August 16, 2013: Becoming captain of the ship of everything, receiving, opening up to and passing on all libraries making everyone God


Summary of the script today

15th August: Lars Løkke, leader of the Danish Elite, feels hurt and embarrassed because of me and his own ignorance

  • Dreaming of being at risk to lose my cash help, my mother completely drains my energy, I have difficulties working and the mayor is also working inside darkness against me.
  • There is also a secret Council of the World Elite of Denmark – as there is for the world – which is what had brought me the threat/desire of destruction of the last life inside of darkness, and the leader of it is Lars Løkke (!) also saying that “you have no idea of how much it hurts, Stig” (my stories on him) and “stop now, Stig, I cannot take anymore”, but no, Lars, you are a WIMP/CHICKEN too (you are hurting nothing compared to me!) for being SILENT about me and your wrongdoings, and I was told that he is embarrassed for not knowing about the evil New World Order of the World Elite including the Big Lie of the Big Pharma, and that is as one of the leaders of it (!), but now he is starting to understand too via my new website. The World Elite still wants to hide their secrets from me and the world, but everything will be revealed. I am struggling to finish my work including a new email to the United Nations to make them understand the content of their own evil New World Order, which I hope to be able to do within the next week, if I can. This is the circle inside the book where you are now (the inner of everything), and we now have a car or car horn really very cheaply for sale because we are really nothing in here.
  • A deep tragic accident has happened because of what my sister made out of my “sickness” to my mother. All of what you do now – while suffering – you do because of your mother, to save her because otherwise we would have ended her life and the Old World before opening our New World. I received incredible strong tears, which is still about my sister and mother and their WRONG feelings in relation to me coming to me the same day as our tour planned for months to watch Opera on Kronborg tomorrow was cancelled!
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show clear geometrical shapes, Dirch Passer symbolising the biggest smile of God, going through the last corner of darkness, and halal pollution.
  • One short story of a pirate fish of darkness wanting to eat my testicles!!!

16th August: Becoming captain of the ship of everything, receiving, opening up to and passing on all libraries making everyone God

  • Dreaming of bringing the ship of creation back through the same pipe to reach the Source from where we originated from, and Sanna and Hans supporting my work on the dark New World Order.
  • Darkness has such a pressure on me making me incredible tired/dizzy/exhausted as you can only imagine a zombie feeling like. Every day is an even worse struggle to keep on working than the day before, and the question is if I will be able to finish my new website on the dark New World Order and send a new email to the United Nations, which seems impossible to do even though I am close now (only days away). All I did was to tell the truth, this is what made the world kill me. I have now also walked right through the worst danger zone of all, which is the BIG LIE of the pharmaceutical industry killing and pacifying man. Nobody – of the world – wanted me to get through the same pipe that we originate from, which would require the revelation of their dark New World Order, which is why I now do my new website, and this means that we were really meant to terminate the Old World.
  • I was sad NOT to have my mother, sister and family with me to watch the beautiful opera show of the Royal Theatre at Kronborg Castle today, which brought me DEEP feelings when they played the best of Verdi, Bizet, Puccini, Gershwin etc., and I was entering the wheelhouse becoming captain of the ship of everything (of all of the New World), and told that I am now given all libraries from my father and mother, which I myself pass on to my (still unborn) son behind me, which is a never ending process, and we will all receive access to everything, thus making everyone God. I received a strong and long game of darkness this evening about the danger of coming sun flares killing millions of people, which tormented me, which came because of the strongest darkness/wrong behaviour of my sister and mother.
  • Energy of creation had started flowing out from pyramids, in 2010 as I remember, which was the beginning of the end of everything, which I succeeded to absorb and to turn around. This was as result of the programme to “tear down the world” implemented inside of my sister influencing our mother (i.e. the world) negatively against me, and I had the opposite programme to save the world, and united we were both needed to bring creation as the result in between.
  • The city of Helsingør now finally knows about me – the leaders of politics, media, business – and have started preparing the welcome of my arrival, but still they are silent, and Bjarne, the director of the Commune, is “caught” in this not knowing what to write to me, thus being silent. And the rumours of me continues circulate in the city.
  • We have performed an act of love in front of the world – my father and mother – to bring creation without you going too far in your descriptions hereof (do not expose sexuality, remember), and this was what required the most delicate balance and since we are still here, you did it.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Jette deciding to being week (thus bringing me more sufferings when I was suffering the worst even though it should be easy to decide to being STRONG!), souls melting together as one, extravagance, keeping an eye on pollutionists, sticking the nose into a black bubble, controlling people, and one eye to watch over you.
  • Short stories of Steen Kofoed being inspired from me to receive to “cheap points” for his vain ego, and Lotus and Christopher “not being able” to answer me.


15th August: Lars Løkke, leader of the Danish Elite, feels hurt and embarrassed because of me and his own ignorance

Dreaming of being at risk to lose my cash help and my mother completely drains my energy

I did not write down when I went to sleep and stood up, but around 8 hours again with these dreams.

  • I am unemployed, people at Coloplast cheat with work slips in order to milk the unemployment benefit system, and I believe that I don’t have seniority enough myself to receive benefit. I collect a leased car. I don’t have a credit card, but man, who feels like Gert (old colleague from 3107 Danske Bank), has bought 5 litres of petrol using his card with the code 1234 to make the car running. He eats Crème fraiche and spills on me, and I simply cannot stand this. Someone is printing out from my old Noa pension calculation programme – two different pages – which are almost perfect. I am afraid that my unemployment benefit will stop, the Socialist People’s Party want to give me a sum paid in commutation instead and to stop my running payments.
    • It seems that my mother has spoken about me too with old colleagues of hers from Coloplast, who are also people working against me, and is the Commune thinking of removing my cash help if they can (?), I don’t care, because you cannot. I have great difficulties to continue driving, i.e. functioning/working, and receive energy from Gert apparently knowing about me, and the Socialist People’s Party would like to stop this game now making everything come out in the open once and for all. I was told the other day that a Finn looking at my old Noa system at Aon around 1996 has also brought energy to me.
  • At 03.00 again I had the worst diarrhoea ever once again.
  • Something about showing myself to you in order to show myself. I have got rid of the cross as my ballast. I have all my money for LTO, and my mother wants to receive 500 DKK for gasoline for her car, she is lying in the trunk of my car.
    • My mother is completely draining me for energy these days of course without knowing it, otherwise she would decide to be strong, right?
  • I have moved to Malmö, Sweden, and have difficulties getting across the street. Johannes the mayor is at Danske Bank, Birkerød, which is not where he will find a number on the Internet. Something about one addict calling, who doesn’t want to give money with a risk to lose them.
    • Difficulties to work, and Johannes at Danske Bank means that he works inside darkness too, so what do you really think of me, Johannes, and what do you tell others about me?
  • I have received a very nice apartment in Helsingør, and I am surprised to see that my old good friend Henning W. comes there to visit a neighbour, and he says that he had a friend living there.
    • This is about warm feelings of good old friends, and I wonder if Henning misses me as a friend as I miss him, and yes we could play an endless number of chess games together in the end of the 1980’s, which we simply loved, and did you win 6 or maybe 7 out of 10, Henning (?), and it was something like this.

