), and here the cartoon is about “starting the least thought through interview ever” with a TV host asking a chicken “kylliky” (“Cock-a-doodle-doo”), which is coming to him because this is how I ended my final reply to Steen Kofoed yesterday (!), and yes this was both to say that what I wrote is “logics to battery hens” at the same time as this is about CREATION, which is what the chicken means symbolically.

FB 220613 MW0

FB 220613 MW

  • Yesterday, I saw a clip on TV about this Aston Martin racing car with Danish drivers at the 24 hour Le Mans race, and they said that they did beginner’s errors last year, which they did not want to do again this year believing that they could win their class, but what happened (?), and yes only a few minutes after the start today, the Danish driver Allan Simonsen lost control over the car and drove directly into the crash barrier so unlucky that he later died on the hospital, and yes I understood the connection between “beginner’s errors” and the strong darkness I am meeting now, and I received this news when watching Danish TV2 News, where I was surprised to see that the Aslak, I worked together with for a period at Brede Park in 2010 – when he was not too lazy to work – was the same Aslak here being interviewed as a motorsport expert, which I then looked up on the Internet and discovered that he is, and I was also surprised when I discovered that this is the same Aslak as I have seen many times coming with “funny/naughty” comments to Rikke H’s Facebook updates, and yes it made me think that these two good friends both knowing me have been talking about me behind my back – maybe misunderstanding me and yes not involving me – and one plus one is two as we say here leading to this result when darkness had to come out surpassing what I could take. And I was shown cows (symbolising Buddha/God) in a car and also the car as a canoe (bringing original life) shortly after I received the news, and first I was afraid that this meant difficulties to bring all life.

Le Mans Allan Simonsen dødsulykke


23rd June: Ending creation of our New World, I am now outside starting creation of an eternity of new Sources

Ending the transferral of the first cell of God without having had a heart and without the world exploding

I went to bed at 00.20 but as mentioned in the script of yesterday, I was not allowed to sleep but had to work, and that was after I had said that I could no, I was truly exhausted into my deepest I, and I was shown a SPAR grocer with a few stairs up as my goal and shown Jim Gilmour from SAGA entering a dark taxi giving me the understanding that he would be sacrificed if I did not stand up, and also that my old class friend Søren D-N would come making a mess up, which would also cancel John’s operation again, and we a deep, serious voice I was told “Stig, we are not making fun”, which is what it took to make me stand up, and I thought that I could probably do my work and publish the first draft of the script of yesterday within 2-3 hours despite of my poor condition.

I received Sydney Youngblood’s “if only I could” and the lyrics “Oh believe me, believe, believe me”, and yes this has to be one of the favourite songs of my spiritual friends.

While writing this, I received notes as usual, which follows here.

This is the ending, and if this is not done properly, they will come from the balcony asking to have the duvet exchanged.

I received the feeling of Medina together with new diarrhoea coming, and I was told that it was now because I had written to her “and welcome to MY world” as you can see in the script of yesterday.

It is first now that Medina is calming down that we are bringing her layer to you, which I understand is the top layer of our New World inside of me, and I felt this coming.

Think that we have grilled without grilling – yes this is what we have done.

There isn’t a ship yard if we cannot get you out – with the feeling being that there will now come a difficult time to secure this, and yes also here a very uncomfortable small heart attack, which I continue receiving approx. a handful of per day.

Yes, your mother was about to fall out of her chair when she left you, but we managed to keep her there. Was Stig a problem child and your sister the opposite?

When writing the last of the script of yesterday during the night, I kept on receiving the lyrics “who you really are” from “I wish I could fly” by Roxette, which is really because I continue flying, i.e. working you know, and potentially this was very annoying/disturbing because it just kept on as if someone was speaking non-stop into your ear, which you cannot switch off.

At 02.50 I had uploaded the draft version of the script of yesterday – without pictures/videos – and yes I also fought with the thought about staying up the whole day including the visit to my sister this evening, but no, I am NOT going there without sleeping, I was already dead meat yesterday afternoon, so this is NOT going to happen, which may bring more sacrifices, we will see.

I received the feeling of my mother coming to me from right again, from my balcony.

Again I was told that now I just have to wait for the script to be read to consolidate it including to bring out all of the eternal Source from the oven of darkness.

I was shown an egg being sliced in MANY thin slices, and was told that this is how we had seen ourselves coming in, but not as a whole as I understand that we do now.

This was the biggest part of me, which we transferred this way.

