July 31, 2013: Mogens Lykketoft brought my email to the Presidium (secret world government) now having given up to God


Summary of the script today

30th July: Mogens Lykketoft brought my email to the Presidium (secret world government) now having given up to God

  • Dreaming of Angela being a call centre transporting life to our New World via her faith, doing a sale to bring all life with me, and not working in a faster speed that I can do.
  • We are still bringing in the New World to the Source just having to put up our four back chain intact. There is no more rooms/airports of darkness for me to enter. The other day I was strongly encouraged to include Mogens Lykketoft, the chairman of the Danish Parliament, as the first and top receiver of my email to the United Nations, and today I was told that he decided to send my email to the Presidium of the secret network of the world, which is where he has been placed himself as a member by God’s cousin, the Devil. He fell for the trick and brought my email to the Presidium, and they have now surrendered too deciding to leave the store. It is from here that we have brought out everything (all life inside darkness). When Putin and the secret network could not kill me because I received full support from the Universe protecting me, this is how they found out that I am the one. This Presidium thought that I had lost my head, and it was required for them to change and become a “fan” of me for me to come through here. The secret network took over the “operating system” of the world as darkness, and it is the Presidium on top, which is working as the secret government of the world, and deciding if it can meet my terms for it to resign, which it did, and only because they know that I am God, and I am the only one they can surrender to. Crisis/wars etc. of the world were planned here to consider the Military-Industrial complex. It is Mogens Lykketoft’s task to inform me of the resignation of the world, but can you, Mogens (?), and can you speak out the full truth openly, directly and honestly (?), which means that man will open the last membrane of darkness to open for the Source, and if you “cannot”, I will do it for you. The inner Universe of God was hidden inside “the wrong entrance” also symbolised by the hidden secret government of the world. This secret government was the command central (over the world) of God as darkness, and I am now changing darkness to light from the outside taking over the original ship of God. We have now brought the whole world in a state of alert and stand by.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Niels Bohr as a cock (?), open Sesame, oneness to be, and Dr. Livingstone I presume (finding the old man inside the Source).
  • Short stories of “information for the Danish people” also being too lazy and better-knowing to understand me, Johannes speaking of the secret government “shaking their pants”, and Helena advertising for long hair/force of the Source.

31st July: We are so deeply inside the Source that there is no more resistance – we have rebuilt everything lost getting here

  • Dreaming of Leif sending me strong darkness, the Danish Parliament happy about my New World Order, changing a fundamental error of creation, Allan from the library helping to open the Source, and Jimmy having received a big spiritual opening to me.
  • I was COMPLETELY out of energy today, I was dry, nothing was left and not being able to do anything at all, but still I did my work and more – it was again the worst torture to come through. The pig of our New World received a giant stamp on it welcoming it to the warmth of the Source. This is the serve for set and match. The secret network of the world and Mogens Lykketoft hurt much these days. The European Union did not grow big, they were meant to be the body of the evil New World Order, and they have withdrawn too as after-effect of my email. It is with the attitude “you are not negative” of your mother and John that we turn around the world. We are now so deeply inside the Source that there is no more resistance of darkness/creation, and I felt the spirit of the “the old man” now being free in the room around me – having left his/my prison. The secret network has created Facebook “fan groups” sharing my scripts, comments and “exciting pictures” of the Source to be seen in space etc., and they have been writing about and preparing my arrival for a long time. We have created a feature of the central Source making it possible for all life to decide for its “settings”, which will be saved and can be used from anywhere forever. The world brought MUCH sacrifice to help me enter and bring everything to the Source making it look like “a bombed privy” as the result, which we have now used months to rebuild everything to make it look the best when we will open it for everyone to experience.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a picture almost like a photo, storms with souls around, North Pole, thin up and bad thoughts.
  • Short stories of Leif speaking/lying about me, “save me now”, and a new song for Elijah.


30th July: Mogens Lykketoft brought my email to the Presidium (secret world government) now having given up to God

Dreaming of Angela being a call centre transporting life to our New World via her faith

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 07.30 and I was told before sleeping that the they are now instead preparing my arrival – or my son or both – and it is Karen bringing me this ship from the hall – and I had these dreams.

