August 8, 2013: Implementation of the box of “everything” including the New World and the Source inside my head


Summary of the script today 

7th August: The opening of my sister brings out reserves of the Old World meant to bring us all home to the Source

  • I received dreams very difficult to remember coming from a place where darkness would destroy this life to be used as fuel to return to the Source.
  • I am bringing out reserves of my mother/the Old World, which was the first to be created and to be used to bring us all home to the Source, which would make this part of my mother die. We cannot burn, but still there is enough “burning” for us to continue the game. It was my sister’s job to stop me at this bridge. I was given strong sexual torments because of reactions of my sister and mother too to my script of yesterday, and these torments were supposed to be brought to me, which would have brought the end to the world, and instead, they will now disappear. We cannot look out (from the Source) without the eyes of your mother (the world), which is why I made her. “You are not completely well” is also what we have to remove from the top of the head of your sister/mother. When we went to war, we had no idea that we would have time or energy to go to war against your sister and to release the foundation of the world self. I was given clear feelings of Pia Christmas-Møller working against me as part of the secret network of the World Elite. It is the finest white paper we are now returning to you, which is what created us (the Old World). My sister and mother are now starting to understand their roles in our “play” to save the old and create our New World, but still my sister “cannot” tell my mother that I am the one, and when she can, the World Elite will also have courage to stand forward facing me and the world. My new website on the evil New World Order is also to make people part of this secret network understand just how evil it was/is instead of believing that “it is probably not that bad after all”, which is what Lars Løkke and many other lazy and better-knowing ignorants wrongly choose to believe. Ahmed Akkari – the previous fundamental Islamist now being turned around going against his previous belief – was brought to say that the Muslim world has also turned around to me. We are opening now to this hidden Gallion/world of reserves of my mother/the Old World and yet another axis – because of the opening of my sister to me. The world is preparing my arrival writing congratulations telegrams.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source coming from out of the blue, hello out there, a meeting around the North Pole, Guardian Angels, and Many heads-souls around the pole.
  • Short stories of difficult times of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, crossing the bridge over trouble waters of the worst darkness of Anders Fogh/NATO, two cowards, Obama and Putin continue playing their act to the world while waiting on me, and the fire of Nairobi airport symbolises the darkness of my sister, which was supposed to end the world and bring us home to the Source.

8th August: Implementation of the box of “everything” including the New World and the Source inside my head

  • Dreaming of bringing out more goods/creation/life from darkness, China is opening to me even though they cannot laugh at themselves, still fighting EU and Jens Rohde.
  • I have had strong and very unusual headache feeling on-going work inside of my head, which is about the implementation of “everything” of the New World and the world, and I was told that you now have a tape recorder inside of you all of the time, which is about the Source having successfully been recorded inside of me. This is what brings us diamonds, but it is still a little sharp. Getting this “box” inside of you is the biggest story. We are now bringing out the incredible hot camera from inside darkness of the reserve of my mother, which is what used to create the Old World and now also our new selves too. No, we cannot explode white bread all over now, but this is the power of darkness we go through now, which was supposed to do that. This is the same as spreading out white bread – the combination of the New World and the Source – i.e. the opposite of destruction if you imagine this, and it cannot be done without faith of many in you.
  • I continue receiving stories about how my sister worked together with “the system” to “medicate” and also abduct me, led by darkness of my father as part of the act of creation, and I was told that the World Elite has planned doing this since I was little knowing that I was coming and using my sister against me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show England clear – the rest of Europe covered by souls, assemble – gather – get together, the 4 dimensions showed as a thin rubber like film cover, “the great master is coming”, the evil dog of darkness, eyes of an elephant (?), our secret garden, and an angel and a sinner at Tasmania.
  • Short stories of the Old World dying, will Christopher believe in me or Anton (?), “let us stand together and stop these crazy psychiatrists now!!!”, who has ever heard something as crazy as mental diseases should be because of a “chemical unbalance” of the brain, Carl Bildt was silent about my comment of Obama coming to Sweden, Jens Stoltenberg was silent about my comment asking him to put all cards on the table about his role in the evil New World Order, and I was sad to have to leave out Elijah as my friend again.


7th August: The opening of my sister brings out reserves of the Old World meant to be used to bring us all home to the Source

I received dreams very difficult to remember coming from a place where darkness would destroy life to be used as fuel

I slept from 00.20 to 08.00 having the experience that I had clear dreams and when I woke up, I struggled to remember them still having closed eyes knowing that when I would open my eyes, I would have great difficulties remembering them, which is also how it went – a reference to “reserves of life” difficult to bring forward – so let us see what my notes say:

  • Something about receiving compensation 10 years ago, something has just happened, telling someone and remembering the telephone.
    • The dream was “much more” than this, but it was lost.
  • I forgot most of this too, but Ulf Pilgaard said “I clearly remember your words, Carsten Smerup” and another man. We will receive compensation.
  • I was told that this was about plans of a drunk man to terminate (to be used as fuel to return to the Source), which is why I was forgetting.
  • I was presented for four cases, chose the one being the Devil.

The opening of my sister brings out reserves of the Old World meant to bring us all home to the Source

And yes, let us play this incredible beautiful song by one of the all time greatest soul singers, Otis Redding, who was also taken from us far too early, and yes I wonder what he, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye as examples would have blessed us with in terms of new beautiful music, which we were never given, but let us hope that it will come :-).

I was shown Times Square in darkness looking out through a completely clean and large window, and I was told “we are ready”.

