June 25, 2013: Continuing the system of darkness to bring alive many new Sources/Gods before creation of our New World


Summary of the script today

24th June: Continuing the system of darkness to bring alive many new Sources/Gods before creation of our New World

  • Dreaming of finding more life of my “head book”, my mother and John running away from Psychiatric hospital, and entering the closed bar of God.
  • I have crossed the goal line – my impossible goal for years – bringing perfect creation of our New World, but still I continue the game. It is because I cannot get children enough, which is why I bear what I cannot bear. We are now expanding the existing four children of the Old World with new children/sources bringing WONDERFUL and very different expressions. It is like ending a symphony, which has no ending, where do you end when you can improve it much with just another act? So how many new Sources will we include as our New World before opening it? This is like when God originally started the first creation including four Sources, and I understand that the more we can bring before bringing out our new creation, the better, which is why I have decided to continue the old game of darkness – even though there is no darkness out here and it is from here that darkness inside the world is controlled (!) – including sufferings given to the world and myself, while the diamond of our New World is used to bring more worlds/sources. Thus, we have allowed negative energy to continue being given to me for me to transform to light/life, thus bringing new sources/life, and as long as I can continue running myself and our Old World, I will in order to do new more perfect creation now with incredible speed. It corresponds to a series of bars (of Gods) continued to be cleaned up from inside of darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show our football victory over darkness, don’t be shy – love, and very big faces on the sky.
  • Short stories of planning to see Suede in Tivoli this week, sending birthday greetings to my aunt, my cousin Jan sending me even more darkness, the end of the worst Devil of all – Berlusconi, and the official USA wants to charge the freedom-fighter Snowden with espionage for revealing to the world their systems of espionage of the world!

25th June: My father died January 10, 2013, but his wife decided to keep it secret to me until today when my aunt told me!!!

  • Dreaming of bringing in an ENORMOUS amount of new God’s/life from new Sources, GIANT lunches also symbolizing ENORMOUS amount of new life, which however has not yet received our “recipe of life”, I still meet darkness MUCH stronger than I, and I re-open a grill bar as a “factory of life” no longer requiring energy as I did before.
  • I was told that I will be able to “fix” John’s heart operation tomorrow, and when I spoke to my mother on the phone, she was crying and desperately fearing for John’s life. We will only go to Tivoli, the day after tomorrow, if John’s operation goes fine.
  • There is no energy out here outside the New World, and we cannot afford continuing work, but this is what we do bringing in much new Sources/God’s/life now also being shaped when continuing the play of darkness still with my mother/sister bringing me darkness.
  • I was told that the worst darkness is not coming from my mother/Sanna, but from my aunt, Inge, and my father, and then in the evening, my aunt called me and told me that my father had died already January 10 this year 2-3 days after he had been hospitalised because of incredible stomach pain, and she had not been allowed by “selfish” Kirsten, as she called her, to tell me. And this came after Inge had visited her son, Jan, on Madeira in December, where I was told about Jan influencing her against me (“Stig cannot be Jesus”), and I was asked to call her because of “outmost importance”, which I did not do when I was working on my extreme edge, and I was told that this was to receive the worst darkness of Jan via her, and when I did not, this was directed to my father, which is what killed him, “I am sorry, old chap”, I did a mistake, which I should not have done. It was darkness via misunderstandings of both my father self, Kirsten and all of her family and Jan, who “could not” read and understand me, which eventually killed my father. They “knew better” that I was “crazy” without knowing anything, and all of them abandoned me except from Inge, whom they won over bringing this my father’s death as the result. I have NOT been told spiritually about this, and have NOT heard from the probate court about his death, which I was sure that I would, so I thought that he was still alive, and today I can only speculate about what kind of talk and information about me, which has been going on behind my back. Was Helsingør Commune involved to remove my legal rights as heir because I “cannot manage my own affairs” because I am officially “crazy” according to the crazy psychiatric system also to lazy/stupid to understand (?), and was I considered as “potentially dangerous”, which was also about to lock me up behind bars of psychiatric hospital again (?), I can only guess, and the only one not being told is me, and if this made me sad (?), yes what do you think. Kirsten stole my father, and was insane when she decided to keep his death a secret to me – this is the opposite world, I was sane, and “everyone else” was insane not being able to do the only RIGHT thing. And I was writing this in the night to bring energy required to save John from his heart operation tomorrow, which I hope will be the result, and when this is over, I will inform first my mother and then my sister about the death of my father, which I am sure that they know nothing of, or do they without telling me (?), I never know ….
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “let’s get together”, “come come come” (our New World inviting new life of new Source’s/God’s to come together), go to the laundry (system of darkness continues), helping determined souls, almost snow-blind here, fairytale creatures of love, falling off Tasmania, head-bird, beautiful painting of all heads, mirror or next world, a smiling baby’s head, dream pictures, Sylphs, one did not “fly away”, birds of freedom, someone’s head on a plate, big fish (still “fishing”, i.e. bringing me on place at the Source), a waving plate (of the Source), and Charleston dance of celebration.
  • Short stories of a beheaded horse symbolizing the plans of darkness, which was to end the Old World, I receive much darkness also from the fine chef Francis Cardenau, the end of the empire of the Old World, and I encourage the Kenyan government to find a solution to teachers striking in Kenya.


24th June: Continuing the system of darkness to bring alive many new Sources/Gods before creation of our New World

Dreaming of finding more life of my “head book” and entering the closed bar of God

I went to bed at 23.15 completely emptied from everything, and I slept better until 07.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport branch (where I worked from 1986-88), and Lars H. and Henning J. tell me that they are happy that I cleaned up everything last year there, and I have now found even more very old ledgers (“head books” in Danish), which seems as if we can throw them out. We have gone through everything based on a long, written report, I have done, and we are now working together the three of us, and I am happy because it feels fine to do. The speakers play very nice music.
    • This is life inside darkness of the Old World, which I have cleaned up once, and now I bring out even more to my “head book”, which we will NOT throw out, and this will have to be work that we finished yesterday?
    • I was given the smell of “faeces” and was told that this is what I have also received from here, i.e. old colleagues from Danske Bank, and “you have no idea just how much”, i.e. “much”!
  • My mother and John are running from a train at the Psychiatric Hospital, which is in a different direction than mine. There are four children with one shared parent having received them with four different partners, three of them are red wines, and one is a white wine including green herbs inside of it. A woman loves everyone.
    • Signs that my mother and John still believe that I am crazy/”not normal” (?), or decreasing when they run away from the hospital (?), or simply to say that they were the ones being crazy, not me. The four wines are four rooms of our world, and is that because it consisted of four Sources/cells and not only one?
  • I am out on town with Lars G. and we stand in front of a bar, which has closed for two hours, and we knock on the door asking to come in despite of this, which we are then allowed, and Lars tries to sleep at the bar because he has to get up early to work, we have cheap beer, and we were also in the company of a beautiful lady, who is together with Lars, but still I try to kiss her and make her be with me.
    • The bar is the home of God, the lady is still my “old nightmare”, beer is God, and I was told that we will continue with the tent (of the world) even though there is no tent anymore, and yes as the Old World, but we have a new tent with a new generation coming up.

