July 5, 2013: Receiving PURE access to the Source and a copy of my father’s setup for me as the Son of the Source


Summary of the script today

4th July: Receiving PURE access to the Source and a copy of my father’s setup for me as the Son of the Source

  • We continued bringing in life of my father from darkness, the only letter we lacked, which has now become visible after the opening of darkness of Bjarne from the Commune thus opening for the tap of the Source. We have now brought everything to the centre after darkness had sent us a little out of course. We are now back at the egg shaping everything as we would have liked to do from the beginning if we could start all over. I was “forced” to work during the night and stay up to bring out the last of me, but I had to take a nap on the sofa where I was dreaming of the telephone line and outer part of the house crashing, which the insurance cover of the world will cover, and darkness of my old colleague/friend Jørgen P. from Danske Bank. It is now almost impossible to continue my journey, but we will do one more night. It was not necessary to transfer my sister including all darkness to me to bring sufferings/destructions to the world, which would have happened if I had given in to darkness.
  • We are now setting up the last part of me as the Son of the Source receiving a copy of the setup of my father of the Source, whom I am placed next to, and we now both have complete clean access to the Source, which is what is bringing us “fresh air” of new life/creation and eternal access of our New World.
  • My meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune today was about bringing out more of the last of me simply because I told her about the death of my father making her see me sad as a “normal man”, and I kept on telling her about my experiences, why I speak as directly as I do (to receive darkness of people and to make people understand through their thick armour), about cleaning darkness via faith of people in me, my sufferings coming from darkness of other people, magicians working with magic of God and the world, which cannot understand that this is what they see right in front of their eyes as the world also could not find me even though I am online and the world is awaiting me, and this was again about bringing the light in via cracks of her darkness not believing in me, and she told me that she has “saved” me from meeting a psychiatrist of the Commune, who would have ordered me to take medicine (!), which she knows that I will not take, which again would have removed my cash help killing me.
  • I have received all energy of MP’s of the Danish Parliament after they have turned around knowing about and having faith in me. Christiansborg Castle (the Danish Parliament), the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva and Arthur Findlay College in London work as my main bases spreading my spirit and thoughts/influence via my disciples here to the world.
  • Short stories of the TV signal breaking down in Helsingør symbolising the end of the Old World via darkness of Bjarne from the Commune and a rare visit from my sister to my website, which she still does not like?

5th July: My journey will end when I go to sleep; will I now finally wake up as my new self at our New World?

  • Dreaming of faith of people bringing my new self, free access to the Source, my “old nightmare” and playing my best game without tilting.
  • My birthday is of course the day of the birth of my new self and our New World. We are now approaching the end of creation of the Son with the same setup of the Source as the father. We cannot take out new telephone lines to do creation. I visited my mother and John again this evening also receiving more darkness of my mother, which was killing John again, and at least John discovered that my family has had nothing to fear about me other than their own fear and misunderstandings. My sister followed me the entire road as a condition of my journey, and her darkness is now closing up everything. My inner self is now no mummy anymore having left a not yet built Pyramid of Egypt, and I cannot continue my journey when sleeping again meaning that when I sleep, I will finally wake up to a new day and our New World (?), is this the end of my journey now?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show controlled pollution, darkness of Theis, let’s get together (as one) and feel alright, is this really so – yes, ice in water (of sufferings), the leader bringing us to the Shangri-La of our New World, a man with a headphone inviting souls in, examples of souls inside hurricanes. Inspection in a cave, don’t know what to say, a beautiful woman wearing a dark hat, a big, smiling man, characters from the TV-series Matador, and Curious George is a little curious.
  • Short stories of Christopher being “a messenger of God”, and faith of Meng also brought me victory.


4th July: Receiving PURE access to the Source and a copy of my father’s setup for me as the Son of the Source

Receiving PURE access to the Source and a copy of my father’s setup for me as the Son of the Source

I was shown an African woman of a rural village collecting one big pot after the other, which just has to be picked up, we can now see them, they are everywhere.

I was shown the jungle and now with light again, and felt the father of the African Prince in New York, because of the work I did until 02.00, which is what I decided that I could do.

I was shown Obama at an airport driving on a bike with a mailbag and he takes up one letter, which is really the only thing we needed from the Original Creator.

Now we can soon drink all the beer it should be, just if we were alive again, eehhh isn’t this what we will become (?), no this time, but when you played “tunnel of love” with Dire Straits, we had almost seen this coming, this is how it goes.

I was shown an African king walking between two halls turning a little wry towards each other with stairs going up in the middle, and to the right of this, I am shown completely white cubes of some kind of the pure Source, which is about the centre being here with darkness having us a little out of course, this is what we are correcting now.

At 02.30 I was shown a dark airplane circling me and “don’t sleep”, and we know, Stig, we are out on a level, which you cannot do anymore, and to stay up and cycle to the meeting with Lisbeth at 09.30 and come back in one piece without dying, no I cannot do it, my friends.

I was told about being a “department manager”.

Well, you cannot open to a spaceman yourself, can you? So this means that we had expected “this” to enter here, and it required Superman to get us out.

Yes, they have long opening hours at Irma, right (?), and yes Stig we have continued bringing our more of me while you and your mother have kept on suffering.

We are back at the egg starting from the beginning, and I am shown the young one of a kangaroo, and we are now back shaping everything as we would have liked to do from the beginning if we could start all over. So this is what the first letter is about.

I felt that the name of the game was to stay up, but at 04.00 I was so tired that I decided to fall asleep on the sofa – I simply could not skip sleep and go to the Commune and do a new day, not anymore – so I slept until 07.30 and had these short dreams.

