August 12, 2013: Receiving “the Eraser” without being erased, which was really our destiny before opening our New World


Summary of the script today 

11th August: Receiving “the Eraser” without being erased, which was really our destiny before opening our New World

  • Dreaming of bringing even more love to our New World, working with sizes, Vivian thinking of me (maybe even loving me), cleaning immense darkness having too little time doing this before the game will end, and closing down the oil industry of the world.
  • It is the power of “the Eraser” of God that I receive these days, but instead of erasing life/the world, everything is now entering me and becoming our New World while we are still alive not having been “erased”, which was really our destiny before becoming our New World. The world can see the force of the Source behind all of my blood when looking deeply into my blood tests. This is where we are going – building a physical world inside of nothing, which does not exist! I was shown the finest Indian feathers, poles and colours on the walls of an inner circle, which is of the World Elite, which is now almost fully decorated. I have allowed you to enter as bald as an egg, which is “almost not living”, which is the conditions of not only me, but also my mother and John being on the edge of survival while I finish work taking the time that it takes to finish my work not wanting to become stressed because of this! Technically speaking, you are now the supreme command of the world, because “I am not more” and I see and hear the voice of Bill Clinton. My inner self have started sinking down to me. The World Elite suffer knowing that they have to stand forward telling the world about the greatest betrayal ever, which is also helping to bring in this last anchor of darkness. We are only continuing this game because I decide to – I have NOT finished my work and the new email coming to the United Nations and the Danish Parliament, which I hope to be able to do this week, and to end the week with Opera on Kronborg Castle together with my mother and sister.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show still on duty, progress, we all wait for …, seeing gold through the hole of darkness, dad- and lady-like, let’s stick together, under the wings of a guardian angel, look big, and three-in-one.
  • Short stories about HEAVY THUNDER and LIGHTING during the night because of incredible darkness coming in, Samuel and I have “connected”, and Britt has now returned to me as a Facebook friend for the third time!

12th August: Receiving the last stone/diamond including all original life from my sister at the end of darkness

  • Dreaming of Jette’s lack of quality bringing me sufferings, darkness is still bringing abuse of children, I cannot continue working but still I do, and Danish football celebrities helping to bring us to the city of light.
  • Leif shared a nice story of a taxi driver showing humanity, which was a symbol of the arrival of the taxi of my new self. We are still living on the very edge “without hair”, i.e. “without life”.
  • It is Sanna as the back end of me, who is (was) pushing all darkness – the content of our mother/the world – towards me to be cleaned, and when I decided not to give in to darkness, Sanna survived too being the most vulnerable of all out there, and it was the biggest performance to make her survive too. Incredible strong feelings of FAR TOO MUCH work – on my new website – and too little time makes me feel physically rotten/wrong/disgusted/stressed all over, and I received the STRONGEST sneezes meaning that my closest family, thus the world, is bringing the greatest sacrifices, and it is meant to be “impossible” to receive this the last stone/diamond of my sister including all original life, which will be implemented inside of me this week. I sent Bjarne/the Commune a reminder including my new website to show them that I am ending not only their systems of hell locally and nationally but the systems of hell all over the world, and I shared this on Facebook for everyone/my sister to see, and an “understanding” of this as “valid” and not crazy information, is what brings this stone to me. And it will come in via Yemen. Everything my sister did was driven by “if it is ok with you” – love to her brother – without understanding that she was manipulated and tempted by a corrupt system and wrong text books. All creation is really all of it your father, and it was not without danger to move us out here where there is nothing else than us to create all here and to return it hereafter just before everything would cease to exist again. (And still everything is a game that I am playing to the end).
  • Jette was “worn out”, thus doing nothing much …..


11th August: Receiving “the Eraser” without being erased, which was really our destiny before opening our New World

Dreaming of cleaning immense darkness having too little time doing this before the game will end

I slept from 00.15 to 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • My mother has Christmas decoration looking like traditional Stelton (coffee) jugs, but there is a challenge to receive the right size, and receive a proposition to change. There are three X-factor judges in Copenhagen and only one in Copenhagen, and a good looking and robust TV, which almost cannot burn. Peter A. enters a store, and my mother asks him, but he doesn’t care making her angry. I meet a colleague and Niels de Bang too telling him that you were the biggest challenge of my career, and I had to be “tough” to you to go through it. I walk home together with Kim S., there is no code on his telephone and it automatically switches to voice mail to make people leave their message.
    • We are bringing even more love to our New World, and have some challenges to make everything the right size. Peter A., my old Fair manager, obviously still does not care and understand me. Kim’s telephone is about reaching home at the Source.
  • Vivian has moved home to Denmark, and I visit her and notice the fine view over a lake, and we have a nice time, but I receive deep feelings of love, which I know that I cannot have towards her, and I tell her that because of this, this was maybe not a good idea, which makes her try to kiss me, but all I feel is her teeth, and we talk about running away together, but the risk is too high and it is wrong.
    • Vivian is still another part of my mother thus still about my “old nightmare”, and yes, I felt strong love to Vivian most of the 1980’s, which brought me immense sufferings because it was not returned and because lack of love was part of the worst sufferings of my life.
    • I received Suzanne Vega’s “My name is Luca” and the lyrics “you just don’t argue anymore”, which is about Vivian thinking of and now believing in me via Peter D.?

