August 14, 2013: We have erased the old world and are technically not alive, but still we are as part of “nothing” of the Source


Summary of the script today

13th August: Uniting all converted erasing power to free the Source and to collect everything of creation inside the Source

  • Dreaming of being at the top of the golden pyramid, Inger Støjberg being the responsible to abduct me, ““tell me it’s black when I know that it’s white”, and Mogens Lykketoft changing side from the evil World Elite to me giving up depopulation.
  • I sent my new website about the New World Order of darkness of the World Elite for my mother and John to understand that this is the truth and no crazy man’s talk helping to transfer the smallest/strongest stone/diamond of all from darkness of my sister, which is really from Karen. We have really set the world on fire – erasing it – but because we are already nothing, none of the world will burn, and instead we are walking right through into the Source. My old friend Britt is uniting the power of all ladies having (had) a crush on me, which was originally supposed to be used to erase life, but now that it is turned around, it is used to free everything inside of the Source and to collect everything of creation here (because of the power of these to return to me), and Karen and her key is connected to this power, thus bringing the Source to me. The power of people wanting me to work for them again is also part of this. We have now brought the empty dish/bowl of clay of the Source inside of me. It is my father returning being all of this individual life. So this is now – and first now – that my original father is entering me even though I have believed and said this many times before, and I was shown “magic” on my telephone when the W sign on the monitor-keyboard was “disassembled” and it was physically flying up and down over the telephone, which was both a sign of magic coming – it was amazing to look at – and also a W for the World Elite having surrendered.
  • Short stories of an old good colleague, who “could not” understand the truth because of laziness and could not accept being called a “fool of good faith” thus also sacrificing me, sending my mother and John my NWO of darkness to make them believe in me and not my sister, asking the Minister of Economy if she is quite alright, the crazy Minister of Health having lost the battle to the medical industry and the evil NWO, and the Minister of Employment has “deep respect” for fire fighters not understanding just how lazy and poorly they work.

14th August: We have erased the old world and are technically not alive, but still we are as part of “nothing” of the Source

  • Dreaming of darkness of USA, beer of God and working quicker than I like.
  • The world now does not work anymore, you are now nothing, believe it or not – but we are still here. It corresponds to a plane crash, we are technically not alive anymore, but still we are alive, because we are now part of the Source keeping the invention of creation, which is physical life. We just “are”. The world has now gone through darkness and out on the other side to the Source, where the sun is always shining naturally. I am receiving the ring of everything of the Source. We have erased the Old World as it was but still we survive as physical inside the Source. The real camera to bring life is now coming out of darkness because of the strength/impact of my new website now also including the story of Big Pharma committing genocide on man as part of the “depopulation strategy” of the World Elite. This is also connecting the big train of my father with the world of my mother. The ball of everything that we work on becomes smaller and smaller until it will become nothing. My old friend Britt has strong feelings for me, and when she and Lars G. made love one evening, Lars brought her the power of destruction to end the world, which is the force bringing me my negative/destructive voice, which I now meet being turned around as the last before meeting my father. Without Lars G., Karen would not have turned into a prostitute and we would not go through this ending. So it was Lars’ task to be this anchor bringing the end of the world, and it was Sanna speaking wrongly about me behind my back, which made this happen. Everything was about my sister and mother complaining about what I did to them personally making them “suffer” for telling the truth without being able to understand my true goal to save (and change) the world – and for my sister not believing in “voices” because of her WRONG textbooks.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show lots of yellow faces/life and gathering of family members.
  • Short stories of Egypt going beserk today when darkness also here was at its worst, the best goal ever in Denmark, and Kevin sent a prayer, which I answered.


13th August: Uniting all converted erasing power to free the Source and to collect everything of creation inside the Source

Dreaming of being at the top of the golden pyramid, and Mogens Lykketoft changing side from the evil World Elite to me

I slept from 00.30 to 08.25 receiving these dreams.

  • Two men are carrying up one bucket – lifting each side of it – through not many golden steps to the top of a Mayan pyramid.
    • I have felt this coming for days, so here it was, we are practically at the top of everything.
  • Half asleep I was told about Inger Støjberg being “responsible darkness”, which has to be the minister taking the dirty work to have me abducted/put away, and does that make you proud or embarrassed, Inger, and yes, do you remember what Rasmus Trads told Kurt Thorsen (?), and yes who is the psychopath of us?
  • I received Genesis’ fine song “that’s all” and the lyrics “tell me it’s black when I know that it’s white, always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s all”, and yes about the game where we are light acting as darkness to finish everything of our New World before we open it for you to see, which is really a shame, and once again I was given the feeling of Lama Yönten, and yes it’s really a shame that you could not recognise me too (?), and yes that’s all :-).