Continuing the system of darkness to bring alive many new Sources/Gods before creation of our New World

It is because I cannot get children enough, which is why I bear what I cannot bear. And it is not only girls, but also boys (the red and white wines of the dream), and yes “boys and girls”, “girls and boys” and once again “girls and boys” – bringing WONDERFUL and very different expressions.

USA also cannot keep its distance anymore – “who is Stig”? Yes, people are frustrated that we never seem to finish. When we have reached the farm, certainly we have to be finished (?), but if we can get just one farm more …. This is like ending a symphony, which has no ending, where do you end when you can improve it much with just another act? So how many new Sources will we include as our New World before opening it?

I was shown rubbing in my hands in Nivea crème, and the birth of a big child.

One restaurant is bigger than another in here. So there is no more Ole here, but it has not broken through to you yet, you are still alive, and what do we do at this stage? Do we have a gift inside the deep boiling sea? The two million DKK question is who is going to pull this up for you (?), yes your mother – for going against you. This is what is now on the balcony, the eternal Source. It doesn’t mean that Ole has stopped, it means that you are no one again – how much are we going to bring with us before starting up? And this is why my mother is more cold than usual. The difference this time is that we have the diamond of our New World to look out for more worlds/sources. Out here there is no resistance of an Old World. And it is up to you to decide when to begin. Your mother is not molecular yet.

I am still receiving sexual torments and also distortions to TV/video.

I was told that speed of work is still important and the faster I work, the less sacrifices of the world and vice/versa.

Your mother was word blind from birth, which no one knew about.

There isn’t as much as hoarfrost out here, isn’t this how it should be (?), and apparently we continue working as darkness as long as I can keep up the Old World and that is to bring as much new Sources with us as possible before opening up the New World.

Something about they keep smashing the ball in, and I feel darkness now below me, which I am moving away from (?), and shouldn’t all of this darkness have turned into light (?), and this is at least what I still wish for it to do when it is RIGHT to do, and I am here given a very small out of this world pain to my right ankle.

No, we are not used to get flowers served like that, and yes via the desert of your sister.

We have discovered that it is from out here that we control the “give all the power to the police”, i.e. darkness, and yes you do not want any darkness when all life has been saved and all creation is perfect, so if this is the case, I ask you to close down darkness of the world – and yes later I understood that it may be a good idea to wait a while, Janet Jackson, and yes now a Muslim (?), and how in the world could you????

After working the first hours at home, I cycled to the library at the end of the morning, and was given the thought of my aunt, Inge, having birthday today (I was going to send her my greetings), and then the chain of my cycle “jumped” strongly again – I felt the power of God making it do this – and I was told that this is the reaction of her and my father’s family to me.

And why are we still making a sound to the balcony, and yes this means “the eternal Source, which we have not yet located and started creation of”, which seems to be as it should be.

So this darkness is coming from darkness of my mother/the world still attached to me.

I was given a small heart attack and was told, hi Stig it is just me, don’t you want to go for one last tour over the sound (?), and we know, Stig, you will just have to figure out what is right to do now, so until further notice, the journey continues until I will know when the right time is to stop.

How are we going to anoint/introduce you and your mother to the world (?), and yes everything has been taken care of.

Did we burn the finger when moving out (?), yes this is what “bile” was about.

I received the voice of Peter Frødin (when fighting with “her husband” in Zirkus Nemo) telling me that “you are “a strong swear” not unemployed”, which was part of the play, which is now about to stop as I feel, and yes the play was for the system and everyone to treat me as unemployed even though everyone could clearly see – but not understand (!) – that I was working full time, and yes you saw it directly in front of your eyes, and you knew it, but still you could not get into your heads that I was NOT unemployed, and yes the same with other things – magicians etc. – which was “totally impossible” for the world to understand even though you saw it directly, and really the same with me and my website, which made it “impossible” for you to understand that I am me.

I felt Arthur Findlay College, and will my old friends there receive a careful examination about me?

How can we shoot at goal when there is no longer any goal keeper (of darkness).

My left finger continues giving me some pulsations.

I was told about my mother not having better entertainment than me.

There is no one thinking that it was well done for you to come here (?), and yes finishing the creation of the New World without the old terminating, and again this is what it means that silent people out there think.

Where do you want us to place this bed, Stig (?), and yes it sounds as if it is a new world/Source you are bringing, and I also believe that you know better than I, so please do what is “perfect”, and yes so far we are continuing creation as darkness, and we know if we can do just as well as light and start everything without negative consequences, this is my wish – and if the answer is no, we still have more to do first.

And yes you are thinking that your mother must have told the Commune that you are “not dangerous” as the key, which kept you out of mental hospital, and yes how difficult can it be (?), and yes for CRAZY and LAZY people, it was almost impossible.

Now I shall help you up from here (I see a hand to the next God/Source), and yes he, i.e. Stig, asked me to do it because “I know best”, and yes Stig, is it now you that we have to turn around too as the very last of everything (?), and yes it seems like it.

Do we have an apartment failure (?), and no, the Old World is still running, and yes as long as you can keep it running, the idea seems to be to keep my journey going to bring out as many new Sources to become part of our New World, and I wonder what is the difference doing this before rather than after the opening of our New World (?), and I am here given the feeling of Søren Rasted from AQUA, and yes let us find a new “playmate to Jesus” :-).

I felt my father coming to me as darkness, and yes you are now here outside the New World and nobody can harm you, so we will just continue our work and yes to bring in new Sources based on the work I do.

We have not met one elephant baby,who did not want to get out yet, “how did you do it” (?), is the typical question we receive, and yes it comes TOGETHER with a small heart attack, and yes here is some more about Suede, this favourite band/music of mine, “we should get together”, so this is what we do :-).

FB 240613 Stig 1

FB 240613 Stig 2

I believe it was yesterday or the day before yesterday that I was shown the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion in Copenhagen, where I came in 2010/11 and I was told that the teacher of the centre, Stephan, sees light on half of the circle of our New World.

Your mother/the world did not even try to get out a PLUMBE of your mouth.

You are now not at the edge of the stage, but off stage, still creating, so we are now not part of the state prison, but we pretend to be and this is enough to make this wonder happen, and yes come up you too there from dark, and yes whereto (?), and that is to the New World but because I am turned around as Stig, to me this looks like being a Nazi-guard asking Jews to go to be “washed”/gassed, but it is not.