  • I am on the part of the Nirvana-path in Espergærde passing Tinevej, and I am sawing trees and also saw a pole, which may be carrying telephone lines, and when the pole falls, it falls down on the edge of the roof of a house destroying it, and I feel like running away, but someone tells me that we hope that they have insurance cover.
    • This is because of sleeping, I am stopping the telephone line to bring over the Source, but hopefully there is “insurance” to cover me, which is about sufferings/sacrifices of the world needed, and I could only hope that this does not harm my mother or John as result.
  • I have been following my old colleague Jørgen P. from Danske Bank, he is now inside Danske Bank, Skælskør, holding a lecture at a morning meeting before opening hours, and I stand outside, and I can see all the way to Køge from here, and something about going to a good, old Danish restaurant to have dinner.
    • No, my good old colleague and almost friend “could not” accept my LinkedIn invitation weeks ago, which is because of the “negative rumours” of me circulation at the bank (?), and Køge is an old symbol of darkness, that is why, and still we are on our way to “good old God”.

I was told that we were extremely close for me to be pulled down into the abyss again, but no, I just have the meeting with Lisbeth to handle too.

So we did not bring out the son, and Lisbeth is the stairs re-establishing the creation, and again I heard “Michelangelo, come on answer”, which this is about.

I was shown strong light behind a dark door. It is not season for potatoes, right Gods? It is still the “direction instrument” (I don’t know what it is called, but a big handle you turn around a big disc with symbols of some kind) of the ship that we are bringing through light tree.

Yes, it is about the entire world falling together (because of my sleep), but we have made send-masts outside these, which still keep things together, and I felt Andy Warhol, which is about New York, thus our New World. Your work this night before sleeping is the reason why we are still playing.

It was time to get going to Lisbeth – still not feeling good because of potential negative reactions when misunderstanding me – and on my way there, I was told that we are bringing in a delivery bicycle because of this, and we are only working at one hole, which is still giving me strong sexual torments, and the other is closed.

When I met her, she was smiling and speaking already when collecting me at the reception – which I taught her to do the last time instead of saying nothing on the way to the office – and she had her right foot bounded in and was walking with two sticks, which was about a problem to her Achilles’ tendon, which will be better in a week.

Because of her foot, we used the lift up to 1st floor, and made a man with a large blackboard inside of it, and I told him that “it looks dark”, which it sure did, and then we both looked at the other side, and yes “but it looks bright on the other side” as we agreed, and this is how it is to be on this side compared to the light side almost shining through as I am here told, and yes later in the meeting with Lisbeth, I told her that symbols come to me like this all of the time, which should be possible to understand too?

She started the meeting asking me about how I am, and I decided to tell her the story about my father’s death, Kirsten and her family avoiding and cheating me, and my aunt telling me the truth, and I was given almost tears running out of my eyes, which she noticed, and yes Stig is a completely normal man, which this was about, Lisbeth, and no, not a cold man without feelings, whatever gave you that impression (?), which goes out to more?

We spoke about eating what you like – instead of being “hysteric”/afraid of what it will do to you – and she used the example to eat bacon – or smoked pork as it is – and when she later said that she is not spiritual, I told her that when she spoke about this pork, she was speaking about “the father” because this is the symbol of him as egg is the symbol of creation, so egg and bacon is really about God and the world, and yes just to let her know that she is indeed “spiritual” too as everyone is without knowing it.

I told her that in everything I do, I have a choice between using “the traditional Stig” (without a spiritual voice) working as I have always worked for example writing applications according to the “traditional rules”, which would make her proud of me (!) – “yes, I am sure you can” as she said – or to include my spiritual voice, and I told her that I have decided to do this in my scripts and also writings to her and the Commune because this is right to do – “if you were having my experiences, you would also not be in doubt” – and really to let her know that it is I being in control of my spiritual voice and not the other way around, which is what some misunderstanding people may believe?

She had received my email to the Commune of yesterday, and told me that she does not know if Bjarne has been involved having information about me, and also that she would give me her journal and “you are not going to be happy to read it”, and I told her that it was not mainly her journal, but information of Bjarne that I am interested in, and also that she has just written what she believed in – all of her misunderstandings (!) – and I have no plans to go through and comment her pages on me, this will be up to the world to “judge” when seeing her “notes” on me compared to mine and for you to decide what to believe in as the truth (?), and I also told her that I will publish it because it is always better to be open than closed.

She told me about the committee evaluating “cases” like mine, and remembered me about the questionnaire I filled out, is it now 6-7 months ago (?), and she told me that normally people are interviewed by the committee, but she has decided that I will not because of what is stated in the declaration of “crazy Alex” about medicine, which I will NOT take and also that he recommends that I am not giving medicine, because he does not believe that it will “help” me (!) – you are SO (also a pig, i.e. life in Danish) right, Alex – and then she said that there is a psychiatrist in this committee and she believes that she would order me to take medicine despite of Alex’ declaration (!), and yes what she really said, Uffe, was that she did not bring me in front of this committee because she knew that I would decline this order, which would remove my cash help, and this is the same as saying that she showed humanity to help me – and LTO – to survive, and yes this is how raving mad this system is.

