July 29, 2013: The Mafia of World Leaders receive HUGE bribes from oil sheiks and drug barons “protecting” their businesses


Summary of the script today

28th July: The total collapse of the dark world with Bill Clinton losing his baton – opening the Source to me

  • Dreaming of darkness starting up again bringing me more fine life inside of it, and Camilla’s father also playing against me.
  • Karen was the dark side of me making Clinton and the dark world, and after having transferred all bags (“new creations”) from inside of Karen to me, I am still transferring the nut, the Source, of it. Bill was the practising power of the world influenced/brainwashed negatively by a WRONG and evil culture. I was very busy today to publish my script of yesterday including the Bill Clinton story, which had to be published soon after my email to United Nations, and I did it almost to the minute at closing time 16.00 at the library. Afterwards I was told that we feel the total collapse of the evil New World Order, who wanted to have Clinton as their President because he is popular making it easier for the world to accept – we expect Bill losing his baton giving a giant sound from it. No one gets in here as no one gets into the Source, but I have to! Is there a closed door to Italian football too (?), and yes is this where all of Berlusconi’s “black money” is directed including his staff of high class prostitutes too. I am now gently crawling out of my crib because of the impact of my work also freeing my inner self as the mummy. The room to the Source is now opening with everything of darkness blocking me now breaking down. Barack Obama is the natural born leader of this world, and can change creation self as the leader of our New World. We are changing the Source from sending out darkness to only send out light in our New World, and we are cleaning the air of it.
  • Short stories of Benedikte creating bacon burgers = perfume, more negative comments from people of Helsingør deciding without knowing that I am crazy (!), it seems as if Theis has been converted as my strongest opponent to a man of faith, my sister and brother-in-law was at Machu Piccho today, I was surprised to be invited by Peter Brixtofte via LinkedIn, and my Scribd statistics show the dark world wanting to hide from me.

29th July: The political Mafia of World Leaders receive HUGE bribes from oil sheiks and drug barons “protecting” them from being closed down

  • Queen Margrethe of Denmark has a “very special (and secret) possessing” from the Russian Tzar family, which I ask her to show the world. She knew that I would step forward one day declaring my arrival and also requesting all royal families to file their resignation, which I do now. We are doing the last fastening of the pipe of the New World to the Source.
  • Arabian oil sheiks made the world elite rich. As Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke was offered to work for the wrong side receiving millions and sexual services as part of a “secret oil contract” bribing world leaders to “protect” future wealth/abundance of oil sheiks and countries instead of bringing FREE ENERGY to the world, which has been known to man for decades. Lars Løkke became one of the most evil men of the world as “part of his job” making “all of his dreams” come through, which was also why he campaigned against me. The same did Frederik Reinfeldt, the Prime Minister of Sweden, and state leaders all over the world, but Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Barack Obama did not. They hide their wealth in specially designed tax havens invented for the purpose. This also brought “laziness” and no true desire of the world elite to develop the world, which I also know from a déjà vue DEEP inside of me. This is what the world elite is shaking their pants to be leaked to the world. This secret network as brother’s in arms decided to “hush up about Stig, he will come to destroy us” and “he will not get a word out of us“. They tried to murder me giving Putin this task, which was “impossible” for him/the world to do – I was protected by the Universe – and when my father died, they received the idea to put me away for good making me “vanish” using Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, as the tool and psychoactive drugs to remove my spiritual communication, which they however also could not when I exposed their plans publicly. The world elite decided to work as a Mafia to “protect” the wealthiest “industries” of the world also including the drugs industry of Columbia and elsewhere, and to become drug addicts themselves also included as part of sex orgies – and the Military-Industrial complex was also included. This is what the world entrusted Clinton to stand in the lead of, and he is now now past, he could not handle the pressure as expected.. These stories never reached the media because they are bribed too. Eventually it was darkness self of people, who “could not” keep their mouths shut about me, which made the news of my arrival spread among (famous) people of the world growing the faith in me, thus my strength, this is what brought it down! This darkness has now given up, there is nothing it can do against Stig/God, it is panicking, and it has almost turned around from dense coal to the diamond of our New World. This was the last straw of darkness including the biggest secret of the world elite. Still, most people of this secret network want to return home to me, but the system “could not”. All these world leaders are my closest, who were stationed as darkness to kill me, and they stand as the last darkness/”membrane” just in front of my only ship including the diamond of the Source and our new eternal life. This secret network of the world elite is now desperate and closing down including its monopole of the Universe because Earth took the Universe as hostage because the Universe is not evil as they. They have prepared their resignation and defence speech to the world but without telling the truth of this bribery scheme, and again, I ask you all to stand forward, resign and speak the full truth to the world. It was sex, power and money of a small world elite making them decide to have the world/Universe work as slaves for them with plans to kill billions of people, which however would have exploded the world if I was not stronger than them. This moral decay/ruin is what made me the most tired. This is the worst darkness/coal of all, this is the darkness of God now turning around becoming the diamond of my new self and our New World.
  • A couple of Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show her previous eye operation on the sky (!), and a new channel of souls between Britain in Denmark.
  • Short stories of the Helsingør Facebook group continuing to ridicule me and I teaching them of right behavior, the judgment etc., but some people of Helsingør have faith in me, and receiving an email from John in Kenya interested to keep my money over my friendship.


28th July: The total collapse of the dark world with Bill Clinton losing his baton – opening the Source to me

Dreaming of darkness starting up again bringing me more fine life inside of it, and Camilla’s father also playing against me

On my way to bed at midnight first the light of my phone would not switch off as it normally does after some seconds, I had to dismantle the battery, which is the first time ever this happens, which here is to say that the eternal Source is born, and I was told that it is true, we have now searched the new drawers, and we see nothing inside, and yes welcome home, and this is how it is when I receive a long nose, and I was shown and heard this with the voice of Clinton as another part of me.

I was endlessly tired and it was HOT here being a tropic night with more than 20 degrees, which is quite unusual here – unusual weather you know as I was told yesterday now that I think of it, and this is the worst weather you can give me because I sweat so easily, and yes I felt moist all over the inside of my skin.

I was also told that Karen has not yet ever seen a man holding outside of here with all of the bags, which she used to contain, and I felt her at my hall, so this is her and not the New World, and she was the dark side of me making Clinton etc. do as they did to bring the end to the world because of her own wrong sexual behaviour, so every time she was committing wrongly sexual behaviour, she was killing me and the world, and that was very often, right Karen (?), and is this just me coming here (?), and yes I felt Karen at my hall, and I was told from UFO’s that they knew that they could not kill me, and this is in reality about transferring the nut – the Source – of Karen to me, which is still ongoing because of darkness of Clinton & Co.

