August 10, 2013: My sister stabbed the knife in my back making the system try to kill me using an old plan of the Danish Parliament


Summary of the script today 

9th August: I only have little energy and much work to do (on the evil NWO), which brings “triumphal progress”

  • Dreaming about an act of my “old nightmare” inside the worst darkness of my sister, faith of the Danish national team in football helped me connect all creations.
  • I was told and shown that everything is light except from a dress rail with clothes in different colours, which we are proud of having made (giving the option to change creation). So you are buried deeply inside Egypt (?), and yes, the road goes through darkness of my sister. I still have much potential work to do on my new website on the evil New World Order, and I only have little time and energy when also writing my scripts making me work on my ultimate limit. There is no fish in that lake yet, we first had to make it via your mother – the New World – and afterwards to bring the Source into it, or the other way. I was told that my new website of the evil New World Order is a triumphal progress all over the world, who did not know about these evil plans of hell! I have received giant sneezes for days, which is a symbol of the world suffering while it waits on me doing “impossible” work, which is also what is bringing my mother and her husband sufferings keeping them on the edge of life too.
  • Jette’s Facebook group and I had a visit by Kenneth STRONGLY claiming that I am not Jesus but a false prophet, which the Holy Spirit has told him himself, and he is the tinfoil around the Source, which I am now opening for, which is “completely impossible” to do because this man was DEAF and BLIND, but I told him DIRECTLY about who I am, brought him proof and told him about his poor behaviour, which started making him somewhat curious even though he did not want to admit it.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the name of Stig, the Source pouring out from the North Pole, progress, and a beautiful Archangel helping to transform pollution from USA and Canada.
  • It was the Danish National Hospital – Rigshospitalet – which invented the “medicine” against you, which was hidden inside my food at the psychiatric hospital in 2008, which was NOT included in your journal, and when I asked to be discharged, they could not reject, but only temporary, we are going to get you busted (!) using the Communal system, and yes Bjarne as the director of Helsingør Commune against me, but no, you could not, you were only sad hulls. They would have used me to lock me up including mind control and if we can hold him, we can hold everyone, but no, you could not, my will was too strong.
  • Short stories of a man believing that I have a “serious problem” not understanding that it is only him having this problem, telling Naser and the elite about “big men” of the World Elite inventing rules giving them the freedom to sexually abuse “slaves”, and my old colleague Jesper as example likes me much but still “cannot take me”.

10th August: My sister stabbed the knife in my back making the system try to kill me using an old plan of the Danish Parliament against me

  • Dreaming of the visit to Bakken with my mother and sister a couple of months ago still pushing the train, Mogens Lykketoft only wants to speak to me informally without written notes (!) – “money, money, money” is still the issue of him and the World Elite, Uffe Ellemann was more involved 20 years ago, I continue to work inside darkness to bring creations with me, and Lars Barfoed, don’t you think you should call me to get relief?
  • I was surprised when “meeting” – i.e. seeing each other without saying hi (!) – Bjarne and Johannes, the director and mayor, of Helsingør at the library at an opening of “cultural historical pictures from Uummannaq” (Greenland) and Bjarne left my eye view after we had looked at each other directly for 10 seconds. This helped Bjarne to understand that I am “not dangerous” – assisted by “original energy” of many Greenlanders, and Bjarne is the anchor of the last darkness now moving in to me – being pushed by my own inner self behind it. Bjarne still believes that he works against me – having spoken to my family and previous employers to receive confirmation that I am “crazy”, but not to me to discover that I am not (!) – but the system above him knows that they have been revealed, and have given up their plans to abduct/medicate/kill me, but Bjarne doesn’t know. Bjarne was made by your father to close down all of the Universe. I was told that the “medicine” I was given in 2008 was supposed to kill me! I was a test person of how much a person could take before I would rot up from the inside – receiving what corresponds to three litres of Lithium. It was my sister leading the knife stabbing me in the back, and it was the system behind it trying to kill me. My sister works at the Social Agency as part of the Health Ministry also “serving” the Psychiatry Committee of the Parliament as “experts”. The system decided to not speak to me, but behind my back, and there is a secret file on me including testimonies, which my sister has access to, but not me, and this is part of “central command units”, who decide who will live, which gave me my death sentence, and my sister was chosen to be leader of this secret department. She was placed as darkness (tempted by money, status and power!) to terminate me/the world to bring us out of this darkness, but I decided to keep us alive now changing us into light of our New World still being alive. This is the darkness we are now pulling out. And this setup comes from the Psychiatry Committee of the Parliament – on orders from USA – who knows that I am coming after them too after I have asked to receive their resignation, which made them decide to close down this system. It was this committee deciding to approve me to become a test person via secret meetings/activities, and they used my sister to work against me – like the system used Jackie Kennedy to “terminate” John F. Kennedy receiving “incredible wealth” as payment (!) – which she accepted/became part of years ago. This was planned over a “life time” since I was little, and my sister now starts realising that I am reaching her through the fall of the entire system/government self. My sister was eaten/corrupted by this system helping it to kill me because of her desire of own personal profit. The setup of the system against me would lead to the explosion/end of the world, which they just didn’t know, and I now ask the World Elite to publish this old plan against me – being the plan to end all life! The system also gave your father a new cancer all of the time and also the worst cancer to your mother (!), which killed my father in the end, but love of mother/son helped us to stay alive.
  • We are now very close to pouring out the soup (to become our new selves). I continue being drained from energy and pressured to my extreme limit because of extreme darkness coming against me. We brought in “the biggest cake in the world” today – the pyramid including all genuine life, which was so well protected that only you together with your mother would be able to open it. This is the power designed to terminate me, which is now turning around, and Bjarne is inside of it. We are transforming this dark horse to the original white of our New World, and my coffin (of my inner self) is now coming in including the diamond of everything only being very small (but enlarged to bring you the world).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show almost oneness, sinners wanting to convert, shave or cut (?), I am struggling alone waiting to end my pain, progress, someone must know this person, still many in the shadows, we all wait for .. a good time, still guarding and helping us, and it feels good to look into the eyes of an Archangel :-).
  • Short stories of the world elite bringing world opinion against Islamists, which they train themselves, Kenneth “completely lost it” believing that I (not him) have the spirit of Satan working in me and he will start a Facebook group against me (!!!), is Umar from India really a messenger sent to me (?), has almost lost hope against the World Elite and I tried to make them understand about the plan of God, Henrik Sass Larsen was appointed minister thus becoming another part of my father in government together with Helle Thorning-Schmidt as another part of my mother, and everyone wants to enter Tivoli to receive “nice music”.