Lars Løkke, leader of the Danish Elite, feels hurt and embarrassed because of me and his own ignorance

It was first and foremost “voices” we fought against with my sister and mother – is it or isn’t it a sickness (?), and yes when they cannot listen/communicate/ask questions, it was “impossible” for them to understand, and yes “outrageous” that this was even possible if you ask me, but this is how people are/were.

Your mother may not have cleaned the bathroom

A deep tragic accident has happened, like hanging your keys in Norway because of what my sister made out of my “sickness” to my mother.

I continue being given half a cold and BIG sneezes.

Is it really so that Kissinger has been waiting for my arrival to turn down all of his/their evil plans?

I was at the library again after lunch again sitting opposite Leif as I have done for days, and I was told about people being so simple minded that “it hurts”, and this is what Kissinger also disgusted so the idea simply came to eliminate all of these people, who did not “deserve” to live because they were too lazy and did not use (very much of) their potential skills, and yes this is what a NEGATIVE MIND does instead of deciding to lift everyone up, and that is the difference between you and I, Kissinger.

Will we then get a stamp each, and yes hush (!), but not so much anymore, and yes I give everyone life to be like me.

All of what you do now – while suffering – you do because of your mother, to save her because otherwise we would have ended her life and the Old World before opening our New World.

No, we cannot move a cow from India that fast, can we (?), and that is because it was stuck in the worst Indian traffic, and you know that this is not something to play with, but this is what we did – I feel Indira Gandhi here, and yes India was one of the last places on Earth, which we needed to bring around too, so now you are with me too, my friends over there?

You have not done your final exam yet (?), and yes, that is right, I don’t care, I will NOT give up working doing “my best”, and still, I am feeling so rotten/exhausted that I wish that I did not have to do any more work, but I am NOT finished

I published my script of yesterday at 13.40, and right after I felt both relief and exhaustion coming together with incredible strong tears, which is still about my sister and mother and their feelings, which I am given, and why all of this sadness (?), and yes, DON’T BE CONCERNED is what I have told them for years, and when will they ever learn.

Well, you cannot remove the hair from a bald person, can you (?), and this is how we keep you, more dead than alive as long as you still have work to do – and can do.

I was surprised to see that Leif was using the other out of two computers, and when I asked him why, he said that it was of considerations to me because the other day I said that I did not like using this computer (because days ago, the power simply switched off making me lose some of my work, but this problem has been corrected now), and yes it made me HAPPY to see one of the good sides of Leif J.

Yes, there is still an open door into the state prison, where he still sits working/writing and yes now on “ADHD is a ”fictitious disease” making children dependent on dangerous drugs altering their brains to create profits and world dominance for the World Elite”.

How do you think if feels like being your sister having blocked her brother as “crazy” thinking that he might be Jesus (?), and yes, not very nice, right?

Is it tomorrow on Kronborg that the stamp will be delivered to you?

I was told that the evil New World Order also includes human trafficking, which I however have decided not to include on my website.

I continued working until 17.30 at the library today correcting, improving and finishing my chapter on the Big Pharma, which I also published to Facebook and the ADHD and “information for the Danish people” websites, but it received almost no interest/feedback, and I wonder why.

I did some shopping and again today – now several days in a row – I forgot to buy potatoes as a symbol of my difficulties to get out the last of the old man.

I was told that Mogens Lykketoft has tried to write me, but he cannot.

There are no traces here to be discovered, we have erased everything “ha ha ha, we would like to see him recreate that”, which is about the cowards of the World Elite and their evil New World Order.

During the morning and afternoon, my sneezes and diarrhoea reduced somewhat, but returned in the evening, and I was told that Jesper was the reason of this, see the small stories, and when Thomas Blachman on DR1 TV at around 19.25 said that he is not friends with anyone here, it was inspired in relation to my emails with Jesper, and no, I don’t have energy to write down what Thomas and the others said of inspired/direct spiritual speech in this interview.

One of my father’s Kirsten’s brothers, Storm, who died many years ago, was not only very funny, but I am here told that he received visions of me and not your father, which he told Kirsten!

I spoke to my mother, who told me that she and John does not know exactly when he will be operated tomorrow, and she has been told to be at home when John will return home, and this is why she has had to cancel the opera tour on Kronborg tomorrow evening (!), and yes Sanna/Hans and also Niklas/Isabelle would have liked to come as she said, and I hope this is the truth, and it is VERY uncomfortable knowing that my mother sometimes is a pathological liar when it “hurts” too much to tell the truth, so I really don’t know if this is the truth, which it may be, or if it is because Sanna “could not” take my very direct writings on her once again, which she may have “complained” about to our mother (?) or maybe simply is too embarrassed about so she does not have the courage to meet me, and why is it that we need to cancel if my mother cannot be there, Sanna (?), why couldn’t you still come for all of us to have a nice evening, and if this cancellation is really because of you, you are bringing mother and I new sufferings because of your selfishness and unnessary fear to face the music so to say, and yes my sister is really a true Devil, but she knows that I love her and have forgiven her, which should be enough, right (?), but poor consciousness can make anyone a coward, and that is if this is what truly happened, and if it is not, I can only say that I am sad of thinking like this, but this is what would look like your normal behaviour in situations like this, mother and Sanna (!), and it was even clearer to me when my mother sounded nervous on the phone, which she had no reason to being unless this was a lie and of course thinking that Stig may be the one?

