August 4, 2013: Bringing home Bill Clinton and the World Elite from darkness to work for me, thus setting God free


Summary of the script today

3rd August: The ”World Elite” were not soft or caring about killing/enslaving millions/billions of people (“cattle”)

  • Dreaming of Obama and I vacuum cleaning darkness, and my father’s Kirsten’s eldest son on his tour of sufferings.
  • We have found all the blue money (i.e. original life) hidden/saved in here. You cannot defrost me, there is no fuel of the world strong enough doing this, but I decided to do it myself because you asked me via “I will NOT give up”, otherwise the world would have been terminated before the start of our New World. The last/first part of God was hidden at the very end of the abyss, which is from where I am getting him/me up. I continued work on my new website of the evil New World Order of the “World Elite” declaring war against mankind self, and I was told that the Danish Parliament don’t know the secret war plan of the world elite, but members of Bilderberg do? The attitude of the World Elite about to kill millions/billions of “simple minded people” is not to be soft and caring because they are killing “cattle” and they are superior and worthy of life themselves. They have brought in black money in the football world via a clever scheme sharing transitional sums. The media knows about theirs plans, have produced items about it having faith that I would win the fight and the can bring it anytime when they “dare”. Norway is “the worst darkness” also because they would receive a central role in the new evil world government. I was helped by God at the game at the end, otherwise I would not have been able completing it because of the sheer force of God.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show portraits and the cross was on when you were born.
  • Short stories of remembering to use an action plan and keep deadlines, Michael Wullf and colleagues sending me destructing darkness because of poor behaviour, the fish store of our New World opens soon – yahoo!

4th August: Bringing home Bill Clinton and the World Elite from darkness to work for me, thus setting God free

  • Dreaming of overcoming obstacles to finish my work, being tempted by beautiful girls on the Internet, working inside the worst darkness, the World Elite cannot take responsibility of their evil plans including to make slaves do their “dirty work”, the World Elite allows me to enter their secrets and the media is following me, my email for the United Nations being translated, and I am set free of “all charges” from the World Elite, who wanted to hospitalize me.
  • We are about having installed our saddle bags on the white horse of the New World. The dice of the globe is thrown at me from the end of the metal container of the Source because of the surrender of the World Elite, and we have now sent the birth doctor down the hall to pick you up. This is the bag of the purest and genuine leather that we are transferring to you, i.e. original life of the Source. I continue my work on the website on the evil New World Order of the World Elite, which is now taking form, and the idea was for you to bring together the whole content of the New World Order, which we then led you to, and that is in order to get all of this original ship on right keel and to receive ceasefire with darkness. I encourage Bill Clinton to call Obama, and say that you are willing to work for us instead, and then you are drafted on the good side. This is about “the other side of love”, i.e. darkness, returning home, and to lift my inner self up from the abyss. The World Elite repeatedly tried to shoot me down via UFO’s, but they could not because of faith of the Universe in me. Bill Clinton realised that I did not give up and would come for them in the end thus deciding to surrender by stopping the war machine of the World Elite against mankind and to try to escape by pretending that it had not existed! He is now working loyally on my side too. This means that God has now been freed. The evil World Elite has decided to give up on their dark plans and to follow me, thus removing their dark membrane from me. We are removing our goal keeper clothes also making Bill Clinton a part of me, and all of the darkness that he represented was needed as part of the game to come home.
  • A very nice summer play at “The Hammer Mill” included the sword of truth and the choice between right and wrong, where “the hero” choose “right”, thus saving everyone bringing a party at the end, which was inspired about my journey and also marking the end of my journey/play.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the grande finale, a flying blanket/duvet, sorrow about to fall, you are loveable, a guy with a black hat, big yellow is eating back, something going on on the North Pole, can he find us, and do you take zucker?
  • Short stories of winning the New World from inside the arena, The Helsingør in pictures Facebook group sending me much darkness and inspired speech.


3rd August: The ”World Elite” were not soft or caring about killing/enslaving millions/billions of people (“cattle”)

Dreaming of Obama and I vacuum cleaning darkness, and my father’s Kirsten’s eldest son on his tour of sufferings

I went to bed at 23.35 and was surprised to be allowed to sleep as long as until 10.00 – but still not feeling “fresh” – and a few dreams too.

