June 27, 2013: Coming through the narrowest passage building my new home at the Source with a view over the world


Summary of the script today

26th June: Coming through the narrowest passage building my new home at the Source with a view over the world

  • Dreaming of being on the dark side receiving the first egg, which has spread to everything else.
  • After only two hours of sleep, I had to work much of the night to finish and publish my script of yesterday and to stay awake the whole day – being incredible tired – to bring energy to keep John alive when going through his heart operation today, which went fine without any problems as the result, and if I had not, he would have died. And this was about coming through the narrowest passage of all for me to become part of the heart of the Source of my father, which could only be done receiving MUCH suffering via darkness of many given to me. I am now being set up as light at the very heart of the pure Source. My apartment (inside the Source as a natural force) with a view over the lake (of the world) is not almost done, and we will close the access to here tomorrow at Tivoli, which will be done with the help of love of my sister when the invented Source of darkness working through her will be omitted for an eternity to come.
  • I told my mother about my father’s death, and her STRONG OUTBURST and sadness told me that she did not know, and my mother – and later also my sister – were DISGUSTED by Kirsten, and wanted me to demand the inheritance from my father, which I have a right of, and even though Kirsten is completely unreasonable, hysterical and a mad woman, she is also kind, sad and crying about me too, and the only right thing to do is to accept her staying in an undivided estate, which everyone (should) know is the right thing to do – despite of “the absolutely worst” that she did against me
  • We have planned this for a long time and decided to set up as all of your family – One God, many individuals – and I was recapitulating myself thinking that I am arriving here not only as the Son but bringing my mother and her entire New World and as the Source, my father, mother and I will become one – as the natural force, which “is” – and on the level below, we will still be father, mother and son.
  • Short stories of Elijah still wanting to use me to help his business, and nice communication with David.

27th June: The deed of darkness was handed over to me at Tivoli Gardens as the location of the beginning of everything

  • Dreaming of coming to a location of less darkness and incredible amount of pure Source.
  • The Tivoli Gardens is where the flood is buried, this is what we were going to bring with us this evening. It is about handing over of the deed, which was used by my sister via my mother with the goal to destroy the Old World and bring forward our New World, but no, you don’t do that without me, so I will take care of it deciding not to explode all life but to change us into our new selves without anyone hurting. I was told that this is the dark Source I am collecting, the one which poured out all darkness as “building stones” of life via my sister. It is so small here at the end of the watch that you really cannot come through at all, but we will NOT give up, so here we are coming, ship ahoy. It is from Karen that we are coming out from once again, and it is done via positive feelings of my “father” via my mother’s husband, John, whom I received more darkness from and brought healing to to make him survive.
  • I received a “warning times three”, which is about the Old World, which cannot live with the shortage on everything, which we have here, but we will continue until the very end, and when I decide to press on, I was told that there is even more to get, and this is about bringing every little thing of the Source – all layers of it – to bring perfect creation now and not later.
  • When arriving at Tivoli Gardens this evening, I was told that this is then here that we collect all impressions here at the beginning of everything, which is what Tivoli and this area including the Central Station is, and I was told that this is where “Princess Sanna” would come to me at the beginning of the concert with one of my favourite band’s, Suede, at 22.00, and when it started, I felt even more darkness coming to me, and also that the entrance is not opened/closed yet, you will decide yourself when to enter. This was the purpose of today, for me to collect everything including the last darkness, which will simply “cease to exist” instead of blowing up now that I am strong enough to collect it all, and after this fine tour/concert with my mother, I can continue my journey a little longer to bring out even more, which I will do – right until the every end of the thinnest line imaginable. So this is like bringing in the last link of my golden necklace. Darkness of my own family was killing me slowly, and this is the energy now returning to you via John, and I felt how more darkness of him was given to me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show light over Taiwan spreading, nice people everywhere, little man making big heads, a goodbye kiss, dogs and devils around, a very special way to draw thunder/rain, and the saw is working.
  • Short stories of Holger Danske being Tivoli-lised, “little Thor” reading my scripts and throwing up, “long live the Devil, whom we love so much”, another man of the Bible being concerned about me, the “duplicator” of darkness is practically empty by now, a golden find symbolising the four sons/worlds of God..


26th June: Coming through the narrowest passage building my new home at the Source with a view over the world

Dreaming of being on the dark side receiving the first egg, which has spread to everything else

I went to bed at 00.20 and was only allowed to sleep until 02.30 when I was asked to stand up and write the last of the script of yesterday to help John come through his heart operation, and let us see if I can read the notes of the dreams, it is now 15.35 and I had still not slept being extremely tired/exhausted by now.

  • I am at a villa next to a motorway in Germany, where there is a man, who has had his hair completely shaved off, but when he turns around, he has long switches of hair hanging down from his nape, and he laughs unpleasant like Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers films. I now see the inside of this villa being one very long line of light/sport venues, and I am afraid thinking that darkness must come, which makes me decide to lock myself up at the small bathroom, where I close a window to the outside also being afraid of darkness coming in. There is a knock on the door, and when I open it, I see one egg – with a dark spot – rolling down from the stove, and I wonder if it is dangerous because of the dark spot.
    • I am on the dark side of the egg feeling the most beautiful light and the strongest and most unpleasant darkness.
    • I woke up to Suede’s “we are the pigs” with the lyrics “we all watch them burn”, and I was still afraid, which is really because I am coming here at the Source still being turned around experiencing the strongest light as darkness, and I was told that this is the single egg, which has spread to everything else.

Coming through the narrowest passage building my new home at the Source with a view over the world

Hereafter I started receiving some speech before I realized and was told that it was time to get up and work on the script of yesterday, and this is what I was told.

I was shown a GIANT Christmas Tree, and was told that I grew up ….., and also that this is about collecting all of the egg (including the last dark spot).

I was shown my old favourite boxer, Jørgen “Gamle” Hansen, fighting, and I was told that this is what my broken cheek tooth (2006) is about, and I was shown and told that this is about fine cutting of a safire ring making it completely round.

This is the start of the Skanderborg music festival, where everything is in chaos, I see the FINE actor Buster Larsen play bass drum, and I was told that it is from here that all flowers (of love of my mother) comes from, and I am here given the taste of fish which is about me entering here as the son.

It is like removing the cardboard packing of an item on the car deck of the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry, and voila, there you have a perfect round bowl of seasoned herrings from Lykkeberg, and again, I am arriving at the Source as the son, and my father told me that he has no idea where this force comes from, but it is there.

I received “stay together” with Suede – a different song than “together” – and the lyrics “and we can stay together”, which kept on being played to me over again.

