August 6, 2013: My sister brought darkness of my mother to the world tormenting/killing me as well as creating our New World


Summary of the script today 

5th August: My sister brought darkness of my mother to the world tormenting/killing me as well as creating our New World

  • Dreaming of my “old nightmare” without passion.
  • I had one of the worst days COMPLETELY broken down with tiredness, no energy and a cold too. The system was ready to rape the cat, i.e. attack and kill you after the killing of your father. Is it so that your sister also has been source for the US Government and the world (?), and no, I cannot believe that this is the case, but then again, who knows what has been going on behind my back? I was told that I was used as bait for the Americans by Jacob Scharf, the chief of the Danish Intelligence Service of the Police, via my sister. It was my sister’s misunderstandings and “inability” to read, listen to and communicate with me with an open mind to understand the truth of me, which was brought via Jacob Scharf to the International top making the whole system misunderstand me (until they later discovered that they were wrong, when I would/could not die!) – “Stig is a potential terrorist, and we don’t like what he writes about us”. This is what more than anything else brought me darkness to absorb, and when I did without breaking down, this is what created our New World. My sister brought her and my mother’s negative feelings and “fear” of me being potential dangerous (!) – all made up without reasons inside their own heads – to the Intelligence Service reaching the top of the system not being afraid to kill or abduct me as a subject to test their new system of Hell to remove dissidents, but still they “could not” being wimps when I wrote about their plans publicly. This was the channel of darkness inspiring the World Elite to create their evil New World Order, which brought me my constant sufferings – from my mother influenced by and via my sister to the world and from the world as sufferings to me – which has now been closed, and turned around, which really “could not” be done, and this is now bringing the last reserves of my mother/the Old World to me. It was love of our mother changing this when she finally understood that I am not dangerous, which my sister eventually also understood. This was the “great washing system” of darkness being sent to me as building blocks to create our New World, and we cannot get any closer now when this is also now revealed. My sister was necessary to have as part of me to bring creation, so the right attitude is NOT to be sad or angry with her, but to thank her for all of her misunderstandings and wrong actions almost killing me for years, because without this, we could not have created our New World. She was also the stop sign on the bridge making it impossible to reach the very end without first terminating the Old World, but still, this is what we do having turned her around too, which in effect is what turned around the dark World Elite making it surrender to me. This was the wheel of darkness and fortune at the same time.
  • You will be surprised when you enter here (at the Source) because nothing here is as you expect, we are truly nothing, which we just pretend that we are, as if we are there, and there and there and everywhere so without our thoughts, we would be no places, do you believe you can accept such a life (?), and yes this is what we have got accustomed to. The Source is now free flying around my head and when the Source and our New World enters my head, this is when we will start up everything, this is when we have become one and everything – as life inside my mind!
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show geometric symbols, big souls all around, no one is allowed to make pollution, Orpheus – you can come up now!, looking from telescope, my name on the sky, air display, a holy person, and even the storms go for oneness.
  • Short stories of apparent terror threats of al-Qaeda – being part of the evil New World Order.

6th August: Opening my sister to bring in the last of the Old World, and feelings of Karen opens the Source for all to become ONE

  • Dreaming of Bryan Ferry having an attitude problem making it impossible for him to have faith in me, there is nothing better than being inside the gold/love of God, still I receive more of my “old nightmare”, and uniting two units by the demolition man.
  • I was chosen not only to be abducted/vanish but to be test person of mind control of the “system”. It is “impossible” feelings of Karen wanting to be together with me again believing in me and not her family’s wrong “sentence” over me, which is opening the bottle of Champagne of the Source. My script of yesterday is required to cross this bridge by opening your sister giving her a tutorial to make her understand her and your mother’s part in this game.  She was the tool of darkness blocking my access over this bridge, but now she is opening up and bringing these reserves of our mother/the Old World in – while we overhear the alarm of her telling that this is “impossible” to do. Our New World is finished and waiting for us, it is a “fino” film of love and beauty. These reserves of my mother/our Old World that I am bringing out now were supposed to burn to bring us home. It was darkness of your mother via Sanna and the world, which was killing your father and on the way to kill you too. And the “the old man” inside Karen is the last one in this hierarchy bringing darkness to my mother, which is what Sanna developed via her influence on our mother. I felt and was told that this means that you are surrounded – I felt everything just two centimetres around me – and was told that there is nothing you can do, and here it is only for the good with everything now becoming ONE inside of my head. Your mother is already inside the cinema of our New World, so it is from here that we are saying congratulations. I was given a sound from the oven of dices being thrown, which is what I do as the Source, which is to release new creations/life from here.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures show big pollution demands, “kuk kuk – faldera”, welcome – just jump onboard, up you go, Stig, and eat and swallow.


5th August: My sister brought darkness of my mother to the world tormenting/killing me as well as creating our New World

Dreaming of my “old nightmare” without passion

I went to bed at midnight and was woken up at 04.30 being asked to stand up working, which I almost could not do but still I decided to do it finishing the script of yesterday, but I am not sure at all that I can keep on working all day, which however would be good to do to my new website, and here are some dreams.