  • I have been using a vacuum cleaner, which has been send to Obama too, and I see him at a new even of “volunteers” – a fine dinner event – where he is completely exhausted and still continues vacuum cleaning giant tufts from the floor/carpet. Afterwards when sitting down, we speak and open gifts including gift cards. Later I am at a course together with Morten J., I have a duvet around me, Morten and I agree on exchange of “best practise”, and Obama has decided to send Pauli (previous GE Insurance Nordic Manager) to us, whom we have not seen for two years, and we eat “school chalk” (candy), and I feel VW and other big corporations standing behind Pauli. I see Tine and Lone G. – my old school friends from Espergære – at my hotel room, and I notice how the room has been used by others than me, who have not cleaned up and also not removed old pizza from the oven, but I notice that the neighbour room is even more untidy.
    • Obama is still (and again as I understand it) working hard absorbing darkness too (all around him in Washington), and he has sent Pauli to us, and here Pauli is belonging to the secret network of the evil world of corporations too (he is a manager on “high level”, but besides from good verbal communication skills, just how skilled are you really, Pauli?), and this story is about Obama working for light, but being inside a system of Hell, where he also was inside an UFO “shooting” at me, and yes, I will still accept you, Obama, I am sure you did your best, did you not (?), and if not, please let me know.
  • Something about a woman kidnapping children having the police after her. On my way to work, I meet Ricky – my father’s Kirsten’s youngest son – on bicycle, and something about him being on first an invisible then visible road.

The ”World Elite” were not soft or caring about killing/enslaving millions/billions of people (“cattle”)

Your mother is the key to the law firm, which is also the gold, and that is because of her love.

I was shown myself walking through a sauna and coming to a white door at the end.

I was told that the Danish Parliament now knows the reason why Lars Løkke did not believe in me when they were about to ”vote” on me approx. 3 years ago – his connection with the secret government of the world.

Have we found all the blue money (i.e. life) hidden/saved in here (?), yes we are ”this close”.

I was so hot again today – around 30 degrees – that it made me drip with sweat just working, which was very uncomfortable.

So all of this is my pig-farm you say?

And no, you really cannot defrost me, there is no fuel of the world strong enough doing this, but I decided to do it myself because you asked me via “I will NOT give up”, otherwise the world would have been terminated before the start of our New World.

So this is really just the tomato of everything, which you have found into.

I was told about my sister keeping my mother informed about my doings including “Stig is not unemployed” meaning “no faeces” really.

So this is what the Oslo-ferry was about (see book 1 around 2005, when I was shown this ferry symbolizing the world sinking over again), i.e. the end of the world, which “could not” be stopped no matter what you did, but you did it.

You don’t need help to come up from this abyss (?), and this is about the time now being 15.00, I have completed my script of yesterday, published it to Facebook, and written the script of today so far, and now in this heat, I can continue work on the evil New World Order, and yes there is much else I would rather do, but I have decided to finish this being patient, so this is what I will do.

You were down with the votes of the judges 5 to 1 – which is what Sweden won the World Cup in ice hockey with – and have now come up the abyss to win 6 to 0.

We don’t “splash about” with keys here, there is only one remaining, and yes not easy when it is so incredible hot as it is and requires much concentration to work and not relax.

I was told that the Danish Parliament don’t know the secret war plan of the world elite, but members of Bilderberg do?

What have you else been doing (?), and yes it was me creating the gold watch.

Isn’t it funny if your sister is part of this “world elite” having declared war against humanity?

When I was working concentrated on this Third World War of the world elite against mankind, as it is, I received the spirit of a positively curious God from my balcony wanting to see how far I have come.

I was told that people of this secret network thought about sending a fighter jet in front of my windows and simply shoot until I would be dead, which is why I had the experience/fear with the helicopter landing right in front of my window a few months ago.

I was told that I was under surveillance as examples already in Amsterdam in 2006, and all the way back to when I went on a night in town on “Skovridderkroen” as example and “who will take the guard tonight” (?), so maybe you will also release all documents showing how you have trailed me and my mother too?

When I worked on detailed level with the 1954/79 Bilderberg strategy document declaring war against mankind, I was given new heartburn coming from darkness of my inner self from the balcony.

You are not too soft caring about all of these people, are you (?), and yes this is how the attitude of this “world elite” has developed, which is to kill “cattle” including in practise “all people of the third world”, which they don’t care about because they are poor, sick and “too expensive” to lift up.