  • I was shown my old school friend Peter T. using a plane on a piece of wood, and I tell him that the plane is very nice. It was thunder and lightning during the night and I felt awful knowing about how much work I still have, and I was told that you can also give up, Stig, and yes the feeling is that this is way too hard, but no, NEVER (!), I will do this new website my way, and I will do it when I have time and energy to do it, and no, I don’t care now if I should use longer time than what I told you yesterday because of the circumstances of darkness coming against me making it impossible to give the website the time it requires.
  • I have been working much of the evening being incredible busy with many tasks, including one task of many calculations, which I have almost finished making me feel alright, I am still with. Mick Hucknall from Simply Red has invited female singers to sing in his band, and has received a rejection from the black singer of a British 1990’s dance/pop band, which I cannot remember the name of now. Kim shows me four big checks, which he has received from clients, which he wants to cash now here early in the morning to make sure that it comes through the payment system receiving the issuing bank before the end of the day, and it is 07.30 in the morning and a couple of hours before the bank opens, but he wants us to go there and knock the door to see if they open, but still I am busy with all of my clothes lying on the floor, which I quickly pile together, and I am vacuum cleaning very BIG dust all over, and the vacuum cleaner don’t take much in because it needs a new bag, and Mogens Lykketoft comes down from the 1st floor and tells me that there is as much dust up there, and he could not dream about cleaning it himself. Still I brush my teeth, and tell him that I am ready.
    • I also have too much work and too little time in reality. The four cheques are all energy/life we have received from cleaning up inside darkness of the four parts of me, and I am told that we have to stop the game now, and you may say that, but still I will continue my work, and normally this is then what happens, and yes there is incredible darkness in here of the World Elite, which Mogens still do NOTHING about to help me clean, and what about coming out now, Mogens, and give me a call or write me an email, and yes, I will write about it, which I am sure that you do NOT mind because you know that this is RIGHT to do, and when you “cannot” do it, it is because you are a WIMP as everyone else not having the courage to meet me and the world, whom you did not lack courage to start killing and keep hidden? The tooth brushing is to remind me that tooth paste also includes fluoride, which is marketed as “good”, but is poisonous and part of the evil New World Order too.
    • Yes, I love Simply Red too, and that is all the way up to the stars :-).

  • A special loyalty concept/distribution chain of Statoil stores have been set for sale, which is why there are only four stores remaining, and nobody knows what happens.
    • I was told that you don’t know what you have started. Statoil and the oil industry knows that they are being closed down, and yes you are of course part of the worst darkness because of your dirty money, which tempted the whole World Elite to do what is WRONG!

Receiving “the Eraser” without being erased, which was really our destiny before opening our New World

Eraser, but no, nothing will be erased. The power of this eraser is why I am so incredible busy these days.

What came out of the meat city (where I visited a café in 2008), and yes I wanted a girlfriend, which later brought two deaths with it, and what about the other places I went to in 2008 (Nørrebro’s Runddel as example), what did it brought (?), and apparently it also brought deaths with it, and has I known back then that the meaning was for me NOT to have a girlfriend, I would never have done as I did.

This is how loud we have screamed (in pain) to bring the small child crying (when given birth).

Are there people who suddenly would like to take your blood pressure (?), and yes, this is what your mother asked you to do the other day, but you declined because I am never sick, but it was because of the world wanting to look deeper into my blood, that is why, and what is behind all of this blood, yes can you see the outlines of a new world there too (?), and yes that is because this is how I am build up, to bring you all there, on the other side of physical life as we knew it, to a new place called “heaven”.

So this was for people to see the bottom, to see what is awaiting them, and yes they could when they should, to look deep into my blood.

I feel completely rotten and broken down today being unfit to work, and again I received too many notes to write down for yesterday.

So this is what we are headed for, this was the feeling we wanted to bring the world.

I was told that Yemen is one of my strongholds, and they are happy that I decided never to give up.

No, they – the World Elite – did not know anything about Karen.

Stig can clean up himself”, and yes it took countless comments of your mother to make your sister understand that Stig is simply himself as he has always been, so if he is not sick, then I am really “me”, right Sanna (?), and yes “the one”, which was “so impossible” for you to believe that you would rather end the world, this is how it was planned.

Competition, you are right, Stig will go all the way, which is what people of the World Elite are “competing” about.

Did the Americans leave Vietnam entirely or ”we are only here to help”, and that is to set up World War III also planned to hit Vietnam again, and yes one country after the next going around the globe you are?

So we have shown you how the big eraser looks like giving you far too much work, but instead of erasing all life, we decided to follow your wish to save people from terminating before becoming their new selves.

Did you succeed to bring out from what was hidden inside Kenneth (?), and I understand that I did in a moment where he actually believed (somewhat) in me.

I was told that the system also works against John trying to kill him too.

Eeehhh, Dragholm we only needed to win one to end the world, so a final score of 5 to 1 would be the same as you won the first five, but darkness won the last to end the world, but no, you insisted that it had to be 6 to 0, which is how I have raised you, and have we build all of this hoping that you would go through all of it no matter what (?), and yes this is how you are, so this is what we thought/hoped.

I continued working – until lunch at home and after lunch at the library – until 15.15 before I had finished and published my script of the previous two days, and if work is easy these days (?), no, not at all, and I had to promise myself only to work on my script today to reduce my stress level also thinking that I have to work on my new website, which will come when I have time and energy to do so.

I received much happiness hereafter because this was yet another step to release God from inside of there, which is what we are still doing, and yes going through influence on my sister too.

Yes, it is incredible what was inside that poorly smelling black paint, right?

I left the library at closing time at 16.00, and decided to write the script of today when I came home, and no, I will not be working on my website this evening, I need time off, and I don’t believe that this work pressure can keep being as tough and I feeling “not very good”, which is how it is now, so let us hope that I have more time and energy tomorrow.

