July 11, 2013: Moving all life inside the Source now only waiting to open the top of the Champagne to bring creation


Summary of the script today

10th July: Moving all life of the New World inside the Source now only waiting to open the top of the Champagne to bring creation

  • Dreaming of the old pope and his poor communication not announcing my coming, and receiving advanced technology of Old Worlds.
  • The State Prison is not open, it is not where we are, it is only where we pretend that we are, and this is what I am experiencing that I am opening now. This is really about the implementation of the spaceship of everything inside of you. We moved in all luggage of the New World after I received the back bone and heart yesterday – with luggage being all life of the New World, and I received and passed darkness from my old friend Lars G. being inside of here as another part of my father with the life task to destroy this life! We have turned around and prepared every little thing before the grand opening of the first play in the cinema. I have now reached the inner command central of my father at the Source, and we are ready to remove the dark cloth around the GIANT gold engine of our New World, where my father and I are the first two cylinders of this making room for all others to come. We are full now except from your father or in other words, we have brought all of the duvet, which is what the Pyramid of the Google Earth picture is about. And my father is about to go to Greenland to set up his new office, which is the same as using his new camera to bring life to all of the creation of my mother of the New World or to open the top of the bottle of Champagne to let the Champagne of the Source pour out bringing our New World and new selves of everyone, which is what will happen when one of MANY doors from the New World to the Source will be opened – “it will be a START” :-).
  • I was told that the Commune now knows how ugly they have been towards me, and they consider contacting me, and are planning to bring me rehabilitation.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Pyramid being put together using all four dimensions of it, have a little faith in me, no more war – we honour you, greetings from the soldiers, who is who here – who knows, fly with me, Typhoon Soulik contains all heads/souls, going on for oneness, a nice big Indian helps the black-heads to go, going up or coming down through the whole of the typhoon, now is time to regret, but “sorry” seems to be the hardest word?
  • Short stories of Johannes now from DR TV not being able to bring the FULL story of the Boston Marathon, the last darkness still tries to stop me, Anton “could not” accept me as Facebook friend, and I’m back.

11th July: Transferring the soul of Jesus next to my father from the top/beginning of the world to become my new self

  • Dreaming of “sun alliance” and continuing work inside of the Source not knowing what to find, which is made difficult by darkness of Lars Løkke, and people of faith and no faith in me.
  • I did “impossible work” yesterday evening, which continued this morning when I went through the worst hell again doing more “impossible work”, which was done in order to bring all life of the suitcase of Lars G. inside of me. We have checked that everything of creation works, everything of it has begun, we have only not switched it on yet.
  • Shortly there will be no light anymore, and I was given a “turning off the switch” sound at my shelves – because the force of our new Source is strong enough to work without this light of ours. We would normally bring light to the most inner/top room of all rooms, which is where my inner self is located taking on sufferings of man, but when we do not, we are brought the deeper and much more valuable levels of it including a completely new road of eternity, which is more about decoration than anything else.
  • The task is now to turn around and transfer the flag ship of my new inner self from the top room to me – with my sister pushing as darkness – which normally would require the end of the world to do, but we will now do it including the city of Helsingør knowing about me and all force of people having visited the Arthur Findlay College in London since 2005 having my spirit on them working on this, and this requires much “balance” to do. It is from inside of here that the end – or beginning – of the world is located, and from here that my father placed me 2,000 years ago planning our merger at the Source, and also from here that I have been sending out darkness to the world because this is what my mother asked for as her tool of creation, and this is here that my inner self kept on working as “simple minded” darkness following my decisions and work as physical Stig, thus bringing building stones of creation. This room is now opening because of my penetration of the armour of Lisbeth from the Commune, which was the defence of darkness – together with the system/Commune – to keep me out. I felt a new hole being made to my left heel, and it is from this prison (of “termination”) that my new inner self is coming out, and this evening I received the first part of “him”, which will take 3-4 days before it is done, and I felt how the Source is with me now very strongly returning what comes to me. My mother is giving all of my feelings the same way as my father was too, and when he is not here anymore, you are really only your mother as your old self now but when you did not know, we pretended that you still were, which was good enough to keep the world up even though I did not have the power to do it.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a haircut 100 (to enter my inner self), a very clear head, dad playing with kid (father and son/God and Jesus/Stig), a funny sight on Google (?), half and half, South America and Machu Picchu, BELIEVE (my turned around inner self), they always care for us, we are still washing, come on I am here (on the other side), and completely the ring of pollution.
  • Short stories of Francis bringing me monster-darkness, a ninja of darkness from Helena’s circus, Lasse Rimmer allows me to say “in my world”, Helena is still the worst destructive darkness, there will be no mandatory DNA registers etc. in our New World, the “worst darkness” of all is a sponsor of Bjarne Riis’ cycling team, and darkness did not steal my last money.


10th July: Moving all life inside the Source now only waiting to open the top of the Champagne to bring creation

Dreaming of the old pope and his poor communication not announcing my coming, and advanced technology of Old Worlds

I went to bed at 02.30 and slept until 09.40 receiving this dream.

  • I am together with the old Pope, who is resigning, I am going to take over, it is morning and we have plans/events to go to during the afternoon, I believe that he has cancelled one, and he has not yet communicated about these events, which makes me annoyed, and he is now at the TV-room, which is where he has decided to spend his time as retired, and I feel myself wanting to change everything as the new Pope.
    • Is this about Pope Benedict now abusing his time in front of the TV still not having said anything about me to the world (?), and yes POOR COMMUNICATION my friends come at all levels of the Old World, and this is what I am changing with our New World.
  • Kenneth (from the old meditation group) and a lady friend of his are visiting me and want to watch some of my old video tapes, and I start playing an old tape, which I recorded from TV in 1988, and there is a clip of the Danish comedian as young here, the clip says that he was born in 1960, and I ask them it is isn’t funny to watch how TV looked like 25 years ago, which they also believe, and I have not rewind the tape, which I do, but I cannot find the beginning of the film I am looking for, and instead I insert a bought video film, and I notice that there is an incredible number of small buttons on my VCR, which is much more advanced than I thought.
    • So this is old tapes and old technology of old worlds, and we have a challenge to find the start of this or maybe even the start of everything (?), which I am sure that we will find.