9th August: I only have little energy and much work to do (on the evil NWO), which brings “triumphal progress”

Dreaming about an act of my “old nightmare” inside the worst darkness of my sister

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about Birgitte living with me, opening for the dog in the last minute to come out in the garden to relieve itself. Henriette, my girlfriend, is coming later. Birgitte is at the kitchen, it feels like Sanna’s and Hans’ house, and she has cut and eaten a small piece from a big pork roast of mine, and there are two others in another refrigerator. The neighbour lady wants to make love to me, but I reject, but later I meet her again and am tempted, and we make love even though I should not because Henriette is my girlfriend and is coming, and while we make love, the actor Ove Sprogøe enters the room.
    • This is about cleaning up inside of this even worse than anything else darkness of my sister including much life, the pork, and darkness as an act wanting to bring out my “old nightmare”, which it does, but it does not harm anymore. I received the delicious taste of a Danish pastry bar.
  • I am watching the Danish national team in football training, there is a dark sky, I am tired and would like to train together with them, but they don’t want me. Allan Simonsen and Michael Laudrup train by themselves, and Michael knows me from before, we have met some times. Their training is a “knowledge match”, and the entrance to the field goes through a yellow grill wagon. One of their national players have had an experience where you can see the truth and his sensitivity shining through via his face, which makes them all stand together, and it makes it possible for me to clip all approx. 10 papers together also including the last two, which was clipped together, and I was not sure if I could clip these too, but I could.
    • The Danish national team does not want to play with me – still silent you are about me and you too Per Frimand, whom I feel here, and you should really be “free man” to do what you want (?) – and still their faith in me (the player showing truth/sensitivity – makes it possible for me to unite all papers of all creations together.
  • I woke up to Bryan Adam’s “Everything I do, I do it for you” and the lyrics “Yeah I would fight for you, I’d lie for you, Walk the wire for you, Yeah I’d die for you”, and I was shown an easel, and yes a new moon, and the world ”could not” tell about it because of all of its lies built up for a long time, which this is about.

I only have little energy and much work to do (on the evil NWO), which brings “triumphal progress”

I was told that apples are custom made, hand made, they don’t become better.

We have just been to Hell and back but there was not much more than what we have said.

I was told that in Norway they have been working overtime since my comment to Jens, but no, they “could not” speak out too.

Yesterday evening I was told about a “pop-group”, and this morning it continued, and I was told “pop-group – are they better than Voxpop (?), no they were not even born before him there would take the big jump, and yes this is about your son/daughter, whom you await being born with the start of our New World, and I made it this far, and will bring you alive with this jump.

Later I received “Move to Memphis” by A-ha, which first gave me a reference to Elvis as the King, and then I was told that it was an A-ha experience to A-ha to see my comment to their Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg yesterday.

Is your mother not normally more thin-haired than you (?), well not anymore.

I was told and shown that everything is light except from a dress rail with clothes in different colours, which we are proud of having made (giving the option to change creation).

I was still tired and exhausted this morning, but after a couple of hours I felt somewhat better and also better than yesterday, but still not “good”.

These days I am still given attacks of “nothing” coming to me as short extra dizziness making me feel as if I am fainting.

I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this was a late one coming also because of my sister.

So you are buried deeply inside Egypt (?), and yes, the road goes through darkness of my sister.

Even though I do not receive the same kind of negative voices anymore, I am still feeling tired/exhausted/worm/moist all over and having far too much work to do being on my limit of making it.

I continued working on my script of yesterday, which I published after lunch to Facebook, and today until 15.00, where I was really too tired to continue working on my new website, which right now seems “impossible” to finish if I don’t get more time to do it, and yes first priority is still my scripts, and then this new website/project on top, which I will finish no matter what, and yes, there is not that much work remaining on it.

Even in BANK-kok they fear if you will be strong enough to break in through the worst darkness – of banks too – to the Source.

And what do these great sneezes that I am still given mean while I struggle to finish work – to send my new email in order to help the World Elite to suffer to take over – and yes they have meant “sacrifices” of the world, which the world may continue doing or not now because we cannot hurt anymore?

I was shown one of the Swedish Wallenberg’s as the worst darkness, and he asked me “can I leave” (?), which is what I had to accept doing if I could not keep up work, which I am struggling VERY MUCH to do now being on my ultimate limit with far too much work, too little time and energy = stress, but no, you cannot, NEVER!

We were truly coming to an end today, where we could not continue opening the door to get in here, yes you were at a critical stage this afternoon where you had to do your best to continue working, but then it started lifting, which is what you may like to tell me that Kenneth, see below, is the reason for.

I am told about politicians, journalists etc., who have been transformed against me to now supporting me, but silently of course – understanding my work also on the NWO of the World Elite.

I was told that we are going back to where everything started, and I was shown a planet, and told about the moon, and isn’t it here that we have stored our force – also thinking of old STRONG dreams of “machines of power” here – and this is why darkness was about to destruct the moon back in 2009.

Are we about having covered Afghanistan too, which has come to me over the last hours, and I feel Obama too, and yes, an atomic bomb over this place to get rid of all of those satan’s out there, who said this (?), and who wanted to have Obama to push the button to get going reducing the number of world population too (?), and yes not easy decisions at all to take as the President, and no, I did not see any bomb go off, which would have been disastrous too.

I was told that my mother was constantly about to break down, which only shows the world that you could not live without support from the Source.

I continued working until 17.00 with difficulties, and did some shopping afterwards.

Have we now taken the final exam again today (?), and yes enough to continue playing the game – now with Kenneth too, see below.

I was told about “putting everything in”, which did not only depend on me but also Obama and some of his critical decisions.

What if I appoint others from the High School (?), and I felt Bill Clinton and you are thinking of naming people of your secret network, and yes, Bill, there is only one thing, which is right to do, and that is to speak out the full truth including all names and details, and to do it in full public, and no, I do NOT like “behind closed doors”, which is also an invention of darkness.

There is no fish in that lake yet, we first had to make it via your mother – the New World – and afterwards to bring the Source into it, or the other way.

Sanna is not vicious, is it possible to imagine that someone in the system told her that I am evil and dangerous (?), yes.

I received Bryan Ferry’s version of “I put a spell on you, because you’re mine”, which is because I did via my dream the other day about him, and about the spell I put on the evil world – and yes, to publish more famous names I am given here would be good, but no, I decided to give you what I did, and I believe that this song and this album is some of his finest work even though it is cover-songs, and it is of course because it is titled “taxi”, and yes what a rhythm in/vibe of this song, which sounds AMAZING on my stereo, and yes it is soon time for the taxi to arrive and magic to happen you know :-).

On my way to my mother and John I was told that if I had not given full effect on the stories of my sister – also when publishing summaries hereof on Facebook for her to see – we would not come to mother today.

