July 3, 2013: Uncovering darkness to receive the light of my father and centre everything before creating our New World


Summary of the script today

2nd July: Uncovering darkness to receive the light of my father and centre everything before creating our New World

  • Dreaming of continuing work inside the worst darkness of Søren H., who does not want me to bring wine of everything, and silent support from my friend Lisbeth, which – together with receiving my father’s sufferings too – brings the strongest creation.
  • I was told that Kirsten knows that she has done wrong, and that it is only a matter of time before she will be revealed, and when I was on my way to the Probate Court in Hillerød to find out what she had done, I was shown a small bridge over a canal of Venice, which I am crossing to collect my King’s crown, and at the court, I was given a statement of the value of my father’s and Kirsten’s estate prepared by Kirsten showing that the total value was way below DKK 690,000 which is the limit she had to be below to be able to take out all of their contents without sharing with me, and there was really only one “mistake”, which was that she had stated that the value of all of their contents collected over a lifetime was 0 DKK – Z E R O DKK (!) – which was screaming to heaven, also because it was accepted by the lazy and careless court, who did NOTHING about it! My father’s wife cheated the court to cheat me – even though I would have let her remain in undivided estate with me, which she of course did not know or believe in, but feared and still fears that I will dispute, but I will not. This discovery of the play of darkness returned my father to me and his light to switch on the lighthouse, i.e. our New World, and Kirsten is now attached to me!
  • There is still remaining life of the Source inside darkness, which we locate and bring out, and the last “dangerous play” is now with the Commune to bring me so much darkness/sufferings that this will be located and brought out. We are now facing the greatest co-ordination task ever to centre all parts of my mother – “almost en eternity of saved worlds” – right above each other at the centre of the Source of everything, which is what the opening of Bjarne, the director of the Commune, means to me when I will write him tomorrow.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “Vive” above Greenland, hat heads, the dark guy is eating the dentist, a handsome guy, look in the direction of the arrow and jump – if you do not intend to be good, a shy man and catching the Big Fat Snake (maybe of my father’s wife).
  • Short stories of “killer beer” of the worst darkness spreading on the Roskilde Festival, and Meshack informed their rural village that we are still on the right road, and a little malaria will not stop him.

3rd July: Saving “lost darkness” of my father determined to destroy our Old World before our new creation

  • I felt so much stress of having far too much work that I am feeling directly sick/disgusted by it, but I continued work on my script and emails to Alex, the psychiatrist, and Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, receiving my father via the telephone line painting his picture, i.e. bringing him life too. We have never created the low pressure on you as we are doing now. After sending these emails, I was told that we saved a lovely dinner (of life), and I can now give beer from the Source, and I felt big lumps of darkness “popping” out. This is the worst darkness of my father, which I had lost, which was then given the task to destroy the Old World, and now this is being saved too – and it made the Commune consider doing the worst to me including hospitalization and removal from my apartment/the Commune. I was shown how everything is connected – via strong light belts – to a small ball (of all force) in the middle, which has been hidden from me until now behind a dark coat, and now I see the ball for the first time. The “car” driving our Old World was shaking violently after the death of my father, the screw of the ship of the world had broken, and it was “impossible” for me to go through the worst sufferings to make us survive without the Old World ending before the creation of our New World, and I was told about the threat of Nuclear War with “uncontrollable” China launching attacks on other “powers” if they had decided to go to war with North Korea.
  •  The gathering of the biggest crowds in history in Egypt and the overthrow of President Murcia this evening was about removing the worst darkness because of the opening I did to the worst darkness here via Alex and the Commune.
  • I wrote a long email to Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, with a copy to Johannes the mayor and Lisbeth, my caseworker, asking to receive full access to all documents etc., which he and the Commune has about me, and I told them about the importance of being OPEN, DIRECT and HONEST to avoid misunderstandings and sufferings of people, and showed them how he has been the opposite to me, and this was my direct attack on him with the purpose to bring out the ball of light of my father, which he received by mistake because of “following” me. I also wrote to Alex the psychiatrist to be informed about institutions having contacted him to receive more information about my “craziness”, and told him about the crazy system that he is working for.
  • Short stories of darkness and selfishness of Anders Agger and it is impossible to get people of Medjugorje to believe in me.


2nd July: Uncovering darkness to receive the light of my father and centre everything before creating our New World

Dreaming of continuing work inside the worst darkness of Søren H., who does not want me to bring wine of everything

I went to bed at 00.10 and was “allowed” to sleep until 09.30, which was “way too late” expecting that I would be awaken between 07.00 and 08.00 for me to start being effective from the morning, and yes both writing and to wash my clothes, which I have found no time to do as I have also not cleaned my apartment because of too much work. And yes, some more dreams, and one day this will surely end, one day ….

  • I am visiting Søren H. at his income protection insurance company in Stockholm, and he wants me to sign an employment contract with the owners from Poland, and he offers me an outrageous pay of 60,000 DKK per week and to receive 4% of the profits, and he also wants to hire Lisbeth, and I know that he is fraudulent and the business is corrupt, and also that he is not allowed to work himself in the company by the authorities, which he however does not speak about and it appears to be no hindrance, and I tell him that I would like to compare the contract with what GE Insurance in Denmark will offer me thinking that this is a much more decent business. I have bought wine, which I want to give as gift in Stockholm, but Søren tells me that it is prohibited. I am now at GE Capital Bank in Copenhagen representing GE Insurance, and they tell me that they have two customers, who want to take out higher monthly income protection insurance, which requires a new product with pricing from London, which takes time, and a new contract, and I tell them that this may take 3 to 6 months to do and also that their customers cannot receive the benefit of higher insurance from old claims. I am now visiting Sparbank Vest together with Søren H., and there is a sport fight, and we are several hours late, but somehow I expect to find their employees behind this, and this is what we do, and I have brought wine but again Søren H. tells me that it is prohibited to give a gift.
    • So still working inside the worst darkness of all, which is what Søren H. is also to me, and I do wonder if the outrageous pay is what you gave yourself as dictator/director in Sweden (?), and did you steal from your customers/owners too (?) and maybe even also VAT from the State (?), and yes just wondering I am because this is how you are, isn’t it (?), and he does not like my wine of everything, but still this is what I am bringing, and higher insurance has to be about more life, and Sparbank Vest may be about this bank, where I know some, also offering me resistance because of course Stig cannot be Jesus, right (?), and what about you, René, my old contact at the bank, what do you “think/mean” (?), which is what people do here you know without knowing, which really is the best for all, but not how people necessarily like it.
  • I have my bag at Lisbeth’s car, and several times I believed that she had put it outside, and it was stolen, but no it is still inside. I have stolen a bicycle, which I have upgraded from a free selection of many different computer processors, and I test them all, and decide for the top of the line, which is so strong that it make my bicycle run as if it had a Ferrari engine.
    • I am still cycling, i.e. suffering, and here I have stolen my father’s sufferings, who is not here anymore, and my continuous work brings the strongest creation.

