August 2, 2013: The ”grande scandale” of the world elite and its war plan to kill, torment and enslave humanity self!


Summary of the script today

1st August: The ”grande scandale” of the world elite and its war plan to kill, torment and enslave humanity self!

  • Dreaming of Poland sending me darkness, my old friend René both a central to transfer life and darkness bringing me sufferings, darkness of Bent, Søren H. and Peter, working for the Source loaded with energy and love, and driving my best in a supercar while suffering much.
  • I received Gasolin’s ”Pas på svinget i Solrød” (“look out for the swing in Solrød”) and the lyrics ”Oberatione multimillione internationale e grande scandale”, which was about a story I received via Facebook about the war machine plan of the secret government to attack mankind self killing, torturing, tormenting and enslaving ALL people not belonging to “the world elite”. This was done by the worst darkness of all, which is really by God to bring out the most feelings and fear of man to bring creation self, and the “the old man” is now dressing up, i.e. making ready for us to bring in the duvet of our New World. I have decided to write a chapter on this to my website, which will take some days doing, which is also bringing out even more dense darkness of this war machine, which will not give up, and darkness that we did not know existed before now. The secret government understood that they can do nothing fighting against me/God. I received the word “sorry”, which is the word on all minds of this secret network of the world having a poor conscience about what they did to man, and they are waiting for the media at any minute to bring the news about me bringing their final fall. It is first with the unpacking of the Source that we will grow out to our full size, which is “much bigger” than today. I was out of my body looking in outside yesterday to how to look like, which totally removed all of my energy. I continue work now to breaking the “thin membrane of darkness” to enter the Source. “The world elite” is united on a “secret IT network” making it possible for people to spy on me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my winds are coming, maybe a little stupid, several big faces, turning and going through, and abracadabra.
  • Short stories of Jerry having seen our New World of only truth coming, Steen connected to the gate of Sesame to the Source, the dark force of Michael Sadler, the world “could not” understand that sickness are NOT the problem, your living/behaviour/work/communication is, posting my email to the UN to a new Facebook group of “controversial news”, the evil New World Order killing/torturing/tormenting/enslaving man to the “world elite”, and Berlusconi and the evil world he symbolises are over and out.

2nd August: God was the brain of darkness to bring creation and located inside of Karen now being transferred to me

  • Dreaming of bringing out God from darkness and Naser Khader working for darkness of Washington
  • We are still playing a game of sufferings – now finishing it – even though we are the New World, which is still to do the last preparations of it before opening it to you. I continue working on a new chapter/page of the evil New World Order despite of receiving strong feelings wanting to enjoy my freedom with only little sufferings after my sufferings have reduced by 80-90% from a few days ago with the surrender of the Secret World Government, which is after having screamed in pain for years – with the negative voice of darkness attacking me – because of this evil New World Order, which is what was killing me/life self.
  • Confidential information of the evil New World Order was not supposed to get out – including material from Manning to Wikileaks, and from Snowden on NSA and MUCH more than this – but what do you do when it is first out, because you “cannot” kill all people directly reading this, it would be “too suspicious”, and yes not easy for a small group to kill the largest group.
  • I ask all leaders of and their religious organizations to file their resignation too, you will NOT be needed in our New World of One God, One People and One Philosophy (my scripts).
  • It is me (the most inner of God) that you are now transferring too – before I was divided into four, and it is here where the brain is, which is the brain of the evil New World Order to kill, torment and enslave man, which was given to man to develop with the only purpose that it is the friction between light and darkness creating the space called “creation”, which is what we bring with us to our New World when all darkness will now be switched off. This brain of God is located inside of Karen, which is now transferred to me too from darkness to light. God originally came out from his “prison” by coincidence seeing an eternity of the same as he, which he decided to bring out too before the final creation of our New World, which is what we have now done.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show waiting for mama to use her own ears and eyes, hum wearing a big summer hat, detective found the cross, cross gets bigger, ONENESS – to progress, beautiful music for “der Führer, Herr Clinton”, Gaia has spoken, stop war and pollution, and the Danish Queen having trouble leaving the dark world and resigning as Queen.


1st August: The ”grande scandale” of the world elite and its war plan to kill, torment and enslave humanity self!

Dreaming of working for the Source loaded with energy and love, and driving my best in a supercar while suffering much