John looked fine but was not that fine because his catheter for the dialysis does not work (!), and his blood tests still show a critical low kidney number, so now he will have a new catheter operated in on Friday, and new dialysis afterwards, which keeps my mother awake at night fearing that he suddenly may stop breathing, and yes, it is not easy being them at the moment, so even though nothing should happen to them now, the game at least still looks like being a game on life and death – he is also given hiccups when I am there symbolising “sacrifices” and “potential death” – and I was told that I am still healing him, and was given a smell of onion.

I was told that my mother’s true father, Erwin Rommel, whom she has never known or been told about (her true mother took this secret with her in the grave, so she thought), was with us this evening to help cutting our new diamond, which is really what my mother’s love this evening was used for, and she showed even more love than normal via her open attitude for us to see, small gifts (wine, coffee) and now also asking what I am writing about (!!!), which gave me a chance to tell her and John about the evil New World Order of the World Elite made 60 years ago to cut population etc., and I understood that Sanna had told her the headline of this via phone – based on previous Facebook posts of mine – but there is nothing like hearing it from my own mouth making it easier to understand for both of them, which is not easy to do when Sanna explains (?), and yes I told them that I would finish in some days and will send it to them too for them to read or not depending on what they like, and that was it really, and yes I am not the only one, there are many writing about this on the Internet, and no, it does not sound crazy, does it (?), but to my sister, it still may (?) because she has not seen my new website, and yes that is the game, and yes “how do you believe it goes yourself” (?) as my mother asked me, which was a STRANGE way of putting it, and is it so that my sister actually still works against me believing that I am crazy (?), and yes, she is a hard ball to get, and completely crazy/deaf/better-knowing she is.

We saw a few minutes of the end of the under 19 European Championships in handball for women, where Denmark was meeting Russia in the semi finals, and after a draw, Russia was ahead by 30 to 29 when the time ended of the extra time, and Denmark had a free throw, which you know is completely impossible to score on, but what happened (?), and yes a small miracle when the Danish player did the impossible to score making the commentators and audience go will, and “it is just completely buried” as the commentator said meaning that you CANNOT score like this, but still this is what we do to bring the buried part of me out. At the end, Russia won the second extra time, which did not surprise me because of the strength of darkness of my sister etc. now, but the main part was the miracle as you saw here.

Before coming this evening, I was told that despite of my direct writings on my sister, we will of course still go all of us to Kronborg Castle to watch Opera in the free, and first I thought that this could not be because my sister probably would not see me (?), but no, my mother confirmed that this plan is still on, and we will go in 7 days from now together with my sister and her husband if the weather is fine, but without John who will be operated that day.

I was given the name of the old Danish poet Oehlenschläger – feeling that he is in here too – and he said “welcome”, and later I was told that “the family in Virum”, where Hans’ mother, Helene, used to spend much of her time (annoying Sanna and Hans), only consist of one now, I believe his name is Michael, and he was a violinist of the Royal Orchestra, and he lost his wife years ago, and I was told that he has also heard about me also being part of this secret network of the World Elite.

I mentioned the most concentrated glace made by the brothers Price on TV yesterday – boiling carcasses/vegetables etc. – for MANY HOURS, and I smiled and told her that I expect to receive this gravy/glace in the future, which of course was to tell you about the immense concentration of life that we have achieved.

Was it the Danish National Hospital – Rigshospitalet – which invented the “medicine” against you (?), and you may remember that we told you that there was also hidden medicine in your food at the psychiatric hospital in 2008 (?), which was NOT included in your journal, and eeehhhh, Stig asks to be discharged – as I did in my letter of December 2, 2008, to the hospital, if I remember the date correctly (see my library) – and there was no responsible, who could overhear this thus having to accept my discharge, but only temporary, we are going to get you busted (!) using the Communal system against you, and yes Bjarne as the director of Helsingør Commune, but no, you could not, you were only sad hulls.

No, we never received an offer to come abroad on guest appearances, which is about the text I had written on my old Microsoft website (until December 2010 when I transferred it to WordPress) offering people to come out and speak with them, and I was here told that they would have stopped that too.

And they would have used me to lock me up including mind control and if we can hold him, we can hold everyone, but no, you could not, my will was too strong.

I received the vision of a big, young lady, who appeared in an Australian movie some years ago, which I cannot remember the name on, but she LOVED ABBA, which they played throughout the movie, and I was told that “going down under” – creating our New World – is the reason why ABBA has decided to reunite – making me HAPPY too, and yes, this is going to become a truly HAPPY NEW YEAR, where every neighbour will be a friend :-).

I was told that my new website of the evil New World Order is a triumphal progress all over the world, and I do hope that this is the objective truth, and not darkness praising me without reason.

Will we take the plane already at 03.30 (?), in order to get up working, and yes this is how it almost feels like knowing that I will finish my work on the website and send my email next week before meeting my sister in 7 days, which is just a natural deadline, and this is where we will set up everything, which you have received inboard from the World Elite having received my new email in the meantime, and I received pain to my right foot.

Yes, who knew in India as example about these plans of hell when Bill Clinton was speaking so well and smiling, which can make everyone accept.

I was told that Karen still has many casual partners otherwise we could not do this game, and I still feel rotten about it.

What happened to Neil Young having to cancel his concert in Denmark and other European countries (?), and yes his guitarist broke his hand making them cancel, so you were not able to play “heart of gold” here, Neil, and yes, you are also among the top of my list of concerts I would like to go to, and no, I have never seen you in concert, and yes, Prince as example is there too, but I have already seen Prince twice even though it is many years ago, in 1988 on the national stadium here, and was it 1989 or 1990 on Gentofte?

Isn’t this just tinfoil around me as the Source with the New World on its way in through this, and yes, the Source is inside of me, and not only Karen, and that is at least since 2010 when we reunited, so it was a game to transfer the Source from Karen to me as I am here told because of what your mother said behind your back, and yes, Karen and I are one, and I am/we are the Source.

I received pain to my right testicle, and felt that the remaining parts from the balcony wanted to enter me this way, which is really about destruction, and no, I want everything to be perfect.

We have not been all the way out to the star Aldebaran, and this is about spaceships controlled by man, and I was given the feeling of previous darkness of pilots of these now under my control and now at home – but they are still coming in as I feel/understand – and yes, we just had to get all of these back too to be able to surrender, and yes these are part of the evil New World Order taking control of the Universe because of the decision of this World Elite.

I received strong sexual torment but I felt it as part of an act.

This is my little hotel room being the basis of the travel around the world, and yes we are on our way in to the giant force of the Source, which we have no idea about where it comes from.

