July 27, 2013: Bill Clinton was my main opponent as the leader of the dark world wrongly believing he was the Redeemer


Summary of the script today

26th July: Finalising my email to the United Nations to kick in the ball hard to open to and release the deepest part of me

  • Dreaming of Søren Pind helping to set up my most inner, and people are colder and more indifferent in capitals compared to the countryside.
  • It is my voice and I controlling the world via my work and action, not Putin or anyone else being the most “powerful”. We are bringing the pictures of original life of everyone down the wall to receive life for the first time (until now we have only been “copies”). My father could have decided to turn around only a small part of the “eternity of potential creations/life” inside of the Source a VERY long time ago, but decided to remain imprisoned self to release and turn around all of this, which we have now completed as you will see with the opening of our New World, and we now turn around my father as the last of all. My mother – of our New World – is bringing in the stopping knife to loosen and set me free (from my metal skeleton keeping me imprisoned) with the help of the email to the United Nations and the Danish Parliament and the reactions of the world to it – including the opening of the system self, who were killing me – which I almost finished today and will send tomorrow. This is still about your mother and father working inside my old self thanking each other for the co-operation, and it is now the “football”, i.e. creation, of my mother returning to the Source from where we release all “footballs” of “countless” creations. “You cannot get a bigger ambassador park than the world now standing ready to receive you”. Everything of the totalitarian New World Order – including the constitution, Presidium, new systems etc. – was prepared and ready to be launched, and the only thing blocking it is me because it decided to wait on me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show TIME, kings and queens, greetings – home, no more waste, Pollution by wheel barrow, and God will broadcast all (which the media don’t.
  • Short stories of Cannabis being equally as negative as positive – like the Source – deciding if you use it the right or wrong way, Ikea as the symbol of my impossible journey to get out of darkness, a new nice email from David, people of Helsingør “helped” me to bring the end of the world via their darkness if I had not absorbed it.

27th July: Bill Clinton was my main opponent as the leader of the dark world wrongly believing he was the Redeemer

  • Dreaming of looking for a new apartment (on top of the world) crossing the worst darkness including psychiatrists, and re-installing a new back end of the wine store (of creation).
  • I felt incredible awful/tired again today being completely out of energy and having the greatest difficulties to finish my work on the email to the United Nations asking the official world to resign to “heal the world” and my self from my sufferings as the world of darkness brings me, and finally I completed and sent it to 92 people representing the Danish democracy asking it to send it to the United Nations and media of the world, which is “the ball” I kick to turn around the last part of me – replacing a system of darkness with a new of light thus being the foundation to replace my dark inner self with my new inner self and our New World of light only. During the day and evening, I was told how my email spread to Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark, to the European Union, President Obama, and the United Nations, which was the key to open “my head” of the Source for all life to enter. And it also spread to the secret Council of the Presidium of the totalitarian New World Order of man, and I felt the deepest, dense darkness of it inside of me, and will this make them file their collective resignation including all military activities of the world (?), which may first come with the opening of our New World, and I was told that this is the people I have played the “football game” (light vs. darkness) against, and now they feel that I point my gun at them with their end coming because I have now shown myself to the world. I was given the feeling of and told about Bill Clinton being approached already when he was Governor to become part of this Presidium, and also that it was him bringing me my worst negative spiritual voice and sufferings wanting to kill me/us all, and he believed himself – also receiving spiritual communication, but of darkness deceiving himself – that he was “the saviour of the world”, the Redeemer self, but in fact he was the Devil self as the leader of this Presidium – also being deeply involved in the war of Syria killing and destroying the lives of millions as the new “game” of this system – thus being my main opponent, and it is him that I am now stopping. The world believed that he was in fact the Redeemer also because he is the most likeable and convincing man in the world, but he was not to be trusted, and the United Nations now know via my email that I am the right heir of God, and Obama will become our New World President. In fact, Bill is truly the opposite (when cleaned) also being part of me, and he was completely destroyed by overpowering power, money and (much indecent) sex coming to him. He will also stand forward telling all of his lies, evilness and deceptions to the world – he has been converted to and becoming part of my choir too making the world ready to welcome me by now. This was a necessary “game” of “heroes” of light and darkness to do to bring me all darkness to save all life inside of it. Bill Clinton and his evil New World Order tried to kill me in 2009 in Kenya and in 2011 in Lyngby, when a UFO was beaming its “killer light” to me through my window, which however was stopped by other UFO’s having faith in me as their “commander in chief”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show small in big, bullets and gunpowder – stop it, ready – we are coming, the dismissal of the dark world, the pollution animal of this, the AIR-ship is fully loaded with life, and men with hats.
  • Short stories of J. J. Cale dying to protect me from darkness, Helena speaking to “dear God”, and I do NOT like killings of snipers of the Egyptian military on people.


26th July: Finalising my email to the United Nations to kick in the ball to open to and release the deepest part of me

Dreaming of Søren Pind helping to set up my most inner

I slept from approx. midnight until 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Søren Pind has helped setting up the finest bed, and I look at the sheet on it, which has a few holes here and there, and Søren insists that it has to be perfect too. And something about Søren earlier telling about Yokohama, Japan, and now the name of this town returns.
    • A “special friend”, Søren is.
  • I am visiting a bank branch in Jutland, and receive a warm welcome by the manager, and later, as an employee of the bank myself, I visit the head office in Copenhagen, where I know no one, and I am received by “cold indifference” by a young employee, who decides to give me a “beginners package” of the bank including brochures etc., and I am sad to be received like this.
    • The old experience as you have in many capitals compared to the country/smaller cities, where people are to busy, anonymous and indifferent in capitals – not even saying hi when meeting people in the lift as I noticed in London when working for GE Insurance from 1998-2002, where I heard many stories about just how cold and snobby people are in London compared to the countryside – and yes, darkness working again making life a hell.

Finalising my email to United Nations of the world to kick in the ball hard to open to and release the deepest part of me

You will never guess about the eye (on Google Earth) – this is where we also come in.

Isn’t it funny that there sits Stig and his voice controlling the world. It is not Putin or anyone else being the most “powerful”, no it is “crazy Stig” controlling the world via his work and actions, and yes my dear world, when did you realise this truth?

We are now very close to have the magical four – as you had guessed – of the Source connected.

And this is me divided in four and as I understand it as a matter of protection to make sure that we would survive even if one part did not make it.

You first minimize me to get inside of me and first thereafter we bring everything back to “normal size”, hence the previous story of the risk of wakening up in match-size, which we are now over.

No, we have not destroyed any tires – part of the Source divided in four – during this operation too. And this is the coat that we are putting on, as you can see from the Google Earth pictures.

My mother called and told me that she is not better, so we will not have our weekly dinner this evening, but maybe tomorrow or the day after, and could you hear darkness of your sister in your mother’s voice (?), yes, strongly (!) and this is how it works too with my sister apparently still seeking my mother’s support for her against me – without telling me.