  • Kim S. has invested in Angela’s new call centre, I see her in a lightning to the right of the motorway, and I also see her business on front of an annual account, and I see her with a female partner, I have not seen her for seven years, and I almost don’t say hello to her. She has done an incredible job creating this business from scratch and today it is a big and professional call centre. She invites me to attend a course of 22 hours during the week, which I don’t have time for. She has a child in Azerbaijan.
    • It seems that Angela has received faith in me being an important and open call centre used to transfer life from the Old to the New World, and this is only because you are serious as I am told.
  • Kim S. has decided to use a young and inexperienced man to meet a big, potential client alone to make a sale, and Kim asks him if he does not want to have Jørgen with him, which he rejects, and it makes me sad that he does not use me, my experience and verbal communication skills.
    • I had the feeling that this client is the association of accountants thus being a symbol of all force/life ever, and the young man may be me having to bring this home even though I am also the elder of the dream, which is about how Kim misused my true skills for years making me sad and also destroying my private life too, this is how important it was to me not being able to express the self I had inside of me. “Jørgen” is an old symbol of money, i.e. energy, which I do without.
  • Something about a woman wanting to buy an apartment on West Amager knowing that she has to move if a war comes. I also had a dream about running in my page with a young man running faster, and I try to follow him in his page, which is really a much faster page than what I can do feeling as I do.
    • Amager is darkness, and no, I decided yesterday evening not to run faster than I can by writing the last of my script of yesterday, which I first did this morning.

Mogens Lykketoft brought my email to the Presidium (secret world government) now having given up to God

I received the very beautiful “Blackbird” by Paul McCartney/the Beatles, and the lyrics “Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Take these broken wings and learn to fly, All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise”, and “this moment to arise” came over again.

It costs the nose of a jet fighter to come here.

You have to make sausages – which is here “faeces” – to do this, but no we did without.

I received one of the lesser known, but to me one of the most beautiful songs of Elton John, which is “Belfast”, it is truly INCREDIBLE beautiful :-), and it came together with the message that there will be no more war/violence of our New World, but then darkness asked “let me hear it and enjoy for just one minute”, which was its desire to enjoy bombardments before turning into light and this is about this secret network of world leaders.

Is there creation of queue (?), yes because we drive on time.

And it is us, the same who does the worst darkness, who will be producing this immense warmth.

I received a cold this morning to show me sufferings of the world, which may be my mother and John, for having had my sleep.

It has already been taped what you see here.

So we are bring ALL of the lake inside of him there (?), which is the New World entering me as the Source.

I received periods of extreme and red dizziness (“nothing”) when writing the script of yesterday.

I was given the feeling of Las Vegas, and yes this is the biggest “game” in the world, and we are already warming up – because of the effects of my script of yesterday after it will be finished and published – and also to bring you out of this last jail of Costa del Sol.

We have now packed your last lunch package. And yes, we can freely chose all kinds of dried tomatoes from inside of here (?), and yes another sweet delicacy.

I was told that I was followed also in the Mallorca airport in 2007, and your mother has been under surveillance too.

So this is what this secret network did, they took over the “operating system” of the world, and this was the system they did as darkness.

There is no bathroom on this new hotel we are going to and I feel Egypt. There is not any HK over Falck these days (wanting to stop my memo on the Internet), because they remember the good about me.

And then we just have to put up our four back chain intact, and then we are there.

This possession of Queen Margrethe was also brought to her as a gift to help me and the world if I should “lose it”, and yes meant to be opened/used in case the world succeeded to kill me.

No, we don’t have another airport, where we will try to throw you out.

Yes, it is truly a “hair rising” tour you have been through, we are sure that your mother will think so too when she will know of course, and know that it was her lack of faith in you providing everything.

I went to the library and met Leif again, who talked about a “black job” of his cleaning a sausage wagon every two weeks in Copenhagen not letting the system know about it, which is about my cleaning of darkness, and he spoke much – it would take no end, which was not nice when you are TIRED and have work to do – about how the police cannot catch him via their hidden locations on roads because he knows where they are, which was about how I managed to escape darkness.

When working at the library during the afternoon finishing my script of yesterday, I received pretty strong pain to the back side of my left lower leg, and I was told about opening the refrigerator door.

We will close the kindergarten (of people, who “cannot” behave, work and communicate) soon.

I was told about the Danish Parliament about to have finalised a big package for me.

It is coming to your mother and is right under her skin and the strongest just before she is awakening in the mornings.

No, there is nothing we can do to scare him, he doesn’t care, he will publish his script of yesterday not thinking twice.

I continue receiving feelings of Tommy, John’s brother, these days.

When is the violence we bring Stig, the most clear to your mother (?), and yes in the mornings, and does it include information that she and John are main responsible of this (?), and yes it does.