And I wonder if my sister will have enough courage to face me and to keep our agreement to come to Kronborg for the opera concert now in five days from now (?), and her “dilemma” is that she has promised my mother, and is this more important than being a chicken trying to run the other way again as darkness, but no, there is no more darkness, so we do believe that she will make it, wont you Sanna (?), and yes we can make it happen, and yes, if there is no more darkness, fine, we will see.

When we removed Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane earlier this year, it was really a symbol of the end of the world coming, and I here feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt knowing that I now know what Henrik Sass-Larsen is about, and yes without him as minister, we would also not make it, so congratulations, Henrik, and yes didn’t you work as the worst darkness too having two tongues (?), or did I get it wrong (?), and yes, please tell me about my misunderstandings, I like to know/correct, but no, no one does, they are all silent.

I was shown the finest Indian feathers, poles and colours on the walls of an inner circle, which is of the World Elite, which is now almost fully decorated, and yes it almost makes me sweat and smile too, which is what this happy song does to me 🙂 – and how many of you of the World Elite understood my message that you are the ones being the closest to me (?), did it sink in or was it “too difficult” to read, find and understand?

I received the strongest pain ever to my left testicle ever over a period of 5 minutes – very uncomfortable.

I received giant sounds from my oven, and was shown a pure trunk of wood.

I have allowed you to enter as bald as an egg, which is “almost not living”, and how long do you have courage to wait publishing your new website and send an email with the summary of it to the United Nations and the Danish Parliament (?), and yes, I don’t care about pressure coming from outside, it is finished when I decide that it is finished, and there is really not that much left, it is more about finding time and energy to do it.

Technically speaking, you are now the supreme command of the world, because “I am not more” and I see and hear the voice of Bill Clinton.

I felt my inner self from the balcony, and have I started sinking myself down to you before you have finalised your work (?), and yes it is feelings of my sister doing this.

Do we also have the Soviet Union out here on the balcony (of darkness?), yes because it was a decision of the world to abduct me because what do we do if God/Stig wants to stop us (?), yes we will stop him, and this is how mentally deficient the World Elite was trying to overtake my job and imprison/kill me.

How many days does it take to stop such a system – of the evil New World Order and all of its actions (?) – and yes when Stig says surrender (!), this is what we do, right (?), because you are the only one who could stop this rotten system, none other had authority to do this, which would require unity, which was impossible to get, and it required that the world understood that I mean this seriously, and then we will of course stop it, is it something like this (?), and these people who wanted to lock me up on mental hospital are the same people who would rather want to escape their own evil New World Order, which they could not escape because “the system” had taken over.

It is something as unusual as Karen, who has not yet seen (recognised) you – making the game possible to continue.

Have we again reached a point of how long we can continue the game?

I was told about how I was surveiled on Margarita again, and that it was UFO’s controlled by man doing this, and somehow some of the system knew – via signs given to the world – about who I was, and for other parts of the system, it was “impossible” to know who I was and it took for you to try to kill me to find out (?), and yes I wonder how this can be, but often it is both/and instead of either/or, so looking forward to see what you did and the background of why you did as you did, and yes we know better-knowing ignorance and laziness of people having a negative view, and then you are almost there too.

I was told that people on Times Square in New York will become wild with joy when they will receive their FREEDOM and not tyranny.

I was told that the spiral lights over Norway in 2009 sadly was a distress signal of a UFO, which had been shut down by man, which is why it showed the sign of Batman too to come and help, so this is part of our sacrifice to offer our lives in the fight of man of Earth to win supremacy over everything, and we knew what it was about, and not to wish the worst for our enemy, it was up to you to decide, and you decided for every single being to survive, and for everything and everyone to become light, and no, this was not an exploding missile as the Russian military claimed it was and that was after you had shot it down that you brought this lie to the world.

So if we are lucky, we will be finished with everything before Friday, which is also because of Evy, who has not died but who was also dying from sickness while waiting on me, and yes how many were waiting on me like Evy including my father hoping until the end that his son would come in time to save him, was this also his thought (?), and I received “that´s what friends are for”.

I was shown my inner self coming from outside on the balcony at the same time as I was given a sound to my oven, and shown a connection between the oven and my inner self, so it seems as if the oven is truly the symbol of the Source, which is connected to my inner self still outside – in this game – to bring the final parts back in, and I felt my sister as part of this.

Surely you have not spread your social security number (“CPR”) on the Internet (on a tax declaration to be found) making it easier for everyone to break into systems (via the secret network) using your CPR-number as the key to enter and to get access to information about me, which otherwise is “secret”, which was hidden and yes under my CPR-number also including the mad Englishmen – who also shot us (UFO’s) down – and this made it possible for people belonging to this network to see notes of the World Elite knowing that their time was running out.

Everyone underneath me took their parts of sufferings, and only what was not absorbed by my family, friends etc., thus the world, was brought to me as my sufferings to absorb as the last man with no one behind me other than destruction in case that I could not.

I still receive giant sneezes, but I almost don’t receive any more small heart attacks except from maybe 1-2 per day, which is nothing.

I had sworn myself that I would never come to here – despite of doing “my best”.

So these man-controlled UFO’s were superior, but man did not know that we had an even more powerful weapon, which is called “faith”, which could deflect their beam weapons, which taught Bill that he was not the one, so this is what it required also to convince him even though he was absolutely sure – how “stupid” and mentally corrupted can you be to believe that God would make such a New World Order as yours, Bill (?) – and I here feel a deep gratitude from the entire Universe coming at me, and no, it is me thanking you for believing in me, this is my feeling.

