June 29, 2013: I was God alive as a mere human being and am becoming the Son of all creation including my father


Summary of the script today:

28th June: I was God alive as a mere human being and am becoming the Son of all creation including my father

  • Dreaming of silent politicians helping/supporting me, transferring the Old World to the platform of the New World, receiving the ship of the New World, still playing against much stronger darkness and winning, packing down the last content of darkness hoping to make it on time, and I am still suffering more than I like when continuing my journey to the very end.
  • We are now creating EVERYTHING, and yes a new view really, we are now creating everything including all of the Source. Work today cost me the goalkeeper of darkness of my mother because this system is now being dismantled also bringing the end to the last creation. I had a very tough day of work bringing out force I did not have, and I received darkness of Elijah and “the whole Helsingør” when posting my comment to Helsingør Daily News about the “mystical plane” of June 20 to different Helsingør Facebook groups, which was required to bring forward the original creator of my father from whom all God’s of previous worlds have been made as a copy of. He still has some strings attached to him, and he is the one bringing all light and the creation of our New World. I am also coming out of Putin, who was the worst man of darkness ever, who was not afraid to dissolve life self using the most dangerous weapon ever capable of doing this if the world wanted to see that he was not bluffing also because he knew that the world was doomed to go under anyway. I was “the fifth” man – already having four worlds/Jesus as the basis of the Old World – being God alive as a mere human being, where people believed that I was the Son, and as my new self I am becoming the Son of all creation including my father, and we are all ONE at the Source.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big fat rat (of the worst darkness), writing much, family meeting, pouring water out of the ear etc.
  • Short stories of Medina living inside the “opposite world”, Alexander bringing long lists of people claiming to be me – but is my name included (?),Telling Martin Spang Olsen that he is darkness erasing life after he erased my comments, and telling “the whole town” of Helsingør that “the mysterious airplane” flying low over town June 20 was “the spaceship of everything”, which made people ridicule me as expected – but just maybe the management of town and others understood that this truly was a historic event.

29th June: My father’s death meant that we were meant to terminate before reaching “everything”, but I refused darkness

  • Dreaming of still working inside the worst darkness to bring life to “poor lives”.
  • I had an impossible day of working with incredible tiredness and pressure of darkness, almost stronger than ever before, because of reactions of Helsingør to me including Elijah, Putin etc. bringing me strong darkness making the end of my journey “much faster”, even though I still have difficulties making that last life of darkness perfect. I am not far from the potato hidden behind this darkness.
  • Tour de France ended in chaos first removing the stuck bus minutes before the goal line symbolising that the plan after the death of my father was for me not to reach the pure Source at the end before I/the Old World would end/explode.
  • Something lacked when we brought the two plates of your mother (of the world) and your father (of the Source) together because of the death of my father, which meant that we were heading towards the end of the world, but we found a temporary solution, when outer versions of God brought us together, which was “impossible” to do, but made possible because I brought the KRAFTWERK to do it not giving up to “impossible darkness”, which had become stronger with the death of my father bringing me into the abyss, which I however fought myself up from. This is what darkness of my father’s Kirsten did to me/us, which was to bring the end of the world making it impossible for me to reach the very first part of God at the purest Source – and my old manager/colleague, Bo from Dahlberg, was “appointed” to be the one finishing me, thus all of us, off because he is the most simple minded, deaf and better-knowing man that I know, i.e. hell self. But I managed to collect “everything” – receiving the last from my aunt, Inge,– bringing this to Tivoli gardens the other day to finish all darkness. I was shown a marzipan ring cake as a horn, and was told that this is the horn/cornucopia/eternity self, which was hidden to me, and this is what I am still uncovering via the strong darkness I bring to me these days.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the heart is jumping out of the chest, I’m coming out, peculiar “pollution-border”, happy “gumble-guys”, the size of the heads – it is for sure, helping Greenpeace to remove business-men, we cannot come through darkness of 666 of the throat, shooting ghost with canon, the pollutionist is right above the border (of USA/Canada), and you are not allowed to chew tobacco anymore (about darkness of my hometown Helsingør sent to me).


28th June: I was God alive as a mere human being and am becoming the Son of all creation including my father

Dreaming of silent politicians helping/supporting me and transferring the Old World to the platform of the New World

I was home at 00.30 and went to bed on the other side of 01.00, and slept averagely until 09.20 with these dreams.

