July 9, 2013: Receiving my NEW back bone and heart still looking like the Old World, but we ARE the New World now!


Summary of the script today

8th July: The New World has landed and will open from inside our Old World re-using everything, which is

  • I was shown our engine/new Source as a GIANT locomotive to show just how incredible big/strong it is. The hole of this new Source is as high as the Zoo tower in Copenhagen compared to a thin plate of the old at the ground. All life will be moved to this deeper Source, which now melts together with the old Source. There is no need of all lamps/amplifiers in the New Source, which we had set up in the old, because the force is so warm (strong) down here.
  • My sister will close creation after having used all darkness when she and her husband will visit Yes, Machu Picchu in Peru next week. Your/my four children have not been released yet – with the feeling that this is the most fantastic part of it. The New World has landed and will open from inside our Old World. The end of the Old World should have cleaned everything, but now we will reuse everything which is, and update it with everything of our New World, and I felt how our New World is now coming in just around me now practically here at the very Source with practically no darkness remaining, and this road was created by my father in heaven after his death, and required that I was strong enough not giving up when receiving the worst sufferings.
  • The secret of my father is centred around the axis of Lisbeth, Bjarne and Johannes from the Commune, and when they don’t attack me (to “export” me out of the Commune), they open up to me making this possible, together with understanding of Elijah to my like of direct help to suffering people and dislike of NGO’s.
  • Short stories of darkness of the Danish Parliament also killed my father, Andy Murray’s triumph makes Englishman visit me as the dentist, and the battle of darkness against the huge king fish is lost.

9th July: Receiving the back bone and heart of my new self still looking like the Old World, but we ARE the New World now!

  • Dreaming of darkness turning into light, my father and I share the Source in two different designs and Preben is about to leave me not having faith in me.
  • I received much information about Bjarne/Johannes of the Commune and Alex from the Psychiatric Hospital having decided to hide and keep their documents/information from me, and Alex even wrote to me that he has only shared my information with the Commune – thus not the Danish police/armed forces (?), which wanted to convince the world that I was crazy to protect its “interests”, which was the game of darkness to kill me and the Old World – and still “we have not lost our voice but there is nothing we can do against the mighty pressure/Quinn”, which is about the feelings of the system including “we do NOT like to be published” and I remember the very frightened face of the mayor when seeing me at the Town Hall in 2012, which is all of the “proof” I need to know that they were scared of me working against me behind my back.
  • We are walking right through this the worst darkness bringing the New World to the Source at my inner at the same time as this the worst darkness is converted to the purest light of the most powerful Source, which is like “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” bringing strong “strawberry juices” into everything we place on it. This is the ending of the greatest fence scene of history. We have brought out everything of the yard, and placed it inside our New World now with me at the Source. There is now nothing old remaining even though everything is still acting as old – we are the New World but still everything looks to be the Old World; the New World has adapted the setup of the Old World to ease the transition to the New World. We are planning the opening of our New World in the middle of the night – as I have wished for “always”, and I am still feeling the New World entering me through the last, dense darkness helped/controlled by my father inside of this. Love of my mother helped bringing the back bone of the New World in this evening together with the installment of my new heart of everything, and even though I received the strongest physical pressure including a weak heart when this was done, I almost did not feel it. We are now lowering down a man in spacesuit to you, yes your new self, who is coming to you as a “tomato plant” to bring you too as a tiny part of our giant, combined New World.
  • Jette was censored by Facebook removing access to her Facebook profile and her own Facebook group, which made her set up a new profile and new group too, because she could not get access to the old, but when I helped her, she did get access and decided to continue using the old, which was a symbol about the arrival of our New World, which is using the setup of the Old World even though this is the New World! Some Danish politicians also do not like the censorship and “values” of Facebook wanting to bring Danish values to it – including nudity (!) – which made me say that in our New World everyone will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to communicate and behave both with freedom and responsibility also including no nudity in public (to protect life self).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show many heads, fairytale scenery, movie on Greenland again, threading water and diving for gold, the puzzle has to be put together from all dimensions, the man with the silver voice, crocodile was all souls, and the fool of the official system meant to bring me down.
  • Short stories of Helena being very ANGRY with a politician, and the New World moving in.


8th July: The New World has landed and will open from inside our Old World re-using everything, which is

I went to bed at 04.30 completely and utterly destroyed by darkness/exhaustion – I cannot do this no more – and slept poorly until 11.15 when I woke up with a jump when I heard the noise of a jet engine, which made me stand up quickly thus forgetting the dream I remembered that I had had just before waking up, so no dreams today!

I was told that your mother needs a polish cloth to bring in the new GIANT locomotive, and I have been shown just how incredible big/strong it is.

I was encouraged also to write about the women’s Wimbledon final the other day where Bartoli defeated Lisicki in two easy sets and in forehand I was told that something would happen, which I really did not see, but what did I see (?), and yes Lisicki was completely destroyed by nerves making it impossible for her to find her game until the very last, where she won three games, but it was too late and she lost with big numbers, and NERVES is what this is about, which is completely destroying my mother and that is her nerves both in relation to John and I, and in this sense she has gone through the worst in the world having deeper feelings/sufferings than everyone, and this is just to say that with the loss of Ole and my father too, my mother’s sufferings come in at a clear second place. It is your mother deciding time because of this behaviour.

I have started receiving extreme pain in shorter periods to bones of my left hand.

I was told to get ready for a surprise, and “International Sun Alliance”, which is about the uniting of Sources, and your father is not angry at all because of the new Source having so much more force than the old, and if you compare, the hole of this new Source is as high as the Zoo tower in Copenhagen compared to a thin plate of the old at the ground, and yes Zoo because we are inside darkness still. We will all get new addresses from here meaning that we will exchange what was a thoroughbred racing car before but now an old veteran car compared to our new thoroughbred racing car.

