July 1, 2013: I continue receiving GIANT transfers of the Original Creator to spare the world from sufferings


Summary of the script today

30th June: I continue receiving GIANT transfers of the Original Creator to spare the world from sufferings

  • Dreaming of going to the heart of the Source via more darkness sent to me from my old Swedish friend Anna-Karin and others, setting up a double set of our future operating system, and I have equalised all energy balances.
  • I still receive and transfer GIANT amounts of life of the Source to our New World. After I had published my latest script and also brought my final comment to the three Helsingør Facebook groups, I was told that this brings us more than 7 Bilka department stores (huge food and non-food supermarkets) – symbolising amounts of life. I met my old best friend from school, Allan, who brought me and my mother “good”. My scripts were destined to be removed by “negative feelings” of darkness, which Bo from Dahlberg was “appointed” to do, but he “could not” when I continued not to give up to darkness – and the removal of my scripts would mean my death taking the world with me ending all of the Old World. The La Folia speakers (which I had once in the 1990’s) is now so thin that we can see through, and this is the plate of the Source, which we have almost worked ourselves through now. I wrote to the probate court to receive a copy of the files of the estate case of my father, which is the road through the worst darkness of all to liberate the Original Creator at the very end – with the alternative that he “jumped” to our New World, which would bring sufferings to the world and parts of my mother, which I therefore refused making the Source now build a ship to sail out. It is still resistance of my mother to my “disgusting” work that keeps the last creation going – everything but the surface of her pain is now light.
  • We would not have come to the world without your “commercials” (on Facebook) and “gossip behind your back”, which is what carried everything!!! We all stand behind you – which is everyone of everything forever – which is why I can open this door to “the old man”. I did not close the journey at Tivoli, but brought even more pressure of darkness to continue another few steps up. Everything is controlled by “the old man” of the Original Creator including the spirit of my mother creating the world – which no one knows yet.
  • Brazil won the Confederations Cup against “chaos of Spain” (symbolising darkness) by 3 to 0 symbolising victory of the Trinity – the biggest defeat of Spain for 28 years!
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show shooting ghosts with canons, hole in one, shouting out to God, clouds looking like letters/signs (“ancient script”?), made in Europe, blue spot, and fashionating to see heads of Italy!
  • Short stories of telling Kenya that a New World Government will replace its corrupt government, telling Uhuru Kenyatta that I do NOT like him being incredible rich and “his people” being the opposite, and I told the Helsingør Facebook groups that I was sad when they met me with taunt and ridicule because of their closed and negative access instead of the opposite, which made some simple minded people lose control to their negative feelings and they brought me even more ridiculing comments, but also maybe some more talk about/faith in me of this provincial town of mine, before the worst group of the three decided to delete me because they simply “could not” take me!!!

1st July: Preparing my attack on darkness hiding my father’s death/heir from me and threatening to hospitalise me

  • Dreaming of creating even more new life in space, I have “special friends” all over the world and darkness of Helsingør coming against me by people thinking that I am “strange”.
  • I am now preparing to write Alex, the psychiatrist, and Bjarne, the director from the Commune, to bring me FULL insight on all of their registrations/notes/events about me, which – together with documents from the Probate Court – will reveal the game of darkness played behind my back hiding my father’s death/heir from me and fear/misunderstandings/negativity of my father’s family and the system, which threatened to WRONGLY hospitalise me, in order to release the last strings keeping the Original Creator trapped inside of this darkness, which was collected by Bjarne via inputs of my father’s widow, Kirsten. This play not only killed my father but terminated the Original Creator and “main ingredients” to keep me and the Old World living, but still my will power made us survive (without termination of the Old World before creation of the New World), and these “ingredients” are now returning to me from darkness because of the work I am now doing. I am working with incredible stress/tiredness these days being on my very limit.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more heads coming directly from the dentist, letters/signs above Greenland, a being from another civilization helping on saving after having found the Original Creator (coming from the “mother spaceship” as I am told), pollution made in Europe, and raise your hat and swing your stick, I won’t feel bad, and little man working at “her” teeth.
  • Short stories of Jette being sincere, open, direct and honest telling me about her faith and how God was the only one “rocking” her to make her help me, It would have been “not to be” if it was up to the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, Bjarne Riis silence on doping dug him and me deeper down, Steen Kofoed may know about God but not the Devil, and the ROAR of incredible desire to receive freedom of the people of Egypt is because of the desire of the Original Creator to receive freedom.


30th June: I continue receiving GIANT transfers of the Original Creator to spare the world from sufferings

Dreaming of going to the heart of the Source and setting up a double set of our future operating system

I went to bed at 23.30 and slept until 07.15 – better than yesterday – receiving these dreams.

