July 21, 2013: The arrival of my new mother as the crystal of the Source at Mijas, Spain, from where she will start our New World


Summary of the script today

20th July: The arrival of my new mother as the crystal of the Source at Mijas, Spain, from where she will start our New World

  • Dreaming of an alarm sounding and it may or may not be dangerous (a game), forgetting a dream about Fuggi saying that there is more hidden life to be found, there will be no stocks/securities of our New World, visiting the very small house of Jack of darkness.
  • After a game of darkness about whether or not I had lost access to the force of the Source for not working during the night as a “golden opportunity” – I could no more – I was shown a train driving through the big green forest with people celebrating on the way because of the return of the Source. We stand around all street corners smiling. The New World and the Source combined is the heart of everything. It is from Peru that we are turning everything around, it is from there that we receive the key to do this, and it is my sister bringing it. There are signs on the sun, moon and stars that “something is about to go on/change”, which is followed by the world. We are emptying the spaceship of everything almost being out, and still I felt that there is more darkness/life inside of it to bring out and turn around too. My new mother of the Source coming out of the Source, she is bringing the crystal, and I was shown an opening to our New World, which she will bring the Source into to bring the force starting the New World up and driving it for an eternity to come. The cave of “the virgin of the rock shrine” of my mother in Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain – Santuario de la Virgen – which I visited in 2007 is from where that my mother will come out bringing the force of the Source starting our New World.
  • The Facebook group “ADHD invented by Big Pharma” brought the story about Kenneth – a completely normal man – who was picked up by the police and hospitalized with force – against his will – at Roskilde Psychiatric Hospital, and Charlotte decided to visit him and record a video showing him as a completely normal man, and the psychiatrist believed that Kenneth is psychotic because he is interested in the TRUTH OF “chemtrails and geoengineering” and “agenda 21” questioning the hidden agenda and actions of the world, and these agendas are secret and “sounds crazy”, which makes people believe that “normal people” interesting themselves for these things are “crazy” and they cannot understand that they are the ones – the so called “normal people” – who are the truly “crazy” because they cannot and will not understand neither about what is going on in the world and about people interested in these agendas. It also includes the story about how the Psychiatry co-operates with the Intelligence Service of the Police to identify “potential terrorists”, and this is to confirm that this is what the misunderstanding and grossly negligent system was prepared to do with me believing that I was a terrorist when I spread my love message to the world, which they “could not” understand. I shared this information on my Facebook timeline for everyone to understand that as Kenneth, I am a totally normal and well-functioning man just telling the truth of myself and the ROTTEN system of the Commune/the world, who was facing the risk of becoming doped/killed by the system wanting to put me away from the public society.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show all awake and working including the knight, sneaking out the back door with a grin, a fine gentleman and beautiful lady, and removing the last crocodile of darkness with my sword/scripts.
  • Short stories of the comedian Mel Smith dying from a heart attack, which is how darkness normally kills other parts of me.

21st July: The force of the Source turning around would kill me/us all instantly if “the old man” did not spare us and follow me

  • Dreaming of loss of life but still starting a new company/our New World
  • We have not got the grammar wrong in the mathematics even once, which is the reason why we can say that everything works – the new car (world) is ready, we only have to switch it on. We are still bringing out the Source from its hole, and bringing in a giant bale of straw. The soil pipe was installed the opposite and wrong way, which we will turn around making all people normal. I am receiving the most powerful chainsaw to cut down all trees, and the strongest darkness – now again from Lyngby Commune after my email to them – still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” and potential unbearable pain, which would instantly kill me/us all if the Source brought out all of its force as darkness upon us, which is then what “the old man” does not herewith following me and my wish to create our New World from inside the old even though this was both impossible to do and not meant to be. The recipe to transfer all of the Old World is included at the very inner of the Source, which is also the explanation to the game of God where everything would have been saved even if I failed, and yes this game of saving everything as I went through was needed to do in order to bring learning experiences to God. I also have many “special friends” inside the Palace of Westminster including the British Parliament. I was shown the monster from the Alien crashing on bicycle, and this is me still feeding you, governments etc. from the other side. This is, as far as it is known, the biggest withdrawal in history, which is about Bjarne from the Commune now destroying evidence, and we are going strongly on him to bring out everything of him/the Source. The final stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France included the most breathtaking lightshow to celebrate the event as a symbol of the opening of our New World – and stories of Rolf Sørensen sending me much darkness too.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show working on the cape and ONENESS, all look in the same mirror showing ONE, all shall be one and all are a little scared to leave the ego and love, justice, order, protection and friendship is coming to all nations.
  • Short stories of a bus driver sexually out of control because of darkness of Helsingør sent to me, “fino” in relation to darkness of Thomas Rode, another man being destroyed by the system of Jobcentres/Psychiatrics, and my email to Lyngby and Helsingør Communes telling them how they developed into my executioners because of POOR work, communication and human behaviour..


20th July: The arrival of my new mother as the crystal of the Source at Mijas, Spain, from where she will start our New World

Dreaming of an alarm sounding and it may or may not be dangerous (a game)

I went to bed at 00.30 even though I had received an encouragement to write the last of my script of yesterday this night, and I was also not allowed to sleep receiving the same encouragement because of the importance of brining the story to the world about the reception of the big force of the Source, and even though I considered standing up, I decided that I could not because of exhaustion, and I knew that I would probably have approx. 3 hours of work to do, but no, I could not, I had reached my limit, and I was told that when you don’t want to come to me, I will have to come to you, and I received a sound to my TV symbolising the world, which was with the sound and vision of darkness of the Source letting go on its grip on the world with the purpose to destroy it – yes, this is the force required by the world of my mother itself to do creation – and I was also given a sound to the balcony and asked that it is not us closing here, is it (?), and yes together with the visit of my sister to Peru, and told that in quietness we have moved the bedroom up here without the use of stamp pad, and yes I was given the lyrics “you really oughta get up now” from George Michael’s “Fast love” and also told that I now have a golden opportunity to get me in, so don’t sleep, but no, I couldn’t, and eventually I was allowed to sleep until 07.45 receiving these dreams.

  • I am in the Zoo, there is an alarm coming from the lion cage, and I first see that no lions escape, but then I see that lions do get out, and something about opening a fence to bring space to fat people, and to receive a map over the Zoo.
    • The Zoo is an old symbol of the worst darkness but when you turn it around, lions and all animals are “cute” and part of Paradise of the Source.
  • I had a dream about Fuggi, but could not remember it as I also did not remember a thing I was told about him the other day, so still more darkness/life is hidden from me, so we are still searchers here.
  • I advise two investors about investments, and hand over a list of alternative and risky investments, I could have suggested them, and here are more safe investments, which were my recommendations for them.
    • There will be no stocks/securities of our New World.
  • I had a short dream of visiting Jack at a nice older row house in a nice area, but when I entered his house seeing the full entrance of it, I was surprised to find that it was very small having almost no room.
    • This was not Nyboder, where he used to live, but it was a reference to Nyboder, and small room means small room of darkness.