Do you realise that it is the finest meat you will receive when you will launch this new site of yours, and I see the beginning of the end of this work – at least in phase one believing that the first version of this site will be launched tomorrow.

This plan is what they were willing to shoot anyone down opposing it, but not me today because you know all of you that via my work I am really liberating you all, even the “most hardcore” of you by now (?), and yes it is coming automatically to you via my “mind waves” being stronger than yours, can you feel it?

No, we cannot go to Egypt to change what is inside of here, where everything will be as I found it, this is the egg of everything, which I have used to create all other life with via my “recipe”.

No, you don’t have to take off the Chelsea jersey yet, and even though you considered them to be “the worst” of all, it was really the entire football industry where these “leaders” generated black money into, and how do you suppose “transitional sums” when buying/selling players of MANY millions were divided (?), and yes ask themselves, and who was taking part of the setup of this disgrace (?), and yes none other than “crazy Berlusconi”, and now you have seen that I am stronger than you having framed him, so you do know, that I am not a “hot potato” right now and that is anymore, because the hot was the sufferings you brought me, and when you have given up, I am at the right temperature now, and peek-a-book (!) (do you remember how much we loved this one, Jack?), it is now TIME OUT FOR FUN after we have been out of sync :-).

And these boys have decided that they will not speak now before they see my new work – and I am told that many of you take drugs to escape from the biggest man-slaughtering in history, which you are very well aware of, and that is for you to soothe the pain.

And all of this story – the evil New World Order – could also have been shown on TV a long time ago, because there is media out there having produced broadcasts showing the birth of this, and yes just if you should come making it possible to bring this, and yes why don’t you push the button, my friends, surely you cannot be afraid anymore?

Can it be that “they” placed people around my mother and me to “influence” us, for example the lady at the library living at my mother’s and John’s apartment building, and my old friend/colleague Lisbeth?

I have been given a symbol of Norway today when writing this script when the system/spelling language again and again chanced into Norwegian without my interference, and I was thinking about how I was told about Norway years ago being the worst darkness of all, seeing the Oslo ferry going down as a symbol of the end of the world, the Breivik killings took place in Norway because it was the worst darkness of itself being turned against itself, and why is this (?), and I was given the answer that it is because Norway were meant to have a central role in the New World Government of evil, and I am here given the vision of princess Mette-Marit who knows that I am coming, and hope that I will come through without anyone being murdered, and yes is this how afraid you are for having spoken out “a little loud” about me, which you “simply” don’t do in a world dominated by fear already, and yes the system can kill you anywhere, right (?) via your advanced weapons (?), but no, your weapons don’t work against me, we have taken care of that many years ago, and it is also about my DNS and cell structure and things like that.

And “normal life” – not being rich anymore – has also been accepted by these people.

It is like going out on the middle of the Great Belt Bridge without a lifebelt, and to hope coming in again brining this the first seed of everything – with everyone attacking you from all sides, but you cannot feel it in here because we are protected from darkness here, and I feel my mother’s mother there too, who was part of this brain of darkness.

I felt my father and was told that we gave you support for the rent, otherwise we could not play this game to the end.

Yes, the apple itself – you – are visible to the world on the clouds themselves.

Did we find white bread underneath creation self, i.e. me, and sort of, we have not really been looking at what we sit on, and this is truly the bomb we have been protecting all of these years because this includes all life I have been able to see anywhere, and yes carefully selected and brought in, and of course EVERY LITTLE THING, and not the opposite of the evil New World Order.

When publishing the first draft of my “New World Order according to darkness of man” website, which I decided to do already this evening, I was told about my mother being created as a snake, and a chalk line, which we are crossing.

Yes, we can call this a fine day of work too despite of the challenges to keep up my concentration, but I did collect together quite a number of good working hours ending work at 21.30 today.

Yes, we can also make herring salad out of this, and open all oysters that we find beneath us, there is nothing it can do, I have my own way in, and it always works.

A little later I was told if you can look this up – this evil New World Order – on Ekstra Bladet’s website tomorrow (?), and yes they are working on it right now having seen my new website as I understand it, but you will not make your information “live” before someone has blown the first time in the whistle (?), and you are still waiting on me to do that, and yes, still wimps there too?