  • I am together with Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen visiting a female friend in Stockholm. We have no map, but still our car comes very close to the heart of Stockholm as our destination. We meet our friend at Café Victor (in Stockholm, not Copenhagen!), where Jarl is also eating a big, round and solid flower, and I try doing the same as him, but it tastes awful – not meant to be eaten – , I tell Jarl that they serve a very delicious duck here, and I feel that this lady friend is Anna Karin (my old colleague/friend from GE Insurance), who is about to break down, and something about Jarl, who should have collected something and a hiccup. Per Henrik (from GE Insurance, Norway, today Genworth Financial) is driving a new and the biggest BMW and is reading the Berlingske newspaper. Anna Karin wants to buy a new site, and I are going out to get her, and then return to our apartment.
    • Jarl is one of those silent famous people here, who is eating flowers of love, i.e. sending me the opposite of love/warm feelings as the flower means, and yes simply by being silent about me and living a life in sin, Jarl (?), and yes I like seeing you on TV, and hope to see you in something more “challenging” than the new quiz that you do now, and we are in Stockholm – or is it Copenhagen – going to the heart of the Source, which your darkness helps me doing, and it seems that old colleagues of mine of GE Insurance also speak of me, and yes can it be that Anna Karin, who had a break-down in 2001 making me (also) the temp. manager of GE Insurance of Sweden, which was IMPOSSIBLE to do because of INHUMAN work load (!), is also close to break down now knowing who I am?
  • Half awake I was told something about nuclear war continuing for some time, and we are in Stockholm to collect something from the heart – and no, I don’t know what the nuclear war is about.
  • Anna Karin is now in Copenhagen staying at the Best Western hotel in Vanløse (just outside Copenhagen), we are close, and she checks my wallet and is surprised to see that I don’t have any credit cards, but a couple of cards making it possible for me to draw on credits, and I tell her that the lack of credit cards is because I don’t want to spend money I don’t have, and the other I don’t use, there is a full credit where I have not used any. I am now setting the IT of our operation in Sweden up, there are many small things they cannot do, small projects and printing jobs etc., and I do this because it will be from here that we will run our future operation. Something about another business being in town using a rubber, and we go out on nightclubs, where I am afraid to be tempted to use money I don’t have, and I am offered sexual pleasure, and one wears a fine suit from the 1980’s, which he however is not satisfied with, and music of Yazoo is being played.
    • Best “Western” is about the Wild West, i.e. cowboys, who are symbols of darkness on contrary to Indians, and “Vanløse” can – with a good will – be translated into “without water”, which is to say that it is NOT raining over Anna Karin, who is living a “fat/great life”, which is how the Devil works, and no, you did not think about/like to share with me and my LTO friends, Anna Karin, so instead your daily luxury was not to be spared for any price (?), and yes the same goes with Per Henrik as examples of practically all of my family, friends etc., who “could not” do what everyone should be able to do easily, and yes in the future you will say “how could we really be so stupid” (?), and yes you had a FREE WILL to chose to do what was RIGHT, but “could not” and instead it was “much easier” to do what was WRONG, right?
    • The credit cards is to say that I don’t have to bring any more energy, and I have also repaid what I owe on the other cards meaning that I have now brought out all life – and let us see if there should be more hiding.
    • I woke up to “it’s raining men” by first Weather Girls and later Geri Halliwell and the lyrics “absolutely soaking wet”, and this is both about the RAIN of sufferings that Anna Karin – and many others – and her wrong behaviour sends me as well as you have had – maybe still have (?) – a lot of men, Anna Karin (?), and if this is the case, you are also killing life and me, but “not easy” to know when you “cannot” read, understand and also follow me into our New World?

I continue receiving GIANT transfers of the Original Creator to spare the world from sufferings

I was told that I did not get right of access to documents of Alex the psychiatrist in Hillerød, and yes what have you written about me, Alex (?), and were you involved too when the Commune were considering whether or not to hospitalise me (?), and yes maybe I should send you an email inquiry, and yes on the to-do list it is now.

So we are setting up a double security system for all future, which is what I understand “Copenhagen” and “Stockholm” is about – in continuation of the dream above.

I received GIANT sounds to my balcony and oven yesterday evening, and this morning I received a GIANT sound to my shelves – symbolising our New World – which has to be more of the Source now being transferred.

Again this morning I was thinking that I don’t want to continue this life anymore, and still I just have to get started to pull myself together to take one more day, and yes from the morning I knew that this would become an easier day to come through because I slept better, and yes this makes a world in difference!

But in the minutes where I had this feeling of not wanting this life, the game of my actor continued now showing himself as a simple minded man – the clear sign of darkness – now “loyally” defending me – “no one will come in, Stig, I protect you” (I now see myself as the Source instead of seeing it at the balcony/kitchen) – from the formidable and scary opponent coming from outside, which “he” admitted that he could do nothing about, and no, there is NOTHING to do, I have decided that I will NOT do what is wrong, so the decision is easy to take, but not to carry out, this is the difference.

I was shown a small child dying because of starvation, and “how can Stig be so unreasonable” (?), and yes Elijah does NOT like me (!) and “how can you neglect these children, Stig” (?), is this how it is to be you, Elijah (?), and let me again tell you that I do NOT approve of NGO’s but I like very much rich people to help poor people directly to receive a normal life, you may remember how I told you for almost five months in 2009 (?), but you did not learn/remember (?), and no, I do NOT like people to become “fat” or have a career on the backs of suffering people, but should you have decided to carry out my concept of writing the life story and dreams of children including pictures etc., I would have been happy to bring them on my website and Facebook site to encourage people to stand forward as DIRECT SPONSORS without having you as a link in between, Elijah – does this ring a bell?

I wrote most of the last of the script this morning before I would meet my mother at 09.45 as agreed for us to go to the SuperBest supermarket in the Espergærde shopping centre, which had good offers on wine and meat, and when we met, we first drove to the cash dispenser of Jyske Bank in Helsingør, where I was surprised to see that I practically have no money to live from this month – did I do a new error when doing my budget this month, which I had been careful to do (?), and no, now I know what it is, it is because the “home security benefit” of 800 DKK is first credited tomorrow, and yes now I see!