It will be a big motorshow coming when we will melt together the old “big” Source and the new “small” when you will publish your new script.

There, the last peeing elephant disappeared, just so you know, and had I allowed it “peeing” via acceptance of my “old nightmare”, it would have stopped creation.

About a top job in London; they never thought of this themselves, I did and do you know what I received in return, and yes a mushroom (of the Source).

I have some changes of the spaceship, which I would like to do too and what about this evening (?), and yes we have been tough on Stig today trying to make him give up via strong negativity and feelings of “I cannot continue working”, but I do in the pace suiting me, and no I will NOT give up no matter what, and yes we have all the time in the world – with a silent world – so please continue my friends.

I was given the thought that if there is something we potentially could create, but cannot do because of “practical reasons” before creation that we should have this opportunity in the future, which I can only hope for via for example completely new creations on even higher levels?

What do we do with all of these lamps we have set up (?), yes in another lifetime, and I understand that we will not be using them at all because the force is so warm (strong) down here – “warm” is a better word to use – that it is bringing us everything we could wish for and more.

How far back in “evolution” of this place do you think we are going to reach this point of “no lamps needed” and yes feelings of wonder and amazement of my spiritual friends.

Work was hard/impossible to do today under the circumstances of being “destroyed” and on my edge of giving up, but still I did it.

No, we have not changed the program of today, we are still taking one thing at the time to make it all, but not easy it is.

It is hair-raising what they have done, and what they now try to hide from you solely protecting their own interests, and yes the Commune.

We are not going to get a horse during nights, but a foal – also because of Ulla from TV2, whom you have now included too.

Yes, isn’t the family tree already in order (?), and yes you would not believe your eyes, Stig, and what are we seeing here (?), and yes perfect order of this life too, and when will your sister go to Machu Picchu in Peru (?), and yes next week, and isn’t it exciting to go there as ordinary tourists, they think, but no, you are going there, my dear sister, because you still have enough power/faith in me in order to close down everything with the feeling that the more faith, the less power we need to close down, thus making this scenario real, i.e. to bring up all of this new life/Source before just before closing down.

Your/my four children have not been released yet – with the feeling that this is the most fantastic part of it.

Can we smell rose leaves of your mother now (?), and yes almost. This is not only about Beatles and Beethoven and everyone else together here, all life that we already know of – but even deeper – and we cannot hide our excitement over this, which came to me at 15.40 after I had finally completed and published my script of yesterday.

This also means that we will never be going back to the yard to be repaired, which has also been a part of our routine; this Source simply includes “everything” bigger and greater than we have ever imagined.

I keep being told that it is the small things of making people put together two and two to understand the truth of me, which is still about an encouragement for me to send my email to Lisbeth, which I will work on and do if I can find the energy to do it, and yes it is 16.10 now, and I will probably work until 17.00 or a little later also finishing this.

No I don’t have a theory drivers license to drive this BIG CAR but this is what I am getting via my work today, see the chapter below, because there is more information waiting on us to bring out, which is what this work brings for us, and yes going deeper and deeper, and no, I have NOT heard from Bjarne or Alex yet, nothing at all.

Eventually I worked until 18.15 at the library before I had finished and sent my email to Lisbeth – with a copy to Bjarne and Johannes – as you can see below.

I was told about the attitude of Lisbeth that she cannot have me hanging around all day but listen to my long speeches because this is also part of my “sickness” according to the doctors (?) and that is to do my best to explain to you as I did to them to make you understand.

I was encouraged to send Anton – the lion – a new Facebook friend invitation, and the question is if he is now mature to accept me again, to take me in, and later I was given his name and two seconds thereafter a commercial on TV said “there are enough worries” – this is still a technique to give me information – so this is what he became thus sending me more darkness too.

This corresponds to going down to the border (between Denmark and Germany) and into the border-shop, which is what Jette also believes after having seen my Facebook update with the email to Lisbeth, see below.

I felt Obama and was told that we can do without you, but are glad to have you, and later I was told that this is because Obama has seen the light too.

I was told that I will receive a last warning before we move inside, which is about the New World moving in here and opening.

It is now about getting everything out of the Ship Yard, and I felt the old yard here, which we are emptying from darkness to become part of our New World – and this emptying is what we are doing with these three people of the Commune, Lisbeth, Bjarne and Johannes.

When do you believe that the chairman will resign (?), which is about God of the Old World and yes the one you overtook (from my father) unless you have been him all of the time (as my old hybrid self), so when you are alive as Stig, the Old World is alive.

This is one of the darkest colours we use when the sun is going down, and I understood that this is because of extreme darkness coming to me again because of my “innocent” email to the Commune, and yes “many feelings” you have.

It is like having received a new, soft carpet, which your mother has not even walked on yet.

I am still given feelings/marks to my right ankle and a ring around my left leg/ankle.

I was shown my sister behind little darkness on my balcony pushing the last towards me before she will close up.

I felt my mother from the New World on the other side of this darkness, and she is sending me light/energy to survive.

We are now much better connected to this new Source, and it was right that in the beginning we feared not to come in, and my email today to the Commune helps to open this place, and I was given feelings of my Facebook friends Ida and Peter D. as examples having read my email thus strengthening this connection, and this is how it goes hand in hand, which is also a reference to the old insurance company Hafnia “hand in hand” and Peter Straarup, the previous CEO of Danske Bank, and I was told that if I had not done my job, the Danish state would not have brought a security net for the bank, thus making it go bankrupt, which would not only have had devastating consequences for Denmark, but for the world because we have connected the financial world to Peter Straarup, and yes now you know, Peter, and the true saviour of the bank is the man writing these lines.