Again, we used most of the time – an hour – to speak about everything else, and once again, Lisbeth “could not” understand why I speak as directly as I do, and I told her to listen and understand me instead of her own inner voice (!), and that I would try to explain it to her again, which is the same as you can READ from my website, and yes one reason is that this is the only way I can penetrate THICK armour of deaf people to let the light shine in – just like in Leonard Cohen’s song, which is what happened here once again opening for the Source via darkness of Lisbeth when influencing her my way again (!) – and the other reason is that this brings the strongest, negative (and misunderstood) reactions of people, who don’t want to look into the mirror to understand that I only speak the truth about them, which is what is DIRECTLY sending me their darkness/negative feeling as my sufferings, and yes I receive the sum of everyone, and yes “you must have gone through a hard time”, which is what she understands now including the story of my father’s death, but still Lisbeth says that “I believe that what you experience is your real experiences”, which is the same as saying that she does not believe in me – or just a little maybe (?) – and if you did, maybe you would also be afraid of the Old World ending?

And yes, Lisbeth really wanted me to react with “I feel pity for you” – for misunderstandings etc. – instead of my direct language, which is how she believes that Jesus should behave, and I could only tell her that practically everyone else “feels” the same without understanding what I just told her, but now you “know” again, and how many times do I have to tell you before it sinks in (?), and you don’t continue “thinking/believing” as your inner voice tells you (?), and yes “impossible” to penetrate this voice, which you know is why I have to tell you with BIG LETTERS, and that is even though I do NOT like to speak like this as I told her, and also that this is how my spiritual voice – God elf – brings it to me, this is what is RIGHT to do, which also should be quite easy to understand if you just want to understand, right?

I did tell her that this is the feeling I have every single time when I witness people misunderstanding me and when they are “too simple” and cannot control their negative feelings, but they will NOT understand if I simply tell them that “I fell pity for you”.

And I told her that this is darkness coming to me for me to wash via faith of people in me working inside of me, and this is to save all life of all previous creations including this one on my way into the incredible force/light in the middle of everything, and yes if you imagine all creations as layers around this ball of light, I am now at the very last and most dense at all – it works as a submarine diving, the pressure, i.e. darkness, keeps getting stronger and this is the strongest of all darkness – before the opening of the light, which I also see, and yes “how long do you believe this will take” (?), and I cannot tell you, Lisbeth, I don’t know, I have believed all of the time that “now” we are finished, so this may take one day, week or month, I don’t know, but I am told that this is the very last, and it is like this that our conversation is, and Lisbeth should have all possibilities to understand me instead of misunderstand me, but “not easy” when it is the voice of a better-knowing ignorant that I am up against!

I told her about the apparitions of Virgin Marty at Medjugorje, which she had heard about, and millions of people having faith in this, and about people spiritually knowing about me, and “many people” expecting my arrival but no one could “find” me even though I have been right in front of the nose of the world being online for more than three years (!), and I told her about Joe “the magician” from Sweden, whom I say in Copenhagen maybe 10 years ago, and David Copperfield with magic making the Statue of Liberty disappear, walking through the Chinese wall, and Criss Angel walking on water and levitating, which EVERYONE KNOWS, Leonard, CANNOT BE DONE, but still people say “what a fine act” and how do you believe he does it using a crane, camera tricks etc., and do you know what it is, Lisbeth (?), and no, she did not, and I told her that this is the magic of God self, which everyone can see but “no one” believing in, and yes right in front of the noses/eyes of people, but still people “cannot understand” because there has to be another explanation (!), and yes it is stories like this, which is opening the mind of Lisbeth to me making the light shine through and yes the worst darkness you know, and I told her about Egypt too these days being the feelings of God about to break free from his prison of creation around him keeping him a prisoner “forever” until now until creation had found the formula of eternal life, which is what is coming via our New World, and yes I have logical answers to everything as you can hear, Lisbeth, and that is simply because I tell you the truth about how I am, as I told her.

So the end of the meeting is that I am still “unemployed” according to the system, still receiving my “life annuity” keeping me alive, and not on permanent disability pension so I made this throughout the game, and when Lisbeth during the meeting read Alex’ words from his declaration that I have lost all of my working capacity, I told her with a smile that this is even though everyone clearly can see that this is WRONG (!), which made Lisbeth say “yes, physically” (!), i.e. not mentally because of course I am still crazy when Alex has decided that this is what I am, Lisbeth (?), and yes there is no limit to how crazy/ignorant people get here!

After the meeting, I was told that I can almost hear angels now, and yes I had previously been given the feeling of Robbie Williams, so here is the most beautiful of all of his songs, thus one of the most beautiful songs ever, an amazing song, and it gives chills of beauty and warmth to hear many thousands of people singing together as they do here :-).

I felt my sister searching, and that is for more darkness.

It was now 10.30 after my meeting with Lisbeth and I was far too tired to do anything, but still I knew that if I gave a few hours of work, I could finalise the last openings of the last two days of scripts, and yes I really needed to publish this today, so I went to the library to do this, which was one of those HIGH MOUNTAINS to climb, but I took one thing at a time until I had finished and published this work at 13.30, and I was told that we will now soon be out of here.

Aren’t we crossing the channel – from France to England as I was shown – one more time (?), no this was the last time, we have finished now.

I received “stuck with you” by Lionel Ritchie, and understood that “stuck” was indeed what my father was inside of here.

When I had finished and published my script of yesterday, I was thanked for also doing this in order to bring out the snaps, and you know that this – incredible torture with this being the climax of it – was not to bother but to help me and everyone

Yes, do they still have blinkers on (?) because there has to be a reason to this attack on the Commune (?), and is this about the mayor seeing my Facebook publish of my new script to find out?

I finished my work today at 14.00 at the library NOT writing the script of today but deciding that I will have to catch up on this tomorrow if I can.

You have received four-hands of Mozart, Haydn too on your way to become one as I, which is the result of “copy cat on the highest level” making me a Source as the son as my father is a Source.

