July 25, 2013: To United Nations of the world: Admit to and surrender your totalitarian NWO and file your resignation!


Summary of the script today

24th July: To United Nations of the world: Admit to and surrender your totalitarian NWO and file your resignation!

  • Dreaming of beautiful furniture/life of the Source, working without a holiday for years, my mother and John brings energy via sacrifices to save everything, my sister does not understand my love and my mother is still gossiping about me, my mother does not like pictures of her symbolising saving of life, music of the Source sounds fantastic, darkness and sufferings of Depeche Mode, and my old class mate Christina silent and suffering because of me.
  • We are preparing the new soil pipe of the world. Man weighs “nothing” now, we ARE not here, but still we ARE here and that is in my mind. We have not been here for months, we only pretending the game to continue to get everything with us to bring “learning experiences”. I was shown the gate inside the very last darkness coming to me, and was told that you have not walked in through the gate even though we already have months ago, which was the most fantastic experience ever. This is what is inside this spaceship of everything, the Source self, and no longer inside my right ankle having to explode everything to get free – because everything has been transferred to our New World inside the Source. The world saw our entrance (of the Source) via Taiwan weeks ago bringing it “calm”, and the Source is now visible for example at the Tower of London and the Cathedral of Lund, Sweden. The world receives no energy now as it used to receive – we just are inside the force of the Source self. We have brought in “footballs” of the Source, which are everywhere here, and each “football” is a new creation including eternal force/life making the total Source an incredible force of new and eternal creations/worlds/life coming.
  • The opening of Bjarne in Helsingør Commune brought the opening of Lars Løkke to me, and the opening of Lars Løkke now brings the opening of the whole world to me. I was told about the world not being allowed to see documents/secret files of Denmark as China and all other nations too have prepared on how to make people “simply disappear/vanish” as part of the preparation of their totalitarian New World Order, and this and a secret armament of the world was made to keep the world population in a strong hand making it impossible to resist the “well written New World Order” by the United Nations self, which all countries have agreed on, as part of “agenda 21”, and with this, I would have been “removed” too as a “dissident”. The world was not strong enough to resist the evil development of “the system” as a collective, and the same world leaders were knowing about me, and hoping that I would win the game against it while it was watching how its unsustainable to life world order was bringing the world directly down the abyss. I ask the General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, and all world leaders and governments to step forward speaking the FULL TRUTH including all details of your evil plans to the world and to declare your surrender and file your resignation to me and our New World Order bringing Barack Obama as the first new World President.
  • This evil World Order was the design of darkness of “the old man” because of resistance of my own family, friends etc. towards me, and when I now reach the very top of the world, I remove this darkness via its surrender, thus also saving the world from the end, and we will go directly from here to our New World. It took understanding, faith and surrender of the official world to me to bring your own salvation (!), and for me to be able to open the door to our New World. World leaders have not had a calm moment knowing that they as “trusted leaders” will have to put all cards on the table admitting to and showing themselves as betrayers and clowns to the world.
  • Short stories of Helena thinking of “king”, the biggest number of visitors ever to my Scribd profile, sharing my story of the meaning of life with Christian Stadil and Jim Lyngvild, Helena and her fear of the minister Nicolai Wammen, Michael Wulff wrote about the break down of the human spirit (and the United Nations), and a HUGE train crash in Spain symbolises the end of the dark train of the United Nations of the world.

25th July: Changing the soil pipe of the world replacing my old self of darkness with my new self and New World of light

  • Dreaming of Niklas being darkness working against me and his father helping me, having difficulties finding my right destination, and will I be able to save and get the last life inside darkness with me?
  • We are still changing the soil pipe of the world, which is to bring me the coat of my new self, i.e. to replace my old self of darkness with my new self of light only, and it is physically taking place at the Central Station of Copenhagen with the “coast lane” – the train between Copenhagen and Helsingør, 45 kilometres apart – being the golden line, where I have lived and moved around most of my life. I was suffering my worst today as dead beat because of darkness of the official world/United Nations coming to me making work completely impossible to do, but still I worked all day, which is what is bringing the birth of my new self. We have “cheated on forehand”, and I understood that we have already done many new creations (next to the creation of our New World) from the Source. The Danish Parliament is already suffering because of me, but more is coming to you via my coming email. My family is completely down and “dying” with me as our old selves because we have emptied “everything” of our old selves waiting to receive and become our new selves. The incredible strong (receiving the force of all of my family, friends etc., who “could not” understand me) threat of my “old nightmare” every second since 2006 – to make love to my mother spiritually as strongly as if it was reality – was my – God’s – way to bring out all terminated life because I would do everything I could to avoid this.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show eyes (of God), “the bad ones laughed and the good ones cried” (my sufferings), pictures of you on the wall (your new selves inside the Source), blind and deaf media, “Zero” and a girlfriend, do your eye-mudra, Hell’s dept. exit through the worst darkness, Martinus and “cosmic science”, and “air of Elsinore” is force of the Source coming to you with our New World.
  • Short stories of my sister reading about herself – but not the big picture – on my website, and Morten J. and Jørgen S. are negative cowards, who “cannot” accept me.


24th July: To United Nations of the world: Admit to and surrender your totalitarian NWO and file your resignation!

Dreaming of my mother and John bringing energy via sacrifices to save everything and my sister does not understand my love

I went to bed at 00.50 and slept not great until 07.25 receiving these dreams.