And this is not what people do to wring out the last of me, is it (?), and what do they really think beneath their surface (?), and no, they cannot say because they are “numb” making it impossible for people to communicate/understand, and yes U2 my mother and sister.

I received a sound to my oven and now a feeling of my mother there too, and I was told that everything is alright.

I received the feeling/vision of Sanna as a little girl, and she accomplished to push all darkness in, and yes via her WRONG behaviour once again.

You have been the subject of incredible rumours everywhere, but very few, hardly anyone, has “been able” to read and understand you, which Nicolai showed a good example of the other day.

You did not catch the story about Morten Grunwald – the last living of the three “gang members” of Olsen Banden, the film – and yes I have received the feeling of Morten for some time, and now you are becoming world famous too, Morten, via me, this is also how my stories spread, and yes simply because I loved these “inspired” films as a boy/teenager.

So you chose to go through the world with all of the darkness and dangers I had arranged for you.

I was told that Minister Chauffeurs have also gossiped about me on basis of what they have heard ministers say about me, and yes “professional secrecy” is no security for keeping a “secret”, and I was told the Defence speaks freely of me now.

You were approved as test person at the Presidium, with some also laughing a little over they being stronger than God.

This is how to bring me through the game.

I was told that the fire on my old school Mørdrupskolen last year was also because of lack of faith of my mother because of Sanna, which was about to burn everything down.

Is it Sanna being on top of the stairs here?

I was given feelings of Ulla P., the old director of DanskeBank-Pension (when I left it), then Danica Pension and finally for Mercer, where she did not want to hire me, and is/was she also part of the elite of Denmark inviting me for a meeting (at Mercer in 2007/08) because of this?

And is there a secret top Council of Denmark – as there is for the world – where I know people being member of it (?), and this is where the threat of destructing via my right testicle came from as I am here given a mark to again?

Yes, what are we going to do about Stig (?), and is that to be kind on the surface meeting with him, and yes, this is “the restaurant” on the top floor, and who is the leader of this?

Who was Fidel Castro on Cuba (?), whom Obama also did not like, and was he in collision with the Americans to being “noise”?

Clinton was easy to point out as the leader of the World Elite, and I am here shown a chair with its back to me now being turned around, but who is sitting in this as leader of the elite of Denmark?

And why is this so difficult to point out (?) – because this is the post I have put even higher because of the resistance of this person to you, and is it Lars Løkke or maybe Poul Nyrup or who?

All of the secret network is united there, and it is also a person saying “stop now, Stig, I cannot take anymore”.

Lars Seier, the stinking rich “bank director” (“robber”!), has also been offered a place in this elite of Denmark, but he has rejected because of me.

This leader is one pulling the strings of the US President about you, and now also about Karen also being you.

I was encouraged to write about my left toes physically curling as they had done for some time, which means “being embarrassed”, and then I believed that this can only be Lars Løkke, whom I had just seen some minutes of being interviewed on TV on “Bag Borgen”, and I had to change channel because I cannot stand watching people discussing about the Old World system and showing a play to the public even though they know what is going on, and this is about his embarrassment for not knowing about Asfartame and the other “ingredients” of the evil New World Order of the World Elite – not least the Big Pharma and yes you did NOT need incredible expensive hospitals etc., you could simply have asked people to live normal and healthy lives and to behave correctly to be cured from diseases (!) – even though he is part of it as leader (!), but now you are starting to understood too via my new website, Lars?

And this is the feeling that we want to give the United Nations of the world, and that is if I am strong enough to finish my work and send that email, and I say “if”, and the spirit of my mother begged me to send out this email now, but no, I will NEVER do this when my work is not finished, and that is no matter what.

There is no more dough in that box, it is closed, but still Lars has kept on working there to close it down, this credit we will give him, but eeehhh Lars, am I “allowed” to see everything that you have done???

I received the lyrics “telegraph road got so deep and so wide, like a rolling river” from Dire Straits brilliant “Telegraph Road” – their best album up there where the stars sing too you know.

And a glass of Champagne is also on its way to the sailors Lars Løkke and Putin, and I know exactly where they hide everything, which is right in the middle of my dark inner from where I will bring it out to show the world.

And if I could not go through this darkness having had to explode it, I would not be able to bring you these secrets of the World Elite (?), and it may be so, but then again, who knows.

And yes, my gentlemen, you have not been gentle enough, I have everything on storage, nothing is forgotten, so why don’t you tell all details (excluding sexual) as they were, and I here feel Frank Aaen, the MP from the Red-Green Alliance, and yes what can you do, Frank, to help releasing Karina from the grips of the executioner, Per Fink (?), and are you starting to wake up to just how cruel the world is too?

It is good that this is not an election year now, Lars Løkke (?), and yes what did you use your time on when you were absent from work at the Danish Parliament much of the time after the previous election in 2011 (?), and was that on your extra post as leader of this elite (?), and how big are you when you are from Denmark – my country – do you receive special invitations then for porn rings and so on (?), and now you have to go out with yourself to receive “relief” of your “pressure” if you get such a small one?

And I am here given the voice of Lars Løkke saying “you have no idea of how much it hurts, Stig”, and yes, I have, Lars, and let me say that you are a wimp because you have no idea of how it hurts when you receive sufferings as I do, and yes Lena knows about it too, or were you a princess skating above all pain, Lena (?), and yes Swedish music at its very top to show my warm feelings for you too, Lars, but you TRULY make me both sad and suffer for being SILENT, so what about calling me or come by for a cup of coffee when you are out cycling?

This is the circle inside the book where you are now (the inner of everything), and we now have a car or car horn really very cheaply for sale because we are really nothing in here.

We like you to send that email to the United Nations before you will just close down because we feel that you cannot work no more, and this is really to bring in the tale of the black pig of the old man.