Weren’t you afraid of crashing into an evil concrete stand on the motorway (?) – to get here to the Source – and I understood that this is about the concrete stand, which stopped a drunk Hans Engell in 1997 and his political career, which is about how he and the Conservative Party has been darkness too trying to stop me, and yes Hans I was impressed with you already in 1982, I believe, when you held a political public meeting at Espergærde Library, and I met your wife MANY times – not always acting “normal” – when I worked at Danske Bank, Espergærde, from 1984-86, and yes “the worst darkness” goes for you too, so when have you decided to come forward (?), and yes you are also a frightened and silent chicken, and yes when you are turned around, consider yourself to be “close to me” too, but first you need to have the cure bringing it :-).

I started working on the last of the script of yesterday at 03.00, and I had a constant feeling to my right ankle as if this is the entrance to the eternal (egg of the) Source behind all creation, which I am now coming to now.

Outside in the football season it is cold and dark, but not inside here.

I was given a very low sound to my balcony and was told that this means out here that we almost don’t freeze anymore.

Think that he got here by himself.

It is inside of here that there is never any shortage of carpets.

This is like a sewing machine, which keeps on sewing forever without coming new sewing thread on it.

And we have practically entered it now, and yes the question is if saving my mother from this information before John’s operation will make it more difficult for John to make it (?), and this is the game where strong feelings try to make me unsure of this, but I know that it is the only right thing to spare her, which however in the game may be the opposite, and let us hope that my working this night is what will make him come through.

This is the top of the rocket – the Source – which we had turned around compared to ourselves, and this is what we are now finalising the turn around of.

Isn’t it funny that John went to the hospital to receive an exchange, yes our old heart exchanged to our new heart, and if he will make this, the world will make the transition too without destruction in between (?), yes isn’t it exciting?

This is like the spaceship sailing away from you, Stig, yes if you could not reach it that is, which I understand is what would have caused our destruction, but I am still working to bring it close.

So there is a horse (our world) on that airplane, which is the only difference when coming here.

I worked from 03.00 to 05.55 writing the last of the script of yesterday, the summary of it and published it, and yes to help John survive his operation this morning, I hope, and I will try to stay up a while to bring him even more, and go to sleep later, and yes I also have to inform my mother and Sanna about the death of my father, and that is unless I will do this tomorrow instead, we will see how the day will turn out – depending on sleep too.

The last spot on the egg of the dream, is that what we are pulling in now? And I received a new small heart attack and yes this is to bring us all the way up there, and did I not do this before John’s operation, he would not be ready as I understand.

No, we have not scratched your name in yet, and I understood that this is what we are doing, and yes bringing you as the son directly into the heart of the Source so it will both be my father and I living here, and this is what we will do during this heart operation.

We will not let an alarm sound all over the Universe as I was told together with a click to my oven and that is if and when you come through this.

This is about a run of who can get to the bus first, your father or you?

So is this about your final entrance as the son to be together with your father, which is what we did October 31, 2012, and yes since going through a game to bring energy required, which you can see cost the life of my father as the result, but not the world.

Now John will get straight to operation because of this without further delay.

And this is what Dancing Queen was about as Billy Cook told me about in 2005 – CELEBRATION because I am becoming part of the Source together with my father.

Here I will exchange the old sexual sufferings I bring the world with you. And this is the same place as I smoke, and yes it comes directly from here because this is what your mother asked for.

Yes, my father’s death was the road leading directly to hell for me, but I was helped to avoid it putting in all energy/work which was required.

And then to go against Karen and her “sexuality” here, which is what I am given as torments on my last way in, and then I do believe that you made it to the gold, which is still about your decision from October 31, 2012 to show how far you could go as your old self as a matter of honour, and of course to reduce sufferings of the world via my work/sufferings. And you did not even receive any swimming training to bring you here. No one touched the lock, you came in yourself. Now we only have to colour your hair and all of you bourdeaux.

And yes, you received this from Inge, Jan and your father through the phone conversation with Inge, and this is what we needed to bring John through too?

Is this Stig now about coming up through the water (of sufferings) after the longest tour ever beneath it. When you come in here, there are no secrets anymore, then we just “are”.

I felt my father’s wife Kirsten strongly this morning, so did Inge call her afterwards yesterday evening telling her about my “feelings”?

I was told at 07.50 that my mother had murder in her eyes, which I am now absorbing which otherwise would have killed John, and I was also told that this is because of her coldness and opposition to me.

If we did not do this, we would have had to lend out a tooth for your mother ….,, which I felt would be more difficult.

I was told that here it was Christoffer, Mette’s son – one of the four Jesus’s – who almost finished my mother and threw me back at the harbour, as it was Jan on my father’s side finishing my father, and the difference was that here I could fight it, which I mainly did because I declined my “old nightmare”, otherwise the police would have brought me here – together with the explosion of the world – and yes to the Source from where we would create the New World.

In principle this is about setting up an extra lamp. And the difference is that you bring your own duvet, the New World, otherwise we are equal now (father and son), this is what I have made sure of.

It is now soon “free choice” and I was shown the Kaufmann men’s toy store on the pedestrian street of Copenhagen.

All existing creation – regardless of how “enormous” it is – is only small match boxes in here, do you want to see?

I continued receive coughing, and I was INCREDIBLE tired for a couple of hours being absolutely sure that it was only a matter of time before I had to sleep, and when I finally tried to receive a nap on the sofa at 09.50, feeling that sleep was really not good, I started receiving negative visions and information about darkness, which would hit John, so I crawled up again, and decide to try to keep awake the whole day even though it felt truly impossible at this stage.

I received the feeling and also word or “eucalyptus”, which was associated with Jack’s late father, John, who used to eat these pastilles, and I was told that I had to stay up because of the very narrow entrance here, and I now continuously received “the beautiful ones” by Suede. Later I also felt Jack and received the feeling that he knows that my father has died.

Because we also have to be careful not having John’s heart to stop during operation.

I was shown only radio/TV stores everywhere inside of darkness.

I have received feelings of Michael Hardinger from Shu-Bi-Dua lately, and was now told that California, where he has now lived for approx. 20 years, was also the beginning of all, and do you know by now, Michael, that I am “the real thing” (?), and I felt that your wrong gossip about me also helped the Danish music environment to believe in me.

I was told that this the very strongest darkness of all – or light when turned around – was hidden/connected with my visit to Amsterdam in Netherlands in 2006, where I could not resist looking at the red light district carefully (!), which is also what caused the worst snow storm bringing the traffic in serious disorder that day!

