July 7, 2013: Locating a new Source of life, “which we have never seen the equal of before”, inside the last darkness


Summary of the script today

6th July: Locating a new Source of life, “which we have never seen the equal of before”, inside the last darkness

  • Dreaming of the cream has not been filled up completely as calculations show making the game continue.
  • I keep on working on my new home above the lake to reach the top and I am now receiving energy from the Source turned around to me, but just enough to keep me alive continuing my journey in order not to destruct anything. There is something in the bathroom which we have never seen the equal of before, which we are trying to bring in now, which is a new “newspaper”, i.e. Source to create life, which we are trying to make work too. This is like finding an apple (a world) as we did in the very beginning. We are doing this to improve the New World too because we can as long as I decide to keep on working not saying “go” to carry out creation. We are entering this very end with the greatest balance without the Old World cracking. The judgment was to see how much of old life and creation that we could bring to our New World, which will become “every little thing”. The light of the New World is now entering me, there is only very little darkness remaining, which we try to bring out the best from. The world elite had given up believing that the world would end no matter what, which made them indulge in money, power and sex, which had to be done to almost end the world to bring our survival without ending the world.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show prepared for something greater, taking a sample, them bad boys, oh yeah I am keeping one eye, something went wrong in the childhood, big heads and a Queen over Scandinavia, one is walking out on me (?), we continue creating “ONE” by transforming darkness to light, walking on, going for dinner, sit (!) – good dino.
  • Short stories of cleaning up after the oil industry destroying the world, and “pulled pork” symbolising the finest quality of life of our New World.

7th July: Our newfound extra Source will make everything of our New World even greater and more beautiful

  • Dreaming of the world having seen the light of the Source and our New World, my mother bringing me my “old nightmare” because of her “leak” to the Commune, loving my father and having to work even faster and better than my sister working fast and good.
  • We saw an opportunity to develop human race and everyone else, which is what we have decided to do. We almost fell down into the Source originally by accident, which is what we are now doing again with this new Source, which is for your babies to improve life even more of our New World, where everything will become even greater and more beautiful because of this discovery, which will now become part of creation to be found everywhere at our New World, and this is coming to us as a gift just before closing time of Camilla’s family and Christian especially. Life inside this new Source is really inside of our own engine, which was divided in two with the smallest being of the size of a millesimal of an atom, and by adjusting these and putting them together again it suddenly opens up a door to even deeper worlds, and it is down here that we find the finest small pees of life, which is here a referral to the love of my mother to me bringing this. We don’t need light or an amplifier here at all, which we normally have been used to use. They have once been as big as we but have not become this small, and it is like having a house, and discovering that there are many houses behind it. We have not changed the motor, we have just looked deeper into it.
  • I received much inspiration today about Japan not being able to “take me in”, which they however have done now also being part of the picture/creation of our new selves. I keep receiving symbols that the last darkness will explode/crack up at the transition to our New World, but if it does, it can only be as a gentle opening of the cork of a bottle of Champagne. We are still playing the game of the pole, and this game has been artificially extended even though we are here, and I was given a sound to my shelves symbolising our New World – and it is the clock of our New World and not Old World ticking.
  • The historic win of Murray as the first British in 77 years to win Wimbledon was helped by God inside of me to show that I could run up the most impossible stop balls of darkness and is a symbol of my final victory against darkness, which was “magic” just like this win, which many almost believed was impossible, and this is done “just before explosion”, i.e. the cracking of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show war, heads all over, gathering, go down into the dark come up as white, almost a heart, pollution (and GMO) kills bees, the wizard of Oz preparing to crack open our New World, the speed boat crossing the finishing line, and need of a dentist?
  • I received the journal of Lisbeth of the Commune on me, which is short, better-knowing, ignorant and NOT IMPRESSIVE at all (!), and I was told that when it comes to Bjarne from the Commune and “crazy Alex”, we don’t have a whistle-blower arrangement here, so why should we tell you what kind of information we have shared about you with others (?), meaning that they will keep their information on me a secret.
  • Short stories of Ulla from TV2 showing the orange of God, we stumbled upon the new Source now receving visitors stumblin in, new temporary terminations, I have grown to become a HUGE “herring King”, and we have landed the Source miraculously saving the Old World before “the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth”.


6th July: Locating a new Source of life, “which we have never seen the equal of before”, inside the last darkness

Dreaming of the cream has not been filled up completely as calculations show making the game continue

I was trying to keep awake on the sofa and was told that this is a necessary going through of assets and liabilities, and what does it say, yes 1 to 0 to you over Sanna, and yes there is no left over of your mother, so do you dare becoming your new self now (?), and yes if I am perfect, otherwise we will wait, and by now it was 05.00 and despite of all, I cannot no longer not sleep a whole night and stay up the next day, so I decided to take a nap on the sofa, which lasted until 10.00 receiving this dream.

  • Something about a clip of two teenagers and their road, ¾ speak of education tough on surroundings and you will never make it, and “18 tear rule kick out many speak” as my notes say whatever that means and no I cannot remember it.
    • This is about my continuous journey and I was told that the cream has not been filled up completely as calculations show, so we will follow the rule to continue.

Locating a new Source of life, “which we have never seen the equal of before”, inside the last darkness

So I woke up as my old self (!) and a tough one to come through mentally, but no, not me, I tell myself not to care and simply continue.

It is the same as saying that the tablecloth cannot reach all around the table, and you can settle with this or decide to continue (?), and yes we have to make it perfect, so continue.

I received the “yeah yeah yeah” song, and was now told that it is Stereo MC’s playing it, which it indeed is – the song is called “step it up” – and we have now gone through the test so we can sing “keep it goin’, keep it goin’, it’s alright” and “yeah, yeah, yeah, but I’ll reach up to the top”, and the top is what it is about :-), and yes I have been given this song MANY times over the years with the “to the left” lyrics, and a dance-song is more what it is.