“Meow” – “miau” is much better my English speaking friends (!) – she keeps asking if he, i.e. me, is still awake as the condition to come here, and yes it was not meant for me to sleep on the sofa during the night, but I had to, and still I came here.

So we are only saying that if you did not come through this, it would only be the last part of the second part, the copy of my setup becoming you, which would not be carried out, and we do believe that we would be able to do this otherwise, don’t you my friend, and yes my father and son now speaking together after I have come almost all the way up to the top plateau.

I simply relaxed during the afternoon/evening fighting strongly not to fall asleep at the end of the afternoon, which was truly a killer again to come through.

I is just me “good enough” – not perfect – coming. Does this mean that we have now had everything returned (?), and I felt how life/darkness came to me.

The most important was to work quickly as I did during the night, and this was good enough for this to return.

I received a new sound to my balcony, which is now no longer about destruction. “It has to be perfect” is straight ahead now.

I am shown a tunnel leading from my football stadium into the neighbour, which is another football stadium, which is what we mean by getting access, and this is my stadium/Source as the son now looking into the stadium/Source of my father, which I now have access to.

I was shown a picture being un-zipped and saw the stem of a big ship right in front of me sailing towards me, and this is the same as the elephant, i.e. my father/God, and again this is about “free access”, which has now been created.

I received a GIANT sound to my shelves – the loudest yet – which was about this part of my father, which has now been placed inside our New World, so a big part it was.

I was shown John standing on the very edge of a very deep hole, i.e. the abyss, which he was also dragged towards almost falling in, but now the hole has been filled up as I was shown, and I received a tuxedo, and was told that this is how you make yourself young again, which is a tool of my father, which has now been recovered too.

I received “that’s what it takes” by George Harrison and the lyrics “if that’s what it takes, then I’ve got to be strong” – as I was – and “we got to be in this life forever”, which is what this strength is bringing us, and yes “now that it’s shining through

I was told that the newspaper BT has also seen that Ekstra Bladet is about to bring a story on me, and you are also almost pushing the trigger to at BT to bring the story of me? Later I was told that Ekstra Bladet is still a little ahead if you ask me, and which newspaper do you prefer to bring the news (?), and yes, I don’t care, the one having the courage when the others are quiet, and who of you is that?

I was given a small “click” on my left heel – not pain anymore – and was shown the light being switched on.

I received a déjà vue about Vivian having to be in Australia, which is knowledge given to me “way back” to “very far back”/I don’t know when.

Is this just another goal area that we are coming through now?

I received some small heart attacks this evening, which was followed with the feeling of light all around it, and I was told that these are given to me with the greatest love.

Did we tell you that we would never go back to Spain again? Is more coming in now (?), and yes we will see if we can keep it going one more night and continue work tomorrow, and I understand that we are on the very edge of being able to continue the game bringing me more sleep.

I was told that Heiligenblut in Austria – which I visited with Camilla together with Rene and Dorte in 2000 – together with Hitler’s Berghof residence is what is bringing us up.

I received the word “winter storage” and was told that the old man from Allinge, Bornholm, on the same hospital room as John brought the energy of all Danish politicians (who was there at their festival in June) to me after they have been turned around, and this was to bring me strength for my last play.

I was shown a man on a path in the forest, which is little Claus from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, and I was shown a HUGE stone blocking the path, which is the death of my father, which I had to remove.

I was told that all of the roof is based on the Yoga I did in 2010, which showed us how far we could get.

So “fresh air” is simply about receiving new force/light from the Source making us “breath”/live again.

So this ring …, no you are not going to become married, which is what I have been fighting against.

Stig, wake up, you are going to receive your sleeping medicine”, do you remember (?), and yes but only because you tell me, and I do believe that we used to tease other children at the Jægerspris summer camp with this when they had fallen asleep, and this will have to be about a sign given to me to tell me about the lack of sleep I would have to go through myself.

I was shown a completely flat and dark person – as if a HEAVY roller had run over him – and this person is now changed into a flat rubber boat, and this is how we look when returning from darkness, and what do you want us to do (?), and yes make everything perfect, we know.

I spoke to my mother on the telephone, I was worried that anything had happened to her or John, and for a long time she sounded “reserved” as only she can do because there is something, which she does not like making her sad/angry/negative and of course she does not tell – you have to “guess”, which is WRONG (!) – and I wonder if this is because of what my sister has told her (the story of my email to the Commune and maybe about our Midsummer eve too, Sanna (?), which you like to tell my mother but would NEVER tell me directly using the same words (?), which is also WRONG!) – but she told me that John has returned home from the hospital already two days ago, which was much quicker than anyone had expected, and yes he feels fine under the circumstances, but now has some problems with the kidneys, which he will visit the hospital next week about, but I am sure that he will be fine – and I am here told that there is also only one thing keeping Mandela alive, which is my old wish for Mandela to witness the creation of our New World from this side, and if there is one single person of the world that I wish this for, it is him, and yes I still wish this and think of him daily hoping that he is coming through.

I also told my mother about my visit to the Probate Court and how Kirsten had cheated with her statement, which again made my mother furious and yes completely sure that of course they also have stocks/securities, which I know that my father at least used to have but maybe not more (?), and yes my mother’s voice is so powerful making her “completely sure” about this without knowing of course, and yes sad it is to witness – the opposite roles you know – and I was told that this is what we should have done yesterday too (?) where I was told to call my mother telling her this, but no, I had had enough yesterday.

I was told that we did not have to transfer your sister to you including her big sum of money, which is what we would have done if you had accepted darkness in order to bring sufferings/destructions to the world, and yes my sister returning home if I had accepted her wish, but no, this is NOT how I want it, so this is how I saved the world, which was to turn down my sister.

