July 19, 2013: Removing the last shield of creation blocking access to the Source, and bringing in the gate to the other side


Summary of the script today

18th July: Entering and connecting everything to the hidden room of God cleaned from the darkest/hottest part of my father

  • Dreaming of continuing to work at the very small location of darkness inside light, the Trinity has expanded into a quadraphony, the greatest rock bands in the world brought out life via spreading of a whole lotta love, Sanna and Karen are born with incredible curiosity making them stick their noses into what is not theirs, and the Union director Dennis Kristensen as example of a man talking and not working.
  • We have now entered, improved, tied together and connected everything to this hidden room, which we could not have done if I had not worked like insane the last week being constantly on my ultimate limit of breaking down. This is the darkest/hottest part of my father, and when we put the light on “a long time ago”, we did not have time to decide for this area, and then we thought that we better leave it as it is, we will probably get around to it one day and that day is today. If Karen’s family and friends had not influenced her negatively against me – as my family also did to my mother – we would have united as a couple a long time ago, which would have been too early because we needed her opposition to me to bring me darkness in order for me to clean this and save life inside of it. My son and the force of God and his inner Universe has now come all over, and you did not feel our arrival at all making the Old World continue as if nothing had happened, but we are here and now only have to change into our new form, which should not be that difficult. I was given the feeling of the spaceship of everything, which is really just around me, and I have been shown it circling me in smaller and smaller bows, and we speak centimetres here, and now I was given the feeling of it all close to my face almost without any distance at all, which is less than one centimetre, and just thinking that this force fills “nothing” and this is why it is up close to me, and only show itself as a spaceship of airplane when it is “acting”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I want to hand in my old hat, stop pollution, a man with glasses in Peru, beautiful clouds over Jette, a blessing, indignation, danger, happiness, unrestrained/abandoned (?), dimension-mix, parasite, love and care, and protection.
  • Short stories of no fire in case of a fire alarm, Sherin is a Muslim of the “right faith” having difficulties with having me as Facebook friend (?),“alright, we will eat pork if it is so important to you”, my greetings to Mandela on his birthday – may he live forever, I sent my reminder to Bjarne from the Commune in order to receive more “killer darkness” to bring out EVERYTHING, and Helena still brings me the worst liquorice darkness of all via her WRONG lifestyle and behaviour.

19th July: Removing the last shield of creation blocking access to the Source, and bringing in the gate to the other side

  • Dreaming of Lady Diana coming to me from the most inner of everything, receiving old and destroyed life, still bringing in life via the Call Centre, Michella loved me but now does NOT love me at all, Margit is bringing me MUCH darkness and the business of the hidden room of God opens up to me giving me all life inside of it.
  • Bjarne is known to become furious and I was shown a small chugging and incredible un-economical car coming forward, and it was his uncontrollable feelings in relation to me, which I received strongly today bringing forward the last of the Source inside darkness, and it is his uncertainty about me – am I Jesus or just crazy (?) – which is bringing friction/creation to send us to the top of everything. Keeping John alive was “fatal” to avoid a blood crash all over the world, and he is now weak again having lost will to live as part of the play to show me that should I decide to bring in the last of the incredible force of the Source, he would be killed risking my own life too and the world, but I decided that I do NOT want to be afraid and I can only continue following the road of God, and instead of me being brought to the gate of the Source inside darkness to be turned around to the other side of light – with the end of the Old World as result – this decision meant that I now bring the gate of the Source including its incredible force inside the world to create our New World from here, which is both “unheard” of and “impossible” to do, but still what we do because we can. We used all life as part of the game to bring this to me, this is how strong it is. Darkness strongly took for granted that we would lose this last part of the Source because it was impossible to get the balance right, but I decided to go against it. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the New World is sitting inside this room at the top of the world and I came from the outside eating all darkness on the way up. This is where we created the New World starting a new beginning. We have now started the last decisive travel through the barricade, and I received the shield of my mother via a pressure-wave, which was blocking the Source, and it was here that all darkness and sexual torment of my “old nightmare” was located. Welcome home, Stig, you are me and I am you, but first now, otherwise we worked through John not making the game easier. We are now bringing together the New World and the Source after having removed all creation/darkness blocking it. It is time to bring the SUN OVER BORNHOLM, which is to open for the force of the Source over our New World. As the Source I was a Spaniard now being made a Dane.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I a rosette/fisherman on the last darkness, waiting to wear my new silver cape, the Devil whispering “money, money, money” in the ears of people (strong force of the Source not turned around yet), the rosette is used to close the cape, the cape is a woman’s head, a handsome guy being so much more, and going for oneness.
  • Short stories of Lars Løkke not being able to see the forest from bare trees, making Paris Hilton think of her life, and still some days including temporary terminations.


18th July: Entering and connecting everything to the hidden room of God cleaned from the darkest/hottest part of my father

Dreaming of the Trinity having expanded into a quadraphony

I went to bed a little before midnight, and slept until 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • We are working at giant new offices with live music everywhere. There is a secret business visit, and I follow these people to the office of a small direct marketing office (by the two external IT-people I worked together with at Aon in 1995/96, Ole and the other), and the direct marketing people tell these secret visitors, who seek advise to run their own direct marketing campaign, that they want to run the campaign for them, which will give them better results, and I try to get at look at these two people, who sit behind very tall shelves and it is especially Ole, whom I cannot see, but I decide to levitate over the shelves, and then I see him and he sees me, and I tell him that I can do the campaign even better than them, but I will not do it because I do not like “gun sales”, which would have been required.
    • This is still the worst darkness inside of the New World at its small office trying to hide from me, but I am getting in and turning the campaign around to light.
  • I arrive at a fine private house in the middle of the night including three people with one of them being Morten J. and instead of being quiet, my telephone alarm starts ringing, which wakes up Morten, and he tells me that he has found a bed for me to sleep, and I meet the two others, who employ me because I have delivered a pure health declaration.
    • First there were three, and then there were four, and yes were there three or four musketeers (?), and just thinking that they expanded from three to four, which is what the Trinity has done now turning it into a quadraphony as I understand these dreams of four, and I have used the telephone line of my mother to bring us all together including my son, and this was made possible because I was “pure” as the requirement to enter.
  • Half awake I was told that the absolutely greatest rock bands including Led Zeppelin worked to bring out as much life as possible via the love/warm feelings, which their music spread to the world, and no, I never got to know this world famous band very well, they were on the edge of what I liked/disliked, but here is one of their greatest hits, which I like much, which truly sent out a “whole lotta love” ♥.