No, you are not more crazy than you have been taken up by the highest council too inside the Danish Parliament, and yes, Mogens Lykketoft, the chairman of the Danish Parliament, whom was the first man I was strongly encouraged to include as receiver of my email to the United Nations the other day, brought your email directly to the secret network of the dark world, and isn’t it funny, Mogens, that this is what you were “designed” to do receiving this much responsibility from me, and this is what he thinks about himself having difficulties to understand that he has been placed so highly not only in the Danish hierarchy, but in this secret network too, so now you understand, Mogens, this is where I brought you as I am told here too.

And no, I also don’t have an overview of Stig’s writings, which is what he is asked by this “council”, i.e. the Presidium self (!), as they also do not, so here you are, Mogens, as the most highly placed Dane in the world as member of this Presidium, and is there something you would like to confess to the world before it is too late and we have become our new selves, or are you a chicken/wimp too like the rest (?), and yes, Stig the game you have been playing is called to be “tougher than the rest” to make the world understand that I am indeed “the Boss” if you get such a small one (?), and yes Mogens, this “nice gentleman”, also became one of the most evil men of the world, and how could you, Mogens (?), and yes you simply could not help it, because you “have to” when you come up to a certain level?

And this was the assembly hall of the school, you cannot get any higher than this. This is where the evil plans of the world/Universe were designed, and these were the people keeping you in “state prison”. And they knew that your fear was to lose your cash help, but still they could not intervene directly on this because there are “clear rules” on what you have to do to live up to the requirements, but none of you noticed that I was really not unemployed?

Your mother cannot believe that you have grown this big and can or cannot take care of yourself?

No, it is impossible to ever close that refrigerator door again, once it is open, it is open for good.

No, we don’t receive cold feet for you doing this, and that is to publish my script of yesterday on Facebook at 16.15 when I had finalized everything.

Yes, now this is out too, and no, they have not killed him. He did it.

It is first now that we are putting the plates into the cupboards of this kitchen, and yes with the help of your new script.

I felt more darkness coming to me as crocodiles simply quickly entering the inside of me.

I kept on working until 17.00, and if I was tired both physically and tired of doing this work, yes, you bet!

I could tell you about just how wonderful it is inside this apartment but it does not help much if you don’t want to enter, which is about how I felt this afternoon, incredible down once again almost “losing it”, and yes how much darkness can there be (?), and was this the last level by now?

The job has now progressed as much that I can consider myself as inside.

I was shown ancient Egyptian signs all over on my mother, and was told that she and John have been “pumped up” with our new selves as I have too, and my mother has felt it but not understood it.

The story about CIA, who did not understand/believe in you – the CIA, an INTELLIGENT service???

We really could not do this without writing and publishing this quickly, and I understood that when I decided to sleep instead of writing, it really was not possible to do this – without help of the Source self, which was confirmed earlier in the day when Allan at the library spoke about him not being able to come through with the train to Copenhagen being stuck at Klampenborg, and when I speak to him, I am still having trouble finding words and speaking fluently, which is because of his darkness, and I am still given strong feelings of him being homosexual when I speak to him.

It is not the first time that the secret network has killed a dissident claiming to be Jesus, but the first time that they did not succeed not being strong enough, which was solely because I succeeded to get full support from the Universe, and this is how they found out that I am the one.

Yes, it is Mogens Lykketoft, who is darkness and my access to this body of the Presidium. Is he my last lifeline out (?), yes, he fell for the trick and brought my email – as I had asked him to bring to the United Nations – to the Presidium, which we also wanted, so without Mogens we would not get the message we have received now, which is that they have now surrendered too deciding to leave the store.

And it is through this we bring all of those bags (creations), which is the equal of the world to the darkness of Karen, and this means that we will completely lift your sufferings, and I felt an opening coming.

It is from here that we have brought out everything, which is from the uppermost council of the world.

Well, isn’t it funny that they thought you had lost your head, but still they could not accept your very direct writings, and I was given the feeling of the Phantom and told that it required for them to change and become a “fan” of you for you to come through here, and yes “Stig is not crazy”, so this is about the same negative characteristics of people here as everywhere else – “more or less” – which is talk to much, being lazy and better-knowing ignorants etc.

I was given the feeling of Pia Christmas-Møller, which I have for a few days, and I felt “Christmas” all over.

It is an unusual ugly bicycle you have, and yes they became tired of you deciding to take you down too.

I only came here by continuing every day to work passing “impossible” pain and by not giving up also not deciding to pass on my pain to my mother/the world because I could not take more. This is how we saved the most inner/deepest darkness of my mother, which was also the most important.