I was told about how Tony Franke, the now previous director for “Danish IT” as I am surprised to read on the Internet – what happened (?) – and how he has known about me for years (controlling the Danish part of the secret IT-network for the world elite as I have been told), and I was told that people are brought to certain jobs, where “silence” (about me and world secrets) is the most important virtue and “indiscretion” of these people, who should be quiet, is the very reason that we survived.

I was told, alarm we have now reached such a critical level that we cannot survive, but yes, we are really the New World and not the Old World.

I was told that my father thought of me when he died, no one else.

We would hurt if we should have to destroy the last office you are inside.

So we will simply open the New World inside of the Old World with a snap.

I was told about a manor house and David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, and also that he is such a person, who is grown up to become his part and controlling votes to make him elected (?), and was this to make sure that he would help us or is it vice versa (?), and yes what did it become, and no, I don’t know before now that you are also one of my allies, David – thank you.

I was told that when my mother stopped smoking approx. 10-15 years ago and when I did the same in 2009, it was possible to use light, which otherwise cleaned our lungs from smoke, this way (like with David Cameron) to open save us, this is also how we worked, so this is the meaning of smoking, Obama (!), and this message comes from the New World on the other side, which has tried to reach me as I understand that Britain/Cameron has done too without me seeing it?

I was shown the area around Lama Yönten in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and how I “insulted” him for not kneeing/bowing to him – I only did what is logics to do for all people when they are not brainwashed – and also that he “could not” really listen to and understand me, and how this story also reached Dalai Lama, but he did not have the courage to change the old Buddhist system as the world did not have the courage to change the world.

I received the famous “he’s got the whole world in his hands”, which is what I have got, and here is this beautiful song in a beautiful version.

I received “Industrial disease” by Dire Straits, and was told by my mother that this was what the industrial life was given because I laid my egg wrongly, which I know now.

We have decided to use people as they are now – with the coming creation/opening of our New World.

I was told about how my mother has never met my characters – listening and understanding – in the men of her life, which should have opened for the road of my “old nightmare”, and the end of the world with the Judgment to clean up everything to make room for our New World, but no, we will now re-use everything, and yes I might add as Stig to re-new and update everything needed to make perfect, and how do you get this when people don’t know who they are and who they belong with?

And it is all of this force of the New World, which I now feel coming in from behind my balcony, and I am told that it is now practically here, and I feel it inside my living room.

I was told that my old important class friend, Christian G., who “could not” read and understand me, thus also not accept me as Facebook friend, was not “ugly”, but controlled by your mother as so many else against you, but not Lars G., who is controlled by his sexual feelings, and is he still in the background following/knowing about you (?) as I understand he is.

And it is I – I feel my father – who has worked in the background to create this road instead and that was for you to follow if you did not give up of course.

You don’t have to be afraid now, will we just land this big lump of the New World (?), no we have already landed without telling you – but the “landing” of the Boeing 777 shows it – so we just want to say that we have arrived, and nothing lacks and again because of your father helping.

I have been thinking about what the Commune now wants to do after my “aggressive” and maybe even negative email today – is this how you think, Bjarne (?) – and will they try to throw my out of the system because of “negative behaviour” (?), for example by ordering me to take medicine, which you know that I will not thus making it possible for you to stop my cash help, or will you even try to get me hospitalised or just be silent not saying a word because you are afraid (?), and yes we will see, and no, it is NOT everyday that you meet someone like me.

I continued receiving strong feelings of nervousness about what will happen now – not about the Commune, but creation – and I understood that this nervousness is coming to me because of nervous feelings of the Commune after receiving my email.

And my secret – the secret of my father – is centred around this axis of these three people of the Commune, and when they don’t attack me, they open to me.

Isn’t it because we have hit the most inner nerve of Lisbeth (?) with the Probate Court creating the road, because you had to see the declaration of Kirsten with your own eyes, and the story of your father and her including my feelings made her understand that I am normal in this sense, which is the nerve of her that we hit.

And it also required that Elijah understands that he cannot measure with me and yes his accept that I will not support him as an NGO, but that I like to help/support children/people directly, and this is what makes us almost being here, and we just need to do the last, which is to sweep a very little spot of darkness in front of the door, which is still the same door as before into Egypt, and we just had a little to do before opening it.

So we decided for you to leave too – following my father to the grave – but you did not want them to carry out their cunning plots, which was to export me out of the Commune (?), and yes to bring me in custody of the State as their responsibility as a “dangerous person”?

Is this the final minutes before creation, so we will also just write this, and yes the notes of the evening starting here at 23.00, which of course is to absorb the darkness coming towards me from the Commune.

You don’t receive such a gift with such speed, but now we do, and yes Allan’s power (my old class friend) is still working, which is what helped the New World to land.

It is not only your mother, but I – my ”simple minded” inner self as darkness hanging on to my very inner – who wait for the train to arrive.

You would not be sleeping without any of my angels as my new mother says, which comes to me during nights to keep me clean.

We cannot help what the red haired did – Søren D.N. leaving me on Facebook having no faith in me – but as you can tell, we can do much but only if you could give everything you had.

When I was finishing work today and uploaded the draft of the script at 01.00, I was given the smell of soft onions to say that we did it again this evening.

I was given a loud sound to my shelves, and was told that I am also inside here and this is my father now inside our New World.