This is a goal dance for your mother, so yes I crossed the goal line – my impossible goal for years – and continued the game, so God/I artificially hold up the world including all darkness/sufferings in order to use this old system to continue creation of new Sources after the end of creation of the New World.

There is a PURE smell of onions here, which is then the smell I was given.

It is always busy when I call for a taxi, and yes we have no taxi’s right now to bring my new self, as the driver I have decided to wait.

I was told that the Commune could have decided to have the view that I was using cash help as a hidden support to start my own business as a writer, but they did not, and this is why Rikke and I had such a case with a policy holder of income protection insurance at Fair/Accent, who had started working as independent without or only with little income using the insurance as cover, which we declined because he was not unemployed as everyone could see!

I was given a sound to my kitchen and was told that there is nothing more here – the Source inside darkness – and instead I still felt that this is also coming from my balcony now.

I was reminded the other day when visiting Sanna that at dinner we had a normal plate and then a small plate next to it for salad, and for years, I have often put salad on my big plate instead of using the special – “without thinking” but being led invisible by my spiritual friends – which has caused many comments from the family now almost every time reminding me with a smile to remember using the small plate, and this evening, first Niklas “did not think” when he put salad on his big plate “not seeing” the small plate, and then my mother started doing the same (!), and yes I told them that this is exactly the same as with the names – when people call me for Niklas, or John for Stig etc. “without thinking” – and yes everyone knew what I spoke of, which was “this is my spiritual friends making you do this”, but still no one commented, but were silent you know.

I was also told that Niklas’ now almost completed undergraduate dissertation at his law school, as he showed us, is also “inspired” because it is about the use of public authorities of “cloud-saving” (store data on the border-less Internet at “Google Cloud” or similar services) and which legal system regulating this – whether or not Danish law can and will be used on Danish public authorities use of border-less cloud-saving of documents of people/legal unities – and this is about the system/Commune (including the Intelligence Service/Police) storing data about me in a “non-regulated system”, which you have NOT informed me about even though Danish law – and moral – obliges you to inform me about the data you keep on me, and will you tell me again why you decided to keep it secret (?), and eeehhhh because you did not “like” to share your secrets (i.e. misunderstandings) about me?

So we continue the old system with Theis and many others misunderstanding/going against me sending me darkness, which comes via my sister and mother, who involuntary will continue the game of directing this darkness to me.

Some days ago, I saw how a script of mine from last year about Mogens Amdi Petersen and Tvind was read by the same person again and again and again, and I have been reminded of this since and now again today because it seems that my name is also circulating within the Tvind community, and yes is Stig the one, and is Mogens too (as another part of me)?

The game today was much about possible changes to my old system including my old rules etc., and yes I could decide that no, I don’t want to work as much anymore, you are NOT allowed to kill my family and also not Mandela etc., but I decided that the old system worked fine, and it would be WRONG to do any changes, so once again it is about: Come on, the whole gang of you, show me the best you got (!), and let my old rules still remain, and yes protect my family, friends etc. as the best, which in my mind also includes Mandela as “another part of me”, which he has to be. Later I was given the feeling of Mandela, and I was given his voice saying “don’t think of me, Stig” and it came with the same feeling of sincerity as Meshack, and I can only say that in my plans, you are protected the best I can do, Mandela, and only if this is not enough, your destiny will be to die to bring up feelings of South Africa and a whole world.

FB 250613 Capital Kenya Mandela

FB 250613 Manyar

I was given a strong pain to my left heel and then coughing almost choking me – I sank in the “wrong throat” – and I was told that this is because of reactions of my cousin Jan, so this is what my greetings meant, see the short stories, and my throat annoyed me very much for the next couple of hours, and I felt directly how this was done by my spiritual friends and I was thinking that this is how they bring sicknesses to the world because of darkness.

I was shown the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten and reminded about my dream of a SPAR supermarket too, and I was told that “SPAR” (“save” in Danish) is about saving of energy, but when we continue the old system of darkness, this is what we will still use, i.e. my energy to convert darkness – of new Sources/life – to light, and yes via the negative energy that my sister and mother (receiving from others too) send to me, and I was told that I will only be able to call on the spaceship of everything as light, and not darkness.

I was given a sound to my oven, and was told that we now pretend that we have returned to here – to darkness – because of the game and I was given a new pain to my left foot, and told that this is what Jan and Inge bring me, and they pull us in here.

Now we have the Town Hall (wedding) bells again.

There is no more Calamity Jane, who fought Indians.

It corresponds to a series of bars (of Gods) continued to be cleaned up from inside of darkness.

I was shown a bowl of dirty water, which is still been thrown out outside Rolf and Judith’s building at Brede Park.

I was shown an audience stand of a TV-studio, and darkness no longer at the stand but at the hall next to the stand, thus symbolising that we are now working outside the New World.

I saw a little of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which has started, and I was shown one of my actors climbing up in a giant referee tower, which looked like one of those giant robots of darkness in a dream 1-2 weeks ago.

I was told that Andreas Karker is involved (“knows”), but not nearly as much as the one deciding for the most dark of all on this planet, whom I will place you inside in his dreams, where he cannot actively resist you, and I was thinking of Russia as the most dense/concentrated of all darkness, and I wondered if Putin is the man in charge of all of this, thus being the man in question, we will see. But I was told that he is thinking about me “that was incredible brave”. I was given a sound to my balcony and told that there is no world war in “him the worst”, and this is coming to me because of Jan giving me the strongest darkness of all.

Google Earth: Our football victory over darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show our football victory over darkness, don’t be shy – love, and very big faces on the sky.

FB 240613 Jette 1

FB 240613 Jette 2

FB 240613 Jette 3

FB 240613 Jette 4

FB 240613 Jette 5

FB 240613 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I sent my sister this thank you for last note, and confirmed what we talked about that it is on Thursday, and NOT Friday, which is the day that Tivoli normally have rock concerts, that Suede is playing, and yes my mother, sister and I will go there, that is the plan and hopefully also what will be the result, and yes to visit PARADISE of our New World, which is what Brett & Co. will help me celebrate, some of the finest music I know of, and I am here given the taste of the fine béarnaise sauce that my sister served yesterday, and yes gravy of the Source you know.

FB 240613 til Sanna

  • I brought this greeting to my aunt, Inge, on her 80th birthday today also asking her to bring my best regards to her husband Ove (sitting next to her on the pictures of the middle row below), her son Jan (who is in Denmark on holiday, he lives on Madeira) and also my father and his wife Kirsten, and I told her that I miss them all and look forward to replace “the parking place of misunderstandings” with good family relations, communication, understanding, warm feelings, friendship and good experiences, which is what everyone wants, and I shared one of the beautiful Spanish songs of Julio Iglesias with her, I love his Spanish songs (which Camilla taught me because she loved them) more than his English (genuine culture instead of mainstream, you know), and the title of the song means “best of your life”, which is what now is coming to her as it comes to everyone.