I was told that working at the library is both to make the entrance to the Source more difficult, and also that I am a sight there, today mostly for the local, and I feel Per Tærsbøl, the previous city-king/mayor here.

Isn’t it incredible, but this spaceship of everything already includes everything, which is, I have prepared it, and is this eeehhh coming inside of you or already inside of you, and is it from inside of you that this came from (?), and yes try to guess, your guess is as good as mine as I am told (?), and this is about two people speaking together in darkness about me, and yes my ex-colleagues here as example.

I decided to cross my tiredness and lack of sleep and to go to the library after lunch to finish the setup of my script of yesterday and also to comment and bring MANY of Jette’s Google Earth pictures in this script, and if I did not, I would come too far behind first having to start this work tomorrow, and I was thinking that it would probably also have negative consequences for John, that’s why, not because I felt “up” to do it.

At the library at around 13.20 I kept receiving now both “stay together” and “together” by Suede, and I also received some out of this world pain to my right ankle, maybe three in total today.

When working there, I was told – do you keep fishing (?), i.e. laundrying, which is the same.

I was told that the book “Direktørkontrakten” (“Contract for directors”) includes my words on how to for a contract for directors etc. when it comes to regulations on pension and insurance, and with this, “my spirit” was together with MANY top directors/CEO’s of Danish business life having had their contracts formulated since the beginning of the 1990’s, when I formulated these words included in lawyer Jørgen Boe’s “bible” on the area.

How could I get faith of the world in me when I could not make my own father believe in me?

This work today is as good as pork rind without gravy, which is the pure goods, which I am now making you.

The sin cannot follow when you keep on working quickly as you do now, also meaning that it will not catch up on John today.

Karen can only sit there looking at you powerless, she cannot do anything to me, and to my “craziness”, is this how it is, Karen?

I have now made a bathroom for you all the way in here, and tomorrow at Tivoli, I understood that this will be done and turned around to a kitchen too (from “destruction of darkness” to “life plant of light”).

Well, you cannot build a tax-deductible tunnel of darkness here, so there is no darkness (!), and yes as a comment to “wise” Steen and Jacob yesterday, but still darkness was VERY REAL to the world as you may have felt/experienced some of you (?), and yes an act, but still reality, see?

I was given the feeling of sadness of my father’s wife Kirsten and was told that she has cried too and also love you, and maybe even feel poor conscience, and yes how in the world “could you” act as the most dense evilness in the world, Kirsten, and how would you have “liked” me acting as you if the roles had been turned around (?), and yes a completely unreasonable, hysterical and mad woman is what you are and behind this cover of you, there is also a nice woman, whom I defended towards my family and normally never spoke “negatively” about, but these days I had told the truth directly both to Inge and even more to my mother, and yes my mother called at 15.00 and told me to both her and my relief that John’s operation went fine, and he is now on intensive care as planned, and this is what I was hoping for/expecting, and when this was the case, I told her about my talk with Inge and that my father has died, and I could hear from her LOUD OUTBURST that she did not know, and also how sad that she become, and she told me that it was him then that she saw some months ago on Herlev Hospital, and yes there were no limits to her negativity towards Kirsten and how neurotic she is (and has always been) because of what she did, and she told me that I had to fight for my inheritance, and I could only tell her that the inheritance is completely unimportant to me, but I would like to know HOW I have been kept completely out in the cold not only by Kirsten and her family, but apparently also the system because I was a “forced” legal heir to my father, and yes the truth is that it is RIGHT for me to accept Kirsten to be living in an undivided estate, and I was thinking that it is “strange” that my mother wants me to fight for the heir, which would be the same if she had told Bettina, John’s daughter, to fight for her heir after John, which she of course would NEVER do and what she fears that she might do, and yes this is once again about people “not thinking” and to do to others what they do not like people to do to them, which goes on everywhere – and Suede kept on playing “when you’re on your own, …., we should get together” inside of my head.

I was told that I am conversation subject both here as in China and I felt how people are embarrassed, and yes isn’t it incredible that a whole official world – politicians, media, armed forced, business life, religious institutions – “cannot” inform the world about me after I SINCERELY have asked you to do it just how many times?

I received new life coming to me, acting as darkness, and it asked why have you chosen anything as hopeless as a camera (to bring life alive) (?), and this is still the invention of the Old World that we use, but in here “technology” is at a much higher stage.

This was first part of the journey then, and yes the news of your father had to be brought to your mother before you would be given sleep, and hereafter to Sanna, which I will do after 17.00 when I expect her to have returned home from work where I will give her a call.

Again this afternoon when working, I was given more pain to my stomach/spinal column, which I understood again was to say that the Commune was involved in the case of my father’s death – or is it only because Lisbeth keep on thinking about me (?), we will see.

Believe it or not, but we have used Rolf from the park as spearhead bringing you here.

I felt Jack and was told that he knows about the death of my father, I was also given the name of his little brother Steffen, so does he know about me too (?), and I was told that the media now also knows how this was kept a secret to me.

Where is your mother’s mother in all of this (?), and yes in the lake in front of us, and no one has ever come here before you.

We first had to bring four rooms to one – for the first time since the beginning of everything – before we could continue, and this is the room that we are now bringing everything, which is also a new invention.

I finished work at 16.30 and prepared to publish my script of the previous two days to Facebook, which I would do at home after having spoken to my sister first, so she did not have to read it, but received the information personally – I would really have preferred to tell my mother in person, but I decided to settle doing it via phone.

So I am still right (ride) on time, and yes new time, my friends, and do you think that it will be a comfortable surprise that you also went right through this passage not killing John – and also my mother and Karen for that matter.

I was told about “reading holiday”, which I have really been on as part of my school/journey all the time, but we don’t read but receive a dead leg by your mother.

“Vind eller forsvind” as we say here (“win or disappear”), which is about my old colleague/good friend Henning W. (from Danske Bank, 3107) and I was told that he is not just informed about me, but part of the chorus against me, and yes he is still NOT to be found on neither Facebook nor LinkedIn, or is he hidden to me too as Fuggi was for many years until approx. 2009?

Now the apartment with a view over the lake is almost done, which is because of work I did today, and this has been done without receiving any pain to my foot.

I called my sister at 18.00 and was surprised that my mother had decided to tell her before I had done it, which really would have been the right way, but of course she is free to speak, and as my mother, she was disappointed with Kirsten and encouraged me to seek the inheritance, which I have a legal right to receive, and yes I also told her that I do NOT care about the inheritance, and obviously my mother’s and sister’s disgust of Kirsten and her wrongdoings makes it impossible for them to do what is right, which of course is to accept her living in an undivided estate.