  • I had dreams I could not remember.
  • I meet Mogens Lykketoft near the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, we are colleagues at the same insurance company, and I ask him if he wants to walk together, which he does. He tells me that he has visited another company to learn how their IT-system solve the greatest challenge offering many customers service, and when we return to our company, there is an incredible amount of customers waiting a long time to receive service, and I go to the lift of the management, which I use together with another man.
    • This is Mogens Lykketoft deciding to change “company” from the evil World Elite to me, and the many customers are about the plans of World Elite to depopulate, which is not how we do it at our company of the New World, but we have to have better systems to provide for everyone than what this dream says, and yes aye aye.
  •  Half awake I was told about “voices” and my sister, and “what voices”, Sanna (?), when you don’t believe.

Uniting all converted erasing power to free the Source and to collect everything of creation inside the Source

I was told that it is “me” inside the heart, and when I want to get out, it means the end of everything, and this will have to be my father inside the heart of Karen/Sanna wanting to get out, but no, I am the one taking the decisions, so there you have it.

No, Sanna has not cleared you completely yet, which is really the idea. Voices are no “disease”, which she was force-fed with so much that she “could not” understand me.

Nissan, we still lack one fuel pump, which is for you to send your new website to John and mother for them to “evaluate” if Stig tells the truth or is “crazy”.

Rørholmsgade, where I lived from 1966-72, is where we received a perfect start, Kevin Keegan could not have found a better spot than that apartment on 2nd or was it 3rd floor, and yes what number (?), I cannot remember.

Have we hidden a gift until the end, which is for my mother to step forward saying that she really does not believe in my sister about me at all, but in me, because why should I not speak the truth when she knows about my spiritual voices, “killer medicine” etc.

No, 20 hours of sun on Gran Canaria would not be enough to do what we intend to do now, which is to transfer this last dark stone to you, and yes together with your mother’s knowledge of you and love.

How much does Kenneth mean to all of this (?), and yes he bears the key of this stone, and is this what he has decided to bring you because parts of him understand you, oooohhhh yeeeeesss.

D.C. Army Band is with you too, and this is about the local singer Henrik Lauenbjerg, whom I have actually felt many times – and maybe your brothers too, Henrik?

We will do the exchange of you in Copenhagen (Central Station) and come to you where you are now.

So we went to Bakken to collect the last of you to “stamp out”.

I met Leif at the library after lunch again – at the same office as we often are – and “no, Stig is completely normal to speak to”, right, Leif (?), and is this what you are telling your friends around the city (?), and in this respect, you were invaluable too.

Do you have a printer and ice cream, then you know what we are doing.

In reality we could all tickle you and laugh from a good heart as I am shown all over, but no, you/we are still playing the game until you have finished.

At 13.00 I had finished writing and publishing my script of the previous two days, and yes, I am still totally drained from energy and feel so tired/exhausted/poorly that I really cannot continue, but let us see if I can write maybe 1-2 chapters on the new website also today coming closer to the end.

We have really set the world on fire, but because we are already nothing, none of the world will burn, smart right?

In theory we have enlarged and expanded one cell – my original first cell – into the endless variation you see now.

France is also waiting eagerly to see what you may come up with regarding them for your new website.

I was told that I was also allowed to “walk free” from Camilla’s brother, Christian, who was determined to prosecute me, and that is because “Stig was nice to me”, yes, Camilla had the last word in that – and yes here I receive yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle because my mother has now also seen my email today, see the short stories.

Have you succeeded to turn your mother on a plate, which is what is securing the last part and yes of Sanna too to return home (?), this is what this is about.

We are bringing in everything including the value of glory because you are writing the chapter on the Big Pharma to your new website.

I have felt my old colleague Jesper several times since our emails the other day, and I was told that it does not take much to make Jesper think because “Stig is completely normal, I saw that, so does that mean that he is the one ….” (?), and yes he brought me much too in this phase.

I received the feeling of my dark sister coming in from the right, because she is now ready (!), but no, I have more work to do, and yes I don’t care, I want to finish this my way.

I was looking at the DSM psychiatric bible of the industry WRONGLY making people “mentally sick”, which I have decided to include in my new website, and I was told that you don’t know what you are doing, right (?), and yes they know you are coming too, i.e. this profitable industry, and that they have to give up all of this industry.

Yes, the “HAMBORG-RYG” (“smoked saddle of pork”), i.e. also a reference to Germany, is completely finished, and no, not only because John has now “evaluated” your email, your mother has too, and yes, is there “really something about it” (?), and it should be easy for everyone to understand, also you, Sanna, right?

So this is how we repay the system that wanted to bring me into its psychiatric prison, which is to tear down the wall of it.

I was told that my spiritual voices are not only coming from God/the spiritual world, but also part of a special mind control scheme being set up especially for me (?), and it might be, I don’t know, and if this is the case, it could also mean that I have been abducted by man-controlled UFO’s and received an electronic implant (?), or can you do this without such a devise (?), and yes, to my knowledge, I have no such device, but we will see, and can it be that the reason why my spiritual voices decreased much a couple of weeks ago is because this scheme was turned off?

What about playing “Pablo Picasso”, and yes, it was a potential 100 point song of David Bowie’s “last” album in 2003 – before his comeback – and this is of course also to say that we are bringing in original paintings (original life – NOT copies) of the most beautiful kind, and what an AMAZING video too, which I am seeing here the first time, showing that Bowie is a TRUE artist as I have always seen him as and not “just” as a musician.