Uncovering the worst play of darkness to receive the light of my father and centre everything before creating our New World

No, you were not only left out because of the inheritance but also because they had not read your book, and I see a sad lady – Kirsten – at a funeral.

There is no aircraft over England anymore, it is also full and here.

Well, where do these enormous crowds of people (in Egypt) get their energy and inspiration from (?), and yes directly from the man writing these lines as I am told and because of my fight for freedom, which is planted into these people.

There is no one at the land of the dead from where we come.

I was shown a pools coupon and then a cow coming out of no where.

I was told that Kirsten knows that she has done wrong, and that it is only a matter of time before she will be revealed.

This corresponds to cleaning on top of the roof, which we have laid now you know.

This is corresponding to piece coming between Sweden and Denmark in the old wars between these two nations.

And Inge and Kirsten don’t know that you have decided to do what is RIGHT, which is not to claim your heir of your father letting Kirsten remain in undivided estate, and this misunderstanding of hers is making her hurt too?

We never believed that you would be able to open my eyes after losing big to darkness with your father’s death, but you did/do. So can it be that blood of your mother was running down into this antenna?

You keep wanting to turn me this way to become a millionaire, but no you decide to turn me the other way, and when you were strong enough doing this, the rest is history.

I received a familiar song – hiphop like maybe 15-20 years old (?), I cannot find it – with the lyrics something like “yeah, yeah, yeah” and “put me through the test”, which is what I am going through now.

Again I wrote the last of the script of yesterday at home, and I went to the library at 12.15 first trying to upload my June book, which I also tried just before closing time yesterday, but both yesterday and now, this line did not work – I was told that it was because of my mother – and yes only when uploading because the Internet otherwise worked fine (!), and yes I worked here until 13.00 to edit and improve my script of yesterday, and decided that I would wait to publish it until later in the afternoon because I really had to be going to the Probate Court in Hillerød, which closed at 15.00, so I took the 13.18 train taking half an hour to get there, and normally there is not ticket control, but today they sent a controller and I could only tell her “I could not afford to pay for a ticket, so give me a fine”, and yes fine, she said, and gave me the fine of DKK 750 – expensive to be poor you know – and I did not care much because I just had to get there, which I did.

No, you don’t first burn down everything without being killed, and then stand up again. So did I burn anything else than my fingers (?), I felt the spirit of my mother, and yes and no, because Stig did not want to accept us burning anything.

On my way to the court, my father told me that this was so he could not sublet his apartment, which was connected with the court.

I was shown a small bridge over a canal of Venice, which I am crossing to collect my King’s crown, and no, I have never been to Venice and always dreamt about going there, and yes a mythical town fighting for survival not to be flooded symbolising the fight of the world not to be flooded too.

I was given a short view into “an Avatar world” of beauty, which is what is opening behind this darkness that I am going through.

So it is a black cow that you force to drink water (?) and yes how will Bjarne from the Commune react to my coming email, will he gape, and decide to hide and be silent sending me a “polite refusal” except from the “official journal” on me (?) not including his work behind the façade as I have been told about all the way through, so it has to be right, right?

I was given the feeling of Marion Dampier-Jeans – the fool you know – who has not forgotten about you too, and she was also darkness feeding this game including the death of my father.

I arrived at the court, and while waiting in the waiting room, a husband told his wife about a lady completely dressed in black on her way out that this was the chimney sweep, and this was about removing soot from Kirsten’s oven.

I was given the feeling of a dark and small Kirsten next to my face, and I felt and was told about the incredible sufferings this completely unnecessary jealous and acquisitive woman has caused me when stealing my father from me, and I felt that she is part of God too.

I was asked if the Probate Court will decide to deliver the documents now that I am here (?), and I kept on received the “yeah yeah year” song because this is the test that I am going through.

You have been given a head start with darkness constantly following you, and yes Kirsten reached you, and then this is what happens.

After maybe 15 minutes, I was let into an office where a young lady listened to my request, and I showed her my email and said that I had heard nothing about my father’s death, and she told me that it could be because the common estate of my father and his wife Kirsten had a value below DKK 690,000 – not 650,000 as mentioned before – and I told her that if this was the case, fine by me, then I would know, and then she left for 5 to 10 minutes to find his case, and while I was waiting, I noticed that they had pictures of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairytales on the wall, and the one I did not know was about “Little Claus and big Claus”, and when reading it now, I see that the message is that little Claus is smarter than big Claus, thus receiving all money and cattle while big Claus dies, and yes just like my father as the big and I as the little Claus with money still symbolising energy and all life.