  • I am in a furniture store looking at and agreeing with the seller that this is beautiful and classical Danish furniture design in beech wood, and I look at a bed too and am surprised how cheap it is.
    • Furniture/life of the Source being released.
  • I have not had holiday for years because of lack of income, I live with John and my mother, and I have received money from my mother to pay off my debt, and she asked about whom I have agreements with, and I have an agreement to pay my neighbour, which I have not done yet. I arrive at a farm together with John, and he says that everyone can come in a situation owing money away, and we have now almost paid everything off, he is giving. I meet Sanna and Hans there, and she brings the cheapest to get bresaola and smoked ham, which makes my mother and John leave, and I notice that a few slices includes fat.
    • I have worked for every single day for years without relaxing at any time, which is pretty tough you know, and I receive energy from my mother and John helping to save every little thing, i.e. to pay off all debts, and Sanna brings meat/life too – but not of the best quality, because she is not fully convinced about me, is that it (?) – and the fat is about darkness, which we still work to convert, and yes this is air-dried meat with “air” coming from the Source.
    • I received “American Pie” by Don McLean and yesterday it was “you came” by Kim Wilde, which I did not write, and this is about “good old songs” coming back.
  • I received this name not knowing what it is about, but one of these may be important.
  • I visit my family in Hørsholm, the house is full of people, Kasper Winding is playing on the radio, but my sister switches it off, my mother asks me to get Billed-Bladet, which I tell her that I have never bought, and she suggests that I play musical music, but I decide to play one of my homemade Jazz-CD’s.
    • Hørsholm is darkness where my family still is, my sister does not like Kasper Winding, which I do, thus saying that she does not understand my messages of love, and my mother asks me about a gossip-magazine (about royalty and celebrities), which I could NEVER dream about buying (!), which is about her own gossiping about me, and she loves me, i.e. the music, even though she does not understand what the music of my messages is really about, and yes I have also made three CD’s with favourite jazz music some years ago, which are not on Spotify, and they mostly contain “smooth jazz” (a la Diana Krall) and big band jazz (a la Frank Sinatra), and yes there are variations of jazz, which I have not (yet) understood.
  • Something about a picture from the living room, a small forest from where a truck is released by “007 road-service”. My mother’s old fashioned HP camera does not work more than once, but John makes it work but again only once, and I ask her to switch it off and on, and she is not happy about taking pictures.
    • This is about the picture of her yesterday, and if she knew that it was on Facebook and in my scripts too, she would do everything she could to remove it, and as mentioned my mother has always thought that most pictures of her (approx. 99%) are poor, which may be a symbol about her working against me to “photograph” her and all of the Old World, which is being my worst opponent to save the world and herself when not understanding and having faith in me.
    • The truck is the world, or maybe here the old man inside darkness at the Source, being released.
  • Lars G. plays his music on my stereo including the best speakers, and it is by a band I don’t know, but it sounds simply fantastic, the voice is incredible clear and “free” in the sound picture, but it may be a little bit too much to the left side. I play a song by Depeche Mode from their “Songs of faith and devotion” album, and say that Dave is the most charismatic of all. Lars G’s father is there too, and Lars says that we can leave the CD here for him to listen to, and I tell his father about a story of Lars and I meeting Dave and Martin from Depeche Mode in the train half a year ago, and how incredible drunk they were, and we are now together with Dave and Martin and also other people around a dinner table, and Martin does not remember they being drunk, and he puts chips next to me, and Dave have a very special three-double drink, and a third member of the band is angry with Dave and walks over to him wanting to fight, but he is calmed down. The dinner is fantastic and is only 188 DKK, which makes me think of exactly how cheap this is considering just how rich Martin and Dave are.
    • Lars has to symbolize God and I am there as the Son, and the train is bringing us from darkness to light on the other side, and bring drunk is about much darkness, which here is also about money, and the price of 188 DKK is also a reference to the Beach road bus between Klampenborg and Helsingør, and “beach” is sufferings and “bus” is making love, which is about Martin and Dave also suffering because of sexual torments, and you have far too much money being part of your darkness, and this is what the dream says. And here is “Judas” in a special mix from this album of theirs, which is one of these IMMENSELY beautiful songs, which only Martin can do and Dave sing – “Is simplicity best, Or simply the easiest, The narrowest path, Is always the holiest, So walk on barefoot for me, Suffer some misery, If you want my love, If you want my love”.

  • I am at the summer camp of Jægerspris and am happy to be together with Jack, and I believe that he has been there every year too, but he says that he was not there the first years. Our old class friend Christina comes by outside, but does not say hello, and she speaks about driving in via the beach road.
    • Christina apparently believing too, but being silent and suffering because of us.

To United Nations of the world: Admit to and surrender your totalitarian NWO and file your resignation!

This is how we bring everything wearing white socks on the beach.

Do you want to know about the crime fiction John reads every night when sleeping (?), which is about John suffering and receiving darkness while sleeping.

We will very soon get that “May-pipe” forward, which is the soil pipe of the world.

I am sorry for all of you having had to take the bus, as I hear my mother say.

You don’t go into Erik Lunøe’s practise (the hypnotist I visited in 2006), and fall down his chair opening for my spiritual overshadowing (which is how I did it until it was strong enough coming to me all of the time) for him to VERY CLEARLY see on my face and body, without him “knowing” about who you are too.

Do you know that when man was weighed, the needle said exactly zero – we ARE not here, but still we ARE here and that is in my mind.

No, there will be no evil talk between him and me (from the balcony).

So we have not been here for months and have not had telephone lines as our means of communication and transfer – only pretending to get everything with us.

Are you ready to go to the cinema tonight, Stig?

I was shown the top floor of the castle with a fine new floor, and was told that we continued working to come up here.

I was shown the gate inside the very last darkness coming to me, and was told that you have not walked in through the gate even though we already have months ago, which was the most fantastic experience ever.

It feels like receiving four new planes.

I was told that not having made love for many years – since 2005 with Henriette – is also part of what is ”killing” me

Yes, when your mother was working for Berkel in the 1970’s, did she not have the idea that “something awful” would happen (?), i.e. the end of the world, which was also brought to her by Ole, whom she/we lived with.

I was given a vision in relation to Brede Park, and was told that Lyngby Commune has not yet let go of you.

I was told that it went straight in, the story about how it was Lars Løkke moving all close up on me at the Midsummer Eve in 2010, and not the other way around as you thought (?) – I did not move at all – and I was shown at my balcony and told let us fasten the window, which is what Lars would have done making it impossible to bring the New World to me.

What is the ship loaded with (?), and yes it has not sunk.

I now keep on being shown different places inside and around Brede Park, so you are truly thinking of me at Lyngby Commune too?

No, Earth has not cracked open one single place to set me free, which is what they struggle the most to understand, and yes I was inside of Earth – the location of “the old man” inside the Source – releasing myself as Houdini did.

And this is what is inside this spaceship of everything, the Source self, and no longer inside your right ankle having to explode everything to get free – because everything has been transferred to our New World inside the Source.

Have they seen you at the Tower of London too (?), and yes I received the word “Beefeater”.

No, you have not broken Lars Løkke yet before you have sent your email to the Parliament to make them all know about him.

Not to mention the sights given to his neighbour – which is about my neighbour Preben not knowing what happens to him?

What about taking lunch in the green now (?), no we are NOT impatient, and yes now at the library at 12.15, and yes I noticed the live sending of DR P4 radio in front of the library, and the question is really if you noticed me looking at you when cycling around in front of you (?), and yes I now may have many hours of work still in front of me if I want to do my best and not my fastest to get it over with, and of course I want to do my best, who doesn’t?

So I don’t have any more sick excuses to stop you from finishing your work bringing you all the way up here.

And yes, Lars Løkke, it has to hurt you much – as you hurt me – in order for me to enter here and take over this place stolen by you, you have NOTHING to do on top of the world as darkness as you have nothing to do on top of the rotten system of Denmark.

Have we also started coming out from Lund in Sweden, the cathedral there you know, and yes look good and you will see. So this is “real life” shining in – can you see it?

Miles Davis, has he not written a piece of music you can play, and I was shown a TRUMPET in the air, which is the triumphant trumpet here playing, and yes a master on his field, he was, the good old Miles, and a “kind of blue” too (with “blue” being the colour of my new self), you know.

How much do you believe it meant to the world being told the meaning of the “dry newspapers” (?), did this wake you removing fear of the world ending here, there and everywhere?

Sangria is also nice, and we know, you have never had it, and you look forward also to returning to Costa del Sol, and no, I have never had anything against this place or Spain, I love it too :-).

So you have no crash helmet on to protect you as we also do not (?), no we simply are, Stig, without having to protect ourselves anymore, and I will soon show you how it all works here.

I was given the smell and view of the most delicious freshly made bread.

We almost have a ticket there for the swimming hall, which is about what is coming to me because of anticipated reaction of people of the Danish Parliament, when they will receive the email, which they know that you are preparing.

So it is needless to say that your mother also have no more stores open, we just pretend, you know.

There is no photography forbidden, yet – with the feeling that there is very soon.