  • Politicians help me to transfer money, and one of many transfers that I sent, is wrong not including a control number, which a critical “control lady” says.
    • It seems that the official world helps/supports me without letting me know (?), which is what is bringing the last money, i.e. energy/life of darkness together.
  • I received “It’s like a new generation calling, Can you hear it call?” from Suede’s “New Generation”.
    • I was told in the middle of the night or early morning that we can continue some depending on how much sleep I will get, which was an encouragement for me to choose “little sleep”, but no I could not stand up, I needed more sleep.
  • Helle Thorning – without teeth (!) – and someone else has overtaken TDC’s (Danish Tele provider) modern TV-system after it has been transferred to a new platform including the full financial responsibility, and there are complaints of impatient people but Helle and the other say that everything works perfect, but still there are some systems not connected yet for example to Lars Løkke. Something about my mother having been transferred perfectly, and Hans is about being the same too, Tobias is also there. At Gmail, only few numbers are at home, Ulf Pilgaard is not.
    • This TV-system is the Old World now being brought over on the platform of the New World, and still there is some work to improve the last details, and yes when have you decided to come straight and come out, Lars Løkke instead of being the spider inside your own web (?) – and mine too (my scripts?) – and the lack of teeth of Helle (another part of my mother) may be to say that our new creation has not been carried out in practice yet, which however should be the smallest part of it as I understand.
  • I have received a ship, which Karen’s daughter, Caroline, is happy about, and it includes a full handball course, where I am playing in-door football against two young men, who should be much faster and better than I, but still I am ahead by 3 to 0 after just having scored a goal running quicker than these two – to my surprise – and also a young boy, who has now entered the course too.
    • The ship is our New World, and I am still playing to win doing “impossible work”, and I wonder who the young boy is, is that Karen’s and my coming son arriving here, or ….?
  • Camilla and I are moving out, and a kind man is helping us to pack everything down. We only have few days left, and this man packing down the shelves from our bedroom has so much to pack down that he does not believe that he will make it on time, and I tell him that tomorrow we will finish the packing down of the living room, including a stereo system and a special tuner, which we have never used before, and then we will help him to make it, which makes him believe that we will make it on time. Something about having received some plastic figures in gift, which I exchange, but when I don’t have a receipt, I am given a refund of the price minus 10 percent, and something about new ones on TV, which will bring history and the media.
    • This is still about packing down the content of the last darkness, which still includes more than we apparently have time for, but the goal is to make everything, so this is what we are still following.
  • I am cycling faster on small roads (suffering more) than what I like, and there is a place where you can hear beautiful classical music coming out from a deep cave, and this is the beautiful piece of music I am given with a reference to Russia because of Putin and the piano of the Source, and yes when turned around, you are also the opposite of the most dense darkness, i.e. light, you do realize, right?

I was God alive as a mere human being and am becoming the Son of all creation including my father

No, Stig doesn’t hear voices anymore, isn’t it incredible (?), and yes is this feedback from my mother to my sister without my knowledge/involvement?

I spoke to my mother on the phone again this morning, and for a very long time, she has complained about the low volume of my phone making it difficult for her to hear my voice, and Inge also complained over this the other day, but today my mother said that now it is fine again, and I could only say that this is also what happens to all of my electronic devices you know, and yes their computer has now “decided” to work again, so what do you know …?

I worked at home this morning writing the last of the script of yesterday.

I was told about Joseph Fritzl – the man, who held his daughter captive for 24 years abusing her – that they have also not buried him entirely.

Have you thought about that none of the enamel wants to get off and what you/we are now creating is EVERYTHING, and yes a new view really, and yes this could easily be it meaning that we are now creating everything including all of the Source.

I was told that Karen keeps on pulling the very thin line longer and longer out, and this is what we are following.

I decided to cycle to the probate court next to the Prøvesten Shopping Centre to enquire about my father even though his case was handled in Hillerød, I thought they have everything on electronic files, but I was told that they do no, so I have to contact the court in Hillerød.

On my way there I was told that we will then take all of what is hidden (of darkness) inside of Mallorca.

I was told that Putin does NOT like to be teased with being a child, and you do kill people for less, my man (?) or send home-made UFO’s out to do?

I keep on being told about Peter Gabriel and “Solsbury”, and I have been for days and it comes together with the feeling that he knows about me and is a “special friend” too, and yes watch this fantastic song after 1:36:30 into this fine concert, which I enjoyed mostly listening to when working.

It was “impossible” to fight four worlds/Jesus’ and it is even more “impossible” to unite all to one, which is what is making us millionaires, i.e. truly bringing out the light.

I cycled to the library to work hereafter, and saw a the cycle of a young lady overturning, which I helped her to bring up – a sign of what could have become the end of my journey because of my father – and I first called the court in Hillerød, and asked them who was the executor of the estate, and I thought that Kirsten had appointed a lawyer to do this, and I was surprised when I learned that the estate had been laid out to her meaning that the court SHOULD HAVE called me in as legal heir to a meeting with heirs to agree on which way to settle the estate, but I was not (!), and yes how in the world can this be possible (?), and can it really be that she/her family succeeded to make me “lawless” without anyone telling me (?), or is there a more simple explanation, which I just cannot see (?), and yes if the estate was worth more than approx. 650,000 DKK, the court also needed my signature to accept Kirsten to be living in an undivided estate, and yes the court said that it was almost impossible to hear me on the phone – it was now darkness again almost killing communication you know – and I asked them if I could come by to receive a copy of the documents of the case, but they wanted to have an email first, which I will send them in the weekend, it is Friday today, and yes let us see what I may discover before the meeting with Lisbeth on July 4, which should be a day of liberation, right?

Is it possible to see you coming through the goal line on goal pictures (?), which I believe “the official world” has access to, and yes how CRAZY can you get NOT to publish these too?

No, you have not been stopped yet, Stig, isn’t this what you believe that you may encounter from the public system/court, which may decide to show me nothing (?), we will see.

Is it “faeces speakers” of your mother, which we are now taking down? It is “intestinal-intertwine”, turned the opposite way, you know.

And yes, “everything” is because of the declaration of “crazy Alex” on me official declaring me “crazy”, which made people do CRAZY things without reading, communicating, thinking because they “did not have to”.

During the afternoon – at 15.00 to 17.00 – I was INCREDIBLE tired when working and could have given up at anytime and I had the feeling of having far too much work making it “mentally impossible” to do, and here again it was patience and time making me come through knowing that this is what it was about, but a serious crisis it was because of dizziness/tiredness still brought to me by simple minded people not understanding/having faith in me.