I was told that when I met my old class friend Allan in Espergærde Shopping Centre some weeks ago and when I reminded him about my (and Jesper’s) old Ford Cortina, which had its tank stolen – that this has kept until now, which Allan still thinks about, and yes was it you and your brother stealing it, this is what I believe I was told a long time ago, and you “did not know” anything back then (around 1980), and also not when I met you in the centre here some weeks ago.

We will just have to get one more tin of ship paint from Hempel before we are done, which is also a reference to Camilla, who used to work there for a period when we were together.

What about the environment and pollution (?), and no, they don’t care too.

Was it coconut plant oil that we originally came from (?), we cannot remember, but this we will soon see again.

Well, we have not been married before, have we?

We have more time we can use now that he is not ready yet with the new website.

We cannot burn, but still there is enough “burning” for us to continue the game.

I have not revealed anything yet – feeling my mother, but about the World Elite.

So Sanna’s job was to stop me at the bridge.

We have not discovered the counting frame, have we, what is this (?), and the feeling is that we had no intelligence originally, which we had to develop too.

Hans has been killing you too for not saying anything.

I was given strong sexual torments this morning because of my sister and also her expected reaction to my new script of the last two days, which I will finish and publish today, and I was shown the logo of “Daily Planet” from Superman, which is to say that “we’re the world” and the media is following me, and it takes a strong man to go up against my sister being the very tool of darkness.

So I am coming out of the Unemployment Fund, and yes it was your sister being involved in the setup also to remove you from public benefit because “everyone can see that you are not unemployed” ….

I am given the feeling of Jack, and can it be that armed forces were involved in this set-up/scheme too (?), and what would be the purpose (?), to break me down in order to stop my writings, as easy as that (?), but no, you “could not” with the reason being that everyone can read events as they happened via your website, so “this we cannot do too”, so what do we do then (?), and yes let us keep on watching him to see if he makes any mistakes, and yes, they have not been able to nail you yet because you/we have simply followed the rules of this crazy system.

And all of this darkness against you was because your mother “could not” understand and believe in you …

I felt even better today, even though I did not have the best sleep and I still have half a cold making me sneeze, feel warm and annoy me, and it is now becoming less hot, which has also been part of my sufferings the last couple of weeks.

It is time for my disappearance act, which is this voice of sexual torment of the spirit of my mother.

You have NO idea of how many times Karen has said about me “can’t stand me now”, and this is what she is struggling with everytime eventually for me to come up through the surface of the water and inside the same hoop as she.

I have had such difficulties – feeling poorly and having other work – that I almost lost motivation to finish my new website yesterday and today, but now I feel somewhat better having less other work again, so maybe I can do a big part of the last work this afternoon/evening (?), we will see.

I went to the library after lunch and continued receiving torments in relation to my “old nightmare” – “I shall be wild” by Prince kept on being played to me ….

We cannot look out (from the Source) without the eyes of your mother (the world), which is why I made her.

This is not just the most expensive but also the finest bag, which we created first (of my mother) in order to be able to return home (to the Source), which we now see.

So your mother was the stop ball via your sister, and yes in relation to Axel Kørner, the crazy psychiatrist, who was used as the weapon of the system to “crazy-fy” me in order to be able to put me away, and yes an old plan, you see, and can we really (?), but no, you could not.

If they just had known the value of your blood sugar, they would have entered and used this instead to “pacify/make you unfit to work”. No, the world has not gone deep enough in my blood samples to see what it also could find – and yes, a weapon against me, if you dared?

What did he receive in algebra at school (?), and no, Stig was not the most intelligent person when it comes to “professional skills” but when you include all kinds of “intelligence” – human skills/understanding etc. – this is what I am, and what I was made as, dividing my skills between different kinds of skills/intelligence.

I wonder what went wrong with Stig in his life (?), is this how you think, mother (?), but no, nothing went wrong, it was really what went wrong in my sister’s life giving in to temptations of the Devil with power and money leading her to become a “ruthless dictator” even though we all know that this is not how she is on her inside, and this is the characteristic of all “dictators” of the World Elite, you decided to become dark changing your true selves of good even though you know or should know that this is wrong.

When I published the script of the previous two days on Facebook at 12.40, I was told that he does it without blinking/hesitating (in relation to my sister), and my mother said that “I could cry” (of happiness for doing this).

You are not completely well” is also what we have to remove from the top of the head of your sister/mother.

Do you believe that your sister can be taught this – her and your mother’s role – as part of the kindergarten teaching (?), and yes, she is “very intelligent” your sister, but her feelings are blocking to understand how she and your mother are bringing invaluable input to this process of creation, and yes, do you think that this lady being used to receive the highest grades on management education can understand such a simple thing?

So when we went to war, we had no idea that we would have time or energy to go to war against your sister and to release the foundation of the world self.

It is here that we receive all of the junket and other sour dairy products, which you have never liked, which is why you never liked this, you were not meant to receive this, but here it comes.

Will we be going to South Thailand too to fix the problems out there in the East (?), but no, the feeling is that Obama is in control.

So we are now removing the worst sexual torments of your “old nightmare” – I hear it – which was impossible for me to pass.

I was given the taste of very old wine.

I received the feeling of my sister as light, and do you mean me (?), and yes now I (she) better understand.

No, they are not afraid anymore of you, but what is this and we about (?), and yes that is their question.

I was told that the now previous MP Pia Christmas-Møller was brought out of the Conservative Party to receive a “discreet role” in the New World Order, and why could you not accept my Facebook invitations twice (?), Pia, and yes I wonder.