I was told that I went with Bo from Dahlberg on a business tour to Stockholm in 2008 – who chose me instead of Søren – to show him that I am not crazy, and we had a tour that he likes (except for the expensive ladies, Bo?) including dinner and far too much to drink for you, Bo, and yes, which made him open about how he was close to dismiss Søren, and when you spoke to Søren, it was about how close you were to dismiss me because you “could not” take how I interfered in your relations with the other partners (?), and yes a kindergarten of people, who wanted money and power and could/would not listen to and understand each other with Bo and Torben being the two most “sick” persons.

This is then my final exam, that email for the United Nations, and yes if I can, we will see.

No, the last ferry for Germany has not sailed, we may hold out for another week as the captain, i.e. me, says here.

Isn’t it funny that Liselotte – a potential and beautiful girlfriend in the beginning of the 1990’s, who deserted me and took my friend of the time, Bent, making both of them leave me as friends – afterwards would rather have liked to have me?

Ohh, who is discussing Stig on this the top level of the elite of Denmark (?), and knows about me from “old days” (?), where I was undervalued and does that include you too, Pia Christmas-Møller?

Does the professional motor sport and racing drivers speak of me too (because of the Le Mans incident killing a Dane as I wrote about, and yes Tom Kristensen winning again again as a sign of my victories too) and does this include my old lazy “colleague” from Brede Park, Aslak (?), who is a TV commentator of professional motor sport and yes also Facebook friend with Rikke H. (?), and yes, you bet (!), and what do you think and speak of about me, Aslak (?), and yes Stig as the Son of God, which is “impossible” to believe in because I was “completely normal” wasn’t I (?), and maybe “working hard”, is this what you tell them because this is what you saw?

Lars Seier will not be happy about me publishing this script after he/they believed that they had come over their “worst crisis”.

My loyal old colleague Jesper sacrificed me too because of laziness and gossip – and he was a key at Berlingske

For a couple of days I have been strongly encouraged to send a new email to Jesper after not hearing from him on my previous, last email, and I was completely out of energy therefore first sending the email below today, where I told him about him being one of the worst wimps I have ever met and showing poor behaviour running away from me with his tale between his legs, and do I have to stuff you with before you will be able to understand that I am exactly the same person today as I was in 2007, which you liked, and I asked him to accept him as my friend (easy in 2007, but impossible today!!!) and also that I am sure that he does not like the world to get to know him as a “happy wimp”, and it made him say that he did not prioritize me because there are enough friends and because he has been speaking to Jakob too (yes, that Jakob, the previous chairman and now MP candidate of Helsingør), who obviously and not surprisingly has spoken wrongly/negatively about me behind my back because of his own misunderstandings and “inability” to understand (Jakob is truly a nice and “loving” man, but he is the most mediocre, lubricious, accursed man there is and you can add the most simple minded, stupid and better-knowing man too at the same level as Bo from Dahlberg etc.), and furthermore Jesper commented about “the world to know about him” that “you are NOT the WORLD … YOU ARE STIG, so climb down from the horse and feel the earth”, and yes, isn’t this marvellous, Jesper, because I AM TRULY THE WORLD (!), which you are also to dumb and lazy to understand, and it made me tell him that he obviously believes that Jakob is “wise” enough to tell him the truth about me – he should remember that Jakob was no “match” for me when we worked together in 2007 – and obviously that he is and remains a wimp who did not do his work good enough because of laziness and better-knowing ignorance, so he decided to sacrifice his potentially “best friend” – as I am to everyone – because of gossip, poor behaviour and misunderstandings, and yes, think that Jesper and Jakov at my loyal “allies” from ACTA can sink so low as they did, but then again, it does not surprise me, because already in 2007 they were exactly as simple minded and lazy as they show today.

Later I was told that when he worked for Berlingske later, they spoke about me, which made Jesper say that he had worked together with me, and no, you cannot be so dumb Jesper that you still not believe in me (?), and on the other hand, these emails are to improve his faith in me, and yes the employees of Berlingske laughed of you and the management kept the truth of me a secret to them.

Thank you, we just had Jesper to clap you in, which came through your direct language to him. Jesper was also designed a roll to kill me (the old man), which is why he was placed at Berlingske afterwards (the Mafia newspaper of Lisbeth Knudsen you know), and it is not every day that you receive audience with the highest chief to speak about what he had heard about Stig, what is he like etc., which was almost making him become my death and yes because of his gossip about me behind my back, and yes Jakob also believes that he is crazy etc., but no, Jesper, you have now seen and received confirmation that I am not, so how much poor conscience does this bring you, which is also part of your decision not wanting to become friends, and yes it is the opposite world of me wrongly asking you to become friends where you would gladly have asked this of me under normal conditions, but no, you have forgotten about who I am and how I played with you when you were little (going back to the beginning of everything).

I was shown a coin being delivered for a coin wash, which is turned into a key, and I was told that we handled most of what was needed the last couple of days without Jesper – I was too late. But later I was told that we have now brought Jesper back in after having thought about these emails, and yes being shown to the world as a wimp is making he nervous!

FB 150813 til Jesper

FB 150813 til Jesper 2

Google Earth: The biggest smile and going through the last corner of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show clear geometrical shapes, Dirch Passer symbolising the biggest smile of God, going through the last corner of darkness, and halal pollution.

FB 150813 Jette 1

Fb 150813 Jette 2

FB 150813 Jette 3

FB 150813 Jette 4

FB 150813 Jette 5

FB 150813 Jette 6

FB 150813 Jette 7

FB 150813 Jette 8

Fb 150813 Jette 9

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I was told about this “pirate-fish”, which was found in the sound of Øresund the other day, where it really does not belong, and yes it does not belong in Europe at all but South America, and this special fish likes “nuts” very much and sometimes it confuses male testicles for nuts making it dangerous to naked male swimmers, and you might understand that after all of this talk about receiving the last of the old man via my left and not right testicle that this fish is a symbol of all of the darkness of my family and friends etc. representing the world, which is coming against me trying to bring me down instead of creating the “nut” of our New World.