The arrival of my new mother as the crystal of the Source at Mijas, Spain, from where she will start our New World

When I woke up, I did not know if I had acted very wrongly not working at night potentially having lost the force of the Source coming to my yesterday evening, and I started by being told about the volcano St. Helens with its name being close to “Helena” symbolising death, and I was told that it corresponds to going to Hanover with a freezer not knowing where you are heading, and later, Stig, I don’t freeze – from the balcony – I am not here, so how can I freeze, it is only a game.

Here in West-Denmark, we are not unaffected by the events of night, but do you think we will survive (?), well I do, because there is no end to the motorway, it simply goes on. Did we hear “the queen of the night” with Shu-bi-dua’s “Oh, I think I die” (?), no, we did not.

Did we ran into a sewer with only dead people (?), no. What happened then (?), well nothing. Here comes the right story then and I am here feeling Suzanne Bjerrehuus, who is really not to be trusted when she is often wrong (in her Facebook comments believing this or that on refugees and other people/items) believing that she is right, so how are you doing (?), and yes my house stands erect, but I cannot get inside of it, and is it more like this (?), and yes I gave you a golden moment, but you “could not” use it, so what do we do now (?), and yes not easy to know about the consequences, so don’t we have sharp teeth (?), what does this mean (?), well I cannot be your motor to start with, is this it, Stig (?), and no, I do believe that this is a game also to show that I had reached my limit.

They do look sweet together, don’t they (?) – with the feeling Karen and Stig.

Your mother, much to read, much money. So it is more about whether your mother wants to release her duvet, and how strong faith of Thailand and so on is (?) – can we make it without work this night? And also the size of the debt, and you may remember that I told you that we could go through the rest without doing anything, and is this what we can? So there will be nothing we cannot bring you and I am given a sound to the balcony.

Later I was shown a train driving through the big green forest with people celebrating on the way – the return of the Source.

I was told that I have “endless DNA”, which the world knows.

I was given some more sneezes, but less than the last days.

Well, you have not withdrawn your goalkeeper, have you (?), and I understand/feel that this is why I could come through the night without losses, and the request for me to work during the night was “old habits” coming together with me.

I was shown darkness clapping and also clapping together garden chairs of my balcony now on the way in to me.

When I had done the last part writing the script of yesterday at home this morning and was about to do the first draft publish, I was told that it is now time to toast.

I was shown a racing cycle, and was the writing of the last part of my script from yesterday this morning quick enough (?), and yes compared to my mother, and I understood that it was being far ahead of darkness.

I received a deep, dark sound to my balcony, and was told that this is also what Sanna is bringing forward in Peru.

So I am also part of your heart (?), which is what the Source is together with our New World making “everything”.

So it is from Peru that we are turning everything around, it is from there that we receive the key to do this.

It was annoying if we could not find the one and only, and had to blow up the world (?), but this is what we had to do – everytime!

It is now that it becomes funny. We stand around all street corners smiling.

What did Simon Spies say – that all mentioning is good mentioning (?), and this is in relation to the feeling of the chef Thomas Rode, my Facebook friend, who spoke negatively about me for a long time, Thomas (?), and yes the more you and others spoke of me, the more the word on me spread, and was turned around too.

I was shown a parking ticket being removed from the window of my car, which was about removing the last shield of creation, which used to block access to the Source, and yes I have a déjà vue about this too, I know inside of me from “a long time ago”.

I was told that the world has also checked Karen’s horoscope and compared it to mine, and it is possible for you to see that Karen and I are made as each other’s opposites?

I met Leif again at the library after lunch, and yes he is going to see his new “girlfriend” next week, and I asked him questions about this, and he replied, but eeehhhh he did NOT ask me any questions, and no, this does not “come to him naturally” and it is not that he is uninterested, but no, he is not used to asking, but to people speaking, and this is really the same as with Karen as example, and you may understand that this kind of communication is WRONG?

I was given a new small heart attack, so still there is more darkness, and I was told that this was because of Leif.

So it is now the Baltic Sea boat, which we have started turning around, and yes to bring you all home.

This is the end of all antennas, Stig., i.e. old communication.

Leif told about a possible wolf, he saw this morning very early when driving through Charlottenlund – it was no fox and certainly no dog, but a big, grey one – and yes this is a man of darkness speaking about me behind my back, which is what it means, and no, Leif, there are no wolves on Zealand, but on Jutland, but maybe one had come over here, which is what he was thinking.

We are not going directly from the pub – tired and half drunk by beer – to pork (of new life), are we (?), yes!

Again I receive poor conscience of Lyngby Commune having used me for “indifferent garden work” at Brede Park.

Are there signs on the sun, moon and stars that “something is about to go on/change” (?), and yes are you following, my dear world?

Are we about to being out of the spaceship (?), and yes this is what the final publish of my new script of yesterday means, which is coming closer here at 13.30.

Is this the end of the war as a voice coming out asks (?), and yes against him there (?) pointing at me. Peace be with him, we don’t bother fighting him anymore.

Cigarettes, are we waiting for him here (?), and yes isn’t this where he used to buy cigarettes (?), and I am shown the small kiosk next to the Hotel Comfort in Nairobi, where I smoked in 2009 before I returned home later and stopped smoking, and yes “sportsman” was the brand, and “sport” of darkness against me it was.

Yes, they lie lose there in the bag, and yes the ones we used to hang up the curtain.

Have we also come to the point where we can point the direction of the bottle getting everything we point at (?), yes.

So we were asked by your mother (the world) to burn down the cinema, which she believed was the easiest way to do creation.

Have we burned you on Mars too (?), and yes fightings have also gone on there and I understand/feel that this is “war in space” between manmade build/controlled UFO’s and the ones on my side.

Are we cycling on a brand new bicycle (?), no not yet, but there will soon come a BRAND NEW DAY, where we will.

Leif told me that the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry “Hamlet” had run into the mole of Helsingborg Harbour the other day, and is now on yard, and I was told that this was because of darkness of Bjarne hitting me.

I have kept on receiving Kim Larsen’s “Dana’s Have”, but I have played this a couple of times before and despite of its symbolic meaning, let us here play another of his many “national treasures”, which I understood again, when I saw two young people late this afternoon on a full main square in Helsingør in the most beautiful summer weather playing only songs by Kim Larsen, which made everyone in a good mood both singing, clapping and dancing, and the one I heard when stopping for a few minutes – I had to continue to do some shopping before going home to continue writing the script today, which I had not started doing – was “Papirsklip”, another huge hit from his most successful of all albums, “Midt om Natten”, and it is simply marvellous and the lyrics are too: “Livet er langt, lykken er kort, salig er den, der tør give den bort – domine en sanctus” (“Life is long, happiness is short, blessed is the one daring to give it away – Lord and Holy”) and yes I still remember one very good summer party we had in my father’s and Kirsten’s cottage in Rågeleje in 1984, I believe, when this album was new and we heard it, and everyone – all of Kirsten’s family, my father’s mother was there too and more – was dancing, laughing and smiling, and yes father, we had far too few of these moments, you and I, and yes because of Kirsten and your weakness being controlled by her without having the courage to stand up for yourself and me.

Your mother decided to lock her self into the sauna.

We still don’t have one single raincoat left here, Stig, so why are we continuing (?), and apparently because there are still parts of previous creation, which we have not retrieved yet.

No, the airport is not full yet, you heard him, he does NOT want to give up/stop working as long as this is the case, so come on, bring out your flashlight and search for more light or we better keep them closed, which makes us look better, and yes still feeling the simple minded actor of my father on the balcony.