But you cannot do this, yes ask us to resign as the United Nations of the world, but yes, this is what I have asked you to do, and I was told that this Presidium works as a secret government of the world, and do we accept (?), and yes of course I ask you to resign too including all bodies of the secret government.

All of the wrongdoings they did to the world brought sicknesses, poverty, climate change etc., and had they behaved correctly instead – as the top of the world – they would have sent the opposite to the world. This is what they asked the Source to send.

And is this what is now happening (?) – this secret government and the United Nations resigning – after they have seen proof of whom I am, and who doesn’t want to surrender to God (?), who is the only one they can surrender to, which is what my email also brought.

So my “kill kill” voice also came from here.

Is it so that the crisis/wars of the world are planned here to consider the Military-Industrial complex – and then governments/politicians of the world perform an act to the public assisted by the media?

Now we don’t have much more we want to reveal so now you can enter the ship and change everything from minus to plus, and I was given another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I felt Mogens Lykketoft and more darkness at the balcony, and is there anything more (?), and yes he has received the task to inform me that the world want to meet my terms, and what will it be, Mogens (?), do you have the courage to write the full truth directly, openly and honestly as I have requested (?) and not the usual cautious language of politicians (?), and yes give me your best “speech” as you also did in you resignation-speech of 2005 as chairman of the Social Democratic Party having lost the election, and yes I now understand why I believed and also wrote a long time ago that this is one of the best political speeches I have heard (at least this is what I believed at the time not having heard it since), and when you could do this then in the moment of defeat, you can do it again, Mogens, or have I overestimated your abilities?

This is the strawberry coming together with ice cream, which is the Source coming together with sufferings.

I still received some darkness wanting me to be negative, and who is this ice cream (?), and I am told about Mogens also deciding to give up when seeing my email.

It is still a big suffering of mine receiving and writing down all information that I am told not knowing what is the truth and what is not, but as usual, there is only one way to play the game, and that is to write everything down knowing that the truth is the most inner and what comes through, and sometimes it is tough holding on to this game, but since this is the only way to play it, there is really nothing else I can do.

I was given a small sound to my oven and was told that there is nothing more here, everything has come out now.

What am I supposed to do (?), and I felt Mogens Lykketoft and insecurity, and Mogens, there is only one advice to give you and that is to tell the truth as it is.

For days I have heard “American conditions coming”, which is about the kind and helpful attitude of Jacob Holdt as another part of me coming.

I have felt Oliver from the A2B course in Gladsaxe (2010), and was told that he has also helped you, which means that people from Lyngby Commune speak about me.

Isn’t this all the way up to the drill itself that we have arrived (?), and I see this and an oval container below it, which is the container of everything/all life.

Which role did the Presidium play in relation to the economical crisis (?), and yes did they remove financial regulations making everything “free” for market forces to “optimise profits” (?), and yes, this is how to bring the world to an end too.

We have now been inside the wrong entrance where we agreed that nothing was, but it was here that we – the inner Universe – were hidden also symbolised by the hidden and secret government/Presidium of the world.

And it is Mogens, who is allowed to bring you the gift, and yes Mogens, do you have the courage to bring me this ship of the Source via the resignation of the Old World to transfer it from darkness to light (?), and yes it has to be perfect, so this is what I am asking you, and of course you are also welcome to come by for a cup of coffee, and no, I will NOT bite the head of you, I am sure we will have a pleasant conversation, and while writing this I am given strong feelings of Mogens including his nervousness, and yes, Mogens there is nothing to be afraid of, simply do what is RIGHT and stop any “political” motives, and yes speak the full truth and only the truth, and remove your old poor habits as politician, which should not be that difficult (?), and yes it is ONLY about taking a decision, and when you have done it, just to do it. Are you a coward or a hero?

Have we succeeded convincing your mother and John that you were positive and not negative (?), and yes this was also a condition.

I received the feeling of Mogens Amdi Petersen from Tvind, and the story I wrote about his totalitarian school community last year was to show the world that I do NOT believe in totalitarian regimes.

When I wrote about this secret network having given the order to pilots of UFO’s around the Universe to end their work, this is when they gave up, they knew that you were coming.

So this is about the last membrane of darkness and whether the world or I will open it, and this is your last chance to come out and do what is right – can you?

And this membrane is my cross and behind it is my treasure chamber full of gems as I am here shown.