My email to Lisbeth telling her about her appalling “better-knowing ignorance” and neglectful human behaviour

This is the email I sent to Lisbeth from the Commune today –  with a copy to the mayor Johannes Hecht-Nielsen and director of the Commune, Bjarne Pedersen – telling her about their ROTTEN system, appalling “better-knowing ignorance” and neglectful human behaviour, and from my Scribd-document including this email and the full journal, you can read the details and click the links.

080713 Lisbeth 1

080713 Lisbeth 2

080713 Lisbeth 3

080713 Lisbeth 4

080713 Lisbeth 5

FB 080713 Stig

I was surprised to receive replies from young people of what I discovered was from Vietnam, and via Google Translate, I was able to understand their comments and give mine as follows.

  • “Stig Dragholm Hello, nice to get acquainted with people, add yourselves nick”
  • “The Stig Dragholm page you add in decent nick”
  • “Page Stig Dragholm or so, I want to be with you in Dragholm Stig page”
  • “Hello, my vietnamese friends, I am happy to hear from you. You are all very welcome here. I wish you and your families the best of luck in a happy new world to come.”.

FB 080713 Vietnam

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wullf is back and started by saying “apparatchiks the whole gang”, which is what I like to say – “come on and do your best, the whole gang of you” – and here he brought a made up dialogue between Bjarne, an MP from the Social Democratic Party, saying that he is “bad, bad, bad”, which you may remember from the Simply Red song “I won’t feel bad” (“bad, bad, bad”), which I brought as comment after my father’s death, and this is simply to say that darkness of the Danish Parliament – and politicians in general – and your WRONG silence/misunderstandings/gossip behind my back also killed my father.

FB 080713 MW

  • And he continued here with a story of how Andy Murray’s “impossible” triumph inspires the English to go to the dentist (!), and yes what a “funny” thing to write, Michael, which is because of the dentist of my inner self now preparing the final enamel bringing the most beautiful set of teeth of creation of the Source that we were able to bring, and yes an inspired man is truly what he is “picking down” words in the air around him.

MW 080713

  • I was glad hearing from David, but did not have much energy chatting with him.

FB 080713 David

  • Berlingske also brought the story of the “mystical giant” of the Herring King, and I said that this is really a proper fish, “which wants something” as we say here, and maybe Lisbeth & Co. will write about what it symbolizes (my new self including “everything”), but no, you will not, and Jesper discovered that they had made an error using “cut ‘n’ paste” journalism without editing, which made Lotte say that “the fight is lost” and yes the fight of darkness including the media and “poor work”/laziness etc.

FB 080713 Berlingske

  • A few Google Earth pictures about hurricanes, sleeping on the sofa (the New World?), and inclusion.

FB 080713 Jette 1

FB 080713 Jette 2

FB 080713 Jette 3


9th July: Receiving my NEW back bone and heart still looking like the Old World, but we ARE the New World now!

Dreaming of darkness turning into light and my father and I share the Source in two different designs

The principle of the toilet, to come from behind, still lasts, and is run by your own mother opposing you.

He would first kill most of the world before he would kill you to see if this would work, and then I felt Putin, and is this really so (?), or is it darkness speaking?

No, I don’t have any money there, see for yourself – but I see gray – so who knows?

It was the brooms coming in the other day from Lisbeth, which made this break through.

I am still receiving the uncomfortable feeling to my throat with even more running through.

We just want to say thank you for the sport fight, and I am given the feeling of David Cameron.

No one had drawn Turkey in on that map, or so they felt …

I was told that Mick Jagger also made my road impossible because of lack of faith in me.

I went to bed at 01.35 and was surprised to receive a better sleep as long as until 10.30 without being awakened during the night, which only happens rarely, and this is the dream I woke up with.

  • I have been on holiday, and am with a friend at the bicycle repair shop, where he is getting what he needs, and I am curious to see if my bicycle is there, which it is, and it is the coolest, imaginable bicycle, which I am very happy for. Later I driver with my colleague Helle Aa. to collect a new colleague, and it seems to be at Borupgaard in Snekkersten, but I am in doubt, it might be another city, because everything is so green here, and there is much more new houses all around. The new colleague enters together with his child, we say hello, and I understand that he is the new department manager for the sales department (they could not use Preben) where I am the manager of another department thus making us colleagues on the same level. We arrive at the office, and I have a Mercedes Station Wagon in the coolest design/colours, which is split in two designs on each half of it. At the office, I say hello to the big sales department and their new employees including my old friend Kirsten, and they have now been made into a result centre by Kim S, the owner, which I find is very well thought of, and they will only receive salaries compared to the income they receive, and Kim S. will get a commission of everything. I have taken off my t-shirt, but decide to take it on again. Preben has been victim of a secretary setting him up saying that is he buys a number of different cookies to test, which one will work the best when he resigns (to give to the employees), he can deduct everything via her, which he then does, but when he submits the receipts to her, he is told that it does not work. I am told that he has received an offer including a “ransom” as a lump sum should he decide to change work to another employee, which he thinks about doing, and I say that I have received no such offer myself.
    • The bicycle is to continue my journey, and it is the coolest because this is what I think that the design of my own bicycle is. Borupgaard in Snekkersten was the worst darkness, which is now not recognizable – because it is becoming light too. The new colleague is on my level, which will have to be about father and son, and the Mercedes is the Source divided by us. All employees here seem to be people having faith in me, which Preben seems to have difficulties in about to leave me, because you – of any, Preben (!) – are too lazy to read and understand.

Receiving the back bone and heart of my new self still looking like the Old World, but we ARE the New World now!

I woke up to Remee´s “Superstar” – by Chistine Milton – and the lyrics “you must be some kind of superstar, because you move like some kind of choreographer”, and I was told that this song entered straight to no. 1 in USA, which is about your reception of me over there.