Well, the previous world is over, isn’t it? And will never come back (?), so what are we doing now, and is this because we found a way to go through this, which is just to say that you really had to stay up all of the time in order to continue the game but now, with a new invention, we do believe that we can also carry it through this phase, and yes to take a few more steps to get all the way up, and yes fine, new goal is to finish July if we can and have to.

You are still as close as possible to read the newspaper, but still there is more to bring in.

What do you do when the stage of Denmark is no longer big enough, and you have to enter the International Stage (?), and eeehhh I may decide to go against the stream and to work from here getting the world to me.

I was given a sound to the kitchen and was told that no matter what, we will not get married.

I was shown a train driving through the wall of a house, which is “impossible” to do, and yes “magic”, which is also what we are doing now when bringing you the force of the Source turned around making it possible for you to continue your journey without having to stop sleeping. This is what your mother’s love mean.

We are still looking down at that lake you know, i.e. preparing my new home above creation.

It is not because we cannot calculate, but when the opportunity to receive a new freezer up here …, and yes shouldn’t it be a refrigerator?

I would not change place with my mother now, but this is what it is about, for her to look into the future and see if we can take care of future needs already now.

Well, there is something in the bathroom which we have never seen the equal of before, which we are trying to bring in now.

We don’t know if there is a newspaper inside of there, but if we just go in and ask is there anyone in here we receive an eeehhh let us see, no there is no one there, but yes you saw a dark newspaper so there should be someone here, and is there, well during the day tomorrow we will see if life can also go in this new direction in the future, and yes fine with me, we know Stig.

Well, the bathroom should really have be done by yesterday but since we agree to keep this going, we might as well bring this too.

So we are really done, also with John, but since you are all living and so on, we also do this. We are not only in the mood to give gifts, but REALLY in the mood.

This is like we did in the beginning, trying to find an apple, and we have not yet found anything in here, I only see a white wall, but who knows what might come if we look carefully.

And even though they may only be gold coins worth, which is starting to show up now, we will bring them too.

So we will not start the watch before he says go ….

It is not because we can improve the enamel even more that we do this, is it?

This is what your mother is bringing you the helicopter for because it can become even more beautiful here.

I received strong thoughts about my father and the Probate Court and know that it is given to me “without reason” because of my mother and sister’s strong thoughts/feelings on this.

But not more than necessary, otherwise it will destroy the beautiful here when we turn around force for you, and yes I will be kept alive and given sleep as Stig but nothing more than this to avoid negative consequences.

I was COMPLETELY broken down having the greatest difficulties just to stand up, but I decided that I had to go to the library to work and to publish my script of yesterday, which I then did at 12.00.

I was encouraged to tell a story of Tolstoy – a thought coming to me from people reading me – but I cannot because as Stig I have always read only very little in my life because I have been busy and not having the interest to read at all in order to make me as pure as possible.

I was given the words of chain of opticians and was told that you should believe that everything will become four times better – when including the other three parts of me as one – but this is not how it is.

I was told that no one cracked open here at the end, Irene (from Aon) etc., and also that Prague would have been a city burning because of the sexual indecency there.

I was given the vision of Flensburg as we visited in 2009 and felt Sanna and was told that this is where we will close everything.

I was shown a HUGE sailing boat and felt Karen all over, and it is her bring the old man up, and I was shown a well known film character, a very old man, but I could not remember from which film, and after some time I was told that it was from the Indiana Jones films, and even later that it was from a shocker, which is what it was, and not that I have seen it, but still I can see this scary old man from a shocker film.

Sometimes I am given a constant feeling of my father, which is more indirect as “he is just there” and the feeling is really that he is on the other side of this darkness in our New World.

I was shown that everything is light, and a diver, and I was told that the diver is my mother, who is suffering because of me, and also because of Sanna hurting, which however is also because of me, and is it the truth going up for them that Stig was good/positive – not the opposite – simply telling the truth straight out, which they “could not” have when they could not look into the mirror and accept their negative characteristics as I told them about, and yes the same way as my father could not as I told my mother and John about yesterday, which was the reason why my father stopped seeing me, and yes is the truth becoming visible to you too, John?

I receive memories of old dreams these days, for example of a lake, which was just a small lake but all of the world really, which is to say that my “innocent” dreams has always been about “much more”, and now here that I was sitting outside the city court in Copenhagen, which is that I was waiting to receive the judgment, which is what we are now bringing forward, and yes the judgment was about how much of previous life/creations that I could bring to our New World, and it became “every little thing”.

I received a strong feeling of desperation, and was told that this is about Karen’s feelings because I have not given up, which is what is bringing us in here.

I had done my work at the library and came home deciding to relax during the afternoon and evening without writing the script of today, which had to wait until tomorrow because I simply could not work/write, and I received quite much “not important” information, which I still wrote down as notes on my phone only to see that much of it was completely deleted again, and I wondered if this is what is happening here, i.e. that we are at a place where we cannot bring all life with us (?), but still my message is that we will try again then if this is the case.

I was shown a wooden door into a big room with a big table in a square, and I was shown one of the old men of Muppet Show inside there – “the old man” – and I felt Johannes the mayor inside there too as if it was a city council room and he had helped me getting there, but we will not enter there yet because we have more work to be done first.

I was told about the elite of the oil industry “knowing” that the world would end thus making the elite decide to live carefree lives in abundance and sin – “money, power, sex” – and I was shown the two rocket motors of a space shuttle of NASA and was told that their elite “knew” the same thus also living the same lives in abundance and sin, and yes this is what was given to the world in forehand before my arrival to bring it even closer to the end, and it was from here that my task – with helpers – was to save the world, which “could not” be done also because the world had given up itself.

I was given a sound to the balcony and was shown an egg about to being made and an empty glass bowl waiting to receive it.

I felt only light on the other side of the balcony, and was told that we are out here if anything goes wrong.