We drove the approx. 8 kilometres to Espergærde, and did our shopping, and yes my mother simply LOVES shopping and bought 12 bottles of wines, where I bought none – believing that I had no money (my mother gave me two bottles) – and yes also perfume at “Matas” and trousers on sale for John including one t-shirt on sale for me, and yes there was a flea market too inside the open centre, and who – of all people – did I meet there (?), and yes my old best friend (from 5th to maybe 7th or 8th grade), Allan, who removes effects of estates of death people and sell it on flea markets, and yes we are Facebook friends but have not seen each other since approx. 8 years ago where I did a fine Champagne tasting for him and his friends in his house in Nivå, and I could see that first he was “somewhat nervous” for me seeing him, he saw me first, but he could not “escape” thus making it possible for us to speak freely, and yes I told him that I was here with my mother (now at Matas and Rico Men’s wear), and we would come back later, and when I met my mother again, she had bought a full bag of perfume etc. from Matas – yes PERFUME symbolising the most inner/original of the Source you know – and I told her about Allan and that we would go back to say hello on our way out, which made her completely confused now not knowing what to do, and yes we should go to Rico’s Men’s wear now, but she lost her mind and orientation, and now went the other way saying that she would not (!) – probably because of “how I look”, which is always “awful” in her own mind – thus making me sad, and when I told her that we had to go in the other direction, she was still confused and now wanted us to first bring her one bag to the car (!), and no, mother, I can carry it for you, and yes can you really (?), and of course I can (!), and yes totally confused and “temporary insane” forgetting everything and doing what is wrong, this is how it works, and finally, I had her turned around and we now went to Rico’s, and yes afterwards also the florist’s, where they had very cheap FRESH herbs of 5 DKK each, which I bought two of – a good sign you know – and on our way back, my mother’s mind was now focused on “flea market”, which “we have to see that too” – flea markets and shops/sales are MAGNETS on my mother – and apparently forgetting that this is where Allan stood, and yes on our way back, we were invited for a free cup of coffee arranged by the shopping centre, and it was no ordinary cup, but FINE coffee from the relatively new “Strandvejsristeriet” – a TRUE café/coffee roaster – at Kronborg Castle, and yes “very fine” it was, and when drinking this, the owner of this café, Michael, who stood a few steps away from us, took a picture of their setup, which included my mother and I right in the middle of the picture, so there you have another picture of us, and yes we drank this nice cup, and my mother started looking at the flea market on the other side and bought half a bottle of Chanel no. 5 perfume for 10 DKK (!), and yes the value of a full bottle is around 500 DKK (?), and yes a “bargain”, which she loves, and more concentrated perfume of the Source coming in, and we stood there 1-2 desks away from Allan, and when I looked there, I saw Allan looking at us with that “special look” you know of people thinking “is Stig really the one” (?) and here together with my mother – “Virgin Mary” you know – and yes there is ONLY one look of this kind, and before my mother even knew about it, we stood in front of Allan, and yes difficult for her to recognise him, but easy for me, and yes we had a nice talk and when he asked me what I do, I gave him the short story of my visit to Kenya – people of much more love/warmth than here – and having written more than 8,000 pages since, which I am soon ending, and yes I was told that Allan knows that this ending is about, i.e. new creation coming, and I was told that to a “simple man” like Allan, it is a “great performance” to write so many pages as I do in English, and yes there is really nothing to it, it is only about habits/experience and of course the birth gift I have been given to being able to do this as my life mission, and yes I was happy also to meet his mother standing next to him, and no she also could not remember me, but I remembered her, and yes I was happy to meet them both again, and yes we know, Allan’s father was driving the small train for children inside the centre, and when I saw it before and tried to get his attention, he did not see/recognise me, and afterwards I was told that this was about Allan as a sailer being part of the laundry – it is only people having faith in me, which is making the laundry inside of me converting darkness to light – and I was told that we feel much better after having met him, and his faith comes to the benefit of both me and my mother, which will reduce the threats of my “old nightmare”. And no, I did NOT speak about what is included in my scripts – but everything else – so Allan saw me as the good old Stig as he remembers and yes that is “completely normal”, so now he can spread this too.

And yes, after Espergærde, my mother suggested us to go to the Aldi Supermarket in Helsingør, which I agreed to – but also becoming concerned that she was carried away by “shopping”, which would steal time from me, and yes the library closed today, Sunday, at 16.00, and I wanted to get there to finish everything and publish my script of yesterday, and after she had finished there – also buying me a cheap but nice and pretty big palm for my living room – she suggested us to go to the Føtex supermarket to look for a pot for the palm, and when they did not have any, and she was now on her way to the florist of the City Centre, I told her that this will have to be it because I also have other things to do today, and yes her reacting was “what do you have to do” (?), and if only she knew how much/hard that I work (!), so I told her that I had to write, which made her visible annoyed again telling me about my promise to stop writing, which I could only comment with “I am coming closer to the end each day”, and yes my mother is HATING my writings even though it is the best, which could happen to her/the world, so “a slight misunderstanding”, you think, mother (?), and yes loving darkness, she is, but hating my writings, transferrals to Kenya and teachings for people to behave, and yes remarkable that she has not understood the truth yet, which is just under the surface of her, and this is what still keeps the game going.

I was told that when I spoke well to Allan, I am given your mother thoughts about you being gay (!), and yes my sister asked me some times ago why I don’t meet a new girlfriend, and yes you don’t really understand how hard I work and how much I suffer (?), and also that there is only one lady in the world for me, which is Karen, and eeehhh do you believe that I hate Karen because of all the “disgusting” writings I have written on her (?), and what in the world gave you that idea (?) because nothing could be more wrong!

Yes, someone had to be lucky to remove my writings from the Internet, and I was given the feeling of Camilla as a “challenger” too, but it became Bo, and yes had he succeeded to do what he was too lazy to do – because we made him, when you decided not to give up – it would have meant the killing of me/all of us, and yes this is what your “misunderstanding” and incredible negative feelings were about, Bo, and yes “impossible to control”, his feelings are.

I was told that the “tape” I have been told about is a reference to 3M tape and my father’s previous work at this American company in Denmark, so my father speaking really.

I was told that Elsebeth Kock-Petersen can see that you have almost come out – my inner self – but not the threats about my “old nightmare”.

Finally, I was home some time after 12.00, which was not too late, and after lunch, I went to the library at 13.00 to finish and publish my script of yesterday, which I did at 14.45, and this meant that I was told that we will now not go on maternity leave, which I understood as waiting on the birth of our New World and yes with “nothing” in between our Old and New World.

I was told that the La Folia speakers (which I had once in the 1990’s) is now so thin that we can see through, and this is the plate of the Source, which we have almost worked ourselves through now as I understand.

I was told that the watch is inside of you, you decide and we follow you, not your father, see – and yes, of course!

After I had published my script and also brought my final comment to the three Helsingør Facebook groups, see the short stories, I was told that this brings more than 7 Bilka department stores (huge food and non-food supermarkets) – symbolising amounts of life – also because of the impact on the other side of the sound at Helsingborg, Sweden, where we have Glenn (from the Føtex-supermarket) now also knowing who I am (?), and yes finally I brought this story out for Helsingør to truly know about me, and it is their darkness and faith of some, which is bringing out all of this life of my inner self, and I was told that this is what you bring addresses from, and that will have to be on letters, i.e. to bring original life.

No, we cannot exchange British pounds with that bag because there will come no Satan out of it.

Yes, we had made the finest tax deductions imaginable, but only if you accepted it of course.

If I should give up now and give in to my “old nightmare”, I was told that “other parts of my mother” would sacrifice first before my mother.

I met Allan – or maybe it is Alain – at the library again having a nice chat and smiles.

Now your father cannot hit you anymore “like that” because of the publish of my new script of yesterday. It still has to do with the power of Kirsten decreasing day by day with your new scripts, and the closer you get.

Watch out for the lamps, we have just polished them, but just as a precaution, and yes this is what the Helsingør Facebook groups mean and your follow up comment today ”laying them for your feet”.

No, people don’t even have your phone number – yes it only says “Skype” on my website, but of course my phone 52 60 15 07 is open for everyone to use, and yes as long as I am able to physically answer your calls, and yes I know this is the symbol saying it and that is for me to be open, but no, this is NOT important to do now, I still have much work to do here at 17.00 not even having started writing the script of today.