So with your mother – I will be seeing her and John again tomorrow – I believe that everything will become “perfect” also for you as my Son no. 2, and yes fine with me – a tease about being no. 1 or 2, and I don’t really care, I am everything.

In 1992, I believed, I had moved into a new but somewhat expensive apartment on Madnedøgade in Copenhagen after I had gone through a sale by order of the court of my previous apartment, and I received a STRONG pressure of my mother together with the family to ask my old friend Jack to move in with me to help me paying the rent, and neither I nor Jack wanted this, but because of the pressure, I asked Jack against my wish, and I am here told that this started the end of our friendship because he certainly did not like it too, and this was to bring us both in different directions as coming opponents to bring friction, i.e. creation.

I was shown a VERY little part of the back of a dog, which has done into a darkness pipe, and this part stayed here for me to find it and bring it back and that is all of the dark part of it, and yes because of the death of my father.

And it is Sanna, thus not your father, as darkness of your left leg, which is now only little as I feel, and that is because my father is outside here on the other side of darkness, and this is what we are returning to you via the narrow and uncomfortable passage of my throat, which I still feel.

I was given the word “Christiansgave”, which is both a street in Rungsted, and here meaning “Christian’s gift”, and it has to be my old friend Christian from Monte Carlo, and I was told that he helped me/us from receiving coronaries, so he has to have faith in me too.

So I was terminated as life but did not explode anything when you decided not to accept your “old nightmare”.

I was shown a big pencil and was told that we have now made this pencil work drawing Stig as the first.

I continued receiving a pretty big out of this world pain to my right ankle pain.

I was told about the Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen – the Danish Parliament – being the third Christiansborg castle with the two first burning down, and it is located on a small islet in the centre of Copenhagen, and I am thinking of this the last castle with the two first burning down and yes the third is the last you know before the very end of everything, and if you brought out all water of the lakes of Copenhagen to find concentrated gold, this is what we have placed at this castle, which is why you have visited this place a few times together with Lars G. in the 1990’s, which is in order to spread my spirit via my “servants” there to the whole world because you have succeeded to turn around everyone there and from there to send out my thoughts to the world, and yes these are disciples of mine and therefore important for them to believe in me and not my sister, and not that easy to make them believe in “crazy Stig” rather than “the expert, Sanna” (?), but this was the task.

I was told about the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, and the HR Manager there, I cannot remember her name, and she decided to hire me (as a volunteer) in 2009 as if I was a new employee including all normal requirements including a health declaration etc. – which you can find in my library – and this is because no one decided to ask her to treat me differently (not easy to become a VOLUNTEER!), and I was told that without this, we could also not have been fishing, so there you have another of my big bases to influence the world.

And I was told that the third base is Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, London, which I visited in 2005 and 2006, in order to send out my spirit/influence on the world.

I was shown big shells entering the beaches of the Alicante coast in Spain, which I visited with my family in 1999, and I was told that this was also important, but not as important as the three above.

I was told that my father inside of darkness also really helped when being inside there, because when we were in there, we turned everything around – I felt how incredible heavy it was – and I was told that we realised in there that we could turn it around for something good including ourselves, so we discovered a stop-sign inside here, but did not stop, but decided to turn it around if him out there, me, was strong enough to pull us up, which is what we did then. And what do you bring out of there (?), and yes a new son.

So you are not the richest man in the Universe, we both are, and we succeeded to get PURE access to the Source, which is why I wrote “rene kort” (“pure cards”) to Bjarne, which is what his shock/opening to me helped bringing.

There was nothing down here, we just decided to turn everything around, and later I was given a cough and told that this is the pump of the house that we brought out.

So it is not becoming payday everyday because we will have a constant and clean access to the Source, which was so difficult for the Old World to access. We will now get constant light without limits, which is also what we mean by having come to the palace, which is the pure light of the Source.

I was reminded about the word “klam” (“gross”), which came to me via inspired speech of people a couple of days ago, which was about Karen still thinking that this is what I am of course only because of her misunderstandings in me.

Several times, I was given the word “sharp” via inspired speech of people on TV etc., which was a reference to my encouragement to Obama to be more “sharp” and “courageous” in the Snowden/NSA case deciding to do what a whole world is right instead of what is wrong to do, and yes to show humanity for Snowden and the world against NSA, which should not be that difficult (?), but of course one of many difficult decisions not knowing which blade to balance on – the old or new system you know – when living in the old wanting to do the new.

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Helsingør Daily News wrote about one kilometres of TV-cables of TDC being milled up in Snekkersten removing the TV and Internet signal for thousands of people in Helsingør, and as they write in the article this “is more complicated than first expected”, which are the exact words I used in my email to Bjarne from the Commune herewith showing his connection to the last part of my father wanting to destruct the TV, i.e. Old World (!), and yes this is what it says, and it was also the same words I used to Martin Spang Olsen recently if I remember correctly, and yes yes yes once again I have sent a Facebook invitation to the editor-in-chief of Helsingør Daily News, Kasper Dalgas, but no, he still “cannot” accept or even communicate with me, so “afraid” and misunderstanding he is too and we know without any other reason than his own fear.

HD 040713

  • I had “someone” coming to my website after searching on Google for “stig dragholm 2013 sanna”, which brought the three visits below, which apparently is from Holte, which is from where I have seen my counter before showing my sister, and “nice to know” what I am writing on you, Sanna (?), and you did not like what I wrote in the script of June 23 after having visited you (?), and yes the big car of Niklas, expensive travels and so on (?), thus sending me more darkness.