I asked her again about her will to go to Tivoli tomorrow together with mother, and she said that she expected us to speak about this tomorrow when we will know about the weather and also about when our mother will visit John, and a little later my mother called me and said that Sanna would not come (!), and eehhh “but she has just told me that we will talk about this tomorrow” to which my mother said that she had spoken to her after me and to her, Sanna had said that she would not come because she had had very long days (!), and yes Sanna said yes three times to go (the last two times we met, and the impression she gave me only minutes before this), and now she had decided close to the appointment that she did not “bother”, and no, this is ONLY how the Devil acts – as MANY sadly do – making me sad, and yes when you have an agreement, you have an agreement (!), my ladies and gentlemen, and my mother kept on being outrageous about Kirsten – “she is NOT to get away with what she did, I want her to be punished, to receive a fine” etc., and yes very many NEGATIVE feelings you know, which is NOT how I want to think despite of what she did to me – and she also brought my attention to the fact that I did not attend my father’s funeral, which I had not thought about, and yes “of course” it would be “completely impossible” for Kirsten and her four children and other family to accept my presence – the closest relative of my father (!) – which is also why I was not told about his death, and yes am I really so “incredible disgusting” that you cannot accept me, Kirsten & Co. (?), or isn’t the truth that what you thought that I was is what you all were because of your “misunderstandings” and negative feelings to me, and yes the opposite world you know, “yuck, you must have a bad taste in your mouth” (!), and I cannot tell you just how much this lady has hurt me, not only now, but all of my life since she met my father (at the end of the 1970’s), and as I told my mother, if my father had still been with Anni (his lady before Kirsten), we would all still be seeing them both, and yes we would have been together at family dinners, and I would have had good relations with my father, but this is not how the Devil played the game via Kirsten.

My mother said that John has already now been removed from intensive care, which he otherwise had expected to be at for 3-4 days, and also that he did not have to be on dialysis because of his kidney having trouble to go through this operation, which could be a risk, and yes, his operation went MUCH better than expected and he already stood up taking the first steps this evening, and as my mother said “he is incredible tough”, and yes it was John that she spoke about, not me (!), and had I not gone through my difficult yesterday and today doing what was right, John would have died because of my mother’s negative influence on him, and yes there you see.

I was told by the spaceship of everything that we lack a last tour around the world to bring everything.

And yes after my conversation with Sanna, it did not take me many minutes to publish my new script of the previous two days on Facebook for everyone to see including Inge and also Niklas and Tobias – who “could not” send their condolences (!) – so by 18.00, I had done everything and I could not do it differently, this was the only right way to do it so this has to be the narrow passage and entrance to the pure light of my father.

It is not impossible that we can see the outlines of a small shack over there (in the background), which was impossible to see before, but now the shock over my father’s death and Kirsten’s WRONG decision is making us see this too.

May we send the most heartfelt congratulations from space (?) – for making it to here – and I felt Queen Margrethe having read about my father’s death too and the break-down of Kirsten and the system too (?) in relation to me.

I was given a sound to my oven, and was told that I am not a margarine factory, and this sound is still remaining of creation of my mother, which we are saving and going through before reaching the shack of my father.

I was told that it was also part of the plan the other day to call Putin the most dense/concentrated darkness/evil of everything, which also helped us trough this, and yes just say “DA, DA, DA” to me, just like a small child (“pooh, ba, ba, ba”) , will you, Putin?

Did we reach just one more Moon journey (?), and yes I have been given references to the moon many times lately, and now understand that this is where this spaceship of everything has its base too.

How many times have my family, friends etc. thrown up (?), and yes many times more the strength of the ball here, which is the force I had to take on me.

It is not small things of new directives that the world has thrown out because of me.

It is Sanna, who is collective everything not via my mother’s call to her, but mine, which is why it was important that I also called her, and yes we have really not been speaking on the phone since 2008, which we did regularly before this (!), and I understood that this is about what I received from Inge too to bring everything of my father’s and mother’s families together, and close it via Sanna.

So isn’t it Sanna bringing the decisive duvet, yes it is, and no, I do NOT want any darkness to pour into the hole of the light of the Source – as I was shown. It is the access to here that we are now closing (?), which I understand that it is.

We have not had problems to collect rent here (?), and yes there is “no energy” here, and still I have to bring all of my energy these days, which is about “endless energy/force” I had to open to.

I was told that the famous and beloved films here “father of four” is also because of me, i.e. my father of the Source and his four worlds/sons.

I was thinking about another “planted” event when I visited Sanna and Hans together with mother and John the other day, which was about one song playing, where I told the family that it was from Grease and my old teen idols John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, and I got all the family with me, before I realised that I was wrong, because it was Olivian Newton-John with Cliff Richard singing “Suddenly” from the Xanadu album, and I could only say “I am sorry, I was wrong” and this was to show my sister – as I am told – that when I am wrong, I of course apologise, and yes you did not believe that I could do this too, is this how it is?

So it is John’s heart, the heart and Source of my father, which has now started been shared with me, and no, it is not a handing over, and have I decided to die now (as the father) when you are coming (as the son)?

I was shown the dark side of my father, I felt my father, and was told that this is the part I have invented for the occasion (tool to create the world), which now has to be omitted. I was told that my mother’s mother is part of this darkness, and yes there has to be several others too of my family, just look around and see who was working inside of them all, yes the dark side of the Source, which was real but only as a play.

This is the very final airplane put out for you, and could you not have brought them, I would have had to take them myself (my father) turning around everything to become light, but when you decided to go the whole road, we were two.

We have planned this for a long time and decided to set up as all of your family – One God, many individuals – and I was recapitulating myself thinking that I am arriving here not only as the Son but bringing my mother and her entire New World and as the Source, my father, mother and I will become one – as the natural force, which “is” – and on the level below, we will still be father, mother and son.

My father said “congratulations with it”, we are now no longer a circus horse.

It is like putting a heat thermometer (as you use when roasting meat) through your cheek, and tomorrow you will go to Tivoli with your mother (for me to see Suede too), and what have we hidden in there (?), which you have received every single time you have been there, and yes the Source of darkness, and I was given the feeling of Sanna too.

It is inside of here – at the pure light of the Source – that you will meet Jack and all of your friends, and I received a well-known song including the lyrics “I’ve got a picture of you”, and here I am given the taste of Champagne.