I did not feel well this evening, but still approx. 100 times better than some of the previous days/evenings, where I was physically completely down in the coal cellar.

I received a mark to my left ankle and noise to the balcony at the same time, which is to say that we are coming out from “terminated life” or “nothing”, which is where we were hiding.

I received a feeling from the oven, and was told that it is also me giving you sneezes in order for you all to return me at the Source.

I felt Mandela, and was told that he is following everything while being sick (as unconscious as I understood it), and you are doing well.

I was told that if you and Sanna don’t come together on Friday, your mother will die, and later if she has prepared herself on her last space journey too (?), and yes, if John does not survive this, she does not want to live herself (?), and will her love to me and Sanna be strong enough for her not to kill herself (?), and yes, if Sanna decides not to come on Friday, this is what it means to her, the end of her own life when her children “cannot” be together, and I could only decide that no matter what, I will NOT start becoming stressed, so I will finish my work when I will finish, which may be this week as planned/hoped for if I get time and energy to do so, otherwise next week.

I felt Putin here, and this comes together with the information that the World Elite suffer knowing that they have to stand forward telling the world about the greatest betrayal ever, which is also helping to bring in this last anchor of darkness.

We cannot hide if from him anymore, we have created a forest all around him too, and I felt and was shown the forest around me.

I received Kim Wilde’s “a view from a bridge”, and was told that this is where we still stand, but only because you want to (not being finished with work).

These Russians have not been born with peace on their minds, they want to be world dominators, so they have their own fleet of UFO’s, and what happens when they meet American UFO’s out in the Universe (?), and yes, you will fight against each other, and not so much us because we have learned to keep far war, and yes, this is also what makes Putin and Obama “wonder” – but you know, it is soon “happy birthday” to you all :-).

Google Earth: Seeing gold through the hole of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show still on duty, progress, we all wait for …, seeing gold through the hole of darkness, dad- and lady-like, let’s stick together, under the wings of a guardian angel, look big, and three-in-one.

FB 110813 Jette 1

FB 110813 Jette 5

FB 110813 Jette 6

FB 110813 Jette 7

Fb 110813 Jette 8

FB 110813 Jette 8B

FB 110813 Jette 9

FB 110813 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Flemming from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group said that it was really thunder and lightning during the night, which not only kept me awake some of the night – it was TRULY the strongest thunder and lightning – but it made people believe that the world went under as the link says when a lighting hit a bedroom, and in Helsingør people felt that everything was shaking and many also had power failure, and this was really “bad weather” coming to me from Kenneth and the Commune and what else these days (?), and yes of course my sister too, this is how it is connected.

FB 110813 HGOR2

  • I was VERY surprised to see that I had no less than 49 notifications this morning (I NEVER receive so many!), and when I looked up what they were about, I saw that it was Samuel’s postings that I have started receiving notifications about, and the “funny” part is that Samuel is NOT my friend, but I “like” his page (has done so maybe 1-2 years, and no, it has NEVER done like this before), so this is really about a connection between us, which has bee established, and yes, have you ever heard about receiving such notifications not of a friend but of a profile you “like” (?), and no, it cannot be done, but still here is how it looks like, and no, I don’t believe that I can turn it off because I cannot turn it on (!), so after this, the notifications simply continued running in.

FB 110813 Samuel 1

FB 110813 Samuel 2

  • I was encouraged to see if Britt is “still a friend”, and yes how is it, she has left me as Facebook friend three times if I remember correctly not having been with me for months now again, and yes, when checking, she is back once again, and that is 1-2-3 times now, and I wonder how Facebook do it (?), is that how you think, Britt?

Britt ven


12th August: Receiving the last stone/diamond including all original life from my sister at the end of darkness

Dreaming of Jette’s lack of quality bringing me sufferings

I went to bed at 00.20 and slept until almost 09.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I have borrowed the biggest Peugeot car from Lars G. for two hours, and I am told that if I come to Falster, let me know, because there is a ferry from there to Sahara. Somehow the car is changed into a smaller Peugeot 407.
    • French cars have always meant “poor quality” to me, and Falster is about Jette and Sahara is sand = sufferings, so Jette, this is to say that you can still do better quality than what you do, and you have a habit of becoming mad when I tell you, but if you have a potential of 100% when you really stretch doing your absolutely best, how much do you think you use now, and maybe your answer will be 90 or 100%, and what if I tell you that you use less than 50%, and yes you REALLY need to stretch beyond imagination of what most people believe they can, and can you do this yourself, Stig (?), yes otherwise I would not have made even half a script when I started doing this work in 2009, and that is if I had to use the same “standard” as “most people”, so NEVER GIVE UP, also to you, Jette.
  • I am at a supermarket in Norway where a dog sits outside receiving candy in its face and its eye, which it does not like but it accepts it without complaining. I stop the car, there is a school and much traffic, poor behaviour of people, I cannot find my Peugeot, and I discover that my car key makes a small BMW react, but not enough to open its doors and to be used. Something about watching TV, calling dogs including the wet dog from the parking place.
    • Norway is an old symbol of darkness, candy is still about abuse of children with dog being a symbol of darkness of man, and the car is about me being broken down not being able to continue working, but still this is what I do.
  • First I see Frank Arnesen (previous Danish national football player with a unique technique/style – a joy to see playing) and then it is Carsten Werge (football commentator with a big mouth and sense of humour), who are tackling, and it brings me a good price on a three star hotel in Paris.
    • Some people helping to bring me/us to the city of light, and maybe if you spoke even more openly about me, we could get an even better hotel.

