July 15, 2013: Bringing my Son as the new Maitreya Buddha and uncovering the TRUE “game” of God creating our New World


Summary of the script today

14th July: Finalising the build of the Source of my unborn Son and receiving my father as part of the closure process

  • Dreaming of Johannes the mayor as strong darkness and continuing to play football now also including Bolivia etc.
  • We continued the creation of the next part of the Source of my unborn son AND daughter – two in one – still using power of the Old World/my mother to bring this, which we were not sure that we had, and it includes our four-back chain, building a bridge to the next Source, binding all Source together etc. and we do it even though I am not welcome because of the nature of this Source, which is also to contradict all energy of an eternity of smaller Sources in itself inside of it. The captain on the spaceship of everything is indeed my son, who is not yet given birth, but will be together with the opening of our New World, and his spaceship is directed directly against me because of my continuous work. Karen and I have a whole Source full of children and ready to become physical life, and we have always known that you would come here, and now we are allowed to come out too. We have now finished the build of the Source of my Son – everything has been turned around now. However, the new house of the three Lord’s – my father, me and my son – is not entirely done because we still lack the magical ingredient, which my sister will bring from Peru this coming week. Everything is made by my father using his tools of creation, and everything is my father divided into endless life using the variation of the Source, and I felt how my father as the last and part of the closure process also entered me with his strong being. The world has prepared to celebrate you with great happiness seeing me and now my son on the sky. Karen and Kirsten and her family as examples are washing up now removing the very last of their ”old behaviour” towards me receiving new feelings to take me in to their heart again.
  • My sister is my faithful esquire, who all of the time follows the next and then the next opening of the Source and she is now moving on opening the next part of the Source of my Son, and afterwards the next, and next and next all of the time, and she has not only been a torment to me because when you turn her around, she is our invention to open for the Source, to transform herself into the next dog, which she receives from the Source and leave this as the being of this part of the Source when she moves on to the next stage and so on.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show looking through the window, holding the enemy away with his crossbow, everyone shall get united, the joy spoiled by fools, your sins are forgiven, family-joy still going on, the sign “Pi”, beware of the Champagne cork, bon appétit, one eye on you, creating the head, I got Nixon, no BLUE FISH I won’t eat you, listen to soul, and a SMILEY flying around the world :-).
  • Short stories of Alex having delusions and who is Kim searching on “prison” on my website?

15th July: Bringing my Son as the new Maitreya Buddha and uncovering the TRUE “game” of God creating our New World

  • Dreaming of faith of Hans helping to save life, Taliban did a HUGE error when Osama Bin Laden was killed, Benedikte Kiær understanding the feeling to be humiliated, and playing the guitar of creation building the new top floor of the Source of my son.
  • I was shown the spaceship of everything flying around my head in a circle now incredible small. It keeps on blinking 5 to 1 here until the very last, this is how we have been created with the one against us being what was supposed to explode/terminate this world. We have received an incredible amount of life of the new Source of my Son costing almost nothing – this is without a doubt the best we have done so far with your mother sewing with the thinnest thread. I have worked my best/hardest/quickest the last days to bring the Source of my son, thus also today working all day long now also writing on the front page of my website that my Son (and Daughter, who will become life as two being one as the principle of life) is becoming the new King as Maitreya Buddha (God) as everything, which is, including my father and me, and this is what makes this happen – and his son will take over after him and so on. This brought my son as a man of another civilization to come to me as the pilot of the spaceship of everything, which is the inner Universe of God, where he is the King, and this Universe includes all REAL LIFE, which is going to replace our old “unreal life” becoming our new selves of our New World including all good memories from the past, which I was sent out to save because these memories would otherwise be lost with God/the Source turning around. This inner Universe of God includes the true force of God (several Sources united), and this is what brought balance of everything, and God used the Old World and I as experiment to find out the recipe of eternal physical life, and it is my father being all individual life as one, which he decided to create because he keeps on finding individual life inside of the Source. All of my small heart attacks and my/our sufferings were carefully planned corresponding to true challenges of God to create this physical world turning around everything to bring our physical New World of undreamt-of size. This experimental game brought creation and life of this Old World, which was NOT meant to survive, as thoughts or a film without true content inside of God’s head, and it was God/I fighting myself to find the right setup of our physical New World. We are now pulling the very last of this Old World back to the true inner Universe of God to replace all copies of life of our Old World with our true selves of this inner world becoming our new physical selves of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the soul of my unborn Son, the baker has a big plate – looking up from under the plate-window, beware of the “loop-eater”, help my wings are stuck, “friends are quiet angels helping us when our wings cannot fly”, Johannes Møllehave as angel, stop pollution/smoking (darkness), mixture in a lump of life, slightly addicted souls, an alarm clock, Hitler with a big nose (?), drinking too much and we are ready for the show, stirred not shaken, my father, me and my son.
  • Short stories of pouring out the finest vintage Champagne of the Source, Joachim from the Liberal Party is too dumb to understand that his and his party’s “opposite Robin Hood” policy stealing from the poor to give to the rich is both WRONG and goes against my wish and he also brought the fish as the symbol of me showing his inspiration, “dentist is in the air”, the Pyramid of our New World saving everyone, not disappearing lines, the origin of the angel drawing, when will Paris Hilton help my LTO friends to receive a “normal life” (?), Azeddine from Algeria also missed the biggest story in the world because he was blind and deaf, and a nice email from Meshack telling about the “act”/challenges of Kenya brought by darkness.


14th July: Finalising the build of the Source of my unborn Son and receiving my father as part of the closure process

Dreaming of Johannes the mayor as strong darkness and continuing to play football now also including Bolivia etc.

When I started working this night on the script, I was given a new feeling of something passing through my narrow throat, uncomfortable as usual, and now it is my codes being transferred to the next in line.

I was given two loud sounds from the balcony including darkness and sounding like a toilet board being slammed down, which came together with Medina starting a song on the radio.

At 02.50 I was shown myself climbing up a steep hill and was shown a tank driving out from inside of it, and I was told that we are sorry having to do this to you too – but the best way to do it to avoid sufferings of the world, yes I know. And I received VERY uncomfortable small heart attacks.

Are we going to do the same here, which is to bring down a new apartment (?), and yes to implement the bathroom eventually becoming a kitchen, and yes you know the routine, this is how far we have come now.

We are approaching Christmas Holidays.

Isn’t there a chance that people of the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group and other people on the Internet interested in this event know about you being God (?), and I received a feeling of a smile, and there are approx. 25-30 people per day reading my pages on the Jerusalem UFO, which is a “reference” to people also bringing me credibility, and yes when he writes this accurately to be trusted, he has to be trusted himself.

Eventually I finished my work this night, and slept from 05.30 to 11.30 receiving these dreams, which I can hardly read.