So darkness of Morten Olsen and many others coming my way was enough to come through this very narrow passage, and I was shown a very small pipe of my kitchen as the access and how the “Irma-girl” (an emblem of the supermarket Irma) entered the pipe to come through, but I saw her growing inside of it becoming VERY MUCH larger than the pipe making it impossible to do, and this is what this darkness/my sufferings was supposed to absorb for me/us to come through.

I saw a little of the football match between Brazil and Uruguay, and when Neymar once again did “magic” leading to the first goal of 1 to 0 (in the 2 to 1 victory), the Danish commentator said “fantastic little thing making it big for Brazil”, which is about this little thing of the Source making it big of the world, see?

I was given the thoughts of first jazz, then Chris Minh Doky and then Sanne Salomonsen – with the feeling that you know about how much I love not only your Sneakers period, Sanne, but also your AMAZING work together with Chris (not to say Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt too) – and I was given your BEAUTIFUL version of the song “In a New York minute” from your jazz album with Chris, and this is of course about this minute where “everything can change”, which is about the minute creating our the apple of our beautiful New World, and yes listen to Chris’ story about Sanne in the TV-programme “here is your life”, and you will understand just how great a singer – and performer – that Sanna truly is.

I was told, Dragholm it is so dark that you cannot enter here – unless you continued working as a zombie.

I was told that Jack has also had an important part looking after this key of darkness.

And no, my father’s wife Kirsten is NOT to be killed – I feel how darkness wants me to wish the worst for her because of just how incredible rotten she has treated me culminating with my father’s death – there will also be room for her here, and I am only sorry that she will also not be able to understand and to apologise for her behaviour as her old self. And we will bring Ole too, my mother’s ex-husband still here, and I was shown amazingly beautiful halls of a castle.

Yes, it is not only Queen Margrethe coming to me as feelings, but here Medina too – still thinking of me, Medina (?) – and no, I will NOT start again on the game of whom I am given feelings of, these were only a couple.

I was told that this process required my mother to become desperate for me to receive “the worst ever” to come through here, and now you are driving the car quietly in here.

Is it then tomorrow that you will be set up as no. 1 here, and yes during the Suede concert, and I am given delicious taste of crunch from my sister’s desert once again symbolising creation and love of my family as the driver.

It is here that we will remove the deaths-head and start a new friendly football match.

I continued receiving now some smaller heart attacks.

I was told that I – my father – had to make women smack-in-love with you (some, not all), it was my task, not your mothers, and it was my mother having to bring me through this as pure as possible.

So this is about receiving the last help to bring the duvet on place, and yes it is also driven by Sanna being driven crazy because of me and my writings.

Ending the script with these short stories:

  • I was happy to be hearing from Elijah again – I said in a recent email to the LTO team that if I did not hear from them this month, they would be cancelled from my money transfer, which “does NOT have to be this way” as I am sure that they agree, but this is the only way for me to be hearing from Elijah and John regularly – but I was NOT happy for Elijah to be focusing on his own “business” not only helping poor children but also yourself, Elijah, via sponsorships of “foreigners with a good and open heart” to you (?), and no, I do NOT like the concept of NGO’s building up careers and livelihoods on basis of money, which should be given directly to people in need, and this is what “normal life” is also about – for rich people to help poor people directly the way that I help you at LTO directly – and this is why I have broken with all NGO’s back in 2009, and now you ask for my help not only for you to receive sponsors in Denmark, but also to help you on your business (?), and you may remember both my attitude on NGO’s – no matter which (!), even though they are better to have than nothing, if this is the alternative, but they remove responsibility of people in the rich countries, and the old song you remember – and also and also about my view on you prioritizing to use me for your business when I visited you in Kenya in 2009 rather than supporting me and spreading the word of me and my teachings (?) – I wonder how much and what you inform your own closest family and friends including the church about me including the chance for them to read my scripts, which I send you (?) – and yes my friend, this is how it is, so my answer to you is that you are ALWAYS welcome to visit and stay with me as my friend, but I will NOT be involved in your business activities, which you can set up yourself together with the aid of the Danish embassy in Kenya helping you with contacts/ideas, and isn’t it funny that when I ask about details of your work, what you do, whom you help, work together with, your sponsors etc., I receive absolutely silence from you as I have done generally from you in long periods, but when you suddenly “need” me, you expect me to do everything for you. The answer is YES as a friend but NO as a “business relation”. Think about whom I am, about me working hard while suffering more than any man, living as a “living dead” to save all life and build our New World, which you should know by reading that we stand right in front of, and this is not more important to you than your business (?), and eeehhh, how much do you earn on your business today, Elijah (?), did you succeed to get an income yourself so you do not have to depend on me anymore (?), is this how it is, but still it is “nice” for you to receive my money (?), and no, I don’t know, because you never tell me anything, and this is NOT how to nourish friendships. START TO COMMUNICATE as friends do, this is what I have asked of you MANY times, and I was here told by my mother that he is making her (potentially) bleed because of his behaviour, and I am taking on sufferings to avoid this from happening, and yes darkness from Elijah because of his continuous wrong behaviour, and no, he NEVER learned to change poor habits into good and to follow my basic work rules, and do you even remember them, my friend (?), and what about all your old notes of my teachings (?), and yes just wondering I am …..

Elijah email 260613

  • I was also happy to receive this email and chat from David, who is still struggling, thank you, David :-).

David email 250613

FB 260613 David


27th June: The deed of darkness was handed over to me at Tivoli Gardens as the location of the beginning of everything

Dreaming of coming to a location of less darkness and incredible amount of pure Source

I went to bed at 23.00, and slept as long as shortly before 10.00 (!), with these dreams:

  • I am taking the bus to see my mother for dinner at 18.30. I have been at school on Amager, and am now in Valby, where there are many bakeries with an incredible amount of bread in their windows. I am with Lars G. and Frank Hvam (the Danish comedian), and Frank has the newspaper Ekstra Bladet inside his jacket. I am singing with the chorus of a school, they have some black cassette tapes, but something about no matter what, there is a good looking shirt and napkin, and three extra shirts.
    • Amager will have to be darkness of the school of Michael Sadler that I went through, and I am now at Valby with less darkness, and MUCH bread of the Source. Frank Hvam appears to be one of the Danish comedians knowing about me and the newspaper says “darkness”.
    • I woke up to Eagles’ very fine “heartache tonight” and the lyrics “There’s gonna be a heartache tonight” , because it is the last day on the office (of darkness and threats of my “old nightmare”).

The deed of darkness was handed over to me at Tivoli Gardens as the location of the beginning of everything

We cannot refuse giving him his gift now.