Do we have a new Falster-record – which is about Jette (living there) – which is not least therefore, her work, that we were able to bring you right to the top, and also your sister ….

So I am sorry to say, there will come no star war.

This means that your mother receives no pay now (?), i.e. no energy also meaning that we simply are without any darkness.

We were almost thinking that you did not have a football for us – yes the ball of which we were fighting as life/no life – when reaching the very top of nothing, but there was, you made sure of this. And this is where I am, Stig, waiting to “get hold of you all” and that is to lift you up with everything you bring, and this is my father – feeling my physical father – doing this.

So this was “the class hour”, which I started with the two Communes, which was going right up to the top of the society, and this is why Lars in a Facebook update of his a couple of months ago wrote “the class hour”, because this was coming to you, Lars – Stig was heading directly towards you having no ambitions to stop to spare you, and now this is done, and yes via the publish of your script of yesterday on Facebook at 14.30 today, and from there I really have to write the script of today so far, and to see if I can make the email to the Parliament too, which still may take hours to do, and will I make it all before 21.00 (?), we will see.

I met Leif at the library again, who is still thinking about whether or not Maria, as his “fiancée” is called, is real or fake, and we went through the “evidence” of her being real, which assured him, and yes he was thinking and speaking of a new car, “can she drive being deaf” as she is (?), and also about the inheritance of 1.2 million dollars – “it is 7 million DKK, do you realise that” (?) as he told me – and yes, Leif, as I told you MONEY DON’T MATTER, but you cannot get it out of your hear now making her MUCH more interesting (?), which is also about you bringing me even more darkness.

I was VERY tired during the afternoon both because of work, not the best sleep and also and not least because it is very hot these days not making work easier.

I was shown how reptiles attacked and ate a cow/buffalo as you see from a TV documentary from an island, and this came together with Stadil thinking about who I am (?), and not finding much faith in me, is that how it is, Christian?

I was told about just how incredible difficult/stressful work I have received for days – I am doing far too much work compared to how I feel – and then I was told that this serve of your mother coming is not very difficult to catch.

We have not gone through the worst pub once again, have we (?), and yes it is now 16.10, and I have focussed on first my script of yesterday and now my script of today completed until this point, and no, I don’t have half a day to continue, complete and send to the Danish Parliament, and the question is really if I will be able to do this work also today (?), and no, I don’t know myself by now, because I am really not in a situation where I am able to make it – being broken very much down – which is also about pushing me to my extreme limit when working here on top of everything.

I was told that it was not Lars directly ordering to lock me up, but he brought the system making it possible.

Watch out that you don’t get a left leg, which is what we warned you about from the beginning, and yes coming from Lars Løkke, and I was told this when I had started the work on the email to the Parliament seeing how I can do it, so now I “just” have to do it, if I can continue working, which is really the question.

This corresponds to receiving new tires – if you can, which is still not certain.

I received “Judas” by Depeche Mode and the feeling of Martin Gore being with/inside of me, and he said “we are ready”.

“Removal message” – yes, they had set up a full system of how the system could take care of everything after having locked you up.

It was hanging right there in the air that we were not allowed to see these documents, and yes the secret files of Denmark as China and all other nations too have prepared on how to make people “simply disappear/vanish”, which is really also what I ask you to publish to the world, and I was one of the “critics of the system”, which you “could not” afford to have going freely around raising my voice against your system (?), and yes to prepare the totalitarian state coming, which is what you were working for too, Lars Løkke & Co., but not you, Helle?

And I feel and see a drunk man here, who was at work to kill the world, but is now being released because of my mother’s and my light coming his way too.

This comes together with a mad and secret armament of the world to keep the population in a strong hand making it impossible for you to resist the “well written New World Order” and by whom (?), which may be by the United Nations self, which all countries have agreed on, and is this part of the “agenda 21” (?), and yes it sounds “completely crazy”, but true, my ladies and gentlemen (?), and yes they know we are coming, so what about putting Ban Ki-Moon, the General Secretary of United Nations, behind closed doors for treason, my ladies and gentlemen (?) – as you had designed the system to do to me, but no, I will NOT lock you up as you wanted to lock me up – and yes is this where we are going, and you said to the top (?), and no, Lars Løkke is only the top here, but the Danish law of how to “remove difficult people” comes directly from the United Nations, so it was you and your fellows in crime, i.e. the world self, who wanted to lock me up because I happened to be one of the “difficult ones” opposing you, and how many of you were at the same time hoping that I would win this game against you, the world, to save the world (?), and yes you knew that you were evilness self, which was bringing the world to an end, and there was nothing you could do to stop it, the system was stronger than all individuals and countries, thus “forcing” you down the abyss, which you literally saw coming closer and closer each day, and now I have arrived here, and what do you say Ban Ki-moon to stand forward speaking the TRUTH to the world, for once (!), and I will gladly join you together with Obama and others from China, Russia, India and yes all countries of the world, and we can meet in the Big Apple of New York, where you happened to locate your head quarters, and yes it is inside of here, my father of the Old World, is working with the aim to bring it to an end because it was not meant to survive, but now that you are coming here too, Stig, let us just confirm that we will NOT make it end/explode, but simply go directly from here to our New World when changing this the last darkness of the entire world around, so did you get it over there?

And yes, this is how we get out of here, from the world of your mother surrounding us, and that is for the world to agree/accept that I will take over and introduce my New World Order because the world “could not” do what was RIGHT to do itself, and yes all nations are NODDING right now, and that is at 17.15 after I published a rough draft of the text above already today instead of tomorrow as I would have normally done, and yes when you agree to me helping you to build our New World, this is what I do – the recipe is on my website – and this is simply what I had to accomplish, i.e. the world to accept me to take over. Voila – and thank you for understanding my dear otherwise DEAF and BLIND world only listening to yourself and your wrongdoings.

You cannot keep scoring on a Sunday, when your mother does nothing, can you (?), and yes when she sits waiting for you to end your work thinking and hoping that you are right, and not your sister, and yes faith of my mother not expressed out in open.

The book up there does not say anything about us two being sweethearts, and yes, you did NOT want your “old nightmare” to take place, and the prize to pay in order to win was for the Old World to give in to you, so is this what you will tell the world, “my dear friend” Ban Kin Moon (?), and yes this is why I was told about South Korea, where he is from, this morning, because this was the step up the ladder that I was expected to take today simply continuing work focusing on time all day long and not my sufferings, which is how I manage to continue.

Don’t we have more for you from the central storage room (?), and yes it was the same people setting up this new totalitarian world, who was following me also in Kenya in 2009 – and since – thinking about what God will do to prevent your old system and the end of the world from happening, and now you know :-).

And the way forward was for you/me (Stig and father) to simply speak the truth about myself and what I met on my road, which is what opened all doors to me and that is right until the top of the world. And for the world to understand the sufferings I went through to save you all, so you see, Stig, you did not get much public attention from anyone – on Facebook etc. – but the world was watching and following intensively.

Have your mother only scratched your name on the side of the door, or has she gone over to the other side to write it fully there (?), and yes belonging to the present king of any time, which is really much better.

So we don’t close from the outside, and no, the door is impossible to open from the inside, isn’t this what we say – with a smile – because no one could open this door, it was locked by the whole world self, and it required that you got the world over on your side, but you did it, and I, I and I too as I here, and yes all of my servants helping out.