We have built an inner Universe inside of here, which also cannot be done, and we are now on our way towards a lift as I am shown and it crosses a dirty road with much disorder on the way there.

Which meaning did Mørdrupskolen – my old school in Espergærde – have (?), and yes if the whole school, and not only the sport hall, which burned down in 2011 or 2012, had burned down, it would have meant the end of the world.

And what happens if Mogens does not have the courage (?), and yes, I will NEVER give in to my “old nightmare” to break this membrane of darkness meaning that it can only be “the old man” then, who will open this.

So it is just me you have collected from the outside, and this was coming from the balcony too, and not the oven.

Darkness of this secret network tried to get round without being revealed, and I was told that if I had been locked up on psychiatric hospital, I would also see us coming out via this secret government, but then it would require that I blew it up, and this is what I can calmly say that you will never receive my approval to do.

We would also not have come through without the warning of Ole R. (my old colleague from Aon) weeks ago.

This secret government was the command central (over the world) of God as darkness, and yes you can have a look, but don’t touch anything because the world have not transferred it to you.

I was shown myself inside the rotor of a helicopter changing its black rotor to a white, and this is what we will do even if you don’t want me to – which were the words given to me, which I wrote in one of my comments to the “crazy about Helsingør” Facebook group.

We decided to stay inside the State Prison to finish this work, and it is inside of there that we have decided to place you, and this is because I was allowed by the secret government to walk right through it.

No, Stig does not work for anyone, he is working completely alone, which is what you discovered too?

I was told about Helsingør – a province town speaking behind the back of people, which is what they do the worst in province towns where “everyone knows each other” – speaking about my mother too and me being her son, and yes she is known to many people here for having lived here for more than 30 and almost 40 years in fact.

The force of the Source is many times stronger than the force of my mother, but still we have played the game as well as possible all the way through.

You cannot change the State Prison from outside (!) – yes you can, we have received special approval because we are you and you are us.

This is the man we left behind out on the stone bridge.

I felt that there were no limits to how tired without any energy and physically broken down I was this evening

I was shown and told that you are allowed to enter our Gallion even though you bring no mattress with you, and you are the first ever seeing this from the other side (of darkness), and it looked like the big ship of a pirate.

We have now brought the whole world in a state of alert and stand by.

Google Earth: Open Sesame and Dr. Livingstone I presume (finding the old man inside the Source)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Niels Bohr as a cock (?), open Sesame, oneness to be, Dr. Livingstone I presume (finding the old man inside the Source).

FB 300713 Jette 1

FB 300713 Jette 2

FB 300713 Jette 3

FB 300713 Jette 4

FB 300713 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I discovered a Facebook group called “information for the Danish people” and I shared my email there hoping that people would do their best to understand, but instead I met resistance of people to Obama not understanding that he is working inside the system against it not being the system, and I tried to tell them that what he “cannot” do being President of this system – quickly falling in disgrace by the system and Americans if he did (!) – I did in my scripts of more than 8,000 pages speaking the system directly against for it to understand, but no, people in here “hungry for the truth” did not understand that I have brought them the most important information ever (?), and why is that (?), and yes laziness and better-knowing ignorance once again.

FB 300313 Oplysning danske folk

FB 300313 Oplysning danske folk 2

  • On DR1 TV news at 21.33 this evening, my old TV2 “friend” Johannes, who is now “one of those fine journalists stationed in Washington” – what kind of “reception” to the secret system give a man like you, Johannes (?) – spoke about Manning below being prosecuted and indicted by the public system for having leaked hundreds of thousands of pages of “secret information” of the US Military and civil services, which the world has a right/”interest” to know (!), and yes according to the crazy system, it is criminal to inform the public about the criminal government even though the majority of the public is on his side (!) – how crazy does it get (?), and yes MUCH MORE THAN THIS when you will see what the secret world really did – and during Johannes’ speech, he could not help also to reveal himself for knowing about my email to the United Nations when he said the words “shaking their pants”, which you know is what I wrote that this secret government is doing right now, so welcome here again, Johannes.

FB 300713 Guardina Manning

  • Helena spent several hours in the hairdresser’s chair because the hairdresser had to do commercial for long hair, which is really about what I am doing telling the world about HAIR of our New World (force of the Source).

FB 300713 Helena


31st July: We are so deeply inside the Source that there is no more resistance – we have rebuilt everything lost getting here

Dreaming of the Danish Parliament happy about my New World Order and changing a fundamental error of creation

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept lightly until 07.20 – making me incredible tired again today – receiving these dreams.