The Tivoli Gardens is where the flood is buried, this is what we are going to bring with us this evening, and yes I am also thinking about the “very little forest” next to Borupgaard, inside the protection chamber at the hill, which I was told last year was the same place (?), and yes you never know.

In continuation of an old story, I was told that it was from the Panum-institute in Copenhagen that Putin & Co. received “inspiration” from to create the scariest weapon in history, which would simply dissolve life self.

This evening is about the handing over of the deed, which was used by my sister via my mother with the goal to destroy the Old World and bring forward our New World, but no, you don’t do that without me, so I will take care of it deciding not to explode all life but to change us into our new selves without anyone hurting, and so it will be.

I was told that this is the dark Source I am collecting, the one which poured out all darkness as “building stones” of life via my sister, and yes because this is what I was asked to do.

No, his cycle deck never exploded, and don’t you believe that this is what would have happened, and yes the explosion of the world starting inside of you? Which would make the Pentecost nothing compared to what would come, which no Arabic people/Muslims by the way believe in, and yes not the easiest people to make these people believe that I have returned as Jesus, you know.

No, he has not received any artificial fertilizer from here, i.e. help from the Source to go against the game. He did it by himself.

Is this an apartment on top of the building at the roof that you have built and will stay in (?), and yes for me to continue digging up through the Source.

So Tivoli is about letting out the last air of darkness.

After finishing the script of yesterday – I always start working in the morning after bath and breakfast – I went to the library at 15.20 to improve the script of yesterday with pictures etc., and I met a nice a smiling Allan, which is the name of the French/Danish photographer I met here not long ago, and we spoke fine again together, however I noticed that I was giving difficulties to speak by darkness making some sentences impossible for me to say without stammering, and I wondered if he had found my website not believing in me, thus sending me this darkness – I could see no other reasons – but he did not tell, and I also received pain to my right testicle when speaking with him, which means ”destruction”.

Still we had a nice conversation about music etc., and he LOVES opera more than most people, and said that his favourite piece is this beautiful duet of an aria by Bizet’s “Pearl Fishers”, and it is indeed very beautiful, I did not know it before, and it made me think of fishing up the last “pearl” of Karen and yes the pearl ear rings I gave her as present around 2005.

We also spoke of coffee and he said that Irma’s coffee is made by Zoega’s – special blends – and as he said, you can see it on the form of their packages, but of course it is (!), but no, I also did not know this before, and it made me think of Irma as “something special” to me, and “coffee” was here about warm feelings, and yes this man and I like speaking together.

And he spoke about paying underpayment of tax, which to me was to say that we still “owe” some energy to bring out the last life of darkness, despite of all, and again, I understand that this man is important, and is it also somehow him that we go through now?

When I left him and asked of his first name, he said “Allan, the first in the alphabet” and if people could not understand, it was just like banana, and yes I did not catch his meaning of this, but I did understand the symbolic meaning for sure, which is about banana being a symbol of my “old nightmare” too, so once again a sign of him sending me darkness too, but still being kind to me, and yes we spoke about Swedes and particularly Englishmen, who show a fine surface, but the culture is that they do NOT speak directly what is on their mind, and this is because this is what this man did not to me today, so he had “judged me out” not having faith in me even though he knows nothing about my writings and I, and yes he could not pass the test as I told him.

We are only picking at the zip to get out of here, and yes Stig we are all still inside of you as the “pole”, which was the tool of creation uniting with my mother of the world, and on the other side of this is where the pure Source of everything is.

It is so small here at the end of the watch that you really cannot come through at all, but yes we know, we will NOT give up, so here we are coming, ship ahoy.

So we don’t just continue knocking on the door here, but here we actually come – also with the help of this French man.

And then the last will not come as a surprise to you, which is that in reality I don’t even exist.

I was told that it was painful for my father to see my “human decline” via my website, which brought him – and many of his family – sadness, which again was brought to me, and yes still solely based on misunderstandings, laziness and better-knowing ignorance, and isn’t it incredible that an entire branch of your family can decide to be afraid, negative and abandon me and even for my father to die having a son in disgrace for being the worst person/tragedy, which they simply could not get over, and yes talk about simple minded people, and wouldn’t you think that a normal practise would be to try to read/understand and also to communicate instead of closing in like an oyster?

It is from Karen that we are coming out from once again.

I met my mother at 16.50 at Helsingør Station to go with the train to Copenhagen first to visit John and then to go to Tivoli, and even though John in forehand had said that he did not like to receive visit, my mother had said that we would go together to town, and then it was fine for both of us to visit him.

On the way, my mother looked at the tall house “Domus Portus” next to Nordhavn Station and said “it is truly tall”, and I could not help smiling, because there is a restaurant at ground floor called “no. 1”, so this was a sign of what I am becoming, which is “no. 1” at the tall house of our New World.

Their car is now also repaired and work again, but John’s and her computer has now broken down, which is about darkness now also disturbing some of their belongings, and yes it really means “the end of the world”, and that is of the Old World.

When we arrived at the 15th floor at the National Hospital in Copenhagen at John’s room, he was doing fine under the circumstances having some pain to his throat and not looking great, but he was helped sitting up to get his dinner, and then he started becoming very talkative, and I helped him move his clothes from a closet on the hall to his closet on the room, and he mostly addressed me, and was really happy to see and speak to me (!), and I was told that the reason why I came was still to help saving him – bringing him healing – from darkness of my mother, and to use him to help opening for the last door, and I felt how darkness of John was transferred to me, thus helping him to improve too, and I was told that without this visit, there would have been no end at Tivoli this evening, and I was told about doing this as being a “thief” and “genius”, which is about the last line on the map, i.e. the first of the world, which is coming from him, and via this, we can open to the New World, and yes please do when I am asleep or even better to do it when it is “perfect” to do.

I received a “warning times three”, which is about the Old World, which cannot live with the shortage on everything, which we have here, but we will continue until the very end.

John was lying on a two-man room and the other man was a 85 year old and nice man from Allinge, Bornholm, of all places (!), which you know is a special place to us all – including politicians of Denmark.

We stayed for half an hour before taking the bus in front of the neighbouring Panum Institute – where I collected dangerous material as I understood – towards the Town Square Hall and the Tivoli gardens located next to this right in the centre of Copenhagen

When we arrived at Tivoli, I felt Medina – “am I really also your mother” (?) – and I was told that this is then here that we collect all impressions here at the beginning of everything, which is what Tivoli and this area including the Central Station is as I was told, and it also includes the previous King Gustav VI Adolf and Gustav Vasa and the Vasa ship of Sweden to tell me that it also includes all “impressions” of the past.