I continued my work on the new website feeling incredible disgust – and still tiredness/exhaustion from work – to continue work, but I managed to create a NWO summary page now with two sub-pages of the NWO of light of God/me, and the NWO of darkness of the world elite, and now I have the final chapters including “who stands behind this” and “mind control” to do, which is “impossible” to start doing because of my strong feelings of disgust/tiredness to do this.

Isn’t it strange that I have received no answer at all from Bjarne from the Commune – or from Johannes for that matter (?), and yes two small, irresponsible and embarrassed boys?

I received a clear feeling of Pia Christmas Møller again, and I was told that it is from here that the order to kill/remove me came (?), and can it really be that you became so evil too (?), and yes you do remember me from our meeting approx. 10-12 years ago at your office (?), and what do you do now, Pia, are you also coming over on my team?

And Lars Barfoed, the present chairman of the Conservative Party, had to chose someone, which became Pia, and you are sorry too, Lars (?), and what was the promise to you (?), and was that for you to become minister again?

Would Denmark and Norway sit on top of this evil New World government (?), and I received the taste of chocolate confirming that this is about selfishness of politicians and behind them the Military-Industrial complex, and yes you thought it was about “survival” (?), and instead you causes so much trouble in the world?

I left the library around 15.00 today thinking that I could visit Danish People’s Party and their “open ship” at the harbour here, which would be open to 16.00 because I would like to see the faces of MP’s when seeing me – just to receive confirmation that they do know me – and since they did not want to accept or even answer my coffee invitation, I went there, and I received nervousness coming to me as a sure sign of the darkness they send me, but I decided to override this thinking that they are probably more nervous about me, so I went directly there and was told that “you walk directly into the lion’s cave”, and I had hoped to see Kristian, Pia, Peter, Søren etc., but when I came, I only saw Martin and Morten Messerschmidt stood a little away, and yes they had had a press conference earlier live on TV, and no, I did not come for this, I thought you would do this at Højstupgård, and now the media was packing down, and instead there was beer and music with the old Danish Eurovision Song Contest winner Gry singing songs of this contest over time, and I stood there 10 minutes not receiving any reactions at all, so did you see me, my friends (?), and yes, I came but not at the time you had hoped for (?), and yes the globe is turning around, and everything will grow up again, which is what Gry sings about here in her all winning song :-).

I was told that my sister has also told my mother before that all hope is out for Stig, and yes, this is how the traditional system believes it is when you are “crazy” receiving voices and have to have medicine, right Sanna?

I received the Dr. Hook song “Sylvia’s mother”, and was told that this is about Karen’s mother who worked against Karen and you – opposing me – the same way as my mother worked against me.

It is the finest white paper we are now returning to you, which is what created us (from my mother to the Source).

I was shown my mother being created as a dog because we will destroy you because life cannot survive outside the Source, and we could also not do creation inside here where these “footballs”/potential creations were too strong, so we had to send one out making it stronger and fast than everything else.

The end of Berlusconi was also the end of the old Italian Christian Democrat’s because it became too much to you when he can bring down Berlusconi, which was “impossible” to do, what about us (?), and yes then you took your tail behind your legs as we say here running away like scared small people?

I arrived home at the end of the afternoon still not feeling up to continue doing the last work on my new website, and I was encouraged/tempted to stop and then we will still bring everything forward of the last of my mother, but no, when have you seen me giving up (?), and yes I could not do the chapter on creation, which is really also it, but I am not giving up on this website.

Well, is the shirt a little too short (?), and yes if we have to admit it – as part of the game, because I received BIG SMILES also here from Clinton, and Obama and them all.

When starting the work on “who stands behind” this evil New World Order, I suddenly felt much lower sufferings, and is Sanna starting to calm down understanding her role in this entire setup, which Obama is too ?

Did we stop the engine of Lyngby after the previous email, which we need to get started and brought up to speed again to officially end this too, and yes is this what they will help doing via “pressure” (?) because they “cannot” take the pressure themselves “all alone”?

I have something I want to talk to you about” is about to change into an apology from my mother.

No, it is not a smarting defeat we are going to admit to our mother first, is it, Sanna (?), and yes the connection is that when you have done this, the dark world will be able to do the same, because this is what you have been in charge of via your wrong behaviour.

Can you hear that your mother and sister speak about you now (?) – and yes this is what is included in this last layer/reserve of my mother, which is the secrecies she shares with my sister about me, thus the secrets of the World Elite.

No, your mother can also not understand it, and I feel more darkness coming out of her, so is this about Sanna once again trying to receive her sympathy against my “unnecessary attacks” on her?

So all of their wars including use of Napalm in Vietnam etc. “fit in” their plans and yes of this Bilderberg Group of the World Elite, which is what I am now looking into this evening.

I was told that your mother is in reality this happy and then I was shown an incredible happy show where my monitor very quickly shifted between open windows like a dance, but right now I am feeling Sanna as a little girl because this is what she has decided to be, my sister once again complaining about me to our mother instead of speaking directly with me, and yes let us go through this phase too, and when I am finished with my new website, my mother and John will also get my new email showing them what I have saved them from.

And no, I had not expected that it would take long to write about the background of this World Elite, but it does, I found some useful material to include and I have to find a balance not going too deep, which I have no time and energy to do, or being too superficial.

I was told that the Bilderberg Group and this secret network have come much further ahead than what you can see from this page, and I felt Michael Hardinger from Shu-bi-dua and was told that he is one of many, who was invited to become part of the ruling class on top, thus being part of this secret network also being able to monitor me while this work is progressing, so he was really working against me when we had our Facebook chats 1-2 years ago, and when he “could no more”, he decided to shut me off too as many others also did.

They have not programmed the time of your arrival yet, but they have informed about your arrival, their surrender and such small things you know.