Moving all life of the New World inside the Source now only waiting to open the top of the Champagne to bring creation

I was told about Walmart – (an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company is the world’s third largest public corporation,) – and their feelings of “when will the tour come to us” and yes being part of the nasty old world order about to take over power.

The State Prison is not open, it is not where we are, it is only where we pretend that we are.

So we have expanded your heart with this operation.

It is a little like a layer cake having expanded with the risk of falling together, as I am here shown, but no, we do believe that it will hold.

Well, those pocket money there in his pocket, i.e. mine, has a tendency to grow big and yes it happens all of the time.

We are retrieving amniotic fluid to bring out the best of this too.

Now we are telling people that the world does not end before 2095, which is because they cannot look into your eye, and this is of course to say that it is “TIME” with this favourite song/album of mine :-).

“Now it is enough”, this is the feeling I had strongly this morning about work, I felt ROTTEN and not up to any work at all, but then again, you will not get this out of me, which is what remaining darkness still wanted from me, to do nothing.

So despite of the number of hours of sleep, I was also DESTROYED today, so it was only light sleep I got.

I had never believed that we would find this small gold nuggets.

It requires/does not require paint work.

I was told that it is also my sister’s feelings making me feel like a zombie again today, and then I was given a sharp pain to my left thumb together with the feeling of closing down.

You can get so “fly forbandet” (“plane accursed”) as we say here, and yes the feeling of Alex not hating me but cannot stand the sight of me because whom am I to question his professional skills and knowhow (?), and yes a “proud” and emotional man too.

We don’t have a freeze dried cupboard here, this is the best way I can explain what we let, because inside here everything is REALLY alive.

This is really about the implementation of the spaceship of everything inside of you.

Before dinner today we will also have moved in all luggage of the New World, and yes after you received the back bone and heart yesterday – with luggage being all life of the New World.

Now (not even) the worst troublemakers can open this (our New World).

Have your mother been invited for the Olympic Games too, but sure she has, but not via you, but me, which is so far an unrecognizable voice as this voice itself tells me through darkness.

This is good for my self-confidence, and that is publishing of scripts, which I am now close to doing here at 14.15 today.

We are not a bathroom anymore, we have turned around too and yes preparing every little thing before the grand opening of the first play in the cinema.

And your sister and mother will fight about who did what, and yes who misunderstood Stig the most without really understanding what is coming your way, and yes simply because you COULD NOT speak directly with me/Stig but how many hours did you use speaking about me and your misunderstandings behind my back (?), and yes my own mother and sister being the worst darkness imaginable, which they of course also “could not” see because we just want the best for him, and yes amazing right?

And when I published the script, I was given the taste of pork roast made as pulled pork, and yes nothing better you know. And yes, this was also not the easiest script to finalise because of how I felt.

Who is not going to have a cheese sandwich (?), and yes you will all get one, and I feel/half see all life about to come in.

I was told that Benjamin Crème has been all the way to China to look for me (?), and haven’t you found me yet (?), and yes completely impossible for him to see that I have been in contact directly with you – or didn’t he know (?), and yes we will see.

So now it is only a matter of counting to 100 to get your new driver’s license.

I have not found my apartment yet, Stig, but where do you want me (?), and yes I don’t know, but I am sure that light or my dark father can guide you in the right direction, and don’t you have a unique code?

Where have we put the football then (?), and yes it only grew bigger and bigger over time.

Here was supposed to be a warning about your mother and the moon, but I felt that there is no resistance here anymore, the feeling and vision inside of me is an incredible thin membrane, which is broken down too. So now we only have the wind from behind on the bicycling paths, Jacob – for the first time.

Do you believe that the three from the Commune know themselves just how ugly they are because this is how you have painted them (?), and I feel Johannes here, and this is what is coming to me.

And how much do you believe was won/lost in that card game, and yes between your mother/John and his brother Kyril and his wife, and I understand that MUCH gossip was going out this way. Eeehh we are the worst trouble makers in the world you say (?), and we only wanted to stop you because we also “could not” understand?

I felt and was shown LTW headquarters in Geneva together with the feeling “we know too”, and yes about being one of my three headquarters of the world – spreading my spirit to the world – including the Parliament of Denmark and Arthur Findlay at Stansted.

So they need time to get out of the mud.

So this is how to open to a state prison leading right to your inner.

We had not needed to set up lamps everywhere if we had originated from in here, but we did not but we are happy to being here now.

We just have to finish playing and I hear my dark father saying “you are going to have it good enough”, no father, perfect!

Earth has in principle stopped spinning around the sun in 365 days, which the world knows.

Can’t we keep one small light as museum, please (?), not if everything has to be perfect, and yes fine by me if you can do both, and if you cannot, please do perfect.

Shall we contact him (?), and I feel considerations at the Commune, and am told that all of this is also controlled by your mother.

I was shown myself inside an orange with the skin around, and this is what we really are.

We also just have to go through this spaghetti to get to the pure gas/fire of the stove.

A couple of hours around 17.00 I was truly completely destroyed, and yes feeling almost as if I had not slept during night.

I was given the word strychnine and told that Lars G. is also at the most inner of me, and he knows about me, which is why he is sending me “poison” of darkness too killing me, and yes he is in no hurry to wash too.

I was told that Lars’ task was to try to make love to you, and yes he never stood a chance because I have never been to men, and I did not know that he liked both women and men even though we were closest friends, but for years he tried to convince me to be together with a woman together, and yes more than this is what he wanted.

I was told that he/I hide in a suitcase out of one thousand and can I get out too (?), but sure you can, and this is him, who was impossible to predict which moves he would do and yes the one trying to hide from me always, and the one you/we have kicked penalties against to get out.

If you have wondered, we have had negative score and yes since the SAGA concert October 31, 2012, where we broke through to this using all life as “energy”, which I have paid back since, which is to resurrect everything.

Your heart has arrived, so this is life self inside of this suitcase, which was the task in life of Lars G. to destroy via me.

There was no other time we could have launched the attack (on the Commune and Alex) in order to reach as deep to get in here. And even inside here there is a lamp, which this simple minded character in here is VERY mad to give away – this is the “museum-trap” from before, and we now see that this (no light) was the only way to reach into the “promised land”.

Kim S’ wife Pernille was also part of the closed door to here, but is now open too.