  • I had a sexual explicit dream including my “old nightmare” without passion, others being with Karen including a previous minister from the Parliament, but still she loves me and I her. We were four at a Japanese bar having tea, which included fine Japanese meat too.
    • This was about also crossing the border later yesterday evening of what is suitable of me to look at on the Internet – as the day before – which is about the worst darkness I have met, which I have now stopped again.

My sister brought darkness of my mother to the world tormenting/killing me as well as creating our New World

Now I will be standing here at Stig’s incubator.

You could also include “all actors” too in your coming email (because they know about me).

I was shown a professional racing cyclist on the toilet, which is to say that there culture is ROTTEN, and they know about it, and they know about me too.

They – the World Elite – have used you to spread terror and fear (“Stig is coming”) – but have turned around.

I still had a cold given to me this morning, which however is only “half”, but still annoying me when having to work.

I continued working on my new website, and was feeling Lyngby Commune as example, and was told that in order to receive their faith, it is needed to follow up with this new email telling them what I saved them from.

Isn’t it funny that this system was ready to rape the cat, i.e. attack and kill you with the killing of your father – and now you are seeing it fall apart.

And yes, all of this evil New World Order was based on the wrong premise, on a misunderstanding that the world would not be able to feed a growing number of people, but it would.

At 09.10 on DR P4 radio, the host could not understand why his music system did not work playing the same song again, which he could not switch off, which was to say that I am still here “interfering with your systems”.

I am told that it is nervousness of my mother in relation to me and my activities, which is giving me the cold/sickness.

I was told that the strong desire I was given to look at not suitable content on the Internet was also part of the plan to go “deep into darkness”, and I received strong marks first to my left (terminated life because of this) and the right leg/ankle, which was about things/life being re-organized now.

I was told that the spiritual voices given to my mother and John before waking up in the mornings have become stronger but still you don’t get it?

I went to the library at 11.00 being almost completely broken down, which has to be reactions of the World Elite to the many updates of my new website yesterday updating it from a rough draft to now looking almost complete.

So this is just what you are doing, using the stamp to bring original life for everyone – while suffering much being incredible dizzy/exhausted on my very edge of being able to work.

With difficulties I managed to publish my script of yesterday to Facebook and to send to LTO at 12.30.

We are not a sheriff yet, the big break through and all of that (?), and no, he cannot also take my notes today when working on the other things being broken, but still I do.

You cannot wish for the hole to here – to black darkness as it looks like now (but the Source) – to be any bigger (because of my work).

You can bring a decisive stroke to this organization – the Bilderberg – already today if you want to.

Whom am I going to deliver my dangerous dog to (?) – I see it as black dog coming to me from right, including my cousin Jan (influenced negatively by this darkness) – and yes “Stig Dragholm” is the man there, and this is about the reaction of Bilderberg after naming them directly too on my new website.

They were also not almost stopping the music, were they?

I was shown a small heart in the middle and two badminton racket, which is about diving life in two, which I had to do when forming plus and minus, and this is one thing that you decided to keep.

This morning I was told that there are already people working in centers to collect data information/mind control people, and this afternoon, I wanted to look at “mind control” and saw this chapter, and if I want all of this to stop and for these employees to go home after having stopped/cancelled/normalized all activities (?), yes, of course I do, and I wonder if this is what Bill stopped as a great part of it now some days ago because my sufferings decreased much.

NSA – The Hidden Agenda – Running Earth, Inc. and Global Mind Control of ALL Societies . . . “The Quantum Computer”Make no mistake – this massive data collection center is a game changer leading to economic globalization and the unveiling of Earth, Inc.  The mask is being taken off of the shadow government who WILL not only run the affairs of the Planet, but will remotely control all our minds . . Think not – think again or at least think while you still can . .  The ability of Quantum Computing will create new and different relationships to capital, labor, consumer markets, and national governments.  This changes everything . .Al Gore says, ” the worldwide digital communication, Internet, and computer revolutions have led to the emergence of “the Global Mind, which links the thoughts and feelings of billions of people and connects intelligent machines, robots, ubiquitous sensors, and databases ALL together “. . This should concern everyone because no one asked any of us if we wanted the balance of global political, economic, and military power to shift more profoundly then at any time in the last five hundred years – from a U.S. centered system to ONE with multiple emerging centers of power, from nation-states to private actors, and from political systems to markets. – per Al Gore and the globalist agendas he writes about.   Lets break this down – this Quantum Computer will run the world and everyone and everything on the face of the planet . . .Some say the Quantum Computer is the best equipment American tax payers can buy to spy on themselves.  What happened here?  Something is terribly wrong.  We know this massive data collection center is NOT what we are being told. . .”

I continued working until 14.15 today where I decided that now I could no more, and yes I may be late with my work on the new website, but it is still progressing, and I really need hours of concentrated work and to be fresh enough to think, which I was not today, and yes feeling Clinton strongly here, and of course you and all of your gang are very welcome here too – welcome home :-).

I was shown the lock of a door going in and out, and was told that this is what my temptation to watch unsuitable material on the Internet was about, because it was difficult to open.

It is now tomorrow morning and I feel better, but not perfect and am still influenced by yesterday being completely down and it is still 27 degrees inside my living room, which is far too hot to work because of how easily I sweat, and now I have MANY notes again to write down, before I will be able to continue work sometime this afternoon on the New World Order of the World Elite.

It was the same World Elite being afraid of the world going under.