I was told how my increased weight was very close to make us lose control of the game because of negative reactions of my mother believing that I was not in control of myself (?), but on the other hand, she saw that I was always shaved as example, and in control of my apartment, work etc.

I was told that Sanna as part of this secret network and Hans knowing about makes them think what you are up against, and making Sanna think of me “you are not the delegate of God, are you”?

Your mother and you were also in the risk zone of having been made so poorly that you would not survive, which you would have not without your will power, which made you, your mother and John survive, and yes sadly not my father when I made a mistake.

You have not at all been up in my tree ringing the bell yet.

Bjarne from the Commune has heard in sleep that Stig is born in here.

So it was really a danger for you meeting Per Ericsson at GE in Stockholm in 2001, who could have “lifted you up” to become part of the secret network, yes this is how random it works.

Why is it so extremely hot this summer (?), and yes because of the heat inside of here potentially burning us off.

I felt Johannes the mayor and do you know how much it (meeting and speaking with him in 2012) was worth (?), it cannot be made up in money!

So God self is the furthest down in the abyss.

Google Earth: The cross was on when you were born

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show portraits and the cross was on when you were born.

FB 030813 Jette 1

FB 030813 Jette 2
FB 030813 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff wrote about “famous not completed works” with the most famous being “all to-do lists”, which was inspired and to tell you to have discipline to keep doing your actions plans and the deadlines of them as a main rule (recommendation) of our New World, and Sixten asked if Bob – as he calls himself – had nothing to say about this, which made Benny say that it is at the bottom of the to-do list and Anders said that Bob/Michael had to go to the toilet and mess his pants (symbol of destructing the world), and this is truly what he has done because after I told him some weeks ago not to use pornographic, he decided to do exactly this in following posts of his, which was “funny” for you to do, Michael – laughing together with your comedian colleagues over me (?) – and yes SIMPLE MINDED FOOLS is what you are.

FB 030813 MW

FB 030813 MW2

  • Soulaima asked if your employees look as much forward to coming back on work (after holidays) as they do at her local fish store, who wrote “On Tuesday!” all over and “Yahoo!”, “fantastic” etc., and yes this is about the opening of the fish of my new self including the New World, this is also how inspiration comes to both the fish store and Soulaima to make it possible for me to share it with you.

FB 030813 Soulaima

  • Hope and faith is a powerful weapon – this is what brought down the evil World Elite, i.e. faith in me.

FB 040813 Mandela

  • I was happy when my old friend from Karenvej, Henrik F., finally today – after some months – were ”able” to accept my Linkedin invitation, but he did not send me a personal greeting.
  • These days, the Danish media writes much about the the Islamist Ahmed Akkari and his apologize to the Muhammad drawer Kurt Westergaard after he in 2005 made Muslims all over the world go “crazy” with negative feelings against Kurt and Denmark for drawing their “prophet” with a bomb in the turban, and this man – the worst man of darkness – has now turned around and now understands the drawings and want to fight the thoughts of Muslim people and Islam, which he was caught by himself.

Dagens 020813 Akkari Westergaard



4th August: Bringing home Bill Clinton and the World Elite from darkness to work for me, thus setting God free

Dreaming of the World Elite allowing me to enter their secrets with the media following me