The famous journalist here, Reimer Bo, who also “cannot” accept me as Facebook friend was inspired in the Tour de France studio of TV2, when he was in fine fettle about his book on cycling saying that it is like dance music, which is what makes you jump up wanting to dance to, which was about our joy of creation coming out via you, Reimer.

I was given thought about Alex at the same time feeling cold pain to two of my teeth, this is what he meant to me, i.e. to bring the WRONG paper of the Devil designed to kill me/us all.

It is now the inner command centre you are reaching, and I was shown the IT room at the centre of the 2nd floor of the library symbolizing this.

I was reminded about phoning Telia, my Internet and TV provider, this morning because yesterday my second TV remote control received the same failure as the first one some months ago, which was one of the springs holding the battery, which was destroyed, and yes I wonder if this means that there is life having difficulties to use the spring to get up to me here (?) – but we will NOT leave anything – and as you can here from this call, the volume of my phone is so low that it is almost impossible for people to hear what I say, and yes darkness working against my phone too as it works against me.

I received thoughts “can the Commune really demand people to take life dangerous pills” (?) and I wonder if this is what Lisbeth has started thinking now knowing more about the subject, Lisbeth (?), which you “could not” find out on your own because of your blind faith in the system of Devil (?), and yes it is people like her killing people, and it is from here that we are still bringing in more life, and I am given some cough here again, and also another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was given the thought that some of my old class mates speak together behind my back, and also that Søren D.N. via such a channel has come to understand that I am indeed real, which is also bringing the last we need.

It is here that the rat has entered, and I see only the very last of the tale of the rat after it has entered a small cage of darkness, and this is darkness of Lars G/my father.

We are ready to remove the dark cloth of my father, which I am here shown as coffee package symbolising love of my father doing this act of darkness, to reveal a GIANT gold engine of our New World, which has been made as this engine preliminary only with you and me – my father and I – as cylinders, but there is room for all other coming after us.

And I was shown one riding ground after the other in one long house or one airplane after the other with a giant hat above containing everything as the same symbol as the cylinder/Sources.

So now my quota teasing you have been used up.

You are life self together with Karen.

So no one is going to be erased (?) as darkness asked, no!

I used my oven preparing dinner, and as so often before, it was stopped with an E3 failure, and I was told that I am the oven controlled by your mother, who decided to use me as darkness for creation, and it shouldn’t be easy to get telephone numbers (for transferral of life) out of me as I was told with a smile.

I was shown a GIANT office house with an open middle surrounded by floors all around it – as the opera tube really – and how John had been moved to the very edge of one floor almost being pushed out into the middle, but we kept him alive.

So you are the little pivotal point of everything.

I was told about “kotelet-fisk” (“chop-fish”), which I remember Jack’s mother’s mother doing in Vorupbør in 1982, which was the most delicious fish I had ever tasted, and this came to me very strongly making me think if this is Jack’s mother, Evy, thinking of me as “the fish”?

No, one is not unemployed any longer (“officially”), and they are now working on several options to bring you rehabilitation, which I understand that the Commune is doing.

For days I have been given feelings about Lyngby and the Commune, and I understand that there are connections between Lyngby and Helsingør about me?

I was shown my mother’s mother riding a black moped, and was told that we – of the Source – understood her (my mother’s) plans and repaid them, and I am thinking that it was really my father controlling my mother, or is it vice versa or both? So “kill kill” came from my mother.

We have now started moving in at our right locations.

Isn’t it exciting that we have used a new pencil (of this inner Source) to create new life?

I believe that we are full now except from your father there, or in other words, we have brought all of the duvet, which is what the Pyramid of the Google Earth picture is about.

I was told that my father has always dreamt about receiving an office on Greenland, which will not become the least dangerous operation because how will we get you to Greenland and back without anyone experiencing it (?), and we will first do this tomorrow.

I received two loud sounds to my oven, and was told that it is me haunting in here.

And this camera has never been used before, which is what we are bringing to Greenland.

And here at 21.40 I was asked if you believe you can write this also this evening, and no, I am sorry, I am way too tired/exhausted, but then again, I could so I did, and it is now 23.20 also completing this (trust me!) “impossible” work.

And this part of my father is the inner side of the top of the bottle of Champagne, and when this is opened, the Champagne of the Source will float again for the first time since the morning of times.

I felt and was told that we have really created the New World all around you – just on the other side of this very thin membrane – and we are just waiting on this moment to bring all of this alive, and while I wrote this, I heard “it will be a Start” by the Jam, which it sure will (!) – “what you give is what you get” – and this is still my favourite or the biggest New Wave hit ever in my opinion – just maybe Siouxsie & Co. have a couple in the same league, yes Israel and Arabian Nights you know and really also Spellbound the same way as the Jam have more too …. :-).

I received a sound from the balcony – really coming from the floor on the border to my living room – and I was told what about me (?), and yes you are welcome. And this is how we speak to each other, which is from the balcony to the oven, and if I remember correctly from parts of the Source outside but not yet inside the New World to the Source still inside prison.

Don’t we need many more sliding doors (?), and yes any of them can be the first entering here making the Champagne float, and this is about the New World entering me as a cell is entering an egg.

Who do you think first knew about you (?) – of the Commune – and yes Johannes the mayor, and why is that (?), and yes because of our meeting together with being Facebook friends, which Bjarne and Lisbeth “could not”, which is just to say that communication makes people understand and the opposite.

And what would have happened to this darkness of this now very thin membrane if we had exploded it before (?), and yes would it have been lost forever (?), we will see.

I was given a new sound to the oven and was told that no one wants to get out from here, and this is what we are digging into, and does this match an official approval/rehabilitation of you being on its way (?), and yes we feel it.

It is like a bathroom/dairy with a connection from a giant tunnel from below, and it looks like it could be improve in here.

Have we passed the stage about being tiny match people before “growing” up to full size (?), and yes this was one of the few remaining negative consequences should I have stopped my work/journey.

And I was told that Lisbeth “could not” inform Bjarne about my kind being/behaviour because they don’t speak together, so Bjarne was alone on top of the mountain of darkness having to decide in blind about things he has absolutely no knowledge about, and yes showing the world the best/worst example on just how wrong this is.

I received Prince’s “Sign o’ the times” and the lyrics “In september my cousin tried reefer 4 the very first time, Now he’s doing horse, it’s june”.

We cannot bring the water pipe into the closet without you bringing this work of today, which is why it has influence what I do already this evening.