  • I have been on dates with women I have met on dating sites, and I have repaid money to one I had borrowed from and forgotten to repay, whom I met in a German supermarket including MANY people. The remaining battery of my mother works. I cycle through Vapnagaard and also Borupgaard, where there are many people, and I am surprised to find an ATM at Borupgaard. I return money I have borrowed also making me have only very little money myself.
    • The dating site is about Leif bringing me much darkness speaking behind my back, which is what he simply LOVES to do when he also speaks behind the back of a lady here at the library, whom he does not like, and no, Leif, I do NOT like you to do this at all. Vapnagaard and Borupgaard are about more darkness that I am going through, and today, I will transfer money to LTO and I might only have little money again this month, which we will see when I will do my budget.
  • Lars Barfoed has asked me to do calculations, but there is something wrong, I keep doing part of the calculation and it does not fit, and it is an old error, which everyone has accepted as part of old exam papers, and then he gives the task to someone else instead, but he cannot do it at all not being able to use his calculator as I, so I am given it back and suddenly discover that you have to use Swedish currency and not German to make it work, and it makes all people of the Parliament happy about me as a novice being able to do what they cannot.
    • It seems that the Danish Parliament is happy about my New World Order doing as a novice what they “could not” do, and it seems that this opening is bringing us the ability to change a fundamental error of creation, which we have had to live with forever – until now, and I here feel Vivian, which is about Peter D. still informing Vivian about my Facebook updates?
    • The best is to get the number of Bundesliga matches and audience to match”.
  • I enter a BIG piano bar with dance floor and more at Frederiksberg, it is called “Niels Juel”, and it is Niels Jørgen Steen playing the piano.
    • Frederiksberg is a reference to Allan at the library also having opened to the Source, which the piano is a symbol of. Niels Juel was a Danish admiral and knight, and yes the admiral of the Gallion of the Source you know.
  • I am visiting Jimmy (from Selvet and my old meditation group) at his private home, he has said goodbye to his old girlfriend and received a new, and I am there to give new advice on his pension schemes, and he is among the top 3 of everyone having invited me for meetings on this. He receives a drink including rum, which he believes is the best he has ever tasted.
    • Jimmy seems to have received a spiritual opening to me too – but do you or do you not understand that it is to me this opening goes, Jimmy (?), and yes he abandoned me months ago when he “could not” handle me telling the truth about his old friend of the meditation group, who was clearly so open spiritually that everyone could see it – which you could not on me – and yes, what was his name, I have forgotten it, and this is because of the darkness you send me too, Jimmy, for having decided to follow darkness to find me instead of following me.

We are so deeply inside the Source that there is no more resistance – we have rebuilt everything lost getting here

We will build a ”wine yard terrace now”. Think about waking up in the mornings for freshly made bread.

I received the strongest sneezes yet; I am given “half a cold” as yesterday symbolising great sacrifices of the world.

He has a tendency of picking up rare coins.

I was shown a big ship brought into dock, which includes MANY small human beings.

I am also given feelings of sport stars knowing/speaking about me, and here it was Djokovic and also Messi, whom I have felt for days, and again, just examples.

For days I have received an incredible amount of “praise” for my work, which I have decided to place in the drawer called “too much appraisal”, which is NOT genuine, but darkness speaking.

And yes, can it really bet hat Elijah got ”mad at me” when I decided that I will not help him in his conquest to find sponsors for his NGO activities in Kenya and to help him sell his souvenirs in Denmark NOT understanding that I support NORMAL LIFE and direct help from person to person, which I would love to help you “promote”, Elijah, if you could just pull yourself together bringing life stories and pictures of children/people you would like to receive DIRECT help from people here (?), so once again, we sent you MADNESS/darkness of Elijah because of his “inability” to understand and once again, Elijah, your slow mind and inability to understand and control your negative temper was your main enemy only bringing sadness instead of happiness, and no, you “cannot” and WILL NOT understand, my old friend.

Was Nixon also part of this Presidium – maybe even the leader of it (?) – and yes together with Kissinger.

Again today I was too tired to do anything, and it is truly difficult continuing to work when you cannot and have to fight it every second, and I feel closer now than ever before at least to reduce the number of working hours per day.

No, you don’t throw out Ekstra Bladet with fish in it, and what is it about you, Poul Madsen, and this secret government, which you did not have the courage to ”break” when you could by sending the news of me on the street (?), please tell the world too what happened and what it did to you?