WP 040713 Sanna

GC 040313 Sanna


5th July: My journey will end when I go to sleep; will I now finally wake up as my new self at our New World?

Dreaming of faith of people bringing my new self and playing my best game without tilting

I went to bed at 00.10 – after seeing how the gold digger Hoffman on Discovery TV completely destroyed his season (including employees and investors) because he had been carried away by his feelings to buy a new gold washing plant including not tested technology, and yes “very smart” it was on paper and according to the salesman/inventor, but you really need to test things to know that they work, which it did not without new repairs, which he gave up one, after having been VERY delayed, and yes I like his colleague on the other side much more, who told him in advance NOT to do this before it was tested, and to rely on proven technology first, and yes a very good example given to the world too – and I slept until 09.00 not making tiredness my worst enemy today even though I am constantly tired needing fresh air/energy you know. And I had these short dreams too.

  • Something about a taxi, Niels B. O. (old Danske Bank colleague from Helsingør) and Niels de Bang, a harbour and nothing better than free beer.
    • The taxi is still about the arrival of my new self, which is helped via faith of these two Niels’es too, and free beer is free access to the Source, and yes God is Beer and creation is wine, this is how it really is, Jan Monrad :-).
  • Even though first not wanting to go, I am with Michella and her boyfriend at a bar, and we are almost holding hands.
    • Still my “old nightmare” you know.
  • I woke up to Elton John’s and the Who’s “Pinball wizard”, which is about how I played the game also against this the worst of all darkness, which is “never tilts at all”, i.e. never giving up, and now I better understand why I have also been given thoughts about Tommy the Rock Opera and this is because this is from where that this great rock song comes from, and it came together with the feeling of Tommy, John’s brother, having faith in me being a driving factor of this game too, so there you have it. And yes I am thinking of an old reader’s letter I did to “High Fidelity” – maybe in the beginning of the 1990’s (?) – asking them about this rock opera, which I did not know or fully understand their meaning of back then, but a sign about what was to come, and yes via Tommy, one of John’s two brothers. And I was told that this means that you have won this game too.

My journey will end when I go to sleep; will I now finally wake up as my new self at our New World?

Has he paid the rent (?), yes he was just afraid of this falling down on the world, and yes what was inside the Source.

No you cannot “cheat” out my telephone number once again, I won’t do it and at the same time the actor of a female here almost cannot stop laughing, and I feel down from a duvet all over.

Do you remember this (?), and I was shown a drop of blood, and I was told that this is all you have seen so far, but everything else is also here, and yes the drop of blood is creation so far and the whole body is the last part of the Source not being creation yet.

I was shown a GIANT chandelier hanging down from the much taller than in real life ceiling of the Central Station in Copenhagen, and this is also the Source.

When is my birthday (?), which has also been “impossible” for people to answer, and yes as my new self it is of course the day when I will wake up as my new self, which will be together with everyone else waking up to our New World as part of me, so there you see, and this is when we will no longer have the class of the hour, Lars.

Yes, it is love of your mother making it possible for us to give you sleep, thus more work today.

No, it is not “polite” to bring the German card up now, and this is about my mother and related to the Commune (?), and is this about my sister and mother speaking about this, my contact to the Commune, behind my back, but no, my mother “cannot” bring this up with me, because she knows that I will not pay attention to her “recommendations” not to do what I do (?), and this is what is bringing us all to Germany of our New World and yes my mother accepting what I do despite of my sister telling her to do the opposite, and yes this is how the game works, and “embarrassing” is this what I am to you, Sanna?

Faces of people on TV and video continues being distorted here, which is still coming from this force of negativity of my balcony as I here feel and am shown.

When working on my script today, I was given the taste of nice food coming out of the gravy of darkness too, and yes this is exactly the taste/feeling/vision of it.

We could also have told you “don’t chill that down in the refrigerator”, and that is if you had decided to play with details of darkness – which I would not have had a chance to win – instead of just asking for “perfect creation”.

So now we don’t need to put clothes on and yes now that we are here and this is the anti-climax because this is what we have always needed in order for life to sustain and to return here, and when here, it is no longer needed because inside here we just “are”. Which also would have meant “no blood”, i.e. destruction of the Old World – and all worlds before it – etc.

I worked at home writing the script of yesterday and today so far until approx. 15.00 when I cycled to the library to do improvements, and I finalised work today at 17.20 after another not ordinary day, which however is ordinary and one of the easy ones to come through even though it was not that easy, and maybe difficult for many “normal people” to do even though you don’t suffer as I with the difference being that you are not accustomed to work as I do.

Are we going to have new kitchen in Italy again (?), this is in principle how it is still working when you keep on working.

It is burglary at high noon – is still what we are doing, in principle.

So it was your mother asking for “kill, kill” and the wedding dress and yes when going against her only son.

Have we closed there (?), no, not quite yet.

I was given the taste of Burgundy wine – as I have not tasted for years – and was shown that I am approaching the mayor of Nuits St. Georges, which is the home of my new self after the setup has completed.

So instead of my bathtub, we turned it around making it your bathtub, and yes using this darkness to build yourself up as your full and complete new self before switching on our New World.

So one newspaper is “one Source” and we now have two and is the idea to build up everyone with individual parts of the Source (?), and yes we have enough room and light.

This is not how we close, with a stamp, but with love of your/my mother, and this is really my new, inner self speaking, and yes giving loud sounds to the outside of the roof of the library MANY times when working.