I was told that Berlusconi and the “world elite” were already acting as if they own the world, which was to live a live in abundance of money, power and sex, and this is what the “class-system” of India as I wrote about the other day was REALLY about, and yes the world elite believing that it is “better” and “worth more” than the mob/underclass of the world, whom you wanted to work for you to keep your “upper-class” life in sin, so this is what you also do in India, and yes does it make you proud or embarrassed (?), and yes you will also face the world as you face me, and have you decided what you will say (?), and what about speaking the FULL TRUTH including all details (excluding sexual) about what you did?

I have continued receiving the feeling/pressure of the lump of my left ankle still inside of there.

I was told that when man decided to go against laziness and a desire to do nothing or not your best, and yes every time every single human being has crossed negative feelings doing better than he/she liked to do, this has been part of creation. This is the correlation between darkness and light.

How can I hear the difference between New Wave music like David Bowie, the Jam and the Cure and Heavy Metal music like Metallica and what is even (much) worse than them (?), and yes the first is elegant and light music – but still (hard) rock – and the other is heavy, un-elegant and primitive (just watch the slamming of people’s heads, which is darkness/nothing you can see), and this is the difference between light and darkness, which was “difficult” for people to understand (?), and no, not really because Metallica & Co. knew about this, “our music is not worth the same in Stig’s mind” and this is the reason why. You can hear and feel it, and you can too my friends, right?

How do we get the pictures down the wall (?), and yes they are all located here inside of my dark, old self, which we just have to get free too. And this is what the ambulances of the world was about, to get inside of here and release the true/original life of everyone, and here comes the surprise, none of this life has EVER been alive, everything you see, experience and think is only happening inside of my (God’s) mind, it is first with our New World that I will set you all – and myself – free, and yes why not bring this favourite song of mine by Sting again here in a very different version than the studio recording.

But of course you can have my watch – I feel it as soft and red/black, which is how it feels like inside darkness – and I was told that we would have made you believe that this was the only one here, but as you can tell, we are swimming in them, they are all over here.

Yes, these are the sour strings you brought on yourself until you had developed everything, which is what we promised ourselves/myself a long time ago, and yes to bring all “wealth” in here instead of just turning around a small part of it, and this is what we have now completed, Stig.

And the stamp was entirely invented by me to expose everything in here as life – other parts of me.

Again today I wrote at home this morning, and went to the library where I met Leif again, and no, “Maria”/they have stopped writing him, and I was thinking why he does not ask me about what I do seeing that I work concentrated one hour after the next for many hours, and yes, because you know what I am writing, Leif, isn’t this funny.

No, we have not filled the hole with Susan (blocking it), which is about my old colleague Susan from Fair being negatively influenced about me by Margit and others, thus also bringing me much darkness.

We are almost bursting of excitement to see how our New World will be received, to tell you the truth.

Does this mean that we have entered and turned around every single one of them (?), and I am told yes, but then again, they are eternal, and will first be turned around when meeting them (?), but who knows, this may be the truth.

And is the 5 DKK coin, which we are turning around the last of all, which is me, and yes, you heard correctly, we have turned around all other Sources now being turned around as the last myself meaning that we are opening to an “eternal amount of Sources” too with the opening of our New World, which each of them will develop eternal life of eternal worlds inside of them.

We have not brought all of this in on the thinnest stockings (?), yes in theory we have.

So we don’t have a lock on the cycle at all anymore after you publish your new script of yesterday to Facebook (?), and yes which I am doing here at 14.15 today, and after this, I can now focus on finalising and sending my email to the Parliament, and yes I am tired and it is hot here, but it is better – but not good – than yesterday, which was “the worst”.

I have been given feelings about Kirsten – my father’s wife, and yes I cannot believe that he is dead, because he should be right here, and yes I feel him and he is in my mind (!) – and is she starting to understand that it was her fear and misunderstandings of me making her bring the worst attack of all on me?

No, it is not nice to follow you at all, and I am given the word “candy” in relation to my sister, which is why she is “following” me too, and that is in relation to Niklas to “protect” him in relation to what this “candy” means, which you do understand by now?

It is not in Kärnan in Helsingborg that we have been born too, is it? Yes, the chocolate is melting (darkness dissolving), which is the effect already from the Facebook publish of your script.

And it is much easier to go home to the cinema from here (with this publish), including to open for the closet without the need of Pentacost first.

Aren’t we going to get out and celebrate our football victory (?), no, we don’t have time because the idea is for me/us to work right up until the time when we simply cannot no more, and will have to throw in the towel and give up to our New World coming, and yes I feel it, there is nothing I can do, I know that it is coming and it is going to overtake and replace me, which is here what the rest of my dark voice says, and this dark voice is represented by the United Nations of the world, and when it gives up, there is also nothing else than I can do, this is how it is connected.

Will we then get apple pie / egg cake (?), and yes the world is listening to you, Stig. We can tell because we have our antennas out even though we don’t have any antennas left.

Are there privately owned apartments on top of the roof (?), and yes isn’t this wonderful (?), this is what the world thinks too, which is really about “the golden middle way” not having everything collective as one extreme or everything individual/private as another extreme but to get a new system using the best of what is on the middle of the road.

What do you believe that Alex will do after receiving your email, will he decide to lock you up, put you away via the new rules, and yes you were not afraid of what the system would do according to the old rules, where you easily and quickly would get out again, but not according to the new rules, and no, I don’t care because Alex is bright enough to understand that he does not stand a chance to me – “Stig is not crazy/stupid” you know – and also because it is “not nice” to be working in public for the whole world to see what you are doing, Alex, and yes risking to have your “secret plans” exposed to the world, and yes this is the feeling you received when I asked to receive ALL of your files/registrations on me (?), and yes yes yes what does he want to do with it (?), and just this, Alex: TO EXPOSE YOU TO THE WORLD, and you are a chicken too not having the courage to lock me up, which the collective world did not, and yes also not to remove my writings, because who was to do it (?), and yes no one took “responsibility” and this is how I allowed myself to continue working, but only because I did my best.

How stupid do you believe a German “Reichskanzler” will feel like receiving this email of yours (?), and yes she was too busy, lazy, better-knowing and all of that to understand who you were and what you were about, and that was for “a long time”, and this was to keep myself in the battle to receive all (life inside) of darkness, and in this respect, we could not do without you too as one of my “special friends” too, and do you also have a cup of coffee ready for me in Berlin (?), and yes just asking – and feeling it here as I see/feel you :-).

And it is our new mattress, which we are bringing in, I see it being pushed towards me.

Is it my mother holding her hand under me, yes this is the stopping knife bringing me lose and out of my prison.

I continued receiving some more small heart attacks.

And don’t you believe that she will score the most beautiful way (?), and yes this is about the work of your mother as the other half of you now finalising this email to the UN and Danish Parliament.

And no, we have no money to travel with, we just do it anyway.