I still receive some sounds to my kitchen, which are now more “fluffy” like.

At 03.30 I was told that this is about staying up to avoid destruction of Medina.

Something about not just receiving a key and moving in, which will have to be for me to move in with the Source.

We will let them come and get us in a camping wagon, don’t you believe too that this is the best (?), and we know I have absolutely no knowledge about this.

This is the ball, which would have sent us to the eternal rice fields of nothing if it could, and yes we have now turned this around too, and it is a glass bowl of water/nothing, this is how it feels and looks like, and this is what we have sent to the world and yes turned around as your mother wished as the only way for us to turn around everything from minus to plus.

We had to pretend not knowing as darkness even though we knew as light.

Julio Iglesias’ “to all the girls I’ve loved before” is also about Michael Sadler.

At 04.10 I was told that it is from inside of here at the Source that we bring new bits of the New World and I saw it coming out.

This voice of mine trying to destruct me is the same voice also bringing us free.

I tried to sleep on my sofa, but still there was a strong resistance for me to sleep, and I had a dream/vision of coming back to Obama’s office in the worst darkness, which I have just left, and Naser Khader is looking for explosives to come free, and I did not get all of this, but I was told that this message came to me via Medina.

Again I was told that what we have done is impossible because of lack of faith in me by Søren D. N. I was also told that the Economy Minister Margrethe Vestager is cleaning up after me and feels that I am unjust.

Dreaming of Søren Pind confirming that they were not allowed to speak of me

I went to bed again at 05.20 determined to sleep no matter what, and I received poor sleep until 09.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about a police escort on Istedgade in Copenhagen, Søren Pind takes off his trousers, despite of guards, and I ask him why you did not say anything, and he said that they were not allowed, and I think that this matches with what I wrote. Something about a TV street, a remote control and my TV now being unpacked, which may be because our friends have pushed the button, and I was shown the Conservative in the other window doing their best to resist and stress us all, which almost stopped us.
    • Istedgade is the old red light district, and when Søren is not wearing trousers, it is a symbol saying that he has been given strong sexual sufferings too, and the closer you are on me, the stronger the sufferings. And politicians and others of the official world – and I see Johannes Long-Source here from TV2, and now DR1, so the media too – and the Conservative was meant to be a party of darkness defying me, which Lars Barfoed & Co. also did recently when they decided to do a solo-race to reach “fame and power” instead of doing what was RIGHT from a professional point of view.
  • I am moving forward against the TV2-journalist Henrik Qvortrup, which makes him almost attack me potentially killing me making it necessary for me to breaking glass to receive a spear to protect me, but instead of stabbing him, I ask him if he is a gentleman, where a handshake can be trusted, which he says that he is, which makes me tell him that I will stop my attack on him and wish you the best of luck instead, which makes him happy.
    • I was told that this was also talked about at the political folk meeting on Bornholm a few weeks ago, and yes Stig has been smearing Henrik and yes many of you, is that what you believe (?), and what about you, Peter Straarup, and yes the worst bread-and-butter politician playing the bureaucratic game of the system losing your old ideals (?), and no, I do NOT like what I see neither in the Parliament hall or at committee meetings, which is one big waste of time. Why cant you work professionally with “projects”/recognized tools instead of playing all of your war-games?
    • Do you have dreams of becoming a minister, Henrik (?), yes just writing what I am told.
  • I woke up to Cher’s “believe” and the lyrics “do you believe in love”, so the theme of today is about FAITH, and I also received the lyrics “I don’t believe in you anymore”, which however was clearly more darkness speaking.

Ending the creation of our New World, I am now outside starting creation of an eternity of new Sources/worlds

I was TIRED when standing up after a hard day, yesterday, and night.

I walked on myself turning that black thing around, and I felt that this was the strongest of all, and a letter will probably tick in any moment by now saying “no explosion” because this was the one settling this.

You have crossed the point of no return, which otherwise would have cost a farm in Austria.

So now there is only one once in a lifetime experience like this remaining, which is about tonight, where we will gather everything. Do my family already “freeze” because of me?

This is like collecting hair. I received a double sound to my balcony and was told that we are not going to turn around again.

We have really all been inside the newspaper (of destruction), but it was dry and then I was able to bring everyone with me.

I was shown a glade in the forest and a road inside of this, which is completely full of cars, which we just have to bring out – i.e. the New World – tonight or is it during John’s operation in three days from now?

So my mother is my complete contrast, but we share the same love, so “American Pictures” (love of Jacob Holdt) or not, she loves you.