I went to bed after midnight and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I work temporary as an assistant for a real estate broker, and on contrary to other brokers, he is very good to remove obstacles to make a sale where others would give up.
    • I woke up with a STRONG feeling of being a real estate broker selling sites, and this is about myself overcoming obstacles and continuing/finishing my work to sell the story of just how terrible the New World Order of the World Elite was.
  • I am incredible fat, and have left my jacket inside a lingerie store including my wallet while I am outside smoking making me somewhat nervous that the wallet is not there when returning, which it is, and a man there says that if I one day changes my poor habits, I can lose weight, but he also has the attitude that it is impossible for most people including me, but I know that it is not for me.
    • This is about looking at beautiful ladies on the Internet knowing that I cross the line but not crossing it too much because I do not look at naked ladies.
  • Something about watching films on the prison of the future, which has to be the prison of the evil New World Order.
  • I am working for DanskeBank-Pension again, and am told that most of the consultants have decided not to be at work because I am there. Michael P. N. comes to me with work I have done for him previously doing a calculation on a customer’s pension scheme, and he tells me that there is an error in it, which made the customer, who is HR director in a Commune, chose Danica Pension instead of Danske Bank, and he does not want to tell me what the error is, I have to find it myself, and first I look at handwritten notes and say that it is not me having made this work, but when I look again, I see that it is indeed my writing and I take responsibility correcting myself, and I tell him that I like to learn from this, and I discover that I have not taken into account that the customer is at a special risk class having to pay more than normal price for disability insurance, which I had not taken into account. I have been on vacation for a long time myself, and have a fear about being dismissed. My colleague Bjarne (not the one from the Commune) leaves for lunch, and I cannot afford lunch myself, and also not to pay for the train back home to Helsingør, but I believe that there are so many people with the train that there will be no ticket control. I speak to Bjarne and his girlfriend and they say that they will move in to “Kystens Perle” in Snekkersten, which makes me happy to hear and I tell them about the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group showing many pictures of this former hotel from its golden age in the 1960’s and 70’s, and this is truly a unique place. There are incredible poor tables and chairs to work on. Kresten asks me to do a pension calculation for a customer straight away and also to prepare one of my old one paper overview, and I ask Bjarne if he knows where it is, which he doesn’t and I say that it is a long time since we have used this, but he says that he used one recently, and I find it on the common drive. I look at Michael P. N. seeing that he looks exactly like George Michael, which I call him. He has returned working for DanskeBank-Pension after having worked for a competitor, which is Willis. Jan H. has made a record including “voices” together with two other consultants, but not a fourth, who could not write accurately through thick fabric, which he and the other two could. I fly on the stairs for everyone to see that I am special doing what they cannot. I am following Kresten walking to another office not knowing if he will allow me, but he does, and he tells me a secret, and Kristian Madsen from Politiken is following us.
    • Again I am working inside darkness with people escaping me. Is the calculation related to the Commune and Bjarne (?), but Danica Pension is a symbol of ”good” on contrary to PFA Pension, and I was told that Bjarne remembers 20 years back in time whatever that may mean. I take full responsibility of my work and errors, which the cowards of the World Elite still ”cannot” – when are you coming out the closet my (ladies and) Gentlemen? Bjarne is a ”special friend” too waiting at the hotel. Kresten is a symbol of the World Elite using me to do ”dirty labour work”, which I believe is what the strategy document of the World Elite calls it to make ”juniors” do their ”boring work” – which is then what I have done all of my professional career for lazy managers – and he allows me to follow him to his secret office and to reveal the story, which also the media sees from the publish of my new website yesterday evening, and it seems that I have ”special friends” from this old employer of mine (1988-91), who have developed spiritual communication. There used to be a restaurant on Kystens Perle, which is where I was almost choked by a fish bone when I was dining there together with Fuggi in the end of the 1980’s.

  • I am following a female employee, who works for a public office part time – something about “research/development” – and part time for the Danish Parliament, and I see a closet including tasks of texts, which have to be translated to German by the interpreters, and I pick one out being surprised to see that the task is included in a sugar square and I put it in my mouth, but quickly takes it out again not melting/destroying it. I have some difficulties finding the lady again, but I find her inside a big open office, and she tells me that you will get no charges and everything has been reset.
    • The translation is about translating my email to the United Nations and Danish Parliament the other day?
    • I was told that “no charges” is a result of your work on the new website of the evil New World Order. And this is related to you not being a doctor, but they believe in you that medicine is life dangerous also meaning that the order to hospitalise me came from the Danish Parliament?
  • I woke up to Eddie Skoller’s brilliant/funny China song, which is about “don’t laugh of China” and that is because you don’t find it very amusing to be laughed of not having self-irony over there (?), and yes how crazy can you get and also mad when I tell you that I don’t like your monster darkness destroying the world with your pollution, money and decayed business as well as personal moral?

Bringing home Bill Clinton and the World Elite from darkness to work for me, thus setting God free

I know a very tall tree, which you can climb.

I was told that the TV-series with Ozzy Osborne on MTV some years ago, where he used the F-word in every single sentence was also a result of this evil New World Order – to simplify man.

I continue receiving some sneezes and hiccups every day.

I am told that Naser had to accept the sufferings of own family members to be killed, which they have in the planned war of Syria, and this is what my sister and everyone else of the World Elite also had to (?), and yes it must be ”terrible” for you, right (?), but you had to accept this (?), which of course is totally unacceptable for everyone who is not brainwashed by and fear this system of Hell.