Can we now sew our own bag (?), and yes this is the gift I am given to all life here, which is for everyone to become a creator in their own rights, and yes, Stig, in this sense it is not only ONE life but endless individual life, which is what you thought would be the best, but still we are united as one, and we know both/and (“life in life” principle), not either/or, good idea!

And what can you see from a scanner (which I was “forced” to do in 2009), and yes right through to me inside of the Source, which the world has looked at with “interest” (?) and silence!

The Constitution, people don’t know this but Denmark has already changed or should I say “ratified” the constitution of the totalitarian New World, and yes everything is ready for it to be launched, and the only thing blocking it is me, and yes you decided that you wanted to wait on me (?), which was mighty “nice” of you. And this is really a matter of trust.

It has been a pleasure working together with you”.

And you “cannot” keep the evil New World Order waiting too, because it has deadlines and new systems and everything and it simply “cannot” continue keeping the old systems of Euro, currencies etc., and yes a completely “New World Order” has been prepared with one motive: To bring profits up for the world elite and misery to the slaves of this new world, and when you see this, you will know just how much darkness it has brought me.

You don’t know that there would be nationwide grief if you died. “Has he broken through” (?), and yes all the way to the top, this is how the words go.

No, we don’t received a lung patient (my mother), which is also because of you.

At 19.00, I had finished the email also using a couple of hours to find email addresses, and now comes the moment we have waited for for such a long time, to ask the world to step down, and yes now I will have to do the email setup before sending it, and if I am happy with it, I will send it this evening, and if not, it will be tomorrow, we will see.

And then we don’t have energy to keep doing the game.

I still received the old feeling of transfer via a narrow passage in my throat, which is through which we transferred everything.

I felt my father and he said that I was not supposed to make everyone bleed, was I (?), and yes this is what the book here said, but you decided to bite your teeth together to come here, and with you, your mother, John, other family and the world – and yes I remember in February (after he had died in January, as I did not know), when I had absolutely no energy to continue work and could not even walk in the supermarket etc., and yes I do believe that this was the most critical of all months that I went through not believing that I would make it, but I did.

Are we going home to have dinner (?), this is the only thing we have been waiting for – all of us – which is all life inside of the New World waiting for the Source to open.

It is not because we don’t want to have children – I feel Kate and William – and understand that this is about my son and also daughter still waiting on me on the other side with a big smile – daddy is coming home, and yes in rare form, you know.

Have we started a whole compendium?

When I was about setting up the email to be sent, I was told that we would also send it to media, and yes I had been thinking that the media has access to my Facebook, website and Scribd, but I decided here at the end that I would include the major Danish newspapers and TV stations, and also to do this tomorrow, because here at 19.45 I could not more, and this is how an extra day went on, but tomorrow, I will sent it, and yes I also received encouragement to end as I started by sending my email to the big email list of maybe 1,500 people, which I used sending my email February 2010 when I published my scripts, but no, I will not because many of these are not valid anymore, and the world has access to me today knowing who I am, which they did not in 2010.

And I received the lyrics “can I kick it (?) – yes you can” from Robbie Williams “Rock DJ”, which is about using this email to kick in the ball so hard that it will open to the deepest part of me, or bringing the New World on top of me.

I felt a mark to my neck as if a plug was inserted – I was thinking of Matrix – and I was told that we will go in via the neck.

What about me in here (?), and I was given a sound to my oven and felt plastic inside of it – and yes, I did a roast this evening, but the oven decided that I would not work (not switch on) when I had a thermometer in the meat, and when I took it out, it worked!

This is still about your mother and father working – thanking each other for the co-operation as mentioned above.

I received a crushing sound to my balcony, and was shown/felt how the last lamp, which is set up here too, is removed by my mother on her way in.

The meeting between my mother of the world and my father of the Source gave a shock noticed by the world.

So it is me you are going to get out (?) and I felt darkness inside the back side of my right lower leg. And it is I coming here asking if I can come in – I felt it on the way in to me at the inner – and of course you can, and I was told that this includes Lisbeth from the Commune on her way in as another part of my mother.

Don’t you fear that your mother or John will die taking an extra day to send that email (?), no (!), because for all what I know, there may just come this or that surprise making us continue for weeks or a few months – but then again, we may also finish in a few days from now, I don’t know, all I know is that I will not give up.

I received a new E3 error to my oven, which just means that I don’t want to get out.

Yes, it is now your turn to get out, and I felt my inner self packing, so it is now my turn to be saved and to release the Source to the New World.

My mother called, and said that they will go to Hillerød Hospital tomorrow for John to receive dialysis for his kidneys, and “we think about what may happen”, and yes they are thinking about death, and they were only saved because of me as I was told, and my mother had also met her old friend, Lis, who now “looks like 80” because she has heart problems etc., which is also making my mother think that she is reaching the end of life, and no, not nice at all being my mother not understanding that this is “only” a game, and very soon joy and happiness will open to her, our family and everyone.

Even on the watch, your name Stig is written, and I was given feelings about the Google Earth pictures showing my name written on the globe, which I sent to Lisbeth – also influencing her – and don’t you believe that this new and last email can turn her all the way around too to believe in you, which we will use to build the next bridge.

DR1 TV news had a live reporter from the site of the train accident in Spain and they were speaking of the faults of the driver going way too fast, and then suddenly, the sound was cut making it impossible for the reporter on site to hear the studio in Copenhagen, and I was thinking that there just may be “technical errors” too “influenced” by darkness of my spiritual friends because of pressure of the official world to my script the other day asking them to file the resignation.

I was given a new sound to my oven, and was shown a dentist removing the last filling to my teeth.

When you finally will grow up, you are coming out of your metal skeleton a la Wolverine for the first time ever.

I was told about carbon paper and the office supply store at Gl. Mønt in Copenhagen.

I felt Angela Merkel very close on me – as I do too now – and how the world was following her, so there was a lot of personal prestige at stake for you Angela to “save the world” via the totalitarian New World Order?

If you decided to stop working now and stop the game to save your mother and John, it would be the same to say no to get me out (my most inner self), and what then (?); and yes this is where the thorns of the rose bush comes in giving pain to the world to get here, but no, I will do my best to not stop, which is not very easy to do, i.e. to continue working everyday with far too much for me to do compared to how I feel.

Your mother is still concerned about you paying rent, so it (the game) still works, and she was happy when I told that Sanna had sent me an email too from Peru as she did today telling me about their experiences after she had read in my script the other day that I was sad not to be included when she sends emails to our mother and John.

I was shown myself standing on the middle of a bridge, and was there something you could use there (?), and yes nothing else than you.

I felt Johannes, the mayor, and eeehhhh am I really to trust in Stig, and yes my script asking the United Nations to resign?

You are not a mummy anymore, it is from there we have developed you.