And isn’t it funny that John believes that he can take care of himself and drive tomorrow morning to Herlev Hospital, but no, he is too weak, which you and your mother have decided (because he is!), and yes your mother has to use “Stig believes it too” in order to make him accept, and that is because Stig has the power of penetration, which is really the gift I was born with, and this is what I used to make you understand in order to save us :-).

I was sitting in front of Leif today and as busy/stressed as I have been for days – above the limit making people sick and have to leave work, which is when you are physically breaking down feeling pain/disgust all over you – and still this man simply cannot remember the most basic computer things as I have told him now MANY times, and yes he keeps on asking and also suffers from this “the most simple man imaginable” syndrome, and he spoke about Maria now being in USA telling him that she has been picked up by insurance people and is on her way to court, and later she will return to Billund airport, and yes this together with a very broken written Danish – which may be because she is deaf (?) – gives me concerns that she may be a fraud because she lives in Roskilde, and you would normally NOT use Billund airport when living there, but Copenhagen airport, and yes I wondered if all of this is part of a long play written by swindlers including “template drafts” of emails bringing “blind men in love” – also in love with much money coming – and if it is, it is truly “the worst darkness”, but I do hope that it is not, and that this is truly REAL LOVE, and this is the game we are – he is – still following, and yes “be careful if she starts asking you for money”, which she has not done, so I hope the best, and yes the simple minded Leif is completely taken away now by money, which he cannot escape the thought of, which of course is as wrong as it can become.

I keep receiving feelings of Christian Stadil, and no, I cannot be Stig, who is the one, because “whom am I then” (?), and yes isn’t it funny that we had placed more of “you” out there believing and “knowing” that they were going to be revealed one day “soon”, but I got to you first, Christian, thus releasing you from your prison too.

We also have a daughter for you up here, Stig, and yes King and Queen it is, and not only king.

Yes, newspapers would cry if you decided to give up “now”, and they “could not” support me directly encouraging me to keep on, so it was good that I did not need this, but had it in me even though it was often difficult to continue being alone.

And why was I told first about EU in relation to a coming totalitarian world government some months ago (?), and yes because it was from here that the thought came from.

No, we would not wake-up the world with the punch of a fist, but less and less for everyday, my friends – and yes maybe nothing at all really thinking of the grand old man just opening and skipping this play.

I was surprised that it took until 19.00 to locate, update and prepare my enclosures to the Health Committee of the Parliament – to bring them “everything” – and yes this is where I am now, and now I “only” have to read and edit my message to the Committee and to set everything up including the message to Lars Løkke from my script of the other day, write an introduction and to find email addresses on maybe 30 to 40 people to send to (which may take a long time itself), and yes “it does not take more than a few hours to do”, but no, it take many hours to do just meaning that I will also not send this email today, but maybe in 1, 2 or 3 days from now (?), and yes I will not rush just because I feel the pressure to do it “now”, no, this is NOT how I work, and with this we have come yet another step forward today, but we are still not entirely there, and yes I will go home from the library now, I am tired and hungry, and need to buy a few things before the supermarket closes at 20.00, which I have not been able to do for days now because of long working hours.

This is what it means to have Troels – one of Kirsten’s son’s – working against you (and everyone else), which makes the world develop into a sick patient killing itself.

I was told about people of other civilizations working for me knowing that the world would end “no matter what”, and as light they could and would do nothing else.

So we will also receive the gift from up here, which was yet another step up, and was this the third or fourth step up this time (?), but with the United Nations this should be the last step, right (?), unless there is such a thing as darkness of the Universe too.

There has been no calm day since the world understood how you are, and their anticipation of how the world will react to you, their “trusted leaders”, when it will know that you were betrayers and clowns all of you – and I wonder if you have also allowed yourself to directly kill “unwanted people” (“dissidents” as the worst for you) like me and not just lock them away?

And this is also why Putin is “co-operating” with “black USA” against Snowden asking him to stop revealing “secrets” of USA/NSA, because you are in the same dark boat, which you know would sink the world, and still you “could not” change it, and no, not even the Russian or American President, the system was far too strong.

Camilla’s brother Christian wanted eagerly to remove my scripts from the Internet, which is what the world would too because “we cannot afford to let Stig write”, but still you “could not”?

It is not you as the ninth we are waiting for, is it (?), and this was the Council speaking to me – for the first time in a long time – because we are our 8 and then you.

Isn’t it funny that your neighbours also know that you are God, and yes the talk goes and people here are also on Facebook and the Helsingør groups having seen me there.

We just bring in a lot of footballs to you, we cannot stop because of the reaction of United Nations/the world to your draft script, and one football is “one creation” and they are everywhere here, you just pick your choice.

They are all fuel stations the same way as you have seen only receiving one football, so there is an incredible force here, which I was all alone about.

And I had to do as you, which was to go against the force of darkness, and no, I also don’t know how I did it, which is with will power.

“Corny”, no, we haven’t put toxic substances directly into GMO corn to kill the world faster, have we (?) – to reduce the world population to below one billion as I understand – but nothing is happening (?), and yes we are saving people because of your decision to continue work not giving up to darkness.

The world has also discovered this, and they see your – and mine and mine too – DNA in everything.

I was told that Sanna’s and Hans’ friend, Flemming, is part of this evil world order, and he was also guest of my sister’s 50th birthday in 2009, and understood through my talk – and what later came – that I was God.

I was told about a “scarecrow” leading to Tommy Kenter and the “guess and grimaces” show on TV recently, and this is how little it took to open much of this – and this is together with Lars Knutzon, who “happened” to be at Helsingør Library when I was there too.

I received a new “E3” error to my oven, and was told that there are not many of those remaining.

I was thinking of the young woman of the job search course in Helsingør in the end of 2011, who first “loved” me and then feared me when her colleagues told her wrongly to fear me, and if it was not because I told her about who I am and gave her the link to my website, it would not have completely stirred up her colleagues and the Commune – I wonder where their “report” on me is stored when it is not in my journal (?) – also meaning that we would not come to where we are now.

I was told that Uhuru in Kenya is also placed by me (you are still wrong for not sharing your richness with your poor countrymen), and he was surprised to see me in the closed forum where I have already appeared with the message that I will not allow your evil New World Order.

And what is included in burgers from McDonald’s (?), which is “scary” in order to kill people, and yes I am thinking that some of what I write is deception of darkness, but I don’t know if it is this or something else, and I also think that what may be the most difficult to believe in, simply may be the scary truth.

It is the system and not the people of it, which is my main opponent, and the system giving me pain to my spinal column, which was darkness dissolving the world, and I was shown a sailor sitting on his chair behind his old desk of dark wood looking at a map over the world, and this is the sailor of the Creator, who was planning the end of the world (to bring friction/creation to my mother).

It was my influence of people, I was given Medina as example, and to bring more and more over on my side, which brought me up the steps, and the more, the higher up, and it was Helena keeping everything together, which may sound strange, but this is because she did not ban you still making it possible to write on her.

So you are still receiving the worst Moto Guzzi darkness – but still this is one of the finest motorcycles in the world, and as cannabis, motorcycles are “good” too when turned around – because of walking this way.