Did the world experience a “major crisis” to end when I visited Amsterdam in 2006, this you know too?

At 16.10 I had finally finalised my script of yesterday and when I was about to publish it on Facebook, I was told that this cost you a goalkeeper (of darkness), which again is about the importance of writing and publishing my experiences and this includes the story of Tivoli yesterday.

Well, I have no bottles or baby wagon here.

I am chairman of this fortress – I was shown and heard a man with hiccup because of drinking – and he said that you are not coming through here, and yes this will have to be the goalkeeper, and I am sorry, my good man, but you are WRONG, and I ask you to join me too, because I am going right through everything here.

I was told that the end of my mother as a goalkeeper of darkness also means the end of creation, have you thought about that (?), and yes, let us see what happens over the coming days, and we are now almost bringing in the last ambulance, which is also here.

I continued working at the library until 19.00, I knew that it was going to become a long day, and at the end, I worked slowly, but I had decided to include the “long story” of the historic airplane over Helsingør as you can read from the short stories, and this was simply to do as perfect creation as possible.

When I shortly before 19.00 started to do my budget for July to calculate how much I can transfer to LTO – on my way home – I was told this cannot be called a penalty kick can it (?), and yes also remembering to send them some money, and yes I sent them an email saying that I would be some hours late, so they know.

I had saved 600 DKK from last month making it possible to transfer a gross amount of DKK 1,500 and yes instead of DKK 900, which I am actually pretty satisfied with under the circumstances, and I also paid my outstanding electricity bill today so they will not shut down my energy, you know.

I was told by my father that it is me, i.e. him, sailing the sailingship.

I was told that it is Britain having given the command also for Denmark to lay down a smokescreen in connection to UFO-experiences, thus also the “mystical airplane” over Helsingør, see the short stories.

Isn’t it funny that burned child shy the fire? I felt my mother and was told that such a refrigerator I have always wanted me – coming together with the feeling that it has been hidden to her.

I received the beautiful “Nanna with the long hair” by Kim Larsen, which first was about my old colleague Nanna from Fair thinking of me, and later the lyrics “it’s so sad, it’s so sad, they say” came, which was about what people of Helsingør thinks of me after my posting to Helsingør Facebook groups, see the short stories.

So it was truly a tough day today where I brought out force I truly did not have, and I was shown that I am now closer to the shack of God, maybe half way, and I was given the feeling of people of Helsingør being made by a special material, and now many of these have read me and decided that I am crazy or “strange”.

I felt darkness between my father and I and also that this is darkness of the people standing against us, which was himself, his family and “the system”.

I kept on receiving feelings of the spaceman Martin Spang Olsen thinking of me, see the short stories, and yes he will also join our New World and can this really be the truth, and yes it is, Martin.

So now it is my real father waiting on me out there in his shack, and I felt him there.

I was happy to be hearing that Mandela is now “much better” than the other day, and do you believe that there is a connection between us too?

Well, you are not on your way down into the yard to bring up your four children (?), yes this is what we first start doing now – a copy cat I was.

Without the development in Southern China, which I started as Obama, we would also not be here, and I was also shown the North Korean leader here, so connected this is.

It is like Crystal Palace, which has never experienced to lose, this is how you acted (also after father’s death), which is why we allowed you to continue.

Yes, Skovgaard (previous badminton player, now TV badminton commentator) is informed too about Knudsen (my mother’s husband John), and his name means “forest farm”, which are two symbols of God, and yes he made it, and yes people talk.

You don’t know just how much Vivian and others have brought to the camera to make it work, but it is nothing compared to now, and with this force, we are now – still via your mother – bringing in the rest much quicker.

Where is the fifth Englishman (?), which there was no room for here (?), yes the fifth is God self, who also smuggled himself in and work inside of here completely alone without anyone knowing – feeling the spirit of my mother – to help everything on place, and it is I being father to four slowly bringing everyone to my shack, and it has been a true pleasure to work together with you, my son, because I worked through you being God alive as a mere human being as the fifth man.

We fooled everyone to believe you were the Son, but you are the father, and I have written about who the four sons are before, and how do you explain that (?), and no, I don’t, I just write what comes to me, and yes I was the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father in one body as my old self and will become the Son of everything, which also includes the father, and as the Source we are all one, and this has to be the explanation.

It was the perfect cover for me for everyone believing that I was the Son and not the father. Well, I am not your permanent God father, am I (?), and I was thinking about being the clove inserted to an orange bringing it permanent life.

I only come here because simple minded people keep on saying that “he is not crazy/stupid” (to listen to, he knows what he writes about).

We just went one part further down in Germany than expected because of father’s death, but no, you had to get up again, you said, so therefore and yes I followed you all the road, not your father. And the most important was that you decided not to want me to be negative – I felt a dark net under the skin of my head – otherwise I would have found someone else to stay with.

So we are not really out there – at the shack – Stig, but inside of you, and have we been that all of the time?

Your market share/value has just increased, and I only say this to the one I have decided to have permanent residence with, and that became with you, my son.

And yes, I took the cover as Englishman – as you can read from Benjamin Crème here – and Crème now knows that he was fooled to make the world look for me in London in order to save me from being killed (as Stig), so thank you for being loyal to darkness, Crème.