Metroxpress 070813


16th August: Becoming captain of the ship of everything, receiving, opening up to and passing on all libraries making everyone God

Dreaming of bringing the ship of creation back through the same pipe to reach the Source from where we originated from

I slept from around midnight until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • We are three at a night cruise about to go to sleep but also going to the nightclub, there are strong waves. People have bought delicious bread. My sister in on the dance floor and something about kissing. Our mother is scolding out, she has warmed up another guest. The DJ holds a competition to guess a song, while we lead the same ship with the same pirates through the same wave. There are many channels on the TV.
    • So we are still “cruising for bruising” (which I like very much too, the song that is), while bringing the ship of creation back to the Source coming in the same way from where we originate, and the many channels are about the “almost endless” worlds, which united create our New World.

  • Sanna, Hans and children help me to take copies of papers including revelations of the CIA etc., and one asks me if I am always the slowest (?), and I tell him that I am usually the fastest. Another group has finished and they receive Mogens Glistrup on visit, and one, who receives pay, sings a challenging song.
    • This is about support for me to do my page of the dark New World Order.

Becoming captain of the ship of everything, receiving, opening up to and passing on all libraries making everyone God

I was told that the evil New World Order also includes human trafficking, and I was told about nitrite, softeners for plastic (phthalates etc.), active elements of freezers, “what do they come in the flour” etc. as other examples of a food industry including hundreds of chemicals to our food also with the purpose to kill and pacify man!

I felt terrible again this morning feeling that I cannot continue working approx. 10 hours per day, which is far too much.

Is that my new website, which was enough to shake my mother, and is she very disappointed with me, and yes “skuffejern” (= “Dutch hoe”), to help remove the weeds from our garden.

It is not impossible that your mother has yet another mummy inside the closet, and yes if you have time and energy to do a new chapter to your website, and yes mind control, planned economical and maybe climate breakdown are potential chapters.

So everything is backwards also meaning that we have celebrated your birthday here, but you have not seen it in real life yet.

Yes your personal data, your files would simply be erased (if I would have been abducted), don’t you want to include that on your new website (?), and yes I do believe that I have written enough about this, but thank you my friend.

You received “7 million strokes” from the Swedes, which the story the other day was about, and yes I continued receiving Mauro Scocco songs to influence you, but stopped writing about it.

We have told you about the lives of your mother and John now being in danger, so don’t come and say that we have not warned you, and yes I don’t believe in you, and even if you are right, I will not finish my work before I am finished, I have to have ice in my stomach.

I was told about Keith Richards speaking wrongly/poorly about me, and Mick Jagger, who could bit himself in the tongue for what he has been telling others about his belief in me, and yes, what about playing what would be my Rolling Stones favourite if it was not because “Wild horses” is, but in this style, it is my favourite, and to me, it is a MARVEL and a COMPLETELY unique piece of music in history, simply beautiful, genius and astonishing – all the way up at the top too you know (and I know and feel that I am also speaking about our New World too – you know “colours everywhere” with hair of the Source like a rainbow :-)).

I was shown Brede Park, where I worked like a slave in 2009 and 2010, and also that Inger Støjberg, the previous Employment Minister, was following me and waiting on when to strike against me.

When I have almost given up the game, I have started being told the truth about this or that – hearing a new and different voice – and it made me tell it to NOT make it easier start speaking the truth to me like this, I do NOT like that when we are playing a game!

I was give some heartburn and was told that this is because of my mother, and we can still bring you a little if we have to.

I received the feeling of Obama speaking in Berlin some months ago, and told that this was protected against the public as part of the “precautions” of the World Elite you know, and what if I worked inside all of this including Bilderberg too, and yes being the light inside of darkness, which they “could not” understand and yes in order for you, i.e. me, to infiltrate this via me, and yes, a good point, my friend :-).

Darkness has such a pressure on me making me incredible tired/dizzy/exhausted as you can only imagine a zombie feeling like, and sometimes this darkness is lifted somewhat from me which makes me feel like lifted up and now “easy” to come through, but then I am given this again, and yes it is completely pressuring me down/destroying me, and I feel Johannes here, so he is part of it.

So have your sister been down at the lake again deciding not to see you anymore, which she has told your mother but not you because she is really the biggest WIMP of them all being “strong” when speaking behind my back but she would never dream about speaking to me as she speaks about me to our mother, and yes, Sanna, you should know by now who to behave correctly but you simply cannot because of all of the poor habits you have accumulated over time, and yes it must be “incredible annoying” to her to have a “better-knowing” little brother, right (?), but eeeeehhhh is he right (?), and yes, you know that I am, this is the worst part of it when you pretend to be another person than who you really are, Sanna, and yes I have told you before: SHOW US THE REAL SANNA, WHOM WE LOVE and NOT THIS EVIL PERSON INSIDE OF YOU, which should be easy for you to do, right (?), but no, you are corrupted by money and power turning you into someone you are not.

How do you believe that John feels like having to go to hospital tomorrow now knowing about the Big Lie of the Big Pharma (?), and yes I saw him/mother entering my website of the evil New World Order after I had written this chapter.

First I received more threats to my mother and John, which I decided to ignore, and then I was told that you have now come to the point where you have decided to say that I don’t care about your threats, you can keep my mother and John alive if you want to, and I have NOT finished my work, and I refuse to work under stress, it takes as long as it takes, and yes take it or leave it, that’s it.

I finished my script of yesterday at 15.20 and was truly broken completely down once again having no energy to start work on the NWO site.

I am satisfied because I have found a good spirit-drinker here in Stig – no, you have not, and this is if I cannot finish my work, which is the feeling that I cannot today because my scripts take up the little energy I have, but we will see.

I wish there would be democracy in the USA, and yes I have just been visiting you too also thinking of you, which is about Leonard Cohen and this beautiful song having visited Denmark again for yet another concert.

Were we in cottage house in Belgium?

I was told that my story on “Hamborg-ryg” the other day has also prevented me from being hospitalized, They have decided not to trigger the alarm.

All he did was to tell the truth, this is what made the world kill you – via your nearest family and friends representing the world. All we are saying is that you have walked right through the worst danger zone of all, and yes the pharmaceutical industry, and this is also why you receive heart burn, and yes because you decided to share your new chapter on Facebook too for everyone to see.