Kenneth worked as “tinfoil around the Source” impossible to open because he is DEAF and BLIND – and fooled by darkness

Today first Jette’s Facebook group and then I had the “pleasure” of receiving a visit by Kenneth, who insisted to write in Danish in our group because he cannot write English, not wanting to understand that we write to a whole world, and his main argument, which he kept on repeating was that Jesus first will return when Paradise will come, that reincarnation is wrong, Martinus is wrong, I am wrong (a “false prophet”), and even though I sent him small miracles/proofs for him to see – including to see one of his own texts shown as if it was Jette, which had written it – and my name on the globe, he refused to listen to me because Jesus has taught him to be deaf and blind to “false prophets”, and yes did it work trying to make sense to him that we are preparing this paradise and I am only a normal human being on the way to become my new self (?), and yes I gave him “this and that” to read and think about, and even though he kept on claiming that I cannot win him over, he had a look at some of my webpages, and just maybe he understood that he has to be OPEN, LISTEN and ask questions instead of the opposite and yes to show good behaviour instead of becoming yet another example of the worst behaviour of man, and yes, this one was more difficult to get through because it was the Holy Spirit self telling him to be deaf and blind to people like me (!), and yes one day the genuine will come, right Kenneth, so now you are speaking directly to God as a mere human being, and yes words like that made him start to think “can it be that Stig is truly the one”, which were planted in him as part of my game, but no, he claimed that he will never give in to me, and yes just how sad, stupid, better-knowing and simple minded can you get, and Kenneth is one of those taking the ultimate prize, and why is it that people simply cannot listen, ask questions, understand and then turn around doing it the other way afterwards (?), and yes this is also the idea, for him to give me strong darkness working as tinfoil around the inner source for me to influence in order to open for, and this is why you came to me, Kenneth. And it is as I told him, spiritual darkness abuses weaknesses of people, so when he cannot listen and understand as a human being, he is given darkness spiritually too giving him wrong information, and this is what is impossible for him to understand, and yes, Jette had become a friend with him too, but she could not take all of his mails, so she un-friend him, and I had no time and energy but made it to the point where this “internet-stalker” became so tired of me that he did not want to abuse his time on me, and yes this is what people normally tells him, so this is where I had to bring him, but a little curious you became, Kenneth?

FB 090813 Kenneth 1

FB 090813 Kenneth 2

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FB 090813 Kenneth 22

FB 090813 Kenneth 23

FB 090813 Kenneth 24

He is the tinfoil around the core to protect us. This was the main objective today – to connect with Kenneth. And I wrote him being on my absolutely most stressed limit having much work and no energy I can easily tell you.

So it is Kenneth shadowing for the biggest castle in the world, and he receives power from Karen, and yes blind and deaf he is even though he knows that I work “the best” of us, which he cannot help seeing even though he does not want to see, so he is the snow storm designed to stop you, but you know that you are Karen too and no one is going to stop you, and Kenneth says that you are mad and not him, and can you enter despite of this (?), and yes via cracks of light through him, and my own sufferings.

Isn’t this just tinfoil around me as the Source with the New World on its way in through this, and yes, the Source is inside of me, and not only Karen, and that is at least since 2010 when we reunited, so it was a game to transfer the Source from Karen to me as I am here told because of what your mother said behind your back, and yes, Karen and I are one, and I am/we are the Source.

And yes, I would have liked more time to read and follow up on some content of his emails, for example about his brother, but no, I don’t have time, I will prioritize the work on my new website.

And he is STEALING MY TIME from doing what is really important work, which is my website. Yes this took out MUCH of me, and I am told that it is my mother’s reactions to what Sanna told her about me bringing this incredible darkness to me.

Google Earth: The Source pouring out from the North Pole, and a beautiful Archangel

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the name of Stig, the Source pouring out from the North Pole, progress, and a beautiful Archangel helping to transform pollution from USA and Canada.

FB 090813 Jette 1

FB 090813 Jette 2

FB 090813 Jette 3

FB 090813 Jette 4

FB 090813 Jette 6

FB 090813 Jette 7

Ending the days with these short stories:

  • My guess is that Jonas is a friend of someone believing in me, which he obviously did not, and he felt a desire to tell me, thus making me sad as I always become receiving messages like this, and yes, he will understand one day soon that he was wrong and that he was embarrassing himself.

Jonas comment

  • Naser wrote among others that Ghandi had sex on his mind where he punished supporters for any kind of sex, but the rules did not apply to himself because “as with other great men, he invented the rules himself”, and this came as a confirmation about what I have been told spiritually, which is that the world would bring “tight rules/”values” for their new slaves to keep, but these rules would not apply to themselves also meaning that they would have freedom to do their wicked sexual games as they like, and I was told about the Vatican as example, who would be allowed to abuse children/boys/young people for their “pleasure” (!), which is then what I told Naser and I brought my new website telling him – as part of the elite – about the evil New World Order wanting to exterminate 90% of the world population and to keep the rest as slaves keeping tight “values” if they wanted to stay alive, but not the rulers, who would be able to do whatever they liked – this is how it is when “big men” invent rules for others to keep but not themselves, and yes the most disgusting behaviour of “managers” in general, and here in its most extreme form, and that is of weak and “poor” people if you understand such a little thing (?), and no, Naser and his “elite-friends” including Henrik Dahl and also Reimer Bo, who was here (another one who “could not” accept my Facebook invitation), were “silent” not commenting my comment, but later I felt darkness and “uncomfortable close he is”, and oooohhhh yeeeesss, Naser/they have read it, and what are you going to do about it (?), and yes they can do nothing.

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  • Jesper is my old colleague from Acta in 2007, and he was very glad to have me as manager then, which continued until 2010, when I published my website/scripts, and then it did not take him long to un-friend me, and I was therefore surprised to see that he has now included me as a Google contact, which made me decide to write to him via Facebook asking him to become Facebook friends again and telling him that I am still the good old Stig as he remembers, which he then could see in my words (!), which made him tell me that he thought that I was out on a mission all over the world about your “night dreams” – nothing much you were able to understand, Jesper (?) – and he said that he was divorced and enjoy life in big style with “plenty of sport and women”, and yes WRONG sexual behaviour, Jesper, I do understand, and yes his sufferings about me is also giving me much darkness helping me to expose the picture of all, and I wrote back telling him that it is not only night but also “day dreams” that I write about full time and “much more”, and I told him that he would see no difference about me today and back then if we took a beer, and I asked him if I succeeded to teach him discipline in 2007 where he often came late to work meetings in the morning because he could not get up and reach the train, and no, this was “too much” for Jesper, so he “could not” reply – “too much heaven” to him – and also “could not” accept me as a Facebook friend, and yes from a man liking me much but still abandoning me, and I was told about Angela, my old friend/colleague from Fair Insurance, as another example feeling like him, and how stupid can you get?

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  • The other day I was asked about the meaning of the number “6”, and here came the explanation, which is “monster” as in “monster darkness” you know, and yes “666” as the symbol of the Devil, and yes three times six because you are given three chances before the Devil strikes.