It is me then bringing the gift for all of you when you first had solved the riddle on how to get back to the Source, and this required for you to answer the truth to the riddle in 2010 in order to return here, and hereafter it was piece of cake if you ask me, and yes this phrase always makes me think of my first test working for Kim and Jørgen at DFM in 1991 where I had to prove myself as a skilled salesman selling individual pension schemes for employees of 80 Synoptik optician stores, and when I returned after the first day and my first sales (in a situation like this), I said that it was “piece of cake”, and this was about this situation, a general rehearsal, and when you have liberated me from the last strings, I do believe that we are ready to show our abilities.

Ohhhh, could Elijah grill you now (?), and yes because of his negative reactions to my script of yesterday, and his desire to affording grill-parties, which he LOVES, so his darkness is yet again required to bring me out, and it is me being the true driving machine, which everyone else has been a cope of (God’s of previous worlds) and approved by me until you would come here and get me. And can you really afford to pay for an air ticket to Denmark, Elijah (?), and if this is the case, you don’t need my money to help you and your family from starving (?), or is this not right?

So this is what is required to bring me out, wrong feelings/darkness of Elijah and “the whole town” here speaking of me, and did you not do this, then – I was given pain to my right testicle meaning “destruction”, and yes it takes two of us to do, and when I as Stig would not accept this, we would continue the game to find a solution to get out.

Isn’t it just because you are now on your way inside of me, and yes the visit to Bakken (with my mother and sister weeks ago) was decisive because “Stig is not crazy” according to mother, and your father has followed your closely and I was shown big rolls of tape. And I was thinking of Tivoli with all of its beauty including flowers and good restaurants, modern and classical music etc., and yes a unique park in the world right in the centre of Copenhagen from where everything originated.

It was also because of Søren D. N. this happened – with my father – and we took the long way around to get here.

The Tchaikovsky piano concert was meant to make the giraffe of Putin to stop peeing – I see the giraffe lifting its leg and pee – and to return to me after his excursion, and it is really via Putin that I am coming in, and yes he knows the road, I am only helping him to open it, and I was shown Idi Amin, the previous dictator/killer of Uganda – with the feeling that I was also working via him – and I was told that Amin was nothing compared to what I have done working via Putin, the worst man ever in history, not being afraid of dissolving life itself if America wanted to see that he was not bluffing (!), and yes a complete nutcase, so will you stop acting now, Vladimir (?), showing your new found faith in me, and yes because there is no one else taking responsibility for world happenings.

So Putin stood behind the worst in the world as my father stood behind the worst against me, which is the connection.

I was shown a Christmas Tree and it is me, i.e. the “original father/creator”, who is coming in like lots of ice cube chocolates being poured into the middle of the tree, and yes “ice cube” as in sufferings together with much selfishness of people, but the thing is that I LOVE chocolate symbolising this, and when you turn it around, this symbol has the opposite meaning.

I continued receiving smaller sounds to my kitchen as part of the game to tell me that there is still a little more of the Source to bring out from darkness.

How did it go with the bathroom, did it become a kitchen and I received different options to choose from – as I have done some of this evening deciding that I will NOT chose what I like as the ending of a sentence, so instead I have decided non of them, and also here, and this is a new game of darkness given to me, which is also because this is how Putin works, which is to chose what you like rather than doing what is the only right thing to do.

This is like the father coming to New York to get his son in the film “Coming to America”.

Is Putin one of the “the world will go under anyway, so I might as well do it” as I made (?), and yes he is not the only one, and I was shown the leader of North Korea.

No, there is no monetary union, he does not believe in it, which is talk about me between Ministers, and what do we do (?), and yes wait to see if he will be strong enough to keep out of mental hospital, so the world knew about me but did nothing as expected, but they could have, and yes the world both loved and hated me as part of the game self, and I also feel Obama here, and yes not nice for me to intervene, Obama (?), speaking “simple logic” for everyone to understand, and it is this fight between light and darkness in everyone creation friction of the room, which we are in, which we overtook from nothing.

I was told about Martin Spang Olsen that he does not know that his origin is right here with me, and I felt myself as a spaceman too.

Yes, mother now wants to return to me, which also was about “friction” as the same reason. So your mother – the world – was not co-operative, but I knew that she would come back because I sent you.

I was shown Benny Andersson from ABBA standing at the hallway of a castle blocking the way to the door for me and original people coming with canoes, and I saw him blinking/dissolving/vanishing, and this was both to say that he is also a “special friend” of me and money is making him darkness, which is now dissolving thus opening for the door to me and everything.

Google Earth: A big fat rat (of the worst darkness) and writing much

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big fat rat (of the worst darkness), writing much, family meeting, pouring water out of the ear etc.

FB 280613 Jette 1

FB 280613 Jette 2

FB 280613 Jette 3

FB 280613 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Medina was laughing and said that her pianist knows someone who has carried out black work for the tax authorities (!), and yes “opposite world” is what she decided to call it, which is really to say that you are “inspired” too, Medina, and also working as your opposite self in this the opposite world made from darkness and not light (!), which apparently was the best way to do creation.

FB 280613 Medina

  • Alexander is an old Facebook friend – German living in USA – who brought this list of long lists including people claiming to be Maitreya, and I simply asked him if my name is also included (?), and no, “not easy” for Alexander to understand that he has been Facebook friends with “the real thing” for a long time.