I went to bed at 00.45 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I have received sausages, which I am delivering to a Pole, I am cycling with a Michael Jackson song, and go to Polish golf. I return just before closing time receiving delicious sausages at the main square of Helsingør.
    • “Golf” is also an old symbol of light vs. darkness, and is this about Poland also sending me darkness, which is leading me to the most delicious sausages at the very centre of the Source.
  • I am at a bank branch, which is also at my home, and my old friend René is on visit, and we watch an old business video of mine including an American management guru, and something about TDC (tele provider), which has to mislead and lost self-control. During the video, which is run on an Apple computer, there is an interview with an incredible beautiful and half naked lady, and there are also flowers on the square. It is now 04.00 in the following morning of New Years Eve, and I was together with René and Dorthe at midnight, but now he calls me wanting to continue partying, and he asks me about how long I can keep up, and I am so tired that I know that I cannot keep up, but still René makes me believe that I have to stay up the whole night and next day too.
    • This is about one of my old best friends, who seems to have been working as a telephone line too to transfer life, so you may have some faith in me, René (?), and still you “lost it” and spoke wrongly and negatively about me behind my back too (?), and you are so close on me that your wrong actions brought me my “old nightmare” and worst tiredness too.
  • I am at an office where Bent from Sparbank Vest is too, he has been fired, and I tell him that the best way to come back was to become the director then, and he is on his way home, and he puts his laptop and telephone on his way out, which I believe is for me to get, but when I get there later, it is not there anymore almost making me desperate, and I look at my phone seeing that it is a very old model, and it includes telephone numbers for Søren H. and others and also porn, but suddenly I see this phone magically turning into a new smart phone, so everything is alright. I meet Peter from Acta, who comes out from a meeting, and he speaks highly about having learned a new way of sales, and says that it is not like the boring Leonard Cohen and being unemployed, and first he is much committed about me and speaks on and on, but then he looses interest finding me boring, and I see that he now becomes Gert, Allan’s (my old school friend) brother.
    • It seems that Bent did not work as a telephone line, thus not having faith in me, thus bringing me the worst darkness too, and Peter is thinking of me, but also believe that my long writings are “boring”, which may be the same about Gert.
  • I have been employed at a new company, which is simply loaded with money, we have filled out questionnaires and these are the foundation of a competition, and I now see maybe 10 beautiful plants entering with names on them including the value of the gift, which follows, and I see that it is HUGE amounts (several hundreds of thousands of DKK for the best), and I also notice one plant, which has withered, which includes the name of Adiba, which I throw out, and I see my name on one of the healthy plants, but I don’t know which prize I will get. Later I am at the HR department, and I have wondered when they will understand and use my true skills being on a much higher level than they have understood so far, and a female HR employee cannot control her feelings, and I tell her strongly and loud about her unacceptable mood swings, which you just don’t do here, but I am happy when some of her managers say that they don’t disagree.
    • This is about the force of the Source combined with the flowers of my mother, i.e. love, and to get here, I had to go through the worst darkness symbolises by this HR employee having the power to dismiss me, and still I spoke against her telling her the direct truth about her, which other people understood.
  • I am driving out the finest and quickest Lamborghini in much snow, I have Camilla sitting next to me, and some people messing at the small read window, whom I decide not to take notice off, and I drive out quickly, but to my surprise I am overtaken by a big truck. After the tour, I enter a room and meet Michael Carøe, and I bring him the keys of the supercar, and say that these are the finest herrings he can get.
    • The supercar is the effect of my continuous work – to darkness – Camilla is another part of my mother (still thinking of me?) and the truck is the world, the snow is my sufferings and herrings are here a symbol of “beautiful girls”, whom you “score”, Michael (?), and do I here “indecent sexual behaviour” about you too?

The ”grande scandale” of the world elite and its war plan to kill, torment and enslave humanity self

I received Gasolin’s ”Pas på svinget i Solrød” (“look out for the swing in Solrød”) and the lyrics ”Oberatione multimillione internationale e grande scandale”, which clearly is about the secret network, and yes GRANDE SCANDALE is what you did completely letting down the world because of your lust and greed, how could you sink so low (almost) all of you? And later I understood that this is about their plane to kill, torture, torment and enslave mankind in the most vicious war plans attacking mankind self only letting the world elite – the best and brightest – survive.

It corresponds to Ribe Cathedral being destructed, which we have now rebuild.

Think if we had not built the finest TV Station on Falster, which is about the work that Jette did. “Send her all the loveliest classical music”, and what about Nigel Kennedy here at the Proms, and yes I like him very much hoping that you do too, Jette ♥.

Come safely home (!), but no, it is impossible for you to reach home, you will be murdered – this was the view of my travel, but now I feel gold of creation all around me despite of this.

No, do you think I have time to hang in hammock all day long (?), and yes the question is for just how long I have work today, which may not be very long, and it seems that the work pressure is lifting.

How shall we say this, there are no more cigarettes in all directions the bridge is ready everywhere around me and all bridges point to me in the middle, and the guests have not arrived, so now I better hurry up and …., no he normally says we have good time to do our best, so this is what we will do, to start rebuilding our New World – which is then what we have done for months now, because didn’t I already arrive here in October 2012 at the SAGA-concert (?), and I do believe this is the case.

No we cannot hold any parties here, there is no ballroom – to be build.

And you are grown up, and you survived the tour coming all the way in here, but damages were done to your mother (the world) on the way in sacrificing for you, this is what we are rebuilding.

So Germany has started too early you say (?), and you are already here (?), and if we are done having recreated everything, which was lost on the way – and everything else, which is a secret until we start as it is said with low voice – and yes we have, this and MUCH MORE my friends, and I am shown here with the greatest/craziest smile of Axel Foley, and yes he was single man up against the world of bad guys, and still he won, that is why.

I received the word “sorry” coming together with darkness of the Source falling down upon us, this is the word on all minds of this secret network of the world but apparently no one can speak it out loud.

It is a psychosomatic feeling that no one want to speak to me, what have I done to you, nothing, and surely you cannot be sad that I am removing the system of Hell from you (?), and oh, that is the matter, many of you don’t like that I remove your castles of power, money and sex, which you have built up for so long to “protect” you, and yes power of the Military-Industrial complex too including UFO’s and “other exciting inventions” you have never told mankind about?