I was told about Peter Straarup, the now retired CEO of Danske Bank, and yes he almost ran down the bank, thus the Danish community, because of his “volume sickness” to make the bank grow at almost any price, which also included a very expensive buy of a bank in Ireland, which brought BIG losses with it, and yes Peter Straarup was “no angel” in the old Hafnia and Faroe Bank cases too, where it was about saving money for the bank as the most important criteria, right Peter, also to make your career (?), and I was told that he is so highly placed in the hierarchy – and I am here shown Mads Mikkelsen, so you are an “actor” too, Peter, without knowing it – that he brought the financial crisis to the world because of his wrong predispositions, and yes his behaviour infected the financial world, and this is what was necessary to help the world almost end without ending of course.

I keep being shown small memories of my father and places around my father, which it seems that people receive when they have lost someone dear, which is also making it difficult to come through.

I was told about Karen being tired of me a long time ago not wanting to hear more about my “spiritual experiences” and still she is interested to hear more, and this is what we use to bring this in too. Where do you want the closet (?), Karen asks, and yes it will come in here too.

I was told that there is rock ‘n’ roll in the “Sandemose”, which is about the law of Jante the wrong behaviour of people – “don’t believe that you are anyone special” etc. – being rocked up, i.e. receiving my warm feelings, thus spreading to people and yes giving them a new view on me and my work.

I was shown Jack coming out from Holmen in Copenhagen, the old location of the Danish Marine.

Isn’t it incredible that the Commune (s) did not break his spinal column (?), and yes they were killing me with their wrong behaviour bringing me physical pain to my stomach, chest and spinal column, thus about to break down the entire Universe, and no, they did not see this coming because they were both deaf and blind, but still there were crackings here and there letting the light in, and yes we could not have done this game without them.

I was shown the last darkness located now only at my balcony, which is now what we try to bring out the best from, and I received a big sneeze too, and yes there is practically nothing remaining of my old self, and I was shown a plug from a tent being thrown into me in this darkness and it comes from light of our New World now entering me as the most inner too, and that is to bring me free.

I received a short and strong pain to my left big toe, which was about the last inside of Karen, and I was given direct, honest, and trustworthy speech from light entering me, which I have been given some times the last days about people knowing about me, and here it was Birthe Kjær – just before it was Boris Becker, and yes I still receive many names, which I don’t write – and yes darkness around me could not do anything else than telling me lies hiding the truth of the Source inside of me.

I was shown that I badminton ball is the egg, which is the heart of the Source and everything, and I remember seeing this badminton ball over and over again in 2005 when I visited Arthur Findlay College the first time.

I was told that Lars G’s and my two visits to the Düsseldorf Wine Fair – with thousands of wine producers from all over the world – approx. 10 years ago was about the same, i.e. to spread my spirit around the world, and yes of course via wine producers because I love wine and because wine symbolises everything of creation.

I was told that my father’s death placed a lion in front of me to block me, and this lion was Anton, who ended up not believing in me thus abandoning me too, and this was the lion I had to enter too – he first believed in me and opened up to me bringing me this way in – and I felt that the Sphinx of Egypt is also this lion.

I was shown an Orange being peeled with the meat almost being crushed the same way as I was shown a car the other day shaking so much that it was about to over-turn, which is about how close we came to the end of the Old World before the creation of our New World.

I was shown two big rooms – as if they were cinemas – on top of each other, and they are in different colours, and about my father and I, who are now perfectly synchronized.

I was told that our New World is the fish, and yes I am everything of the New World.

I keep on receiving feelings of Lisbeth thinking of things that I told her now about Egypt, and I was shown old fashioned brooms with hay being collected in a pile because of this with hay being a symbol of everything too, and this is still coming in from darkness because of the crackings of Lisbeth making the light come in.

I watched TV2 live on Roskilde Festival when Metallica was sending out their negative sound pollution in the air, and I was given a loud sound to my TV including a “sigh”, and this was about the sigh of Lars Ulrich because of me.

When we are without the goalkeeper of your mother, you had to balance in order to get in here, but nothing has cracked up, the Old World is still intact, and I was shown only very few spectators left on an outdoor stand and we would rather use the helicopter than the six-shooter as I was shown to bring these away.

Google Earth: A queen over Scandinavia – and a dino

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show prepared for something greater, taking a sample, them bad boys, oh yeah I am keeping one eye, something went wrong in the childhood, big heads and a Queen over Scandinavia, one is walking out on me (?), we continue creating “ONE” by transforming darkness to light, walking on, going for dinner, sit (!) – good dino.

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Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Anders Matthesen, by many (but not me) believed to be the best Danish comedian, is doing Michael Wullf’s work this week when Michael is on holiday, and there is a doctor saying to a patient/man that he can start by taking a glass of Meyer’s ecological prune chutney from Lilleø – “funny” that Meyer, whom I like VERY much for all of his “food-business” bringing good quality and handmade products to people, has production of fruits on the tiny island of Lilleø, which I visited with the school, or was it the recreation centre (?), in 1974 also watching the World Championships in football, and I loved both Askø and Lilleø, which were connected  – and it made the man outburst, no for the sake of the Devil (!), let me get the enema because of fear (!), and then you can see the funnel including the name of the Q8 oil company, and this is about cleaning the darkness/”faeces” of the oil industry destroying the world, so yes, Anders, you are “inspired” too, and no, I don’t like you and other comedians when you cross the line of good (sexual) behaviour and language, which also you do as part of your shows.