And this is the network that they wanted me to become part of too, and isn’t it a shame to lose Stig (?), and this was my sister’s role too?

My new website is also to make people part of this secret network understand just how evil it was/is instead of believing that “it is probably not that bad after all”, which is also what you believe(d), Lars Løkke?

And I am here receiving the vision of Mads Mikkelsen, the actor “who started it all” for me in 2004/06 with my spiritual openings because he was the man I was given MANY visions of when it all started to say that this is an “act”, and here he says “can you forgive me too, I did not know what I was doing”, and yes, I am connected to the same channel as you.

It does not pour in with congratulations telegrams yet from the world, but I am told that they are being written and I feel the far East and is this China too awakening from its deep sleep to understand that FREEDOM is not a poor thing, but a right granted human beings as condition of life, and if we do not, life simply cannot exist, and yes as I as Obama also have told you, as I am here told.

Yes, we were almost crawling out the window ourselves five minutes before he did this, which was to publish the longest chapter of my new website including the chapters “The Bilderberg Group wanted to control money and man via extermination/enslavement and One World Government/army/currency/set of values” and “The Presidium of the world government with Bill Clinton as leader were ready to launch their New World Order but had to surrender to God/me when they could not kill me!”, which I did at 20.20 after having gone through a crisis believing that I almost could not make it, and yes this was probably “the worst” of remaining work, and yes I still have to read, understand and prepare a chapter on “mind control”, to read and edit everything again, and then to prepare a new email to the United Nations and Danish Parliament, and yes, again this work was far more than I had expected, so I apologise for telling you that I thought that it would also only take a few days to do. I am coming there, but it will still take some days before I will send my new email, and no, I will NOT rush, but use the balance between quality and time as mentioned before.

Lars Løkke had no idea what was coming against him, and this is also about what is now coming, and is it so that you never sat down to read what the evil New World Order was truly about because you were too lazy and did not have time when you needed to speak to all of those journalists and attend dinners and so on, Lars (?), and when you now see what it is truly about, you would never have agreed to such plans, and yes if only you had known, and no, you are not stupid are you (?), yes you are, and you were Prime Minister of Denmark, and this goes for most of this official world too who simply “could not” understand because of their laziness and better-knowing ignorance you know.

And does this admitting of Sanna eventually also includes her saying to your mother that “eeehhh, I do know/believe that Stig is the one” (?), and this is what I am told, it is all going in this direction, and the idea is to make your sister tell.

Well, him Ahmed Akkari – the previous fundamental Islamist now being turned around going against his previous belief – is not brought to you to say that the Muslim world has also turned around to you, is he (?), and yes, there you have this too.

And I received artificial insects jumping onto me from the worst darkness of my mother, which however does not exist anymore, you know.

I was told that when I daily entered the fine hotel in Nairobi in 2009, which I now cannot remember the name of, to smoke, that there were people following me of the official world believing that I lived in there.

When I published the update to the new website, I was told that we were just relieved from kitchen service.

When we told you the other day being close to Christmas but still far away, it included work on this chapter, which was not difficult to do, but when you feel as I do, it made it very difficult.

I was told that there are ”no limits” to what we tell Pia (from Hørsholm) now, and also that people now don’t have to read to have faith in me – which used to be opposite – and I was given Thomas H. as example when telling his brother Steffen and his wife about me, and yes my old landlords from 1986-88.

It required much from Leif not to tell me anything, and he was “surprised” when reading me in the Helsingør Facebook groups.

I was told that Mogens Lykketoft was part of this World Elite because it was part of the job, and there are more like him inside this secret network.

We believed that he, i.e. I, had stopped playing football, but no he has decided to finish his work on this website.

I was shown an opening to a new Gallion, which we will now also bring.

Isn’t it funny if Zuckerberg was also asked to do Facebook for the World Elite to be able to control people including you.

I was given a sound to my old Denon CD player, which has not worked for years (being broken down by “spiritual darkness” coming at me), and when will these old things – including my old Italian espresso machine, floor lamp etc. – start working again (?), and yes, they were broken down because of the take over of my sister of the world (darkness winning to end the world).

No, we did not become harbour workers this time, Sanna is telling your mother, and it requires for you to finish the last work on your website before she will be ready.

So there is yet another axis in there, which I am shown as the axis of a roundabout in a Tivoli, and we first open to this now because of the opening of your sister.

We have not seen this coming at all, but we want to go home now, and I was shown an arrow being sent from the balcony of reserves of my mother/the world to the oven of the Source, and a sound was given to my oven, and this is Sanna awakening this inside of my mother.

I was told that when the computer did not work at times over the last few months at the main department of the library and I had to visit smaller departments other places in town, it was because of my mother and John not wanting to live, which is also what made me tired.

At exactly 22.29 – I checked the watch – I felt Prince, who was now on his way in to the stage of the Skanderborg Music Festival, and I was told that he is in Denmark again because of me, and what would you like to hear the most (?), and I was thinking of a song from 1987/88, which I will now chose when writing this, and yes, when thinking of it, I really believe that his “Lovesexy” album from 1988 is his strongest, and then “Anna Stesia” just came to me, and the name “Anna” has come to me several times for days now, which may simply be because of this beautiful song, and now when reading the lyrics of it, I see that this is the song including the lyrics “I shall be wild”, which was given to me as part of sexual torments the other day, but it is really about Prince saying that he is my child, so this is what we were thinking of both of us, I now understand, and yes this is the “love is God, God is love” song, so therefore :-).