Finally, I felt asleep and was surprised that I slept pretty well until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Søren H. was bankrupt, but is now setting up his insurance company aiming for a re-launch, and he has increased the deposit capital of the company from the critical 1 million DKK to now approx. 20 million, which has been approved by the FSA, and Peter A. has brought 11 of these, which he risks losing if the business goes bankrupt again, but he also receives a “premium” of 0.7% per year. I have been employed by Søren, but I have nothing to do, and am incredible tired, but I need the work/income, and I see different packages of a very fine design, which I cannot improve, and also a Siemens stain remover, and I see two young and very ambitious people, one of them feels like Paul H., and before they went bankrupt before they had started selling Income Protection Insurance in several countries including USA, which they will do again, but they are disappointed that they have no better sales of their “Nordic model” in USA. One says that he expects that the FSA will come by for a control visit when they will start up, and the last time, he has his computer searched, which he was not happy about, and something about Ekstra Bladet. I leave together with Paul H. and down on the street he says that the buildings when looking out over Amager are very fine, which I agree with him, and I felt Lisbeth working there too.
    • This is about the secret chamber of me being revealed, and yes darkness of this insurance company had broken down, but here it says that it is starting again, which is to bring me even more darkness to absorb, and yes I am thinking of the idea of the New World Order to receive interest of loans – without working – which may not be the best idea, but I am sure that Obama & Co. will come up with something better in the same spirit as the New World Order was done, and my New World Order was done as a tool of creation, which will be improve much over time. This darkness – when turned around – includes the finest design and buildings as usual.
  • I also remember a dream of Camilla’s father John sleeping at the club house of the golf course, and the next morning, he goes out to play a round shouting on the course.
    • And when he plays golf, it is of course against me, John (?), and yes you do still remember my emails in 2009/2010 to the so called “professional” industry of lazy “head hunters”, where I told them that you did poor work (?); and no, you never really understood when you were too lazy to read and understand?

The total collapse of the dark world with Bill Clinton losing his baton – opening the Source to me

I was told that the order to people of other civilizations working inside UFO’s controlled by man as victims/prisoners of the evil world of man have now received the order to come out – they have been set free.

Isn’t it funny that you have already lost to a military court?

Well, the pencil case was not meant to be before Monday (tomorrow), but since you are here, let us keep on moving darkness/furniture out of you.

So we convert ice-cream to Cognac via the machine inside of there (of the Source), which is really smart.

Now we don’t have the same thirst as yesterday almost killing John, the suffering has been shared with many others just as we had hoped.

Your mother would have said that it is unusual unsatisfactory if we had not reached here.

It was a little bit like at the time of Nixon, where we also told about a four-room bedroom and so on, but we left out the most important, which was that it would be you coming setting the page of the world.

Can we really turn everything upside down within 24 hours (?) – after sending my email yesterday – and yes this is the basic idea, and good idea for you to finish and publish your script of the previous two days today making some more “fuss” with the story of Clinton (?), and yes if I can, it is Sunday and the library closes at 16.00.

So I was born yesterday, but it is only with this new script that I will get all out?

You were considered a dead sailor, and was not taken seriously, which may have been your biggest mistake at all, my gentlemen.

So Bill was the practising power of the world influenced/brainwashed negatively by a WRONG and evil culture as my mother was in my family, and again I was told that Bill has “enjoyed” a life with much luxury and sex, and yes a decadent life is not too much to say, Bill?

To have a chief only wanting to make love was also to tell the world that you cannot trust Bill – and to make it better understand me.

And this is how far your email has now travelled – to John McCain and senators of the USA, and I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is what McCain “helps” me bringing.

I was told that my mother is now feeling happier because John feels better, and now I will come for dinner this evening, which of course had to be delayed two days until I sent my email, and if I did not, there would be no dinner of our New World, which is what it (was supposed to) symbolise.

Again today, I wrote the last part of the script of yesterday at home until 13.30, which was “pretty much”, and I realised that it would certainly not be easy making the script before 1600 today because I still had all of the negative comments of the Helsingør Facebook groups to write, the short stories of two days too and yes the setup with pictures etc., and I also would like to bring Jette’s Google Earth pictures, but already this morning I was told that I would publish the script without these, and add them tomorrow.

Moments before I did the first draft publish of my script of yesterday today at 13.30, I felt Karen and received “hesitation” because do I really want to do this (?); and yes bringing the end of Clinton to the world, which this is about, and yes of course I do, NOTHING is going to stop my work!

I went to the library after lunch and now had two hours there, which was very little to do much work.

You better believe that your new script is being carefully read.

We don’t have a 6 to 0 defense yet, but it is coming, Stig, I feel it, and yes the total collapse of this evil New World Order, who wanted to have Clinton as their President because he is popular making it easier for the world to accept, but no, now he is exposed too, and yes a pretty good game also between Obama and Clinton, don’t you think?

You have not nearly played Beethoven enough, and this is the voice of Clinton coming to me, so what about playing the destiny symphony, which to me is about the end coming, which was your DESTINY to bring, Bill, and yes, this is not the most beautiful, Beethoven has made in my mind, but the most famous.

Is there a closed door to Italian football too (?), and yes is this where all of Berlusconi’s “black money” is directed, and yes including his staff of high class prostitutes too.

And this is how I gently crawl out of the crib, and yes via your work also freeing me, my inner self, and yes as the mummy you know.

We have not been fired off far out in space have we (?), and yes there are people inside of UFO’s – also controlled by Putin – far out in space first now being ordered to stop their war in space and to come out too.

You are not the SUN GOD now, are you?

Isn’t the carpet being rolled up (?), and no, he has decided that he WILL NOT publish a script on Facebook if it is not completely finished, and yes he does not care about the 24 hour limit I gave him, not at all (!), and this is how I felt at around 15.00 not believing that I would publish this to Facebook today.

Yes, your mother would like you to lose weight, but still we manage coming through.

You don’t have to be a build- and technical mayor to do this building (of our new apartment), which is about Søren Pind also having read and understood my email, Søren?

I keep hearing “screaming”, which is what my sister – and mother – too are thinking of (?) because of my Facebook update with a Google Earth picture the other day saying that I am still suffering the worst, and there is “nothing” you can do about it (?), and not reading, communicating with and understanding that I only write the truth as it is given to me, Sanna?

Is that a full day’s pay we get from working there (?), with the prospect that I may make the script – without Jette’s pictures – today anyway.

I received the feeling that the front room I was in yesterday is now opening to the room of the Source self breaking down everything of darkness blocking me.

And then we will start a new round of people in Helsingør speaking about you behind your back with all of their negativity, prejudices and yes also people saying wait a minute, he just may be the one, and maybe they only need half a minute really making it the best, which is too :-).

Finally, only a few minutes before closing time, I finalized and published my script to Facebook too, thus making it spread the best and easiest, and I did what I was told I would do this morning even though I did not believe that I would make it, but I did.

Has the colour changed yet (?), no not yet, but we expect that it will happen when Bill will lose his baton giving a giant sound when it will hit the floor, and I was told with his voice that “I know that I am not God because of this undersized fish of Stig”, and yes do NOT underestimate the power of the light because there was nothing you could do, Bill, because I decided to go directly to the top, and if there is one above you, which I don’t believe there is, not we cut him down too, I would have gone after him too.

I was told that the word “spastic” came from Lisbeth and the Commune.

We are not going over to the other side of Earth – to Australia as the symbol of our New World – to prepare a completely different journey now, are we (?), and yes if you are sure that you want this, only a world with light without darkness – feeling amazement – this is what I will do, and yes you could have had this in the first place, but then again, it would not have brought creation.

What a smart bag, can I change it (?), and yes you can, but only if the new World Government decides to do it, and this is about what Obama as a leader of one of these (endless) creations/bags will decide on – to change creation of this bag of the New World self – and I understand that this is his natural role as the leader of it, where I will be “everything” of all of these bags.

No, we have never been down this chest before, which I felt like “soft/velvet darkness”, and again, we have the key opening to it – also coming from Mick Jagger as I feel here – and this is without having any pocket money of your mother left.