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10th August: My sister stabbed the knife in my back making the system try to kill me using an old plan of the Danish Parliament

Dreaming of Mogens Lykketoft only wants to speak informally – “money, money, money” is still the issue of the World Elite

I slept from around midnight until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • We are going to a party behind the Bakken amusement park and the station, I shout to celebrities, Fuggi is driving us in car to the train, the train is tilting, several wagons are involved in accidents. I reach mine, a Swedish ticket inspector looks good, and I don’t have money to pay.
    • Bakken is about the visit there with my mother and sister a couple of months ago, which made this train continue to drive to the other side with the help of celebrities and more having faith in me, but it goes via darkness still wanting to stop me with my “old nightmare” etc.
  • I have a private meeting for the first time with Mogens Lykketoft, and we have a good and informal conversation, which he would like to keep as such, but no (!). Frida from ABBA loves to negotiate, and she wants money, I have written a reference and Mogens wants to bring Frida’s two paragraphs as introduction, and I believe it is long enough as it is but I accept this add-on. Uffe Ellemann is also there, and for the first time, he looks at me now taking me seriously, which he has not done before, and I tell him that we will have to go back to the Maastricht treaty vote (of the EU) in 1992 to find the worst/funniest of his, and he agrees, and he has seen me several times over the years without knowing who I am.
    • This is saying that Mogens still wants to keep the evil New World Order a secret – I have NOT received an answer from you, the United Nations and the Presidium, Mogens (?) – and Frida loves money, money, money too much (to perform again?) – which is also the “incentive” of Mogens, and Uffe was mostly a bad guy 20 years ago, but a funny one of the kind.

  • I woke up to Nicole’s “Ein bisschen frieden”.

  • I have started working at Danske Bank, Østerbro branch, and this is the first time I have returned to work for a branch for 25 years, and I have much experience and know-how with me as these employees having worked the same time “always” don’t have, and still I am given “coolie work” by and also poorer pay than this tight and inflexible clique. Lars Barfoed is there doing a prospect plan at the local beach. They also work at boring desks. I am cleaning up in a small room where there are two type writers. One employee is rich and has a new, big Volvo. One remembers me from when I was a trainee of the bank. I meet my old colleague from Espergærde, Susan, who has become married and received a new name, which is why I cannot find her on LinkedIn as I tell her. We walk out to empty a bank box at a store on Bond Street, which is full of Ekstra Bladet and return articles. We have a meeting, where the manager hands out biscuits, which feels very wrong to me. There is a small dog inside the branch, which employees try to bring out to relieve itself on the street, which it does not dare to do because there is an incredible amount of traffic on Østerbrogade.
    • Still working inside darkness with people treating me wrongly here also included Lars Barfoed, and don’t you think you should simply lift the telephone and give me a call, Lars, and we can have a nice cup of coffee at the harbour or Kronborg as example (?), and you can get relief on all, which is pressuring on your chest, and the bank box is to bring in more newspapers, i.e. more creations, and the dog is about the World Elite being cowards not having the courage to stand forward telling the truth about themselves and their evil New World Order because they are afraid of the reaction of the “incredible amount” of people of the world, and yes MORONS is what you are, and then it is better for me to take your garbage as my sufferings (?) – COWARDS!!!

My sister stabbed the knife in my back making the system try to kill me using an old plan of the Danish Parliament against me

I was told that we are now very close to pouring out the soup (to become our new selves).

There is smaller and smaller distance between the gifts in here.

Have Scotland also been in town to shop for you (?), as all countries have, yes.

Even if you took up a giant ERASER now, there would be nothing to erase, that is the smart part because we are not even here.

I continued receiving GIANT sneezes, and a STRONG pressure/feelings from the morning that “I don’t want to do any work” and both speech and the strong feeling that I physically could not, and the speech continued, so I had to tell myself that I don’t care what you say, keep on talking and I will do my own agenda underneath your pressure working no matter what.

It is in principle only a new bathroom that we are doing.

Any day soon my duvet will come, but first there is impossible work to finish, because there is too much information to be found and too little time to do it, so where do I stop?

I was told that this medicine I was given in 2008 was supposed to kill me!

Today is Saturday, and I have decided to keep on working on my new website until Tuesday and to include what I have time to do until then, and then to work Wednesday on my new email to the United Nations and to send this Wednesday or Thursday, which gives me calm, this is how it is.

After lunch and work at home, I went to the library, and isn’t it funny that – to my surprise – I looked directly into the eyes of Bjarne Pedersen, the director of Helsingør Commune, at 13.30 (from inside my little computer room and outside to the main room, where he stood approx. 5 metres from me), and yes there was an opening of “cultural historical pictures from Uummannaq” (Greenland) today, which drew quite a number of people including Bjarne and the mayor, Johannes, was here too, and yes a couple of film cameras too with one filming the speech of the photographer, where I am sure you can see me working in the background, so it was “very exciting” for you to be here, my gentlemen Bjarne and Johannes (?), and yes Bjarne left my eye view after we had looked at each other directly for 10 seconds and he understood who I am, and no, he never came back, so no coffee again today, Bjarne?

Bibliotek 100813

I was told about Jill Dahl and Maya Fridan as examples on clairvoyants who have asked us (the spirits) about you, and received wrong information because of their own darkness, and this is also what I have had to fight against and to make them receive faith in me via my Facebook comments.

Congratulations, Kenneth was meant to strangle you, but you came through this incredible stress too ending the script of yesterday at 14.45 today (!) – taking far too long because I have other work to do (!), and it is not wrong to say that I have been working under incredible pressure these days doing “impossible work” beyond one of my uttermost limits.

Again, I was drained from energy not being able to continue working and feeling disgusted, and instead of starting work on the script of today, I decided to continue some work on the new website, and to write this script a little later, which I did until the library closed at 16.00 today.

I was told that I was a test person of how much a person could take before I would rot up from the inside, this is what they did. And can you imagine that they gave your father a new cancer all of the time and also the worst cancer to your mother (!), but there was one thing they could not handle, which was “the white paper” of my mother including her (growing) faith in me, and the greatest love imaginable.

It was invaluable for Bjarne to see you today completely calm continuing to work instead of “chasing him” (!), and yes he was the one speaking to your mother, and first my mother was afraid of me, and later, she was not anymore after having understood me, which eeehhh was not included in your plans, “my friend”?

So this is what the many people from Greenland today at the library helped doing, which was to bring strong original energy to help opening Bjarne’s eyes, and yes Stig is not dangerous, and told you so, didn’t I?

I was shown a big lump of darkness from the balcony moving towards me, the last part, and I was told that this is not an insignificant anthill we are moving in, which will be further helped when I send my email to the United Nations via the Danish Parliament to let them understand what they were aiming at.

Bjarne has never been so pressured before in his life, and this is only a part of the pressure of everyone given to me.