  • Sanna and Hans are on luxury holiday bringing their two sons, something about wine from the travel agency and a big footprint and Hans taking pictures of expensive photo models. Sanna is looking at my computer, and as the most natural thing, she starts looking at my private files, and I tell her that this is wrong to do, which she cannot understand and I tell her that she does not have the class/behaviour, which she believes she has herself.
    • I felt Karen throughout this dream too, which is just telling that Sanna and Karen are born with an incredible curiosity making them stick their noses into what is not theirs and not their concern, and still Hans is helping to take pictures, i.e. bring our new life.
  • Dennis Kristensen from the union of public employees is the director having Tina from my old EFG-class working at his front-office, and she is taking care of much work. He tells me that he has received the circulation folder including much for him to read to follow up on work and he tells me that this will keep him busy from 22.00 to 01.00 this evening (because he is so “busy” doing other things), and I tell him that not all information is equally as important, which makes me feel that he wants to skip reading everything because he does not bother, and I am shown a paper saying that they will report no taxation on pensions.
    • This is about Dennis being so incredible “busy” talking talking and talking all day long being on all kind of media all of the time stealing away his time to work, so now he is a figurehead on top of the organization not having time to work, which makes him more and more disqualified by every day, and this is NOT how work is meant to be, Dennis (!), and do you have faith in me (?), and at least you are here linked with a message saying that we will lose no life, i.e. taxes, to darkness, but save all pensions/life.
  • Lars G. and a friend are preparing BIG starters, Lars G. has now learned how to do this, and I work as a provisional waiter wearing a tuxedo because there are no others.
  • I woke up to the words “a room with a view” and Electric Light Orchestra’s brilliant Laredo Tornado and the lyrics “adios amigos”, which should mean that “your dream world is gone”, and at least to some life inside darkness (?), and yes I can only go on saying that we will not accept this, right Noller (?) here coming to me.

Entering and connecting everything to the hidden room of God cleaned from the darkest/hottest part of my father

This is the room then, which we have chosen to connect everything to, which was closed to your mother – because of hetero sexuality. We would not have received this picture if we did not run as quickly as we did. We could almost only open this room wrongly.

What do you say, Glistrup, wasn’t it impossible to get in here (?), and yes it required to have the system almost killing you as it killed me.

Have we been out here with the lamp tree before (?), no not as far as we can see, this room remained in darkness and did not know that we were coming, and what does it contain (?), and yes the darkest part of your father, as I feel. Something about football socks, and because this was out of the season, and now we better know, we simply did not have time to decide for this area, and then we thought that we better leave it as it is, we will probably get around to it one day and that day is today, and yes it requires a proper cleaning in here, so come on out you inside of here.

When I started working on my script, I received a sound to my oven, and was told that it is now that we start to bring out me/the last too.

I was told that if I should give in now, we would not at all be able to carry out your “old nightmare”.

We now know what the veterinarian was about (mentioned in a script months ago), and yes Karen looking up to you from the veterinarian in Lyngby opposite where I lived. It has nothing to do with Istedgade (“red light” district, i.e. wrong sexual behaviour), but true joy and happiness, this was the feeling we brought her and thoughts in relation to you, and yes a life without sex being a constant nightmare to her, to live a “simple life” as she wanted so much, and this is what she also saw in me, I was her gift, but still she “could not” accept me when she could not understand me, which is mainly because of her surroundings including her mother, who “could not” understand me or do anything trying to understand, and in this respect she was deceived by her family and friends in relation to me the same way as my mother was from our family, and if they had not influenced her wrongly/negatively, she would have chosen me years ago the same way as I had had made my mother believe in me. And yes it was about whether or not I was crazy and everytime I almost had made her come over on my side, her family and friends brought her back on theirs against me thus hurting the both of us the most, and I am here given a bigger small heart attack as the result, and yes simple minded, lazy and better-knowing ignorants working against us as usual, they are everywhere. Otherwise we would have received one big living room – Karen and I uniting as one – too early before we had saved all life/as much as possible.

We cannot blow up your right ankle now, I felt it, and that is because we are now here everywhere inside this New World not yet opened.

“Bind us together” (?), is he making fun of us (?), no, this is what we have come to now and that is to include this secret/forgotten room too, and I was told that we almost also delivered this to the gravedigger of the church yard when my father died, but you wanted it differently.

I was told about Michael Jackson’s ranch/Tivoli/Zoo “Neverland” that this was also meant not to be destroyed, to always be as “Paradise”, but you know that his dream was not allowed to live.

Do you think the sun is shining on Cyprus too (?), and this is the man, who was hiding inside this dark room, who is now coming out. I felt, was shown and heard Boris Jelzin, who said that he could also not get out, so did you return to this room, my Vodka-drinking friend (?), and yes, spaciba, which is a mixture of flowers and marzipan of me, who has finally reached him, and no, Boris, no more Vodka for you or clapping the girls behind.

I was told the other day that the man from another civilization, who sat down next to me at my sofa a couple of months ago was my own son on his way in.

How do you think it makes your sister feel in Peru that you have almost no money, and she is on yet another luxury holiday (?), and yes can you hurt this way because of your selfishness, which you are all too aware about, and I feel Karen here too feeling the same.

Do we have a completely new floor inside of here (?), and yes you heard him, “make it perfect”, so this is what we did – and my small and very uncomfortable heart attacks continues, which is also because of Jette’s post to the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group yesterday.

We don’t like to admit it, but now it is time to bring beer on the table, and yes if you cannot find anything else of creation, please do, and yes you may give me a Blue Chimay because Belgian beer is my favourite ones, and that is with a CLEAR margin you know. Does he mean the end of the ship yard (?), and yes this is the same. This means that when we rise up, we have put on all of our clothes.

I received David Bowie’s song “looking for satellites” and was asked if I believe these lyrics were only “coincidental words” put together (?), which is how David made some of his lyrics having words clipped out from the media put in front of him, which he just “put together like that” because it sounded good, David (?), and no, we now know that there was more to it than that, so what are these lyrics truly about (?), and shampoo may be about cleaning, TV is the world, tie is life, and showdown was what we were facing.

Nowhere, Shampoo, TV, Combat, Boyzone, Slim tie, Showdown, Can’t stop”.

Have we continued working with that business having with trade to do (?), which is about the new understanding of our new man awakening here.

So there are no clouds on the sky at all – meaning that nothing is blocking our access to the Source.

I still receive feelings of Alex the psychiatrist, who had decided that he does NOT believe in “crazy” things like speaking to spirits and angels, and yes “far too crazy” for him with the only “problem” being that he is wrong, and I am right, and in this sense he is being exposed to the world too, and yes this is what he really does not like.

There is only one reason why your cold did not break out – I am given feelings of it here again – and this is because I kept on working, and if I had not, it would have been given to my mother as sufferings instead.

I received Shu-bi-dua’s “Sommergryder” and the lyrics “så er det om at pudse lakken” (”it is about polishing the lacquer then”), which it truly is and this is the lacquer of our New World, and yes another song from their golden period.

I still have a 5-DKK coin standing on its side here, which is about even more worlds to be saved here when we have started raising up the Source.

I was told that Copenhagen Commune also has a party prepared for me (?), and now you may include Erna Iversen (?), and yes, how are you doing, Frankie (?), are you still silent?

Do we have the camera too from this place (?), and yes we are about getting this out too even though it is hot like hell.

This evening corresponds for all of us to come home, and yes to enter this secret room. Where do you have your father’s address from (?), and yes did he also return inside this room?