I was shown GIANT statues at Luxor Temple in Egypt – just the foot of one is taller than me – and I was told that Robin from the Helsingør Facebook group helped to bring this forward, and it is the most amazing things we pull out from this bag of the Source.

Later I was told that it is first with the unpacking of the Source that we will grow out to our full size, and I wonder just how big we are going to become?

I was told about Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital being “desperate” too, and not everyday you had a visitor (in 2008) not only claiming to be Jesus/me, but also is exactly that, which you “could not” understand?

This is what the graft of wine-stocks were about, i.e. the fatal error of the design of the Universe, which we have now corrected the.

It is hopeless, it corresponds to getting out of your body and to look at yourself from outside and decide how you will look like when you enter again, and yes this is what we did yesterday, which is why you were totally out of energy.

It has been the absolutely WORST experience to write these thousands of pages when thousands of times being completely broken down, and is it possible to imagine just how awful this work has been – to work as a “crazy man” being a zombie MORE dead than alive (?) – and no, not even my mother has understood yet, and is this what I am now coming throuhg, finally?

It has something to do with your sister receiving a virus on her balance nerve, and this is about the change of the setup of the world that we have done.

Have you heard about “Troldspejlet” and yes “the magical mirror”, which I also loved seeing years ago, and it is a programme for young people on DR TV about games, films, comic strips etc., and yes Jakob Stegelman, the host, is also “gifted” and simply because this “magical mirror” is the mirror of the Source.

The VOTING FORK on you in the Danish Parliament was also on a “hanging hair”, and how long is this now, is it approx. 3 years ago (?), which I wrote about at the time, and apparently there was enough of you deciding to believe in me that we could continue the journey.

I felt Helena – Hans’ mother – and received good memories of our tour to Alicante, Spain, in 1999 with the family as some of our last memories together, and no, you did not visit me shortly before dying, and I was told that this was to save me from much darkness coming out of me, and yes given to my family to give to me in the years to come, and I understood that this same was the case with the death of my father’s mother.

Can’t we use someone like you washing up?

What do we eat on the moon (?), and the truth is that we do not.

Grethe (Hans’ godmother), whom I feel very close to me now, is also not far away from you missing you now.

It isn’t the most complicated task of all that we are finishing now, which I understood was to bring in your mother on all of our plate here. It hasn’t to do with breaking the “thin membrane of darkness” to enter here, has it (?), which is then what it has, and yes what Mogens Lykketoft could not (yet at least) help me to do and that is to open up for the last darkness covering the Source, so this is what I did yesterday when I was COMPLETELY out of energy and still continued working.

It is like inviting for your birthday with no one coming, which is what we would have to make sure would no happen by opening up ourselves, and yes taking on even more sufferings because you “could not” when it came to the point, Mogens?

No, you are not disturbed, and yes, your mother or John has not seen you “disturbed” even once, because you are not, but “completely normal” to speak with, and yes “funny”, right (?), and how long does it take for people to understand that you cannot be crazy then (?), and yes MANY months as you saw, strange, right?

I was told that Google Earth has changed the code of its program many times, but “simply impossible” it was for you to get rid of Jette and me and our “small changes” showing the world what is happening, and yes Facebook did to trying to make me leave, and yes I kept you in the game (otherwise Facebook would have excluded me MANY times because of people reporting/abandoning me not because of me but because of their misunderstandings and gross negative behavior).

I was told that I – I felt deep darkness – as the only monarch have now brought your message to all royalty asking it to resign too.

I went to the library again after lunch after having worked at home in the morning, and at 13.30 I finalized and published my script of yesterday on Facebook and was told then he just did this too again with the feeling of the secret government and Mogens Lykketoft here, which does not touch me.

So this is the ship, Vasa, which we will now put into the lake, and yes it “could not” sail – “The ship foundered and sank after sailing less than a nautical mile (ca 2 km) into her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628” – and already back then, this ship was meant to show the coming end of the world too, but now – against all odds – this is the ship that we are making seaworthy because this is what I decided to do as Stig, to save you all and bring you directly to our New World feeling “nothing”.

The Vasa WarshipThe Vasa Ship, Stockholm, symbolizes the only original ship of the Source, which we are now making ready to become the ship of the ship of New World inside the Source

No, you have not had to use the bicycle ringing bell to get pass even once, you “just did it”.

Have we received any pills (?) with the feeling that this is a question of the secret network of the world, and no, I passed right through your scheme because people of your system were not strong enough to attack me, thus making it possible for me to attack you bringing out my bold plan to stay alive while we have planned all of this inside our New World, and this is indeed what is the most “crazy” part of it all, that it could be done.

At 14.00 I had also completed, uploaded and published my book of July really finishing work today already this early.

No, we would also not be able to produce coins without Allan and Grethe, and it was also here first at the end that they started believing in you, or Grethe did.

So now we only need to bring sandwich paper to pack in everything.

Do we have butterflies in the stomach, and yes, all over (symbol of creation), but no nervousness.

Yes, this is the assembly hall of the evil world is delivering you, and that is their EVIL plans of a New World Order, which it is given up, because I am too strong, and they cannot do anything else than to surrender, and yes “not nice” for you to stand forward admitting to what you did (?), see the short stories.