We have not stamped up all of the family tree, have we?

And when you have finalised the email to the Commune, we can continue setting up this orchestra.

Rolf is still in the fuel tank.

It is up to myself to change from the ugly duckling to the swan by turning around faith of people in me, which now includes the Commune too – also Lyngby.

I had not received many small heart attacks during the morning and afternoon, but in the evening, they returned and I received plenty, and understood that Sanna has now seen my Facebook posts today also understand that the ground beneath her feet is “on fire”, and yes not really, but knowing that I am right and she is wrong when she could not even understand her own brother being an “expert” on the field (?), and yes also not nice for you, my big sister, or is it “little sister”, and yes this is the feeling.

Footballs (?), those are the big, round ones (?), no we don’t have anymore.

Why did your mother and John go to Tivoli today as they did (?) – my mother wanted to bring John out to “cheer him up” – and I was told that it also has do to with our heart letting John receive and help by lifting it up, and it was there we also just placed the centre (of the nut of the Source) in him. So this is one more elephant surviving.

I only received little information and pain from the balcony this evening, and can we continue giving you pain tomorrow – I was given pain to my left leg again – and yes can we find even more darkness tomorrow (?), which is what the new email to the Commune is about, see below, and I hope I can send it not too late in the work day tomorrow to let it start having effect already tomorrow, which is why I now at 22.10 have decided to write the last notes to my script of today.

I felt that I still receive more red darkness literally falling down on me as a coat covering me, and much of the evening, I received too low speech to hear what was said, but much of it was positive, and does this mean that it is difficult bringing out more darkness?

I was shown a new rocket being revealed from its cover in the ground, and this is the new rocket, our New World, which we have dug up, and this is what we will enter and drive instead of the old (?), and yes, sure! No, there is no liquor inside of it, there will be no darkness.

I felt my mother at the balcony – even though we broke the last shield of her creation yesterday – and I was told that it is her bringing the crystal.

I was shown symbols of oil, money and power, and “we cannot understand what drove us” – this will be the reaction of people when they will know what they did, but not understand their driving power of ambition, which as example is what drive Jack as I feel here.

I still receive a little feeling to my throat of more, but now less, being transferred.

So it is mother coming out of here – from the Source – to start the New World, and yes please make sure that everything is 100% perfect before you will start-up.

I was given a sound to the seat of one of my garden/balcony chairs symbolising the Source, and it is I, i.e. my mother, being this part.

I received the feeling of Sting being with me, and also that he receives a spiritual voice too, and I was told that he was told when playing “An Englishman in New York” in Tivoli that I liked the lyrics “be yourself no matter what they say”, and I also felt myself, how he instantly reacted to my feelings/thoughts and song this part over again, and no, I may not have told clearly enough just how much we loved the police, Jack and I, around 1980/81, and yes to me you had a completely unique sound, and there was nothing better in the world (except from Electric Light Orchestra of course being in a league by itself not to be compared with everything else), and yes do you remember we watched them live on TV from Rockpalast in Germany, Jack, at your parents house (?), and yes here was all the energy you can want as you can see here, and this is at the same time a symbol of the force of the Source.

When writing this, I was now given a almost unbearable pain to the back side of my left lower leg, which was still “almost unbearable” but less volume than before telling me that there is still more darkness to be uncovered, and I wonder how long we can keep doing this (?), and maybe this will still take weeks and not days as my feeling constantly is.

And is it only the last understanding of Bjarne that we are waiting on?

I still have on my to do list to edit my front page including new information on my son, which I will do when I have time and energy to do it, which I have not had yet, and not easy to do here.

You cannot receive control over your (new) mother here, it is impossible, but still this is the feeling I receive that I have, and I can decide to start her up when I want to, but not until we have every little thing with us.

I felt how I received darkness and I was told that I am also filled with darkness, and no, my friends, this is not how our new piano is working – only light!

I received the feeling of the cave of “the virgin of the rock shrine” of my mother in Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain – Santuario de la Virgen – which I visited in 2007 knowing ever since that this would become a special place to us, and do you want me to tell you a story (?), this is from here that I will come out because of your visit and from all people of faith visiting ever since strengthening this place, and I received the feeling of being there, and I was told that it is just like standing there now because this is what I do now, so this is where I am placed now and you visited this place in 2007 just in case we would come to where we are now, and it is from here that we will send out the force of the Source creating our New World. And we don’t come here, Stig, without everything having been turned around by now.

I was given a break to the small heart attacks, but then I received the strong feeling of another much bigger heart attack – but still not killing me – just waiting to be released (in order to release more life of darkness, so there is still more inside there), and this might come after my new email to the Commune tomorrow.

You have no idea of how difficult it was to transfer from your father to John the whole “apparatus”, which is the nut of the Source and the camera to develop true life. And to do this without bringing the flood, which the death of your father was supposed to mean, but it required that you gave up, which you didn’t, so here we are.

What have my mother brought to our New World when her mouth is kept quiet (?), and has she not brought anything (?), and yes what about “the greatest love in the world”, which a person can have as she has shown her husband, John, and also Sanna and me.

We could have decide to continue playing rugby – dirty and much stronger than the football game I have played for years – but we could not make ourselves do it, and yes this is the only time we have deviated from the game, and then again, the game was not setup to receive the force of the Source, which is what is now giving me these heart attacks, and I cannot tell you just how disgusting it is to receive these making my life a misery too.

Wasn’t the idea to get the whole world watching when we flew low in over Helsingør (?) – the mysterious airplane some weeks ago – and yes do you know what, there was one or two out there noticing – an understatement – but they did not dare speaking what they saw, and yes exactly what I told you?

No, Karen does not know yet that you are positive and not negative, which is why we can keep on doing this story, and with Karen also China, but still we are able to come through because of influence of the world on China?

Your drunk apparatus!

I published the first draft of the script of today at 23.30, and continued receiving heart attacks, and now also pain to my behind, which normally comes from your father thinking wrongly about you, which has to be a role John has overtaken.

We don’t get into the biggest airport in the world without an alarm going and some pain, but all in all, it is going pretty well, we still have the goal in sight.

And this is the airport that we would blow up, funny/exciting, right?

I was shown a BIG pot, and what would the police say if they knew that you had this in your possession?

No, we are not the palace of sin now, not anymore, we just have to convince him.

So it was your mother being the goalkeeper self of the Old World bringing you all negative voices from inside of here. And sometimes your physical mother simply becomes so mad and yes letting it out, and directly over to you as the gorilla making creation.

No, the “tape salad” did not make itself, it was your mother wanting this to happen, and for you to fix it, which is what brought our new creation.

The Source is the big angel helping of the Google Earth pictures. Everything is made like white and dark teeth (as zeroes and ones) as I am shown in Tivoli, and I also see plaques hanging on the wall, and I am given the feeling of Bjørn Wiinblad plaques.

I was told that the unfolding story this afternoon about Kenneth being locked up on psychiatric hospital, and all of the information this brought forward, see the short stories, is good to send to the Commune – also Lyngby Commune – increasing the chance to get out of here sooner, so let us see if I can do this no later than tomorrow.