I was given the taste of DRY spices together with the feeling of fear of the top of the government of India and “let us hope that he does not come after us”, and tell me why you are so afraid over there (?), do you have anything to hide (?), or you may not be proud of poverty of India (?) – and yes think if a man would try to make a program to feed India and stop hunger, and oh, you have such a man already (?) – and you may not like being on top of your system of classes knowing that I do NOT appreciate people to be divided in classes and discrimination between classes, which is the most crazy I have heard of (?), and are their other things you fear about and eehhh for your incredible richness gathered with the few percent on top of your society, and you could never dream about sharing with the millions of starving people living a MISERABLE life also in your country (?), and yes is there anything more (?), and this is also about searching for more life inside the worst darkness, so now you know where I rank you too.

A little later when I was preparing a steak, I was encouraged to press my kitchen tool on it with more force than normal, which made the tool “almost crack”, and just before this, I was given the thought of India, so there you have it, your WRONG way of living was also almost killing me and life.

Yes, we could wash this car – hidden room – even though it is VERY old.

Something about us having moved up in the spaceship called “the flying enterprise”, which is the story of the Danish ship sinking in 1952 carrying a secret cargo, which made the captain refuse to leave it until the very last moment, and this is now being used as the name of the spaceship of everything, and I don’t really understand, but others do as I am told.

Did you mother receive a quick bath in the sauna (?), and now I know why you have given me the word “sauna” the last days, which is about the heat of darkness killing life, which you saw in the sauna world championships a couple of years ago, which cost the life of one, almost two, and yes these Finish people are “completely crazy”, and this is also about Finnish people not believing in me sending me this sauna heat.

If it was up to your father, he would have recommended you the strongest not to enter here, because “here is nothing” and I see him hiding something, and yes the new watch, which we have made which we knew that he was carrying, and no, it is not yours as darkness anymore, it is ours for an eternity to share with everyone, this is the basic idea, and yes not to contradict but to open to everything, and this is the curse also given to your mother.

No, he is not making it up – this was the reaction of the world for a long time in the beginning.

So we/you/your mother have/has drawn a new world where you will get no headache anymore?

And the question was really how to get all of you into the Spaceship, but you decided to turn everything around to make the spaceship come to you and to open all of it up inside of this old room of yours (of the Old World).

I would have screamed laughing writing your name in here, but again, you asked us to come here, so here we are, which is what the Sandra Dee song yesterday is about.

And we did all of this with a minimum of people dying (?); yes (because of him, i.e. Stig).

This is what was supposed to have come as a ball of light terminating the Old World – before creating our new.

So what is the time now (?), nothing (!), because it has not beat its first beat yet.

Do you know what, we found liquorice on the floor here (for ud to pick up), and yes because of a message I sent to Anton in his Facebook group, where I told him about his broken promises and “fake hopes”, which is what he believes in because nothing more happened to him spiritually after his opening after he met me, and I told him that he should have listened to me to open up, and yes a tame lion he is also not having followed up on this group since February and when I posted my comment, I received a message saying that it now awaits approval of an administrator (!), and yes meet Anton, my DEAF, BLIND and CLOSED friend who saw me as God, but was turned over by skeptical people including himself when “reading” me eventually making him believe that I was the opposite without understanding that this is what he was, and yes now he received a new sign from me, and how does he react to this (?), and yes by sending me the worst darkness, and I TOLD YOU SO, Anton!

I continued working until 17.00 at the library, and I received STRONG feelings of tears coming to me, which was because of my mother’s strong feelings/sadness and because of my own exhaustion making it even easier for these feelings to come through.

I was told that there was a 2/3 risk that we would have had to watch the New World from a nearby yard, which was about the risk of not bringing this hidden room of darkness with us, but no, I do hope that we will bring all of it, and yes I continue receiving this much work, and should I decide to relax a little, I am instantly given more of these heart attacks, this is how strong the darkness here is.

I was told that there would be “cigarettes all over” meaning that darkness would spread all over to destruct the Old World, but no, you did not want this, and thank you for this.

I was told that saving this hidden room of my father corresponds to receive a “made in …” mark at the back of your shirt.

I was shown David Gilmour opening a door into black darkness where a Gorilla walks around as a waiter with a tray, and yes working for “feel good inc.” you know, which is experimental music expanding existing borders, which I LIKE very much, and yes the mill is also in here :-).

I was shown Robert and Falck and an escalator moving up, and I was told that they are still helping me up, this is how “smart” my memo on them worked because they continue sending me darkness not liking to be exposed on the Internet.

This is possibly the worst but Stig how do we get out of this spaceship (?) with a king (pilot – my son), who has now come all over (?), and yes you did not feel our arrival at all making the Old World continue as if nothing had happened, but we are here and now only have to change into our new form, which should not be that difficult.

I was told about my mother believing that I am becoming “more and more crazy” because of my writings while I am the one making the most sense to her of all people telling her and John what is right/the truth/logics, and yes incredible what so called “negative scripts” according to my sister can make me, and yes we are expanding this friction beyond what should be possible. And it is a long time ago I have seen John’s profile on the online list of my friends meaning that I don’t believe that my mother reads my Facebook updates anymore.

I have received the feeling of my old girlfriend Henriette sending me much darkness too and yes not easy to forget about me too, Henriette (?), even though you decided to abandon me on Facebook as one of the first in 2010.

I was told that the world followed when it saw that we were “one centimetre” from terminating in 2010 when I re-connected with the Source, and yes was it “difficult” for you too my dear official world to come through and you decided to tell nothing to the world because you feared that people would panic just because you told them that the end of the world came (?), and yes this is the only thing you could do, thus helping us to save the world.

I called my mother and told her that I have been very busy not having had time to see her for coffee as I had hoped for, but also that I have thought about her daily, and it is not because I did not want to see her, and yes afterwards I am here given a new uncomfortable feeling to my throat of more of this darkness running through, which is what we had to receive the help/love of my mother to do, and yes not an easy week, not easy at all, but tomorrow we will see each other again for dinner with them, and not many weeks ago I told her that we have not had her pork tenderloin en croûte for maybe 10 years, and “coincidently” the Kvickly supermarket this week has tenderloin on sale cheaply, and yes she had seen in now making this disc tomorrow, and yes I was told that this is how we work to help this forward, which here is about the meaning “rare food” as in “rare life”, which we saved this week.

I was told that my recordings from 2006 included in my library have been analysed in detail to confirm that it is truly I speaking, which was the true purpose of making them.

I received extreme pressure to my heart this evening including many small heart attacks, and should I decide to turn around saying no, you are not welcome anymore, this is what we would begin doing too asking if you don’t want to bring the last of the spaceship or if you want to kill them, and no I would never do that, but this was my destiny and then I would start killing my inner self – and life of the world – unless the power of God would save this or world sacrifices would do it for me, and I felt how the inside of the spaceship from out on the balcony or on the other side of it directly sent me small heart attacks in order to get out.

I received the name of the play “Erasmus Montanus”, which I did not know before now, and you may understand that he was in a similar position as I telling the truth to people, who did not want to listen but insisted that their “convenient truth”, i.e. deception, was right.

Again, I was EXTREMELY tired to my inner bones this evening.

It is first now that the story on Denis and Caroline starts working to open to us here.

I was given the feeling of the spaceship of everything, which is really just around me, and I have been shown it circling me in smaller and smaller bows, and we speak centimetres here, and now I was given the feeling of it all close to my face almost without any distance at all, which is less than one centimetre, and just thinking that this force fills “nothing” and this is why it is up close to me, and only show itself as a spaceship of airplane when it is “acting”.