So we cannot really escape with what you have inside of yourself, see (?), and yes it is all about believing, not least for my self, thank you my spiritual friend, and no I cannot see my father because he is the actor normally not showing himself or giving me feelings of him, normally yes.

And this is said with thank you for well done work today thus removing the fear we had give you as part of this game too.

When the truth is to be brought forward, we – my father and I – have played a beautifully interplay together, and yes now you know that you are you, which you really did in forehand, and that is me.

I was given a small sound to my kitchen and told no, there are now branches to be broken today, it was yesterday, which was the critical part of this journey.

I was given some cough before writing my email to the probate court this evening, which was the deadline I had given myself, and yes asking to receive copy of documents of my father’s estate case, and telling them that I plan to visit them Tuesday afternoon to collect the papers personally unless they can send it to me electronically, and yes to make me have one day to look it through and consider if I want to send an email to Lisbeth from the Commune before seeing her on Thursday.

Mail til skifteretten 300613

I was told that Vivian is ”very sad” about me, and yes her ”inability to understand” is also what led the way for my father’s death as I am told.

I was shown an ancient flying “dinosaur-bird”, and was told that this is how you will see us in the beginning until you will understand our force.

I received new sound to the kitchen now from the right part of it close to my hall, and they want to give the last of themselves to my hall where my new self is, and I can only tell you do to what is perfect, and to do not what is not.

Are we about to having reached the point where nothing can be turned around from the other side of the New World and everything is done now via mine and my mother – before the start of our New World – and yes it has to be the biggest bluff of all about what can be located and turned around when we have first started our New World, everything is done now.

I was given a double “blinking-sound” to my kitchen and was told that this means that we have started blinking out.

Is it like this that there is one piece of news exceeding everything among the bands on the Roskilde music Festival now starting (?), and that is because they are in Denmark.

I was told that the new “hysteric” reaction of Helsingør Facebook groups is not unlike Karen’s reaction – but still some faith was attached to these people.

Guess who does not feel well knowing that you are going to know, and yes my father’s Kirsten.

You are not the only Lord-in-Waiting yet, but this is the road you have to take – finding out about my father’s estate and why I was left out – and I was now given a new sound to the kitchen, which was from an empty plastic container, and I was told that “here I am”, and yes the invisible man you know living there.

We would not have come to the world without your “commercials” (on Facebook) and “gossip behind your back”, which is what carried everything!!!

I was seeing how America/NSA is about to dissolve after Snowden has also now revealed how they have surveilled the European Union, and that is with the secret consent of European Countries (?), and yes I look forward to seeing all of your secrets come out, and yes isn’t it better to call it the fall of the house of cards (?), and yes GOD KNOWS, you know – great song Michael & Co., “time is on a mission” :-).

You are the only one who could give birth to the monster of Anti-Christ, which also would have led to me (God) and the New World, but no, we did not have to do this at all, and once again I received the song about “we are proud of you”.

I was shown Christopher Reeve as Superman, and told that we all stand behind you – which is everyone of everything forever – which is why I can open this door to “the old man”. There will be no judgment hereafter, says Ole.

Well, you are “Rytterknægten” (“the horseman boy”), and I was shown a big, dark stone – like the rock stone on Bornholm – which is coming in here, and yes even more of “the old man”.

I felt my sister and was told that you chose not to close at Tivoli, but to carry on even another piece up, which we only did because we pressed even more bringing in even more darkness.

I was shown God – the Original Creator – as a small character with light around him in front of me saying “I love you all”.

I was given a GIANT sneeze one second before I saw ABBA with Agneta Fältskog singing “SOS” on my TV (an archived documentary of the year 1975 from DR1 TV), and this is about sacrifice of Agneta, who is also reading me (?), and yes she is one of many famous people showing to me as recommendations to connect with on Facebook, so I sent her a friend invitation (a couple of hours before seeing her here on TV), and I wonder if you have the “courage” to accept me, Agneta (?), or if you will send out a new “SOS” (?), which Fleksnes may hear?

FB 300613 Agneta

Yes, isn’t it just you that we have poured all cream onto as a container?

I was reminded of another piece of “small magic” done by my spiritual friends, when they have had Facebook to send me “likes” of people to some of my Facebook posts, which I afterwards can see have not really “liked” my posts, but just to show me of people silently accepting/having faith in me, and I was given examples to this “phenomenon” to my posts to Helsingør Facebook groups, and also when Andrew from Canada – the SAGA man – liked one of my posts returning “Angel” by Depeche Mode as his answer, which however was only as an email to me, which CANNOT be found on the post itself, and so it is, and I am given the taste of onions here, which is what his faith means to me.

Andrew 2606

I have felt the Vatican Church for days and now again including the Pope, and what is it that we want to say (?), and yes that “we are sorry” (?), is that what is pressing on, Francis & Co. (?), and what are you waiting on (?), when our new creation has first been carried out, it is a little late to excuse the sins of your old selves, so if you will show the world what you are truly about, show me your COURAGE, and if you cannot, you will have to live with the term the Vatican Church and the popes were CHICKENS FOREVER, so what will it be (?), all you have to do is to send me a nice email for me to publish, which the press will probably not even have the courage to write about, so what is keeping you (?), and no, you are not afraid of “the official world” are you (?), and yes I told you so, chickens!

It is I giving you and the world the worst sexual sufferings, and yes you are welcome, “my friend”, you only did what you did in order to create.

I was given distortion sounds to my TV and the feeling of difficulties to start up the engine, and yes it will come, just give it some oil.

I continued receiving small heart attacks, however not as strong.

Shortly before midnight our time, the final of the Confederations Cup in football between Brazil and Spain, and I was on my way to bed not planning to stay up late to see this, and I was told that this is why we decided to go for a quick goal, which came already in the second minute when Brazil/Fred scored to 1 to 0 after what the Danish commentator said was “fantastic chaos in the Spanish defence”, which was the same as with the chaos of the Tour de France, which is about darkness vanishing without bleeding, which is added here.

I was given the feeling and told who also read your posts to the Helsingør Facebook groups (?), and yes Bjarne the director from the Commune, and did I make sense to your thick skull/head too, Bjarne (?), and yes do I have to hammer it in with nails to let you understand who I am?

Everything is controlled by me (“the old man”) – even the spirit of my mother creating the world – which no one knows yet.

