July 23, 2013: PM Lars Løkke was my TRUE executioner and PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt helped me save the world


Summary of the script today

22nd July: PM Lars Løkke was my TRUE executioner and PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt helped me save the world

  • Dreaming of working inside darkness at the giant café of our New World becoming even bigger and the game ending.
  • I kicked in a hard kick with my email to the two Communes, which made an opening of darkness to the next level. It was directors of the Communes, not mayors, controlling and working against me. I was told that it is possible to make a person “completely vanish” – removal of his public identity – without anyone being allowed to visit me, this is how this new system was about to being set up. I continue receiving sufferings as if the world could still bleed, which it cannot – we only pretend that it can to finish my work. The world cannot no more, but I don’t care, we have to finish work.
  • Inger Støjberg, the previous Employment Minister, led the storm against me locating and to “protecting” the society from “potential terrorists” among “mentally sick people”. She worked on behalf of Lars Løkke as the previous Prime Minister, who wanted to put me away behind closed doors of psychiatric hospital because he believed that I was “dangerous” as a “potential terrorist”. Lars Løkke is another part of my father (God), who had the task to work as “the worst darkness” with the purpose to kill me via his actions, thus terminate the world, when he “could not” listen to and understand anything else than his better-knowing but ignorant voice wanting to act as a “statesman” to “protect” the society. This is how I had the Prime Minister acting directly against me as the man, who was appointed to become my true executioner on top of the rotten system of Denmark. He spread his misunderstandings of me to the royal family, media and the world, and we had to change government receiving Helle Thorning-Schmidt as the new Prime Minister in 2011 in order to save the world via her faith and sharing of the truth about me to the world. I now encourage Lars to step down (!), to apologise and to tell the truth of what he did to the world. This is how lack of faith of my mother in me spread to the world to kill me/us all, which I had to go through to save us all. And the publish of this story is now opening to the last part of the Source trapped inside darkness to bring our free New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show today as “the PI day” where “he” is coming on horse back, earthquake in China, knife in the back, oneness improve, everyone eat what they prefer including PORK, and hello journalist man you can start writing now.
  • Short stories of the beer-chicken of our New World combined with the Source, it is a MAD WORLD, my email to the two Communes now also on Scribd, completely raving mad Muslims imprisoning a raped woman for adultery, will the Commune sue for for “disgracing” them or even try to remove my cash help (?), and a little about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and feelings of Afro-American people.

23rd July: Our lifeline is connected to the Source inside “nothing” and we don’t know from where the Source originates

  • Dreaming of politicians feeling cheated by me and the book of everything guiding me.
  • I needed to struggle – being God alive as a human being – against my own creation, which was killing me, and I needed to do my absolutely best not to go under. I am reaching the top of everything, where we were all born, removing darkness of Lars Løkke to set you/me/the world free by turning this darkness around. This is not a world at all, we are thoughts inside the head of God. Is it possible almost to cure yourself for negative voices (?), yes it requires my family, friends etc., thus the world, to understand me, who were the ones bringing this torment to me when they “could not”. Our new heart is a tool, a time to keep life going and time to become older without becoming older because of “practical” reasons. We have been following the same life line all the way through here connected to absolutely nothing, which is from where we started. The Original Creator and life originates from the force of the Source, but who/what created the Source (?), which we don’t know yet because I am only me and not yet everything else (of the Source), where the answer has to be somewhere, which we may meet tomorrow, in a million years or never. but the most important is that we are here. We needed no energy to enter here, and the game has really ended months ago, but we pretend that it has not to bring out more of “nothing”. This means that we have now removed the engine of everything, which is now floating around too as part of this New World being and weighing “nothing” inside the mind only of God, which we will continue improving and expanding. The Original Creator looks MUCH forward to start doing the creation of new creations including everything inside of here.
  • Jim Lyngvild and Christian Stadil on top of the mountain agreeing on the meaning of life: “Lose yourself to find yourself thus finding the road to the top”, which to me is to be with God, share love, do your best and point your attention to what you do and whom you are with.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “help me up, can’t lay here forever” (the “the old man” inside the Source), cape or wings, and a photo, which could be me.
  • Short stories of David Cameron trying to remove Internet porn, Michael Wulff going against him and I tell comedians that I do NOT like their primitive speech about sex, “magic is in the air, and something special is about to happen”, Helena has met her “king”, inviting disloyal and poorly behaving ex-colleagues from GE Insurance to become Linked-in contacts, Kevin cured himself from incurable “mental disease” according to the system (!) and he was helped by medical Cannabis, which is also the story about using it and the Source right as light and not darkness.


22nd July: PM Lars Løkke was my TRUE executioner and PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt helped me save the world

Dreaming of working inside darkness at the giant café of our New World becoming even bigger and the game ending

I went to bed at around midnight, and slept until 07.40 receiving this dream.

  • I am at a giant café in Copenhagen, which should be even bigger. They are collecting the bathroom and about to use the wrong bucket. I am looking inside the café, and see my old class friend Janni, who sits together with the most popular clique of girls from the class, and “what song do you like the most”, which makes me want to go over and talk to her, I can tell that these girls like me, but I am taking part of this work myself and decide to be disciplined continuing to work. I see young people wearing wrinkled shirts, and they have food from this restaurant, which looks like much pasta in different colours, which does not look all that tasty to me. There is a computer at the bathroom where the monitor shows a game, which I thought was the Internet, and I see the picture of it zooming out, it is the end of the game.
    • Still expanding the café of our New World still with threats of my “old nightmare” here with another of the good looking girls from my old class in Espergærde, who used to hang out with Lone M. G. and Tine H., and apparently Janni knows about me too now, and did you all like me at school without my knowledge (?), and this bathroom is the final darkness we work on to bring in order, the food is different colours of different creations of the Source to come, and it is about being “game over”.
  • I woke up to “Shandi” by Kiss and the lyrics “Here’s another mess I got myself in”, which is about more darkness that I need to solve out, and this is also what Laurel and Hardy used to say when they kept on being unlucky, which is really the symbol of this darkness and my work to solve it, and yes, I do NOT like Kiss, but this song from their unmasked album is going straight in, I love this one too :-).

Kicking in a hard kick with my email to the two Communes making an opening of darkness to the next level

I also received Lars Hug’s ”Natsværmer” and the lyrics ”when you came to me, little moth”, and the moth is a butterfly, i.e. symbol of creation, and this is about Lars’s name “Hug” meaning a hard stroke/kick, and this is what I did with my email to the two Communes, and this is what it is bringing me in return, more life inside darkness.

I was shown Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and told that she is “special” too, which is why Camilla and I were allowed to drive all the way up to your castle in Monaco in 2000 – where the guards wanted us quickly out (!) – to “deliver a package” to you too.

I had more cough and annoyance to my throat this morning including a pressure to make me negative, stop working and accept destructions as a “natural” thing – for me to relax – but no, never!

No, I have not given it to him yet, yes the document telling him that the Danish Parliament told the world about me. No, they have not let anything slip out to the media/the world, but there are “official documents” including my name on them (?), and I am here shown my name written with gold script, and this was required to do to spread the knowledge/faith about me.

Will it hurt on South Funen when we hit (?), and yes part of the game too, and this is where Jane from the Health Committee of the Parliament lives.

I continue receiving double sounds to the seats of my balcony chairs.

No, your father did not fall over when he received a heart attack (he was lying down), and now they know this too, which is about Lyngby Commune knowing about the death of my father, which is part of the play too, and yes did we do this (?), yes you were responsible too.

We cannot open the refrigerator yet (?), and it came also with the feeling and vision that when we will do this soon, this is about opening the New World inside of us here.

I was shown darkness and told that we could enter the refrigerator now if you want to, and no, not as long as there is darkness, which is still the game we play.

I received a quick vision of Brede Park, and received an awaiting feeling, which I was told is what Lyngby Commune have decided for, and yes none of you want to prosecute me sending the police to pick me up and lock me in, and why is that again?