By the way, we have now removed the blisters.

I was shown a tipped over ship having the British flag on its side, and it has now been raised, which was a dark layer for you to come out of.

I was shown a small railway crossing, which we have to go through when connecting with all of the eternal Source, and I was given a sound to my balcony and was told that the rest of the Source – beyond the first cell – is now here, and the entrance to it is even smaller.

So this is about building new floors on top of our house, where to we lift up light. It is now the rest of the eternal wedding cake, which we have started building, this is how we feel, and I was shown a VERY tall wedding cake.

I was shown the yolk of egg, and was told that we will not be met by Bruce Lee (resistance) in future.

I was told that we – the New World – is only a small black airplane/missile beneath the wing of a much larger airplane having MANY missiles like ours under its wings, and this is how we are shown when I am still working from the dark side.

I received the feeling of the singer Lars HUG, and was given cramp to my right foot – while I took a long bath – and is this because you don’t believe in me, Lars?

So this is just a new bridge we have to build (to the next Source)? This is what we use the diamond of our New World with your as its spearhead, and I received the feeling that the entrance to this eternal Source is in Israel, so I wonder if we will be moving this too to here.

I was shown a big chamber in the ground and was shown a strawberry being thrown down, and MUCH dust being released and inside this dust, I see MUCH life, and at the side of the chamber one very BIG figure/God, and I was told that this is looking into a new, unique world, which is just there and we don’t know from where it comes, and this is also how it was with us – and yes as Stig, I am only thinking that logics is that this does not come from out of no where (?), but until now this is what I am told that it does, and that is an eternity of it where our roll is to add the magic formula to turn around all of this to become life.

I was thinking of the spaceship of everything disguised as the passenger airplane the other day, and also that I should have written that not only should it have made a much louder sound if it had been “true”, it should have made an INFERNAL noise because of flying just above our heads (which you simply do NOT do over cities), and this brought me the thought of the Danish band INFERNAL, and I was shown a pipeline leading us to the next Source, and was told that it is faith bringing this pipeline/tunnel, i.e. faith of Infernal too, and yes like the pipeline/tunnel of love as you see here in their hit song “from Berlin to Paris”.

So we will continue moving up to new buffaloes (worlds) as I was shown, and I was also shown a pipeline/tunnel going to a farm house (world), and from here it continues forever.

In principle every new chamber/farm house is three pressure cookers, but we do believe that we are so much in control of technical skills to be able to control and turn around everything.

“With compliments from the chefs”, which is about faith in me in parts of the best Danish chef’s maybe now helped by Bo J. and Thomas P. as two of my new Facebook friends and among the best chefs in Denmark.

This corresponds to be at the very top of a sports centre, where there is a small hatch in the ceiling leading up to the new sports centre/Source/world.

I was shown a fuel pump and asked how do we get energy/”force” our of these Sources (?), and I was told that this is what I, i.e. my father, have invented.

I was shown the spaceship of everything and when it includes EVERYTHING, it includes deep, black concentrate of darkness, and when it does not, it includes less darkness, and this is like a Russian rocket shooting up including their worst war invention, which is what makes this the worst darkness of the world, and it is from here, the end of darkness, that you build up new worlds, and you use the yolk of an egg and a tree turning lathe, where two pieces of wooden figures – our world and the new – meet at the middle.

This is pretty easy to do really because of what we now know, but we have no idea what will come to us from these Sources in future.

Here is a long line of staples or keys of a piano being life of this the next Source, which just waits to be awaken.

So your mother was designed to be cross with you, fed by your sister, and to go against you, but love was stronger.

One day you will decide not only on “perfect” but the details on doing this work of new life/Sources.

I was completely destroyed when taking a long bath not being able to be stressed with too much information/notes, so I received less, which was the limit of what I could take.

If you had accepted your “old nightmare”, it would have been your mother making love to herself – my old self was my mother and one half, and father as the other half – which is what would have made the Old World destruct, but still old life would be inside of the garbage can here.

Had we thought just to leave a note on the door (?), no we have to bring in the letter through the door of course via the diamond drilling.

And it is because of the opposition of your mother that you still receive small heart attacks like this, which I was just given.

I received a strong pain to my right thumb and throat for seconds and was told that this was the next Source coming.

Are you the hairy one (?) as the next Source now asks me.

Do you train in tennis digits 6 to 0 to do the same here (?), yes you are welcome and that is because there is no opposition here.

So what are we doing now (?), yes bringing you outside the New World to the next source and next and next and next.