FB 280613 Alexander

FB 280613 Alexander 2

  • Martin Spang Olsen, the famous “spaceman/alien” here, wrote about Monsanto, the company soon owing all food production of the world and poisoning/destroying it with GMO etc., and he asked if you know about geo-engineering – “what in the world are they spraying” (?) – and he crosses his fingers that it is a myth, and I told him that it is not, and also that he still lives in darkness not seeing the light even though it was presented directly to him, and we are still working on the consequences of December 21, which you don’t quite understand, and I told you that it was a good idea to follow me but you could not because of the strength of your own WRONG voice and lack of faith, but don’t despair, our New World will also come to you with no ending of the world (!), and he was happy to hear but “unfortunately I believe that it is you living in darkness”, which made me say that the one, who does not want to read/listen and understand is the one living in darkness, and this is how you are already known to the world, Martin, which made him write “I do believe that we will erase that nonsense, sorry”, which he then did (!), which made me tell him in a new comment that this is exactly how darkness works inside of you, it ERASES information/light, and you are too wise and better-knowing yourself but an ignorant – and this made him decide to delete/block me for good, and yes what do you REALLY know, Martin, and yes incredible so death he was too.

FB 280613 Martin

FB 280613 Martin 2

FB 280613 Martin 3

FB 280613 Martin 4

  • Today I read this article in Helsingør Dagblad about “the mysterious airplane” over Helsingør June 20, which caused concern among many people because “it flew very low and many feared that the pilot was in trouble”, but it did not crash and was not in trouble, as they write, and they have spoken to the control service of Danish air space, Naviair, who are in control of all “airplanes” (!), but they are not allowed to inform about which type of aircraft it is and who stood behind it (!) – do you really know, my friends (?) – But they say that it was a big plane – really (?) – which flew almost as low as it was allowed, which is in approx. 330 metres above sea level with the limit being at 300 metres, and if you ask me, I do believe that it was even lower, and yes it was a BIG plane in miniature, don’t you get it (?), and then they said that “the airplan was on sightseeing with passengers wanting to see Helsingør and Kronborg from the top on a beautiful summer day and evening” and yes, this is really what they said (!!!), and we talk about what looks like a “pretty large passenger plane” on sightseeing flying forwards and back over Helsingør, and yes have you completely lost your mind, my friends???

Helsingør Dagblad 280613 MYSTISK FLY - løgnere!

  • This made me decide to write an answer directly on Helsingør Dagblad’s website here, and also on their Facebook side, and furthermore I shared my answer on my own Facebook timeline,  on the ”Helsingør in Pictures” Facebook group, the “crazy about Helsingør”Facebook group”, and also the “Helsingør” Facebook group in order to wake up as many in this city including the mayor/management/newspaper to bring me as much darkness as possible to help me bring out the last part of the original Creator. And I said that the newspaper brought an OFFICIAL LIE to people and I wondered if they believe in this themselves or has been asked to bring it to “calm down” people knowing that it is one big lie (?), and then I told the truth that this is a UFO having the technology to change into any form, which has shown several times over Helsingør lately, and this is special because it is “the spaceship of everything” including creation self as you can read from my website, and this is about “to be or not to be”, which is why I live in Helsingør (the famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet from Kronborg Castle in Helsingør), and the result of my mission became “to be” bringing the creation of our New World with endless life and happiness without sufferings, which is now coming to everyone, and yes I then brought the chapter from my script of June 21 for everyone to read my experience of the event when it happened, and yes pretty easy to read and understand, right (?), but many not to people, who do not WANT to understand, thus making them believe that I am “strange” or even “crazy” (?), and yes it is up to you!

FB 280613 til andre Helsingør grupper

FB 280613 HD2

FB 280613 HD3

  • And as expected most people did NOT want to believe, so again I became the “crazy man” for example when Sisse quickly decided that I was “completely out of my mind” and brought the song “They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hi-hi, ha-ha”, and yes as I am here told, this is with opposite sign, so what is really the inspiration here is that I am coming to bring my father out of his “eternal prison”, see (?), and Thomas said that it was a “completely regular aircraft without propellers or biblical accessories, which made a few 8-numbers around Kronborg”, and I do believe that you had not cleaned your glasses, Thomas, because it was a propeller as you can see below, and yes glasses as in “turning around”, which is what I am using you to here to help me doing to my father, and Brian also believed that it was a normal jet (without propellers) and not an UFO in disguise – flying 200 metres above Helsingør with almost no sound, Brian (?), and otherwise people laughed about this believing that Holger Danske was the pilot, which he really was when coming from my inner self, and Erik was inspired to say “there is one not being completely baked finished, but there has to be room for them too”, and yes he meant that I was crazy, but this not finished baking is of course about the original creator self, so in this term you were right. And almost none like my post, but many liked posts of people ridiculing me, and yes this is a desire of darkness inside of many, and yes “we don’t have to read to know that he is crazy”, and yes I am coming to take you away, all of your crazy people (!), but just maybe there are a few out there including the management of town (?) knowing that I am right (besides from “the official wold”) – or in doubt – and yes EVERYTHING COUNTS you know and I am here given the feeling that Martin/Depeche Mode knows that it is a HUGE block of darkness that we are still moving.

FB 280613 Helsingør feedback

FB 280613 Helsingør feedback 2

  • This is feedback from one of the other Helsingør groups, and Jens said that he is “actually 100% sure that it was an aircraft maybe of the ATR 72 type”, and Jack simply said “clap hat”, which is the hat we are wearing when winning in football and not for being crazy/stupid as you believed, and Poul-Erik told Jens that “ATR 72 is a propeller aircraft”, which made Jens say that “as fun is, this is also what flew over Helsingør”, and yes I totally agree that this could be the looks of (!) the aircraft over Helsingør June 20, which is a propeller passenger aircraft as I wrote – but many “did not see” the propellers, but Jens did and yes helped me identifying it – and according to Wikipedia here it carries 78 passengers had is operated by two pilots.