FB 240613 til Inge

  • Here is Jan, her son and my cousin, sending his greetings and saying that he is in Denmark, and yes he also “could not” accept me as a Facebook friend in 2011 (?), and I wonder how he will now react when I “liked” his post, and yes sending me even more darkness and here a small heart attack too, and yes there are almost no limits to the sufferings/darkness he has sent me, but of course he did not know, he was “too stupid” together with the rest of the gang.

FB 240613 Jan

  • Today, the Devil above them all when it comes to human and moral decline, Silvio Berlusconi, was FINALLY sentenced – after having run from the law for years by changing it and bribing his way forward (!) – to seven years in prison for having had sex with an underage prostitute and for releasing the same from detention, and yes he has also been banned from holding office, and yes the former Prime Minister of Italy, which the Italians kept on voting on also making him very close to take office after the recent election, which would have happened if I had taken the road for all of us going down (temporary termination) via darkness, and I was here told and shown that his famous “bunga, bunga” sex parties was about men running after and catching ladies, so you took the first, the best you could get hold on because of simple lust, and yes sex orgies of a political and “celebrated” CRIMINAL leader on top of the Italian political and media system – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, my blind, deaf and CORRUPT Italians (?), how in the world could you vote on this man of the Devil? I was also told that it was also because of you, i.e. me, and then us too that we broke down Berlusconi as a strong symbol showing you the end of the worst Devil of all.

FB 240613 BBC Berlu

  • After the divulging of Edward Snowden of the American “counterterrorism surveillance programs” – and also the British – it has turned into a game of “hide and seek”, where Snowden is travelling the world to hide from the official USA wanting Snowden to be turned over to be charged with espionage (!), and yes this is what they really do, USA want to charge this man – helping me/us (including Obama!) to bring FREEDOM and OPENNESS to the world – for espionage (!), and yes yes yes what do you call your surveillance of the world (?), and was that only because of “counterterrorism” purposes (?), or is it possible to imagine that you have built up a complete system of all citizens including all details you can find in order to receive world control and yes including all living beings (?), and I wonder who did the “espionage” and who should charge who (?), and for you, Obama, I can only say that I know that your calls are “short”, and this is one of those that you decide to do, which is making you bring me darkness, and no, apparently you did not have courage to go against the official system of darkness and to ask them to terminate all of these programs (?), and yes I understand, we are still waiting for the story about us to be broken to the world, and yes for ONE “clever” journalist to ask you the right question about who you are/I am (?) and to bring this story, and this is what you were “hiding” behind, and yes I have full trust in you balancing on the edge and deciding what you decide to decide, so please continue doing your best, my friend.

USA Today 240613


25th June: My father died January 10, 2013, but his wife decided to keep it secret to me until today when my aunt told me!!!

Dreaming of bringing in an ENORMOUS amount of new God’s/life from new Sources

I was so tired that I decided to go to bed at 22.15, and on my way to bed I was shown MUCH activity inside a GIANT bar (of God, which is growing because of new God’s/Sources joining us), and I was surprised to see that I slept as long as until 07.30 including these dreams.

  • An enormous amount of 274,000 tons of white bread is being shoveled by two workers to fill up stables, and so far they don’t know how to share all of this bread with a third person, who is also included.
    • The white bread is a symbol of the Source, which is brought inside stables – with cows of God’s and pigs of life – so this is about an enormous increase of our New World now adding new Sources/God’s/life.
  • I hold individual pension consultations with employees at a modern company, I am smoking but walk so quickly that no one can stop me from doing this, and I see a special pavilion on the roof, which they use as canteen, and I am surprised to see that the business – led by a top Danish CEO, I felt Niels Smedegaard Andersen, the CEO of Maersk, who was here symbolizing John and the operation Niels has had, which John will now receive tomorrow – does not have a canteen arrangement bringing healthy food because the employees are having GIANT portions of French fries and hamburgers, which look like computers. I have a paper saying how many newspapers all employees of the company receive, and my mother asks me how many the management receives, and I see one manager receiving 7 as the most, but all managers together with people of the financial department receive many newspapers, and the most of all of the company. At the end of the work day, I have returned to my own pension consultant business, we are many consultants having been on work at the same company holding pension consultations, and I feel tired but know that I will now collect all papers of meetings, which I will bring to Helle in charge of administration, and then I hear a manager of our business speaking about a collective meeting for all, which is now going to take place, which is about a new pension scheme of our own business, which he has put together, and I understand that it is a very poor bank savings arrangement without insurance, and it makes me sad to see that we will get ourselves something much poorer than our clients because of this manager, and he asks me if I will attend and when I tell him that I have not read his email about this from earlier today, which I understand that he has send out, he loudly criticizes me for being lazy for everyone to hear, which makes me go up to him, I am surprised to see that he is almost double my size (!), and I tell him strongly how busy I am asking him directly “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I AM BUSY” (?), which makes him say yes, and I felt this man as the combination of several of my old colleagues/contacts, and the “stress man” Thomas M. – my Facebook friend – was strongly present in this character.
    • I am smoking, i.e. still working inside darkness, and am not stopped because of the speed of my work. The GIANT portions of lunch is about GIANT amounts of life, which we receive from new Sources, also symbolised by computers, and this life has not yet been given our “make over” via a new lunch arrangement, i.e. recipe of life. The newspapers are about “manuals of all life here, which we can read”. Fine to have sales and administration divided in departments if you wish, but not to keep employees tied in the same job position “forever”. The poor pension scheme of our own is both because of people still going against me – if I should not be stronger than them – and to show you the results of work of managers not knowing what they do, and also impatience of these managers/darkness always prioritizing their tasks as the most important “here and now” not truly respecting work of employees, and they don’t mind spreading negativity of employees like this even though they are to blame themselves making employees feel poorly, and the only way to stop darkness is to be even stronger than it, which is what I showed this manager and everyone hearing it as I also do I reality when telling darkness straight out when it is wrong. And this incredible tall manager is to say that darkness is still much stronger than I, and “sexual torments” given to me was also attached to this manager.
  • I also had a dream about visiting a grill bar on Nørrebro in Copenhagen, which is knows for good quality, but it has closed because it had a deficit of 5,000 DKK last week, and I meet the owner and tells him that he might consider only having summer opened because there will come more guests during summer, which will come now, and I can tell that he will now consider this, and even though I have only been there few times, he and his employee shake my hand as if I was a close friend.
    • This is an old “factory of life”, which was closed because we had no more money, i.e. energy, but we will now continue using this to create more life because there will come more guests removing the deficit.