No, we cannot just take a key and open the lock of our chains, we have to continue doing what we do for him – and the world – to absorb pain the old fashioned way, and yes, there will be no outburst of darkness as a “bang”, I will not accept it, and yes I take full responsibility of this decision feeling the pressure of the world on me, which don’t mean a thing here, I will NOT do what is WRONG to do, it is as simple as that.

I received the sound of table tennis balls falling down from the chair of my balcony, and I was told that they – Lyngby Commune – were almost falling down their chairs, and yes first from laughing (?), but no, he is serious, and can it really be that Stig is the one (?), and yes these are the kind of feelings we use to work on.

I was looking at a big fuschia plant I have in a pot on the floor being happy about following it grow, and it sets new flowers every month (!), and I was told to try to imagine how beautiful it is when your mother create flowers, the symbol of warm feelings/love, with no limitations at our New World, and yes “perfect” is what it becomes.

I received the feeling that it is a pity for his mother, and has he not died yet?

I was told by my new mother still inside darkness – some parts of her – that you have not let me down yet, and no, I will NEVER accept temptations of my “old nightmare”, which would be pleasant but WRONG to do, which is the pressure coming on now in a different way.

And yes, Fuggi has opened and read some of (?) my last couple of scripts, so welcome back, Fuggi, and you are interested to read about my attacks on the Communes to make them understand, and is this good enough also to penetrate your massive armour of darkness, which made it impossible for you to understand/follow me?

So why do we continue playing the game when you don’t receive all darkness (?), and yes because we are still learning. And I was told that I can decide to stop this game – and now we are almost in – but despite of just how tempting it is, I will not decide on what I don’t know of (is this learning experience important?) so therefore we will continue, and it will be up to the Source to decide on this.

Your mother believes that she has not seen you for a lifetime.

This morning I was so tired/exhausted/disgusted that I cannot work, and this is about this phase where I have to say no to doing some work – working at night as example – and this was essentially the message given to me approx. one week ago, when Allan at the library said that he was stressed with too much work, and I told him to learn what to say yes and no too, and yes basically the message for myself for what was about to come.

Did I write that old colleagues/acquaintances of mine at Willis are speaking of me, and I bring them pain, as they still do to me, and yes what is the result for or against me by now (?), and how much has it changed since 2010, 2011 and 2012?

Isn’t it funny if your hairdresser actually looked you up on the Internet – I gave him my name maybe 9-12 months ago encouraging him to do this – and now is spreading the news about you too to people from the city visiting him. And has his wife also working at the saloon and cut my mother’s hair heard how my mother is crying/sad over me (?), and yes yes yes ….

I received the feeling of fear of Obama of the end of the world too, but now you are also seeing the Source, my friend?

Hasn’t Hans already told Sanna what he has thought/felt for a long time about you?

We have not seen you like this since the Berkel time – where my mother used to work (company of weights etc.).

Making your mother afraid was as easy as wrap her around my finger, and yes, using “the Police” as an old symbol of darkness, which you know is what Sting brought, and to make her calm was on the other side “impossible” to do, and yes because the is the most concerned/nervous woman in the world, so it took much calmness and confidence to win her back over on my side, which is what made the ending of the nightmare of the Commune following me, and this is also about the negative feelings given to Karen because of fear of my mother in me, and yes as if I have ever followed/”chased” you, Karen?

And yes, the game of the Commune and many people is the conflict inside of them “is Stig mad or is he truly the one” (?), and yes not easy to tell (?), and especially not if you cannot read/listen!

So in the worst situation, we would have had to close the dark pub full of cigarette smoke (?), and yes he has come over this point too with faith leading the way, and now knows that he will work his best, but not so much that it will kill him (break him physically down), and this is how we fill up the layer cake, this is the road we designed for you, which you decided to follow.

So darkness (the system and my sister) cannot be so strong that it takes in your mother, which was literally killing the world.

Yes, this is the mark and as good as in your McCloud days, and this is about turning around “the Police”, i.e. Sting too, and to ride the white horse of our New World.

I received this beautiful song “love resurrection”, which we all need and will receive because of “just a little divine intervention” and another one on the top list of my spiritual friends.

And the only one who could brush your/my teeth was your mother, i.e. to bring pure contact with us inside of here where we were trapped.

I keep receiving feelings of Mandela in relation to my birthday greetings for him, and you liked to receive direct language instead of all those “formal greetings” from state leaders etc.?

Yes, you are not only a “taxed” employee as we say here for appreciated, and this was about the love of my mother making us come through all of this and yes both in good and bad.

Do we have birthday in the USA today, this is how it feels like, and the band plays and almost marches in, and is this about Obama celebrating too soon (?), and if this is the case, please go back to work doing your best, my friend, including for you to take on your part of sufferings – can you and will you? And is this because he has started seeing the sun shine in?

So all you had to do was to shoot through the incredible dense plate of creation to enter the Source.

It sat right up in the cross, and yes your email to the two Communes, which I can now tell you, and do I feel “busyness” of Commune offices seeing how mayors go to their directors, and not vice versa, because it was the directors of the system controlling and working against me.

“Searching”, yes where would they place Stig, and is it possible to make a person “completely vanish” – removal of his public identity – and yes, that is the question my friends, what were you thinking of in relation to me, please let me hear?

Something about your mother being vital in order to locate and move the ship (inside the deep Source).

I was told that I had to visit Southern Germany too, otherwise the system would not work.

Something about my father having done his part of life, as I understood “whispering/feelings”, and then otherwise you would not have been send down on Earth.

And your mother kept on sending the hat around (collecting darkness) because of her own wrong behavior.

We have your mother here working like a programme for us to follow.

“Are you completely crazy” (?), this is also what could have given you a brain haemorrhage, which has to be about the reception of Lyngby Commune to my email.

I finished my scripts of the last two days at 16.30 receiving much stress and pressure feeling physically the worst from work waiting on me – the email to the Parliament – and yes a tough script to come through also this one,

Yes, darkness was out to destroy the wash of your mother working inside of you, and I made sure that this would not happen (?) as I feel my father inside of darkness say, and yes putting this on top of the list to protect too, fino :-).

Even though we did not have a fire place, we would still be able to force it open (?), and yes just by pretending, which is pretending to destroy the world.

So your father had started on “tax deductions” (to destroy life) when coming here – because of the wrong attitude of your mother.

When I published my new script of yesterday to Facebook at 16.45, I was told that we are coming to a cinema near you one day soon.

No, he cannot bleed, but only pretend that he can, which is making us come forward.

Yes, we smashed in through the window now also there.

And first and last everything was done because you decided to be in control, and not to let the world/system be in control over you.

So we were made to destroy everything, and it is first now that we have started understanding just how beautiful everything will become, and yes the feeling of the world starting to understand this.

No, you were not even allowed to visit me, this is how this new system was about to being set up, and yes “locked up” and “disappeared”, incredible, right?

Have you seen two potatoes around here lately (?), no, and this was at the same time the answer to your thoughts about potatoes of yourself and your son also coming out, and yes the email to the Parliament is to bring out the next, and as usual this email is also impossible to do/finish because of far too much work and stress making me feel on my very edge of throwing up/breaking down.

Isn’t it funny that your mother – i.e. world – cannot no more, but you don’t care and decide to continue working because there is more work to be done, and yes this is still how it is.

This is how the Chinese are still effecting you – and then I was given annoyance to my throat, and yes what about start behaving and communicating properly?

You don’t receive my voice too and yes to bring me up from here, and I still see God inside the hole taking a step up on the edge to walk up from there, and this is what the sharing of my email today to the two Communes yesterday on Scribd meant, and yes making it even more visible to these crazy but really “silly” people that I mean business this time, and have NO intentions to give up whatsoever.

FB 220713 Stig

Isn’t it a pity for him and yes his family too for being crazy (?), and this is how the feeling is/were of me inside the two Communes, which is part of this the most stinking/dense darkness of all, and yes completely crazy/brainwashed they were, and they could not see it.