I was shown God delivering out real life to everyone.

I was shown British soldiers of the 19th century and Jack driving towards me in a soapbox car, which has to mean that you have been washed too and are now not dangerous anymore.

There are still chemtrails on the sky here, and no, not everyday but a couple of days per week maybe (?), and the game about temporary closing down primarily US Embassies in the Middle East because of threats of Al Qaeda shows that the propaganda machine still works too.

Is it so that your sister also has been source for the US Government and the world (?), and no, I cannot believe that this is the case, but then again, who knows what has been going on behind my back?

I was told about my old Nordic Manager at GE Insurance, Anders M. from Norway, and you have enough friends beyond the limit having been invited inside of the secret network of the World Elite, and has my sister too (?), and I received two strong out of this world pain to my right ankle.

Is such a centre – surveillance/mind control – now opened in England and also almost every EU country fulfilling an old dream?

I was so incredible tired late this afternoon that I truly had to have a nap, which I did for two hours dreaming something about the Vatican and an illegal road via Facebook, and also about Rikke, who does not want to show me what people write about me, and there is an incredible amount of people standing in many kilometres long lines on the way to mass at the Vatican, and they stand in line through long corridors of the Church/”Palace”, and the top line is at top of the palace walking on the top of a window requiring the best balance not to fall down – so again about Vatican attracting a great number of people, which however is the worst darkness that I am balancing on.

Karen and I will be sharing God as One divided in two, which is just to clarify that God will not be transferred to and be only me.

Your requirement for the United Nations of all countries to resign of course also includes all police, Intelligence Services, surveillance etc.

They think constantly on you. You were used as bait for the Americans by Jacob Scharf, the chief of the Danish Intelligence Service of the Police, via Sanna, and I felt both him and darkness.

It is firstly these two, who are responsible for the misunderstandings based on my sister not being able to read, listen to, ask questions and understand with an open and objective mind – but misunderstanding me negatively believing that my scripts were negative not understanding that they were the opposite to make people including her improve their human behaviour – to reach the International top!

This is how international co-operation works, so if there is a national misunderstanding, it goes all the way to the top, and no, Stig is not the one, and this is then the easiest way we enter, and I received pain to my left testicle (the right one to receive pain/marks in), and this is what more than anything else caused both the death of my mother/the world and creation of our New World.

Yes, my sister’s misunderstanding, but she is the “expert”. This was the first league we had created to lift everything up.

And do my sister and Jacob Scharf know each other? This is what his faith is based on – don’t you believe me?

This is here you have our delivery bicycle, which went through these two. So when she did not go crying to your mother, she went to Scharf, and yes because Stig is dangerous, which is also what mother says (as my mother believed both in 2011 and into 2012 before she started receiving faith that I was not), and this is how you reach the top as him the crazy man with a potential to become a terrorist like Breivik, and no, we cannot accept him to write about us (including the system) as he does, and then we decide to exterminate him until you discover that it was just a misunderstanding.

So the talk behind your back between your mother and sister – NEVER WITH ME AND NEVER OPEN QUESTIONS TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ME (!!!) BUT MANY HOURS OF TALK ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK (!!!) – was not just talk, but reported to the system, thus making “fear” the tool to reach all the way up to and yes Scharf’s equal abroad.

This was the worst vaccine against you coming from your sister “maintaining” her career, and eeehhh not loving her brother (?) – as she does – but what do you do when he is “dangerous”, and yes would this bring me death/sickness/assaults, which you also see in your profession, Sanna (?), and this is more than anything else – cock-a-doodle-doo (!) – the reason why we are here today.

We have now closed this Ipswich channel (of darkness), making us ready to move in, and this is what was making me sick these days culminating today making me feel completely awful.

And this also means the end of this stool pigeon system (from my sister to the system against me), but the music is marvellous :-), and it is the love of your mother to you changing this, and that is because Stig is not dangerous at all as she discovered (!), so do you believe that Stig just speaks the truth (?), and this is how people slowly realise that they were killing you because of your sister. This is what created your “old nightmare”/sexual torments, thus creation of our New World because you did not give up to this darkness, so this is the story about how we could not do creation without your sister directing this the worst darkness towards you because of a “misunderstanding”/inability to read, listen and understand!

I felt my father and was told that all of this is because he was pulling in me, and when he was not with me, he brought these negative impulses to my sister.

This is the bearing channel of darkness, which we are lifting and coming out of, and without this channel, you would not have received your sufferings, and this is the dark shadow of your sister, which you are born with, and I felt this shadow right next to me, and a noise was given to my sofa right next to me.

I received the negative voice “oh, this is really annoying” as example of all of the negative voices I have received for years trying to turn me over, and this is coming from this channel of my sister too.

So it is us bringing your sick bed forward, as I am shown here, because this system via your own system was meant to kill you, and no, your sister surely had no intentions to kill you, because the system would never do that, Sanna (?), but maybe it was a good idea to lock up your (dangerous!) brother, and yes when you are afraid and desperate, what do you say then?

Well, isn’t this what we will decide, which is to use Stig as a subject to test the efficiency of the new system by abducting and making him “vanish” (?), but no, the system did not have the courage to show its face in public via my writings, so you were stronger than all of this screw of darkness, which was impossible to loosen, which I had prepared for you to come out through – one way or another.