It was good that you did not attend the meeting of the Liberal Party at Constitution Day because they were kicking your behind and could not stop talking about you, and yes Johannes led it, and now you know better too?

Padborg, no they don’t do the tickets like this anymore (?), which is about crossing the German/Danish border. And then we will stop bringing him feeding bottle, which is what your mother does to John too (to me it is about giving me left-overs, gifts and some money still hating that I send money to Africa, which is what makes this game work too).

So Clinton worked as my locksmith.

They all had a tour down the béchamel sauce of my mother, i.e. receiving her love.

I received the feeling of Grethe’s (Hans’ God mother) husband Allan – and I was told that he is cold butter milk soup also making me this incredible tired because of lack of faith in me, and he has to be the last of this family not having faith?

And then a giant stamp on it – as I see, as if we are a pig receiving it – and then it is welcome to the warmth.

I did not have that much work today and ended writing at 13.00 and continued writing the summary of my July book, which was truly impossible to do feeling incredible poorly while I still did it.

I checked my Internet bank and payments, and the tax authorities are still withholding approx. 500-600 DKK in extra taxes for me to repay TV licence fees, and I decided to send DKK 2,250 to LTO and to keep DKK 1,316 for myself this month also having a haircut coming up.

Where are we going now (?), Rocky Mountains (?), which is where Obama wants to take me to help removing his sufferings too.

This is the serve for set and match.

You cannot continue kicking the ball up in the corner, but this is what I am shown that I do, and this is how much it hurts for the secret network of the world and here Mogens Lykketoft.

Your mother was created as the most simple person making it impossible for her to understand you, and your worst pain was that if and when you decided that you could not absorb more sufferings given to you, you could only direct it to her/the world, which would kill her.

I went from the library at around 14.00, transferred money to LTO and even though I was constantly feeling like fainting, I had to do shopping today and went to five supermarkets and cycled approx. 10 kilometre in order to get the best deals, and you cannot dream about not only how tired I was, but completely out of energy having nothing left to drive on and sweating very much too, and yes this was almost as difficult as in February when I could not walk. And when I was this close to loosening it, I was asked if it is now that we shall open, but I did not.

It is the very final ball being here now also waiting to come in.

I was given a strong feeling of my father’s wife, Kirsten, on parts of my body and was told that I have been created by her too meaning “some faith” in me, Kirsten?

It is with the attitude “you are not negative” of your mother and John that we turn around the world.

Here is a gift, and I felt both Obama and the Presidium at the same time, which has accepted him (as world president), and yes Stig does not do this for his own sake putting himself in front.

At around 17.00 to 18.00, I had run completely dry, there was nothing left inside of me, and I could not keep awake – even worse than normal – but still I fought it and came over this crisis too.

I was shown Egon from the Olsen-Gang coming out of Vridsløselille Prison, which is a “world famous scene” here, which is how every new film with this gang started.

We have now come as far in that there is no more resistance. I have brought you through via your cold (sacrifices of the world). I felt no more resistance between me and the balcony, and I felt the spirit of the “the old man” now being free in the room around me – having left his/my prison.

What will happen with you then, you are coming in here (at the digger), as I was told but I really thought that this will be the job of my son/daughter, and there off-spring will do the same, we will see.

I was shown a combine harvester harvesting all around me, and yes there are no fires here.

I felt Obama and was told that it is because of you, i.e. me, that Belgium (EU) did not grow big (they were meant to be the body of the evil New World Order), and they have withdrawn too as after-effect of my email, so now this is also on place.

It is Vivian that we have opened to.

No matter what, nothing can hurt your mother now, and at the same time we have no energy, and because of this, I suffered the worst today.

I was told earlier today about searching on “Stig” on the Internet, and this evening I was told that fan-groups about me have been created.

And we have shut Stig self out from here, and inside here, we can speak because it is invisible to the world, and what can’t people think of writing here about me, and who has access and sees and hears about this part of the Internet, and I am told that there are hidden Facebook groups about me, and Lisbeth from Berlingske has created one of these sharing my scripts there, and don’t you believe that it is about time that you invite me in and share your writings with the world (?), and no, I do NOT like for you to write and share your stories about me in secrecy, and not at all!

And I was told that the police, i.e. darkness, has had a long time to prepare my arrival and their disclosure to the, and it is from these groups that we know what they write.