And when entering Tivoli, the gateman was inspired bidding us welcome inside to the warmth of Tivoli, and I was told that this is where “Princess Sanna” will come to me when the Suede concert would start at 22.00.

We were happy to witness the end of the show of the Pantomime stage, which included ballet and very beautiful costumes, which my mother told me that Queen Margrethe has helped designing, and how do you think this influences your mother loving ballet (?), as I was told, yes therefore.

We went around the garden to find a place to eat, and finally settled for the lovely Færgekroen, where we had delicious lamb shank, and again my mother let out all of her negativity in relation to Kirsten, and told her how she wanted to hurt her because of what she has done hurting our family, and I told her again that just because Kirsten has been inhuman doing “the worst” to me/us, it does not mean that I will be inhuman to her, and the only right thing to do is to accept her to remain in undivided estate after my father, and yes this is solely directed by thirst for revenge of my mother and also sister as my mother told me was also “outrageous” because of this, and yes it does not surprise me that these two ladies cannot control their negative feelings and also decide to do what is wrong and yes “as usual”.

My mother gave me an old story as she has told me many times before – one of her characteristics – which was how she had served delicious oxtails for my father, which however was so gross in the mind of my father that he did not even want to taste it because he could not overcome the thought mentally, and it was truly delicious and yes the opposite of what he thought, and I felt that it was my father self directing this story to my mother to say that this is what he did to me when he could not mentally cope with the idea of my “craziness”, which made him overlook the small detail that I am only telling the truth about myself!

After dinner, we had a drink at “Tønderne” (“the barrels”) – a wine bodega with a view over the outdoor stage – and of course we had to have the Maitai drink, my favourite drink of all, and it tasted just wonderful.

The concert started precisely at 22.00 – I like that – and Suede started playing some lesser known songs, which was not my mother’s cup of tea, so she decided that she wanted to leave also not to come home too late, so she left at 22.20 when the show started becoming better and better, and just to get my mother to a rock concert in Tivoli is a great performance in itself because if there is something she does not like, it is loud and uptempo music.

At the beginning of the concert I felt darkness of John at my right ankle and I was told that he is very happy for me, and it is his feelings which is opening this door, and yes simply because I am “natural” when speaking to him for example telling him “just kick us out if you don’t bother to have us here” etc., and yes “just tell the truth directly”, and I am thinking of the French film “the Intouchables”, where I am acting as the black man being direct and natural when helping the handicapped man, and my mother is the one fussing him over – “slow down when eating, John”, “I only think of what is best to you” etc. – which you saw in the film that the handicapped man simply could not stand, and this is the same here, and yes people just want people to be honest, direct, open – and natural, and this is what I try to do, so there you have it, this is the recipe.

Ad yes, my mother said on the train that she did not want to tell John about my father’s death, and another incident, which almost killed a family member, and that was her brother, Per, who had a cardiac arrest when being at the swimming hall, but they had a heart starter, which started his heart again, so now he is hospitalised at Glostrup Hospital, and yes strong darkness together with the feeling of MADNESS (of me) of people is what this is about.

During the concert, I was told that the entrance is not opened/closed yet, you will decide yourself when to enter.

In the middle of the concert, the double winner of the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest, Kirsten Siggaard, decided to enter “the barrels” and she sat down just in front of me together with her husband/family, and also took a picture of her beloved family with me standing up just behind it, and yes I had to watch Suede on stage, which I could not when sitting down, therefore, so yes, Kirsten, you captured this moment, which you may like to share with your friends and colleagues at the music business (?), and yes I would have liked not to become as fat as I am, this is NOT my inner self of how I want to be – I like to exercise and be slim, if only I could – but this is how it is.

And yes, the longer the concert lasted, the deeper I was involved emotionally, and yes they started playing a long line of their early hits with one being more amazing/beautiful than the other including killing of a flash boy (another B-side, which is a hit!), New Generation, We are the pigs, So young, Can’t get enough (which worked as the strongest uptempo song at the concert), and when they begun the song “Everything will flow”, I thought and felt that “it hurts because of the immense beauty of this” (just listen to the almost Arabic sounding introduction to the song, and when Brett’s unique and “sensitive voice” takes over, this is what makes true magic to me), and yes when playing “wild ones”, it was one of those remarkable moments of history as I am told, and yes there is NOTHING as beautiful as this in music to me.

And yes, I do believe that Suede is around no. 10 of my top 100 list of all bands/artists, but this evening, they were the best music of all at the very top of my list, what an amazing band making the strongest quality music around, and yes speak about the magnificent voice of Brett and his charisma, a truly wonderful show, which was only partly destroyed by one thing, which was that my mother called from the Central Station saying that the last train for Helsingør left at 23.21, and yes I was thinking what is now this, because the last train has ALWAYS been on the other side at midnight at around 00.30-01.00, but can it be that they have changed the timetable without my knowledge (?), and yes this meant that I had to leave Tivoli at 23.10 at the very top of the concert to catch this train, and yes how do you think that it made me feel to see the announcement of trains also at 23.41 and 00.01 (yes, this was not on the monitor when my mother left earlier, and she did not realise that there were more trains later to be announced) – and probably even longer – at the monitors (?), and yes another of those “misunderstandings” of my mother – I was told that it was the chain of darkness wanted to bring me out “too soon” from Tivoli (!) – and yes SAD is not the case of having left what was an incredible concert of a top favourite band, but I told myself not to become negative, which is what the feeling of darkness of course wanted me to become, and I decided to be thankful for my mother having brought me a very nice evening and dinner together with her, and to let me see this wonderful band, and yes my feeling was that I should have seen you in concert MANY years ago, but better late than never, and yes can you imagine that I have never seen Simple Minds at concert, yes we have some catching up to do, my British/Scottish friends :-).

So now I will not rape you anymore, and I was shown a basket made of yarn, which has almost all of it being untied, and this is a symbol of our Old World, and right next to it on its way in, I was shown a dark and full basket of our New World, and it is dark because I see it still from inside darkness, and this is our New World being set up without anyone feeling it, and I was told that this is what happened under John’s heart operation.

I was told that there are many other ways I would prefer to die from, as darkness, but if you truly believe that I just have to be omitted like that, this is what we will do, and this was my father’s voice from darkness now as a serious and not simple minded voice.

Did leaving Tivoli early mean that we did not bring everything (?), and yes, if you press us well, there is still more (life inside darkness) to get from here, fine, this is what we will do then.