This was the “great washing system” of darkness sent from my sister to me, which East Germany could not have done better, and yes you had far too big a mouth and better-knowing ignorance, Sanna, and far too little brain to read, listen and COMMUNICATE with me to understand the truth, which was the greatest lack of skills in your life, which is what I told you for years to improve, and when you truly needed it in relation to me, you still “could not”, do you see now?

So your sister and Hans know that they risk all of their home to disappear when I will discover them too.

So it was an arrow from your mother going through your sister, which went directly into your breast to kill you, but of course you did not meant to.

And then we built everything else on top of this, HK (opposition of Falck against my memo on them) etc.

We cannot get any closer now when this is also now revealed. This story is what your sister brings with her after having returned home from Peru.

Please remember that she was necessary to have as part of me to bring creation, so the right attitude is NOT to be sad or angry with her, but to thank her for all of her misunderstandings and wrong actions almost killing me for years, because without this, we could not have created our New World.

When writing down these notes during the evening, it was INCREDIBLE tough because of just how tired, exhausted, warm/hot all over and sick that I felt – but still I have much less negative voices.

She will continue if we don’t stop her, she was the stop sign we put up on the bridge.

And still, she was the closest to help because there are no limits to what she would do to help me.

I felt how my new mother is shouting with joy also because the Oslo ferry – of the Old World – did not sink, and this is while I am still going through my last sufferings.

So it is the combination of Sanna and my father coming to me as darkness, and again I am given pain to my heart region.

This evening I truly felt completely alone in the world with no one writing/speaking to me or asking about my true work, and this includes most (almost all) of my family, friends etc. (it is only about turning down the Old World regime, so “nothing important” really!) , and the official world, and I was thinking of the Parliament group of the Danish People’s Party having their summer meeting these days at Højstrupgård 300-400 metres from me, and yes, you don’t invite me for a cup of coffee and a nice chat do you, Pia, Kristian, Søren, Morten?

So it is the combination of my sister and this “mind control” programme of the secret network – and their New World Order – that brought me my sufferings, and this is what gives me another out of this world pain to my right ankle and heart pain with my sister now home again.

Do I have the courage to write this about my own sister, to include it in the headline and for her to see when publishing it on Facebook (?), and yes one thing is to write about the World Elite, another thing is to write about your own family, who may decide to abandon me once again (?), but no, I don’t care, I only write the truth as it is given to me – which may also include some deceptions of darkness, but I believe that the story generally is correct – so therefore, let us continue the game!

And was it my sister awakening for new “deeds” with the death of my father initiating all of this against me?

You will be surprised when you enter here (at the Source) because nothing here is as you expect, we are truly nothing, which we just pretend that we are, as if we are there, and there and there and everywhere so without our thoughts, we would be no places, do you believe you can accept such a life (?), and yes this is what we have got accustomed to.

It is still what we received at Bakken that day with your sister and mother a few months ago, which we continue working on, and I understand that this is where my sister truly understood that “love is stronger than pride” and there is nothing to be concerned about in relation to me, and let me say that this is one of the absolutely most beautiful songs by Sade, which I love “higher than life”, which is how I love both my mother and my sister, just to make it clear also for my mother and sister, which you “could not” understand all of the time fearing that I did not and that I was able to do the worst imaginable (?), but no, it was ONLY in your mind!

So my sister finally discovered that there was nothing to be afraid of, which we turned to my advantage, so “fear” was a tool of creation.

I am now getting access to the part of my mother, which otherwise was saved for the very end.

I was given the sound of Karen knowing to a window coming from my hall, and I felt how God inside of Karen, my inner self, is now flying around my apartment and on the way inside my head, which is when we will start up everything, and with my mother – the rest of her (including the New World) – coming from the balcony, it means that we are now becoming one and everything.

And does the turn around of Sanna to me mean that the dark world did that same (?), and yes this was the key, and it was love of our mother to both my sister and I making this possible, and this is even though this was “impossible” for my sister to do because of everything she is involved in.

How can you be so unlucky (?), and yes because of my sister’s decisions going against me, which also made Sanne Salomonsen going against me as I am here told, so your sister does not yet know that she has been revealed, and consequently does not have poor conscience, which is why it is also important to write and show this in the headline of the script today.

Isn’t it funny if Paris Hilton was an agent of this secret network to bring “simple” and “stupid” entertainment and sex to a “hungry” world?

So Sanna was the lock of the Old World impossible for me to open because it would be impossible to make her understand me.

And this is despite of you being fat, which required that we had to bring you endless sufferings in order to open this to you.

Sanna was my weapon to pack everything together, which we had created and to return to here with your new creation.

Everything had root in her inferiority complex because she wanted to be “more than me” towards our mother knowing that she is loved by our mother, but not as much as I am and have been (because of my attitude being different and more open and positive than yours, Sanna).

So it was a fight about your mother/the world, and who would she choose (?), and yes Sanna for a long time when it came to your “sickness” because Sanna is the “expert” (!) – not knowing anything having received wrong text books/being brainwashed (!) – and also because this is what psychiatrists and doctors of the system said, “Stig is crazy” and yes has to receive medicine, but no, my mother ended up believing the easy for everyone to see truth, which is that psychoactive drugs are LETHAL turning you into a zombie, which is what this final battle was about.