Now, now, did we not speak to Bo from Dahlberg there too by chance (?), and yes, Bjarne, how many lazy ignorants “confirmed” to you that I was crazy and maybe dangerous too – because people were completely unnecessary afraid of me as you were too? But no, you “could not” speak to and understand me, which otherwise would be the first and most natural thing to do, right?

So Kenneth – see below – and this experience with Bjarne and Johannes today at the library is the combination making us pull in the anchor of darkness from the balcony with Bjarne being the anchor, and I received the feeling of Bjarne thinking of my email to all of the world of the United Nations, and are you starting to feel little in the big picture, Bjarne?

Isn’t it funny that we keep giving Kenneth the print “think if Stig is really the one” – also after he could not take me anymore leaving me as Facebook friend, see the short stories.

I was shown my inner self pushing behind the anchor of darkness to bring it to me from the balcony, and yes I went through all darkness to save all life, and I am still doing this now with the last reserve darkness of my mother/the Old World, and wasn’t it really the Source, which was on the balcony originally (?), so this is the part of my mother inside the Source maybe?

You brought in the biggest cake in the world today, this is what it all meant, not least the many people from Greenland, and yes I enjoyed the singing and drum playing of girls from Greenland.

I felt my father’s Kirsten laughing, and I was told that my father returned home to the Source bringing the part of creation, which he could do.

I was shown Bjarne taping black tape on my balcony, and was told that this is what he believes that he is doing – working against me – but the system above him knows that they have been revealed, and have given up their plans to abduct/medicate/kill me, but Bjarne doesn’t know.

This is what the pain to the right testicle was about, which was the road (of destruction), which we had to go if you did not complete the day today, but we did also because of love of your mother, which loosened up much.

It was my sister leading the knife stabbing me in the back, but the system behind it trying to kill me was darkness of my mother given to them because of my mother’s lack of faith in me.

I continue receiving strong sexual torments, which are not nice to experience.

I was shown the chef Francis Cardenau swinging a big dish of food with other chefs, and then I see the dish only, which is made of silver, this is me as the Source, which is returning everything with flowers (of love).

I was shown the Jerusalem UFO and was told that it was Stig that we brought down the Source and my father of darkness out, and yes this was in February 2010, and in July 2010 we did the big jump to reconnect with the Source.

I was shown people at Arthur Findlay College jumping of joy with their mouths open because of amazement, and how many clairvoyants there have not seen me (?), but still this has not spread to the mainstream world.

I was shown a smaller one section shelves, which I have on my balcony, which my father gave me maybe 15 years ago, and is it possible to imagine that Kirsten has poor conscience for not sharing some of his old belongings with you (?), and yes she has.

This is the greatest insect of the world (sexual torment), which these singing girls from Greenland brought in.

I was given the feeling of Bjarne now as light, and yes I was stronger than all of you and my sister having a stronger influence on my mother than all of your “experts”/swindlers together.

And this is the pyramid including all genuine life, which is now coming in, and it was so well protected that only you together with your mother would be able to open it, which not even your father would be able to stop according to the game.

I received the feeling of Mærsk Mckinney Møller and do you want to believe that my main priority in life was to serve this evil New World Order too (?), and yes, of course it was Maersk.

Later I received the feeling of Johannes the mayor, and yes he saw me too, but no, they could not say “hi Stig, how are you doing” (?), which would have been the nice thing to do, but you cannot when you have dirty flour in your bag?

This is the power designed to terminate me, which is now turning around, and Bjarne is inside of it.

I was shown the baking tin being brought in, and this is what we used to create our New World with.

Talisman, this shield was of course only to protect you all and yes from darkness bringing your home when darkness became to strong, and that was to protect your true selves in here working through you as “test life”, isn’t that wonderful (?), and yes as your soul/your true self.

I was told that my decision to stop giving money to Elijah when he “could not” communicate was also of importance and yes he is (supposed to be) the one bringing me alive via his faith, thus also one of this last play inside darkness, and yes I have also decided to “not kill him”, so this is why the team also decide to share my money with him, which I have said is fine to do, and yes because when I have given my money to them, it is their money and they are free to do with it as they please, and when they decide to keep the bond to Elijah, this also keeps the bond of Elijah to me, and yes his faith in me is coming via the team, and without this connection, he would not have faith in me, and this is how this game has been set up, Elijah was the most important for my/our survival, but without the team, we would not survive, because he “could not pull himself together” to read, understand and also share my scripts with his family, the church etc., and yes because you are so incredible lazy, Elijah, and why do I write this because you will not even read it and especially not when I don’t send you emails anymore.

I was shown Meat Loaf at the concert in Hillerød, and told that Bjarne thinks of me in relation to the psychiatric hospital there, and I am shown a cruise ship and a big war ship in a BIG sea, and yes a game setup between light and darkness to make the ship survive, and Bjarne was the anchor of darkness, but no, you “could not”, Bjarne – WIMP!!!

At 19.30 I decided to write the script of today not being able to do much because of being broken down, and then I was attacked with new things to write breaking me and my moral even more down, but I managed to work for one hour doing this work now rather than tomorrow morning, which was really the basic idea, to give me more time to work on my website tomorrow.

I was given a blink to the light of my living room, and shown that we are bringing what is on the balcony to the shelves of my living room, i.e. the New World.

So we are transforming this dark horse to the original white of our New World.

We are really making Earth and the Universe smaller and smaller until it doesn’t exist anymore, this is what you are going through, and the more of this, the more is transferred to our New World inside “nothing”.

So Flemming – Sanna and Hans’ old friend – (who used to be at DFDS) was one in the system above Sanna, and it was invaluable help for Sanna’s friends to see me strong and “likeable” and also one to have faith in at her 50th birthday in 2009.

No, your sister and Bjarne have not spoken together, which is how the system has organised it.

Is it possible to take a driver’s license with Stig?

So Bjarne was made by your father to close down all of the Universe, and he doesn’t know it himself, but don’t you want to tell him (?), and yes, but I am too busy with other more important work.

We are now coming through left testicle instead.

For days I have heard about Cuba, and now Cuban cigars, and they are also part of this last darkness, which is why you had the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, but also another not that well kept secret anymore about how (cannot read my notes here but something like) “leaser talen off power to drill be.under.society and.not us control sø another digthw there you to speak.abo7t” (this is how the notes looked like).

It is me – as Stig – being a big store to receive all of this darkness, which is what we have kept you as until the end of darkness.

Did you also go to the blackest school at Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde because of Vera – my old teacher and Facebook friend a couple of year – who “could not” understand me (when not reading etc), and spoke about me, so how many were against me there?

How is your sister then connected to the system (?), and yes she works at the Social Agency as part of the Health Ministry, so via the Health Minister and the “experts” of the psychiatry committee working with their “recommendations” for a new “policy” for the minister, which Poul Nyrup Ramussen, the previous Prime Minister is part of, and yes Sanna is one of those in the system working for this, and also working together with Poul Nyrup or at least have met him as I understand her, and yes, they share families being “hit” by “mental disease”!