And you know that you calculator is much smaller than what is required to bring me in.

And when I cannot no more, will there then come a helicopter to lift him up, and yes rest in peace for the old Stig we have kept you alive as, and then your new self will be awakened, whom I felt the spirit of inside of me.

So he trusts if us if he cannot provide enough money to clean the bathroom because of his mother.

So how long do you want this play to continue, Stig, and yes Japan is alarmed by Fukushima too, and we know, as long as there is darkness, the same old answer, and when this is the case, I keep on working, HAI HAI.

And this is what we are trying to fit together and yes what you want to do of work and what you can do, and you always believe that you can eat more than you can, and is this also the case here?

After all, I continued working until 18.00 at the library doing some updates to my new website including new pictures, improvements of the Big Pharma chapter and some new on surveillance using recent revelations of Snowden as source, and I was sad to see that a site called the Internet Chronicle had found it “funny” to abuse Snowden’s name bringing false information on HAARP and “Sauron”, which was almost fooling me because I don’t have time and energy to go in the detail I would like to.

I was way too tired to go to the opera at Kronborg but now that it was close to the library, I could just take a tour round to see, so at 18.20 I went there, and had a new fantastic musical experience together with maybe a couple of thousand of spectators in the free, one piano and five opera singers singing the best of Verdi, Bizet, Puccini, Gershwin etc.

Kronborg opera 2Beautiful opera in the free at the beautiful Kronborg Castle 🙂

While standing there watching I was told that we thought you had packed but no I am still here and I felt Hans because he was the one having looked the most forward to seeing this show – he loves classical music/opera – and he is a hostage of Sanna too.

When the compère presented ”La Perichole” by Offenbach, she was made stumpling over the same words 3-4 times, which was “og ved min side” (“and by my side”), which made her say “oh-huuu” and everyone laughed, and it was followed by the name Stig, which was really just to say that I was present.

I was happy to see that the Royal Theater/Opera had been inspired to include Allan’s (from the library) favourite piece of opera, which is Bizet’s “Au fond du temple saint”, and it makes it even easier to start loving a piece of music when you are influenced by others, so I truly received deep feelings watching and hearing the immense beauty of this play.

I felt Arthur Findlay College and we wonder if they don’t realise that I am not a clairvoyant anymore but the Source, oh yes.

No, Lars Løkke is not at all the leader of the Danish elite anymore, you are, because he has decided to resign.

No, there was not enough money for a new kidney for John, but isn’t it funny if his blood figures were almost perfect but the system decide to let him go through this as a kind of protest – for the world to see, and yes, there is nothing wrong with John when you remove his medicine and my mother’s wrong behaviour (!), and it was you, and not the medicine, which kept John alive.

I was told about the energy flowing out from pyramids as it did was it in 2010 (?), and to turn the energy the right way comes right here from my throat as I was told, and ever since we have done our best to preserve everything, and yes the world saw it, and this was the start of the demolition of everything, which we succeeded turning around in time – and the world decided to be silent without any public reaction or contact to me.

This was also controlled by Sanna having the programme to “tear down the world” inside of her via the negative use of our mother – on contrary to you.

Bettina also does not understand that nothing has happened, and you have not healed John completely because you told her on the phone some years ago that this would be possible to do.

So you are already sitting inside the top tower, where you are now entering.

How do you believe the relation between Johannes and Bjarne because of you is (?), and yes, it was Johannes stopping Bjarne from hospitalising it (wasn’t it?).

Can we bear such a little powder (the energy pouring out of the pyramids), and yes it was so little that I absorbed it and nothing happened.

What does it mean coming to Kronborg watching this (?), yes I will keep my promise, you are now the captain on the biggest ship of them all, which is the Source with everything inside it and the New World.

I wished that Karen would be here to enjoy this beautiful opera with me.

Nobody – of the world – wanted to get you up through this pipe that we originate from, which would require the revelation of them all, which is why I now do my new website, and this means that we were really meant to end.

I was told that my neighbour Preben often thinks of me.

Well, to be Conservative wasn’t the best way in to this secret network of the World Elite, was it (?), and of course it was when thinking of the Republicans of the US, and I am thinking about Poul Schlüter, the Danish Prime Minister of the 1980’s, who came “from out of nothing” to become one of the most popular Prime Ministers ever here receiving a large part of the Danish vote, and since the Conservative has been dissolving and now face extermination (!), this is what it is about Lars Barfoed – the present Conservative leader – and yes Poul Schlüter was in the period of Reagan and Thatcher, and me too, and I felt Bill Clinton, and was told that he was in the wrong suit (as Democrat) as part of the weapon of darkness of the Conservative/Republicans.

We have not introduced Svalbard’s via Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News, have we (?), and I was told that they have had a reporter connected to me, and that is because it is not happening every day that someone like me returns to Helsingør, right (?), and have they sent a photographer here for the opera also to take pictures of me?

This is the wheelhouse where we also have the key of Karen and yes all life, which we now hand over to you.

Svalbard (?), yes it is about polar bears, i.e. darkness, and the two tongues of the Helsingør Daily News, one on the inside and a low profile externally as wimps. Did you check about the mystical airplane and did I tell you the truth?

Kronborg opera

So there is only ONE finished painting inside of here, which is one cell only as we have tried to tell you, and this is the cell that we have expanded into endless variation of everything.

Have the planets changed mutual position and something less important (?), yes.

You have said “cost what it cost will” to get here (not sending my new email to the United Nations yet), which was the right answer, and I had to send the email the other day to the Commune also to receive faith from Lisbeth in you in order to come here, this was the balance; to address certain key players and not everyone because my work is not finished/good enough for this yet.