Are we about having installed our saddle bags on the white horse – as I am shown – and yes, we are progressing together with your work, but still I have more to do on this website, which may include a couple of days more work – and I could add even more time to go even deeper, so we will see when I will stop.

I was shown the end of the metal container from inside and how a dice was thrown to me, which was a dice from a Ludo game including the globe on the side coming to me, which is about the surrender of the World Elite.

We have now sent the birth doctor down the hall to pick you up.

Completely new songs by Jeff Lynne” – do you know what they are about (?) – you!

Have they been out cultivating rice and poppy fields, and is this about politicians having given the order to close down their plants bringing drugs to the world also helping to kill it, and yes a dirty world it is.

I went to the library after lunch, and met my mother and John at the lift (!), who were there to buy tickets for a play we will see this evening at “Hammermøllen” (“The Hammer Mill”), and I met Leif, and now he had to tell me about how his ex-girlfriend interferes with “everything” that he does, and no, there is NOTHING I like less than people speaking negatively about me, and now he would go out to watch Helsingør play football together with the fan club, and who will he speak about (?), and maybe it is me this time whom you will give people a new “entertainment round” about?

I received “Sorgenfri” – “free of sorrows” – by Shu-bi-dua, another of their hits from the golden period – which was about the resignation of Queen Margrethe, which you are thinking much of, Margrethe (?), and yes to become a “normal human being” like me, and as Shu-bi-dua sings at the end, there has to be one with crown on, which is what “God” will become, and no, we will not have a water canon putting its nose in anything, which is about everyone receiving FREEDOM – we wanna be free you know – and not a totalitarian system of Hell taking over.

You have not been damaged from being down there in the abyss, which neither father or mother believes, and is this me as the Son – or really my own son, I believe the first.

My mother does not have a cottage house on the island of Vén, does she (?), which is about our cycle tour there around 1981 – together with John, Sanna and Hans – and about Puk and Hermann from DR TV being there recently and talking about us too?

They were almost making you say goodbye – but no!

It will probably be expensive to get that duvet, but no, not this time around because you have reached the end and we have decided to follow you.

He could easily himself have destroyed all the music that I bring, but he decided that he would not and he was strong enough doing it.

What about the woman calling you ”pathetic”, and no, she cannot be inside a rubber boot herself anymore, but has decided to put herself on the dinner table bringing food to the world, which is how we best can express that she is turning around too in relation to you, and yes Karen of course.

This also means that there is open in Rungsted Golf Club again – when her darkness is not playing against me.

You don’t fear to receive cold sore, do you (?) – and yes a half cold is what I am given today, and no, I am in no hurry, I will just continue working until the end.

Has my mother often wanted to tell that “we must have a serious conversation about you and your father” (?), and I here feel Costa del Sol, which was part of the plan of darkness to mobilize my mother against me with the help of Sanna for me to chase Kirsten for my heir, but no, my mother did not feel the strength to do this.

You are not as feared now as you used to be because now the world knows what you are writing about it on the new evil New World Order page.

The North Pole was the only place I could come out.

All the heads of the main banks are “paralysed” (knowing they will be revealed for their role in the evil NWO – also you Herr Kolding), it isn’t also from there that the word “spastic” about you came from, is it (?), which is then again what it is.

This is the bag of the purest and genuine leather that we are transferring to you, i.e. original life of the Source.

I was very tired today having difficulties to work, which may be because of the publish of my draft of the new website of the evil NWO yesterday.

No, there is no small African Country that they can go to, they know that they will be revealed all of them and that is to 100%.

What a party we will hold, and this is because of the continuous progress of my new website.

Who came in control of power over Southern China (?), and you don’t say that this was a requirement of Obama to receive in order to stop the North Korean threat to get out of control?

You are not restless are you (?), because this is what John is bringing you because when will you finish your work as promised?

The idea was for you to bring together the whole content of the New World Order, which we then led you to, and that is in order to get all of this original ship on right keel, and I am told that Bill Clinton self is following me, so how are you doing, Bill, anything you would like to repent (?), then do it NOW, and yes send me an email or come by for a nice cup of coffee :-).

Well, I cannot be used for putting put all of those houses in the lake, can I (?), and yes, sure you can, Bill, I just encourage you to call Obama, and say that you are willing to work for us instead, and then you are drafted on the good side, easy right?