I was told that the flying enterprise has had meaning to the world ever since it sank in 1952, and what is it there on the bottom of the sea (?), and not something as strong that it could destruct the world (?), and I was shown cod roe and said that this force is many times stronger than mine, and is this the spaceship of everything, which sank, and when you could not get it up, you knew that this would bring the end of the world (?), and it is from there that this spaceship has come lose (?), and is this the secret that Jack & Co. have been hiding?

Is this the transfer, which we are now finishing, which was the biggest catastrophe in world history (?), where everything, which was not supposed to go wrong, went wrong, but it had to happen to make me come, and yes a call on me, we need you to come and save us, and then I strongly received the feelings that “this sounds crazy, I don’t want to listen to it”, and this is the feeling I have to be careful not overtaking me, which it was close to doing here, and I understood that it is my mother giving me this feeling because of her “wrong feelings” about my writings.

And this secret spread to more and more people of the world making them believe that there is nothing to do, the world will ened, that is why, and eeehhh now we are flying on the sky again, and I received a “quiet smile”, and it is a discovery of this magnitude, which is making me – the most dense darkness inside the oven – able to turn into wood again as I hear and feel.

I remember seeing a documentary on TV about the sinking of the Flying Enterprise, and I decided to find the story, which you can read here, and as you can see, the ship was transporting large amounts of Uran to be used for nuclear weapon, so here is an example of how darkness is given to me, and I was told that it is not the finest dark but gold pen, which is coming out of this ship wreck, “we promise you”, and yes among others because of Anton letting you down, it is “impossible” for us to speak the truth and we have to speak deception of darkness when this is what is coming to me strongly.

We were happy that we never had to give you the message that some did not catch the plane.

So there is no powder or cannonballs inside of here, we are doing this alone because of the good will of Stig and his honour not wanting to give up (?), and this is what is the most amazing part.

So we cannot smoke, but still you succeeded to move the chair from there to there (?), and yes the chair of everything to an even more pure place.

And yes, while you are working hard, your mother has “nothing” to do except from cleaning the house and shopping, which was also part of creation, and yes she had “good time” where I was busy in order to prevent her darkness from breaking out.

Not very long after sending my email to Bjarne, see the short stories, I received STRONG and BLACK pain to my right foot and lower leg, I saw the colour of it, and when I tried to also bring my first email on Facebook below my new email, I was “not allowed” to bring it when Facebook kept on giving this “error message” approx. 10 times, so I will wait to see if I can include it tomorrow at the library instead where darkness is not working as strongly as now and here. Update “tomorrow”: No, it was also impossible to do at the library, but I could split it in two comments and then it worked fine, and did I cross the maximum limit of Facebook here?

I continued receiving negativity of darkness constantly wanting to take me over, and I cannot tell you just how tired this makes me after having received it constantly since 2006 and never have given in to it thus not having thought one single negative thought but fought for the opposite, and do you understand what this requires and just how impossible this is to continue on and on and on and on – and on and on and on and on – and ….?

Google Earth: I want to hand in my old hat and dimension-mix

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I want to hand in my old hat, stop pollution, a man with glasses in Peru, beautiful clouds over Jette, a blessing, indignation, danger, happiness, unrestrained/abandoned (?), dimension-mix, parasite, love and care, and protection.

FB 180713 Jette 1

FB 180713 Jette 2

FB 180713 Jette 3

FB 180713 Jette 4

FB 180713 Jette 5

FB 180713 Jette 6

FB 180713 Jette 7

FB 180713 Jette 8

FB 180713 Jette 9

FB 180713 Jette 10

FB 180713 Jette 11

FB 180713 Jette 12

FB 180713 Jette 13

FB 180713 Jette 14

FB 180713 Jette 15

FB 180713 Jette 16

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff brough this circle showing “what you conclude when hearing a fire alarm” with the options being that it is either broken, a drill, activated for fun and the yellow option is fire, and since there is no yellow, this is to say that what we are doing now is only a “drill” because if I “lose it”, there will be no fire/destruction, and yes an inspired man he is for sure :-). And this is also about “the alarm” of my old colleague Ole from Aon.

FB 180713 Helt Normalt

  • Sherin, who IS a Muslim, and yes she saw your comment about Muslims to Manyar too, wrote here about her fast and what is allowed and not allowed in terms of when to finish it, and I simply told her that “I do not fast, Sherin – now you know it”, and yes a “very popular” lady she is on DR TV at the moment showing a series with her as host about “the meaning of life”, which she is bringing while having me as Facebook friend, and knowing about me, and still you have decided not to speak of me in your programs, and why is that, Sherin (?), and oh, there is a ban on DR TV to speak about me, no I did not know, and this is how talk is going on between my spiritual friends the same way as you and others speak about me, and is it difficult to be a Muslim of “the right faith” as a public role model when you know that Islam is a “made-up” religion not by God but by the Devil (?), and yes different kinds of difficulties develop people into becoming my “special friends”.

FB 180713 Sherin

  • Michael Wullf truly has his finger on the pulse – also helping to stop me from bleeding – and here he brings a story with the Danish Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen (I like Reino much better, you know?) apparently saying to Muslims “alright, we will eat pork if it is so important to you”, and yes you should have done this a long time ago my friends, and yes still not knowing what we will eat in our New World, but in the Old World, pork is good to eat for everyone.

FB 180713 Helt Normalt 2

  • The whole world sent their greetings to Mandela today, and I liked this quote of his, which I used as foundation of my greetings for him.

FB 180713 til Mandela

  • For a couple of days I have been encouraged to send a reminder to Bjarne for NOT having answered my email to him of July 3, and today I was told that “now it is now” because of more darkness that this would bring, so this evening I decided to write this in co-operation with my inner voice, and as usual I went “very close” to Bjarne – just like the spaceship of everything is “very close” on me, which is what Bjarne helps doing via his WRONG behaviour – and I reminded him that when I have tried to open him up and communicate with him to get to learn each other, he has been cross, negative and closed like an oyster, this is what contracting darkness does, and it cannot be true that he refuses to believe in me when people talk about me in the Commune and also about him and his rotten system and how he and the Commune have brought me a life full of sufferings, but don’t worry, I will manage, the question is more if he will because it does not take much to blow him down (?), and yes I receive all of your sufferings together with everyone else’s, which is much stronger than you, so in this respect you are only a small fish not having a chance. And I told him that the longer he takes to answer me, the worse it looks to him, and also the need for him to be open, honest and direct, and not to blacken me only to save himself, and I ask him to stand forward taking full responsibility of his actions, and what he could have done to me (putting me behind locked doors of a mental hospital and on life dangerous “medicine” to get rid of his “problem” of me being a potential Breivik!) and NOT to fear me as he and the Commune did completely unnecessary – still remember the look on you, Johannes, in 2012 when you saw me at your tour of the Town Hall, but I was “nice” to speak to, wasn’t I  (?) – and yes, this is Bjarne’s faith and there is nothing he can do to escape my force. And I encouraged him to invite me on coffee, to show me “warm feelings”, and that his name is already blinking in neon around the world as the crazy director of the Communee who “could not” understand me because of his own limitations, poor human behaviour and negativity (this is what he as darkness “hates/fears” but can do nothing against) via the official world reading me, and I told him about how his darkness could have killed me, and also that he should be wise enough to understand that the spiritual voice I am writing with is not “normal” for people, and this is the spiritual voice of God inside of me – what else should it be (?), and yes put two and two together, and the only result you get is “me”!