I received the vision of the Cathedral of Helsingør, and has the news spread from Helsingør Daily News to leaders of the church of the city (?), and yes also to other leader of the city in order to prepare for your arrival, and is this what Bjarne doesn’t know how to react to (?), so the city has finally started waking up but of course it cannot show its colour, and is this also because of Johannes (?), and yes, this information came together with the beginning of the most beautiful female opera aria of them all, which you know is “O mio babbino caro” by Puccini, and yes, I let us bring it with Maria Callas again, which to me is the most beautiful version of this the most beautiful piece of opera there is, and yes it still gives me the deepest imaginable feelings, which it also did this evening here at Kronborg with the castle behind the stage, which was just beneath the canon battery (“it was canon” as we say here for something good) and behind us was the Øresund strait with the view to Sweden 2-3 kilometres on the other side, and ships sailing through, and yes, a very beautiful experience indeed, and no, it did practically not rain before at the very end of the show when people were leaving.

So this is all of the Bellmann terrace we are giving you; from mother and I (my father) to you, our dear, and what you decide to do is your own course, and yes you pass it one to your son behind you, which is how it will go on forever.

Are you already one of the most downloaded on the Internet?

And the Opera ended with songs from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, and “Summertime”, which I brought myself recently together with one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, is truly one of the most beautiful classics, which is, and it also gave me very deep feelings because of its sheer beauty, and what is better than a kiwi during summertime?

So we have performed an act of love in front of the world – my father and mother – to bring creation without you going too far in your descriptions hereof (do not expose sexuality, remember), and this was what required the most delicate balance and since we are still here, you did it.

I felt Bent – from the 2011 job course and from Tibberup school – and yes, the rumours about me flourish in town as wished for and also impossible to stop just like the rumours about me coming from the secret network of the World Elite were also important to stop, which is what saved us.

It was just that energy we needed, which was also from Hans.

This is the spearhead of your refrigerator, which is all you had to go through (all previous creation/life) to be able to open to your son behind you.

Did we succeed changing the attitude of Johannes from very much against you to have faith in you (?) – for being a Facebook friend, which Bjarne and Lisbeth “could not” – and these two, Johannes and Bjarne, are also a tooth from the narwhal (“fool whale” in Danish!).

Karen has had fervent dreams about you – because of my intimate thinking of her – but it helps not the least because she has never “thought” of me as her lover, which is also why I don’t receive the same fervent dreams with her, or wait a minute, there were some but always “with trouble” because of her sceptical belief.

You have been our filter keeping everything else outside while we did the creation of the New World.

If you had given up, you would have fallen back on something soft, which would be the rest of your mother/old creation to return to me.

DR TV has used more on me than what they will do to bring the final of the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

Finally, I returned home at 20.40, and it had truly been a long day, and it is still a nightmare just to receive and write down all of these notes on my telephone – and now “tomorrow” to write them into my script.

It was the same with Helsingør Daily News, who also did not have faith in me.

So we pass on the libraries to you, and you pass them on to your son (and daughter), and you have decided previously that everyone will have access to everything meaning that everyone will become God.

Do you know what “doll theatre” – a reference to the Pantomime Theatre of Tivoli a couple of months ago – means to your mother (?), which is also why we are here today, yes this is how it feels, this is how strongly my mother felt for this being with me too.

And I was told that if I was not this filter for my father and mother to protect them from everything else, they/we would have been destroyed by the force of these, which is what I was told but did not understand because all of these other “cells” inside the Source are not hostile and darkness is only an invention of the “the old man” to make creation work, so this is really just a play, right?

But it kept on, and I was told that we crated Hell to protect and create the world in calm by putting everything over to you during this period.

And it is not this inner we dare to open for now after you have protected us, and they (these other cells) have become accustomed to us, and had you not done this, there would have been a risk of us dying (terminating completely), and yes, this came to me with strength, but can it really be (?), or isn’t this just the worst darkness coming to me from my sister and mother – and Karen too as I am told.

How are we going to put this, but it was your mother creating us, but also her, who wanted to kill us, and yes we had to create the world outside the Source among these cells, which did not want me around, and they brought power to your mother wanting to kill him (my father), and it is all of this we fought.

And it is this energy still giving you the worst diarrhoea, and the announced “killer sun flares” by Ed Snowden – which I now see also originates from the Internet Chronicle being a wrong story, which I however believed in when receiving this information – is the energy that wanted to destruct us.

Think carefully now. Your email to the United Nations can remove this threat – very realistic game right? So this is just what it is about, this is all the energy that you contain, which begs us to allow being exploded, and what is keeping you/us up, yes faith in me.

And not to be slow is what protected us against this force, which is now what is giving you this diarrhoea, which is so strong that it is practically the same as peeing. And this force is inside all people, so it was about being faster than them.

And it is easy to see here when writing this “tomorrow” that this what a game, but not very easy during the evening when I was told this with strength, and believed in this story about the sun flares not having had time to check it, but I will complete the writing of this for you to see the darkness that attacked me this evening.

So we are not afraid of sun flares are we (?), because they are controlled from inside of here, but the world is because of the story of Snowden, and yes Bill Clinton and the we, and you are going to disappear in good time into your shelter cities beneath ground to let down the world to save yourself.

I watched a film on TV this evening, which I only rarely do because of just how poorly they are – full of crime, murders etc. – and it was Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood, which is why I spoke about “do you feel lucky punk” the other day, and it captured me as other of his films have done too – the one with the female boxes is nothing less than amazing – and as Kowalsky, he was incredible negative and rude to his family who were all of them incredible lazy, superficial and selfish, which he simply could not stand – as I also cannot, which is what I have met all throughout my journey of people here, but when he met people from the East, he found that they had a mindset, philosophy and way of living much closer to his own, and this made him gradually open, which was touching to see, and he ended by giving the ultimate sacrifice, his own life, to save his new friends from a gang, who would continue to harass them if they would not be jailed for killing him, and yes, it also brought VERY deep feelings, and let me say that Clint to me is one of the best character actors and instructors/film makers of them all – BRAVO, Clint, I loved it J – and that is more than your language in the movie, but it was also only “superficial” because behind it, this “impossible” man of negativity, which his family had given up on, was full of love, which they just could not see.

You cannot find ”Motown” on your top 100 liste of favourite artists, but “Motown” still receive a total of 100 points as favourite music too, and I feel Marvin Gaye here, and yes I am encouraged to play a song with too sexual oriented lyrics, which I will therefore not do, so let us play another of his beautiful songs.