I was surprised to see something hanging in the air out over the Øresund strait, and when I looked, it was a hot air balloon designed with two ears on it (!), which made me wonder, but still it took two reminders during the evening for me to decide to write this because I understood that this was also the spaceship of everything in disguise showing this way with balloon symbolising “celebration”, and yes this is how close I am to kick in that ball sending my email to United Nations via the Danish Parliament.

So your mother – our New World – is just one football out of “many” here.

I was given strong feelings of desperation coming to me trying to make me desperate, which is my mother’s feelings and fear of death coming to me, and later I simply had tears running out my eyes for no other reason that my mother is crying and being sad.

I was shown football boots and told that we have prepared these for you since we were all small, which we now bring you.

And what do you get out of such a mummy (?), and I was shown it as light.

You cannot get a bigger ambassador park than the world now standing ready to receive you.

Surely I am not the obstetrician, am I (?), and isn’t it funny that the people of the system of hell killing you will now be the same people giving birth to you, and yes my new email will bring more faith, and we believe that they will also spread this.

When it the time of delivery, at 08.00 am (?), and I felt Sting, who is still here close to me asking this question.

I was shown the triangle of our New World and we risked to become the same size as you – as “matches” (not being expanded immensely) – in order to return to you.

I watched the film “cast away” with Tom Hanks, which I first saw in the cinema when it came out, and I love it and especially from his “impossible” fight on the island for years being all alone and “impossible” to survive it was, but still he made it out returning to “normal life” again, which is what I am thinking that I am going through too in my fight being alone to return to “normal life”.

I was told that the totalitarian New World Order was not decided by a federal government – I believe the British was mentioned – this is just how it became, when “the system”, i.e. me (my dark self), controlled it without giving man a chance, and it was only you, i.e. the part of your mother in your old self, who could find “yourself”, which is the part of your father in your old self to release the world from this darkness, which you decided to do with the “this is once in a lifetime work” attitude.

I felt and was told that Gaddafi is here too, and was told that he is via Berlusconi, and I felt both.

No, we did not invent gas chambers to kill man, we invented something much more lethal, which was to poison food in order to kill billions of people (!), and this came when I was watching something about Africa, and I was thinking about how this new terror regime would simply terminate life of poor people of the third world, and yes, do you believe that Nazi’s were the worst evil ever (?), well, you better think twice.

I was told about the Soviet Union as a federation with a common constitution, and was told that the totalitarian New World was something like this, a union of independent states with a steering Presidium on top – as a “World Council” – which is where the real power would be, and I felt that this was controlled by the military-industrial complex.

Google Earth: TIME, kings and queens and God will broadcast all

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show TIME, kings and queens, greetings – home, no more waste, Pollution by wheel barrow, and God will broadcast all (which the media don’t.

FB 260713 Jette 1

FB 260713 Jette 2

FB 260713 Jette 3

FB 260713 Jette 4

FB 260713 Jette 5

FB 260713 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I brought this link to Kevin, which says that cannabis as hash brings permanent brain changes and a risk of serious psychiatric sufferings, and I told Kevin that apparently this plant has the same negative sides as positive if you decide to smoke it instead of other ways of consuming it, and he said that this is why he has started consuming it as oil, and yes the story about a plant being either negative or positive deciding on which way you use it the same way as the Source, and yes “right” or “wrong”, or “plus” or “minus”.

FB 260713 Kevin

  • Michael brought this drawing of Ikea, which you know is “impossible” to find your way out, everyone having been inside Ikea knows this for a fact, which is also a symbol of my impossible journey getting out of darkness.

FB 260713 MW

  • Thank you very much for your kind email, David, updating my on your life and the situation in Kenya, so now it is again Elijah and John lacking, and I have decided that if I will not hear from you this month, you will not be on my money list, this is wrong but sadly the only way that you will communicate with me because you “cannot” do what is right!

Email David 260713

  • This is the view from the beach road south of Helsingør coming from Snekkersten and driving towards the ferries and station and normally you can see all of this and also Kronborg Castle, but not today because of the sea fog, and it made Per from this “Helsingør in pictures” Facebook group say with inspiration “the end of the world, everyone gets off” (!), and Birgitte said “the ferry area has been swallowed” and “nothingness comes”, and you are so right because this is what you “helped” me to bring if I had not absorbed your darkness too.

FB 260713 Helsingør


27th July: Bill Clinton was my main opponent as the leader of the dark world wrongly believing he was the Redeemer

Dreaming of looking for a new apartment (on top of the world) crossing the worst darkness including psychiatrists

I went to bed shortly before midnight and slept until 07.50 with these dreams.

  • I have been out looking at an apartment in Copenhagen, I am completely broken down, I cannot no more, sausages in a lady friends apartment, I try to see if I can take the train home and notice both old and now completely new train lines at the station, there are guards having big manuals on how to issue fines, and there are MANY ways, which is all they care about. Later I am about to take the bus, and even though I am too tired, I decide to walk instead. I have 50 DKK on my pension, which I have decided not to take out, and I see that a huge piece of Danish pastry bar is 100 DKK, which I cannot afford, and I live for less than everybody else here.
    • A new apartment on top of the world it is as usual, and broken down is not the question, sausages are still about my “old nightmare” – and I here feel senator John McCain and was told that he was also put in by the Military-Industrial complex – which bus is too (“making love”), the big manuals are really about the huge “Bible” of “psychiatric diseases” created by the medical industry making all kind of “normal behaviour” into “mental diseases” in order to bring psychoactive drugs to people, 50 DKK is what is left on my bank account this month making it somewhat tight here, but no, this is NOT a problem compared to how I otherwise feel.
  • Something about a fine Champagne producer from Austria (!), which Lars G. and I have imported before and would like to do again, but we cannot because they have received new corks, which collapses if we import their wines even though they would like to sell to us. We also imported wine from another producer, which we cannot do again. We are now in the cellar sales room of a fine store, Lars G. has a very fine and rare wine book, and we/he used to have the end of the room selling these wines, but now Euroman magazine has decided to help out and hire Lars G., and I see Lars having a job interview with them having planned what to say carefully, and afterwards he is now setting up the end of this room to bring new wine for sale, and to my surprise I also see Christian Stadil working hard and not being afraid of doing manual work to lay a new stone floor. Lars does not say goodbye when I leave.
    • Wine of creation, which is difficult to do – I have not sent the email yet – but still we are coming through now setting up this room too, which has to have the same meaning as the apartment above.

Bill Clinton was my main opponent as the leader of the dark world wrongly believing he was the Redeemer

I was also completely DESTROYED this morning, but as usual, I had work to do even though I was FAR TOO TIRED TO WORK.

I received Bryan Adams “You’re still the one, please forgive me”, and I felt my sister, which here is both about the lyrics of the song of my sister still bringing me threats of my “old nightmare”, but still she also ask me to forgive her, and here I am given taste of the fine Bornholm blue cheese and yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

How can a gift be so far away and still so close, which is about how impossible it is to finalise and send this email, and this morning I felt that I really cannot do the last work to it because of how broken I was, and yes just to get started working was more than difficult.