I received a firm voice of my mother saying that you could allow your father once to do what he likes – to do “not perfect” – but no, mother, I will NOT take your advices, they stink!

What happened to Philip or Filip from Selvet – see February 2010 – and his friend the belly dancer, whom I healed around 2008 (?), and I understand this was an important story to.

We would only have started up as small if we had had to break through this last dark membrane.

This is impossible to remember, and yes I receive a déjà vue about losing my memory which may be if this darkness was to explode, and this would make us lose life/evolution, and this is because there is no where else to remember this.

So life is not granted, we are here thanks to your decision not to forget but to come out and get us, which was the only way to bring everything back to the Source, which was a risky operation you understand, and now it is yourself going through the same to go out and being turned around too as I understand it, and this is now given me strong feelings of fear just as in 2010 when I thought the end of the world was coming, and this is fear of people coming to me, which just may be the official system fearing me not because of me but because of their own WRONG actions.

Do you know what (?), Kirsten does not have poor conscience anymore, which was brought to her via feelings of my mother.

Isn’t it funny if “tik tik tik—-“, which is the sir name of Lisa, my old Fair colleague and priest of Lyngby, and that is if she has now been told by a rear channel of Fair that Stig is the one, which is bringing her, thus me, fear too, and yes think about showing such poor and impertinent behaviour, and then to me!

Google Earth: The Pyramid being put together using all four dimensions of it,

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Pyramid being put together using all four dimensions of it, have a little faith in me, no more war – we honour you, greetings from the soldiers, who is who here – who knows, fly with me, Typhoon Soulik contains all heads/souls, going on for oneness, a nice big Indian helps the black-heads to go, going up or coming down through the whole of the typhoon, now is time to regret, but “sorry” seems to be the hardest word?

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Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Johannes informed about an interview he had had with a victim of the Boston Marathon bombs, whom he liked very much, and I told him that it was a life confirming story, which however would have been even better if he had spoken the FULL story including the story of why he is now with the “competitor” DR TV after having moved from TV2, and right after this I was told about “acting” and received the feeling of Medina, who is acting too pretending not to know about me, and it was followed by Johannes saying that he simply does not understand my criticism and the “full” story you will get via all news channels of DR TV and Radio, and no, you did not (want to) understand that the full story is about the “pressure cooker” of darkness, which had to explode when I went through it, and I was told by my voice that there is more to your move to DR TV also related to me (?), but this may be darkness speaking, I don’t know, and yes “acting” of Johannes was the message to me here. Later I was told that Johannes is in USA as correspondent to cover Obama becoming me, and maybe even to ask Obama about me/us (?) because you have the “nerve” to do it, Johannes?

FB 100713 Johannes

  • I have not had time to follow Tour de France this year, but I do believe that Chris Froome is doing well (?), and here is a story from today where Cavendish was sprayed over with urine, which is a of darkness still trying to stop me, and just to say that I am still alive, and yes darkness of my father now packing down too as the very last and that is to bring room for everything inside of me as my residence.

FB 100713 Sporten

  • And no, Anton “could not” accept my Facebook friendship, and yes he was far too big a fool to understand – but he is one of my few WordPress followers receiving an email on all of my new scripts, which he however does not read.

•    Yes, the first part of me is indeed :-).

FB 110713 AnnaKarin


11th July: Transferring the soul of Jesus next to my father from the top/beginning of the world to become my new self

Dreaming of “sun alliance” and continuing work inside of the Source not knowing what to find

I went to bed at 02.30 and slept until 09.40 receiving this dream.

  • I am together with Kim S., a young male employee, Helle Aa and others to a big meeting at Codan Insurance about the development of something without knowing exactly what, and the male speaker, who looks very tired with red eyes, says that because of Lars Løkke, we have to save, and this is to make the numbers look better for Lars Løkke this year even though he has no idea what he is doing. I ask what 1 million invested cost net, and am told that it is about 2/3, taxes take care of the rest. When I talk, Kim S. is impatient and interrupting me not really listening, which is removing my self-confidence. After the meeting, we are invited to a room to do a test choosing the test ourselves. Approx. half has been tested, and I tell people that I would rather use the military budget to help people and planes for food. The young male employee has much confidence, Kim S sees him as a star, and he complains that he has to attend this test when it is only approx. half doing it. We will go to Espergærde, where there are not that many people at the bar, or Helsingør afterwards, where there are more, to take a beer. I enter the canteen, and see Lone G. and Tine H. (old class friends from Espergærde) at a table, Lone is topless, I try not to look, and I see that both have taken drugs, and especially Lone is so stones that she is almost impossible to get contact with, Tine is doing somewhat better. I make an agreement to see them later on Amager because I would like to help them out. I meet my Allan (also old class friend) at Hørsholm Shopping Centre and I receive a small ice-cream cone, and then Søren D.N. (also class friend) arrives, and I receive a GIANT ice-cream cone, and when I speak to him, I can see that he does not take in my words at all and instead he crush the ice-cream out in my head, and he also wants to fight me and hit me in the head with a chair, he cannot control himself, but finally he stops, and I give him a record of mine, which he can listen to.
    • Codan Insurance is owned by Royal Sun Alliance, which is about our Sources being united, and we keep developing this without knowing what will come out of it, and the work is made more difficult because of Lars Løkke only thinking of not spending too much money and to look good in the public without having an idea what he does – this is how this man works, and this is the man most Danes want to vote for!!! When I worked with Kim S. he had the nasty habit of quite often – with customers – not listening to and interrupting me making me look like a fool, and this is to say that he is still not really listening to me, the young employee may be me, whom Kim nevertheless regarded as a young star, beer is about going to the Source, which may mean that he has “heard” about me from the insurance industry of Denmark telling him that I can be trusted (?), and that is because you “could not” read me yourself, lazy Kim? Lone and Tine apparently don’t believe in me hence Amager, which is about the worst darkness, but still they are “groggy” because of me (?), and yes also sending me darkness of my “old nightmare”. And Allan gave me some sufferings, i.e. ice-cream, which was nothing compared to Søren. And the red eyes of the speaker is what I have today.

Transferring the soul of Jesus next to my father from the top/beginning of the world to become my new self

I was told about an arbitrage department, and it is like starting all over again setting up, and I was shown an egg being hatched on my balcony, and this is like ice on fire, which I feel the closer we get.