And then the lady returned and gave me this statement of the value of my father’s and Kirsten’s estate, and she said that the estate had been laid out to her because it was of less value of DKK 690,000, and I told her that I was surprised because the value of most people’s contents collected over a lifetime is more than DKK 690,000, and yes what did you notice straight away on this form filled out by Kirsten (?), and yes she had valued their contents to 0 DKK (!), and yes let us write that again Z E R O DKK (!), and I was appalled that this could happen in the Probate Court, and I asked her “don’t you verify this” (?), and no, because the statement is filled out under liability to punishment as she said (!), and yes yes yes, this meant that the court did not have to do anything (?), and you were probably also too busy to THINK and to do what is right and that is to ask for a PRECISE STATEMENT – now that you have “crazy rules” like this – so instead it simply received a stamp from an employee not really caring as so many others, and this is how my father was turned into Z E R O to me. Kirsten had stolen him from me while he was alive, and when he died, she decided to hide all contents of theirs from the court, thus also from me (!), and no, Kirsten, I don’t want anything, I will let you live in undivided estate, but as my mother has told me many times about how she felt when her mother died in 1975, I really feel the same, and that is that it would surely be nice to receive a memory of my father, and yes for example his wall mandolin or the sideboard he inherited from his mother, which he told me MANY years ago “when I die, Stig, this will be yours”, and no, father, it did not become mine, this was yet another promise you could not keep because of Kirsten turning you against me, which you should NEVER had let happened, but she was “too good/nice” for you to have cleaning everything, ironing your shirts, preparing your food etc. (?), and yes a “perfect wife”, who was put in this world to make you lazy and to cut relations to your son as the only way we could win as I am told, but still, how did you feel way into death as I am told about giving up on the most valuable in your life, your own son, (?), and yes you never came over it (?), and that is because of laziness, jealousy, better-knowing ignorance etc. and yes from simple minded people, who would have LOVED me for who I am if they just had decided to understand instead of misunderstand me – my own father and his crazy wife and family!

Here is Kirsten’s statement “under oath” and you can read the full file here – and just as an example of how “easy” it is to undervalue when this is your “interest”, my father’s car is not worth DKK 65,000 but more like DKK 150,000 as you can see when searching on cars like this on the Internet, and I would be surprised if their car has run more than 50,000 kilometres, and 75,000 at top.



Kirsten 2

Kirsten 3

Kirsten 4

Kirsten 5And I thought that the Probate Court – of all places – should be where you would find a “perfect system” to do careful settlements for everyone being able to trust, but no, this system is as rotten as many others with poor concepts and poor work moral of people, and yes they accepted a settlement valuing contents to 0 DKK (!), and when you cannot trust them, who can you trust (?), and yes certainly not Kirsten having an “interest” to keep the estate below DKK 690,000 to keep me long away from me, and yes just wondering what the value is of their paintings, carpets, jewellery etc. (?), and yes things run up quickly, Kirsten, but not in your mind?

And how much is the normal value of the contents of a “middle class married couple” between 70 and 75 years old living North of Copenhagen in a 70 square metre big apartment (?), and yes when you calculate EVERYTHING including all of the possessions, which Kirsten does not think about, it is likely that the value is more than 690.000 DKK when you also include value of car, pension etc. (?), and yes insurance companies provide help to do a more accurate statement of the value – for example here and here, but the Probate Court does not really care letting this be up to people fighting about instead (?), and yes this is way too poor if you ask me, and two meanings of course.

And I was thinking that years ago, they sold houses/apartments with much profit, but apparently they also used practically all of this money over the years on luxury holidays and everyday spenditure, and yes they had a beautiful cottage house on Mågevej in Rågeleje in the 1980’s, which my father also “promised” me that it would be mine one day, but no, it was sold, and so was another cottage house later together with several all year houses/apartments.

This experience made me confused about whether or not the story of Bjarne and Alex – about darkness of Kirsten & Co. threatening to hospitalise me – is true or also deception of darkness and whether or not I will send my emails to them, and after some time, I decided to end up with “I don’t care if it is right or wrong, it is right to send and just follow my voice all the way through” and yes as part of the game also accepting much humiliation on my way, so this is what I will do tomorrow.

It is not nice to admit it, but now I don’t use eye make up anymore, and this is about false darkness dissolving with this discovery of mine and its game, and instead I was given the feeling of Kunta Kinte, original life you know, and yes this was one part of it, the Commune and Alex is the other starting tomorrow.

So Kirsten was the dog, which your father was laid out to, which now has been returned to you, and yes this was her play, and this is how it works, and I was given the vision and feeling of darkness wanting to resist me, but no, there is nothing to do, it was love of your aunt, Inge, who has not forgotten about you, which decided this, and this is only the rest coming in, and I felt my father inside of me – as a membrane under the skin of my head – and he is the one playing this game.

I was told that my father was truly used much in a little less than a lifetime, while he was here, as my mother is too.

I received a constant pressure/marks to my right ankle all day, and yes I do receive feelings there, but by now normally not constant.

Who do you believe believes that you have good time to relax, cook, cycle etc. (?), and yes your mother does, which is what we still live highly on, and it is her misunderstandings, which is still making me feel like a Zombie, and right now the dark, warm, exhausting feeling I have very physically just under the skin all over me as I have more or less of all of the time, and it is my mother going against me, which creates friction, thus creation, and it was decisive that she did not understand me to create the world, and yes she did not understand because my family, friends etc., thus the mainstream world, as a unit did not understand.

And how bad do you think “your behaviour” made your father feel (?), and yes “bad bad bad” (!), and when he is not here anymore, what he absorbed of darkness was brought to you also taking on the darkness, which he should have absorbed, and I was given a small heart attack and was told that these became stronger as result/example, while my sister continued sending out darkness because I wanted everything to be perfect.

This is like collecting all of the train – as I was shown in light wood – at the departure hall, which we have already collected, and what I do now is just the finishing touch.

No one could kill me, and this is what was my father’s role – “kill kill” – via your “old nightmare” and that is because he could “not stand” your mother because of Kirsten, who cannot stand my mother as little as my mother can stand her – they HATE each other (!) – and yes influenced by Kirsten he was, and this came after my mother and her had a strong fight approx. 10-15 years ago at a dinner at Sanna and Hans when one word let to the next when my mother simply told the truth that they have never held Christmas Evening for me, which was “far too much” for Kirsten to listen to, so she “lost it” and they suddenly had to leave, and yes simple minded people not being able to control their negative feelings, and yes part of the play to hurt me, you know, and to save us all, and this was the last time – of not many – when my mother/John and father/Kirsten were in the same room together.

Yes, it was not nice taking the ticket, Stig as my father here says, and no, the Probate Court did not have the death certificate stating the reason of death, and she referred to the undertaker, and no, I am not going to follow up on this, I was told that he died from a heart attack, which will be revealed to the world if this was so.

I felt my father and he said and showed me: See what I have brought, and that is the light to switch on the lighthouse, thus our New World.

No, you never said “get lost” when there was more work to do, NEVER (!), which is why we are now reading the last pages of the big JUMBO book (of Donald Duck & Co.).