Your father also just made it into the flowers store before he died regretting that he had not seen you and taken good care of you in all these years, which is why we made it possible for you to come through at all. And when will I be buried, and will Stig be invited for my funeral, and yes of course Stig is invited, but Kirsten “forgot” saying that it was your father’s will.

If “Re-sepp-ten” – by far the most popular football anthem ever of Danish football for the best team ever (1984) also including the story of the ugly duckling and the swan – was written for a special moment, it would be now.

It is all of this (darkness), which we should have used to burn you up, which we are now using for good too.

Have we added bonus schemes to managers who can bring you down (?), but none could, and this was part of these schemes, to bring me into “care” of the new psychiatric system.

I was given the sound of a finger inside my oven knocking on the inside of the glass door, and I was told that I may have a surprise for you, and you do remember that I spoke about who are inside of those American buildings, right (?), and yes, are there still parts of this organizational structure – the war plan against humanity, see the short stories – which has declared that it will never give up, and continue fighting and hunting you down because this is their “moral codec”, and yes, Stig these are the people who will not give in, which the world is afraid of, and when you “cannot” – because you are brain dead/washed – I will have to do it for you, and this is linked to doing the work I have now decided to do, which is to publish your EVIL New World Order on my website and Facebook, and to do it with the quality I like to work, which will take out some hours this evening and tomorrow to do – and maybe “some days” – and yes I am not tired today compared to yesterday, where it was the most critical level yet.

I was given another sound to my oven and told that this work is part of this excavation of me.

So this is the “warmth” we promised you, and yes an even deeper level of darkness/nothing now.

We have packages of raisins back here, which are “concentrated grapes”, i.e. the most dense darkness still.

If you do this work, it corresponds to baptizing you, this is how far you have come – also in the minds of these stupid people knowing that they have no chance to bring out their evil plans alive, and yes this powerpoint document has to be leaked by someone with the purpose to let mankind know of its plans, which may go up to the head in charge of NASA allowing this to be leaked?

Can they play football in the Utrecht insurance company (?), and yes this evil government has “agents” placed everywhere which is what it is called when you are part of and working for this network by complying with its orders including to keep silence, but AHEM, they “could not”, my dear leadership because you cannot change human nature just like that because you want to, so this is how I defeated you and of course not to give up.

Can this work give them another last shaking tour over there (?), and yes that is the whole idea you know.

Is this the last drawing pin coming now (?), yes only if you succeeded to pass yesterday without breaking down, and we are now bringing out what we also did not know was inside of there, and I am given a new sound to the oven.

Is this about “mashed potatoes” (?), and yes the worst of its kind, and it was all allowed and yes came directly from inside of the “the old man” here inside the Source, and yes where he did his worst scheme and he is now dressing up, i.e. making ready for us to bring in the duvet, which he made just because of this threat making people “afraid”, and there is nothing better than strong feelings of people being afraid to do creation, which is what it was truly about.

I received something wrong in my throat including a resulting cough, and I was told that this is what we are cleaning out now that you have decided to come here too.

Yes, this is the absolutely last of the airplane, we promise, and as you know, promises of darkness are not meant to be kept, and why am I here thinking of you John giving me a promise to read my scripts because of your poor conscience, and yes poor conscience is what this world elite is having right at these minutes waiting for the radio news at any point announcing my coming, and yes what took you so long (?), which is also what they are thinking because everyone here knows that the battle is lost, and when this is the case, you should believe that there would a brave journalist of let us say EDITOR-in-chief out there brave enough to release the news about me, and I am here given the feeling of Olav Skaaning from BT, and what did they “try” to do to you, Olav to keep you from leaking the news on me (?), and yes will you tell too, or have you decided that you are still a WIMP not believing strongly enough in my power (?), and yes I AM THE WORLD, so what is keeping you, I HAVE GIVEN THE WORLD FREE, WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO REPORT ABOUT IT (?); and yes PUSH THE BUTTON, LET’S GO (!) – and here with one of my top favourite songs of the 2000’s.

And they have realised from my scripts that against “faith of man” in me – for example Angela, my old colleague and friend from Fair – they have nothing they can do because man cannot – and also will not – fight against God when it truly comes to the point, and you want to be saved too, my dear gentlemen of the most hardcore of all (?), and yes come out and tell the world who invented what and why and please tell about it and your motivation to kill in detail instead of creating and helping all life to grow and improve (?), and yes not enough space in the world (?), and no, no problem, we will create more space giving you a new planet too, so what is the problem (?), and yes all of your negative thoughts and fear brought this and there were solutions to everything if you had just decided to be objective/positive instead of the opposite, and yes just like the negative mind of Bjarne from the Commune against me.

Yes, this is the best way to give birth to a man not knowing about what he does, but since no one else has done a proper summary of the speech of this lady telling about the war plan against humanity, see the short stories, I will.

And yes coming here and doing this work is another stamp we are giving you, and yes, you have now seen what it takes to finish this work, which may take 2-4 days to do, we will see also depending on how much other work I do, and yes, they wanted to put me inside this “activation” system of the Commune (I see Lyngby) to keep me occupied not to work against them but for me to do “brain dead work” .