I felt my father of darkness and was told that his task was to make it impossible to start the engine of our New World, but it would have happened anyway.

I don’t want to make larger bread than I can bake, so your mother is not really cold, it is just something we play.

Have we received sunstroke? You may be millions of years old, I will not do it as the voice of darkness said on the balcony, which was led by my sister.

This is because I want to pee so much.

If you poured out all goodwill on backs, and something, which cannot swim is what we now fight.

We cannot afford yet another round, but since Sanna has not reached Peru yet, we do it, and what do we find here (?), and yes another school leaving examination, and have I been here before but given up to get anything out of this (?), yes, but this is what we try again yet with power of a big crane, which is lifting up a big stone and look who comes out from underneath, a big black man, which is also because of darkness of Niklas, and this is the man we bring up today.

It is like having a mosquito net where there are no mosquito’s but still sharp items easily tearing up the net, and these are coming too.

This is something we did not even catch at the spaceship of everything. It is not because of overfull airplanes, but we will bring these too without problems.

We don’t play with telephones anymore, we have non, but we pretend that we do.

I had gone to take a long bath having time to do it today, but when all you want to do is to relax, and you almost constantly are bothered with new notes to write down, it makes this some of the worst hell to go through too, and I could decide to stop writing while bathing or to think that I will not do this again because this is as disgusting as it gets, and yes you should try to walk in my shoes to understand, and feeling Dave Gahan and Martin Gore behind him.

And it was a fight also receiving negativity wanting to make me give up, and today my eyes were running in water and hardening, and yes tired again.

There is no reason that this holiday is not to begin well too. I was given the taste of cigarette smoke and was told that this is artificial smoke, i.e. darkness/sufferings.

How much is such a duvet (?), we don’t know yet but we have started.

This is only possible to do because of a direct showdown with Søren D.N.

Shortly there will be no light anymore, and I was given a “turning off the switch” sound at my shelves.

I was given the sound of firecrackers to my balcony, which is what we are bringing up while we are pulling white curtains out.

I was given the name of Astrid Lindgreen and told that I have never made homo-films, but Pippi’s house and horse are also symbols of me.

We cannot get used to having so expensive carpets, which makes us want to tear them off, and it is inside of this force that we find this life, which we would have made light from because of old habits, but when stopping this, we find something much deeper and more valuable.

This compares to receiving a case of 20-DKK coins (looking like gold) instead of a case of 5 øre (looking like bronze).

It is like opening for a bedroom hidden inside the wall of a bedroom. It is this, which is making rubber bands.

I was shown a car driving on very ramshackle boards, and I was told that they would probably fall down anyway to a solid dark parking cellar of concrete.

I was shown the Norwegian and Dutch (previous) Queens and felt faith, and was told and shown that this is an unbreakable bond over me.

We are now landing more parts of the spaceship, and I was shown a brush. We have found a completely new road of eternity inside of here, isn’t it funny (?), and I was shown a two-divided rib going on forever, which turns into an eternal rack.

I was shown a thin, fragile and eternal Olivia inside the carpet, which Popeye the Sailor rolls out.

I was shown a wooden bucket, which includes a black plastic bucket to our surprise.

I was told that it was given that Rihanna would attend the Roskilde Festival this year because of her inspired song “Diamonds” – about the diamond of our New World – and this is even though Roskilde is a rock festival, and she is a pop prin-cess, and Diamonds has been played much, so here is a hit song of hers, which I enjoyed when I was on Mallorca in 2007, and yes I really needed that umbrella to save me from rain/sufferings.

This is more about decoration than anything else.

I was fighting the worst hell in the bathtub including negativity wanting me to be negative – not easy to come through when this should make most people MAD/”insane” – and I was shown an egg hatched in Paris with four connections to it, and I do believe that it was also a thought about stopping, which made me see the egg hatched on my balcony earlier, but no, we are not done yet.

I was shown and given feelings of Falck and Robert thinking that they are probably thinking of me.

I was shown a new hole, which we would normally bring light to, but instead we are now bringing a coffin out from there.

I was shown my backbone being kept dark with everything around it being light, and my mother is sewing, which is the way to do it.

I was told that when I returned home to Denmark in 2009, and drove with Hans to their derelict farm in Southern Sweden, he saw that I am not crazy, which was another of those important moments.

I was shown a high tree tower when looking up towards the sun, and how could we have avoided seeing this tower, which we are bringing in now.

I was shown the Yin Yang sign and was told that without light/darkness, no creation.

And this work now with this eternal rib could not be done without faith of Kim S. This is bringing us as long back to the roots, i.e. original life, as possible.

I was reminded of the system error of Scribd connected to Facebook (when I removed the Scribd connection from Facebook approx. one year ago, Scribd “decided” that I wanted to delete my account, which it then did, which however was NOT what I wanted) and I was shown and told that this does not happen here, we can feel that everything is right, and if not, my left leg would receive a strong inner pulsating beat which I was then given, and I was shown an airplane crashing into a mountain, but no, this will not happen.

I was shown a train made by white chocolate including brown chocolate, and it tanks up at strawberries hanging over the railway, and I was told that all of this has begun, we have just not switched on yet.

This means that the newspaper printing press is running faster than ever before.

I was shown a Boeing 747 from the inside, it is dark and it comes to a hangar, where it is turned into a supersonic plane.

Everything is flooded here – because of sufferings – but still I see an onion floating on top.

I was shown Dirch Passer, and was told that it is “good enough”, and this is about Danish comedians and actors being the greatest in the world because these include “special friends” of mine, and it comes after I was shown the old actor Karl Stegger the other day where I was told the same without writing it, and yes there have been MANY wonderful comedians and actors over time here, and “the best in the world” you understand (?), but no Paul from Arthur Findlay does not.

I was shown “30 new family houses” and MANY cones growing up from a bucket full of ice.

I was given the thought of the cheap baker at the Helsingør business exhibition some months ago, and who thinks about me living on “nothing” (?), and yes John, isn’t it funny, and yes the man whom my mother is afraid about telling that she is buying things for me.

We did not know that we could take the airplane this late.

So was Jack working on my “craziness”, which made him understand that I was really the opposite of crazy, i.e. normal.

This only emerges at the end of season and time, there is nothing here but still we have always walked upon a whole forest, which is the true world if you ask us.