My father died January 10, 2013, but his wife decided to keep it secret to me until today when my aunt told me!!!

I was told that my mother plays “double solo nolo” in card play, which is “no tricks” in the card game of whist, i.e. darkness will receive no tricks.

So we have no money, i.e. energy, but pretend that we have, and then it works.

I heard talk about duvets and wine.

If it was not for the (threat of the mental) doctor, we had not entered that room ….

Something about that the pain would normally be too high at this moment, but still we are able to continue the game from here.

I was given an adjustable spanner in my hands behind my back, and was told that this is to fix the brakes on John’s car symbolising that the end is near to him also meaning that I will “fix” his heart operation tomorrow.

I am the smallest number in space.

It also includes to receive more uncomfortable small heart attacks, which I was just given and told that it is my mother bringing it to me.

So it is the stamp that all of this new life misses, which we then will give it, and voila there you have it, one big stamp and yes just like the ones on a pig.

I was given a sneeze – symbolising sacrifice – together with the feeling of my mother, and I was told that she is as nervous about John as the last time, but why don’t I receive more darkness today than I do (?), I am not really tired and even though I receive darkness of negative voices trying to bring me over, it is not very strong, and I also don’t have much work today, so I may cycle a tour this afternoon, we will see.

I was told that a new life/God did not believe that we could make everything eternal but we can by tying a bow to everything repeating everything over and over and over again.

So we cannot force the trousers off you from out of here – to bring my “old nightmare” – no matter how hard we try.  But this does not mean that we cannot “dream” about it, as part of the game.

You are no bank director, i.e. I have no energy, and we cannot afford going to Netherlands too, but still we do to receive what they bring too.

Your mother’s career is over, but we still play her game of creation, and the most incredible is that it still works without her!

No one here – of new Sources/God’s – said no when offered to exchange into Germany (of our New World) instead, and that is because no one likes the colour of black/grey as they had.

Maybe all of this “sleeping life”, which is just there, is a “system failure” from a previous creation (?), and I was given this because this is what some of you out there think, but no, we have checked, it is not.

I was told that it requires no energy to work out here, where there is no darkness, so what I bring, truly brings out much.

So where is the finder’s fee (?), and yes still with your mother who is continuing to play her part involuntarily – together with my sister – via her combination of coldness/love to me.

After lunch, now at the library again, I received some new pain to my stomach/chest/spinal column because of Lisbeth & the system and their wrongdoings/feelings against me.

It is not long before the next TV-broadcast will begin, and yes because you keep on working, so do we here.

So it is my mother – her nervousness as now and wrong thoughts, talk and actions about me – which is feeding the system of Lisbeth & the Commune against me bringing me this new pain.

We can also only do this because you did not completely drown, Stig, and I was given appreciation and also here the feeling of Michael Sadler as the potential killer.

I received an incredible strong pain to my left foot and here pulsating left ring-finger, and I was told that this is because my aunt, Inge, has not called me yet as she said that she would do.

I was told something about a lot of white bread, and have you heard about the expression soft-boiled egg, which is about a dog taking shape, and yes bringing life to everything we have brought out of here via the diamond of our New World.

I was given the STRONG taste of “crunch” from Sanna’s desert the other day, which symbolises “love of my sister”, and yes there is MUCH of it.

And does my sister like me because she finally realizes that I am all about love and not the opposite as she feared (?), and also that she knows about my spiritual helpers bringing this message of love through me?

There would also come out no newspapers when darkness would destruct the world meaning that all of your prepared stories on me would NOT be brought, did you think about this as an option (?), and still you “could not” – and still cannot – bring your stories about me, and yes I will give credit in my scripts to the first one being able to announce my arrival to the world, who will be first, maybe it is possible now to find someone having the courage simply to speak the truth to the world?

New life asked “marry Stig” (?), no he has been sought after, i.e. he is going to marry Karen.

Where is your anorak, Stig (?), no we will never carry that again.

I continued receiving many small and uncomfortable heart attacks this afternoon.

Again, I was surprised that I had enough work to do until 15.00 when I finished.

It is now 03.00 “tomorrow” and I have another of those “now you have to write again nights to avoid negative consequences”, and this time it is about writing what should be the most difficult of all – the death of my father – and I do this to save my mother’s husband, John, from being killed at his heart operation later today.

I was told that if it had gone as predicted, Lisbeth from the Commune would have made me go begging from door to door – removing my cash help – because of negative feelings of my mother influencing Lisbeth against me.

We don’t know if we can cast 100 balls per day because there are also blisters here, they are everywhere, which have not developed into life like me, and we have to remove these too, and yes if this is the right thing to do, you have.

This has nothing to do with your mother fearing John’s heart stopping (?), and this was because I received the strongest feelings of all of my heart stopping coming after small heart attacks and a weak heart with strain on it.

So this is about me helping my mother to face her worst fear – John’ heart operation – to walk up the worst volcano, which we still do.

I was told that the moon would also fall down, if we did not keep up gravity of the Old World.

What is it that we open to inside John’s heart, which we have prepared to do and waited on for a long time?

It is not from there that darkness comes from, but ….?

So my spiritual voice, which was negative, and had to be removed, has now become positive and a good friend according to my mother and sister (?), and yes, in the best case scenario, and the other is that they still are “slow to grasp” still thinking of me as crazy.

This is about putting the carpet right and perfect round.

I was told that Inge is a small opening of light, and influence/feelings of Medina, Obama and Berlusconi has also started working on me.

What potatoes (of God), which are here (great size), but we will write about this afterwards.

We also have an outfall of darkness out on the ocean, which leads directly to creation.

The opposite of my pulsating ring-finger is the most beautiful, the true meaning of it.

Again I received strong negative speech being very close to bring me over starting to become negative, and when I was on the very edge, I was shown sheer layer cake (of creation) everywhere and the feeling “if you want to start now, this is what we will do”.

We have been in Southern Germany all of the time and are now digging us free.

“Roskilde-syge” (acute gastroenteritis) is also me, and it is from the old city of “ros” and “kilde” (“praise from the Source”), and yes the opposite of it is beauty of God.

I was told that the plan was for me to get in contact with Vivian in 2007 when I walked down the mountain of Mijas reaching Vivian’s old real estate agency employer half way down, which had closed, and yes I wrote a note to them and phoned her previous manager the next day, who told me that she had left but promised to send Vivian an email about me, which she never did (?) – or did Vivian not answer (?), and at least I found her later and connected with her in 2008.