  • Something about being busy on my way to a meeting together with Johannes the mayor with a customer, and something about being turned around going the wrong way, being late and unprepared for the meeting, and something about they have started shooting.
    • More of the strongest darkness.
  • This comes from your poor habits where you are used to do the same as I, which is about an opponent complaining over my shooting with a football against an empty goal, but you cannot score against Bolivia etc. My bicycle is parked next to the goal.
    • Is this about Snowden and some South American countries having offered him asylum with the question being if he will be able to get there at all.

Finalising the build of the Source of my unborn Son and receiving my father as part of the closure process

I was told that we have turned around ¼ of the new.

I was told to check the history of the small island Masnedø.

I received “she’s made of candy” by Robbie Williams with candy being an old symbol of abuse of children, and what about this one (?), and then I was played a big rock classic, which was “the boys are back in town” by Thin Lizzy, and I was given one hiccup first for my father, then a new one for the son and then a third one for my son.

Do you believe it is a co-incidence that your mother is angry with you and the whole way around (?), which must be in relation to my scripts.

I was thinking that I should have published my writings of the night before going to sleep, and I was told that if this was wrong, we would delete everything we have built, but don’t worry, we have our precautions.

I’ve got a picture of you in my mind, but I don’t know if this is what I will get.

Is there a saddle on that ladies bicycle there (?), which we will get at the same time, because we will get both a son and a daughter at the same time, who will always be together without a desire to be with others (?), and yes first here this paragraph was, which I could not find at the end of my script of yesterday.

We still have our credit card meaning that we will still draw energy out of my mother/the world to help me come home, and we will of course wait using the tool of Sting to unlock you – will we not?

We don’t have any more ice machines for your mother, so how do we do it? Via “faith” of “just do it”.

What happens if my mother brings an advertisement in Berlingske with “I don’t want to live anymore” (?), or is this too difficult? But no, there is not room at all for such an advertisement in the newspaper when you keep on working.

No, the Greenland party has not been postponed (?), and will this set up of my son cost another 14 days of work (?), unless we close down before of course.

So we have not started the crawling titles yet (?), no, because him there has been smart saying that we have to get up to the next room, there you see, which almost does not exist before we bring our invention.

We just have to get the four-back chain with us, and to build a bridge too.

I went to the library after lunch following my plan to get my script published before 16.00, and on second floor, where I prefer to work nowadays (before it was first floor), I went into the “office” of two computers, which was empty, but a couple of minutes later, the man from the other day, whom Allan and I spoke to – the one with “fresh air” – came back, and he was sitting at the other computer, and he was surprised to see me there because, as he said, he had turned down 2-3 others asking to work there and he had said that the seat was busy because he was waiting on one to come and work there, and this was Allan (or Alain), whom he did NOT know if he would come or not, and I could only tell him that “this is WRONG” (!), and he kept on “defending” himself and again I could only repeat that what he did was wrong even though I understood what he did and yes “you cannot do this”, and this was really a symbol about him as darkness protecting me from entering the next room above, and yes I thought that maybe I would become unpopular for telling him the truth, but no, I did not, and he continued speaking about poor behaviour of others, which he could not stand, and I told him – as I also did the other day – about many people who can easily see what is wrong with others, but not themselves, which he agreed easily to, but he “could not” understand that he is one of them, and yes I cannot take people speaking negatively about other people for the sake of being negative, which is what this man is about, which is different to what I do when I bring you stories of people as examples for you to learn from and NOT to repeat.

Later Allan arrived, and we had a good talk, and besides from his work, we also spoke about Tivoli because I told him about the Sting concert, and also how beautiful it must be to be on stage playing for this large audience in this beautiful park – I felt like Sting playing there seeing out – which made Allan say that it is famous and sought after among artists to play here, and he brought Manhattan Transfer as an example of a band playing here before, which he liked, and it made me think of their wonderful song “Birdland”, and “birds” as freedom here at Tivoli as our Paradise.

I was told that without Jette’s Google Earth pictures, we would not have brought the world with us.

We don’t go in the same class, do we (?), and then we just have to bind all gravy – all Sources – together, which we do as the last.

Has my words on the famous TV evangelist Joel Osteen found their way forward to him telling him that he is the worst darkness preaching his stories on me to the public “earning” a LOT of money for just talking, talking and talking (?), and still he continues what he does not “being able/ready” to follow me and live a simple and poor life, which he should know is RIGHT to do – instead of his luxurious lifestyle – as long as there is poverty in the world (?), but no, the “American dream” to “make it” is even stronger inside of him believing that you can do this and live with God, but no, this is NOT how it is, but then again, nothing is completely black and white, and I am given this story because of his strong faith in me and together with him many thousands of his “fans”, which is what reaches me all the way over here too.

It feels like a barbecue party up in your own and new apartment, and yes it feels like I am everything too, and this will be a general feeling as I understand it.

I was told that the captain on the spaceship of everything is indeed my son, who is not yet given birth, but will be together with the opening of our New World. And my daughter has to be there too, I need not to forget about her.

I received a song including the lyrics “you better turn around”, so this is what he/she will be doing.

So is Karen washing up now removing the very last ”old behaviour” of hers as mentioned yesterday (?), and yes she has not done this yet, but will.

I received some pain to the back side of my left lower leg, and it is from here that my son is coming out.

Do you think that your mother will be ready to crawl into a mouse hole, when she will understand what her misunderstandings did to me – and herself and John and the world ….

The TV viewers have decided that they cannot take seeing me suffer anymore.

I received the feeling of a new and strong presence inside darkness, which I could only believe is my son, and I also received the feeling of Karen, and yes let us say that when I write son, I mean son AND daughter. And now you only need a school bag, which is what we will use to bring our lunch (life) with.

No, there is no divine speech at home with his family, and yes just Lisbeth thinking that I can turn off and on my spiritual voice, and yes do you finally understand that I am totally normal, Lisbeth, and you and the system are insane? And “normal clairvoyant messages” and so on as included in my email to her/the Commune, and yes everything is still going my way simply because I keep on working, and yes here at 14.40 I am about to prepare the publish of my new script on Facebook, so I made it before 16.00 today. There is also no “HK” around here, which is opposition of Falck against me wanting to have my memo on them removed from the Internet, which easily could have cost me a finger, yes my left ring-finger you know.

How much do you believe that the former (corrupt) President Ferdinand Marcos influenced Philippines to be on my side now? And yes you get the picture of you from Philippines too, so thank you my friends.

We cannot run without “French bread” so when we continue digging forever into the Source, it is to receive more “gasoline” – here the influence of Kim Larsen again – to make us work.

We have now nothing else to do than to direct the spaceship directly against you, and yes after you did “impossible work” finishing and publishing your script of yesterday at 15.10 today, and yes still doing my best under the circumstances without cutting any corners.

No, no one has peed yet, they did not know how when it came to the point, and yes the system, which we were setting up against you to remove you “for good”.

This is still about “balance” as being incredible important, you only get one chance, and apparently we are still getting it right.