There is an incredible sad and dark mother – inside the reserves of the Old World – who has been able to follow you all the way as darkness knowing that she had to die while bringing you all home to the Source, which I have done every time, haven’t I (?), but no, my message is that no one has to die.

Is my mother now as mad on me that she could smash the TV against me (?), but no, she cannot be mad at me, which is also because of warmer feelings of Karen to me again, which is connected, but still I received new physical touch around my private parts as the attack coming.

Have we trained ever since you were in Spain (?), and yes Obama is looking forward to seeing you – likewise, my friend :-).

I received loud noises to my oven, and was told that loses of reserves of my mother would also bring losses with me at the Source, which we were ready to give, but no, everything has to be perfect.

I continued receiving feelings of Morten Messerschmidt of Danish People’s Party this evening, so you did see me today, Morten (?), and I was told that he was also supposed to become a future leader of this secret network.

Do you want to make Minnesota soup (?), which was again coming from Prince, while he was now playing live, and Minnesota is where he is from and “soup” is about becoming our new selves, and yes, I have played Anna Stesia before, so what about this one also showing his musical genius, and I am here shown Prince smiling, and yes I look forward to meeting you too, my friend, and yes standing on the same stage where I enjoyed watching Lenny Kravitz in 2008, and here the lamps on my desk is blinking to say that “I know”, which is coming from Prince :-).

Google Earth: The Source coming from out of the blue, hello out there

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source coming from out of the blue, hello out there, a meeting around the North Pole, Guardian Angels, and Many heads-souls around the pole.

FB 070813 Jette 1

FB 070813 Jette 2

FB 070813 Jette 3

FB 070813 Jette 4

FB 070813 Jette 5

FB 070813 Jette 6

FB 070813 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Prime Minister Helle Thorning and her Social Democratic Party is suffering much from very poor TILSLUTNING in the poles with incredible negative and better-knowing people giving her “the finger”, which may last until you will know what she did to help you all survice, and yes difficult for Helle to keep everything together, and there is only one thing to do, Helle, and that is to continue doing your best and to never give up, and yes also to you Obama as I feel here.

FB 070813 BT Helle

  • The previous Prime Minister of Denmark and now NATO General (!), Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was inspired when he said that he was navigating through troubled waters, which of course was a reference to me passing the bridge over troubled waters, which is/was blocked by my sister, and this is the man appointed by the World Elite to carry out the COMPLETELY CRAZY AGENDA OF WAR OF THE EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER sending out “loyal” young people to kill and be killed – to reduce population – because of their feelings of “nationality” and “the government is never wrong”, but it is, and yes what a dirty job you were given, Anders, and a nice but evil man too you are (?), which you may like to tell the world (?), and yes ALL OF IT (!!!), but as “darkness, my old friend”, you still prefer the “sound of silence”???

FB 070813 Anders Fogh

  • Here are two cowards, who “could not” accept my Facebook invitations to become friends, and yes Michael Kristensen and Joachim B. Olsen. 

FB friends no

  • I was told that this story is an act to the world while they are waiting for my arrival, and no, I am not busy but continue doing my best work under the circumstances also rejecting feelings of impatience still given to me.

FB 070813 Obama BBC

  • Airport is a symbol of the world/creation, and Kenya is close to my heart, so this fire of Nairobi airport is to say that I am passing through darkness of my sister and reserves of my mother, which was supposed to end the Old World bringing us home to the Source, but now we will do without this.

FB 070813 BBC Nairobi airport


8th August: Implementation of the box of “everything” including the New World and the Source inside my head

Dreaming of China opening to me even though they cannot laugh at themselves

I went to bed after midnight and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • PFA Pension is selling out of their last goods, I have borrowed a shirt. The female CEO of the company shows both a poor behaviour and lack of professional knowledge making me think that I am much better qualified than her, and furthermore I see just how intimate a clique the leaders are. They are busy doing the last pay agreements. When I buy goods there, I am told that they don’t automatically include the right of exchange. And something about goods including an injection, and next week, they will be on sale.
    • PFA is the worst darkness where I am once again bringing our more goods/creation/life, and the injection is about people there believing that I am crazy.
    • I received the lyrics “Did you write the Book of Love and do you have faith in God, above? If the Bible tells you so” from American Pie.
    • I also received the lyrics “your hair is beautiful” from Atomic by Blondie, which by far is my favourite song (still not taking lyrics into account, you know).

  • I am in Paris with someone showing me a big Chinese area including a pedestrian street with all sorts of special boutiques and beautiful restaurants, and we enter one of the big restaurants, but are told that we are not allowed to enter, and we see and hear Chinese radio stations being broadcast from worn-out building. It rains. And something about me being a chef, and I have been declared to be German.
    • This is about the importance of China as part of the “city of light”, i.e. creation, and China are now starting to open up to me too even though there is still some resistance, and yes part of the reserves of my mother, which was meant to explode, and yes the worst darkness over there, and yes please say hello to your Chines minister of agriculture, Mr. Cham-pig-non, and yes I am smiling and thinking of all of these jokes about the names of Chinese ministers, and was there also one called Ping-Pong and “boom-boom” (?), and yes, not easy for you to laugh at yourself and understand that you are the worst darkness committing I don’t know how many crimes against humanity because of your selfish greed and lust being careless about the world and man – but you do know that I am German, i.e. “the one”.
  • Something about standing outside a door together with Jens Rohde (!), and my mother/Virgin Mary says that we should have run, she was late and it is her misunderstanding, this is the Olympic Games, and we start running to win. I meet Ole L. – the old chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør – and he remembers me from the 1980’s, is kind and invites me inside his home, and ask me if I know about the meaning of the number “six”, which I really do not.
    • Jens Rohde was supposed to be leader of the new world government – not the Presidium – as I understood it, and we are still fighting this system, and Ole may have faith in me, and I do believe that the number 6 is part of the 666, i.e. the Devil.