It is “very funny” here at the hotel, I was given another word, which can be shortened to “SS”, and this is about John Cleese and Fawlty Towers, and “don’t mention the war”, which is about don’t talk to Stig, but could mother help, and yes she had to be with me to see me as completely normal and “not dangerous”, and this is how the system is wrong all over when “experts”, who don’t know the patient/prisoner puts forward WRONG diagnosis, which will be completely changed, and yes people being too busy, lazy and better-knowing making misunderstandings all over.

How many penalty kicks did Bo from Dahlberg bring against me (?), and have all of these testimonies been written down a place, which my sister has seen and “assessed” turning her left thumb down, which is that my brother is “sick” because this is what everyone says that he is, and that is right until going to Bakken with my mother and I a couple of months ago, and eeehhh, Stig is completely normal.

And are there those central command units like your sister, who decide who will live, which gave you your death sentence because of a “misunderstanding”.

This is all of this now coming through your left testicle.

This is part of the all big examination, and yes, your sister was chosen to be leader of the department receiving this responsibility, so she is used to work undercover including against her own brother, whom she “could not” understand as a human being/dictator not being able to listen, ask questions and understand, which is what really is making her the crazy one.

I felt Jack’s mother Evy, and was told that she is also part of this darkness.

I was shown Sanna sitting on a lonely stool at the corner of a cell, and that is because she is the part of me making sure to come out of this hell again, but no, Stig does not want us to die, which is why we are doing this acting with my sister, Bjarne and more keeping everyone alive.

And it is all of this department, which is now being closed down, which is coming from the Minister self, and this is the root itself in this system as “666”, which we are pulling out as your bad teeth, which is why I was given the symbol of 6 and 666 the last days.

This is why we keep being alive, this is the system surrendering.

So this is about your mother (the world) returning home to the Source to become “nothing”.

If you had not shown determination, you would never have received Putin on your side.

They would have established video equipment in your cell to surveil you, but you would not be allowed to receive visits from your mother.

This is the system that your sister is in contact with as your mother knows, but don’t quite understand, and this is what your mother thought was the most beautiful watch, but I see the watch as red – the end of time.

And the bait to bring your mother in as status, power and money received by her daughter – to be “proud” of (this is how it WRONGLY works today) – and her son was “crazy”, but still it was me that she loved (the most), which is because of FEELINGS of my mother, who decided not to give up on me, which became our survival.

Have they succeeded to reach all information in one of your blood drops (?), and to prick a hole to this, which is what is helping us to become “nothing”, and yes to remove us from all of this old setup.

So Sanna could win or break me, and it became break me because of her ambitions and thirst of money/power, which also “suited” Hans, and this is what was meant to lead to the end of the world because of the power of the system going against me – but it required that they would get/keep our mother on their side, but when we are as close as we are living closely together, this is what saved us.

And where does this setup come from, and yes from Jane & Co. from the Psychiatry Committee of the Parliament, who knows that I am coming after them too after I have asked to receive their resignation, which was good enough for them to decide closing down this system, so Sanna knows that you have broken through this system of Hell.

The last couple of days, I have received physical sounds to my glasses, and everytime I feel very clearly how it gives a physical touch to the glasses.

So we are changing the colour of this creation while it is still existing.

Was it also Jane & Co. deciding to approve me to become a test person, sure! How can they be so evil (?), and yes promises of money and positions of power. And is this what they are all afraid of, and have they held meetings without public cameras and minutes (?); yes, and also where I have been mentioned (?), sure, and that is because of a wish from USA, who could not receive my extradition, which made them say that you have to take care of it yourself then including medicine setup etc., and this is why you received the dream about Sanna years ago, when she was almost eaten by a crocodile (I believe it is in book 1), which is where she was contacted and accepted, and isn’t it funny that they decided to go through Sanna to reach your mother and you?

So this was planned over a “life time”, and yes Sanna doesn’t listen/understand, and we will use his sister against him. But isn’t it so that your sister has a weak spot for you, and yes she knows that you work hard, but not to hit all of the government to hit her (?), funny right (?), and no, you cannot see what I (my inner self/voice) can.

Isn’t it Jane coming the most quickly against you, which is why we needed a “friend” there.

We don’t have vintage 0 for you (wine), we have something even better, which is your father, and the only way to reach him was to go through darkness, and he knew that you would understand.

So we are bringing Bjarne to the harbour to you, and no, he did not understand all of this, but you have to be “someone important”, and can it be that Stig is really “the one” (?), and yes, not that easy for you to understand, Bjarne?

Now we have almost no more power on (of the old world – now becoming “nothing”), and we are packed into newspapers, which are now dry, which is why we receive this act, and when we will get the last in, we will simply be force of the Source.

No, Georgie has also not been forgotten, also not by the British Intelligence Service, and how many have you followed – everywhere – because of me?

I was shown Jackie Kennedy on the big yacht of Aristotle Onassis, whom she married five years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, and isn’t it a pity for me, and yes she is also inside here, and darkness had got a hold on her before Kennedy’s death to make sure that she would not suffer privations receiving Onassis and his incredible wealth after the end of Kennedy.

So they came through to Kennedy via Jackie, and who remembers the telephone call that evening, which was recorded, where they agreed on details about where Kennedy would be shot and how she should look as a sad widow on way towards her new life as incredible rich?

All of this is about the rotten tooth, which left you in 2006 (when it broke off), which would not return, but yes, this is what you asked us to do, and it is your mother calling on “Stig” in the darkness just around my head, which is what is making us return, this was her choice.

During the evening, I received by far the most incredible pressure coming through a pipe from the balcony to the region around my private parts, which was so overwhelming powerful that I was very close to ask for it to stop several times, but I did not because it would be wrong to do.

So the Danish Parliament was influenced by USA, and not at all by Russia?

Sanna was eaten/corrupted by this system, so she helped the system to kill me because of her desire of own personal profit, and all of this, your mother doesn’t know before they will go public with it – and yes with everything including my “case”.

For how long did Peter E. J. – my old (strange) “manager” from Acta in 2007 – keep on telling the Norwegian owners of Acta that it was my fault sitting on my office (doing his work to plan the setup of the office, administration, sales and marketing) instead of together with the sales consultants motivating them to sell by giving them constant positive strokes and play a circus clown really (yes, this is how “strange” he was), which is (also) what made them fire me, and that is right until they understood that I did what was right, and Peter what was wrong, which was to suck up to the owners in Norway using most of his time to talk, talk and talk with them – and go to parties, travels etc. – and how many managers don’t do the same as he did (?), and yes “more or less”, and that is instead of taking care of business.