The logics is that when we have burned off all darkness we are our New World, so all of this was a planned judgement day scenario to bring fear to the world, which is what brings creation self.

So this is the power created by the World Elite self, which made them terrified, and now when you have turned around, we remove it again.

I was given a sound to my oven and told that this is how happy we are for the world to return home to me, which means that it chose me and survival instead of the opposite.

Is there more darkness out here at the balcony (?), and yes your sister and your mother have surrendered to you, so now we are just awaiting the rest via your work, so the answer is still that we have good time.

And does it mean that Sanna – with pressure on from Hans – has started planning to give up, which is what will make the world start speaking to you?

So it is the combined pressure from your sister and mother on you coming here, which is not easy to resist, and it is fear of you and your mother, which is keeping your sister away, even though she should like to see us because she loves us.

And have I raised my sister and mother for just being here (?), sure.

Sanna was this devil bringing all of this to you, and when there is no more, she has to give up because then love is the only thing remaining.

This is one of the end scenes of your old book because we have already started a new, you know, and now they know too.

We have not played football against Turkey for a long time, they have been off, which is also why Sanna became friendlier.

And Christian (my old class mate) has been told about you by Christina (also old class mate AND a Facebook friend), and how many of the old class has she warned – “have you heard about Stig too” (?) – and yes your class (from Mørdrup school) is with you, and I feel Allan here too coming together with feelings that we could almost cry of happiness because you did not give up.

And then there is only mother, who doesn’t not but still knows inside of her, and yes Sanna as the black sheep of the family because of a “regrettable misunderstanding”, and I received tears again, and now from my sister apologising for not being able to apologise.

Don’t you believe that the Pope is proud as a Pope (?), and yes, he wants to get out of the trouble of the church (involved in the evil New World Order) too.

No media had started writing your obituary, this is how much faith they had in you.

So it is us two – including Sanna in me – letting the world in saving us from this, right?

It is also Obama cleaning up inside of this secret network of the World Elite in Washington and elsewhere going directly after them too, and now uses my new script of the evil New World Order, which I could not do before now and did not receive inspiration/knowledge about before now as part of the game.

Yes, do you remember the kiss of death on Danish TV2 (?), which came together with the imbecile Theis, and is this only three months ago, where we were still facing this (?), and it seems like it because the world and my sister had decided to end your life, but you would not let them.

This is also soon not anymore, which was about very sudden chest and spinal column pain, which I was given, which you know comes from the Commune having negative feelings about me, and this time also from the Jobcenter manager of Helsingør?

And what would happen if you are delayed with work, would this darkness blow off instead of you absorbing it (?), no, this is only a game now, which would simply stop, and what is this energy used for (?), and as I understand it, to correct/improve our New World before we will all see it.

Have we now found a room – including four parts of us – with a view above the lake (?), yes.

The psychiatry also has a dark elite working in meeting rooms behind closed doors as I am shown here, and you spoke about me too (?), and I am here shown the door half open because of my sister, so you are going to share your information too, and was crazy Alex part of this “gang” too?

The number 1 on my telephone keyboard has now for days decided not to work and it displays number 2 instead when pressed, and is this about number 1 of my father and mother bringing everything to me as number 2?`

And the end conclusion of the day is IMMENSE darkness coming to me because of my sister, who once again “could not” do what was RIGHT thus splitting the family.

Is it possible to imagine that Leif, the priest from Lyngby, who also “could not” listen to and understand me (both is required) in 2010/2011, is part of a secret elite of the Danish official chuch?

I received “Bakerman” by Laid Back, which to me of course is an inspired (and brilliant too) song about the “the old man” being the “bakerman is baking bread” with bread being a symbol of creation, and the lyrics “the night train is coming”, and the train is what is bringing us from darkness to light, and this is what is coming :-).

I continued having the worst diarrhoea keeping me up until 01.00, and I was shown a big Egyptian castle with a black coffin inside almost sliding out and down into the Thames, and this is the mummy of my inner self coming forward after we have now gone even deeper inside of this darkness.

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Jette deciding to being week (thus bringing me more sufferings when I was suffering the worst even though it should be easy to decide to being STRONG!), souls melting together as one, extravagance, keeping an eye on pollutionists, sticking the nose into a black bubble, controlling people, and one eye to watch over you.

Google Earth: Keeping an eye on pollutionists and sticking the nose into a black bubble

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Jette deciding to being week (thus bringing me more sufferings when I was suffering the worst even though it should be easy to decide to being STRONG!), souls melting together as one, extravagance, keeping an eye on pollutionists, sticking the nose into a black bubble, controlling people, and one eye to watch over you.

FB 160813 Jette 1

FB 160813 Jette 2

FB 160813 Jette 3

FB 160813 Jette 4

FB 160813 Jette 5

FB 160813 Jette 6

FB 160813 Jette 7

FB 160813 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I only had few likes and NO COMMENTS (!!!) to my publish of the Big Pharma = Big Lie chapter on Facebook and two groups yesterday (as usual), but this comment of Steen showed me that it was not unnoticed (afterwards I was told that it was also noticed by Jane and several others), and he said that he received a thought today (funny enough after reading after it in my posting, and yes I was helped by some formulations of René in the ADHD group), and he said that when you don’t work with the reason of the sickness, you will continue having the need of medication, which then creates other imbalances …., and yes, what a thought Steen, and no, you “could not” like or comment my posting, but it was good enough for you to become “inspired” from thus giving you some more “cheap points” to help lifting up you vain ego (!), and do you still believe that I am crazy?

FB 160813 Steen

  • I sent this email to my old friend Lotus telling her that if her son Daniel is still on ADHD-medication, she should take him off this, and I brought the text about ADHD from my new website of Big Pharma, and yes, Lotus often keeps to herself and decides to speak to nobody (“depressed”/in-going/much to think about, I believe) and she did not react to my previous message for her and also not this one, and yes it is still the funny voice speaking through me, which she was entertained with for hours back in 2006 as the only one, and she really should understand the connection by now?

FB 160813 til Lotus

  • And Christopher also continues to act strangely, and it is now the second time that he ignores my question, which he has done before.

FB 160813 Christopher



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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