MW 060713 Anders M

  • Yesterday, I noticed this post from the master-chef Thomas Rode on holiday in Austria, which made Jacob say that “I make the most evil pulled pork” with “pork” being a symbol of life, and “evilness” will have to be what you have brought me too, Thomas, maybe not believing in me as a Facebook friend now for a very long time (?), and when I saw this post from my old colleague from Fair, Nicolaj, I understood the connection because he is also speaking of “pp”(pulled pork), which I did not know what was before I looked it up seeing that it is when you cook pork for low heat at a very long time, which makes the most tender and juice meat, which I remember having had on rare occasions not knowing how it was made, and I now understand that this is also how the Tivoli Lunch Restaurant (outside Tivoli) in Copenhagen, where I used to go with Bo from Dahlberg and guests many times, makes its pork rib roast, which is the best I have ever had, and yes also for David, “our” old Insurance Broker from London, and yes I still feel that I am part of them because of how much I love all of these completely unnecessary “negative and misunderstanding” people when they “discovered” who I “claimed” to be. And this pulled pork is to say that this is my favourite made pork, thus a symbol of the most perfect quality of life of our New World.

FB 060713 Thomas Rode

FB 060713 Nicolai


7th July: Our newfound extra Source will make everything of our New World even greater and more beautiful

Dreaming of the world having seen the light of the Source and our New World, my mother bringing me my “old nightmare”

I went to bed at 23.20 sleeping until 08.50 receiving these dreams.

  • Half awake I was told: “Holy God’s mother has shown herself over the Germany book”, which I understand is about the world having seen the light of the Source bringing our New World.
  • I have received a new, slim and very good looking girlfriend, she lives in Humlebæk where we are now, and we are there in the evening where my apartment in Helsingør were meant to explode, explosives had been set up to explode, but nothing happened. She is part of an activation project of this Commune, where she and many others have been ordered to “fish” inside a long hole in the ground, which makes me think that this is truly the most humiliating work, but she seems to like it, and I don’t understand what they do because they keep on firing thousands of gun shots into the ground, and I don’t see earth but only waste. At home, we want to make love, but there is another pair there too making this impossible, and I tell her that I will lose weight because of her, and something about a Simply Red concert.
    • This is again both to say how incredible much I miss a girlfriend and also about my mother in disguise as my “old nightmare”, and she is fishing through all of the gun shots and waste she sends my way, and this is an activation project with a reference to the Commune, and yes I received a mail with the journal from the Commune yesterday, which I decided that I will open, read and include in my script of today – I was too tired yesterday – and will this journal reveal that Lisbeth has spoken to my mother behind my back (?), and yes just guessing.
  • Something about walking quickly with my father and sister, I love my father, and I play golf with my sister, who plays very fast, and she has now made hole no. 4 in a total score of 14 strikes, meaning that I will have to make a hole in one to lead, and this is what I do making my total number of strikes 13, and something about a washing machine, and yes there was more in this dream, but I could not remember it.
    • This is about my sister also working fast – as darkness – and I have to work even better than her still to be in the lead, and yes this is what the hole in one of the Google Earth pictures the other day is about.
  • I woke up to “I love rock ‘n’ roll” by Joan Jet – “put another dime in the jukebox” (I remember just how great this hit was in the summer of 1982 at “Bowlerhatten” in Vorupbør with Jack – and this was really about the world famous “Alleycat” by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, which DR2 TV showed a documentary about yesterday – because it won a rock ‘n’ roll grammy in 1962 not least to the big surprise of Bent – which made me think that this is the “cat of light” coming to everyone, and yes I keep receiving many different tastes of food I cannot remember what is, which is about more life/variation coming in, and yes it has really been SO LONG ago that Bent made this song, and here he is hosting a Danish TV show from 1975, the best summer you know, first with Abba (with the girls having cats on their shirts) and then all of them playing this wonderful little tune, and yes as Bent thought was “nothing”, but it was “everything”, see?

Our newfound extra Source will make everything of our New World even greater and more beautiful

This airplane will not be cancelled. Today’s work is about whether we can expand the kennels.

Yes there is one there having English homework to do until tomorrow.

You don’t have a China-man’s chance, you have Bjarne right in the closet too, he is also thinking of you, and yes my email for him.

It is from Southern Germany that I bring out my camera, and something about Bjarne not protesting as a sign too.

Well, you cannot take Inge and completely swallow her, and yes Inge was the light of my father’s family and it was remaining light of her that I used to pull everything out, and this darkness had ended up inside of Bjarne. He is not a moon-man but could have been, and just a feeling, but has man developed “the new man of the future” on the moon?

So they had not quite fouled me, but almost, and it is from here that I am bringing out the next nest of our future self, because we just saw an opportunity to develop human race and everyone else, and this is what we have decided to do, so don’t stop playing is what we told him too.

We did not fall down there almost by accident, did we (?) with the feeling that this is what we did when falling down into the Source originally, and also that what we do now can be compared to this event, which was also something we just stumbled upon. You cannot eat when you already have food in your mouth, but this is what we decided to do, and see how beautiful small babies we also bring out of there, and yes another Source of life has been found Stig, and how do you want us to set this up (?), and yes perfect we know – so this is FOR YOUR BABIES, which is the most beautiful of MANY beautiful songs of Simple Red, and yes it gives me the deepest feelings too.

And this is what is included when developing everything “perfect” instead of just “good enough”.

It was when collecting one coin, i.e. creation/world, which had fallen a little out of course that we discovered this, and I was shown the wood around Camilla’s parent’s house and was told that they helped doing this. I was reminded that Tobias had an operation the other day for haemorrhoids, which is truly painful to go through, and my father had them for a long time many years ago, and I had them myself in short periods a couple of time and know that this symbolises the worst darkness of selfishness.

Well, it is not Camilla’s brother, Christian, who is leaking, is it (?) and yes “Christiansgave” was the gift of this Christian and not the Christian from Monte Carlo, so he could not stop speaking about me to others, which I understand is what brings this break through.

So we have not fully closed the gate of the 24th of the Christmas Calendar yet still receiving more gifts – being back at the original point before creation.

I wrote at home again this morning and went to the library after lunch, where I met Alain again – all smiles as usual – and now there was room for us to sit together at the two man “office” on 2nd floor, and I started by scanning Lisbeth’s journal on me, which I still had not read by then, and I noticed midway through that I was scanning it from the back and forwards and yes the opposite way you know as she and the world has been turned, and when I did this, I felt in my throat that I am receiving even more via the narrow passage.