Email til Bjarne 180713 1

Email til Bjarne 180713 2

  • I found my “pending post” to Anton’s Facebook group, and no, you do “not like” to approve this, and why is that again, Anton?

FB 180713 til Anton

  • Some hours after I had written about liquorice in my script, Helena said that she survives in the heat but only because the coffee has ice-cold liquorice like things in the slush-ice machine and she gave a hiccup, and yes liquorice is the worst darkness, and Helena is it.

FB 180713 Helena

  • And here she says that she has received barber scraper and foam from a man – she is still on holiday, so a man giving you “casual sex” again, Helena (?) – and this is about having absolutely no hair being nothing before we turn around to receive all hair of the Source on the other side, and tomorrow she will watch her beloved “Magtens Korridore” when they “will tear over the island”, and yes, Helena, this is what your inconsiderate, careless and selfish behaviour does in relation to me, and isn’t it funny that this is how she truly is and her friends “know her” as the opposite?

FB 180713 Helena 2


19th July: Removing the last shield of creation blocking access to the Source, and bringing in the gate to the other side

Dreaming of Lady Diana coming to me from the most inner of everything and receiving old and destroyed life

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Before sleeping I felt Lady Diana coming to me, and she said that it is only I at the most inner of everything, whom you have to find, and I was shown a flower as this most inner, and I here feel her again when writing this.
  • I work together with Preben as pension consultants, he is 29, and I am 31, and I borrow a lighter from him to go out smoking, it is outside a law firm. I have been allowed as the only insurance broker of all to sell Hafnia Insurance’ special pension scheme including discounts for accountants, and I sit in a room together with agents of the insurance company itself, who can sell the full product, where I am only allowed to sell some of it, but the most vital parts.
    • Preben is still sending me darkness, and I have now received old and destroyed life, hence the old and not existing Hafnia Insurance, but not all of it yet.
  • I am visiting a call centre, which sells insurance for the company I work for, there are two team leaders working full time for us, and when I entered the room, there was a beautiful girl laying on the floor “inviting” people to lay on top of her, which I then decided to do, but afterwards she says that she feels used by me, and I feel her now as Michella (from Fair), but despite of this, I am offered a job with the Call Centre, and I tell them that I will consider it seriously because I may have one year left to work before I will start doing something different, and I would like to receive their offer. I see how they carry out sales trainings where everything has to do with selling everything via the telephone.
    • The Call Centre is about “selling insurance”, which is to transfer life from the Old to our New World – via the “telephone line” of my mother, and we continue doing this also receiving temptations of my “old nightmare” here shown by Michella as another part of my mother, and this is also the story of her first being “madly in love” with me, and then turning the other way being the opposite, which is what is developing her.
  • I am telling my sister that I will now do the second part of a Red Cross course together with Margit, which is expensive – to my surprise – and Sanna asks me if this is why I have not brought wine for her.
    • Apparently Margit is one of those “slow, dumb and crazy” people, who simply “cannot” read and understand me to silence her own strong and WRONG voice about me, and this is taking out much money, i.e. energy of me, making it difficult to bring wine of creation. And apparently Sanna is also thinking that it is “not nice” that I don’t bring her host gifts when she invites for dinner (?), and no, Sanna, you have probably noticed that I am in no position to do this?
  • I am going to a job interview with a lawyer and an accountant looking like “nerds”, and before going, I am peeing on the bathroom having to keep my fine tie and clothes away from the urine, which is almost impossible to do, and I drive on bicycle there, but am now in fine trousers but with a plain red sweat shirt and notice that they are also wearing casual clothes, and they notice that I am two minutes late, but my clock tells me that I am on time. Later I am bringing five carpets to offices, which we are overtaking, having many curious watching us at the same time as I see the dust cloud of a horde of running cows in Skåne, Southern Sweden, which can be felt here, and this business, where I have arrived together with the lawyer and accountant without an agreement, now shows us around, and we arrive at a very tall storage room, where one of the accountant/lawyer decides to lay on top of a very high mattress, and he has now turned into a black man, and it is as if he is only teasing and pretending to sleep.
    • A lawyer has been a symbol of the worst symbol throughout my scripts, and the accountant is about counting if we have brought all life with us, and I am here at a room, where it is practically impossible not to destruct anything, i.e. the peeing, and this leads me to a new business, i.e. the hidden room, which I have now been allowed to overtake designing it with my carpets, and to bring the bed of this to me too. The black man is because of Bjarne, who tried to “blacken” me, which is the worst darkness of all, but this is also what makes me come here when being stronger than him.

Removing the last shield of creation blocking access to the Source, and bringing in the gate to the other side

I received several hiccups when waking up still saying that the world is sacrificing to come here.

I was told about Christiania in Copenhagen, where I went with Georgie and Renee in 2006, and it was only on the façade what Georgie did to you (not believing in me), and I have prepared her for her task too.

Something about lunch in the free.

We cannot shoot it with side-wind can we (?), you heard him, he does NOT want to accept any of us not catching the plane – “then we will continue” (the journey) and yes even if it should take another three months from here because we have plenty of time, and yes I wonder what Bjarne thinks of me, and how much more darkness he will bring to me?

I believe there is a cauliflower there, which we had not seen at all. So you are saying that we cannot get enough of the flowers we have already made?

Have we heard about the butcher from Manila (?), and I feel Karen, but this is what we can call Bjarne, and yes a true killer he is, and is this what Ferdinand Marcus of Philippines also was not only stealing from the country bringing the population in misery, but also “butchering” people he did not “like”.

Thank you for the national match, it is almost over, we feel it.

“Being in the attic”, which is what we are, at the very top of the house.

Bjarne is known to become furious right (?), and I see a small chugging and incredible un-economical car coming forward, and it looks like a Smart car, which is pretty smart to do here.

If you don’t move now, we will not be able to receive the ship.

As usual I felt terrible and on my edge of giving up this morning.

When I was preparing the first draft publish of my script of yesterday, I was told that we are not a tug boat anymore, we are the new boat itself.

I was told that there is yet another farm inside of here.

We are hummus kids of Allan from the library – we would not have come without him.

I was told that my sister is reading my Facebook updates and now my email to Bjarne from Peru, which is making her somewhat nervous too because she was the one feeding our mother against me and my mother feeding the Commune against me too, and yes think if this will come out (?), and this is at least how the story is served to me still not knowing if this is the full truth or (part of it is) deception of darkness.

We have also found the remaining of the Barbie doll here.

Do you remember that we told you that we had gone through “half” (?), and this is just to tell you that we have now gone through everything, and “what now” (?), and yes normally I receive more darkness as a “surprise” because we just found another room, but one day it will stop and is this the day now?

Smell of roses, a song.

We can now also switch on four different colours of light at the same time, which however may not be that practical, you will see why.

I was told about my sister and her trouble with her “balance nerve” many years ago, and also “powder”, which is “out of the closet” and yes it was almost going wrong back then, and we may be 20-25 years back in time.