And yes, I still receive feelings of many famous people coming to me knowing about or/and having heard about me including Steven Spielberg as one of many examples.

For days I have kept receiving “Cyprus” and now “South Cyprus”, so something is going on there too.

Now there is fortunately not much of the journey remaining.

I still receive distortion to video/TV, and these days strongly, and yes it is aimed at people and ONLY people on the screen, and here is an example of how this look on my computer the same way as it does to my TV, and yes spiritual darkness beamed in from my balcony as I feel here every single time.


After returning home at 16.00 in 30 degrees Celsius today, pretty hot here, I decided to write the script of today too to be as prepared as possible until tomorrow, and no, there is really not very many “breaking news” today other than this nice song first being released after Michael’s death, and you do understand that it was WRONG behaviour of the world and the media, which killed Michael, right (?), and you were so busy killing me with all of your garbage on me, but when you know the truth about what you did, you “cannot” write the truth to the world, and yes welcome to the media also being the worst darkness of the world also being controlled by this military-industrial complex of “scared small boys” as I fell here because you are scared to show the world the true side of you (?), and yes it seems as if you will do this from the other side of our New World because you are WIMPS all of you as I have shown not being man enough to take on responsibility on this side instead accepting me to look like a complete fool to my own hometown and others as the result, which would disappear immediately if you just decided to do the right thing stepping forward.

We don’t have just a military watch for you here, Stig, and are you taking off your watch, my dear evil world?

Good that the air in here will be clean when you arrive, which is also what we are still preparing via this work.

Do you know the story about the death of Venice (?), and yes death as in the end has to have a reason, which is also what this evil New World Order was playing on.

I felt the dark spirit of Clinton being pulled into my body now becoming part of my new coat, and then I will show you my secret weapon of being “nothing”.

Your mother did not know that she had this darkness inside of here, thus the dream and also first now.

I went to my mother and John for dinner, two days late, and I had jeans and a t-shirt on, which was clean and not worn-out, but my mother believed it was out of form making me look like a bum, and I do believe that it is my body more than the t-shirt being out of form.

When I told them that I (still) work at home every morning and at the library every afternoon, my mother asked negatively – still not approving my work, mother (?) – that “it must be enervating”, and she really meant boring without variation, and yes, I must say that you can tell it as it is not motivating me much to do this work because this is exactly what it is, it is NOT because I “enjoy” doing this, but maybe you think that this is what it does? And I saw and felt my sister speaking inside of my mother, which is darkness self working via my mother, which was also confirmation about my sister still speaking about me to my mother behind my back still influencing her negatively towards me and my work.

And my mother was VERY happy because John felt MUCH better today, and John was happy to have his energy back, and my mother spoke out loud and with enthusiasm how fantastic it is that the dialysis of yesterday made this happen, and yes we looked at pictures of the machine transporting and “cleaning” his blood – this is what I don’t like – and my mother asked John several open questions, and isn’t it FANTASTIC, Stig (?), and eeehhhh, no, mother, it is not, this is NOT why John is feeling better, but because of my email to the United Nations exporting our sufferings to other people, this is how it is, but no, I cannot tell her this, because she would not “be able” to understand, and yes do you understand that you are bringing me much sufferings via your behaviour, mother (?), and you could not dream about asking me open question of my work, which is still a taboo subject here.

We had a “slow” start making it difficult to find subjects to speak about the first half hour, but hereafter they “woke up” when I started asking them questions about their past, and yes both mother about the most important men in her life (Sanna’s father, whom she knew for 7-8 years from she was 15, my father, Ole and John), and then John about his ex-wife Majken and the story about how both he and Majken were unfaithful and yes my mother could not have Sanna’s father and my father because they were the same, and this is what John was to his former wife too, but of course he has always been faithful to my mother now for 30 years, right John (?), which he confirmed that he has and my mother having no doubts about it.

And this talk made them wake up from “tired” to “committed”, and I was given the feeling of Obama and told that it is incredible that the three of us can hang together as we say here, and still both talk and laugh, which we did, and yes afterwards my mother and I – but not John as most times – watched Michael Carøe and his singing show on TV2, which we both love, and yes my mother and I usually agree on what to see on TV, and we both love Carøe for being natural and a fantastic entertainer.

I was told that we are still changing the handle of the axe.

I saw the new people having bought the apartment on ground floor working inside of it, and later John said that one of them fell through the floor of the kitchen down to the basement, and I was told that this is because of my mother also being completely down because of John – and me too, mother (?) – but she was held up because of her love to John and I even though this was also “impossible” to do, and this is how we have been dependent on each other, and yes my mother said that she could not invite Niklas and Tobias on summer dinner, which she normally does because of the tough times, and yes Niklas called my mother this evening for the first times in weeks, which my mother was not happy about.

I felt psychiatrists – receivers of my email – which I have now down some times, and I was told that adding them was an extra test to me because they have now “tested” me again, but it all falls back on themselves because of poor work and busyness, which I show the world and do you thing they/Alex like this (?), and no, darkness NEVER likes to be exposed, and I was almost peeing my pants, which is a completely new feeling to me, and I was told that this is because of these psychiatrists being an additional risk factor to me, because does my email “clearly” confirm to you that I am “crazy” (?), or is it making you wonder if it is yourself, who was kept in a strong grip by me to expose your cruelty and yes because I am here given more threats of my “old nightmare”, which is what you brought me.

I was told about the importance of visiting Falck the other day and being recognized.

Your mother knows that it is something about “Fatima”, but she cannot get inside her head what Sanna has also started explaining her that Stig believes he is the Son and you are the Mother of creation ….

So it was that little thing we were out collecting at the middle of the (Danish) Little Belt Bridge, which is the diamond of my self inside this worst darkness.

Yes we were ready to go to idling when walking out to get it, but you asked us to continue because this is what you decided to do.

If they lamb chops were delicious before, it is nothing to what they are here.

It may look like the refrigerator door was not closed tightly, but it was, no one gets in here, and yes inside of Clinton, because he was “protected”, but not from me.

I received a song including the lyrics “I know what you know”.

I also quite often am given names of the professional cycling sport – here Denis Menchov – which is to say that they speak about me and my stories on them too.

Google Earth: A boat filled up with “hat-people” (of creations) and the Source coming out of the North Pole

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the toy store of our New World, King Kong kissing the lady, a large group having oxygen, a boat filled up with “hat-people” (of creations), looking directly into the Source, clear and tiny, war-waste, the Source coming out of the North Pole, someone has to get washed, a little iron-man is not as big as the huge caretaking.

FB 280713 Jette 1

FB 280713 Jette 2

FB 280713 Jette 3

FB 280713 Jette 4

FB 280713 Jette 5

FB 280713 Jette 6

FB 280713 Jette 7

FB 280713 Jette 8

FB 280713 Jette 9

FB 280713 Jette 10

FB 280713 Jette 11

FB 280713 Jette 11B

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Benedikte – also a recipient of my email to the United Nations – were at habour party in Hornbæk making burgers in the “pirate bar”, and dare I say that “pirate” is a symbol of darkness, which you were too at the Danish Parliament, Benedikte (?), and yes this is about just how “careful” you were not to mention my name to people you did not know “very well” (?), and she said that she smelled of beef and bacon, which made Michael say that “Bacon = the ultimate perfume”, and you do remember my stories about perfume being a symbol of the Source too?