I felt my father who said just how much he looks forward to bringing eternal life, but every time it is your mother shutting the bar.

No, northern Norway has not been closed down yet because what if suddenly a nuclear war should come here at the end (?), and then it would look crazy not to strike back (?) and yes to dissolve all life, my crazy “gentlemen” of armed forces?

I was told that John’s brother Tommy has told John that he believes in me, and that is because his wife, Inge, follows me as my Facebook friend, and yes is this true (?), and I was told that this was also required to do to come through.

Are we now going to return all of the VAT too to him (?), and yes even more terminated life coming.

When I returned home from Hillerød, I cycled – with very little energy feeling poorly as usual – to the small library department at Abildgaardsvej thinking that I would be able to upload my June book here, which I was, so I did this today and both published this and my new script of yesterday on Facebook from here.

I was shown a girl giving me socks/stockings – symbolising life – and I was told that Kirsten is now attached to me.

I was told that my leaving examination was about all of us, and yes to save every little thing.

It corresponds to giving you the very last of rastafari, and yes Bob is me too, and no, there is no better than Bob, and what about playing BUFFALO SOLDIER as the symbol on me, which Lotus might remember from some years back, Lotus?

I was shown an incredible large belt of a factory plant, which can transport anything – I was thinking of blueberries and saw these all over – and felt the King’s crown too, this is the plan I am entering of the Original Creator.

I did some shopping and returned home maybe around 18.00, and even though I had absolutely NO desire to continue working, I decided to be disciplined and write the script of today this far in order to save time tomorrow to be sure that I can focus on the edit and sending of the emails to Alex and Bjarne and to let Lisbeth know before our meeting in two days, and yes finishing this at 20.00 again being happy with the work I did today.

I received the fine “One night in heaven” by M People.

This is nothing like Jericho.

Even the President of Iran is with me, but it is not least because of him and what he might be up to that the world is still guarding each other, and no you could not lay down all your weapons simply because of my arrival, could you (?), and I here feel Gaddafi together with Berlusconi, and what did you speak about (?), and yes me too (?), but still you “could not” change from dictatorship and abuse of power, people, money and sex?

Yes, it is not “funny” to be Kirsten if someone suddenly should come demanding her to work out the value of her and my father’s contents (?), and is this what she is thinking of and also her fear?

So this is about transferral from my left to my right leg, and yes I am also given many marks to my left leg/ankle.

And then my attention was caught by a very little airplane on the sky in front of me flying maybe 300 to 400 metres above ground, and maybe 1-2 kilometres from me, but yes it was far too small and did not make a sound, which made everything about it “wrong”, and yes just like the aircraft over Helsingør June 20, which however was MUCH closer on everyone here, but the message was clear that this – and the June 20 event – was the spaceship of everything in disguise, and yes who would be so “crazy” to fly a passenger aircraft with 70 people on board so close over the roofs of Helsingør – and back and forward – so people thought that it was crashing, and just to let people see Helsingør from above (?), and yes you use helicopters for this, but not aircrafts carrying 70 passengers, which was “too small” and had much “too little sound” to what it should have had.

That’s all folks” haven’t we given to you yet because you asked for everything, which is then what we give you.

My attention now caught a sight of the spaceship of everything identical to what I was given a few weeks ago, which was a very small silhouette on the sky maybe 500 metres above ground, which was flying over the coast of Sweden and if I lost sight of it, it was almost impossible to find again, so you really had to know that it was there – I was shown it more bright a couple of times – otherwise you would not see it, and again it was “too small”, which was to tell me that the June 20 aircraft was indeed this spaceship of everything, which is also the feelings given to me strongly here, and I was given the vision of this greeting me by taking off its high hat, and yes just like Hans Christian Andersen would have done it.

What about me (?), am I not to get out too (?), and I was given a new sound to my oven, and yes everything/everyone will get out.

I was told that my previous wrong behaviour with “girls on film” – I have felt this coming for days including the song – was “not surprising” also because of the influence of Kirsten on my father, and the feeling was that “it could not be different”, which is about the sum of people being brought to me.

I still receive negative feelings and voices so strongly that it is disgusting, but I am in control.

I have felt how musicians know about me, I was here shown first Bono and then Meat Loaf as examples, and “I was packed into music” to let music artists of the world discover me, and yes have you heard that Stig/God loves this music too?

And 1-2 days ago, I felt the “old man” of Swedish pop/rock music, Björn Skifs, also knowing about me, and this evening I watched the “Allsång på Skansen” TV show from Swedish TV, which I love to see because of much fine music, the SPLENDID view over the beautiful Stockholm and happy people singing, and then Lisa Nilsson came from heaven around the corner to sing and after a new song of her own, she had chosen to sing Björn Skifs’ old hit Michelangelo, and yes I love this song too and so does the crowd, and yes wasn’t it funny that when Lisa Nilsson left the stage, she said that “now I was go washing”, which in my language means “now I will help Stig to transform darkness to light via my faith in him” and this is because this is how the “washing machine” inside of me works; it runs on “faith of people” in me.

If you open the door now, it will be without me, and yes I received another loud sound to my kitchen, and no, I will not open the door without receiving all of you with me. So you have decided to keep back the airplane until everything is on board (?), yes.

Can’t you just give a small gift now (?), and no wait is what Stig says.

Later I was given a new sound to my oven, and now together with the feeling of blue, i.e. my colour as the Son, and I was told that we keep on looking inside here, and yes there is a little more with Jack, and then your mother, which he is connected to and son on, and this is what continues giving me small heart attacks.

I felt Kirsten’s youngest son, Ricky, and that is again, because he has come to me the last couple of days, and is this eyes seeing through the darkness (?) as I was shown from my balcony and is this about Ricky not always ageing with his mother knowing that she has treated me wrongly (?), and yes this family is like parasites in connection to what they did to my father and I.

I was shown a dark baking sheet with cinnamon snails on it and everything else around it is white, and the sheet was brought in by the waiter of the Lady and the Tramp film, which is about Italy and joy and happiness you know.

I was shown Lars G. and myself at Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in Pfalz in Germany, where we were at during one of our wine journeys, and isn’t this where we had thought the middle of the world to be in relation with World War II (?), which is why we were here to bring me out from there so I can sit where I am now sitting at the middle now in Helsingør.