I was told by my father that he also does not understand how he “could not” have faith in me, and yes when writing the new chapter on the Big Pharma, which took longer than expected – all afternoon without finishing all – everything makes sense, which all of my websites and scripts do, and the only problem was simply lazy people who “could not” or would not understand, and is this coming to me because a light is appearing to my mother that just maybe Stig was right all of the time, and yes what he must have gone through, and yes mother, you have NO IDEA!

So it is himself bringing the key back, yes let us just say that.

I continued working until 18.00 at the library surpassing my poor condition.

Wasn’t it only because of his spiritual voice that we wanted him to be medicated so he could have this removed from him so clearly making him suffer (?) – without asking what I preferred (!) – and yes is this voice really what is driving him to do all of this, and can it be that Stig is the one, and are these thoughts of John and my mother?

No, he has not messed on his clothes, it was just something we imagined, and then we walked right through. It is just because the great killer does not work anymore that we are here.

I was told about the World Elite/United Nations having given up to me as Stig as a normal man, and no, I did not believe that they would, but this is what they have done, giving up to a man saying that he is God without being it yet because he is/I am only a mere human being today, but that was “good enough” for you.

This – my new website – is without a doubt your most difficult task.

I was shown how radio waves in the air, which normally are invisible, interfered with the monitor of my computer where I saw these waves, and yes the worst pollution of life they are.

I received the feeling of my old Acta colleague and chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør, and now candidate for the Parliament, Jacob (and yes he should be too “stupid” and have too poor human behaviour to “run”, but no, he is probably not worse than so many others, and yes, I know his “level”), and is it now approx. 1 year ago or more that he abandoned/reported my on Facebook thus also not making it possible for him to see my Facebook posts, which is annoying you, Jacob, because you would like to see what I write to the mayor and people at the Parliament etc. (?), and then I was told that it is Johannes, the mayor, being the Source to update the Liberal Party locally about me, and can you do this without being “coloured”, Johannes?

It is technically Karen that we come out of.

I received Huckleberry Finn by Shu-bi-dua and was shown Michael Hardinger – “the Devil’s at my side with a bottle of gin” – inside darkness at the balcony, and can he come in too (?), and sure he can, and yes one of the very few Shu-bi-dua songs in English.

I received “Det finns” (“there is”) by Mauro Scocco and the lyrics “there is everything you can wish for, they smile at you from the TV”, which is about and from our New World you know, and also “there is nothing like you”, which was invented lyrics and coming to me from Karen, and yes this particular song is unique in my mind in its song writing/structure – it continues building up again and again – and yes, also one of my top favourite songs by Mauro, I enjoy it tremendously every time I hear it :-).

I was given a sound to my TV and was told that we have also not entered here, so you have decided to take your time finishing your work.

What do you think that Britt does right now (?), and yes thinking of you, and I was given the feelings of different women in my life including Camilla and Karen, and I was told that they are gathered in Britt, who was also “crazy” about me, and she is thinking about “why did it not become Stig” (and her?), so it is now her we use to free everything from inside the metal container or the rocket of the Source – I was shown both – and I was shown Richard Chamberlain in King Solomon’s Mines fighting at the temple.

Britt was forced to look away from me because she had others, and now she cannot get me. And it is this desire/power that she wants to return to me – and also Bo at Dahlberg thinking that work was better when Stig was here and others too – that we use to return.

I was shown an empty dish/bowl of clay, which we have succeeded bringing inside me, and this is now ready for food to be put on.

So Britt was kept in doubt about you – leaving me and “mystically” coming back to me on Facebook three times – and this is what she was to be used for if we came to this point, and that is to pull in what my mother cannot do alone, so we borrow some from her to release my mother from the worst sufferings.

Yes, I will be surprised if both my mother and Sanna will feel up to going to the Opera concert on Kronborg this coming Friday, and the weather has now also become “cold”, which is just above 15 degrees, and the rain is lashing down, which may cancel it in itself, we will see, but I do hope that we will be going.

It is because your mother has bled enough because of you that we bring in a new. This is why Britt also agreed to visit you in Malmö when I moved there in 1994, and yes a good old friend secretly in love with me, and now Stig continues to return to me on Facebook?

And then we connect Karen and the key on her, and this is how we return.

I felt my father and this is really me returning as all of these, and yes you have not been mentioned in newspapers/the media yet because they all – very late in the game – received an extra order to be quiet, because he comes to destroy us, and yes the funny part is that silence served us to continue the game, which we could not do if the world knew because of the sheer strength coming at me, and this is how stupid they were.

This desire of Britt etc. also includes Rikke H. and all women having (had) a crush on you, which it the secret power, which was supposed to be used to erase all, but when we have now turned around, we use it to collect everything.

I received “superliga” (“Premier League”) by Nephew, and was told that this means that they – my two nephews Niklas and Tobias – have shot you all the way up to the top too because they have seen my posts about how their mother stabbed me in my bag, and who do they believe in (?), and yes they know about how their mother works, so it is not Stig then (?), oooohhh yeeeees.