It is the last gold, which has a big cross on it (“supposed to die”).

If we had received the watch on from the beginning again, we would have built a swimming hall – of sufferings/darkness – the same way doing everything as we have now done.

I went to bed at ten minutes past midnight, and was NOT allowed to sleep, but I had nothing that important to publish now, it will have to wait until tomorrow, and I started receiving a little information including that there is only one apple of the entire vegetable kingdom from which everything has developed.

I was told that Allan Mylius Thomsen – a fantastic knowledgeable story teller of Copenhagen – who became my Facebook friend some months ago, that he would have deleted me as a Facebook friend, but now I am shown him as a traditional drayman meaning that he is starting to believe too, Allan (?), and is helping to bring out the beer of me spreading the story of me.

At 00.25 I was encouraged to stand up to watch the rest of the football match, which I then did even though I had trouble keeping my eyes open.

So we are not on the Spanish side, which is darkness about to switch off (?), yes (!), and you do understand why Spain is the reigning European and World champions (?), and yes so much darkness in the world, so we are seeing Brazil as the yellow bringing me forward (?), yes (!), and this was “the old man” asking on which team to play on.

Again I was given a new sound to the kitchen and was told that this is what we mean, we are ready to jump the last way to the hall (of my new self), but no, this is WRONG to do – and would also give sufferings to the world and parts of my mother, so NO!

So she can smell flowers behind darkness, which I smell here as explosives.

In the 40th minute, Spain had passed the goal keeper sending the ball towards goal, but it was saved by a BRILLIANT save by a Brazilian, which was about how we have prevented darkness, and I was told if there is more “pig party” (life) on the way in, and yes from darkness of Mallorca you know.

And then in the 44th minute, Neymar decided to take matters into his own hands again, or should I say feet when he canonised the ball into the net roof with a fantastic goal to 2 to 0 making the commentator say that he is “the man of the people on the team of the people”, so there you really have it, and this is about “the small margins” having me playing on your side.

Well, it is not sawdust of the circus ring, which is now being sent out (?), and yes the show has practically ended, which is also what the play of the Commune against me is.

I was given the word “neurovision”, which I did not know, but I can now see (!) when looking it up that it is about “the revolutionary way to improve your vision”, and I was shown a TV together with this thus symbolising our view at the New World, and I was shown legs kicking inside darkness, and yes I have never been alive before, which is the Original Creator you know, and we believed that we would not make the airplane this time, which would only leave sufferings to the world, so I would not have been spread all over to be found inside our New World (?), and no, I don’t believe so, but don’t really know for sure.

I felt the next big part entering me as one large pan, and I was told that it is me with the ball dribbling it and deciding everything of the world and that is until I give everything free with the creation of our New World.

And then in the 48th minute, Brazil scored to 3 to 0 and the commentator said that “there is no bite in the Spanish defence”, and yes Brazil played fantastically with much physical energy and speed going directly toward the goal, which worked much better than the “small ball” of Spain today.

I was told about the VERY POOR “head hunter”, who tested me for the job as branch manager for Acta in Copenhagen in 2007 – the same one I was forced to use later when trying to find the right employees, which he was VERY POORLY doing – and how did he evaluate me in his report to Peter E. J. (?), my unskilled manager, and was he about to not make me employed because of his misunderstandings (?), and yes was I “too careful” in my work (?), which was “not good”, and yes the opposite world you know.

I was shown the inner skeleton of a tree ship being built.

In the 53rd minute, a Spanish player was falling way too easily in the penalty area of Brazil giving him a penalty, and yes I do NOT like POOR MORAL on the football field including cheating like this, and as a consequence Spain “could not” score this late in the game (against me), and the penalty was given because the commentator spoke of Brazil cynical committing free kicks on Spain as part of their game, and no, I do NOT like POOR MORAL at all also NOT on the football field!

Spain had not lost an important football match for two years and 29 matches, and not with three goals for 28 years, so you may understand that ”something special” happened this evening, when we decided to let it end 3 to 0 to symbolise the victory of the Trinity.

Yes, it is I building a ship to be able to sail out, and we will just get the last with us from the kitchen via work over the coming days.

I was shown a white boat of God in the middle, where I possibly may sign a co-operation agreement with béarnaise sauce (of the New World) all around me (in big quantities), which would be the power of the New World helping out God, and no such an agreement would not delay me, but would only be a matter of how much sufferings would be given to the world.

I felt a big bicycle of God entering me, and I was told that we did all of this including the probate court – remember that I control everything – so I have also seen this moment coming for a long time where we are becoming one.

So it is still your mother working with the dark pan casting the balls while everything else around it, the kitchen and the underside of the pan, is white.

Surely you cannot defeat “a voice” can you (?), and is this how you think, Bjarne (?), and yes, you can even though my evil voice was the worst evil voice anyone has received, and it is really about doing what is RIGHT to do instead of following this dark voice (of people opposing/misunderstanding/treating me wrongly, thus feeding it) “commanding” you to do what is wrong, and this should be easy to understand too, right?

Often you will think about all of the good experiences you have had together with a deceased, and yes I have not had many with my father, and the few I have had almost all go back to before Kirsten (coming in at the end of the 1970’s), with our holiday north of Motala, Sweden, 1975 being the highlight of all, and yes together with my father and Anni, which is really how you like to be with your father, which is what I had at one holiday of my life just to feel how it is to have a father, which others have all of the time.

I was given a thought of Mette’s son, Christoffer, one of the four Jesus’ you know – here given me a small heart attack – and two seconds afterwards Spain was close to score in the 80th minute, but no, it was picked by the goal keeper.

This is the light that your father’s mother was also made of.

What two herbs did you choose (?), and yes a Mexican Estragon and Moroccan Mint, funny that you should choose these two (countries) out of many to pick from.

Vasco da Gama – – was not a completely ordinary player when we appointed him.

I was given thoughts of my ”dream lady” of Stockholm and how she is also having “casual sex”, and right afterwards Spain had another big chance to score in the 86th minute, and yes WRONG you know.

So toilet bowls was a pencil sharpener simply to sharpen the pencil of the Source to write even more clearly.

They have not been e-marked now, have they (?), and yes your email for the probate court was the most important work today, and I could only hear darkness speak “rubbish, Stig is not entitled to inherit, is he” (?), and is this the certain way to turn off darkness (?), yes by revealing this forgery to the world.