Receiving the last stone/diamond including all original life from my sister at the end of darkness

I was told that we have the biggest bottle of Champagne to you because of Sanna’s reaction to your previous script.

I was shown a giant tribune with all seats being in different colours (creation can be as you like) and there is only one transportable black seat, which is hiding from me, and this seat is not even black, but this is what we play that it is.

I received the lyrics “People meet, dance on a cloud” from Gry’s “the globe is turning”, and I was told that my presence with Danish People’s Party in Helsingør the other day was not unnoticed.

Did he not decide to take the long way home, yes.

If you had given in to darkness, destructions of Putin’s and Obama’s UFO’s would be nothing compared to what you would bring, and this sound right, and I wonder if this is not what happened until 2009 when I lived a life in sins/darkness myself detroying a large part of the Universe?

I was told that Swedish TV also has a programme ready with me to be broadcast, and guess which song to introduce this, and yes of course the beautiful song “Fattig bonddräng” with Tommy Körberg, and then I thought about other Swedish artists that I love and have written about before (“top of the pops” you know), and was asked that if I could play my favourite Swedish song, which should it be (?), and of course it would have to be with Mauro Scocco, no doubt about it, but maybe you will be surprised to hear that from his approx. 100 very beautiful songs, this song is the song giving me the deepest feelings of all, thus being my favourite Swedish song, and how can it be otherwise with a title like “Hem till Jul” (“Home for Christmas”), which is what we will all come as the message now, and yes I just love it and the refrain of it, it is immensely beautiful – and because this song is not on the Internet to be found, I will give you this one, which is up there too, and this is about a tough world full of lonely people, and this song is for them, and yes I feel like one of these lonely people myself recognizing myself in the lyrics of it, and I feel these songs DEEPLY in my soul – it does not get any more beautiful than this (no. 4 and 5 from the album “Dr. Space Dagbok”, which I LOVE), and I am given tears when writing this, which may be tears of my mother coming to me, which is how it normally is – but then I was told, can it be that they are actually coming from your sister being very sad these days, and yes, I would understand the Source of this, Sanna, and this is for you too, you will also “come home for Christmas”, because I decided to save you too :-).

I worked at home this morning, and went to the library after lunch where I met Leif, who shared this story with me about a taxi driver helping an old lady giving her a last experience of life, which he charged her nothing to do, and he and I agreed that it is always important to treat people nicely, and yes to do even better than you do, Leif, not understanding your lack of communication skills, and he told me that it was a good story to share, so now I have shared it, Leif, and is this what you really meant for me to do? And this is of course also to say that my taxi has arrived, it is about time to come home.

Dette er en MEGET tankevækkende berettelse fra en taxa-chaufførs bemærkelsesværdige valg:

“Jeg ankom på adressen og trykkede på hornet. Efter at have ventet nogle få minutter, gik jeg op til hoveddøren og bankede på. “Lige et øjeblik”, svarede en skrøbelig ældre stemme. Jeg kunne høre, at noget blev trukket hen over gulvet. Efter en lang pause, gik døren op. En lille kvinde i 90erne kom til syne.

Hun var iført spadseredragt og en lille hat med slør. Hun var som trådt ud af en film fra 40erne. Ved siden af hende stod en lille nylon kuffert. Lejligheden så ud som om den havde været ubeboet i årevis. Alle møbler var tildækket med lagner.

Der var ingen ure på væggene, ingen nips- eller nyttegenstande på hylderne. I et hjørne stod en papkasse fyldt med fotos og glas ting.

“Vil De bære min kuffert ud til bilen?” spurgte hun, hvorefter jeg tog kufferten ud til vognen, og vendte tilbage for at hjælpe kvinden ud. Hun tog min arm og vi gik langsomt ud til vognen.

Hun blev ved med at takke for min venlighed. “Det var så lidt” sagde jeg. “Jeg prøver bare at behandle mine passagerer på den måde jeg ville ønske min mor blev behandlet”.

“De er sådan et venligt menneske”, sagde hun, da vi havde sat os ind i bilen. Hun gav mig en adresse og spurgte så: “Ville det være muligt at køre gennem den indre by?”

“Det er ikke den korteste vej,” svarede jeg hurtigt. “Åh, det betyder ikke noget,” sagde hun. “Jeg har ikke travlt.

Jeg er på vej til et hospice.”Jeg kiggede i bakspejlet. Hendes øjne skinnede. “Jeg har ingen familie tilbage” fortsatte hun med dæmpet stemme. “Lægerne siger, at jeg ikke har langt igen.”

Jeg bøjede mig lydløst frem og slog taxameteret fra. “Hvilken rute vil De gerne have, at jeg kører?” spurgte jeg.

I de næste to timer kørte vi igennem byen. Hun viste mig bygningen, hvor hun engang havde arbejdet som elevatorfører.

Vi kørte gennem kvarteret, hvor hun og hendes mand havde boet, da de var nygifte. Hun fik mig til at køre op foran et stort bolig hus, som engang havde været en danseskole, hvor hun som ganske ung gik til dans.

Sommetider bad hun mig sætte farten ned foran en bestemt bygning, eller et hjørne – mens hun sad og stirrede ind i mørket, uden at sige noget.

Ved det første tegn på begyndende solopgang, sagde hun pludselig, “Jeg er træt. Lad os køre nu”.

Vi kørte i stilhed til den adresse hun havde givet mig. Det var en lav bygning, som et lille rekonvalcens-hjem med en indkørsel, der førte igennem en søjlegang.