It is not the seventh part that I play here, yes, this is where I am now, for the first time I have become mother and everything, whom I had inside of me, and these are the ones I bring here, here you are/værsgo.

I was given a mark to my right testicle, and was told that it is me, which we would pretend to destruct if going in this way.

It is first now that I enter you, and I really felt my father entering me.

And even Helena is part of this bunch of ladies “in love” with you.

We repeat: My father has come out and entered me, I feel him, and I was given the strong feeling of “sensation”, and yes, we know, I have told this “thousand times” before that I have now received the most inner of my father, so people really don’t react to this, but this is what we have now.

When you uncovered Kirsten and what she did to leave you out from your father’s heir, you started uncovering everything of this evilness, which is now behind you.

When writing notes on my telephone this evening, it start giving me magic as I had never seen before, not only did the cursor by itself move backwards and forwards, but the W sign on the monitor-keyboard was “disassembled” and I was shown it physically flying up and down over the telephone, which was both a sign of magic coming – it was amazing to look at – and also a W for the World Elite having surrendered, and I received the incredible happy feeling of Dirch Passer in his famous sketch with Ulf Pilgaard (because of the happiness of coming out – welcome “old man” J), and it also annoyed me because it made it impossible for me to use, and it also completely stuck, and I was told that I have to decide what to do giving me the strong feeling that the game will have to stop now, but no, this is NOT how I work, I am NOT finished working so this is why I have decided to keep the game going, and yes I have to finish that new website, this is what I have decided, and yes I am almost finished with the Big Pharma, and what more do we have (?), and yes “Mind Control” and maybe also “financial collapse” and manmade climate crisis, we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day, I brought a link about Karina, who is “physically” ill, but abducted (no one is allowed to see her, not even her parents, and yes as in my potential case too!) and “treated” with chemical poison as if she was mentally ill – as part of an agenda to put millions of people on this poison to kill/”deactivate” them as part of the evil New World Order – and Nicolai, my old colleague from Fair, started being sceptical about this story “believing” that it could also be because of neglect that she was abducted, and yes the strength of his inner voice made it impossible for him to understand what the story was really about.

FB 130813 Stig 1

  • And when I told him above that this is a part of the evil plan to make “everyone” take psychoactive drugs to kill them and turn them into zombies as part of the New World Order of the World Elite, he told me to “drop this about the World Elite and the state as the evil power. I will not enter this debate, it is too far out” (!), and no, he does NOT believe in the Bilderberg group standing behind this evil plan especially when you see that the now late chief-in-editor of Politikken, Tøger Seidenfaden (incredible intelligent and strong communicator) was part of the steering committee of this group, and yes this is what he said (!!!) – but Tøger was as much part of this evil World Elite as the rest, which Nicolai and people have decided NOT to trust in simply because it sounds “too crazy” (!) and Tøger was cleary a “good man”, but no, he was acting, Nicolai! And he told me that he finds my style of writing “a little too technical unreadable for my taste” (!), and yes, have you swallowed nails (?), and let us guess that he just was too impatient because it should be easy to read my scripts, right (?), and I told him that he should get his open up to an EVIL WORLD, which he cannot/will not believe in, and he told me that he does know that there is much evil in the world, “but there is a piece of way from realist to conspirator theorist”, and yes this is ALSO what he wrote, it is almost as if he is on the payroll of the World Elite, but no, he is simply too lazy and a better-knowing fool.

FB 130813 Stig 2

  • And it made me give him a chance telling him that when he does not use his otherwise good head, he misunderstands like everyone else by trusting his own inner voice (guessing), which he then decides to call “realist” even though it is really to be a “fool of good faith”, and I told him that he could “quickly” read my NWO site being the most easy to get an overview of, of its kind, and he could start using 10 minutes to read the summary of it, which hopefully will make him curious and read the rest.

FB 130813 Stig 3

  • But no, he “could not” – he did not open my website – and now he also decided to say that “despite of your own self appointed divine status, which I do not comment on, you and I and most only have the story from one side, and therefore we cannot decide on it” (!) and then he said that “now you will be removed from my list of friends here on Facebook. I can live with you being a little eccentric, but to be called a fool of good faith is above my tolerance limit”, so this is what it took from otherwise one of my good Facebook friends, and yes to be called a “fool” was simply too much for him to take, and yes from an eccentric person!