No, there will come no demand/law suit from the Union (from Falck), which you have been considering apparently for a long time?

Isn’t it at 14.00 every day that we play the piano? So we don’t have to bring out newspapers (terminate) by doing it this way, and yes he was clever our grand old man.

I saw the very last of the Tour de France broadcast on TV2 today where Chris Froome had been so superior winning the “historic stage” of today that it made people say that he has to be on doping, which the rest of the field is not because it is clean now, is this what you say (?), and it made the Danish commentators say that it may be that his Sky team is not as good anymore and “what a golden bird”, which was a reference to the bird of Tivoli from before, and “odd that he can do it all alone” (without his team helping), which is about me doing my work all alone. And Chris Froome originates from Kenya, which is also considered to bring quality here.

So this is about the next link – of my son – eating us, which we happily do, and this was the feeling I received this evening of becoming part of something greater around me.

And I was told that Sanna is my faithful esquire, who all of the time follows the next and then the next opening of the Source and I understood that my role as the Son is here at this part of the Source, and my sister is now moving on opening the next part of the Source of my Son, and afterwards the next, and next and next all of the time, and isn’t this what will lift the pains located in my right ankle?

So it is goodbye for now to me as the Son and “millionaire”, which we bring with us to the next room above us, and this is all force of the Source. It was without problems for him down there, so it will be for us too?

I was told that Sanna has not only been a torment because when you turn her around, she is our invention to open for the Source, and I heard her say “thank you for now” when moving on, and she is transforming herself into the next dog, which she receives from the Source and leave this as the being of this part of the Source when she moves on to the next stage and so on.

I received the feeling of Lyngby, and isn’t it incredible that we sent him to work as a gardener at Brede Park (?), and is this an understanding and poor conscience starting to spread among you at Lyngby Commune?

I received “Disko dørmand” by Danseorkestret and was told that my mother is dancing from happiness.

Late this afternoon, I was utterly broken down from exhaustion, and so much that I could not even start to write the script of today, which will have to wait until tomorrow then.

So it was unfortunate circumstances of Kirsten and your mother making the Commune/system believe that you are dangerous as a fact.

So it is Sanna milking the udder of the cow, which is how mother has created her, and as such we have decided to carry her on.

So Karen and I have a whole Source full of children and ready to become physical life, and we have always known that you would come here, and now we are allowed to come out too.

For hours I received the feeling of how it was when I went through stages of our development over the last few years where I was told that “now we risk to lose all life”, i.e. to become “nothing” again – for “sleeping life” as it was to defeat us – and I was thinking about whether or not this was true, and just thinking of it was disgusting, and yes when I went through it, it was the absolutely worst feeling/cold sweat as you can imagine, and I wonder if this is what comes with the opening of a new Source bringing us this feeling because this is its defence wanting us to become this, but hopefully we would have been strong enough no matter what to avoid this, but we will see when the full story will come out, did I save us from “not to be” as the normal “life”?

You should know what the world has prepared already to celebrate you, we cannot say what, but I understood that it is much and with great happiness, and is this because they have seen Stig on the sky, and now something more/new is coming out of nothing (?), and what is this (?), a bird (?), no a “new Stig” as my son, whom I pass on the Depeche too as the “mode” here, and yes this is the world in my eyes, you know.

I felt Queen Margrethe and was told that it is almost impossible to keep me a secret now, and I was told that Sting has helped sharing the secret of me too.

You do NOT come to this part of the Source alone, and decide to continue moving up.

I was told that the people attacking and almost killing me on the street of Nairobi in 2009 – stealing my laptop, phone and what I had on me – were young people having followed me from Gachie because of Elijah speaking about me at his home city.

When we reach the top of the job, we will insert you as the king and turn around.

No, it is not the silence of Bjarne & Co., which is rankling me because it pulsates everywhere around me.

I felt my mother and I felt myself as being the natural force of everything, and she said that this is what I have decided to become, which you don’t have to be sad about, because this is just a form of life. So you are not here at all, and we are all inside of you.

Jeremy Clarkson and the world know that it is just before you wake up.

Thank you for also opening the door to us, which is to all life inside of this Source too.

We have pushed the stamp all the way in, and it has now been replaced by a new and even better, which comes automatically to us. We have now almost finished the build of him as we found him.

There is also correspondence about me in Lyngby Commune, but not as much as in Helsingør because they did not know just how “extreme” I was writing a “manifest” (just like Breivik as simple minded ignorants will say!) of more than 8,000 pages.

There was only one way out to build Egypt (the world), which is the same way we are returning in bringing everything in order to receive perfect balance.

And what we would otherwise have blown up and started from scratch again, is also coming in.

I received the word “sick-benefit association” making me think of John from the “Free Union”, who is still with me.

Now we almost don’t need a helicopter anymore to lift us up.

I still receive distortion to TV/video, but not as strongly now.

Is it just me coming now to close everything.

We discovered that faith of your mother of you being able to run without you having to run/exercise was enough, and we had to do this after you decided to decline receiving a new monthly card to the swimming hall a couple of months ago, and yes I would also not haven been able to go because of lack of time and energy.

I received a little of the same STRONG feeling as in Tivoli and the bath the other day when receiving MANY notes to write down, which was that “it doesn’t matter” and then just to stop/give up, which would be the same as saying no to life, and this feeling has been stronger than ever these days where I was on the limit some time to do exactly this, to stop writing down more notes.

I was shown a (still) dark bar inside Tivoli, and I was told that everything looks dark in here, but we are ready, everything has been turned around.

We have made a pram from a nut with two cup holders, wasn’t this what you asked for (?) – the manual of life of my father – and voila, here you are.

So now we are opening for Åboulevarden, which is a new main thoroughfare out of Copenhagen.

I was shown a big crystal and in the middle of everything a GIANT nut or almond, which is opening to us just because I am coming (?), and this also came with the feeling of Sting, and yes my reactions just because of his visit, which was a step forward, and yes I watch every step you take, Sting :-).

We feel like Robinson Crusoe alone and alive – the feeling of the Source before opening it – and now we are part of a community, so we first reject all we can until we are won over, and this rejection is also part of “darkness” made as aversion, misunderstandings of people, and this is because life includes everything, which is, including everything of the Source, and this is what I have fought as you read from my scripts.

And this required energy once and for all, and doesn’t it require the same when we have become our New World and will open a new Source (?), no because we have turned around everything then via an ingenious invention making this automatically for all eternity to come.

So the energy we received from these unopened Sources wanted to kill everything via the heart attacks given (to me) because they did not want to open to us – until we as life would be stronger than them.

We also did not want children, we were one collection of a large amount of individual life being Sources themselves, which continues for an eternity – as long as the eye reaches, which is one eye seeing everything, the eye of God.

I went through HELL again this evening receiving so much pressure from darkness wanting to take me over, and it really had penetrated me everywhere coming in behind my defence lines so to say and wanting me to become negative being inside of me, but still I could only continue NOT becoming this because this is right to do, but on my very edge is what I was again almost giving up constantly.