We will also just open for the other end, which this is about – before everyone comes in.

This doesn’t have the sound of an opposite ambulance, does it (?), and yes this is about “the other side of love” returning home, welcome home Bill & Co., we have missed you for a long time.

So I only pulled you all down here – to the abyss – but no thank, it is much better to get you/me up here then.

I continued working until closing time at 16.00 at the library today, and my new webpage on this evil New World Order now looks ready, but I still need to go through it more times, to add a little and to write a summary of it – and to do a little structure change to my website around the New World Order, which will take some time to do too, and yes I am “finished” in practise, but the small details also take time, and even though I am given sneezes here, I will not rush work, so it will take the time it takes, which may be a couple of days, we will see.

Did he also include that on spreading chemicals (?), and yes, this is what it takes to receive ceasefire, and that is for the World Elite to see that I have included all – or more or less all.

I received a strong feeling of my mother down in the abyss too, and was told that we have had many parties down here – because of people like Berlusconi all over the world, and you do remember that it was mother and son creating the Old World, don’t you (?) – and this is here she has kept the broom hidden, and it is first now that I – the son – come out as a white fish as I was shown giving me the choice of any fish that I like.

No, they – the World Elite – were too stupid to think as far to understand that they blocked life themselves making it cease to exist via its dark actions, it was the last part of darkness of my mother as the creation, which was terminating life self.

I was told that there are also MP’s of the Danish Parliament knowing that I am doing this work on the evil New World Order, and following me too.

And if World Elite had to burn off this last darkness it would be this World Elite self who would die thus becoming the opposite result of your deep desires.

That was then Earth around again and here it is about Bill Clinton, who has also been flying in an UFO coming for a visit to me for you to see yourself that your “machinery” has no effect on me because of faith of the Universe in me, funny right?

If you could not do this, your mother would have gone out with one room for let, but no one to rent it, and when this is the case, there would be no room.

And yes, I feel Obama who would also like to teach me something, and yes, Obama you are welcome, I have probably misunderstood some and let out others, but not easy when this is a one way communication without receiving feedback on anything really, so I did what I did, which was my best under the circumstances.

Don’t we have more than one stamp pad, which has created all life (?), and no, when the supply is eternal, this is all that it takes.

And I received the feeling of Lars G. and eeehhh would you have liked to turn me over to become part of your evil New World Order (?), but you understand that it would become impossible when you started seeing the volume of my work, and when you could not bring me in, you wanted to get me out instead by killing me?

I was told “shoot, shoot, shoot ….” and did they continue shooting at me until they became tired and gave up concluding that there was nothing they could do to hit me, and yes why don’t you ask them yourself, and it also goes to you Steffen Kretz from DR1 TV News.

So they were closing the bridge refusing me access to come over to here by packing down all of this war machine pretending as if it did not exist, isn’t this amazing (?), which you are only told by crossing it yourself, and yes it is terrible wrong, he has not thought about giving up, do you believe that he will come here some day (?), and yes God’s have a habit doing that.

And who decided to close down the war machine and to escape, and yes Clinton did, the greatest wimp/impostor in the world.

At 19.00 I had agree with my mother and John to meet them at the most beautiful place imaginable at Hammermøllen (“the Hammer mill”) to watch the outdoor play “The Whitsun Festival

This place is only located 2-3 kilometres from my place, and I took my cycle and just had to cycle straight out, but still I took a path through the forest making me take a long way round, and I was told that the reason for coming this evening was to receive energy of people of Helsingør, which was necessary to receive today – also because of Thomas Hermann, the cook, who does not believe in me because of the attitude of Danish cooks against me (?) – and both via the approx. 300 people watching the play this evening, and also people from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group including Käte, who had been here for a picnic this afternoon, see the short stories.

And I was told that Käte has told these people that “Stig is sweet” and also that Leif has spoken about me, and one of the first pieces of information that I received was “gross”, and I was told that I had been recognised by people sending me darkness.

The play was with the local theatre group of the Hammer Mill and involved approx. 50 actors, and to my positive surprise, every little thing – the script, the acting, stage, clothing, tribune, speakers, and coffee/cake in the pause – was at a high, professional level giving us a really good experience, and they player very well and the script was both interesting and funny making the audience laugh many times, and it was about the young blacksmith, who was an inventor too, who could make the local Mill survive by producing his new invention (a machine gun) or he could decide to follow the rich visitor and become rich following him to his big factory in Germany, and it was about choosing between right and wrong, between God and the Devil, and he had a sword of truth helping him and decided to choose what was right saving everyone from death and bringing a party at the end, and you may understand the symbolism/inspiration of this play, which is also why my mother thought it was a good idea for us to go today.