FB 130813 Stig 3b

  • And this made me tell him that he has now had hundreds of chances for 3½ years since I started writing on Facebook to understand the truth about me, my mission and now also this story, which will go over in history as “completely insane” solely because of his laziness  and “better-knowing ignorance” and because he “could not” use 10 minutes to read and understand that this “conspirator theory” is not a theory but deadly serious because it sounds “too crazy” for him, and in reality it is his head, which there is something wrong with when you believe so strongly that you decide that this is the truth and then you will understand that you were wrong all the way, and then you are not only a fool, but an idiot, which is NOT an insult but the truth, but no, Nicolai “could not” and instead he sacrificed me on the alter, and I do believe that it was his mother, who liked his post, so you also have a big mouth spreading your “idiotic comments” to your family, Nicolai (?), and no, I have never said anything negatively about you, but you cannot say the same about me, can you (?), and yes this also happened because of LAZINESS and BETTER-KNOWING IGNORANCE, and it would be so easy for him to start understand, but no, he “could not”, and yes, he was also meant to bring me darkness to keep the game going.
  • And I was given an even deeper feeling of darkness coming to me because of this together with “sadness”, which is what Nicolai WRONGLY feels about me. Isn’t it funny that we have also given the thought to Nicolai “what if Stig is really the one”? So now I am “crazy”, Nicolai, but just maybe you are thinking of what I told you, and why did I not use 10 minutes to read before judging him out? And are you starting to regret your action to un-friend me so you will not receive new updates from me for you to follow, which was “not unexciting”, was it?

FB 130813 Stig 4

  • I was told that it was important to send my mother and John an email about the NWO of darkness to make them understand that this is not a crazy man’s talk, and no, you never know what your sister decides to tell your mother of wrong information, so this is really my answer, and yes my site is one of many on the Internet, which my sister does not know, with millions of people reading about it there because the media – part of the evil NWO – does not bring news of it, and yes I brought the summary in my email hoping that this is enough to make them understand. Afterwards I was told that it is hardly needed to do anymore because your mother and John now believe more in you than Sanna.

Mail til mor og John 130813

  • Margrethe visited the Job Centre in Copenhagen and called it “kind, professional, open” and “the citizen at the rudder”, and yes she is Minister of Economy not knowing about what is going on, Margrethe (?), which made me ask her what she had to eat today and also that she is not quite alright not being completely normal (?), and is that what you thought of me for a long time (?), and yes, if you read me, there is a chance that you will understand that you have been part of creating “there is something rotten in the state of Denmark”, and yes Shakespeare was a wise man, and is this what you have decided to believe in now about me too?

FB 130813 Margrethe V

  • Isn’t it funny that the crazy/stupid Minister of Health continues to be a marionette dull of the industry saying that her long term goal is to “lift psychiatry to give patients good treatment” and the government will put forward their “action plan for the psychiatry” later in the year focusing on the over mortality of psychiatric patients, and yes, Astrid, how in the world did you succeed to become this crazy believing in this (?), and yes because of brainwash of the system, and are you part of the evil New World Order too (?), and yes, when you are minister, you are probably high enough in this hierarchy to be involved, and you could also do nothing about it?

FB 130813 Astrid

  • Mette is the Minister of Employment having been taught the work of a fireman today, which made her say “deep, deep respect for our skilled fire fighters all over the country” (!), and yes, this is what she really said (!!!), and of course I had to give her a lesson too telling her about how funny it is that she is minister without really knowing what she works with, which she has to speak about over again on TV talking about “rights and duties” as she keeps on doing, and I asked her to start speaking about TRUE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY  instead and to liberate us from her and they system’s tyranny, and if she really wants to know about how it is to be a fire fighter here (including laziness, poor work, communication and moral), she can read my Falck memo (where she is told the truth!), and yes even more.

FB 130813 Mette 1

FB 130813 Mette 2

  • And no, no new pictures of Jette, only silence, so she is ”burned out”, and yes, Jette, you have no idea what ”burned out” means.


14th August: We have erased the old world and are technically not alive, but still we are as part of “nothing” of the Source

Dreaming of darkness of USA, beer of God and working quicker than I like

I slept from 00.30 to 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Special education corresponds to a special declaration of tax of USA having a displaced financial year. I am crossing a railway track, which only the finest can.
    • Darkness of USA and crossing railways is somehow always the most important and most difficult thing to do.
  • The others receive free beer, I receive none. Badge, blue floor, cannot remember how we did at a Czech course, good I suppose. Something about the elite of the elite 34 songs from here.
    • Beer is God. I woke up to “Kalinka”, the famous Russian song.
  • Paul and I work together, I have prepared a couple of memos loosely at home and we speak to the manager, who decides that he would like Paul to do these also because he has had time to look at the law, which I did not have time to do, and I give Paul my memos and say that maybe he can be inspired from them. In Copenhagen, there are the most beautiful girls on TV, Peter Schmeichel is playing a Roman soldier on reality TV.
    • I was given hiccups when writing down these notes, and it is about the work on my new website, which I do quickly, which I would have liked to have much more time doing.

We have erased the old world and are technically not alive anymore, but still we are as part of “nothing” of the Source

If mother shakes her finger, no she has no feeling left in it. So it is your mother making notes on your phone and your internet “completely impossible” to use this morning. So we have not received pneumonia, this is much worse, this means that the world does not work anymore, you are now nothing, believe it or not. No, Stig has not lost his voice, this is also what this is about.

It has nothing to do with all of your sneezing, has it (?) – yes.

I received the worst diarrhoea too and everything because of your mother’s reaction to your email.

It corresponds to a plane crash, we are technically not alive anymore, but still we are alive, because we are now part of the Source keeping the invention of creation, which is physical life.