If you had given up, it would have made these Sources contract energy as they wanted, and that is unless the world would have overtaken my sacrificed to avoid this from happening, and I received a double sound to my kitchen.

We started when you wrote an “undergraduate dissertation” about Brazil for Commercial School in 1983 I believe, when I borrowed Hans’ electric typewriter – it was before word processing and computers – when I did my best work writing about the state of Brazil and its challenges with poverty etc., and I was told that the real task here was to show Sanna of my work capacity to let her know that her brother could do even better than her.

Life of this Source said that we did not come out without you, and this is what my decision all of the time that “you are welcome” is about going against the force of Sources wanting me to say the opposite.

And this means that we have now turned around also meaning that we will not eat the fish now – to one of the Google Earth pictures.

This is just what we are saying, we have now turned around everything – without the knowledge of your mother, and this is what we were waiting on before we would make Karen “alright”, and you can expect her to call you one of these days.

I was shown a big house with a black fence in front of it, and I was told that this is the house of the three Lord’s, which is not entirely done because we still lack the magical ingredient, which my sister will bring from Peru, and I was told that my sister in relation to me is threatening water (mill).

So the bank has not gone bankrupt, only being brought on.

You have walked into the next Source, which was truly unbearable every single second to do almost overtaking the power of me.

We are still on our way to the cinema (of our New World), and I felt light and a castle with an oblique roof, which is how this Source is made, which we would never have done like this, but this is what is the wonderful part of it, our variation.

I was told that Meryl Streep is now on the list receiving news about me too, and yes I keep receiving information about this or that Danish or foreign celebrity/actor knowing about me, including Tom Hanks and Russel Crowe as examples.

My mother has – according to herself – kept on inexorable asking me to stop writing, but there is nothing she can do.

Stig, you are not at all the mechanical monster, which I created you as through your mother, it is first now that you are returning home as the one you truly are bringing the invention of physical life.

Can we now harvest vegetables (?), which is also coming to me because of feelings of LTO after I asked them about how crops and the water situation is like in Kenya.

All of this is made by my father, which we will always feel, and he is the one inside my kitchen giving sounds from it, and I received the STRONG feeling of my father, Peer, coming to me from the balcony bringing our final victory, and I was told that it is first now that he is entering me, and he said that he is not at all in love with your mother, and yes he divided himself into father (of the Source) and mother (of the world) now becoming one again, but still as two individuals as mother and father to be together, and I was told that this is also part of the closure process.

I had incredible pressure on my heart this evening, which I feel very physical with the whole left side of my body feeling like it is pressured physically down.

It is impossible to understand that all of these simple people of Kirsten’s family etc. were controlled by me – my father – against you, because there was only one who could take their collective darkness, and this was you because this is how I created you.

And this means that Kirsten and her family are also on their way home to me – thinking of resuming contact with me as I understand it, to apologise for not telling me about the death of my father – and this is how “feelings” can change when the head actor is now also coming in, and I received an incredible strong force of my father coming in.

So it is I – my father – who is Sanna and you as the Son and everything, and this is the order of life I have made, and yes the same life being divided into an eternity of different life of all parts of the Source.

I was told about my sister thinking that I both have the DEEP feelings of my mother, which Tobias also has, which my sister does not, and also the strength that she has, which Tobias and my mother has not, and no, you cannot have both, can you, Sanna (?), but I can.

Google Earth: Your sins are forgiven, the sign “Pi” and beware of the Champagne Cork (of the Source)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show looking through the window, holding the enemy away with his crossbow, everyone shall get united, the joy spoiled by fools, your sins are forgiven, family-joy still going on, the sign “Pi”, beware of the Champagne cork, bon appétit, one eye on you, creating the head, I got Nixon, no BLUE FISH I won’t eat you, listen to soul, and a SMILEY flying around the world :-).

FB 140713 Jette 1

FB 140713 Jette 2

FB 140713 Jette 3

FB 140713 Jette 4

FB 140713 Jette 5

FB 140713 Jette 6

FB 140713 Jette 7

FB 140713 Jette 8

FB 140713 Jette 9

FB 140713 Jette 10

FB 140713 Jette 11

FB 140713 Jette 12

FB 140713 Jette 13

FB 140713 Jette 14

FB 140713 Jette 15

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It seems that Alex is suffering from delusions believing that we already are in Paradise, and yes “darkness disguised as light” as you know so well.

FB 150713 Alex

  • I had a visitor from Jutland apparently searching on his own name “Kim” to find information about himself, and first I thought that it could be Kim S., but not in Jutland, and furthermore he searches on “prison”, which is pretty “funny” because of the much information I have received about being in “state prison”, so I wonder who this is?

GC 140713 KIM


15th July: Bringing my Son as the new Maitreya Buddha and uncovering the TRUE “game” of God creating our New World

Dreaming of playing the guitar of creation building the new top floor of the Source of my son

I went to bed at 00.15 and I was surprised to sleep POORLY as long as until 10.00 today receiving these dreams.

  • Hans, have you sent an email via Danske Bank at the pedestrian street “Strøget” via your University? Yes, I have just sent it, it is about the meat …, day of all, and tell it to him as documentation, he knows I have this, knows who I am, he sends via the bank claiming that there are no such emails via the University. Later I am outside Helsingør Swimming Hall running in the snow/ice, and I see beautiful ladies inside the swimming hall. Did you get an address on him (?), yes via faith.
    • Communication via Hans via money/energy/life of Danske Bank to bring life via Strøget, and strong sufferings and also symbol of my “old nightmare”.
  • Half awake I was told something about Taliban having made a HUGE error being detected by the spy network of USA with other parts than the part of USA they work together with killing Osama Bin Laden.
  • Benedikte Kiær is unemployed and have been humiliated to call her own employees, and something about in 14 days Copenhagen will come, and I feel first Jens Erik (from Lyngby Jobcentre) and then a lady releasing him, and I did not tell them that …., and I leave early, will try something new.
    • Not easy to read and understand.
  • I remember briefly a dream about working in a call centre, which did not turn out very good, I believe.
  • Keith Richards has moved in on the top 5th floor of my house in Hørsholm, I believe that he is “somewhat retarded” but see that he has much beautiful furniture – shelves etc. Including things I have never seen before – and is half way setting everything up, and I offer to help him, but he says that he can manage. He puts on an original LP – the first pressing – of Isley Brother’s “shout”, and I notice that his gramophone is a B&O of the exact same kind as I borrowed from Hans a few years (in real life around 1980), and he has a man repairing the floor of the apartment, which is lose underneath making the entire floor float – the floor is lifted up and new material is brought below as foundation – and something about being careful not to throw a boy out the window. I notice that he has many plants too.
    • Keith is playing the guitar, which is the symbol of creation, and this is about the creation of our new top room of my son, whom we will not throw out again the window, and we have received all furniture/content from this Source and “you know you make me wanna shout – come on now” as the lyrics go is both about beautiful SOUL music, which has to be about receiving this soul of life and to say that this is how I feel with incredible pressure of this darkness on me, and faith of Hans is again helping us out.