No, one never gets tired of playing/controlling the teams, and I was shown red football players (of Spain) playing against yellow players (of Brazil).

Finally, at 02.00 I went to bed, and now I was able to sleep.

Google Earth: Hole in one bringing the end of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show shooting ghosts with canons, hole in one, shouting out to God, clouds looking like letters/signs (“ancient script”?), made in Europe, blue spot, and fashionating to see heads of Italy!

FB 300613 Jette 1

FB 300613 Jette 2

FB 300613 Jette 3

FB 300613 Jette 4

FB 300613 Jette 5

FB 300613 Jette 6

FB 300613 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A few quick comments to my friends in Kenya about our New World Government coming, and that I do NOT like extremely rich people like the President when people are suffering much.

FB 300613 Kenya

FB 300613 Kenya 2

  • These we extra degrading comments on me from one of the Helsingør Facebook groups.

FB 300613 Helsingør 1

  • After having given people a couple of days to comment on my post of the “mystical aircraft” the other day, I decided to post this comment to all three groups, where I speak about the old mantra of people not listening/reading/understanding thus misunderstanding are hurting each other and people doing the opposite is making people happy, and I told them that you now know who I am here in my home town, but instead of showing me openness, interest of “benefit of the doubt”, you choose to receive me with taunt and ridicule and to gossip about your misunderstandings and negative feelings behind my back, which is the worst I know of, and the truth and New World will also come to this city but still no one TRULY bothered to read me to understand because you were too lazy and better-knowing ignorant, and I told them that they can meet me at the library at the moment finishing my work because I cannot afford to buy myself a new computer without sponsors, and also that when they speak to me they will discover as everyone else “well, Stig is completely normal”, which however was “completely impossible” for you to understand because of your closed and negative access to me instead of the opposite, do you understand?

FB 300613 Helsingør 2

  • And my serious comment may have made some people give me that look you know, but other simple minded people could not control there negativity with Sisse believing that maybe I could reach more people if I did not have such big arm movements as you believe I have when telling you the truth, Sisse (?), and she is really a CONFUSED lady also not liking that I had not answered her previous question if I am the savior – as she and everyone clearly can see from my website – and when I was writing my comment to her that I am and also why I am a normal human being today (to protect me/everyone from darkness and termination), she brought a very clear sign of what this is about, their better-knowing ignorance and incredible wrong/negative behavior sending me darkness wanting to bring out my “old nightmare”, and I could only tell her that she is one of those people thinking only of herself , who does not want to understand – incredible how simple and deaf people can be – and Claus showed himself as darkness wanting to remove this post because it originally has nothing to do with the group (which is “Helsingør in pictures”, and I wrote about a picture of an aircraft over Helsingør, which he probably forgot in his hurry/negativity), and “I don’t need to be taught this way in this group”, and to be “messed like this” and worse, so no, I was NOT welcome here, and René believed that they should let the poor man at peace because I have my aliens to fight with in my “psychic trauma”, and yes he obviously knows (!), and you must be proud of yourself speaking “the truth” straight out as no one else could when it mattered, René (?), and yes they kept on being negative, taunting and ridiculing completely convinced that I was a mad man and they had every right to behave as they did to “protect” themselves and the group from me, this is how darkness works”.

FB 300613 Helsingør 5

FB 300613 Helsingør 6

FB 300613 Helsingør 8

  • And finally Charlotte, one of the group administrators together with Lars and Kenneth, wrote in the thread and also in a Facebook email to me that she has to delete my post because “you can without a doubt find other Facebook groups suitable for your interest of debate”, and yes my postings were “not suitable” here, and is that because of me or the negative reactions of people here (?), and yes I told the administrators that my post was about “Helsingør in pictures” (the aircraft in the newspaper) and the rest was poor behavior and negative and uncontrollable feelings not from me but from people not being able to control themselves, which caused this deletion, which people of the group, who did not express themselves, may regret, and to delete me is really the biggest sin you can commit, and it is ALWAYS right to think carefully and to take the RIGHT decisions, which they did not do here, when they were also influenced negatively not receiving me with an objective/positive mind, which would probably have made you welcome me as your hero and not the opposite, right?

FB 300613 Helsingør 9

  • In one of the other groups, Brian was the better-knowing and negative ignorant claiming that the Jerusalem UFO was a deception (!), and no matter what I told him, he was closed not wanting to carefully read the truth of the UFO on my website – claiming that I am having delusions when I am convinced that I am Jesus – and yes “totally impossible” it was  for this man to open up and to start reading/understand sense, so in the end I told him and the group that he is the most recalcitrant and assertive man here completely sure that he is right and I am wrong therefore deciding not to read the truth, which he and everyone else easily can, and I told him that he has been deceived, which he is too dumb and better-knowing to understand thus infecting other people with his wrong conviction, which is what brings me darkness/sufferings as part of the tool of creation here at the end of my work. And yes, he replied ”what about looking at your self and get some help – and no, I don’t bother reading your 8,000 pages with crazy nonsense, I read many serious things, so I have not even bothered reading everything you write here”, and yes this is truly what he wrote (!), and this is where you were wrong, Brian, you should have read me to get the full truth on the Jerusalem UFO – and me – which is the only place on the Internet that you can get it (!), and yes what a sick/crazy man he is.

FB 300613 Helsingør 3

FB 300613 Helsingør 4

FB 300613 Helsingør 10

  • And I brought my reply to these groups also on my own Facebook timeline, which made Their laugh his behind off, and yes he is a serious case of madness not even understanding it himself, see?

FB 300613 Helsingør 7


1st July: Preparing my attack on darkness hiding my father’s death/heir from me and threatening to hospitalise me

Dreaming of creating even more new life in space, and I have “special friends” all over the world

I went to bed at 02.00 and slept until 09.30 receiving these dreams, and I now see that I was too tired to write down so I can read it, but here we go.

I went to bed at 23.30 and slept until 07.15 – better than yesterday – receiving these dreams.