It is the last part of my mother/the world coming from the balcony and the Source now becoming one.

And it isn’t from here – my mother and sister – that dark UFO’s come from (?), and yes, they were the Source of darkness being the key of Bill Clinton and the evil New World Order of the World Elite, and without my mother and sister, there would be no such thing!

This is like receiving all meat, which was attached to a skewer – my mother attached to my sister – which is now coming to me because my mother believes in me, and no, Stig is fine, he does not have to receive medicine, which is dangerous!

I was told that I have not received the smell of this last part of my mother burning, which I would have had in another scenario.

I was shown the ash tray of Rolling Stones, which I received from the café of the same name on Leicester Square in London around 10-15 years ago, and I was shown this building being completely dark and empty, and was told that the meaning was to destruct the Old World via the strong sexual sufferings/“old nightmare” I was given, which I should not have been able to reject, but when I have now entered here saying that this behaviour is WRONG, it pulls up this darkness giving me the surprised words “are we still alive, and now you want to bring everything” (?), yes please (!), and this is why I see glasses coming up through this endless Source via this surprising channel of faeces – and what do you say, Jack, is it time to jump to this the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever?

I was shown a loyal dog looking into this darkness, and this is the European Union being born out of this also saying that it is this worst darkness of my mother from where all creation comes from, which used to be unknown but are now known reserves, and I was told this while also receiving the most delicious taste of food, i.e. life.

This is an impossible road to come through because it really cannot be opened this way, which is why I am suffering strongly today, and even though I see darkness coming through here, I also see how it includes many flowers (of love) opening to me.

So my sister and mother were also responsible of the sexual sufferings I was given, and I felt my father too, and we have now come so far that we are bringing everything to my head, so this is where everything is located, as thoughts inside my head, this is the life we are, and yes a strange feeling/thought it is because everything looks like physical life, which is it, isn’t it (?), or a “Matrix” making everyone believe that it is physical life even though it is not, and yes just like the film you know.

Isn’t it funny that the attack – from the system on me locking me up – should already have come in 2009, when I returned home from Kenya to live with my sister until I received a new place to live, and that is because everyone knew that I was crazy, at least according to my sister, so they (my family) have not been told that ever since this has been a constant threat to you (all), which could lock me up bringing destruction to the world.

So my father died in January 2013, which brought “new ideas” of the system to lock me up, and this was based on information going back to 2009 from my sister (?), and/or later (?), and yes what is right and wrong (?), and I don’t care, I write it as I am told making the future show what was right.

All board meetings were down here (with my mother/the Old World), I have not been up there (with the Source) yet.

So we have now brought you new homework to do, which is impossible to do also having the rest of the new website to do, this is the feeling.

it is mother’s pipe going through darkness of Sanna, which brings me darkness.

I was shown the path from Raadvad to Eremitage Castle in the Deer Haven of Klampenborg, and I was told that this is part of my gold/beer jewellery hidden at this castle, and this is because of the many times I have run in this very beautiful area in the past (10-15 years ago), and are the royalty almost falling down their chairs laughing (?), and this is what I am shown and feel and that is because of total victory over this evil New World Order of the World Elite.

Google Earth: My name on the sky and Orpheus – you can come up now!

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show geometric symbols, big souls all around, no one is allowed to make pollution, Orpheus – you can come up now!, looking from telescope, my name on the sky, air display, a holy person, and even the storms go for oneness.

FB 050813 Jette 1

FB 050813 Jette 2

FB 050813 Jette 3

FB 050813 Jette 4

FB 050813 Jette 5

FB 050813 Jette 6

FB 050813 Jette 7

FB 050813 Jette 9

FB 050813 Jette 10

FB 050813 Jette 11

FB 050813 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Naser spoke about the super power USA closing 22 embassies in the Middle East and North Africa on basis of communication they have obtained from al-Qaeda (!) about a coming attack being an “enormous propaganda victory for al-Qaeda”, which already now can be seen on some of their website, and he said that according to an American terror expert it requires 800 to 1,200 terror ready jihadists to be able to co-ordinate this many terror targets (!), and yes I wonder who is trying to cheat whom here, and what you are really doing over there in the United Bluff (?), so I decided to share my not entirely finished new website, which however should be good enough to bring you cold feet over there too (?), and I asked Naser when he will show up on the screen telling what he is really doing over there?

FB 050813 Naser

Fb 050813 Naser 2

  • The other day, I was encouraged to invited one of Fuggi’s good friends, Dennis F., whom I remember from Espergærde too, to become Facebook friends, but no, he could not, and I wonder if you can tell me why this is, Fuggi?


6th August: Opening my sister to bring in the last of the Old World, and feelings of Karen opens the Source for all to become ONE

Dreaming of nothing better than being inside the gold/love of God

I went to bed at 23.45 and slept until 08.15 this morning with these dreams.