Bringing my Son as the new Maitreya Buddha and uncovering the TRUE “game” of God creating our New World

I was told that the accident of Roy from Siegfred & Roy (“On October 3, 2003, during a show at The Mirage, Roy Horn was bitten on the neck by a seven-year-old male tiger”) was also me doing it.

We can explode our way in to the telephone booth, no problem. We would have gone directly below the waistline. But NO!

Here you can see where Stig did his best, and here when he did not, which is about the structure of our New World, which will be like this forever, or this is at least a déjà vue I have because in our New World, we can change creation self, right?

Winter time is not invented by me, but solstice is.

I was reminded of an INCREDIBLE desire I had to have a Coca Cola the other day after Tivoli, and also that I remember a dream from this night where I drank it with much pleasure, which is about the worst darkness again.

This morning, I thought that I had only about two rows of notes to write for the last part of the script of yesterday, but when I saw that I had more like four rows, I was very close to give up again, because I truly cannot do this work anymore, and when I was this close to give up, I received the 007 song “license to kill”, and this license is to accept previous creation of life to be killed, but no, I would NEVER do that, Meat!

And I was told that we also have another road, we just thought you would take on the most yourself, and I do, and eventually I got started writing all of this down doing “impossible” work once again and yes compared to how I felt, because I was also very tired again today – light sleep only – and I received sneezes and was told that it is only your mother, i.e. the world, which can bring sacrifices to help you.

It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to write all notes of the script of yesterday finishing at 13.15, and yes I can now take a late shower followed by lunch and then to go back to the library and continue work maybe until 18.00 today (?), we will see.

I was shown the spaceship of everything flying around my head in a circle now incredible small.

And I was shown John Paul II bringing out Christmas Trees from a house, and toasting with me.

So your mother is still thinking that your writings are “the absolutely worst”, while knowing that in person I am the opposite of what she thinks my writings are – what a “contradiction” eeehhh, mother (?) – and John has opened his mind to the fact that I am only writing the truth about other people including my sister, which is what is bringing us up on this level.

I received the feeling that Kirsten must have hidden “much money” of hers and my father’s after the profits they made years ago on selling of property, and I do believe that this is the feeling of my mother and maybe sister too, but the truth may simply be that they have used this money on luxury holidays, which they went on 3-4 weeks every summer for many years after becoming “rich” because of property, and yes NOT because of work!

I was told that we have created the new Source the same as before – including the pole – and this is at a time when your mother was very close to opening to the New World, and she did not know if we had enough energy being able to open a new Germany too, but now we did it because we could.

My mother showed me her golden watch and told me about just how much it has cost, i.e. all of the life/energy, which made it.

I was told that it keeps blinking 5 to 1 here until the very last, this is how we have been created with the one against us being what was supposed to explode/terminate this world.

It would be impossible to decide if inflammation or jaundice would kill her, i.e. my mother/the world, and killing the Old World was the target.

I was given the name of Sorgenfri Castle meaning “free of sorrows” and I was told that this is what is impossible to my mother at the moment because of deaths and sickness around her.

I was shown Steve Lukather from Toto and was told “thank you for playing them”, which I had done in the morning when listening to my favourite album by this super group, which is “The Seventh One”, and I was here receiving “straight for the heart”, which is what we are going straight at – our new heart you know – and yes both Bobby and Joseph were/are amazing singers of this band including some of the finest musicians around :-).

And yes, Stig, even though today is supposed to be easier than the last days, I am truly broken down exactly because of the last days, which have been incredible tough to go through (too).

I met Allan again at the library, and he was full of much joy because of his local Netto supermarket, which has had the most incredible offers on a whole side of salmon of 10 DKK, which normally is around 100 DKK, and other offers of the same kind, which he has bought MUCH of, and yes offers of the “completely insane” kind, which is about bringing in MUCH new life using only a fraction of energy to do it – even though it is killing me these days, which is because of the incredible volume of it – and he said that it is like Obelix being told that he eats too much and he says “oh, but this is because I like food so much”, and this is about our attitude, which is that we simply love to “eat”, i.e. to receive new life.

Today, and even more yesterday, I had some trouble speaking to Allan receiving some stutter in the beginning, which is about his darkness in relation to me, and later, after he has left at around 17.00, I received the feeling of him together with ”sadness”, and is this show Allan truly feels about me and my website (?), and do you think that I am crazy too, Allan (?), even though I tell you about my philosophy in some of our talks, which sounds “logical” to you (?), and yes difficult to understand when you decided that I was “not to be trusted”?

This is without a doubt the best we have done so far, and incredible what evil tongues of people can do, and yes much of this is brought forward because of evil tongues of better-knowing ignorants of Helsingør opposing me and talking behind my back.

I had much work to do today and too much work really, and still Allan liked to speak pretty much, and later, when he had gone, the “negative” man about others from yesterday and the other day – the “fresh air” man – came into our two-man office, and he wanted to speak and spoke much about a lady he has met on a dating site on the Internet, and he is “almost illiterate” when it came to answering her questions on his family background, work etc., which I gave him advice about, and also telling him to ask her open questions, which made him think of work, children etc. as factual questions, and I told him also to think about asking her of her attitude/thoughts about what she likes, wants to do in life, what makes her happy, sad etc., and yes again, he was “illiterate”, and furthermore when it comes to computers and to send her a picture of him, he was also “illiterate”, and this is what “simple minded” is about, which is people not knowing basic things of life, and yes I used much time speaking to him and helping him out, and I thought that just maybe this is also building the foundation of people realising that Stig on the library is a completely normal man, and that is if Leif-Bo as I found out is his name, should decide to speak about his experiences to others knowing that this is about the same man, they saw on the Helsingør Facebook groups, which people do not “dare” to speak to (?), and yes I have just checked, Leif-Bo is member of two out of three of these groups, so there is a good chance that he will remember my posts.

And yes, it continued, and now he suddenly had his tongue going and gave me long stories about how he for example was called at work at the flying boats in Copenhagen to Malmö and had to take the train in now knowing if he would make it on time, and yes he shared a taxi with another passenger also being in the last minute, and they both made it right on time, which of course is a symbol of both I and my son taking the taxi making it on time, and yes he spoke of two freezers once full of good food, which he was offered to take from, which is about the two freezers full of life of my and my son’s part of the Source, and everything was fine, and I mostly listened and he kept on talking and talking and talking and yes loving to hear himself speak and no, not asking question, and it was 18.30 and I was about being VERY tired and stressed knowing that I still had Jette’s Google Earth pictures to comment of today, and still work on the website, but no, I also understood the importance of becoming “friends” with this simple minded man not seeing his own errors as he sees in others, and here it was about compromising and listen to much more than what I had time and energy to do, and then at the end tell him that you have the email to do and I have more work to do, so please save your sea-stories (an old sailor he is) to the next time.