Back at the office, Alain and I had a very good talk, and he told me about the fantastic Indian coffee he has at Café Nema at Hellerup Library when he is there too, and yes the other day I told him about the coffee from India, which they have at Irma, which I love as one of my favourites, and yes a unique character it has – delicate and like perfume – which is telling me that India is also now playing on my team, and I received another of Suede’s “so incredible beautiful that it hurts songs” (another B-side!!!), which was “dark star” and the lyrics “and she will come from India with a love in her eyes”, which is about this “partnership” with India, and yes “warm feelings” with the coffee you know.

Alain also spoke about a Japanese friend and former colleague at the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen by the sire name of Watanabe, who is now living in South Korea, whom he is very happy to have giving email communication with, and he told me that the name Watanabe is well known in Japan including the name of Watanabe, an artist, and he showed me some of his beautiful pictures, and told me the story of Japanese not having the gene to receive nourishment from milk/cheese at all, which was new to me making me think that they also had difficulties to “receive”/understand me – the melt down and “hush hush” to the world also did not help (?) – and then he told me about how water is boiling differently from time after time receiving less and less bubbles and tea made from water having boiled four times is considered to be the finest tea, and Itold him that this made me think of the finest mouse of the finest Champagne – which is Laurent Perrier’s FINE “Grand Siecle”, and at least compared to the Champagnes I have tasted, and we know, Krug is one of the few top Champagnes I have never tasted, so looking forward to trying yours too, and yes they are recognised as the finest, which is :-), and can all of this Japanese, fine art and tea/Champagne mean that I have also been “developed” via faith of Japan (?), and yes it seems that way, so Arigato my friends, and yes not aligote, which is the poorer grape of Burgundy you know.

There was much inspired speech between us, and we spoke about the “HAN” statue here symbolizing me, and he spoke of the artists having made this statue – Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset – also having made a sculpture at the Tiergarten of Berlin, and I was thinking “but of course” herewith connecting Berlin and Helsingør as the former and new location of the Source, and when I now look it up, I see that it is a “memorial to homosexuals persecuted under Nazism” (!), and now I wonder if this man is really homosexual or it is as I was told after meeting him today, where I received STRONG feelings of him being homosexual, which was that this was about my mother’s wrong belief believing that I am or have been homosexual, and yes I don’t know what is right or wrong, but this is how it came to me.

He also spoke about a French supermarket having specialized in making delicious ready made food, which has opened a branch in Copenhagen, where he bought the most delicious pizza bottoms yesterday, which he put fillings on, and it made me think that it is indeed possible to make QUALITY food on factories, which you can get in France as example but almost not in Denmark, where supermarkets mainly sell the most cheap you can get because this is what is made and what people want here, and yes I am sure we can do MUCH BETTER in our New World, and yes nice to have you back with me again, Obama, and I feel him strongly here, and yes how was your trip to South Africa, and did you give Mandela’s family a message from me (?), and yes just writing what comes to me.

We spoke about Hellebo Park where I live, which Allan also knows well – he is a photographer also of architecture – and he said that it was here that Jørn Utzon, the world famous architect, had developed his special building principle, which was something about “one two” repeated over again forever – something like this – and I understood that this is also the principle of the endless Universe, which is based on the same simple principle.

Exactly at the moment when I first saw the drawing below of Anders Matthesen and his “dynamite cake”, Allan told me about the soundtrack to the film “Blow-up”, which he had heard when watching the film recently, but he could not find the music anywhere, both on the Internet and when calling around, and yes “amusing” that he said “blow-up” while I was watching this cake about “blowing up”, isn’t it (?), and this is both to say that we will have to “blow up” the last part of the old world – or let it crack simply – to open to our New World, and after a few minutes, I had found the music by the also brialliant Herbie Hancock, whom I don’t know much from, on CD for him to borrow at three libraries in Jutland and then at his local Frederiksberg Library, and yes I did not find it on CD to buy from new in my quick search, I did not search very deep, but this was really to say that I managed to find the most rare music imaginable, which is this new Source, which we are also now setting up everywhere as part of creation, and Alain self and his warm feelings to me was part of this, and yes is it so that his “interest” in me as a homo-sexual – if this is what you are, Alain (?) – I was told that he had special sexual preferences, so just maybe this is the truth – was bigger than his disgust/non-belief when seeing my website as the Son of God (?), and yes many tests of people out there, and Alain was one of them, and one of the finest of them, and yes this is what he “feels” in me too, and also when I told him that I am a “connoisseur” in Champagne (at least compared to “normal people”, but not to professionals, where I am simply an amateur in comparison).

And here is the “dynamite-cake” where a Ninja – they are from Japan too, so there you have your connection to the story above – “takes one for the team” to stop “four-stared dinner” (on TV) because of people wanting to sell themselves to come on TV, so he says that “the desert is dynamite-cake – say goodbye”, which made people a little afraid, and that is because what is now going to happen (?), and we know, this is about the transition to our New World, which we will crack open when we cannot continue the game no more, which will be if I give up/stop or we cannot keep the balance anymore simply because there is no more darkness, we will see, and I do hope and believe that it will be like when you open a Champagne the RIGHT way with a small sound and not to use the cork as a canon.

MW 070713 Anders M

I was told that my mother was scared to death being with me because of her and yes negativity of Sanna and the system spreading to her.

The next is that your father’s mother also will come forward and say hello, and yes she is the one having united all of this.

We could not sit still, with the ballpoint pen, which is about Lisbeth, who did not have patience simply to read/listen and understand.

Have we now made the oven bigger and bigger while you were working, and yes an entire new oven, which we had not even tried to look after before (?), and yes we are sad to say but this is the case, and now that we see it, we understand that we have been seeing it all of the time without seeing it, but now this comes in too and that is before closing up by Sanna.

We can now decide the colour of the sandwich paper – of New World’s/Sources – in an entire new way.