I was told that my mother will not die in her sin.

The music has been on all of the time making it impossible for the judge to do anything.

No we are not done yet just because you don’t have much work to start up the day with after having written yesterday evening.

I received the name “Idig Könichsbacher” and the whole feeling of this the finest white wine I have ever tasted coming from Weingut A. CHRISTMANN, which Lars and I imported more than 10 years ago now.

Are we up to getting out in the middle of the night (?), which is both about the plans of our New World opening and a reference to Kim Larsen, and the other day I was also given “De gule enker” (“the yellow widows”), which is one of those “best gems” of Gasolin, and the lyrics “Jeg går temmelig ofte ud på danserestaurant” (“quite frequently, I do to dance restaurant”), and this is both about dance as celebration and restaurant as food, i.e. life, and of course “the yellow widow” of the Champagne Veuve Clicquot, which is what we call it here.

And I kept on receiving one piece of music after the other, which I will not bring here, but it is about “constant love”.

“As long as you are” was given to me from the New World on its way in.

We almost don’t need any money to enter (me) now.

You can choose which bowl you want to die in, but no, not now, he decided to be strong enough to handle everything.

I was told that the hunt is on to find out if my father’s wife Kirsten cheated me and has values of more than 690.000 DKK, which she did not inform about, and is this the media trying to find out?

I was shown my mother as a black scrimp, who will be used to close down, and later I was shown that this is now boiled and has changed colour becoming its new self.

Here is a contribution to the rent from your mother, this is how it works here even though it is not necessary.

I went to the library after lunch, and decided to scan the journal from Lisbeth properly, which is “not turned around” as I did yesterday, and I started doing this at 13.35 and ended it at 14.15 thinking that this was also a waste of time because Lisbeth “could not” send me the journal electronically as I had asked for because of the demand of the Commune to send it over a “secure line”, and then it does not matter that I would accept you to use a normal email because I have nothing to hide (?), and I was told that this is not what tilts the load for me, but maybe it is to you, Lisbeth & Co. (?), and yes “concrete systems” is what I would like to call them and this is about the concrete block on the motorway stopping Hans Engell in 1997, which is connected to this darkness inside of Bjarne, which stopped me too, but now it says “green light – drive right ahead”, and yes can it be that the “muscleman” of Bjarne has given up to a “stupid cash help receiver”, Bjarne (?), which was something you handled just with your little-finger not really thinking about what you did when you were about to kill me and the world, which this concrete pillar is about.

They have got to believe that we are crazy now turning off the light inside of here, which is also because of what the Commune thought of me.

Those in Atlanta has changed strategy not to get in the “fat cask” as we also say here, and this is both about Coca Cola – symbolising the worst darkness – who have decided to hide away and yes both documents and people, who you have “silenced” not to speak about your guilt as part of the “secret world elite”, and here this is also about the worst darkness of the Commune and their “strategy” to hid from me, and can it really be that both Bjarne and Johannes are WIMPS deciding to do what is WRONG to “protect themselves” not being convinced that I will bring their wrongdoings including everything to the attention of the world (?), and yes what FOOLS you are too!

No, we have not lost our voice but there is nothing we can do against the mighty pressure/Quinn, which is also about the Commune after I have now published my email to them and Lisbeth’s journal on me on Scribd as you can see here:

I received two INCREDIBLE pains inside of my right leg and I was told that this is coming from my mother, who does NOT like my fight against the city of Helsingør.

My mother takes off her dusty boots, this is what it is about, and “dust” is a reference to Birgit from my old Martinus-workgroup, where I was shown 14 days ahead of when it happened in 2005, I believe, a fight between two of the people of the work-group and I told them as I had been told 14 days before “brush off the dust of your chest”, and I am here told that she remembers this, and this is also making her believe in me.

What about Lebanon (?), did they not truly care about me before I mentioned people from Lebanon preparing shawarma’s at their restaurants in Helsingør and Copenhagen (?), and yes I do NOT like people being careless about anything else than themselves, and NO, NOT AT ALL!

I was told with a low voice/feeling about the colour of bronze, which is not the only applying – but “important” it is – which we are bringing up from the depth right now when this is written, and I am given the feeling of Bjarne, who knows that he has come into the “salad cask” as we call police transporters here, and yes he was also the one contacting the National Police about me (?), and now he knows that the game has changed and I am bringing him in the “cask”, which is really about exhibiting him publically, which you know is what the Devil hates.

Where will we be going on summer holidays (?), and yes Mallorca, and holiday to you is about MUCH work, which is the opposite of what holiday means to others and yes because of the opposite world, so there you have the meaning of this too.

No, the trees don’t grow into heaven, we ARE the trees, and yes still “difficult” for the Commune to understand.

Can we afford to lay bird nests (?), no, we are not even here, this is what is confirmed here, Stig, but there is “something else”, a snake-like form, which we have not dared to enter before – I feel nervousness of my mother – and yes of course, do you want us to enter this, and yes “make perfect” is the only answer I can give you.

Do we have the shovel under them, which is both about the Commune and about lifting up the last earth from the hole including this.

Will we be going to have a new apartment once again (?), and yes I am afraid so because there is even better inside of this next layer, and now that it is open – because of the Commune – we are now moving in there, and yes because of your continuous work too.

Now your mother is not afraid anymore, and that is because we are inside of here, where it is more beautiful than anywhere else we have been, and I am given a feeling about how wonderful it is.

It is not good with all of those “watch over kids” because of my mother’s nervousness, this is what it means, and the only way to get in here, we see this now, and yes impossible to get in, but when we are first here, we are heartfelt welcome like everywhere else we have been.