So it seems as if the right choice was not to be afraid of the sneezes, for my mother and John to die etc., and simply do my best to get over on the other side of “nothing”.

No it is not a poisonous machine we have landed, we just are now.

So now we don’t have an address anymore (?) – with some “shock” of my inner self still playing darkness – and yes, we just are.

You are not the man/force we have feared so long, are you (?), and yes, I am making you my own for the benefit of us all.

There has also come good out of looking for girlfriend in 2008, for example you don’t have far now to come home with the feeling that people, who died because of this are showing me the road.

So now your mother has gone through the small hill inside the “bicycle forest” of Snekkersten/Borupgård and out on the other side to the Source, where the sun is always shining naturally.

Are we going to get a small ring on today (?), which I understand is the ring of everything of the Source.

So we are erasing the Old World as it is but still we survive as physical life as both “nothing” and “everything” inside the Source.

I went to the library after lunch – still working at home at mornings – and when meeting Leif I was told that evil tongues have spoken negatively about me to Tony at the Italian Restaurant, and that is because of Leif, so what do you tell people of me, Leif – that I am “normal” and certainly not the Son of God, only a normal human being?

And yes, I am writing about the evil New World Order, which is what made the other Kenneth become hospitalized on Mental Hospital against his will because “Agenda 21” etc. sounds “too crazy” for “traditional people”, and I wonder if there are people out there including my own family who believe that my writings on this sounds “crazy” (?), and yes COME AND GET ME (!) if you feel lucky, punk, and yes, ARABIAN NIGHTS and ISRAEL are both songs and crazy nations defending their “black money” and “territories” who also wanted to get rid of me this way, so here you are again, the two best songs of Siouxsie & the Banshees, which therefore are at the very top of all of my favourite songs, and we talk “all the way at the top” my friends and that is on my top 10, and yes let us turn blood into wine, don’t you think?

I still feel so poorly/rotten that I really cannot work, but still I have to get over it, but it is truly difficult now.

I was told that Helle Thorning-Schmidt as example, has learned from my new website what the evil New World Order is about, which you also supported at least part of the way (?), and the media too.

I was told about my Dutch friends, and yes when will he come forward, and yes Stig, we know.

I received a STRONG feeling/vision of something coming out from darkness, and I was told that this is the real camera to bring life, and was there a danger for us to lose this, thus life and our selves/myself, and this is what I was given the feeling of a little, but I told myself that darkness is an invention only, there is no darkness, thus no risk, this is how it has to be and was all the way, I just did not know about it thus producing an incredible amount of creation.

I had the worst diarrhoea day and was completely “drained” from energy, and I also started receiving pain to my chest and spinal column again, which is about the Commune now having “more trouble” on its way to me because of my emails, which you “cannot take” (?), which is also about my ball shot into your net, which you “cannot take”.

It is not the harbor worker there still working, is it (?), and yes completely insane, he is (because of how I feel).

And is it so that your mother “died” when seeing your email and “real work” to change the world (?), and yes is it possible for her to believe that her son is right (?), and yes, because he is “not stupid”, right?

Is the finish and publication of your new chapter on the Big Pharma enough to bring out this camera in here (?), and yes because there are so big “interests” at stake that it will break down many leaders “crying” because they will understand what is coming at them, and let me add that this is not difficult to do under normal circumstances but impossible to do because of how I feel. And what you see is the best I can do when feeling as I do.

In periods I constantly feel my (physical) father (in heaven) being with me now encouraging and supporting my work.

No, you don’t have a lung sickness, I feel my mother, and if you had, it would be easy to speak about, but you have …, and eeehh what is it that I have, mother (?), and no, not easy to tell.

So we can shoot a white arrow after our beautiful new economical market (?), yes my dear “elitists”, you can, and you can also start preparing on receiving and giving people a “normal life”.

No, we have never been in this airport before, we have never had the courage to lay arms with such a powerful industry as the pharmaceutical industry, and “just do it, Stig, it is enough to win”.

So everything was about my sister, thus my mother, complaining about what I did to them personally making them “suffer” for telling the truth without being able to understand that my true goal was to save (and change) the world, which I told them from day one, but no, they were too selfish, lazy and better-knowing to be able to understand.

And is it so that Hans decided to jump off this secret network when he decided to believe in you instead of your sister (?), and yes this is actually the case, so we have much to thank Hans for.

I was told “thank you for doing this too, Stig” (Big Pharma) by my mother.

Yes, there are not many not knowing that you are fighting a fight to survive as your “old self” suffering much going through this, and yes including my sister as I am told, and here again I feel you, Kissinger – and yes the KISS of hell, is what he is (was), and you can add the KISS by INGER (Støjberg) too.

And how could we sell many millions of records by the Beatles so “immensely beautiful” that it hurts at the same time of this evilness (?), and yes because this is how we truly are, and I here feel John Lennon, and yes we know “come together” is my favourite, but let us play another by you, John, and why not “I am the walrus”, which is “so crazy” and experimental that it is very beautiful too :-).