  • Something about setting up a large palm when coming home and something about seeing creation of com-pletely new life as very different looking people of other civilisations, and still they look new and fragile, and I speak and appear as the “spaceman” including all of this life too, and I am told that it is not just regular life, but it is as a coat being brought over me, and I see how I drive my car into a big public and very modern building, and my sister tells me that I am not allowed, which instantly makes my car invisible and impossible to detect while I play with a tablet computer.
    • When my mother bought me the cheap but nice looking palm at the Aldi Supermarket, she joked by saying that “there will be palms all the way”, which is what she said back in 1978 when my mother, sister and I first looked at the row house of Klyveren 130 and walking upstairs to the living room, and this is exactly what she said back then believing that this is what should stand all the say next to the stairs on 1st floor, which made us laugh much, and one of those “we will never forget this”, and here it was to say that this is what we did, brought palms of the Source all the way saving all life.
    • And apparently we are still creating new life out in space, which is part of me, and darkness of my sister cannot stop or even see me.
  • I am staying at a small and cheap hotel, but have decided to stay the day at the much finer and bigger Hotel Marienlyst, where there are many people from all over the world and many different rooms to stay in, and also many computers to use, and I use one with a good view, which feels like being at the left corner of the road of Vapnagaard when looking at the swimming hall, and I also use another computer, which is located – still at the hotel – but also at the same road now to the right of the swimming hall, and when sitting there, I see how another person wants to use my first computer to the left, which is still open with my work, which makes the person say that it looks strange, something about God and there is a lady asking me to shut down the computer.
    • The hotel is still our waiting hall before becoming our new selves, and here is full of “special friends” of mine from all over the world, not only Denmark, and Vapnagaard is about darkness, and I also felt that this is about computers at the library, which is really about people of Helsingør having noticed my “strange” writings about God, and that I am working at the library.

Preparing my attack on darkness hiding my father’s death/heir from me and threatening to hospitalise me

I felt a well known song from the morning inside of me without even receiving the melody or lyrics, and gradually it came closer and closer to me, which is what the Original Creator did too after my sleep and yes now coming back to me when being awake again, and then I received the lyrics “Uret tikker, Hjertet banker, Hele verden fra forstanden, Gør dog noget, Løb for livet, Brug dog tiden, Elsk hinanden” (“the clock is ticking, the heart is beating, all the world from its mind, do something, run for your life, use the time, love each other”) from the Danish band TV2’s brilliant song “Hele verden fra forstanden” (“all the world from its mind”), which is truly what the world was and still is, Steffen, and yes nice to know that we did not burn your name and also everyone elses (?), and I here see a smiling Steffen Brandt, the front man of TV2, and yes love his humor and fine use of the language too.

Darkness told me with a very low voice now having returned to me, I will give you everything you desire, but no thanks.

We only let few people in at the time, I understand that the passage is narrow.

Can’t we also ask Bjarne from the Commune to receive FULL insight in ALL of his files on me (?); yes we can, this is the way forward, and yes on my to-do list too.

I was told that we will pretend as if we don’t know, and is this the attitude of you Bjarne & Co. having decided not to turn your head out and help me by publishing the information you have on me?

I was happy to receive David’s thank you for my money trans-fer, and no I have not heard from Meshack yet, who still has trouble with his laptop (?), and no, I NEVER receive thank you’s from Elijah and John after they have received my money, which is pretty strange and poor behaviour really.

Will we keep on issuing tickets (for my continuous journey) (?), yes as long as you keep getting closer to the story of what happened with your father’s estate, we do.

We haven’t continued to move your gift, have we (?) with the feeling “as part of the game” making it difficult to find the Original Creator.

I was told about the information of Hitler being another part of me and how MUCH this has scared people of thinking that I am truly, deeply mad when entering my website, and yes making it “impossible” for many to take me seriously (?), but still there are crackings inside of “some”.

I was told about a weightlifter, and yes even though there is ”no energy” here, the Source is still incredible heavy as you have seen.

I finished writing at home and went to the library at 15.00 – I was more tired again today but less than the day before but still making work difficult – and on my way, I received a POWERFUL feeling about the probate court now having seen my email to them and “we demand an investigation by a judge” is this what you fear (?), and yes because of what you have kept hidden from me, is that it (?), and this is at least what comes to me without knowing if this is light or darkness giving me this.

Did you see that coming (?), he is hammering the ball into the small triangle there.

I am still receiving disgusting darkness from outside as a coat over my skin making me feel terrible and about to give up every second, and no the feeling is as disgusting as it has been for years, no change.

Isn’t it about time that I pull up this spirit bottle too (?), and yes even more concentration of me.

I met Alain at the library again today, and he said that he had important documents yesterday, which he HAD to send by normal physical mail, and they have closed down practically all mail offices here in Denmark and he could not find a place to buy stamps and to deliver his letter, but then finally he found a supermarket with a “mail office” open on Sundays, and he succeeded to send the mail, and yes a symbol of the difficulties to bring forward the last of the Source. And I was told that having fine relations with Alain as I do is also of importance to the last part of our journey, and this is about the “heat pump” – warm feelings – bringing me in.

When working with Jette’s Google Earth pictures, I received the feeling of how long we have worked together,

At 17.45 I kept on working deciding to continue until I am done/satisfied, and I received the taste of perfume together with the feeling that you don’t just get in here like that.

And yes, I was told about “faith of Hans” being a game too given to me, and no, I will not start changing this and that in-formation given to me, but this is what was said.

Well, you cannot enter your house via “a slice” (of the plate of the Source), can you (?), but yes you can.

You cannot see it from my scripts, but the last days have brought me incredible stress/work, which I have struggled to do and to do my best with the energy I have had, thus also today, and yes at 18.30 I am now in control of my script of yesterday and today, but I still have to write to crazy Alex and Bjarne from the Commune, and I also have the summary and publish of my book of June to do, and yes tomorrow afternoon I will go to the probate court in Hillerød stealing away hours of work too, so not very easy to do, but I have decided that I will do it, and yes because it is right to do.

I opened my e-journal on http://www.sundhed.dk to see if more notes had been included since the last one from August 2010 where the psychiatric hospital sent a copy of my journal to Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune as I had seen before, and no, no new notes from anyone had been included to this journal and here you can see from the first 3 pictures the registrations of the public system of my sick history since 1977 (it does not go further back), picture 4 is an overview of my e-journal and  picture 5 the last notes included in this journal, which you can find all of at my library.

Ejournal 1

Ejournal 2

Ejournal 3

Ejournal 4

Ejournal 5

No, we don’t have visual contacts yet, but I understand that this is what we will get when I am now starting to write and later will send emails for Alex the psychiatrist and Helsingør Commune to receive FULL insight to all registrations on me in journals and “all other notes”.

I found this paragraph, which I wrote the other day, but did not include, so I wonder, Elijah, if you are still “mad” at me, or simply “mad”?