I felt Chris Froome, and was told “no, news cannot travel this quickly, can it” (?), which is about my story of him and Tour de France of yesterday now having reached him, and yes Chris, you drove for me too showing the world that we would NOT give up, so thank you for doing your best too, and I now feel Obama too including the feeling that he will also now do his best again before waking up, thank you.

And yes, that is right, I have noticed a couple of people here at the library looking carefully at me sending me “the look” you know, and yes is it him the crazy one or indeed Jesus (?), and yes not easy for you to tell when you cannot read/listen and understand?

And to my mother, the most important is still that I pay my invoices and am in control of my life, and yes this is what I am and what she believes I am, which is making this work.

“Stakeholders” and so on, and no, nothing has been removed from inside the offices of the Employment Ministry and the National Labour Market Authority, and yes we had not expected you also to return to them, but they will be included in my email to the Parliament, which I don’t have time and energy to send today, but I should have tomorrow.

Doesn’t my mother have pocket money for me now (?), no this is not how it works, we keep them alive on a minimum.

I received tears together with the stubborn feeling “no, you are NOT getting anything out of me”, which can only be from Bjarne.

No, I am not so afraid of this, and I was given a feeling to the backside of my lower left leg, and this is about Bjarne, and it takes “everything” to drag this out of him, and not an easy man to “bring down”, but I must do what I must do to (you must too, Bjarne) make you listen and start to understand that you were the weed and not I, and yes you have to break down and realize your defeat before I can build you up again, and yes my old learning experience from Kim S., which he did to me in 1991 when starting to work for him – to make me listen and understand that there was another truth than what I thought was the truth about myself.

I have felt Anna-Karin strongly and was told that now she can almost not keep herself back anymore, but has to get “fresh air” screaming out her feelings of the unjust done to me by the system, and yes family and the world.

And later I was told that this goes for Mick Jagger – and the world too – so let us see, who will be the first one breaking down bringing the news of me to the world?

I was told about how a very near world war was making Obama TIRED, and yes the prospect of seeing this coming without being able to stop it, is really not what makes people happy, but then again, if you have faith, even the most impossible can be solved, and yes coming from here too, my friend :-).

You are cheap, Stig, which is about Karen’s feelings to me, and I am also told that this is not a world at all, we are thoughts inside the head of God, so how does God bring everything inside of his own thoughts to do creation from inside of here (?), and yes because magic is possible, therefore :-).

At 19.30 I was told that If he does not send that email (to the Parliament) now – within a reasonable time – we will not bring up the camera, and yes my friend, you have decided to prioritize also writing the script of today before ending and sending the email to the Commune, which is the only right thing to do also to avoid being stressed, and no, I don’t care, I will send the email tomorrow, and not today deciding not to pressure from outside forces.

Leif arrived late at the library today, and we sat in the small “single offices/boxes” at 3rd floor, and suddenly he entered my box and wanted me to put his ear close to his mouth, because he wanted to whisper to me that the woman next door – another regular, whom he does NOT like because she is “crazy” (!) (awkward, sensitive, battleaxe), and he whispered that she was sleeping (!!!), and yes she uses the library as her home, and what a sensation, Leif (!), and no, I do NOT like that you whisper because you don’t want the person in question to hear you and in fact this is POOR BEHAVIOUR of simple minded people, which is also what you do to others about me (?), and what many people do – I do NOT like it!

Who is freckled (?), and I feel a horse behind me, which is about PIPPI, who wants to come out riding her horse of the New World.

Have we all lost a big voice inside of you, and yes the voice of the system tormenting me because of their misunderstandings and wrongdoings.

PM Lars Løkke was my TRUE executioner and PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt helped me save the world

I decided to keep on working until 20.25 at the library and at the end, all incredible stress and disgust was removed from me, and now I cannot have much work to do from the beginning of tomorrow thus giving me maybe half a day to send my email to the Parliament, and yes also you Inger Støjberg, who has had “enough of me too”, and are you starting to realize what kind of monstrosity of a system that you have created (?) – locating and “protecting” the society from “potential terrorists” among “mentally sick people” – and why did it take me for you to understand it (?), and yes because you were slow understanding and knew better yourself without knowing, and yes what a surprise it was for all of us!

This is a song of life, this is how it was thought of, and yes PAPIRSKLIP by Kim Larsen, which I was listening to again enjoying its beauty.

Aren’t we going to put back the bicycle in the stand when we have done (?) – I don’t know.

Do you want us to come or disappear, and yes come on forward, and this is about “he” being somewhat scared/nervous about coming forward, and can it be that Bjarne is my son of our New World (?), and this is what you are telling me, and this was his task, to make sure to work against me to stop my birth because I was first meant to be given birth in our New World, and yes this is what I am bringing, and this is how it is connected, and yes I do hope this is the message of light and not darkness, and we will see how my unborn son can be born as the human being Bjarne, and yes it sound “way too far out”, which is what he thinks/thought of me, but who knows, it may be the truth?

And we don’t need to paint the banisters of the stairs on our way up there to the stage of the world (?), but no, you are WRONG, you do need that, and yes to have everything PERFECT.

And do you have the key for the till (?), which is what is coming in here too, and yes via my son on his way in, or is it first my original self before my son (?), we will see.

We can also enter here because your mother cannot any longer receive a coronary.

I must say that life flies away quickly, this is how your mother had to feel to come to this stage where we will produce our own money, i.e. energy/life.

I was told how my old dictator-manager, Lars H., from Danske Bank, Freeport, felt inferior to me, and the way he “compensated” was to be a dictator removing all of my responsibilities and making my life a hell too, and this is really what all/most of my managers have been over time, which is inferior to my work, and then it is good to be a dictator, right Kim S. and Søren H. (?) as the most obvious examples.

I was told that Inger Støjberg as Employment Minister for the Liberal Party of the previous government until October 2011 led the storm attack against me, so my “case” was on your table, Inger (?), and you did not believe in me too because you were too busy and better-knowing?

Mette’s son Christoffer was “protected” against me by his mother/family, and you could easily have won him over by becoming a Facebook friend with him.

You and Mette could not be born at the same place, and also not become sweethearts, which is what was tested on our skiing holiday to Austria in 1985, where she wanted me more than the “boyfriend” you received there?

I was told that she has taken what she had to take, which was impossible to avoid, which is about a lump of life to be terminated because of her lack of faith/understanding, but no, this is not stopping us, and I will not accept her or anyone to steal life.

I spoke to my mother this evening, and she said that they did not go to Tivoli because John was too weak, so there went that plan for John to help, and I was shown a ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingør, where the car deck is now completely open going through John.

You don’t want to let me be born as Bjarne (?) – I have NO OPINION on this (as I still say MANY times every day with darkness wanting me to decide on things I know nothing of) – and then it may be that Kate’s and William’s son, who was born today, is (?), and yes theoretically it may be possible if William and Kate are other parts of Karen and I, but no, my son has to be born with the opening of our New World, this is what I believe in.

I was told that Inger Støjberg swung the axe against me, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt knows about it.

I was shown a giant flute including life looking down a stone wall towards the sea where there is a canoe, and this life wants to enter the canoe, but no because the canoe is destroyed by a dark wave, which is about life of the Source waiting to become physical life until we got creation right.

And doesn’t this story go all the way up to the top minister (?), which was to Lars Løkke self as the previous Prime Minister until September 2011, who was the one wanting to “intern” me – to put me away from the public society behind closed doors of psychiatric hospital because I was “dangerous” as a “potential terrorist” (!) – and yes, Stig, just write this, you will get no trouble doing this.