Would we have come in here anyway if we had blown it up – feeling Margrethe Vestager here as part of the LOUD chorus shouting up about me too, but when I CANNOT hear you, Margrethe, you are also part of the chorus STILL bringing me darkness and potentially an explosion, and would you like that (?), and no, you would not, but on the other hand, you “cannot” speaking publically about me, and this is what is still making it possible for me to open to these inner worlds improving our New World, and yes this is the cocktail.

It is like being tied up inside of here, and yes “impossible” to open the ties just like it would have been “impossible” to open the straitjacket that Bjarne & Co. would put on me to get rid of me and “their problem”.

There are not that many newspaper invoices to bring out, because there is nothing here, Stig, but still you know that we are, and “are” is the key here, which is what you have to have faith to be, and yes “invoices” was darkness we created to bring energy to open up this place.

Do we have a symphony from Åre, which is also almost impossible to hide from the world (?), and yes Åre is a skiing sport place in Sweden, which I connect to Ingemar Stenmark and Stig Strand – the old guard of fantastic Swedish ski-runners and the new too, and yes I understand that they are talking about me too making it difficult to keep the secret on me.

I kept on working until 17.10 today and at the end of the day, I had the “pleasure” of another of the regulars on the library coming to me – there are about 5-6 coming daily to use computers – which was a middle aged lady sitting at the “open office” next to me on 2nd floor asking me if I could not stop hitting the keyboard so hard when I wrote because the noise was bothering her (!), and no, I could not, this is how I have worked for years, and I thought about moving away but decided that what I did was normal/alright, but I can sit further away from you the next time, and yes she had to move if this bothered her, and apparently she is also very fragile to noise, and later I was told that this was a symbol of Bjarne and the Commune wanting me not to make so much “noise” publishing everything about them, which is a “negative” story you don’t want to bring forward, right?

I received the best song from the best album of Paul Simon, which is another of the best albums of all time, which was “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” and the lyrics “she’s a rich girl, she don’t try to hide it”, which is about the enormous “richness”, i.e. force of our New World, and this was to say that “rich” is a compulsory thought about Elijah and my country, Denmark, which he cannot get out of his head, and also of course the lyrics (“people say that I am crazy”) “I got diamonds on the soles of my shoes”, and these diamonds are the Source to which all life is attached to bringing force to everything, and yes my dear LTO friends in Kenya, I am sure that you remember this album and song as much as you remember Jeff Lynne, which I brought you when I was staying and working with you, and I will NEVER forget how happy this music made you, and yes Elijah, do you still want to sing in the chorus with Paul (?), I am sure that it can be arranged, right Paul?

On my way home, I was shown strawberry and told that the juices are rising, and I was shown how strawberry juices where rising up from the Source through all life on top of it, and I was told that it has an incredible ability to be soaked up in everything we give it.

I was thinking about when I visited the Helsingør Town Hall in the autumn of 2012 where Johannes the mayor was the guide, and just how frightened he looked in his eyes when seeing me, and yes this is all the “proof” I need of the guilt of the Commune working against me based on negative feelings and the worst fear, and it may be that they don’t want to tell, but I know from this – and from my spiritual voice – that this is how it is, this is one of the main stories of my scripts, you know as my voice here tells me.

I saw that I had received a letter from the Psychiatric Hospital of Hillerød knowing that it was crazy Alex answering my email to him, and what would he say (?), and yes I was almost sure that he would say that none other than Helsingør Commune has received information from him about me

And I was told that this is how we removed the worst stink from the box of darkness, which we opened recently, and you can see his answer below, and yes according to him, it is only Helsingør Commune, which he has given information about me, and I was told that it has to get around the globe and into the Prime Minister’s Department to be approved, and yes when you give information to is it the National Police of Denmark or the Intelligence Service or both (?), which you spoke to, and this is what I am told here, and also that he would not admit to what he believes cannot be revealed, so we will see if this is light or darkness speaking, but this is how the story is given to me, and that is 100% the truth, and yes “impossible” for crazy Alex to understand, and yes I feel pity for him as you feel pity for me, Alex (?), and yes the opposite world it is where the doctor is the patient really.


It is the greatest fence scene of history, which is ending, and this is also because of Alex and yes combined with the Commune and the entire Danish system.

We started as a chicken and a foal came out of it, which is about the horse of our New World.

And it is this strawberry, which is almost impossible to keep from you – I am given the smell of strawberry here – but if you want to go on, we will do this, and of course I do.

We don’t understand how we could start the world without what we now have access to.

No, I don’t want to get out – which is about Bjarne, and what do you do then, and yes send a polite rejection maybe, Bjarne?

I was given the feeling of Alex and poor conscience, and can you really lie about this (?), and yes if you believe that you will get away with it, and this comes to me because this is what I am going right through now.

It is like pulling your shoe back as a spring, the further back you pull it, the longer it will go, which is about digging everything out before we will do creation.

I was given a vision of how I as a trainee in 8th or maybe 9th degree was working a few hours per week in the TV/radio store, which used to lie next to Danske Bank in the Espergærde Shopping Centre, where I stole two cassette tapes, which I know was WRONG – this is also how I was as young – and I was told that this is how Alex feels about me, as if he has stolen from me without giving back what he stole, and yes my life by giving me a WRONG “sentence” having a big impact of my life.

Can we get new socks even without asking?

Well, you cannot get two heart surgeries here for the price of one can you?

We will also never freeze in here.

I was strongly encouraged to call my mother over again over a couple of hours, and I really just wanted to relax, but finally I did, and normally this is about receiving her love to help our work, and after I spoke to her – John is doing somewhat better now and does not have to go in dialysis for his kidneys and my mother is somewhat more calm – I was told that this was the back bone we just had to get in, which is why it was important.