FB 280613 Helsingør feedback 3

ATR_72-500_TAROM_(YR-ATI)-1This is the aircraft – the “spaceship of everything” in disguise –
over Helsingør June 20, a French-Italian made ATR 72

  • Here is feedback from the third Helsingør Facebook group with Carsten believing that I have had euphoriant mushrooms and he concluded that this is the worst rubbish he has read fro a long time because “Helsingør Daily News are always serious”, and yes what stands in the newspapers is of course the truth to many despite of POOR WORK or even DECEPTIONS of newspapers, which the world does not know just how widely spread it is (including this story as I am here told), and Jan was (too) “quick” to bring a funny clip from the “thank you for tonight” show on Danish TV2, which I laughed about myself when seeing it not that long ago, where a trustless witness describes a UFO, which he saw, but when he is asked if it couldn’t have been an ambulance, he was not quite sure (!), and Brian could even tell me that the Jerusalem UFO has been debunked thoroughly telling me that the three videos, which are (there are six, with five genuine!), are all made by the same – yes this is really what he said (!!!), which is NOT correct as you can see from my Signs IV site about the event – and also “rather amateurish from a technical view”, and yes how STUPID can you get (?), and I told him that if he uses a couple of hours to read my sites on this, he will understand that he has been deceived by people not wanting the truth to get out, and it requires for him to read the details carefully to understand and that he is not too lazy to be deceived by headlines of people, which are not to be trusted.

FB 280613 Helsingør feedback 4

  • These are comments given on Helsingør Dagblad’s website where Mogens said that he knows for sure that it was an UFO because “I have smoked such tobacco too”, and Lars thought it was a joke, but “apparently he is serious” and then refers to my application to become director of Helsingør, which of course is also “impossible” to understand if you don’t want to understand, and Hansen believed that it was better for me to smoke hash, which does not GRILL the brain so much, and yes “grill” also with a reference to Elijah and his darkness, and “hash” because I am here meeting darkness of uninformed and better-knowing ignorants of my own hometown.

HD 280613 kommentarer

HD 280613 kommentarer 2

  • Finally, Henrik was laughing his behind off saying that “Sci-fi” comes short here, and this is of course a reference to the INCREDIBLE album with B-sides of Suede “Sci-fi lullabies”, which has a crashed airplane on the cover here symbolising the end of the Old World to me, and when we are at it, what about playing what may truly be the best B-side ever, and yes let us say that “together” was the biggest B-side hit, and “Europe is my playground” as the best B-side ever, and this is how we finish this story – hoping that I am right, and really just telling what came to me not feeling 100 percent sure now, but this is part of the game, and I will myself be a “laughing stock” for misunderstandings of my scripts when the full truth will get out, and I can only say that I did the best I could under the not always easy circumstances.

FB 280613 Scifi


29th June: My father’s death meant that we were meant to terminate before reaching “everything”, but I refused darkness

Dreaming of still working inside the worst darkness to bring life to “poor lives”

I went to bed at midnight at slept until 07.45 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working as a professional pension consultant together with Preben, and we come to Kromann & Münter, the big and professional law firm, which is our client, and we are going to hold individual pension consultants with lawyers, we wear fine clothes, and are both well known and popular there. We enter stairs and reach the top office, which is a small and single room, and I decide that I will not hold meetings in this single room when Preben also hold meetings there, so I find another place. It has been a long time I have been active holding consultations, normally I do paperwork/the setup of everything at home, and I see that I forget to get the first entry form filled out and signed, and also that it does not include insurance, which I have to follow up on. My second meeting is with a young female lawyer, whom I know privately from my past several years ago, she is sharing work with another, and has received less hours/pay, and she remembers me, lives on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen, and would like to see me again. When I speak to one of the senior partners, he tells me that sadly there are many “cash savings” without insurance because lawyers are “poor lives”, who cannot be insured. At the end of the day, when Preben and I are leaving, Preben wants to enter a smart device, where a tap constantly is pouring out fruit syrup and water, and what is not used, is recycled, and I see that it is being repaired, and now about to work again.
    • I am still working inside the worst darkness, which is what lawyers symbolize, and this is to reach the top room, which darkness of Preben is also helping me to reach, and it seems that we have difficulties creating perfect life with the last darkness coming in, and the young lawyer feels like a real lady, but I cannot remember who is it, but still it is about my “old nightmare” (!) , and the syrup is an old symbol of infidelity, and it seems that Preben still is unfaithful to his wife, and the feeling is that this syrup is also about to be turned around to become the opposite.

My father’s death meant that we were meant to terminate before reaching “everything”, but I refused darkness

When I woke up, it was gradually to wake up to reality, and yes, that is right, I am the one, and yes I am still playing a game with people not “understanding” me sending me darkness, and I tell you that it is still tough to be outgoing knowing that I am ridiculed by people, but this is what it takes, which is also the best song in my mind that Jeff and George did together, and yes incredible beautiful is not the word.

Are we going to land the big water can from the 1970’s of your mother (?), which is to get information out from the 1970’s manual system of the probate court about my father, and yes the feeling this morning is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get started today because I pushed myself so much yesterday that I feel completely emptied and exhausted this morning, and felt that this will become another day in hell, I don’t want to do this anymore, but I have to, and I have reached an ultimate goal of coming to the end of June, and what do I do from here (?), and yes take 14 days at a time to see when it will end, which is “soon”.