  • I meet Bryan Ferry at an empty factory, something about a report, and Bryan is searching for speakers, and I tell him that there are really none remaining, however there are some very poor and cheap “plastic speakers” (of the worst kind), which also has a lose connection, but he is welcome to take these, which he does, and I can tell that he is a good repairman. Something about the power of God here at the end of the world, an old house, which is now new and almost finished, the power is strong, and I prepare Bryan Ferry to be open, take in what he will be told and to remove his attitude problem (too strong ego and sceptical attitude) and I tell him that looking at him today is like looking at myself five years ago, and to become a superstar. And I levitate close to the ceiling feeling the strong gold/love of God (including my mother), which makes me want to do nothing else
    • It seems that Bryan is one of my favourite artists not believing in me because you are too sceptical and love your own voice too much not making it possible for you to open to me? But the quality of your speakers is the poorest meaning that you do not harm me, and I wonder why you are not with me because you – of all – should know that there’s a new sensation, a fabulous creation on the way also for you bringing a new edition of you too, and yes your music is still “the best” around.

  • I cheat Michella into making love with me, which is not a great experience, and even though she should be cross with me, she still shows me her and Nicolaj’s home, and they say that they live together in an “open relationship” giving both the options to have casual sex with others. Nicolaj has been at a sales course, and wants to show something at a blackboard, which he corrects to a whiteboard. And he speaks of the Cure and about their five year career, and I see a photo of the band seeing three new members in a new setup of the band, and I tell him that they have played together for more than 30 years, and will play live on the coming Skanderborg festival. I am popular among high school students.
    • Still I receive more of my “old nightmare” symbolised the strongest of all by Michella, and also to say that “open relationships” like this do NOT work out.

  • Something about two units being united, and when I woke up, I was told “but I am really the demolition man” and “incredible that this can be done” meaning that it is via the channel of my sister, which has turned around, that we are doing this.

Opening my sister to bring in the last of the Old World, and feelings of Karen opens the Source for everything to become ONE

Would it also include not having to think yourself, yes the system would use me as a TEST for mind control of the latest kind.

And your mother had sold out.

FC Brøndby in the jersey and yes together with FC Copenhagen and FC Nordsjælland being last of the table after the first three rounds of the new season, we thought we just wanted to show that it requires to have me playing with you to win.

Can we reasonable acknowledge his victory (?), yes. Because he is not disturbed. No I am not a subject for test. Hans helped to avoid that. So instead we are here close to simply being, that was the difference, to be or not to be, another play at the end.

My mother does not freeze now does she? There is a house on the beach there, to move into.

We could have had a birthday a long time ago, but you decided to wait, and yes to wait as long as you could to make everything perfect (and behind this, I hear thanks/appraisals).

Are we going to play company football (?), and yes in how many companies have their been a “fight” between light and darkness and “is Stig the one or crazy” (?), and let us as examples include Dahlberg, Kim S’ company, Aon, Willis, Mercer, Danica, PFA, Acta, Danske Bank and more, and how did you decide to win the discussion, my friends (?), and yes not based on careful reading and knowledge of me but of what you BELIEVED (?), which is how the Old World WRONGLY worked.

I continued sneezing this morning, but I do believe that my “cold” is becoming better.

I felt Karen in the hall and was told that normally I am not that shy but to you I am, and this is about Karen wanting to make love to me again, which is what will open the bottle of Champagne of the Source, and yes not very easy to do you see.

It is all up to “you are not the doctor, are you” (?), i.e. if my diagnosis of the doctors is correct or theirs on me, and this is whether Karen will listen to herself and trust in me or listen to and trust her family and friends against me, and I received “Jeg i live” by Sanne Salomonsen and the lyrics “I’m alive, and stand waiting”, which is what she does?

No, Stig is not ready, we cannot come in skipping a row (?) as I am shown.

After your sister has returned home with what she obtained in Peru, she can now throw the stone much more accurately at me, which is what we are doing now.

I continued working concentrated on my script of yesterday until 13.00 today, and yes I can work more concentrated and also think better today after having come over some hurdles in the beginning, and no, this was impossible for me to do yesterday.

I was told that my mother has been shown all of the sufferings she brought me via visions given to her, which has to include dreams, and there has been kept records of this, but no, she did not understand (also when she “could not” read down and send her my dreams to make me help her understand what they were about – and no John, Sanna and Hans “could not” too).

So it all came down to for how short we could keep the quietness (ending the Old World) before creating our New World – and you say “with the blink of an eye”.

This work of writing about your sister – the script of yesterday – is also what it takes to cross this bridge and yes to open your sister making this possible.

This is more like a tutorial to her to make her understand her and your mother’s part in this game.

And it is the strength of your words to Karen – this is as a movie plot, which no one believes in – which is making her believe in you. This is my weapon – my scripts.

There was really not a big enough balcony for your mother, because she is really also me, so we are all connected.

And let me say that my request for the Old World to resign of course also includes Monsanto, all of the medical industry and similar crooks – you will NOT be needed.

A strong blow came to push my car in to the side.

And it is bringing everything together which is making the 360 degree round railway of everything as an eternal loop work as I am shown.

Yes, it was in practise impossible for your mother to become mad at you, so what about your “negative writings”, and yes feeling John here, can it be that Stig speaks the truth (?), and yes not very easy to say (?), but it looks as if you finally came this way around too, and it took many years for you to start understanding what is EASY to understand!!!