It keeps including “that last warning” inside of here, everything is filled up with it.

I was shown a black marker writing the first “0” of 007, but instead of completing it, it was changed into an “Ø”, which is the letter of the Danish political party the Red-Green Alliance, which Jette is “totally in love” with, which is to say that her work also made it possible for me NOT to terminate life, which I otherwise was licensed to do.

I continue receiving thanks for pressuring myself all the way out where it is not funny anymore.

I was told that it was important that I brought my regret to Manyar in his Facebook thread.

So you cannot be sun burned in here, it cannot be done.

I felt Bjarne thinking about my voice, whether it is true or made up inside a “crazy mind”, and yes not easy to “guess” yourself (?), and I wonder if my voice gave me a combination of the truth of light and lies of darkness in my emails to him making it even more “difficult” to understand because he likes to misunderstand.

It is like being in a radio store without being there, this is how we have made life Stig, we are and still we aren’t, so both/or instead of either/or as Lars G. would have said (as he always said), and yes I miss him as my best friend too, and have done for many years.

You don’t have 10 billion DKK, but it sure feels as if we do, so everything here is “made up” using faith as the parameter. So there is not even a plane inside of here, but when we imagine that there is, we can still bring out life of the past, which does not even exist here, and yes this is “true magic”.

No, it is not nice to have had your stomach/chest open, and this affects people in a way, which people don’t know, and this is also what I am doing to John as I am told and yes my spiritual friend is, and not via depression, but by “longing” to die to stop a life in pain.

So we avoid a blood crash all over the world because of this, and yes keeping John alive was “fatal”, and we did.

In other words, there will be no burning off cigarettes, but you agree to play this game to save every little thing, and yes just go on as long as it is required and I will try doing my best. So don’t you believe that the small lamb of here grows big and runs out in full “four-jump” (i.e. run fast) as we say here.

So we have played a fight in here using all life to bring out this strong darkness, this is what was required Stig, so in theory, you put our lives at risk taking going through the final showdown with Bjarne, which he of course does not know about.

“May we have a PROPER telephone number” (?), this is what we needed to bring all of this through, and this is what could have brought us out of balance, if you had lost it – theoretically – but you/we did not.

I received more heartburn as a combination of my mother and Bjarne.

No, there is not anymore police but still Bjarne would like to pick me up because my email to him clearly shows that I am crazy – or what, Bjarne?

We have had not one single crisis on the yard – and also not seen/felt our heart crushed as I was shown the other day as an alternative road.

I was shown the late actor Lise Ringberg and later the late actor Karl Stegger coming to me from “the kingdom of deaths”, and I was told that this is good for another Oscar, and this is even though there is nothing to celebrate yet, because apparently we come from out of nothing, and we cannot see anything here, and yes the New World is everything we see as the result of this force.

And Bjarne’s uncertainty about me is sending me all the way up to our highest room. And who is spreading the news about me (?), and yes “stupid Leif-Bo”, which is why I could write as I did to Bjarne.

It feels like having moved up 1-2 classes, where there is only one, which it the first, real God.

I was told that John thinks about how his life is soon over releasing him from the pain he goes through, which is also a “secret”.

So we were in the forest not seeing this room/tree because of too many trees, and this is inside my own back yard.

No, we don’t have names for a new born, and I felt the media, and yes what is the name of the new born (?), and this is both about my son, who will be born with the opening of our New World, and also about Kate and William expecting their first child, and “what a co-incidence” this is too :-).

What do you think of the stamp/the pencil, because they are identical.

I was told that it was also important that I reminded René about how his young daughter around 2005/06 was shown a spirit next to me in order for him to think “can it really be that Stig is the one” (?), and this is what was needed to bring him this “uncertainty”.

I felt my father and was told if it is tomorrow then that we will wake up and get a new start?

I was given feelings of Bjarne again being the “city-king” in his own eyes, and I was told that here comes the whole bathing jetty together with a bathing life waist.

And am I the highlight of the week for John too (?), and yes we are living lives not worth living being isolated from people and a “normal life”. So their lives – John and my mother – are about death surrounding them, and they are becoming “terminated” now seeing that people around them die, and yes “not very nice”, mother (?) because you don’t know that we have a whole new life of immense joy and happiness for you, and how could you not tell???

What was it about to open up for Leif-Bo’s feelings (?), and yes for me to come out this way for this man to decide to FEEL LOVE.

Snitch! – Which is the feeling of Bjarne, and yes who told Stig that I spoke with the daily news to bring an articles blackening him (?), and no one did, Bjarne.

So we have eaten up all white bread (made into creation) on our way to get to the inner here?

I was told that Jakob Scharf and his Intelligence Service of the Police are following me right now, which Bjarne does not know about.

So this is the absolutely first build of Egypt, which you made (?), and yes very primitive compared to today.

I worked at home in the morning and at the library after lunch, which I continued doing until 16.30, and when I arrived at the library, I pressed the button of and yes it is really the third floor – what I have said was the second floor all the time (I was cheated by a low 1st floor) – but the lift “decided” only to bring me to the 2nd floor (!), and when I stood out, I realized that it was for me to meet the actor Lars Knutzon, and I don’t know if you saw me, Lars (?), but now you have been “touched” by me too – and say hello to all of your colleagues will you?

I was surprised to see that the old mail to Bjarne of July 3, which I was “not allowed” to post to Facebook yesterday and earlier today, which I then split in two and posted as two comments to my Facebook post of yesterday including my new email to him, was removed (!), and yes I saw it a few hours ago being accepted as posts, and then they were removed again “just like that”, which is about the worst darkness terminating life, and I have now posted the July 3 email again split in two, and we will see if this will stick now, or if more is needed.

If my mother is born with an organic heart disease (?), yes but not as big a mine. Your mother knew from your birth that you would die from a heart attack, and that she could do nothing about it.

So it is a giant, sleeping bear, which we found here now also becoming part of us.

And this is where the worst cannabis is located because we did not dress him properly at bright had we known about this big force, which we have now opened for because in this case we would not even have given birth for you, but just started the New World because it here says how to bring everything old with us, but of course we just had to come here first, which was impossible when the world was turned the opposite way making us come here at the end, so we did what in principle was completely unnecessary to do, but only in principle had we started having had a perfect world.

Instead we have had a tick suck out blood of the world without our knowledge, and this is where we much rather want to be.

I was told that we are far beyond darkness so I will not receive a heart attack and we could drive home receiving warm music doing nothing, but instead we will use this “surplus” for “more” when opening our New World.

This means that we have also written our name inside here with runic stone.

We had no idea that we were out in darkness, and I was shown a dark globe/ball with a big hatch being opened and from inside of this, the brightest light shines out.

I told my mother when receiving her money for the Sting concert, where she said that I could also buy something for myself – and to keep the money for myself, thus not sending them away (!) – that I was thinking of getting a haircut, which I really could use, and since then I have used the surplus of approx. DKK 350 after the Tivoli tour to buy food thinking that I had enough on my bank account also to get a haircut, and when I checked my bank account today, I was surprised to see that I only had 100 DKK left – I thought I had more than 300 DKK – and this meant that I now could not afford the haircut, and it also meant that I was told that now the balance will be destroyed where my mother will end the game because of this, and it came with much force, but instead of accepting it, I did the opposite saying “never”!