Well, it isn’t me that the whole world is waiting on (?), who is almost falling down and I received the sound of falling at my kitchen.

I was told – and also shown a very fine line “beaming” in to me from the balcony – that we will now come to the greatest task of coordination every, which will bring me many small heart attacks unless I stop the game that is, and I understood that it is the fine tuning of centring all previous worlds right above each other at the centre of the Source of everything.

This is because I have no pump with me and we are now coming to the origination of the first light, and isn’t this simply what we will open for via Bjarne from the Commune, which is where it has moved.

And I felt how a series of small heart attacks now started coming to me, and this is about uniting all parts of your mother here, and hereafter it is the end of the pump.

Have you thought about 1989 where you lived at Frederikssundsvej in Copenhagen and yes what was her name of your friend there, Birgitte (?), and we spoke about her article of asking Muslims to remove their face protection, and is this what brought the desire of freedom to Eastern Europe and the fall of the iron curtain, amazing right?

I heard that “you can start building now”, i.e. our New World, but no everything has to be perfect first.

Isn’t this just what we are saying, John needs a new kidney, but it lasted until the end of the season, and I was shown inside of it at the balcony that it include “tools” for us.

I was shown the highest building in the world in Dubai, the worst darkness/richness, and was told that oil production has also not stopped, but the feeling is that you have been speaking about it?

I was told that it is the right time now to bring this song “Dr. Beat” by Gloria Estafan and her friends, which is because of Bjarne’s belief of me being crazy needing a doctor, and yes the only emergency here, Bjarne, is that the roles have turned around with you being “crazy” not understanding the truth because of your closed and negative access to me and laziness and better-knowing ignorance, and yes pretty much like “everyone else”, which is “more or less” you know.

Possibly there is also one Dane inside of here at the balcony, and then we will start playing handball inside the oven here, and I was told this when “enter sandman” by Metallica was played to me, and this Dane is the Danish drummer of this band, Lars Ulrich, and yes the most selfish and unbearable person I have seen (!), which I am sure that he “cannot” see himself, right Lars (?), and furthermore metal/hard rock music has ALWAYS been the symbol of darkness to me, but this one is to say that darkness is built on love because of the catchy melody of this hit of theirs, and yes “sandman” to me is about sufferings to me, which is what I will enter the coming days when I will go up against the Commune and Bjarne once again, which is the play we need to bring out the last from the oven, thus the handball match there.

I felt my father and was told that we have secured that no plaster will fall off when we will do the creation in the middle of everything, which is about the Old World not falling apart when starting this.

I now received the strong feeling that we are now starting a new, dangerous play where something might go wrong and if it does we will crack with pride.

Is there tension in the Barents Sea also right now?

Google Earth: A shy man and catching the Big Fat Snake (maybe of my father’s wife)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “Vive” above Greenland, hat heads, the dark guy is eating the dentist, a handsome guy, look in the direction of the arrow and jump – if you do not intend to be good, a shy man and catching the Big Fat Snake (maybe of my father’s wife).

FB 020713 Jette 1

FB 020713 Jette 2

FB 020713 Jette 3

FB 020713 Jette 4

FB 020713 Jette 5

FB 020713 Jette 6

FB 020713 Jette 7

FB 020713 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Daniel had picked up the not quite normal story – of Michael Wulf – that “killer beer spreads on Roskilde” (Festival), and the beer is a Wiibroe from Helsingør, and this is simply to say that darkness of this Helsingør in pictures Facebook group has planted to the Roskilde Festival where Metallica & Co. are not speaking very nicely of me (?), and yes “killer beer” is the worst darkness, and this is what you are to me, Lars Ulrich. And yes, Kenneth liking this post, was ENTUSIASTIC about me commenting/praising one of his posts months ago, and now he has decided to leave me as a Facebook friend too, and yes this is how many people have felt, first “very happy” about me, and then the opposite, which is solely because of themselves and their misunderstandings, and no, he could also not have me.

FB 020713 Dræberøl

Dræberøl Roskilde

  • Just to show you how it looks when the upload of the main library decided not to work – both here on Mediafire (my library) and also my documents at Scrib – making me have to go to the department of Abilgaardsvej to make it work.

Mediafire upload failiure 020713

  • Again, direct, open and honest communication made me happy and once again it was from Meshack telling me a little about what is going on, which Elijah could never dream about – what about writing down your dreams, Elijah, and send them to me for explanation, if you “bother” (?) – and I was happy to hear that the fundraising went fine, and also for your very fine initiative communicating to your village about us still being on the right road. Thank you very much, Meshack, and as you know, the malaria is for you to help me absorb darkness but I will not allow it to kill you, so just hang in there and your faith will cure you :-).

Email Meshack 020713


3rd July: Saving “lost darkness” of my father determined to destroy our Old World before our new creation

Dreaming of the duvet of creation being finished waiting to switch on the TV of our New World

I went to bed at 00.30 and slept until 08.15 only receiving this dream.

  • I have seen a very good program on TV2, which stopped before it had finished, and I see my finished duvet, and I know that one side of it contains buttons to switch on the TV, but I cannot find them. My mother had helped my brother-in-law, Hans, to hang up blue curtains at his old house on Usserød Kongevej in Hørsholm, and all curtains hang fine, but the one in the kitchen is a little bit too short.
    • The duvet of creation is finished, and we only have to switch on the TV, i.e. carry out the creation of our New World, and blue is my colour, and once again, this dream shows that Hans is with me, but there is a little more work to be done to the kitchen bringing in the last blue of me from the oven as we are locating these days.

Saving “lost darkness” of my father determined to destroy our Old World before our new creation

I was told that without Hans it would also not work out, and I was given a sound to my balcony and told “painstaking wheel”, which is about him and his warm feelings to me, which is also making him hurt because he knows that I am suffering.