FB 280713 Benedikte

  • The negative comments of the Helsingør in Pictures Facebook group continued coming against me with Peter speaking of “Barack Obama Børge” with “Børge” being planted by my father’s mother (it was the name of her husband) to say that this is where this darkness of these people come from, Carsten wanted to send me to Siberia to get rid of me, and I tried to make sense to these simple and stupid people once more when I told them that I tried to share a message of happiness with them, but people here has only shown themselves as simple and stupid instead of reading and understanding that I am serious about what is the preparation to our New world, and when you will understand, the question is if you will be proud or embarrassed of yourselves (?), and you showed POOR behavior to the world not being able to welcome me with warm feelings and open arms.

FB 280713 Helsingør

  • But these crazy people could not get enough making Vivian say that it is good that you have your healthy reason, no you do not (!), and Bent Henrik said that “the man is sick and need help, amazing that the family don’t provide help for him”, and yes amazing that you “know” without knowing anything, Bent (!), and Robin simply laughed and said that now the last idiot has been born, Connie (yes, her!) asked if they need more wood for the fire making Carsten say that she is right – “ho ho” like Santa, you know (!) – and “he has to be silenced to death like him in Oslo” (Breivik!), and yes Carsten, this is what you really said (!), talk about being crazy!

FB 280713 Helsingør 2

  • And it made these simple and stupid people – just like the Commune and Psychiatric system before them – conclude that I am sick, “everyone knows” and they do NOT have to read me, they “simply know” (!), which made me tell them that the “sick” is the one, who “cannot” understand because of laziness and better-knowing ignorance on basis of negative feelings and pure guessing without knowing. You are both pathetic and sick (!), and I gave them the song too about misunderstandings making people sad and “sick”, so why don’t you start reading and understanding that I only tell you the truth, and how do you think you will feel about your impertinent and nasty behavior when you will realize the truth with me together with the world (?), and I spoke about how people of this group become “sad” and “depressed” because of me “degrading” them grossly (!), and yes, I am only telling you the truth, was that so difficult for you do figure out?

FB 280713 Helsingør 3

  • This is part of the publish of my script of yesterday, and the most amazing part of it is that Theis gave me a smile, and yes it seems as if it was possible to convert Theis as my strongest opponent to a man of faith – similar to Bill Clinton – and yes turned around by “proof”, which you can see also as a Facebook friend of mine without having to read my scripts (!), and yes I wonder when you will decide to apologise, Theis?

FB 280713 Stig og Theis

  • My sister was kind to bring one of her rare updates on Facebook showing that she is now at Machu Piccho in Peru, which we have been looking forward to – to bring the “magical piece of the puzzle” as I was told about previously – and coming here at the same time as removing the worst darkness, and what was inside of this (?), and yes the finest diamond of me, and this is what the hot air balloon was about, and yes I should have taken a picture of it, and I was given a mark to my left foot and was told that it is from here that I am coming out.

FB 280713 Sanna

  • I was surprised to receive this LinkedIn connection from the “world-famous in Denmark” previous mayor of Farum, Peter Brixtofte, after he decided to abandon me is it now 1 or 2 years ago?

Brixtofte 280713

  • This is a new “phenomenon” on Scribd, which I have never seen before, and it is about the blue line showing the total number of visitors per day to all of my Scribd-document, and the green line showing the number of visitors to a specific document, here my email to United Nations, and the second last dot to the right of the line is July 27, where the blue line “claims” that there was a total of 41 visitors to all of my document, and the green line – which for obvious reason ALWAYS has to be lower than the blue – says that there was 155 visitors to my email (even though it claims a total of only 45 visitors (both July 27 and 28) to this email in the text below!), and this is a sign to say that my email “penetrated” into a “secret area” of the world when I “nailed” Bill Clinton as the leader of the dark world, and from the “my uploads” page of Scribd, I am informed that my email really received a total of 200 visitors the first two days with most coming the first day, which is why the 155 visitors is right, and yes the blue line is trying to hide, but we know that you are there, so it is TIME to come out from your hide if I say “please”?

Scribd incl 280713


29th July: The Mafia of World Leaders receive HUGE bribes from oil sheiks and drug barons “protecting” their businesses

I slept alright from 00.25 to 07.30 and I wrote down a couple of dreams on my telephone, but when connecting it to my computer, I now see that these notes have been deleted, and I cannot remember the dreams/notes, so there will be no dreams today, and yes this is a sign of termination – feeling India here (!) – because of darkness, but no, I will NOT accept it, it is only a game you know.

Hours later, I was told about “ants”, and I now remember briefly something about delicious food also including a “soup” of ants.

If the enamel was not in order, we would have gone for the third place, but no, everything has to be perfect, I will only settle for first place.

How many thanks do you believe the Arabian sheiks receive from the top of the world elite (?), it was them making them rich.

From the morning, I had MUCH LESS darkness, pressure and work coming at me – but it is still there, the feeling of it, but when looking at it, I now only see a membrane, and what is on the other side of this (?), and yes the New world, so I wonder when this membrane will open to the Source and “nothing”, we will see – and this should give me a chance to update my script of yesterday with Jette’s Google Earth pictures and also some updates to my website here and there, but with less work and pressure it is truly a matter of discipline to keep on working concentrated not starting to relax before I am done and happy with my work, which is potentially a great danger/temptation to do.

Where was my father’s mother always (?), and yes maybe 15-20 years in a row, she was on Tenerife, i.e. another stronghold of Spain, and I was on Lanzarote (1980) and Gran Canaria (1991) as the closest to stop darkness escaping to these islands, and “Børge” was the name of her husband, and the name “Børge” in one of the Helsingør Facebook comments is coming directly from her leading this darkness against me, but now not without telling me who is the sender, which is also to say that the dark world considers standing forward following my request, which should make me very happy, and the question is really if you are so big wimps that you “cannot” do this before our New World opens, or if you want to show that you are indeed people being able to take on your responsibility facing the world telling the truth about what you did?

It is not cloudy now, which is only because your mother – the world – does not bring you the faeces it used to do.

I went to the library at 11.00 and started working on the Google Earth pictures of the previous days to include in my previous script – I had made my comments to the pictures, but had to include them in my scripts too (taking one hour to do – and I was then told that yes, this is the secure road to the end, and I felt darkness of the dark world knowing that there is no way out, you need to come forward.

Do we have a special story about the Russian Tzar family and “a very special possessing”, which is now in the possession of Queen Margrethe, and I am shown her picture from Danish coins, so this is about “money”, which is “energy” and “life”, so I wonder what you would like to tell me as the secret of your life, Margrethe (?), knowing that this day would come where I will ask you to stand on the balcony to declare your resignation from the throne too, as I am here shown, and it is the picture of you standing on this balcony in 1972 taking on this deep burden of yours to become the Queen after your father’s death, much deeper than anyone knows, because you knew that you were going to be the last monarch of Denmark, did you not (?), and also that I would step forward asking you to resign, and while you are at it, will you please ask Elisabeth, Carl, Harald, Juan Carlos and all the others “self named” kings and queens all over the world to do the same?

I am still given feelings of Brede Park coming to me from people of Lyngby Commune, who are still “crying” too?

I was told about Jane, my old “almost friend”, from the Health Committee of the Parliament, and just how stupid do you feel, Jane, for trusting the system of “experts” and the medical industry (?), and it is feelings like this of people receiving my email – in first of lower levels – which opens this darkness to me.

Are they holding their breath in England right now – waiting what is happening in USA?