To vagthavende plejere kom ud, så snart vi kørte op foran indgangen. De var alvorlige, tjenstvillige – og opmærksomme på hendes mindste bevægelse. Der var ingen tvivl om, at hun var ventet.

Jeg åbnede bagagerummet og bragte den lille kuffert op til døren. Kvinden var allerede blevet placeret i en kørestol. “Hvor meget skylder jeg dig?” spurgte hun og fandt sin pung frem.

“Intet, ” sagde jeg. “Men du skal jo leve,” sagde hun. “Der er andre passagerer, ” svarede jeg. Næsten uden at tænke over det, bøjede jeg mig og gav hende et kram. Hun holdt mig tæt ind til sig.

“Du gav en gammel kvinde en glædelig stund,” sagde hun. Tak.”

Jeg klemte hendes hånd, og gik ind i det blege morgenlys. Bag mig smækkede døren i. Det var som lyden af et livs afslutning.

Jeg tog ikke andre passagerer op på dette skift. Jeg kørte uden mål og med, – fordybet i tanker. Jeg kunne knap nok tale. Hvad, hvis den kvinde havde fået en vred taxachauffør, eller en der var utålmodig efter at slutte sit skift?

Hvad, hvis jeg havde afvist at tage den tur, eller bare havde dyttet én gang, og så kørt væk?

I et hurtigt overblik, tror jeg ikke umiddelbart, at jeg har gjort noget, der var vigtigere i mit liv – end dette.”

Vi er tilbøjelige til at tro, at vore liv drejer sig om de store øjeblikke. Men store øjeblikke fanger os ofte ubevidst – smukt pakket ind i, hvad andre måske ville betragte som et lille et af slagsen.


Your mother would like to receive new money, and yes, we know, but Stig will NOT stress and will continue his work even if it takes until Monday, and he knows that we will help him to do it.

This is now the bar (axis) of this reserve of your mother that we are moving, and that is because of Bjarne, and yes his reaction to your email this afternoon, see the short stories.

Isn’t it funny that you hit the mill itself, and if you cannot (because of workload/pressure), I will help you and I was given another out of this world pain to my right ankle – because of Bjarne and the system now “suffering” again taking off the worst heat from my family and I.

We cannot get this train on tracks, can we (?), but sure we can, it is a very fine train matching the tracks precisely, and very heavy too, which is what we are now lifting up and over and down.

Do you have light on the back of your bicycle, and yes this is what I am still bringing in, and that is my own inner self behind my mother pushing everything in via the work that I continue doing (and some help from above of course).

How many times – hidden from the shield of the night – have these UFO’s tried to come close to my window and shoot/beam me down (?), and I feel George Bush Senior here, so good of me to include you too on my website of the evil NWO (?), and no, you could also not catch the big fish of me when the evil world was too strong even for a US President to handle (?), and what do you do when you cannot defeat them, you join them.

Incredible strong feelings of FAR TOO MUCH work – on my new website – and too little time making me feel physically rotten/wrong/disgusted and yes the feelings of when you receive a break down, but no, I have no plans to let this stop me, it is only a feeling, which I have decided that I have to be stronger than.

I was told that Johannes would like to stop as mayor after the coming election – now in September I believe – and that is because of me, and is it possible to break down a man and yes Bjarne (?), who had the job to break me down, and not easy to come through, Bjarne?

No, your mother has never seen such beautiful a blue whale tooth, which is what you/we are bringing in now, and yes I keep feeling Henry Kissinger, and you know that I am coming to FREE you too, as I have already done really.

No, I was not only cold, Stig, it was underneath this that I could not work, because we are now so dense darkness only that I cannot really make everything work, i.e. being closer to death than at any time before.

Will they now try to find other ways to kill you (?), and it is not long ago that a new scheme was presented to Bill Clinton saying “how to kill Stig Dragholm”, which you however decided to turn down, Bill, knowing that I was coming to get you instead? And since that, there has been no other plans.

Yes, there stood an enormous amount of wood there, which you almost did not bring with you if you had not decided to include a chapter on your new website about the killing of people with chemical poisoning of the medical industry and more, and yes it may come up in 1-2 days time, we will see.

No, you will not get a “stop work in Egypt order” from Clinton or anyone else, they have decided to let you work in calm until you finish.

Have we just moved out of hospital with that email to Bjarne, see the short stories, which your sister has now seen too – via my Facebook post – and yes, can it really be that Stig is the one, Sanna (?), having decided to end the old system of hell of not only the Commune and nation but of the world?

So this is only a matter of how much you are able to do – on your edge of survival/death – before we have to move you up, is this it (?), and yes please make sure that we don’t die – I feel my father constantly – and if you cannot, it is time to wake us up, otherwise I will continue my work until I am happy with it, and no, I am NOT going to send a new email before I am done.

Were we doing marine drills also close to your shore (?), and yes meaning that Jack was also put on the task to kill his old friend, isn’t it funny, Jack (?), and yes, now you also know why I could not be killed, my power is called “faith”, which is stronger than all of your weapons, and this is how it was designed, and it also protects let us say Obama, Elijah and “others” too.

It is not via Yemen that we are coming home, is it (?), and “not now” of course but “soon”, so there you have it, a hole big enough to make us come through.

No, it is not always that we have time to name our address, but this is what we do now, watch out in Yemen for a spectacular sight when I will enter, and yes my new self you know – and yes Stig, you are given strong “strokes” of dizziness going through you.

And this is what all of this pain to your face – now bones at the right side of my head – was about.

So this is also how they kept Jack in the system, and yes it has not be proven that Stig is the one.

The idea is for me to find the content of my new site, not to be told about it, and to decide when I am done.