I was told that “the system” also tried to give me cancer as it did to my father and mother, but no, we were too strong here for you to break through.

No, your mother does not know that you have not left your crib at all yet (my new self), and whom I really was (combination of her and father) and not her true son.

If your “old nightmare” had started, your mother would instantly burn herself, which we also had hoped would stop it, and she would feel by whom and why.

Even Priscilla has been woken up telling her that her husband will return.

Have we found a new gold vein (?), and yes you are now very close to publish the chapter on Big Pharma here at 17.40 today.

Your mother is not only a small train, Stig, when you finish this, but a GIANT train – feeling “combined with my father”, and again, it is of course the medical industry having the largest potential to kill people, so that is the connection.

And at 17.45, I published it – not easy to do under the circumstances, and I was told “welcome to the American system”, and yes the pharmaceutical industry is mainly under control of this the worst darkness.

It is not little that Hans has saved you of “kisses of death”.

I felt the new “item” inside of my face – in my mouth and throat – and it is the Source feeling like a maybe 10 centimeter long “pillow” with cloth/velour on top of it, and it is now white, not purple anymore.

What will the future bring (?), yes, not the evil New World Order, which is the message we will bring out to the world.

It is still my mother via me who theoretically is bringing me back to the Source.

All of New York was one giant rocket of the evil New World Order – I see a skyscraper brought down horizontal becoming a rocket.

I felt Pia Christmas-Møller and was told that she has never forgotten about me – and our meeting approx. 12-13 years ago.

I was shown how the ball of everything that we work on becomes smaller and smaller – via my work – until it will become nothing.

I was so utterly broken down that I simply could not work this evening (on my script of today).

There is a moon rocket inside what we are now opening.

You will wake up to the most beautiful New World, which we had time to do because of your work – also today.

I was told about when Britt and Lars G. were together (making love) one evening, when we were together with another old friend from Østerbro, Lisbeth J., a winter weekend in 1994, I believe, at Sanna’s and Hans derelict farm in Sweden, and without this we would also not be here.

This was really also part of destruction of the world, and it is extreme darkness inside of Britt, which we have now turned around, and the secret she was going to take with her in her grave, which is that she preferred to have me, but I was not interested in her, but in Lisbeth, who was not interested in me.

This – being together with Lars – is what made it impossible for to understand me when she was “wrapped up” by Lars, which required a little extra of us to open her to me (returning three times “mysteriously” as my Facebook friend), and yes I want him but cannot have him is the combination called sadness, which is what she brings us.

Who just tells the Queen about this (the evil New World Order?), no one (!), so now she understands too (via my new website).

I received “the heaven dog”, which is about bringing dogs (symbolising darkness of man) into heaven, and are you allowed to do that (?), yes fine.

I have felt Bettina some days and also now, and was told that we also could not have done this without her, and she has faith in me via Søren.

I hope everyday that tomorrow will be better than today, but I only feel worse day by day, and it is now not so much negative voices – even though there is still some – but physically being completely drained from energy and feeling physically poorly, and this evening, I felt like HELL.

Peter C. – the old Baltica Insurance CEO – had never imagined that he should meet me, and no, Peter you have not trained me the least, which I feel that you like to say (?), but I liked our talks at Aon in 1995-96.

The love between Britt and Lars G. was completed, and this is what would have sent us out, and you have now entered so deeply into the core self of this explosion, which did not happen, and this is the last you meet before me.

This is how deep her love was to you, and no, I did not know except from one day at the Submarine Nightclub also in the middle of the 1990’s where she wanted to go home with me to make love, which we did not and never did.

So this is the darkness/pollution we go right through to reach the gold.

I continued having the worst diarrhoea all day/evening as I have ever had, and is this about my mother who does not dare to believe who I am (?) – and yes “extreme destruction” is what this mean, which is destruction of the last part of the structure of the Old World while we are becoming “nothing”.

I was given the thought about Danske Bank and Flemming Duus, the top director of the section of the head office of Danske Bank, where I worked, and I still remember a speech of his about “1989 will become a tough year with strong competition”, and did he know about our coming New World Order, and yes, sure.

Yes, there were enough feelings in Britt for you to turn her around now starting to believe in me as I understand. This is why we continue, and I received a STRONG pain to my left testicle, but this time only for seconds and not minutes. So it is her car we use to drive towards you.

It was Britt’s warm feelings for you doing this, and it was Lars sealing the destiny this fatal day when we arrived at an incredible cold farm in Sweden (with snow everywhere outside), which took a long time to warm up and where we had a bottle of Vodka, which we mixed with the strong liquorice candy “Turkish Pepper” also trying to keep us warm, and when I did not want Britt and Lisbeth did not want me, it could only go as it did.

This also happened because of Sanna’s behaviour speaking about you with your mother, and yes a dictator being created, and this was her masterpiece, which we also believe it was, which would end the world like that, and yes all threads were turned in this direction, and this was to lid the fuse self.