One should believe that a warning about slippery roads was given here, but no, you just enter (this new Source) and say what you want and then it is brought to you the same way as here, and this is what we call SMART, Stig, and I was given the vision of Alain while I am also seeing him on the other side of the table, and it is his warm feelings making this possible.

This is about something like this: When your mother believes that she is out of spruces, we step inside of here and continue what we thought was impossible to do, and yes I here feel Suede, which is about Alain understanding your passion/feelings of this music giving you gooseflesh as you told him, and this is because he was kind asking about how the concert was, and I played him the beginning of “wild ones” and told him about the guitar and voice giving me gooseflesh.

We continued being at the library until 16.00, when it closed – it is Sunday today – and I drove to the Netto supermarket before going home.

State prison, is this a principle we can use everywhere when we get out of here, yes sir (!), which again is about this new Source.

Months ago, I was shown blinking time stamps on MANY Facebook posts symbolizing the end of time, which I have not been shown now for a very long time, but now I was shown twice when scrolling down, that posts, which were now moving up, received a quick blinking stamp, which was to say that we have passed the end of time a long time ago meaning that we are really the New World without being it yet, and this is still a game being our Old World, which we have continued as long as we could to bring everything out of it instead of landing it with a big bang maybe even losing what was inside unless this would be saved via our sufferings, which just may be the story.

A VERY kind voice said that I just cannot avoid asking for yet another night (without sleep) because this is what is pressing the lemon, and yes I know that it will be good to do my best again, and yes I have different levels going from very close to dying to “less close”, and it will probably be one of the “less close” again because I cannot stay up the whole night and day tomorrow any longer.

There has really never been anyone in there where we are now, and I am shown an traffic warning cone, which has been opened and there is only the purest light inside of it including endless force and again we don’t know from where and why, it is simply there.

And now one more etc. everywhere if we are not wrong, which will make the magnitude of everything much greater and more beautiful. This is what the water crystal was about, which I also spoke to Alain about, and yes he knows about them and how they continue forever when you go deeper and deeper inside of them.

Alain also said that he has 12, I believe, Santos vacuum coffee makers at home and explained how water is pressured from the bottom glass bowl to the upper where it is connected with the coffee before returning, and I thought that this was a beautiful way to explain how our opposite world is making the best coffee on the other side, and this also came after I watched the “hobby” of a man on DR TV having coffee as his passion using one of these coffee makers, which I had never seen before, and is looking forward to testing myself one day.

I watched the last half of the Wimbledon final between the world no. 1 and 2, Djokovic and Murray, and when Djokovic in the second set was completely convinced that a ball of Murray was out and he showed all of his negativity to the judge – he had used all of his challenges to check if the ball was indeed out – it was simply to show you how convinced that my family, friends etc. thought I was crazy/negative, and when TV showed the ball as a challenge call, it was indeed in, and yes “impossible” to believe in, right Djokovic (?), and the Danish commentator said that he “burned unnecessary powder off”, which is what darkness of better-knowing ignorants of my family, friends etc. also did and that is if I could not absorb the darkness they sent of course, and I was told that this is also about the melt-down of the Japanese nuclear power plant, where you “could not” tell the world about just how devastating this “accident” was, and why was that (?), and yes because you feared that this would kill the world (?) and yes WIMPS, and this was why spaceships of people of other civilizations were on overtime work just as I am here – it is now 22.55 when writing this – and this is what these nice people decided to do to help you because “him there”, i.e. me as Stig as I am told, decided to do “perfect”, which included to help the world come through, get it?

And Djokovic did have great problems finding the lines and the court, and I was told that we know why, right Stig (?), and yes it is when you “decide” to turn your racket a tiny bit wrong, which you cannot feel, that your balls “decide” to go out or into the net just like I have felt myself so many times when playing golf, this is how it works for everyone when God is playing together with you!

FB 070713 BBC

Murray won the second set as he had also won the first, and after coming behind 2 to 0 in the third set, suddenly the match turned around when Djokovic suddenly played well keeping his balls in and now hitting three stop balls, which were impossible for Murray to run up, and before we knew of it, Djokovic was now in front by 4 to 2, and the Danish commentator spoke about “kovending” (“cow turn” directly translated, otherwise just “turning”) and that Djokovic had “stamped in again”, and this was to show you the phenomenon, which happens over again when one gets “the initiative” and suddenly turns the game and it can go back and forwards, and everything it is God working behind you, so now you know too, and yes “luck works with the clever”, you know but even the best ones can become “unlucky” too, you never know.

I was told “Wi-lander”, which was both about Mats Wilander also knowing about me, and “Vi lander” in Danish for “we are landing”, which is what we still are.

And Djokovic had received the idea to hit these ”impossible to run up stop balls”, but after the first three, Murray had them figured out now running most of them up, and when he was ahead by 5 to 4 in the third set and “just” had to serve home the match, the Danish commentator said that “the stadium is just before explosion having waited since 1936 (for a British player to win) on this historic moment …. – even King Arthur is watching”, and this is about this “explosion”/transition to our New World now being close and also about the King, who lifted the sword symbolising me, also watching this match today, and the commentator kept being inspired when he said that Murray “serves deep, deep, deep into tennis history”, which is about the depth I am working inside the Source, and he kept on saying that Murray “runs all up”, which was about these “impossible to get stop balls”, which symbolised impossible to absorb darkness and impossible to do work, which I did to come here, which was underlined by a LONG and extremely difficult last game, which could have gone to either side, and I was told that this was because I was a little unsure about staying awake in the night to come, and this is what brought the so called “rubber arm” of Murray, which is an arm also given by God to everyone knowing it from experience and also because I told myself “please do NOT let Murray receive a rubber arm”, which is then what a little darkness gave him, but finally he did what no British has done for 77 years, he won the Wimbledon final, and this is what this historic victory of Murray meant today, which is “true magic” really, we have waited for this day for a long time, which the British almost never believed would come, but it did and yes symbolising my victory over darkness and coming of my new self with our New World, and it ended with the commentator saying that “King Andy of Britain now steps up on the stool having collected dust for so many years pulling out all pages in the Wimbledon book since 1936”, which was about the King having gone through all pages of creation doing my work writing, and the commentator said “this was a man having the courage to do it, he was ready for it”, and “courage” was the name of the game for me together with a will power to never give up but continue working.