I was looking at the pharmaceutical industry and all of its lies in order to maintain and develop its multi billion industry, and I felt my sister inside of darkness and yes, it is all of this industry, which has influenced your sister against you.

I was shown gold/red gold being brought from the balcony of our New World to the oven of the Source, and I was told that this is what is bringing me out of here, and yes the balcony is our New World and the oven is the Source in prison, not easy to fully understand, and soon everywhere will be everything without any prisons.

This is still about making Sanna believe that I am normal, which is why I published my email to Bjarne, see the short stories, via Facebook for her to see including the evil New World Order, which is “impossible” for me to “make up”, Sanna (?), and yes including my other websites including behaviour & work to teach people including yourself to improve – and for my mother (and John) to understand that there is really something about this, and yes not a mad man’s talk.

Everything that my sister did was driven by “if it is ok with you” – love to her brother – without understanding that she was manipulated and tempted by a corrupt system and wrong text books, and yes, my sister, it is time for you to get out of this system of Hell, which also succeeded to drag you in, which you did not understand despite of your “brilliant professional skills”, and yes, your brother saw it, so please join me against the system of Hell, will you (?), and you may have understood that Mauro here is among the music I like the most, and “music” is a symbol of “warm feelings”, which is what I feel to you, so there is nothing to be ashamed or sad about, you did what you were supposed to do playing your role as part of creation being a part of me being at the back of darkness pushing everything towards me to absorb and convert into light of our New World, and if you did not do this via your wrong actions, we would not have done our new creation, see (?), so you did very wrong as you were supposed to do, and you did it “perfectly”. So the bottom line is that I still love you and still want to see you and the family, and I am sure that your understanding – because you are not stupid, right (?) – will allow this to happen.

I was told that the majority of world leaders now don’t listen to Bill Clinton but to me, which I first did not plan to write because I have no ambition to become leader of the world, and yes Obama will take that part as the first World President, and what will I become (?), and yes maybe you can use a “consultant” and something about being responsible of future development of life and our combined New World (consisting of an eternity of worlds).

Something about the Northern hemisphere being stronger than the Southern because of me, and if I was not, I would receive “spasms” not being able to control my movements again, and yes just like in 2006/07 where we had to do this unusual trick to absorb incredible amounts of darkness coming against you also from your father back then.

It is like a lever where you can lift yourself up to see what is coming against you, and yes the road is free, isn’t it (?), and that depends on your mother, and yes she has not seen or heard about your new website, and don’t you believe that you should do this now (?), and no, I will NOT before it is finished, and that’s it.

So Sanna is out there to bring in your mother, i.e. the world, and it is inside darkness making her dark with you as the opposite weight.

No, we could also not have come here if your Falck memo was not still online, and yes I have received feelings today about Lyngby Commune, who (the five usual) received a copy of my email to Bjarne, see below, and this is to say that they know about my work there, and yes “Stig is not stupid”, so I know what I write about, which makes it easier for you to start believing in me, is this it?

I worked until 18.30 at the library, and I wrote the script of today this evening at home, and yes still not having much energy, but still doing my best under the circumstances, and no, I will not be able to make my time plan to finish my website tomorrow, I am sorry about that, and yes let us say that it will be ready before the end of next week to be sure, and NOT to be pressured setting too short deadlines, which was a new mistake of mine, which I should be too clever to avoid, but I was not, I had not foreseen the amount of work and difficulties to do this, so this is how it is, so now you know – the game continues, and NO ONE is going to get killed, so please transfer energy required from the New World to avoid this, and yes I do remember and do believe in this.

I was told by my father that he has now directed all of his power to help me because the World opinion has changed against you to be in favor of you.

I felt my father and was told that Sanna is also myself (him) coming in.

Have we now stopped Kenneth from creating a Facebook group against me, and yes we believe so – and he is truly “obsessed” by me checking my website for new scripts approx. three times per day, and yes a man overtaken by the dark side without knowing it but showing you all signs of the dark side, which “cannot” communicate and understand anything else than its own wrong voice.

I was told by my father that he would also had cut through as I did with I will not compromise quality of my new website and that is below a certain point, and yes I could do this even better if I had more time, but the idea is really to cover the subjects I have decided to cover bringing information, which is clear to understand even though I could go deeper and maybe find even better information than I did, but that would require much more time to find, and this is where I have accepted to compromise, and yes to do my best under the circumstances is still how it is.

My sister is out at the end pushing darkness towards me thus really being the most vulnerable of all to explode from there.

So all of the system was geared up to kill me via my sister and my old best friend, who were both brainwashed by wrong systems, which they believed in and was loyal to – until their loyalty turned towards me, which is also happening to you now, Sanna?

I felt gooseflesh and saw and felt a spiritual skeleton/skull enter my head and body from the left side.

We are continuing to enter a smaller and smaller unit (stone).

I received a nervous heart of the same kind as I had for years before my spiritual openings in 2004/06 without knowing where it was where I was given a constant feeling of anxiety to my heart to receive a heart attack, and I still continue being given a cold-like condition receiving the strongest sneezes ever.

Sanna would explode if I decided to give in and yes it was our mother/the Old World that Sanna pushed towards me to be cleaned via her wrong influence of her.

So Sanna is part of the blue whale and the fact that she is living is really the biggest performance.

Sanne Salomonsen was also part of this darkness against me, which I felt here, and she wants to do voodoo at night, and yes as long as you sing with Sneakers, it does not get any better than this, Sanne :-).