And we will not have to go through the same difficulties/sufferings as when saving everything of all previous creations, and that is because we have learned how to create life, and don’t have to go back to locate and resurrect everything, which was really the hard part, so now it is really just do it.

And this is why we allowed darkness because digging inside mother is not easy to do.

This is what we mean by change of air.

We have never seen this road before, but it is also inside a metal container or cylinder is really a better word to use because it is not big

So darkness was also to allow imperfections to exist while we saved all, but not in our New World.

This is the biggest love of Karen, and do you think that he will come back to me again (?), and yes Karen, have you started missing to be hearing from me?

If you did not bother doing this, I would not be walking on your father’s terrace above you, and yes first him and then you, why is that (?), and that is because I still have the original formula of creation inside of me, and yes fine with me.

I was looking for the sir name of Margrethe Vestager, and I kept on receiving “Dinesen”, which is about Karen Blixen, and here Karen, who can’t get me out of her head, and yes to me she is the ocean’s daughter walking on a wave she came :-).

We are not already in a completely different world (?), but yes we are, and now we only need – something about my sister and mother this evening, and this is also because of the impact of Turkey.

What is the true meaning of Camilla and her family (?), and yes we are coming to that. Yes, without them, you would not enter here because they are made from “out of this world”, yes isn’t it funny, they are not part of this world, but the next.

No, he does not want to walk up himself is that it, Stig (?), and yes you have decided to “just do it”, which is to write the script of today despite of feeling extremely poorly today on my limit of writing.

We are now not for long Fru/Mrs. Madsen anymore, an old alternative name of my mother.

I was shown myself entering a building of Fredensborg Castle – the premises of the Queen – and was told that if you had arrived, you would have been welcome, but no one gave you this message.

During the afternoon I was so tired that I only wanted to stay at home, and I was told that this is also how my mother feels, but still we will both go as we have done many times before.

And then it only needs some varnish, and then you have a whole new house, New World, this is how quickly it goes now, and this was said when I had almost written all of the script so far today.

I was shown one big triangle made by many small triangles, and was told that this is how we are trying to set up everything of our New World including new Sources/worlds, and also that this includes some risks, which my family will help with via our meetings.

Yes, I managed to write the script also of today, which was difficult to do, and when coming to here, I was given the taste of bacon, i.e. more creation, but now of a new Source.

The task this evening is to close the New World. And we are still doing this as your old self.

I have been saving old not sustainable life of my mother, which gave me a strong déjà vue knowing that this was my task a long time ago including a feeling given to me by darkness “why should I bother”, but now I have done it because it was right to do.

I was told that my family has been colder than today, but still it is cold enough to do what we will do.

The strangest thing just happened to me; when I wanted to kill you when time ran out, I could not kill you, this is how strong you have become.

I was reminded to check the football results of Helsingør and Hvidovre, and yes Helsingør needed to win and Hvidovre to lose for Helsingør to be promoted, and yes it took a miracle to do, and it did not come when Helsingør lost and Hvidovre won, so is this another sign of life, which we were not able to bring with us (?), and it will come on the other side of the New World?

At 18.00 my mother and John came to pick me up going to Sanna and Hans on this midsummer eve, and first I did not recognise them when they arrived, and that we because they arrived in one of the new and smallest Peugeot you can get, and it was because their own car had received trouble with the front, right brake blocking, and yes another bad sign really that my mother’s car cannot drive any longer.

We drove the 25-30 minutes to Hørsholm/Rungsted, and when we entered Hørsholm, I received the feeling of Karen, who also lives in town, you know, and I was told that everything is now done, which includes no curses to my mother.

We have received confirmation of continued life, which we don’t know where comes from as mentioned before, and I felt that this is about having turned around the last part of the “the old man”.

I was told that Karen and you have been separated but have now joined again, and also that we have lived without a heart!

We had a fantastic dinner again, I must say that my sister has become a super cook on high level, together with fine Barbaresco wine, and I could not help smiling when I saw that she had made a wonderful desert of raw cream, different fruit, “crunch” and of all things elder flowers (!), and yes just like I was told the other day, I was eating flowers (!), and this is about love of my family including my sister, and yes don’t think that she has not much love to her family including me, because she has.

And in Danish, this flower is called “hyldeblomst” (“shelf flower”), and there was another symbol of “shelf”, and it made me wonder if I somehow entered at the “wrong shelf” because of the symbols of sacrifice as I am shown these days, and yes the death of Le Mans, the loss of FC Helsingør and my mother’s car not running, and yes Mandela has become critically weak again, or else this is simply about passing through the most dense and concentrated darkness to connect to other sources outside, and yes I do hope that Mandela will recover once again.