We can see you through the window, but still we need this, this email, to bring you out.

We have just sent a poisonous arrow against John again, we do NOT like the dialysis too and we don’t know if he will survive if you don’t send that email today. But just to have you sitting here working – not relaxing – is helping/saving him too.

After lunch and work at home, I went to the library again, and was told that this is taking the giant tiger jump ahead because I wanted to send my email.

I met Leif again who said that “Maria” has given up on him not sending him more emails symbolising the give up of the Old World.

It is always like leading a conversation – this is what we will open up to, and yes to all parts of you (all life) being inside of you.

It is like a national match, which you have not left.

No, it is not about the airplane – of the New World – not having enough fuel to land, it is about you and the Old World surviving until we will get there.

No, we would never set the store – you use now – on fire, would we?

I will tell you just how much candy is collected in all of these people, which is about their darkness spreading abuse of children to the world.

We still lack a king-finding.

So who is doctor now (?), yes, this is about Stig and “heal the world”, and here via Michael inside of me, and yes this is the most beautiful music in the world, which I love – even though I love other music even more – and yes you can have both feelings knowing this and still having this individually feeling.

Will this be able to cure your “inner voices” (?), and yes this is the name of the game.

Now I am soon no longer a “scrimp cow” as we say here, don’t you look forward to this (no more “old nightmare”)?

So he had “the worst rubber boots on also in Kenya” (?), which is about you being monitored around the clock, and yes still!

It was here that we were supposed to drive with turn-out because the plan of your father is to kill us.

Yes, I have a desire to put everyone down into a “standard”, and I felt my father and understood that this is also the case with the totalitarian New World Order.

I did the last edits of my email and found email-addresses for the media, and at 13.30 I was testing the email setup, and for some odd reason, when I write my email in Microsoft Word and copy and insert it to Google Mail to be sent, there are ALWAYS “problems” with the spacing between paragraphs, which costs me much time to take care of – and sometimes I believe I have solved it only to see after having sent it that I have not – and I received darkness preventing me to send an email to myself to test it, but it was only temporary problems.

Everyone knows that you are coming, and are working there at the library, and I felt Jacob Haugaard, the muscular dystrophy fund also knowing, and yes because of Medina, who are on tour with these at “Green Concert” I Denmark these weeks, and yes I am often told examples like this, but normally don’t write it.

So we have nothing to shop with?

It is just the duvet we are pressing in on him, which is said here at 13.55 still setting up the email so it hopefully will become right.

No, the stamps are not worn out here at all, they are as sharp as ever.

There is also almost no more hair for Kenya (LTO).

At 14.15 I was now happy with the email, and was inserting the email-addresses of the 92 recipients, and I was shown a Nazi fighter bombing, and received a “ha ha ha”, which however was from a good voice.

I felt my aunt Inge, and was told that she has never given up on me, and as you can tell from Kim Larsen and his old band, “aunt brings the album”, and that is the photo album, which we love to see you know, and yes from my favourite album of theirs.

Well, is this enough to turn around all of me “everything” and will the Danish Parliament and media send my email to the whole world (?), yes I believe it is and that they will as I am told.

Minutes before sending the email, darkness tried to make me nervous to send such an important email trying to make me stop, but no, I don’t care, I simply override the strong feelings of darkness and potential nervousness/fear at it sends me.

I did the last check of it, everything looks fine, just send it (!), which I then did at 14.30, and here again I am shown “the moon landing” of USA in 1969, and I was told that this was a setup too the other day without writing it, and here it was confirmed, and yes man never needed to go to the moon and it was also on live transmission on TV, and who should have thought that already in 1969 when sending a man to a studio looking like the moon, that man was thinking about this day when I would stop man self and his evil New World Order (?), but this is how it is, and congratulations for having sent this email, finally.

Here is the email I sent:

And this email is about replacing a system of darkness with a new of light thus being the foundation to replace my dark inner self with my new inner self and our New World of light only.

Now – after sending it – we have removed that poisoned arrow from John, and first now, and I do believe that “the lexicon of love” is on your way as my new ABC, and no need to say that I loved this song too :-).

And it brought a HUGE relief to me for finalizing this work, which took “everything” out of me for what felt like a long time.

Are you the one they call ”king”, yes we just had to ring the door to get in, and I know that it is not easy coming here, but sit down, and I can only offer you to sit on the duvet, which you bring yourself because I am truly ”nothing” in here, there is absolutely nothing here but force and a good imagination, which created you all – and still receiving visions of all of the stories I write.

Yes, it has been a HELL of a journey you have gone through – darkness of creation self – and now you are coming home to me, because you are me, I sent you.

Something about having gone through board meetings (of creation) and having placed my boots outside, and I still feel darkness of my inner self, so we will see how long it will take to open this door.

I shared my email on my Facebook timeline, and also decided – receiving MUCH encouragement to do so – to post it to different Facebook groups including the “Helsingør in pictures”, “Helsingør” and “crazy about Helsingør” Facebook groups in order to receive even more darkness and faith.

Here is first my post to the “Helsingør in pictures” Facebook group saying that it does not include a picture of Helsingør, so you can chose to delete it or to focus on the content of it (“read and understand”), which is what the management and the media of the city do as well as the whole country and world, and I asked them if they are capable of understanding the importance of this or are you too “simple” and “stupid” (?), and yes I was given the words because it is the truth and because I needed to receive as much darkness as possible to kick it in as part of my “street fighting” against these simple minds you know.

FB 270713 til Helsingør i billeder

And what did they decide to do then (?), and yes first Jette was here kind to understand what this was about and to support me, and Inger was one of those simple minds declaring without wanting to understand the importance, that this surely has NOTHING to do with the group, and simple minded and stupid Sisse shouted out loud for the administrator to take affair, and Robin believed that I was an idiot, where Lone believe that “we are not simple or stupid, you are”, which is what only a simple and stupid person can say, and Lasse wanted to “please keep our your anarchistic political promotions”, and yes he also did and “could not” understand, so it was simple and stupid people as expected answering me – the ones trying to understand, believing of half believing in me did not dare to show their faith and support – and after a while, I noticed that my post had been deleted, and yes by the simple and stupid Connie again again, so this is truly what is killing me, you do know Connie?




In the ”crazy about Helsingør” Facebook group, where I had brought the same link/text, I received these simple minded comments from stupid people with the exception of Bent Henrik, who agreed and ”liked” me as the only one, Lone be-lieved that I am incredible arrogant and a snob speaking down to people like this, and yes “snob” is a word she was given after my dreams yesterday, and Bonnie did not like being called simple and stupid making her decide with this taken on selfish, spoiled and insulted attitude that “now I don’t want to read at all” (!), and Dorthe said that “we are probably too stupid” and “what is your message”, and I told her – while Bent Henrik at the same time said “for all state leaders to resign, to bring a New World Order etc”. – that my message is included in my headline, summary and the content of the mail itself (so how stupid can you get if you “cannot” understand?) and again I told that everyone should be able to understand if they are open and objective instead of only skimming the text, guessing and expressing their “attitude” helped by negative feelings/thoughts instead of facts, and also that condemning people here don’t feel a need to read to ridicule me, which is what we here call for simple and stupid people, which you may understand by now (?), but still I like everyone, and am also happy about people here reading and understanding, but sad that they don’t dare to stand forward because they are afraid of being ridiculed by these simple and negative people.