Implementation of the box of “everything” including the New World and the Source inside my head

Again today I was tired, more than yesterday, and had to decide if I wanted to climb this mountain again today feeling disgusted to work.

We could not have done without Mogens Glistrup, and when he decided to stand up against the system declaring zero in income taxes as his goal, he was broken by the system self because taxes was a mean of money to bring them power, so it was the system breaking Glistrup with law suits and prison for years, which eventually killed him, and I felt Mogens Lykketoft, so will you tell me how it happened, Mogens?

I received Sanne Salomonsen’s “taxa” and was told that it first came a little late to her (about me), and I felt Michael Hardinger, which is to say that in the Danish music industry there were people working against me and for the secret network, so there has been a fight between light and darkness also here.

With a low voice I was told something like Jack has been involved in “when will USA bring the bomb” (?), and with Sanna on the other side and me here, this is all we needed for the play. To have these two formidable opponents to send me darkness.

I still received the greatest sneezes, which I have now had for several days.

No, we don’t have proper coverage in the US media, because they are crooks too as it is stated on your new website, why don’t you write “media all over the world” controlled by this secret network, this is much more like it.

You have no idea what Outlandish have done for you because you like their music too, and yes a very nice pop group of three male Muslims in Denmark making very talented/beautiful music, who have made a seed shoot.

There is not room for four in a taxi?

You now have a tape recorder inside of you all of the time, which is about the Source having successfully been recorded inside of me also because of love of your mother who decided that she did not want to behead me after speaking to Sanna.

And this is what brings us diamonds, but it is still a little sharp, which a new visit to your mother tomorrow will improve.

Getting this “box” inside of you is the biggest story.

We are now waiting for the big steak buffet.

Yes, it is Sanna blocking as darkness to get my new self out from the other side, which is also on the other side of the reserves of my mother, which we are going through now, and this is about changing the view of your mother supporting Sanna against your “negative texts” to be on your side.

And did the secret network of the World Elite decide to bring me on psychoactive drugs because this is what my sister believed was “the best” for me (?), and yes, this is what I am told, so Sanna, it is now time for you to come out of the closet and tell everything you know, to put ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE, and yes of the “network” too, you know

I received more of this reserve of darkness/my mother from the balcony and was told that it was also me starting to destruct your teeth in 2006, when we had started destruction of the world.

I went to the library after lunch after having worked at home this morning again, and on my way I was told that we are now bringing out the incredible hot camera from inside darkness of the reserve of my mother, which is what used to create the Old World.

I had one of those days where I had to decide every second to keep on working feeling terrible and “completely wrong” physically all over my body just wanting to stop/relax.

I keep being given feelings of Mary in Ghana, who may be sad for her decision to cut me away from Facebook too?

How many times have Allan (Grethe’s husband) been called for board meetings (?), and yes when he has no faith in you, he has also been a vote on darkness to end the world, and this is how these “board meetings” of the world have worked, which is to collect faith or lack of faith in you, and to decide what to do with the world, and yes man self decided to end the world because of lack of faith, sins and wrong actions – you can only survive when you decide to do good, not evil!

And the end was strengthened when I left the world too, which was my father, not making it easy to come here.

This is what the “porn competition” would be about, which is what I was told years ago that I would go through one day, which would be to accept my “old nightmare”, thus destructing the world, but I am thinking of a new planet coming to us and an amazing number of HUGE UFO’s kilometers long to transport man has to mean that we were hoping to be able not to destruct the world?

We have a giant guitar box here too.

Isn’t it funny that David Copperfield is also expecting your arrival, and member of the secret network too – working with magic of God every day.

So we have already used this camera to create our new selves too.

I was told that my father also believed that I was unemployed sending me darkness this way.

So no one has rung the bell for you to get out (?), and no, not yet, which is why we continue doing this work, and also no one calling you, Obama, to tell the truth about you and me (?), and no, the world keeps us in silence making it possible to continue work.

And talk about sufferings of the World Elite deciding to keep me as a prisoner – not very nice for you to treat God/the Son like this is it?

We don’t have any more warnings inside of here for you, it is just right ahead, and I am shown a lazy and simple minded zombie pointing at the exit, which is where we came in, and that is from the Source self, which will have to be where the New World is located then, and yes quite a difficult tour to go through.

I continued working on my scripts of yesterday and today until 14.40 only leaving little time and energy to continue work on my new website, and I had decided that today I would only be strong enough to work until the end of the afternoon, which was really a challenge to do in itself.

The story about Aurelijus Skarbalius and how he was forced to resign as manager in FC Brøndby before this season is also not boring.

I felt how my mother and others still have throw-up feelings about what I am going through, which is what is bringing our New World you know.

I received the feeling of Henry Kissinger and was told with his voice “I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do”, so apparently they are all coming back to me now no longer wanting the evil NWO when you can receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY instead via God/me. And no, he does not realize the prison and the incredible terror he made you go through because of his plans, and no, it was all a misunderstanding, right Henry?

And is this what the Kenyan Government accepted to do in 1998 (?), yes – which is about terror attacks on US embassies apparently made by al-Queda, which the World Elite stood behind, see my new website.

No, your sister cannot make herself into saying what she did thinking that she was helping you but was actually helping the system to get rid of me, is this now what she has started realising (?) because from where else should Stig know about what I did?