Hans-Henrik said that he watched the match at Palace Hotel at the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen all alone hearing “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen at the exact same time as the winner ball was hit, which was “all unreal” and fantastic too, and yes a marvellous song to end this chapter with, and when I saw this post from Hans-Henrik, I was told “bang (!), there it stands”, and now I understand the symbolism of this event being 77 years ago since a British won Wimbledon, and the crash landing of the Boeing 777 in San Fransisco where almost everyone “miraculously” survived, which is about the final landing of the Source, see more at the short stories.

After the victory interview, I was surprised when I received the feeling of Per T., my old good colleague from GE Capital Bank and almost friend, this is how our work relation felt, and he said “thank you for asking Annette about me”, which I did when I linked up with her at LinkedIn recently, and she was his closest colleague back then at the end of the 1990’s, but she did not see/answer my question about Per still being alive or dead (he became seriously ill), and here I was given the impression that Per is dead, and this was also to say that this will be my destiny too in relation to Bjarne from the Commune and Alex too, who want to keep their “dialogue” about me a secret also including my mother speaking with the Commune behind my back (?), and is this how it is or was all of this a spin of darkness making me look like the fool (?), and yes this is what I told Lisbeth at our meeting, which is that I do NOT know what is the truth of light or deception of darkness, which I am told spiritually and I could decide not to follow my spiritual voice to avoid embarrassment, but I have decided to follow my voice because I have faith that it will lead me the right way, which is the road of God really.

I was told that it is not entirely true that England has given up to me because there are still united fighting against me (?), and yes this has got to be the most crazy ones.

We are still playing the game of the pole, and this game has been artificially extended even though we are here, and I was given a sound to my shelves symbolising our New World.

I was told that the reaction of Lars Ulrich from Metallica has also helped to expand the foundation of our house, which I am shown here with a King’s crown surrounding it.

I was TIRED at the end of the afternoon again, not as much as yesterday but still tired, and half asleep I was shown and told that the Berleburg mountain is big too, which is about the importance of faith of Queen Margrethe’s sister Princess Benedikte and the Berleburg family.

We could choose the colour of the bathroom ourselves – new Sources/worlds – and we don’t know what is even deeper than this, which is why I am encouraged to go deep once again.

I was told that when I went to Ulricehamn with Henriette skiing in 2005, and when I had the hardest and most serious crash where I felt that I could have died being completely groggy, it was symbolising the coming death of my father, and from this fall, I did not make even one more crash, I had learned to ski without falling – even when running my fastest – which is what I am doing now.

I received heart burn and cough from even more darkness.

Well, we don’t have a whistle-blower arrangement here, so why should we tell you what kind of information we have shared about you with others?

So we have now arrived at a place also not requiring any money, i.e. energy, to work, it simply is and yes we can live here too. What is the cough then about (?), it does not exist at all but a game we do to make this work, and this then works.

There is also some credit card fraud here, which is hidden life and we are coming here now that we have carried on and there is no more energy, which is what is making it possible to come here, and yes this was also because of the WRONG reception of Remee of me.

I was given the feeling of Bjarne as nervous as he has never been before, and also how he is given me and my mother “blood spots” meaning that he made my mother and I sick, which was his task, and it appears that he is a WIMP having decided to hide a little longer as everyone else.

And here is the bed then, and I know that I am somewhat late, and I am seeing this coming out from the very narrow part of the end of the line/funnel, and yes you are all welcome from there, and I received a sound to my oven saying that I am still here, so there is more inside of here, and when there is, we do NOT stop/give up, but continue as long as we can.

It is incredible that Pia from Hørsholm has not contacted you yet with what I have told her about you, and yes you gave me free access to speak about you, which I have done, but not easy having Peter as her husband telling her what to believe in.

Yes, there is only one logical answer to the watch, which is that we have used our new watch pretending that it was still the old, and does this mean that there will come no explosion at all because we have come over this moment (?), and yes it might be so, and what a game if this is so!

I was shown a 360 degree thick wire and was shown a small hole of my mother, which this wire has to go through, which cannot be bigger than it is, which we are using to its maximum, and I felt my father all around this smoking pipe.

Isn’t it incredible that I have not been ruined on Facebook by people (?), and is it “magic” in itself that I am still here with so many people having blocked me (?), and don’t you have a “policy” about this, Facebook, saying that I have to be crazy when so many does this (?), and can it really be that I am right and everyone else is wrong (?), and yes did you make special rules too for me in order to come through?

It is good that you are not in a live transmission now because what the world has just seen is how a man still suffering is bringing them even more news and yes making even more believe in me because you can see my sufferings? Yes they are not dumb are they (?), and is this about the TRUE results of the doctor on me – blood tests etc. – which has been shared with a greater number of people making it “easier” for you to understand my sufferings? And even though it was necessary to have as few people as possible to witness my fight – to protect me from darkness – this was necessary to do to receive more faith of people to bring in the last of me.

We don’t have a new national match for you to play now.

It is not possible that I will crack open is it as I was told together with a sound to my shelves.

I was shown Rolf at the small mountain road on top of everything, and he was pulling us all the way up here, this is how strong his feelings are to me.

Did you not lock (?), no, it was not necessary before now ….

The last weeks/days I have received feelings/visions of Svend from Dahlberg, Helle (my friend Kirsten’s old friend) and Tine, my old school friend.

I was shown a spruce with much gold on it.

I was shown a GIANT mast of a schooner, which has been turned around too and the whole schooner is one big guitar, i.e. tool of creation too.