And this was to receive even more of the New World, which I am here shown moving in from outside on the other side of my balcony into my living room, so back bone of the New World it is.

Do you know how many names we have relieved?

You have no idea what your mother and Sanna speak about (?), and could it be my “attack” on the Commune, which is “difficult” for them too, thus helping creation.

We will now get four times as much in of that too?

I was given the thought of Alex thinking of me and my “spiritual voice”, and can it be that I am right and you are wrong, which is what is making you get poor conscience.

The first moment after closing the light – after having had it on “always” – it will become extremely dark, which is a moment we could do without.

So we have not quite landed fully.

Well the clock is not that many yet.

If we knew we would get such a house, we would cry, so is this what my mother keeps doing about me (?), and yes is my sister still telling her about how “crazy” I am without understanding that you are the most crazy of all, Sanna?

Are we now coming to a time where we can say that we have collected everything from the yard, and where do you want it (?), and yes at its right place of course.

I was shown the moving bar inside a stand watch ticking right in front of my eyes and saying “ding-dong” just like a heart is “ticking”, and I was told that we are now here at the very heart of everything, and I am thinking of this winner song of the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest, which I SIMPLY LOVED at the time, and yes me and watches/time you know, it is completely crazy!

So it was only the start of the New World landing with the 777, and this is just about your new heart coming, which we changed as easy as nothing with that telephone call to your mother, which now means that there is nothing old remaining even though everything is still acting as old.

And it happened without you feeling anything as wished, and everything is still arranged by me, and I felt my father inside darkness.

How many inhabitants are there in the world (?), and if you times this with one million (because of life inside the new Source) and then times four (our invention), and I felt an incredible happiness behind the act.

I felt my heart very weak, and I was told that you just have to let me get access to do what we did to John transferring that to here in a much bigger scale.

And it has to do with Jack and Alex, and Jack did not really believe before now that I was not crazy, and collected information about me too (through Alex), and when this was told I was given BIG pulsating knocks inside my right upper leg and potentially unbearable pain to my right foot, which is about the scenario they built up to the world to explain that Stig is crazy and cannot be God, which was just a part of the play of the world against Stig well knowing about my arrival but to protect their “interests” (!) and secrets, no Stig is not him, and I am here given “at your liberty” over again, which is about Duran Duran and Simon Le Bon and I also feel John Taylor here, and his/their faith is strong enough to lift us all the way up here, and I am shown a small passage coming from the other side beneath my balcony up to me at the very top with the feeling that it is impossible to reach me, but this is what faith of this band did after bringing this song the other day.

And it is here that Michael Jackson is too, and I felt Michael inside of me looking out with his/my eyes, and this was what the fireman, Robert, was supposed to do, to bring the road here, but now we did it this way.

Surely we are not about lowering down a man in spacesuit to you, yes your new self.

So not “fästmö” (engaged woman) your mother (?), and I was given the strongest physical pressure on my body almost unbearable, and this is the darkness we are now going through, and we have never seen a tomato plant hurling like this, and I feel and am told that it is only a very tiny part of the plant coming here to collect me/us to become part of something new and much bigger.

Oh Michael (Jackson), is it possible to imagine the whole world shouting for you to bring us all out of this darkness to our new Green Land, and yes “don’t stop ‘til you get enough”, let us bring this disco classic too, which was so good when I heard it the first times that I could not believe it was true that you could make music like this.

Yes, it cannot become worse than this, and I hear “kill kill” again, and this is because one of the main characters, Alex, cannot get me out of his head – and thinking of Electric Light Orchestra and “I can’t get it out of my head” everytime I write words like this.

I received the feeling of my dark father, and he said that Alex was my very weapon to destroy the world together with Jack’s department claiming that “Stig is crazy”, and yes there would be nothing to do then other than for everyone to lose their heads.

And as usual to write this too (?), and yes before going to sleep because darkness is strong – I am feeling physically the strongest of it – and these lines are now writing in my script at 01.00.

There are no match people out there, but this is how it will feel in the beginning – we are truly much bigger.

This was basically our plan to kill you and the world. Try asking Putin how close we were to the end of the world because he was the only one who could pulle the weapon – we don’t want any American tourists here – to dissolve all life, and this is what corresponds the system working against me to kill me.

The ice cake has not started melting, it is you that we are now coming to bring too, and yes you kept everything open right until closing time and our new creation.

So there is not limits to how many of the world not believing in you because of this, I am sorry that I had to put you through this, and this is the narrow passage that I am coming through, and still I receive smiles here because I know that “thousands” of people of the authorised world are reading me, and this knowledge combined with “chop suey” – faith of Asia – brought everything through.

This is how the world asked for its own termination as expected, but not quite according to your plans thus also my plans, my son.

These days I am given many visions and speech about my old class friend Christina, and the old manager of GE Capital Bank, Torsten H.

I was reminded about speaking to Allan at the library today shortly – we did not sit together – and also a third man, who said that he would go out to get “fresh air”, and yes as we bring for you and everyone from the New World and the Source.

I was shown and told that it is my father showing the New World through this very last darkness just around me and that is because I keep saying “you are welcome” even though the power – and disgust – is still strong to say the opposite.

So it cannot be darker than this, and this is also how the first welcome will look like. It is not the very end of the Germany national match now, is it?

It is Birger and Song and other friends who held all of this up when they decided to believe in you. We had gone out of stores and still we come here solely because of your will power after you also received your father against you after his death.