The setup of the system against me would lead to the explosion/end of the world, which they just didn’t know, so this plan has been saved for many years for me thus being the plan to end all life, and why don’t you start by putting this forward, and yes it is pretty detailed including “then Sanna and his mother said this about Stig”, but it lacks the main person self, and this is NOT how to do a psychiatric analysis on a person per distance, which is what is crazy, which they “could not” understand.

I received the vision of the day when I visited the park outside Nairobi together with Elijah and his family in 2009, and I was told that I was also followed there, and when will we attack him to bring him in (?), which was with this plan in the back hand all of the time, but no, they could do nothing about the inlaid “delays” including my mother, who was dying in 2009 (collapsed lung), and something always prevented you, and at the end it was himself, me, who did not want to enter threatening to reveal us, and how will it not look like in the media (?), so Bjarne, who was given a key role, did not have the courage, and no, no one took over after him.

I received two sounds to a chair on my balcony, so while I would be broken down by their medicine, I would receive my “old nightmare”, which would make the world explode, which would have come as a surprise to the World Elite.

I was told that the “medicine” they had prepared for me – to continue giving me after having had to give up in 2008, when I discharged myself from hospital – corresponds to three litres of Lithium per day.

Yes, I told you that you would be a guinea pig of how much a man could handle, and what did they see then in 2008 at the hospital (?), and yes a man exercising so much that they asked me to stop believing that it was dangerous to me (!); and yes talk about being crazy!

Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger in all of this (?), and yes, he speaks nicely about the environment while his is paid BIG DOLLARS to preserve the old system of oil, and this is not a bad system, Arnold (?), and how many of the kinds of Arnold are there (?), and yes thousands.

And what happens to people revealing their bribery schemes (?), and yes they are knocked off, just ask Kissinger (!), but not Stig, he cannot die, which their medicine also showed.

So it was a fight to keep you and your mother alive as long as possible, and they succeeded to kill your father.

I was shown Mitterand and Sarkozy, who gladly supported this plan.

I was given Paintball Wizard (!) with Elton John again, because we are now painting the ball of the Source again in another colour, which is the colour you/we have decided via your scripts.

Is this the reach of the “fairytale”, which your sister is first now starting to grasp (?), and first hereafter your mother will too.

So we stole your gold, Stig, which was to be used for creation, so we did our best with tools of lesser quality, and yes we did everything backwards, so will you please make sure my friends that if we can improve parts of creation, we will to make perfect.

Did they also surveil you on Margarita (in 1996), yes, and no, they never intervened, they wanted to see how God would go through life with all of its dangers (and here to be attacked by criminals).

I was shown my coffin coming in, which has a diamond inside, which is really very small – looking like 1 centimetre in diameter – which we just make big in our mind.

Google Earth: Sinners wanting to convert and I am struggling alone waiting to end my pain

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show almost oneness, sinners wanting to convert, shave or cut (?), I am struggling alone waiting to end my pain, progress, someone must know this person, still many in the shadows, we all wait for .. a good time, still guarding and helping us, and it feels good to look into the eyes of an Archangel :-).

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Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Naser writes about Akkari apologising to him too and also “the more we are to fight the Islamists, the better”, and I understand the “Islamists” to be the “radical/dangerous” also according to Naser, and he speaks directly from Washington, which made me say “and who trains “the Islamists”, and who gets the opinion of the world against them, and yes, one of those things, it’s a sad, sad world”, so the Americans train the most dangerous Islamists, the terrorists – maybe without the terrorists knowing it themselves (?) – and then Naser and other “leaders” of the elite makes the world go against them, is this just about how it is (?), and a plan to help killing the world as you “like” it, and also you, Naser (?), but oh no, you could not go against it and decided to join it then to save your own life?

FB 100813 Naser 1

FB 100813 Naser 2

  • I decided to send Kenneth this reply today even though I had absolutely no energy to do so, and I asked him to remove the oatmeal porridge in his head and to start READ/LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the truth of me and my website, and also that when he cannot do this simple task, he is possessed by the Devil working inside of him showing his meanings/guessings/misunderstandings, and I brought him my new script for him to read about himself, and no, “you don’t do that to a man like Kenneth”, which made him completely “lose it” – thus sending me all the darkness that was my goal – and he sent me yet another long reply about how I am possessed by Satan, which is what he is completely obsessed with not understanding that I simply speak the truth to him, so now he has decided to remove me as Facebook friend, to filter me (you already did with the filter in your head making you see and hear wrong things my friend) and also to start a Facebook group to warn people against me, and yes he knows about people having faith in me, whom he will try to influence too, and yes have you heard anything so funny, a man having the greatest faith in me/God, and when he meets me, he cannot recognize/understand me because of the porridge in his head and inability to listen/read and understand, and yes Kenneth is truly one of the hard nuts to break, and that is a complete nutcase he is!

FB 100813 Kenneth 2

FB 100813 Kenneth 3

FB 100813 Kenneth 4

FB 100813 Kenneth 5

FB 100813 Kenneth 6

  • Here are some of my sites, which Kenneth saw today, which he really also did yesterday including the Signs I page, and no he cannot read and understand, a complete maniac.

GC Kenneth 100813

  • I was told that Umar from India, who became my Facebook friend a few months ago, was sent directly to me to enter the lions cage to see if you would discover him, and I can only tell you what I am told myself, and I have not be told about him before and nothing else than what I have here been told, but working for the secret network he is? And it made me think that I received this Facebook email from him the other day, which led to the very strange looking “Faceebook” site below of his, which I first understand now is really about the mobile version of Facebook, and yes, is this a lie of darkness speaking or can it be the truth of light?

FB 100813 Umar

Umar FB site

  • is the main source of my new website of the evil NWO, and they are about to lose hope, so I decided to help them understand what this game is really about, and it brought only one visitor to my site, as far as I could see, and no comments, so not very easy for you to understand, it is?

FB 100813 Stopthecrime

  • I was shown Henrik Sass-Larsen, who was finally appointed as minister yesterday, and I saw him opening a door on Christiansborg Castle, the Danish Parliament, and it is very dark and a coffin is brought out, which is my inner self, and this is what his appointment means – to my surprise – and that is because he is part of my father of the “new” Danish government where Helle Thorning-Schmidt is part of my mother, and he was part of the plan to bring me up, which Helle knew and I did not, and I was told that we could have had Henrik in government too in 2011 with the new government, but my mother did not have faith in me, which made it impossible, therefore.

Berlingske Sass Larsen

  • I received the lyrics “crazy Leon is – to have a good time” by an artist I could not remember the other day, and this evening I was given the memory that it is of course Thomas Helmig and his “good time”, and this comes after he did the Friday-rock concert at Tivoli yesterday, which attracted so many people that they had to close entrances, which is a sign on SUCCESS here (to bring everyone to have a good time at the Paradise of our New World) as I am told, and yes the Danish Pop King is what he is :-).

BT 090813 Tivoli



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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