And it is there that they put out exciting pictures of what can be seen in space right now – the arrival of the Source – and I was told that they prepare the Eagles to play for me as the first band of arrival because I simply love the start of their world hit “Hotel California” in their acoustic version with the DEEP drum in the beginning, which I used to test-listenings of the finest stereo equipment in the middle of the 1990’s, to the and yes of course from their “Hell freezes over”, and this is where they have seen development coming, and I am told about Christian Democrats of Italy too in relation to this.

Well, it is the whole duvet of the New World, which you have not yet received over you, because you first had to get all in.

I was given the feeling of the most wonderful Van Morrison concert I saw in Stockholm with René in 2008 at one of the small islands of the capital, and I was then told that the famous Gallion, the war ship of Vasa, in Stockholm is a symbol of my inner ship of creation and the Source, and here is one of Van Morrison’s MANY GREAT and BEAUTIFUL songs :-), and yes, when will you ever learn, my friend(s)?

I received a few low sounds to my balcony with no special messages included other than “nonsense” and smiles.

I was reminded about what Allan said at the library yesterday, which I did not write down, which could have a meaning, and yes he could not print out pictures because the store he used to use has closed down, and now he has found a new photo store to use instead, and he was unhappy about the setup of the computers at Helsingør Library – when sending pictures via emails via right click of the mouse – and yes, the need to have the same setup centrally stored to be used everywhere like Google has, but not like Microsoft stand alone programs where I have done the same, new setup every single time receiving a new computer for the last 20 years, and yes the idea is for everyone to be able to individually choose its settings, which will then work everywhere, and this is what we were talking about, so an “individual setup” of the world to be located in a central database saving you from much work at every update in the future, and yes somehow this is also related to the setup of our New World and this command central of mine.

I was shown myself as a wrestler on my way into a huge hangar, and I have a lorry full of furniture and light inside of it with me, and this is related to Elijah, because I told him several times about my dislike of the family and his children especially watching “simple minded” wrestling games on TV, so this is about darkness of Elijah sent to me because his simple mind cannot understand that I will not “help” him to receive sponsors for his NGO, and no, Elijah, this is NOT how I work, and still this is how you decided to work as the Devil instead of following in my footsteps to help people receiving help directly from sponsors here without the need of NGO’s, and did you totally forget about my teachings (?), and no, they did not sink in, he “could not” understand also when he “could not” read carefully.

Is there hole through the gramophone to the shelves of our New World, well sure there is.

We don’t even know what dress and colours to wear at the opening (of our New World), we have so much/many to chose from at our ship, which I am shown as our Gallion – Vasa you know – outside on the other side of my main door on the hallway with the door being the gate I have not gone through yet.

Do we here have some American buildings, which would be best to rent out before Monday (?), and yes let us check if there is more life inside.

Your mother will not look like a bombed privy after having come home, which has also been of importance to our work, which we have now corrected.

It is like being at Idrætsparken (the old Danish national stadium before it was rebuilt) and “nu nu nu” (“now now now”), which is about the world famous in Denmark sport speaker Gunnar “nu” Hansen, who always said “now now now” when speaking, and “now” is what it is about, “now, that’s what I call music” :-).

I received the feeling of Henry V of England speaking to me, as I felt Louis XIV of France the other day.

We ordered catering, and yes it cannot become nicer than this, which was also important to us, and how do you think it looks like when you did not want to and have been pulled in, and I see myself pulling an elephant (the world of my mother) in the tail out of the closet to follow me, and this is about the diarrhoea symbolising destructions, which I have been given all along and other symbols showing sacrifices of the world, and yes if the world did not sacrifice, I would have received “100 times greater pain” than I did, and this is about everything, which was sacrificed/destroyed on our way in, which we have now rebuild because, as luck is, we have some very good workmen here, and we did it before your arrival, or let us say before you will see it because you have already arrived.

This is also why you and John had to be extremely calm when your mother – for example when sitting next to us when we drive the car – when she is the worst/most nervous in the world.

Google Earth: Open Sesame and Dr. Livingstone I presume (finding the old man inside the Source)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a picture almost like a photo, storms with souls around, North Pole, thin up and bad thoughts.

FB 310713 Jette 1

FB 310713 Jette 2

FB 310713 Jette 3

FB 310713 Jette 4

FB 300713 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael wrote about the most common lies on the Internet saying that he never lies “despite of what you have heard on dating.dk”, which is about a dating site thus being a reference to Leif and the dream of the night with Leif spreading lies about me, or just speaks behind my back?

FB 310713 MW

  • “Save me now” :-).

FB 310713 Stig

  • This is the email/transfer I sent to LTO including a new song for Elijah, which he cannot get into his head.

Email til LTO 310713



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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