And no, I don’t want to stop my journey now to “save” my mother and John, which would be “misunderstood goodness” – we will continue to the very end and hopefully I am strong enough to keep working even though it is tough writing this down “tomorrow morning” now at 09.35 feeling beaten black and blue, and yes every single colour you can imagine – they are all in here :-).

I keep receiving visions/feelings of people knowing about me – here Salma Hayek – normally not writing it, but I have received the feeling of Niels Jørgen Steen, the jazz piano player, several times, so now you are mentioned here too, Niels.

I received strong feelings of words like “spastic”, which is what people out there also believe of me (?), and yes how wrong can you get?

So I am the toad, and that is the “the old man” you know, and yes, Danish TV for children is also among the best in the world – the best of it that is – and this is about Kaj and Andres, who are “world famous” here, and also part of my growing up as a “cultural institution” here, and yes the toad of Kaj tempting the parrot of Andrea.

I was given a sound to my oven and was told that I am still inside here, and yes still the delayed game because in reality I am not.

Well, isn’t it incredible that my power is keeping Christian Stadil back (?), and ohhh, who is Stig and who am I (?), is what you are thinking, Christian?

I was shown that darkness is now only of the size of a stamp in front of my eyes with everything else being light.

I received happiness of Obama for my arrival now to the United Nations, and you thought – among countries of the United Nations – that it was a good idea to have fewer people of the world also because you as rulers would go free yourself?

I received the sound of a deeper chair to my balcony, and now I am also on my way in.

So the world did not know that its evil New World Order would lead directly to the end of the world because it was unsustainable with life itself, and this was necessary to go through, which is how it is with “double accounts” here at “the old man” playing both the dark and light pieces to bring creation.

Leaders of the world lied about freedom and democracy as values knowing what was coming, and this is why I received the beautiful song of Shandi by Kiss (from the “unmasked” album) the other day, which is about unmasking the official world and bringing all of your lies and secrets out, and yes every single one of them, and I do mean 100% open, direct and honest, and it goes with you too Ban Ki-Moon, and what about you showing yourself as a good role model and step forward bringing ALL of your secret agendas/information with you, to show it to the world and for you to declare that you will step down, and together with you, I ask all leaders/governments of the world to do the same: STEP DOWN and hand over the world to our New World Government for a period to be led by Barack Obama as the New World President as you can read from my page on our TRUE New World Order.

And I wonder why you “could not” make a just New World Order like mine focusing on the good and right in people and life self instead of letting your negative and wrong agenda to control people and life take over? Was it “too difficult” for you to think and do the only right thing despite of how clever/intelligent you thought you were???

I was told that Mourinho is also an “important servant”, and yes working from inside darkness as so many other “leaders” of the Old World.

I was shown a tank on the body of a truck about to fall down, and I was told that it was about to go completely wrong after the death of my father, and again “North Korea” is given to me – so a World War III almost breaking out (?) – but now I am here and still alive, and I was given a sound to the balcony. And I was given the feeling of Obama, and “what do we do, Stig” (?), and no Stig is not desperate, so we will continue work, until Obama found a solution to clam them down.

There is really only one, remember that, and yes I am father, mother, everything – and me too as the son as my new self – and still we are individuals because of content of the Source, so we are one life in countless variations, we are not countless lives, and this is what I am told, and yes just thinking why we are not countless and unique lives, but we will know more and better later.

I was told about the importance of making Robert from Falck understand me (why did I write my Falck memo on you as I did – to be understood positively and not negatively), and yes because I will be going to Falck in Lyngby tomorrow morning after having driven John to Herlev Hospital, and this was to make me nervous, and yes I should have nothing to be nervous about, but I do NOT like people becoming angry and loser their temper and control because of me telling them the truth as I did in my memo on them.

I was shown a clothes store in Nykøbing Sjælland, where I used to go with Camilla and her brother and sister-in-law when we were in their parent’s cottage in Rørvig (1994-2001), and I was told that when we have used “stores” to come through, we used physical stores where I have been, like this one.

I was told about a potential conflict for not having finished my email to the Parliament yet and what Hans is doing these days in Peru, and I can only decide that I will NOT be a victim of pressure on me, so I will decide the rules, and the rules are that I will NOT finish my work on this before I am satisfied with it meaning that the world will have to adopt to me, and not vice versa, and yes my spiritual friends, you can do magic, so I have trust in you also handling this.

At one point during the evening, I felt how the pressure on my right ankle, which has continued being there all of the time however not as strongly as before, was lifted and also how voices inside my head (given by “misunderstanding” and “misbehaving” family, friends etc.) was lifted, and this release from constant pressure and my guards against it felt like being able to stand up and remove my arms constantly raised over my head to guard from whatever may fall down on me, which it used to do all of the time, and yes this was only a short feeling, this is not to say that this is how I feel in general now, because I am still given darkness, but this is what we are coming close to now.

I received the feeling of Mandela strongly, and who saw the road out when he was “sleeping” (?), and yes Mandela (!), and he believes in me, and we used the faith and sympathy of the world to him bringing it to you via his faith, this is how it is also connected.

Without Glistrup we would also not be able to open this box of darkness, and did he also speak about me (?), and yes surprises will be coming from there too.

This is why we now declare the motor road (of our New World) open …, no, not yet, I am NOT done with my work.

I felt my old class friend, Stone, also coming in here.

So we entered via Taiwan – the Source – and did people there see us (?), yes, so the world has already seen your/my arrival meaning that they have given up and are “calm”, we have just been delayed doing this play to “repay” everything (bring energy in balance).

We had to expand the telephone – the connection to bring in the Source – to the whole world, otherwise we would not come in, so all of this nightmare you go through now, is this delayed game. Everything is calm no.

And this is when we changed address bringing the New World in, and it has since been us bringing you your voices times four. This is when we entered the door, and I was shown an apple on top of the door falling down in our hand right when we were walking through the door – and this is what I/we will feel with delay now coming soon.

Did I write that the green “pollution” on Google Earth is not a “valid” colour/feature of Google Earth, but about “darkness” of the world (?), and yes this is what I was told, and no, I don’t know as Stig and have not tested it myself.

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Helena saw Robbie Williams in concert in Copenhagen and said that “he is a king”, and I have been thinking of myself turning my kingdom to my son, but was told that when you once have entered “Stærekassen” (“the Nesting Box”) of the Royal Theater of Copenhagen (being everything, which is/was), you will always remain royal, so the use of the word “king” around her is coming from me.

FB 230713 Helena

  • After sending my email to the two Communes and brought links in my script too, I had the largest number of visits ever (to me recollection) to Scribd with 95-98 visitors to each of the first five documents below.

Scribd 2407 incl 230713

  • I shared my story of the meaning of life from yesterday with Christian Stadil, who was the man defining it to tell him about the bigger meaning of what he did, and also to thank him, so are you a true man of faith also in me, Christian?

FB 240713 Christian Stadil

  • And I also shared my story with Jim Lyngvild.