I felt how I received more deep darkness, and it came together with the feeling of Agneta Fälskog, whom I have felt often lately – and told that ABBA has started practicing for a world come back to make people happy as I encouraged you too THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL FOUR OF YOU 🙂 ♥ – and I was told that she has been following me all along as one example only, and is the power of thought of people wanting this war machine to stop so strong that it actually helps me to unlock even this the deepest darkness, and yes it looks like it if you decide to continue, and yes I will. And here is a very beautiful song from ABBA sung by Agneta, and yes it is about Arrival you know.

I have received STRONG symbols about India being involved in this too.

I met Allan at the library again today and has a good talk with him as usual, and he is still fascinated on the “blow up” film, and he believes that he is close to having his new setup to print out 100% realistic pictures, which he sends to Germany, and yes this is what he had trouble doing, and you may understand the symbolism of this being almost impossible to do, which is to bring life to our New World.

I was told that Nixon was removed as President via the Watergate scandal when he decided to go up against the secret government?

I went to the Føtex supermarket and “met” my mother’s friend Lis outside, and I was thinking that years ago, she always met me with a HUGE smile and we spoke so well together, and once again – as a couple of years ago – she met me with fear in her eyes so I did not even want to walk over to her, and this is what you can thank your own mother for because “Stig is crazy”, right Lis (?), no WRONG!

Isn’t it funny that there are people in the psychiatric system, who judged you as “crazy” (Alex and more?), who are part of this knowing that you are after them?

I was told about Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph – a Danish TV-host and business woman – as an example being on top of her trade, and “what would you do if you were belonging to the secret network” (?), and yes to include the top/best/most brilliant people of all trades to “build” the future world on, and yes it is like Nazi-Germany building a new “reich” of only “the elite”, so the “world elite” is about people, who have been found “worthy” to be included because of looks, brains, job and/or money, and why do I feel you too Lasse Rimmer, because you are too stupid – from a human perspective – to participate, don’t you think?

And all of these people have access to the secret network, and yes the top of all businesses and trades, and this is where they know about you.

Is it so that all people inside this secret network of the world elite can use the technology “XKeyscore” revealed by Snowden making everyone able to see what I do on my computer (?), and yes, sadly this is the case, I am one of the proletariat not meant to survive the future or to work as your slave, so this is why I and the world are being monitored, which the NSA has not yet had the “courage” to say.

Guardian 310713 XKeyscore

So these people – “the world elite” – know that I am coming, and the royalty are included too.

This is why I have been given the thought about one of my favourite movies – the Truman Show with Jim Carrey – the last days because the world was following and commenting on my life without my knowledge. How could you?

I was a guinea pig on how much it takes of “medicine” to kill a man when I was hospitalised in 2008.

I was told that Helena was a prostitute for the Danish Parliament.

I received the feeling of Bill Clinton coming in from my balcony and I kept on being told “don’t say anything”, so do you have “secrets” you don’t want to talk about, Bill?

So Johannes, now from DR1 TV, has been sent out in advance to fish, which is to catch the historic moment when Obama will answer the question “who are you and Stig really” (?), and all you have to do, Johannes, is to call Obama saying that you have an agreement with Stig, which will put you right through, which I am told here that Obama has ordered, and the question is really if you will become the man asking this question or if you are too much a wimp not having the guts to do it?

There are also two Spanish speaking countries on the way to support you because they have realises that you will not give up deciding to go all the way.

I decided to work during the evening starting the work to write a chapter on the war plan against mankind to bring on my website, and the way I do this is simply to listen to every single word of this video, see the short stories, write a summary and to concentrate this afterwards to bring the main points to the world as no one else does the same way.

Google Earth: Turning and going through, and abracadabra

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my winds are coming, maybe a little stupid, several big faces, turning and going through, and abracadabra

FB 010813 Jette 1

FB 010813 Jette 2

FB 010813 Jette 3

FB 010813 Jette 4

FB 010813 Jette 5

FB 010813 Jette 6

FB 010813 Jette 7

FB 010813 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jerry has seen it coming.

FB 010813 Jerry

  • Steen is “continuing work on my books, which soon will be “born” and tonight it is Sesame”, which is the name of a group of his, and also the gate to the Source and our New World, which we are about to open, you know.

FB 010813 Steen

  • Yes, I do know about the dark force of SAGA and Michael Sadler.

FB 010813 SAGA

  • I shared René’s post from the ADHD Facebook group where he said that all sickness is a warning light showing that you live wrongly etc., and medicine is a drug closing this warning light – I have a déjà vue feeling about this too confirming me – and not solving the case, so sickness is not the problem, it is what is behind it – people living, behaving, working and communicating wrongly – that you need to fix simply by doing what is right and not wrong, how difficult can that be to understand and do (?), and yes to the world it was “impossible”.

FB 010813 Rene

  • I received this email from Jean Paul, whom I don’t know, and he recommend the Facebook group “the controversial news” – including “open minded” people as he said – instead of what he called “misinformation for the Danish People” as I posted to the other day, and it made me publish my email to the Danish Parliament and United Nations there telling this group that it requires not only openness to understand but also that you actually read it and the information behind it, and do you bother and can you (?), and I was told that for this alone I can come on TV, which is because of “controversial” stories of this group, and after I posted my message, I was told that now beer is free here. Some hours later when checking up on the group, I had been thrown out and reported/blocked, so I guess that they were not as “open minded” as you claimed, Jean Paul, and yes it does not take much skimming my email and clicking a link included in this to my website and to “declare” Stig crazy, and from there to ban me, so no, my truth was simply “too controversial” to them.