I wrote the script of today so far at home and went to the library after lunch, and when coming there, I was told “strychnine”, which was about transferring all life from the suitcase of Lars G. and I was told that the work I did yesterday evening and this morning is what made this come through, and yes I really did harder work than I like to do, which I promised myself that I will not do again, because this is the kind of work tearing too much on me making it a risk that I cannot continue.

This is the dream scenario coming through, and yes with Lisbeth believing – thinking of my name on Google Earth too – and my sister leaving for Peru.

I met Allan at the library again, and again we could not sit together, but I received another of his excellent coffee experiences yesterday (this time at Gentofte library), which he likes to tell me about, and yes I like to hear it, and we know it is Thursday today and there is jazz at the main square of Helsingør from 15.00 to 18.00, and I may have time to go there, so I invited him to go there too, but he could not because of much work, and yes it does not matter to me if he is homo-sexual or “straight” because I have no “plans” whatsoever in this content no matter what he is, and yes focus on the positive side of people instead of the negative, and how many people of today “cannot” be in the same room with homo-sexual’s (?), and not because of them but because of themselves.

It goes out into space first, and then back (via the spaceship), but this is a technical detail.

I was reminded of my visit to my mother and John the other day when the door bell rang, which rang with Beethoven’s “Für Elise”, which made me tell that this was one of the beautiful melodies by Beethoven, which Caroline – Karen’s daughter – used to play on piano around 2004, and here it is in a beautiful version also including orchestra, and yes think that Karen and I – theoretically – could have been together for almost 10 years now if she had not “misunderstood” me and chosen sex over true love.

The egg does not come long from the trunk, which is also true in here.

So it is I inside this spaceship, who is not turned right, and do you think that I can turn around too (?), and yes of course you can.

I was told about my mother being the true holy spirit – the original and most inner part of my mother – having many “copies” of her of later creations, and so does my father.

Something about Lars Løkke, he is from Jutland too – a sign about people I know from there (?) – and has the potatoes not have enough yet (?), and yes patience is not one of your best virtues is it Lars (?), and you don’t like to be “criticized” in my scripts (?), and isn’t it funny that today you are a “role model” of many Danes, but in practice you are nothing else than a fog horn as so many others (?), and yes impossible it is for you to start working instead of speaking and not knowing what you speak about?

So we are not going out on a similar journey like the one we just did (?) – bring it on if needed (!) – and I am here given the feeling of Ulla from news on TV2 the same way as I was yesterday about Natasja, and this is about my story of Johannes yesterday, and “now you know better” what Johannes will be doing on DR1 TV about Obama and I?

Nobody is refusing your entrance, so what are we waiting for (?), and I felt flowers of my mother.

Christoffer – Mette’s son – can wait to fight until he had grown-up, and yes he will not go up against me directly, and is this what he has offered?

Are we going to bring forward the flag ship, which will cost even more (?), and yes it will first be built on Monday July 15, and it requires a strong feeling around right ankle. And this is about me climbing down into you from the Spaceship.

This is about the bringing in of the mummy of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which normally would require an eclipse of the sun – i.e. the end of the Old World – but now the whole city knows about you, and I felt that some of these are also reading and spreading the news of my journal from and email to the Commune stored at Scribd, so we will try to do without anyone will notice and that is to bring home the turned around ship of my new self.

I left the library at 16.00 and drove shortly to the square to see that all seats were taking for the jazz, and I did not also want to sit there alone mainly because of the constant sufferings I am given, and I was told that Allan from the library is also bringing me sufferings because he is not pure at the edges not saying what he is truly thinking.

What now comes is the reason why my mother and the Old World should be dead.

I was told that the one making fun of me and the end of the world, Piet, now knows too about me, which I am told that Niklas has told him.

It is first at the very end that you can see us wearing everything.

The word “balance” keeps being mentioned, and the other day I was told about my sister receiving a “mysterious” virus on her balance nerve maybe 20 or 25 years ago, which may be about destructing the balance of everything.

We have used all power on the sport (fighting darkness) and have nothing left to this task of bringing my inner self home, so how will we turn him around and bring him in (?), and I was told that it is like a remote-controlled ship, which you only have to receive, and it is coming no matter what.

It does not look much better in France now than it did under Sarkozy, and is the system too strong for you to handle and you are too weak, Hollande (?), and this was the system influencing Angela Merkel negatively about me, and can it be that the most powerful lady in the world still does not understand (?), and this is why nothing has happened in Syria, because of her, and yes when she did not believe in me, the world did not interfere in Syria already from the beginning as I encouraged the world to do meaning that many killings, which could have been avoided, was not, and do you believe that you can live with this, Angela (?), and yes you cannot come from a small Gallic village (from Asterix) to change the world by yourself, is this what you were thinking, Angela (?), but yes, it goes pretty well you know, and I am feeling Obama here too, whom you also did not believe in as being another part of me (?), but it is not impossible that now she knows.

And no, we will also not be finished by the end of next week, and yes Stig, if this is the case, and if I can – it is very tough right now – we will go on and that is even if we should use the rest of the year as I have said.

So I – my new self – is the last, whom Sanna is now bringing in.

I felt Allan from the library followed by Lars G. and I was told that it is unbelievable good to be in here.

What do new crop circles say (?), and “M”.

Do you know what is in here, and I see a fire now only with live coals.

The transfer process has now started.

I was told about Rugsted & Kreutzefeldt, whom I have felt the last couple of weeks, and eeehhh the professional sound man, whom I met twice at lectures of his at the HiFi-club in 2010 and 2011, where I happened to pass by, who is the sound man of this band, and is there a connection there, Stig & Jens?

It cannot go wrong now – because of your mother’s love, and I see flowers everywhere.

Isn’t this what is Himmler’s, i.e. Kim S’, task, which is to bring you safely down, and yes Kim really seems to be this man as I was told already years ago.

I was told that all of the British music industry with Jeff Lynne in the lead is with you, and then it cannot go entirely wrong, and that is because I have good “special friends” there, and yes the best music in the world, which was their task and the task of Britain, and much better than US music in general if you ask me even though there are also many wonderful US artists.

So it is you, whom we have left all the way down the corner – I see an empty room with very dark red walls – and it is now time for you to come out, and no, you have not slept there but taken on all sufferings of man brought to you until you, Stig, would be strong enough to get me/you out.

We have passed the match stage of people, where your mother would try to maintain life until you were placed.