FB 240713 Jim

  • Helena is fearing “trouble” because the Skanderborg Festival very WRONGLY invited all MP’s to enter their music festival for free – she does not have good experiences with the game on power and sex of these uncontrollable dogs there – and it made Jane say that “I am ready with the camera and then you will just do the scene together and I will become rich, deal?”, which is really about “photographing” everyone to become your new self, and Søren said that “he will never dare just looking at you again”, and Lene said that “NW/SP will receive pay as deserved” saying that this is about the European Minister Nicolai Wammen and the enfant terrible, Søren Pind, but no, Helena believes that Søren is “cool and intelligent” – I don’t know where you get it from, Helena (?) – so this is about Nicolai Wammen being her nightmare (?), and yes there was the BT journalist, who was her stalker, is that how it is (?), and what about Henrik Sass Larsen (?), and yes, what did you do, Nicolai, other than feeling lust to this woman, which you could not escape from? Yes, I look forward to hearing and understanding the full story of this game of sex and power of MP’s of the Danish Parliament, which was about to destroy us all.

FB 240713 Helena 2

  • Michael brought this drawing of a “depressive boy” where the adult asks what the drawing is about, and the boy says “the break-down of the human spirit”, and this is what you saw today with the revelation of the evil plans of the United Nations of the world, and Michael wrote inspired in his own comment “right for the refrigerator”, which is what it is, and yes the evil world was needed and also needed to break down to do creation, and Louise asked if this is the same boy receiving a “gross lunch package by his father the other day” with lunch package also being a symbol of our New World

FB 240713 MW

FB 240713 MW2

  • This HUGE train crash in Spain came this evening some hours after I had published my first draft of the script of today, and this came to show the end of the dark train of the United Nations of the world, which cannot continue running.

Guardian 240713


25th July: Changing the soil pipe of the world replacing my old self of darkness with my new self and New World of light

Dreaming of having difficulties finding my right destination

I went to bed at 23.35 and I had agreed for my mother as a matter of safety to call me at 06.20 to make sure that I was up before John would come at 07.00 for me to drive him to Herlev Hospital, and I did not hear her two calls but woke up at 06.30 – this is also how it works here – after having had these dreams.

  • Something about Niklas destroying the internal wires between computers, which have to be in a certain order. Hans and I run through all wires in front of Espergærde Library to distribute everything evenly, and the police drives by.
    • Niklas is darkness, but still it seems as if his father, Hans, is on my side, unless this is also darkness deceiving me.
  • I am in England and have plenty of money from my mother to buy a train ticket. Camilla and I have bought a tie and save up, I am about to receive a ticket, which would bring me to the most northern part of Scotland, which is not where I am going, and a Danish speaking English lady sells me the right ticket, and on my way in the train – it is very difficult to find the right way when never having been here before – I drink a glass of water just before a thirsty lady asks for water, and there are plenty of other glasses of water, but she says that they may have been put together from left-overs. Eventually I am surprised to end up in Berlin because my destination was in England.
    • No problem to take the train with “hidden faith” of my mother in me, but I have difficulties getting to the right locating, and the water is about me drinking too little water, and too much coffee, and my mother has always told me to drink plenty of water, which I however do not do at the moment, and probably not very healthy in very HOT weather feeling and working as I do on my limit.
  • Something about a black Jaguar on the deck of a ferry in Helsingør, which is about to fall down in an opening, which opens and closes, between the gate and deck of the ferry, and it looks like falling and then being saved.
    • Will I be able to save and get the last life inside darkness with me?

Changing the soil pipe of the world replacing my old self of darkness with my new self and New World of light

I was told that Coca Cola is a killer too.

It is not as difficult as a full stop on cross to change the soil pipe, but the feeling was “almost”.

I was shown my mother, i.e. our New World, changing from a shark into a sail boat.

I met John at 07.00 and drove him to Herlev Hospital, and he spoke about changing a wheel should the car puncture, which to me was a symbol of changing the soil pipe of the world, and I told him that it should be part of education because it is a little late to learn when you have to do it in practise having a punctured wheel, which is like the dream having difficulties finding the direction the first time.

I was shown completely new lumber coming in, which has also been created by my mother and John via their sacrifices – and I keep been given some sneezes everyday.

John was not satisfied with the window wiper of the car, and he decided to say that the acid from an apple could remove the grease from the window, and yes, John this is about life of our New World removing terminated life of the old, this is what it means.

I set him off already at 07.35 in Herlev – there was no traffic because of vacation – and I decided to drive the few kilometres from Herlev to Lyngby to visit Falck even though I felt much fear inside of me to do it, and my feeling was to get away again, but no “what is the worst, which can happen” (?), which is that they can ask me to leave (because of my Falck memo), and instead of weaving and building up courage waiting outside before going in – with the risk of regretting on the way – I decided to grab the bull by the horns and to drive directly into the yard of Falck, and when I stood out, I saw 4-5 people sitting outside doing nothing as usual here, and I walked directly into the office building, but decided NOT to enter the office when I saw the two people sitting in there because I did not know any of them, and no, neither Robert, Lars, Thomas or Christoffer – I remembered all names (!!!) – were present (or Jesper), and I had decided that it was one of these I wanted to meet, and when this was the case, I returned to the car and drove again.

On my way home to Helsingør, I was told that it is there at Falck that we have our home, and “this thing” is located inside Robert, and it was enough for you to go there because of Robert’s spirit being there – and later in the day, I was given feelings of Falck there speaking of me?

I was given pain to my right hand and was told that this is about replacing you at the most inner room of darkness making you the fish balls we have caught, i.e. everything.

Well, can you see Stig all over London now (?), yes if you know how to look.

It corresponds to tearing down the Parken football stadium and build a new, and isn’t this what we have done (?), and yes John helped you too for having faith in you for you to drive him – instead of driving himself.

I received diarrhea this morning as I do some times not always writing it, and it was “the absolutely worst” today – all day, and yes because of darkness of United Nations.

The discotheque is also not far behind you, which is about Bono & Co. being close to me too.

This means that we have prepared everything for you, it is all here, but just not visible to you yet.

This morning – and even more this afternoon when writing this – I was EXTREMELY tired again being very doubtful if I can also work today without breaking down? I am not sure at all, and every minute is a fight to continue working, and yes by now at 14.30 I have written everything of the script of yesterday, done the setup and publish of it and the script of today so far, and can I finish the email to the Parliament today (?), and yes, if I continue working, I may, but I may also decide that I cannot, and then I will do my best to send it tomorrow, but who knows, we will see …..

Do we have nerves for the big premiere day (?), no, “nerves” is part of darkness, so we are just looking forward to it.

There is soon now no more “Østjysk Musikforsyning” – an old symbol of darkness – but we will bring in the finest Cognac, and yes much better than snaps if you ask me.

I was told that we have “cheated on forehand”, and I understood that we have already done many new creations.

Will we be going to asphalt party now, which is a referral to the late 1950’s and the parties of Enghave in Copenhagen, where my mother also used to go.

I went to the library after lunch, and Leif smiled at me and showed me several emails from Maria and now also from her US Insurance Company now requiring his bank details etc., and also stating that Maria did not have enough money to pay the fee of the court, and is now stranded there in USA not being able to come home, and no, they did not ask directly for money, but there was a touching email from Maria telling him about this, and yes I did not make all details, but now they showed their colour as swindlers, and we had to decided to believe in them – until the opposite was proved, which it unfortunately was today – and I told Leif that I was sad on his behalf after having invested love, emotions and time on “her”, and I was told that this is indeed about the face of the worst darkness symbolising the United Nations of the World, which I and the world population also trusted in, but they are crooks not to be trusted abusing our love, feelings and time – this is how this game was created, and now the swindlers have been revealed as the United Nations of the world have been revealed.