No, we don’t mind being photographed, which is really the ideal solution, and what you will get to do when you will make the Commune understand the nature of the crime and misunderstandings that it has committed towards me, and yes all of it being born from out of Sanna.

So this was basically the content of the wet newspapers, and yes a dictatorial system, which “could not” understand wanting to kill/destroy you (lock me up and medicate/destroy/kill me) because of misunderstandings when darkness made it lazy but still better-knowing.

And is it so that the world has been waiting on “when will he discover the full truth” (?), and yes the worst is that all of this went on behind my back without any communication because people “did not need” to read/listen to understand, but they did, let this be a lesson to you all.

Tomorrow, this shirt will already have become too short for him, and “what in the world will happen to me” (?) is the feeling of Bjarne and yes Johannes too, which we will strengthen with our follow up email making them understand what you should know when deciding on matters of this kind.

A completely normal man was put away on Psychiatric Hospital to show that this is what the system wanted to do with me!

The Facebook group “ADHD invented by Big Pharma” brought yesterday this story about Kenneth, who is a completely normal man, not psychotic or anything strange about him, and today he was picked up by the police and hospitalized with force – against his will – at Roskilde Psychiatric Hospital, and Charlotte decided to visit him and record the video below showing him as a completely normal man, and according to Heine below bringing a sound clip with the psychiatrist, they believe that she believes that Kenneth is psychotic because he is interested in “chemtrails and geoengineering” and “agenda 21” as he says in the video because he “allows” to question the hidden agenda and actions of the world, and these agendas are secret and “sounds crazy”, which makes people believe that “normal people” interesting themselves for these things are “crazy” and they cannot understand that they are truly the ones – the so called “normal people” – who are “crazy” because they cannot and will not understand neither about what is going on in the world and about people interested in these agendas, and yes can it be that responsible people are as simple and dumb as the director from the DANA Unemployment Fund (not knowing about the most essential things of how to run a “business”), which I received as client in 2008 when I worked for Dahlberg, and yes I am given this example because this is how the majority of people and leaders too are.

Fb 200713 ADHD indlæg 1

FB 200713 ADHD Kenneth

As you can see from Kevin’s post above, “the system wants to be able to hide away certain people from the public, typical people, who have woken up and see the truth of the world. People who are free from the brainwash of the system of our human beings” and also that “this is why the Intelligence Service of the Police are involved – they believe that the terrorists of the future have to be mentally ill people”, and he brings this and this link to articles in the newspaper Information writing about this including the quote: “The Psychiatrists will help locating potential terrorists, this is the meaning of a new co-operation between the Psychiatry and the Intelligence Service of the Police”.

This made me write the comment below thanking people following and supporting Kenneth and also that I express my support to him too, and then I told briefly about my own story having fought a better-knowing but ignorant Jobcentre and psychiatric system working behind my back planning to “hide me away” behind closed doors because they feared I was a potential Breivik, which was SOLELY because of their fear and simple/gross misunderstandings because I am as normal and well functioning as Kenneth is, which all normal people can see, and I brought this link to my latest emails to the director and mayor of Helsingør Commune saying that if they want to learn from my case, they are welcome, and no, everyone was following Kenneth and supporting him and except from receiving one new friend on basis of this, I received no “likes” or comments, and how many of these people read the link to my emails to Helsingør commune quickly deciding that “Stig truly is crazy” (?), and yes sadly this was also the case of people here, who “could not” take me in, but judged me out too.

Fb 200713 ADHD indlæg 2

Later in the day, Kenneth was released after these people had put an enormous pressure on the system, which is really how the system breaks down, they do NOT like it, and there were no limits to how happy people became, but still no understanding or sympathy declarations in relation to me, and “not yet” is what I am told because it is here right under this shirt.

Fb 200713 ADHD indlæg 3

I understood that this whole story was “planted” for me to bring it, work with it and receive confirmation that this misunderstanding and wrong behaving society indeed saw me as a potential Breivik including the Police/Intelligence Service to lock me away as a crazy and potential terrorist, and this is the story I decide to share on my Facebook timeline:

FB 200713 Stig 1

FB 200713 Stig 2

The link included above:


FB 200713 Stig 3

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FB 200713 Stig 4 chemtrails

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FB 200713 Stig 5 Agenda 21

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I also brought this and this link to the articles in the newspaper Information telling about the co-operation between the Psychiatry and the Intelligence Service of the Police saying that this is the system I have stood model for because of its unnecessary fear of me, misunderstandings and better-knowing ignorance, when it “could not” read/listen to and understand the simply truth that I am POSITIVE and HELP PEOPLE this NOT NEGATIVE and NEVER having been “dangerous” (!), and that it was ready to hide me away from the public locking me up and doping/killing me, but they did not dare when I exposed their actions to the public. This is how a sick society develops when it is hit by “fear” not understanding how to treat “psychiatric sicknesses” by letting people live a healthy and normal life in all respects, by treating each other properly and not least by understanding and not misunderstanding each other sending positive and not negative energies to each other, which is what is creating these so called diseases, which are really not diseases but symptoms on wrong ways of life and human behaviour, which is the real disease, which the society did not understand and could not treat because of its own stupidity and “better-knowing ignorance, and yes sad but true, and it goes all the way up to the “wise oracles” of the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament (or similar around the world), who in reality are the murderers of this country in this respect because they have no idea what they speak of, and yes Jane & Co., this is about you as “better-knowing ignorants”!!!

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FB 200713 Stig 8 Information

Are we going to put liquorices in the warship (?), and yes this story about Kenneth and the system locking up “mentally ill” and “potential terrorists” behind bars of psychiatric hospitals is confirmation on the story about what Helsingør Commune and the system was prepared to do to me solely because of its own misunderstandings, and yes this is what I call grossly negligent “human behaviour”, and do you understand by now that this is what it indeed is (?), and I have felt Björk vaguely but deeply inside of me the last days including the desire to share music with her here, and this is about this brilliant song of hers – her music of the 1990’s is some of the best of all music that I know and for some reason, I have not liked her music the last 10 years – and we really have to take the hat off as you did too, Björk – the old hat of darkness – which was also a reference to one of the Google Earth pictures of one of the last days.

There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic, to human behaviour”.

Google Earth: Removing the last crocodile of darkness with my sword/scripts

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show all awake and working including the knight, sneaking out the back door with a grin, a fine gentleman and beautiful lady, and removing the last crocodile of darkness with my sword/scripts.

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was sad to hear the news of Mel Smith’s death, and I read elsewhere that he died from a heart attack, which is how darkness normally kills other parts of me.

FB 200713 Stig om Mel

FB 200713 Stig om Mel 2


20th July: The force of the Source turning around would kill me/us all instantly if “the old man” did not spare us and follow me

Dreaming of loss of life but still starting a new company/our New World

I went to bed at 00.20 and slept until 07.00 with this dream.

  • Kim S. had stopped his old company due to irregularities to the accounts and loss of money, but he has started a new business up, and I hope that he will employ me since I am the best for the job.
    • “Irregularities to the accounts and loss of money” really means “loss of life”, and this is part of the game, but no, I don’t believe in it, but still we are carrying on and bringing even more force over of the Original Creator.

The force of the Source being turned around would kill me/us all instantly if “the old man” did not spare us and follow me

No we have not got the grammar wrong in the mathematics even once, which is the reason why we can say that everything works.