I called my mother early this evening to speak to her after John had decided to go to the hospital himself, and she was very close to crying because of fear of what will happen to him because it is not only his heart, but also kidneys and cancer that he suffers from, and it was difficult to say goodbye to him – because this could be the last time she saw him – but John had been calm himself as usual, and I tried to tell my mother that she has to be strong, and when she starts feeling weak and afraid, she has to pull herself together deciding to be strong – I know from experience because I have done this constantly to come this far – and also that he has to go through this to be better, and if he did not, it would be much worse (this is the “official story”), and yes she agreed and said that the worst, which can happen is for John to return home again without receiving the operation, and I believe that it helped some even though she said that it was difficult, and also simply my calm voice and to have someone to talk to helped her, but bottom line is that she was very nervous, crying and about to break down. And we agreed that if his operation goes well, we will go to Tivoli in two days, and if it does not, we will not, and she will know more tomorrow afternoon, and promised to call me.

Afterwards, I was told that I am still given fear/wrongdoings of both my mother and Karen as examples as darkness.

I was shown a red, yellow and green scrub sponge because this is the biggest wash of all, and yes the worst feelings of my mother helping to bring in new life.

I still receive distortion to pictures of TV/video, so the play of darkness is ongoing.

I received much heart pain/strain and was shown large bowls of a kitchen including tomato dressing and thousand island dressing, and saw how large quantities of these are used right now, which is about absorbing much darkness.

Suddenly I received a feeling of true desperation thinking about what will happen at the coming creation, and I understood that this was related to the true desperation of my mother in relation to John. And when this is mixed with Sanna, this is the system bringing all of this to me.

I was pouring up my dinner and felt my father and that Inge had passed on my greetings for him and Kirsten and straight after I had another of these “not thinking” experiences when I did what I normally would never do, which was to push the ovenproof dish, which I had just taken out from a 200 degrees hot oven, and of course it was burning hot making my fingers burn, and I was told that it is from there the worst darkness comes from, which is what is bringing me the most heart attacks. And this is my greetings, which will save my father.

So I was thinking that both my mother and father have been brought out to their absolutely outermost to bring this.

I received the feeling/vision of the clairvoyant/health fair in Copenhagen in the beginning of 2011, I believe, where I met Braco, the natural healer via his presence/gaze, and I was told that Braco felt a change in him when meeting me, but don’t know why and what it was about.

Everything from the Italian Supermarket (in Copenhagen, my old favourite store) is now coming in.

And this is why we brought Camilla to you, who comes from another world, which was to let me be as pure as possible to receive this, and I am shown an eternal tree and how it is being covered with fruit/content from top and down and at the very end here at ground, the tree is still naked, this is how it works, but soon everything of it will be full of content.

I received the loudest sounds to my oven ever, and thought that it was because my mother would not let us out because of her big feelings.

So the airplane is not late, it comes as you have ordered it because we have just done as you have asked us. So you have chosen to continue the play right through the absolutely worst of everything and yes still believing in my old rules without changes. And we could not do this without Inge passing on your greeting to your father and Kirsten.

And then my aunt, Inge, called me at 20.40 this evening as she had promised to do this morning when replying to my greetings of yesterday, and she asked me about how I was doing and I her, but I could hear that she was “short from her head” as we say here, and then she brought me the message, which she had waited to bring me, and really for months, and it was to tell me that my father died already January 10 this year, but neither he, nor Kirsten (!) wanted to let me know about this (!!!), and yes this is how my old nightmare came through, the death of my father where Kirsten decided not to inform me (!), and yes Inge said that it came after she had returned home from her and Ove’s visit to Jan at Madeira in December – this was the connection, Jan influencing Inge against me (!) – and before he was planned to have a scanning of his stomach January 17, and he was in so much stomach pain that he demanded to be hospitalised, which he was after hours of waiting, and yes he received pneumonia too, and was filled with morphine to remove his pain making him dowse into a sleep, but he received a short period as his old, joking self before he died 2-3 days later at January 10.

And yes, this is what my aunt was asked NOT to inform me about, and I could only tell her that this came as a shock to me, which I had NOT expected because I was absolutely sure that as intestate successor, I would receive notice from the probate court, and I have heard nothing (!), and I also told her that inheritance of my father is COMPLETELY UNIMPORTANT to me, I don’t want anything (!), and I asked her to tell Kirsten that she could not be sane for taking a decision like this – you do NOT decide NOT to inform the son about his father’s death, and especially not when we had lost contact solely because of their misunderstandings – and THIS IS THE WORST YOU HAVE EVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE, Kirsten (!), and I also told her that despite of this, I still remember Kirsten from her good side, and I wish the best for her, which made my aunt surprised to hear saying that “it is incredible that you can say this”, and yes she told me that Kirsten had been at her birthday yesterday together with Jan and a few others, and Inge had told Kirsten about my greetings and that she had now decided to tell me, so there you have the passing on of the greeting, but my father’s death has been kept a secret to me because of darkness,

She also told me that my father could not take my writings and had decided not to see me – yes, the devil of Kirsten worked on my father strongly – and I told Inge that this was not only my father, but Kirsten and all of her family too and also her own son, Jan – everyone had abandoned me – and also that we, Inge and I, had had very good relations when seeing each other over recent years, which she agreed with, and yes if Jan had written the same as I, she would not have abandoned me, and yes the same as my mother and Sanna decided not to do as I told her, and I was thinking that when they will know that I only wrote the truth about myself and them (including some darkness here and there), they will be surprised about their own incredible negativity and wrongdoings to me.

And I told her about how Kirsten approx. five years ago decided to disinherit my sister after my father (who is not her true father, but father in practise), which completely broke my sister in disappointment (and stopped their communication), and yes Inge said that it is about selfishness of Kirsten, but “what she has done to you is even worse” as she said, and yes, you are right, Inge, and the TRUE crazy person here, is not me, but Kirsten influencing her entire family and my father against me, and yes I thanked Inge for taking courage to tell me, finally, and also that I understand the pain she has gone through herself and yes because of the loss of her brother, her own cancer sickness (she is now cured) and also because of Ove, as she told me, who has now received alzheimer’s disease, which I understood is truly very difficult for her to live with.

And yes, this was it “we will see each other again some day – goodbye”, so there I was, this is how I was told about the death of my father, and yes “I am sorry, old chap” has been a saying of mine for the last 1-2 weeks with “old chap” being a reference to God, and I now understood what this was about, because it was my regrets that I did NOT phone Inge when I was encouraged to do it because of the outmost importance after I understood that Jan – the worst darkness – had influenced her against me (“Stig cannot be Jesus”!) when she visited him in December, and yes I was stressed and busy, and this is what I decided to cut away, and this is what cost my father his life, so “I am sorry, old chap” as I said again now knowing what it means, and yes I did a mistake, and I can only regret and be sorry about not doing what I should have done to keep you alive too.