And it is darkness of the world, which is brought to my sister, which she brings to my mother going against me, and this is how it continues in an evil circle until you decide to dissolve this circle of darkness yourself, which we did.

Isn’t it funny if Karin from Netherlands has seen you in a vision, which cannot be misunderstood, but also has not had the courage to contact you?

I received more heart attacks and I almost cannot take this work/sufferings anymore, I may decide to stop at any time, but still I am working, and now also finishing this script for now at 14.45, so the question is if I now can continue doing the last work on the email to the Parliament, and I still receive a little pain to my left finger because of their darkness waiting to be absorbed by sending this.

Is this the fish of your new self that Jette is seeing here?

I was told about Halfdan Rasmussen and “the black pot” – I cannot find it, but did he not do a children’s book including a drawing/story of this black pot (of termination), this is how I remember it from being a boy in Albertslund (before 1976) – this is where I have been down too to save terminated life.

Are we now walking back to our “main document” (?), yes the email to the Parliament.

I was told that Eldorado – “a Symphony by Electric Light Orchestra” was written for this very moment, which is about the gold of my new self and our New World bringing incredible joy and happiness to everyone, and let us play another song from this amazing album, which is the beautiful “Mister Kingdom” – helping me to find the gold (of creation) at the rainbows end, which is the end of my journey – and yes, you know “heart blood” and “original” is what this music is to me as nothing else.

Where do you get a scorecard from (?), and yes this is about “scoring” a goal winning over darkness and also “scorecard” in terms of completing my work still progressing here at 15.15 continuing work on the email to the Parliament.

Are we not way above the pain limit (?), and yes Stig inside this Parliament, and no, they “cannot” take anymore, but you have to, this is coming your way because it is RIGHT to do, and yes it is STILL WRONG to do for you to being silent about me and ignoring me. Are you really so afraid of the totalitarian New World, which also you were creating?

The new sun has not broken through yet, and it is really amazing that you, i.e. mankind, have not died yet, and is that also because of the man working there, and yes this is what I also keep going, and I here feel Mel Smith inside of me, and “funny, funny” (?), no, not to die the way I did.

The best surprise comes in as last, you are not unemployed at all, and yes, they know but they only tried to “help you” keeping you inside the cash help system, and you may understand that you CANNOT do inflexible systems like this.

Yes, we took on the wrongly turned spacesuit really to suffer our worst to help bringing life of the New World.

I sit right here over on the railway, and I felt a dark presence, which is still about reaching the top of my old self.

Isn’t it funny that exactly this – Stig is coming and will go up against the system – is what made Elsebeth Kock-Petersen (Health- and Social Minister in the 1980’s) leave politics.

At 17.35 still working and still progressing with much difficulty (today was by far “the worst”), I was told that it is it work like this bringing the birth of your new self (?); and yes I can almost not wait any longer as “he” says.

No, I will not take the last wash up, but you decided to do just that.

I was told that Alex the psychiatrist knows about my father and the system of abducting people, and he is part of it as I was told that a few key “psychiatrists” of this country is, so what a “coincidence” to meet you, right Alex (?), and yes the idea was to collect me “the new way”, and now you can soon laugh together, and this is why I will also send a copy of my email to the Parliament – and yes United Nations too via the Danish Parliament – to Alex.

Leif is really a good man on the inside despite of his defects, and did I write that he speaks so unclearly that it is almost impossible for me to hear what he says, which is also making it “completely impossible” and the most unlikely “friendship” of all – because of how I feel and work pressure/stress – to be patient listening to him, and this afternoon he said with inspiration that “now it is quiet on the Castle (“Borgen”) for as long as it takes”, and he meant the library but “Borgen” is about the Danish Parliament, so is this what I am making you, and yes “almost speechless” also because many of you don’t know about – or the details about – the planned totalitarian New World Order of the United Nations?

Before your father died, he opened the well to you.

Only by refusing an incredible desire given to me to send my email “straight away” first solely to the Health Committee – the day when I wrote to “Jane & Co.” in a Facebook comment, is it approx. one week ago now (?) – and then to Lars Løkke and now also to United Nations, I managed to be able to do my best (instead of the quickest coming strongly to me) and include everything.

I was told about “Bahnsen” – part of this commercial of the Danish Railways – and you cannot choose your election place yourself, the world decides but we managed to keep it here, and I was shown a place, which is the platform at the Central Station in Copenhagen of the “coast lane”, which is the train between Copenhagen and Helsingør, which is the golden line, and yes “the whisky belt” as it is called between these two cities (45 kilometres apart), and this is where I have lived and moved around most of my life, this is my home soil, our eternal golden city, and it is from this platform that we are now making the change of lanes.

I was told that Lisbeth from the Commune has ridiculed me, and she believes – and feels WRONGLY very sad about – that I am the one ridiculing her, but no, I am only telling the truth of you.

I received the beautiful song “how many lies” by Spandau Ballet and the lyrics “how many lies must we tell, how many lies must we see, how many times must we say, it’s for the best, and leave truth as the casualty?”, and I was given the feeling of my mother and John at the same time, so when you “could not” understand me, but believed that you did, you decided to tell your misunderstandings/lies to everyone else but me, because of course you would not speak as you did to others if I was present?

I left the library at 18.00 today – I could no more, and yes I was at my highest level of beaten blue and yellow, or whatever colour you use, and simply “could not” work today (because of reactions of the United Nations) – and had dinner, and returned my mother’s and John’s car, which I still had, at 20.00, and yes John received home transportation even though he had not ordered it in forehand because “he could not pull himself together”, and my mother told me that Sanna in Peru when sailing on a lake with reeds fell through the reeds and into the cold water and only because of Hans pulling her up, she was saved (this is how I was told the story), and is this so, was Sanna almost being “terminated” here because of my force also “killing the train of darkness” symbolising the United Nations (?), and my mother said that John had his kidney figure measured, which is 5 and the most critical it has ever been, but still John “cannot get into his head” that he needs to call Hillerød Hospital – taking care of this, which Herlev does not (!) – to get on dialysis, and yes “do you want to die” (?) is what she has to tell him before he can pull himself together, and yes making it tough on my mother as she said, and furthermore she also felt poorly today being warm and feeling sick, and yes as you can see, my family is on a critical stage of dying because we have absolutely no more energy/life of the Old World, which is killing us, and for time hereafter I was given the game if I want to stop the game now – to save my family – or to continue to bring out whatever may remain of life/darkness, and yes, there is no doubt in my mind despite of feelings of fear given to me, which is that we will not shake the least to bring the final “air steams” out of here and that is no matter what, and yes we are still playing by my old rules, and I know that we received just enough energy from the New World to keep us alive playing this game as if it was the Old World, and yes this is how I play the game.

I was told that the idea for the totalitarian New World Order originally came from Britain, and then I felt Margaret Thatcher, and yes the “amazing leader”, whom all of the official celebrated at her funeral last year (!), and according to this, she was also the mother of this the worst nightmare of a future life of man, and do you believe that she had “deserved” to receive this honour (?), and yes the world IS crazy, but then again, if she had not done as she did, we had not created enough darkness for me to absorb it together with the world to save every little thing.