I have followed Edward Snowden’s attempts to get asylum from more than 20 countries all over the world and the paradox that everyone knows that he is helping me to open the world and what he has done is right, but no one can accept him because of fear or oppression of the USA, and what Putin did was tragicomic demanding that he stops his actions against his “allies” of USA if he is given asylum in Russia, and yes this is why he is now decaying in the airport of Moscow, and how difficult can it be for just one country to do what is right, and what about you Helle Thorning, why don’t you stand up and say “you can come here, I will personally guard you”, and yes almost like you do with me behind the curtain, Helle (?), but “difficult” to do when everyone is watching and of course – I had almost forgotten – you need to oblige to “international law”, which is making the world look like clowns when none of you can decide to do what is right, and yes I can only hope that someone will show mercy on Snowden, and does it help if I ask this of you (?), and no, maybe not? And yes, Obama, you could really play the game sharper and with more courage than you do, couldn’t you?

This morning I felt so much stress of having far too much work that it is making me feel directly sick and almost giving up, but let is see if I cannot come through this one too.

If it is a comfort to you, I also did not sleep well at nights because of you as my father says.

Again, I used the morning to write the last of the script of yesterday and of today so far, and went to the library to complete work of today there.

When scanning Kirsten’s statement of the value of their estate at the library, I was told that she does not have you yet in her contact-database, but she will feel very good when she does.

I kept on receiving “Michelangelo” by Björn Skifs and the lyrics “Michelangelo men så svara då” (“Michelangelo, but please answer”), and yes on the telephone so we can keep on painting your picture, and yes of this last part of my father/me.

We cannot help but putting one ticket together with the other when you have decided to go through the day today “just doing it”, which is not to stop before you have finalized the emails to Alex and Bjarne and sent them, and of course to be happy about my work.

Has Southern Europe decided to show patience like an angel waiting on you (?), and yes because you have decided that NOTHING is going to rush you, you will take the time needed to produce my best emails to Alex and Bjarne, and yes decided to use a couple of hours on the email to Bjarne to “get the balance right” you know, and yes Martin & Co. knows.

And yes, the language is VERY direct in my email also because I need this “shock” of Bjarne to let him transfer everything inside of him (in darkness), which he has stolen from me, and I am here given the taste of Champagne from this very darkness inside of him waiting to come out and celebrate as the result of this work.

I received the name “Hein” – Piet Hein – and we are using the same precision as in his superellipse to finish creation.

We just wanted to tell you that we have never created the low pressure on you as we are doing now.

At around 15.00 I was distracted by the most beautiful young woman at the library, and she stood close to me for a long time, and I realized that it was darkness playing its cards to temp me, and I was told that I could have this young woman if I wanted to – “mind control” you know – but no!

We just wanted to tell you that we have never created the low pressure on you as we are doing now.

“He will do alright” is about this – i.e. not perfect – and we have to use what is inside Bjarne to make perfect, which is why it was perfect to make the email to him perfect.

The following is written from after midnight when I was not allowed to sleep now receiving the most dense darkness of all, and yes more dense than ever before, and no, I cannot do this, I should be sick with stress and have the meeting tomorrow morning with Lisbeth at 09.30, which I might not catch as the result, we will see.

I returned home to send my emails via my Thunderbird email client because I wanted to include my auto-signature – yes could really have copied it from an old email using the library I now realize – and I had a little trouble but I succeeded to send both emails to the Commune and to Alex.

This was the lovely dinner then, which was saved with these emails sent. It is your turn to give beer, no it is yours, and this is inside Bjarne because of their wrongdoings and misunderstandings where it should have been with me, and I was told that it airs well here.

Is this a new closure coming (?), yes Tivoli was just a setup to avoid this.

I received George Michael’s “Father figure” – one of the favourites of “the old man” – and the lyrics “I will be your preacher teacher” and “I will be the one who loves you until the end of time”.

I was told that Henrik Dahl is also from a people of another civilization, which is why it was important to influence him thus making him give me MUCH darkness/sufferings, and no, he does not know yet.

Is it just me (?), and I felt big lumps of darkness “popping” out together with “one last comment …” from C. V. Jørgensen’s Costa del Sol song, which is to say that my emails have started having impact now bringing me the worst Nazi darkness again.

It is my mother’s fear of dying, which is also driving the works, and yes now Ole and my father have died, and John has been close to dying too making her think.

It is like finding five million DKK not knowing where they were.

I washed my clothes, finally, and cycled back to the library to publish my emails for the Commune and Alex on my Facebook timeline including pictures, which I could only post there, which I did at 18.50, and I was told that this was also to make my sister understand.

Is Lisbeth from the Commune shaking and about to cry because what she feared has now become a reality, which is for me to ask for a copy of her journal on me to be published, and will she be able to set up her professional façade without breaking down when meeting me tomorrow morning?

Can we do the pools (?), and yes one big 12 (grade/pools) or one big zero to have emptied everything.

On DR1 TV’s Aftenshowet at 19.44, Louise said “sorry CHAPs”, which was directly because of my father’s death where I said “sorry old chap”.

So we did not shave that goat (?), which I was shown coming to me from furthest out at the balcony.

This is really only to be allowed to centre everything without destroying the TV/world.

I was given physical pain to my head and was shown dark pieces on a layer cake and was told that we had already been promised to join too, and yes part of the cake so far as darkness.

I saw how Murcia was overturned by the people and military of Egypt this evening, and I was given the direct feeling that this is about removing the worst darkness because of the opening I did to the worst darkness here via Alex and the Commune.

I received feelings coming from outside – from people thinking this of me – which was about how I can continue working hard after my father’s death (?), and I can only say that people who cannot and “lose it” simply are “wimps” not in control over their negative feelings.

I saw the last set of Andy Murray playing against the strong Spanish player Verdasco at Wimbledon, and after having lost the first two sets, Murray should have been packed down and sent out really, but he did the impossible to come back and win the next three sets, and yes lifting his game even more at the last two games of the fifth set, and the Danish commentator spoke about his incredible will and “all other places than Centre Court at Wimbledon, I don’t believe that he would have pulled it off”, and to me this is the centre of London also symbolising my home, and yes a fight symbolising my fight to darkness, which I really had lost – 5 to 1 you know – but I came back to win because I refused to give up. And Murray had his picture taken – annoying him – and was “getting air” according to the Danish commentator, yes small symbols too.

Shall we celebrate this with Runrig, we like them a lot, and yes as Stig I barely know them.

Is this another key then and the only one leading here?

I still feel marks to my right ankle much, and less to my left.

I was given the name of the Nugan Wine and told where they come from (?), and yes from Australia, so more wine made of our New World it is.