When the play started, I was told that it is now that the first jumps into the lake.

Bill Clinton was also the first to realise that I was coming and deciding to stop the war, and he is now working loyally on my side too. He had not expected the New World Order of the World Elite to be as evil as it is.

My mother told me that Sanna and Hans have returned home from holiday, and she spoke briefly to Sanna today, and I was surprised to see “the look” of my mother on me, and I wondered what my sister told her about me and my recent Facebook updates, Sanna (?), and at least it was clear that my mother was thinking “what is he doing” and can it be that she is also thinking “I wonder if Stig has told us the truth all along”.

None of the World Elite knew that you were dying because of their wrong actions.

I felt incredible amounts of pure wood being transferred to me.

I was reminded that I have approved for the United Nations of the world not to file their resignation before after the beginning of the New World, which is true, but it still makes you WIMPS if you “cannot” take responsibility already now letting me know and standing forward telling the truth, and can it be that you are so afraid of negative reactions of people that you “cannot”, and yes, we know ….

This means that God has now been freed. The evil World Elite has decided to give up on their dark plans and to follow me, thus removing their dark membrane from me.

I received a play of darkness that I am now becoming God/everything, thus meaning that the story about my son, who will be born with the opening of our New World and become King, is not right, which I then have to delete from my website, and I decided not to believe in this and simply look away from it.

After two hours, the play ended with big applause, and I was told that this is also the end of our play. I had felt uncomfortable also during the play feeling sickness/flu under my skin all over.

I was told that we can also only come here when my sister and mother “know” about me.

For some reason, I also managed to cycle home via the wrong path of the forest, and it was becoming dark, and I cycled approx. 10 minutes longer than I had too, and to me this is about me taking the long way home via my journey, but I did come home.

My old step father Ole came forward saying – as he used to – that “I cannot squeeze down one more piece of food”, which my mother always disliked him saying, but it was said with a smile and here meaning that we have brought all life with us.

All of this evil New World Order of the World Elite happened while the mainstream world did not know or want to know because they were “busy” doing other things for example receiving passive entertainment on the lowest possible level or simply by not wanting to read/listen and understand the truth, and in this respect, the World Elite was right, they were able to pacify man, who “could not” even fight against this when it did not know.

We are removing our goal keeper clothes also making Bill Clinton a part of me, and all of the darkness that he represented was needed as part of the game to come home, and it was Clinton that we had to pass to pass the beginning of our new lives only being as tall as matches.

We cannot change the music – start our New World – without you, and yes I have to finish my new webpage first, and you are giving me strong encouragement to send it as a new email to the same receivers as the previous to the United Nations and the Danish Parliament including Facebook groups etc., which I will do when I am ready and first then.

Google Earth: A flying blanket/duvet, and sorrow about to fall

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the grande finale, a flying blanket/duvet, sorrow about to fall, you are loveable, a guy with a black hat, big yellow is eating back, something going on on the North Pole, can he find us, and do you take zucker?

FB 040813 1

FB 040813 Jette 2

FB 040813 Jette 3

FB 040813 Jette 4

FB 040813 Jette 5

FB 040813 Jette 6

FB 040813 Jette 7

FB 040813 Jette 8

FB 040813 Jette 9

FB 040813 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • So true.

FB 040813 Mandela

  • The Helsingør in pictures Facebook group were also at the Hammer Mill, but this afternoon when I was there this evening, and Carsten could not help saying “Jesus, Kenneth has not fallen asleep yet”, which you may understand is about the sufferings these fools send me bringing me tiredness, and Connie said that it will probably not be long now because of “all of the fresh air you know”, and yes, Connie, I do know because “fresh air” is what is coming from the Source, which is what you were speaking of without knowing, and Carsten said that Kenneth goes bananas with that fresh air with “bananas” being an old symbol of my “old nightmare”, so do you understand the meaning with “inspired speech” by now?

FB 040813 HGOR

  • An “old man” had birthday, and I wonder when he will return my greetings?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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