On my way home in the train, “we’re so young” kept on being played to me, which is what our New World is :-), and yes listen to that song too, it isn’t difficult to understand why this is also a 100 point song to me, right, and yes it is unique, remarkable and beautiful as nothing else.

I was shown an empty glass inside the a cook’s hat, and was told that this period corresponds to the period before creation, and it is still only a question of how much we will bring inside the football before we close it with the last patch of it, and again I could only think about what the difference will be between creation done before and after the creation of our New World, and apparently it is vital to bring as much before because of CREATION self coming, and how will “creation” become afterwards (?), and that is really the question you know, and I was shown a dark circle from where a marzipan ring cake emerges from and I was told that it is as darkness that we create, so this is what we are now, and no in our New World we will only be light, which will not make creation as powerful (?), but still we have an eternity of Sources and New Worlds to uncover and create, which however will be “different” to what we do now, and yes we will see.

I was shown how one layer after the other of the Source is now being opened with beautiful female Brazilian Samba dancers in between (temptations of my “old nightmare”, i.e. darkness), and I was told that creation goes quickly now.

At the train, I sat next to men maybe in their thirties, and when one of them said that life should be about relaxing and not slave away, I was thinking that here again is an example of lazy people, and they started talking about what is the meaning of life, and his friend said “playing music on cranium skulls”, “cannot even make a fire” and “don’t you know that the world is going under” (?), and this was about music of love being played to creation being made by darkness inside of these skulls, where darkness could not make a fire and still the Old World is ending, and yes talk about an inspired man for the occasion, and no he had no idea of what he was really talking about.

I received the vision of Johannes the mayor and the feeling that he had seen my Facebook publish of my previous script including the news of the death of my father, and I was told that the involvement of the Commune cannot be read from an ordinary journal of me, and I was encouraged to investigate what has happened before my next meeting with Lisbeth July 4, which I will do including to visit the probate court tomorrow to receive more information.

And I was told that this is why I received the feeling again in Tivoli of darkness at my jaw wanting to be spit out, but no I will NOT let you out, and the best way is to go directly after the throat of darkness, so this is now the task, and yes to continue the game as long as we can keep the Old World going in order to bring the best possible creation of our New World, see? And I was told that I am so close to this darkness that I can almost hear their “toilet conversation”, which is among the Commune – Bjarne (?) – and my father’s Kirsten’s family (?), and this is the darkness that my mother was the goal keeper for without knowing, and yes what would have killed her beloved son as she was also killing her beloved husband without knowing it.

When arriving home, I was given a new sound to my kitchen and was told that we are not entirely done then, and it is only because you don’t want to crush anything that we are leaving this way out.

It is not inside of here that the pressure is the biggest (?), but you have all of the New World behind you supporting you.

So this is like bringing in the last link of my golden necklace. Darkness of my own family was killing me slowly, and this is the energy now returning to you via John, and I felt how more darkness of him was given to me.

I received the smell of pure rubber in connection with Obama.

I now received the lyrics “I’m losing myself, losing myself to you” from Suede’s “New Generation”, which is about darkness losing itself to me.

Google Earth: Light over Taiwan spreading, a goodbye kiss, and dogs and devils around

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show light over Taiwan spreading, nice people everywhere, little man making big heads, a goodbye kiss, dogs and devils around, a very special way to draw thunder/rain, and the saw is working.

FB 270613 Jette 1

FB 270613 Jette 2

FB 270613 Jette 3

FB 270613 Jette 4

FB 270613 Jette 5

FB 270613 Jette 6

FB 270613 Jette 7

FB 270613 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helsingør Daily News says that people of Jutland throws around with Holger Danske selling his presence for money, which is NOT the destiny I like for this statue, and as the text says “the proud monument of the old warrior has almost been Tivoli-lised”, and yes “Tivoli-lised” in the sense of picking up the last of old darkness/creation.

HD 170613 Holger Danske

  • I was also happy to be hearing from John today – amazing what a “threat” to remove people from the money transfer list can do, which is “otherwise” impossible most of the times to Elijah and John to do, and no this is NOT how it should be, my “gentleman” (!) – and yes, these people are still waiting for a better life to come as millions are all over the world, and I am happy to be told about what you do, John, and I hope the best for you and your family – we are now “closer than close” to the big creation of our New World. Thank you for your kind words and support, and I also kindly ask you to bring my “warm” regards to everyone.

Email John 270613

  • Helena is laughing about the previous Tax Minister Thor Mögers shift to the Social Democratic Party, and she and Brian laughed they way through about Thor, who comes to “take care of everything”, Which made Brian say that Hans Christian Andersen – symbolising me – wrote “what father does is always the right” and “maybe someone has read goodnight stories to little Thor, hahahaha”, and this is a reference to “little Thor” reading my scripts, and Brian also said “is there a throw up bucket near by?”, so this is what “little Thor” is/was doing about me and my writings on him too and his darkness, which was about to cut me and the world down – literally blow us all up – and yes it made you “sick” to read, “litte Thor”, and yes poor you …..! (and I might add that Helena also brought an update about going on holiday and using a VERY direct sexual language of going “man hunting”, and yes she is the worst darkness too, you know).

FB 270613 Helena

  • “Crazy/naïve Steen” continues being fooled and now says that everything is a mirror to show you your thoughts and emotions and “what you experience in your inner is yours”, so your thoughts and feelings are your own, which are not given to you spiritually, Steen (?) – which all thoughts and feelings are – and yes you will settle for that too as everything you are told spiritually not thinking about whether it is the truth or not (?), and then you uncritically forwards this information to other naïve people showing their love and appreciation, and yes long live the Devil, whom we love so much, eeehhhhh ….?

FB 270613 Steen K

  • Another Facebook friend from Kenya, who is “concerned about me” and a man of only few words too, and I wonder how he found me, he is not Facebook friends with any of the LTO team, and from his Facebook postings, I can see that he is a man of the Bible too, which he often quotes, but “impossible” it is for him to know/understand me, and yes can someone please help him (?), and what about you, my dear LTO team?

FB 270613 Stephen

  • Michael Sadler cannot get his “duplicator” to work anymore symbolising darkness of the world being duplicated by the Source, which is practically empty by now.

FB 270613 Sadler

Sadler 270613

  • A “divine” find of four gold rings from the Bronze age has been dug at at Skælskør, Denmark, and is a “unique find” saying that a kind of sun God’s with divine importance to people may have lived in this area, and to me, this is about “four sons/worlds” of God.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to June 27, 2013: Coming through the narrowest passage building my new home at the Source with a view over the world

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