This giant train is my father, who wanted to enter via my right testicle (as destroyed), and I was shown a beautiful old opera concert hall, which we were almost losing, and this is what the opera on Friday, now in two days, symbolise, and I was told that my mother is in her biggest crisis but she does not want to give up on her children in relation to the opera on Friday, and Sanna does not want to give up on our mother and maybe me too (?), so this means that we may go, we will see.

And while all of this happens, Karen is sad too because of me, which makes optimal conditions to finish this work.

I watched the last 40 minutes of the football match between Poland and Denmark, and when I started watching, Denmark was ahead by 2 to 1, and I was told that considering what Niklas Bendtner, Morten Olsen and the team has gone through, they do a fine result against Poland, but when the commentators spoke about Morten once again having decided to play with an “opposite triangle” – as he did against Macedonia too resulting in a 3 to 0 defeat – it did not take many minutes, before Poland was suddenly ahead by 3 to 2, and this is how it goes, when you don’t have God working on your side, and yes, Morten & Co., maybe it would be a good idea for you to break the silence speaking publically about me, which would help you win some matches again, and yes you have never had so poor results as the last 1½ years, so now you know why.

I was told about Hans and how many high schools know about me because of Hans, who “could not” help speaking about me (?), and yes Hans works at the union of high school teachers being responsible for their education, so he speaks to many, and then there are the high school of Theis & Co., who came to me this year, and Emil & Co., who came to me last year, and rumours have a tendency to spread, right?

I was told that the negative and destructive power/voice, which wanted to overtake me, is what Lars implemented via Britt in me back then, and a snap with the fingers, there it turned again.

I was told that the Fukushima disaster is now striking full through with radioactive water spreading into the Pacific, which is impossible to stop, and is this “the end of the world game”, which we continue, yes.

Without Lars G., Karen would not have turned into a prostitute and we would not go through this ending. So it was Lars’ task to be this anchor bringing the end of the world.

And it is the very same taxi that I am now driving with to get in, which was supposed to destruct the world.

And is there power to turn around Karen, yes like that, myself my father.

This negative power first burst into flames when Lars and I stopped seeing each other around 2005.

I was shown Hans-Dietric Genscher, the former German Foreign Minister until 1992, and I was told that he and Uffe Elleman, the Danish Foreign Minister until 1993, were the most proud of the work they did for the New World Order of the World Elite, and maybe you would like to step forward telling everything about what you really did (?), come on, Uffe, I ask you politely, and yes speak out the truth DIRECTLY, OPENLY and HONESTLY, do you think you will “be able” to do this?

I felt Henrik Sass Larsen and was told that this New World Order of the World Elite was also almost swallowing him, if he had not noticed me.

I felt Erik Veje Rasmussen – one of my old “handball heroes” together with Anders Dahl and more – and I was told that he knows about me too because of my “sport reporting”.

I was shown an Italian waiter of darkness entering, and I was told that Tony had received the honour to play him.

I was shown the SR71 Blackbird “reconnaissance aircraft”, which I loved as my favourite aircraft when I played “airplane cards” as a boy, and its role was overtaken by UFO’s, and I felt how one of light was watching me right now, and no, it is no problem when you have nothing to hide, but still, this is NOT how I want our New World to be where everyone simple looks into private houses of everyone, and yes respect people’s privacy – and inform/ask when you like to receive “information“ – even though you have nothing to hide, which is the only logical way of life.

I was told that UFO’s have also helped (re-) building our New World, and the one looking into me was looking from the New World.

So Karen’s decisions were triggered by Lars bringing us the end of the world via the discharge of energy of my mother because she cannot listen.

Karen is impatient from “nature”, and is it possible to imagine that she liked being with you being calm and patient?

And all of this is because Sanna did not believe in “voices”.

It was not enough for the heart to have arrived, you also had to receive all of me (of the Source) first, which you did not know, and had you accepted to receive your new heart when we asked you many times of this last year, it would also have brought a “boom boom”.

Sanna was all the way out on her extreme edge to collect her love for me because “you are crazy”, but mother was not that sure.

And had you swallowed us, we could have come through the right testicle, which would have killed your mother and John, and yes at least in theory.

Google Earth: Gathering of family members

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show lots of yellow faces/life and gathering of family members.

FB 140813 Jette 1

FB 140813 Jette 2

FB 140813 Jette 3

FB 140813 Jette 4

FB 140813 Jette 5

FB 140813 Jette 6

FB 140813 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Egypt went beserk today when darkness also here was at its worst not being able to control their “hurt feelings” and guns, and I wonder why you don’t speak about me and the fact that I don’t like you to fight, which should be able to stop this, don’t you think?

FB 140813 India om Egypt

  • I was told that this goal from August 11 – FC Nordsjælland against FC Copenhagen – which they talk about being the best goal ever in the Danish premier league, is a result of my continuous work, and had I not been told this, I would not have written this.
  • Kevin sent a prayer, and I answered it, and he was kind in the following comments showing faith in me.

FB 140813 Kevin

  • Jeppe Søe is a man of the media, who became my Facebook friend maybe two years ago, but now he had had enough of me deciding to leave me as a Facebook friend, and yes how stupid can you really get, Jeppe, and yes you, not me of course.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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