I was given a distorting sound to my TV together with the vision of the sound being a valve, which is burning down and I was told that this is us, and the task of darkness, i.e. to burn down the world, and I was also given a sound of destruction to my balcony, and this is the darkness, which we are now releasing.

I was told that we are now close to “radion” – “radio on” as I was told symbolising eternal life, and just maybe this too.

All your yoga in 2010 now comes to your benefit.

Is it Ekstra Bladet considering to bring the news about me (?), which is why I wrote as I did when sharing my email to the Commune on Facebook telling media that I have approved for you to write about me.

I am the one with the onion powder, and yes it was my father’s death, which made the Commune consider locking me up as one out of several options, which you cannot defend against, but yes, openness/publishing made it because darkness hates to be exposed.

I kept on hearing Metallica’s “enter sandmen” as I brought yesterday – also on my website – so this rumour about me is really spreading on the Roskilde Festival?

I did not receive all of the heart attacks as I was promised, and I was told that this is what my father took and died from.

Now I have tried not being alive and I felt my father returning with darkness.

I was shown how everything is connected – via strong light belts – to a small ball (of all force) in the middle, which has been hidden from me until now behind a dark coat, and now I see the ball for the first time.

I was told that a church on one of the streets of Granada, Spain, which I visited in 2007, was not the worst place for me to go because faith of people there have also helped us.

I was shown my father as the captain with sword on a pirate ship, and this is him that I am now getting out from there.

I was shown a connection between the balcony (the last of the Source) and my shelves (the New World) and was told that my father’s role really was to work against me to create this and really because my father does not have faith in me.

You don’t know what this – my Facebook post of the two emails – does to your sister (?), and it was her closing to the left ankle (terminated life), and the idea was for her to open to this life again via this post.

I was told that Elijah is too lazy to write “life stories” about people/children of the village and to send these together with pictures of people trying to find sponsors like me, who can send money DIRECTLY to people instead of via middle men/NGO’s like Elijah, and eeehhh this setup will not give you money, so this is “not the way” for you, Elijah (?), even though this is my teaching to the world, and I was told that he was thinking about this at the village church the other day, which was “hard” for you?

I was given the thought of Danish comedians speaking about me, and I was shown an airplane arriving at airport after it has been cleaned with a tooth brush – a reference to Kasper Christensen – and this is about faith of some of these helping us to do, and yes to save life.

I was told that I have not said no to receive “me” one time, and it is now my mother’s life that we are playing about again, no I don’t like it, when will it ever end?

I was shown my sister as a giant ray and was told that the ray killing the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin in 2006 was because of this darkness, and yes he was Australian and loved by the world following his animal TV series.

I was shown and felt the Danish comedian Jan Gintberg all over and around me, and was told that he is not without importance.

I was shown and told that we have two giant persons at the very top and it is first lower that we are one, which is a new invention we tried when you kept on working, so now we are two of everything.

I was shown a 3D-roll inside water where fish is swimming out from the inside of this, which is about the ball of the Source.

I was shown Patrick Swayze, the late actor from the Dirty Dancing film, and he asked, do you mind that I use the dozer (?), and he wanted to dig for gold, which is about what darkness did via the death of my father, and yes it buried and hid this life from me, which would be used against us.

I went to bed at 23.40 after having had a reasonable quiet evening, but when I went to bed, it “exploded” and that is this darkness and yes to bring me maximum sufferings I was now given unstoppable speech to write down, which came at the most unpleasant moment when I just wanted to sleep before the meeting with the Commune tomorrow, and this was to help me absorb this darkness to avoid it exploding.

I was shown a car carrying dry spices in porcelain pots and the car is shaking incredible, and these spices are the most inner of everything controlling our Old World, and we managed to keep the car, i.e. the Old World, going because of you, and yes are there people “knowing” out there of just how close we came to the end of the Old World, who received nervous breakdowns as the result, and yes I feel Obama here too, so you do know, my friend?

The essential now is happiness of Egypt, but we will just give you a short story about what could have gone wrong, and yes boom boom because the Commune received free hands to do anything they liked including to remove me with force from my apartment, and yes everything has been considered, and what did they decide to do (?), and yes to let me stay because the mayor is my Facebook friend following me and maybe having some faith in me, Johannes (?), or at least NOT liking my public writings about you and all actions you would do against me?

And yes, can a frontal attack towards three of my best friends (our true selves) – Bjarne, Johannes, Lisbeth – start everything up (?), and yes do you believe that the main stick still is down there and that it works (?), and yes it is, it came out of Bjarne with the first stroke, and what do we do with it (?), start up to new, double unites of everything of God and I, who don’t remain together but now are individuals of the Source too, which is what we thought that we might as well do, and if it works (?), you bet!

I was shown a war ship of darkness returning.

Was there also hidden a bomb inside a Chinese mountain (?), yes if you attack North Korea, and how close was the world on this (?), and yes they probably don’t believe that we mean it, but you did, and yes boom boom and the world would quickly be no more, which is how I had arranged it with automatic systems out of control of man, and the next step would be to bring sufferings of the world as input to start our New World, but no, this did not become necessary.

So it was a Chinese ship about to turn-over, which leaked oil, which pulled the world on the edge of nuclear war because of a small ruler of North Korea playing with big muscles, which was about to hold the world in check, and I feel Obama here.

And when I write this, I am given a constant taste of white bread, which is the pure Source I am receiving.

I felt Helene – Hans’ mother symbolising death – and was told that we had prepared to remove you because nobody would be able to come through these rocks, but yet you turned up every Friday at your mother and John to be fuelled up and you continued working with a persevering attitude and slowly but securely we opened the (incredible strong) lid of darkness, which had encircled around the middle/the ball, which we had to use, and this was both locked and opened by your mother, and yes she changed her mind telling the Commune that I was not dangerous, remember.

Therefore, China was infinitely long away.

We have now opened to a bottle of the strongest turpentine part of a black, thick liquid, which smells the worst giving a clear sign that this is the strongest of all darkness, stronger than anything I have met before, and I was asked to write the notes of the evening when lying in bed hoping to sleep, and “completely impossible” was my first reaction together with “no”, and yes we know it took five minutes before I was up writing this, and that is because I could.