And this is the strongest darkness of the world, the previous Prime Minister of Denmark, who decided that “Stig (?), no, we cannot use him” (!), so it is Lars as another part of my father (God), who is in my right ankle (life inside darkness, which darkness self wanted to explode/terminate), and the purpose was to kill me, so this is what you did with the highest responsibility, Lars, and yes he also knows that you will come after him in order to free everything (of the Source), and here I received another small heart attack also to confirm that the story is valid, and yes this is about the man-about-town and morally decayed WIMP, Lars Løkke – the brood of darkness – who could not do what is RIGHT, and why is that (?), and yes, the same as everyone else (more or less, and here it is “more”), which is better-knowing ignorance of a lazy man, who does not have to read/listen to “know” the truth, who is “guided” by his own guessing and WRONG inner voice, and yes the same man, who “could not” tell the truth about his involvement and decisions in the much talked about “tax-case” against Helle Thorning-Schmidt – showing your abuse of power (trying to destroy an “opponent” for your own benefit) lies and moral decay – and also not the “Stateless-case”, where you had to lie about your “shelve” (i.e. laziness) of the case not to risk to be impeached, which would make you lose your face and “statesman-image”, and yes, we don’t have to speak about your disorder with vouchers and to decide what is public and private expenditure also letting the public pay for your consumption of cigarettes, porn movies and other things too, Lars (?) – can you understand that this is the same “statesman” in charge of the Liberal Party having approx. 1/3 of the Danish voters, who would “destroy” the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and me too if there was election today, and yes talk about a manipulator showing a façade covering his true dark self and “secrets” – and no, LITTLE LARS, this is NOT how the piano works here, you have been looked out, so what about starting to tell the truth about this and not least about me and what you did not knowing at the time who and what you were up against, which is now “biting” your tail making you feel “uncomfortable” (?), and yes is it very difficult for you to do what is RIGHT instead of WRONG, and what about bringing me a public apology and rehabilitation by inviting me for coffee at your office and for you/us to hold a press conference where you will open up and let go of your “burden”, which is “killing” you?

I was given a sound to the chair of my balcony and pain to my knee cap, and was told that it is I out here – I was shown and felt Lars Løkke – who is God too, and it was Lars’ task to “protect the country” against potential terrorists like Breivik, and who was such a potential terrorist, Lars (?), and yes, you were presented me as one, and then it was easy to say “no, I don’t want the risk of Stig blowing up anything, I want you to protect us”, and yes like a “statesman” does (?), and this is also when you don’t know what you talk about, because when you are used to abuse power, you say “I want to have my will”, which is what you do as a small boy (?), and yes, Lars you are a selfish and stilted man, who is really a small boy inside of you not worthy of holding your seat as chairman of the Liberal Party and even less as a potential Prime Minister, so what about stepping down at the same time because your time has come, we will never see the like of your devilish being again, we are now coming to a new time and a New World Order, which you also “could not” read and understand, and yes because “you have people to work for you” (?), and you don’t have to work yourself so instead you travel around the country and yes spreading your “guessings” also about me, and that is because you cannot keep your mouth shut, can you (?), and yes this is how I had the Prime Minister acting directly against me as the man, who was appointed to become my true executioner on top of the system, and do you remember your first Midsummer Eve at your official residence “Marienborg” in 2010, where you had received the “brilliant” idea to invite the public inside “your garden” for your speech and the traditional Midsummer fire, and where you “happened” to walk over to the exact place where I stood to speak to the media filming and photographing you (?), and no, it was “not nice” to see a “potential terrorist” on pictures right next to you, and then it was better to “protect yourself” and the country by ordering a new setup to put me away, is this how it is, Lars (?), and yes you gave the order, and who brought it out (?), and was that the Employment Minister at the time Inger Støjberg, who made sure that a co-operation between Jobcentres and the Intelligence Service of the Police was established and to bring power to the Intelligence Service of the Police to “remove” the most dangerous and “crazy” people of this country (?), and yes the Breivik incident in July 2011 was the last straw, which made you decide that you do not want anything similar to happen in Denmark, and who was writing a “crazy manifest” like Breivik (?), and yes Stig from Lyngby, where I lived until October 2011 before moving to Helsingør, and this was the background for your decision to “intern” me, and yes would you like to stand forward all of you from the united non-socialist government of 2011 and declare your guilt and tell about the details of your actions, where you let completely unnecessary fear make you temporarily insane establishing a system to get rid of “crazy people” like me (?), and yes, this was necessary to do to bring me the TRUE worst darkness of this world, which was the working Danish government, and this is the darkness you sent me for me to absorb and yes to convert into light when I did not break down to bring you our new creation, so this is why you did what was VERY WRONG, but still this is what was also needed to bring us home to God and our New World.

And no, this has nothing to do with Michael Kristiansen (previous spin doctor for Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, journalist, political commentator etc.), who led the campaign of the Liberal Party against me towards the media, and that was because you of course was loyal towards Lars Løkke deciding to follow his wrong decision, and no, “Stig is not Jesus, he is crazy and let me tell you “a potential terrorist”, and yes, this is what you told TV2-News and other media wanting to listen to you, because this is what you have decided to live from, which is to have an “opinion” about everything – not need to know, an “opinion” is enough even when you are wrong (!) – and then you just talk, talk and talk, and to let people follow you and your “game”, which is the worst game of the Devil too, and no, Michael & Co., I do NOT like the brood of you at all, and that is the wrong-doings of what you do not being able to see that you are truly the mad people around here, and no, I will NOT see this kind of WRONG work, communication and human behaviour of our New World, and yes both Lars Løkke, Inger Støjberg and Michael Kristiansen will also enter our New World as everyone will, I only ask you to tell the simple truth without twisting your words because of “interest conflicts” and yes, there is NO SUCH THING, the ONLY thing, which matters is the truth and ONLY THE TRUTH, do you think you can do this very simple thing (?), or have I brainwashed you too much as I hear the voice of God saying, and yes to bring me darkness for me to bring creation coming from the friction between light and darkness, and yes you do understand this, right?

It is with the publish of this story that Lars comes in from the balcony – which is used as symbol of “the old man” inside of the Source, who has not yet been set free and entered our New World – and joins you too.

And from Lars Løkke, the news of you spread to the royal family, but it did not from Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who took over as Prime Minister in September 2011 after winning the election, and this is why we needed Helle Thorning-Schmidt as new Prime Minister to save the world, which was because of her faith in me spreading this to the royal family and world.

It is also Lars Løkke bringing you the white bread – symbolising the Source – and I felt Lars and also another being behind him.

I was told that “no one” wanted to believe my email from February 2010, where I published the news of my arrival to the whole world together with the opening of my website – more than 1,500 (as I remember it) politicians, media, religious institutions, the business world, NGO’s etc. all over the world – but it was crucial for later faith of many when they heard the news about me again, and “wasn’t it him sending us that email in 2010” (?), which made you find this again, and yes this is how I opened the world.

This is how misunderstandings of your mother (being the world) – not understanding/believing in you – spread to Lyngby and later Helsingør Commune and to the government, police, media and the world, and yes your mother’s “wish” was to kill you/us all when she did not have faith, this is how it works, and it was your task to save us, and the result of this fight – the world against the Source (!), or my mother against my father – is what we bring with us to our New World.

I was shown Mick Jagger as darkness of my balcony too, and saw/felt how he moved to be right behind my back, and he (the spirit of him) said “well, it is you being the greatest of the 21st century”, and it was your task to go against me too, Mick, right until Obama told you something else, is this how it is (?), and yes, there was also a fight in the musical world for or against me, can Stig save the world, which was doomed, Mick (?) – the dream of your song below about being a pilot on a plane is about leading the world and all drunk and insane passengers are about darkness of man, which would have brought the end if it was not because I had carried out my work saving you all (!) – and this is why Mick has been used as symbol too of the worst darkness bringing my “old nightmare”, which is what would have exploded the world had I given in to it.

And how do you pass the time, Lars (?), and yes with a sigh because of your “inability” to understand because of your better-knowing ignorance and wrong inner voice also telling you that “Stig is clearly negative/psychotic/potential dangerous” – you did not have to read and understand that I was the opposite (?) – and I am here again given the feeling of Lars – I see/feel him – as confirmation of this story, and yes he knows about how I chase Lyngby and Helsingør Communes knowing that I am coming for him too.