And yes, I started working, which was incredible difficult to start with, and I thought that it is still about just continuing to work until I would feel the rhythm coming, which it did after a couple of hours and from here, it was “easy” to come through, but I tell you that the start was not.

I was given thoughts about Elijah, feedback to my posting to the Helsingør Facebook groups and Putin from the morning, and I understood that this comes to me because these are thinking of me.

I was told that when Putin read about my collection of dangerous material from the Panum Institute, he understood that his dangerous weapon does not work anymore.

Stig, it is not the last time you have been to Germany. Is your mother going to use you for more dog arts?

I kept on being told that this will be “good enough”, which I had to correct to “perfect” or at least “as perfect as possible”, and again this is about difficulties of making that last life of darkness perfect, and I kept on hearing sounds to my balcony.

I was shown the “goodbye/end curtain” hanging right in front of me, and this is about the end of the game, but still we are playing.

I felt my father’s Kirsten and was told that it is good that we have a tape because I have been practising, and is that on how she is going to defend herself to me (?), and again, I wonder if their estate is worth less than approx. DKK 650,000 making all of this game a game of darkness, but then again, there has to be “meat” on this story, so there has to be much more to it, we will see.

I felt more darkness coming, which has to include “perfection” of this life too, and I was told that this is what we believed that you would not be able to reach, and yes everything connected to my father’s death.

Have you remembered to set your parking-disc? It is not money running us round anymore, Stig, it is faith of your mother in you, isn’t this funny?

No, I don’t exercise anymore because of a combination of normally being too busy and/or too tired/exhausted not making it possible to exercise.

I continued working effectively until 15.30 at the library today to finish the script of yesterday too – the short stories – and yes this was really pulling out teeth as we say here (because of how I feel) but without pulling out teeth of course.

Can’t I sew “Syphilis” on him because of his aunt (?), yes this was the idea for you to create a monster.

Was it fear of you that made Kirsten treat you unreasonable (?), which she never came over – as others did simply by following/communicating with me understanding that I am still the good old and POSITIVE Stig.

I was shown my mother make the bed with the new duvet at the top floor – and I was shown signs of two people at the lift, one here and one at the library, taking “one floor tours” telling me that I only have a little further up to go.

I was told that my telephone “did not work” – had little microphone volume only – symbolising that you are not welcome, and I kept on receiving “tonight, tonight, tonight” by Genesis and the lyrics “So please answer the phone, cos I keep calling, but you’re never home, what am I gonna do”.

I watched the last decisive kilometres of the first stage of this year’s Tour de France, and did you notice the chaos and disorder, Prince (?), when a tour bus decided that just maybe it could get under the goal sign on top of the goal line, but it could not (!), and yes making it stuck with the field only having few kilometres left, and when they kept on not being able to get the bus free, thus making it impossible for the field to cross the goal line, the management decided to move the finish to the line 3 kilometre before goal sending out information to all teams and riders, and this is here where the “narrowest passage” of all is (“impossible” to come through), but then suddenly they got the bus free in the very last second, and decided to move the goal back to the original goal line (I came through the passage), and apparently this caused so much disturbance to the field that it brought a giant fall of many riders shortly before goal with many breaking limbs or otherwise hurting themselves, and yes what you saw here was the bus symbolising “making love”, i.e. my “old nightmare” spiritually (as real as reality) with my mother, as the only mean to move (explode) the bus to come home to the very goal of the original creator, which became the result after the death of my father, and the decision had been taken that I could not enter the goal myself, but then at the very end, we lifted the ban by removing the bus because I decided not to give in and to accept my “old nightmare”, so this is why the goal was opened again, and yes everything was out of control, but still fixed at the very end, and it ended with the German Kittel winning, but of course (!), which was “the victory of his life today” as the inspired commentator said, and I heard how my actor spoke through the commentator with a forbearing and smiling attitude, which only I can hear because of special feelings given to me, and he ended by saying that “this was the stage, which in all future will be called the trouble of the bus in Bastia”, and Jørgen Leth replied “now you have baptised it”, and yes you have never seen the like in Tour de France before, and now you know why.

TDF 290613 1

TDF 290613 2Tour de France ended in chaos first removing the stuck bus minutes before the goal line symbolising that the plan after the death of my father was for me not to reach the pure Source at the end before I/the Old World would end/explode

And yes, it required a KRAFTWERK to be able to finish my journey, which the toughest of all sport, Tour de France, is a symbol of.

I continued receiving MUCH negative speech about to take me over, some small heart attacks and during the evening such strong attack by darkness as almost never before being so much stronger than I wanting to take me over, and yes another nightmare it was to go through, and I was INCREDIBLE tired too, and was this simply because of the reaction of Helsingør to me (?), yes!

I was shown a GIANT skyscraper including a very narrow top, and I was told that something lacked when we brought the two plates of your mother (of the world) and your father (of the Source) together, which is because we are inside the back side of my left lower leg because of the death of my father, which meant that we were heading towards the end of the world, but we found a temporary solution.

I was shown much perfume on a plate, and was told that we did not have access to all of this concentrated perfume of the Source when I (outer parts of God) had to build this access, so I did the best I had learned.

And no one will separate me and mother, I thought, and then I just did it even though it should not be possible to do, and this is because you went through the abyss planned for you, which was not possible to come out from, so what we are saying is that we took the long way home to get access to all material here at the Source at the end, and do you want us to exchange this now (?), and yes please do what you find is best to make perfect, my friends.