I was shown boats of Chinese now coming in in large quantities, and they are wild as Vikings.

It corresponds to having your ship at the yard with a broken screw – and still to continue sailing, i.e. to continue the Old World.

You are not fly mechanic no. 1 are you?

No, we cannot afford to open yet another great cinema hall, but what he does not know is that when he just keep on working, we do the same and this is then what becomes the result.

Finishing this at 02.00 – so far without a summary, which will come tomorrow.

I was shown an African woman of a rural village collecting one big pot after the other, which just have to be picked up, we can now see them, they are everywhere.

My attack on Bjarne from the Commune and Alex the psychiatrist to receive access to information and my father’s ball

Today I sent my emails to Helsingør Commune – Bjarne, the director, with a copy of Johannes the mayor and Lisbeth my case worker – and to Alex the psychiatrist asking to receive FULL access to all journals, files, notes, correspondence, emails etc. about me, and in my first email to the Commune I wrote about the importance of communicating OPENLY, HONESTLY AND DIRECTLY to make people understand and happy, and not the opposite including misunderstandings, gossip and wrong actions done by people acting behind the backs of people, and I told them that I have invited everyone to become Facebook friends, which only Johannes the mayor accepted, and I wrote about his trouble to make his political opponents doing their best to understand instead of their best to misunderstand, which is how this game works – as you can see from some of his Facebook posts/comments these days – and then I reminded Bjarne the director of how negative and closed he has been to me refusing to accept me as Facebook friend because of what you heard about me, Bjarne – “potentially dangerous” (?) – and when I told you the truth in your post of 31st December, which is that you are NOT to “hide” what you call “negative” stories to show a wrong and too optimistic picture of the Commune, which is what you advocated for, and no you don’t like to share your files and the story about me (?), and why is that (?), and yes because darkness works best in the background without being revealed, but this is what I am now asking you to do, which is to bring ALL material and information about me, which I of course will publicise for everyone to see, and do you think you can do this (?), and I gave them the old song about “crazy Alex” and his system being “sick” and my memo to Alex telling the truth about my spiritual development, and also brought a couple of examples of people, who know about and have faith in me to show them what understanding makes people, which is happiness, and yes it should be easy for these three people to understand me also because of the old “small magic” of the Facebook notification sent to me by Facebook claiming that Bjarne is following me on Facebook, which he does not, but “following” me in real life, you are, Bjarne – “to protect the interest and people of the Commune” (?), and I am given the taste of pepper, which is the worst darkness and told that you did right to attack Bjarne, because he is the target (to bring out the ball of my father) – and will you decide to be a wimp not wanting to share the truth with me (?), and maybe Johannes, who should know about me and my positivity, will help you to play with open and clean cards?

Til Bjarne 1

Til Bjarne 2

Til Bjarne 3

Til Bjarne 5

Til Bjarne 6

Til Bjarne 7

Til Bjarne 8

Til Bjarne 9

Til Bjarne 10

This is the email I sent to Alex the psychiatrist asking to receive access to information about institutions contacting him to receive more information about his view on me, and yes I let him know that his declaration on me is WRONG, my memo is the truth and also the memo about how to cure “mental diseases” (to live a healthy and normal life in all aspects). And yes the Commune received a copy of my email to Alex, and Alex a copy of my email to the Commune, which they now can “sweat” over, and I am here given the nicest smell of a butcher, which is really because of Allan’s mother, who had not expected to find me in a “normal state” (?), and because I decided to finish this script too, which is among the most difficult I have done – “not easy” to do.

Til Alex

I shared my emails above on my Facebook timeline including an introduction to both emails telling that the purpose is to reveal their covert operations behind my back based on their closed, negative and fearful reception of me, where they only had to fear themselves,  and I said about my email to Alex that he is “crazy” being brainwashed by a greedy pharmaceutical industry not helping people but killing and disabling people and his diagnose is “I don’t bother to listen/understand, I know everything much better myself” (from my wrong text books), which is what the whole world suffers from, and my purpose is to receive information about who has contacted him to receive more information about my claimed “craziness”.

FB 030713 Stig 1

FB 030713 Stig 2

Jette was nice to say that she hopes that this will shake up these gentlemen and ladies, and yes when working with the most dense darkness of all, of course crazy Theis and his friend Kasper had to be there too and of course Theis had to show off to his friends – and the whole world – about “I wonder how is right, a certificated chief physician or the guy without work claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus”, and yes these young men laughed about me again with the truth being that they are the ones who have completely lost their mind, and yes they are out there where there is ”nothing” to do to make them listen/understand, to wake them up, they are the most dense darkness of everything, I told you so, and this is why they come here again, and can you imagine being on my extreme limit, and then have to take in what they also bring me not having any humanity left in them – at least to me (?), and yes only laughing on the cost of others being as coldblooded as Nazi KZ-executioners, and I feel here that behind their surface, they do have feelings and maybe a little crack here and there to let the light in, but crazy they are, and I told Theis that he takes the prize of being the “sickest”, most stupid, naive and unpleasant person I have met on my journey, and they should apologise to me, but unfortunately they are too naive and ignorant to understand that this is what they are, and yes they are still laughing…., thus bringing me much darkness too. And I received a new Facebook invitation from one of their friends, which I accepted – with disgust – and just maybe you are on the Roskilde Festival finding this incredible amusing, and yes “killer beer” you know.

FB 030713 Stig 3

FB 030713 Stig 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anders from DR TV thanked for many reactions to his TV-programs and “unfortunately I cannot send filled chocolate and has to everyone” with “chocolate” being about your selfishness, which you have much of too, Anders – visible to see – and hash is about darkness, so I wonder if it is because you know about me and is one of the silent people too, and yes let me say that I also like your co-host Anne Hjernøe much.

FB 030713 Anders Agger

  • Here was one message of my mother, which I liked more than most others circling around the same subjects without being direct about me – which has to be for a reason – and yes let us say that I am trying to bring them knowledge of who I am, which is simply impossible for these believers to acquire not because of me but because of them and their “false expectations” of how I am supposed to look like, and I had about 30 clicks to my comment, but none discovered me.

FB 030713 Medjugorje



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    Your late fathers wife do not deserve to carry the name.. of Kirsten 🙂
    Theis – Kasper needs help..

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