So if there had been no Breivik, there would not have been this chase on me, thus no New World, so this is how Breivik, the worst darkness, actually saved the world too, do you see (?), and I wonder when you started to realize your “misunderstanding” of me, Lars (?), and I received the sound of “clap, clap” at my balcony, and it came from tree (of the Source) being opened/loosened because of this work, and I was told that we are not tree all of us yet and I felt darkness inside this wood, but we will continue to work to bring all of you out, and this is what your “secret” was hiding because of your WRONG human behaviour being a WIMP, Lars (!), and what would have exploded the world had I been locked away, had my identity removed and become a Zombie receiving killing/destroying “medicine”. HOW COULD YOU???

It is the wobble of Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, which is opening up to this, and it was on Utoya that we in a quick moment changed the clocks when Breivik was unfocussed before he continued killing, and yes the darkness coming my way, which should have made me kill, which it did not, and then we showed how this darkness made other “normal people”, who could not absorb what I could, react.

So this is the story about not only my coming wife, Karen, my sister, father, mother – family, friends etc. – and the communal and psychiatric systems and the church going against me but also right up to the top of the previous government – how much can a man take (?) – and yes we had to change government because of this to save me, which is what you decided to do Helle putting in a good word for me to Jacob Scharf, my old “school friend”, the chief of the Intelligence Service of the Police, and yes yes yes, how stupid can the world get (?), and yes with the old Danish government, they would be very stupid not understanding me, but this was changed with Helle, who was meant to bring the story truly out over the borders of the country, and do you believe she has done this on her many travels abroad (?), and yes why don’t you ask her, and I feel Queen Margrethe here, who we can also thank Helle for coming over on my side.

Helle and Lars knew that this is what truly separated them in the elections of 2011, which they “could not” tell the public, so you spoke about everything else but this is what it was about, for or against me.

So how does this fit together with Bjarne from the Commune reporting on me (?), and yes I moved to Helsingør in October 2011, the job search course in Helsingør discovered about me in December 2011 (as I remember it) reporting their also completely unnecessary FEAR of me to the Commune, the Breivik incident was in July 2011, the election in September 2011, yes who “knew” first about me (?), and did the Intelligence Service get to me first, and later Bjarne/Helsingør Commune, who was “not allowed” to lock me up because of Jacob Scharf, is this how it is (?), and how deeply involved was the management of Lyngby Commune in 2011 (?), and yes I look forward for you to publish ALL the details and to speak the truth, and only the truth telling the world about what you did and why you did it, CAN YOU?

And when I wanted to run away from you – to be spit out as terminated life (in 2011, 2012 and really still up to this point) – it was Lars Løkke not wanting to be discovered, and yes how LOW can you get, Lars, and I am given your VERY LOW voice because of your embarrassment, and how difficult can it be for a “states-man” to speak the full truth and take full responsibility instead of being a little boy trying to deny having stolen cookies from the cookie box while he still has the cookies inside his mouth, and yes you don’t mind gossiping about people behind their backs solely on what you believe/guess but don’t know, Lars, and yes what a poor/miserable man he is.

We have just received the colour of a new sofa, which is black, the most dense colour of Lars. So this is how Lars has moved and sliced open the scissor inside of you (making me hurt the most a man has ever hurt, Lars – see “my sufferings”!), and yes showing him as a “statesman” to the public playing up to the population not being able to tell the truth about just how wrong work, communication and behavior is of people today, and on the inside, he is just a small and simple man being the worst role model imaginable, and a man who cannot take the right decisions neither at work or as a private man being “tempted” by all the good things his job can bring him, and yes a man, who lost the fight to power of the Devil, which took him over making him decide to become part of this darkness abusing his power instead of fighting it, and yes how difficult can it be, Lars (?), and yes, you do know that this is coming for you, right (?), and what has Obama been telling you (?), and yes I wonder.

It is like opening the full balcony door when you will publish this, and yes coming here no matter what your mother did or thought about you, which was killing and tormenting you to the maximum to receive the biggest friction/creation.

I was given a new sound to my balcony, and was told that if we had not switched off the light (of the Source, because the Source was now strong enough in itself not needing our light to amplify it), we would also never have seen this.

We are now opening the smallest egg of all.

All of this life of the Old World is inside your mother, which I went into to save all of it, and it makes you think of the sheer amount and also content of life inside everyone else as part of our New World, and yes, it can easy make you “intoxicated”, which is also how you feel after a few beers, Lars (?), and yes a man-about-town put on top of the rotten state of Denmark, where he did not belong, to destruct me and the world, and yes, Lars, without you and all of your wrongdoings, we would not have been able to do this “game”, and this was your role, which you played to perfection, and yes you even know how incredible tired I feel constantly – “more or less” – from when you “made this banging” (with the hammer) at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 – yes, a “true statesman” is what Lars is, or is it (?) – and can you imagine how it is to work your absolutely hardest/best every day for years feeling as tired as you did here as I do (?), and yes this was also a sign given to you to make you understand, but you “could not” (?), and by the way, it was not only the hammer you were “banging” when you were “out on the road”, was it (?), and maybe you would like to confess your sins not only to me, but also your wife?

Google Earth: Hello journalist man you can start writing now

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show today as “the PI day” where “he” is coming on horse back, earthquake in China, knife in the back, oneness improve, everyone eat what they prefer including PORK, and hello journalist man you can start writing now.

FB 220713 Jette 1

FB 220713 Jette 2

FB 220713 Jette 3

FB 220713 Jette 4

FB 220713 Jette 5


FB 220713 Jette 6

FB 220713 Jette 7

FB 220713 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This Swedish newspaper wrote about Mikael winning a grill with his “beer chicken” including a bacon taste, and yes what more do you want to show that we are combining the chicken of creation with beer of the Source, and yes bacon of my father, you know, and that is to make one combined new heart/world.

FB 220713 Aftonbladet

  • I simply had to share this – “what a feeling” also for you, Irene :-).

FB 220713 Stig om MAD WORLD

FB 220713 Stig om MAD WORLD 2

  • I was given the vision of the actor Denis Farina yesterday, and took no special notice of it thinking that this is just one vision of MANY that I am given of actors/famous people (normally not writing about it), and today I heard about his death, and yes what do you know (?), and nothing more than this, and I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that he is part of this.
  • This is about how Muslims were brainwashed, and how can Muslims decide to imprison raped women for adultery (?), are they completely raving mad (?), and yes, I am afraid so.

FB 220713 Stig via BBC

  • This is about an article saying ”you risk jail, if you hang out people on Facebook”, which is what they law says if your write “affronting” about the “honour” of others including “insulting words or actions” etc., and yes then it does not matter when you only speak the truth about people (?), and you have see many people without honour in my scripts fighting to remove what they believe are my “disgracing” words on them without being able to look into the mirror seeing that this is the truth, and I wonder if this is brought here because Bjarne or others of the Communes think about the option of suing me for exactly this (?), and maybe even considering to remove my cash help because I am not unemployed as I keep telling them, and that is if you can, and no, you cannot, because I have Obama on my side again as I feel here, and the world, and we are far too powerful for you, my “little fish”.

FB 220713 FB æreskrænkelse også for tale sandheden

  • Let me say that I have not had time or energy to read/watch and follow the case about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the recent verdict of the jury, who “acquitted him of second-degree murder and of manslaughter charges”, but I do understand feelings of the Afro-American people including President Obama, and I heard parts of your speech and personal experiences of racial discrimination, which made me think that this was very STRONG and GOOD of you to do, and I thought that I don’t hope that this will lead to a wave of riots and violence – and in our New World you will not experience events like this ever again.