We did it without pastoral letter, we let it be with the peel.

I received “you’re 16 (you’re beautiful and you’re mine) by Ringo Star, which has to be a reference to Denis liking young women/teenagers.

I was incredible tired this morning, and had to do my best to continue working, i.e. climbing up steps, and not to give up.

We could rattle pounds of coffee off your mother, and I received the feeling that I really had to be slim to be the opposite of her.

It is as if Bjarne has butterflies in his stomach.

Even though we are in the airport, we cannot fly out now.

We just have to check the papers before she leaves.

We might as well erase the last of the tape, no!

It is no unimportant contact advertisement, the one with Leif-Bo and his new “fiancée”, if they will get along when meeting.

Something about the most powerful chainsaw to cut down all trees, which I receive now.

Are you ready by the bridge, we are about to have a big shipment coming over.

I was given a sound to the balcony and was told that it is time to bring in the disco king, and yes one of those “new” magic numbers by David Bowie, which no one else can do, a true masterpiece, and yes listen to the piano too :-).

This is, as far as it is known, the biggest withdrawal in history, and I felt Bjarne from the Commune now destroying evidence, and I was shown the next part of the dark part/man of the Source coming in because of the email to the two Communes, which I was going to work on and send today.

It is not everyday that your mother brings out the delivery bicycle, but today is such a day, where my mother will bring out the next part of the Source, which for all I know is my father.

We have not build the motorway yet to bring you out too as I feel and half see my new mother saying looking into the hole from where she came from.

It this brushed leather (?), it feels like it, yes the next part, which we are pulling up, and yes impossible without the work we expect you will do today even though I am broken and not at all up to do it when writing this in the morning still tired.

You don’t want me to go down on my crying knees, do you (?), and yes something like this I do, and this is about Bjarne and how low he needs to get to enable me to bring up the last, and no, I do NOT wish him any harm, but we need to “pump” him to get everything out.

I was told that we have now started building this motorway when I started completing the story about the hospitalization of Kenneth in my script of yesterday before I will prepare my email for the Commune.

If you did not do this, we would send your mother on offer, which I understood was about she and the world taking on the sufferings I am now taking on.

So we are not moving out to the country to go on recreation after all (?), and I feel completely unnecessary tears of my mother about me, which is what was the driving factor of this risk of me being “put away” because the society believed that I was dangerous.

I received “when the world is running down, you make the best of what is still around” by the Police, and yes these days I have a “the police revival” reminding myself of why this was the best music in the world in 1980-81, and yes in periods it was the Police, and then the Jam, and this is also to say that I made the best of what is still around when the world was running down, and yes he has voices inside his head too :-).

Is it possible that Germany can equalize 20 seconds before the end of the match (?), this is all I can do to keep it going, I feel my mother.

This is a giant bale of straw, which we are bringing out too, and yes because we can, and now at 11.15, you are feeling somewhat better slowly coming into your work rhythm, but it was tough this morning, and yes I could have decided to take a long bath, but no, I did not like to after my previous experience, so I waiting for the clock to beat 10.00 and went to the library to work.

We cannot continue meeting in a place like this, and yes no light, he is crazy that boy – many smiles about me – as the next person says while he is about to walk out from the hole being pulled up in the hand by my mother.

I was told that I received nickel allergy to coins when I started working at the tile of Danske Bank in 1984/85, which was a symbol saying that I would not be able to receive all of coins symbolizing energy/life, and I had this for many years, before it finally completely stopped coming to me some years ago.

I was told that my father was hiding “sexual fantasies” about me deep down below, which is where we are now bringing him out too. And it is the same darkness bringing Denis thoughts like “one should believe that she is only 15 years old”, which is still about Caroline?

So this is about the soil pipe, which was installed the opposite and wrong way, you say (?), and all you want me to do is to turn this around making all people there and there and there, everywhere, “normal” again (?), and yes this is what bringing an understanding to Bjarne & Co. is about.

You are in principle a millionaire, which is what is told my mother with the feeling that “only a few things” lacked to bring her full access to the Source.

No, he did not lose as much as a fight against Ølstykke/me. So we are not going to have “a very tiny” fire at all (?), as I am told with irony/smiles – if I did not do this – and no, we are not! And this is even though I could have decided to play football even harder, and also with the feeling that there is “nothing” inside of here.

So now we only have to visit the grocer of Germany, to bring him up there too together with all life of our New World, and this should make us come home then.

This means that it is time to do a little “magic, magic, magic” then – also including veterinarians (Karen).

We can almost hear the TV-news of DR1 because this is what they will focus on – the misunderstanding system wanting to lock me away for going against the system and sharing my love message to the world, which they thought was a manifest of a potential terrorist!

Cyprus also says that when you say A, you also have to say B, which is to say that also inside of the Source, we were divided and yes into two or more parts (?), and is there a third and fourth part too of me and my son (?), and we will see.

So there is no “crunch” about you (?), yes not being “crazy” or anything like that (?), and this is with the feeling of my sister starting to realize that she was WRONG all along.

Your mother was willing to lose her trousers to the very last to bring me out too.

Yes, your mother, aunt and all of them were will to collect together what you needed to open up this too.

So your mother was willing to stop at a bus-stop, which was really just another way to receive full.

This is one single scrimp growing into everything, who approved for copies of life to be created until we got it right.

This is like taking a German class for the absolutely last.

We were ready to throw away Lars G’s bicycle steer, because we were sure that you would never get in here, but “give him one more chance” is what your mother told me, so this is what I decided to do, and yes my real father now inside of here after his death in January 2013.

Isn’t it lovely to come back into the sun again, Stig, and yes this includes Jack and everyone else when we will stop this terror, which is what your scripts are to them when they “cannot” speak back, and yes because of the WRONG ban of the world about me.

So he decided that he did not want any broken bicycles and to reach me via the bride of his own mother, and no, NEVER (!), and he meant it and did it.

No, your mother was not prepared going underground, was she (?), and yes, she was the one bringing the information to the Commune setting up all of this fire, which could have destroyed me and the world, and talk about “misunderstandings”, and I feel John here too also having influenced my mother negatively.

And this is why he has not been given his birthday yet because he keeps on fighting me not wanting to give in.

We would have peed on your new floor/carpet pretending that it would destroy, which it however would not, because I have decided that I will not destroy anymore coming to this late stage of the game.

It was almost impossible to work, think, and concentrate on the email to the Communes today, this required much, and just to do the design/setup, which did not want as I want, and the formulations to give meaning and be floating with many put in sentences made it VERY difficult to do, and yes on my very edge because of how I felt.

Finally at 15.30 I had completed and sent the email, see the short stories, taking much longer than expected, and I was given thank you for sending this, I will now make sure that it spreads (from people receiving it).

If we were not located at “smile-lane” before, we are now, and yes do you remember the smiles from before (?), they have just been doubled now (because of this email), which I of course also shared on my Facebook timeline.

And yes, this is how you write to mayors, directors and managers/employees all of them failing to understand by own initiatives and do what is RIGHT to do, and how difficult can it be (?), and yes I am appalled when people cannot do the job which they are supposed to do, “in charge of” and work with 8 hours per day.