Again today it was INCREDIBLE hot, and when working at the library, this hot coat was feeling like suffocating me making work more difficult than expected, and still feeling more tired/exhausted than I thought.

So we have received a lead, which I understand has been used to prepare our New World the best way possible before opening.

Have we been to the fish store to bring the last fish in to (?), yes we have.

No, we don’t want any dead fish in that glass bowl.

Have we put fabric softener for your teeth right there?

So I am just going to deliver the potatoes (?) – as the natural force of the Source – and no, I will also be a human being and yes, Stig, there are not many of us, and is that my father and I – including our female sides – or does it include my son/daughter too (?) and will everyone be “double” like us?

Cold buttermilk soup, surely you don’t bring that to me?

Is Jack helping to pack the flying suitcase?

Isn’t it funny that now Christina does not feel pity/sorry for you, but anger at the system?

I felt darkness and was told that my sister had been placed inside my own family as the monster of darkness.

Don’t you become full of days (?), and yes my mother and John have almost had it, but they keep on and yes because of you and your sister. And this means that we simply are “nothing” now, which is living without living, and being without being.

Even though we had promised “no rain”, today was also a fight every minute to keep on working instead of giving up because of tiredness/exhaustion/heat.

Can I speak to your superior (?), and yes you do remember from way back that there is no one above me.

Can’t you sing one of the songs of the sea?

I continued working on my script of yesterday and today until 14.00 where I was so tired and warm that I was close to stop working – I was told that now is the time to do it – but I decided to do a few add-ons to my website for example including my email to the United Nations to my New World Order and My Sufferings pages (The official system treated me as a slave and lunatic)

So my mother also has a giant camping area there (?), and yes the new room, which we have cleared and created for you.

Is it today that we will bring forward the Champagne?

I met Leif at the library, and was given symbols of darkness in him – after my comments to the Helsingør Facebook groups – and I did not write them down, so I cannot remember now, and yes Allan was also back today after having worked in Helsingborg a while. Hours later I was reminded that it was because we were looking out on and speaking of a basin of the harbour, which has found no use, and he suggested it to be turned into a swimming basin, and I told him – with my spiritual voice – that it could be used as an ice course in wintertime, which is about the darkness he brings me.

We have decided to continue as long as you have more work, remember (?), and yes I have almost done everything to my website now, and may have a little more to do tomorrow after thinking twice.

And it is because it is only you, Stig, who can tell me when to open this gate to the Source and our New World, and yes I also want to be sure that we have everything with us, and before I know this for sure, I cannot give you my approval.

No, we cannot cross the goal line without his acceptance, and he wants us to say that we are done with everything.

And still my old decision stands, when there is no more darkness, we will open and not before this.

I continued working until 16.00 today, and yes it is the end of July, so maybe I will include all of July before ending my journey, and maybe a new surprise will come over the next days further extending my journey (?), we will see.

It is now “tomorrow morning” at 08.45 and I have received the longest notes ever to write, which may give me difficulties to do, and yes six rows of notes, which normally takes approx. 40 minutes per row to do, but I may receive writing cramp and be too tied to do it taking much longer, so let us see.

There are two taxies holding on both sides of you for you and Karen, which one do you want first (?), both at the same time if you can.

And then we just have to put the tape recorder – borrowed from your father – on “repeat”.

I was shown a pipe being fastened to the Source as if it was a fuel station and I was shown a rubber ring inside of it being installed.

Scotland does not fill little in my consciousness, I have a whole map of the world showing from where I originate, i.e. who saved us – feeling you here Krasnik – and who did not.

Can your mother soon come on farm holiday?

It corresponds to jumping into the lake from everything to nothing and still to be everything, and I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle.

So we have acceptance from darkness to throw its moorings to the post on the harbour of me here?

Without using radios, we have come here – to bring everything.

Benjamin Crème has been crying for not having received any contact from me!

This is about your decision not to cut over the lifeline, no one will be killed, we will all return to and become life inside “nothing”.

And this is unless there is yet another floor to enter.

I received new marks to my heart region, and was told that this last darkness will become part of my new heart together with the start up of our New World – even though this darkness now feels as light as it did.

So we are putting cork on that story, and yes Clinton is now past, he could not handle the pressure as expected.

I felt Lars Løkke and was told if we have said that it has been a hell for Lars to go through – my writings about him in my recent scripts and email – and he has taken on some of the sufferings, which were given to John, my mother and I, and it made me think that I have received no small heart attacks for a couple of days.

No, we have not told the full truth about Lars, who decided to work for the wrong side, the dark side, because he would receive millions and yes part of the secret oil contract, which was bribery to get people like Lars – and yes me too if Lars could win me over – to “protect” their business (not to introduce FREE energy as the world has had access to for decades) – and I now started receiving many small (and VERY uncomfortable) small heart attacks again, and yes Lars Løkke became one of the most evil men of the world selling his soul for filthy lucre, and yes for orgies too like the ones Berlusconi held, where you were also invited (?), and yes it was “fantastic” to have all of your dreams come through, Lars (?), which was about first sex (in Lars’ case), then money and then power, and this is the reason why he campaigned against you and also a personal vendetta because “no one is going to reveal me” – as the (little) “statesman” would say – and yes, Lars, who are your fellows in Sweden (?), and I feel the Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt here, and how many countries and leader can we include here (?), and yes are we going all around the globe to include “everyone” (?), and this is what you are so afraid of admitting that you don’t have the courage to stand forward, and yes I received yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle, and this is what opening of people of the Helsingør Facebook group is bringing me.

(The first row of notes took only 25 minutes).

It is like Helena times five, and has she also been offered and paid money and furs for sex?

Yes, we don’t come much deeper than this; the leaders of the world receiving bribes from the Arab oil sheiks and the oil industry, and they all fell in a row for this because “this is part of the job”, but no Helle Thorning-Schmidt swore that I don’t want it to hurt Stig by entering their bribery scheme, which is about first being invited on holiday, receiving luxury treatment and also gifts, which is what the Rolex watch as a gift from an oil sheik in Quatar to the previous tax minister Troels Lund Poulsen was brought to the knowledge of the public to show, and he accepted it without hesitation and what do you believe state leaders receive then (?) without reporting it anywhere, and yes they receive money in tax haven invented for the purpose, and no, these stories never reach the media because they are bribed too including everyone you sent your United Nations email to.

This is how the oil industry decided to go against “free energy” to continue its sins and indecent life, which everyone knew, but no one could stop.

This is the darkness we also bring when you will publish this and yes my dear ladies and gentlemen, please bring full details (excluding sexual) about this too.

I received feelings of Niels, my old class friend from Albertslund, and where is he now (?), and yes in the central administration and does he recognize me (?), oh yeah, and he is placed there to help me through, and without him, we would not reached the top all the way up there.

It is nothing against what Peter from Acta has done for you, and can you speak so much about Stig to avoid receiving heart attacks?

We are now bringing together your “dream team”.

John was told about you when he was hospitalised at the national hospital.

Does it create laziness (?), yes, it does not bring motivation to reform society, which requires a “rebel rebel” from the outside to do, and I have a déjà vue about this too, I know “from a long time ago” and “deep inside” that world leaders were fighting against true development of society/life because of selfish “interests”. And this is the world, which wanted to kill you.

Where do you believe that Lars G. is now (? – after your individual roads were led different ways without each other after we broke as friends approx. 8-10 years ago – and was he also brought in to the central administration to help you (?), and yes him there too and him there and so on, to reach the next point.