I left the library at around 18.45, and I was told that I made Leif-Bo happy when taking my time to listen to him and to help him out on things he could not do himself, and when I left him, I told him that the next time, this computer will NOT be taken, which I am sure that it will not because now I am his friend.

Have there been episodes of violence with Stig (?), no there has not, which is both to say that still my family and the system believed that I was dangerous (!), and also that it made the world go through my files/past thoroughly, which was helping to get me up from the deep hole of darkness, and yes the world received a couple of shocks on the way discovering my past?

I was told that we were afraid to lose you, or that has to be my son, and this process had to go even faster if possible because your mother was sewing with the thinnest thread.

I was given an even stronger “almost fainting” feeling a few seconds, and I was told that this is how it would still be if the world did not sacrifice to reduce my sufferings, and yes this is how it still is, I had forgotten about it, so thank you for reminding me that I am absorbing only little of what the world is taking on, and this is what I do still on thin stockings, and what is really determining how far we can go.

I am so dizzy/tired that I can almost not think/concentrate.

And this is the reason why I receive such strong feelings of desperation as I do, which is about my mother almost giving up, but no, mother, I will NOT allow you!

I felt the pressure much, but told myself that it will be too much to also do changes to the front page of my website including my son as the new God today, but it has to be done, and this is the name of the game to do it giving me the utmost pressure of all …..

With this four-back chain we will never wear out.

Shalom, we are also opening to you, and I see Benjamin Netanyahu, who was as closed as a Source not revealing the Jerusalem UFO to the world, thus letting me down.

I was shown someone sitting on a guitar case. So we are not changing at all (when being turned around), no. Have you never tasted marzipan before (?), yes this is what is still required to bring all of this out.

We take this in one stroke too, we feel it. No, the blood is not coagulated.  Has he more than one crocodile in his mouth yet (?), and yes he has three, and this is what I had time and energy to do before Sanna will now close off this week, and yes I wonder which day she will go to Machu Picchu.

You don’t know just how close your mother is to receive a coronary, but we keep his rules not to kill her.

Were they revealed cheating? Is this about the Commune (?), and no I have still not heard from neither Bjarne nor Johannes, and are they on holiday (?) – without an auto reply on their emails (?) – or are they lazy or deliberately not answering my email because they are chickens?

I was told that librarians of Helsingør Library also noticed my talk with Leif today, and they were afraid of having me too working there and yes following my posts on Facebook, and have you also started noticing that there is nothing wrong with me at all (?), and yes this was really the general idea to “advertise” that I was working there, and via this “development”, we are also bringing “energy” for angels to work.

I was told that the James Bond Google Earth picture is about “license to kill” and this is about whether the last inside the spaceship of everything will survive, or has to get out “first” of the spaceship, and I can only decide to hold my grounds, I WILL ACCEPT NO LOSS OF LIFE, and to do my best work hoping that this will be enough to make it home for everyone. And I am here given a déjà vue about much life being at the very back of creation, which I do remember that I had to do my best to uncover, so this is what we do then.

I was told that it was also me killing people of the audience at Pearl Jam’s concert at Roskilde Festival some years ago, where the world was also about to going under, but nothing is as difficult/impossible as it is now, and yes I just received the strongest heart pain I believe I have had and a strong out of this world pain to my right ankle.

Even though I had decided to relax in front of the TV at home this evening, I received a pressure to keep on working including to comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures as I do here at 21.20, and now I also receive a strong pressure to include my unborn son as our new king on the front page of my website this evening, which is really the difference between him being able to fly, and I may include a few draft comments on this, and to follow up tomorrow, let us see what I will be able to make, and yes taking it easy, I have decided NOT to stress and be impatient.

I was told that my sister would still like to remove my glasses, i.e. the window to the Source, if she could, and yes still acting wrongly she is in order to help!

Is he finally doing this too (?), and yes I feel a “curious soul” coming out, which has to be my son, and this is about the first draft change of my website, which I am now starting/thinking of how to do here at 22.10, and at 22.30 I had done the first draft of this opening the road of my son to come out, and yes everyone will understand that he is now the new King, I have abdicated as God/Maitreya being everything there is, and how can I (?), because I am now part of my own son, and then it is his job to be the Son of God overtaking everything which is, I have now been this God, which was my role at the end of times, and when my son (and daughter) will receive off-spring themselves, this off-spring will become the new God/Maitreya, and this is how we have decided to pass it on, and I do believe that everyone will be able to read and understand this.

Yes, there is no Oscar on your way for doing this, but this is how we feel, and is Oscar also the name of the “son”, whom Helena “borrows” and yes loving him as a “new son”, which this is about, and yes please bring him out, this is the best I can do today, and it should be good enough really, and I will check tomorrow.

Later, I felt how stress/pressure was removed from me and calmness given to me, and yes I wonder how much extra work it will give let us say EKSTRA-BLADET and media all over the world to change your headlines here in the last moment (?), and yes do you believe you can make it on time my friends?

I continued working all evening until midnight also writing my Facebook comments on Champagne and to Joachim Olsen as you can see from my short stories, and yes “very difficult” to do but not impossible work also today.

I was shown the most delicious Belgian waffle – thinking of EU – turning into a tennis racket, which is about Caroline Wozniacki changing racket in “secrecy”, and yes wasn’t it during Australian Open, and now she has “lost” her official sponsor requiring her to only play with their rackets, and this is loss of freedom too, which you will NOT see in our New World, and this is what this story was about really.

This was the lamb – my son – we were willing to sacrifice to bring you, and I was given the feeling of the spaceship of everything landing on my legs, which Joachim Olsen helps doing because of his reaction to my comment to him today, see the short stories.

So I – my son – was born as a being of a people of another civilization, and I felt him as such, and I was told that he is already King of the secret inner Universe of God, and if he would not become the King of the Universe of everything now, he would remain inside the inner Universe, and somehow come out later.

I published a draft script of today to “make it work” – in relation to my son becoming the King – and to receive darkness from Joachim & Co., and even though I was far too tired, I told myself at 01.00 that I would try to stay up to 04.00.

I was shown a black helicopter of darkness in relation to Jack, and was shown a light helicopter too being its spiritual counterbalance, which surprised me to see because the old Universal rule is that darkness of man brings darkness of the Source, and I was told that this is my role of this inner Universe of God, which is to be God’s true counterbalance to the world, and this is where your father, Peer, returned to when he died.

I was told that Lutheran World Federation does NOT know about me – on contrary to what I have been told before – but then they know inside of here (this inner Universe of God), and this is the force – a completely different force – which we use to turn around everything, which we will become part of ourselves now.