23rd July:  Our lifeline is connected to the Source inside “nothing” and we don’t know from where the Source originates

Dreaming of politicians feeling cheated by me and the book of everything guiding me

I slept from 23.50 until 07.50 receiving these dreams:

  • Something about an interview with Pia Kjærsgaard during a meeting tomorrow, and at 12.30 the latest meeting with Berlusconi and (I really cannot read the notes here) something about politicians wanting to attend the meeting and “cheated by me”. I am preparing to travel, and a man shows me a book, and opens it at a certain page, which includes a precise description of what I need to bring of luggage. Something about Rikke H. working and being a true leader too. Perfect live, the most murdering opponents.
    • I did not get this, but something about “Nazi” politicians, who feels cheated by me (?), and the book of everything includes the precise description of luggage/life to bring.
  • I also remember a dream about René, my old friend, calling me.

Our lifeline is connected to the force of the Source inside “nothing” and we don’t know from where the Source originates

I received a new sound to the balcony and was told that it is like living on the main land, this is how it is going to become (for the Source).

So, Stig, I have packed my suitcase and am only waiting for you to write the Danish Parliament.

There is a direct line from Bakken – with my mother and sister a couple of months ago – and this.

And then it is your turn to drive this thing we call the spaceship of everything, which is really everything.

It is like inserting an extra goal, which is not there.

I heard talk about digging myself free.

I had a déjà vue about how I needed to struggle – being God alive as a human being – against my own creation, which was killing me, and yes I needed to do my absolutely best not to go under, which is really also how I feel now here where it is still morning and HOT, and I know that in 1-2 hours it will be better.

I was given a vision about walking upstairs on Arthur Findlay College in 2005 to do the sitting with Janet, and this was both to tell me that Janet is thinking of me – “he/the sitting WAS special” – and also that I am still walking upstairs via work today.

What have we been speaking about since you were on Bakken with your mother and sister, and yes, when will Stig solve the case coming all the way up to us at the top, and yes Lars, this is where you have hidden as the worst darkness of all, and I am now coming to set you/me/the world free by turning you around too to become light and to start doing what is RIGHT and not WRONG.

No, there is not at all foot cold here with your mother, and this is how to bring in the last of the Source when opening up this way writing and publishing your script of yesterday, which of course took much longer than expected.

We are not the fortress self, are we (?), and yes Lars, this is where we were all born, which is the gift you have inside of you too.

This is really the rest of the whale tooth, which you broke in 2006 (my own corner tooth), and yes, this is where it went, the darkest of all darkness.

I was told that the Danish Parliament has told the world about me also via “official documents” including my name, and I was shown my name written with gold script, and this was required to do to spread the knowledge/faith about me.

This is not a world at all, we are thoughts inside the head of God, so how does God bring everything inside of his own thoughts to do creation from inside of here (?), and yes because magic is possible, therefore :-).

I had far too much work – in volume too – to do, which again was “mentally impossible” to do, and yes trying to put together the story to not only the Health Committee of the Parliament including all relevant links/stories, which I have to write summaries of too, but now also to Lars Løkke in the script of yesterday, which was FAR more than expected, and to write a summary of that knowing that it takes time also making it difficult/impossible to finish the email for the Parliament today and I was told that it has to fit together with my sister in Peru, and I decided that I don’t care for not finishing today, this will take the time that it takes, and we know, it is not a nice job to do receiving this much into your head at the same time, and when I was thinking that I cannot do it, I was told that this is also a game that I do – to bring learning experiences – because the old man can walk out himself, but no, I will not give up doing this work.

So we needed no money to walk in there then, and yes the game has really ended, but we pretend that it has not.

So I am the chairman of the sawmill and I felt Lars Løkke on the balcony on his way in, and yes now I cannot do anything else.

We have decided that after this – and your visit to Falck in two days, which I plan and hope that I have the courage to do – we will stop bringing you and your mother pain. Otherwise she would completely die over, and yes it is her and not John that we are “worried” about even though John looks like the weakest of them, and you know “extreme concerns” of her making her this weak, which is also bringing me my sufferings, and yes it is me (too) bringing you your heart attacks, and this is killing you as it is killing me (my mother), and now she has no more to give.

I was told about ”stepping down” as my encouragement to Lars Løkke that he has now been ”persuaded” into working to help me and to do just that, which is for the governments/politicians of the world to dismantle their owns systems and jobs, and yes this takes pretty much faith in me to do, so thank you all and also you Lars.

So we are about to let go of our last slippers, and yes Kate and William gave birth to a son, and I am about getting out of here …

I continued working at home on the script of yesterday until 14.30, which I had thought would take “no time” to do – not knowing what was in line for me – and on my way to the library hereafter, I was given one of these strong jumps to my bicycle chain for a couple of seconds, which was about my mother being together with her friends Käte, Inge and a third one, and what did they speak about (?), and yes about me too (?), and no, my mother does not believe in me, and isn’t it funny that both Käte and Inge are Facebook friends of mine not believing what to believe in when my mother goes against me and what they should be able to understand from my Facebook updates.

I met Leif at the library again – we had to work in single rooms again today – and still when I had far too much work to do, he came to me asking me to follow him to his computer, and I thought that he had a computer problem, but no, he asked me to read an email from his “fiancée” Maria, this is how far they have come calling each other for “dear sweetheart” etc., and the first impression you got from reading it was that it looked similar to many of these unprofessional written fraud emails from Nigeria and elsewhere wanting to squeeze money out of you for you to get your prize, inheritance etc., and it was about her need to go to USA today because there is a deadline for her to meet at court to get a signature on a document for a US insurance company in order to pay out a large insurance sum of 1.2 million dollars following the deaths of her parents in a road accident there last year, if I did not misunderstand it, and it was written in a poorly language like many of these fraud emails are, and she said that she had to pay a fee over there, but it did NOT ask Leif for any money, but was kind and loving, and saying that she will come home in a couple of days, where they will share their lives (they have not met yet!) and also be able to afford buying a car etc., and yes I gave my advice to Leif to focus on the positive and not negative suspecting her to be a swindler, and that is because they have written long and loving emails to each other, which a swindler would not have time and patience to do, and yes we also checked her picture some time ago with Google’s image search function, and it is unique and not used anywhere else on the Internet, and yes this is also helping Leif to stick closely together with her and not to give up, and I told him to focus on her and not the money because it does not matter if she is rich or poor, but then he smiled and could not help think about and look forward to a new car and more, and yes as usual he is thinking wrongly, but these too are still on the right way following the road of love and not the road of darkness laid out for him and me too, because it is via our contact that he is helping to turn around the view of people in Helsingør about me, and yes it is an “open landscape” here – the “unofficial” Swedish national song too – making people able to hear us, and a few heard and noticed this as I could see, so have you started putting two and two together, which is that Stig is truly not “ordinary”, but yes helping a man, whom I have no time and energy to help, and who cannot show the right behaviour himself, but this is how it is here. And hopefully they will see each other for the first time after she comes home from USA in a couple of days only.

Your mother was also in Scotland visiting John around 1989, I believe (John was stationed there for approx. one year), to open up to everything there.

I received “Susan Himmelblå” by Kim Larsen and the lyrics “Dear Susan with the heaven blue, congratulations”, and it came with the feeling of congratulating me for having reached the blue (the colour of my inner self) in heaven, and yes also from Kim’s most successful – of many – solo albums, and yes this is “folk music” cutting directly through to the soul of people here bringing happiness and warm feelings.

We have made a system, which is not dependant on income, i.e. energy, but something about feeling better when you will exercise etc., and yes because I like exercising, so this is how it is, and yes wasn’t there also a story about a clown with a big, red hat as I am here shown, and yes the Pope and the Vatican State banning the Church from exposing sexual abuse of children/young people, and yes I only saw the headline and don’t have time to read and write about this, but how in the world could you decide on something as COMPLETELY RAVING MAD as this???

So it means that we have now removed the engine of everything, and this is now floating around too and yes as part of this New World, which we will continue improving and expanding, and yes this is what I have looked forward to for so long.

Yes, he has decided to focus on finishing his script of yesterday and today, and to do his best not missing other stories, which he would normally write – of Kevin etc. – and we will keep back the goal until you are ready, and yes not forcing anything forward.