This moves all of Snekkersten – which used to be darkness – closer on you with less room for a brood box, and will remove the last rest of laziness.

Something about the last coins, which are not allowed to come forward before we have reached (our New World of) London, and seeing the dark part of me coming in from the balcony to my living room, and if we use your mother as lever, eeehhh how will we get in without this darkness doing it for us (?) – seeing Danny from the TV-series of Fame here – and yes we will also take in this darkness tomorrow, fine with me.

We have not shared the wallet between us, my mother and I, and this is what is giving you coughing?

It is from Bjarne via Lisbeth to you that you are brought (sexual) sufferings.

We believed we had everything inside, we did not believe that something as ridiculous (also Bjarne’s attitude towards me) as this could be divided in two inside of here with the smallest being of the size of a millesimal of an atom, and by adjusting these and putting them together again that it suddenly opens up a door to even deeper worlds, and it is down here that we find the finest small pees of life, which is here a referral to the love of my mother to me bringing this because I spoke positively about the small pees we had for dinner the other day making her happy, and I was told that it is first now that we have started seeing how this life looks like.

We don’t need light or an amplifier here at all, which we normally have been used to use. They have once been as big as we but have not become this small, and it is like having a house, and discovering that there are many houses behind it. We have not changed the motor, we have just looked deeper into it.

We have now started using those – of darkness – who were supposed to secure our landing. I was shown a drop of water running out of an envelope.

I was given the feeling of the late Pope John Paul, who is now being sanctified and why is that (?) – yes prayers of people to him bringing two miracles of seriously ill people being cured – and is this to please me as I am told, and yes did you believe that this would make me happy (?), and NO, my friends, what about starting to witness and TELL THE WORLD about all miracles and signs about the end times and my arrival, which has been given to the world and you can start with my mother’s apparitions in Medjugorje and lift up Benny Hinn to a “Saint” if this is what you want to call him, and for the others of us, we simply like to continue our work, we don’t need titles like that, and this is the same John Paul speaking through me as I here feel, so DET’ EN OMMER – it is a redo – my “dear” dark Vatican Church.

I received the strongest physical touch to my private parts this evening, and yes occasionally also the strongest visions and speech of a kind you do NOT want and then I just have to say that I do NOT want this, this is how easy it is.

I continue receiving distortions to the picture of people on TV/video and now strongly today.

I still receive negative speech making life completely hell also when adding tiredness.

I was told that this new Source by now is so light that it weighs nothing.

I was given a strong mark from inside the sofa one centimetre from my left leg and was told that it is me making rubber – i.e. darkness.

We were afraid of losing this again if you had become negative.

I used the last part of the evening and beginning of the night to write the last part of the script today still doing hard work under the circumstances.

Google Earth: The wizard of Oz preparing to crack open our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show war, heads all over, gathering, go down into the dark come up as white, almost a heart, pollution (and GMO) kills bees, the wizard of Oz preparing to crack open our New World, the speed boat crossing the finishing line, and need of a dentist?

FB 070713 Jette 1

FB 070713 Jette 2

FB 070713 Jette 3

FB 070713 Jette 4

FB 070713 Jette 5

FB 070713 Jette 6

FB 070713 Jette 7

FB 070713 Jette 8

FB 070713 Jette 9

FB 070713 Jette 10

FB 070713 Jette 11

FB 070713 Jette 12

FB 070713 Jette 13

Lisbeth’s journal on me is short, better-knowing, ignorant and NOT IMPRESSIVE at all!

Yesterday, I received the journal on me made by Lisbeth from the Commune, which you can read here, and this is then the work/understanding that Lisbeth officially received from my many hours of preparation on her – verbally and in writing – and no, I am NOT impressed at all with your work and your “will deafness”, not at all, and you tell me that you are a professional (?), and most of all, it shows you her wrong attitude having decided inside of her head to believe in the system, doctors and wrong journals of the past rather than me and yes except from the cracks of light I succeeded to bring her, which you cannot read from the journal, and yes I was encouraged to write her an email after reading it, which I prepared the draft of today, and when these lines are written “tomorrow”, I don’t find it necessary to send this email, but I am encouraged to do it anyhow to bring out even more from here before it is too late, and I might decide to do this for this reason only, which you will be able to see in my script of tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I became Facebook friends with Ulla, the host on TV2, recently and here she is at the biggest sport event in Denmark with many thousands of participants saying “oraaaaaaange”, which is really symbol of God/the Source, so you are with me too, Ulla, but “not saying anything”, and why is that?

FB 070713 Ulla E

  • I my script above, I wrote: “We did not fall down there almost by accident, did we (?) with the feeling that this is what we did when falling down into the Source originally, and also that what we do now can be compared to this event, which was also something we just stumbled upon”, and then I see that someone has done exactly this to underline this “co-incidence”, which is to stumble upon me bringing a link to me there and visitors stumblin in.

WP 070713 Stumbleupon

  • I was surprised to see that I have had zero visitors two days at Scribd symbolising new temporary terminations.

Scribd 0707 including 060713

  • Herring Kings” of up to 15 metres long have been filmed at deep sea, which is about the size of my new self as the fish, which is HUGE.

FB 070713 Videnskab

  • For days I have noticed the number “777” coming to me in different situations, I cannot remember the first ones, but 77 was part of it with the win of Murray of the Wimbledon final making it the first victory of a British in 77 years, and here is the crash landing of a Boeing 777 where miraculously almost everyone survived, and this was done “by the grace of God” to show you that we have now landed the Source miraculously saving the Old World from ending before the creation of the New World, and I am also here reminded of the local MC-group in Helsingør called 777, and what is the meaning of 777 (?) – yes 333 is of God, 666 is of the Devil – and I don’t know myself, but the closest explanation may be what I found below, which is about “the principle of man”, “celestial perfection” and “the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth”. By the way, it is July 7 today, i.e. 7/7, so there you have it.

FB 070713 BBC 777

FB 070713 CNN




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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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