Which horse to you want to bet at winning (?), and this is how the odds of this World Elite was, and yes, how could you doubt that I would win you all over on my side – because what you had to offer the world was “not acceptable” – would you agree to that (?), and yes also you, Paul from Stansted (?), and can it be that you were setup by this secret network too?

It is like having another man of darkness sleeping inside of you, and yes Sanna had this job, and what about Karen (?), and yes the relation between Karen and Sanna because Sanna was part of the heart of us as darkness but Karen was darkness too, so were they both of them working as darkness to kill me, and no, one was working against you via your mother, and the other directly against you in terms of “wrong love”, which is really all we are allowed to say, and yes we can almost not speak because of this HUGE World Elite, which will kill us like that if we speak, and no, it will not, my friends, the game has ended, it is nothing else than a wet Sunday Berlinger (newspaper) as we say here, and not in terms of destruction but because I was called up today by a VERY EAGER salesman of Berlingske, who had completely forgotten to listen and ask questions, and simply refused to stop talking when I told him no thanks, and yes Lisbeth Knudsen, try to take a listen to this and see if you can accept people working for you like this without good behavior and moral, and is this how you developed yourself, Lisbeth, not caring about other people but thinking about yourself and your own mega corporation for you to be in charge of (?), well think again, and COME OUT OF YOUR COVER TOO, and when will some of your “big cigars” out there decide to talk to me (?), and no, I am not dangerous, but kind, and you do know that?

I was happy when I found the answer to “a missing link” about the 9/11 and terror attacks, which I have been thinking of, but not investigated before now, and it came with the writing of the extra chapter “The dark forces of the World Elite fund, train and protect terrorist networks worldwide and orchestrate terrorist attacks to scare man into total submission” to my new website, and yes, this is what the World Elite decided to do, to use FEAR as their policy/weapon to scare man to accept their New World Order, and yes what morons they are!

I was told that my sister has been used by “a crazy mind” to go up against our mother and me, and who made sure to bring her up in the system and to co-operate with the system against me (?), and yes, I wonder who that may be, anyone wanting to come forward telling me what you did trying to neutralize me (?), and this crazy mind may simply be the mind of my father standing behind all of this.

And I am given more and more information the deeper I get with my work on the new website.

This evening we will bring out the first ambulance inside of here, and the feeling is “who is going to become the first wanting to confess to me and lift the heavy burden of his actions”?

So where did you buy the stamp, here (?), and yes that was pretty clever too I must say, which is about how the old man collected items for creation.

That is not good enough when we would so much like to shop in that store too, and I feel my sister collapsing and speaking like a little girl.

Yes, they tried to bring Stig through a “lie detector”, and the feeling is that this was the kind of “medicine” I was given on hospital in 2008, which was a TEST medicine (?), which was supposed to see if I was an impostor (?), and what did you discover (?), and I feel Clinton here, so was all of this a setup including my sister recommending me and my mother for she and I to visit our doctor and a psychiatrist in 2008, and no, I did not mind to go ahead with this experiment, because the survival of the world depended on this, and I now feel Obama because you knew what I had to go through and had to survive coming out of this stronger than the evil World Elite (?), and yes, this is what I did then, and no, they could not kill me as you told me in Kenya and yes way back to 1988 (see Jesus in Nairobi 1988 from my website), but that was another part of me looking like me you know.

Ever since you were little, there have been plans of this world society to try to break you, and yes to use your sister to fight against you and your mother, so this is what they set up – feeling Clinton again – and I had to face this having no idea what I was going to meet.

Does this binoculars still work (?), and yes this is the one we use to magnify everything inside of here making what you believe is “normal size”.

No, they had decided that they would not use arms against you, this was their plan – but what about the UFO’s shooting me, was that a “legal silent weapon”?

Because there would not be other pills “helping” – but no, you could do nothing against my weapon, which was faith in my self, which is what made it impossible for you to remove my spiritual communication/guidance, which is also what Obama feared.

So all of this and the apparent trip to the moon and yes MUCH ELSE was part of this war against mankind, and Clinton was “hired” because he had a unique capacity to smile, laugh and make people do the same, and yes be the salesman making empty promises to the world while the rulers where killing man, and yes ha ha ha, it was truly incredible fun, and yes there are also such people included in this network.

And no, Stig, you did not know their strength, and you did not have time to become afraid, and this is what Clinton also congratulates you with here, and now coming from the heart.

Was this the system that they made your mother “witness” to (the World Elite) – “is Stig dangerous” (?), oooooh yeeees (!), it is the biggest Dobermann/hell imaginable, which is also here an answer to the “nice dog” on one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, this is the worst darkness of “reserves of my mother/the Old World” now being released together with the opening/dissolving of darkness of my sister, thus this World Elite.

I decided to work until 18.00 today at the library and today also accompanied by Leif again, which was fine, and then I could no more.

And then your sister and husband – and the World Elite – have only sit and burned off rent (stolen energy from light) waiting on my arrival.

No, we cannot explode white bread all over now, but this is the power of darkness we go through, which was supposed to do that.

This darkness should bring fear of man to bring creation but it is now not needed because of my work, and inside of this, we should find what we are hiding, which is from where we are originating, which is what Sanna does not want Karen to give to you because of her negative influence on your mother bringing me darkness, this is how it is connected.

I felt Obama and was told that he is also part of this darkness because of his impatience for me/us to finalise.

I felt Kim S. and also the chef Thomas Hermann, and was told that there are with me going through this.

Kim is one of five people, who were sent to control this explosive darkness, but now he has faith in me because “Stig is not crazy/dumb”, which is a rumour spreading, which is enough to convince people.