“I was given thoughts of Elijah strongly this morning because he is thinking much about me, and yes you don’t understand me as usual, Elijah (?), which is “impossible” for you as it has been all along, and can I expect to receive a new email attacking me, or have you decided to put me on ice again deciding not to communicate with me (?), and yes tools of darkness as you normally use towards me.”

So we will not sew anything into his “sick finger”, which is really about your mother making it sick for not being finished.

This was the plane, which we were “this close” to land knowing that it would destruct you/the world, but you told us no, I will not give up meaning that we had to find a solution to land everything and that was even without your father being alive, which was not the easiest to do, and yes how are you doing, Haakon (?), nice to have you back.

And yes, I continued working until closing time at the library at 21.00 to write the email drafts to Alex and to the Commune, and I have decided to send these emails after my visit to the Probate Court tomorrow just in case information may turn up there of importance to these emails, and yes to send them not later than the day after tomorrow, which is the day before my visit to Lisbeth at the Commune, which just may “upset” her a little.

I also wrote the summary of my book of June, which I had thought was impossible to do today mainly because of how I felt, and this will be uploaded tomorrow because I ran out of time here.

Even though I have been waiting “millions of years” on you – “an eternity of worlds” – it feels like no time. There are no clouds here.

I was told that Bjarne from the Commune has collected the last dots of darkness from Kirsten, which I will release this way, and I was given a temporary paralysis of my left foot just to say that it is coming from here.

I was shown a pencil being cut in slices when the two plates of the spirits of my mother and father were brought together, and this is my original father, who was cut down because of this setup of darkness behind my back.

I was shown a piece of bacon with only an incredible thin part of it being meat and the rest – all of my original father – being fat, and yes he was terminated because of my father’s death and this play of darkness behind me, and I was given a sound to my kitchen and was told that yes it was me sitting here at the kitchen where we were collected, and we did not tell you anything because of your father’s family, who did not tell you anything, so this is what they decided.

I have worked so hard that I have not had time and energy to clean my apartment and to wash my laundry for days, and when I came home this evening, just cooking was making me the closest to throw up because of extreme exhaustion, and yes another of those days where I decided to do my best not giving in.

I have noticed a new “strange phenomenon”, which is that when I access my Google Mail from the Internet, several emails have mysteriously disappeared, which I can see at my Thunderbird email client (connected to the same Gmail account), and I wonder if this is because of Google’s participation in “shady business”?

It is a camera times four now arriving just because of your work today and plan to send these emails.

So you kept on working/living without the main ingredients of life, which your father took with him, which is what we are now returning truly making the Old World able to survive. 

It is I – I was shown Anton from Jullerup Færgeby with cracked trousers as he was known to have – now returning from the balcony.

I was told that my mother was also saved from coronary be-cause of my rules meaning that I took on this darkness from here.

Niels and Thomas – Ole’s sons – have not forgotten about you, so still talking about or thinking of me you are (?), and yes “a sad story”, or ….?

I felt darkness on the balcony waiting on my “attack” on Alex and the Commune, and I was shown and told that it has not yet been up to the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

Google Earth: A being from another civilization helping on saving after having found the Original Creator

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more heads coming directly from the dentist, letters/signs above Greenland, a being from another civilization helping on saving after having found the Original Creator (coming from the “mother spaceship” as I am told), pollution made in Europe, and raise your hat and swing your stick, I won’t feel bad, and little man working at “her” teeth.

FB 010713 Jette 1

FB 010713 Jette 2

FB 010713 Jette 3

Fb 010713 Jette 4

FB 010713 Jette 6

FB 010713 Jette 7

FB 010713 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I shared an article about how “Facebook and quick chat makes us dependent, hyper active and superficial” and asked people when they have written or received a lovely, long letter on several pages, which nobody bothers doing today (?), and if anything is lost because of this (?), an dyes life self is lost in busyness and superficiality, and I was very happy when Jette decided to take her time and write me a long comment, which really touched me because she was sincere, open, honest and direct without any façade and she said that in the beginning, she thought that my writings were overwhelming and that I “exposed” people, and she spoke about how she took a picture of an angel in 2012, and received direct regards from God making her believe that she was chosen to assist me, and she said that she also has trouble to receive clear expressions from people and that she is her own, which no one will rock, but then there was one, because she has to admit that she now believes in God, have seen God and work together with his close family (and really God self, Jette!), which makes her happy and proud, and she thought that my direct honesty is equal to Akashic Records, which she believes that we all will get acquainted with.

FB 010713 Stig

FB 010713 Jette personligt

  • Per from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, which laughed and ridiculed me, brought this picture of Hamlet, which made me think of “not to be” herewith symbolising what the result would have been if it was up to these people, who “could not” give me the benefit of a doubt and try to understand instead of misunderstand me.

FB 010713 Hgor

  • Bjarne Riis has truly had an “awful” time after professional racing cyclist have spoken out the truth about him and his use and setup of an extensive doping program, and he has not spoken to the press for MANY months about this, and when he now finally shows in Tour de France, all he has to say is that he has “no comments”, which is only what a Devil with poor conscience answers, and as Olav here says, this weakens him and “he dug himself deeper down”, and yes helping me to get down into the abyss for not speaking the truth about something, which is easy to speak the truth about, and eeehhhh, is it because you are still active and using doping, Bjarne (?), and yes you never really know, but stop your silence and start speaking the truth, how difficult can it be?

FB 010713 Olav

  • Steen was inspired to say ”if you wish something to think about, start thinking about who is thinking”, and yes an answer to my claim the other day that Steen does not know that all thoughts come spiritually from God (and the Devil), or does he (?), and yes he may know, but still doesn’t believe in the Devil, so “all is good” even though the world is about to terminate, and yes how naïve can you get?

FB 010713 Steen

  • I was told about Egypt again and again and again, and this is both about Helena being on holiday there now once again, and of course of the incredible movement and desire of FREEDOM of the people, which united the greatest number of people ever when they wanted the new dictators to be overthrown, and I was told that this movement is because of the fight of freedom to release the Original Creator, which is what he brings as desire to the people of Egypt, so there you have it once again.

FB 010713 CNN Egypt

FB 010713 Egypten



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 1, 2013: I continue receiving GIANT transfers of the Original Creator to spare the world from sufferings

  1. jette says:

    well done – not all nice – but nice to know – take care – I am here.. ❤

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