And this is what the water damage to the Marine Museum in Helsingør is about postponing the opening of this until October 5, 2013 as the last of the difficult building of the Cultural area of Helsingør, and yes once again, it will be exciting to see if we will “close” now this week, or wait all the way until October, we will see.

So it is me inside of here – which may be my father or son or my true inner self really – giving you heart attacks, and it is here that my true force is, which we use to keep unopened Source in check, and I understand that this force is built by many Sources, which we have opened and united as preparation for the next big project, which was to do “like that” including everything to create a physical world, and yes it suddenly hit us that this could be done, and I received a sound to the balcony, which was one sound but I could hear the layers of many sounds/Sources inside of this being united as one.

And I was told that this is also me, and we don’t have much ice-cream (of sufferings) back for the world, and it is I bringing pain to your right ankle, and wasn’t there something with all life here being a copy of TRUE life inside this inner Universe of God, but still we did this road to save all good memories of previous life to bring with us to our New World.

I also care endlessly much about you, and I felt that this inner Universe has now also almost turned around and that we are in balance.

And it is I – my father – who is everything, and inside of here, we could keep on until everything is perfect without going under, which we have made sure of, so it is really not me from this world, but my father from his inner Universe, who does everything of this world, and we will now spread this physical life out to everything.

So when I do this – I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle – I am not really here (in this world), and you are my experiment right until we would find the recipe bringing us all physical life, and when I give you small heart attacks, you are not really there, but here waiting to become your new self.

We will go directly from an unreal world not meant to survive to real life, and if this can be felt (?), and yes I should believe so, and one thing is that I am not really there with you but here.

And building blocks of darkness are also made up to bring everything inside of my head, where you are, forward to the right solution, and now I do believe that we are there.

So I am the deepest black horse of everything, whom you were not meant to find, but to have your world terminate, and I would then come as the surprise for all of you to create our New World, but we let the act go all the way out here from where you were created as an experiment of my game, and this is what we will call “pretty good” to come here.

And it would be here that all of you would return to at termination of your world.

So when I received heart attacks, it is me (my father, i.e. old self) fighting against myself to find the right setup, which we just found also including people here and there having faith in you and when you add all of the game together, you get this total, which is “approved” so now you, you and you are all part of me because we decided to bring all good experiences/memories with us, which required that I had to remember this when I now also turn myself around, and it is I seeing everything, and the connection is that I should not forget when turning around if we could, and we could.

So I am the one turning around and starting everything, and also deciding to become all of this individual life, which I meet everywhere inside of me, and then I build more and more on top of me creating new children, and this is how then it became.

So I am really pulling all of you back to me – at the balcony as I was shown – and then you ask me to create the new physical world within a split second without bringing pain to people, and yes as your challenge to me – can you (?) – and we will have to see.

It – the Old World – has been a film without true content. All the resistance you receive from Karen etc. represent the resistance I meet here, which I had to solve, so I am the one looking in through the window to you, and we have kept on until everything of the Old World has been sucked out, and this was the only way for you to survive, which I had no problems with also giving me extra time to think carefully how to replace you with your true selves and to do it with everyone, and I do believe that I found a good solution.

So do you mind coming out here on the balcony (of the inner Universe of God) first to receive your make over (?), and no, I really don’t care how we do it as long as it becomes perfect, so if this is what it takes, this is what we will do, and this is what we can call coming through the barricades.

Have we learned anything from your father’s death until now (?), and yes how to pull out if something as unlikely should happen as Sources getting the the upper hand on me.

George Galbraith is not airborne, is he (?), and yes I knew the name, and when looking it up now, I am reminded that he was a very skilled Canadian playing for many years in Danish ice hockey.

At 03.00 I was so tired that I decided to go to bed believing that this had to be good enough to work, but I was not allowed to sleep for maybe 30 or 45 minutes, and I was shown something about a “wrong light” with the gramophone of the Old World, and I was shown Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet – yes I loved your band/music too as you know – together with a lady pulling an incredible heavy gold weight – maybe 50 centimetres high – in through the barricades :-).

Google Earth: The Creator looking up through the window of the Source – and receiving help from angels

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the soul of my unborn Son, the baker has a big plate – looking up from under the plate-window, beware of the “loop-eater”, help my wings are stuck, “friends are quiet angels helping us when our wings cannot fly”, Johannes Møllehave as angel, stop pollution/smoking (darkness), mixture in a lump of life, slightly addicted souls, an alarm clock (later I was told that this is about my old Aon colleague Ole and his email to me in 2008/09 about “blinking red alarm”, and I have been feeling Ole and Nefer the last couple days, which is what comes out here too), Hitler with a big nose (?), drinking too much and we are ready for the show, stirred not shaken, my father, me and my son.

FB 150713 Jette 1

FB 150713 Jette 2

FB 150713 Jette 3

FB 150713 Jette 4

Engle tegning

FB 150713 Jette 5

FB 150713 Jette 6

FB 150713 Jette 7

FB 150713 Jette 8

FB 150713 Jette 9

FB 150713 Jette 10

FB 150713 Jette 11

FB 150713 Jette 12

FB 150713 Jette 13

FB 150713 Jette 14

FB 150713 Jette 14B

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I shared this picture of Veuve Clicquot and spoke of the best Champagne, which is, as a “God-drink” and a symbol of the Source, which you will understand when we will start pouring the finest “vintage Champagne” of the Source out on all life lifting the world up to become our New World of endless life, happiness and love for all :-).