Here is then the 777-mark – I was shown the motorcycle group 777 of Helsingør and the mark given to my back – and understood that I receive this because of the effect of my script of yesterday, which I published as draft around 14.30, and now it is 17.30, and I am still working now at the library.

Can you cook soup on that bone, which is completely bone with absolutely nothing on it (?), and yes this is what we do, and Stig has asked us for still some time to continue.

Can the women play football too without coming on the score card? And this is the story about how the Danish women playing European Championships in Sweden these day through a “miracle” went through to the quarter finals after they really had been knocked out in the preliminary round – but a draw made them go through – and now they have defeated the favourites France and gone through to the semi finals, and yes it sound like a story you know, which is that I was really knocked out with the death of my father, but still I went through, and the question is really if these women now will win the cup showing the full miracle?

And yes, I have not seen Alain on the library for almost a week, so have you gone on holiday, Alain, or is it doubts about me keeping you away?

We have not at all been inside the left ovary, which is where it becomes truly dangerous, which is the same as this, and then I was given a small heart attack.

We could call this a new vintage wine, and yes from vintage 0.

No, there is no bedroom this way, this is directly towards eternity of “nothing”, and it was good that you decided not to go this way, and you would have if you had decided to give in to the strongest temptations given to you.

Your mother has also not experienced a train accident, which was also impossible to avoid.

Has the police written reports about him even though they did not drive out to bring him in as you were supposed to do (?), and is this how close I was to be brought in at the lunatics department for good (?), and yes, if you cannot understand that I have brought you the best story ever showing you the “inability” of people to understand, there is really not much else to say than READ and UNDERSTAND!

I kept on working at the library until 20.00 just to come update on my script of yesterday and today, and this means that I can only continue on the second half of my email and also Scribd document for the Danish Parliament – the part for the Health Committee – tomorrow, where I may have half a day to do this, unless I am attacked by more unexpected work coming in from right. We will see, and yes I cannot decide to work differently because my scripts are first priority, and first when I am update on these, I can do “projects” on the side, and so it is.

I was told about “different colours” (new, different creations) and I have an enormously happiness to get free and create everything I have in here.

I was told that Sanne Salomonsen and Jørgen Klubien have started working together to prepare a small concert, which I asked for months ago.

On my way home from the library, I cycled via the beach road and on my way to pass the railway tracks next to Højstrup Station to come up via the passage “the end of the world”, I was told that Paul McCartney is following me too knowing about the Sergeant Pepper album I brought the other day – in connection with Mel Smith’s death – and also the 27 Club of dead musicians, and exactly when I was told this, I was trying to cycle in through the barrier and over the railway, which I always do, but now I cycled into the barrier – it is very narrow – and was extremely close to crashing, and I was told that this is because of darkness of Paul coming to me when he also says nothing, and yes you may like to be 64 again singing this beautiful one, “my friend”?

I was told and shown that all “modules” of the old rocket – of the Old World – fell off nicely, so now we are not here anymore, and really also not having any telephone lines, but still pretending and being able to do everything.

It was right there where the refrigerator (of life) and the freezer (of darkness/nothing) met that everything went up in a higher unit.

I was told that Berlioz is also thinking of you …., and Rembrandt …., and everyone else, and taste fine German white wine, because this is the taste I am given here, and “fantastique” is what it is, and here we are inside “the blue cube”, the new, fantastic concert house of DR radio/TV :-).

We almost had the sock put wrongly on, which is also how we could have played the game, and here because of darkness coming to me from my old colleague, Jørgen, after looking at the website of the new insurance company in Denmark, Cardif, which he is now manager of, and I was told that because I thought about contacting this company in 2002 to “invite” it to open business in Denmark, this is what it later was “inspired” to do, and when the Devil works the best, he of course made sure that a man of darkness, Jørgen, was put in charge of this making good money there too, Jørgen (?), but no, you don’t want to hear from me, to accept my friendship and also not to help me and my LTO friends financially?

Your father is still a taxicab owner in Slagelse, no we have not lost this.

I was shown David Bowie and “everyone else” following the slipstream after me very nicely.

Is it possible almost to cure yourself for negative voices (?), yes it requires my family, friends etc., thus the world, to understand me, and I also have a déjà vue here about receiving these negative voices because of people, who “could not” understand me starting with Karen, my sister, mother and father.

I felt INCREDIBLE HAPPINESS with my “actor” almost not being able to keep the smiles back, and I was told that you have not understood yet what you have done.

I was shown that the being on the other side of Lars Løkke on my balcony is simply my new mother, i.e. our New World, this is what is coming next.

I was given quite many small heart attacks and was told that it is coming from my father wanting my old heart to disappear to open the new heart.

Can we really walk all the way up here with that heart (?), no, because we don’t exist here, so here is nothing and no heart, so what is the heart about (?), and yes a tool, a time to keep life going, and time to become OLDER (?), which is both yes and now, and this is how we decided to establish ourselves (because I accepted time to become part of our New World for “practical” reasons).

We can guarantee that everything came through your right ankle, and when I received more small heart attacks, I was given the thought about Lars Løkke, and no he does not like my script on him sending me this darkness, and yes what a wimp, who “cannot” speak the truth if it is not “pleasant” to him.

Later I was given a physical pain to my right hand feeling Lars Løkke and my mother at the same time, and this is because my mother had lunch and the afternoon together with Käte and Inge also bringing me darkness, and my mother simply hates for her picture to be taken (because she never looks as she would like to look), but here is a rare picture of her together with Käte and Inge (my friend Kirsten’s mother).

FB 230713 Käte

Your father kept on throwing out a fish hook – only ONE hook showing that this is the Original Creator – to fish you up to the top of creation here, where I decided to be, and I was told this at 22.24 at the exact same time where two “special friends” of mine, Jim Lyngvild and Christian Stadil, on DR2 TV in “the meaning of life” had reached the top of chapel Saint Michel on top of a French mountain in the Alps, and Christian said about the meaning of life as he sees it that when you are together with people you love, when you are outside in beautiful nature – on the top of a mountain – you let go of yourself, forget yourself, become “lose”, so no matter what you do and whom you are with, it is about “forgetting yourself” and pointing your attention on what you do and whom you are with while meeting God/Buddha inside of yourself, where subject, object and action become one – “the place you go to lose yourself to find yourself thus finding the road to the top” as he defined it – and I might add that this is about “being” with the force of God/the Source always doing your best and living your fullest, and to share love – I received the line “love can men your heart” from “message in a bottle” by the Police – which we bring everyone, and this is what my suffering and dying old father is telling me, and I see him dissolving, he is almost no more in this vision, and I am told that he is really not here anymore (but in the game he is and now dissolving).

Jim Lyngvild og Christian Stadil on top of the mountain DR2 230713Jim Lyngvild and Christian Stadil on top of the mountain agreeing on the meaning of life: “Lose yourself to find yourself thus finding the road to the top”, which to me is to be with God, share love, do your best and point your attention to what you do

We are still here because you have faith that we are, otherwise we are the New World.

I received the name of Edgar Allan Poe, a famous American author, and what can you tell about him (?), and yes nothing (!), because I know nothing of him, have read nothing of him as I have only read few books in my life where I have been busy with work and not received the interest to read (to be as pure as possible writing my own writings).

It is not the same lifeline we have been following all the way through, which is connected to absolutely nothing here (?), and yes this is from where we started, and again I was given the word “trebuchet” and asked “what”? Do you remember, Fuggi, just how much we loved this one (?), and yes we still do here :-).

Yes, there were no tears of fears – no tears because of lack of fear for you to get her – and are you ready to know what I don’t (?), yes the force here, you know, who created this (?), which we don’t know yet because I am only me and not yet everything else (of the Source), where the answer has to be somewhere, which we may meet tomorrow, in a million years or never, but the most important is that we are here, and I received the lyrics “when the seventh son of the seventh son, Comes along and breaks the chains” from “Raoul and the Kings of Spain”, which is what we do now :-):

I received a “beamed physical feeling” from the New World – coming to me from the other side of my balcony – moving my foot, and I was told that you are really US (playing this game).