It would be like a party without a king if we could not bring you out.

Somehow I found a beautiful lady from Peru on YouTube, and I thought about a connection to Sanna and Hans going to Peru next week, but she showed more of herself in a not suitable way, and I was asked to stop watching her because she would block from the transferral of my inner self, which I accepted despite of my STRONG genes wanting me to watch both her and what is much worse, and later I was told that this was a choice between my mother/my “old nightmare” and my inner self.

It is from inside of here that the end – or beginning – of the world is located, and this is the room from where we are bringing out your coffin as shown before.

We were willing to go through both World War III and IV to bring you out.

I was shown Pierce Brosnan and was told that 007 has heard about you too, and I was shown a boat sailing out of the most noble channel of them all inside a mountain.

We have to pinch ourselves at little for you just to walk in here getting you/him out, and this is what Lisbeth’s armour was hiding as the tool of darkness, which was impossible to penetrate helped by Bjarne and the Commune.

So the true Jesus is hidden inside Lisbeth, who has now decided to release me, and I had to do the impossible to open Lisbeth by going against all of the much stronger but ignorant system, and also to have my mother in my back.

Well, you don’t become friends with Jesper – the fire station leader of Lyngby and Gentofte – by telling him the direct truth of his WRONG prioritisation of a “work project” infecting people with laziness and wrong attitudes of Falck, do you (?), but yes, I am told that Jesper is using my advice – from my Falck memo.

And who is right now reading you starting to get things on place (?), and yes Johannes from TV2.

I received some pressure to my heart, but it was nothing compared to when I received my new heart.

In 2008, I was thinking of buying myself a new flat screen TV, which I did not do, and I was told that the less I had, the better it would be in relation to my Kenyan friends.

So your heart is on place, and now you just have to walk in and spread all of your elastic material around everything.

It is I, who wanted to cut off the throats of people, and I was brought here planning the merger of father and son as part of the Source 2,000 years ago. And then we just have to change your old self of your father with the son.

It is from here that we have poured out the waterfall (of sufferings) over you via your sister being the most unreasonable person in this world.

I received a loud sound to the balcony, and was told that it is only me here waiting on you, and by now it was 21.00, and I was encouraged to write my notes down in the script this evening, but no, I cannot, and yes it is even worst than yesterday.

I received the feeling of a not small hole being made to my left heel from within, and this is what we are going to get out of.

I was told that the eye (of the tiger) on one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures is my eyes for the first time out in the world.

The fun part is that your mother knows deep inside of her about you, otherwise we would not be here.

I was shown Picadilly Circus in London and the fountain there of the Greek God Anteros, where I remember sitting a couple of hours in 2006, and I was told that it is there that we planned this, and this is because this is the centre of time, which is what we brought with us to Denmark/Helsingør.

And this is why we would like you and your mother to go seeing Sting play live in Tivoli on Saturday, which is two days from now, and yes my mother said when we watched Suede that she would like to see Sting too, and I should have followed up on this and planned/agreed with my mother on this a long time ago, but now I will tell her tomorrow, and we will see if one day’s of notice will be too short for her, and yes she can easily have changed her mind when we have not spoken about it since.

So it is the whole world I am transferring to you, and my inner self was inside of my left leg after having been transferred previously from Karen.

I was told that my mother is giving all of my feelings the same way as my father was too, and when he is not here anymore, you are really only your mother now – so I am not my father anymore (!) – but when you did not know, we pretended that you still were, which was good enough to keep the world up, and yes the feeling of Cliff Richard keeps coming to me.

I had vanilla ice-cream and I was given the taste of it being nougat ice-cream, which was the same as pretending to still being my father – as part of my old self as the hybrid being of my mother and father – and again I received the feeling that doing this work is also about saving my mother (or other parts of her).

We also could not do this without Allan from the library.

I have the large envelope with me up to you, Stig, and yes I have placed you a little higher than myself (my father).

I was told that Sting brings precisely that “nothing”, which we need to bring out the last of you, and his new album “the last ship” may indicate that he is indeed needed to bring out the flag ship of me, and yes “if I ever lose my faith in you” is one of his many beautiful songs.

FB 110713 Sting

I was given the clear physical feeling of pressure from a forefinger inside my left shoulder and I felt how it was directed by the presence at my balcony, and this is from my inner self, and my father said that he was sorry leaving me, and this was the first step, we are now inside of you, and it does not only require magic when transferring everything through your mother when your father is not here, which is why she has to go to Sting too.

Isn’t a Montrachet white wine (and other Burgundy white wines around this field) even better than an Idig wine (?), and I cannot tell you, I have not tasted it (the prize of it is CRAZY!) and that is other than a grape from the field of it back in 2000, I believe.

No, you cannot take pictures (creating life) before you are right on the top, which I have left for you (from father to son).

I was told that this required warm feelings of Elijah, which is why I was given the song by Paul Simon.

No, you cannot direct a chimpanzee of darkness – my new self – inside of you, when you only have your mother remaining (the feeling was that I am not near strong enough doing this, or should not be), but this is what we are doing now, and again I was told, will you please not write, and no, I simply cannot this evening, and this is how it was, I could not, so this last part of the script is first written tomorrow morning.

Hi Stig, it is only I, Harry Potter, out here on the balcony, but now I also feel myself inside of you.

I was thinking that all of the New World should be me, but it was my mother now becoming me as I understand it, and still everything was inside of me somehow.

I was shown myself quickly taking on trousers of the Tivoli guard, and I was told that I will be transferred at Tivoli when watching Sting, which I have just been told.

I was shown the statue of Holger Danske inside an ice block, which is quickly melting and releasing Holger, and yes he was removed from Helsingør because of my father’s death – by a “crazy” hotel director wanting to make money to make his ac-counts look good – which was really a symbol to say that I would not make it and not even the mayor could help me.

And this is what brought me the potentially unbearable pain to my left leg almost cracking/exploding, which was the world almost exploding as a result, but when you did not faint/stop working, we saved the world from going under, and who knew this (?), and yes the people following you.

When my father is not here, who has then given life giving nourish to the world, and yes mother – what about John too (?) – who had to receive it from father, which was therefore a slightly crazy way to go, but it worked out.

Does this mean that Jack is with me now (?), and yes from since a long time back now.