FB 150713 Stig

  • Joachim from the Liberal Party has become famous for wanting to cut down social benefits of what he considers are “not poor people” and to bring more to rich/the richest people through tax deductions – a turned around Robin hood as we called it here – and now Ekstra Bladet has discovered that he was on the social welfare too when he was a professional athlete, and this made him decide to use the newspaper to pack in fish, and even though it was late in the evening, this was an obvious scoring chance, which I could not miss to set a full stop to one of the stories, I did not do much about, and I told him that my teaching for him is NOT to treat people differently because we all stand equal to each other and God, who wants to bring “normal life” to everyone including the same income regardless of type of work and responsibility. And I tell him that I exhibited him to the world as a man shouting out loud but not capable to think what is simple logic to everyone, which he can read from my link and learn from, and also that he and his party decided to act both stupid and in opposition to me when wanting to do “an opposite Robin Hood”, which also kept me down bringing me the worst sufferings a man has ever gone through, and then I told him that there is another way to a right, sustainable and just New World and New World Order, , which he can also read from my website, and I am sad to conclude that no one here or in the world was ”capable” to think through the same World Order because of lack of courage, abilities, laziness and not least brainwash and ”betterknowing ignorance”, which you have been given because of a wrong and greedy culture, which you could not abstract from. And you do know who the fish of the Bible is a symbol of (?), which is the same in my scripts, and this is the same man writing these lines and inspiring you to bring the picture with the message “welcome home”, and the newspaper is furthermore a symbol of everything which is, and this is what I bring everyone as God’s gift of mankind. And you should have believed that this message would be taken up openly/positively (?), but it did not take long before I felt and was told that we feel Joachim all the way up here, and yes I felt his presence as darkness, so you were not happy to be “exhibited” (?), which is what the Devil “hates”, and yes seen that before I have, and this is also to say in continuation of the dream of Keith Richards this morning, please make the floor perfect and test that it works because now I have brought you more “fuel” to do this, and I started receiving small heart attacks and was shown the reception of black wood, and yes a “powerful” man, he is, this Joachim guy, but “there is nobody home at his top floor”, and it is a shame that you cannot think independently and decide to do what is right, Joachim, it should not be that difficult (?), and with you, all of your colleagues and the world (?), but no, none of you could, you were paralyzed acting both on basis of poor old habits (brainwash) and also with fear because of what you knew was coming, and yes the end of the world, which is not something to joke about (?), and yes HA HA HA, is that how you have laughed at me within your party, and now the tour has come to you too, and you do know who is laughing the best, right (?), and yes the one laughing last – ha ha ha 🙂 (with a good heart of course). By the way, this is from Joachim’s fan-page, which I “like”, and earlier today, I sent him a Facebook invitation to connect as friends, and I wonder if this is “too difficult” for you, Joachim (?) – and do I hear the chicken making noise in the background in their yard (?), and yes Joachim being “fly-annoyed” speaking with others about me, and how could you, Joachim (?), and yes “too dumb” he is too, therefore.

FB 150713 Joachim

FB 150713 Joachim 2

  • And I received a few comments from the same simple minded people wanting to cut their swords to behead me as everyone else in practise did too – “more or less” – and Jens repeated a few words from my comment and concluded “deep goodnight, Stig. Sleep tight”, which is really to say that these are the kind of people/comments/WRONG behaviour, which is stealing my sleep and killing me/all of us – “difficult” to understand, right (?) – and Matthis asked me to “stop your nonsence on a New World Order, symbols from the Bible and about your scripts” and he compared me to Kristina Djarling, who is a lady of faith here, and he also said “don’t mix God into politics, this is embarrassing”, and yes this is what he said (!), and I wonder who this is embarrassing too, Mathias (?), and Michael said that I should probably relax a little with the green plants (!), and you mean the ones, which can be smoked (!), which is just to show your own darkness sent to me at the same time as this is bringing “plants of life”, and yes this was a very popular comment, which many “liked”, and no, there was only one liking mine, and one asked to become Facebook friends with me, and yes “not easy” to understand and to show good behaviour, and yes the worst darkness goes for the lot of people and that is “more or less”.

FB 150713 Joachim 3

FB 150713 Joachim 3b

FB 150713 Joachim 4

  • Helena said that she now also has “24/7 dentist” – for some reason – which is really to show you that “dentist is in the air” coming to her as inspiration too, and that is because of our finishing touch to the teeth of everything.

FB 150713 Helena

  • Thomas the master chef spoke about a new food pyramid making everything good and the end of all nasty life style illnesses for good, and you don’t know just how true this is, Thomas, because this is the symbol of our New World coming inside the Pyramid of creation, and Line asked how has invented what to save the apple/pear formed Danes (?), and yes “save” people to bring to the Big Apple of our New World, which this is about, and Stefan joined the chorus by saying “we have been saved”, and indeed you have, can I bring it to you clearer than this?

FB 150713 Thomas Rode

  • For the first time in years, I received the same problem when working in Microsoft Word, which I “always” had 10 to 20 years ago, which made me “crazy”, which was lines, I cannot remove and when I believe I have removed the line, it shows up somewhere else, which can go on for a long time (!), and this was to show me that we have been with you always, and yes it always came when I made big reports for clients of Kim S. at the most inappropriate time, which is really the name of the game as it has always been.


  • Here is the angel drawing when I saw it the first time, which was a drawing that Stine sent to the clairvoyant Jette H., and I brought them the link to Jette’s Google Earth picture showing them the true inspiration of this, and I understood that I receive help from people here.

FB 150713 Jette H

  • Just to say that Paris Hilton received some inspiration here about the diamond of our New World – and do you believe that you can help Elijah, his family and my LTO friends to receive a normal life by sharing some of your exorbitant wealth, Paris (?), and this is what I told Elijah already in 2009 that you would, so when is it going to be?

FB 150713 Paris

  • A picture of Sting on stage in Tivoli the other day.

FB 150713 Sting

  • Azeddine from Algeria became a member of Jette’s Facebook group, and seemed interested in this ”liking” many pictures, and he encouraged us to become friend s with him, which I did then, and this made him like many of my private photos, and to start this conversation, and no, Azeddine is also one of these deaf, blind, impatient and selfish people, who “cannot” read/listen and understand, and how sad do you think it makes me that he “cannot” understand the story he and his TV-station missed because he did not have “time” to read/listen (?), and yes he opened my website and apparently saw something about Jesus making him say that he is Muslim – therefore not for him as he believed – and yes ROTTEN is what this world is!

FB 150713 Ali 1

FB 150713 Ali 2

  • When I had this ”dialogue” with him, i was told that you are starting to come closer to my city – to the inner of the Source of my son – which is what Azeddine is about. There are several more duvets (Sources) here, and yes do what you like/can, I will not approve anything more, but if you believe you/we can, it is fine, and this is the same impatience coming from inside of me as Ali is showing here.

FB 150713 Ali 3

FB 150713 Ali 4

  • Once again, I was happy to receive news from Meshack, and I don’t understand why Kenya and Uhuru has not yet solved this crisis of millions of people/children not receiving education – just like in Denmark some months ago (!) – and it should be apparent to you just how important this is to keep a society going (?), and to me this is also a sign showing that everything (our world) is breaking down, so will you please start to WORK, Uhuru, instead of being a “pinup doll” smiling at pictures through all of your completely unnecessary “entertainment”, which you attend on a daily basis to look good in the media and towards people – what a ROTTEN and different culture you have! And yes, I had hoped that your crops had turned out better based on an email from David some time ago, but hunger is still the name of the game of darkness in this place of the world. You are a very valuable man to me, Meshack, and darkness has wanted to kill you too several times, but you have survived because of my rule to protect my family and friends the best way possible, which constantly requires that I do my best work, which I did to you, and you saw what happened when I missed one call in relation to my aunt to save my father, which killed my father (?), and yes it did not take much for darkness to bring out its evil plans, but I am happy that you are still with us and feel better now again – and no, not a word about my father, and is this “fear” of people not liking to speak about this or what ….?

Email Meshack 150713



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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3 Responses to July 15, 2013: Bringing my Son as the new Maitreya Buddha and uncovering the TRUE “game” of God creating our New World

  1. jette says:

    merci, je comprend

  2. jette says:

    listening to La Grande Dame again, – so like Edith Piaf – one of my favorites – Good Night..Take care..

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