I went to the library after lunch and worked at the computer room on 2nd floor turning out to the yard, and after a few minutes, a man entered to use one of the other computers, and when he opened the window, I told him that he could stop the new, noisy ventilators inserted in the window (how in the world can you install such poor and NOISY ventilators?) by putting a piece of paper into it, and he stopped it, which made me say “fino” for “fine”, which made him smile and say that this is the name of his business (“Fino Film”), and I had really been hoping to be able to work concentrated, but now I started speaking to this kind man, and it turned out that he is a film director, Jens Bangskjær, now working on new projects about “what comes out of the socket” (where does it come from, how is it made etc., which made me inspire him telling him about POWER WEAPON of the World Elite, who has stopped FREE ENERGY because of huge profits) and “civilisation” as subjects, and he said that he has been coaching Arabic girls/young women at “homework café’s” at a library and they asked him from where the add-on “hed” in Danish comes from, which they don’t have in their language, which was about “Kærlighed” (“love”), “skønhed” (“beauty”) etc., and this was just to say that we have prepared the film of our New World, which is “fino” and full of love and beauty, and yes this is also how “inspiration” comes when our spiritual friends are working.

And he asked me what I do, and I told him about the philosophy, which I write about – to improve your life, work and community – and he wondered if I have published this as a book, which made me tell him that it is all to be found on the Internet, and yes it sounded “too good to be true”, but he wanted to have my name, which I gave him and I told him that it would include a surprise and he could decide himself if this surprise would stop him or if he would manage to overcome this and understand the philosophy behind it, and after we had finished our maybe 10 minutes long and nice talk – despite of realising just how exhausted and poorly that I still feel because I had difficulties simply to listen to and understand him feeling not very well about it – he said that he had maybe half an hour of work to do, but instead I saw him take the piece of paper where he had written my name on, and then he jumped up the chair and outburst a surprised “sound”, which made him tear apart the paper and instantly leave without saying goodbye, and yes, all it took was for him to “Google” me and seeing these results including “The reappearance of Jesus is reality” from Selvet, which he simply could not take, and this is how quickly the mind of a person can change from “positive” to “negative” about me, but the only thing, which has changed is the conception of people of me – just like Lis, my mother’s old friend, as example, or my father’s Kirsten and in reality all people having gone through the same “surprise”, which is really more a shock making people “lose it” for no reason at all other than themselves!

Google Stig

We are keeping this channel of “kill me” open.

I completed writing the script of yesterday and today until 16.15 where I was again broken much down not feeling up to do anymore work, but I tried to see if I could do a little to my new website, which I then did but not for long, I could no more.

Did we also move out in the hot air balloon to show the world, who we are, and what did they see inside of us, and yes “nothing”, this is what we are, and we could also have chosen to be a ship and “everything”.

You are not soft, you have not been offered a big “transitional sum” to come over here to Washington (?), and I feel Naser Khader, who bent under to the power of money too.

So all of this that you are getting out now was supposed to burn to bring us home.

And this is what was supposed to bring “mashed potatoes”, which we will now avoid going through.

I returned home from the library at around 18.30, and I decided to vacuum clean even though I felt not up to it at all still having much work to do, but I have not vacuum cleaned for maybe 1-1½ months, so it was a mess, which I have not liked at all, but I have prioritized my scripts for a long time and not have time and energy to do this because I have given EVERYTHING to the scripts, and yes also not had time to invite my mother for coffee, and this is what I decided to do being pressured my most, and when doing this, I received strong sexual torments because this is also part of the game, and I was told as a “bonus” that Leif has faith in me, and yes because of my human view as example seeing the good in people first – and yes, just maybe a few from the Danish People’s Party were courageous enough to pay me a visit, but no, not even Pia – or Kristian or Søren or what is the name of the other “crown prince” – had “time” or courage enough, and yes making me sad too!

There will be no deduction too because of Elijah because he believes in you even though he “cannot” read and understand you, which has to do with faith of the team, and at least of Meshack.

So it was darkness of your mother via Sanna and the world, which was killing your father and on the way to kill you too, and yes my mother, a formidable opponent, but not to me.

I was told that U2 is also writing songs on me, and there is a “collection” everywhere to make me happy. And ABBA are preparing concerts too …. J.

I was given examples of how the opposite game would be if darkness had succeeded to make me decide that there is closed access here, which would have made the negative voice given to me “you are not welcome” turn around to “please let us enter” etc. in order to convince me, which would have cost much life of my mother/the world to do, and this was not necessary.

I saw Kristian Thulesen-Dahl, the leader of Danish People’s Party, live on TV2 News this evening (from Højstrupgård close to here), and I was told that he is also reason why the house is becoming free, and we just have to bring my mother from the balcony too to become a swan, and Kristian was given the word “muscle costume” as a reference to the muscular dystrophy fund and their green concerts, which then again is a reference to Medina playing on their recent tour, which I wrote about where she spoke of me, and this is bringing us back to Højstrupgård being part of the LO-school were I saw Medina in concert a couple of months ago, and I was told that this is how people are speaking in rings about me, and he said “give a little smile”, which this is all about.

I saw a trailer on TV including the absolutely most beautiful pictures of flying birds, and it was accompanied by this GREAT song by Lenny Kravitz and the words “I want to get away, I wanna fly away”, which to me is about FREEDOM, and yes, I simply love this song and the ENERGY of it, which is the energy I feel inside of me, it is both strong, powerful and beautiful, that’s the way to go, Lenny, but will you please stop taking drugs?

I still received marks to my right ankle this evening.