During the late afternoon, I was told about how impossible it now was to continue the game, and my voice took for granted that last life of darkness would terminate, and no, there was not even a question about it, and I really could just have accepted, which would be the easiest thing to do, but I reminded myself actively that I will NEVER accept this, so with my outmost, I went against this also saying “never”!

Here are golden watches – don’t throw them away – and I was told that we did not know that you sat up here waiting on us, and I was shown steps up. And I was given a feeling to life at my hall, which is also our New World, and I was told that this is here we sit, because we started from the beginning, remember (?), and yes this was a pleasant surprise to receive. The New World is at the top of the world where we placed our new creation, and I was thinking that I was coming from outside “eating” all darkness and the resulting light was placed here, and still I had to go through the last darkness to bring us up on the highest level.

At around 17.00 to 18.00 I was INCREDIBLE tired having to force myself to continue and also to go through the evening meeting my mother and John again.

When I arrived there, I was told that it is now my mother that I am saving with healing energy, but still I was shown John receiving hiccups showing that he is sacrificing with his life being at risk, and I saw how he was doing poorer today than last week not being strong and if felt like his will (to live), which had reduced, and just as I had been told, and I was told that this is because he is sad that he is “not allowed” to do anything after his operation – to drive car etc. – until 6-8 weeks after.

I was told that always cleaning Karen – not to receive syphilis etc. despite of her dissipated life being in the greatest risk zone – is also costing us much energy.

My mother told us about her visit to her friend Ely last week and just how thin she has become because of concerns about her son, Lars, who is doing very poorly not being able to take care of himself and his apartment, which she has to come and do for him daily, and yes what is the reason why (?), and yes the Commune is coming daily bringing his “medicine” – anti-psychotics of some kind – and watching him take it as a requirement (!), and as I told my mother, this is what is directly killing him and making him rot up as a vegetable from inside out, and yes my mother understands, and this is what I offered her to do, to tell Ely that I would like to offer Lars a personal talk to help him, but no, my mother and also Ely did not “like” to follow up on this, and then it is better, Ely, to see how your son is decaying/dying right in front of your eyes (?), and what was his “sickness” (?), and yes he wanted to write a book (!!!), and do you see the difference in him and me, mother (?), and yes I could have ended up like Lars if I had been forced to take medicine as Sanna and the system would have “liked” me to do, and no, you know that I am right when I say that a “normal life” is what is the cure of this, and yes a nightmare it would have been to my mother seeing me like Lars, which would have ended the world, and I was told that when I was not allowed to help Lars, it has also brought me much darkness in itself.

My mother told us again about just how sure she was that she saw my father on Herlev Hospital in a hospital bed last year making them look directly at each other understanding who they were but not saying anything, and we spoke about Kirsten and her “neurosis” again, and I did not say it, but I was thinking of saying that at the very end, I believe my father was thinking of us and what he regretted doing in his life, and instead my mother was given this very thought at the very same time, and she said exactly this, and I understood/felt that this thought came directly from my father.

My sister had sent my mother and John an email – but not me, Sanna fearing that I would bring it (?) – saying that they had come to Peru earlier this week with trouble/delays and a risk not to catch their next flight at their a long journey from Copenhagen over London and New York to Peru, but eventually they had made it, and I am here given on out of this world pain to my right ankle because of this alone. And yes, Peru is also where Karen went together with another man in 2004, I believe, making me feel “awful”, so there is a connection there.

To my surprise, my mother said that she liked my longer hair, and I told her that I will wait receiving a haircut then – also showing the game to me, and no, we will NOT end the game here because of “lack of balance” – can we (?), yes we can!

We saw the “smørrebrød-chef” Ida Davidsen on TV, and I told my mother that I like her much as a fine role model doing her best work, which she has become famous of – producing the most gorgeous Danish open sandwiches in the world – and because you can see on her that she is NOT lazy, but efficient and producing the best quality at the same time, not wasting time on small-talk (while working), waffling and being unsure of herself but being firm and decisive about what she wants at the same time as she is positive, objective and kind too, and yes I like this lady watching her work, and yes I have visited your restaurant once, Ida, together with Dahlberg and Kim S. in a “business meeting” in 2008, and it is a beautiful experience.

Ida D. was making all kinds of herrings including the most delicious smoked herrings, and I told my mother that I have not had a smoked herring since we were on Bornholm – mother/John, Sanna/Hans and I – 25 years ago, and it made my mother say that she will see if she can buy some from the smokehouse at Helsingør Harbour, and yes to have it with egg, salt, radish and green on a piece of rye bread, and yes this is about “Sun over Gudhjem”, which is to receive the force of the Source over the home of God, which is our New World, this is what this sandwich is about, and yes it tastes divinely, you should try :-).

Again, I saw how my presence lifted up my mother, and when I left, we agreed that it had been a good evening.

What do you look after there in your bag (?), and I felt light and I was told that this is to see if there is enough of this pain – I was given pain to my left hand – to continue the game tomorrow.

I was told that if I decide to continue the game, it will kill John with the connection being that there is now almost nothing remaining of old (darkness), and I received the feeling that it would kill me too, and yes I could have decided to stop here then, but I decided to don’t care, we will continue the game no matter what – and yes we will bring in the very last of the spaceship outside my balcony, and this is even though I before visiting my mother was given the strongest feelings only to focus on life of our New World thus “forgetting” about the rest of the spaceship, and I had to tell myself actively – to be the strongest – to do what is RIGHT, which is to make sure that we will bring everything, and yes not an easy decision because of strong feelings given to me to go against this.

Isn’t it like this that Stig has to go through me, and I was shown a port/gate on my balcony also including a rat to show that this is the dark side I look from, and entering this port will bring me to the other side of light, and I was told that this is both about Champagne and Supernova at the same time because in order to enter this gate from the balcony to reach the Champagne of the Source, it would require the explosion/end of the Old World first, so this is what this amazingly beautiful song means to me/us.

But no, nothing is allowed do die, absolutely nothing!

It is like a whole new city arriving here. Will we be going to one final sales meeting (?), and I felt that this gate is John, and I felt how it now started coming to me from the balcony, and I was shown that when entering it, it is like entering the top room of the space shuttle.

I was given the word “perpetrate” and told that my old friend René is a double of myself.

I was told that the political commentator Peter Mogensen as example has written a farewell speech – knowing about the inevitable end of the world – hoping that it will be found.

I noticed the bankruptcy of Detroit, USA, today thinking how in the world you could let it come this far (?), also knowing that many other US cities are on the say catastrophic direction, and this is what Obama is working on to avoid, and yes really the end of the world due to an economical collapse, and it could have gone so much worse than it did if we had not decided to do our best to come through all the way.

Again I decided that we MUST get the balance right until the very end, and I was told that this is what John decides, and fino (!), but I will take on sufferings required to bring balance to what may not be in balance, to make a plane fly which otherwise cannot fly, but I was told what we are to do if we simply cannot get the last inside now (?), and I said that I don’t care, we have to, and you can do magic, my friends, I have seen it, so we will continue, and I was told alright, we will, and I was given new small heart attacks.