I received the feeling of Prince and was told what I was not sure about, which was two days again when I, by mistake, kicked my left foot into the foot of my bed, which made my middle toe as purple as “purple rain” and hurting much and also giving me a hump mostly the first day, and this is to say that darkness of prince – your love life – is what is bringing me the worst darkness too, and this is how he is also opening this the most inner box of darkness to me, but let us here enjoy one of the most incredible guitar solos in the world, and yes has there ever been a guitar player playing with the brilliance, ease, technical skill and beauty than Prince (?), and not in my mind/what I have heard, and you can see it – he is on another planet – when he plays like no one else.

So the incredible strong (receiving the force of all of my family, friends etc., who “could not” understand me) threat of my “old nightmare” every second since 2006 – to make love to my mother spiritually as strongly as if it was reality – was my – God’s – way to bring out all terminated life because I would do everything I could to avoid this.

I was told that the game is still about me working quickly – to defeat darkness on time – and yes also my best under the circumstances, so it is really about a balance.

For days I have been told and felt how Elijah is thinking of writing me, which is because I have decided to tell my LTO friends that if I don’t hear from them once a month, they will be excluded from my money transfer list, and will be on the mercy of the other LTO friends deciding to share with them, and this is giving you “trouble”, Elijah (?), and yes you are not quite sure on me yet because you cannot understand me?

I watched the semi final in the European Championships between Norway and Denmark, and a couple of times, the Danish commentator spoke about “calm” for example in the 54th minute when she said “we have to have some more calmness in the shoes”, and this is exactly what we have with “calmness” being the key word in our New World when we are free from darkness, which we will also feel physically too when this game is over.

I continued receiving darkness as darkness has always come, which you know is about darkness wanting to me refuse access for the New World coming to my inner, which I have to oppose MANY times every day saying the opposite, and darkness wanting to bring my “old nightmare” instead, which I also have to go up against by saying “you are welcome – but no sex” and yes “just” to do the opposite of what darkness with the strength of my family, friends etc., thus the world, are still bringing me, and I still receive a “very kind” and simple minded voice of my dark inner self taking for granted that his task is to protect me from what comes from the outside because it is only him and I having to be here – for example saying “surely they are not allowed to come in, right Stig” (?), but NO! – and I am here told that this is also the voice of my sister coming to me (!), and this is not only a voice, but a strong feeling/desire penetrating my mind and body, which makes me decide to do the act, I don’t care what you say, I will do it my way, and yes to go deeper or beneath this.

Denmark came behind 0 to 1 already in the second minute, but in the 87th minute, they equalised – after playing MUCH better than Norway, but the Danes were to indirect and had not the same power of penetration as Norway – to 1 to 1, and the commentator spoke about a roller coaster tour of this team, which is really also the symbol of getting to the other side, and yes “hurray, we are alive” is indeed what we still are, and “what a splendid tuft of hair” (!), which was about the Danish goal scorer, and “hair” as in force of the Source you know, and yes I had hoped that this would continue, but when the match was still equal after 120 minutes, they had to go through a penalty shoot out, where the commentator said shortly before it started “now everything is surely going in fish” – as we say here for something not working – and “fish” is indeed what we are, and working we also are, and the Norwegian goal keep really had “all the luck” when she took the first two Danish kick’s, and the commentator said that “unfortunately the Norwegian goal keeper looks as if she is expert”, and “expert” is the key word here with darkness coming my way via my sister as the “expert” when reading about herself on my website from Peru, see the small stories, so this is to say that there is still some darkness we have not crossed yet in the play, and if we had, the Danes would have won this one, and yes, of course you know out there how “luck” can go either way, and this was going Norway’s way and it was darkness guiding us as it is/was in the “complicated” game of the Old World where all “impulses” were brought together making us decide how to end this or that situation, which goes for all things in life, this is how it is – for good or for worse you know.

No, you don’t get my golden watch” – but no, I am deciding and not “you”, my dark inner friend, and again today I am clearly given the “the old man” of the Old World being my inner self and yes half of my old self you know.

Are we on our way into a paint shop to get a stopping knife to loosen you and get you out (?), and yes from the last part keeping me imprisoned in this hole.

I was told about Merete F., who used to work as a deputy director in Hafnia Insurance in 1991, when I started to work for Kim S., and she was used as my “test” of the absolutely worst kind, which is when Kim had asked me to do a thorough report comparing all conditions of “foreign capital insurances” on the Danish Insurance market, which were popular at the time for wealthy people to use to place their money in, and I had no idea that Kim wanted to let me go in details I had never worked before, and whenever I believed that I had done my best, I was told that it was not nearly good enough, and there was always details I had to go even deeper with to unfold/understand, and yes it was a complete nightmare and “culture shock” to go through, which I was absolutely not sure that I could and I feared to be dismissed, and yes this was part of my education starting as a 25 year old young man believing that I was “the best” – coming from the acknowledge DanskeBank-Pension, but no, I was not, I could work so much better than I did, and this is how I received the education, but letting someone open my eyes and helping me to work at a higher level, and yes we could also have stopped the game already back then if I did not make it through, and this is how I have gone through impossible tests all throughout my life, which no one else goes through, and yes trust me, Kim “drove” me harder than anyone, a true dictator, but this is what I needed to bring me up there.

Are they not going to stick themselves on the thorns when coming in (?) as my simple minded voice said, but no (!), and I was also shown a rose bush showing love of my dark father still being the foundation.

Google Earth: Pictures of you on the wall (your new selves in-side the Source), the exit of Hell and air of the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show eyes (of God), “the bad ones laughed and the good ones cried” (my sufferings), pictures of you on the wall (your new selves inside the Source), blind and deaf media, “Zero” and a girlfriend, do your eye-mudra, Hell’s dept. exit through the worst darkness, Martinus and “cosmic science”, and “air of Elsinore” is force of the Source coming to you with our New World.

FB 250713 Jette 1

FB 250713 Jette 2

FB 250713 Jette 3

FB 250713 Jette 4

FB 250713 Jette  5

FB 250713 Jette 6

Fb 250713 Jette 7

FB 250713 Jette 8

FB 250713 Jette 9

FB 250713 Jette 10

FB 250713 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My sister is “reading” my scripts from Peru, and that is at least the parts of the scripts including her name and stories of her, which is what still draws her attention the most, which is really quite amazing here now five years after I showed her my writings for the first time, and yes talk about “slow understanding” of a person, who can “only” understand herself, this is how she is born, and if this makes me happy or sad (?), and yes what do you believe, Sanna if you read this (?), and yes five years doing “nothing” to understand me (?), and yes making me incredible sad, and do you understand by now that your job was to be the catalysator bringing me darkness/the worst sufferings a man has ever received, and when you do understand, I am sure you will apologize, right (?), and then again, this is what it took to save the world when I did not give in to this darkness, which would have killed me and the world. And may I suggest that you not only searches for “Sanna” but also “sister” if you want to read about yourself?

GC 250713 Sanna

  • I have not received anything but silence from Morten J. and Jørgen S., who “cannot” accept me as their contact, and is that really do difficult for you to do, and yes you are thinking the worst of me, and I focus on the best of you.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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