This is what Kirsten tried to hide, but when you now open up to the files of your father’s estate, you also open to the inner, which we really should have used to the otherwise dangerous task to unite the plates of the Source and the world.

So all of the power of your father was delivered to darkness with his death, which was used as extra weight to bring you down. It doesn’t correspond to having to do a completely new operation system, does it (?), which we had to do, and it was good enough for you to enter the road towards the Source.

You have not received a perfect 12 yet, which is what you asked us to do, which is then what we have done/are doing despite of your fathers death, and no, we did not know the way in, so it was also pure will – “not give up” – which created the road.

So in other words, we could not do this without father, and this was the secret that he took with him into the grave as I first felt, but then I felt that this is what was given to Inge and transferred to me via our phone conversation the other day, and this is what is still inside the back side of my left lower leg, which I am now willing to bring you so I can receive some calm, and yes I cannot take all of the trouble about you – my father was tired of Kirsten and her family speaking negatively about me – and yes if only had known.

I was shown a marzipan ring cake as a horn, and was told that this is the horn/cornucopia/eternity self, which we have hidden there, which is what darkness of Kirsten wanted to kill, and yes making you believe that your father was alive not to bother her – to divide and share his estate with me – is this how it is?

And this is why I continue receiving sounds to my balcony because we are still playing despite of unbearable sufferings given to you and your mother – hardly being able to walk and close to fainting etc. – because of his death.

It is therefore not a coincidence to bring in the town of Helsingør to the game now here at the very top of everything.

Well, isn’t this what we will wait for (?), and yes Inge’s 80th birthday giving the perfect occasion for her and I to communicate again as we did, and I was given a sound to my wall clock, and was told that we have moved time forwards without having it.

And with this, from Inge, we went to Tivoli the other day passing via John, whom I understand is a copy of my father (an outer layer), and my mother, where we had collected everything to finish our journey, which we then did. This is how the impossible was done possible using my aunt’s birthday as occasion.

I started receiving the loudest noises ever to my oven and also my balcony, and yes this is not the easiest day of my life because of the oppression of the Helsingør Facebook groups, Elijah and more.

This is why we have waiting to send a taxi for you to bring this too and because you did not give up, and yes the end of my father would/should have meant the end of the Old World, but no!

And I was told by my father that of course he works from inside of the shack to help me come through, so Dragholm, we have not put beer outside here, we are beer, remember that, and it is me guarding the oven, and finally you arrive.

We authorised Bo from Dahlberg to give you a killing stab with the sword – as I was shown – without having read you, but no we could not kill you via Bo because you did not allow us, and this was because of Bo’s disgust about my writings on him, which he wanted to have removed at any cost, and yes simply because Bo in my mind is the most simple and better-knowing ignorant of them all, or at least the one showing it the most visible of all, not necessarily being it, because there are many battling for this prize.

So it is I – my father – whom you have difficulties pulling out to become perfect, and yes these days include much HARD work on my limit.

Yes, can we now seen ancient script signs above the door (?), as I was shown.

We have collected all bowels inside of here, which I understand was sacrifice of life to help me through.

This evening, I felt so extremely poorly – the pressure of darkness was the hardest I can remember really easily passing my limits, but still it did not force me to change my mind and become negative – and I thought to myself that there are no limits to the evilness/resistance I have met these days, and I have to stop working/give up now, I cannot take this anymore, but then again, I thought that it will probably be better tomorrow morning, which it is when these lines are written.

This is how to serve chicken, which is practically the only thing remaining, i.e. to bring out creation.

There is now so little remaining of the Old World that nothing much negative can happen now, is this how it is (?), and yes it is correct in principle.

I received much pressure to my right ankle and when I was on my limit to give up, I heard how the sound of the kitchen was changing into crushing, which is then what darkness would destruct, but no, this is NOT how we play!

You only come once to Egypt, and yes didn’t we enter here many weeks ago (?), yes it was me – my father – showing you in to be someone, and didn’t we have a nice time (?), and no, not yet, and we know first when you put JAM on your new, freshly baked bread (symbolising the Source and creation) of course, and yes we knooooowwww there is NOTHING better than this, my favourite song by the Jam.

So you are in here and we cannot just send you back to nothing, and this is why there will be no “old nightmare” to you, I just had to find myself in here setting a new system up (after the death of my father).

And I received the name “Spalding”, which I did not know/remember what was until I looked it up seeing that it is the name of a basketball, which is a reference to Nørrebro Sport Hall in Copenhagen, which is still a special place, and now I don’t remember what it was, but I am sure that there are librarians out there on work categorising my scripts for you to find this mentioning easily, and yes was it 3 or 6 months ago that I wrote about this?

Google Earth: The heart (of our New World) is jumping out of the chest – and darkness of Helsingør meeting me

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the heart is jumping out of the chest, I’m coming out, peculiar “pollution-border”, happy “gumble-guys”, the size of the heads – it is for sure, helping Greenpeace to remove business-men, we cannot come through darkness of 666 of the throat, shooting ghost with canon, the pollutionist is right above the border (of USA/Canada), and you are not allowed to chew tobacco anymore (about darkness of my hometown Helsingør sent to me).

FB 290613 Jette 1

FB 290613 Jette 2

FB 290613 Jette 3

FB 290613 Jette 4

FB 290613 Jette 5

FB 290613 Jette 6

FB 290613 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Nicolai had a surplus of “suitcase gold emblems” from a Danish supermarket (a loyalty programme), which he gave away, and to me this was to say that he also believes in me – which I have also been told weeks ago.

FB 290613 Nicolaj



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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