HELS5 denne

This made stupid Dorthe say that these leaders could probably be better but it is probably not the United Nations you have to address because “I believe their success is limited” and yes there was nothing wrong with your glasses, this is in fact what she wrote (!!!) – did you get it too, Elijah (?), and oohhh you are busy doing nothing also not being able to read and understand this (?) – and Dorthe believed that I brought pity to myself – how stupid can you get (?) – and John believed that I seriously need to speak to a doctor, and no thanks, John, I have been there, they only made it worse, and Jan decided to say that he has read my “manifest”, and asked me if I really have thought that elected people of the countries of the world and those in UN will resign because of my script and hand over the management of the world to you and Barack (?), and yes this is pretty much what I had in mind, and in his ears it more sounded like if I had been denied unemployment benefit and feel treated poorly by everyone of the Commune, the Parliament and up to the UN, and he asked me just to complain to the Commune instead of annoying people at this group (!!!), and he also hoped that the Intelligence Service of the Police has a woken eye on me because otherwise he could fear that I would do a Breivik at some stage, and “I truly hope you have a good psychiatrist”, and yes this is what this simple minded and stupid man wrote, who normally believes that he is “intelligent” (?), and yes you did not realize, Jan, that you have your head screwed completely the opposite way on, and hold on, I will help you to turn around this too, and yes this is the old lamp, the soil pipe, which we are still turning around, but no, we cannot make it, it is too tight – but hang on, tomorrow – when this is written – we have a much more positive message for you after the New World Order has decided to do just this, to resign.

And again, I told people that what they saw above are example of people skimming and guessing on basis of their “attitude” via negative feelings completely without knowing what they speaking about – Hell self (!) – and you should be able to do so much better and be happy for my positive message, but no, you “could not” because you are simple and stupid.

HELS7 denne

Jack believed I was crazy wearing a silver paper hat (with my “conspiracies” (!!!), so THANK YOU FOR NOTHING, Helsingør, was this the best you could show me to receive me, and yes no smiles, happiness, warm welcome and offers of coffee and yes feeling Helsingør Commune too also reading here.

HELS2 denne kort

I also posted to the ADHD group saying that the system of hell, here the psychiatric system, which everyone here knows is wrong and hates, will soon end, and all prisoners of this system will become free and “normal” again, which made some people like it, and Lonnie said “what an experience and nasty treatment”.

FB 270713 ADHD kommentarer

And Maja from the group was kind to send me a Facebook email saying that she has skimmed my long mail and asked me if I really believe that it will matter, and I told her that I PROMISE her “normal conditions” for all prisoners/patients coming, which she will understand when reading and understanding my website and the message of our New World coming.

Maja 1

Maja 2

FB 270713 JUFO

I also sent my email to the “Spiritual Denmark” and Danish Matthew-channeling group, and my old meditation group in Helsingør saying that people here will probably like to know the development of our New World, and it made a “lady” there say  “no, thank you, Stig” (!)And I was told that she feels me as darkness/Hell – because of the darkness around me, which I am converting to light (!) – and she and other clairvoyants simply cannot understand and believe that I am light cleaning their darkness too, and they are CONVINCED that they are light, but infact they receive “darkness disguised as light”, which I wrote to them again, which they HATE me for saying, because of course this “wonderful light” is light and not darkness, right (?), but no, WRONG!

FB 270713 gammel meditationsgruppe

This is impossible to know – if we have calculated correctly to receive enough power of people to open the door.

Is that the birthday child (?), and yes also and not least because you decided to share your message to the three Helsingør Facebook groups with people becoming “mad” at you.

Thank you for doing this as I felt and heard my mother telling me.

It was with the smallest possible margin in relation to John that we pulled this off, this is how far you decided to go to make it “right”.

When you were thinking intimately of Karen REJECTING our very strong “offers” of the most beautiful girl (in disguise of my mother), we directed your creative power to Karen, so isn’t it funny that we – my mother and father – created you and Karen, and it was Karen and you on top of the world (above my father and mother) creating our New World – but using my mother as the architect as I still understand.

It is not as if we are getting a divorce and will meet in a dog kennel instead, is it (?), yes.

It is as if your mother will lift her feet from her ground, this is how it feels like to enter this hidden/locked room of the Source.

I was also encouraged to post my email to Anton’s Facebook group and to write something about him being a fool not being able to understand and to control his negative feelings, but no, I could not, and why is that (?) – yes, a man, who could not ask questions, which here is also a reference to Leif to say that he cut the road for me, and I here smell faeces, which is to say that I have received the STRONGEST darkness from SIMPLE and STUPID people of my own hometown – and coming back to Anton, and yes he simply decided to delete me from his group because he decided that “Stig is NOT Jesus”, and so it is Anton that you belong among the most stupid people on this planet.

I was shown chocolate being poured over the layer cake.

I went home from the library at 16.00 when it closed today, Sunday, and decided to overcome disgust – feeling like Hell I am – and at least to comment Jette’s pictures of yesterday and today also giving me less work tomorrow to update my scripts, which I am now a little, but really not that much behind, and yes there should be a very good chance also for me to be on time tomorrow to publish the last two days of scripts.

We are not about having brought the bed room to you, are we (?), and the last and most difficult to bring was just yourself.

We have never missed a free kick before and also not now.

Some time after sending my email, I was told that it was received and understood by Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s Prime Ministry and what did they do with it (?), and yes end it to Helle (?), and some hours after sending it, I was told that there has now been set up a crisis meeting in the European Union only to speak about this, and that is in the middle of your holidays (?), but can you really to this (?), and that is to meet during holidays and also to close down the Old World like this (?), and yes, this is what I am asking you to do, and do you remember that the headquarter of the totalitarian New World was meant to be located in Europe?

Isn’t it funny if all directors of media above a certain level automatically joins the brotherhood, where you do not rebel because you are afraid of being beheaded (?), but no, not Stig, which is also why I was kept out of this “hood”.

I have been told about my neighbour Jan, who “cannot” stop his a dependence on drugs/tobacco/medicine even if he would like to, and yes he is too weak and have poor habits, thus also sending me darkness, and how difficult can it be to do what is RIGHT, Jan, when I could?

Yes, we are now inside all of the head, which I felt and I also felt a key because this email of mine was the key to get in.

I was given a vision of New York in “layers” on the Swedish coast, and was told that now United Nations (in New York) is also informed.