And is it so that Anton also knows about you, but has decided to hide away from you in shame too?

Do we have a car tire wide enough to reach all around you (?), and yes this is what the New World does now, it reaches all around the Source.

Aren’t you the most successful man of all time going through these two systems?

You are now moving away from the Gallows (“Galgebakken” as I was told) making these people understand that they were wrong, and this is what was required to survive, and yes “impossible” you know.

I was told that my old friend Lars G. has passed by my website too, but left again, which is also why the Conservative Party did not believe in me.

I can almost breath you in the neck, which was from my father of the Source being “all around”, and with no/less pain to my right hand.

You will not get all of the watches which we can hold here, Stig, and yes for now there is only one creation with a huge number of different worlds – this is the understanding you have – and we have not yet tested our new weapon, which is to do new creations, i.e. new colours, to work next to each other, and yes there is also room for an endless number of them, but we need to test and make sure first, of course.

A major flood of the crazy Communes was on its way with the system about to hide me away, and then there would be “quiet in the world” when we had gone, which this beautiful song by Kim Larsen – with lyrics by Anders and Peter Lund Madsen (“special friends” too) – is about, and yes also a favourite song here :-). And everything was because of this system (and most people) not believing in “voices” as a true spiritual experience as I used much energy to make them understand, but as a mental disease, and yes decided by people not hearing voices themselves, thus not knowing what it is truly about.

And now there is nothing more inside of here, the backside of my right lower leg, and at least it is now time to see if there is also a part of me and my son in there, which way also explain the four divided world, we will see.

So we don’t have a 5-DKK upright you mean?

And what would happen when your mother would leave the hospital and you would not awake anymore (?), and yes she would “explode” herself.

So you believe that you are still drilling your way in through solid stone to get in here?

When I came home at 16.30 from the library, I now started receiving a series of even bigger small heart attacks suggesting that some people of the Commune – and others too via my Facebook publish – have read my email, see the short stories, and yes why do you have to send me all of this negativity/darkness (?), and yes it is your game, Stig, so this is how we do it.

We can almost hear the Radio News at 12.00 coming and yes first starting with the Big Clock of the Town Square of Copenhagen, which is here just to say that the time is a few seconds before 12.00, and yes I have found my clock of everything, or “Holger” as we also call him here.

And now we cannot risk giving the gift to the wrong person.

When it is family dinner, we can eat a whole horse, and I received a feeling from the balcony, but without a sound and darkness.

I received an old déjà vue about only few being physically alive – of the total numbers of life of the Source – to be part of creation of our sustainable New World.

Has the world seen how we have repaired the moon too without saying anything?

You, the Source, are now inside the ring of the Old World, which I had decided were not to survive (the ring to marry my mother and I).

Yes, you heard right, they are now not allowed to share your messages anymore, and that is the official system still working against you to keep the secret about you secret.

I also received a déjà vue about working against the system (of Hell), I knew that this was my task, and I have this knowledge deep inside of me given to me a long time ago.

I watched the MP Søren Espersen being interviewed live on DR1 TV-news, and I was told that he is acting knowing about me, and I felt my sister working inside of him, and he used the word “DNA” with inspiration in one of his sentences, which was given to him to let me know that he knows about me, and yes I wrote about my “endless DNA” the other day, this was the connection, and I was told that the interviewer/host, Kåre Quist, knows too, and this is how media and politicians perform a show to misled the population not telling the truth, and how do you feel about it yourselves (?), and yes it must be “hell” not having the courage to break out, and to join me (?), and not even one of you “could” because you are wimps (?), and yes because you are thinking of yourselves and your own selfish “interests”, and you are still “in love” with the old system, and yes I use “love” as a token of “strong feelings”, and could have used “passion” or “commitment” too, and many who does not “like” this, and yes Jette was one when I told her about being “in love” with the Red-Green Alliance, which she is “certainly not” in her own mind, but isn’t this what you are when you are “very committed” (?), and at least this is what it is to me, and yes have had that “discussion” before some years ago, which may also be included somewhere in my scripts?

FB 210713 Jette love

I started writing a draft email to the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament, where Jane – my friend Kirsten’s old friend, whom I tried to receive as a girlfriend around 1992/93, but I did not know how, because I did not receive the right feelings as part of my miserable life – is placed, and I was told that it required a friend with feelings for me to make this committee listen to me, and yes the idea is to send this email to everyone of the committee, approx. 30 (!), and a couple of ministers etc., and it may be done tomorrow or the day before depending on how much time and energy I have.

I was given the word “Raleigh”, which is the brand of the bicycle, which Kim S. gave employees in gift when he became millionaire selling his business DFM to Aon in 1995, and I was told that Kim S was my, i.e. the Original Creator of the Source, guarantee to terminate the Old World because without his faith in me, I would not enter the most sacred of all, and yes he was too lazy to read too, and lazy is indeed how I always knew Kim, which many did not know/believe?

So if we were going to terminate regardless of what we did, wasn’t it unimportant what we did (?), no, because we would bring the results of this to our new home.

I was given feelings/visions of Lyngby, and was shown a man of darkness coming to me, and is there more inside of there (?), and yes I am still given darkness.

I was watching a little of the Danish football premiere at TV9 at 19.26, and the new coach of FC Brøndby, Thomas Frank, said something about “the last before the Champagne cork would bang”, which was inspired speech about where we are now just before the Champagne of the Source will pour out, and yes FC Brøndby survived against all odds, you did notice?

I felt Dragsholm Castle, where we had our summer party with DFM around 1993/94 and spent the night, and I was told that the opening to Kim S. in relation to me now was created by “the white lady” of the castle (!), and this is because things went good when working for Kim S. and he was pleased with me despite of expectations.

My mother promised to call me today telling about their tour to Tivoli yesterday, but no “she did not make it”, and she did the same recently too, and just to say that she “forgets” and maybe don’t feel up to do it being sad when I am not present?

I was watching the end of the final stage of Tour de France this evening (!), and not afternoon, and when the racing cyclists drove around the 7 kilometre inner tour of Paris – around the beautiful monuments including the Obelisk from Luxor, Egypt (what an idea to bring this to Paris, and yes I have been there too, but never to Egypt myself), buildings, avenues with people all over – it was a beautiful sight, and the Danish commentators and much Jørgen Leth spoke of how beautiful the light was here in the evening in the twilight, at which time they decided to drive for the first time, and he kept on noticing “the gold light” also because of how cameras angles, and yes “gold light” as in “light of creation/the Source”, this was the inspiration.

Has there been regional meetings about you in the Psychiatry (?), which Alex also “forgot” to tell you about?

Yes, now I cannot come closer to the duvet of Germany – but still there may be weeks of more work to do if I can?

I continued watching Tour de France and I was told that Rolf Sørensen, one of three Danish commentators and one of the best racing cyclists of the 1990’s, is one of my biggest ambassadors, and they spoke excited about the Tour for the first time ever – I wonder why (?) as I am told – cycling around the Triumphal Arch, and Dennis, the third commentator, said that they could have removed a truck from the roundabout around the Arch, which made Rolf could not help saying that it could have been fun if they had placed a parking ticket in the window of it, and yes the truck is a symbol of the world and you do remember from yesterday was it (?) about the parking ticket in the window, which is about darkness of my mother, and this was to say that Rolf was my ambassador, yes, but you did not speak well but negatively of me, Rolf (?), and why was that, could you not handle me asking you to tell the truth about your doping, which you finally did after having lied for years, wasn’t this what I told you (?) and I cannot remember really, but this is what I believe that I did.