FB 010813 Jean Paul

FB 010813 Stig til FB gruppe

  • My Facebook friend, Stanislav, posted this video including the evil New World Order of the secret world government, which I decided to share too, and you may understand that being killed, tortured, tormented and enslaved by a world elite is really not nice at all, and also not sustainable with life self, which you were never going to see in reality no matter what happened because before you had brought out all of this plan into reality, you would have brought the end of the world itself because of this, and yes do you get it by now?

FB 010813 Stig

FB 010813 Stig 2

  • Berlusconi and the evil world: 0. Stig: 6. That’s the end of that, finally! How could you vote on this man? And Berlusconi, are you completely and utterly mad believing that you are treated wrongly by your country after having been one of “the best man”, and yes, you really should be locked up on mental hospital, right (?), and eehhh as some of you believed that I should, and just saying that it was the opposite world, and you here have one of the most insane men on the planet.

FB 010813 Berlusconi over and out 0 to 6

  • I was happy for Meshack and David as usual being kind and thanking for the cash I sent them and it seems that they want to share with Elijah, this is their choice, and no, I have not heard from Elijah and no, John “cannot” find out to send these thank you notes, but he still shows up on Facebook having time to look at different pictures.

Email Meshack 010813

Email David 010813


2nd August: God was the brain of darkness to bring creation and located inside of Karen now being transferred to me

Dreaming of bringing out God from darkness and Naser Khader working for darkness of Washington

I went to bed at around midnight and slept until 07.45 – still being VERY TIRED of waking up to reality of the Old World and my old life – receiving this dream.

  • I am at the parking lot of Hørsholm Shopping Centre, where I am surprised to see a Volvo driving out with an enormous hood ornament – looking like a “divine figure” maybe half a metre tall. Something about playing golf – can they do long strikes? Five people participate in a run on Lersø Park Allé including Naser Khader, and they are surprised of how long it is.
    • Driving out from darkness in a Swedish car symbolising joy and happiness including big parts of me. The run is inside the worst darkness created by my father’s mother, who used to live here, and can it be that Naser Khader is a weapon of the secret government to deceive the world believing that Washington is on their side to end the tragic war in Syria, which it has created itself with the aim to depopulate, and maybe you will tell, Naser (?), or are you so stupid that they have cheated you too (?), and no, I don’t believe so, you have probably been treated well receiving a good pay and life and so on, and then it doesn’t matter that you are working for darkness against me?

God was the brain of darkness to bring creation and located inside of Karen now being transferred to me

I was more tired than yesterday and less than the day before, and I had difficulties to work again today, and it is because it is winter here and the throat has to be as narrow as possible.

Can we have that telephone number again?

This ship also has “Stig” written all over it.

I was given a new sound to the balcony and was told that this is the last, which he also has a head start on.

I have not the same terrible darkness of negative voices haunting me as I have had for many years now, which is about this secret government really having given up. I don’t feel good, but I feel much better than only a few days ago.

I was given the nice song ”The living years” by Mike & the Mechanics – which may be about the lyrics ”I know that I’m a prisoner, To all my Father held so dear, I know that I’m a hostage, To all his hopes and fears, I just wish I could have told him in the living years” – and I was told directly thereafter that it is followed up by ”standards” by the Jam, which is also about “treating everyone the same” of the evil world order, which is also killing life because we are all individuals and different even though we are one, and yes this is about this evil world order and the attitude: “We make the standards and we make the rules, And if you don’t abide by them you must be a fool, We have the power to control the whole land, You never must question our motives or plans – ‘Cause we’ll outlaw your voices, do anything we want, We’ve nothing to fear from the nation, We’ll kick you out of your houses if you get too much, If we have to we’ll destroy your generation”.

Yes, we might as well close down now if he also decides to publish this work (of the evil New World Order), which I continued doing, to the world (making it immediately understandable via my summary of it).

This corresponds to having a three metre board at the swimming hall but there is no water and now almost no swimming hall itself, whihc we really have already removed, but in this game of ours, we are delayed first removing it now with the purpose as you know to make our New World perfect, and yes you will feel familiar inside of it with the feeling that still everything is new.

And as usual, I am given much tiredness doing this work – I feel it coming directly from darkness – making me tired, and yes against today it is VERY hot too.

So we have only been walking in flat shoes (?), which is about the world elite reading and understanding my script of yesterday about man not having seen true life and the ”giant size” of it yet.

I received so strong feelings of wanting to enjoy my freedom coming – with only little sufferings – that I could not concentrate on doing this work, I felt how my concentration was removed, but I decided to stand firm not being tempted to stop working knowing that when I just add hours, the solution will gradually come almost by itself when I just keep on working.

And still I received concentrated physical pain to my left foot showing that there is indeed more darkness inside.

We are so happy that we could bring out ”morning papers”, which is both about bringing out creations, and the feeling of Prince coming to me.

And yes, Stig, you were screaming in pain for years – with the negative voice of darkness attacking you – because of this evil New World Order, this is what was killing me/life self.