I was told that when “wild” Mike Tyson bit off Holyfield’s ear some years ago, it was a sign to the world to tell you that you do NOT listen.

I was shown the small hill with the old protection room inside of it at the small “cycle wood” next to Borupgaard in Snekkersten, and I was told that this is the funnel from where darkness from Spain poured out to be converted to light, and if I could not, this is from where the world would explode.

Isn’t it bold coming out of his hiding place this way (?), this is how some recipients of your email feel.

Isn’t it funny that your mother can hold out for such a long time without remembering anything?

At 20.35 I was shown Al Capone and “gangsters of Chicago”, which was about people belonging to the totalitarian world, and I was told that they have now given Obama the message of my email, and I received the feeling of Obama “do you really believe that I can” (?), and yes what a question to ask my friend because you know the answer as well as I: CAN YOU – YES I CAN!

It is also in there to the secret Council, the Presidium, that we come, and I felt the deepest, dense darkness inside of me, and what do they want to decide for you this time (?), will they make public their collective resignation, and yes all military activities of the world is of course included in my email text asking for your collective resignation if you should be in doubt.

Is this them that I am playing football with in reality (?) because not many know the details of their plans, and now it is about being game over, and yes Clint Eastwood, I feel and have felt you the last couple of days – “do you feel lucky, punk” (?), which is about how these people of the worst darkness feel like having my “gun” aimed at you, and you do know that it is not a gun, but a bunch of roses, right (?) – and yes, Stig has shown himself to the world, which is what we let them know that I would do when the big day arrived.

Before this I had been told that Jack did not believe that you had the guts to go after the ones right in the top, which is what they did not believe themselves, and yes, your dirt war games in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere killing people for your “pleasure” while you smoking the cigar and are smiling as much as you can, is really the most disgusting human behaviour of the world ever.

Now you have truly messed around your mother’s bag, which we brought with her (when doing creation), which you are still cleaning, because I – my father – is purity self.

I was given the feeling of Grundtvig, and was told that we have also not spoken (spiritually) out of Johannes Møllehave’s mouth (because I did not give up, thus not needing help).

I was given the vision of the Mission Impossible film taking place in Prague, and was told that you were not meant to pass me – Prague here being the symbol of my worst “old nightmare” (sexual torments) – which is where the force self to bring you up to God is included, which we had to use as an explosion to bring you, and us, there, and I here feel Karen, and yes this force was brought out via Karen bringing me these torments since I met her in 2003/04, and we had to receive approval from the oracle self, and that is the son (my new inner self), and yes yes if he can make it, fine with me, which I use to say both as my physical and inner self because we are one and the same.

We have now entered the front room to your room, which I feel right in front of my face, and later I received heart pain a couple of times, and I was told that we are now in working on your heart again.

We have no money chest in, which is what you have gone through from outside to enter me including all force of all Sources (footballs/creations).

Are there people from EFG School in Helsingør (1981), who remember me when seeing my posts to the Helsingør Facebook groups and think “he has returned”?

I – my inner self – is just a doubler of everything I see, and I received strong feelings and fear of the risk of having become “nothing”, i.e. “not to be” with all life ending and also that we only saved life because of my work with the risk that we would have lost it (i.e. without a “guarantee” of God making this happen even if I did not in my “game”), which I decided to reject believing in and to name this strong darkness coming against me from the top of the world because of my email asking them to resign.

I was told that it is now my mother’s life being at stake, and yes I am tired of this game saving my mother and John all of the time, and I received a few sneezes.

Were we only a Governor when we were involved in and accepted the plans of the totalitarian New World Order (?), and I here feel Bill Clinton going against your chief supposed to be the new leader of the world, right Bill (?), but no, WRONG (!), and well, this is the man we were up against, who was the most likeable, well speaking and humorous of them all attracting many to him, and it was him bringing you your negative, spiritual voice (wanting to kill me/us all) via his talent, richness and wrongdoings, and “the saviour of the world”, the Redeemer self, is what you believed yourself that you were, but no, you were Hell self and it is you that we are stopping at the very top of the world.

So now we need some pocket wool to replace this last part of my coat because you are of course the opposite in reality, Bill, but you were my main opponent alive, and I had tears running down my cheeks and I was told that it is now his tears that I receive, and you don’t like to be EXPOSED to the world for what you have REALLY done?

And yes, it is now official and filed at the United Nations that you are the right heir of God and NOT Bill, and there was really many who could not understand all of their secrecy (of the totalitarian New World Order), which is what your scripts and your email should reveal to the world, who thought that you and Bill were equal and he was supposed to overtake power – did you not read and understand me (?) – because this is what he said himself – “I am appointed by God” – and who did not believe him via his speech skills, but he was in fact the Devil, and the story is that this is what Obama will do, which is the man we drive in now, voila,

So it is Bill sitting inside of here, and we have an agreement not to say goodbye yet – I have accepted that the world “cannot” resign as the Old World of wimps/cowards also here feeling Angela Merkel, which will come then with our New World – and we have also been speaking to Obama about this meaning that Obama knows that Clinton as his “friend”/”party-colleague” was his worst enemy, and is Bill able to lie (?), and yes he showed the world when he here said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Levinsky”, but you did, Bill, and yes you were not able to control yourself on the “football field” playing against me using sex and drugs too (?) as your weapons trying to bring me down.

I felt how darkness now rolled in over me from the balcony, and I was also given physical touch to my private parts.

And I was told that Bill has also now been converted to become part of my choir, so what remains now (?) – more time to dissolve the remaining of this darkness?

You will now also start receiving Bill’s vision, and yes he is also such a man receiving spiritual communication – spiritual speech, visions and feelings – that is why, and this is what made him believe that he was me, but no, you were overpowered by the dark side of money, power and sex, which you could not get enough of too thus also being a disgrace to the world, Bill, and I here feel him again when writing this, and if there is something, he does NOT like, it is to become known as this, because his “legacy” as being the finest President in history (?) is what he is more concerned about than anything else, and yes this is how a man of selfishness thinks, Bill, your time and game is over, you will become knows as the opposite of what the world including I believed, because you were my “hero” too, but it was darkness of Spain, which had overtaken you, and you were not smart enough to realize, and this is the role you had to play to bring me enough darkness – just like my mother – to receive all life trapped inside of this to convert to light and bring to our New World, and this was simply your role in the “game/play”, which you did to perfection, and this is really what makes us HEROES together, and as you know, there is NOTHING finer/better than this, my favourite song of all, and let us dedicate this song to the children of the world coming home to me :-).

Wait a minute, aren’t we also so deeply involved in Syria – killing and destroying lives of millions of people – that we cannot pull out again (?), and yes this is part of the New World Order of Bill Clinton as the over lord, which he believed that he was, and people not believing in him would get to feel it like this in Syria, and what did it take to turn him around (?), and I feel Obama here, who was the one telling him that it is really Stig in Denmark being the right one without telling about himself, and this is how they kept being each others friends.