The camera from a helicopter was zooming in on and showing the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum making it possible to look down into it and what it contains, and isn’t it funny that this is what they decided to do over again (?), and Jørgen said that normally this is impossible to do, but Tour de France is allowed to do anything (because of its status in France), and this was about the opening of the Source, which we are looking directly into without any restrictions of darkness, and I felt how my mother’s husband, John, was speaking through Jørgen Leth.

Much of the evening, I received half messages and half visions, which I could not write down, and yes I don’t like this trying my best to understand what it is about, and also part of my sufferings coming like this from time to time.

I have started receiving sounds to my water boiler again, which it has not been given for a LONG time, and this is what I use to boil water for my coffee, and yes I use a stamp pot and would not dream about using a regular coffee machine – but many other ways to create coffee if I had the tools, and I was told that we are sewing on a new back number.

I was told that what I was told the other day that the recipe to transfer all of the Old World is included at the very inner of the Source is also the explanation to the game of God where everything would have been saved even if I failed, and yes this game of saving everything as I went through was needed to do in order to bring learning experiences to God.

I was told that Sting was not one of the cheapest items to bring with me, which is why I received an incredible amount of darkness when watching him live in Tivoli, and I kept on being told that you simply love to make love to beautiful women, Sting (?), and yes, you do know that I do NOT like infidelity?

I received “sister of mercy” by Depeche Mode to make me understand that my sister is thinking of me in Peru – and still reading my Facebook updates, Sanna (?), learning that you were wrong too?

We would also not have gone through this without my visit to the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, in 2007, which was a (Muslim) stronghold of darkness.

I felt my old friend from Karenvej, Morten B., and was told that becoming a Facebook friend with him last year was “not the worst you did” because of the impact I have had on him, and he on others about me (?), and I was given other examples too, for example Birgit from the Martinus study group and the wine merchant Christian P., and yes just small things that I did often on my absolutely outmost after having had finished work – receiving more Facebook and LinkedIn friends/contacts.

I was shown my black skeleton coming closer and closer to me, and inside of this is the Source, and yes you are your father yourself, aren’t you connected to the Source now, don’t become cheated (!), and we know, I don’t care, I simply write what I am told, and part of the game was to make me believe that I am not my father as half part of my old self because of the death of my father, and I really don’t know, but I used to be half my father, half my mother as my old self, and I was told that we removed your skeleton (of my father) because you allowed us, and no, I did not accept this, I only wrote what you told me without thinking much about this.

I watched the “perfect ending” of this last Tour de France stage as the commentators called it when the three fastest riders did their best to win in a close ending where it was the German Kittel winning, and yes of course it was, the new King you know with Kittle being “the biggest thing” as they call him.

I was shown the Palace of Westminster including the British Parliament, and a big dome inside of it, and I was told that I have many “special friends” inside of there too, but for obvious reasons I cannot write about you because I don’t know you as the mere human being, Stig, because I don’t follow you.

In the TV2 studio after the Tour de France stage, the host asked the expert, Henrik Jul Hansen, if he had received a toad in his throat, and he was inspired when answering “yes, I am doing a Rolf”, and this was inspired because earlier on DR1 TV I had watched a documentary of the Danish coast line where two people were out looking for toads, and they found many of the two most rare toads in Denmark, and yes, toads are an old symbol of darkness here, so once again, this was given to show darkness of Rolf, who could not control his negative feelings in relation to me, thus bringing me the worst darkness bringing me coughing as the symbol, and suddenly I was given a strong and suddenly pain/cramp to the back side of my right lower leg to tell me that there is indeed even more darkness coming in, and now you are part of the game once again, and how do you like it (?), and yes you love beautiful women too, don’t you?

I was told that Rolf was brought forward and placed where he and placed by us, now as a Tour de France commentator, and before as professional racing cyclist, and he is as important to us as Bjarne Riis.

How were we supposed to use your limited power against “endless darkness” coming against me in the years after the publish of my scripts in 2010 (?), and I received the feeling of Christian, Camilla’s brother, and was told that we followed your decision to protect my public writings as the most important of everything, and we used the much force of yours to protect against Christian wanting to remove my writings on his sister “at any price”, and I was told that it was his lawyer friend, whom I cannot remember the name of now, who made him decide to stop his plans simply because Christian wanted to use him raising a law suit against me, but “impossible to overview my writings” it was (?), and if the lawyer cannot, how do you think that the court will (?), so this is how they were made to stop attacking me “with a little help from my friends”, and yes they were not the only, but the strongest, and I was given a sound to my oven and told that this is why I still sit here, and also in the refrigerator as I was given a sound to.

I was still watching Tour de France on TV, where Rolf was interviewed and the interviewer spoke about text-messages and said “not a bad word on TDC (Danish Tele provider) this evening”, which made Rolf laugh and say “we will have to see if we can keep this”, and this was about the telephone line of my mother, which we used to bring all life inside darkness to here, but when you spoke poorly of me, Rolf, you were part of darkness – with many others – doing your best to block this line bringing me my sufferings making it “impossible” for me to work to save you all.

I received much pressure on my heart region again, and was told that this comes from outside, from the bus (instead of bringing me my “old nightmare”).

And now started the most spectacular and beautiful light show at the city of light with the Tour using monuments of the city – the Eiffel Tower and especially the Triumphal Arch – and the commentators said that it is not the cinema but the most important monuments, which have been made available for this, and this was both to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tour as well as my victory bringing the most beautiful light of the Source to everyone :-).

I felt more darkness coming in, and was told if you can imagine this coming in via the opening of people of Lyngby having received and also read my email today even though it is Sunday?

Brian Holm was interviewed, and spoke about coming salt in the wound of his arm, which was also about what Rolf did to me, and before – at the end of the race – they also spoke about “burning privies”, which was also inspired, but I did not hear what was said?

Jørgen Leth continued praising the beautiful light show, and Dennis said that we are going up one gear and he thought about the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was also inspired because this is about the opening of the Source.

Here is a dry newspaper, do you remember (?), and yes after we had dried the newspapers a couple of months ago, we removed the danger of the Old World ending in a blood bath as I understand it before the creation of our New World.

I was told that we almost have nothing more we can bring as part of the wake-up process meaning that everything has been prepared, which is really to say that we have built our new car, and only have to turn on the engine of it.

The commentators on TV spoke about the Triumphal Arch being packed in a golden blanket honouring Chris Froome – the sovereign winner showing my victory too – and not least the event itself as they said, and this “event” was inspired speech about my new golden coat being put on me when this is written.

I was shown the monster from the Alien movies on bicycle as part of the Tour de France race and saw him crash, and this is me still feeding you from the other side of the balcony, and it is I being this toad – and the same feeding governments etc. as you saw from Google Earth the other day.

So this system – I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle (turning around the Source) – is no more, and I was given a sneeze and told that we only pretend that it is there, which is why I received a giant pressure/creak to the floor of my living room next to the balcony, which is given by the dark elephant still outside on the balcony and beyond it.