Do we drop all charges on you by now (?), which is charges of the system working against me (?), and yes even though I am not 100% cured, I do believe that 80-90% of the pain of negative voices, sexual torment and the guard I had to set up to protect me (in itself making life a misery always to be alert and like “crawling together”) has disappeared, and not just for minutes, but since yesterday, I believe, which is an incredible relief.

Yes, my disclosure of the planned 9/11 attacks when writing this around 1 year ago now (?) brought down much of the resistance of the secret government in me, and now we should be able to bring in the last too, who are so stupid that they have not yet left their desks still believing that you can defeat me (?), and no, you do know that you cannot, right?

Fuggi cannot forgets that he never came around to support you doing your journey, and also not Jeanette, whom I feel here, and yes Tommy’s eldest daughter.

No, we have not went aground, we are sailing in gently, and I see a small boat and feel darkness of it.

You did not write much about “war in space” and I am shown drunk and reeling pilots of man-controlled UFO’s, who only came home from outer space because I continued working.

And I am given the finest smell of “fresh” tree, which has been sawed at a timber, which will have to be because we have used it for the final creation/rebuild of our New World.

I worked at home both the morning and the afternoon until 16.00 to continue my work on the new chapter or maybe even website of the evil New World Order, and I have decided to do it the best way possible on basis on the information I have now, and I might decide to go deeper after the first launch of this maybe in a couple of days if I get time and energy, which I may not, we will see.

I went to the library hereafter to improve the draft of my script of yesterday, which I published this morning – including pictures etc. – and to work on Jette’s pictures too.

Have we been out a small tour in space, and yes impossible for me to avoid too, Stig, and this is coming from Obama, and I feel apologies from him too having to do what was expected from me, and yes I am sure that it had to be a difficult balance for you to find, Obama, between the system of the Old World and me, but we survived, so thank you for all the good you did.

Later I was told that he was also inside a UFO “pointing and also shooting its weapon against me”, which you “could not” stop, Obama, is this how it is (?), and is this what is making you suffer too?

It was not a “letbane”/light railway for Søren Rasmussen, the mayor of Lyngby, to build – don’t believe that it was easy for me too, and also not you Ingvar Carlsson (?), and yes just an example of how the system made you feel “lousy”?

I forgot to say that your mother and you also collected something else that day in Copenhagen, and yes ”me” as the son, I am right here standing next to you almost having no simple minded darkness remaining as I am shown.

Should we have given a gift to Kirsten, your father’s wife? This is about something of my father, which was transferred to her, and if he had not, I would still sit in the hole of the abyss not being able to get up, which I did via her, and yes “warm feelings” too and still that is, and that is because you could have decided to not care about her and to attack her to receive part of your father’s heir, but you told Inge the truth that you would not.

This was also not meant to be exposed according to your father, which is also about the information I am seeking right now about “smart meters” and other material not supposed to get out to the public – including material from Manning to Wikileaks, and from Snowden on NSA etc. – but what do you do when it is first out, because you “cannot” kill all people directly reading this, it would be “too suspicious”, and yes not easy for a small group to kill the largest group, you have to be careful that something does not go wrong, and what went wrong to you (?), and yes I did when I did not give up thus being the reason behind leaks of information.

I went to visit my mother and John at 19.00 and when I arrived, I met one of the ladies, who is at the library every day too – the one asking me to reduce the force I use when using the keyboard of the computer a couple of weeks ago – and she lives at my mother’s and John’s apartment building too, and I told her that I am there because my mother lives there, and she said that she can see this on my face, and yes this is the lady being the reason why Helsingør is also speaking of my mother being the mother of Stig “claiming” to be Jesus, and yes, did you also see me as completely normal, “my friend”?

I noticed and also said that John looks better now than for a very long time, and my mother has also felt “perfect” without pain etc., and yes they should know why …., and we had a nice dinner and talk again about the past where I asked them many questions.

I told them the recovery story of Kevin stopping medicine and using Cannabis to be cured from psychiatric sufferings and diabetes, and told them about the medicine making people Zombies and the whole INSANE PSYCHIATRIC SYSTEM, and I do believe that I have them on my side – and even stronger now.

My mother said that the only time Helene, Hans mother and Niklas grandmother, became angry at Niklas was when Niklas stamped on new potatoes in the bed of their garden at the cottage in Sweden, and yes, this is what he did, stamped on my potatoes, i.e. God/me.

I received darkness to the back side of my right lower leg and was told that this comes to me from John, and I was told that this is the darkness of my prison, which had to come to either me or my mother/the world to be absorbed, and better to me then. And I was told that it is me giving you the kill voice, and if there is anything left, it is because there is a little of this system of the evil world order remaining, but this voice has practically stopped.

It is me (the most inner of God) that you are now transferring too – before I was divided into four, and it is here where the brain is.

I was told that the Pope and his church is also part of the setup of this evil New World Order wanting to kill and torment man and “all of the gang” meaning all religious institutions, and this may be a surprise and to me a great surprise if Dalai Lama is in on too, and yes how can you be a Pope or head of another religious institution knowing what is going on and coming (?), and you believe that “it is a sad period of world history”, but there is nothing to do about it with all of you accepting and none of you rejecting this (?) herewith betraying your ideals and faith in life and me, and no, you are NOT to kill, how difficult is this to understand (?), and yes my dear heads and religious institution, it is also time for you to file your resignation, your “services” will also NOT be needed in our New World, where there will be One God, One People and One Philosophy, which is the scripts you are reading here, so I look forward to hearing from you too, and that is if you can, but you can’t (?), because you are in the “violence” of the USA and world, is that it (?), and do I hear a cock-a-doodle-doo here, yes I do, CHICKENS!