This is what Steen and all the money in the money drawer is about, and yes the old story of my old colleague, Steen from Danske Bank, Espergærde, who had forget to move the money from the money drawer of his till into the safe at the end of the day, and the next morning, the money was still in the not locked drawer, which could have been stolen by the cleaning lady if she had opened and seen it, but they were not meaning that we saved all money symbolising energy/life, which is what we have done now in practise, and yes a symbol of this from approx. 1985.

It is very simple, there is nothing, then there was one and then I decided to create endless copies of myself with new characteristics from the Source.

If darkness had been transferred to me from my sister, my sister would die, we would not having a use for her anymore, and our mother would become sad because she would of course have died because of me in her mind ….

What kind of rubbish is that (?), not created yet (?), everything is inside of here in my mind!

I stayed at the library until I had to leave for dinner with my mother and John, and on my way, I was given a taste of pepper from a small source inside of the palate of my mouth, and I felt that this is Bjarne from the Commune sending me this the strongest darkness because he speaks about his misunderstandings of me behind my back to everyone who wants to listen, and yes what a “friend” he is.

I arrived at my mother and John, and quickly received darkness coming from John, which was given to him by my mother, I felt how darkness of my mother was all over the place, which had both weakened John and his kidneys (i.e. creation of the world killing my father of the Source), which has not really “started” yet after his operation, so now he will have this checked in a few days from now on hospital, and yes he did not look very well, but pale, and furthermore the lady living above them, Ann, received a heart attack a couple of weeks ago too because of the same, and yes darkness of my mother is given to her because of the world, but now John will become better again because I healed him once again removing the worst darkness.

My mother told me about John is also receiving hallucinations and not good dreams, which he also received last year, and yes spiritual darkness it is – almost shining through – which he does not know and yes making him feel that he is somewhere else, and my mother is still so concerned about him that she fears that he will stop breathing, which is making it difficult for her to sleep, so not easy being her too.

We spoke about Kirsten and her specification of her’s and my father’s estate, and as usual my mother was “up in the red field” because of her, and when John said that often you don’t really get anything for contents of a diseased, I was thinking of my old class friend Allan, who is paid to remove contents of diseased people and I was told that this is why I met him, and yes is it so that the Probate Court does not bring much value to contents of people because no one wants to buy it and pay what it is worth (?), and yes if this is the case, it is clearly very WRONG, and the only right thing is to value what it is truly worth if you had to buy the same items again, and yes according to the value principles of insurance companies, which should be simple logic for everyone.

When my mother said that my aunt, Inge, should have informed me about my father’s death straight away, I told them that Kirsten’s children all rejected me as a Facebook friend and so did Inge’s son Jan and the only reason was their own fear, hate and negative about me, so I told her that she was under incredible pressure of the entire family and the only thing that they really had to fear was their own misunderstandings because everyone knows and can see that I am always positive, and I could see John thinking while I was speaking something like “this is also what we were – completely unnecessary”, and yes he is starting to understand that I am not only just Stig, and another sign came after dinner when John entered his office/TV-room, and told that he would come out for coffee because “it is not everyday that Stig is here” as he said, which he has never said before, and yes let us call it “a new understanding”.

I also noticed that when I arrived, my mother was not in the best mood, but she gradually became in a better and better mood during the evening because of my good mood and positivity, which also was helped because I liked dinner, which is important to her, and because we enjoyed watching Puk Elgård and Thomas Herman on DR1 TV visiting the island of Ven visiting and shown life of people – I LOVE to see people producing and selling their own homemade items much more than a big factory creating the same items/food for everyone – and yes the same TV-concept as Anders Agger with Anne Hjernøe, and my mother and I love both of these shows, and yes simple to show life as it is.

I was told that my sister has followed me all the way and I felt her as darkness hanging in the air and she is the one closing everything, and this was a condition too to play the game.

I was told that I am not a mummy anymore, which is about my inner self, and also that we are now removing my “old nightmare”, which has been strong also meaning that the creation of the spirits of my mother and father has continued on the other side.

Before ringing on my mother’s and John’s door, I had met Bettina and Søren at the small garden of the house, and we spoke two minutes before I went to my mother and John, and I told them that this is a weekly agreement we have that I come for dinner on Fridays, and yes I wonder how Bettina took this maybe thinking that she is treated unfairly by her father?

Later at home, I was asked about how I would react if darkness had asked me if I would stay up and work during nights, and this was to say that I have had full confidence that my spiritual friends would do their best to keep me up during nights and to work when darkness was its strongest and it was needed that I did this to save my family, thus the world, from sufferings, and I have done my best all of the time to do what I was asked no matter how difficult it was, and now again this was a polite request asking me to stay up during the coming night and to work, and I could only say that if I cannot sleep, this is what I will do my best to do under the circumstances, which is that I don’t have much force anymore. And alternatively, I could also have decided to decide on all details myself completely overruling my friends trying to help me and everyone by giving me the worst sufferings, and yes in order to save life, which is really what I am doing to bring everything ever existed to our New World.

I was shown one open wine and three closed and I was told that the best is that we have still only opened to one wine – one world/Jesus out of four original – and this applies for you too (both for the Sources of God and the Son).

I was shown a very solid rope and how new layers of dough is laid upon it making it even stronger, and the dough first becomes apple of our New World when we say go, and yes not yet and that is as long as I feel more darkness, which I felt this evening, and this darkness tried to tell me that you have to accept some darkness exploding, we need fuel this way etc., but no never, don’t tell me what is WRONG!

We have been able to see the castle always but never clearer than now, but there was cheese attached to the axis of the Source, as I was here shown, and now the axis is completely clean.