It is with this that we close up or is it (?), and yes, if there is more, we will open to EVERYTHING.

And this is what they shake all over about – this bribery scheme to be leaked to the world – and I am here thinking of “secret money/envelopes” to French and Spanish leaders, which are stories surfaced over recent years, and they all come from the same source including all of this, which also includes to “hush up about Stig, he will come to destroy us”, and yes everybody knows that the deal is rotten, right Leonard (?), and is this the secret network that Clinton is chief of (?), which is also where Putin is too, but not Obama, and yes sure.

And this is what the whole world has been in training camp to meet; how do we handle Stig (?), and yes with silence, “he will not get a word out of us”, and you have a local department in Afghanistan too to make money for the US weapon industry, thus the world, and then you don’t care about casualties because they will have to be killed anyway.

I received “brother’s in arms” by Dire Straits and was reminded how this song was the best to test fine stereo equipment on in 1985 – a symbol too – and this is why, these world leaders were brothers in arms and no one could afford to be revealed, which is why it would cost the head of people trying to, and was this also reason why (besides from wanting to reveal the truth of UFO’s to the world) that the two Kennedy’s were killed?

(Next row took 35 minutes).

But no, they could not murder me, they tried, and Putin was appointed to do this, but could not, and how do you feel about having had to kill Stig, Putin, who was brought to you to save you all (?), and no, you did not truly understand because Stig was just another of those “pure” ones, which you are used to kill, and how many have you killed/ordered killed over the years, “my good friend” (?), but you did not know that I operated with support from the top of your military offices with leaders thinking “we have to stop this insanity”, and these thoughts were sent to me as support.

This moral decay/ruin is what made me the most tired; world leaders did not even know about what they did when they tried to kill me, and this is also why your father died via the darkness they brought to your cousin, Jan, but no I – my father – am still inside Stig, and his death required that I had to hobble even more, which is what the story of Prince and my foot, which I kicked into the foot of my bed the other day bringing me a limp, is about.

No, he is not on his way in, is he (?), when will he arrive (?), and yes have you already prepared your document and defence speech to the world (?), and to this, I can only say DROP ALL “POLITICS” and acting, tear this apart and write the story from the beginning this time including the objective and full truth.

What happens in Bogota (?), and yes isn’t it funny that these “responsible” state leaders – some of them – are dependent on drugs (?), but certainly not you, Lars (?), which is were you put your limit (?) except from 5-6 times (?), and this is also why it is impossible to stop the drugs industry, and who has a grip on the Devil also there (?), and yes, the secret network has its purse out where there is big money – oil and drugs (!) – and works as a Mafia protecting these “industries” and the world as they say, and this costs a ransom – to protect the Old World Order including oil, drugs and also the military and industry, which is really as tasteless as it gets, right (?), and yes I do remember these “thoughts” given to me when I was half awake as a child about these world leaders preventing true development of the world, and also that this is solely about thoughts of God/myself.

What are you writing on now, and yes a file of resignation, isn’t it funny (?), and this is without mentioning these details, and don’t you think that you should include these too (?), well I do!

I was encouraged to write these notes into my script already this evening, but no, I was too tired, and decided to wait until tomorrow, even though this urge came to me pretty strongly over again, but no, I cannot do this anymore feeling as I do today too.

Is this the smallest red ship, which I am pulling in now?

This is what the world entrusted Clinton to stand in the lead of.

Your UFO has never before or since received such a task, Putin (?) – to kill Stig – and yes, who is to kill Stig (?) because he might become a problem to us, and yes Putin can, and you do remember (the headline of) my script from 2010 where I was told about Russia wanting to kill me, which was not very far after I published my scripts and website in February 2010, and then we knew what to do to bring the Universe to stand together behind me against this terrible darkness.

I was told about FC Barcelona and Ajax as examples of football clubs, and what is included in football (?), and yes black money, and where do they come from (?), from some of these schemes, and why is Putin “so big” (?), which is what you become when you are in control of the oil/gas production and industry of Russia and this is what is making you the most powerful man in the world according to yourself, Putin (?), but no, you are pompous and pathetic too.

Is there enough “power” in Helsingør – from people reading/understanding my Helsingør Facebook posts (I here feel Ole L., my Facebook friend and old local chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør in the 1980’s, where I saw him much, and I did also strongly yesterday) – to bring all of this forward (?), yes, sure there is.

Now there is not much darkness remaining in us, we have almost been turned around, and I felt how Putin used to be part of my simple minded voice of darkness and how he is almost light now, and yes he knows that nothing can stop Stig.

(This row took 35 minutes too).

Where do we have the Ninja (?) – of Japan – which is also deeply involved in this.

I felt more passage through my throat, and was told that it is via your throat that we all come out.

This is the most black and dense of all coal, which has become a diamond when we get out – I see how it is turning into this diamond.

The world wanted to kill me as James Bond throwing its hat after me, and this is happening inside the vault of creation self, this is where the gold of everything is, and to me, this is the most memorable scene of the James Bond movies, the throwing of this hat.

Without comparison, you are the one the Universe has used the most energy on pointing all of its energy to me to open everything, which is what the removal of this the most dense darkness of the world is opening to.

We first wanted to tell you this tomorrow, but we will tell you now. Has all of this setup now surrendered (?), yes there is nothing we can do against Stig/God, so now it is only a question on TIME, which is what “time” on Jette’s Google Earth pictures are about.

Has Stig also been researched by dream researchers (?), and yes no one can make this up.

This is what the management of Helsingør would approve, if you asked for it, which is a thought I had about the new and much criticized serving wagons on the main square of Helsingør, which is to build a slanting roof on them to make them look better, and yes evilness of the world reached the city before you, which was the plan to lock you up behind closed bars – to make you “completely disappear” – but no, you also could not do this, which among others is also because of my email to all of the Danish Parliament, which was a big enough group (not being a part of the pay scheme of the secret network – you have to reach higher in the system to be included) for this evil world not to kill, so they were my shield/hostages, and the plan succeeded.

This was the plan of darkness, to put me away, and Bjarne was chosen to set me up. This was the secret network as my main opponent, they knew everything about me, and I knew nothing about them, and still I won, and I here see a whole new young man, as king, emerging, so this is to lift of the whole level of creation to my son of the Source, and without this action towards me, this could not have been done, so this is how it was thought of, and that is if I had enough energy not giving up.

These are my slippers, which they bring, and they like to apologise too because we did not know that you could get out of the iron grip we had around you.

I was shown the lunch that Christoffer from Falck in Lyngby bought for us when I stopped working there, because he was happy about me, and I was told that this is what he is also helping to open, so you are speaking about me again (?), and he remembers me for the good, and did you ever solve your invoice process problems?

This is the original picture we have saved for you, and I was shown the Picasso museum in Malaga, which I visited in 2007 with great pleasure, and I was told that Costa del Sol is also an incredible valuable place to me.

Do you have someone as smart as Paris Hilton as part of this secret network to? So Putin & Co. are part of my dark skeleton.

I was told that the Capitol Hill – the U.S. Congress – is also not what it looks like, but a “UFO station”.

It was Tenerife that we would open the door of because you should not be strong enough alone without your father to go up against the world, which is why we had worked out another way, which was to make this secret network believe that it had won over me – putting me away – and then “boom boom” to bring the last inner part of me.