I am just an “action man”, which is both about the inner of God, and about the “brain” of this evil New World Order, and this is to go outside my defence zone (to stand forward revealing his identity), and I received a double clap from my balcony chair, and was told that on the other hand, he can also not bear the thought about what is about to happen, which he has initiated through the thinking of this “genius plans”, and who can it be, Lykketoft (?), no, and other names were given, but no (!), and of course when writing this, there is only one being able to do this thinking, and that is the inner of God self working as darkness as you know to bring the greatest friction to light to create the space in between, which we call creation, and when this is done, we will now remove this concept of darkness.

I continued receiving some pressure to my heart, and it is this round ball self in the middle, where everything comes from, which is my invention and it is me laying on a duvet of everything after discovering randomly how I got out from here, and then discovering that everything in here apparently is the same as I but without the same desire to get out, which we then decided to help them doing, and for every one coming out, we increased strength – like the rice/wheat and chess board game – and yes it has got to stop at a time, and this is now when you are all coming back as my children to bring me out too.

We have also not finished using “the fool” of Robin from the Helsingør Facebook group, who is still thinking of me, and is there a light switching on for you, Robin about how to behave as I wrote you (?), and this is about me telling everyone to do what everyone knows is right to do in an opposite world meaning that God is working on both sides, which also means that we just had to get everything over on your side to start everything from there, which you decided to do, and we happily followed.

So it is me having been your all, which is what we are now ending because all of this individual life, which we have now awakened, but aren’t we all still part of the “life in life” principle, where I am everything, which is passed on to my son etc. when growing (?), and yes what do you prefer, Stig, what is right (?), and yes my thought is that it is right for everything to be individual life, but then again, it does not match with what I have been told and written everywhere, which is that we are all one, and yes individual life as part of one, and I will not go deeper into this here other than saying that this might be darkness playing with me, and in cases like this, it is the best to ask you to do what is PERFECT, which just may be both/and instead of either/or, which often is the right answer.

I was shown an Indian and told that this is what I am – the part of God coming now.

I still receive some darkness, and was told that the game before (“individual life”) was also given to me because of darkness/misunderstandings of Adiba.

Today, I am still exactly the same Stig as I have always been, this is the feeling, and since 2004/06, I have just become “some more” also receiving spiritual information, but in all of my speech and interests, I am still exactly the same man, and it makes me sad that my old friends and colleagues did not focus on this but “decided” to become scared abandoning me.

It is still I deciding your old heart rhythm, but not inside the New World (?), and that is the question if this is done by one or many, but probably one, we will see.

Isn’t it funny that it is I being Karen and the brain meaning that God is inside Karen, but Karen/I were supposed to be off-spring (?), and yes we were handed over the tools of God, which were placed inside darkness, thus inside Karen, so she was the garbage bin on the way out, and amazing that she survived – and this is what is still being transferred to me.

If Mørdrupskolen – my old school – had burned symbolising the end of the world, we would just have moved to Tibberupskolen in stead – the neighbour school in Espergærde – which you did not know, and no I am not particular about this.

It was not very nice being inside of Karen, but it was you deciding when to pull the toilet string – to blow up the world – which you never did, which is why we are still here, so this is how I was goalkeeper for Karen, my mother and the world, your saviour.

Google Earth: Detective found the cross, and the outline of a big man on the sky

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show waiting for mama to use her own ears and eyes, hum wearing a big summer hat, detective found the cross, cross gets bigger, ONENESS – to progress, and the outline of a big man on the sky.

FB 020813 Jette 1

FB 020813 Jette 2

FB 020813 Jette 3

FB 020813 Jette 4

FB 020813 Jette 5

FB 020813 Jette 6

FB 020813 Jette 7

FB 020813 Jette 8

FB 020813 Jette 9

FB 020813 Jette 10

  • Jette sent me this email saying that she is also originating from the Huguenot’s from France, which made me think of Allan from the library doing the same and there has to be a connection you know.

Email fra Jette

  • I was happy for Sanna to send me a new Facebook email saying that they are now in Miami on their way home from Peru, where they will have some nice days, and yes we promised not to tell but this is about my sister hurting too because of me, which I understand is because they are on luxury holidays, which she knows that I cannot afford because my destiny is to suffer and work harder than anyone every day without ever relaxing and going on holiday, and I received darkness as ”nothing” going through me, and was told ”500” too.
  • Is this part of the evil New World Order too (?) – bringing hundreds of millions of deaths in September from “solar storms” – and no, I don’t have time to look into this and much else (was the economy meant to break down for you to launch a new system, was “psychoactive drugs” invented deliberately to make healthy people “sick” and turn them into “zombies” before killing them etc.), as I would have done if I had the time and energy.

FB 020813 Snowden

  • Mr. Larsen – as my voice called him – at a sound check in Norway today before playing a concert, and just maybe you received my message about “a new good story”, Kim?

FB 020813 Larsen



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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