There is not surveillance included in all smart phones, is there (?), and yes are you busy weeding out (?), and yes text messages etc. tick directly in to USA/EU when people write them, which was part of the system to control man and what was the original purpose of this (?), and eeehhh to protect the world elite (?), which was lost on the way until the system would take over with the system being the collective darkness self, which the single man could not do anything about, this is how it worked as it worked inside the Commune etc.

I was given a sound to my floor next to my sofa, and was told that we are now in (from the balcony).

So we could not do this without support of Jack.

We have also done this without cracking the Danish handball world as much as we could have.

I was watching a disaster film on TV, but I had to change chan-nel because I felt how this disaster was repeated, strengthened and returned from inside of me from the first part of my inner self having arrived, and when I watched some sport with cricket instead, I now received the feelings of crickets coming to me strongly from my inner self, which you know is from the Source giving what you give.

I was shown Meat Loaf as a dark monster guarding the tunnels inside of this mountain, and was told that he was part of this darkness we had to cross, and yes you had “lost it”, Meat, when I saw you in concert in 2008 in Hillerød, Denmark, where you had no breath remaining making it very difficult for you to sing, and is this how you feel about me too?

So the streets of London are the first we see because this is from here that we are coming from.

I was shown a locked room inside the Espergærde Sport Centre – where I played table tennis as a teenager (and also some football) – and how this is opened symbolised the opening of my prison.

“Wait a minute”, and I felt a break if we had not Jeremy, the presenter from BBC’s Top Gear, with us, and I was shown a car driving quickly in the mountains, which is Jeremy bringing me quickly forward because surely “the Stig” – as brought on my website – is not Jesus self (?) as I see him saying with a smile, but yes it is and a secret “impossible” to keep also for you, Jeremy (?), and you “just want more of this” the incredible powerful “King’s egg”, right (?), and all you know is that I am called the Stig?

I was told that one of the most critical moments I went through was when I was going to Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, London, the first time in 2005 when I was late ordering an air ticket, which made me have to go via Gatwick airport – instead of Stansted or even Heathrow – meaning that I had to take a two hours drive by public bus to get to Stansted (as I remember it), and this is because this college is the engine making this transfer possible because everyone having been there since has been “infected” with my spirit working for me and this without knowing it to bring me the power needed to do this transfer.

I went to bed at 23.40, and I could not write anything this evening, and was told when lying myself in bed: “Do you believe that we have created a strong enough defence not to disappear again” (?), and this is about protection from darkness coming during the night.

Google Earth: God and Son playing being washed still turned around

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a haircut 100 (to enter my inner self), a very clear head, dad playing with kid (father and son/God and Jesus/Stig), a funny sight on Google (?), half and half, South America and Machu Picchu, BELIEVE (my turned around inner self), they always care for us, we are still washing, come on I am here (on the other side), and completely the ring of pollution.

FB 110713 Jette 1

FB 110713 Jette 2

FB 110713 Jette 3

FB 110713 Jette 4

FB 110713 Jette 5

FB 110713 Jette 6

FB 110713 Jette 7

FB 110713 Jette 8

FB 110713 Jette 9

FB 110713 Jette 10

FB 110713 Jette 11

FB 110713 Jette 12

FB 110713 Jette 13

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Francis wants to put “snails, frog legs and maybe Monster on the pan” tomorrow when he will cook on TV, and tell me what this “monster” part is about (?), and alright if you do not, I will, and this is about difficulties to is it getting in who I am or letting it out sharing the secret with others, Francis (?), and nevertheless, you are bringing me the worst monster-darkness as a result too.

FB 110713 Francis

  • Helena is on holiday with her lady friends on her beloved island of Samsø, and she had a long cycling tour with Jane today, whom she calls for “Ninja Jane”, and yes Ninja as Anders Matthesen used the other day in the dynamite-cake, which is the same darkness coming to me and yes directly from Helena’s circus.

FB 110713 Helena

  • Lasse believes that “there is nothing called “in my world” unless you are psychotic, delusional or God, or all three at once”, and yes it is almost as if you know that the official system and many others have believed that I am the first two, but I am really the third, and yes you are welcome “in my world” too or “our world” as I like to call it.

FB 110713 Rimmer

  • Helena has stolen a large handful of berries from a field, and she waits in excitement to have her legs locked by a delicious officer and later she says that she is almost peeing in fear/excitement from stealing berries, which gives her a rush, and berries are here about our New World, the police is darkness and peeing is about destruction, and this is what crazy and stupid Helena is still sending me, and do you get it by now, Helena, when reading this that YOU WERE CRAZY and not I (!), and is this how loud you have shouted out my name “beware of that man”?

FB 110713 Helena 2

  • Michael brought this made up dialogue about Danish People’s Party wanting to register all Danes in a DNA-register saying “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”, and the difference is to do this voluntarily and not mandatory, Peter (!), otherwise “Big Brother is watching you”, which is what we do NOT like here, and Simon suggested in this made up dialogue that they could also suggest to implement microchips in children, which Peter of course thought was a splendid idea, and no, it is NOT, and NOT at all my friends (!), but “funny” that Michael was again inspired in relation to the microchip as I have written about before (a mean/plan of the Old World to mind control people of their “ideal” New totalitarian World).

FB 110713 MW

  • This is one of the RICH sponsors of Bjarne Riis’s professional racing cycle team, and yes one of the newly rich from Russia, who cannot control himself with hookers, money and extreme luxury now also here exhibiting him as the worst darkness of Hell in the world in the same calibre as Berlusconi, and do you think I like this (?), and no, it is about time to close down this too. And I wonder if this eccentric man is pushing you to “make results” including the worst and most dangerous cup of doping-cocktail, which you can find, which cannot be traced yet (?), is this how it is, Bjarne (?), and yes it would be easier for you to speak the truth if you had pulled out from this circus, but when you are in it, you cannot speak the truth making you look like a clown to the world?

FB 110713 BT

  • A gang of Eastern Europeans are stealing credit cards from people and here from my ATM at Jyske Bank in Helsingør (!) by attaching a device to the slot, which makes it impossible to retrieve the credit card, and when people leave, this gang has spied on you to get the pin-code and with the card in their hands, they are off to get a quick start, and yes stealing money, and this is what I could have been subject to too, but no, darkness did not steal my last money.

HD 0907 110713 automat

  • Yes, the first part of me is indeed :-).

FB 110713 AnnaKarin



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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