I was told that it is my iron skeleton self being the access to here, and now I better understand why I have been shown the actor Hugh Jackman as a Facebook page to “like” MANY times the last 1-2 weeks, and yes the understanding came together with the film Xmen, where he plays “Wolverine” having a skeleton of metal (!), which was on TV this evening, and yes I don’t like most films including killings etc., but I have liked this from the first clips I saw, and this is the first time I saw a whole film of this series from start to end, so this is to say that I am now coming to here, the skeleton of my old self as the access to the Source.

I now received the strongest attack to all of my heart region, and I was asked if I wanted to do this no matter the cost (?), and yes would this power destruct me/us, and I decided again that I refuse to give in to fear and to continue playing my game following the road of God as I have done throughout all of my journey, and this is where this road is leading, there is no alternative, and giving up has never been an option, so I can do nothing else than continue not knowing about the consequences, so “come on” (!), and I was thinking that this may also just be because of Bjarne not being able to control his negative feelings to me coming to me here strongly, and yes he is only a small fish, so come on, give me what you got!

Do we have an extra sleeping bag here (?), and yes it will not become an ordinary visit on Herlev Hospital with John next week, July 25, where I promised to drive him, and is this because I will have to visit Robert at Falck to bring out the last, or isn’t this required by now?

We knew that you would decide to go through this – not stopping my journey because of fear today – which you were also the only one who could do, which is now bringing the gate to me inside my living room and not me to the gate on the balcony.

It is I having made the pain to your right ankle, and I cannot even be in there – inside our New World – which you don’t know, and what you don’t know, is no problem if you believe in magic.

I was given the name of the comic strip Benny Bomstærk (“Benoit brisefer” or “Benedict Ironbreaker”), so it will not be me “kill, kill” you, no, it is you pulling everything including me to you, this is how strong your will is to live, which is also lifting up John.

We have now started the last decisive travel through the barricade, which is not about you going through me – I received a sound to my garden chairs on my balcony – but me entering you, and from you to create our New World, and yes it can be done, which is what your mother and everyone as the sum of the Old World allowed you to try without you knowing that it could not be done the same way as the world right until they saw you, and this is what faith can do.

You could also have decided to terminate me, which could not be done, but you would believe that I did, and eeehhh “what then” (?), yes it would have brought us through the opposite road exploding the world first.

Isn’t it funny that your mother was the shield against me, which we just had to remove first – I had just felt a “pressure-wave” also including my mother coming against me from the balcony – to bring clear access. And it is in this layer that all sexuality with your mother is included, and now you have a free access to your father. You are here also not being any longer on the way to me.

And then I would fall as the last man (bringing the world down too) at Cala D’or on Mallorca – where I stayed on holiday in 2007 – and from there, we would bring you up here (to the gate) to finish you, but no, you refuse being scared.

I was told that when I had a graphologist to check my signature maybe 20 years ago as a mean to prove that I was not caught in the train in the beginning of the 1990’s receiving a fine, but it was someone using my identity as his cover (I believe he stole my social security IT from a storage room in the attic at Hollænderdybet, where I had a break in), this was also “proof” to the world about me.

I was shown myself as white bread of the world and I received a small heart attack, and was asked if you are sure about wanting me to enter (?), and yes, this is the only road I can go, and I don’t have 36 times stronger strength than what you have seen so far (?) – thus making it impossible for me to absorb, but no, I don’t care, this is the only right thing to do.

And this is me bringing in silver threads as you can see from Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

I was given “pan cake”, have you seen Stig (?), which is how people are asking about me in Nairobi.

So this will end my behaviour from here sending you darkness for you to return to me, and yes I have known all along what I do, which is my attitude as Stig throughout my journey, and your journey was good enough to arrive here, so let us do the last part together, and yes I am strong enough to not direct the killing force against you, so this was about having faith again.

This means that I have hardly any darkness remaining – also meaning that the force of the Source coming in is almost clean.

I was thinking that the New World is on the top floor inside of my apartment – to stay with these symbols – and the Source is/was outside now entering and bringing everything together.

It is I – the Source – having created all of these refrigerators (of live) now returning to me to live together as one. So I am myself part of your right ankle, and now I come here to release you, and yes via Sting as your gift, which he saw too, so now I will enter you for the first time, and I received gooseflesh.

We also had not done this without the Christian Democrats of Italy.

I still receive the strongest darkness wanting me to “curse away” the Source coming in, but no!

Would the death of Mandela also mean loss of power (?), yes, this is why he is still alive.

So I am not radio active and not the Flying Enterprise, but could be, do you know how much damage this did to the world, which I had in the hollow of my hand if it was not because I gave the world another chance to find you, and yes this episode could have ended everything.

I felt Rihanna and was told that there is a pop-singer inside of here also essential to us, and it was important that you spoke the language of musicians, and yes there was a fight between light and darkness at the Roskilde Festival this year with Rihanna being on my side, and Metalica/Lars Ulrich as the Devil.

I bring a last warning including sex, but I felt how this is falling apart. This is how I was made, which is now being changed into your design including the New World Order, and do you know how much the world has laughed of this, and yes by brainwashed people.

Welcome home, Stig, you are me and I am you, but first now, otherwise we worked through John not making the game easier.

Well, it is not like this that I was a Spaniard now being made a Dane?

And yes, you had a license to kill to get to me, but you did not want to use any, and now I have licenses very cheaply for sale, but no, no one wants them. This is what the pain to your left testicle the other day was about.

Thank you for flying with Lufthansa”.

Google Earth: Waiting to wear my new silver cape and strong force of the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show I a rosette/fisherman on the last darkness, waiting to wear my new silver cape, the Devil whispering “money, money, money” in the ears of people (strong force of the Source not turned around yet), the rosette is used to close the cape, the cape is a woman’s head, a handsome guy being so much more, and going for oneness.

FB 190713 Jette 1

FB 190713 Jette 2

FB 190713 Jette 3

FB 190713 Jette 3B

FB 190713 Jette 4

FB 190713 Jette 4B

FB 190713 Jette 4C

FB 190713 Jette 4D

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I like Lars bicycling as much as he does and also that he does it with friends, and offer Facebook “friends” to cycle with him, a good move, Lars , and here he says that when cycling from Odsherred to Holbæk, they drove the wrong way giving them 30 kilometres extra to cycle, and yes how difficult can it be to drive through this very narrow land to Holbæk following the only main road (?), which you apparently did not, and I told him this and also that you could not see the forest for bare trees (?), which is also how it was in relation to me (?), and yes I felt him later after sending this comment.

FB 190713 Lars Løkke

  • Paris is truly enjoying herself and I wonder if my message can make her “think” (?), and yes she is smarter than people believe, but no, I do NOT approve of your life at all, Paris.

FB 190713 Paris

  • Still some days including temporary terminations.

Scribd incl 190713



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to July 19, 2013: Removing the last shield of creation blocking access to the Source, and bringing in the gate to the other side

  1. jette says:

    tjæk ❤ du efterlyser kommentarer – KK og jeg har været i Maribo hele dagen – kigger på de billeder du ønsker kommentarer til – når jeg har sovet. Take care.

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