So this is one of these five posts we have taken, and yes we are in no rush, you say, so you will walk all of the way home, which is why we will take on some more sufferings if you can.

We have now passed the risk of John or your mother dying, so this work is only done on good will.

We have decided to put Lyngby and everything else on stand by until you have finished your website and following email, and yes the world knows that you are working to finish this.

This is really the same as spreading out white bread, i.e. the opposite of destruction if you imagine this, and it cannot be done without faith of many in you. And I understood that this is the combination of my mother of the New World and the Source.

No, we are not closed yet, he has said that everyone is welcome.

So we will not enter into a reason marriage – son and mother – and yes it sits all the way up here, which I did no purpose not to hurt myself as my father said.

And here was Jan, my cousin, sent out to bring you home when he decided not to believe in you, which killed your father, and yes as a second. Tine H. – my old school friend – is another.

Has Rikke succeeded to convince the partners of Dahlberg about the truth of me, which was impossible for these “experts”, who were truly “dumb”, and so dumb that they could/would not understand me or even read to try to understand.

So you have decided to bring (the genuine) world to these idiots (of mankind like Dahlberg), which is to do everything in the wrong order.

Allan is yet another one.

I was shown a long dark hallway and was told that we enter the first room to the left, which is also darkness – reserve of my mother – and in here we find all cleaning tools and cleansers to make everything happen.

And we will soon end these sneezes.

I was told as a game that the speech I was given about the system planning to drug you since you were small was wrong because something has to be wrong, right (?), and I don’t care, I write what comes to me, and the old rule is to keep what I am told the first time, otherwise I can keep changing forever.

Are they removing equipment from the Danish National Hospital, which was part of the medical setup of the World Elite.

I had a strong headache all evening and also new pain to my heart region, and the pain to my head was so strong that I felt like dying inside my head, a strong, pressing feeling of darkness inside of the right side of my head, clearly work is on-going to bring “everything” – of the Source and the New World – into my head, and no, Jeff, I can’t get it out of my head, you know :-).

I received strong voices again as a game and “a strong wind” is what it is supposed to show, i.e. going through what was supposed to blow everything up.

It is exactly like this we want them – “killed” – which was a game about killings, this is how it is in here.

And are we coming nearer to receiving an apology from your mother (?), which was impossible for her to give when she could not understand.

Google Earth: “The great master is coming” and the evil dog of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show England clear – the rest of Europe covered by souls, assemble – gather – get together, the 4 dimensions showed as a thin rubber like film cover, “the great master is coming”, the evil dog of darkness, eyes of an elephant (?), our secret garden, and an angel and a sinner at Tasmania.

FB 080813 Jette 1

FB 080813 Jette 2

FB 080813 Jette 3

FB 080813 Jette 4

FB 080813 Jette 5

FB 080813 Jette 5b

FB 080813 Jette 6

FB 080813 Jette 7

FB 080813 Jette 8

FB 080813 Jette 9

FB 080813 Jette 10

FB 080813 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Horses from a horse carriage “decided” to run amok in Gudhjem (“Gods home”) on Bornholm with one horse dying in the middle of the city when running into an iron bar, and this is about the Old World dying inside of me (?), and at least this is for going through the worst darkness of my sister doing our best to bring out life from the reserve part of my mother. Later I was told: Do you know what, that jade was not dead at all, it was only a warning not to enter here, this is how we have set it up.

FB 080813 BT Gudhjem

  • Christopher sent me this Facebook email, and it seems as if we share “interests”, and yes, I brought him the link to my new website, which I could see that he opened, and the question is really if he – as Anton’s old friend – decides to believe in me being the one or Anton probably telling him the opposite (?), and once again, he showed a strange habit just to cut “conversation”, but this seems to be how he is.

FB 080813 Christopher

FB 080813 Christopher 2

  • I shared the story about how Charlotte & Co. from the ADHD Facebook group are planning to free Karina wrongly being kept as a prisoner of the psychiatric system trying to make physical diseases become mental diseases in order to pump people with psychoactive drugs (!), and yes “let us stand together and stop these crazy psychiatrists now!!!” as she says.

FB 080813 Stig

  • And I wrote a comment about who has ever heard something as crazy as mental diseases should be because of a “chemical unbalance” of the brain as the system claims, which then has to be treated with chemicals, which again is killing and tormenting people turning them into zombies, which is exactly where the World Elite want to bring people as the end station before extermination!

FB 080813 Stig 2

  • The Swedish Foreign Minister shared the news that Obama is coming to Sweden on official visit in September, and I asked him to send my best regards, but no, Carl is “silent” too.

FB 080813 Carl

  • The Norwegian Prime Minister asked people what they believe is the most important for Norway – to restore 1,000 schools or to use 100 billion NOK on tax deductions – and I told him that the most important is that he puts ALL cards on the table telling about his part of the devilish plans to kill 90% of mankind and turn the rest into slaves for the World Elite, and even though I asked him to do it to make me happy, he “could not”, and yes I hear nothing but SILENCE from Norway, while I here also see a small streaming river and silence, which is really about the streaming of the Source, so there is a relation here, Jens, and is the truth that you are proud of what I have done (?) as I am told here.

FB 080813 Jens S

  • I was sad to leave out Elijah from my money transfer – but I do believe that Meshack, David and John decided to share my money with him – and from my emails sending them my new scripts, which I continue doing, and August 6 I had a strong feeling of “missing him”, which I believe is what he has in relation to me, so what about start UNDERSTANDING and COMMUNICATING properly, Elijah (?), and no, he cannot, because I have not seen him as a visitor to my website here in August.

Email LTO 1

Email LTO 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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