And the “the old man” inside Karen is the last one in this hierarchy bringing darkness to my mother, which is what Sanna develops via her influence on our mother, and this is the end of this pint then and I was given a sound to my oven.

I was told that Sanna received access to secret police journals about me, which I was not informed/asked about – why was that really?

I was given a sound to my oven and then directly from her to my TV, and I was told that it is I – the Source – deciding about the survival of the TV- the world – not opposite.

All day long I felt that I had some kind of “insert” – approx. 20 centimetres long – inserted in the right side of my head, slanging from bottom to head, and it felt “purple”.

I felt my father on the balcony, and he is there too and he said that he will soon also bring me birthday greetings, which was also at the same time “feedback” from Obama wanting to bring me birthday greetings too.

I was given pain to my right leg, and then a HOT feeling inside my hand, which was to say that we are still going through a VERY HOT area here.

So it is Sanna opening up and bringing mother in.

I was reminded that creation is done via the spirits of my mother and father making love, which they continue doing as long as I don’t accept my “old nightmare”, which would destruct rather than create, this is how to bring me out of the oven.

I felt and was told that this means that you are surrounded – I felt everything just two centimetres around me – and was told that there is nothing you can do, and here it is only for the good.

What is that alarm you bring in here (?), and no, this cannot be done at all, this is the alarm of my sister, which we have decided not to pay attention to.

I was told that Georgie still thinks about how she and I could have small kids – and no, I did not know that you were thinking like this, Georgie, and yes of course from before she abandoned me in 2006 because of her own misunderstandings and wrong spiritual information given to her as result about me, and this is what Billy recommended me to do in 2005, which was to visit Georgie, which was because of darkness working inside of him, because it was darkness wanting to bring Georgie and I together, which also would have been wrong with her being another part of my mother.

I was told that my sister started seeing me as normal again in 2009 when we were with the family in Flensburg, Germany, which I believe was in connection with her 50th birthday, and this is what we have developed ever since, and yes I was “crazy” you know in 2008 when I was hospitalised.

There were no limits to how negative my sister and mother were about me in all of their misunderstandings when speaking about my scripts behind my back – but NOT with me – and this WRONG talk and their strong misunderstood sufferings were also given directly to me making me take the sum of theirs and everyone else’s sufferings, and yes, speaking behind the backs of others is what my sister simply loves, but not to say the same as you tell mother/others about me directly to me, Sanna (?), and let this be a teaching to you: NEVER speak about others to others, which you cannot tell directly, and I wonder how many thousands of times you have been “guilty” of doing this (?), and yes I do believe you can see that your behaviour is WRONG, right (?), so what about changing it and follow my recommendations both when it comes to good behaviour and communication (?), and yes, it should NOT be difficult, it is only a matter of attitude and to decide to do what is RIGHT and yes NOT to be negative, and did you realize, Sanna, that I have NOT been negative one single time since starting the last part of my journey in May 2009 – and also before this really – and that is NOT ONE TIME (!) despite of receiving yours, mother’s and everyone else’s incredible negativity as the worst spiritual voice of Hell wanting me to be just this, and yes, not easy to understand that I was the opposite of what you believed I was because you “could not” understand my scripts believing they were negative, and what in the world gave you that opinion (?), and yes your own NEGATIVE voice not having to read before you “knew”, but you were WRONG as so often before when you “decide” as a dictator on what is right and wrong without knowing what you talk about – this is what better-knowing but ignorant managers/dictators do, and it is MUCH better to INSPIRE people motivating them, which you may remember that I have told you?

Your mother is already inside the cinema of our New World, so it is from here that we are saying congratulations.

I was given a sound from the oven of dices being thrown, which is what I do as the Source, which is to release new creations/life from here.

I was told that when I had a job interview with the Insurance Broker Mercer around 2007/08, where Preben worked at the time and where I met Preben at the parking place, he was asked to give a reference on me, and no, Stig is not a good salesman, right Preben (?), and eeehhh WRONG (!), and that is simply because Kim S. abused me to take care of all the dirty/dull paper work, which he and no one else cared to do (we worked together at DFM) or could do as I, and this made you wrongly believe, Preben, that this was because I “could not” sell, which is what this job at Mercer required, but no, you were WRONG and this is how I was typecast to do this work in the eyes of people, who “could not” understand that I was the best salesman too (!), and yes, most people believe that you cannot be both, but yes, I could.

One year ago, they wanted to stop the store, and now they want to co-operate, which is this secret network of the World Elite, but where are you, I cannot see or hear you (?), and are you the ones called WIMPS (?) and that goes for all of you!

Google Earth: Welcome – just jump onboard

Jette’s Google Earth pictures show big pollution demands, “kuk kuk – faldera”, welcome – just jump onboard, up you go, Stig, and eat and swallow.

FB 060813 Jette 1

FB 060813 Jette 2

FB 060813 Jette 3

FB 060813 Jette 4

FB 060813 Jette 5-0

FB 060813 Jette 5

FB 060813 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Here is Pia together with other MP’s of Danish People’s Party at Højstrupgård, and I welcomed her to Helsingør and invited them in for a cup of coffee when they are out on their evening walk, which surely could be nice, couldn’t it (?), and no, I will probably be ignored again, I am used to that.

FB 060813 Pia K



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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