It is like Curling where you sweep in front of the gliding black stone to make it stop where I want it to stop, which is right there in the middle – also connected to the story of the Central Station the other day – and this is even though I have no military arms, only my written words as my weapon, which was enough.

And what do you do as US President (?), and yes you whore yourself through life, and still believe that this is how you become me, Bill (?), but no, so this is the story of the terrible man, whom everyone loves, which I warned you about (I was told many months ago that Bill was the worst man of darkness, which also I did not believe in, he “had to” be a man of good because of the façade of him, which however was not the true content as so many others, who will be revealed too), and this is the man, who did not want to get out (to show his true evil self), and I was here given a noise to my oven symbolising this (darkness kept the Source inside the oven), and it is for you as for everyone else, Bill, which is for you to put ALL cards on the table and tell the FULL truth about your true actions to the world, and yes, you can write a new book showing your evil self to bring the right picture instead of the picture postcard, you would like to bring of yourself in your 1,025 pages long (in Danish) “autobiography”, which I also tried to read but never finished as you also did with my more then 8,000 pages long scripts, and yes “picture” is what this is about, which is to bring forward all original life inside of the Source here.

And my feeling was, how in the world could you deceive people and be a crook as you were killing people of the world including billions to come as part of the master plan, which also you agreed too, Bill (?), and this is how the worst scoundrel looked like, and you have to be on the same or maybe even worse level than Putin, but now your scoundrel days are over and yes the whole tour in fact, my “gentlemen”, and yes a true a-ha moment this is too and I am sure that we will see the Trinity of a-ha again, wont me :-).

And now I mostly feel Bill as light, which is because I am now told that he has also decided to step forward, and I am given the taste of delicious food here (symbolising life) because of this.

So you belong here to my heart, Bill, I do NOT belong to you and your deception and evilness, and I was on your death list too, but you could not kill me (?), which is about the UFO trying to kill me via a light sent in from just outside my window in Lyngby approx. 2-2½ years ago (which you can find the story of in my scripts), which “could not go wrong” and that is of course if I was not God self interfering with and blocking this UFO beam of death, which is what happened, and yes making many of you wonder what happened (?), and yes it was a “mind game” where my fleet of UFO’s of people of other civilizations were following me, thus preventing you from killing me, and yes the order to do this came from you, Bill, as I am told, and this is how the game was, a mind game and I chose to play the game “never give up” and to continue working despite of your force being so much stronger than I coming as darkness to kill me, and yes hard work was my key including speed to defeat you because you were “busy” talking, talking and talking thus not really working?

And I felt Obama and Clinton and was told that we can all make jokes about this when looking back on it for time of our New World coming, and I also feel Mandela here, who was also my “hidden key”, and yes “a very special man” indeed.

They were also in Kenya in 2009 and I felt Gachie, where I lived together with Elijah and his family, where they organised the shooting outside the house, but no, you decided that you really did not want to become scared (as Elijah and especially his wife Tina became fearing that they would enter the yard of this block of houses (behind closed door and wall), so instead they decided not to enter, and no, they did not have the courage to kill you, the white man inside of there, because he is far too well protected, so now you know that too.

And it was this Presidium – including Clinton – which became happy to hear my news of the “dry newspaper” a couple of months ago meaning that we would not need to make the Old World end before starting our New World – and now I am given the feeling of Mandela again, and told and see that he is waking up now.

So by doing what is right, you/we managed to change the balance of power including “secret lives” and “endless lies” you know.

And this is where we placed the dirty football boots, yes we knew you were coming, Stig, we have seen it too, so we are ready to receive you, you are welcome, which makes me happy to be hearing, and yes I am tired of “fishing” trying to make simple minded, stupid and stubborn people understand.

Have we been out there seeing our new apartment (?), and now I feel myself inside the Source about being set free to come out and see what I have created.

Is this then the door that we have opened more than half of (?) – as I was told with a smile, and this is what it took, my hardest work.

Yes, how was this thought of/planned, and yes we know about Margaret Thatcher getting the idea, and she was strongly opponent to EU in certain questions, but in others she was working under cover setting up this system of the future, which she did not get to see herself while alive, and yes EU and how did it come to USA and was that via Reagan (?), because Maggie and Reagan simply “loved” each other herewith sealing together (!) the faith of these countries, and yes you saw how Reagan was used as a marionette doll by the military-industrial complex to prepare for a war in space, which they were also setting up and yes as part of the New World ideology that “we want to be alone, don’t come interfering with our internal affairs” (!), have you heard that one before, and yes “an affair” it was that sealed the destiny of the USA with Reagan agreeing and signing his name on a contract, and Gorbatjov doing the same was it in Reykjavik (?) but Jelzin did “not like” it, and then we started the “war” against this terrible system unfolding, and who should have known that you had the energy and will power to make it this far (?), and this is what I feel and am told that Bill and “they” want to thank me for doing because we were blind, we could not see. This is how strong darkness was.

And yes, had you given up and they had come after you, it would have killed Karen, but we have been through all that.

And it is in these boots that the diamond of our New World sits, which we are now bringing to you.

So it is not more than approx. 2-2½ years ago that this evil world order wanted to kill me and proceed with their plans.

And do you think that the “doctors”/psychiatrists understand my email telling them about LIFE DANGEROUS medicine destroying people (!), and yes they see it every single day on their “patients”, but still they believe that this was right to do (?), and my dear friends, you looked at zombies of human beings being destroyed in front of your eyes every single day and still you “believed” that this was right to do (?), and yes BRAINWASH was incredible strong, but now some of you have started waking up too understanding that “Stig was not as crazy/dangerous afterall?”

So it was the opening of the United Nations, which brought the opening to Bill Clinton and the dark world, so there was another step up.

Google Earth: Ready – we are coming, the AIR-ship is fully loaded with life

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show small in big, bullets and gunpowder – stop it, ready – we are coming, the dismissal of the dark world, the pollution animal of this, the AIR-ship is fully loaded with life, and men with hats.

FB 270713 Jette 1

FB 270713 Jette 2

FB 270713 Jette 3

FB 270713 Jette 4

FB 270713 Jette 5

FB 270713 Jette 6

FB 270713 Jette 7

FB 270713 Jette 8

FB 270713 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Another famous musician died from a heart attack, which you still know is how parts of me die when darkness comes against us.

FB 270713 Gaffa

  • Helena is still in Copenhagen, and says that in Århus they use Post-It but in Copenhagen she is far behind because here they use”Boogie Boards”, which she did not even know excisted, which made her say “Dear Santa” …, and yes you would like one of these, Helena (?), and what you really said was “Dear God”, and I am right here.

FB 270713 Helena

  • I do NOT like killings of snipers of the Egyptian military on people, this is NOT how to bring hope and freedom to people (!), and I do NOT like cowards of the military and others of Egypt lying and saying that they are not involved!

FB 270712 bloodbath India

FB 270713 Naser



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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