And this made me think about possible negative consequences to our creation because wasn’t it a condition for my father to stay alive to be able to get to the Source (?), and I thought about what kind of game/deceptions I might have been given, and also if we are now facing physical destruction after all, and it brought me some nervousness, but I decided to have faith in the general positive development we have gone through including all of the signs I have received about this, and also that “this is just a game, which we play” – I know that I will see my father again making it “easier” for me to go through compared to not knowing and believing that I would have lost him forever – and as long as I do my best under the circumstances, it will be as it is, but I blamed myself for not having done my best when I did not call Inge, and yes to receive the darkness from Jan via her, which I would have been able to bear because I decided to be strong, which my father could not, which killed him when he received it instead, and yes it was misunderstandings of the family in me including himself planting to Jan and back to Inge, which is what killed him, and yes MISUNDERSTANDINGS because of laziness and better-knowing ignorance.

I was told that his death did not make it easier to send the spaceship of everything up to you – I now understand that “the spaceship of everything” = the Source (!) – but since you did not give up, we continued your journey, and I thought that this has to be the reason why there were more parts of my father too, and it seems that what my father had, was transferred to John before his death making it possible for me to continue my journey to the very end.

I did not cry when receiving the news, and know that I will be seeing my father again shortly, but after the phone call, it was still a stroke to receive, and also to be alone about it because who was I to speak to about this (?), and yes should I call my mother and tell (?), and no, I decided that the only right thing is to wait until after John’s operation tomorrow – she is NOT able to take anything more, and I don’t care if the game is to bring her as much strain as possible, I will NOT do it, and that is because it is WRONG to do under the circumstances, but I will do it as quickly as possible after the operation – and should I call my sister and tell (?), and no, I will not tell her before my mother, because my mother is still the closest to him having me as their child together. And I thought that maybe they know after all without telling me (?) – can it be that Helsingør Commune was involved in this to keep me out of my fathers estate also hearing/informing my mother (?) – and I told myself that I do NOT hope and also not believe that this is the case, but you never know how cruel reality is.

So now I was alone also to absorb the news of the death of one of my parents, which I have always feared, and to know that I could have avoided it from happening, and also that it happened because of evil people and their misunderstandings of me because of laziness to read/understand me, which is NOT a nice feeling, I tell you.

And now I have a script of today to finish with the biggest news being the death of my father and deception of the devil Kirsten, which should get the headline of my script of today for everyone to see when finishing and publishing this tomorrow afternoon, which is the rhythm at the moment, but no, I will NOT publish such a headline to be read by my sister and everyone else on Facebook without first having told my mother and then my sister, and I also thought about not bringing this news in the headline for my sister not to see it, but no this would also be wrong, and therefore I can only wait to publish this on Facebook – but not on my website, which my sister does not visit as far as I know and can see – until after I have told my mother and sister, which I hope to be able to do tomorrow afternoon/evening.

So this is why the chain of my bicycle this morning was jumping as powerful as it did giving me the thought of Inge in relation to my father, so now I have received what Jan told her about me, which made her in doubt about me (and stop reading me) – and the worst was that my father and I loved each other, but when he AND Kirsten “could not” understand including to understand their own selfishness/wrongdoings, we lost contact, and I was told that it was not cancer, but a heart attack killing him (?), and yes this is how we are normally killed, and I am here told that this is also what was killing Mandela, and we will now see if we can save him.

So this was an example where darkness was stronger where we had to go against your rules because of the force of this darkness, and your father was the only one who could receive it, and he could not bear it thus killing him, but you could have and simply because you have decided to be stronger than he, and yes a wimp is what he was, and now he is dead, he was still a wimp (speak the truth about people, and do not paint a non-true positive picture) and yes this does not change the fact that I love him, and I here receive the MOST overwhelming feeling of love ever coming to me, which is from my own father inside of this darkness cleaning up and yes just following my son, whom I could not trust in when alive, and yes tears are running down my face because of this strong feeling, and yes I should have done it better, it was a mistake, father, you should have been alive, but when you are not here, I am glad that you are there now also helping from the other side. And no, the death of one of my parents will NOT break me because even though I am the one with the deepest feelings around, I am also the strongest one around, and I decide both to feel the feelings of sadness and to turn out on the right side as plus and yes instead of going down crying and not being able to do anything as some do in a situation like this, and yes this is not my style, and I will see my father soon again, this knowledge is with me.

The name on the door also says “Dragholm” here, and do you want to know how I got here (?), and yes I am all ears, father, but I may decide not to write down everything.

I continued receiving MUCH negative speech during the evening, which would be easier than ever to decide to follow with an “I don’t care about anything attitude”, but I do, nothing is going to make me negative, absolutely nothing (!), but it was not easy because of the strength of this speech not making this easier to go through.

This is also why you received the loudest sounds to the oven, and yes Kirsten not only stole my father from me, she also decided to do the absolutely worst one can decide to do and that was NOT to tell me about his death, and how in the world could they get the court/system to NOT tell me about his death (?), and yes is Stig so “dangerous” that we fear for his reactions if we tell him (?), and he is “crazy” as you can see according to the declaration of “crazy Alex” from the Psychiatric Hospital in Hillerød – is this what you told the court and also Helsingør Commune (?) – and is this really so easy (?), and yes you saw all of the worst that people (your own family loving you!) and the system can do to a man, but no, you cannot kill me because I am stronger than you, and then we are back to square one, and yes Patrick, this album of yours is MAGNIFICENT, and this is my father now as light as he really is, who is speaking to me to confirm that joy and happiness is coming to all, and I am here given a delicious taste of a nice meal, which is old fashioned beef with horse-radish sauce symbolising the mildness and light which I feel him giving me.

And did they not bring a death announcement in the newspapers to cover up too (?), which I know that my mother normally sees, or maybe they did, and yes I wonder what the death certificate includes of the reason of death (?), and what the court documents including estate specification includes of information both about my rights as legal heir, was I declared incapable of managing my own affairs by the court/commune without anyone telling me (?), or was the estate of a value less than approx. DKK 650.000 when the spouse can take out everything without even informing me and then after her death, I will inherit from half of her estate (?), and yes I don’t know today, but I would be surprised to know if their estate should be worth less than this limit, and if this is the case, I do believe that the requirement for her not to divide the estate with me was to receive my written acceptance, and that is of course unless people thought that it was “better” if I was not told/involved, and yes can it be that this is what they did, and also – on top of this – considered to put me away on mental hospital as I was told, and yes because I was “potentially dangerous” because of my direct language of my website (?), and what does Sanna have to say about this (?) as I am told. We will see.

And I found this notice to creditors about the death of my father, which an estate is obliged to bring in “the State Tidings”, which you can only see when searching on this site, it does not come when you search on my father’s name on Google, where there are only – and still today – references to him in telephone catalogues and then to my website, which he did NOT like at all.