We end the dinner of the Old World still pretending “sexual torments” given to me, and what do we get out of it (?), and yes “nothing”, which may include the answer to the force of the Source from where we originate.

I was told that Lisbeth from the Commune was thinking over my telling her that I don’t know about the validity of spiritual information that I am given, and that I could decide not to use my spiritual voice if it gives me wrong information, which could be embarrassing to me – as I told her at our last meeting, did I also write this (?) – but no, this is not how I have to play the game, and when I was told this, I received a new small heart attack, so more darkness coming from her too.

So you have chosen to be inside of there even though you are here.

I was shown Prince inside a bullfighting arena wearing traditional Spanish and here black clothes and hat helping to open a very small cage of the bull, and this is the dark bull of darkness of “the old man”.

It is also impossible coming here without the news of you leaking to the mainstream world, but no, there was no media having the courage to publish the story about me, not even Ekstra Bladet, but you can still make it if you dare when the others are silent (?), and yes is it tempting to do, Poul Madsen & Co. ….?

I was shown myself as an open passenger airplane, so in reality you are already open as your new self and are here at the New World, but playing you there, and yes it is fine to get this part of nothing with us too.

I felt Queen Margrethe and isn’t it funny that she does not believe that you were too hard on Lars Løkke.

I was told that there is only one being stronger than my mother (the Old World), which is me with the Source, and when I decided not to give up, this is what saved the Old World, otherwise my mother and the Old World had given up bringing it to its end a long time ago.

I was told that “the mystical airplane” over Helsingør weeks ago – the spaceship of everything in disguise – was not bigger than a single engined Cessna even though it was looking like a passenger plane with approx. 70 seats, but no one “could” understand this deciding to do a deeper research, and yes was it “too crazy” for you to even consider at Helsingør Dagblad (?), and yes not everyday that the city receives an inhabitant like me, and did you get that too?

Google Earth: “Help me up, can’t lay here forever” (the “the old man” inside the Source)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “help me up, can’t lay here forever” (the “the old man” inside the Source), cape or wings, and a photo, which could be me.

FB 230713 Jette 1

FB 230713 Jette 2

FB 230713 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • David Cameron has suggested a plan to reduce internet consumption of porn asking British to actively choose porn, otherwise it will be blocked, and I liked to see this, David & Co., and even though it is not nearly enough, it is a positive sign about removing all porn/dirt and violence too, which you know we will not have in our New World.

FB 230713 EB

  • And it made “funny Michael”, who was NOT funny here, to say that he suggests a wall of fire around David Cameron, and I told him that he has misunderstood this because porn is NOT sustainable with life self, and asked him if he wants to chose life when the alternative is “nothing” (?), and I asked him to tell all his colleagues that I do NOT like your primitive speech of sex, NOT at all – and yes use your talents the RIGHT way (!), and maybe this can make some of you to wake up and jump out the chair too, and this is really what we do out here from the balcony, and you keep wanting to call it “terrace” for some reason.

FB 230713 MW

  • It is indeed time to stop hiding, to stand/get out and “magic is in the air, and something special is about to happen”, which is about the new “air” of the Source soon coming to wake us all.

FB 230713 Gold dust

  • Helena spoke to me saying “God, I do miss my festival boyfriend much”, and this was a “roast” as Jane called him, whom she met at their holiday on Samsø and the music festival there, and she appears to be in love, and is going to see him again because “he just wants me”, and Jane said that it was SO fun when they understood what they do and “big, afraid eyes he received. King”, and yes this is what she said, and there may be a story in this too in relation to me.

FB 230713 Helena

  • In 2002, my three colleagues at GE Insurance, Morten, Jørgen and Klaus, had me thrown out when the European HR manager, Ian, wrongly decided to dismiss me instead of the disloyal and morally decayed Morten, which everyone else in London/Europe but Ian knew – poor work, Ian (!) – and when I some years ago invited Morten and Jørgen to connect with me on Linkedin, they “could not” – cowards (!) – and now I thought that it was time to do again also to bring some more darkness here, and maybe you have heard about me from the jungle drums out there (?), and maybe the drums, some of them, are saying that “we do believe that Stig is the one”, and the question is really if you can now decide to do what is right, which is to accept me (?), and maybe you cannot still being wimps, and yes again the opposite world, where they treated me wrongly and I am the offended, but no, they did not understand, so what will it be my “gentlemen”, and no, I am sorry, you cannot qualify for this term, and yes, this is the Morten J. appearing in many of my dreams for years, so you may understand that he is very special too. And yes, I cannot remember your names, Charlotte and what was the name of the other girl from the administration receiving a brain tumour (?), and if I did, I would have gladly connected with you, and yes, these were the people, who understood me and what I was truly about much better than the three trouble makers, and no, Klaus, I could not invite you because Linkedin requires me to enter your email-address, which I don’t have.

LI 230713 Morten J

LI 230713 Jørgen S

  • Kevin is a new Facebook friend of mine – coming from the ADHD group the other day – and here he tells the story about how the psychiatric system and the Commune one year ago wanted him to take the most dangerous drug, Leponex, and also that this and to live in a unity with other mentally sick people the rest of his life receiving help around the clock, and this is how poorly he was, but he decided to go up against all of these fools and to cancel all medicine, which has cured him completely (also for diabetes, it works with all “sicknesses”!), and he brings this article about “medicament for mentally sick should be banned” and said that this drug was designed to kill him – is this the deeper EVIL plan of this industry, which is to kill people and reduce the population of Earth (?) – and about this system not being able to help people, and yes they do the opposite, which is to kill and not to help, didn’t you know (?), and no, most of them did not, they were exactly as stupid as Lisbeth in Helsingør and Jane in Lyngby, and Kevin said that his plan is to bring all people on “nature medicine” and he said the right words: “It is a sick, sick industry”! And you can watch his story in the videos below, which I have had no time doing myself when this is written. And yes, Kevin has also become a member of Jette’s Google Earth facebook group, so maybe he is starting to understand me too and whom I am also for going directly up against the system in a way that no one else has done before, which is what is making you open your eyes, my dear politicians and civil servants?

FB 230713 Kevin 2

  • I thanked him for sharing his story and that I am happy to see that he won his fight against a “sick system”, and also that I have decided to share his story, because he is a sunbeam to the world, which made him happy.

FB 230713 Kevin 3

  • Here is what I wrote on Facebook sharing his story there too, and it included the story of people working in the system of Communes and the Psychiatry killing/destructing people working for the system of Hell but believing that they do good and help, and “are there no limits to your “better-knowing ignorance” and stupidity” (?), and I received the feeling of Lyngby and Helsingør Communes being “treated” by me at the moment, and I was also thinking that just maybe my sister is about getting this too?

FB 230713 Stig om Kevin

  • Kevin also brought links to this article called “Spokesmen: Cannabis should be easier to get”, and he says that our battle has been successful, soon we will have legal, medical Cannabis, and he says that he has been in contact with health spokesmen of the Parliament to influence them positively on this plant, which everyone knows has very positive and good healing effects on people – including “psychiatric diseases” – but fear of medical cannabis leading to free hash on the street has made politicians ban this and yes letting their negativity/fear be stronger than the opposite, and this is really the story about using and focusing on the STRONG and GOOD effects of the plant, and NOT the NEGATIVE effects, and this is also symbolising the Source self because when you decide to use cannabis as a drug smoking it, it is the worst darkness killing people with cancer etc., and the idea is really to “turn it around” and use it positively, which is to eat/digest it as you do with other plants too, so in reality this story is a symbol about how we are turning around the absolutely worst darkness deciding to bring life and not death of our New World.

FB 230713 Kevin Cannabis

FB 230713 Kevin Cannabis 2



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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