I was shown Arnold Schwarzenegger looking up a dark skyscraper and helicopter, and yes he was also part of this network, but no you cannot work against me becoming a true TERMINATOR yourself, can you, Arnold?`

(This row took 40 minutes to do, I had a few other things to do too, and the writing speed is decreasing now, I am becoming tired writing).

Do we still have a dark UFO hanging out there – feeling that I can see it from my window – and has Putin self been travelling with it to see the Universe (?) and also to witness that there is nothing to do (to kill me) because the signal is completely scrambled here where I live (?), so this is why you decided to let Stig vanish according to the new rules?

I was shown basketball, and was told that we only play about one ball, and had this ball come in the possession of the dark world, I would have decided to bring you the “boom boom”, and then you would receive absolutely nothing having fought in vain, but still you gave everything you had because you did not want to be revealed – for everything it took.

Grandmother with flash (?), and yes it was your father’s mother organising the explosion of the Teide volcano there, which is directly connected to the small hill in Snekkersten, at least in my inner world, but when it did not receive the order to explode via my acceptance of my “old nightmare”, we are still alive against all odds.

Yes, they speak about you at pubs and elsewhere in Helsingør, which is what is driving this forward, so this is my secret army bringing more of these to work on my side.

No, you are not a dead rock star, which is about David Bowie receiving a heart attack in 2004 not long after having “met” me at the concert in Copenhagen – I feel him strongly here – so this is why he also worked on my side, and yes as many other musicians/actors/famous people around the world too because the secret about me could not be kept secret, which the secret network could do nothing about.

Has Bo – from Dahlberg – also been offered admission (?), and how many should they try to get with them over on their side using money and sex as the temptation, and as you know, it takes absolutely nothing to tempt Bo after his border was first broken, which is really how it works for these people, once you have accepted and tried sexual indecency etc. there was nothing to hold you back?

This is how to stop “magic”, which is about “medicine” – psychoactive drugs – impeding spiritual voices/communication, which also was a fight against me as part of the fight of light/darkness, and they know it also making the medical industry part of this secret network as many others too.

So they had put chairs in front of the door blocking it and making it impossible for me to enter, but their weakness was their own gossip when they could not keep their mouths shut about me, which then became my strength when the knowledge about and faith in me spread.

This is how the most powerful empire ever fell, which was strong enough to keep itself secret to the mainstream world, but not to keep me out.

This empire is now panicking and about to rot up not knowing what to do, this is the effect of my email to the United Nations.

I received a strong pain to the bone on the left side of my ankle of my left foot and was told that it is here we are hidden.

So you are not the son yet, but strongly on your way becoming it.

And they also lost to salad (!), which was another “iceberg” they sailed into because of the energy it gave me starting to eat this much, which my mother recommended me to do maybe one year ago or longer, and we used the energy of these optimal.

I received a mark to the top of the last front teeth to the left in my lower jaw, which is where I have a hole, which I have had since 2006, which the dentist also here did not discover – I feel it including this “cold” characteristic feeling – and I was told that they would have come out of this tooth, but nothing can live outside me.

We will now see if we can get this through your throat too, and this is because he, i.e. me, said that he did not want to cut the lifeline. This is why we bring the last straw including the biggest secret of the world, and yes, Lars Løkke I keep receiving the soud and vision of you – HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU SINK SO LOW (?), and not only you, but the world elite?

I received a sound to the window frame between my living room and balcony, and was told that this is the last part of the frame self, i.e. the membrane of darkness, separating you from the Source, and when this is gone, we have opened everything, this is why you receive marks to your heart region including small heart attacks.

This is enough darkness to make the world disappear, but no you say “hold out”, I have to sleep before I will be able to write all of these notes in my script, and yes just receiving the notes during the evening was a pain.

(This row took 35 minutes to do).

I received marks to my right ankle and was told that this also means that you are on your way out of here too.

I felt how this darkness potentially includes the absolutely worst sexual torments, but it has almost no strength being this close to the Source of “nothing”.

Yes, “talk talk” is the only thing they had no control of, and this is what saved us all, it’s my life, you know!

I received the sound of plastic splitting/opening on two chairs at my balcony – yes, this is how the sound and vision too was – and I was shown a giant spirit at my balcony, and how he took off his right shoe.

China is part of this too.

Yes, you are heartfelt welcome, and this is what all three of us had to do, my mother, John and I, which is that we were all very close to dying before I wrote my email to the United Nations – and I am here given the STRONGEST burning pain inside my left foot – which is what we had to do to bring this monster ins of me, and North Korea is also part of this game set up to bring fear to the world, and yes the balance of power can easily go wrong making the system of computers take over in a nuclear war out of control.

We wanted to disappear, but now we much rather want to enter the New World tool.

I received the feeling of Elijah, and no, he “cannot” write an email to me despite of several encouragements to do this, which I have given him this month, because you “cannot” understand me, Elijah?

So it was the management of this secret network ordering people not to speak about me, but it was impossible to stop gossip of the Devil self behind the bag of people, and this is his own weapon, which we used to win for light.

Is there a whole system of black money about overtaking the football world (?) making it even more corrupt than it is now – feeling the CORRUPT leader of North Korea here, how much are you paid to keep your people and the world in an “iron grip” (?), and I receive many smiles here, because we know too that you have won – and it is from here that we are walking directly to our New World.

Most of the people of this secret network want to return home to me, but the system “could not”. This is what darkness mooring to my harbour is about.

This is the halo, which I feel strongly, that we exchange to the opposite because all of these men and women of the world elite are my most inner, my closest, who were stationed as world leaders to stop me as darkness but in reality the supported me with their warm feelings inside of darkness from where they wanted to escape (if only they could).

This was the setup – to lock me up – which was setup when your father died, and yes your father’s power worked with you when he was alive as your mother’s do too, and when he dies, he worked for darkness to kill you, which is why this new scheme of this secret network was launched against you.

In reality, everything is blue and diamond in here, which you will see when you enter, and it is inside here in the middle that we have the only ship – or submarine – of everything, which I was shown inside a hangar, and this is where we really already are, which you now decide to enter too.

And I was given the feeling of Michael Sadler too also following my new Facebook posts, Michael (?), also including my email to the United Nations, so maybe I am not that crazy as you, the band and Andrew thought I was in the beginning (?), and yes you know from experience that people become “shocked” about you when hearing about you the first time, and over time via my many Facebook posts, people become used to me, which is what is bringing many over on my side.

It is first when we come inside this last ship that we will have secured our survival.

I received the strong “order” to “switch him off”, which is about switching all life off, and I was told that we have not calculated any remaining life time here, and I am here shown ancient Roman soldiers standing on the incredible narrow top floor, and it is way too small for them to stand up, but still they make it.

Can you feel the desperation – I was shown John Kerry as example – and yes, it comes to me strongly wanting to make me desperate, and this is about the feeling of this secret network closing down, and with this a whole monopole of the Universe is closing down because Earth took the Universe as hostage because we are not evil as they, and Earth decided that we could work for them as their “slaves” too, and it is all of this global empire of the Universe built up for decades, which is now breaking down because of this email of yours including the “fine” feelings of Clinton, who cannot take the scandal of his sexual escapades.

This is the prize of this evil world when I convince people in Helsingør that I am not crazy, this is why.

This is how to extract snaps from nothing, which is to make two extremities – plus/light and minus/darkness – and pull them apart, and then to lift them and keep what is in the middle, which is what they created, which if physical life, which we now take over, but as “nothing”.