I was shown a long line of toasters on tables in a square and was told that we have prepared we don’t know how many looking like you – but with characteristics of the Source – and they will all come out automatic at our New World meaning that creation will go on automatic for an eternity to come.

I was shown one big baking roll having two flat dough’s beneath it – Sources of father and Son – and one may be green and another white depending on the characteristics of the Source, and we cannot wait from excitement to see what will come to us and how new Sources will look like, which may change future life completely.

I was shown the right side of a question mark and the left side being attached to it to become one whole and I was told that we have divided everything in two – like Karen and I being one divided as two individuals – to reach this friction bringing creation, and yes I wonder who matches who of my family, friends etc.

The truth is that you are bringing us all the way out, where we did not know/remember that there was life, and I was shown a very long and stretched out road. I was shown a Galleon made from very exotic tree sort, which is coming in now, and I was told that we did not remember this.

I was shown myself inside a typical British labyrinth with the hedge around me being dark, but everything of the labyrinth around me being completely light meaning that practically everything is light now.

I was not told that it is not for fun that I cannot sleep, which I understood is to keep the game going because it is now no longer possible to sleep before our New World will be created (?), and this might be it, and yes if I want to finalise the script of today, I need to do it this evening, which I am now ending here at 00.15, and if I also want to include more of Jette’s pictures – she just uploaded 14 more this evening – I will have to wait until tomorrow morning after 10.00 to go to the library to include them from there – where they have a working mouse as I still don’t here – and yes we will se if I can and will stay up.

I watched a live programme on TV2 from the Roskilde Festival this evening, and one of the TV-hosts, who was a guest this evening, ended the programme by saying that after Denmark had won the European Championships in football in 1992, she watched Nirvana live in concert on the Roskilde Festival, which was the greatest experience ever, which she is now waiting to receive again, and this was about our eternal freedom from sufferings, which is now coming with our New World after having won the football championships as light against darkness when we are reaching NIRVANA and where you can COME AS YOU ARE :-).

I was given a strong feeling of Duran Duran as I have received for weeks really, which is about the band thinking of me (?), and yes you are one of my old favourite bands too, and what would I like to play with them here (?), and yes what about this one about LIBERTY coming to everyone, one of my favourites of theirs.

I was told that my mother asked to receive my telephone number, but there is nothing we can do now (?), and no we have no more available lines, is that it (?) or maybe we can do magic bringing out one more – yes because of Lisbeth having some faith in my story of “magic of God/magicians” too (funny that she did not like to tell me where her cottage house is located even though we spoke openly/freely/nicely together, and yes still some completely unnecessary fear that I might come after you, Lisbeth, also because of your journal notes about me?) – and yes we will see what happens when I will go to sleep again, and if I will wake up to a new day as it eventually happened in the film Groundhog day you know, and yes is this it, my last script?

We have walked out of a Pyramid not yet built in Egypt, and no once stopped us?

No, we don’t have any more Coca Cola (of darkness).

I was shown a beautiful beach, and was shown and told that it is like a giant music instrument coming out from the beach onto shore, which is about our creation.

Are you ready with our colour camera?

Yes, it is now 01.00, and I feel tired, so will I be able to stay awake until 10.00 and go to the library before returning home, where I will go to sleep, we will see.

I was shown my mother’s mother walking into the living room with LARGE Nazi boot’s, feeling that she as part of God organised all of this evilness (to bring creation, remember that you will not remember sufferings of your past), and yes you are welcome here too.

I received giant sounds to the frame between my living room and balcony, which has to be about the last part on its way in.

It cannot be done to send just some of the spaceship of everything to you, it will be done all of the time, and yes this is the spaceship inside of the Old World to “measure” as I understand and prepare for the creation of our New World.

So we are not out in outer space yet.

I continued being told how greatly influenced Lisbeth is by me because of my stories of my father, experiences etc.

Why do you think you were thinking of Nefer earlier today?

I kept on being told my father’s name.

Well, it is not your mother having built this space rocket is it?

It is now 03.10 and I can feel that I cannot stay up as I used to, and I don’t believe that I will get over this tired crisis, so I might fall asleep soon, and yes maybe it is just a game once again making me continue the game, unless that is that this is it.

Google Earth:  Let’s get together and feel alright at the Shangri-La of our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show controlled pollution, darkness of Theis, let’s get together (as one) and feel alright, is this really so – yes, ice in water (of sufferings), the leader bringing us to the Shangri-La of our New World, a man with a headphone inviting souls in, examples of souls inside hurricanes. Inspection in a cave, don’t know what to say, a beautiful woman wearing a dark hat, a big, smiling man, characters from the TV-series Matador, and Curious George is a little curious.

FB 050713 Jette 1

FB 050713 Jette 2

FB 050713 Jette 3

FB 050713 Jette 4

FB 050713 Jette 5

FB 050713 Jette 6

FB 050713 Jette 7

FB 050713 Jette 8

FB 050713 Jette 9

FB 050713 Jette 10

FB 050713 Jette 11

FB 050713 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

Christopher here shows his true face as “a messenger of God” wanting to remove the “faeces” of darkness, and yes it looks crazy, doesn’t it so therefore it is crazy, right (?), and no WRONG, people believing this without knowing is the ones being crazy – also when thinking like this about me – and it should be clear to see the connection of this post to me?

FB 050713 Christopher

  • Meng is an old Facebook friend of mine – a Chinese living in Denmark (?) – and first today I noticed this post of hers, which I have now been shown maybe 3 or 4 times over the last week or so (which normally does NOT happen), which is really about my victory, which may come because of her faith too?

FB 050713 Meng

FB 050713 Jette 13

FB 050713 Jette 14



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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