Statstidende Far død

So John just overtook my obligations alive, and I came here to help, and this is the story we have told him, and is this the truth (?), and yes you don’t really care – or do really – but still just write what I am told, and yes as long as I don’t give up, my spiritual friends have a fantastic ability to help us out.

No, it is not easy when the doctors have said that you are crazy, and eeehhhheeemmm Alex in Hillerød, was the man you spoke to (in 2012) REALLY crazy (?), and crazy Bente (also psychiatrist) in Hørsholm before that (in 2008) and everyone in between, I can ask you the same. Tell me why you believed that I was crazy (?), and yes “concerns of my family”, right (?), and this is how to break down/kill a man, which was the plan.

So the logics is: My mother cannot handle this information before the operation of John, and I will not tell Sanna before my mother, and yes I will write about his death clearly in my script, so therefore we have to have John operated first, and maybe I can tell my mother personally tomorrow afternoon/evening, and if not, the day after if and when we will go to Tivoli, and yes I am only thinking of what I believe is RIGHT to do under the circumstances as the only “interest” of mine.

Later I received stomach and spinal column pain again, and again it made me think if this is what the Commune was contacted about, i.e. my father’s death and they decided to keep it a secret to me (?), and yes this is what I am told, but it might be darkness too telling me, and yes we will see the true story when it comes forward made by people who “could not” understand and also not do what was right to do, and I wonder if Bjarne, the director from the Commune, was involved in this (?), we will see.

This was my father’s destination as I wrote about years ago in 2009 in Kenya, I believe, which was to die and to guide me from heaven, but I had decided to save him, and it is NOT my proudest moment that I could not do this even though I was at my outermost limit when I “could not” call Inge back then.

I was thinking back on Jan being the worst darkness, which is connected to Russia being the worst darkness of the world, and now this comes to me – and when turned around, it is the opposite, i.e. the Source self (!) – and again, it was Jan and everyone of my father’s family, who turned Inge against me, which killed my father, and yes she was my light in this family, which was switched off.

During the evening, I felt how more of the worst darkness continued pouring in for me to absorb – together with the normal negativity including much strain to my heart, which made me nervous if I now would die from heart attack too.

Google Earth: Our New World and new Sources/God’s/life COME TOGETHER ♥

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “let’s get together”, “come come come” (our New World inviting new life of new Source’s/God’s to come together), go to the laundry (system of darkness continues), and helping determined souls.

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day, June 22, a Shetland pony was found abused, defaced and killed without a head etc. on the beach of Tisvildeleje, and today it was said that this pony belonged to the famous TV chef here, Camilla Plum (whom I like much to see on TV making “farm food” with her heart), and I was told to consider this as a fight in front of the Schou-Epa supermarket/department store, which no longer exists, which is about saving old life, which darkness did not want me to do, and this is also among others because of darkness/selfishness of Bettina’s man, Søren, as I was told. And yes a horse to me is also a symbol of the world, so this was to show you that the plan of darkness was to explode/terminate the world, and I am here again given a small heart attack, and yes simply because we did not believe that we could continue bringing everything out without stopping the beat of our old heart.

FB 250613 Selvet

  • I suddenly became VERY DIZZY when reading this fine review of the fine chef Francis Cardenau’s restaurant Sommelier in Copenhagen, and I was told that Francis is one of the chefs bringing you darkness too, and yes “difficult it is to keep the “secret” of me, Francis” (?), and yes let me tell you that I have LOVED your restaurant for MANY years, I believe I have been there twice now many years ago, and if I had had a “normal life”, I would have been a regular guest with you, and I am also given the taste of fine Cognac, which is both about the true content/quality of Francis as a “special friend” (servant of mine), and also to tell you that together with Lars G., I imported the Jean Filloux Cognac’s approx. 10 years ago including the marvellous Tres Vieux, which I understand that you know of and appreciate yourself?

FB 250613 Francis

  • Helena brought the clip below with her favourite band Magtens Korridorer (“Corridors of power”) and the song “the fall of the empire”, and this is really the worst darkness of Helena and the meaning of this band saying that the empire of the Old World is collapsing, and yes it has really collapsed, and I am only keeping you up because of my “good will”, otherwise you would not live today as your old self, did you discover this (?) or were you too busy to plan your next “strikes” in your constant battle on fame, power, money and sex for many of you too?

FB 250613 Helenaa

  • First it was teachers being locked-out in Denmark, which I had to ask the government to bring back to work, and now it is teachers striking in Kenya, and to me this symbolizes “the end of school”, i.e. the end of my journey, and as I encouraged the Danish government to do, I also encourage Kenyatta and the Kenyan government to do. Please find a solution to this, and bring teachers back in school. I do NOT like when millions of students and families are hit by what should be possible for both parties to find a solution on if only there is a will to meet (?), and yes to me this is also about my lazy LTO friends, or some of them, who “cannot” communicate with me on a regular basis.

FB 250613 Teachers strike Kenya

  • On my way to the library, I went as usual to get my bi-cycle from the bicycle room of my building, and when I had opened the lock, I received the strong feeling of sitting up on it before I had brought it out of the room – one of those things you do “without thinking”, which always comes from outside, i.e. from my spiritual friends – and when I did, I almost fell and grabbed the bicycle standing next to me, which fell as the result, and yes just seconds before doing all of this, I was thinking of the Facebook requests I have sent to famous Danish people showing up as recommendations for me on Facebook to become friends with – I have had UNUSUAL many famous people showing, and sometimes ONLY famous people – and from this list (FINE WORK with the Activity Log, Facebook, I like that), you can see that most of these famous people, whom I picked out from MANY,  “could not” accept me, and yes SILENT people knowing about me also overturning my bicycle making my continuous journey difficult, and yes I will now delete the requests I have sent to people who have not accepted me, and that is because otherwise I risk Facebook telling me that you are only allowed to connect with people, whom you know even though a large percentage of all new friendships of course are from people meeting each other here, and yes have you learned this by now, Facebook (?) (since you have recently started asking as standard if you know your new friends from outside or only inside Facebook), which should be simple logic even to you?

FB 230613 Friends

  • This is ”wise” Steen and Jacob sharing information – more to his “12 denials” – with Steen saying ”the more love (and simplicity), the closer to the Source”, and in your case, Steen, you are a spokesperson of darkness as you should know, and Jacob says “I fully agree that good and evil don’t exist” (!) and yes what do you know (?), and that is that these two “teachers” are brainwashed by darkness as so many others – many (!) – and there is nothing I can do to make them listen, but just maybe you did understood a little of what you did not like to understand?

FB 250613 Steen



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to June 25, 2013: Continuing the system of darkness to bring alive many new Sources/Gods before creation of our New World

  1. jette says:

    ville skrive en længere historie om at det gør mig ondt for dig.. orker det ikke for du ved det godt.. jeg er lige her..pas på dig ..<3

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