We had a very nice/cosy evening together again, everyone was there except Tobias, who “could not” come because he did not feel well, and yes “big feelings” of my youngest nephew.

And as usual, my family continue prioritizing a life of darkness for example with Niklas showing his new and very big/luxurious Porsche Cayenne, and even though it is seven years old, I could only think about why they don’t send money to Africa as I do, and when they during dinner spoke about going on a cruise on holiday maybe spending 6,000 DKK per person or more, which is cheap (!), I was thinking that this corresponds to approx. two months of my normal transfer to Africa and how much food this provides to suffering people, and also that I have had poor conscience for not being able to save approx. 300-400 DKK more this month to make my next transfer to Kenya a little bigger, and yes this is life, my own family continues their old life even though we are or should be so close.

And yes, my mother was VERY HAPPY for Niklas, and yes think that her young grandson has such a fine car, and yes “success” as written all over her face, and when Sanna said that she has become member of a new committee of “47 doctors” and her appointed by the Health Minister, my mother was also “so happy, so happy”, because the Health Minister is surely speaking very well, isn’t she (?) as she said, and yes I could have told them that she has no idea what she speaks of among other things because of the system feeding her with wrong information, and yes I received confirmation that you can drop all pills etc. for all sicknesses and give the universal “cure” of letting people live a “normal life” including good food, exercise, social relations, love, sleep etc., and this is how the Devil is still appreciated by my mother, and no my work is NOT mentioned at all and even less appreciated, because I am still “nuts”, or what (?), and not because I need it, because you don’t need appraisal as your new selves, but sometimes it is nice to receive positive feelings and appreciation instead of the opposite.

So Karen was ready to kill you again – when blocking me on Facebook weeks ago – but now she has turned around once again, and this means that we have now been into the deepest and most dense darkness of Karen again.

There is a tradition of going to Midsummer eve fire here, which “everyone” does, which includes to burn off the witch and for her to return home to Bloksbjerg, and we went to Rungsted Beach, where hundreds of people gathered and yes speaking, smiling and laughing, and I felt just how terrible my life is in comparison feeling as I did today as example, which was INCREDIBLE TIRED and warm/dizzy all over, and I was thinking of my daily battle to write my scripts as my single most important priority to all without having a life myself.

At home again I was half sleeping when I was shown a half circle from where light started to shine through, and without “him”, i.e. my father, we would not bring out the Source.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, a Danish racing driver was killed at Le Mans because of strong darkness, and today a Danish racing driver, Tom Kristensen, won the finest class of the race for the 9th time making him even more historic, which of course is a symbol of my victorious journey, and yes coming through killing darkness on top as the winner.

Le Mans vinder Tom Kristensen

  • Once again, Meshack brought me the feelings as no one else in the world has brought me before or after I met him, and that is because of his warmth, care, sincerity without any facade, honesty and strength, which to me is what ORIGINAL PEOPLE are about, and it simply makes me feel HAPPY to have such a friend, and in this respect, he is my finest and closest friend of all time, and I would like to thank you very much, Meschak, simply for being you and for being my friend showing the character I would have liked everyone to show, but at least you are a TRUE role model – together with your family and friends of your rural village – of original people of our New World, and yes without you, there would simply be no New World, this is the importance of your loyal faith and support. After reading about the curse of your village with people dying, I was shown my sister as a speaking parrot asking “do you want sugar”, and a parrot is a symbol of “speaking far too much” (behind your bag) as my sister did to me, thus bringing me darkness to be absorbed/transformed to light/life/creation of our New World, and because you – my friends – were on my side, you helped absorbing this darkness thus also sacrificing lives of your village, this is what it is about, and again, if you did not, we would not have been able to survive and create our New World. This is the connection, and as you know, everyone will receive eternal life of endless joy and happiness including a “normal life” in our New World, and that also includes all of your late friends from your village. Please bring my warm regards to everyone and my thanks for your loyal faith and support – this is the meaning of it. And I do hope that your old man – symbolising God self – had a good 100th birthday, that you brought him my greetings and that he is doing fine. Thank you very much for writing and keeping me updated, Meshack. You are my dearest friend of all, and I could have hoped that your LTO friends would have used you as a role model behaving the same way as you in relation to me (and everyone else).

Meshack email 230613



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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