Surely you have not planned to bring in the last little, black stone, which Sanna brought with her out there. So she really did not want to return to you too – inside the Old World – like Bjarne also did not, but we were forced to do so also via the understanding my new email has given (about the system of hell of the world), and as the crown on the works we also have to bring this to my mother and John, and will you please do this tomorrow, and alright, I will – but I would have preferred to finish it first.

Well, isn’t this what Lykketoft thought, which is that if you mess up with creation – as the evil New World Order did – it will mean the end of creation.

So all creation is really all of it your father, and it was not without danger to move us out here where there is nothing else than us to create all here and to return it hereafter just before everything would cease to exist again, and yes we just made it.

And this is not me (my father) as I looked like when I came out here, but as I look now with evolution etc., which we allowed as part of our future life without knowing what it would bring, and this was to achieve physical life.

This is the stone then, the diamond, which we will implement inside your body if everything goes well on Friday (four days from now), which has not been cancelled yet, right (?), and I was given pain to the left side of me at my ribs, which is where this stone will enter.

It is also me out here making Karen a prostitute and everytime she works as such, she sends darkness to me, so Karen and Sanna are primary sources to bring all darkness to me, and all of this content is my mother, which is what I have been cleaning, it is not more difficult to understand than this.

So I still have a castle here inside darkness full of genuine paintings on the wall as I am shown, which we will now start bringing.

Inside here your mother is more like a brother.

This is here where we still have your tooth, which was necessary to steal from you in 2006 (when a corner tooth of my broke off) in order to send your sister out here to collect your mother, so all of this was planned and now it is returned instead of blowing up.

This is where all original life is inside, and it must not be easier to come here, which is the most precious of all.

Is this Cox Orange (an apple, i.e. New World) then (?), with orange being our old symbol of the Source, have I turned everything around (?), yes you succeeded.

So you were not anticipated with happiness, no I have just seen the murder plans on you, and I am shown Bill Clinton, who has now also seen them and decided to get rid of them too, and no, Bill, I will NOT allow you to hide anything, EVERYTHING will come forward, and I really would be happy if you “could” do this yourself instead of trying to hide, otherwise I will, and I saw you today together with the President of Rwanda, and I wonder if you had to take “difficult decisions” also in relation to the Rwandan genocide in 1994 while you were President (?), and I wonder how many of those “difficult decisions” you have made to kill how many millions lives, Bill (?), but it was necessary, you say (?), and no, they were not, it was only misunderstandings inside of your crazy minds!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kenneth continues visiting my website, and “I am raving mad” is what he believes, which is the song I received – still not knowing that he is the one having “lost it” being raving mad, and yes, how can he decide that Martinus was not another part of me, and is this what “the Holy Spirit” has told him too spiritually, which is “so strong” to him that he does not understand that he has been fooled, and yes this is what a simple mind can do to people. I continue receiving feelings of him several times, and this is how it goes when a man cannot listen and understand, but decides to fight me instead of welcoming me, and is he extreme (?), no, sadly there are too many of his kind today, who are deaf, blind, lazy and better-knowing but ignorant, and insisting to be right even though they don’t know about what they do or are up against.

GC 120813 Kenneth

  • The Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has been news all over the world when going under cover as taxi driver to receive the opinion of the people of him, and here it is from a Kenyan newspaper, and the taxi is the theme of today symbolising my arrival, so this is what you really decided to show the world, Jens.

FB 120813 Daily Nation

  • I was told that it has now become important to write a “reminder” to Bjarne, and this is to give your mother and you and yes John too a chance to survive Friday, so this is what I did telling Bjarne (and Johannes and Lisbeth – with a copy to the normal five at Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune) that he (and Johannes) should have said “hi” to me at the library the other day and “by the way, I will send you an answer to your emails one of the next days”, but no, he could not when he decided to continue running away from me as a scared chicken, and it is no use, Bjarne, the game is over, you have been revealed to the world elite and as promised this email to you is also public and yes darkness hates it (!), and yes, I have exposed the plans of the world elite to abduct/medicate me, which he was supposed to carry out, and now he does not have the courage to stand forward and take on his responsibility (?), so this is what I asked him to do once again instead of being a wimp. And I told him that if I have energy for it, I will send a new email to the world community explaining just how evil the system of hell of the world is/was, which I then gave a link to and also the summary of to make them understand that this is not a crazy man’s talk, but reality, and I mean business when I say that I want all systems of hell to close down, which is not only the local and national system here, but all over the world, and yes do you believe that these people are “able” to understand that “this has not been easy for him to make” being as tired as he is (?), and also that, yes it sounds as if this could be true (?), and this is really the purpose of it to continue my game. And I was told that no, they did not get any financial profit in the Communes to torture me, they just followed what they believed was right, Bjarne too, which was to follow “the system”, which they had been brainwashed by.  And I was told that sadly they still believe that I am crazy, so this is really what we need to open to.

Mail Bjarne 1

Mail Bjarne 2

  • Jette was “worn out”, thus doing nothing much ….

FB 120813 Jette 1



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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3 Responses to August 12, 2013: Receiving “the Eraser” without being erased, which was really our destiny before opening our New World

  1. jette says:

    I should really like you to use my full name Jette Uhlott to avoid misunderstandings. I have told you that I had to drive to Roskilde 12. and 13. and I am still a one-eyed-69 year old woman working hard – please do not take my energy by making me sad. ❤

    • Jette, you LOVE to receive appraisals, but HATE to be told the truth, which is that you bring me sufferings when you don’t do your best. This is coming directly from my inner self telling you that YOU CAN if you want to.

  2. jette says:

    thank you for ‘showing’ this great music..

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