Even though it sounds incredible, Jack also helped our survival because he knew inside of his head that you are still Stig, which “everyone” could see, which was a main part of it.

So it was about pushing the button “national match times 10” and then to hold out for months to come over the conspiracy that Jack had put out to save his own behind – the department you know.

Can you feel the French too?

This – my entire life and our Old World – was only a mission towards something much bigger waiting on us, joy and happiness as I can easily promise.

I was shown a tribune with only one of very few people at the very left down corner, which is telling me “practically empty” compared to what I was shown a few weeks ago, which was a tribune with a few people here and there all over the tribune, which we have now brought in making the Old World practically empty, and I also don’t receive any sounds to my balcony or over anymore, or only a few, small sounds now and again really, and alright here I felt Boris Becker again, and he comes to me sometimes, and yes he was one of my clearest and first visions of all that I received in 2004, which is when my spiritual communication started and yes the tennis match against darkness.

Is it now about time to ride the ponies?

I was shown a giant football right in front of my head with the feeling that this is what the New World brings me now having come all the way in to me.

How many TV-stations all over the world do you believe only have to push a button to tell the story about you if something should suddenly happen (?), and yes I am glad that you are ready, but you were all chickens before anything happened?

You don’t have your name on the door here because the truth is that you have now thousands of doors leading in here.

The arrival of our New World using the setup of our Old World (!) – symbolised by Jette being blocked by Facebook

Jette sent me a Facebook email telling me that she had been blocked by Facebook and created a new profile and also a new Facebook group now called “Continuing Jorden som Forvandlingskugle”, where she had decided to post her new pictures because she said that she could not enter the old group, and she asked me to inform the old group about the new group to ask them to move over too, but I thought that we would lose people on the way doing this, so I decided to check if it was impossible for her to keep her old profile and group, and yes I am thinking of giving FULL information to let people understand because I discovered that her old profile works fine, she is only locked from entering it and later I understood that it is only for 30 days, and I decided to invite her new profile to join the old group, and still Jette said that she could not enter (!), but when I asked her to do it again after having myself opened for the old group for her as administrator and seeing that her new profile had access, she finally entered the old group and this is how we could use the old setup even though it is really our New World running it, see?

FB 090713 Jette mail

FB 090713 Jette mail 2

FB 090713 Jette mail 3

FB 090713 Jette mail 4

This is first Jette’s message about the need of the new group because she could not use the old, and afterwards her message saying that we have now returned to the old, and yes using the setup of the Old World inside our New World, funny right (?), and I was told that there was a risk to break a tooth, isn’t this just what we are saying.

FB 090713 Jette ny gruppe

FB 090713 Jette return to old

And maybe this is also about me too not being blocked by Facebook despite of many people having blocked me over time, so Jette was maybe taking this darkness away from me.

And it is about censorship of Facebook and politicians – and my local Commune – who did not want the truth out, which as a symbol was blocking me, but we found a new road and still carry on.

These are Jette’s messages telling just how tired she is of Facebook to be excluded and receiving degrading questions having to answer ”yes, I have understood” etc. – just like I had to do with YouTube for NOT having done anything wrong (!) – and yes this is also about giant corporations and their dictatorship, and are we ready to accept this?

FB 090713 Jette blokeret

FB 090713 Jette blokeret 2

And this is what you can read from below where some Danish politicians do not like the censorship and ethical dispositions of Facebook, and they would like to have a hearing about this, to start communicating with Facebook about their “policies/values”, which do not correspond to Danish values, and if they cannot get Facebook over on their side, they will try to influence the Danish public not to use Facebook (!), and yes this is what this is about, and to Facebook and politicians all over the world, let me tell you that there is really only one principle to follow, which it to bring FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to the world for everyone to be both free and responsible when communicating, which also includes not to expose sexuality/nudity to the public – which is what Facebook does not, but Danish “values” tell all people here that this is wrong, but it is really right (!) – and yes, if you are in doubt, all you have to do is to read my website/scripts to understand what good behaviour etc. is about.

FB 090713 Benedikte

Berlingske 090713 Facebook

And first I did not think that I would write this story, but when Troels said that he is waiting eagerly to see if two MP’s will establish a Facebook group about the great Facebook-threat about the community debate and “Jesus, doesn’t politicians normally want to have more debate about everything, Find real problems to solve”, I understood that the Jesus-part was a request to me to bring it, so thank you for letting me know, Troels :-).

FB 090713 Troels

FB 090713 Troels 2

Google Earth: The puzzle has to be put together from all dimensions – and the fool of the official system

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show many heads, fairytale scenery, movie on Greenland again, threading water and diving for gold, the puzzle has to be put together from all dimensions, the man with the silver voice, crocodile was all souls, and the fool of the official system meant to bring me down.

FB 090713 Jette 1

FB 090713 Jette 2

FB 090713 Jette 3

FB 090713 Jette 4

FB 090713 Jette 5

FB 090713 Jette 6

FB 090713 Jette 7

FB 090713 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena was the first to bring me the attention of “concerns” of the politicians about Facebook, and she used my words “fino-fino” saying that she would also like a function to block “fan-sites” of politicians, and says that she has reported a politician three times now, but he keeps showing on her front page and just the looks of him makes it turn inside of her, and she is truly ANGRY with him, and I wonder if this can be Henrik Sass Larsen from the Social Democratic Party, or do you have a better candidate than him?

FB 090713 Helena1

FB 090713 Helena 2

  • At the library I received this “strange” error saying “system error” because of an “IP address conflict” with another system on the network, and to me this means that the New World is moving in, and yes this cost an off-line connection for maybe 15 minutes, and this time it was only my computer at the library.

IP systemfejl



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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