I was shown and told that no riders from Tour de France cycled backwards down the mountain even though this is what everyone – my family, friends etc., thus the world – wanted me to accept bringing this much stronger darkness going against me trying to block my access up the mountain.

You would have been tasting blood when the world was about to end – as I did some times on my way there – and we would have told everyone when receiving them, don’t worry, you are all safe here, which would have been the result of the end of the world.

I received darkness being beamed to the back side of my right lower leg from outside the balcony – this is exactly how it was, I saw and felt it including the pain of it – and was told that this is still the weak, old man that you receive.

Again, I was asked to stay up and work during the night writing all of these notes down from the evening, and really to start writing the script of today, which I had not even started doing, and I said that I cannot do it, and I felt that I would break down crossing this limit, and yes maybe not tonight or the next night, but one of the next days, and I will not stop the game playing it like this, and I was told that this is what would have created pain to my left foot, i.e. terminations.

I received Tears for Fear’s BRILLIANT song “Raoul and the Kings of Spain” – I cannot get inside my small head that this song/album did not make it as big as their biggest hits of the 1980’s – and I heard the guitar of it (symbolising creation) being played to me, and I felt it and was shown it hanging freely in the air, and also that it is still not free on the back side of it, and this is about the Source, which we have not yet liberated all of, and yes we are King of Spain too where there is now only light and no more darkness J – and I wonder when Roland and Curt will pull themselves together starting to WORK and bring us new music (?), and yes being rich makes many people lazy not creating what they should.

Please do it, will you (?), which is about writing this night, and no, I cannot/will not, and I was told that this is what I had to do to protect myself if the Source had given me all of its force, and if this was the case, I – and we – would have been dead by now.

And this is the power you had to go through when visiting LWF in Geneva in 2009 to prepare everything and to get me out from inside of here, and I now better understand what I went through, which was the worst of all of my sufferings receiving no sleep for days and “being on” constantly having to show my absolutely best and most outgoing character meeting all of their managers, and also on my way home in the airplane, where I really had broken down, but still decided/was helped to keep me going when I met Finn, the General Secretary of the Danish Cultural Institute, and his Russian wife, which cost me a couple of hours more of the most extreme pain – but maybe this was enough to lift them up to become believers in me today, and yes she is a Linkedin contact of mine potentially seeing the headlines/links to my new scripts, and there may be talk about me between the Finn and Klaus Bondam, a previous well-known actor here, who is working at the office of this institute in Brussels, and maybe from Klaus to Danish members of the European Parliament and …. , and yes there are many connections of people and they speak – also about “secret subjects” you know.

I was beamed incredible pain to my private parts and then to my heart, which were examples of “much more pain than I can handle”, which would finish me off quickly if they were not stopped, and this was to say that the Source can only enter because I have decided to follow you saving you and man from sufferings.

Google Earth: All look in the same mirror is showing ONE and all shall be one

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show working on the cape and ONENESS, all look in the same mirror showing ONE, all shall be one and all are a little scared to leave the ego and love, justice, order, protection and friendship is coming to all nations.

FB 210713 Jette 1

FB 210713 Jette 2

FB 210713 Jette 3

FB 210713 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • This story about a bus driver in Helsingør, who could not control his sexuality while driving the bus, is about darkness of people of Helsingør going against me, I am giving the feeling of Leif here (!), and this is the bus of my ”old nightmare”, which these people would have brought me if I had not been strong enough turning it down.
  • Thomas said that it was time for “pork-candy and adult soda” and served a “fino Sherry”, and I told him that “it is fino as we call it here”, and this is the finest pork symbolizing the finest life we have saved/created also receiving his darkness, and “candy” is still a symbol of sexual abuse of children, which is also included in the darkness you bring me, Thomas.

FB 210713 Rode

  • This is the story about a man fighting alone against the system believing that he is mad even though he is completely normal telling the truth about the system – this is what he says – and have you heard a story like this before (?), and no, it is “impossible” to win over a full system to make it understand that it is wrong, right (?), wrong (!), and here this man filming his case worker in secrecy – I look forward to the day when this is not necessary – has been ordered to take anti-psychotics if he wants to start his dream education, and yes “impossible” for the case worker it is to listen and understand because he is judged “crazy” by the system, and yes not much different to how my talks were with Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør Communes of better-knowing but ignorant and WRONG people.

FB 210713 Kevin

  • And here is the email I wrote to directors, mayors, managers and case workers of Helsingør and Lyngby-Taarbæk Communes sharing the FULL story of yesterday and all of the pictures and my comments of the forced hospitalization of Kenneth, and the headline is: “The class hour” about how two communes and brain dead systems/people developed into executioners”, and I told them that this is the case when they cannot administer their responsibilities as “dictators” when they cannot listen/read/understand people and also not understand the TRUTH about “medicine” killing/destroying people, but have faith without asking questions in an even more crazy system than theirs, namely the psychiatric system, and brainwashed is what all of these people have been by a brainwashed system making them believe that they help when they actually kill/destroy, which is how the Devil works his finest, and yes the Devil of this system and people who “cannot” understand and cannot work their best because of laziness and better-knowing ignorance, and yes it makes me SAD to see that people do what is WRONG simply because they do not know their work, and you should not need me to come and tell you the truth, should you (?), and when they decide to order people to take medicine if they want to receive cash help, they take over the responsibility of doctors herewith becoming executioners, and this is what these “nice” people were in my case, and yes when they “could not” understand also waking up their worst negative feelings in relation to me, which were so strong that they could not see the forest for bare trees, just like Lars Løkke (!), and because of their hate of me, they really did their best to kill me, and I asked if Bjarne now feels the net tightening, and I promised him that the world will get access to all information/proves showing his actions in the planned “destruction” of me no matter what WRONG actions he does, like destroying evidence, and it seems as if he does not understand (?), and are you less brainy and slowly understanding (?), which is what he must be when he keeps on acting wrongly and when I have not heard from him yet. And I asked them when they dare to stand forward giving me their excuses and rehabilitation (?), and I brought links to my recent emails to Helsingør Commune for the information of Lyngby Commune, and told them that this also includes conversations between leading politicians/civil servants of these two communes, so who wants to be first (?), I am still waiting. And I brought the links to the declaration of “crazy Alex” on me – showing a normal man being diagnosed by a “not normal man” not understanding who or what he was up against thus exhibiting his better-knowing ignorance and guessing/wrong attitude/human view to the world – and my memo to him about my life and spiritual development also making it possible for this Commune to catch up, and read “all about me” to understand the easy to understand truth about me the same way as the official world also reading this making both Communes world famous for their grossly negligence and miserable/negative human behavior in relation to me, isn’t it wonderful? And finally I told them that they are “human beings of hell” when they work for “the system of hell” in good faith removing freedom and responsibility of people, which is NOT how to make a sustainable world, and I offered Bjarne to work together with him as his co-director to help closing down Helsingør Commune if he believes that he can use me now, which he did not four months ago, when he did not have faith in me, and no, I don’t need a paycheck of 1 or 1.5 million DKK per year as you for making bureaucracy and killing life!

FB 210713 til kommuner 1FB 210713 til kommuner 2FB 210713 til kommuner 3

Links included in my email above:






















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