Isn’t it funny that the NGO industry is also part of this secret network not telling the world the truth about Dadaab as example, which is about refugees being allowed by the official world to die without telling the world the truth about it, this is “classified/secret information” as I showed you in 2009, and the leader of LWF in Geneva, Hitzler, knew about it when I told them that I wanted to bring the truth about Dadaab to the world, which they “could not” allow me to do as part of LWF because of “political reasons”!!!

And what is driving these world leaders (?), and yes sex, power and money, and because of this extreme selfishness/sinful life, they brought the Universe as their hostages sticking at nothing to get what they wanted including the slaughtering of billions of people (!), and what do you have to say about this, Hillary?

I was given this potentially INCREDIBLE pain inside the back side of my left lower leg and I was told that it is just me outside on the ship here (on my balcony) giving you this because I want to get out.

And yes, the last part took 40 minutes to do, and I can almost not hit the keys correctly anymore with my hands hurting, but now it is lunch time, and afterwards time to do a summary and afterwards to go to the library to do improvements of the script, and there may be some Google Earth pictures to comment/include too, so maybe around 16.00, I will have published this for the world to know.

Google Earth: a new channel of souls between Britain in Denmark

A couple of Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show her previous eye operation on the sky (!), and a new channel of souls between Britain in Denmark.

FB 290713 Jette 1

FB 290713 Jette 2

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I received this additional comment from the Helsingør in Pictures Facebook group from the simple minded Robin, who decided to laugh of me and to bring this picture of three monkeys, and I was told that this is inspired because in my email to the United Nations and the Danish Parliament, I described the Parliament as monkeys in a monkey cage being more interested in receiving votes than doing the only right thing, and this is to confirm that the Danish Parliament has received and also understood my email, but no, everyone is silent, I have no one on the line, and still this is also the power bringing us all to “nothing”, and yes using you as the line self.  I told Robin that the one laughing last, laughs best and even he will in the end understand just how big a fool he was.

FB 290713 HIP

  • This made Gitte say that “Jesus does not judge!”, and no, I do not but my father does through me, right (?) and Jan concluded that because of this, Stig is NOT Jesus despite of how much he wants to be (!), and yes, as you  can see, there is no limits to their stupidity and better-knowing ignorance. And again, I received strong encourage to write, and to write as much as I did continuing to receive ideas of what to include – which I have an old Deja Vue about itself, which is my fight if I can/will do my best or cut corners, but not many of those I have cut – and I told them t the purpose of my life self is to JUDGE, where I was the only man on my team when starting because the world cannot – “more or less” – behave, work and communicate properly, and only by taking the sins of the world as my sufferings, I could save all life of the Old World to be recreated as new life of our New World. And had I been as lazy, negative, uncontrollable and better-knowing as they, the world had gone under years ago, and only by biting my teeth together doing my best resisting the strongest darkness tormenting me every second, I could give them my JUDGMENT, which is to receive eternal life and happiness of our New World as God’s gift to man. And again I told them to decide to be open and positive instead of following their negative inner voice believing that I am crazy because this is the FREE WILL you have, which is to do RIGHT instead of WRONG, and you know what is right, but still you cannot do this and decide to show your rotten behavior because this is how your poor habits have created you. Decide to be positive/open and to understand instead of misunderstanding, create happiness and not the opposite, and yes the whole city has brought sufferings to me because of your ridicule of me, which is what simple and stupid people do.

FB 290713 HIP2

  • But still they continued being ”funny” and stupid on my behalf with John wanting me to predict the coming Lotto coupon, Sisse believing that “last week you were the reborn Jesus” (which I still am also this week, Sisse, which you “could not” understand?), and she believed that there is no end to all of this foolishness (!), and crazy Carsten said that it is Messia, who has resurrected, completely amazing, shouldn’t we invited CNN and BBC, a pure sensation as he said, and no, you don’t have to, Jette did this already the other day on one of her Google Earth pictures, and this is the inspiration coming to you, And Birgitte ”knew” that people like Stig are not dangerous before a crowd of people start following them, which has terminated millions of people (!) and then she said that “fortunately most people nowadays are logical thinking people and most don’t follow more than cows when one is booing (mooing?) loud”, and isn’t it funny that you wrote this, Birgitte, with cows being the symbol of Buddha/God and when you say “mooing loud”, this is what I do to you, this is what you were really saying, and we were “small laughing” of this really. and Lars – who has been kind to me before in his Helsingør in Pictures group (this is the “crazy about Helsingør” group) – believed that this is a “pretty entertaining thread”, and yes this is what he said, and no, none of these stupid and lazy people were smart enough to understand, but others here were.

FB 290713 HIP3

  • Adiba has been encouraged to create this website called ”awakening” – besides from her Facebook page “time to awake” – and yes it includes channeled messages and her “dream” about holding courses/lectures, which is what we tell her to do as darkness speaking to her because she “cannot” understand that I am the Source (speaking to her as darkness), and yes her price for a two hour lecture is 250 DKK, which by the way is called “We have lost connection to the Source (= God) – why” (?), and yes, Adiba, I am VERY interested to hear what you and your spiritual voice believe is the reason after you have abandoned me as a Facebook friend and blocked me from commenting on your Facebook page above, and yes her “course” taking 2½ hours cost 500 DKK, and she hopes to attract 6-8 people giving her “more than a fair pay” – let us say it as it is “GREED” (!) – and yes, I wonder how you will feel like also awakening and being told that you were yet another “fool”, who could not read/listen and understand as so many others, thus bringing you this darkness, and no, you don’t understand (?), is that what you have asked the Source about me (?), and first and foremost, it is your task as human being to understand what is both logical and the truth instead of having your head to deep in the spiritual world believing what you are told without questioning it.
  • Bente said that “we found Holger” and brought a picture of Holger Danske and this is the original version of him sitting in the cellars of Kronborg Castle, and not the copy from Hotel Marientlyst, which was sold to Jutland – which is used as a circus attraction now for the highest bidder bringing disgrace to it – and what this was really about was to say that some people of Helsingør has found me, i.e. have faith in me.

FB 290713 HIP Holger

  • In my previous email to LTO I told Elijah and John that I would not send them money, but everything to David and Meshack, if they “cannot” communicate with me – incredible what “laziness” do, and this made John give me the excuse that he is far away from town not having access to email or phone, which is really “pretty strange” because I have noticed three notifications on Facebook of you looking at different photos within the last week, and everything I thought that it is amazing that you have time and money to do this, but you cannot send me an email (?), and now you tell me that you have not had access to phone or email (?), and yes, John, this is not what Facebook says. But still I am happy to be hearing from you, but you would make me much happier if you decided to send me an email because you like to keep contact with an old friend instead of because you are depending on my money, this is NOT how I was hoping for you to react, and it is nice of you to tell me that you will read my scripts, but will you really or is this a new empty promise (?), and you do remember my old teachings NEVER to promise what you cannot deliver (?), and yes do NOT make empty promises to “please” people. All the best for you and your family, John, and no, I did not hear from Elijah, and why is that, Elijah (?), which you know meaning that I will cut you off from receiving my emails and money tomorrow, and the question is if the team will then send you money (?), or do you need money at all or have such a good business that you can take care of your own (?), and what do I know (?), and yes nothing when you “cannot” communicate and also not understand, which is the challenge/burden of your life.

Stig email til LTO 280713

Email John 290713

FB John 300713



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